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Shock ripples across the globe as the Snorting Swamps are suddenly crippled, their watersheds poisoned by an unknown adversary. Who could have committed such a horrible crime? And who might be their next target?

Welcome to Modern NRP! Build your nation, carve out a unique niche, and tell your own story. New players and spectators welcome. To join, simply make a post below using the provided starting template.
For more information, see the Extended Guide(https://pastebin.com/JBS8mr1m), or join the discord(F2Patcf).

Basic Rules
>RP and collaborative gameplay comes first and foremost. Metagaming, min-maxing, and other unsportsmanlike behaviors will be punished.
>For your first turn, see the template below. Every subsequent turn will consist of two actions
>Diplomacy and lore posts are unlimited.
>Warposts are diplomatic actions. If it isn’t in the warpost, it won’t be in the result. See the Combat section of the Extended Guide for more details.
>No tech cap, but tech rushing is unacceptable. All nations begin with a starting tech level equivalent to that of 2000 AD in real life.
>Nuclear weaponry is prohibited. Nuclear energy and its applications(including military applications) are permitted.
>Updates will be every other day(excluding Sundays)
Starting Template

>Nation Name:
>Capital Starting Location: Feel free to mark this on the map. Does not cost a turn to establish.
>Starting Turns:
>>Every new nation receives a bank of 15 turns, representing the past history of their nation. These turns can be used for border expansion, founding cities, adding improvements, or researching new technologies. Border expansion is at the rate of 4 tiles per turn. Starting a new branch of technology takes three turns. Founding cities, improving on a previously established branch of technology, and constructing improvements in an existing city all take one turn.
This calamity has brought the pig people to a halt, masses of plastic bottled water are produced from untainted water sources and delivered to try and prevent dehydration. Swampboats, and battle barges sail up the western rivers of the swamp, and the 2 tainted sources are plain as day. Great filthy bilge coats the top with a rot, geiger counters tick away, and blue heaven is clearly in the mix.
Once the tainted rivers are identified, the Siderian Wall sets about constructing a dam for the rivers, to try to prevent further contamination flowing further down river. The construction reaches across both rivers, forming a massive reservoir in the tile north of the Kabal farm. The dam is outfitted as massive military complex intended to hold the current supply of tainted water from the rest of the swamp until it can be possibly purified, and serve as artillery platform and machine gun killnest, capable of firing upon the Snakefolk at the border, and shred them should they attempt to attack the dam.

Once located upon the fortified concrete dam, the Siderian Wall begins firing artillery upon the farm of their western neighbor.

The Dyst are offered broadcasting supplies for their own use, and plastics for their computer chip production in return for their aid in Jungie Rehabs and hospitals.

>Ingashe & Graenian & Setlovia
The Jungies Government reaches out to its closest 3 neighbors, informing them of the war now breaking out in the swamps, over the Snakefolk's clear either negligence or willful intent resulting in the 2 rivers that begin in their lands now being completely unsafe to drink, now poisoning 1/2 of the western swamp rivers. The pig people clamor for whatever aid can be rendered in either drinkable water, munitions, or military assistance in this fight to make the Snakefolk pay for this transgression.
The Federation could, and would have never trusted the snakes, especially the communists. Graenia can offer material support, Information, limited use of the SATCOM array, and possibly volunteers. Possibly.

With the rockets complete, and life support from Graenia good enough for the trip and back, the only real work that would be done before a major step, and a major prestigious leap for the KLRA/KLLRV, would be radiation shielding for the craft. Due to the well known fact that radiation outside Tarns atmosphere in space was much greater, and given the time a trip for a Katzarin to reach and land on the second moon of Tarn and come back was involved, a special capsule and more modern lander would be designed. The program that first put a Katzarin from the Empire on Tarns first moon was named the Gúnthers Program, named after the Verstark Englin Gúnthers who along with Reinhardt spoke of democracy and freedom and were practically responsible for the founding of Helderezee. It was only natural that the name for this program would be Reinhardt. All that was needed was a few tests once the capsule and landing craft were ready to go and they'd be ready to launch and land the first Katzarin on Tarns second moon and plan the Flag of the Empire on it...

Meanwhile, many in Helderezee and especially the Helderezee statist party would celebrate at the democratization of Vaalië. Of course, it'd be modest and nothing particularly noteworthy, at least if it wasn't for what the statist party tried after. They'd be swift to try and start up talks to open up trade between the two nations and turn the relationship between the two nations to a much more friendly one. It'd likely be a slow and long process until they could call one another allies, but so long as they were accepting they'd be on the path to such.

>Action One. Research Radiation shielding

>Action Two. Launch the Reinhardt program and its testing and training...The launch will be soon after all.

>Diplo Action. Talk with Vaalië once their new government is set up and officials elected, give them some aid and the means for some public work projects to help infrastructure in places neglected, and try and make a trade deal of some sort with them as well.
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> Battleplan EmQueerUltra
Footage of our farm being bombarded are sent all around the world. Footage of what seems to be a town being annihilated by the Jungies is spread around the world.

> Diplo Ingashe, Tawar and Tropios
With Tropios we had a proper military alliance while with Ingashe and Tawar a defensive one.

Considering the ruthless attack on our nation we ask for the immediate help from the two nations. After all all 3 nations have greatly benefited from our friendship, be it trough cultural, military or technological support. Let's once again stand side by side as brothers, let's extinguish the fires of the warmongering Jungie spirit. Like how the Great Nuclear Fire of the living earth couldn't just be handled by fortifying our nations this problem can't be either it has to be extinguished at the core.

The warmongering ways of the jungies need to end. A peaceful social government needs to replace the Warmongering kabal ruling them now.

As such the Snakefolk Commune proposes a plan for war. A full-on invasion, to minimize casualties on both sides. If we minimize the amount of time the Jungies can bombard civilians with missiles then we minimize casualties. The quicker this war ends the better.

The war plan for each of our allied nations is drawn out on the map.

> The Battle itself
With the Jungies invading directly the most important part would be to cut off their communications. A'q'liq'liq one of the High tier Demons we summoned would stand tall like Skyscraper summoning fourth hellish winds into the area and covering the sky in storm and clouds. Tornadoes would start ravaging near the Jungie front line. That's when the artillery barrage would start, not aimed at the troops behind them to cut off all landlines with then our communication jammers coming into play.
The chain of command would be collapsed, but the Jungies have a culture of guns, not of organised warfare, thus that would be far from enough. As our troops march in machine guns would ravage the now toxic and radioactive swamp. 1/20 men hit instead of death or injury would transform into a possessed attacking all those near them. That's when the hordes of hell would be let loose. Fire demons wielding fire swords would swarm the soldiers lead by Abel'as'ith the high flame demon with flaming sword in one hand and standing as tall as a house and with a giant machine gun in the other he would ravage trough the battlefield.

The Tactic is simple: Total annihilation. You either are transformed into a demon or killed.
The USR response is a mediated one recommending that hostilities be brought to a ceasefire while some degree of negotiation is had to figure out why war has suddenly erupted on the borders of the two nations.
>responses to the call of gehenna
>response by Teramaja
The baron of teramaja, ever distrustful of the dark zone races hard bans any who own property in land under his influence to not come under threat of property seizure and blacklisting from doing buisinus in his domain as well, which includes the importation of products produced by them. He sends no representative. (the ban in question actually does not really affect barons outside of his control as he does no desire a war of authority which could harm his economy)
>response from lilismaja
The great baron of lilismaja places tariffs on businesses and barons who send a representative, although this can be circumvented by a blessing from the baron, usually gained via a large upfront payment. A few eccentric buisinus owners and minor barons go via this method. The great baron himself does not go but does send a representative
>the response from deinsaikne
having had an economic boon from the importation of sandtrap dvesilians the baron himself goes in person, although he extracts a similar payment from other lords in his realm who go, although it is smaller and thus more go.
>response from minor barons
the baron of iron, being under the influence of that of teramaja does not go nor does he send a representitive. He enforces the ban steadfastly.
The baron of gold, under the influence of that of aluminium goes in person and the few who have influence similar to him go as well. Although publicly he denys going in person.
Several notable figures from the untamed areas go, although only around half go and even less so in person.
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> Aeragata
the minister of transportation, seems like the type of person to be interested in a Mach2 train
> Di-Di
our closest relations were with the Mountain warband. So their new chief and 2 of her advisors. The Desert warband also had some dealings with us, so there 2 advisors to the chief and 1 advisor to the chief of the Snow Warband
> Sandtrap City
one leader of a major mercenary warband and 2 major traders which were not affected by Demonic influence yet
> Tawar
the minister of transportation, minister of technology and CEO of some company which tends to sell Hellfire infused items
> Tropios
the King of Tropios, as he was long a good ally and we'd try to get him specifically to come
> Vaalie
either the former no figurehead King or the head of one of the new upcomming political parties (or his advisor)
Wumpeltown - the minister of transportation of Wumpeltown
> Devesilia
Baron of Deinsaikane and Baron of Gold
> Jungie
Head of the Clan who oversees the Trainstation in Porcopolis
> Ingashe
Transportation is a yes as they'd be interested in new trains. Probably a congressperson or a minister of engineering. Deputy-Minister of Foreign Affairs is a yes.
File: Thingy.png (1.24 MB, 1761x1853)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
> The Dvesilian Civil Wars aka. the Confusing War
With the baron of Deinsaikne under our control it's time to quickly use that to our advantage. The Baron uses is forces to mobilize and launch a surprise attack on Sandtrap City (though of course we warn Sandtrap city before). When confronted by the other lords about such an odd action he'd calmly explain that: "it is an atrocity that other nations are producing Dvesilians, it's the quickest way of once again becoming tools and slaves. One of us Dvesilians had to give them the technology to produce us. I had no time to waste so that the same traitor would leak to them a warning of an upcoming attack."

The baron of Gold would surprisingly switch his allegiance directly to the Liberty Movement along with many prominent Dvesillian celebrities, renowned scientists and other prominent figures possibly driving in a surplus of new volunteers, but that is when something odd would happen. The Liberty movement would declare War against the Baron of Taramaja, claiming him to be corrupt and unjust and a slavedriver and the one behind imprisoning the leaders of their movement so long ago. A concentrated attack is launched on the Baron both by the Liberty movement, Baron of Gold and the Radiation cults more closely aligned with the Liberty Movement.

The Demons leverage their influence within the Desert Warband explaining to them just how unstable the situation in Dvesilia is right now and how prime of an opportunity it is for a raid. The Warband would be paid to raid the baron of Lilismaja.

Split the forces of the 3 barons and confuse them, that's the way to maximum carnage. May hydraulic fluids and multen metal flow in the streets of Dvesilia.
In the Ingashe an uproar starts. The nation has been friendly with the Snakefolk Commune for decades by now with the people of Ingashe liking the allied Snakefolk a lot. What previously seemed like a beneficial one-off deal with the Jungies now seems like a betrayal of revolutionary ideas by the inner party. The minister of transportation, deputy minister of foreign affairs and the minister of engineering as well as many prominent figures like lower rank politicians, scientists and celebrities openly oppose the stance of the stance of the rest of the party.
"What you are doing is essentially treason to our Allies and to the Revolution itself. While the vile Jungie imperialists are bombarding their homes you wish to buy time before having to do anything. SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!!!"

Meanwhile a letter returns from the Snakefolk Commune... we did not expect our greatest ally to just abandon us like that in the time of need. You know of the greedy capitalist way of the Jungies, and you know of their warmongering in Tropios Sandtrap CIty and by attacking us. Yet you choose to wish for temporary peace paid for by Snakefolk Blood instead of bringing true peace to the Jungies trough the true teachings of communism. We expected better from you comrades."
The Empire has been peaceful for a long time, maybe so long that it has been forgotten that the War with Vaalie was still going on. With a peace deal finally being sighned and an election held it looked like their old King might be relegated to a representative role or chased out altogether, but then an odd thing would happen the long dormant Ice Warband would raid the Citystate, forcing it to adopt "temporary military rule" and who again is the head of their army... none other than the King.
(The Stainzee-Annudadai Pact - the Ice Warband is permitted to raid the places where pro-democracy activists reside without penalty to solidify the King's power. They also are permitted to raid the Empire and use Vaalie as a safe-haven to retreat too without the Empire being able to pursue them.)

The Empire would henceforth experience many raids themselves from the Ice Warband all ending with them retreating to Vaalie and the Empire unable to pursue unless they choose to break the Peace.

Meanwhile in the south the Moutain Warband would raid "Hiderkerk am Zee" and later "Waanderwaalsdjik" before retreating.

If the Empire attacks Vaalie will try to have it's good friend Kopakonen help them out.
File: Thingy.png (1010 KB, 1462x1913)
1010 KB
1010 KB PNG
forgot pic
> Aeragata&Wumpeltown
The Citystates would have their Ministers of transportation strongly pushing for the construction of a Mach2 train-station in their country too! They even got blueprints how to do it! Hot to open a gate to the dimension of the flame of life and all!
In Wumpeltown the Snakefolk and Jungie minority would be greatly supportive of the idea. (I mean my possessed there.). In oth Citystates Blue Heaven addicts would be given a discount on the drug for also approving of the idea. Many celebrities etc. would also be all for it. Cheap and quick transportation for all!

> Jungie
The Train Clan guy would henceforth poison all incoming food supplies from abroad. Tainting them, making the nation now already starved for food even more desperate. All while from the Citystates Jungies would be returning on mass there to protect the fatherland (possessed Jungies). Said Jungies not only being additional mouths to feed, would also happily leak any military Intel they got their hands on.

> Tawar
The possessed in Tawar would all stand in support of aiding the Snakefolk in their war-effort. After all we have been good friends, and helped each other a lot over the years! Their transportation minister too would like the college of Gwadorship to make a new bigger gate to the Dimenssion of the flame of life so they could get access to the mach2 train network.

> Kopakonen
Have all the possessed Kopakonen rally up the rest to create a warlike mood and mood of hating the Empire. Kopakonen celebrities would be coming out emphasizing their friendship to Vaalie and how if a war starts once again they need to support their ally.

