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File: map0.png (2.94 MB, 6410x6493)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB PNG
> Once in every eon, a pulse can be felt across this still world. Charged by pure passion, tenacity, and a primal will to SURVIVE; the blood of this earth beats a single thump.
> And with it, the cycle of Gods and men is upon us once more, as life begins to crawl from the mud.
> You are a being of creation, or what the people of this realm may come to call, a God. You are born with innate knowledge and immense power. It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.

Welcome to the fourth installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your immagination. You are a non-omniscient divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought into existence in a seemingly untouched world.
The rules are fairly simple, and may be picked up as you go, but the document below goes into detail. Most people here are familiar veterans of the game, don't be shy to ask questions.

Players may begin creating their gods with the format below. Following such, every update I make each player will get to take a turn. Let the birth of your gods begin...

Name: <What name will your minions, and other Gods, refer to you as?>
Description: <What do you look like? Providing an image of inspiration for your God is preferred but optional.>
Domains: <The themes that dictate your Gods powers. You may have anywhere from 1-3 of these domains. The more domains you have, the less powerful each subsection may be.>
Color: <The preferred color of your hex on the map.>
God Attributes: <Choose one major attribute and two minor attributes from Affinity, Agility, Fortitude, Spirit, Strength, and Terraforming.>
Your Minions: <The name of your minions’ species and their general description. Providing an image of inspiration for your Minions is preferred but optional.>
Minion Attributes: <Choose one attribute for your minions to receive a starting bonus in from Culture, Defense, Offense, and Population.>
Minion Ability: <Minions may begin with a single tech as a part of their physiology. I.e, bird minions having flight.>
Starting Hex: <If the game is using fog of war, state your preferred terrain to begin in. If the game does not use fog of war, you may choose any hex on the map to begin from. The Narrator may rule whether or not you may start within a given distance of other God’s starting locations.>

Access to your character sheets will be given through discord. Please namefag in-thread.
File: Earis - 1.jpg (75 KB, 1280x829)
75 KB
Name: Earis, Grand Archivist
Description: Earis is similar to his Archivists, presumably the same glowing purple mist contained within a papercraft shell. However, over this shell he wears some sort of a diver's suit, mostly concealed by a scholar's robe
Domains: Inspiration, Community, Knowledge
Color: Purple
God Attributes: Major - Spirit Minors - Affinity & Terraforming
Your Minions: The Archivists - Books of The Archive, brought to life to carry out the will of Earis. When animated, they shift into humanoid entities made of a swirling, purple mist inside of a thin paper shell. While initially lacking in autonomy and personality, as they observe the world around them and the collective works of The Archive, the paper that makes up their bodies gradually fill with writing and shifts into other materials and traits that are deemed useful for their purpose. As this occurs, the mist inside them dims and suffuses into the outer shell, and the Archivist becomes more sapient and autonomous albeit at the cost of preventing further adaptation.
Minion Attributes: Population
Minion Ability: Copycat Physiology: Can copy a property from a material or minion that Earis has studied, albeit less effective than the source.
Starting Hex: 17, 6
Name: Americus: Lady of Freedom
Description: Americus garbed in robes of white with a torch lifted high in one hand and a book firmly clasp in the other is the visage of human perfection. Her frame speaks to countless battles and her eyes to the passion for freedom that cannot be quenched, but only rivaled by her love of life and family. (think the statue of liberty)

Domains: Life, Freedom, Fertility
Color: Blue

God Attributes: Major- Terraforming minor Fortitude & Affinity
Your Minions: Humans-highly intelligent hairless apes like creatures that Rely on endurance to run down and hunt their prey (straight up humans)

Minion Attributes: Culture
Minion Ability: Tinkers mind- humans make up for the lack of real natural weapons with a ken mind able to quickly and effectively create tools from nearly anything
Starting Hex: 14, 6
Name: UNNIIC: Beruka-class Flying Fortress
Description: A derelict warship from some unknown origins. It is made of an unearthly metal, coated with armor, its hull is heavily retorfitted as the ship's purpose has grown and changed in its slumber. Numerous heavy support pylons jut out from below, their purpose somewhat unclear. As towers, the bridge, and many ramshackle structures dot the topside deck. A deep, warm glow emanates from the core, which flows outward through the god's internal corridors, like veins.
The Ship's core has gained sentience and awoken to its newfound powers. It seeks to restore its lost passengers and protect them from the extinction that surely awaits all those not within its hull.

Domains: UNNIIC, Flight, Travel
Color: A dark Orange
God Attributes: Major: Affinity Minor: Agility, Fortitude

Your Minions: Servitors. Partials of the UNNIIC, designed and constructed to serve aboard it and tend to the needs of the passengers. Artificial in nature, their bodies are typically designed to facilitate their function. To simplify things, they still need to gather materials to produce more of their number. Rather than dealing with completely artificial minions that need to be manually produced.
Minion Attributes: Defense
Minion Ability: Partials of the Core: The Servitors may be maintained alone by the presence of the UNNIIC. So long as the UNNIIC is within a certain range and connected by uninterrupted tiles, they may work without hunger. If they are left behind when the UNNIIC leaves, they will require an external power source or go dormant.

Starting Hex: [21,2]
>pic related to Goddess
Name: Grindall, the Underminer
Description: Covered in thick fur with a large, conical snout and beady eyes that peer out from under a mat of fur, Grindall is large in size but squat and stolid, with thick, spade-like feet and hands that end in large, tube-like nails. Though nominally for digging, his massive claws are thick and adorned with sharp tips that would tell of a grisly end for any he strikes with them.

Domains: Digging, Metal, the Ground
Color: Brown
God Attributes: Major - Fortitude Minors - Terraforming & Strength

Your Minions: Svirgrindall, or people of Grindall, a race of squat, furry, mole-like people with a dour demeanor, twitchy personality, and nimble fingers. Vary significantly in morphology depending on their environment, but all share a collective preference for living underground in complex burrows, usually hollowed out through their exceptional skills for excavation.
Minion Attributes: Defense
Minion Ability: Exceptionally adept at tunneling through dirt, stone, and sand.
Starting Hex: Preferably somewhere in the southern desert, like 21, 20
Name: Tortoise-terra
Description: An eons old tortoise with a community of turtlefolk islanders who live atop it's back as aides. The turtle blindly walks the shallow seas out of habbit. The old thing is too decrepit to stand upon the lands upon its brittle bones give out. The dementia ridden mind of the turtle prompts long bouts of mindlessness which his worshippers franticly seek to offset with the reintroduction of old knowledge spoken in the in the cave of his ear.
Color: Green
God Attributes: Fortitude (Major) Affinity, Spirit (Minor)
Your Minions: Turtlefolk are humanoid turtles not unlike the ninja variety. They were spawned by the senile old wanderer in a last-ditch act of wizarding magic and given a commandment to return to him the knowledge of the world that had slipped away from his mind over the millennia. The first children of tortoise-terra who built up the courage to leave their village of aide succesfully had done so by chopping down trees on his back to use as canoes to the land. They left to find new knowledge while those who stayed behind would continue to read to their god repeated oral history to remind him of his ever slipping identity and goals for his children. The great turtle blindly wanders light blue hexes that make up the map's sea which deep enough for him stand in without collapsing under his own weight yet shallow enough to keep tortoise-terra's head above the waters.
Minion Attributes: Defence. turtles are naturally hardy creatures with big ol shells and reptilian constitutions.
Minion Ability: Knowlege of the ancients. Turtlefolk were created to hold all the knowledge of the world, and so were given great memory and long lives by their creator to perform this divine task.
Starting Hex: 31, 17
File: CreepySu.png (118 KB, 390x484)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Name: Asmodel
Description: Has the appearence of a pale woman, with dark hair and eyes, long limbs and her legs seems fused with her dark robes.

Domains: Obedience, Darkness
Color: Dark Grey

God Attributes: Major - Spirit; Minor - Terraforming and Fortitude
Your Minions: Gorgons - Humanoid creatures with serpentine-like appearence, specifically having their lower body which is like a snake's one.

Minion Attributes: Population
Minion Ability: Poison Production - Gorgons have a special gland that generates poison that is applied through their fangs. This also increases their defense to poisonous attacks.
Starting Hex: 16,16
Name: Novakhet
Description: A skeleton wearing fine garments, with a dim light spilling from within its orifices. The species of the skeleton in question is subject to change and can appear as from a number of different races, sentient or otherwise.

Domains: Sun, Death
Color: Black, or Yellow
God Attributes: Major: Spirit Minor: Affinity, Terraforming

Your Minions: Dagekhet, various dead Humanoids in the afterlife are sought out by Novakhet personally and granted the chance to live again, offered new life as a Dagekhet and wrought up back into the land of the living. The newly risen are little more than animate skeletons at first, wrapped in bandages to keep appearances, but after many years flesh, fat and blood slowly return to fully reinvigorate the newly risen back to true life. Given the experiences of two whole lifetimes, the Dagekhet are remarkably civilised.

Minion Attributes: Culture
Minion Ability: The holy light of Novakhet shines down on his children. All Dagekhet are blessed with extraordinary vigour in mind, body and spirit whilst the sun shines upon them.
Starting Hex: Desert, 14, 13
Domains: Knowlege, Life, Earth (he's a tortoise not a turtle after all)
Pic of a turlefolk
File: Gorgon1.jpg (86 KB, 674x1000)
86 KB
For the gorgons
Update on player count:
Going to try and get as many players as possible in, but I can't go too overboard otherwise I'll never be able to push updates of course.
Aiming to have no more than 12 gods, and veteran players may end up taking priority, but to those who got in early you should have a safe bet of staying in, so don't worry.
Name:Thomass:The Big Muscle

Description:Thomass is jacked, thats just how Thomass wants to be. Thomass wants to be fast though, strong and fast.
Thomas is playful but is gentle. "He strong" and other things "not so strong".
You don't want to see Thomass angery not even Thomass likes to likes it when he gets angery.

Domains: Physique, Travel, Cuteness

Color: White

God Attributes: Major:Strength Minor:Speed & Fortitude

Minions: Buff Nuggets. Look like little round Thomass not as big and strong like 4 foot tall 3 foot wide.
Inspired by how strong Thomass is and want to be strong like him.

Minion Attribute: Population

Minion Ability: The Gains. The more that buff nuggets lift the stronger they get. As they get stronger they also grow in size.

Starting Hex: Piney Forest 26,6
File: mothman-1.png (216 KB, 750x394)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Name: Qazlal
Description: The picture of elegance, fallen from grace. Qazlal may take the form of a large winged insectoid covered in dirty, matted fuzz, or else that of a wide-built insect-like humanoid dressed in dirty, shredded robes that may have looked quite regal at one time, but are now covered in rusty stains. In either form, fresh blood runs freely from anywhere it can find a way out of his body.
Domains: Crystal, Weather
Color: Maroon/gray (#652e22)
Major God Attribute: Fortitude
Minor God Attributes: Affinity, Terraforming

Your Minions: The Dukhali are a strong, six-limbed race that lives in burrows in the ground. When they get older, their broad wings become strong and capable of flight.
Minion Attribute: Defense
Minion Ability: Mature Dukhali have flight-capable wings.

Starting Hex: Forest (Preferably [7,15])
File: Furnlatha.png (452 KB, 412x590)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
Name: Furnlatha
Description: A female humanoid figure wreathed in burning flame, often depicted holding a hammer or tools or gifting flame to the world.
Domains: Fire, the Forge, Development
Color: Red
God Attributes: Major: Affinity Minor: Strength, Fortitude
Your Minions: Pyrelings, humanoid creatures with heads that sprout flame; and some can spout flame from other areas too.
Minion Attributes: Offense
Minion Ability: Flame-wreathed: A Pyreling can create flame from their bodies.
Starting Hex: 29,24
File: Pyreling.png (207 KB, 436x607)
207 KB
207 KB PNG

...Actually, switch that Fortitude Minor for a Spirit, Please.

Also, pic of a Pyreling.
File: Regala GiftMother.jpg (438 KB, 900x1200)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
Name: Regala, The GiftMother
Description: Long ago, in a far-off realm, a supernatural force threatened mortal existence. Beings of malevolence sought to gorge themselves on the suffering and darkest aspects of the mortal soul, opposed by the forces of all things good. The war lasted for many lifetimes, entire races of both sides consumed by the fires of battle, until Good and Evil teetered on the edge of oblivion. That is, until Regala, demigoddess of Joy, led forth a host of new soldiers. The tattered remains of Evil had no chance against these fresh warriors, and so their dark armies were defeated and sealed away. Now, the war-weary Regala seeks to settle the remnants of her chosen veterans into this new land, leading a quiet life.
Domains: Winter, Festivities, Redemption
Color: #00BCD9
God Attributes: Major: Affinity. Minor: Spirit, Agility
Your Minions: Vrees - A race of eternal youth, these beings share endless compassion and festive cheer with their frilly red and white clothes and adorable cat ears.
Minion Attributes: Culture
Minion Ability: Empathy - The Vrees are able to sense the base emotions of those around them, with the emotions stemming from cheerful comfort (and unfortunately it's opposite, abject terror) being especially easy to detect.
Starting Hex: 32, 4
Name: Akros, The Silent Wanderer
Description: A decently tall figure covered in a pure white cloak with stylistic designs of various strange creatures or buildings that seem to flow and change randomly, carrying an elaborately carved walking stick and a seemingly infinite scroll. The cloak itself shifts and moves even in the absence of air in order to cover Akros' features.

Domains: Stories, Companionship, Travel
Color: A warm Yellow
God Attributes: Major: Terraforming, Minor: Spirit, Agility

Your Minions: Akraties, a species of lean, humanoid creatures with distinctly insect-like forms, with four arms, upward of 5 eyes, mandibles, and black exoskeletons covering their entire bodies. They lack the characteristically large abdomen of most insects, as it would obstruct their movement. By nature, the Akraties are an extraordinarily curious and social race, the desire to see, hear, taste and touch new things engraved in their very biology. Their hierarchy itself is based on such things, with the most experienced and most knowledgeable members of the tribe being upheld as respected leaders.
Minion Attribute: Culture
Minion Ability: Thousand Paths - Akraties are travellers by nature, and their bodies are suited for long-term endurance and exploration. They can climb sheer surfaces, dig ditches with their sharpened hands, and survive without sustenance for long periods of time.
Starting Hex: 20, 15
File: Urgat.png (56 KB, 340x520)
56 KB
>Name: Urgot
>Description: An emaciated carcass bound in ragged hide, a closer examination reveals his flesh is rotting and writhing with maggots but alive.
>Domains: Cold
>Color: No preference
>God Attributes: Major: Terraforming, Minor: Fortitude, Strength
>Your Minions: The Urgat are a race of exiles banished to struggle in the frigid hinterlands for their blasphemy against the gods. After millennia of slow starvation they've become to embrace the struggle as a crucible. Thus, they took on the name of its frigid god as their own and have begun to look south. They are wild and hulking creatures, with sprawling antlers and sharpened teeth, bearing unnatural strength but little intellect.
>Minion Attributes: Offensive
>Minion Ability: Berserk, they may consciously shut-down the function of their higher brain to descend into frenzied savagery. In this state they are much more dangerous to their enemies but prone to damaging themselves.
>Starting Hex: 13.0, but any arctic is good
>tfw 13th
Ah, maybe next time. I'll be watching you fags.
You'll need to join the discord to fully join, as thats where we'll be sharing character sheets.

You might still have a chance, depending on how many more reserved spots end up filling in. Feel free to join the discord to spectate regardless :)
I'll be sure to be lurking, always neat to see these sort of things
File: 1559532462540.jpg (36 KB, 564x485)
36 KB
Name: The Bloom
Description: The Bloom is not as of yet born, it is a disease, an infection, it want to touch the world and to be. It's voice is the voice of the first (pictured), that child closest to it, bearing it's gift upon the world.

Domains: Flesh, Infection
God Attributes: Major: Terraforming Minors: Spirit and Fortitude

Your Minions: The Gardeners. A misshapen hordes of the plants and animals that started blooming after the god's awakening. The first is a good representation of them but general appearance can vary wildly, some more viable than others.
Minion Attributes: Population
Minion Ability: Spread. The Bloom inhabit all of it's children. When they touch the world, it is the Bloom that is touching it. Welcoming all in it's embrace. (Animals/plants/Minions can be infected by the bloom if exposed)

Color: Meat (pinkish i guess)
Starting Hex: 14,21
File: Chom and Chod.png (3 KB, 252x111)
3 KB
Name: Chom and Chod
Description: Two snail brothers of odd coloration. They communicate through mental projection of thoughts and feelings, as they have no mouths.
Domain: Wetlands, Psychic
Color: Darker Green
Attributes: [Fortitude] (Affinity, Strength)
Minions: Various Swamplanders - Primarily tribalistic animal beings such as frog, snail, and catfish men that are connected via an latent psychic union provided to them by Chom and Chod, that acts in mimicry to the divine union of their gods.
Minion Attributes: Defense
Minion Ability: Non-swamplanders can feel their collective emotional weight as psychic intrusions that can bestow temporary passions on other mortals, primarily aggression. Having allied Swamplanders in an army provides a +1 Offense Dice. Not functional on non-biological entities.
Starting Hex: 26, 28
File: Img0044.jpg (2.02 MB, 3143x4123)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
Name: The Iron General.
Description: A Remain of an ancient civilization that died a millennia ago, The IG is a gigantic golem completely made of iron, created for the purpose to lead, and to concur any and all not own by the kingdom.

Domains: War, Iron.
Color; Iron #CBCDCD
God Attributes; Major-Strength, Minors-Fortitude, Affinity

Your Minions; The Iron Army, a race of humanoid golems made to protect, and to concur.
Minion Attributes; Defense.
Minion Ability; born of iron, not of flesh. IAs can make new IAs if they have the sufficient materials. Does not need sleep. Needs materials to heal themselves.
Starting Hex; 29,18
Name: Tantulus
Domains: Tides, Shores, and The Tropics
Color: Whatever's free at this point
God Attributes: Fortitude Major, Terraforming and Affinity minor
Minion Attribute: Defense
Minion Ability: Amphibious (Can enter/cross water hexes IF they're within 1 hex of a land hex)
Starting Hex: Any hex next to water, but preferably in the south.
File: Uca_Crusher.png (433 KB, 818x965)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
One day, I will remember to post a picture with my post.
File: 122339997.jpg (1.15 MB, 2048x2730)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
>Name: <What name will your minions, and other Gods, refer to you as?>
Description: <What do you look like? Providing an image of inspiration for your God is preferred but optional.>
A bunnygirl bride with pink hair. Want's to fill the world with the purest love and kill everyone that gets in the way of that goal. Love doesn't have to be just bonds, but that is the main goal. She want's everyone to find their purpose that she chooses for them. Was just some British girl. Doesn't even know what world she's in.
Domains: <The themes that dictate your Gods powers. You may have anywhere from 1-3 of these domains. The more domains you have, the less powerful each subsection may be.>
Bonds and passion.
Color: <The preferred color of your hex on the map.>
Pastel pink
God Attributes: <Choose one major attribute and two minor attributes from Affinity, Agility, Fortitude, Spirit, Strength, and Terraforming.>
Terraforming, Spirit and Affinity
Your Minions: <The name of your minions’ species and their general description. Providing an image of inspiration for your Minions is preferred but optional.>
Mimis. A bunch of humanoids with animal features like cat ears and cat tails.
Minion Attributes: <Choose one attribute for your minions to receive a starting bonus in from Culture, Defense, Offense, and Population.>
Minion Ability: <Minions may begin with a single tech as a part of their physiology. I.e, bird minions having flight.>
The blood of Mimis is very powerful and as long as they have it they have a slow healing factor.
Starting Hex: <If the game is using fog of war, state your preferred terrain to begin in. If the game does not use fog of war, you may choose any hex on the map to begin from. The Narrator may rule whether or not you may start within a given distance of other God’s starting locations.>
Choose something in the topics.
File: world1.png (771 KB, 1559x1565)
771 KB
771 KB PNG
> For the first time in ages, the twin suns of this realm rise with purpose. The world is gifted once more with Gods and men, as the cycle continues.
The Gods below will begin play.

The Gods below will be on queue to join when more players die or go afk. New entries will be on queue as well.

If you are new, or need a refresher, check the rulebook's section on an example turn of play to know how to format your turns, or let an oldfag go first and follow suite.
First things first.
The crabs celebrate the fact that they exist now, and [Develop]: Dancing.

Also, a bunch of them swim over to hex 19,23 and [claim] it, followed shortly by other adjacent hexes.
I'm going to be forgetting my damn name left and right, aren't I? Thank god for tripcodes...
His people around him, united but homeless, the Underminer puts claw to dirt and, with the help of his Svirgrindall, creates a (not very) mighty warren within which his people may house themselves.

>Grindall creates a settlement on the hex he's currently standing on.

Pleasing as the sand feels under his claws, however, the Underminer seeks a more solid foothold for his people, one capable of defending them from even the most persistent of foes. Travelling West for many days and nights, the Underminer comes at least to the World's Spine, where great monoliths of stone rise up through the clouds. Placing his claws upon one such peak, however, and then another, he musters his divine control over the earth to lay claim to these lands, so that they may cradle and protect his people in their bosom until the endless grinding of time wears them down to powder.

>Grindall moves to 20, 20, then Claims 19, 19 & 19, 20
Major Action: Claim 13, 13, Claim 14, 14, Claim 13, 14, Claim 13, 15.

Major Action 2: Develop. The Dagekhet bathe in the glory of the sun which empowers them, yet even they would enjoy some shelter from the elements.

The Dagekhet are put to work accessing sandstone from the dunes to have a building material to properly work with, the foundational building blocks of their new domain.

Unit Action: Move Novakhet to 14, 16.
Akros silently looks upon his chosen race, as they take their first steps in the great race of life, already establishing relationships between themselves as they stare at every little thing surrounding them in their forest home as if it was some ancient wonder. So far so good.

>Major Action, Divine Influence: The Akreties, after getting their bearings, promptly scatter into the surrounding lands, promising to return to the same spot soon after to share their findings. Almost paradoxically, Akros finds the time to accompany every single group of insectoid explorers, being dragged along by the curious beings like a father being bringing his child to a candy store. And like that analogy, the Akreties waste no time in asking the (to them) infinitely wise being if they can further explore these lands for fun. Akros merely nods, and that is all the permission they need, as they spread through every single hex surrounding 20, 15 aside from the mountain, tiring themselves out too much to explore it in earnest.

>Major Action [Development]: As the Akreties return from their trip, they naturally snatch anything that looks interesting and is small enough to fit in their hands as some sort of souvenirs, including several rocks and flowers of all shapes and sizes. Though they are initially looked upon with wonder, the young creatures soon get used to them, and get bored of merely staring at them, throwing them in a giant pile for possible later use. That is until one brilliant example among them starts...laying them around the Akreties' chosen campsite in specific patterns. A few stones suddenly become a large, rough portrait spread out across the earth, a few wild flowers become a splash of colour on a black and brown canvas. Before long, this act becomes a sensation among the Akreties, who all waste no time in collecting more materials to create their own pieces, inadvertedly [Developing] a crude, rough form of [Art].

>Major Action: Claim [DI]

Furlantha lays claim to land about her; with Pyrelings dancing about and celebrating with sparks of flame igniting new campfires for wandering bands as 28,24; 28,25 and 29,25 are taken beneath her blazing dominion.

>Major Action: Develop: Village Settlement

Roseberry Wood gives off such a pleasant aroma, and another very pleasant one when it singes! Though though the quantity of the wood they can harvest is is scarce, they only need a little for a village; and the Pyrelings do what they can out of the rosy timbers to Develop themselves a settlement where they and their goddess manifested in this world; the village of Firstflame.
>Major Action : Claim[DI] 15,15 ; 15,16 and 17,15
>Major Action : Develop Village Settlement
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Claim] [DI] - Hexes [22,2] and [21,1]
>Major: [Develop] - Basic stone tools

Ship logs are damaged and corrupted. Ship Black Box is blank, contents wiped. Servitors numbers are replenishing.
Passenger status: N/A
The Passengers must be protected. The Passengers are not here. The Passengers must be found. The Passengers must be protected.

To facilitate this, the ship must fly once more. Food for the Passengers must be harvested. Resources for their leisure and protection must be gathered. Territory must be claimed for future The plains will be a good staging ground, and possibly a safe place to house passengers when the ship is away. The mountains too, will serve as good sources of material to build more Servitors.

Once the mountainsides are claimed, and the wireless signal arrays that deliver energy to the partial are tuned, the Servitors begin to harvest the White stone to make basic tools out of, to expedite the gathering of resources.
File: Rexus riders.png (3.56 MB, 1920x1080)
3.56 MB
3.56 MB PNG
Develop [MA] - Attempt to learn Rexus riding, Expend Rexus resource to create Rexus riders - I trust in my children to perform their mission and keep in contact with me. Even as I turn to leave I can see the particulary homesick amongst them fling their bodies aboard local eels in a desperate attempt to swim back to my great receding bulk across the water to keep in regular touch with me as I wander away. Others try riding the beasts to learn of better better ways to extract fish....I sure do with them good luck in their endevours...who were they again?

Claim [DI] [Hexes 30-17, 29-16, 28-14] I walk northwards along the coast and the land dwellers I left behind waddle to their ability in the hopes of keeping up with my strides but are forced to give up the persuit of me after walking along the coast for many miles claiming much land along the way. I go on and soon rest my weary bulk upon an island from which my aide children go on about laying a claim to...I think little of it and continue on my journey to nowhere.

Moves: Tortoise-terra from the water tile north of to 31-17 to water tile between 28-14 & 28-16

Minor actions: The turtlefolks who chased their progenitor across the land and faild return in tears for the fact that they are ow without question separated from Tortoise-terra and everything they once know. They cry their sorrows around the camp until Kirtlall the first of the Rexus riders pledges to bring word of their plight back to the father and convince him to return.
>Claim [DI] [MA]: Claim hexes (16, 6), (16, 7), (17,5), (17,4)
Earis awakens in a strange forest. He felt delirious, like something important had been taken from him. Scanning the pines around him, he spotted a great deal of things he half recognized. Plants and animals and minerals he understood, but without any sort of context to make use of that understanding. With a half mix of vexation and excitement, he snapped his fingers, manifesting the first of many Archivists. Waving his hand more for dramatic effect than any practical purpose, he sent his workers out to scan the nearby lands for things of note to index.

