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The Kabal reigns ascendant. Across the world, their machinations cause shock and chaos. they move from strength to strength, shattering one nation before moving to the next in a blink. Can anybody stop them now?

Welcome to Modern NRP! Build your nation, carve out a unique niche, and tell your own story. New players and spectators welcome. To join, simply make a post below using the provided starting template.
For more information, see the Extended Guide(https://pastebin.com/JBS8mr1m), or join the discord(F2Patcf).

Basic Rules
>RP and collaborative gameplay comes first and foremost. Metagaming, min-maxing, and other unsportsmanlike behaviors will be punished.
>For your first turn, see the template below. Every subsequent turn will consist of two actions
>Diplomacy and lore posts are unlimited.
>Warposts are diplomatic actions. If it isn’t in the warpost, it won’t be in the result. See the Combat section of the Extended Guide for more details.
>No tech cap, but tech rushing is unacceptable. All nations begin with a starting tech level equivalent to that of 2000 AD in real life.
>Nuclear weaponry is prohibited. Nuclear energy and its applications(including military applications) are permitted.
>Updates will be every other day(excluding Sundays)
Starting Template

>Nation Name:
>Capital Starting Location: Feel free to mark this on the map. Does not cost a turn to establish.
>Starting Turns:
>>Every new nation receives a bank of 15 turns, representing the past history of their nation. These turns can be used for border expansion, founding cities, adding improvements, or researching new technologies. Border expansion is at the rate of 4 tiles per turn. Starting a new branch of technology takes three turns. Founding cities, improving on a previously established branch of technology, and constructing improvements in an existing city all take one turn.
1. Graenian anti-air assets are improved. If air superiority is lost so is Graenia. A new weapon emerging from the prototype stage is the Mk. 25 "Thunderstrike" Tesla Anti-Air system, which is both a defensive installation placed alongside preexisting Tesla defenses, which were ubiquitous since the Qatar wars, as well as mounted on Tesla tank chassis. Much like Graenia's other Anti-air weapons systems, the "Thunderstrike" was a potent anti-infantry/light armored vehicle weapon.

2. The expansive bunker systems dotted around the country are converted properly to military defensive installations. Civilian militias too were drafted up, overwhelmingly made up of volunteers. Every city a fortress, and behind every blade of grass a rifle. What borders weren't made up of mountains were coverless plains, ripe for the use of artillery and vehicle formations.
>War of Faith
The rise of atheism begins to increase steadily once more, driven by the now incessant propagandizing and the chaos happening across the world. The Setlovian government faces increasing pressure to adopt a more neutral bent, as opposed the explicitly pro-religious position they have taken until now.
>1: powered armor
Alright, so the exoskeletons are working well. However, they seem to get in the way of our previously determined armor types. Skin and bone won't be enough if we find ourselves in a fight. Not that we're looking for one, but defense is key. It's time we merged these skeletons with actual armor. Soldiers who use this armor will have their fur shaved short, in order to compensate for the tightness of the suit. The layer closest to the user will be a skin-tight bodysuit. On top of that bodysuit will be all of the bits that aid in user movement. On top of the aided parts will be the armor itself. It is designed to move comfortably with the exoskeleton and the user, but that leaves certain joints "open". Head protection is a high priority here. The suit's helmet will be have a completely metal exterior, and it will be ventilated, so that its visor won't be fogged by the user's breathing or body heat. On the inside of the helmet is a gel layer, similar to that of the bodysuit. Our armory had a tough time determining if or how the ears could be protected. Ultimately, they came to the conclusion that each ear would sport a flexible metal shell, and their movements would be aided by the exoskeleton's power source, so that they would not flop to the sides under their relatively weak musculature. Finally, out of the helmet's front, there is a hole for one's horn. Each suit is custom-tailored for its user, which has a few repercussions.
1. they are very hard to manufacture.
2. only the best of the best should be wearing them.
3. being able to don this armor may be seen as an incentive for trainees, and those rising the ranks.
Users are able to color their armor however they wish, but the military officials recommend choosing wisely, as re-coloring is expensive, and takes months to approve. They also recommend sticking to camo, as there's no use in looking like a traffic cone on the field of battle.