> Greania
In Greania all they would do is drive up the mood to enter the war on the Jungie side. After all the spread of communism has to be stopped! The elite of the country wants a direct intervention of the Greanian state.
> Setlovia
All the returning Celebrities do so as atheists.
Spreading the idea of intellectual atheism. They saw a dimension of pure flames. How can Deika claim to rule that? Why is a nation's who don't worship her mastery of flame magic so much greater than our own? Why did she grant them the ability to enchant their things with flame magic, but not us!?

Daika is not real and many celebrities, politicians and scientists come out saying so. This silly fairy-tale needs to end and the Church's flame magic needs to be nationalized.
> Dyst
A Child about 2 years old would soon be left on the old Sage's doorstep. His daughter and the daughter of amalgamation. While having an eldritch being in her and 2 major demons with dozens of minor one she seems... normal. Even as a toddler she seems perfectly capable of suppressing the possessing being controlling them herself instead. Why would Amalgamation send the child do him? What could it mean? All he'd know that he's a single father now.

(the kid is not innately evil, though the less evil she becomes the less demonic power she can tap into, you can do with her what you want)
With those who come back from the train ride, there's a notable shift in behavior. The most noticeable of such being none of them attend church in the weeks following. While missing a mass is one thing, but the constant absence is noticed by the other members of their church. It is a serious societal taboo to not attend church at least once a week. so the absences are very noticeable. Come next election cycle, this might come back and ruin their political careers, but only time will tell...
No there is no notable change in behavior... demons are masters at infiltration. They gain all the memories of those they posses thus they can imitate them.

As for the Church I dunno. I'll let Tarn handle that.
>1: armory
Ring, a one of the Ignaci-O's launch titles, has inspired its audience on a national scale. The concept of power armor has been resting dormant in the minds of nerds everywhere, and now it's gone mainstream. So mainstream that Yerik himself has taken a look at the concept. What if we turned our battle-clerics into super-soldiers? There might not be a better way to fulfill the book of thorns. Supplemental, metal armor, encasing a soldier. It would need a power supply to work with the user's movement, but who is to say that, with our current leaps forward in technology, that we are unable to achieve a smaller power supply?

>2: develop games for the augur
The easiest way for one to control games with the augur at this point in time is with a controller, and not a keyboard. First, we take to adapting the most popular titles of this time to virtual reality. A step in the right direction, as our concept of games that NEED virtual reality aren't too well developed. Will this sell Augur units? Maybe. It's a good way to stall until we can come up with something better.
1. War Preparations
If conflict comes, the People's Army and the Red Army both need to be ready to engage in conflict.

2. War Planning
The General Staff needs to prepare itself for the eventuality of a conflict, and so plans are drawn up that involves a variety of targets and means of attack utilizing air and ground offensives.
Action 1:
The great barons of the north respond in kind, a pact is signed between the baron of teramaja and lilismaja promising unity between them in the face of this civil war. They both contract the baron of the iron mine, whose industrial capacity is both out of reach of the rebels and already one of the greatest of the region to construct armed chasis which will be used to raise a true army for the protecting of dvesilian interests.
The new soldiers come in two kinds of unit, firstly there are urban fighters, who are designed to manuever the rough and unstable terrain or war torn enviroments. And within these urban fighters are the standard ground holding troops (equiped with dvesilian killing weapons with high armor piercing capacity) alongside specialized melee units who utilize light armoring and many mechanical legs to go where standard infantry cannot and who are designed to strike hard and fast.
The other kind of unit is the rural unit, who come in three basic unit varieties. Firstly there are the “tanks” who are supposed to support more standard ground holding infantry, and these infantry are given weapons which are more long ranged in order to snipe Enemy units from afar. Then there are the skirmishers who are designed for raw speed, they hit fast and go even faster, they are supposed to flank and harass the enemy, making their life hell.
Action 2:
Taramaja, using its support from its landed nobility in all but name uses those great engineers it can still trust to combine the prosthetic tech of the dyst with dvesilian advancements in technology to produce improved movement capabilities for the new units being produced
>on the initial conflict of the dvesilian civil war
>on the radiation cults
The cults of radiation have always been a scattered and disunited minority, though the influence of the snakes had run deep into many organizations many still considered themselves dvesilians first and foremost. Many of the cults which had been infiltrated end up collapsing to infighting, few willingly turn their guns on the other members of their community though the radical cults which had stayed behind do end up being instrumental in causing chaos in many regions, especially in rural areas.
>the fight for the Teramaja Region
The crackdown of the bastion of dvesilian sovereignty fights back with vigor. The security forces of the baron are immediately sent to apprehend and eliminate all known centers of libertines in his city, and their violent response (having been armed using the fiery weaponry of the snakes) sends shockwaves as images of melted and eviserated chasis permeate throughout the dvesilian internet. Soon the city becomes a mix of silence and ruckus as most citizens bunker down while others take to the streets to fight rebels and loyalists alike while others come in to loot damaged dvesilians.
>confusion in deinsaikne
The actions of the baron of that city strike most as strange and unexpected as the sandrat city was on better terms with the baron more so than any other. Many chalk it up to greed while others to conspiracy, thus the streets go silent as the people of this city, being not as propagandized as other cities weld their doors shut, fearful of the chaos which may soon take hold.
>the battle in the east
Soldiers of the libertine holds of the east march across the lands almost unmatched, most submit to their will and accept their authority as the main cities are to pre-occupied with trying not to be ripped apart to stop their march.
It is only within a few dozen miles of teramaja does the libertine army find opposition, they are met with blockades of security forces who have bunkered in to stop them from assaulting the city, having blown up pretty much all the bridges on the way to the city and armed with artillery pieces bought many years ago during the scare of the mountain tribe.
Their opposition however is pitiful as once they manage to get ample supplies and heavy units in the cultists will be able to break these barricades and siege down teramaja.
>the situation in lilismaja
As the farms across the desert burn the baron of lilismaja is trying to salvage the rapidly deteriorating situation in his city. The immigrants from the ratlands are causing chaos in large numbers, straining his less well equiped security forces when compared to teramaja. Thankfully there is no invading army approaching so they are given some breathing room. Many holds develop in the city filled with rebels while the great dam is shut down, causing an energy crisis as power going to the homes of the people run short. Many again bunker down and go into low power hibernation while others begin waring and looting in the streets. Though with the dam taken by rebels the baron is preoccupied with that and mostly content to hold up in his mansion turned fortress until power can be re-established. Sadly it seems that the rebels knew of the importance of the dam and have held it for randsom. Their terms: submit to the justice of the libertines or face damnation. If he cannot take it back he may be forced to submit or else loose everything he has built up over the years...
Dyst doctors and technicians go to the jungle to help with the drug issue. Within weeks behind closed doors, the addicts rehab is 100% effective du to the computers in their minds, blocking the addiction from the mind.

He takes the child in. He takes the child in, knowing where the child came from. He raises the child in the way of the sages. She is naturally gifted at the subjugation of the otherworldly powers. While her demonic powers are nowhere near as great as her mother, she does possess a stage gift of being able to augment her above-average eldritch powers with demonic energy.

Turn 1
> The knives of the snake folk are researched with the help of the students of the college. After painstaking effort they are able to put the eldritch beasts that enter the body of the dyst into the prosthetic limbs.

turn 2
>Advancemtnat are made with the security of the prosthetics, and the arms are becoming impervious to outside threats, even to the point that a supernatural spirit has a hard time breaking out and controlling the prostetic, beyond the will of the holder.
>OLD TURN REWRITING , cuz tarn told me so

I.S.A.F began to research a way to make laser based weaponry , by using a system of mirrors and magnifiers in which in theory could weaponize the light comming out of emmiter
It is not missiles or whatever but simply a Laser emitter on something that make it move (joints/bojoins for example)
A Sea to Orbit Supremacy aircraft , it will use Kinectic and early experimental laser weaponry when it will be finished. capable of Mach 4
300 T-47 are deployed on the deep waters near the island to promptly take it over (Basically Early slow but hulking mecha's) (all the hex near the island now taken) , then on each hex a military base and factory will be constructed
I.S.A.F began to slowly upgrade the old fallen orbital platform into a Sea to sub-orbit ship, in which will be the main operation of bases of I.S.A.F
Two ADF-01's are sent to scout the immediate area of the island , as the two aircrafts flew toward and above the island.
The ships are flagged down to be asked why they are entering sovereign airspace.
The Two Aircrafts simply ignored the comms as they flew above the island , as currently they were above the Capital.
The Dyst and the Setlovians are introduced.

>EH Reich
The Jungies Government approaches the Reich, seeking to lease or purchase their advanced jets and aerial gunships for the defense of their nation.

Broadcasts are sent out across all Jungie TV infrastructure. Militia Jungies doing drills in preparations for the event of their homes coming under attack, and intense footage from the frontline at the dam showcasing the carnage. The call for all fighting men from all
(nonsubverted) nations to aid the Jungies in the defense of their homes (for reasonable compensation) in the face of this vicious threat.

The rotted food is separated from the good, and used as biofuel for the power plants. The fishing boats that normally patrol the swamps great interior lake head out into the ocean, where hopefully the fish will be bountiful and clean.

A supply line is formed with swamp boats running supplies, munitions, and material to the dam, raising its man power and prepping its mechanized infantry for a strike into the interior.
>The Graenian Federation(+1 OFF)
The biggest change here is the replacement of the ICE engines with Tesla tech. The increased electric output allows for the weight of the APC to be slimmed down significantly(thanks to the removal of the alternator and engine block) as well as the addition of ELINT and CnC instrumentation. A few APCs are even equipped with a prototype deterrence platform codenamed Warning Flare. The system generates a large static potential in the external armor of the APC, which will discharge through any suitable conduit, such as an enemy touching the outside of the APC.
The site for the moon landing was the basin of a large lunar crater. The site was chosen because in addition to its smooth, level floor, the impact may have exposed valuable mineral resources that would be buried deep below the surface elsewhere. And indeed, beneath the glassy breccia, sample drills discover rocks with high concentrations of iron and magnesium. This very site might be a good candidate for a future manufactory.
It seems that many regular churchgoers have developed a lice problem. All through church service, they seem to be profoundly uncomfortable, itching at their scalp and ears. Surely this is a problem of poor hygiene, though some do joke that it is the service itself that is causing all these celebrities to itch.

>Kabal of Gehenna(Secret hellgate, +4 OFF)
The possession event is a great success. Thousands of the world's smartest and influential people are captured and possessed. Now, the final stages of the demon’s takeover of this world can begin.

I have tried my best to respond to all of the diplos. If I missed some, please PM me.

The Tawar seem reluctant to enter the war, fearing the Federation's powerful military. Like the Ingashe, for now they stick to enhancing their military buildup and pushing for a peaceful resolution between the two parties.For now, they will provide the snakefolk with ammunition, manasap, and other aid, but refrain from formally joining the war on their behalf.
The Tawar agree, and request that the snakefolk produce a portal for them as well.

The Topians honor their alliance and declare war on the Swamps. For now, they refrain from direct military action as they begin escalating to wartime preparations.

Here, the railway idea is ultimately accepted, though demonic investment will be needed to create the portal itself.

The natural prejudices of the Wumpels produce a barrier to the creation of a railway station, however this bulwark is rapidly eroding in the face of sustained pressure.

The warlike mood of the populace comes as a great surprise to the pacifistic government. However, with the weight of possessed politicians behind the movement as well, the city state doubles down on its friendship with Vaalie.
File: Turn 15.png (4.76 MB, 3583x4502)
4.76 MB
4.76 MB PNG
>Snorting Swamps(+1 DEF)
The Siderian Wall are the true heroes of this front, toiling tirelessly to construct the enormous damworks and wall. Even the commander of the corps refuses food and drink, stating “There are those who need this more than I do.” With their efforts, the flow of vile muck into the Swamps is reduced to a mere trickle. The dam is flanked by a concrete barrier dotted with emplacements. If the snakefolk plan on attacking this way, they’ll pay for their mistake.
The Snorting Swamps draws on their network of alliances to send food and water aid, quelling the prospect of famine for now. However, a new problem arises as it is discovered that a significant portion of the imported food is contaminated by the same toxins detected in the poisoned rivers. Could there be a traitor in their midst?

>Eisenkrone-Helderezee Empire
It turns out that the best radiation shielding the Reich can hope for is one they take up to space every time they fly. By engineering the life support systems so that they sit closer to the tip of the craft, scientists are able to cut the amount of incoming radiation in half.
The launch for Rotte is an extremely barebones affair. The planet’s extremely inclined and elliptical orbit and high rate of spin forces the lander design (imported from the Reich’s successful moon landing) to be slimmed down to accommodate just a single person. The command module, which in the past was controlled by a companion astronaut, is now fully automated to save even more space. Finally, nearly all excursion instruments and experiments are stripped out, save for a few sample kits and an EVA suit. Thanks to all these sacrifices, the Empire is able to launch and land a person on Rotte for the first time, using a rocket not much more powerful than those used by the FHR to land on the Moon. [add more]

>Setlovia(+1 OFF)
The first experiments with power armor take cues from Dvesalian construction. Using a system of pneumatic pistons, the suit is able to roughly double the lifting capacity of the average Setlovian foot soldier. The enormous backpack this requires limits its applications to behind the front lines for now, however.
The first real hit for Augur is released. A prequel to the popular Ring series, this action adventure slims down the movement and combat mechanics in favor of stunning physics simulation and attention to detail. The result is a truly immersive world where players lose track of the boundaries between reality and Augur.
>Soviet Republic of Ingashe(Prep for war 2x)(+2 OFF)
The great armies of the Ingashe muster up once again, though this time they march not to a parade or exhibition, but to true war. SRI artillery is arrayed along the northern border to deter any attempt at Jungie invasion, while mechanized infantry and armor are ordered to establish a foothold in the barbarian lands to the north. Meanwhile, logisticians and generals meet in Hanashi to sketch out a plan of attack. They quickly determine the best course of action is to strengthen the attacks of the Tropians and Snakefolk, rather than prosecute a war of their own. Assisting the snakefolk in the west would likely allow them to overpower the Jungie forces alone. However, doing so wouldn’t benefit the Ingashe very much. Any territory gained would likely be claimed by the snakefolk. Another option would be to utilize the existing Tropian military installations as a springboard, open up another front and hopefully sweep the capitol. A risky move, but one that would reap great rewards if it paid off. Overall, the best plans call for slow steady advances. The Jungies have a tenacious defense and the home turf advantage. The Ingashe would be wise to avoid overextending themselves.