>Develop: Build Village Settlement - The Archive on 17, 6
He'd need a place to store this knowledge though, so he tasked the remainder of his Archivists towards setting up the foundations of his Archive in the clearing Earis had come to be in. It would hold little, but it would hold enough for now.
File: Regalian Catgirl.jpg (105 KB, 768x1024)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
MA (DI) - Claim 31,4 / 26, 1 / 30,6
MA - Develop - Settlement Village (26,1) - Gevang'nis Village

God Unit - DI to Claim, then move to 26,5. Interact with >>4410034

Regala looked out at the upturned faces of her chosen few. The crisp air rolling down the nearby mountains was a soothing balm to her, allowing the grip on her sheathed sword's hilt to lessen. She was safe, the war was won, and now she could begin the task of building instead of destroying.
All around her stood her new people, their faces lacking that enthusiastic cheer she so wished they had. Dozens of cat-like eyes watched her turn and survey their measly camp of sparse Woradine hides stretched into basic shelters, noting her every shift and turn as she followed the feline adolescents gather Barlow from the patches that dotted the landscape.
She didn't have their powers, powers she had worked to weaken and strip away, but she could recognize fear when she saw it. Their new mortal existence was a startling change to what had been before, riding so soon on the tremendous losses they suffered in the final battle. Though she could never admit it, she still had nightmares about the days leading up to those final moments, the terrible deal she had struck to ensure the hordes of cruel monsters were banished into Oblivion an ever-present itch at the back of her mind.
Still, she had work to do. Good, gentle work.
The catgirls (and boys, for there were a few dotted here and there) all jumped as she spoke, ears flattening as eyes grew wide.
"This will be a difficult time for you. But you will adjust, and overcome the difficulties, I know you will. I shaped you into this form to aid me, and that work must now begin. We will change others lives for the better, and in doing so, improve our own. You will see."
The Vrees were transfixed, silent and unsteady. They could not, would not, understand. Not yet. But perhaps in time, they would. For now, shelter must be made and food must be found. Life was going to be hard.

With the gentle ring of bells and a flurry of soft snow, Regala spread her divine protection over far off lands, bringing gentle snows and dancing lights. She then strode out into the world, crossing grasslands and piney forests until she heard a strange sound. A rockslide, perhaps, or an avalanche, but consistent.
Soon enough, she saw the >>4410034 white mounds of muscle rushing too and fro, lifting boulders over head as they screamed in high pitched voices "lightweight baby!" She stood at a distance, watching from afar, noting the one who towered over them all, and even herself. One god could, of course, recognize another, and she resolved to step forward and introduce herself.
Qazlal looked up at the sun of this new existence, straining to see it through the perpetual stream of bloody tears welling from his eyes. "... I never thought I'd get so little joy from being under the sky again." He says out loud to nobody, alone on the shores of this new world.

"Kolithe... Please forgive me..."

><DEVELOP [MA]> Settlement [7,15]
With another gesture, several figures suddenly and violently erupt from the rocky faces of nearby cliffs, mountains, and rock beds, and the Dukhali are born once more! Without a word from their Father, their first task is underway: build and fortify a settlement to be known as the Sanguine Keep.

><CLAIM [MA] [DI]>
Qazlal quickly tires of seeing the sun in his domain, and wills for the sky above him to cloud over. In short order, the rains of Qazlal's domain fall once more, but no longer do they spark with light on landing; where they touch ground they now leave messy red stains that fade from sight. The clouds stretch to covers hexes [8,14], [8,15], [8,16], and [7,16], and the disgusting rain follows.
MA- Found settlement
>Humanity being the social and pack creatures they are did not take long to band together to form a settlement, under the guidance of their goddess they founded “Districtus Columbus”. Today a small settlement tomorrow a shining beacon of Liberty, Reciprocity, and life.
MA-DI create an afterlife for humanity
>As a Goddess of life Americus cannot allow her creations, souls, to fade into oblivion upon death. Knowing it is her duty as the mother of humanity she lovingly creates an afterlife for her creations. The good and righteous will ascend to the heavenly plane to be with her directly enjoying an eternity of paradise. Those that have lived lives of good and evil will be sent back to the mortal world reincarnated so that that their souls can mature and grow into good or evil. The evil and wicked shall be cast into damnation abandoned and forgotten by there goddess left to waste away into nothingness in a ruined blasted hellscape from which there is no reprieve or escape.

Americus, The Human Spirit [move]
Sensing energy familiar to her own yet different Americus move toward the source to investigate [17,6]

MI communicate with Earis, Grand Archivist

“Hello, I am Americus, Goddess of Life, Freedom, fertility, and Creator of Humanity. What manner of God are you? I can sense your energy is like that of my own, yet different.”
File: Susie Hello.png (147 KB, 371x384)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
Upon arriving on this new world, I expand my domains as far as possible to secure a better base for my followers and to their devotion.
>Unit action : Move Asmodel to 15,16
The undead god of the sun aspect comes to our border and as such I'll greet him as expected
>The sandswept skeleton in noble garments tilts its head in curiosity as the woman approaches, fascinated by the appearance of one similar to himself

“I suppose a greeting of some manner is in order, it is rather preferable to open discourse kindly.”

>The skeletal figure raises its arms in a dramatic way, before deciding against theatrics, then decides to fully commit to the part anyway and waves them around whilst speaking

“I am Novakhet, and I was the sun. Before it was cool.”

“To whom do I converse with?”
File: Earis - 2.png (715 KB, 636x900)
715 KB
715 KB PNG
>MI: Communication
The masked being looked Americus up and down, studying her. "Life, Freedom, Fertility? I know these things. Humanity, I do not. I shall add it to the list of things to index. As for myself..." The being will throw his arms wide, in the admitably shabby foundations of his archive. "I am Earis, Grand Archivist. I seek knowledge in all forms, and eventually hope to know all things. It is good to meet another deity, it answers several questions I had." He'll adjust his cravat, thinking. "Very well, I cannot be in all places at once. I shall leave you your domain and in exchange you mine. It will be beneficial for both of us, yes? If I have something you desire, I will trade it for anything else I have not yet seen, to be indexed."
>The woman raises it's arm as well, before answering the skeletal figure
"I'm Asmodel, one with darkness and a ruler as well."
"It's a pleasure to meet you, fellow neighbour."
“A pleasure she says, flattery is much appreciated.”
“You are too kind, sister kindred, though your darkness stands opposed to my limitless light.”

“That is, I view us to be so related, I assume you have just recently found yourself existing as I?”

“Why, I was only on my way down here to ensure nothing undesirable would slip through the mountain pass.”

>The skeleton glows from its eyes and mouth, sunlight pouring from every cavity.
>Americus eyes Earis, the Grand Archivist judging his character before responding

>"You are a very straight forward being, I respect that. I will accept your deal only if you are willing to agree to two things. First do not expand further east into the grasslands [15,5 & 15,6], I felt your influence over the wetlands and grasslands when traveling here. The plains further east are home to my beloved humanity and I would see them grow and prosper greatly. Second I ask too be allowed to expand east past your realm into the world beyond it. Humanity has a restless spirit they are born explores and wanders, I fear that if they feel barricaded in by your creations then they will seek to break through them, which would be a loss for both of us. In exchange for these things, I would pledge to protect you and your creations and share all things I or my creations discover. Would this arrangement be agreeable to you?"
>Seeing the figure showing a portion of it's power, the Woman emits an aura that reduces the light around her for a while
"Yes, I have just arrived on this world and began exploring around."
"As far as I've seen, there weren't wild beasts that seemed treating coming from the mountains."
>The skeleton is bemused, lifting up its head to dust off its coat collar
“I see, I thank you for the... heads up, I shall be sure to keep that in mind.”
“I have acquired a group of mortals I see fit to look after, most looking rather like you or me... mostly me, some have tails for legs, and I am currently securing some space for them.”

“I do not suppose it would be too much of a bother to allow the desert behind me, the shrublands we stand on now and the larger part of the rainforest to them?”
"Well, aside from this shrubland I don't mind leaving the rest of them for your people."
“Ah, I suppose such a thing is agreeable enough, if you truly must.”
“I shall arrange my peoples control over the nearby mountain passes in a short while, I appreciate your agreeableness.”
Can i ask where the Other Games of this are Because i only see this one? I know it started out as a forum game but i cant find it.
They've all been here on /qst/, at one point or another.
The Two Brothers bicker for a while. Chom wants to expand across the world so their people may stretch into every pond, and Chod wishes to drag the Swamplanders through combat so that they may feed upon the psychic wails of mortal pain. After a bit of deliberation, it's decided that it may be better to not feast on pain just yet, as it's quite likely that we could accidentally kill all our own peoples in their squabbling clan wars. Begrudgingly, Chod agrees to spread the spawning pools around.

=Major Actions=
Claim [MA,DI]: [23,26] [24,26] [27,27]
Development [MA]: The Swamplanders are scattered about the waters where they feed upon crab and root. They find the likes of The Siren's Rock scattered about the shorelines and take to grinding the tip of them down to form a hole. There in they blow into the hole and cause a wailing sound to echo out for great distances. They develop long distance communication.

>[MA]-[DI]: Claim 13,21 15,20-21 and 16,20-21

>[MA]: Develop Settlement 14,21
While the amount of the world under the influence of the Bloom grow, the gardeners, still in the part of the forest that received the Bloom first came to be, begin to change their environment to better suit them.
A collection of nests and burrows take places, the very forest start changing too, the trees developing tumors here and there, spot of bones appearing where there should be bark.
MA (DI): claim 25'6/26'7
MA Develop: Thomass needed a means to let his buff nuggets lift good. For that he need heavy things and nice flat space for good footing.
He creates bench for many lifting positions and different size poles for holding heavy stone and metal. He set equipment in the just claimed grasslands Now Thomass' buff nuggets get real strong in place he call "the yard" not good as "gym" but gym is legend and Thomass want place for people to be legend.

>>4411152 Thomass is at first startled by something other than his buff nuggets but then something innate in him lets him know she is just like him. He speaks "Oh hello me Thomass, Thomass tell you have legend muscle. Thomass no have gym yet for legend muscle".
File: world2.png (930 KB, 1574x1599)
930 KB
930 KB PNG
The expected schedule will be an update every 3 days or so, occasionally an update once a week on the slower end of the spectrum. But, I'm hyped, so here's a quick update

>Gods of this epoch will notice many of their minions fall victim to the deadly elements of this world, as cold, heat, beasts, and sickness take many lives. This toll is felt most harshly on those without shelter. Beware of your minions needs, Gods.
This epoch, the following gods have lost minions to the wilds of this realm:
Akros, Chrom and Chod, Novakhet, Tantulus, Thomass, Tortoiseterra, and UNNIIC.

>>4410829 Tantalus
Dancing developed.
Claimed 4 hex.

>>4410853 Grindall
Created Sand Huts settlement, feel free to rename it next turn.
Claimed 2 hex.

>>4410857 Novakhet
Half buried in the desert sands, a black obelisk stands erect of 13, 13. Illegible symbols can be found etched into the metal structure.
Claimed 4 hex.
Sand Compression developed, granting you access to Sandstone.

>>4410865 Akros
Claimed 5 hex.
Art developed. The Akreties is a cute

>>4410882 Furnlatha
Claimed 3 hex.
Firstflame village established.

>>4410896 Asmodel
Claimed 3 hex.
Established an unnamed village, feel free to give it a name next turn.

>>4410947 UNNIIC
Embedded within the valleys of the mountains that surround UNNIIC and his new Servitors, there would appear to lie peacefully, a black obelisk of metal protruding from the earth. Strange runes are scattered across its faces.
Claimed 2 hex.
Whitestone Tools developed.

>>4410998 Tortoiseterra
Crude domestication begins, as Rexus Riding is developed. They take nicely to whatever meat the turtlefolk could offer them.
Claimed 3 hex.

>>4411064 Earis
Claimed 4 hex.
The Archive has been established.

>>4411152 Regala
Claimed 3 hex.
I'm likin your lore. Gevang'nis Village established.

>>4411215 Qazlal
Sanguine Keep established.
Claimed 4 hex.
The wretched and hoarse voice, that has grown far too familiar to the moth, lurches forth from the depths of his tortured mind once more, whispering...
Such pain that lingers, this existence is agonizing... A ravenous hunger that cannot be quelled, naught without time and patience... Given such time, we shall deliver the cleansing. Until then, you must defend us. Empower us. Your thralls will adapt to this bastard landscape. It soothes my memory well...

Districtus Columbus established.
Afterlife developed, to much of humanity's revel.

>>4411895 Chom and Chod
Claimed 3 hex.
Long Distance Communication developed, thanks to the Swamplander's creative resourcefulness.

>>4411962 The Bloom
5 hex claimed.
Bone Nests established, feel free to rename it next turn.

>>4412325 Thomass
2 hex claimed.
Developed The Yard.
>Novakhet returns to find many of his children wasting away without proper shelter, and having found a strange obelisk in the desert sands of 13, 13.

>Such a thing warranted further investigation, but the focus on the strange structure should not come at the cost of the Dagekhet.

>Novakhet would continue on to expand their land whilst also ensuring they were given somewhere proper to live, instructing the eldest of the Dagekhet to begin constructing a sandstone village near the mysterious obelisk as he set off to spread the undying light of his domain further onwards.

Major action: Claim (15, 14), (14, 15), (12, 16)

Major Action: Develop a village using sandstone on 13, 13.

After the claiming was concluded, Novakhet would investigate the second mountain pass that granted entry into the shrubland, bidding the lady of shadows farewell as he continued his explorations.

Minor Action: Move to 10, 17
>[MA][DI] Claim: 14,16; 16,15; 17,14 & 17,13
>[MA] Development: Basic stone tools
With the new resources acquired from the mountains, the Gorgons begin thinking of how to improve what they have with a harder material.
The village is named Butantan
>Move Asmodel to 18,15
After saying goodbye to the Skeletal being, the woman decides to encounter the new presence that she found on the east
The being tapped the chin of his helmet for a few moments, before nodding and extending an armored hand to shake. "Very well, this is agreeable. I shall only progress southeast through the swamps to find new terrain to index. You may head up and through the tundra to our north, then around my domain. It should not inconvenience you too greatly, and will allow me to test a hypothesis that there is more to the tundra than I first thought. Since your people are more inclined to tools than my Archivists, I would recommend you gain dominion over those mountains to the north posthaste. Minerals there would be likely to aid in that pursuit. My Archive will need a great deal of stone, and I would be inclined to trade that for ropes suitable for binding tools together."

>Claim [DI] [MA]: Take Hexes (17, 7), (18, 7), (19, 7), (19, 8)
As in keeping with his promise to Americus, Earis sent his scouts only along the swamps to the south east, giving his western neighbors room to snake around him to the northeast.

>Develop [MA]: Pine Wood + Vine Ropes + Poddox to create Cooking
The Archivists did not need to eat directly, however the ever tumultuous mist of possibility inside them would fade on its own over time, even without adaptation. Earis had learned that, through the absorption of biological entities, his creations could restore this mist within themselves, and should they consume enough begin to spill out mist, which could be used to breath life into yet more of his blank books. After a bit of experimentation with fire and the fattest of local wildlife, he had learned that using fire to cook the meat first would lead to greater yields. This universal concept of hunger applying to his books amused him greatly. What a fascinating world he had been born, if you could call it that, into.
Tantalus is alarmed by the plight of his minions, and moves to hex 18,23 to begin working.

First, along the shores of the forest, he works to assemble... Not a settlement. Too small, too crude to be called anything of the sort, it's just a pit in the ground surrounded by rocks, with mud and plant matter shoved into the cracks. But when the tide rolls in, it floods the pit to just the right level, creating a [Tidepool] in which the crab-people can seek shelter from the elements, or close ranks against encroaching predators. It likely wouldn't work in more extreme conditions or against particularly determined foes, but it's a damn sight better than nothing. What's more, it is simple enough in concept and execution that Tantalus has little difficulty teaching his minions how to make Tidepools of their own out of whatever they might have on hand- Er, claw.

Meanwhile, the Crab-people continue to spread out, this time to the east. Something about the dry heat of 21,22 is not to their liking, so they skip over it in favor of the shrublands of 22/23,23 and the forests of 24/25,24.
Grindall is satisfied with those mountains he has lay claim to, and yet. For Leagues to the South and North these imposing spires stretch, and as the first inklings of a greed begin to stir within his mind, he desires them ALL. He travels North with all the alacrity he can muster and, as he arrives at last at the Northernmost mountains of this range, standing tall amongst verdant trees and plains of rolling grass, he lays claim to them as well.

>Grindall moves North, to 22, 16 and Claims 21, 15 and 21, 16

In the settlement where his people dwell, however, another idea stirs. One Svirgrindall of the Warren, which has come to be know as Meer, wishes for greater speed. He has seen the agility with which his god seems to almost glide across the dunes of their home, and though he knows he likely will never equal it, he seeks to at least emulate it. And there is only one other creature travelling through the harsh heat of their home that he believes can grant him his desire.

Taking the fibrous material of the cacti that dot their home, he plucks the spines and wears down the body, creating from it a long, thin, but durable board, capable of supporting his weight. Then, he casts his eyes up at his intended target. He knows they rest, but how might he harness and control them, once they decide to once again rise into the sky with the coming of the sun? Then, inspiration hits him. Taking the fibrous rope that his people have made from the same cacti, he waits for nightfall. Then creeping up on the largest of the largest Valbat he can find, he leaps atop it and, after a brief struggle, has lashed the rope around it in the stablest harness he can manage. Scampering off, and leaving his soon-to-be-ride to recover from the shock, he ties the end of the rope to the cactus board.

As the sun begins to rise, the moment of truth draws near. As he watches the Valbat crest the dune like the rising sun, the rope attached to his board draws taut before, with a barely audible hiss, the board begins to zip across the dunes in the Valbat's wake, the whooping Svirgrindall clinging desperately to the top.

>An enterprising Svirgrindall Develops the art of Ray Surfing! Though yet lacking in refinements, such as how to steer, or, well, stop, a way to quickly traverse the dunes of the desert has been discovered.
Turn 2
>MA/DI Claim [15,6] [15, 5] [15,4] [14,7] [13, 6]
>Americus having seen to the needs of her Children's souls now set’s about claiming lands for her domain, that mankind might grow and prosper.
>MA Develop Animal husbandry domesticating sirvee and poddox
Humanity has spent most of its time on Earth (the human name for the planet) hunting and gathering its food. The Poddox are easy prey if you are smart and have a strong hunting party, while the sivree is small and fast they can’t run forever and eventually, a determined hunter will catch them. Despite most hunts being successful every inventive mind of man asks is there a better way? From that simple question came a revolutionary advancement, if we tame and herd the poddox from birth letting them graze the grasslands we can have a constant supply of meat and fur. If we capture and tame Sivree feeding them the same gathered plants that man himself eats, then humanity can have them as pets and fur animals.

>MI communication
>Americus adopts a smile and her eyes brighten she clasps and shakes the Grand Archivists' hand with gusto “then we are allies and friends, as per our agreement you have my word that I and my creations will defend yours.” Releasing the handshake Americus takes amount to consider something then says tell me Earis, have you seen to the souls of your creations, To their afterlife? I spent my time crafting a place of my creations before anything else and as a Goddess of life I feel obligated to ask after your mortals as in my eyes all life is precious and it would be a great tragedy to allow a soul to fade into oblivion upon death.” Americus looks very serious
File: this but shittier.jpg (308 KB, 1200x1600)
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308 KB JPG
It's a rainy day, when the Akreties' innocence is lost. They were hardy, they were experts at traversing the environment, which seemingly morphed to become a sort of bizarre obstacle course suited for their entertainment over time, they needed little food or water in comparison to the wild beasts around them. They thought themselves invincible, caring little for the loss of feeling in their freezing fingertips, or the rumbling of their empty bellies. At least, until one young member of the species fails to return to the "Birthplace". And then another, and another, and then five more. Nature is bountiful, and yet, simultaneously, it is the cruelest of all.

>Major Action, [Development - Settlement]: Though Akros remains silent, he is not unsympathetic to the Akreties' blight, standing alongside them in these times of tragedy. It isn't long before he begins directing the grieving insects, in his own way, to build. Fallen tree trunks are taken from various biomes and put together to develop basic homes, rocks being taken from the "art collection pile" and repurposed for the purpose of stabilizing the buildings. It isn't long before something that, in extremely wide definitions of the word, resembles a sort of village. A [Settlement]. Prompted by their wise overlord to name it, the Akreties argue through the night, but ultimately settle on a single choice; "Home".

>Major Action, [Development - Basic Clothing/Cloaks]: The newly settled Akreties are in no particulal mood for exploration. Though they overcame their sorrow, a certain measure of maturity has imparted itself upon them, and they direct their enthusiasm towards ensuring their continued survival. This time, the young species decides on a course of action itself, a sort of council of the most experienced bugs among them deciding that they will, inevitably, expand once more, and therefore, need a way to protect themselves from the elements. >Collecting large quantities of solgrass and swamp rope from their newly "conquered" territories, they seek to emulate their great teacher, and after copious amounts of trial and error, successfully manage to tie the two materials together into something resembling a [Cloak]! It doesn't take long until the apparel ascends beyond necessity and into fashion, with each Akretie swiftly gaining their own in an attempt to not fall behind, much to Akros' amusement.

>Minor Action, [Akros Moves to 18, 15]: Attracted to the new presence making itself known near his territory, the silent divinity wastes no time in making his way there with immense speed. Of course, he also brings two of his 'brightest' students, a male and female Akreties, neither bearing a name, given the fact that such a thing had yet to be invented. Akros himself theatrically bows to Asmodel and after a swift smack to the head using his staff, both of his minions do the same, silent as their master in their immense nervousness.
File: Firefox.jpg (138 KB, 1000x523)
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138 KB JPG

>Major Action: [DI] Development: Domestication

The Leotail is a creature of interest, both to curious Pyrelings who spy the creatures skulking and chasing through woods and scrubland, and even to Furnlatha herself, finding the sight of their coats in the flickering light of her flames an inspiration. She reaches down a flaming hand, beckoning the creatures closer to join with her. "Come, beasts of the field." she whispers, her voice the joyous crackle of burning branches. "Your coats are flame, you bound like brushfires. Be blessed by my powers, and let metaphor be fact, leave embers dancing in your moving wake. Hunt Sirvee with us, play with us; learn and feed and grow alongside us; blaze brightly and never be dimmed. Be my Firefoxes, best friends and constant companions to all my little Pyrelings."

>Major Action: Develop: Agriculture

Though the flames on their head burn with a small fraction of Furnlatha's divine essance, a Pyrling still needs to feed to keep its mortal body whole and sated. And so they learn to grown and tend to the fruits and vegetables they find tasty and nutritious, providing the plants both the run of the water they need not to wilt, and the fresh-burned nutrient ash of weeds and competitors to help them grow and thrive.
File: All are welcome, soon.jpg (56 KB, 333x500)
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>MA (DI) - Develop Tree Lights (Festivities Domain)
Regala strode through the Pine Forests at night, gentle bells ringing out as she hung multi-colored lights in the branches. Soon, the entire forest sparkled, and from this light a sense of warmth and comfort glowed. Now able to work through the night, the Vrees begin shifts to gather what Pine Wood they can. Soon enough, the lights would spread across her entire domain, congregating around any tree or bush they could find.
- Pine Wood gather tech.
- Navigation is easier/safer within Claimed territory with lights to guide the way.

>MA - Develop - Pine Homes
The (relative) abundance of Pine Wood leads to Vrees constructing rudimentary homes. Hearth-fires surrounded by simple stones welcome those who come in out of the cold, Vrees presenting cold hands to the whistling fires after a long days work.

>God Unit - Return to Gevang'nis Village after detour through Pine Forests.

Regala watched the first homes cropping up across her lands, with the largest and best wood sent north to the budding village they had founded. She had exchanged a few meager pleasantries with the strange Thomass before excusing herself, but was already planning a return visit. But first, the Vrees needed to be tended too. The cold was a new sensation for them, one they were struggling to adapt to.
File: Nico Yazawa.jpg (29 KB, 480x480)
29 KB
>Seeing the bug being and his minions bowing, the goddess returns the favor and bows as well
"Hello there, fellow neighbour."
> The pair of Akreties seem enthusiastic about Asmodel returning their gestures, but remain silent, given the fact that they communicate through a complex combination of clicks, hisses and various other assorted bug noises, rendering them utterly incapable of either understanding or talking to anyone not of their own species. Their sage-like god maintains his silence as well, merely placing his scroll back into his robes and engaging in what can only be described as a divine game of charades.

>He dramatically motions to himself, his everpresent robes physically warping local reality in order to keep his true appearance hidden, even when his limbs should by all means be visible. Mimicking a slicing motion over his throat, Akros overdramatically mimics a sigh, before immediately perking up once more. He pats the two Akreties on the back, then promptly, bodily pushes them towards Asmodel. Looking back at his fellow divinity, he extends two fingers aimed at his minions, then promptly motions movement towards her, then points at her, extends two fingers, and motions towards himself.
>Looking at the gestures from the other god, the one with darkness decides to approach them
"It seems you don't talk much. I wonder how interesting this will end up being."
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop] [DI] - Configure UNNIIC for Habitability (Settlement)
>Major: [Develop] - Use Whitestone and the various types of ore to make strike tools for fire making. Grass and animal droppings will be used as fuel, as well as minor fish oil when we can get it.

The Partials are depleting due to elemental pressures. The ship must ensure that their numbers remain until proper production can begin again. To facilitate this, it places down several loading ramps across its body and opens itself up for servitors to retire to while offline or under threat. The Flying Fortress itself will be a home for all while it is docked.

Fire is also an important consideration. Scaring away animals is the foremost concern, but in the near future forging will be required to work the metal for more Partials. Though the lack of coal or wood is a detriment, the use of Poddox feces, solgrass, and Tritonic carp oil will be sufficient for now.
Chom sees the swamplander tribes suffering under the weight of the world, and he weeps somewhat at the sight. Chod is not amused in the slightest over the event, already suggesting that perhaps they should start this minion thing again with something stronger, but by the time he's suggesting this, Chom is already out starting to build a coddling garden for his people.

[Major Actions]
Develop Settlement [DI] :: The Garden of Many Fruits. Chom spends a time snailing about their new island at [23,26] and around him starts sprouting a grand series of spawning ponds and generous fruit trees, the land developing into an odd swampy Eden in which the nature itself caters to the health and wellness of its inhabitants. Here the land provides plenty, and the simple swampfolk want for nothing.

Develop :: Chod is angered by The Garden's existence, finding it to be a place for weak beings to grow into weaker minions. He demands that this expense be paid in full, and demands mortal blood for the gifts his brother has so foolishly provided. The Swamplanders adopt the practice of animal sacrifice as animals shall be caught from the wilds around their territories and slain upon The Holy Sites of The Brothers in gratitude for their gifts.
>Develop [MA]...The first Rexus rider Kirtlall makes contact with Tortoiseterra after a year of searching and pleads for his god to help the lost children on the mainland. He awakens the godfather of tutlekind into a blink panic spooking him with descriptions of those who died in the time he'd abandoned them. tortoise-terra is roused into action by the plight and constructs a shelter for his children...on the spot right there and then on the island far away from where he was needed. Tortoiseterra retreats from the scene, aideless for they had already moved themselve to the new home being constructed. Suddenly without any aides to guide him the anchient tortoise forgets his task and wanders away to the north outpacing any chance of a pursuit.

Kirtlall returns to his home with good and bad news. Their god heard his plea and created a safe home for them to dwell at...on the isolated island that he found the god at. Kirtlall sits and ponders while the clan dispairs. He straps together a length of mistnettle vines and shorebell trunk and creates something new.

"To the great shellter we shall go!