>2: religious investigation
Mihau's strange behavior on his midnight talkshow is nothing short of normal, but that knife he pulled. Now that was something. Nikhil has went on record, saying that just staring at the blade as its flames waved in the air made him feel uncomfortable. Never before had he been so weary of an open flame. There is definitely something wrong with Mihau, but our greater concern is where he got that knife. Snake folk, he said? And a train tunnel that leads through to another dimension? Surely, this requires some investigation. We ask all our neighbors where these snake folk may reside, as we've never heard of them before this point.

Ayo, where the snakes at? ^ detailed in the action above
The Graenian Federation provides the exact location, as well as intelligence on the snakes that they have.
is there space left for new players ? what forms of government can I choose ?
> Action 1
Connect the Vaalie Capital and Kopakonen trough a railline between their hellfire gates so transportation of resources and trade beween the citystates is still possible.

> Action 2:
Build a hellfire Gate in Aeragata so they can connect themselves to the Hell-train-system

Was Action: AFTER this turns ends so start next turn all hellgates burst open and all sleeper demons attack. Causing as much death and mayhem as possible everywhere.

(yeah allied countries with hellgates too)

It was quite clear that, given the situation, the Geestenbezweerder Program's success was of vital interest to the nation. As, at the moment, the greatest suspect for the one behind the attack is the actual genuine demons. After all, the Soviets are busy, Vaalie doesn't have the connections to fit with the right people, Graenia has friendly relations with the empire, and many other nations are in a similar situation of simply not having the means or connections. In fact, the lack of evidence is partially why it's believed to be the demons the Graenian's are dealing with. And the disappearances following reappearances with slight changes a few days later ties into this hunch. Hopefully the Empires efforts wouldn't be in vein. After all, a way to detect them would be key in the coming months, at least, if this was their doing.

Still, in a time of crisis like this one, the people need to be unified, united together as divided all that will happen is a repeat of the early years of the great war. The Kaiser would make a speech to address the people in these trying times, and the Kriegsmäid would make their own speeches some time after to their varying branches. The kaiser would appeal to the people to have unity in these trying times as the empire faces what is possibly the greatest adversary since the great war. How, the attack upon the parliament is at this time believed to be the result of those with mysterious pasts ascending to twisted form that had been striking at the Graenian Federation for some time now. And that the empire is united for a reason, and in moments like this, it is time to put away rivalry between political groups, religious matters, and so forth. As all of the Empire's citizens, regardless if they are Eisenkrone, Helderezee, or Veloxflumine, are citizens of the empire. And it is with this unity that the empire will come out of this crisis strong, and after, once all the dust has settled, things could go back to what they once were.

>Action One. The Geestenbezweerder Program continues.

>Action Two. Rally the nation together in this time of crisis.

(Bit less then normal, but I wanted to get it out before I passed out. Hopefully my tiredness didn't ruin the quality.)
Increase oilbased mineworks.

The plastics refining is expanded to cope with the needs of the war effort.

APCs push out from the swamps ouf the damn, intent on pushing to the farm.
1. Expand Artillery and other heavy equipment production facilities

2. Continue building farms in the hilly western region
File: Turn 18.png (4.77 MB, 3583x4502)
4.77 MB
4.77 MB PNG
[please stick to the bounds of 21st century technology]
The armored core production is started, but the going is slow. ISAF has neither the technology nor the resources to create such an enormous construct. Current efforts have resulted in a somewhat beefier T-47, capable of carrying moderately heavier armaments.