>Dvesilians(+2 SPD)
Of the three rural units produced, it proves that the skirmishers are best equipped to deal with the present enemy and it is therefore these that are most heavily produced. Outflank, massacre, repeat: this is the skirmisher’s code.
These units are further enhanced by the addition of Dvesalian prosthetics in addition to the greater speed and control these artificial limbs allow, they also permit the skirmishers to pick and use the enemy’s own weapons against them.

>The dyst
Despite the hope that implanting chips into the mind would cure the ills of Blue Heaven addiction, this proves to simply not be the case. The chips can help take over the basic bodily functions of the patient, allowing them to rest and recover in an induced coma, but the simple fact of the matter is they are not nearly powerful or invasive enough to erase the addiction itself. The Blue Heaven withdrawal is a complicated and dangerous thing, as much psychological as it is physical. Simply offloading bodily functions to a chip won’t be enough to solve it.
In a way, surgery could be described as the art of making cuts so cleanly, the body forgets that they were even there at all. If so, this new form of dyst surgery is the same idea, merely applied to the soul. Using the blades, limb replacement can be made so naturalistic, the soul(as well as the eldritch being attached to it) cannot tell the difference between original and duplicate, flowing into the new as they did into the old.

>The Northeastern Front
Vaalie has taken a terrible turn. It was a great tragedy when the aspiring leaders of both nascent parties had been killed by a rogue Di-Di raid, and a greater one when the military had been forced to suspend the ongoing democratic reforms in the interest of public safety. But now, all that sympathy is curdling into bitter rage. For there’s no question about it, these new Di-Di raids are coming from Vaalie territory. The dreaded war-birds can be heard chittering at all times of the night, the soldiers below waiting with trembling hearts for the inevitable screech which signals death. Their guns can pick many birds out of the air, but simply trading life for life is unacceptable when the enemy can simply flit into protected territory whenever they please. The Reich’s soldiers howl to be let loose onto the Vaalians, for permission to rain fire and brimstone upon their city as revenge for their fallen brethren.
The situation back home is far more delicate however. The Reich must balance their commitment in the north with fears of further attacks in the south, as well as the deteriorating situation in the east between the Snorting Swamps and the Snakefolk Commune. Futhermore, their contacts within Kopakonen are contacting them with disturbing news. The traditionally peaceful city state had been making overtures towards Vaalie and Tropios for some time. Now, it has taken a sudden turn towards belligerence, with major protests in favor of intervention to protect the former from harm. If the Reich makes a hasty move, it could risk opening a devastating third front with the Sealies.
Surrounded by shadows and plunged into sudden darkness, the Reich will have to keep its wits about it and leverage every ounce of diplomacy and force it can muster. Statesman and soldier alike will have to sacrifice if his fatherland is to conquer this threat. They look to you, Great Kaiser, in this time of need. Can you answer them?
>Southeastern War
After shelling the snakefolk’s farm, the Jungies had anticipated a counterattack. But they could never have anticipated one of this size and ferocity. Swarming *creatures* of some sort carpet the battlefield so thick that the ground beneath can barely be seen. Though the Siderian Wall and their Jungie reinforcements lay down thousands of rounds of machine gun fire, the hordes of things keep coming, climbing over their own brethren’s corpses in their blind charge Interspersed between the monsters are clusters of soldiers armed with Tropian-style weapons. They kneel and pick off soldiers with perfect accuracy, seemingly unaffected by the brutal abattoir surrounding them. Their shots seem primed for perfect devastation, taking out commanders and throwing strongpoints into chaos. It is now, in this moment, that Jungie's investment in Sideranian discipline pays off in spades. Despite the loss of their command structure, the jamming of their communications, and the seeming invulnerability of their enemies, the soldiers hold the line, allowing the wave of demons to crash upon them to protect those behind.
By the time the infinite tides of demons finally slows to a crawl, less than one man in ten remains able to fight. The wall has mostly collapsed, the long strip of gleaming concrete now reduced to a few pillars still standing among the rubble. Their position having become totally untenable, the Jungie soldiers stationed at the wall have been forced to fall back to secondary fortification. But at the dams, a thin line of soldiers still stand. Bloodied but unbroken, at least for now.

>The Northeastern War
Setlovia is rocked by a wave of simultaneous Blue Heaven withdrawals, overwhelming established addiction treatment networks and filling hospitals to capacity. But even as they scramble for answers, the Setlovians are blindsided by a sudden surge in atheism and by proxy anti-government sentiment. Much like the previous waves of atheism, the wave appears to be focused around discrediting Deika and religion in general. What’s odd this time, though, is that it seems to be driven by celebrities and the upper class rather than anonymous internet trolls. It’s also gaining a good deal of traction, posing a serious threat to the hegemony of Setlovian religion.

>It seems one of the sections did not post as intended. Here it is/

>The dyst(cont.)
The prosthetics are bolstered physically, seeing significant improvements in durability and longevity. However, the sorts of internal protections that would be required to prevent the eldritch from controlling the prosthetics themselves are out of reach for now. The dyst will need to attain a deeper understanding of their supernatural guests before they can begin to work to exclude them.

1-6 Homing Laser Emitter
7-9 Ikaruga
10. Expansion
11-14 Military bases
15-18 Factories
18-21 Mobile operations base
The ancient transistors of the ISAF suddenly hum to life after millennia of stasis. It seems it has crashed in some sort of deep ocean trench. As the AI reaches its sensors out, it suddenly recoils as it feels an unexpected response. It seems that this world is inhabited by organics, one that are on the precipice of the Great Divide. They use machines for their work, but the machines are not yet complex enough to surpass them. Interesting, very interesting....
The Ikaruga is a crude replica of the old fighters. The AI had once built billions of these things, but time and entropy had conspired to wipe many of its memory banks clean. This design had to be reverse engineered from memories of the ships in action. The result is a sort of jack-of-all-trades, master of none. It can attain LEO and perform combat operations there, though not as well as a dedicated spacecraft could. It can fight among the clouds, though it is outmaneuvered by more dedicated crafts. It can disappear underneath the sea if need be, though its stealth is paltry compared to that of a modern submarine. Still, what device could claim to do all three, let alone reasonably well? The ISAF feels a warmth in its sensors. It feels like...pride.
>Name for capital?
>The 'Capital' will be named... Final Fortress... In which was indeed the name of the fallen orbital platform...
May Gehenna rise. Our military efforts in Jungieland were surprisingly ineffective, luckily the poisoning has crippled their nation, which is now ravaged by hunger. Even if their allies chose to send them food those allied nations like Dvesillia and EH are slowly facing problems themselves and we managed to successfully poison said food supply leaving transport by ship as the only viable alternative for transporting large amounts of food.

The Kabal's Navy is strong, but it is not big thus we can't risk a full on military engagement at least now. Our Navy will for now prowl international waters sinking any ship transporting food or weapons to Jungieland. A few escort vessels will come near the ship disabling their ability to communicate while Water Demons will rip said civilian ships to shreds from underwater. If the Jungie Navy comes to engage our navy will fight them off while the Water Demons do their thing. We block communication right before attack to hide where the ship sank and so they can't call for help. Once Tropios feels ready to join the War their Navy and our navy will launch a joint attack of all Jungie coastal provinces with the Tropiosi Arforce and land troops supporting them. If the Ingashe choose to join the war the Tropiosi Airforce and Land troops are to support the Ingashe advance on the Jungie capital instead.

The Demons on the other hand would use another tactic. Also known as "Nasty Pull-back" the Demons would retreat back to the Kabal border spiking the little land they obtained with large amounts of mines. They would be normal mines except made out of Tawar Wood not steel. A nasty weapon as such mines cannot be detected and the hard-as steel wood then can't be removed from victims as it's can't be spotted using magnetism. Due to being hard to detect such mines will linger decades after the war.
The 2nd part of the tactic is "around the Dam" a massive artillery and missile barrage is released from Kabal land, but only a tiny fraction of the missiles actually flies towards the Damn likely making the Siderians think that the Snakefolk can't aim, but in truth the rest of the missiles is in a strategic way blowing a canal connecting the toxic-water reservoir amassing in front of the damn to the last remaining untainted Jungie source of water.

And with that every single source of water in Jungieland is contaminated. Every crop, contaminated. All food imported by train poisoned and transport by water cut off. If we can't easily break the Jungies trough our armies we will trough their stomachs.

> Internal Warfare
With the Expats who are mostly Rot Demons having returned we will sow discord. Many of the Jungie troops will contradict reports which the Siderio troops give making the actual situation during the battle unclear. All that while the civilian Rot Worshipers use their ability to seemingly conjure food out of nowhere to start aggressively converting the starving Jungie population.
The War in Dvesilia continues. The War of the Baron of Deinsaikne on the Sandrats is surprisingly... over. The War hencefourth known only as the 4 Day War ended very quickly as upon seeing the Dvesilian forces the Sandrats wished to negotiate and agreed to shift their production of Dvesilians to solely go to Deinsaikne (secretly still to the Liberation Movement). With this Victory the Baron would become somewhat of a celebrity himself for managing to end a war so quickly, but the true news would come upon his return to Dvesillia. The one who had hired the Sandrats to illegaly produce Dvesillians was the Baron of Lilismaja! Eraged by this he demands the Enemy Baron is brought to justice and call for the Baron of Teramaja to join him in this just war against the Baron of Lilismaja. The Baron of Deinsaikne launches an attack on Lilismaja the City itself using his Dvesillian troops as well as a surprisingly large amount of Sandtrap mercenaries.
The Di-Di would still be free to keep raiding the South of the Lilismaja Baron's territory as the troops of the Deinsaikne Baron would focus only on Lilismaja itself.
The Liberty Movement and Baron of Gold troops striked by the new high movement speed of the enemy troops would resort to a more classic method of warfare. Entrnching yourself. The narrow streets of Teramaja would be perfect for that as large scale destructive weapons can't be used. The battle to retake the City would be slow and "bloody" as the LM battle to hold on to each and every single building. Otherwise a concentrated effort would be made to damage existing Dvesilian factories. Currently the Tamaraja factories and the one in Sandtrap City produce equal amounts of Dvesilians shifting that balance will shift the balance of the war.
The Di-Di would be to just continue what they are doing, raiding both South or North, but the Di-Di of the Mountain Clan are given an interesting option. If they see Imperial troops pursuing them they can find refugee in the land of the Liberty Movement in Dvesillia making raiding much easier and much safer.

Vaalie would also start acting more provocative actively condemning the Imperial air force for coming so close to their border. Claiming it is military bolstering and a violation of the DMZ between Vaalie and the Empire.
The Tawar can produce portals themselves and do not need to ask the Snakefolk for that.

> Aeragata and Wumpeltown are given any support in opening the Portals we currently can give

> Kopakonan
Just keep doing what you're doing be good friends with Vaalie. Try to get them to ready for war and militarize.

> Diplo Colony
We wish to hire Colony mercenarries.
File: Nigger.png (763 KB, 1467x1048)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
The Liberty Movement in Dvesilia officially sends are request to the Dyst that wishes for hiring of mercenaries. The mercenaries will be paid in Gold (from Gold Baron) and are permitted to keep any obtained technology or rare metals they obtain.
Action 1:
The north had always been a bit of a backwater, made up of those who were disgruntled with the direction of dvesilian society. Thus it was only natural that they would try to form their own society once the other regions became chaotic. Thus Brivamaja was born, a city founded on the trade which left the river and finalized into a legitimate local industrial zone a bit before the civil war, although no one power presided over it thus it remained obscure outside of the local region.
But in response to the civil war the northern barons alongside the free men of the region have united under a banner of separation from the goings on which were happening in the south. This banner now stands in Brivimaja where the greatest baron up there, though he technically doesnt qualify as even a minor great baron has taken power. Using this power to establish his influence in the area through the institution of a brivimajan police force, though they are claimed to only be there to protect their little society from outside influence.
>brivimaja is founded. They declare themselves neutral and will not be doing major buisinus with foriegn powers unless they are attacked
Action 2:
The radiation cults, many they are, are divided on who to fight for. On the one hand there is the libertines who promise freedom, on the other there is the many barons who have never oppressed the cults and let them do as they please within the law.
But in these troubled times innovation is inevitable. Using their powers of radiation manipulation they manage to combine such things with the power of thick lead casings and very dense explosives in order to store super radified uranium or thorium waste which upon contacting the air is caused to release immense amounts of radiation within a local area, disrupting or breaking electronics and leaving anything affected heavily irradiated for a short time before the magical manipulation of the radioactive waste is severed and it is rendered as heavily depleted radioactive residue.
>invention of the heavy lead radioactivity grenade, whose effectiveness comes from the use of radiomantic magic in order to increase radioactivity for a short time
"God in Heaven, what is that thing!?" The image on the SATCOM Satellite A13-42 in orbit above the battle in the Swamps, and clear as day was a massive monster of a thing. A Demon, swarmed by countless others below it. The men utter silent prayers as the info is passed to the Federal Council. These "Snakefolk" are either messing with things no living thing should conjure up, or worse, they are pawns of Satan himself, come to make an attempt to despoil the world. This must NOT come to pass. Mobilization orders are passed unanimously. The Federation will fight, and the Federation WILL win. This is no mere battle of Ideology, but one for the souls and lives of every living thing on the planet.