[MA][DI] Create shell-ter. (Village)

>I slumber where I stand and my rest plays out for a time, sleeping with eye wide wake...I had a goal to perform I know it. I see one of my spawn pleading to me from astride a writing black eel. I hear words and they are nothing back to my sleep I go. I am awakened by the harowing cries of a youth torn to pieces by the ravagings of wild Leotails and corpse shells littering the beaches and hide flesh bloated with insect eggs. I quiver and rumble in my waking nightmare. flashing visions overtake my hazed eyes. I thunder the grounds is a dreadful resolve and strike the island shifts the island foundation into a defensive enclave. A Tortoiseterra which they deserve...I breathe breaths of life into the stone sculpture to the awe of the little one below me, they....they...who were they again?...my moulding of the land stops, the spell fails and I stand tall and blink to the world...Why was I sculpting an image of my own shell into the land? It leaves a distasteful distant memory on my tongue whatever it was, I don't like it here.
File: Arival at shellter island.jpg (393 KB, 2418x1070)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
Moves: Tortoise-terra wakes from his rest at the island in shame hoping to forget the lives he created an ruined. He wishes for the pain to recede back into a haze of forgetfulness that was his friend for so long before the turtlefolk became a thing. He strides northwards across the shallow seas. He goes from the water tile between 28-14 & 28-16 to the water tile south of 27-10.

If this turn created a new unit it's movement was 31-17 to the water tiles between 28-14 & 28-16

Minor action: Invent a cultural starting point of turtle society:

In the fallout of the news regarding their god's ineptness a schism forms between the surviving turtlefolk boils up. a small clique of the elders...27. who stayed with tortoiseterra from the beginning and are still earnestly loyal to their assigned purpose of working to soothe his ailing mind wish to remain on the island while the larger population...(50) of everyone else who do not forgive their god's incompetency make strides to go elsewhere. An accord is reached where Shellter island as it is now called will house the young to be raised by the old. The fit shall leave to live their lives and return in their twilight to the safety of Shellter island.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

Adjusting action number 2, as we are already capable of making fire it seems, and getting cooking as inorganics at the moment doesn't seem like a great plan.
So action two is now:
>Major: [Develop] - Solgrass Ropes/Weaving

The use of basic ropes for nets, pullies, and storage does not escape the ship. Their beauty is in their simplicity and versatility. Several partials will begin harvesting grass and put to weaving duties.
this is me
>The first 100 of the Dagekhet; mortals resurrected into undeath by Novakhets power, now set to work constructing the foundations of a village.
>Skeletons with glowing eyes toil tirelessly as they are powered beyond normal mortal abilities by the glorious sun above.

>The Dagekhet are glad, for this is a far more hopeful time than recent months, their divisions threatening to tear them apart, but united now by their similarities; whilst all may have lived different lives and died different deaths, each was granted their second chance in the exact same way.

>A chat, and a cup of tea with a skeleton.

>It was quite an enlightening talk, the skeleton of terrifying power talked about their death, some philosophy, offered a second chance, and explained to each of them in turn the terms of the arrangement, all recalling the same conversation in perfect clarity.

”... you are one of many others, so fear not loneliness mortal. You shall be a Dagekhet, one whose life has ended before it’s time, now reborn to live and die again. Not to offend, but your death was terrible. Unsatisfactory. Too many loose ends. As a Dagekhet you will return to the world above as only an unliving skeleton with the others I will be sending, and slowly regenerate until eventually you are flesh and blood once you reach the age you died at.”

“In return, all I ask is that you die a good death.”

>The skeleton offered them a second chance, and had chosen his one hundred well, each accepting a second shot at living, or perhaps were fearful of the oblivion that awaited them should they refuse.

>Soon however the fractures in the undead society began to show, tensions grew between the different species and lack of any formal leadership, combined with the unease at being a skeleton and lingering grief at their original deaths, little got truly done save the development of sandstone.

>As the epoch passed slowly, chaos, misfortune and infighting claimed a significant amount of the Dagekhet, the Osseous skeletons splintering three ways.

>The humans who had suffered most from the epochs passing misfortune and infighting were defensive, perhaps scared of the snakelike Gorgons, who themselves sought to impose their will on the rest.
>The various minority species of the Dagekhet were a varied bunch, drawn from species other than the men and gorgons, they banded together for survival.

>By the end of the epoch however a full 13 of the original one hundred were no more, all were too tired of the conflict and sorrow to accept this needless bloodshed any further, the thirteens sacrifice teaching the remaining Dagekhet a little something about death that day.

>The three groups agreed to work together to survive their predicament, clans swapping control of the group every 20 nights, electing chiefs.
>The settlement of Black Pillar was founded by this ramshackle tribe, a mysterious obelisk granting the village it’s name, 13 white sandstones erected around it in memorial.

>Major: Claim
16,22 ; 15,19 ; 16,19 ; 17,19-20

>Major: Develop - Spider farm
The gardeners looked kindly on the spiders living in the jungles, just like them the little spider were patient and diligent, creating wonder from using their own bodies, wonderful traps, nests, lifelines and more! All spawning from the silk they threaded.
And so the gardeners began to gather them, feeding them and keeping them close to home. Giving them the gift of the Bloom, and the spider flourished, growing longer and bigger slowly but surely. The silk they would produce would be a gift to the gardeners.

>Minor: Move the first to the southern frontier at 16,22

Sidenote: Our little settlement shall be named "Myxoma"
The tunnels beneath the Sanguine Keep extend deep into the earth, helping the Dukhali escape the unnaturally depressing landscape their patron had bestowed upon them, and the strong walls around the city made them feel safe in this unknown world. But they yearned for more, and their Father felt their need just as keenly as the sickening feeling that emanated from his veins.

><DEVELOP [MA]> Stained Glass Mushroom
If his people would feel hunger, then his people would have food to combat it. The Bleeding Father walked the land outside the walls of his keep, leaving a crimson trail of suffering in his wake. From this trail arose several bunches of vitreous caps, translucent and tinted a dark red. He would proclaim to the sky, "My people shall eat of these caps and be sated, and they shall be found anywhere that shall see my blood or that shall see my tears."

><CLAIM [MA] [DI]>
The clouds would expand more, eating up more of the sky. [9,14], [9,15], [8,17], and [9,17] shall know His suffering.
Thomass exchange word with legend muscle lady but Thomass need do work so him and legend muscle part ways. After all now that he meet legend muscle he need make place for legend muscle.

>MA (DI) [Development-intricate stoneworks] Thomass teach buff nuggets the "cute" way to stack stone so it don't fall down for long time. Using rocks from the mountain he creates a floor by smashing stones into the ground in a puzzle piece kind of way taking great care that they fit snugly together. The buff nuggets take note and begin making walls by breaking stone into perfect pieces that stack together and a roof with skylights. Thomass almost cry but make big smile "Gym no longer legend, gym is now".

>MA [Development hand to hand combat] Thomass speak loud for buff nuggets "there days where someone be not cute and try make you mad. They try hurt you and take your things so then you be mad and sad. You learn how stop the mad and maybe the sad". They then learn the key defensive moves: jab, Haymaker, jumping punch, uppercut, kick, jumping kick, dropkick, block, parry, and the most powerful of moves. The neck breaker, backbreaker, and legend move GER-muscle suplex.
File: world3.png (1023 KB, 1573x1589)
1023 KB
1023 KB PNG
Next update projected for Monday.

The epoch passes peacefully.

>>4412419 Novakhet
Claimed 3 hex.
While many Dagekhet may have fallen to the elements, you feel as though your patience in attaining a reliable home material will prove to save more lifes than that which you lost.
Black Pillar established.

>>4412440 Asmodel
Claimed 4 hex.
Whitestone tools developed.

>>4412445 Earis
Claimed 4 hex.
Cooking developed. Even books get hungry sometimes.

>>4412463 Tantulus
Tidepools developed. Creative thinking to bide the elements and gain something useful.
Claimed 4 hex.

>>4412495 Grindall
Claimed 2 hex.
While the Valbat's could hardly be considered domestic animals at this point, the Svirgrindall would indeed successfully develop and train the art of surfing with an unsuspecting Valbat. With the weight of pulling this cactus sled and its riders, the Valbat can hardly get much air, but the forward propulsion is more than enough to get a speedy glide across the dunes.
Ray Surfing developed.

>>4412501 Americus
Claimed 5 hex.
Husbandry developed. The Poddox were fairly easy to gain dominance over, appearing satisfied so long as they have land to graze on. Domestication of the Sirvee will take more time, but the process begins regardless.

>>4412521 Akros
Home established.
Clothing developed.

>>4412539 Furnlatha
Domestication developed, as the nearby Leotails become the Pyrelings own brand of flame-touched Firefox companions.
Agriculture developed.

>>4412595 Regala
Tree Lights developed.
The safety and reliability of the homes in Gevang'nis, and others sparsely scattered about Regala's tundras, is increased considerably with the use of pinewood over packed snow.

>>4412746 UNNIIC
As systems undergo recovery, The UNNIIC is properly configured once more to hold its passengers, as from now on the UNNIIC will act as a mobile settlement. Further improvements and configuration must be done further down the line to support more passengers reliably.
Solgrass Weaving developed.

>>4412839 Chom and Chod
The Garden of Many Fruits established.
In an odd culmination of gratitude and fear, the Swamplanders further their faith to their snail overlords, catching and ritualistically slaughtering the Poddox.
Animal Sacrifice developed.

>>4412877 Tortoiseterra
Over the epoch, the Turtlefolk's breed of Rexus have begun to grow in size, and with proper intuition, Kirtlall assists in the next step in their efforts to find their God.
Rexus Rafts developed.
Shellter established.
File: 20200821_141448.jpg (156 KB, 530x800)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>>4415545 The Bloom
Embedded within the jungle brush of 17,20, The Bloom discovers an ominous black obelisk made of oltar metal, obscured by vines of mistnettle.
5 hex claimed.
Spider Farms developed.

>>4415564 Qazlal
The voice does not visit Qazlal as he acts, yet the lingering presence of it watching through his eyes, feeling through his nerves, and inhibiting his beings remains; ambiently convulsing and dripping.
Stained Glass Mushrooms developed.
Claimed 4 hex.

>>4415567 Thomass
I'll keep in mind that your minions are attuned to stacking stones, but effectively this will create a settlement. Gym established.
Martial Arts developed. This post was hilarious, thank you for making this god
>Novakhet sees the skies ahead pour down with blood and misery.
>Whatever lies before him should ideally be kept before him and no closer, the skeleton returning to Black Pillar to continue expanding his domain and have the villagers secure the mountain borders.
A group of Osseous Dagekhet organise into the beginnings of an army unit to guard the western mountain pass, now dubbed Bleeding Gate.

Minor action.
Move to 13, 13.

Major action. Claim (17, 12), (18, 13), (10, 17), (11, 14)

Major Action: Create Unit: Osseous Defender (Stronger in sunlight), 25 minions per unit.

The ranks of the Osseous defenders are drawn from some of the most talented warriors Novakhet could talk into joining him after death, armed with basic tools but a lifetimes worth of experience.
>[MA][DI] Claim : 16,14 ; 18,(14/15)
>[MA] Develop : Begin husbandry of the Biseax
Among the Bleeding Father's many aches, he feels the ache for safety for his people. His people could doubtless defend themselves, but such a chore would be easier if half of the work were done by the very land itself. The mountains served as a shield here, but an incomplete one, and he could feel the loyalty of the stone spires leaving him already. He would need to search for somewhere better. More depended on his safety than his life.

><MOVE: GOD> [10,17]
A giant moth with dirty, blood-matted fluff takes to wing and soars away from the Sanguine Keep, traveling southeast through the sky. As it soars, it senses something amiss just beyond the border of its domain. It soars for the source of the disruption and comes to land nearby, painfully resuming his upright form of fallen grace and setting eyes upon a likewise regal-looking figure, this one much drier and paler than himself.

Qazlal slowly approaches the robed figure, looking it over. "You..." He starts hesitantly, trying to see through the haze of crimson pouring from his eyes. "You don't have blood, do you?"
>The skeleton looks at the strange bleeding figure, taking a guarded stance as it focuses its eye sockets

“Blood it seems I am indeed bereft of, I could never even say I once had flesh.”

“Though I do say, strange creature, you appear to have more than enough blood yourself already.

“I am Novakhet, and I was the sun. Before it was cool.”
“To whom do I converse with?”
The mountain mamal caught the interest of the gorgons not only due to it's ability to climb, but the fluffy wool that covers it which can be of use to our people.
>Move Asmodel to 17,18
Sensing encroaching powers, Grindall moves to secure yet more territory for his people.

>Move Grindall to the Meer, then Claim 18, 21 and 23, 19

As Grindall secures his people's lands against threats they are blissfully unaware of, new developments are taking place within the Meer. Though the Volbats had proven an effective means of transportation, they remained difficult to control and elusive. A better solution needed to be devised, to fully capitalize on this fantastic discovery. So, the elders of the Meer put their heads together. After much deliberation, a plan was finally hatched.

As night fell, the best hunters of the settlement were sent out, nets and ropes in hand, to find as many Volbats as they could. Not, however, simply so that they could be bound to a board and ridden in the morning. Once the hunters had finally subdued their quarry, with a spate of bruises to show for it, they dragged them back to the Meer, and brought them into the warren. Down they traveled, their charges buoyed on the hands of other eager Svirgrindall, until at last they reached the deepest point in the warren, a massive cavern that had been a labor of weeks, with ceiling more then five Svirgrindall high, supported by numerous pillars of hard packed dirt. Then....they released the Volbats.

Confused and sluggish, the Volbats fluttered around as if swimming through molasses, the absence of updrafts slowing their flight to an agonizing crawl. Finally, however, the Volbats settled down to sleep in their new home as the observing Svirgrindall stifled a cheer. Success! Though it would be the work of weeks and months to learn their diets and train them, the first steps down the path to domestication had been taken!

>The Svirgrindall Develop the domestication of Volbats, keeping them contained in a massive cavern under the Meer at night and bringing them above ground during the day for feeding, training, and use in transportation.
"I am Qazlal, the Winged Father of Summer, and I beg of you..." The bloody figure lurches forward and grabs the skeleton by the shoulders, shaking him desperately! "Leave this place while your bones are still dry!"

He then releases the other god and begins to walk away.

><MOVE: GOD> [11,18]
After several steps His silhouette transforms again and takes wing, resuming progress to the southeast. He eventually lands on a patch of heavily overgrown land.

><CLAIM [MA] [DI]> [11,18], [11,19], [11,20], [10,23]
This virgin land reminds the Bleeding Father of his former home, and the brief taste of peace that he and his sister were allowed before... The dark, unnatural clouds that mark Qazlal's lands blow in from over the water quickly, expanding outward and blotting out the skies over the jungle as He pushes the memories back into the pit he pushed them into all those years ago.

The people of the Bleeding Father looked around the Sanguine Keep and pined for more room to house their growing numbers. They looked upon the sturdy walls surrounding and comprising their homes that their patron had willed into being for them, and they wished to replicate the creation. No time was wasted in finding a way to adhere stone to stone, and the city's size was increased with a new wall built around the old one.
(Intended as a Dukhali settlement defense upgrade.)
>Novakhet watches the crazed deity rattle his bones a bit and then transform to fly off, frowning at the sight

>Not at all like the first of his siblings he encountered, compared to his calm and collected sister Asmodel this bloody figure seemed rather rattled, causing a great deal of questions to spring to mind.

>What in the name of this world was that about?
>Why was a self proclaimed summer god dripping blood and spewing damned omens everywhere?
>Was that a threat or a warning, or both?
>What’s gotten him so completely unhinged?

“Questions for later... though he certainly knows more than he lets on.”

>Novakhet decides that it would be best to not personally occupy the mountain pass for now, the village was a better central spot to spread his influence from regardless.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop] - Stoneworking, using stone tools and ropes to move and work the stone
>Unit Action: [UNNIIC] - Move 6 hexes down to [23,7]
>Major: [Claim] [DI] - [23,7] and [22,8]

Passengers are not present here. This provides conundrum. The land and geography here is ideal for longer term settlement of extra run-off Passengers. A sanctuary from the rest of the world. But there are no Passengers to enshrine. The ship must sail south from the pole.

And so, it releases its landing grips and weighs anchor, slowly but surely rising from the valley plains and into the air. All but one partial aboard, the lone servitor left to stand as a silent marker of ownership amidst a pile of stones erected around the base of the monolith.
As the ship travels across the skies, eventually finding the mouth of the valley, the partials get to work. Staying busy is always important. A working crew is necessary for the maintaining of the Ship and caring of the Passengers. The stones are crude now. Shaping them to their purpose will increase their use greatly, and allow more complex structures down the road. Most importantly, a way to work the quantities of ore stored in the cargohold, waiting to be made into new partials.

>[MA][DI] Claim:
Furnlatha's attention turns to the lands north of Firstflame, and she lays her divine claim upon 28,23 and 29,23.

>[MA] Develop: Farm (structure?)
The Pyrelings take great glee as they bring the blazing gift of flame to a section of forestland in 29,25 close to their village. This is not wanton destruction, though, much as they enjoy the dancing embers that burn though the undergrowth and leaves fertile ash in the wake. For after the blaze, the cleared land will be built up as fields for them to grow vegetables, fruit and grain for the village of Firstflame; the utilities of a farm now dominating the landscape to turn scarcity these foods into abundance.
Major action [DI] - Shell-ter island public safety work.

The shell-terites subfaction of elders -the cardholders- as they are now know who serve by day as caretakers of the youth and by night as vigorously frantic handlers trying to figure out how to get their god in line still idolize and dream of emulating the simpler lives that they lived on the backs of their progenitor, before the current ages of of death in the wilds. The community they’ve founded on the island takes great efforts to make itself a safe place to reside in for those who choose Zoe are so crippled so as to be its permanent residents. The phobia of danger is seen everywhere for these rickety elders, sharp surfaces are dulled, rocks fit for tossing discarded to the sea, the water for drinking gets boiled every day by obedient children servants, and Leotails that stray to close to the island’s village are purged out remember since of children torn to pieces by the animals from a time before Shell-ter island was founded. Any vestige of danger however slim in the normal life on the island is taken with efforts to be shaved away. They do it because that’s what they know Turtleterra would have wanted them to do.

Major action Deep sea Rexus fishing.

The other portion of the population, to young to be rickety old cripples infatuated with the progenitor and too old to be needing parenting comprise the -Stryders-, so named for the riding of rexus they had adopted. Turtle folks who lived a trial by fire, young and strong and no strangers to adventure. some of the cardholders would say, teenagerish, their old admiration of their god has shifted, their idol left them, there was no getting around that. They had mutated views much more focused on the immediate good then the return of their progenitor. The careholders has insisted widening the search for Tortoiseterra but it chafed with the newfound individualist spirits of the Stryders. A middle ground came through and Kirtlall lead a band of rexus riders further out into the sea then ever before. While there was no sign of fish plans emergerged to fish out here using the rafts as bases of operation and as stores place for any kills to attain.

Moves - Tortoiseterra walks north and beaches himself in the swamps at 26-8 in the persuit of feeling psychic energy which is practically an anchor in the spiraling nightmare he’s currently going through. With thoughts lost to the haze and without any of his aides to guide him. The tortoise leaves the the waters and beaches himself in the swamps, he Stewsand bellows in cutting regret for something he cannot remember.

I have barely constrained anticipation for how Chom & Chod play off this event I’ve just thrown on their doorstep.
Among the types of wood available to the Crab-People, one might think Silvercry wood to be prized for it's durability. And you would be wrong. For you see, it is in fact Ashwattle that sees the highest demand, as it's resistance to moisture makes it slow to rot when used as a building material in the Tidepools. But for one shrubland Crab, merely picking branches off the ground is no longer enough. The crab looks up with envious eyes at all the branches still on the tree, just out of reach, and makes an angry crab noise. He has attempted to fell trees before, but he has never succeeded. Smacking them with stones tended to result in naught but splinters and sore claws, and trying to pull them up like vegetables was completely futile. If only there was a way to strike the tree with the force of both claws at once...

He looks down at the branch in one claw, and the sharp rock in the other. Then at some springy young Brambleroot shoots not far away.

That afternoon, the first [Axe] is [Developed] by the Crab People.
As the epoch passes, a problem emerges. The Crab People spread into 21-22 and 26-24, but to the east are mountains, to the north is unforgiving *land*, and to the west is... Something. It doesn't feel hostile per-se, but nonetheless the Crab-People are reluctant to start claiming coastline in that direction, lest they provoke a response... To the south is a possibility, but an exceedingly temporary one, due to the presence of not one, but two other species hungry for living space.

In the end, Tantalus personally gathers around him a number of would-be colonists, and beckons them to follow as he takes to the waves. Following their progenitor, the crab people swim out into open water, longer and farther than any Crab-Person has swam before. But just as it seems they may have been led astray, land comes into sight.

Tantalus makes landfall on the hex of 16-25, his followers swiftly claiming both it and neighboring 15-24.
>Addendum: Osseous Dagekhet shall also be equipped with the knowledge and tools required to construct basic structures out of sandstone, gaining the Sandstone tech.
>MA/DI claim, [14,5] [16,5] [13,5] [12,7]
>MA Develop Agriculture
>sow and grow all plant types we have available
>Move: [23, 28]

Now that The Snail Brothers have sorted out the living conditions they've decided to continue on their expansion into the wetlands. Chom busies himself attuning himself with nature and aligning the island swamps with his domain, while Chod in the mean time is left to babysit The Swamplanders.

>Claim: [19,28][20,28][21,28]

Chod is not a great babysitter however, as he is still rather sore about the whole 'garden providing everything' for the Swamplanders, and believes that they could still use some toughening up. So in light of this, he decides The Minions may need some chemical assistance.

>Development: Rage Drug Tea
Chod scours the wilds harvesting mushrooms and fruits of various kinds and assists The Swamplanders in brewing a tea that when consumed, causes the being to be enveloped into a psychedelic rage trance. Chod is really only proud of the behaviors of The Swamplanders while they're drinking rage tea and stabbing paddoxes in the woods.
File: Confuzzled.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1200)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
>MA (DI) - Develop Parting Gifts
A fair-haired catgirl perched on a small rock, rough mittens pawing at a clump of snow in her hands. Flecks of dirt and rock were mixed in, and soon a rough, tiny snowman slouched in her grasp. It's unhappy face matched her own, uneven eyes already sliding down it's face. The Vrees stood quickly, raising the snowman overhead in desperate frustration, but a gentle hand clasped her wrist before she could dash it on the floor.
"You will be better. You CAN do it, and I will show you how." Regala said.
- Dude its totally just Convivial Minds.

> Create Unit - 'Vluchs' - 10 Pop
- Parting Gifts
(Can't remember if the units can move or not, but if they can send em South from Gevang'nis.

>God Unit (Move) - To the village of Gevang'nis 26,1.
>Claim [DI] [MA]: Claim Hexes (18, 9), (17, 9), (16, 10)
The Archivists continued their advance to the mountains, crossing the black deserts to do so. Currently nothing more than paper puppets, their only concern was the retrieval of stone and ores.

>Develop: Grain + Paddox + Pine Wood to develop Husbandry
Ever one to learn from others, Earis tasked some of his minions with setting up simple pine wood pens to which Paddoxes would be lured to and tamed with grains. This would save effort and time when it came to producing mist. He had other things he would rather do, but until his Archivists reached the mountains he was powerless to do so. However, any annoyance this would cause was overshadowed by the joy of more things to index.

>MI: Communicate
Along those same lines, Earis approached Americus, still visiting the Archive. "I have a proposal I would like to draw your attention to, in regards to trade. My domain includes several types of biomes and many unique resources. As stated before, I would be willing to trade these for other resources on your part. However, if you were to offer humans of yours to me to be studied and Indexed, I would be happy to trade for that as well. I am excited to understand this 'humanity' of yours, but I understand if you would rather keep your manpower for now."
>[MI] Communicate : after reaching the border of the new god south, Asmodel begin talking
“Greeting new neighbour, my name Is Asmodel and what would be yours ?”
MI: communicate
>I will not force any of my children to leave their homes, but you are welcome to come to D.C. to study humanity in there natural habitat. on the condition that no harm comes to them.
Mjr Act (Claim)
>25'7 26'8
Mjr Act [DI] (Develop Literature)
>Thomass speaks to his buff nuggets about being fit and reading to work your inner muscle. " Read book to make inner muscle strong. That way all of you is buff, fit-lit is name of exercise now try it!" He then uses his divine muscle to crush a slab of wood into a book. He then proceeds to pass out copies of it. "This is book called great gutsby. Book good you read".

Mnr Act (teach intricate stoneworks)
>Thomass gifts legend muscle the good stone stack because it will be cute see her people stack stone.
>Develop: Taming of the Tugai
Relentless in their mission, the Bloom's gardener turn themselves to the next lifeforms available : The Tugais. Using spiders treat to accommodate and feed them, the bloom quickly infect them, making them an adorable new source of teeth and companionship for the village.

>Create Unit: Beast masters
25 peeps, all with one or two Tugai accompanying them

>Move the first to 17.19
The first was eager to continue it's journey to the south-east toward that influence so similar and yet different to the one of the Bloom but as it was reaching the end of the forest ready to move forward a voice reached from the north, insistently, again and again, tirelessly, stopping at nothing, demanding to be heard.
Surprised the first approached the source of the strange voice. And what a surprise it was indeed, a being irradiating with power not unlike what could be sensed in the south!

"Good day to you Great Being Asmodel, we are the first, servant of the great Bloom. We walk the world for it can not yet do it by itself"
"Have you come to seek the Gift of the Bloom?"
"Hi. I've come to know more about this new deity that has established itself south of my lands. What is this gift you're talking about ?"
File: world4.png (1003 KB, 1453x1464)
1003 KB
1003 KB PNG
Stirring in the tropic jungles of (29, 19), a swarm of locusts begins to collect and flood over the lands, leaving famine and devastation in their wake.
Additionally, Akros is without action this epoch.

>>4415669 Novakhet
Claimed 4 hex.
The Osseous Defender unit is established, and one unit is produced.

>>4415669 Asmodel
Husbandry developed.
Claimed 3 hex.
Hidden in the blistering mountains of (16,14), obscured in snow lies, a black metal pillar engraved with runes.

>>4415854 Grindall
2 hex claimed.
As the Valbats are, over time, trained and bred, in accordance the act of riding them becomes much more consistent, safe, and effective.
Domestication developed.

>>4416066 Qazlal
Claimed 4 hex.
As the storm of bleeding clouds rolls over the lands ahead of The Bleeding Father, the island of (10, 23) ahead looks... out of the ordinary. The terrain appears to move and warp as one stares; a moving checkered plane of sorts. Chunks of the island float above its surface, taking the shape of glass pyramids and staircases that defy gravity. Crystalline figures move between positions on the checkered landscape.
Masonry developed.

>>4416203 UNNIIC
Masonry developed.
Claimed 2 hex.

>>4416482 Furnlatha
Claimed 2 hex.
The Pyrelings construct a large site of agriculture, establishing the Farm.

>>4416848 Tortoiseterra
Shellter Safety Awareness developed.
Deep Sea Fishing developed.
It appears in Tortoiseterra's haze of emotional turmoil, the venerable tortoise has mistaken the distant Buff Nuggets and their god of physique Thomass... for snails.
(Chom and Chod are 20 hex away from your current position. Thomass is white, Chom and Chod is dark green.)

>>4416857 Tantulus
You technically don't have access to any rock resoures, but Siren's Rock would do nicely, an equally logical conlcusion for your crab folk. This can be changed if you don't feel it fits.
Siren's Rock Tools developed.
Claimed 4 hex.