>The Graenian Federation
The creation of directional energy fields is a breakthrough in Tesla technology. Rather than spherical, indiscriminate fields, Tesla towers can now be directed and focused, allowing them to discriminate between friendly and enemy forces for the first time. The deployment of Thunderstrike systems allows the existing defense towers to specialize in the interception of ground forces, improving coverage there as well.
Taking cues from the Swamp’s defensive strategy, the Komitet Graenia Bezopasnosti embarks on a focused propaganda campaign designed to spark patriotic sentiments and tie the nation’s religious fervor to the current military efforts. The normally cynical Graenians take well to this new development--their nation’s collectivist culture making them more than receptive to initiatives for the common defense.

Clad in ceramic-composite armor and pulling power from two Tesla generators each, the eight power suits represent not just the pinnacle of Setlovian technology but the pinnacle of military technology anywhere in the world. An electrode cap and sophisticated neural imaging algorithms allow the suit to do basic movements such as walking or running without requiring manual input, as well as amplify the strength and agility of the user. The results are astonishing. A user wearing Power Armor can lift up to a ton and attain top speeds of 30 miles per hour. The costs, however, are astronomical. Each suit must be extensively customized for its user, limiting the number of pilots that can be active at any moment. Training a new pilot to withstand the rigors of their suit is also a painstaking process: one wrong move can cripple a recruit for life. As such, though becoming a suit pilot is a rarefied and prestigious achievement, very few actually see combat, their suits deemed too valuable for all but the highest priority missions.
In response to the Setlovian envoy comes a cacophony of answers. The Graenians, of course, are adamant that the snakefolk are demons from another dimension. But equally strident are the messages from the folk’s allies, of which there are many. Chief among them are the Tawar, a historically peaceful folk who insist that the snakefolk are no more than a peaceful people devoted to the investigation and harnessing of fire magic.
>Kabal of Gehenna
The Trihydra initiative is a success, connecting all three city states to one another in a way that even the Helderazee will find difficult to sabotage.

>Eisenkrone-Helderezee Empire
The first breakthroughs come from the stricken nation of Dvesalia, whose cash-strapped government is selling state secrets to any nation willing to provide aid. A state of the art soulon detector proves to be more than worth the price when installed in a hotel room near the capital. The anomaly it finds proves to be a minor politician who goes feral almost as soon as they are captured. The downsides, though, are tremendous. The detectors are expensive and enormous: large enough that they must be transported by truck. They also need time to scan, several hours at least.

>Snorting Swamps
The asphalt refinery is turned into a full-blown oil-extraction plant, with multiple rigs and an onsite refinery.

The new farms are set up, their efficiency enhanced by the CyberAm systems.

File: factions2.png (1.05 MB, 1952x1464)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Action 1:
The jewel of deinsaikne is completed, a hellforge which was supposed to power the entire city. Soon after the incursion of the other hellforges a civil insurection started, yet at that point the engineers in charge of the project were already compromized...
Thus at its completion the incursion of deinsaikne began.
Action 2:
In the free country of brivimaja a large militia is formed - they are called the vanguard and have arisen in response to the aregata demonic incursion. At the momment they are fighting the demonic incursion to their north-east but have also been put to work purging foriegn elements assosiated with the now clearly demonic rebels. Many are caught in this crossfire both innocent and those sent as agents by the dual alliance.

>the war as it is on the southern dual front
mass mutinies and turncoating has happened in response to the demonic incursions as the threat of demonic possession inflicts mass paranoia. Before the incursions there was an air of plausible deniability however now those who wish for immortality under hell and those who despise the foriegn hellish elements are fighting, putting the pushes into lilismaja to a hault. though still the city itself is not spared of this chaos as many turn on eachother.

>the war as it is on the eastern front
with most of the leadership of the revolution compromized with demons, mutinies on their part are rare, however some do occur haulting the push into teramaja after the city was breached by military forces. Now the city is under chaos, with the lower areas bustling with demonic activity and the fortified upper class areas now acting as fortresses against the threat. With volenteer soldiering rates higher than ever before and with a small ammount of brivimajan forces joining they frey in defense of those they are slowly begining to see as allies the tides may be set to turn, however only time will tell which force will be able to finally overtake the other.