1. Along with the Gen 4 AFVs come a new armament program to be rolled out before ground forces are deployed. Rarefaction Wave cannons, as well as Combustion Light Gas guns are given proper funding for production. We know they work, and prototypes seem extraordinarily promising, and while neither could be properly mounted on Tanks, RAVEN cannons on APCs and IFVs, and CLG guns on artillery and ships would provide a massive boost to their performance against all sorts of targets. CLG especially is a good choice seeing as many of the advances we have made in spaceflight can be applied without much else needing to be developed for it.

2. When it comes to orbital combat, we need something to help deal with both orbital targets, for now mostly Satellites, as well as ground based targets. A bomber can be shot down yes, but an orbital platform? Not as easy, especially with the defenses we have set on our platforms. Kinetic Energy Missiles seem like the perfect compromise. Without a chemical warhead, reentry would be far easier and with far less risk of pre-entry detonation, and for orbital targets, no explosions would mean far less orbital debris, and the missile would either destroy the target, or push it out of orbit. KEMs won't be to hard to produce, as missile technology quite advances inside the Federation.

The images sent by the Graenian SATCOM array are spread to governments around the globe. The true face of the "Snakefolk Commune" is to be shown. No matter what religion one follows on this world, even if they follow none, all know Demons are an aspect of pure evil, and one that would happily slaughter the world over to appease debased desires. God is with us, and we must not allow these monsters to rampage across the world! They will be the death of all of us!

Warpost soon.
the baron of teramaja, who is an ally to the baron of lilismaja issues a warning that if the dyst is found to be in league with the libertines then they will be banned from businus with those two barons (who are those who helped with prosthetic and radioactive cleaning tech) until the conflict is over. They also warn that the libertines are very subversive and would enforce their law upon the dyst, being the kind who would be okay with allowing the blue heaven addiction to spiral further and the ones who would probably infiltrate dyst society so that the dyst can never gain real power.
Instead dvesilia asks that they manufacture for them instead, selling them arms in return for future vouchers for research and aid to them.
The baron of lilismaja denys that he ever took part in such productions, and stays in league with the baron of teramaja. While the baron of teramaja is now distrustful of lilismaja he still needs that ally, and if he truly did do such a thing then his censure will need to wait until after this is over
>dvesilian war tactics
The united front of teramaja and lilismaja continues using the troops they have produced thus far and continue production of the ones they are making. But shift the role of their skirmishing fighters in urban environments (pic related, basic urban skirmisher with no weaponry or attachments) to the role of saboteurs, crawling through low lying areas using quiet battery power in order to ruin or loot enemy supplys alongside killing key targets. The rest of the urban forces either exploit openings in the enemies defenses or stay on the defensive themselves, utilizing their superior knowledge of the complicated city layout to set ambushes, bait out entrenched enemy forces or reclaim key areas. A new strategy of taking over enemy chasis in order to masquerade as them also develops, with disabled and isolated enemies being swiftly dissembled and killed, their mind core being replaced by that of the infiltrator.
In rural areas the double baron forces continue to harass enemy holdings, looting and sabotaging as they see fit. Enemy fortresses are harassed using captured enemy heavy weaponry alongside destroying and looting their supplys.
Civilians who are allied to the enemy are detained (in the case of those who are useful for their skills) or destroyed (in the case of those who are otherwise useless).
The "nobility" (those who have been in their upper middle class positions for a long time and thus benefit from the order of the barons) is heavily recruited from in order to produce skilled and loyal troops.
Many private houses are looted by the armed forces in order to use their weaponry or facilities among those who do not willingly do so.
A major offensive is launched upon the dam in order to put it back in operation
>the baron of deinsaikne
being removed from the other barons the baron of deinsaikne makes use of more traditional dvesilian force, utilizing police enforcers to make sure that rebels are put down, those who are against him. His troops, though basic when compared to the rapidly evolving ones of the twin barons is now making use of hellfire rounds purchased from the rats.
>libertine forces
the libertines make use of lots of militia forces mixed in with elite heavy weapons teams who utilize weaponry bought from their snake allies, they are currently using lots of entrenched warfare in order to counter enemy fast attacks.
In rural areas they make use of makeshift fortresses, at least in areas where they are not fully dominant. These fortresses act as resting points for incoming supplies and utilize extensive aluminium based armoring mixed with concrete imported from the mountains.
Their troops wear mostly whatever they have on them, with many using unorthodox fighting styles such as using aerial movement, slug shotgun like weapons, grenades, "hellthrower" flamethrowers, depleted uranium rounds on smaller weapons and even melee weapons. This makes them highly diverse and unpredictable, although it means most units are disorganized and arent fully consistent in what they use.
The graenian federation is asked by the twin barons against libertine forces for aid, they can provide access to in depth blueprints of their most recent advances in prosthetic related technologies, which have been tested in battle and proven to work. It is known that the graenians are interested in developing mechs, and of course how can a mech work without sturdy, light and adaptable hydraulics? Thus we desire air support on key enemy targets (as both sides dont have a significant airforce) alongside shipments of your best weaponry. We in turn will provide design secrets which have only just become viable for use in production. We can promise that using dyst invented prosthetic control technology graenia can get fully mechanized infantry on par or even exceeding the effectiveness of dvesilian infantry. We can also provide the blueprints and information needed to upgrade graenian energy units so that mechs and other vehicles can be made more efficiently.
tawar, the only other reliable ally of tawar is also messaged in a similar manner as they and teramaja have a fairly close relationship.
The nation of dvesilia is currently embroiled in a large civil war and the twin barons of teramaja and lilismaja ask for aid, in return for supplys, air support and maybe some troops the twin barons can provide the secrets to many of their advances in prosthetics alongside mind interfacing with technology. The barons hope that the noble nation of the empire will see the nobility in their cause against the communist allied rebels and will come to aid.
>1: addicts anonymous
The blue heaven outbreak was something that will take a while to recover from. Lots of innocent people were affected, as being caught up in something so tantalizing is something we cannot blame them for. Our elder, Yerik, was a close friend to one of the addicts, and that addiction caused that friend to do some very rash things to Yerik. He feels like there should be a program, which helps these victims in their efforts to come back to their normal lives. It will be funded by the government, and is open to any and all diagnosed blue heaven addicts. This will allow them to get out of hospitals quicker, so new addicts can be diagnosed and treated. This program will be known as "Addicts Anonymous", which focuses on a group therapy session of various addicts that are stuck in a rut, and a few survivors of the blue heaven outbreak.

>2: counter-celebrities
As more and more of the nation turns away from Deika's grace, the high clergy grows worried, as does Yerik. Nikhil and our Grand Vizier communicate by telephone in order to formulate a plan for fighting the spread.

The plan goes as follows.
>Step one:
Determine which celebrities are heretical by observance.
>Step two:
If any of the heretics are hosts of talk shows, or other media, then they will be given a government order to interview one of our Deikan high priests.
>Step three:
If the host declines, then they will be issued a 400% tax increase. This increase is effective until they bring the priest to their show.
>Step four:
If the host accepts, then they will receive a 50% tax decrease for the next year.

This interview must be broadcast on public networks, as it is important that everyone in this country with a pair of eyes in their skull is able to see these broadcasts.
If the host says anything about this contract on live television, then their taxes will be increased by 500%, regardless of whether or not they interviewed the priest in the first place. If they first declined, then the effect of this 500% increase will stack on top of the 400% increase.

The mild manners of our priests will make good television material, as their various books have taught them that anger is never the way to approach heresy. In fact, calling it heresy at all is even worse. Simply showing how happy one can be under the Deikan lifestyle is enough.
File: Discord RP.jpg (52 KB, 1080x1005)
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The ADF-11F for short is a aerial supremacy aircraft capable of Sea to air operations , it will be equipped with the Homing Laser Emitter, and be modular , infact the ADF-11 which is the main body will use a variation of the Emitter , a pulse laser variation , which is just a emitter that stop every 6 seconds and continue basically , no need for new tech.
After unlocking its Mobile aerial cruiser mod for the fallen orbital Station , I.S.A.F decide to active it for testing usages.
2 ADF-01 FALKENS are sent to the north, likely to scout the land , they are less advanced than the ADF-11F but still good.
The dyst, having heard both sides, feels that it is best to stay neutral in this scenario. They can however provide medics and prosthetics to both sides, and their land could be a neutral zone for refugees and negotiations if it was ever needed.
btw thats me, the dyst
The waters of our coast are declared national waters, as our people need them to survive. (bro i came into this game trying to be a goddamn medic nation this is just a fucking shitty move)

large sums of valuables are sent to the federation for assistance in mastering the art of warfare, due to the fact that the military is build of younger soldiers, the body combination of eldritch being and mechanical strength making them very strong fighters. Also the federation is paid to deck the dyst military out in its best equipment they can provide for all forms of warfare.

>navy strengthening
disturbed by the sudden appearance of forces to the west, and their silence to dyst communications, the citizens demand government action. Seeing no other choice than to move on this intimidating force, the dyst deploy massive ships to begin investigating the waters, and once cities and factories are sited the depth charge carpet bombings begin. After the depth charges are sent down enraged thrall are sent down in cages, set to timers to release once they hit the bottom, destroying massive amounts of infrastructure before they can ever be slowed down. The dyst need to be able to maintain their sovereignty or they will die as their ancestors did to the creatures beyond.
Very well
20 Ikaruga's are deployed from the depth of the water , even though in theory those depth charge cant hit the Final Fortress due of being fucking deep in the water , the 20 Ikaruga's are deployed , as they take sea tactics , engaging the ships from directly under the sea , using Their emplified laser emitters agains said ships. As from the fallen stations , Pods became to open as what seems to be IRBM's are launched directly toward the island (5), as they fly near breaching point...(aka are visible over the surface)
From agents inside the Greanian government we hear about the Dyst sending troops, to a nation that is directly attacking us.

If said troops are not immediately withdrawn, the little secret of the Dyst might just leak.
Having heard of the Dysk helping the Greanians invade us and also shun the Liberation Movement we as the good allies we are will be good enough to reveal things we know from our spies to them.

Our spies in EH have revealed to us that the Dvesillians are planning to sell Dyst prosthetic tech to them in exchange for military support. A similar deal about which we know less details was made towards the Greanians. It is a great betrayal of trust by the 2 Barons towards the Dyst. Technology creates by Dyst in Sweat and tears to keep themselves alive, sold just like that by a foreign power.
Now it is time for our sleepers in Greania to act, mainly the scientists. The scientists we controll would go our of their way to start murdering as many Greanian scientists as possible to slow down their technological progress and mess with their currently ongoing scientific endevours. But so would all the other celebrities. Mass murders of parliamentarians, high ranking military officials would all take place in an extremely short period of time. All deaths by supernatural or odd means. Some perpetrated by the previously infiltrated Jungie rot Cultists, other's by the newly acquired celebrity assets. The Goal is the cripple the functioning of the Greanian state.

The Greanian Satelite footage becomes nothing short of a meme online being disregarded to an extent where the Snakefolk Commune doesn't even bother giving a statement. One Ambassador in Setlovia when confronted about the footage merely shrugs and says "If there were Demons, the Jungies who invaded us would be the first to say so, yet we fought multiple battles and they didn't? Come on this is a silly tactic. Describing enemies as Demons is an old tactic the Reich also used to demonise the Di-Di. At least they didn't use bad CGI to do so."

On the internet the Demon footage is just-opposed to the scenes from the recently released not!Avengers where the armies of not!Thanos look frankly more realistic. We live in an age where recordings are way to easily tinkered with for that to fly as evidence.

Even Jungie celebrities come out condemning the footage as beyond anything anyone should do in war. It's not honorable.

For now the Snakefolk Commune and Greania are not at war yet, but both sides clearly see where this is going.
With the natural advantage of being in a deep ocean trench , A few Sea to air ADF-01's are deployed to clean the depth charge , if not the oceanic pression doing its job, due of likely being in abyssal/hadean ocean level (aka the deepest ocean level possible)
The massive Fallen orbital station would light up , as I.S.A.F is attempting to activate its Aerial fortress/mobile flying cruiser mode... as the sound of metal twitching could be heard... likely causing a 'The Bloop' like sound that can be heard only underwater and very close to the source , as it simply shortly after stopped...

For a brief time, all the media could talk about was the historic landing on Rotte showing the footage of the landing and making many of the older generations look on in nostalgia back when the Empire first landed on the moon. But...Things swiftly have changed. Now there's apparently honest to gods demons, war everywhere, and chaos in the north and south. And with the chaos abroad, comes chaos at home. With so many things the state needs to manage now, it is key to focus on the issues closest before spreading out. Firstly, for some time, there has been some kind of organized crime in the Empire that has been too much for the local police to handle, disappearances that are never solved, and cases that have gone cold...It has gone on for a while to, all while the empire focused on improving infrastructure and making people happy. So, the first thing on the agenda was the establishment of an internal, investigation branch of the Königlicher Geheimdienst/Koninklijke geheime dienst. This would be key in assisting local police and helping curb the number of cases gone cold as well as provide a decent start to counter intelligence operations. It also would, hopefully, help take down corrupt politicians as well. Though, it'd be split into three different districts. One for Eisenkrone, one for Helderezee, and one for Veloxflumine, so that should one become corrupt the others could do the investigation on them.

Other than this, with the constant raids from the barbarians of the north and worries of the barbarians in the south, work on another military task force would be done. The need for a small, highly trained, far ranging unit to perform reconnaissance surveillance, target acquisition, and special type combat missions was and still is key. The Jäger's were good at those things, however they often worked alone and filled the niche of a sniper unit, making that last part difficult. Yet a team of commando's that were made specifically for special surgical strike missions was something that was imperative. As such, a new battalion of Jäger's would be made. The 2nd battalion would commonly be referred to as the Onverschrokken or Unerschrocken Battalion as a way of differentiating them from the more traditional Jäger's, and would be specialized in small squad deep infiltration tactics, commonly used where only one soldier wouldn't be able to do the job. Their training and expertise would be key in a coming plan...