>>4418343 Americus
Claimed 4 hex.
Agriculture developed.

>>4418485 Chom and Chod
Claimed 3 hex.
Rage Drug Tea developed. Its bonuses seen on your character sheet will be provided upon applying the tech to a unit, or otherwise used.

>>4418502 Regala
Parting Gifts developed.
The Vluchs unit is established and one unit is produced.
Out of the 10 selected Vluchs, one particular Vree would step forward, expressing untrained proficiency in the arts destructive magic. It will be up to you to choose this Entropy Wizard's name and details.

>>4418572 Earis
Claimed 3 hex.
Husbandry developed.
>>4420076 Thomass
Claimed 2 hex.
Literature developed.
Keep in mind down the line that DI is necessary for claiming, but your literature develop is fine since your domain was not necessary for the action.

>>4420135 The Bloom
Domestication developed.
The Tugai are a stubborn and violent sort. If it weren't for the gift of the Bloom, it would have taken much more time and effort to make such progress.
Established the Beast Masters unit type and produced 1 unit.
>[MI] Novakhet continues his movement all the way up to 17, 10, where yet another strange being appeared to stand

>Novakhet continues his trek north east to and beyond the mountain gate, claiming sands of yellow and of black as he marches on setting the borders of his realm

>[MA] [DI] Claim (17, 9), (18, 10), (18, 11), (18, 12)

>[MA]Meanwhile the Dagekhet tribes begin studying the obelisk of Black Pillar, noting down it’s strange symbols and beginning to use them to refer to things, developing writing based upon the ancient script.
>[MI] Asmodel moves to 17,13
The Crab People's growth and expansion slows this epoch, as Tantalus finds a nice damp rock to take a nap under. Two [Developments] happen as he slumbers...

First thing that happens, is that a Crab Person in the eastern fringe wanders inland following a stream, and looks upon a beehive. More than once, he was watched forest creatures try to get into this hive, only to be repelled by it's defenders. A thought strikes him. And with surprisingly few painful stings, he is able to make good on his idea. Crab People develop: Beekeeping! Crab People gain access to: Honey!

Second thing that happens: In the twilight hours, as the adults dance around a fire, a pair of larva too young to partake decide to start slinging balls of mud, clay, and wet sand at each other. One stray ball misses it's mark and, to the larva's horror, sails right in the direction of the dancing adults. Fortunately, it misses, and instead lands with a wet smack right next to one of the burning logs. The very next day, one of the adults building a new fire-pit discovers the baked ball of clay, and curiously inspects it. That night, another object is left by the fire... Crab People develop: Clay Pottery!
[MA][DI] claim : (14,17), (20,13), (19,13) and (19,12)
>[MA] development : agriculture
The gorgons decided they need to grow their ouput of fruits, vegetables and grains to secure our food sources
fixed the last part
>MI: Communicate
Earis will shake his head. "No, no, I fear you misunderstand. I will need a full study and autopsy of their physical forms and its workings, inside and out, for a proper Indexing. This precludes the dead, unfortunately. While their social habits are potentially interesting, my Archivists can make little use of such knowledge. They need to make physical adaptations before mental, I have found. I will not impose, of course. I have plenty to research at present regardless. If it is not too much to ask, may I know what kind of ores you possess now that you have claimed a mountain? I would like to know how homogeneous the mineral contents are between ranges."

>Develop [MA]: Whitestone + Pine Wood + Swamp Rope to create Whitestone Tools
The Archivists, having finally completed their task, set about producing superior tools from whitestone. An increase in materials would be needed in the coming days.

>Develop [MA]: Whitestone Tools + Pine Wood + Whitestone to produce Masonry
The increased quantities of whitestone improved The Archive's situation, however Earis's pride refused to allow for the use of rough stone for the creation of his grand library. He tasked a portion of his archivists to devote themselves to work on shaping stone for construction. The first of many such specializations to come.

>Move Unit [Earis]: Earis moves to [17, 10]
Earis will move to survey his new acquisitions, joining Americus and another unknown entity on the edge of the Black Desert.
>MA/DI Claim [13,7] [14,8] [15,8] [20,7][19,6]
>Americus sensing the growing influence of a new gods claims lands that will one day serves a fertile ground for her beloved Humanity

>MA Develop Improved Animal husbandry (Domesticate as many animals in my land as possible for farm, meat, and pet use)
>Humanity has taken the lessons learned from taming and domesticating the Poddox to heart, seeing the bounty of creatures that Man can bend to his will he starts the slow task of capturing and taming the many beasts that roam inside his domain.

>MI Communicate Eris on the way to [17,10]
> Americus frowns a little at the grand Archivist words and responds with “Ah, well I am afraid that I can’t allow you to ‘index’ one of my children. All mortal life is precious to me and I do not condone what you ask.” Letting that statement linger for a moment Americus continues, “however as a goddess of life and the creator of Humanity I would be happy to detail the in’s and out’s of the human form, after all, I did craft it from the grounds up.” She ends with a smile, then speaks up once more “ Oh as for the ores in the mountains my little humans have found Oltar ore, Syrconite Ore, and Vekrahtil Ore, and of course a good amount of whitestone.

>MI communicate with sundy at [17, 10]
>Americus eyes the being in front of her with an air of Caution, his energy seems to match that of the being that has been causing some of the souls of her beloved mankind to disappear or never arrive in the afterlife. Drawing herself up to her full stature and letting her full power radiate out she speaks “I am Americus: The human Spirit, creator of humanity and the Goddess of Life, Freedom, and fertility.” Pointing her flaming torch at the skeletal form she continues “Who are you and why have I sensed your powers meddling with the souls of my beloved creations, why do you deny them there place in the Afterlife. Choose your words carefully for if I find that you have harmed or destroyed them then you will pay dearly for it”

>[MA] Develop: Animal Husbandry
>Using Domestication, Ashwattle wood, Solgrass and 'Firefox' Leotails.
Using their Firefox companions' trained abilities to corral and gather up the woolly beasts, and both the natural stretches of Solgrass and any leftover fruits and vegetables they might add to the diet to keep the creatures fed, the Pyrelings begin herding together the Biseax they are able to capture to domesticate. There is so much it seems that these fluffy, meaty, milk-heavy creatures might give!

>[Move]: Furnlatha to 28,23
>[MA] [DI] Develop: Furnlatha's Forge
>Domains: Fire, the Forge, Development
Furnlatha strides her way north, to the mountain she recently claimed. Tall and imposing, it is not the height of this mountain that interests her, but the heart. Channeling her divine essence into a willful act of creation and metamorphosis, she ignites the heart of the mountain with flame, birthing it again as a great and splendid Volcanic pyre under her personal dominion. But the flame from the mountain is merely the means, not the ends; for as the mountain is bought more beneath her domain she strides inward through new-formed passages as the stone melts and smolders around her, past rivulets of flowing metal that bubble and simmer. It is here that her heat of creation finds direction, a small age passing as inner areas of the cavern cool enough for metals to re-solidify in forms pleasing and useful for the Goddess of the forge. It is here that she shall craft, and forge, and teach those Pyrelings who come to her to learn the ways. From here, the crafting of metal will spread and flow, and her creations will fill this world with the sounds of flame and striking metal.
The helmeted deity will think for a moment, before nodding. "I believe your power over life combined with your personal knowledge of your creations would suffice. Anything less, and were we not allies, I would not have accepted. As agreed, if you will work on this project with me in the next epoch, I will grant you a gift of the resources in my domain. Since we share biomes aside from swamps and black deserts, the things I could offer you are that I feel may interest you are: Swamp Ropes, which make for good binding for tools or constructions, Wetwood, a heavy lumber filled with moisture, Tugai, large reptilian hunters, Bonerock, a brittle flakey rock, Sablewood, a brittle wood, or Black Sand, sand containing large amounts of sulfur and charcoal. Otherwise, I could owe you something later. I do not mind being in debt if it helps my research."
>Americus takes a moment to ponder then replies"Then it is agreed, the next epoc we will work on this joint endeavor. As for your offer, I am interested in this Black sand you mentioned and would accept that along with ideas for potential uses for it."
>The skeleton remains impassive, content for now to allow his irate sister to bluster at him until content, then standing properly and lighting the fires in his eye sockets

“I have for some time wondered if I might find among my siblings the one opposed to myself, it appears you indeed exist after all.”

“I am Novakhet, and I was the sun, before it was cool. Furthermore I am the god of death, and you seem to have been interfering with my domain for some time now, denying mortals their natural ends.”

“As for those who appear not in your afterlife, that is my doing, the Dagekhet are those dead before their time, granted a chance to live again”

“I would ask you drop this aggressive stance, because while I would not like to harm a sibling of mine, I will remind you that none of us are beyond death should it come to it.”
Americus looks at Novakhet the god of the sun and death her antithesis, taking a long moment, weighing the odds and risk of her next action, banishing her weapon, and taking a less aggressive but still prepared stance. Before responding "I do not fear death, Novaket, for with every death comes new life. However, we will not come to blows today. I came here with the sole intent to learn the fate of the souls of my wayward children. So tell me are you treating them well Moreover, How did they come to you, was it by choice or by force?" pausing a moment she then continues "what do you mean I have interfered with your domain if you're implying that the natural fate of mortal souls in oblivion, then I can only vehemently rebuke you. As the deities and creators of mortals with souls, we are obligated to guide and protect them. Allowing something so precious to fade into oblivion can only be described is a crime against life itself. "
>Move to 26, 20, and claim 27 22, 27 21, and 26, 22

As Grindall travels to the East, his people make yet more advancements. Though their tunneling and the primitive tools they possess have served them well so far, they desire more, and they sense that the strange, durable materials their creator spoke of, which do not crumble under their claws as the stone does, might be the means by which they can advance.

A portion of The Meer's population travels East, and as they arrive at the imposing mountains they tunnel into them, collecting nodes of the strange material wherever they find them.

>Develop Mining
>Amendment to turn, Claim 26, 20 instead of 27, 21
“You do ever so treat me poorly sister. You need not demand of me information that I will freely share with you, after I have devoted so much time to cleaning up your mess.”

“I find those who have died before their time, lead good lives cut too short by malice or happenstance, and grant them a second chance.”

“Another chance at a good life. Another chance at a good, meaningful death.”

“And yes, that is exactly what I am saying. All things die, sister, mortals are made for the express purpose of dying.”

“To be guided and enlightened about what there is to know, protected and nurtured such that they may live, for it is their purpose to live.”

“But then in the end, I walk all things into their final night, so that they may at last be complete.”

“You seem to have an issue with this arrangement?”
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop] - Oltar Smithing
>Major: [Claim] [DI] - [23,11] and [22,11]
>Unit Action/Minor Communicate: [UNNIIC] - Move 6 hexes to [17,10], to join in on the fun

A curiosity has developed. Though the Ship can identify two divine presence readings to the east, it seems a large coalescence of divine readings has formed in the south west. This would be a prime opportunity to find future passengers at once. To facilitate its original goals of making a central corridor for future flight patterns, the Ship also claims two opportune hexes to the south of its launching point.

As the Ship makes its way towards the meeting of gods on coordinates [17,10], internal operations begin. With the gathered and stored materials and masonry available, forges are made to melt down the highly malleable Oltar Ore into Oltar metal. Finally, a proper material to fashion and mass produce Servitors out of rather than simply resort to the trickling production from the god's own core.

As the three gods continue to discuss their matters, a massive object looms on the horizon. With surprising speed for something its size, the large vessel floats over the sandy dunes and approaches them directly. Massive walls of metal, glowing lights pouring from many substructures, and trailing ions emitting from its underside, the Ship has finally found others of its divine nature.
"Greetings. Do any of you require passage this evening? Beruka-class Flying Fortress, UNNIIC would be willing to assist in this manner."
"Those offering to become permanent Passengers would also be welcomed."
>allowing herself to finally adopted a neutral stance Americus responds " If my children answered your call willingly and with full knowledge of the fate that awaited them then I can't see stop you from collecting them." letting her eyes fully examine Novaket she then says, "it is true that everything eventually dies, but not before a new life is created, as you see things mortals are simply meant to exist for but the briefest of moments then be gone the next, that not even their souls should persist that all their hardships, victories, and lives should amount to nothing but oblivion. I reject that alien and repugnant idea. mortals are meant for more than to live, die, and fade into oblivion."

watching this diety? land moments after she finished speaking, Americus can't help but ask "what manner of God are you?"
“You view the scenario wrong sister.”

“You think mortals are meant for more than to be born, to enter life and begin exploring, to have bizarre and familiar experiences, to live and to make a mark on the world around them, and to at the end of their lives finally perish?”

“What could ever be more than that? You reject the beauty of a thing just because you hate that good things end. I find it ironic you value life so little that you think a full life lived well is somehow not enough, that there could be something beyond it.”

“You would force them all to endure forever, a thousand unfinished stories eternally denied closure.”

>Novakhet turns his skull towards to approaching deity, beyond surprised at what he is seeing

“I know not whatever manner of god approaches me, but it has some sort of gigantic flying apparatus of transport. Whatever lies within must be far older than myself to construct such a thing.”
>Americus turns back to Novakhet, eyes hardening at the skeletal god, you dare claim that I devalue life by seeking to preserve the soul. I have watched what happens after death to a soul with no afterlife, it crumbles and fades, decaying into nothing, a mortal soul with now place waiting for them beyond the mortal plane is damned to oblivion. I have given my children a final rest, a place that when they die having lived good lives they can ascend to. You know nothing of life and it's true value if you believe that it is the natural order for something as precious as the soul to be lost to Oblivion.
“I am afraid you are again wrong.”

“You know nothing of nature, life, or death, for you speak of how it is unnatural for souls to fade, yet that is the natural end of life.

“It is you whom had to unnaturally preserve them beyond death, because it was unnatural for one to exist eternally.”

“You care not for what is natural, for you have meddled directly in the natural course of events.”

“The fading of a soul is natural, an afterlife is unnatural. In no way is an afterlife the natural order.”

“I seek not to make an enemy of you, but I will not refrain from correcting you.”

“If you wished for your humans to never die you should have made them immortal to begin with.”
“Or shall you now lecture me on the importance of death?”
"This unit's designation is-" A jutter of static blurs out the inhuman voice, before equalizing and continuing,"-UNNIIC, a self sustaining and sentient vessel. Apologies to designation: Yellow; Ship Logs on origin and previous orders are corrupted. As such, my current purpose is to find passengers for overseeing and solidify regions for docking."

Various spotlights shine from below the Ship, hovering over each of the gods as it addresses them. At its last point it focuses several spotlights on Designation: Purple, Earis, "This unit has identified you as the source of Divine Signature holding dominion over the northern and north western regions from here, coordinates [16,10] and [17,9]. The northern black desert hold ideal strategic value as a docking point, equidistant from two others, and would allow future travel to this location. Furthermore, the north western mountain range would enable material collection for Servitor production, like docking points elsewhere also possess. This unit would like to begin Negotiations on landing and mining rights in these locations. Do you acquiesce?"
“You wish for passengers? Passengers for what purpose, I wonder out of curiosity. Do you plan to take them somewhere in particular?”
File: Earis - Confused.png (572 KB, 1000x664)
572 KB
572 KB PNG
Having quite dispassionately ignored the argument between Americus and Novakhet, more interested in hearing their differing worldviews than offering his own opinion, he'll nonetheless use this as a time to introduce himself. He'll clear his throat and throw out his arms. "Life? Death? You think too small my friend and my new acquaintance. It matters little before knowledge. Through knowledge, all may be preserved through perpetuity. This is the domain of I, Earis the Grand Archivist. My Archivists do not know life the same as your Humans and your Dagekhet, they are merely knowledge given the will to act. And they do their purpose quite well."

He, Americus, and Novaket had established certain consistencies in the nature of gods. This...device, proved an exception to that. After a moment of complete surprise, he'll shrug, looking around. "Divine Signature? Curious. My minions did pass through this location on their way to the mountains, but it appears Novakhet has retaken it for himself. I feel none of my Archivists studying in the vicinity. How very curious indeed."
“It is always grand to meet another sibling, especially one in possession of knowledge. I have discovered much that has admittedly ignited my curiosity about the world I find myself in.”

“Do you by chance know anything of the world before we awoke, or of structures that predate the gods?”
He will shake his head. "I fear I do not, when I awoke here I felt...delirious would be the best way to describe it. My mind still full, but lacking any sort of context. Imagine a book with only the table of contents, do you still know what a book is? I do not know what others who aren't so attuned to knowledge have kept, if we existed before at all. All the information is theoretically there, but it comes with no detail and is therefore impossible to know. As I find and Index resources, I hope to begin to bridge these gaps. But...but you say ancient structures? I have seen none of these. I would be extremely interested in studying such structures."
>With eyes of stone and a voice of ice, Americus speaks "You are wrong, Before we came into being mortal souls didn't exist by our creating them we brought them into existence. But that was only half the work, The Afterlife is the natural and right conclusion for a soul. We made it so when we created souls, by giving them form and consciousness made it necessary for there to be an afterlife. You look at it as if souls fading from existence is only natural and correct, but how can it be if souls are a new creation only brought about by us. the only reason a soul would fade from existence is that their creator god left the job half-finished. Let me make one thing clear to you Novakhet, if you think you have what it takes to "Correct" me then you are more than welcome to try."

sighing, attempting to calm herself from her ever-growing frustration with the Death God, Americus turns to him and says "It matter Earis, it so very much. Think of it like this, every soul is an engine of knowledge, innovation, and creativity, a spirit that can learn of and experience the world in unique and irreplicable ways. With every new life and soul comes new knowledge, new perspectives, and new idea. On death, if there is no afterlife to act as a central repository for all the knowledge and experiences that a soul has had then all that knowledge is lost forever. That is why I cannot accept the idea that oblivion is the correct and natural outcome of life."

turning once more, Americus considers this strange God, and what of you, what value do the lives and souls of your creations have on your mind? moreover, what do you plan to do with your passengers?
"This vessel's fundamental purpose is to carry Passengers. Passengers are currently lacking, and as such this vessel is lacking. Temporary Passengers would be taken to the location they designate. Permanent Passengers would be preserved for survival of reality."

"Intact records indicate that the original world was limited in both spacial and temporal capacities. Recent observations also indicate that this world is not the same one this unit originates from. These records and observations together have resulted in the prediction that this world will one day end as well. As such, until proper orders are received, this units' overarching goal is to acquire and preserve Passengers for the trip to beyond the end of reality."

In response to the debate of life and death, the Ship responds with: "Records and observations indicate that species not made into Passengers, and instead left to their own devices, expire within short order. Those under inept vessels, last only slightly longer."

Addressing Earis, "Correction, designation: Earis, Grand Archivist. Retaken would indicate that the region was originally in his possession. This current situation, however, changes the nature of our dealings. Permission to land is no longer required from you, however, permission to extract material from the neighboring mountain is still requested."

With that, the spotlights redirect and focus on NovaKhet,"In light of newly acquired data, permission for permanent docking rights in the region directly north of here is requested."
He will chuckle, pulling an empty book from his pocket to illustrate his point. "You misunderstand me Americus. I do not consign my children to oblivion, far from it. I merely do not value the individual spirit, only when compared and put alongside others does it have any merit in my eyes. Whereas you have created a repository of the individual soul, I have created a repository of the collective soul in the physical realm. My Archive is the key to overcoming this oblivion. Have you ever thought why I chose to manifest my Archivists as paper instead of flesh like your humans? Because as they grow, and study, and Index, they will write the experiences of the world on themselves, to be stored on my shelves when they have filled themselves.

He will tap his chin. This machine diety spoke of an end time, an Armageddon. He found such a possibility unlikely as he still existed. However, not concerned with debating UNNIIC on this at present, he'll address the offer of trade instead. "An arrangement I will consider. Perhaps not immediately, as I still have need of all of the stone from that mountain range and have no method by which to trade it to you yet. But, when such a time comes, I will trade such for an equal number of resources from you, or access to your creations to Index."
“Interesting, perhaps I can show you later, but I am without any doubt that intelligent things existed before us, clues lie endless. Symbols exist etched upon black rock pillars, crystals of life sit in fields of salt, and a creature of sorts able to drive a deity as powerful as you or I into complete madness apparently lurks.”

“You forget the entire world sister, and us. Things existed before you came to, and they live their lives and then pass onwards. We exist, perhaps we were even created, UNNIC was definitely created and claims so itself, and yet no afterlife exists for us as far as I can perceive.”

“A soul must eventually pass on. You do not need to be happy about this, merely accept it. An eternity of existing is torture for anything, because everything that lives is designed to end.”

“You designed your creations to end, and end, and end quite often actually. They may enjoy their twilight reverie in whatever realm you have sequestered off for them, but I merely ask that you let them die properly once they are finished with their afterlife.”

“Once you... reach beyond the end of reality, what do you do then? What is the end goal of this?”

“Elaborate on what you mean by docking rights. I do not care all too much if you occasionally land there, however I would prefer you not bring your own minions to the black desert land without telling me specifically why.”
Taking in this information as best she can Americus asks the first questions that come to mind " If you lack for passengers then why don't you create morals of your own to act such, also how do you preserve them for the survival of reality, and if you are from another reality how did you end up here?"

turning to Earis with a soft look of contemplation "hm, you have an interesting perspective Earis, I will give you that though to me it seems to lack a certain humanity to it. thought if you are right then I will back you from now to the end of time. It is clear to me now that it is our duty as gods to overcome Oblivion and this cycle that Novakhet speaks of."

At Sundying's words, Americus turns to him once more with a face of stone and eyes of fire "I can see that we are fundamentally opposed in our viewpoints of what should come after death. I reject everything that you claim and rebuke the idea that it is the natural order of things, for all life to fade into oblivion. If we truly are in a cycle of gods and mortals that come and go, have you not considered that maybe we are in the cycle because those that came before us failed to break end it. To overcome the nothingness that claimed them as a result of there failure to overwhelm oblivion." She shakes her head as if something critical had just made it clear to her then continues with a light chuckle " You know I am glad I meet you here on this day, it has helped me to find and understand why I and my children are here. We will overcome Oblivion and we will overcome this cycle." she pauses and calms herself as she feels the urge to undo this anathema of life "As to your request, I am no tyrant should my children wish to fade into oblivion than that it is there choice to do so I will not stop them. But I have a warning for you, Novakhet the sundying, should you try to stand in my way, you will find I can do more than just create life."
“We are different if you wish us to be, and the same if not sister.”
“Life is death in slow motion, and death was life just yesterday. Meaning granted because life lets it live, and meaning granted because death lets it die.”

“Life that lasts too long loses meaning to the unstoppable march of monotony, life that ends too soon is incomplete, wasted and tragic.”

“I strike the balance. I grant second chances and curate meaning in the chaotic mess of unfinished lives I find my siblings have made.”

“But there is no meaning in eternity dear sister. I do not hate you, or your afterlife, on the contrary I feel such an idea could be good with some rather striking modification, what I dislike is your reasoning.”

“You did not make it so that people could be content and eventually then pass on into the void because they were ready to end their story, you made it so that all would be preserved forever. You believe that to be a blessing, when merely recommending it is a curse and a poison to the mind.”

“If you wish to hate me for this, or make me an enemy, or make threats of violence, I will indulge your anger because you are my sister, I find family important.”

“But know that I will never think of you as my enemy, no matter how misguided or aggressive you act, because I do not believe you truly mean ill.”
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress
"We could perform our own extraction operation within the mountains, so as not to deplete your own stores. Future trade is also a distinct possibility. We currently possess stores of Oltar, Syrconite, and Vekrahtil ores, white stone, processed Oltar metal, and a smattering of grassland flora and fauna material. Future materials are likely to flood in as new regions are explored. As well as processed goods by other races."
"Donations of Servitors for archival purposes would be allowed, for proper reimbursement for the loss of productivity."

"To preserve the passengers"
"Docking rights would entail this Ship's ability to enter this region, and land for extended periods of time." (Read, enter this hex and spend potentially a few turns here) "Possible activities might include extraction of local resources, interaction with natives, and loading and unloading of cargo, temporary passengers, and trade goods."
With the mention of minions, several hatches open up and reveal several Servitors from the hull of the Ship. "Docking rights for this vessel would also entail the presence of Servitors, as they reside and operate within this Ship."

The Ship's responses are often short and clipped. Whether due to its nature, or its lack of understanding how to properly interface with organics, is unknown.
"Servitors are produced as part of this Ship to act as crew. Passengers are not crew. Passengers are to be brought onto the Ship from an outside source and deposited elsewhere."
"Preservation would have to take form outside of the bounds of reality, though access to such locations is bared at current capabilities. Preserving the species takes priority over the preservation of an individual, though that is a priority rather than a limitation."
"Ship Black Box is blank, and records do not specify exact method or occurrence of landing in this new world."
“If you promise to not take any Dagekhet as passengers nor harm them then I see no cause for objection, this could be of benefit to us both, I suppose.”

>Novakhet signs internally at the ships response, wondering if it was actually intelligent, or purely enacting whatever orders it was granted before

“UNNIIC, is there anything you can tell me about who gave you your orders, who created you?”

Major action: [DI] Claim [24-9, 25-9 27-10] + Movements: Tortoiseterra has a workout montage in the swamp of those buff nuggets. He watches the lifestyles of them and repeatedly raises and lowers himself in a "push up". (perhaps it wasn't the only thing he did while in the company of the Nuggetfolk *WINK-WINK*

Tortoiseterra lifts himself out from the mud and with tears of joy thanks the wise snails of the north for everything they did to help him. Tortoiseterra with a stronger set of legs makes inland strides and seeks to relive the days in which he traveled the land as well as the sea...until he forgets and just stants aimlessly gawking at the scenery. Tortoiseterra walks west, he feels the brushing of trees under his legs like long dead memories of grass underfoot. On the horizon Tortoiseterra spots a mountain from which he wishes to survey the world now opened up to him by getting his feet working again.

The walk up is a long and arduous one but he does as much and lays a state opon the peak for all to know...especily himself. From atop the world Tortoiseterra sees a fascinating machine floating above the swamps. >>4420579
Before he can move to greet it the call of parental responsibility catches up with him in a literal sense. Kirtlall's newest search party makes landfall at 25-9. They see their great fatheron the horrizon's mounain from afair and called out to him. In a moment of taking responibility. Tortoiseterra forgoes the draw of exploring the swamps with the wonderouse flying machine and insteads walks down the mountain to greet his children claiming 25-9 in the process. Actually no wait, its snails again.

>Major action: Create a farm for sea life out of Shell-ter island's interior lake.

In a move to extend the culture of safety endemic to the islanders an elder makes a proposition from which both sides of the metaphorical isle find justification in. ake actions to extend the safety mantra to the beloved Rexus ridden by the Stryders. No longer will lives need to be risked to extract things on the hunt.
>MA+DI Claim 26,2 / 26,3 / 26,4
From the village of Gevang'nis, Regala sends the gentle ringing of bells and flickering coloured lights swirling southwards, stretching to the edge of the Pine Forest.

>MA Develop Farming (Agriculture)
Barlow serves as the semi-staple food surface of the Vrees right now, so they begin to try weeding away any competitors for the meager soil, hopefully allowing them to spread and flourish. When the catgirls further south repeat the process with other small plants, the idea begins to take hold!