>other information
The coal fortress of the barron of coal has been destroyed, with the smaller local dvesilian factories being corrupted and put to use in created forces of openly demonic units tainted by demonic energy.
The energy tree south of deinsaikne has been destroyed, as the corrupted baron only sees that as something which could only help non-demonic forces.
Small insurections are occuring all over rebel occupied areas as a purging of their elite takes place by formerly devout but not possessed members of the revolution. The same is happening but on a larger scale in deinsaikne controlled areas.
Most of the untainted radiation cults band together in order to join up with anti-demon insurectionist forces, commiting their own purges of their leadership in order to get rid of corruption. However still they are largely compromized as the organizers of this anti-demon revolt are themselves possessed in secret or in legue with the demonic forces
>The aftermath of the the Snorted Shadow Government coming forward and explaining why they chose to unite with the Ingashe in the face of the demon threat results in Regional Swamp Representatives to be elected by the villages to direct the manpower for the good of the Swamps in the face of the demon threat, with them leading the militia's of the villages in the protection of their portions of the swamps. Merchants are still a part of the nations, serving as "Traders of the State", hired on to serve the people and the swamp as a whole in the face of this crisis. [With implied benefits for long term duties of this threat.]

Greater shells of high yield petrol are rigged, MOAB Shell (Mother of All Bacon) penetrate the flesh of the demon, and ignites its explosive fuel with the internal organs of the creatures.

Targeting sytems for the artillery guns are designed utilizing the chips from the dyst.

With a breakthrough, and a clear sign that it works, along with credence to the theory of what happened in the Great Parliament Massacre, the Geestenbezweerder Program continues, in fact, its efforts are made a priority, yet, the project itself is expanded to an extent. One on further work on improving the detection method, and the other on any possible way of doing what the ancient supernatural profession the program was named after. Half of the work on the Soulon, or Zuiverheid onthuller, is to miniaturizing it and the other half to speeding up the scanning... Meanwhile, the other portion of the program would work on trying to discover more about the soul, and how it is different when possessed, along with if it was possible to remove the possession from the soul, and leave the person in question unharmed. Of course, seeing how this was the start of this portion of the project, no attempts to actually remove possession would occur, at least not until a solid enough understanding that a potential safe and secure way of doing so was devised.

Of course, with so much focus on the Geestenbezweerder Program, the military wouldn't get any fancy new toys, and at the moment, the plan for the Empire is simple. For the forces on the front, simply hold the line, and for the forces behind the front, continue to disrupt Vaalië supply lines. The Empire's current plan was simply to hold the line until such a time could come that possession could be detected and treated like the disease it was so that the state of Emergency the Empire was in could be lifted, elections safely held without demonic influence, and the people free from fear of possession. With any luck, soon enough there'd be good enough equipment to provide plenty of examples of people suffering from demonic possession. And that will aid efforts to find a 'cure' for this damnable curse. Regardless, there was some concern as this work went through, an uncomfortable question that was going to be answered in time, but one that made the work so important. How many people were currently possessed?

>Action One. Miniaturization and efficiency work.

>Action Two. Initial set up work to finding a potential way to 'cure' possession.
>1: more accessible armor
Our new military technology is fancy and special. We've deemed it to still be in its most experimental phase, code-named, project Zealot, as any and all of our higher-ranking soldiers will be trained in the art of Deikan fire magic. It needs work, but in the meantime, we need a substitute for the more average soldier. Not exactly average, but still more common than our Zealots. A large set of shock troopers, used for deployment in special ops missions. Their armor will be made of lighter materials, and for the most part, won't be aided by the exoskeleton of the previous model. Though more experienced members of this squadron will be given upgrades to their armor as they rise through the ranks.
Heavy-duty plastics will be used for their armor. The helmet of said armor will be copying the homework of our Zealot class, but instead of being constructed from metal, it will be made out of heavy duty plastic. The user's horn and ears will penetrate holes in their helmet. Of course, a ventilation system will need to be put in place, so that the visor doesn't cloud up. The rest of the armor will also be made of heavy-duty plastic.