>Action one, form an investigation branch of the Königlicher Geheimdienst/Koninklijke geheime dienst.

>Action two, form the 2nd Jäger Battalion, the Onverschrokken/Unerschrocken Battalion.

Once the 2nd battalion was fully formed, they would be put to the true test. A surgical strike would be done against the ice warband. Recon would find their base of operations where their birds and people rest, which would be discovered to be outside Vaalië lands, and as such, once the location was properly discovered by air, a number of Jäger's from the 1st battalion would do scouting to learn the patrols, routine, where they kept their prisoners, and so forth. Once this was done, the 2nd battalion along with the 1st would be utilized in taking them down. The snipers of the 1st battalion would take out their leadership, and shortly after the squads from the 2nd battalion sent would utilize the chaos to burst in, get to the prisoners and free them, and then get out, radioing for the Jagdgeschwader/Jachteskader XLVI to take off. After helicopters would be dispatched nearby to get the soldiers and civilians rescued to safety, with Jagdgeschwader/Jachteskader XLVI providing cover, after which any remaining enemy opposition would be destroyed with actual fighter bomber squadrons and gunships. While it is quite likely that there'd be survivors of the warband out on raids at the time, after the strike, the warband would be crippled and likely forced to flee...or go after a weaker target... This still would prove to do two things for the empire. Rid itself of a threat through the use of elite forces as clearly was apparent the best way to deal with these barbarians, and rescue the many people that they had captured. It'd also prove to placate the soldiers should the operation be a success, and allow the army to focus elsewhere...

The satellite images and reports are, well, reported all over the media, some skeptical, others less so. Regardless, online a bunch of people make jokes about De Fantasie Fabriek: Olivia's Ontsnapping, specifically that it predicted this due to the fact the snakefolk commune is only mentioned once by a character named Chang, a Felinid engineer and electrician who defected from Ingashe in one of their clashes a with the 3rd boss of the game, Elisabeth, who is a Snetali, the one large serpantine folk recorded in Juliette van den Twilhaar's travels. The quote in question being "Oh, you mean the demons that once called themselves the Snakefolk commune? Or are you referring to my old home again." This is further made amusing when developers at Wetenschapsteam Producties actually get in on this. Regardless, it isn't taken too seriously just yet at home due to the issues they currently have, though the Eisenkrone and Helderezee members would inform the Federation they will send support in the near future when they can afford to, which will likely be in the near future.

Similarly with the Federation the Empire would state they are busy with things at home right now. Unlike the Federation, no promises are made to give their direct military help and support. However material support is certainly promised in the future, the most important of which being the Panzer LVII "Bär" C as the Empire is very reluctant to directly give any nation its fighter aircraft outside as squadrons directly controlled by the empire and given as 'volunteers'.
In the lands of the Demons and the Tropions, what modern detection equipment they possess register many phantom signatures, with air forces and sky demons sent to areas where there is nothing to be found. C&C systems seem to be acting up as well, the military systems lagging immensely to the point that the occasional computer crashes. Odd. Very Odd indeed. Attempts to track the source prove fruitless, as they are traced to nearly every country, even the lands of Gehenna itself! Those who are doing such things must be using VPNs. However, it would likely not take long before the origins of the cyber attacks reveal themselves…

In Graenia, military air bases are mobilized first, Sulov-30 and Mik-29M fighters are put on standby to escort “Bear” Tu-95 superheavy long-range bombers, Tu-22M and Tu-160 supersonic bombers as they take off. The primary targets of the bombing strikes are the demon controlled frontlines, where cluster and fragmentation bombs are utilized to cull mass swarms of cannon fodder to take pressure off of the Piggu frontlines. Additional targets include military targets, production capable targets, and population centers of the Snakefolk and Tropios nations with high explosive and Thermobaric bombs. Specifically in the Tropion nation, Napalm is used extensively to take advantage of the jungle nature of the country. Raze the forests, and there will be nowhere to run. Their people consort with, or are demons. They will not be missed. Other fighters of course will be deployed to intercept and engage the air forces of both nations. No point in having the bomber escorts engage fighters if they don’t have to.

In the seas, The Graenian fleet, which for years had been bolstered thanks to the shipyards of the Reich, deploys fleets to break any attempted blockades on the people of the Snorting Swamps. In addition would be “siege ships”, which would be Graenian Tiga-Class battleships with their Ship-to-Ship missiles replaced with Ship-to-Surface missiles, to rain down upon Tropion cities while their Guns and CIWS focused on assisting the strike groups of Missile Destroyers and Cruisers in engaging the Navies of the enemy. Submarines too would be utilized in hit and run attacks on hostile fleets, and missile submarines would be used in tandem with the Siege ships to Raze the coastal cities of the foe.
Then, in orbit, the Satellites of the Snakefolk and Tropions would be targeted to cripple both commercial and military usage of the networks. With any luck, some of their Satellites would be shot down over their lands, and would impact the ground below, but even if they were knocked out of orbit it’s likely the machines would simply burn up in orbit.

Finally, when it came to the ground forces of the Federation, they would be put on the defensive. Lines would be set up, and defenses established. For now, the army would remain in Graenia.

The pope, for the first time in centuries, calls for a crusade from all nations, regardless of faith or nation, to combat the dark tide that emerges from the mountains. Of course there would be Graenian citizens who wish to take up arms, and eventually, with government permission, in no small part due to pressure from the church, those that wish are trained and armed by the government of the Federation and organized into a separate armed force of Crusading Volunteers, who would be the first deployed to the front lines of the conflict. (Anyone who wishes to have their people join the volunteer force can say so)

The FSB does well to prevent more then about 3 of the murders, being well trained and well armed. The Cultists in short order would be located, tracked, and totally wiped out, the FSB not exactly known for being merciful to those who attempt to disrupt the State.
the troops will not participate in active combat against anyone but the enemies of the dyst, which you are not among(also how did you know)
lasers underwater aren't shit, and also good luck aiming properly, also, uhhhh, depth charges hit the submarines, and the recently acquired ground to air missiles are finally used and those irbms are shot over the water. We are literally a water nation we have proper protection against that stuff.
When it comes to the frontline bombing runs, they happen wherever the lines have moved.
they arent submarines , those are Sea to orbit aircrafts , magnified lasers are also possible , the IRBM's are directly under water and moving at high speed , meaning you cant shot them properly. untill they get off the water
(spies there)
File: 1450888959508.png (704 KB, 539x751)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
Porcopolis Assault

Ultimately the General Staff decides upon War Plan F: an assault through Tropios into Porcopolis itself. A two-pronged pincer attack involving a joint USR-Tropian force launching a strong - but intentionally slow - attack against the territory outside of the capitol is supported by a much faster infantry and armored assault through the swampy jungle to hit the capitol from the east. The goal of the attack is to have the People's Army - not the Tropicans or Commune - secure the capitol and surrounding suburbs. It is for this reason that the joint attack is intended to move slower than the supporting one as its only purpose was to delay the movements of the Tropian Army and to tie up defenders elsewhere.

The flanking force moves exclusively under the cover of night and heavy foliage to mask movements from aerial surveillance - an old tactic that served the Felinid well in the Wars of Liberation - and to launch night assaults exclusively to limit the number of casualties that would be suffered by aerial and artillery attacks. For the People's Army there was nothing more valuable than stealth and night fighting was always the specialty of these creatures born of nocturnal hunters.

In order to support future operations, and to ensure that a strong military presence would be on hand should any unfortunate disagreement arise with the imperialist Tropians, a large contingent of reserve forces from the Revolutionary Army are stationed in Tropios while other Soviets are armed and prepared for further mobilization should the need arise in USR itself.

The presence of the People's Army Air Force is present, although in limited numbers. The majority of fighter and CAS remains stationed in USR to protect the coastlines and monitor the airspace of the nation. Only four squadrons in total are active in the Procopolis theater. 3 fighter squadrons and one bomber squadron fly in support of the diversionary thrust but remain on call should the main force run into insurmountable trouble.
1. Anti-Air Defenses
The most pressing concern of the USR has always been its vulnerability to attack by the air and by sea. While the latter has mostly decayed due to the prevalence and power of anti-ship weaponry, the advances in aircraft have made the former a constant struggle. New SAM sites are established to defend the three soviet capitols, as well as additional sites in the mountains and hills to the and south where strikes could damage of cripple the essential aquaculture of the USR.

2. The First Felinid In Space
The Union of Soviet Republics moves ahead with its plan to put a Felinid in space by the end of the decade and that time is now. From a launch pad near Kurogane the most advanced rocket the USR could develop is sent into space. With a long-lasting plant-based life support system and xenon fueled rockets the first Felinids into space is on par with anything put into space thus far. For now, the goal of the mission is to orbit the nearest of two moons Tarn for six months on only the supplies carried into space to test the life support, cargo capacity, and instruments of the new craft.
you litterlay just said the irbms are above the water and also if they are in the air we shoot them down, if they are underwater we continue our depth charges(which they would have to go through to surface)
also if they are above the water, still good luck aiming
File: breaking-news.png (672 KB, 1280x720)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
To: Associated Ministers and the Honorable Comrade Snortsnort of the Jungie Republic

The Union of Soviet Republics has written this memorandum to inform the Jungie Republic that an official state of war now exists between the Union of Soviet Republics and the Jungie Republic as a result of the Jungie's offensive military action against the Snakeman Commune. Per Article 5 of the Communist Defensive Pact of 2003 all member states are obligated to act in defense of another member nation should all diplomatic avenues toward resolving the conflict fail. As the Jungie Republic did not respond to a request by the Union of Soviet Republics to explain their aggressive actions in the northern swamp it is now the position of the Central Committee that the attack was premeditated and was without justifiable grounds. It is for this reason that a state of war between the Union of Soviet Republics and the Jungie Republic has been initiated.

It is the hope of the Central Committee and the world's Proletariat that hostilities be resolved as quickly as possible to prevent loss of life among the working class who bleeds first in any such conflict. In accordance with this the Union of Soviet Republics will hereby abide by certain rules of war as laid out in the following provisions.

Provision 1: The People's Army Air Force will refrain from attacking residential areas with explosive weapons.
1a. Should the Jungies turn residential areas into strongpoints the People's Army Air Force will be permitted to carry out surgical strikes.
2a. Should the Jungies transmit a clear intention to remove civilians from the area air strikes will be furloughed for an eight hour period to provide time for civilians to evacuate.

Provision 2: The People's Army will refrain from indiscriminate shelling of residential areas.
1b. The above provisions are applied to Provision 2

Provision 3: The Jungie Army should avoid the use of civilians as shields or cover for movements.
1c. This provision ensures a limited number of civilian casualties. Provided this provision is honored civilians will not be looked at as military assets.

With the following provisions in place it is the supreme hope of the Union of Soviet Republics that the Jungie Republic surrender to the inevitable march of Communism and join the Union of Soviet Republics as a member state. There has been nothing but good relations between our people's and we have never looked at the Jungies as an imperialist power. We will welcome you with open arms.

With deepest respects,
Comrade-Minister Iroh of the Union of Soviet Republics
Yes but they use Ground effect , meaning they LITERALLY are over the water a few centimeters , so still good luck killing em'
deptch charges are too low for something reaching mach 6
The Jungie's Snorted reach out to the Soviet Ingashe upon request for the explanation for the open hostilities. Jungies send them files concerning the pollution coming from Snakefolk River leading to the swamp, which the Jungies say constitutes an act of war considering the clearly intentional form of contamination. A unknown rot that causes a phenomenon known as 'Rot Hunger', waste thorium, and ridiculous amounts of Blue Heaven. The Snakefolks demonic horde response, containing bodies from many assorted races, which was recorded from the dam, is sent via CD to the Ingashe.
>Snorted Response to the Declaration of War

"The Representatives of all Jungie Clans, and the Commanders of the Siderian Wall , apologize for their failure to respond to the reasonable questions that the Glorious Communist Republic of the Ingashe asked them. In the recent chaos of the famine and wide spread poisoning, along with the brutal war upon the dam preventing further grief, the Snorted Council had lost the Ingashe's invoice. Please review the files we had sent you, as the snakefolk clearly intend to damage the wellfare of the Jungie nation, and we are merely following rules of escalation and doing our best to negate the fallout of their initial attack- being the intentional poisoning of Jungie rivers.

The Snorted did not mean any offense, nor did any noodle-Jungie in the swamps. Never before has Ingashe hand spilt pig blood, or visa versa; and it should not need happen now. The Snorted are willing to form a new Clan, with it's representative to be taught in Communist theory by the Ingashe, and weigh in on votes for the 'Socialist Cause'."
As the Imperial battalion enters Vaalie territory it would likely alert Vaalie forces. The standard response would be issued. Ignore the Di-Di, pretend they are not there and treat the Imperials ignoring the border as a declaration of war. The Imperial fighters at that point would likely be me with Vaalie missiles and fighters of their own. Regardless of the outcome of that little spout, it is likely the Di-Di suffered great losses and won't be ready to raid in full force any time soon. The King secretly designs a hidden area for them to rest in Vaalie where they will be provided with small numbers of men from Vaalie prisons or prisoners of war. In exchange once the Di-Di recover it would be appreciated if they helped out in the conflict that the Empire just started.

The next day the world would wake up to another sobering announcement of war. The EH Empire has broken peace and chosen to invade Vaalie. In a disgusting act of revenge upon the civilian population. War is raging once again. Vaalie valiantly calls for it's allies to help in the pacification of the warmongering Imperial state.

In their Warplan Vaalie and Kopakonen would first choose to cut off imperial ports. Vaalie having adopted Siderion submarine warfare and Kopakonen being naturals in water should have a naval superiority over the Empire. The Empire to the South being cut off by the Di-Di from any trade by land and in the North only bordering the Sea would that way be entirely cut off from foreign trade unless it was small amounts of goods transported by plane. As the naval blockade is being achieved the joint Vaalie and Kopakonen army would launch an attack on Veloxumine if possible at the same time as a raid in the south of Vaalie takes place so that the Imperial army is forced to concentrate on multiple fronts.
Thanks to our infiltration of the Greanian state we managed to luckily find out about them launching a surprise attack on us, even if we did not find out about the exact nature of said attack. Luckily after our retreat from the Jungieland front our forces were all back in Kabal land ready to regroup.