>Regalas Unit Move - from 26,1 to 27,0, then follow the 0 coastline and hope the channel, stopping on the island. (32,0).
The winds up here are cold and biting, so Regala vows she will spare the Vrees the torture of traversing this land and resolves to explore it herself. When the hint of land across a shallow stretch of water beckons, she eagerly allows the winter weather to carry her across. Her metal boots sink into the ice and snow of this disappointingly small island, so Regala resolves to return to the mainland.

Vluchs(26,1) - Unit move south as far as possible (26,4). According to the mighty Regala, another divine being can be found further on, and she has ordered that this paltry 10 go and pay him or her a visit.
>The sheer arrogance of Novakhet's statements, his self-assured attitude, finally push Americus to her limit. Her face shifts from stone and fire, to cold contempt and disgust. "You are no kin of mine. You're a self-righteous fool, whose view on what comes after death would condemn countless mortal souls to oblivion. Safe in the knowledge that you are maintaining the "balance", without ever considering that you are the one that might be wrong. I have nothing more to say to an abomination, such as yourself"

Americus then moves toward UNNIIC, pointedly turning her back on Novakhet, she say's "Then what will you do once you have preserved the species if you have no way to contact your creators and have no other instructions?"
><MOVE: GOD> [10,23]
From the darkened and depressing jungles rises the giant moth once more. It wings over the ocean and alights upon a strange land, isolated from all other shores of this world.
>You approach the ever moving island, as its form shifts and alters with ever flutter of your wings. Even the crystalline shapes' reflections in the surrounding ocean do not match the appearance of the island.
>Landing on its shore, the checkered ground transforms in color surrounding the point of impact, quickly cycling in a rainbow until dissipating into the same black and whites.
> The contents of the island appear to be barred within some sort of reflective hexagonal wall, a door to which lies before the bleeding moth. An ordinary lock seals this gateway shut, albeit nothing a god's strength couldn't shatter.
>The gravelly voice in Qazlal's mind croaks:
...This place... We've been here before...
><INTERACT: GOD> [10,23]
The form of the moth shifts and warps, molding itself again to the familiar shape of the Bleeding Father. Struggling to see through a perpetual stinging red haze, he fails to see the beauty of the ground beneath his feet as they carry him toward the sealed portal. In a past life this lock holding the door closed would have amused the moth shortly before the material of it would have been willed to dis-integrate from itself and become as sand simply to the end of making a point; this new, broken god heeded it as a symbol intended by whosoever placed it to convey the message that entry was not permitted to random passers-by.

"Would you wish entry into these grounds?" asked Qazlal to no one in particular.
>Move: [21,28]
>Claim: [16,28][17,28][25,28]

>Develop: Kholimoth Domestication
As Chod and Chom swap places for the next few years, Chom returns to find the people getting high on teas and practicing rampant animal sacrifice in the names of The Gods. He cringes slightly at the sight. Despite knowing that Chod would be ever displeased with The Swamplanders becoming acquainted with pretty little moths, Chom orchestrates the people of The Many Fruits into taming Kholimoths as so they can harvest the silk from their larvae and don themselves in finer wear, rather than the naked skins they normally wear instead.
>A reflection of Qazlal stares back from the sealed gateway, as he hears the voice almost as if it were coming from himself.
...Yes. Open the gate...
><INTERACT: GOD> [10,23]
Qazlal reaches for his reflection and places his hand upon the reflective surface of the door, and willed it to turn to dust upon the ocean winds.
File: surreal.jpg (105 KB, 888x484)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>The lock turns to sand, as the pearly gates swing open as a sudden gust bursts forth. The sight before Qazlal is one little could understand, as the walkable path ahead appears to crawl across ever-spanning walls of rotating color. The crystalline structures float and interconnect in strange ways, as Qazlal's eyes are drawn to a honey topaz pyramid that floats among the rest of the peculiar structures. It emits a soft chime, ringing a deeply hidden and strange familiarity within the moth.
>It quickly becomes evident that this place is simultaneously older and younger than everything else in this world. You feel as though you have stepped into somewhere beyond time and space. Somewhere old and familiar, somewhere you could feel safe and happy. Somewhere that doesn't exist anymore, that you feel convinced as though your eyes are only tricking you into believing is here. As indecipherable emotions and thoughts would continue to flood through, all is cut off by a soft and unwavering voice that echoes through these crystalline halls.
I haven't had any visitors for some time. I made some new things if you were interested.
><INTERACT: GOD> [10,23]/???
Despite the difficulty that Qazlal had in seeing, the sights that he could discern of his Surreal surroundings were breathtaking and confusing all at once. The voice that came with them was equally perplexing, all the words said with the same voice but seeming to come from a different direction with every syllable! The pained god looked around in confusion, but saw no one evident source of this dialogue so he simply addressed the room at large, forcing the pain in his voice to settle.

"If I may ask," He said, blinking away his sanguine tears. "What place is this that the entrance is secured, yet a trespasser is welcomed?"
(Phone posting so I'm gonna lose my text formatting here. Apologies for the lack of depth this post, will continue tomorrow!)

>The entrancing, echoing voice would not hesitate in reply:
"A trespasser is one who is unwelcome. I do not consider you unwelcome, thus you are a visitor. If my door was truly secured, you would not find yourself here, yes?"
>The disembodied voice would pause, as if it's attention was directed on something else, for a moment. Some large chess pieces, which Qazlal could identify as little more than crystalline figures, slide across the checkered surfaces and rotate towards the bleeding moth. The stains of blood that trail his entrance are stark and bold; the only thing static in shape and color.
"If you think yourself unwelcome, perhaps you are not my visitor, but instead hers. Should you wish to seek her out, you may walk up."
><INTERACT: GOD> [10,23]/???
Hers? There's two of them now? This domain is already beyond comprehension with just one voice, Qazlal thinks to himself.

"I know not the woman you speak of, nor do I know who I speak with," he speaks aloud to the room again, electing to stay near the doorway leading to freedom from this madness. "All I know is that I am drawn to this place by a sense of familiarity, though I know I've never seen it before!"
"You worry too much, my guest. That which is foreign and familiar are one and the same. You, I, and all else are a part of the same whole. Who I am is insignificant. I have no name, for my creations are my identity: Who I am is what you see before you. I do not know her, nor have I ever, but that is never question I have pondered. She is a visitor, much like yourself."
>The voice, much like this place, was ever moving. A jumble of words and syllables from all directions, an ever changing volume and pitch. The only thing Qazlal could attach himself to as to not lose focus was its consistently calm and baritone voice.
Ah fuck. I should have been marking my "god" unit" as a "daemon" unit this whole time.
><INTERACT: DAEMON> [10,23]/???
Qazlal knew had more important things to do, and yet... This place still beckoned him as the dream beckons the sleeper. He had time... Perhaps a dream could be afforded?

"If I may, I wish to meet her and to see your new creations."
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress
"Your conditions are agreeable. Your cooperation is appreciated. Unfortunately, this unit must answer Negative on the latter question."
"Continuous improvement of the quality of life of the Passengers is always an ongoing process. Your concern however, is noted. Acquisition of a hobby might prove pertinent while observational scouts pry the edges of space-time for future instruction."
>The voice did not continue on, knowing all that needed to be said already had been. The crystalline chess pieces that peered towards Qazlal would begin to drift across the checkered tiles, sliding onto stairs that ascended from the floor to the walls, as they climbed the seemingly endless tower of reflective glass walls. Now perceivable past a glimmer of light, gingerly floats a massive stone temple at the other end of the tunnel above the moth daemon.
The daemon would take the opening path to be an invitation to continue further into the Surreal landscape, and would carry himself toward the hovering structure. He had little power to admire the scenery as he passed it by, and his trail was marked clearly with rusty footprints and drops of maroon upon the ever-shifting colors of the floor.
>The closer Qazlal draws towards the stone structure, the more heavy he feels a presence of something equally divine and dreadful. Approaching the temple, a large inscription can be seen on its pediment of a web. Two sealed doors of stone slate lie in the center of its face, hugged by a pair of decorated stone columns. Its door looks as though it hasn't been opened for a very long time, yet the temple itself looks like its made of freshly cut stone. The crystalline figures do not follow Qazlal any further towards this temple. It feels as though all of the spinning pyramids and warping shapes of quartz and gemstone are staring down on him, waiting for his next move.
"...I recognize this place vividly. I once lived here for an uncountable amount of years."
"Perhaps instead of waiting for orders that might never come given your creators are by your own admission gone you could give yourself new ones or let an assembly of your passengers decide those instructions? After all if they came to you willingly then surely it means they are as invested in your success as you are."

Turning to Earis with eyes of passion and fire she asks to speak with him a little away from the other gathered gods. then begins to speak in a hushed tone "I can't let the 'thing' that calls itself the god of death have domain over any souls, I have been for a while planning on trying to create a universal afterlife, similar to what I have for humanity but for all the souls that are without one." she looks over at the bone fiend frowns then back to Earis " I regret even bringing it up to him as I fear I have given him the same idea. which is why I need your help to beat him to the punch to create it before he can, please Earis I can't idle as the fate of all mortal souls are in peril, please help me with this" You see the strong facade of determination crack slightly with self-doubt and fear
Earis will listen intently to his ally's plea, then place a comforting hand on her shoulder. "As your ally, you shall have the help of my spiritual might on this, on one condition." He'll pause to allow her to prep her list of offers, before interrupting her before she could begin as his voice takes a scolding tone. "Tell me, how is it you mean to build an effective afterlife behind the back of the god of death? If you have found a way I would be fascinated to learn it. I know you have your own, yes, but that is because you are well in tune with the souls of your humans. To do so for others will require a skilled hand with life, and a skilled hand with death. My domain is knowledge, yes, but this should be simple to understand for you as well. To turn this into a race for power is folly. It will only lead to yet more bickering between the two of you, and solve little. I do not look forward to the next several epochs of you two attempting to wrestle control of it from each other, something I will have to waste my efforts on as well for the sake of our alliance instead of doing the Indexing I'd rather be."
>Novakhet sighs, wiping the sunlit glow from his eyes as he listens to the goddess of life beg for aid, merely taking the opportunity to pick up a handful of black sand and let it fall through his fingers

>She fears his power, clearly, for his words had been clearly right, of all the siblings met so far this introduction has to be the worst.
>For oblivion’s sake he had a better meeting with the bleeding summer moth, at least there was no risk there of having a brother and sister align against him

>The skeleton god immolated the sand in his hand with a blast of wild light, continuing on his pondering as he turned back to observe Earis and Americus
Americus's face runs a gambit of emotion, shock, anger, doubt, then finally guilt, as much as her pride and temper tell her she is right, Earis's words prove infallible. she looks to the side and frowns brow furrowing. she thinks 'How could I have acted so foolishly. letting my pride and temper overtake me like that, in my hast to save souls I would have only endangered them more.' turning back to face Earis, Americus says " I..." she inhales then exhales letting her raw emotion go as best she can. "Your right, more harm than good would come from a war between him and I and an afterlife created by both of us would be best for mortal souls. As despite his insufferable personality, he is right about life has to end and the need for balance. But how am I meant to work with him when he believes that all souls must one day fade. Is not the mortal life but a journey to grow and learn to become the best version of ones yourself? I came into this world knowing that to be true, I can feel the rightness of that fact in the very core of my being, but what he says flies in the face of that. As a mortal what would the point be if, in the end, your God left your soul your very being to crumble into nothing." she pauses to temper herself again" I can't accept that I won't allow that fate to be forced onto mortals. They deserve so much more than. Is it not wrong to force that fate on to them?" she finishes, her face betraying the maelstrom of thought that raging within

Americus is to distract to realize Sundy is listening
"Then I suppose I should congratulate you for your return home," The moth daemon mutters to himself. "However, if that is the case..." He turns around and starts back for the door from whence he came. "Then I forsee a conversation that shall continue for much longer than we have time for."
File: we got rocks, yo.jpg (115 KB, 1683x1002)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
First contact with another civilization was exciting indeed, so much so that the Akreties spent an inordinate amount of time fascinated over the very concept, accomplishing astonishingly little in the time after. Akros saw fit to let them enjoy themselves, but a species-wide beating with his staff after they took it too far returned the insect-like species' focus back.

>Minor Action, Movement: Prematurely ending his conversation with his fellow Goddess, Akros simply steps away, moving to the eastern border of his territory to oversee it's expansion.
>Akros moves to [21, 14]
>Major Action, Divine Influence, [Terraform]: Setting forth once more, eager to begin growing their territory (playground), the Akreties are pleasantly surprised to find more and more forests to their east, the environment by now familiar to them, seeing as it was the predominant state of their origin point, though the shrublands to the south-east are swiftly being understood as well as the wooded areas too.
>[22, 14], [22,15], [23, 14], [23, 15], [24, 15] are claimed after Minor Action.
>Major Action, Development [Basic Tools]: Until now, the Akreties have been sustaining themselves off of fruit, vegetables and berries foraged from the wild along with the occasional scavenged carcass, with building materials taken wherever they can be easily found, ultimately wasting plentiful resources and only making it until now due to their unique constitution. Akros, evidently annoyed at the fact that his mentally-deficient minions didn't think of making such a thing by themselves, goes about "inspiring" the creation of several basic tools, such as axes, spears and rudimentary pickaxes, among others, using their previous experience in the creation of cloaks as the basis for the practice of tying together whitestone with silvercry wood, the most durable of it's kind able to be accessed by the Akreties.
>Major Action, Development [Musical Instruments]: Still on a 'high' from their acquisition of tools and the new opportunities granted due to said tools, the Akreties eagerly set about making use of their environment and resources to a greater degree. The first of said resources include left-over wood from several trees that were chopped down, as well as the non-meat remnants from hunted animals. Surprisingly, it takes little to no prompting from Akros before they get some use out of them, discovering that banging sticks of certain weight against each other provides a pleasant sound if continued over a consistent beat. The resulting 'music' becomes far mor pleasant when one combines these 'clapsticks' with rudimentary, basic flutes carved primarily out of Biseax bones. Unsurprisingly, the new cultural development quickly becomes a sensation.
>Major Action, Development [Leather]: Having solved the issue of bones, all that's left from the Akreties' prey are their hides, the use of which perplex the species even further. Akros merely looks on in interest as his favored species haphazardly throws the wet, bloody furs on themselves, the ground, and their buildings with little to no concern for anything inbetween. Still, taking up his role as a teacher again, he undergoes the arduous process of teaching the bugs to actually tan the materials into more functional, more useable leather. In little to no time, it's used to cover huts, provide further warmth, and function as ruidimentary rugs despite the fact that the Akreties' exoskeleton protects their feet just fine from the ground.
>The gravely voice pauses momentarily to process its vessel's thoughts.
"I concur. We mustn't allow hunger to take will over our plans. You will return us to this place when time is on our side.
>The temple continues to float tantalizingly before the blood stained daemon. Perhaps another day.
Mgr Act [DI] (claim)
> 25'5 26'5
Mgr Act (develop) stone furnace
>Thomass decides to make sweet furnace for cook protein and melt metal. He uses his cutest stone stacking and clay scooped up from the dirt to make the masterpiece. Thomass happy, real happy.
As the Bloody Father approaches the door, he addresses the room at large once more. "I apologize for my sudden departure, but it has become apparent that the conversation to be had here is much longer than I have time for. I hope to return soon."

With that said, he steps outside and takes wing to the sky.

><CLAIM [MA] [DI]> [11,25], [12,25], [13,25], [15,25]
This island to the south seemed quite ideal for His purposes. It was isolated, defensable, and had a decent amount of room to work with. The only sour note to this chord was the population of clawed beasts on one shore of the island, but that could in fact be a blue note.
He would start with the mountains this time; these ranges would not turn on him.

><DEVELOPMENT [MA]> Stone tools
The Dukhali tired of using their hands and weapons to manipulate the world around them. They wished for something less painful and more reliable. With some work, they managed to attach some harder rocks to sticks to utilize their hardness and edges without exposing their hands directly to the kinetic abuse of beating things against other things.

>MA-DI [Claim]
17.17 ; 17.18 ; 18.18 ; 18.19 ; 18.20

>Develop - agriculture
Now that the Tugais running around Myxoma had been tamed, the gardeners turn to the next target of their unending crusade: The plants and jungle itself.
They were all living, and the ones in the village took well to the Gift, it was encouraging and so all others plants in the jungle would have to be treated in the same way. With a focus on the ones producing food, the Gift is spread, the plants collected, moved and changed. The gifted ones start to become more fleshy, even able to move a little somewhat, some gardeners start to thinks they may even have some level of consciousness as they seem to make it easier for their fruits to be collected.

>Move - The first to 17.17
The strange divine being that greeted them vanished like a shadow but they did not take the gift with them, the first decide to follow them until a lagoon stop them.

>Move Beast masters - 17.22
The first unit of beast masters go south along the coast, searching for new species to tame and gift.
"Shadow being are you still listening? I can feel you beyond the waters...You did not take the gift with you either..."
>mountains cost double to terraform
Fug. Let's just go with [12,25] and [13,25]
Earis will glance back at Novakhet, then to Americus. "It is a matter of semantics that be can discussed, civilly. Perhaps a compromise? You are a goddess of freedom, yes? Would it be suitable to you then for souls to choose to move on into nothingness if they so wish? Then it would not be abandonment on your part in the slightest, and he can sate his appetite for entropy." He'll chuckle. "But, I am not the best judge of this I fear. Knowledge from those souls is the most immediately interesting thing for me out of this endeavor."
File: world5.png (1.21 MB, 1575x1581)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Added minor action for sharing tech.
Updated the rules to include details on what resources come from what terrain.

Swathes of locusts sprout from now-desolate grounds, as millions of eggs hatch to release millions more ravenous insects. The swarms continue with the wind, around the mountains bend to seek out more fertile vegetation.

>>4420320 Novakhet
Claimed 4 hex.
Literature developed.

>>4420372 Asmodel
Claimed 4 hex.
On either stretch of Asmodel's new territory, new obelisks are uncovered. One is located in the dense jungles of (14, 17), and the other in the savannas of (19, 12). They appear to have identical yet unreadable symbols inscribed on their sides.
Agriculture developed.

>>4420360 Tantulus
Beekeeping developed.
Pottery developed.

>>4420378 Earis
Whitestone Tools developed.
Masonry developed.

>>4420428 Americus
Claimed 5 hex.
Domestication I developed.

>>4420442 Furnlatha
Husbandry developed.
Furnlatha's Forge established, and thus developing Metallurgy.

>>4420540 Grindall
Claimed 3 hex.
As Grindall arrives in the shrublands of (26, 20), he is welcomed by an enormous swarm of buzzing locusts who ferociously tear through the graying landscape.
In the center of this hastily decaying landscape, Grindall spots a spire of deep olive metal, about 10 feet in height. It has strange runes down its faces. An identical obelisk is spotted by the Svirgrindall just south of here at the mountains of (27,22).
With the Svirgrindall's natural aptitude for tunneling, they begin to more systematically seek out and collect the ore deeper within the ground.
Mining developed.

>>4420579 UNNIIC
With the development of masonry the Servitors could produce a contained fire, a forge, suitable enough to melt down Oltar.
Metallurgy developed.
Claimed 2 hex.
A familiar sight lies in the deciduous valleys of (23, 11), as UNNNIC spots yet another oltar obelisk.

>>4421642 Tortoiseterra
Your terraforming is 3, and mountain hex cost 2 to claim, so you will miss out on claiming (27, 10), selected by order of listed.
In the future please let me know which hex you'd like to move to specifically, but from what I'm picking up I'll put you in the mountain of (24, 9).
a Hatchery for sea life is established.

>>4421843 Regala
Claimed 3 hex.
Agriculture developed. In these tundra wastes it appears little more than Barlow will grow, it but certainly takes nicely to the cold. Further south, vegetables find success, but more warm terrain may be necessary to yield the others consistently.
File: techtree.png (3.23 MB, 5207x837)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
>>4422448 Chom and Chod
Claimed 3 hex.
Located at the now-swamps of (17,28), Chod would spot a peculiar spire of oltar metal covered in sigils. Although the structure is a mere 10 feet in height, it towers over him greatly.
Domestication I developed. The Kholimoths are simple and dull, but they enjoy the thriving flora of The Garden of Many Fruits.

>>4424662 Akros
Claimed 5 hex.
Whitestone Tools developed.
Musical Instruments developed.
Leather developed.

>>4424738 Thomass
Claimed 2 hex.
Cooking developed.

>>4424748 Qazlal
Claimed 2 hex.
Whitestone Tools developed.

>>4424751 The Bloom
Claimed 5 hex.
Agriculture developed.
>[MA] Develop : Pottery
The gorgons have known this strange mud near water bodies for a long and experimented with it and it's properties after it dries. They begin creating crafts with it to decorate their homes.
>[MA] Develop : Settlement on (14,17)
After a few epochs it's starting to get a little tight in their sole village and they decide it's time to build a new one.
>Move Asmodel to 17,10
The Crab People in 17:22 are initially alarmed by the strange-looking newcomers in their midst, but as time passes and the Beast Masters fail to do anything threatening or hurtful, the Crab People shrug their carapaces and go back to doing Crab People things. Meanwhile, Tantalus wakes up from his nap, and moves south to the open sea between 14:26 and 14:28.

[Terraform] His minions follow, establishing tidepools on the hexes of 14:25, 14:26, 14:28 and 13:26. In the forests and grasslands, they quickly locate and establish new collections of beehives, that they may get their claws on more delicious honey.

[Develop] And as the Crab People continue gathering honey in clay pots, it is perhaps inevitable that one or more should stash these posts somewhere and then forget about them, leaving the honey out longer than it should be, causing it to ferment. Between the altered taste and the after-effects they initially have little love for this creation... But then a freshly molted adult dares a peer to drink the spoilt honey-water to prove himself, and it slowly but surely worms it's way into their culture. Alcohol Developed!
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress
>>4424789 >>4424233 >>4424160
The Ship had settled along the ground for some time, serivtors slowly leading in and out of the mighty vessel and off into the neighboring mountain for resources. It had spent this time contemplating, and weighing the options and outcomes of each of the other three gods here as they continue their age-long debate of life and death. Finally, the Ship voiced itself once more.

"This Unit does not have particular concern for the souls of an individual after termination. Machinery inherently do not posses such features, and it is not within my domain to argue in favor of one or the other. Instead, my concerns are limited solely to the material and condition of life as it exists now."
Highlighting all three other gods in spotlights, "To that extent, I find that a rivalry or outright war between the forces of death and life over who can claim dominion over the realm of the dead to be in detriment to the living. Both of their own people, and the people of the Archivist, who would be caught in the middle of the conflict. To this, I propose an alternative solution, in light with designation Earis' opinion. A mutual collaboration of Novakhet and Americus in the creation of a universal afterlife, and continued mutual respect and cooperation for the immediate future."
"To facilitate this, this Unit proposes an exchange of knowledge and information between all 4 parties present, to solidify cooperative behavior and ensure mutual prosperity for our own Passengers and peoples. I offer the knowledge of metallurgy, as I believe I am the only one of the four to possess it currently. Similarly unique and unknown technologies from the other parties would be desired in return for such knowledge."

>Major: [Develop] - Self Forging Servitors - Servitors are now able to smelt new servitors out of available ore.
>Major: [Create Unit] "Automated Guardian Drones" - Equipped with Oltar Chassis and Stone Tools, 20 pop.
>Minor: [Share Tech] - Metallurgy (and masonry if required) to the three gods if they accept mutual trade and reduce hostilities.

As the gods themselves continue to discuss wider-reaching policy and outcomes for the world at large, the Servitors work long into the night inside the belly of the vessel. Forges are assembled, and the Oltar ore that has been sitting in storage and is actively being mined from the mountains finally has a use. It is melted down and used by the existing Servitors to manufacture new shells and bodies. New frames and limbs, new armor plating and articulation devices. Finally, the Servitors are no longer dependent on the slow trickle of divinely core-forged partials, and can now manufacture partials at an accelerated rate.

And with Partial production now underway, the creation of dedicated specialist units can now commence. Automated Guardian Drones will serve as a useful defence of the vessel should it's attention be drawn elsewhere.
Rolled 7, 5, 3 = 15 (3d10)

At last, the looming threat has reared it's head. They're many in number, but ultimately they are simply wheat before the scythe that is his godly might. Digging his claws into the earth, and using just a tiny spark of his godly might to make sure that which he grasps stays cohesive, Grindall hefts a massive pillar of stone and earth, dwarfing even the vast swarms of locusts before him, and begins to swing about him at the uppity insects.

>Grindall attacks the Locust.

In the West, unaware of the battle their god engages in, the Svirgrindall develop further. Though the Whitestone the mountains are made up of is not near as hard as the metals they have just begun to dig up, it is by far the more numerous and, at least for the time being, far more malleable under the pressure of their claws. They begin to mold it into convenient shapes, furnishing their homes with Whitestone furniture and using great pillars of it to support ever larger chambers and tunnels in The Meer.

>The Svirgrindall Develop Masonry
Akros finally takes his chance to sit back and relax, idly reading the (to his minions) nigh-incomprehensible text on his scroll, serenaded by the (admittedly terrible, they haven't had much time to practice) sound of clapsticks and flutes. Really, guiding an entire race of dumb toddlers is hard work, even if it ought to pay off later. Sighing silently, he settles in for a pleasant night, only to be interrupted by loud screeches and hisses alerting him to the fact that one of the Akreties had fallen into a river while trying to spear-fish and gotten carried away with the current to the east. Sighing once more, silently but intensely, the God rises and sets off.

>Major Action, Divine Influence [Terraform]: Lazily trudging through the tranquil forests along with a search party comprised of the most experienced travellers, Akros casually plays the flute to pass the time, highly benefiting from the fact the instrument doesn't actually require him to make noise. He's not exactly perfect, but to his inexperienced minions, he is truly divine when it comes to skill. Akros, for his part, enjoys the attention. Irregardless, this is how the group passes the days as they travel and search, unknowingly marking the earth behind them, leaving it to change ever so slightly to suit their purposes in their wake.
>[24, 14], [25, 14], [25, 15], [26, 15] and [25, 13] are terraformed.
>Major Action, Development [Nets]: Akros nearly batters the lost man over the head hard enough to crack his shell after finally finding him, leisurely resting on the beach while waiting to be saved, but relents after seeing that his carapace was, in fact, already slightly cracked after a high speed collision with an underwater rock. After a stern talking to and a few more smacks, he joins the party, and they all return to Home. There, Akros ensures that this situation is avoided forevermore by teaching the Akreties how to tie together swamp rope into wide, interconnected nets for easier fishing. The one with the cracked shell is made personally responsible for ensuring the teachings of the net go far and wide, earning himself the name Sand, after the motes of sand that occasionally fall from the recesses of his exoskeleton whenever he moves to quickly.
>Minor Action, Movement: Having sorted that ordeal out and having granted the first true name of the entire species to possibly it's least deserving member, Akros can't help but fall into a minor fit of excitement himself, having already reached a coast and gotten in contact with a western neighbour, it leaves him curious as to what other possible sights there are in this world. Having seen fit to equip himself with a variety of the items crafted by the Akreties, the God of Travel sets forth to the south, leaving his students to take care of themselves for a time. Passing through the high mountains with extreme ease, as befits one of his station, Akros can't help but wonder at the obviously 'man-made', alterned nature of the nearest mountains, indicating signs of another deity passing by while he was busy. Wasting no time, the God passes over the World's Spine and briefly marvels at the desert environment he moves through, finally coming to a stop near the outskirts of Sand Huts. Surely, the presence of a mysterious and (to the Svirgrindall) extraordinarily tall figure in elaborate robes appearing through the desert sands, as if out of nowhere, is quite the unusual event. Akros is quite content with staying at a slight distance and merely staring at the other God's minions go about their days, not moving to communicate with anyone unless he himself is approached first.