>2: investigate returning setlovians
Those who return to our borders from the land of these snakes need to be investigated. However, we need to be more covert about this. Ask a migrant to attend a meeting at a nearby police station about a week in advance. If he doesn't show up on the day of, he will have missed his obligation under the law, and we will need to come and get him. If he's gone, pick another, and do the same. Don't say a word about what's going to happen, whether it's good or bad.
By now, we know that those who go to the places where snakefolk lie seem to come back strange, like Mihau. All of a sudden, he seems to dislike holy fire, and wields this new weapon we've never seen before. Something's up, and we think a blessing might be worth a shot. What if those Graenians are on to something?

The "interrogation" will go as follows.

When the subject enters the station, he will be directed to an interrogation room.

In this room, he will be given some sort of digestible. Water, preferably. Said digestible will have been roofie'd.

The subject will pass out, and we will blindfold him, in case he wakes at a time when he's not supposed to.

During his unconsciousness, we will have our priests conduct a holy blessing on him. An exorcism, if you will.

If that shows no signs of change, we will wake him, and try again.

After the procedure is over, we will roofie the subject again, and take him to his home. If he has any known family members living with him, they will also be subdued, and roofied. After that, they will be lain in their beds, and wake as though their memories were nothing more than dreams.

The exorcism will be recorded, and held safe by our most faithful, in case our higher-ups have been infiltrated.
1. Deploy additional reserves
Begin the process of deploying units of the Revolutionary Army to the jungles outside of Kurogane.

2. Construct a new tank factory in Yun
> Requests of our Communist Allies
Finally we can construct the hellgate and railroad from the USR to our land. Afterall their transportation minister has been begging us to get it done! It is even more important now as shipments of food to Jungieland from the PRC would be countered by Tropiosi forces now.

> Action 2: Defensive fortifications
Mountains are barren, but have some advantages. 90% of the roads go trough tunnels over bridges or next to steep cliffs. Every single one of those areas is spiked with explosives so advancing enemy troops can become victims of collapsing tunnels, bridges or avalanches if such need arises. Place wood-based minefields anywhere where possible as well.

I don't even know the state of the war anymore, so if the action with the USR is impossible instead release a Documentary about the cruelty and inhumane actions of the Enemy side of the conflict, to try pulling public opinion towards our cause.
A handful of First generation armored cores are deployed to promptly take over the nearby shallow waters near sandtrap city
I.S.A.F. would use its memory system to recover one of its ancient blueprints... a sea to air turboprop Superbomber , the XB-00, capable of carrying Clusterbombs (each being as strong as a FOAB at the very least) and high end subsonic , it is capable of intercontinental bombing and can return home safely if required.
Action 1: Advance our fighter tech
Action 2: Improve Tesla tanks
File: Turn 19.png (4.78 MB, 3583x4502)
4.78 MB
4.78 MB PNG
Inspired by the parallel movements spreading across the northern nations, a number of the well to do citizens of Brivimaja begin to purchase weaponry and hand them out to large swathes of the public. The result is the creation of the Brivimajan Self-Defense Force. As their name implies, they are mostly concerned with protecting the city and its hinterlands, steering well clear of the fight beyond the mountains.