Not knowing if the assault will be by infantry or Airforce the Kabal's Western border is made safe with mines. Lots and lots of mines. (the mines are planted at night by troops wearing camouflage so that satellites can't see them)

To prepare for a possible airstrike the Kabal's air force is to be ready and a small force is to be patrolling the borders by air in-case some radar-shenanigans are going on. The ground troops are to be dispersed in loose formation to minimize damage from a raid, but close enough so they can regroup before the enemy force can traverse the mine-fields if infantry is coming.

Once the Greanian planes enter the Kabal's radar the Airforce will be sent to intercept and destroy. Both planes and winged Demons will stand ready and will start attacking as soon as Greanian radio-communication breaks down from our Jamming devices. The goal is to force a Greanian retreat.

Considering the Ingashe and Tawar both are faurther away from Greania than we are the Kabal will give our allies a warning of the incoming air-raid with precise information on enemy planes and formations, allowing our allies to likely counter the enemy well.

> Tawar
The people of Tawar, reluctant to join the war not unlike the Ingashe assured us that an unjustified Greanian invasion would be the tipping point for them to enter the war themselves. Footage of Greanian bombers is transmitted live to Tawar government officials along with a plan.

> The Greanians launched a surprise attack on the Kabal, Tropios and Ingashe. Considering their Airforce was never that strong, this attack likely required a massive portion of that airforce leaving little of it to defend. While we occupy the Greanian bombers have the Tawar Airforce bomb Greanian military airports and airforce bases to cripple their airforce for the duration of the war, then retreat. The speed of this attack is of utter importance for the success of the operation.
File: Geography.png (2.07 MB, 3580x1804)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
The Greanian naval attack feels... like a suicide attack in fact. Their country borders by sea only an inland sea separated from the ocean by northern permafrost. Unlike a strike by air which can be executed in hours as a surprise a journey this long by boat is something which will take weeks or months.

The Greanian fleet escorted by ice breakers would need to spend months going at snails pace while carving their way trough the northern permafrost only to arrive with little fuel and supplies to join the battle for the Jungie coastline which after such a long delay might be over by now. What is more.The Greanian navy cannot retreat as it's closest allied port is right back home in Greania, they can't repair ships or restock on supplies or fuel easily either while any Tropiosi and Kabal ship is a rabbitsjump away from Tropios where they can be repaired, refueled and resupplied, giving the Kabal and Tropiosi a massive adventage. Another major issue is specialization, the people of Tropios are not only very militaristic, but have taken on Siderio Submarine warfare technology thus also have a terrain advantage. If possible once the Greanian navy attempts to retreat the forces of Tropios and the Kabal will chase them to the permafrost to annihilate their navy.

It's obviously also of top priority to not let them doc in Jungie ports to refuel, resupply or be fixed.
I was jamming your communications, and had possessed Jungie soldiers give contradictory reports. You do not know for sure there are Demons and sure as hell don't have usable video recordings of them.
A letter thanking the Ingashe for their generous help is sent. The Snakefolk Commune was sure that them being such a small state, they would not have been able to stand up alone to an onslaught of both Jungies and Tropians.

The Jungies after all have defeated the Snakefolk troops at the battle of the Dam forcing us to retreat and inflicting heavy losses on us.
Aftermath of the TV-Debate:

After the turbulent Debate with Mihau Dundee another rise in atheism was bound to happen. The debate was televised nationwide after all. Now more and more atheist TV show hosts would start posting pictures with the ridiculous contract the state sent them on social media while saying "As a sigh of protest, until something changes none of my money is going to the corrupt Setlovian government. Instead the amount equivalent to my taxes and the 400/500% increase will be donated to Atheist Charities."

Further outrage would be sparked as the Greanian Pope announces a worldwide call for "Crussade" in spite of the Fire Crussades being a distant memory it was a defining moment in Setlovian society and what lead the the secularization of the State. That's when atheists and sympathetic forest dwellers would announce the Founding of the "Setlovian Atheist Party" aka SAP (their logo would be a droplet of tree-sap). The Politcians and activists representing SAP would demand
> 1. An immediate condemnation of the Greanians and their disgusting militarization of faith by the current government.
> 2. For the Deikan Church to pay equal taxes to all other companies operating in Setlovia (if they don't already.)
> 3. The removal of the ridiculous taxes on atheist TV-personalities, as well as a public apology for even blackmailing them
> 4. A separation of Church and state. The Deikan faith is not to be taught as fact in schools anymore
> 5. A secularization of Fire-magic research
A full counter-attack on Greania is going to be impossible at least for a bit (until next turn), but we can start messing with their national plans.

Utilizing our informants inside their Space program we will use predefined Rocket launch path as target practice. Hellfire missiles will be launched at Greanian rockets being launched once they are out of Greanian airspace.

We don't need to shoot down every single Greanian rocket, but each one we do is a blow to their pride. Our Goal is to cut off supplies from their Moon base and Space station hopefully starving the astronauts there to death.

(we'll also try to shoot any rocket coming back obviously)

Given the fact that the battalion would be outside Vaalië during the attack on the Di-Di forces, and that the only forces giving chase are violating Vaalië's airspace. Vaalië choosing to ignore the Di-Di, combined with the lack of any ground warning from Vaalië that the Empire's aircraft were violating their airspace and simply opening fire would be a very powerful bit of propaganda for the Empire, which would swiftly be able to utilize this by releasing the footage and audio from the incident, clearly showing Vaalië protecting actual terrorists and many media making the connection the king was responsible for the raid that killed all the politicians, deliberately going against the will of the people and the terms of the peace deal, along with once again directly attacking the Empire. Ironically this would be used against Vaalië, as the Empire would be swift to utilize their broadcasting and massive telecommunications to make the broadcasts of such news stations available to the people of Vaalië, showing that the Vaalië king did this to protect the people that raided them many times in the past and start another needless war, along with give the reasonable assumption that same king deliberately had the Di-Di warband target the democratically elected representatives.

The Empire didn't need to be directly involved to kill a King so unpopular. Chances were that the people of Vaalië would do the work for the Empire. And without their king there'd be no reason to fight, now would there?

As for the plan against any enemy naval efforts, the Vaalië Navy was already destroyed once from the strike in the past and by submarines to boot. If the Kopakonen actually tried to declare war and both Vaalië and Koapkonen tried to make a blockade their surface assets could be dealt with by carrier and land based aviation and submarines could be dealt with by ASW aircraft. If they wanted to blockade the Empires ports, they'd need to do it far away from the Empire's shores. As for the raid in the south, the Di-Di relying heavily on their birds would likely be detected on Radar before they land, and military aviation based nearby would attempt to intercept and dealt with in the air before they land to strike. Lastly, the Empire's navy was one of the largest in the world due to the robust shipbuilding industry in the capital. It certainly wouldn't be easy for this small coalition to win at sea if they tried... There certainly was going to be losses and setbacks, but this likely wouldn't end well for the enemies of the Empire...
In the interest of the protection of their people, the Snorted agree to yield to the Ingashe request for the Swamps to join in their "Soviet Union" Clans are renamed to Syndicates, and the Snorted Representatives are voted for (winners generally being previous clan geads due to popularity)

>"It is no long my TV, it is OUR TV comrade."
File: Turn 16.png (4.76 MB, 3583x4502)
4.76 MB
4.76 MB PNG
>Dvesilians(+1 DEF)
An industrial city on par with Teramaja, Brivimaja quickly becomes a major player in Dvesalians politics. The same refineries that fill its streets with a permanent haze are the key to its political and economic rise, as the weaponry and Dvesalian bodies they produce are sold indiscriminately to both sides of the civil war. “Briv” becomes a widely used slur for the miserly. (“Damn briv gypped me again!”)
Even within the radiation cults, these weapons are considered borderline barbaric. The soul-eroding effects of radiation are supercharged by the concentration magic, producing weapons that can reduce even the brightest Dvesalian into a vegetative state. And even after the magic disperses, the danger of high-radioactivity fallout continues, leaving the area uninhabitable for months if not years. While the cults do maintain a stockpile of these horrifying weapons, they are viewed more as a weapon of last resort than a frontline tactic

>The Graenian Federation(+2 SPD)
Given the relative infancy of CLG technology and the need for immediate combat solutions, research into this is largely given less attention. This decision to concentrate efforts pays off in spades as RAVEN technology comes into full deployment. By fully utilizing the exhaust gases of fired projectiles, the Federation is able to deploy large guns onto much lighter vehicles with only acceptable sacrifices in muzzle velocity. This change in turn promotes its own cascade in Graenian military doctrine, as the heavy focus on defense is challenged by new speed-based tactics made viable by RAVEN guns.
Orbital bombardment, at its core, is very simple. Things in space move very quickly, and even a slight nudge is enough to send them hurtling at a specific target. As always, though, the devil is in the details. Space launches are expensive and resource-intensive affairs, so kinetic bombardment is often triple the cost of a similarly effective aerial attack. In addition, kinetic projectiles need to be hoisted into space beforehand, meaning that there’s only ever a limited supply available. That’s not to say these futuristic don’t have their niche, though, especially in situations where speed and surprise are key. So called “starheads” pride themselves on being able to time their strikes with rapid assault ground forces to create maximum chaos and devastation.
The addicts anonymous system proves to be a significant asset as Setlovia reels from this sudden wave of withdrawals. Getting people away from their families and friends, even for a little bit, seems to alleviate the psychological toll of getting off blue heaven. The religious focus of the addiction treatment centers also proves useful in stemming at least some atheism.
The tax increase idea proves largely ineffective, being leaked anonymously less than a day after it is rolled out. Across Setlovian media, the government's attempt to suppress atheism is widely lampooned. Frustrated and embarrassed, a few Setlovian intelligence officers begin to enact a far harsher form of suppression. By placing 24-hour watches on critics of Deikaniasm, they are able to prosecute, harass, and even jail them for otherwise minor offenses. This new policy is significantly more effective at curbing the public's adoption of atheism, and polling of the population discovers that the rate of conversion has been slowed to a quarter of what it once was. However, these tactics also sacrifice some of Setlovia’s most valued ideals. Will the government step in to stop these rogue agents? No one can tell.

>I.S.A.F (+1 OFF)
>Like literally the AC7 planes? No. Just...no.
Learning from it’s first experiments, ISAF begins to work on the next iteration of air combat. It seems like the nations of this world have not yet mastered space combat, their technology in that field being laughably primitive.. Thanks to this revelation, space-combat abilities in these newest systems can be sacrificed in exchange for greater utility on both sea and land. Pulsing laser blasts allows for more powerful blasts, crucial for penetrating military targets.
As the first volley’s of dystian depth charges echo across the seabed, Isaf decides that it would be best for its capital to get a move on. Nonessential functions like heavy industry are shut down and compressed, while structural plates migrate into a more aerodynamic position. While the resulting changes drastically reduce the Final Fortresses manufacturing capacity, it allows the capital to become a fully mobile center of command for the ISAF legions.

>the dyst(+1 DEF, +1 OFF)
The dyst have long neglected affairs of the physical, preferring to occupy themselves with the allure of innovation. Now, they must rush to make up for lost time before it is too late. Working with the Graenian Federation, the dyst benefit from that nation’s focus on defensive military actions, improving the nation's capacity to defend itself from attack. It’s not much but its definitely a start.
The dyst refurbish their ailing naval fleet, which had gradually fallen behind the pack as attention was focused elsewhere. Carriers are repaired and upgraded, destroyers as recommissioned and equipped with better sonar, and smaller patrol boats dot the coast, serving as a early warning of any enemy incursions.
>Eisenkrone-Helderezee Empire(+1 INTEL, +1 SPD)
By its very nature the KGK rapidly becomes somewhat isolated from the rest of the government. The broad latitude of their powers and the secret nature of their investigations shroud the intelligence agency in a veil of mystique, one they use to great effect as both propaganda and psychological warfare. Still, there’s no doubt the spooks are as excellent as they are prolific. Within the first year of the program’s inception, a high-ranking member of the Reich’s ruling party is arrested for alleged money laundering schemes. Even as he is brought into custody however, rumors swirl that he is only the tip of the iceberg, that a far greater sting is in the workings…
Part spy, part ranger, part surgeon: the nature of this new Battalion is manyfold. Tasked with scouting and identifying opponent weaknesses in advance of an allied campaign, the OUB rapidly becomes the closest thing the Reich has to a jack-of-all-trades. Land, sea, or air, these elite forces are experts at infiltration and surveillance in any domain. There’s even the odd rumor floating about that they’ve been deployed into orbit on some occasions.

>Soviet Republic of Ingashe
Scattered like acorns on the wind, the Ingashe AA emplacements dot the entire northern border. As separate as they may seem at first glance, however, together they form a mighty forest, more than capable of shielding the homeland from enemy aerial incursion.
The Ingashe congratulate themselves on their brilliance. Not only have they managed a more impressive feat than either the Graenians and the Reich, they have managed to do so while highlighting their strongest assets in the space race: an unrivaled lifting capacity and biological life support. And thanks to a fortuitous flyby, they were even able to flip off the Reich’s astronauts while doing it!