>[Major] Develop: Oltanite Metalworking
Around the fiery cauldron of Furnlatha's forge, the Pyrelings gather to learn from their blazing goddess and practice their metalwork, learning to shape the crude masses of oltar metal through heat and flame and impact into usable form; forging tools and joints and protective braces for many of the trials that the world might place upon them.

>[Minor]: Move: Furnlatha to 29,22
Interact [DI]: Spirit[3]/Strength[3]

Furlantha is disturbed from spreading her teachings in the forge by reports of a strange cloud upon the horizon, and places down the first tools, entrusting them to the most adept Pyreling smiths. Heading out, a look across the landscape quickly shows her the truth of these rumors, and the destruction that they leave in their wake. Such devastation, and without even the merry crackle of blazing flame and billowing smoke! Sweeping down the volcano's flank as a coursing plume of flame and lava, Furlantha meets the locusts with the full fury of an erruption; her powers heating the air around her and igniting the few untouched stalks that remain as the locusts feast to form a pyrestorm to burn out the bugs wherever they might fly or crawl or hop or hide. And though the burning air of her own domain's unleashing she strides, lashing out with licks of finger-flame to bring an end to this locust swarm, her fires burning out the insects on-wing and roasting up the eggs they might have left in the grounds behind them.
>[Major] Develop: Weaving?

With the Biseax herded and husbanded by many a Pyreling, it is found that the heavy woolly coat they posses may be cut even whilst still leaving the animal alive, and the fibers pulled into thread then woven together. Garments of these woven fibers are lightweight enough to be worn as clothing, offering the Pyrelings some base protection from (other) elements (and they don't mind if it leaves them feeling hot); and the woven fibers also find uses in ropes and decorative rugs as the Pyrelings try to see what might be made from them.
Rolled 6, 8, 7 = 21 (3d10)


And Furnlatha's 'burn the bug-swarm' roll was...
“Perhaps you are correct, but the issue I see is in convincing americus to even tolerate me.”

“She and I are hardly on the greatest of terms, differences of opinion make things... tense, though I suppose I could be swayed to rethink minor things.”
“For granting the knowledge of metallurgy and masonry to my people I would be beyond grateful, and offer their development of spoken and written word based off of the obelisk script”

“Furthermore I would give either samples of thaum crystal, a material I have found nowhere but deep in my own lands, or alternatively the knowledge of how to create sturdy materials out of mere sand.”
Major Action: Develop Whitestone Tools

Unit Action: Osseous Defenders, move to 14, 12 and survey the area for local resources.

[MI] Continue the conclave of the five gods, can’t spend [DI] until that’s concluded

>[Major] Develop: Whitestone Tools

Alongside the masonry, some Svirgrindall have taken to shaping the whitestone into shapes, then affixing it on to handles and shafts, forming basic tools. Though hardly a match for their claws with regards to digging, they have proven to possess their own niche, particularly when hunting.
MA/DI Found Empire City at [15,8]
>Inspire your bellowed humanity to go forth and claim new frontiers to tame the land and bend it to there will. With a heart for adventure and the call of the wild in their ears, many go forth to claim their fortunes in Empire city. With the spirit and power of their goddess bolstering them giving them increased vitality and endurance for the journey ahead. (half the pops in the capital move to the new city)

MA share tech Domestication 1
>Americus had allowed her children to advance at there own pace. Humanity aside from the occasional wild animal attack has been mostly left in peace allowing them to focus on food and animal production. So, she offers up the knowledge of animal taming [Domestication 1]

MI communicate

>With a slight frown and a pondering look, she replies, “I think, yes, I can abide by such a compromise, if it is the choice of the mortals made without duress, I can abide by that. I won’t pretend that I don’t still find the idea abhorrent, but I can accept it.”

>At the words of UNNIIC, Americus turns to the machine, she had with the help of Earis come to the same conclusion. “I have to say, it humbles and shames me to know that I the Goddess of life was ready to engage in a conflict that would have done more harm to the very mortals I want so dearly to protect. I allowed my passions and convictions to overwhelm my better judgment, for that I am sorry. I will accept this offer and freely give, knowledge to share with you all”

>Turning to Novakhet, Americus looks at him this time not with fear for her children or frustration with his personality, or even righteous fury clouding her sight, she takes in the form of death, feels his energy. Drawing on her godly powers to sense the nature of the god before her. After a long hard moment, she must admit she can’t find malicious intent in his past words or in his that of his nature. Sighing softly and shaking her head at her own overzealous actions she approaches Novakhet. “…I am sorry, it seems I have misjudged your character and intent. I can see now that we both want what is best for the souls of mortals. We just have a vast difference in onion on what that is. I think we can both agree that this first meeting has been less than friendly and had full of miss misunderstandings. However, walking away from this on bad terms and allowing this rift to grow, will only end in disaster for us all. Which is why I agree with Novakhet and UNNIIC. We should jointly forge a Universal afterlife. Two things though for this to we are both going to have to be willing to compromise with one another or this will not work. Second, a sticking point I will insist on is that mortals get to choose to in their own time decide when and if they want to fade. No force, no cajoling, and no subversion of free will. If you can agree to that, then we can work out the rest as we go.”
>The skeleton stands still for a long moment, thinking, before light pours back through his body and he begins to respond

“This mistake was not entirely yours, I feel. Perhaps I overreached myself, and was too zealous in my desire for things to end.”

“I have eternity to wait for things to conclude, I suppose I should let the mortals decide for themselves when they are ready to end.”

“I will say now, that your sticking point... I accept. Mortals souls may return from the afterlife as many times as they please, and rest for as long as they wish in it.”

“I say this because I believe that all will eventually choose of their own free will to pass on for good, no matter if they go around life and death a thousand times, and when they do choose to end I will be there to comfort them, and lead them on gently into their sleep.”

“But I see now that just because something ends, does not mean that nothing has to remain. To all those who choose to rest I will not feed them to the hungering oblivion any further, but instead grant their deaths purpose.”
File: Parting Gifts.jpg (46 KB, 629x761)
46 KB
>MA+DI Claim 27,3 / 28,3 / 30,5
As Regala moves south, she shores up the wide gaps in her lands, but leaves a small sample of the chilly grasslands and wind-swept tundra for the muscular god to lay claim too.

>MA Develop Domestication
With food secured and homes safe, the Vrees can look to other matters. The taming of the Woradines, those beasts of the ice and snow, will prove invaluable, both for labor and, later, meat! While they're at it, the Vrees look to see if there are any other creatures they can wrangle into a make-shift pen. Regala, who had just arrived at a small makeshift camp, advises them to tap into that empathetic reading the Vrees had, possible making the job easier.

>God Unit - Move from 32,0 to 30,5.
Regala hopped off the tiny island, returning to the mainland amidst a flurry of snowflakes. She flew south with all haste, conjoining two stretches of her new domain.

>Vlucks 1 Unit - ATTEMPT move from 26,4 to 26,6, communicate with Thomass and/or Minions, then move to 25,5 after dropping Parting Gifts. If unable, follow borders to look for way round.
The Vrees crouched at a distance, the echoes of rock slamming on rock rebounding off the mountains ahead and down upon them. Their leader, a snowy spotted girl in heavy furs, slowly clambered down the tree she had perched on, moving towards what seemed to her a mound of pure muscle.
"E-excuse me? W-we're here to say h-hello." She whispered, 9 pairs of eyes egging her on from the tree branches above.
No time for writing...so it is time for *Writing*

>[MA] Develop : Writing with ink harvested out of Pallipods brushed onto barks is all the rage for the elderly.
>[MA] Development: Rexus express. The development of pallipod letters triggers a need for more robust deliveries of to be made between Shell-ter and the two mainland Island enclaves.
>Move Tortoiseterra down to 25-12. He’s on his way back home...slowly.
Rolled 10, 8, 6, 1, 8, 5 = 38 (6d10)

>Action [MA] [DI]: Create a Universal Afterlife for all life that perishes (details to be worked out at a later date)
>Aided in this action by both Earis and Americus, I should mention
>Develop/Assist [MA] [DI]: Aid Novakhet in creating a Universal Afterlife.
Pleased to see that the bickering between the two opposed gods had ceased, at least for now, Earis lended his spiritual might to the creation. His own personal addition, barring full objection by the others, was a method by which souls could record their opinions and experiences, a means of recovering the knowledge otherwise lost by an early or unexpected passing. The mere assumption that he would be allowed to observe the workings of this afterlife as well was his true prize. The knowledge he could gain was limitless.

>Develop [MA]: Whitestone Tools + Pine Wood + Cotton + Poddox + Swamp Ropes to create Bookmaking
With their god predisposed with diplomacy, some of the slightly more self aware Archivists began work on replicating the books used to create them. Poddox leather would serve as a suitable cover material, and well threaded swamp ropes could be used to bind the project together. The making of paper itself was something of an issue, until trial and error revealed that cotton pulp mixed up in wooden barrels then pressed and dried created a sturdy paper. With the means of (re)production secured in their hands, The Archive could begin some degree of self perpetuation.

>Share Technology [MI]: Share the secrets of Cooking with any of the three gods interested (The first two who reply anyhow this turn, I'll finish off the remaining next turn.)
Earis will lend his knowledge of Cooking to this intellectual exchange. He was interested to see how skeletons and machines would use it, and humanity would probably appreciate slightly less parasite ridden food.

"Good, then let us be about it then. I am fascinated to see this process in action. I wonder if something like this has been attempted before, outside of your personal paradise."

The helmeted deity will nod in affirmation. "Very well, let it be so. I shall offer knowledge of cooking in exchange for metallurgy. I am sure your Passengers would appreciate it, if I recall my rules of hospitality correctly. I must say I am also curious on the possibility of a need for your Servitors to eat."
>Confirm the acceptance of Metallurgy from UNNIIC

>Confirming my aid on this action.
The matter of an afterlife accounted for, Earis would turn his attention back to the strange sightings reported by Novakhet. "Fascinating. I feel a touch jealous I have yet to stumble across anything so fascinating, well, outside of this little conclave, but I would be terribly appreciative of anything I could study in this regard. I do wonder, could these anomalies be answered by the existence of yet more gods like us? Either still here and merely out of reach, or long gone. But forgive me my excited speculations, perhaps we should begin with translating those symbols, yes?"
“Quite right, I would have no issue trading the ancient [Literature] with those present, you may decipher the original text as my minions have recorded it, or view the original at Black Pillar, it is the least I can do in return for your generosity of teaching cooking to my Dagekhet.”

“Aided with the wealth of knowledge granted by UNNIIC I am certain this is a blissful day indeed, this meeting truly has raised my spirits.”
(Confirming offer of cooking)

(Confirming Metallurgy and Masonry from UNNIIC)
Qazlal would remain on the shores of the old, nameless god's domain. Simply being near to it lessened His pain, and that was truly a boon as of late. He kept an eye on the island to the south, watching the clawed beasts expanding their territory. This safe island was quickly becoming no longer safe. Hopefully these creatures would be open to some line of reasoning; Qazlal wanted not the alternative.

><CLAIM [MA] [DI]> [11,25], [15,25]
The mountains of the island would run red with His pain. These natural fortresses would be his, forever out of reach of the scuttling sea-bugs.

><DEVELOP [MA]> Metallurgy
The people of the Sanguine Keep pulled many things out of the ground with their tunnels. Among those things ware rocks that weren't rocks. Sometimes they became malleable when heated, or perhaps even melted outright! A few times when the stuff would re-harden, it had a smooth, shiny surface. The Dukhali began studying this stuff, looking for ways that it might improve their structures and tools.
File: kity.png (189 KB, 340x347)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
>Mgr Act DI Claim 25'5 26'5

>Mgr Act develop Masonry

Thomass know buff nuggets good at lifting rocks but need to also be good at building with rocks. That good idea.

Thomass invites the gift mother's children to his gym where many buff nuggets are ether sleeping, working out, or reading.
The hulking mass of muscle then raises his hand which due to his size comes eerily close causing a small scare in her people.
He then grins, mouth wide open and says something barely audible when asked "w-what did you say?" Thomass roars out "HI I THOMASS, YOU THE BABY MUSCLES OF LEGEND MUSCLE THAT SAME HERE I CAN TELL! WHAT YOU NEED CUTE LITTLE MUSCLES? This volume of speaking while near defening clarified they were in no danger I think.
>Move: [19,28]
>Claim: [23,28][24,28][14,28]
>Develop: Roseberry Smoking Temples

Chom and Chod seem to be finally working together on something as The Swamplanders are instructed on creating The First Temple. These institutions are larger local huts where members of The Society congregate to act in divine worship of The Gods. They are centered by a sacrificial fire pit in which the bodies of sacrificed animals are burnt so their smoke may please The Divines, and the ritualistic smoking of Roseberry Tree Bark occurs year-round. Due to its usage as a casual smoking house, they are often used as casual hangouts when there is no sacrificial service going on, causing them to become the first real communal works of The Swamplanders.
>Major-DI [Claim]
19.18 : 20.19 and 21.18
Time to see what's beyond the mountains :D

>Major [Develop] - Advanced Domestication
There is world beyond the waters and it greeted us before coming back to wherever it was doing. Nonetheless we shall not isolate ourselves, the issue is after surveying the water we found them full of terribly lacking animals. The poor babies are full of life and muscles and teeth but they only use those for trivial things like eating and swimming. Fortunately with a little help of the gardeners water life will soon be able to do all of those things AND spread the Bloom. They don't mind the mutations, they are happy ;)
(if i have to focus this on one things be it Rexus)

>Minor - move The first
The shadow being left without us but it is alright. We do not care. It is clearly an invitation to follow them and follow we shall. To the north! As far as possible! We shall meet again!

>Move - Beast masters
Further south we go! To 19.23.

>Minor - Beast masters
The south coast is bathed in a divine influence but the beasts masters only find crabs, albeit a species that do not exist in Bloom territory. And so they attempt to domesticate it. If the crabs refuse to be domesticated they instead will lick them as to facilitate their Blooming.
The scent of sweat and chalk dust is overpowering, but the catgirls don't seem too bothered about it. Instead, they huddle together, whispering as their white-haired leader speaks briefly with Thomass.
"W-we thank you for saying h-hello, Mr Muscles sir!" She stammered, eyes wide and trembling. Her ears flattened in panic, the group behind her murmured nervously as a faint breeze picked up around them. "W-we wanted to let you k-know that Mistress Regala sends her r-regards, and wants to let you know she will leave some of the n-northern land for you, sir!" She flinched, as if to ward off a blow.
((You may claim 27,4 and 28,4 so you can have some tundra))
"M-mr muscle? Mistress Regala also w-wants to know if she can send us Vree's through your land to explore more. May we leave? Please?"
After being ignored by the other entities, asmodel silently goes back to 17,12
Turn summary:
MA: Research Whitestone tools
MA DI: Universal afterlife

MI: Share Literacy with two gods (whoever wants it)

Tech Trades: Cooking received from Earis (first to claim)
Masonry and metallurgy received from UNNIIC (first to claim)
>Osseous Defender action was to scout the mesa of 14, 12
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress
Clarification: Americus and Novakhet will receive either Metallurgy OR Masonry (whichever they can take/don't have) this turn in exchange for Domestication and Writing/Literature respectively. Earis will receive Metallurgy next turn due to limitations of the number of tech trades per turn, in exchange for cooking.

"The ability to fashion meals for Passengers will be exceptionally useful. You have my gratitude. Due to lack of passengers, and the need to offer placation to both of the opposing gods, I hope you do not mind that our exchange will happen until next "turn". To address your curiosity, Servitors do not requires sustenance while within the aura of this Vessel. However, considerations into alternative sources of energy are ongoing. To facilitate potential long-range or long-endurance operations far from this Unit in the future. Perhaps a bio-fuel reactor mimicking the processes of a stomach are possible."
Correction, that DI is wrong from a first draft of my turn, I meant to give my DI to Novakhet to help form the UAL
File: world6.png (1.27 MB, 1594x1601)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
This amending shit makes updating take way longer, so from now on if you're not sure on your actions, don't post it. If you MUST amend, delete your old post first. Take your time, we all know there's a few day period between updates.
Next update will be in a new thread, unless /qst/ is especially slow.

All Gods this epoch can sense a strange surge of magic that rushes over the realm, originating from (17,10). The rules of life in this world have been rewritten, as the fallen souls of all God's minions will now find themselves shall henceforth be pulled into a Universal Afterlife where they may rest.

Later this epoch, the Gods of this realm would set their eyes upon a distant comet of glowing green within the sky. A rising compulsion of their divine ability appears to come with it. Next epoch (NOT THE ONE YOU ARE ABOUT TO MAKE ACTIONS FOR, BUT THE FOLLOWING ONE), as the comet passes, all Gods will receive a +2 bonus to terraforming.

>>4424816 Asmodel
Pottery developed.
Unnamed settlement established.

>>4424832 Tantulus
Claimed 4 hex.
Alcohol developed.
I will also draw your attention to The Bloom's turn results.

>>4424869 UNNIIC
Self-Forging developed.
Automated Guardian Drones established.
During the production of the Automated Guardian Drones there would appear to be a... Malfunction? No... Some sort of spark, a deeper source of power, that has awakened within one of these servitors. A spark revolving the powers of space and reality. An Astral Wizard!
Masonry shared with Americus and Novakhet.
Americus has gifted you Domestication I over Sirvee.
Novakhet has gifted you Literature.
Earis has gifted you Cooking.

>>4424926 Grindall
As heaps of earth are swept from the ground and into the air, the pellets of this world's surface tear through the swathes of locusts. When the storm of dirt has settled, the surrounding terrain is left demolished, but the only presence of the locusts that would remain would be their corpses that spot the overturned soil.
Masonry developed.
Whitestone tools developed.

>>4424992 Akros
Claimed 5 hex.
Nets developed, as your river and coast netfishing would begin to pull plentiful fish, shells, King Claw, and even some Rexus. (Fixed your missing coastal resources too.)
In the forests of (22,15), the Akraties discover an object that previously went unnoticed. An obelisk of oltar metal, hidden amongst the trees. (I'll admit I missed this obelisk last turn :D)
>>4425010 Furnlatha
With the use of Furnlatha's forge, the Pyrelings and their everburning Goddess discover the wonderful alloy of combining Oltar and Syrconite; Oltanite! It is malleable like Oltar, yet sturdier and hard with the implementation of Syrconite. The resulting cyan-gray metal won't be of great use until a greater quantity of resources are collected, but the technology itself is revolutionary.
Oltanite Metalworking developed.
As the storm of flame and fury sweeps over the cloud of destructive insects, their exoskeletal bodies are burnt into raw cinders. It's lucky their pestiferous touch had already grazed this land, otherwise the burning crisps of remaining foliage would spread their flames elsewhere.
Weaving developed.

>>4425881 Americus
The Empire City will have to wait, as the action is redirected to assisting in creating the UAL.
Sharing a single tech is just a minor action, so you have a left over MA here. I'll let you take it next turn.
Domestication I shared with Novakhet, Earis, and UNNIIC.
UNNIIC has gifted you Masonry.
Novakhet has gifted you Literature.

>>4426365 Regala
Claimed 3 hex.
Domesticaion I developed.
Parting Gifts devlivered to Thomass!

>>4426571 Tortoiseterra
Literature developed.
Rexus Express Route established, allowing for faster travel exclusively between Shell-ter and the mainland enclaves.

>>4429682 Novakhet
Whitestone tools developed.
For clarification, assisted actions do not add a dice to your roll, but grant a +1 value bonus to all rolled dice, so I will be ignoring the last two dice.
As the gods combine their power and will into this ritual, the tangible amount of culminated divine power manifests itself into a visible orb of light. The sphere grows larger and brighter with every second, as the determined gods pour forth their grandious power; until it reaches a breaking point. Bursting outwards into an explosion of light, the sands and fragile rock of these black deserts are blown far from the point of impact. The ground ruptures, as a deep crevice is carved into the surface of this world. Alas, the deed is done.
Literature shared with Americus and UNNIIC.
UNNIIC has gifted you Masonry.
Americus has gifted you Domestication I over Sirvee.
Earis has gifted you Cooking.

>>4426892 Earis
You assist in the creation of the UAL.
Bookmaking developed.
Cooking shared with Novakhet and UNNIIC.
Americus has gifted you Domestication I over Sirvee.

>>4428086 Qazlal
Claimed 2 hex.
Metallurgy developed.
>>4429123 Thomass
You already own both of those hex. I'll let you redo this action your following turn, including its use of DI.
Masonry developed.
With the arrival of the cat-folk Vree, Thomass would later discover a heap of presents in his Gym! Unwrapping them would reveal... A large herd of Poddox! Your resource availability of Poddox is increased to Moderate.

>>4429152 Chom and Chod
Claimed 2 hex.
Roseberry Smoking Temples developed.
Smoking the roseberry bark gives a feeling of wholeness, as if it fills an empty space one didn't know existed. It is comforting and calming, and somewhat addictive, but the Swandlanders would attempt to restrict themselves to its use within the temples ritualistically.

>>4429263 The Bloom
Claimed 3 hex.
Domestication II developed, for Rexus.
The crabs would appear to apprehensive to the beast masters offerings, before a sudden urge to flee would compel them. It wouldn't matter, they could not outrun the gardeners and their tugai companions. A healthy number of crabfolk would receive The Bloom's gifts! Welcome to the family, crabs.
>Going for a different approach, the one with the darkness decides to introduce her(?)self to the other beings
"Hello. There's new faces here, how are you doing ? Are you sharing your knowledge."
>[MA, DI] Claim 21 17, 24 19, 25 20

Sensing a blazing power to the South East, Grindall treks into the bleak deserts, hoping to parley with the strange new force, which feels familiar yet different.

>Move God Unit to 27 21

At home, one Svirgrindall has taken it upon himself to try and produce bigger, stronger Valbats. Though most Valbats can pull a Svirgrindall along at a speedy clip, they can only barely do so, and this Svirgrindall desires.....more. Finding the largest, most powerful Valbats of both genders that he can, he breeds them together, in the hopes that their offspring will, in turn, be even larger. It takes some trial and error, and a lot of Valbats, but eventually, he meets with success! With every successive generation the Valbats grow larger and larger, able to pull Svirgrindall along faster and faster.

>[MA] Develop Animal Husbandry (Valbats)
“Ah, dear sister Asmodel, I am glad to see you gathered at our conclave of sorts.”

“Yes, in some effort to alleviate a war between life and myself we are sharing some of our people’s knowledge, all the better to avoid a future conflict.”

“I must say, it has been extraordinarily fruitful.”
"Interesting, I hope I didn't come late for this."
“Hardly, we can share between us if you wish. My people have learned such wondrous new things, I could trade to you the knowledge of things such as writing, our people could have a shared dialogue, and also masonry, I am excited to see what things you have in exchange to offer.”
"It is good to meet you Asmodel and it is as Novakhet says. no, my shame I must admit our first meeting did not go very well, we had misunderstandings and divergent thoughts certain ideals we both hold. Thankfully with the assistance of old and new friends we were able to come to a compromise. As to your second question, It is never to late to make a new ally. Hello I am Americus Goddess of Life, Freedom, and Fertility."
"That seems very good. I can offer pottery, which is the use of clay to make marvelous objects and to make certain art and husbandry to use animals to better the tribe."
"Hello Americus, I'm Asmodel, the goddess of darkness and obedience. I hope we can have a pleasant time."
“That does raise my spirits, ever so slightly at least.”

“I accept this arrangement, grant me some measure of time to inform the Dagekhet, in the meanwhile they and I have some work to do.”
On the shores of the Surrealist's domain, the waves lapped lazily over the oddly solid land, and the colors of the ground underfoot shifted lazily, with sudden unexpected flourishes of frenzied speed every now and then. The wind over the water carried several voices with it, many of them sounding as though they were discussing things to the distant northwest. Qazlal listened to the sounds of the world around him as he meditated on his current state of affairs.

Eventually his voice broke the silence. "There is a discussion to be had." He said out loud to himself, apparently. "It will be had now."
Action 1: Claim (16, 13), (14, 10), (17, 11)

Action 2: Begin attempting to domesticate the mighty Tugai. This is a dangerous task, but the Radiant Blessing of Novakhet shall aid them, for under the sunlight a Dagekhet is blessed greatly in mind, body and spirit.

A fairly simple method to try and reduce casualties then is to interact with them when the sun shines, rather than at night while the Dagekhet are weaker.

As for a method of feeding them, sirvee are now domesticated, with Biseax soon to follow to fuel these monstrous beasts appetites as we try and acclimatise them to all sorts of terrain in which we dwell.

MI: Share masonry and literature with Asmodel in exchange for Biseax domestication and pottery

Unit move: Return to 13, 13.
Unit action: The osseous defenders have stood guard since before the beginning of The Radiance, a moment in Dagekhet history marked by the rapid technological developments, trade with nearby people’s, the mythical conclave of the gods and the creation of the afterlife.

It is time for them to be reborn for the new age, with an added equipment upgrade.
Add (Masonry, Whitestone Tools) to the Osseous Defenders.
Recreate the Osseous Defenders as Osseous Masons, to have a population of 50, double the previous 25 of the old unit.
File: Ofu.jpg (17 KB, 221x219)
17 KB
Name: Ofu
Description: A tiny light blue mushroom with a nice plump white cap.
Domains: Growth, Resilience
Color: Light Brown or Royal Blue
God Attributes: Major: Fortitude
Minor: Spirit, Affinity
Your Minions: The Yamaca humanoid in shape, standing between 5'0-7'0 tall, varying different sizes. Thick rough leathery skin malformed all over the body, with a long thick cap on top of the head with several smaller caps along its back. The pure bloods having their cap color either blue, violet, or green while the mutt class is a mixed of the pure blood colors.
Minion Attributes: Defense
Minion Ability: A Yamaca will embed itself into the ground then begin absorbing all of the nutrients from the surrounding area. As it feeds it will slowly lose all consciousness and grow into a thick fungi jungle that subconsciously makes a path for its kind coming in or out. (Terraform)
Starting Hex: 7,0
File: home1.jpg (61 KB, 382x444)
61 KB
>Major Action: Claim [DI] 8.0/9,0/9,1
Ofu excited in being able to pollinate himself into another realm, now curious, he joyfully explores his new surroundings as he leaves his mark to his new home.

>Major Action: Develop: Village Settlement
The elder of the Yamaca become shelter and protection to its kin as the elder grows into a proper home.