>Snorting Swamps
MOAB shells are often fired alongside high explosive and incendiary rounds to create what artillery commanders call “hellfire blankets”, curtains of fiery napalm that incinerate everything they touch. To amplify their anti-personnel effects, most are wrapped in copper or iron wire, which fragments on explosion and tears bystanders to shreds. If the demons want hell on Tarn, then by God, the Jungies will give it to them.
Taking Dyst chips and slamming them into Jungie brains is a radical move, one that would normally not have been countenanced in the Swamp without years of study beforehand. But these are not normal times, and the Swamps will take whatever advantage they can get at the moment. Direct neural interfaces lead to a significant boost to targeteering responsiveness of artillery, amplifying even further the effects of the MOAB on the Jungies ability to counterattack against the demons. For now, the reports of physical side effects will be locked away in some dusty filing cabinet, suppressed on the grounds of maintaining morale.

>Eisenkrone-Helderezee Empire
Through a tech-sharing effort with the Graenian Federation, the soulon detectors are miniaturized small enough to fit into a large backpack. Each detector comes with a large nozzle, not unlike that of a metal detector, which scanners can sweep over a suspect or crowd to find soul abnormalities. Of course this comes with its drawbacks. Lacking resolution and precision, a single detection may require dozens of individuals to be detained and tested to weed out a single possessed. In addition, the detectors themselves are still large enough to be obvious, most likely allowing many possessed to evade detection. And, of course, there are the diplomatic snafus that result when a high-ranking Dyst is pinged by the detector and forced to sit through an ignominious interrogation before the mix-up is resolved.
Early estimates indicate that the true number of possessed are few, somewhere around a hundred thousand in a nation of a hundred million. Frankly, the fact that a demon had been caught, let alone on the first try, was a stroke of luck. The vast majority of possessed are common folk, concentrated in the Vanderswaaljik and the surrounding suburbs.
Unfortunately, exorcism testing on the first subject is abruptly terminated when the subject intentionally bites off their own tongue overnight. When the other captives begin attempting similar methods of suicide, testing is temporarily called to a halt to reassess. Just then, word comes in that the Setlovians have had success with their own exorcism efforts. Perhaps the Reich could simply join on their efforts?

The dense, high-quality plastics required by the armor depletes the nations own oil reserves. Luckily, the asphalt refineries operated by their next door neighbors have recently been improved, significantly opening up supply. While these suits are nowhere near full pilot suits, they’re effectively the next best thing, and the shock troopers who wear them are very well aware of that.
After a few failures in capturing migrants, the already exasperated and resentful officers of Setlovia overstep their bounds. Kidnapping Mihau himself from his stately penthouse in Phiact Visp, they inject him with a double dose of sedative before beginning the exorcism. As the holy blessing proceeds, the TV host begins to twitch and writhe. A paralytic is administered but still the contortions continue. As the priests watch with trepidation, a ghastly apparition of smoke and flame is coaxed out of Mihau’s tortured body, its face a mask of rage and agony. The creature tries to flee, but is repelled on every side by holy chanting. Finding itself trapped, the horned demon--for what else could it be?--lets out a frustrated howl before diving back into its host's portly body. Mihau goes momentarily still, before bursting into a ceiling high conflagration. A partial success, true. But at what cost? As the charred remains of Mihau’s corpse smolder, the gravity of what the officers have done finally hits them.
[D] The capture of Mihau sets off a firestorm of accusations and conspiracies. Many among the atheists now believe that the government is capturing and killing outspoken heretics, and now, even the normally level-headed are inclined to believe them. Rumors of kangaroo courts and offshore detention facilities abound, fanning the flames even further. What begins as protests in the streets quickly turn to riots, as Setlovian police are set upon by bottles and rocks and crowds break windows and burn government buildings. The whole nation is thrust to the absolute brink of chaos.
>You are at the edge of Insurrection! The people demand accountability from their government!
Three years ago, CyberAm had been tasked with compiling a list of able-bodied Ingashe who could be called to serve if needed. Now, the system is activated, firing off marching orders to thousands of reservists across the city. The resulting mass deployment brings the Ingashe to their highest troop levels ever.