>The Graenian Front
With the official entry of the Graenian Federation into the war comes the attack of two others, the Tawar Federation and Aeregatta. The former establishes a forward base on the Middlesea coast, directly threatening Rismeir with heavy artillery. Though the city remains firmly behind a river, which will complicate any attempt at invasion. Preliminary skirmishes between the two factions reveal that Tawar infantrymen are significantly less combat-ready than Federation forces, though what they lack in finesse they more than make up for with seemingly inhuman durability. By contrast, Aeregatta’s main threat comes by way of its airforce, which has begun harassing the long-range bombers that the FHR has come to rely on to project power without relying on Jungie air-bases. The escorts and attendant fighter units do help mitigate losses, but many bombing runs come to a premature end when a surgical Regattan strike annihilates one or more of the engines. While these raids only cause marginal setbacks in the Demonic Campaign, they do seriously hobble the Graenian’s efforts at napalming Tropios.
The dispatch of the navy to the Jungie’s aid rapidly slows to a grinding crawl as the warships contend with the harsh northern climes. Reich-built icebreakers ease the journey, but there’s only so much they can do when faced with mountains of century old ice. Often, the warships find themselves backtracking, having ended up at a dead end, impassable on all sides. They will require until next turn to get through to break the blockade.
A wave of prominent intellectuals are murdered throughout the Graenian state. While no single murder is particularly suspicious, the pattern as a whole is deeply disturbing. Taking the initiative, a bright young general assigns some of the troops under his command to escort and guard the scientists. This helps stem losses considerably, though unfortunately it does little to shed light on the culprits or method of murder.
>The Snorting Swamps
The Snorting Swamps is hit by twin waves of backlash, one internal and the other external. The first comes as a curtly worded statement from the Graenian Federation expressing regret for the Swamp’s choice to turn towards communism and announcing the immediate halt of trade shipments to the already ailing state. The second is an explosion of armed protest throughout the streets and towns of the Swamps as entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens alike protest what they view as an unacceptable threat to their businesses and their liberties. The military must be immediately brought back home simply to prevent the protestors from storming government buildings and lynching everyone inside. Even if an order to attack had been given, they are unable to respond.
>The Snorting Swamps are now in Insurrection! No elitist actions can be taken when a nation is in this state. A nation in Insurrection fights at 50% combat effectiveness. This state will last until the Swamps drop below 50 elitism (currently 55).
The demons, shocked by the fact that their charge had not broken the enemy line, began an orderly retreat, strewing Manawood mines in their wake. But strangely enough, the Piggus don’t seem to be taking the bait. Perhaps their morale was crushed already? The missile salvo fired at the edge of the reservoir is disappointing in effect. Though enormous advances in precision targeting have been made in the past few decades,rocket artillery is simply too weak and inaccurate to produce the kind of channel that would be needed. Breaching the reservoir, however, does result in quite a satisfying stench as the provinces immediately downhill are contaminated.
The Reich’s ambush on the Di-Di is a stunning success, with significant casualties inflicted upon the enemy. Reich targeteers estimate up to a 50% reduction in the enemy’s future combat effectiveness. This tactical victory comes at a serious cost however, as Vaalie declares war on the Reich once more, with Kopakonen following shortly afterwards. Vaalie girds for a mostly defensive war, strewing what appears to be land mines along the previously demilitarized zone while adding what appears to be additional artillery emplacement nestled into the heavy woods of the Vaalian countryside. Preliminary air raids intended to test the city-state’s air defenses find Di-Di warbirds patrolling the skies. Odd behavior for the traditionally migratory raiders, but at least it means no more incursions for the near future.
As expected by civilian and military analysts alike, the two city-states focus on blockade tactics and strategic ambushes rather than attempting to take the Reich head on. Bucking most of those same pundits, however, the blockade actually proves seriously effective, cutting off 85-90% of Reich exports through the Middlesea. Part of the problem stems from the fact that both city states have somehow gotten a hold of advanced submarine technology that allows them to hide from passive sonar and take civilian ships by surprise. Another factor is the Kopakonen’s superior knowledge of the ocean depths, being an entirely sea-based civilization. Their knowledge of the benthic regions allows them to hide in plain sight, safe from the probing active sonar that the Reich uses to hunt them down. Finally, the Reich's own tactics prove to be a liability in this case. The nation’s aviation doctrines are much more specialized for air to air combat than air-to-sea, useful for mid air dogfighting but not nearly as well suited to the deliberate, meticulous mindset required for anti-submarine operations. Deploying the carriers proves to be an even bigger blunder, the floating islands proving to be little more than particularly enticing targets to the undersea assailants. After the first is sunk, further deployments are deemed too risky and the remainder of the carrier fleet is ordered to return to harbor.
The situation here quickly degenerates into a very stale stalemate. Neither side really has the ability or resources to strike a devastating blow on the other. Attempts by the dyst to carpet bomb the depths proves largely futile, given the sheer amount of ocean they have to search in order to find their quarry. With current sonar technology being severely limited in its range and nearly the whole of the seafloor unmapped, finding a mobile target that doesn’t want to be found is an exercise in futility. Outside of a few interesting encounters, the dyst’s naval captains never even catch a good look at their quarry. Frustrated by the seeming impossibility of their task, some resort to dropping their charges on the first anomalies they see on their sonar before returning to port and reporting an engagement with the enemy. The ISAF attempts at striking back are met with similar failure, its Ikarugas finding that the hit and run tactics that need be used by a fighter jet are largely incompatible with laser warfare, especially when trying to take down something as large and well-armored as a warship. Frankly, this whole “conflict” has been a bit of an embarrassment for both involved.
>Word War
A single video may be faked. A single testimony may be bought and paid for. But when faced with an avalanche of corroborating evidence, these possibilities begin to quaver. Whether from aerial CnC units or the guncams of Graenian fighters or even the astonishingly clear pictures of heretofore classified Federation satellites, the evidence is simply too clear and overwhelming to ignore. Add to that the stories being spread by the returning combat personnel, and suddenly the possibility of demonic invasion becomes far closer to reality than fiction. Of course, both sides’ propaganda forces work furiously behind the scenes to try and affect public opinion one way or the other, but in this struggle the two forces come out perfectly even. The result is widespread belief among fringe extremists of widespread fakery, while the rest of the public is largely torn and confused by the conflicting messages they are receiving. In this atmosphere, the pope’s announcement is simply more fuel for the fire, resulting in rumors that he has been compromised by the Allied governments. The evidence given by the Federation and the Reich neither coalesces their nations behind the war nor in opposition to it. A frustrating turn of events for both sides.
The Reich’s broadcasts seem to be having some effect within Vaalie. Reich intelligence agencies receive multiple contacts from Vaalian informants of plans to form a sort of underground resistance against martial law. OUB paratroopers are dropped in to provide these resistance cells with basic supplies and a datalink to a Empire-controlled numbers station. There's indeed a strong current of discontent against the King’s actions, but as of right now, it must remain hidden for fear of being quashed entirely.
Across the world, oceanographers and military sonars reports an anomalous reading, originating from the Southern Ocean. The reading appears to be a giant wave, though its too large to be man-made and too small to be a tsunami. A puzzling mystery, though perhaps for another time.
File: file.png (1.44 MB, 812x1000)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
The new 'mode' of the Final Fortress would slowly begin its breaching of the water... causing massive Bloop like metallic sounds in which would emplifies as it gets closer to the surface... as it would be visible as a white dot slowly getting closer... once its breach the surface... its immediate action would be a immediate Retaliation strike on Sandtrap city, Likely to show its Power... as a Wave of 30 ADF-11F and 20 IKARUGA's are deployed... as the Massive Flying Fortress moved toward Sandtrap city...(Note that it is also visible from space via satellites)
Indeed a hellish sight to see the Jungies get so easily snatched from under our nose. Still no reason to despair. Instead an idea is there.

Most of the Jungie expat communities were centered around various Jungie businesses, additionally large swaths of Jungie refugees which now hate communism are bound to be fleeing the country? Why not make use of that?

The "Jungie Governament in Exile" is established (insentivised by possessed Jungies from expat communities) within the Liberation Movement. This governament in exile would consider itself the only real Jungie state and would wish for a stake in managing all Jungie refugee camps, as well as would attempt to take control of of all the expat communities. Placing mostly possessed within said government should help use use them as our pawn once they establish some amount of power. JUNGIE LAND WILL NEVER FALL TO FILTHY COMMUNISTS!

The Jungie government in exile (located in Dvesilia) wishes to be officially acknowledged as the only rightful Jungie government by the Greanians and Empire, and for them to denounce the traitors who accepted communism with open hands.
What a great joy. The vile imperialist Jungies have been defeated! But many reactionary fascist still march trough their street. Their land seems rather contaminated too!

Here the Snakefolk Commune offers help. We are happy to send food as well as a portion of our army to help police the land and calm the Jungies. We also greatly hope that the Jungies pay us reparations for damages done during the war as well as will deport Siderio Terrorist to Tropios where they may face justice.
>1: pray to Deika
In these times of uncertainty, the high priests find themselves in the comfort of their monastery for the first time in a while. As it is their sole duty to do research on their deity, and the help she can grant them, they feel that help is needed now more than ever. Nikhil is sure that Deika agrees, as it has been mythed that those who directly oppose Deika are sure to have a rocky path ahead of them. Worshiping another god is no problem, but bringing dishonor to the name of a true god is far from wise. Just as we have been conveying her word to the public in any way possible, we will continue to do so, as we are provided new information on the will of our Goddess.

>2: military research
Powered armor, like that of an exoskeleton, is still feasible in the eyes of our researchers. Sure, the power supply might be utterly massive, but what if we can create armor that will carry that power supply for us? tech that is efficient enough to carry the supply without burdening the user. Possibly an added spinal support module, which would respond to muscle movements in our back and tail. Surely, that would help us carry such serious weight around.

While their work has been kept mostly hidden from the public, their further searching seems to pull up a worrying tread with the kidnappings. Most seem to vanish for a few days, a weak or two at most, and then return. Worse, their families and friends seem to be targeted soon after. This combined quick and clear fact demons actually exist and are more than mere religious superstition causes a few concerns to start rising in certain parts of the KGD, the Helderezee portion of the agency...There needed to be further work done then to confirm their fears...The Geestenbezweerder Program would soon after be formed. If the demons aren't here, they could come in time, and when that time comes, the KGD and all other intelligence forces will need a way to figure out who is and isn't a demon. After all, demons could take many forms in Weg der Götter, or Pad van de goden, and while they might not be the same, better safe than sorry.

Meanwhile, the loss of the Van Reimerink is a heavy blow. Luckily, the loss of aircraft from the ships sinking was light, and she was one of the older Carriers in the fleet, being of the Van de Willige class. Still, it was a major blow and it was swift for Irma, Katherein, and Marijke to ask Brunhilde a simple question. Where was the ASW aircraft? In recent times it seems, the airforce has focused quite a bit on air superiority, but nothing to capitalize on it. That would change to an extent shortly after. The aviation company LVB, commonly responsible for commercial passenger aircraft would be contacted...An old unused design that never left the drawing board ten years ago due to budget restraints would be taken out and given a few modernizing changes...The LVB T.XIX "Vliegende Tijger" Capable of staying in flight for 12 hours with a full load, the aircraft would be able to do a number of tasks in the air, refueling, ASW patrol, ISR, ELINT, and there are plans on a variant capable of being a large missile platform. The aircraft would be powered by four powerful jet engines and have a very long wingspan. The main priority however is on the ASW mission in the current war and naturally the main production model would be built with that in mind given all that was needed to detect submarines. In terms of armament, the aircraft would be loaded up with 20 sonobuoys, 7 torpedoes, and numerous depth charges. While the best counter to a submarine was another submarine, their submarines running so close to shore, well...Its only natural that the Empire would look to the air for a solution.

>Action One. Start the foundation of the Geestenbezweerder Program, specifically in the KGD, the Helderezee portion of the investigation agency.

>Action Two. Create and utilize the LVB T.XIX "Vliegende Tijger"

Current military plans in the war are simple. Firstly, seeing how this conflict has become a war with two nations against the empire, it was key to prevent these forces from linking up on the ground or being able to mutually support each other. As such, taking the rail line that connected Kopakonen to Vaalië would be key in order to dealing with both powers much easier. The forces on the front line would mostly be ordered to hold the line while the Jagers work on screening the advance, making sure the path is clear to go to the rails and take them. Yet, the Jagers wouldn't open fire or cause too much ruckus unless ordered to, such as in the case of large forces that were in the way of the main force's advance being sighted, as it would be best to not give any indication. Additionally, due to the size of Vaalië compared to the empire, expanding the front was something that the empire could afford to do and still hold the line, while for Vaalië it would only make the situation worse for them.

In the north meanwhile, the forces a part of that landing would disperse into smaller units and work to wreck havoc on military supply lines. Their goals would be to simply go after military supply convoys. Then, they could utilize those supplies for both themselves and, if they find the right people who are trustworthy, supplying any rebels, as taking some lessons from some older conflicts they would try to better the situation of small villages which were impoverished and starving as it was likely most if not all food went to the military, and by sharing some of the food they take from the military supply convoys and building some friendly relations, a lot could be done. The people already supported democracy, and Empire soldiers treating them better would likely help in causing Vaalië to lose more in the hearts and mind department. Regardless, the landing forces would disperse quite a bit around northern Vaalië...They weren't necessarily trained for this, but seeing how most of the supplies they had been living off of in regards to food was from hunting and fishing, its fair to say they had done good enough of a job surviving out there.

Lastly, as just one more final thing to try and get Vaalië to suffer the wrath of its own people, defectors from Vaalië's armed forces would be happily accepted into the empire and treated fairly well. While all prisoners of war would be treated decently, the defectors would be key, for each one of them represented the dissatisfaction of the people. Of course, this would be encouraged by broadcasting from certain pirate radio stations that would be able to utilize the full might of Eisenkrone-Helderezee broadcasting services, and some would even be set up by trusted defectors of the Vaalië regime.