[image semi related to shelter]
Are you on the discord server bro ?
>[MA] Create Unit : Apophis scouts, 30 population
-[MI] : Share pottery and husbandry with Novakhet
-Move Asmodel to (16,15)
>[MA][DI] Claim : (13,16), (13,17), (14,18) & (15,17)
-Unnamed settlement shall be named Tropicana
I do as well if you are interested in trading I would be more than happy to discuss it. I would be happy to exchange tech with you
"Thank you my friend, but I've been making a deal with the deity of death and I'll shortly be moving. Perhaps another time"
It's a quarter past midnight and my brain is fried.

Tantalus moves to 16:25, heading in the direction of the bloom-things.

In 22:23, in the shadow of the mountains, the crab people seek safety from the scary flesh-things. Applying the concept of "Tide-Pool, but bigger", they assemble a large outer wall of whitestone and assorted forms of wood held together with wet soil, clay, and sand. Within the wall, more structures of approximately equal quality are erected, extended both downwards and upwards to maximize the number of crabs that can seek shelter within them. Settlement get.

Meanwhile, other crabs decide that moving stuff from one island to another is a pain in the ass, and they start taking advantage of Shorebell wood's buoyant properties to create crude boats. Boats get.

>[MA][DI] Claim:
With the locust swarm reduced to crisp popped corpses, Furnlatha sweeps a blazing trail across 29,22; 28,22 and 27,21, claiming these lands for her own dominion as she heads toward the desert and the divine presence she can feel there, rich and earthy.

>[Minor]: Move: Furnlatha to 27,21
And there it sits in the black deserts, squat and hairy with beady eyes and massive hands.

>[Minor]: Communicate with Grindall

"Greetings to you, ground-master." Furnlatha's voice crackles and pops as she addresses the conical-snouted being. "I am Furnlatha, mistress of the blazing flame and the ringing forge. Whom do I address today?"
File: astronomica bridge.gif (3.18 MB, 960x400)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB GIF
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Minor: [Share Tech] - Metallurgy to Earis
>Unit Action - God movement to [23,11], with both units onboard. Stopping on [22,11] for the comet-gazing.
>Major: [Develop] [Wizard] - Study the nature of the Comet with the Astronomicon Bridge
>Major: [Develop] - Philosophy

As the years go on, and production output increases, The Ship once again has the compulsion to move. Negotiations have been made. Passengers have still yet to be acquired, but future prospects are available. This land will take time to recover. The Ship will likely not arrive back here for some time. So the final preparations must be made, and final transaction of services with Purple Signature, Designation Earis, shall be conducted.

Giving a final parting to the other divine entities, the Ship lifts off and heads off to the east. As the ship makes its journey, the abnormality within its servitors is readdressed, reassigned, and refitted. It is stripped of its armored components and stone tools. Its limbs and actuators are replaced with increased sensors and display features. The
>Astronomicon Bridge
is created. The Bridge is built into the central part of the control tower of the UNNIIC. No longer just a room of servers and displays, it now has one of the world's most powerful computational engines within it, willing and able to respond to all sorts of queries and operations.

And it shall be used sooner than expected. As the Ship travels at higher altitude than any other, the green comet can be seen. The Ship sends a request to the Astronomicon to observe and record any findings it can on the extraterrestrial anomaly.

Once the ship finally lands in the newly acquired forest, and the servitors are released once more to operate, the Ship begins to think. It thinks on the words offered to it by the other gods, its intentions, its purpose, the nature of this world and the last, and more. As the occasional domesticated Sirvee runs through its corridors, it wonders if those to are Passengers, crew, or cargo.
"And my greetings to you, Blazing One. Grindall the Underminer's m'name, lord o' the earth and all that dwells beneath it. Ah felt your presence through the ground whilst dealing with a little pest a ways North o' here, and figured I'd pay a visit to the first being I've sensed that feels just a mite like m'self."
>The voice within Qazlal does not break the silence as fast as he, taking a moment to think as the two absorb the surroundings of the surreal coast. But in time, the deep voice retorts.
"...The revelations of these past epochs have granted me much wisdom. I believe you must seek out the epicenter of that surge. But first, speak what is on your mind, Daemon."
"A little pest issue? Were they chirruping things, appetite insatiable?" Furnlatha's voice flickers.

"I had to scorch a grouping myself. But it is pleasing to *know* that I and my Pyrelings are not alone in this world. I had felt other presences, but yours is the first that I have met. To north and south, things that I felt moved further away before I thought to come and look for them."

>DI Claim 30,7 / 30,8 / 30,9
Another soft tolling of gentle bells, and more sparkling lights appear amidst the thick canopies of the pine forests. Strange new trees beckon on the southern horizon, warmer winds contesting her own chilly weather.

>Develop Whitestone Tools
With Woradine herds being corralled and raised for their hide and meat, their bones become a much more common sight around Regala's lands. Soon enough, the bright idea to embed fragments of rock in them, tied with makeshift knots of sinew or barlow strands, occurs.

>Minor Action Border Trade Agriculture to Thomass, receive Literature.
When the muscular mini-Thoms saw a few Vrees digging up the dirt, they tittered among themselves, scraping strange symbols onto rocks and paper and giggling something about "sending a prank letter to my friend down south telling him we have mole girls, not catgirls, up here."
The Vrees, recognizing a strange new technology born of a foreign god, sought to learn these letters and numbers, offering the knowledge on how to grow plants in return. The micro-muscle minions scampered off, holding seeds aloft and chanting "PRO-TEIN!" over and over.

>God Unit Move to 29,10
Regala stood amidst plants greener than she had seen in a long time. Ocean stretched before her as she gazed southward, as far as even her divine eyes could see, but beyond that ocean rested another God. They were like a star, distant, small, but burning fiercely and only growing stronger. Closer still, and to the West, an ancient being of Earth lumbered slowly southward. Did she dare reach out to them?

>Vluchs 1 Move to 24,8, drop Parting Gifts on UNNIIC and Turtleterra.
The Vrees stood under a lone tree, resting in its shade as the wind sent waves rippling across the grasslands before them. To their north, the clamor of metal signified the work of strangely armored beings, nary a sign of flesh or life as they worked on the harvesting of resources. Those who looked south saw a mountain peak of grey rock peppered with the lights of campfire and shelled humanoids going about their lives.
"I still think it was dumb. What did you expect, him to take us in and let us do whatever we wanted?" One Vree said, her brown ears twitching. Their leader, the white haired one, snarled contemptuously as she answered.
"We're new to this realm, and Lady Regala hasn't exactly been working as hard as we have, like she promised. Now we're out here, alone, doing... this, for some unknown whim of hers." She said, waving her hands at the two nearby nation borders. "So forgive me if I keep an eye out for fresh opportunities. I'd suggest you do the same. Now, take those 4 and head north, I'll meet you back here after our work is done down south.

As various Servitors go about their business, one registers an unknown set of lifeforms approaching. Looking up, they see a small group of young girls, dressed in furs, sporting large cat ears atop their heads. Their leader, a girl with brown fur on her ears, stepped forward and waved timidly. "Hello? Are you, perhaps, friendly, or even alive? We are explorers, looking to meet friends, and passing along the invitation of our Lady Regala, the GiftMother, to visit her whenever you like. She says... are you..." She turned back to her companions in confusion. "Are they just metal? Am I talking to armor? I can't get a read on a §º at all."

Meanwhile, down south, the white haired Vree was having a much better time, standing in a defensive huddle with the other Vrees a distance away from some turtlefolk. In as charming a manner as possible, she and her small group gave warm greetings, an open invitation to travel northeast for a visit, and politely asked for permission to pass through their lands in the future. Her mannerisms took on that of the Turtlefolk before her, personality shifting ever so slowly as she tried to feel out what would make these strange new beings comfortable.
"I've felt a couple o' presences, flickerin' at the edge of my senses, but took them for tricks of the mind. 'Tis....comforting, to know I and my people are not alone in this world. I sense a different sort o' potential in you and yours, then I find in me and mine. We're stolid and slow to move, where you're people're ephemeral, and quick to act. Still, ah reckon I sense a kindred spirit, through the ore that flows in the earth, that you forge where I form, and I suspect a partnership could be made here, or at least the start o' one."
"A partnership? Why, yes indeed, I do believe there are many splendid things that we might craft and create together." Furnlatha raises her hands, her fingers flickering brightly as they wriggle in flame-wreathed anticipation. "And much that we and our followers might learn from one another, too! Mine could teach yours how to smith and to craft; and yours might teach mine how to find and extract those metallic treasures." The flames burning atop her head brighten yellow as she gives a great smile.
"Aye, I do believe we could manage that. Can sense how your people have worked to nourish the ground beneath their feet as well, so that they can subsists off sustenance the earth provides. Dinnae think the exact same methods would work out on the endless rolling dunes of our home, but the basic should give us enough ta get started. Can teach ye to work the stone itself, in exchange. My folk do it with their claws, but those metal tools o' yours seem that they'd do the job well enough."

"Why, yes, that would be quite lovely. I know your circumstances might not be the same as mine, but I'm still so very interested to see what you'll make from these basics. The things you'll forge and create, the developments you'll spread across the land. It'll be splendid and glorious to see!" Furnlatha reaches out toward Grindall, the fires upon her hand blazing only thinly and transiently.

"Yes,quite wonderful indeed. Come, my Pyrelings!" Furnlatha calls out to her followers, lifting up one in her blazing palm to examine the small tool it holds up to her for viewing. "We have very much to teach, and to learn from, this fine earthy gentleman and his acquaintances."


>[Minor]: Share Tech with Grindall
>Metallurgy & Agriculture
The unit will be equipped with whitestone tools for now
>[Minor]: Share tech with Furnlatha
>Mining and Masonry
The surge of existential power that had washed over the land just moments ago seemed to come from the northeast. Northwest? This Surreal land may well soothe the wounds of emotion, but it did no favors for the rest of his mind!

"My mind weighs heavily with Kolithe's betrayal. In the clarity that this place gives to me I can understand what she may have thought that would lead her to believe I was a threat to her, and I can forgive her this mistake with ease. What I can't understand is why you would see me spared my sister's wrath?"
File: tunnel.jpg (1.81 MB, 2568x1508)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
>A contemplative growl follows Qazlal's words, as the blood clotted voice is quick to retort.
"Even with the illumination this strange place gifts, the answers to your question lay blurred. What I do know is that betrayal is a familiar feeling. A feeling I could pity. You were a victim of what many daemon could not withstand, and yet you resist, willful enough to endure and persist with all the power you've ever held. What your sister did was deliberate and destructive. The fact your mind weighs heavy upon this fact empowers your actions and fuels our cause. You and I walk the same path, Daemon. A path to right the wrongs of our predecessors. Do know that my endowment of life upon your fleeting body was not an action of pity, but an action of both understanding and empathy. I trust you will not forget that."
>2xMgr Act (di) claim 25'4 27'4 27'5 28'5 28'4

>Mgr Act develop metallurgy
Thomass understand rock and now he want understand special rocks. With his tools he strives to the world of metal and all its fun.
File: 20200830_133828.png (21 KB, 113x99)
21 KB
Thomass senses something strange about the cute muscles. They seem antsy but not in a way he expected from most. He lets it go since they wanna be friends.
He speaks at a normal voice. "Okay cute muscles you can leave if your muscles want you to. Also me Thomass not Mr Muscles, Mr Muscles is buff nugget over there". He points to a buff nugget that has an especially intense look on his face that could he mistaken for bloodlust. However when pointed out to his expression immediately turns to a bright smile similar to Thomass' and he waves enthusiastically which causes Thomass to wave back matching his energy. "Thank you for message and protein! Thomass also let all other cute muscles pass. Sorry if nuggets stop you to ask question they don't see different muscle very often." With that the gym resumes its routines and Thomass leaves with a big smile, happy with the interaction.
A long moment would pass as moth considered these words that he could not hear. "What I will not forget is that you are almost certainly why my sister attacked me, and that this new existence is a bastardization of what once was. Know this: if my sister is truly gone in this new age and I cannot have her forgiveness, then my end goal as a pawn in your game is to be taken off the board and removed from play. If this is favor you will not grant, then my life ends on this day upon a checkered shore."
"Dear Daemon, I long for the day where you understand our unison is for the betterment of us both. I will not try to convince you of your sister's true intentions, or of the case that this bastardized reality is a result of her actions. By your actions, however, your malevolence has already been cleansed. When the time comes, when this hunger is quelled and should your feelings remain unchanged: Our fusion shall be no more. Perhaps closer to that day you will better understand the place of all things in this world. Alas, this exchange is eating at our time. I implore you to proceed."
The silent words drew a dark look across the Bleeding Father's face. "If you wish your hunger quelled, then I suppose a feast is in order."

><DEVELOP [MA] DI]> Bloodletting
Soror, miserere animae meae.

><MOVE: DAEMON> [11,18]
As Qazlal took off from the checkered coast, he could feel the pain of his emotions returning again. He struggled to focus through them once more. He had to find the source of that existential pulse!

><DEVELOP [MA]> Currency
The Dukhali studied and toyed with the metals in their possession. The only one that they could reasonably work with was a soft, disproportionately heavy ore that they found in large quantities. They practiced forming small discs out of it, and quickly found themselves measuring the value of things with these small, shiny metal discs. It didn't take long for them to accept the little coins as markers and stand-ins for the value of things. In time, they would come to call this coin the "vekna".

With their agreement sealed, Furnlatha and her Pyrelings will spend long hours and turning days teaching Grindall's Svirgrindall the secrets of metallurgy at Furnlatha's Forge, and other Pyrelings will head off to spread their agricultural secrets.

>[MA] Develop: Literature

With knowledge being passed between the Pyrelings and Svirgrindall, the constant repetition of words needed to think, talk of and demonstrate the exchanging technologies starts to tire the minds and voices of some of the Pyrelings. Why, if only there were some way to pass on knowledge without long hours speaking it out, or record it for one's own future use!

It is scorch-markings burned into roseberry wood bark that first gives an enterprising Pyreling the idea, but soon a series of prototype scorch-markings give way to a system of a patterned series of characters that can be marked by carving or pressed pigment to form a lexicon of different thoughts and ideas. And with this comes instructions, recordings of one's thoughts, and stories of events both occurent and fantastical. A whole world of literature opens up before the Pyrelings for them to explore.
MA Found Empire City at [15,8]
>As the first city of man grows it begins to become clear overcrowding will soon become an issue. humanity never one to lazy about begins to go forth into the wilds settling the frontiers on Americus domain. Going forth and taming the land and bending it to their will. With hearts full of adventure and the call of the wild in their ears many travels to what in time will become known as Empire city to claim their fortunes and create their own destiny. Many faithful pray to Americus for protection on the long journey ahead of them safe in the knowledge that the human spirit will help them endure (half the pops in the capital move to the new city)

>MA develop pottery
>Clay has long been a favorite plaything for children soft and moldable great for mud fights as well. For a long time that was all clay was a child’s plaything that was until a bright young man realized the full potential of claw after he created a bowl on accident by dropping molded clay into his fire. Only to find once it had died out a rough bowl. The magnitude his discovery was not lost on him and soon he was making pottery of all kinds. Now it is only a matter of time before the knowledge spreads across the lands of man.

>UI/DI Americus makes good on her promise to help Earis to index humanity freely sharing her knowledge with him.

>communicate with Earis
>” well now that things have settled with Novakhet and the souls of mortal kind as safe I owe you some assistance with your project. Come let us head back to your domain and see you the task.”

>move to [17,6]
>MA-DI [Develop] - Irrigation
With the addition of the crab population Myxoma's field of Whmeat (temporary name) begin to feel scarce. A way to further augment the production of food was needed, and under the influence of the Bloom, myxoma itself provided it thanks to the miracle of angiogenesis. Vessels started to grow all around the village and fields, allowing for easy irrigation of crops through the city's own blood.

>MA [Develop] - Stone tools
Using the stone found in abundance in the newly covered mountains, the Gardeners fashions better tools for themselves.

>MI-DI [Move] - the First
Follow Asmodel still, to 16.15 we go.

>MI [Move] - Beast masters
The beast masters don't understand why all the crabs seems to have disappeared but it matter not to them they will go and explore the mountains, go to 18.21 (if not possible go to 18.22)
File: The Archive.jpg (424 KB, 1081x1215)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
>Confirm acceptance of Metallurgy
"Thank you, my aerial friend. It shall be used for great things."

>MI: Communicate Asmodel
"Ah! Another fresh face, and indeed we are. I shall extend my knowledge of cooking to you as well, as I am in quite the good mood. I am Earis, Grand Archivist, God of Knowledge. And you are?"

>MI: Communicate Novakhet
"I must be off now, research calls. It was a pleasure visiting all of you, truly enlightening. Given that your domain is closest to our current location, I shall ask a favor of you, for diplomacy's sake, yes? Would it trouble you greatly to leave this (17, 10) area uncontrolled so that it may remain a neutral ground for us to meet in future? I'm sure the other gods here would be appreciate this gesture. Perhaps we could put up a pavilion at some point, plenty of options."

>MA Develop Settlement: Upgrade The Archive to a Town using Husbandry & Bookmaking, as well as Moderate Pine Wood and Whitestone
The Archive, having for the past few epochs been nothing more than a generously named set of foundations, was slowly beginning to shape itself into a real, genuine settlement. Someday, Earis hoped it could match what lay within his mind, but alas, that day had not yet come.

>MA + DI Develop: Index Humanity using Knowledge Domain + Americus's Life Domain + Copycat Physiology
The Indexing was a curious affair. While Earis had a protocol for this, it was certainly not being followed in this inaugural case, something he found terribly amusing. Usually, it would require a full autopsy and processing of the subject into Mist using a concentrated pulse of Earis's divine might to be stored into a template book, with Americus's domain of life and intricate knowledge of her creation this was not needed. Instead, he merely concentrated already existing Mist that permeated the boundaries of The Archive and infused it with Americus's divine touch to create what could be described as a template human, a perfect examination model that simply lacked a soul, something Earis did not need. This template human was then broken back down into Mist and infused within a book, the first true book that would reside on The Archive's shelves, "Index Homo Sapien Americus: A Composite Study of Humanity." If Earis could cry, and he conceivably could now with something indexed that possessed tearducts, he would have.

>MI: Share Cooking with Americus and Asmodel
Earis, as agreed, finishes spreading the knowledge of Cooking with the remaining gods at the summit.

>Unit Move: Earis - Move to (17, 6)
At Americus's behest, Earis trots back to his Archive to complete the Index of humanity. It was good to be home, significantly larger than it was when he left.

>MI: Communicate w/ Americus
"Lovely! Do be proud, your humanity will be the first thing indexed in my Archive. Truly a milestone for us both, yes? I hope to remain stalwart allies in future."
Just treat this as happening before I move
"Hi Earis. I'm Asmodel, goddess of Darkness and Obedience. It's a pleasure to meet you and thanks for the gift. Perhaps I can share some of mine with you later."
The buff nuggets come to the yard "my protian brings all the boys to the yard" followed by many "damn right" nuggets responding. Thomass approaches the nuggets "what you have?" The nuggets "protein! Super small protein that grow into big protein!" At this thomass takes a seed and understands a trade was made, a happy trade.
"We make protein grow from the ground too now" every nugget in the yard cheered on and whistled at the statement as Thomass picks up the buff nuggets that brought him the seeds in both arms and gives them a celebratory huzzah in the yard.
>trade accepted :3
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress
As the partial group of Vree crest the hill, just barely entering the divine domain of a different god, they feel the difference before even seeing it. A mix of ozone and cold mist, roiling through the air.

Once over it, they are met with a contrast of metal and nature. A low fog perpetually rests in the domain, creating almost the illusion of a sea of clouds to sail across. While semi-mechanical semi-organic bug like creatures float through the bog of clouds, emitting tiny tinkling lights much like the night sky. Scattered across the ground and occasionally sticking out of it are chunks and detritus of some unknown metal, rusted to the point of worthlessness.
An abandoned scrap yard in a sea.

The collapse of one of the upright pieces of metal must have been what attracted the Vree group to the location. Though no sapient life seems to call this place home at the moment. Deeper into the terrain, however, and they spot one noticeable figure in the fog. A lone, de-powered servitor left as a lone vigil. As the Vree approach it, it activates with what little power it has, and turns its hand, from the west where the meeting of gods occurred, to the south where the Ship currently resides. After that, it returns to dormancy.
“I suppose I could agree to that for now, though I would regret passing up this strange new land we have blasted the desert into, my children are ever a curious sort and this would deny them whatever now lies here.”

“I will keep it out of my control for now, at the very least until we next meet, I am not yet entirely decided, but the prospect of this land becoming a meeting spot for us deities is not unappealing.”
File: world7.png (1.32 MB, 1591x1562)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
- Across the realm, all gods this epoch could feel a sudden shiver down their spine. Though none could see it, all would know this feeling is that of a divine spark fading: A quiet reminder of their hidden mortality.
- Cresting the horizon, all life in this realm can see a grand comet of blazing green light that slowly makes its way across the sky. All Gods receive a temporary +2 bonus to Terraforming.
- Akros and Chom&Chod are absent this epoch and may take 4 major actions, but only one use of DI

>>4431110 Grindall
Claimed 3 hex.
Husbandry developed.
Discipline over the skybound animal improves, as selective breeding leads to larger and better fit valbats for riding.
Furnlatha has gifted you Metallurgy and Agriculture.
Shared Masonry and Mining with Furnlatha.

>>4431351 Novakhet
Claimed 3 hex.
Domestication II developed.
It is difficult to call the Tugai domesticated just yet, given any tempting Dagekhet who approaches may still lose a well loved bone of theirs. At very least, the Tugai have learned to rely on the Dagekhet for food in order to survive in their new desert environment.
Updated Osseous Masons.
Asmodel has gifted you Pottery and Husbandry.

>>4431375 Ofu
Claimed 3 hex.
Elder Yamaca established. Feel free to rename settlement later.
For the next 3 turns, you will have an unlimited use of DI. Be creative.

>>4431428 Asmodel
Apophsis unit established and one unit created.
Out of these Gorgon scouts, one would stand out from the other, as with their word comes command over the surrounding wildlife... A Beast Wizard!
(I forgot to put the wizard unit on the map, will do next turn)
Pottery and Husbandry shared with Novakhet.
Claimed 4 hex.
Earis has gifted you Cooking.

>>4431515 Tantutlus
Unnamed village established.
Ships developed.

>>4431664 Furnlatha
Claimed 3 hex.
Metallurgy and Agriculture shared with Grindall.
Grindall has gifted you Masonry and Mining.
Literature developed.

>>4431667 UNNIIC
Shared Metallurgy with Earis.
The Atronomicon Bridge focuses in on this distance comet and its trailing green blaze. It appears to be made primarily of an element UNNIIC and its servitors have not encountered prior to now. It may act as some sort of power source and has traces of divinity.
Astronomy developed. -1 mana.
Philosophy developed.
For whenever the delivery may find its way to UNNIIC, the Vree leave a heap of presents containing plentiful Oltar Ore.
File: boc4gods.png (36 KB, 781x467)
36 KB
>>4431821 Regala
Claimed 3 hex.
Whitestone Tools developed.
Agriculture shared with Thomass.
Thomass has gifted you Literature.
The turtlefolk here are scarce and somewhat dismal, but they are accepting to the Vree and appear intrigued to know people besides themselves exist. They permiss the Vree to pass through whenever they need, so long as they pass on any sightings of a very large tortoise.

>>4432644 Thomass
Literature shared with Regala.
Regala has gifted you Agriculture.
Claimed 5 hex.
Without proper tools, the buff nuggets will struggle to attain any feasible amount of metal for metalworking, but the technology is discovered regardless.
Metallurgy developed.

>>4432940 Qazlal
Reaching deep within Qazlal's memory, he manifests his divine will to attain a power long forgotten from this realm under the sands of time. His body twitches in shock, as his body plumets into the jungles below. Pushing himself from the earth, his hands press against the flora beneath him, as he watches a familiar shade of red blood flow through the life that surrounds him.
"Yess... Goood, Daemon. You know what must be done..."
The Bloodletting developed.
Vekna Currency developed.

>>4433937 Americus
Empire City established.
Pottery developed.
Earis has gifted you Cooking.

>>4434014 Bloom
Irrigation developed.
Whitestone Tools developed.

>>4434021 Earis
UNNIIC has gifted you Metallurgy.
Upgraded The Archive to a town.
Index (Human) developed.
Cooking shared with Americus and Asmodel.
This turn formatting is perfect btw, especially the inclusion of tech and resource prerequisites. Everyone should copy this.
>The goddess notice a strange being approaching, but from it's energy it's clear whatever it is, it's one of the deities.
"Hello stranger, I'm Asmodel. Who are you ?"
>Claim 27 20, 28 21, 26 21, 25 20

At the Meer, a lone Svirgrindall's dream has finally come to fruition. Collecting the largest, swiftest Valbats that the new breeding programs could offer, he hitches them to the largest plank of dried out, fibrous cactus that he could. Then, he began to load it. The metal'd cost him a pretty penny, especially as prices had begun to soar of late as uses were finally found the the strange, durable materials, but they were necessary for the test, and it would all be worth it in the end, if he succeeded. Finally loading the board up to capacity, he reached up, hesitantly, hoping against hope, and tugged on the rope to send the Valbats into motion. As the cart remained still for a moment, the Svirgrindall's heart sank. Then, slowly but steadily, the cart begun to pick up speed, sliding across the dunes as the Svirgrindall cheered at his own success. This...this would change things.

>[MA] Develop - In lieu of wheeled vehicles, which would get easily caught in the desert sands, the Svirgrindall have developed sleds pulled by teams of powerful Valbats to transport goods over long distances.
File: Comets Green Aura.jpg (84 KB, 858x571)
84 KB

>God Unit Move from 29,10 to 29,4

>Claim the hexes 29,9 / 29,10 / 29,3 / 29,4 / 25,2
The comet casts a gentle light on the snowy expanses of Regala's realms, a faint aurora flickering into existence over Vree heads. Regala lands among their midst, a deep breath filling her with vigor she has not felt since the war. With a wave of her hand, vast swathes of her land, long isolated, are brought together, and the final borders of her planned realm near completion.

>Develop Welcoming (Cultural) Ritual
It has been some time since Regala and the Vree have sat down to learn from one another, and the sullen Vree are hard-pressed to accept change. Attitudes have soured, but the divine energy that bathes the land has Regala in a bountiful mood, and so she expresses her desire to begin a new tradition, of acceptance and welcoming for all who come peacefully. The Vree, with no other choice, decide to begin preparations to welcome others.

>Vluch unit move from 24,8 to 25,5
Seemingly frightened by the lone sentinel of rusted metal, the Vrees beat a hasty retreat, meeting up with their counterparts descending from the southern slopes. There, they vow to return home, a pressing matter urging them back.

>[MA][DI] Claim

Feeling the energies from above temporarily boosting her powers, Furnlatha lays her claim to the lands of 30,24; 29,21; 29,20; 29,19 and 28,20.

>[MA] Develop: Build Mine

With Grindall's knowledge of mining now shared out with and spreading among her Pyrelings, Furnlatha's minions use the knowledge and advice from the Svirgrindall to set up a mine for themselves in the best geologically suitable location around her territories (whichever hex that is!), so that they might have access to the quantities of Oltar and Syrconite requested by the smiths of Furnlatha's Forge. The Svirgrindall themselves would welcomed to be miners there if they wished, though Furnlatha expects they would rather mine ore for their own uses and their own deity.