>Kabal of Gehenna
The war is rapidly sprawling out of even its demon masterminds control, with new factions springing up at every turn. Faced with the fog of war, the Kabal decides the best course of action is to defend itself. Meanwhile, great elation is had as the hellgate-railroad is built into the USR, just outside of Kurogane. The railroad is sold as both a means of sending aid north, as well as a last-ditch option for evacuating civilians should the Tropiosi prevail. Finally, the day is at hand!

The XB-00 was an early mainstay of the ISAF battle strategy. A single one could lay waste to entire cities. The tradeoff was its lack of speed and mobility, which makes it a sitting duck when matched against nimbler airframes. Given its serious vulnerability and astronomical cost, Isaf should ensure that it has absolute air superiority before attempting to field one of these behemoths.

>The Graenian Federation
Through a tech sharing agreement with the EH Reich, Graenia is able to implement the same lightweight alloys used in the Type C in their own Tesla tanks. The current war with Kopakonen rules out the use of aluminum in their vehicle frames, the supply of that metal being exhausted by the former’s blockade and the Reichs own wartime production efforts. Instead, the designing engineers turn to titanium alloys to form the bulk of the chassis. The result is a racing tank able to attain similar, though lower, benchmarks(26/45) than their counterparts, but with slightly more survivability and a much more powerful main cannon. A much needed dose of speed to the strong but sluggish Graenian army.
>Your fighter action happens

-------END OF TURN 19---------

The red sky darkens. The damns have burst. Prepare for the end of days.
It feels just like home, may blood and molten metal paint they soil red just how hell pained the sky red! Ay Gehenna!

> Action1: Trough Hell
The Borders of the Empire have revealed themselves as walls impossible to penetrate for the forces of Vaalie and Kopakonen... we can't just let it be. Let them all stay safely in their borders... will a line drawn in the sand really stop the forces of hell? Use a Hell-railroad to connect Hilgerde (Vaalie Capital) to the Secret Hellgate. The Hell trains will be used to launch a surprise attack at the heart of the Empire. (I'll describe attack on discord)

> Action 2: Time for All hell to break loose as the Demon hordes attack Rismeir it is important to slowdown the Pursuing Greanians and to leave a permanent gift for their amusement. The Force is plit. WHile the majority 2/3rds is left to attack Rismeir 1/3rd remains in the province between Rismeir and their current location where a Hell Gate is opened.
> Diplo Colony
We wish to to request the hiring of Mercenarries, the Mercenarries will be paid in being permitted to keep anything from the land they fought in.
File: file.png (2.31 MB, 960x1280)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB PNG
Thus I.S.A.F would use its memory systems and recover a quite... frightening unit... the XB-01 HRESVEGLR, a massive bomber that can be considered as a aerial warship , obviously dwarfed by the Final fortress, they are equipped with a ridiculous amount of Pulse Lasers weaponry systems , AA Missiles and Automatic flak weaponry, it can carry up to 40 Ikaruga's , 5 XB-00 and 10 ADF-01 and 2 ADF-11F, all are deployed once its near enemy target (2 tiles away of the target), such unit is thus capable of good ol' sea to air... and note: it is equipped with Cruise missiles capable of dealing twice as much damages as the FOAB , making it quite... lethal i must say.

2 XB-00 are deployed to directly bomb the dyst capital , 20 ADF-01 are used to escort them incase of enemy attack.

With the Zuiverheid onthuller now a decent size, just a bit more work would be done to the thing to make it small enough to be roughly akin to the size of a gun or smaller. After all, if it was that size, it could potentially have an integrated taser function. Regardless, with a small size those searching for the possessed could likely switch to a much more precise mode and scan only the single person in front of them if need be, and the set up of Zuiverheid onthuller in the same places as metal detectors would be able to help find those afflicted with it. Additionally, new procedure is utilized when dealing with the possessed, simply to sedate them and keep them unconscious and alive until a way to find a permanent removal of the demon in question safely. What is key now is to find a way to remove the demons, and keep them from killing their 'host'. And seeing how Setlovia has already succeeded at half of this, contact would be attempted to find what they did, and work would be done to try and make it so the person in question having the exorcism doesn't die in the process.