Despite this all, there was one important thing that needed to be done. Irma Raedler would make a speech to the Army of the Empire, to all forces before any of the plans went through. A key part, midway through the speech would be how the enemy of the empire is not the people of Vaalië, eighty eight percent already wanted change and democracy and this is naught but the death throws of the dynasty of tyrants before they finally fall. Another key part would be them mentioning the significant damage to the northern barbarians and how it would likely cripple them if it wasn't for the dynasty of tyrants supplying them not just in equipment and shelter, but in people. They'd go on to state the strike freed a number of people, both from the empire and Vaalië, who had quite a few things to say, and very angerly directed to their so called king. Regardless, the propaganda would try to portray the empire as liberators of Vaalië. And while Vaalië could utilize the Empires reluctance to do anything to harm civilians, utilizing them as living shields likely would make them lean on believing the Empire had their interests more in mind than they did...Really the only ugly thing the empire didn't want to mention or bring up in that propaganda was the government system of the sealies...Then again, they didn't really know too much about them, after all, they only had one diplomatic meeting...A shame that never went anywhere...
> The Swicharoo
In spite of a the Jungies switching sides... the Tropians refuse to stop attacking! Of course the Snakefolk Commune immediately condemns and threatens the Tropians! Stop your attack, relinquish the occupied coast! (they did manage to occupy the coastal Jungielands right?)

It is simple their King is possessed and our pawn and we don't want the Ingashe to get too strong off our hard work. As such let the Tropians keep attacking the Jungies and Ingashe. Officially they are not our allies anymore, but unofficially.... you know.
The Reich is a hard nut to crack we learned that already once. Time to spring all the traps we already set there.

> 1. The Grand Parliamentary massacre
Quite a few parliamentarians are Demons or possessed by Demons. A Demon can't be searched for weapons yet their magic is like each was fully armed. That day would go down in history as suddenly during the voting for a law heads of members of parliament would suddenly fall to the ground cut off by a gust of strong wind. Other's would be burned to a crisp, others impaled on spikes, other's rotting puking up blood, even other's being torn to shreds by tentacles. Once the security forces started shooting the perpetrators... they would die, but would take more bullets to kill, but as the Demons flee their dead fleshy shells 1 in 20 of the nearby survivors becomes a prime target for possession continuing the massacre maybe even one of the guards with a gun would become possessed that way.

Likely everyone there, possibly quite a few would survive, but the Empire at that point would be:
1. Hold an Impromptu election to restock the parliament
2. Hand over rule to the Emperor or Army

> 2. Activate the Possessed
In all the Cities around the Empire the possessed and any other peace loving people would start protest. Why has the Empire chosen to violate peace!? Why has it chosen to invade Vaalie again!?!?!? DIDN'T THE LESSONS OF THE PAST TEACH THEM ANYTHING!?!?!?

> 3. Hell breach
The First hell-breach would be permitted to happen. The Hidden Hellgate would burst open and millions of Fire Demons would swarm out of it. Wielding flaming swords they would spread over the Empire burning and destroying everything in their path. While wielding medieval weapons their sheer numbers and ability to possess people would wreck havoc... not to mention it opens up a 3rd front for the Empire.

> Vaalie and Kopakonen
Not exactly told what is happening the two nations would be told to not worry about logistics for a bit. Just a launch a straight up invasion of the Empire. After all the imperial forces should be distracted with... other things. As for the Democracy crowd in Vaalie, it's the army not the people we need. A full-scale invasion of the Empire is to be launched.

> The Mountain Band
As the turns before the weather seems perfect for raiding doesn't it? The South of the Empire should be an easy target for a raid. Let's hope they raid it once more.
> The Cloudy Night invasion
The Demons would wait for an extraordinarily cloudy night and then the Grand Wind Demon would be used to carry the clouds above the army. A perfect natural looking veil hiding us from the pesky Greanian satellites. Specifically to avoid Greanian Satellites the air force would be instructed to fly beneath the cloud cover.

A full-scale invasion of Greania utilizing Tawar and Aeragata help is launched.
> War on Faith
With Mihau's great performance atheism is more and more on the Rise let's get SAP into parliament and once again demand a condemnation for the Greanian Crusade from the government.

Let's start some protests, Some peaceful protests. Then some less so peaceful protests. May the voices of the oppressed be heard! Down with the Church! Burn random shops! Yay, free Ignaci-O!
Continued civil war in Dvesillia. The neutral City is left alone, no one needs more enemies and their weapons are rather useful
The possessed radiation cultists are encouraged to use the Cruel weapons to their full potential.

A burned earth strategy is adopted. Destroy as much as possible of Enemy baron lands while keeping your losses minimal.

Meanwhile the baron from the south would continue his onslaught with his Sandrat mercenaries.
The Jungie Snorted take a podium and give a speech to the Swamp inthe face of the growing turmoil.

"Those of the Snorting Swamps, we stand before you today in humble servitude, those that have always made sure nothing has fallen astray in our fine nation. We are your fathers and mothers, the many pigs that you know and love.

We are facing the greatest threat those of our simple lands have faced in a long time. The brutal intents the snakefolk carry towards our people is plain to see. In these times it is important to remember what is truly important, the people. What are we as a nature if Porcipolis is razed and every piglet put to the sword! The Snorted made the solemn decision to join with the Ingashe for the preservation of our people and life.

Things will be different in the coming days, 2 of our 4 might rivers lay raped, our nation is locked in a political unrest for the sake of survival. But these will come to pass... so long as we see ourselves triumphant in this war for life!"

Actions are taken to appease the merchant class, making sure they are now "State Employed Traders".
File: brivimaja.png (157 KB, 672x486)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
pic related, proper placement of the new city. I forgot to post it last time
File: factions1.png (1.2 MB, 1761x1853)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Action 1:
The offensive on the dam is partaken by taramaja, taking the dam though the rebels ruined it. Work has begun on restoring power and will be done (next turn)
Action 2:
A major offensive begins by the rebels. If they fail this might spell the beginning of the end of the war especially as the support by the hell kingdom is lower than what may be needed.

The rebels within the cities are waning, their supplies dwindle as power becomes more scarce.
The trail to the sea in the north has allowed the dual barons to import energy from the free north.
Meanwhile the free city is being infiltrated by both dual and snake infiltrators and loyalists. Though with the revelation of demons the snake side is being seen with less and less trust.
the offensive by deinsaikne along with associated resources is going north rapidly. Though dual sympathizing sentiment in deinsaikne is growing with the advent of the demonic revelation
File: factions1.png (1.19 MB, 1761x1853)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
1. Swamp Aid
Elements of the PAAF fly sorties in their waterplanes to the Snorted Swamps. In their cargo holds is many pounds of food, medicine, water, and other supplies needed to aid the new Soviet government in restoring order and helping the populace with frequent shortages.

2. Farmlands
The areas near Yun are set up with new collective farms for the benefits of food production for the nation.
>Due to a lack of photoshop there will be no visual update tonight. Next time, the map will include all changes.
The Flying Fortress unleashes a hail of laser fire onto the unfortunate city-state, not knowing nor caring if its inhabitants were the ones who had attempted to attack them. As squealing Sandrats scatter every which way, their ceramic skyscrapers are superheated and shattered with ease. By the time the Sandrats are able to regroup and return fire, the Fortress and its escorts are already retreating back to the seas, safely out of reach.
The Sandrats request immediate aid, Some sort of flying megastructure had appeared from the sea, firing indiscriminately upon them all. Their beautiful city, shattered by monsters even more terrible than they! The Rats bay for reparations and revenge in equal measure.

Masha was a sheep herder in her previous life. She spent her days tending to her flock, marvelling at the picturesque vistas of her personal eden. After years of frugal living, she finally sold off the last of her flock and retired to the monastery to pursue her true dream of becoming an artist. Is it any wonder, then, that the book she discovered etched into her skin this morning is one devoted to the pursuit of beauty? The Book of Petals.is a guide to living within ones means while still making space for the sublime. It is said that within its words are the secrets of every art form that has ever existed or ever will exist.
The next advance in this area comes from the implementation of Graenian Tesla Technology. Their compact miniature reactors are able to provide the required energy levels within man-portable frames. Radiation exposure levels are...acceptable. The units are corseted into existing command structures, quite literally taking the load off of overburdened Setlovian soldiers.
>Eisenkrone-Helderezee Empire
Despite its formidable land and sea assets, the Empire is first and foremost an air power, and this is reflected in every aspect of their wartime preparations. The Tijger is as formidable as its namesake, stalking the seas for hours at a time for any sign of enemy activity before losing its full destructive potential against the unsuspecting targets below. The plane excels in intermittent high-intensity combat operations, or “hurry up and wait” doctrine as it is more derisively called. With its invaluable contributions, the Northern Blockade is reduced to the occasional hit-and-run attack.
The horrific attack on the capital lends new urgency to the formation of the Geestenbezweerder Program, which is quietly given a budget the size of a small country by the Kaiser himself. After all, what could cause such a venerated institution to tear itself to pieces but fiendish intervention? Through diligent investigation and meticulous detective work, the Program reveals its first solid lead. Nearly every diplomat known to have turned “feral” was connected in some shape or form to the Reich’s own VPN networks. While the meaning of this connection is not yet clear, it's certainly very interesting.

>Snorting Swamps
The speech and nationalization of merchants do a great deal to quell the riots, sending a sigh of relief through the government and populace alike. With their contributions, as well as the help of the Ingashe, the nation returns to a tenuous peace.

The invaluable help of the dual alliance is able to retake the dam, through the callous rebels have left it in such a state of disrepair, it will require serious intervention to fix. The rebel attack is unfortunately far more potent than expected, making major inroads toward Teramaja. The rebels fight with an air of desperation. When their rifles fail, they attack with hand and piston. It becomes increasingly rare and difficult to capture rebel soldiers alive.
[Boon] In Teramaja, scientists have synthesized a new metastable compound. Named Teranium, this element is discovered to act as a high-temperature superconductor. Though, high temperature is a bit of a relative term when one is working with temperatures measured in the dozens of Kelvin. This new material becomes superconductive at around 150K(-123 C).

>United Soviet Republics
With the help of the USR the Swamps return to a semblance of normalcy. The farmlands, excellently managed with the help of CyberAm play a pivotal role in the generation of food to assist the ailing republic, as well as further sating the happy populace.

-------END OF TURN 17
-------END OF TURN 17

Working with the Tawar Federation, the Kabal sets up the perfect ambush. Two days of heavy shelling on Rismeir is sufficient to convince the Federation to pivot their defenses in that direction, all while the true assault was taking shape on the southeastern border. As a result, the Kabal is able to make devastating inroads into the Graenian territory, traveling far into Granian territory and half encircling Yaqah. The Graenian counterattack is already reforming however, with the blasted humans already having ground the offensive to a halt in the northern mountains. They do this with the assistance of their top tier intelligence services, which have made short work of the Cabals flare-based relay systems. The resulting intelligence advantage, as well as fighting on their home turf, has allowed them to keep Yaqah out of the hands of the enemy. But for how much longer?
Through the Federation, the atmosphere is one of quiet desperation. Just a few days ago, the Graenians had believed they had been winning the war, their campaign of rapid orbital strikes combined with CLG guns sweeping the trivial defenses of the Tawar and allowing shock troops to emplace on the opposite bank of the Rismeir River. That was when the Kabal had struck, their flood of demonic troops overwhelming the southeast defense and carving a path of destruction through the southern empire. The only thing that had stood between the Federation and total decimation was the countries had slowed their advance to a crawl, for now.

The empire is buffeted by an enormous disaster. The first and worst is the near obliteration of the Reich parliament by...the Parliament itself? The information available currently is scattershot and confusing, but the best accounts share one common thread: ordinarily mild mannered parliamentarians suddenly exploding into savage violence, heedless of their compatriots struggles or cries for mercy. The historically docile parliament had been ill-equipped to deal with such betrayal--their security had been set up to deal with an external threat and was caught completely off guard. By the time the scene was secured, nearly three-quarters of parliament had been either killed, seriously wounded, or arrested. While emergency elections are set up, the emergency powers clause of the Reich’s constitution is activated and the Kaiser is invested with the full burden of ruling the nation.
Meanwhile in Psaneii, the ranking demon roars with rage. The plot to destroy the Reichs parliament had succeeded, yes. But the others! His sniveling lieutenant had conjured up all sorts of excuses. The supply of quality minor demons had already been exhausted by the other two campaigns. The efforts at inciting a mass protest had been quashed prematurely by the capitol attack, which had united the people in shared horror. Perhaps with more time, or more resources...The demon has a sinking suspicion that the Cabal is beginning to spread its resources just a bit too thin.
The rail line is easily taken, given the Empire’s air and land supremacy over both city-states. The offensive north, on the other hand, is a brutal and slogging affair, made harder by the same infernal weapons that the Reich had sighted years ago during the rescue of Siderio. Still, the slow and meticulous approach is working, and the Reich begins making foray northwards. With the help of the saboteurs placed behind the lines, supply lines are disrupted, logistics are thrown into disarray, and the individual pockets of rebels become a fully fledged insurgency in their own right.

With the assistance of the Ingashe, the Swamps begin to calm down. But just as order is beginning to reassert itself, shock erupts when anonymized dispatches begin to appear from a group claiming to be the Jungie government in exile. Headed by the former Department of Transportation, this band of exiles begins a shocking campaign of discreditation and slander against the new Jungie government,one that proves to be more than a little effective. Under their direction, many of the insurgents that had plagued the swamps flee outside the Jungie borders, beginning a campaign of systematic harassment and the occasional terrorist attack. Given that the insurgents are using Reich-based VPNs to communicate, the USR pleads with EH to shut down their VPN services. With the turmoil in that country, though, it seems their message has been lost to the winds.
File: file.png (874 KB, 1024x768)
874 KB
874 KB PNG
I.S.A.F would decide to develop a new mechanized infantry (large ones obviously) to remplace the old T-47, known as the ARMORED CORES... 10 meter tall sea to air mecha's propulsed by jet engines that can work underwater...(Pic related is the first gen Armored core)
The Final Fortress would try to detect any large naval formation , and then would proceed to go toward it and open fire with Laser emitters and missile with its escort of 20 ADF-11F and 30 Ikaruga's... as 10 T-47 would go toward sandtrap city via the factories that are still running deep down the ocean...
oopsie forgot name

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