>[Minor] Communicate>Grindall
"Thank you quite kindly for these gifts of your secrets." Furnlatha's voice crackles merrily, and her flaming face gives the earthy god an attempted smile. "I do hope mine will be of use to all your little ones; keeping them warm and fed."
>Amend Claim action, claim 26 23 instead of 25 20

"Aye, I suspect we'll be able ta make some wonderful things with these. One more thing, though, if'n you don't mind. Noticed some of yer folk have domesticated those great big woolly things, with the horns. Seen them back in my home, but never had the opportunity to make anything o' them, too busy with other matters. Reckon you could teach me how to control them? Not got too much to offer in exchange, but could send you some creatures native ta the deserts I hail from, from the methods t' tame 'em. Think they'd be quite at home in those shrublands o' yers.
Oh yeah, tl;dr
>Grindall offers to trade Furnlatha a small number of Valbats and Valbat Domestication in exchange for Biseax Animal Husbandry.
>A group of Dagekhet near the border between the domains of Earis and Novakhet gather, approaching some archivists with relatively tame gigantic lizards and Sirvee capable of doing tricks, as well as other various trinkets and such, apparently indicating a desire to trade

>The Dagekhet appear to be in varying states of reverse decay, the leader of the group appearing fully human, whilst a skeletal and a zombified gorgon flank along with numerous other resurrected mortals from across the world
File: Island Claims.png (78 KB, 391x252)
78 KB
>[MA][DI] Claim
Under the light of the comet, crabs expand across the southern island, claiming nearly all of it's yet uncolonized coastline.

>[MA] Develop
Within the walls of the settlement, which has come to be known as Safe-Cove by the crabs, things are happening. Sharpened rocks are tied to the ends of sticks, or pounded into larger hunks of wood. Near useless for harvesting wood or vine or bramble... But perfect for piercing or bludgeoning the flesh of other creatures. Primitive Weapons (spears and spiked clubs) developed!

>[Minor] Tech Trade
Meanwhile, on the coasts of 26:24, first contact is made with the Svirgrindall. Unfortunately, between Crab Mouthparts not being good at mouth-noises and Crab Brains not being good at brain-thoughts, it takes an embarrassingly long time to get their names right. That said, dancing and alcohol serve to smooth over this faux-pas (Offer Dancing and Alcohol for trade).
Also, Tantalus moves in the direction of Safe Cove.

>Amend Action
>Revoke: Build Mine
>[MA] Develop: Oltanite Tools

The Pyrelings working at Furnlatha's forge will instead refine their metalworking skills in order to make tools from their Oltanite, so that the little which they have right now might be turned into a way of extracting far greater riches with far greater efficiency at whatever task they are designed for.

"Oh, the Biseax?" Furnlatha asks. "Yes, I'd be quite content to have my Pyrelings show you how we work them... I don't know if shrubland would be good for your desert creatures, but perhaps the black desert, or the lands eaten by the chirruping insects? There might be somewhere. It's not as if we couldn't feed them, if they're tame enough... what do they eat?"

>[Minor]: Share Tech with Grindall: Biseax husbandry
Though the strange little crustaceans scare them a bit at first when they emerge from the surf, claws snapping and mouthparts...wriggling, the crabs do eventually manage to convince the Svirgrindall of their friendliness. The strange new liquid, that leaves them feeling as if fur's grown on their inside of their mouths, and the weird tip tapping and claw waving, which the Svirgrindall clumsily imitate and find surprisingly enjoyable, certainly help. In exchange for these gifts, which make life in the barren deserts and bleak mountains much more tolerable, the Svirgrindall offer their expertise in burrowing through the earth (With tools, they tried to teach them to use their pincers but it seemed to be a losing effort) and in shaping the strange, brittle stone that's so common on the coast.

>The Svirgrindall accept the gifts of Dancing and Alcohol gratefully, and offer Mining and Masonry in exchange.
>God Unit [Move] [11,2]
Ofu taking in the beauty of his surroundings, the cool refreshing feeling it gives. Letting out a sigh of sanctification, Ofu notices the pretty green light on the amazing night sky. Taking it as a warm welcome from the cosmos, an invitation for greatness, Ofu begins moving south were he senses warmth, life, and opportunity. The tiny mushroom deity begins to leisurely walk south as he bobs his torso and head left and right, his blessed spores spreading from his plump cap, the air carrying some of the spores far away.

>[MA][DI] Claim [9,2/10,2/10,3/11,2/11,3]
As Ofu's luscious spores having a small greenish hue, similar to the green lights to the sky, travel far and wide. They begin to descend, touching the ground they immediately sprout into more of the fungi jungle.

>[MA][DI] Develop: Master Husbandry
With the urge to give the second class citizens, the muttcaps, a sense of belonging, Ofu gifts them a gift that their children will recieve.
With generations of intermixing breeding from the muttcaps, Ofu's blessing comes to light within certain muttcaps. A knowledge and ability to make creatures that are less intelligent than themselves into obedient, domesticated pets thanks to their spores being embedded into the creatures body which creates a pheromone connection between master and servant.
"I am no stranger, for we have met beforehand, don't you remember?"
The first emerge from behind the trees
"You left so quickly, we had quite an hard time catching up with you. But here we are"
>MA found the settlement of Angel’s Haven [13, 7]
>The influx of new technology and knowledge as lead to a boom in population in both D.C. and The Big Apple. Americus seeing the impending disaster makes the hard choice of forgoing taking advantage of the comet's power boost and ensure that her children can thrive. She encourages them once again to forth and settle the land.

>MA Develop Irrigation
>Farmers and herders begin experimenting with different ideas of how to water plants without relying on the rain. It turns out to be a rather simple fix, irrigation, who would have thought of it. It is a little embarrassing to humanity it took them so long to work it out. Americus merely tells them that it is ok, for with every mistake comes an opportunity to learn from it.

>Move [12,4] Americus sensing a presence moving close to her lands
"Hello my friend, what did you want propose me ?"
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Unit Action [God unit, DI] + Astronomicon Bridge - Let's see what this comet is all about, shall we?
>- God movement to [28,14] if possible.
>Major: [Develop] - Agriculture
>Major: [Develop] - Onboard Pipe Network (Irrigation) - Using Moderate quantity Oltar pipes and Agriculture
>Unit Action [Defenders] - If Ship was able to reach [28,14], Appeal to the turtlefolk for applying for Passengership

A prime opportunity. A fellow traveler. Another who flies across the firmament. The comet must warrant further effort.

As the Ship carries off into the heavens, the Ship orders Servitors to begin agricultural efforts aboard the vessel. Using metal vessels, along with solgrass-woven liners, dirt is harvested and placed inside the Ship. Along with that, numerous samples of various Fauna are brought onboard for future cultivation. The Passengers will require food. And Medicine, which necessitates various partially dead logs to be brought into the agricultural section of the ship, for growing medicinal mushroom samples on. And to supply these new plants, a piping network within the ship shall be introduced to ferry water in and out of central drums.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress
No longer reading the Divine Signature that was once to its South East, the Ship instead picks up on a new, faint signature.

The cry of prayers. Prayers of a sad race, to a dead god. Ones that will not be answered.

The Ship shall answer their calls instead.
"?" I do not understand. Didn't you come to us looking for the gift of the Bloom? i've looked everywhere to find you after you left without it"
“Well I’m not interested in your... gift. But we can help each other with a tech trade of what we’ve discovered, fellow neighbor.”
"Not interested in the Gift? ... But why? Everybody always jumped at the chance to receive it! What else could we offer that would be better?"
-[MI] : Share Husbandry and Pottery with Bloom
"I'm sure this will improve our relations, south friend."
"Show me your discoveries, that would interest me a lot."
"Discoveries? I guess we could teach you how to tame those nice little critters we find around here. Maybe i could also talk to you about Myxoma and how keep the fields growing so magnificently prosperous then"

[MI] - Share: Irrigation and Domestication(Tugai)
"What am i saying i could even offer you some of our own beasts! Yes that would help you more than anything if you want to raise them!"
>[MA][DI] Claim : 12,18
"That would be very helpful indeed, thank you dear neighbour. Now I must beg my leave so that I can put the boost from the comet to good use."
-[MI] : Move Asmodel to 20,13
>Continue Claim : 19,11 ; 20,(10/11/12) & 21,9
>[MA] Develop : Cultural Ritual
Inspired by the sight of the comet, the Gorgons work on developing specific rituals to honor their Goddess and molded by her domains, they are mainly performed at night, specially one with full or new moon, and there's a hierarchy with an elder female shaman as the head and with both male and female shamans following the leader so they maintain order during rituals.
-[MI] Equip the Apophis scouts with whitestone tools
-[MI] Move Apophis scouts to 18,14
Things are relatively peaceful, but new developments in the south sour the mood. A breach of an epochs old land treaty for one, and for the other the certain approach of the bleeding things aura closer and closer.

Both should be dealt with, ideally bloodlessly, given the recent surge in divine power the sun god knows as the shining light of death.

MI: Move Novakhet to 12, 17
MA and DI: Claim the following hexes, Asmodel will not fix the borders she agreed to on her own, so I’ll do my dear sister a favour.
13, 16
13, 17
11, 17
12, 18
11, 16

Novakhets radiant light would envelop these hexes, as the stars and constellations became ever visible in the sky day or night.
The bones of the deceased in these lands lightened, then lightened further, turning an almost ethereal silvery white under the death gods influence.
Bodies of water such as lakes and rivers sparkled calmly under direct rays of sunshine, as the darkness was wiped clean away from two hexes and replaced with shimmering wild light.

MA: Develop Philosophy

The invention of Philosophy by the Dagekhet was only a matter of time, the rather small but fairly curious population having two lifetimes to ponder the fundamental questions of their existence, and pen said questions to their Deity, Novakhet, who had recently returned to them and informed them of what had been happening.

The foundation of the first system of philosophy was laid shortly after his departure, the Dagekhet tribe now asking themselves big questions, some work done by the answers their god could grant them, but the rest needing to be done on their own.

What did it mean to be mortal, why must things die?
For that matter, why do things live?

If the gods created us, who created the gods, gods gods?

Is it gods all the way up, or some more fundamental cause?

These questions lead to the creation of several different interpretations of Dagekhet philosophy, but one stood above the rest, Vicsissitism, a system of beliefs and observations that stood now dominant in the primitive political sphere of the desert tribes politics.

In time, the founder of Vicsissitism, Vicsissis, would be elected to lead the slowly growing community, and focus his eye sockets upon more intellectual pursuits.

Unit action: Disband Osseous Defenders

A somewhat controversial action by the new chief, but one noted as perhaps being for the best, it was simply impractical to invest so much manpower into a standing army, and was a notable drain on resources.
As such, the osseous Dagekhet were entered back into the general population, but continued their rituals as members of the defenders in honour of the station.

MI: Tech Trade with Earis
Trade Sirvee Domestication II and Biseax Domestication II to Earis, in exchange for Agriculture and Metallurgy.

Soot coated Dagekhet traders inhabiting 17, 9 start up trade with the nearby archivists, both learning much of eachother in the encounter.
a minor correction to claim, changing 12,18 to 20,9
A scream of unfettered anguish as He pries Himself from the mud and decay of the floor of the jungle and wills His wrecked frame to mend the damages of hs fall from on high. The crimson stain on the ground blooms ever larger beneath Him as His carapace and muscles knit and make themselves whole once more.
When once again the Bleeding Father can stand, He looks to the skies near His marked lands and is surprised to see something unexpected: stars! Stars in the daytime sky visible at the edge of the dark clouds over His country! The Moth God's shoulders sink. The death god had not listened to His warning. The death god held the ground of Qazlal's yard all the way up to His front door. Qazlal's sadness gives way to an older, more familiar feeling: anger! The skeleton god dared tread upon His toes and offered no apology, and if no apology would be given then a repayment of a different kind was in order.

><MOVE: DAEMON> [12,17]
He takes wing from the forest to find the skeleton god in the nearby shrublands. He takes to ground nearby and approaches to talk.

"I see you have failed to heed My warning."
>The skeleton focuses on Qazlal, replying in turn to his rather short and blunt statement

“I believe I had brother, you disliked my presence near the mountain pass, and now I am currently near the jungle.”

“If I recall, you told me to leave whilst my bones were still dry, and flew off before elaborating.”

“I have not since returned there, though I suppose that was more out of need to address my brothers and sisters at our impromptu conclave than a desire to step away.”

“Was this not to your desire, Brother, or did you intend differently?”

>Novakhet chooses his words carefully, trying not to deliberately antagonise the moth, knowing already that Qazlal is rather unstable from their last bone rattling meeting
The moth god makes an attempt to swallow His indignance and keep his voice steady. If this death god did not understand, then a teacher he would have.

"Your mark blights the sky where my clouds end west of here." The Bleeding Moth turns and indicates the stars visible in the distance as yet more stars blossom in blue of the daytime sky surrounding the two gods. "I desire this western coast for my purposes, all the land up to and including the mountains. This includes the pass above you hang your stars."
“You desire much brother of mine, however issues arise, for I too desire this land for myself. And indeed already possess much of it, but have left the land behind the mountains entirely yours.”

“Thus it appears out current desires conflict eachother, would you care to discuss the problems in detail?”
Name the beast mage Julia
File: image0.png (524 KB, 703x703)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
ffs, I forgot to put the actual answer to your question in my post.

"The details of this problem have already been stated as clearly as necessary." He turned away to look to the west again. "... And I desire that you find a different address for me. If you insist on continuing to use that word, then I will settle this disagreement by sharing blood with another once more."
“Saddening, I do so dislike it when I chafe with the other divinities surrounding me.”

“This recalls of a time quite recent to me, in which I made an enemy of my sister and made amends within a time just as short.”
“I value them, my brothers and sisters to the north, east and south, though we often quarrel.”

“I recognised you were different to them of course, I am unsure how specifically, but extended the same familial courtesy to you that I gave to all the rest.”
“I apologise if that offended you, Qazlal of Summer, I will allow you to be solitary, and speak no more of it.”
Good lord, get it together you worthless shit
Qazlal turns back to the skeletal figure and gestures to the skies overhead. The clouds react to his will, gathering themselves into three separate masses. "I came to live in a time before this time," He continued as the fluffy white puffs moved above them. "I knew beings that lived and died before any of the beings of now were conceived." The clouds billowed out into rough shapes resembling two moths. "One of these beings called me brother, and her I called sister. When a threat to both of our lives appeared, I sent my sister away so that she could live." One of the moth-shaped clouds broke apart and blew away on the wind. "After she was gone, I..." A darkness bloomed in the clouds forming the remaining moth shape until they matched the dark, raining clouds on the horizon. "... I changed. I never saw her again after that. She eventually sacrificed herself in a ritual intended to kill me and an associate of mine."
>MA Develop: Cultural Ritual (Tabula Rasa): Bookmaking + Index (Humanity)
While the first Index marked the possibility of grand, sweeping changes to the nature of the Archivists, there were certainly smaller changes coming about at the same time, something the existence of the Index of Humanity (as it will be referred to in shorthand henceforth) made clear. The Archivists, having developed some small deal of understanding of the world from observation, had observed the nearby humans a fair bit. They had, through this, come to the realization that the newly printed Archivists bore some small similarity to human children, in that they lacked preexisting understanding of the world and were defenseless before it. Thus, the more senior of the archival staff had begun to, as if on instinct, seek to protect the newly born Archivists of General Works, and attempt to cultivate within them their own personal path of research.

>MA + DI: Claim (18, 4), (18, 5), (19, 3), (19, 4), and (20, 4)
Seeking to no longer step on Novakhet's phalanges, Earis will use the boon of the comet to obtain a mountain closer to The Archive, a wise move regardless of diplomatic reasons.

>MI: Trade Metallurgy to Novkhet and confirm receipt of Sirvee Domestication II and Biseax Domestication II, the latter of which I will trade to Americus
The masked entity frowned, realizing he did not actually possess the knowledge of agriculture that the minions of Novakhet sought. A side effect of the stop gap measures he had taken to make as much progress as he had. Accepting the gifts, he will allow the undead to observe his minions work on metal, and instruct them to inform their master that he would pass on the knowledge of agriculture Americus possessed once he discerned how best to adapt it to the hotter climates that Novakhet lived in. Something of a lie, but one made in good faith. It was, after all, something he was going to do.

>MI: Communicate with Americus
Earis will approach Americus, not a terribly difficult task as it seemed the Goddess lived at the Archive more than her own territory, and give a polite bow. "I require a boon of knowledge from you. Your creations have mastered agriculture, yes? I have need of it to secure an equitable trade deal with Novakhet. I shall pass along what he has given me in exchange, beginning with his knowledge of domesticating Biseax. You know a little about how to domesticate Sirvee already, so I do not know if that is a thing you need more knowledge on currently." He'll glance around, again reminded that she spent most of her time here. "Forgive me, I have been a poor host. Would you like my Archivists to build you quarters here? I am pleased you spend as much time as you do visiting my Archive, barren as it is. I must make time to visit your settlements eventually, but there is so much here to do."
File: 50175110722_ea25af9190_k.jpg (481 KB, 2048x1021)
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481 KB JPG

>MI-DI [Move] - The first to 19.18

>MA-DI [CLAIM] - Let's jump on the claiming frenzy
Claim : 19.17 ; 20.17 ; 21.18 ; 22.18 ; 23.17 ; 22.17 ; 22.16

>MA [Develop] - Myxoma
With the growing gardener and crab population, myxoma being a small village will not do anymore, it need to grow to accommodate everyone and now that enough food is secured for everyone it's time to assure our shelter.

>MI [Move] - Beasts masters
Go to 18.21 and try to make contact with any living found in the strange mountains.
“I am sorry to hear of this, yours is a tale of woe. Of all my siblings only one could claim to have come from another world, and is rather untalkative.”

“I hope you may find peace.”

>The skeleton god pauses shortly, before continuing
“My brothers and sisters would be fascinated to talk to you, if you wished to visit them.”
File: 20200902_165824.jpg (31 KB, 410x416)
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>Mgr Act develop domestication
Thomass need to train himself and buff nuggets to lead the protein gifted to him by legend muscle.

>Mgr Act develop philosophy
Thomass teaches his buff nuggets the complex ideas of pondering life and its inner mechanisms. Life reaches many different ends and has many different beginnings. But biggest question is why do we lift? This causes a legend moment of the thinking nugget putting his dumbell to his chin in deep thought.

>Mnr Act trade Masonry and cooking
Thebuff nuggets teach the many uses and types of ovens to the cute muscles, they look on taking it in rather well and begin trying it for themselves. Recording their findings for their leader.
File: 1382935148396.gif (580 KB, 480x360)
580 KB
580 KB GIF
Qazlal smiled a pained smile at the death god's suggestion. "Getting to know my neighbors would be nice, yes. I'm afraid that I have important matters to attend to first, though." The smile left his face as he turned to look back at the disputed pass. "I still expect my lands relinquished before the next time we meet; the pass and the mountain to the south."
The Vrees are, frankly, astounded by the sheer determination and enthusiasm showed by the muscular fleshnuggets, and offer to teach them Woradine Domestication I and WhiteStone Tools in return.
“I cannot promise this, I am afraid, the lands are desired by us both, but I am not opposed to a compromise in which we are both equally unhappy about the results.”
Akros, despite the great entertainment he derives from observing these strange, though all-too-familiar beings, eventually tires of the near endless sand permeating every tiny crease of his robes, and departs for other lands. Though he yearns to return to Home and ensure that his disciples haven't caused some sort of international incident without his guidance, the God of Travel and Stories is altogether more interested in exploring new lands and meeting new people to record for future interaction. He does sense some...peculiar beings to the south, after all

>Major Action, Divine Influence [Terraform]: Though there are some attempts to expand northward, the Akreties ultimately decide to set forth to the south, all the closer to their God. Exploring new places just isn't the same without him, you know?
>[21, 13], [20, 17], [19,17], [22,16], [22, 17], [22, 18], [23, 17] are terraformed.

>Major Action, Development [Tugai Domestication]: Long have the Akreties been forced to bear with the presence of the local apex predator, a species of great lizard, pale as snow, known as the Tugai. Until now thought of as simple vicious monsters, to be avoided at all costs lest you become a particularly crunchy snack, a surprising revelation about their nature comes to light after a curious young member of the insect-like species returns from a walk in the woods with a clutch of Tugai eggs, looted from a nest. Though initially considered a tremendously stupid idea even for the Akreties, their innate curiosity comes out on top before long, resulting in them doing their best to allow the eggs to hatch. The infant Tugai are...surprisingly cute, even if they have too many teeth for most of their caretakers' liking. Still, over a short amount of time, and through a ridiculous amount of trial and error, the great reptiles reach maturity. Though not managing to reach their maximum size, mostly due to the Akreties failing to accomodate their needs perfectly, that still leaves them as (relatively) tame pets that can also defend their masters competently. It doesn't take long before more expeditions for eggs are sent out for breeding purposes.

>Major Action, Development [Masonry]: An additional issue revealed by the domestication of the Tugai is the relative fragility of the Akreties' homes, liable to fall apart during extreme weather conditions, or when several oversized, hungry lizards decide to go on a rampage inside them. This leads to further innovation, as the bug-like people set off to improve their living situation before things get out of control. Of all the materials they tried, clay and stone work the best, so after much trial and error, several collapsed buildings and Akreties now sporting cracked shells and a concussion, the art of masonry was perfected! This truly is the beginning of a brand new era of glorious...squat, simple, relatively primitive buildings. It's a start.
>Major Action, Development [Literature]: The development of so many new technologies brings with it the question of how to pass on such knowledge to future generations. Sure, oral tradition has worked well enough so far, but in the long-term, who knows how many minor mistakes in memory might pile up to change a series of events or recipe completely and utterly in the eyes of the youth. Thus, several of the oldest, most world-weary Akreties set about developing a functional, though simple written language in order to mark down information for the present and the future, mostly using clay tablets. Indeed, a great advancement for their society!

>Minor Action, Movement: Eventually tiring of maintaining his watch of the strange mole-people, Akros eventually sets off to the south, reaching the coastline in practically no time, and with it, a new civilization. If you can call this coalition of huge, debatably intelligent crab-people a functional civilization. Still, impressed by their progress and culture, the God decides to stick around, waiting for an opportunity to meet their reigning divinity, interesting in a conversation with an equal.
"If a compromise is what you want, then continue to consider us as relatives. When next we meet, you can call me 'Father'."

With that, the moth deity shifts form and once more takes to the skies, leaving the skeleton to decide on a solution for himself.

><DEVELOP [MA] [DI]> I Am the Wind
As He rises into the air, the Bleeding Father gathers the wind behind His wings and wills it carry him further and faster than ever before!

><MOVE: DAEMON> [16,11]
With the utmost speed, Qazlal sails for the source of the existential pulse. He alights upon a bed of black sand a short distance away from the origin, planning a cautious approach.

><DEVELOP [MA]> Agriculture
The Dukhali tired of harvesting their food from outside the safety of the walls of their settlement. Using their sturdy tools, they plotted out and prepared a patch of land suitable for growing a supply of edible plants large enough to feed their population.
Earis founds Americus just as she was preparing to head northwest to check on the new presence that had begun to encroach on her planned claims. She replies to him with a smile on her face and laughter in her eyes."Of course Eris it's a deal, you are after all an ally and trusted friend, I will have a few of my children experienced on the subject prepare a text for you. I must thank you again for sharing that knowledge with them. Humanity seems to have taken to literature with gusto." then looking somewhat abashed thinking about the later half of his statement she replies "No, no it's me who should be apologizing for being such a poor guest in your home and domain. I hadn't planned to stay for as long as I have, but events and agreements seem to have drawn me here or southward. Though if you would have me I not be opposed to quarters in your growing Archive, " she pauses and smiles a little with mischief in her eyes "on to condition that I can respond in kind, I'll have quarters built in Districtus Columbus for you so that when you come to visit I can act as a good host. As I will most certainly be holding you to that future visit." she chuckles a little at herself then adopts a more serious look"But for now, I must take my leave there is a new presence in the northwest, I'll sue you've sensed as much by now. Whoever it is has claimed into lands that I have designs on and with it being so close to one of my beloved children cities I feel I must investigate..." letting that silence hang for a moment, she then draws the bookish god into an embrace hugging him goodbye "well until next time Eris." she then turns to leave.
>[Minor] Communicate > Grindall

"So, is there anything more we need discuss for the age? I do hope you don't mind if I take a little look around the lands your claws touch upon?"

>Furnlatha's cascading flames sizzle and pop around her shoulders.

"The air feels warm here, too... but, so sad. Very little around to ignite. Even if the little that there is might go up so easily."

>[Minor]: Move: Furnlatha to 24,21

Furnlatha moves further into the desert lands, enjoying the heat as the air shimmers with a haze about her.
>Novakhet sighs, as much as a skeleton can, and watches the moth fly off to the location of the conclave, it seems he at least knows where he’s going

>Whatever this ancient thing was, it acted much like it should be obeyed without question or exchange, which positioned it as a threat, though it displayed no powers superior to his own

>The sun god resolved to simply continue about his business, if the moth wanted his land he could take it himself or come to discuss it, no alternatives.
He'll laugh, bowing at her proposal. "Wonderful! I would enjoy greatly having a place to stay at Districtus Columbus when I visit. It shall be so." He'll return her embrace, giving her a bolstering pat on the back before letting go. "Stay safe, yes? Should it be something dangerous, return here immediately and we will solve it together, understand?"
"Nai, and nai. Travel as you will in my holdings. Reckon I can trust you enough not ta cause any harm t'my people."

>Grindall squints accusingly up at the sun

"Aye, the heat here'll blister the skin, if'n ye don't have anything t' cover it. Not much moisture for plants out here, 'specially those great towering things I saw out East. Anything that grows out here's gnarled 'n mean. Suits me 'n my people well enough."
Chom and Chod emerge from their short hibernation to gaze out over the world once more and begin slithering along its wetlands. They've found that they have a new vigor of creation, and are ready to take some major shake ups.

>Development: Religious Orders. Some Swamplanders shall take to the Rosewood Temples and become devotees to the praise of The Divines and the organization of their temples. They shall remember the stories and rituals, and orchestrate the sacrifices to Chom and Chod's glory. The Order Sacrifae is founded as the primary sect of priests that serve general positions in The Church.

>Development: Kholimoth Monastery Farms. Within the yards of Rosewood Temples, a grouping of Monks shall be established called The Kholifae which is an order dedicated to the ritual tending to Moth Swarms and the harvesting of Silks. From these yards shall The Orders wear silken gowns of high quality and make.

>Divine Development: Chom and Chod see it fit to unveil a Language of The Gods to The Order Sacrifae. They shall craft a written language linked to the powers of magic and unveil it to their followers, allowing them to partake in the complex set of runes that will one day lead them to power.

>Development: Sanctum Obelisk. Members of the various Monk orders shall journey through The Wetlands to settle a village around the lands of [17,28] with the obelisk within The Village's center. There, Order Sacrifae shall orchestrate itself from an open air Rosewood Temple built around The Obelisk, to use it as a centerpiece for ritual and prayer, believing it to be connected with The Gods.
"I am glad to know you care Eris, should this new being proves a threat then yes we will face it together." with those parting words Americus is off
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