Meanwhile, the Army, Airforce, and Navy would be slightly discontent. While the understand the importance of the Geestenbezweerder Program, they feel as if the detectors are fine as they are, and that effort could have been better used on their respective branches. In the Army and Irma's case, Infantry equipment or upgrades to tanks or helicopters would have been a better use of such time, while better fighters or strike aircraft in Brunhild and the air forces case. Katherein and the Navy meanwhile believed better quieting or speed for ships would have been better, especially for submarines, the best counter for enemy submarines. Regardless, this was likely going to be addressed sooner rather than later. Especially considering what was going on unbeknownst to the Empire.

>Action One. Further Miniaturization and efficiency work.

>Action Two. Attempts to 'cure' Possession safely with information sharing with Setlovia (Should they accept, which is likely), using the Weg der Götter/Pad van de goden style of holy chants and symbols of course...
>1: deploy the Gladiators
This has gone far enough! Any more instability, and we'll be over the precipice of collapse. They were initially made for national defense, but when the nation's people grow rowdy and violent, action must be taken. Given that the Gladiators have been trained to the very top of their class, they should be able to follow these specific orders. Strike fear, but don't kill anyone unless seriously threatened. This includes the use of deikan magic. Her fire is used to protect the innocent, and as of right now, we are far from innocent, so what right do we have to protect ourselves with it? None. Rubber bullets will do the trick. Each gladiator will have his own squadron of shock troops, who will travel with him, and carry out his orders. Revealing our faceless killing machines to the public, and yet, refusing to use their lethality in what may seem to be the most dangerous situation to some is the first step on the road to trust.

An hour before the counter-protest, a message will be conveyed by the grand vizier on national television.

"To the people of Setlovia, faithful or otherwise, it is in our best interest to keep you safe. We have our concerns, and so do you. I must remind all of you that we do not fear or hate the disbelief in Deika, or her magic. However, proclaiming that a proven true god is false in the loudest and most disrespectful manner possible is bound to catch a few watchful eyes, divine or otherwise. Even if one truly believes that it is foolish to worship Deika, does one need to challenge her directly? We see value in her will because we know that she has allowed us to keep going for so long, in giving us the gift of warmth through fire. And yet, now you use her gifts to burn the buildings of those who have tried to protect you. We admit, our methods were rash, but we are willing to negotiate beyond the ashes and rebuild when the storm has calmed. More importantly, government information, up until this point, and forever after, will be available to the public. Any and all records of with-held information will also be available for local news networks to disclose at their discretion. Depending on the way in which people were affected, their relatives will be compensated in an as of yet undisclosed form. These new policies will come into effect when we are certain that the nation is once again stable. As of right now, the public is not prepared, or calm enough to take information like this. We believe it could not only inspire more chaos, but fear of things that are far more threatening than that of the Setlovian government."

>2: construct a large fruit farm in the east
Somehow, we need to keep our people calm. If there were less things to worry about, say, getting food on the table, it is possible that our people may be less stressed by their surroundings, faithful or otherwise. More food means less expenses, and less expenses means more money in the pockets of our people. Maybe it will inspire healthy minds to put down their stones, and speak peacefully. Here's hoping that those on the the government's end may also find themselves acting less rash as a result.
>Diplo: Eisenkrone-Helderezee Empire
Our process involves a basic demon ritual, centered around an unconscious possessed individual. If our collaborators have a safer and less public way to conduct these experiments on the possessed, we would be happy to send a few priests, so long as their techniques may be relayed back home.

See, it works, but the only problem is that after the ritual is over, and the demon within seems to be exiting, the possessed individual seems to uh... explode. We also have no idea how to solve this issue. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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