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Two important pieces of information were revealed during the previous thread. 1. there is an aid boat coming into Magica tomorrow, and the person behind the plague is likely going to bomb it, and 2. Inquisitor Agatha is somehow involved with two dead Cathars and a healer who were found tortured to death. Do these have something to do with one another?

Quest rules:
1. All dice rolled are assumed to be D100 unless otherwise stated
2. The first two rolls will be given far greater importance, but additional rolls, good or bad, will affect the outcome. This choice ultimately falls to the Lorekeeper, odd circumstances may cause him to change how the story progresses (a ton of crits for instance)
3. All dice rolls are final
4. Critical fails are considered to be between 1-5, Critical hits are between 95-100. Crits overpower any other roll except another crit. In the rare chance that a crit fail and crit success happen. The Lorekeeper will do something interesting from a story angle. Similarly, rolling 2 of the same number will be considered a MEGA crit, just pray its two high numbers.
5. Near misses may occur, where a rolled number is close to the required threshold, whether over or under. This can have an impact on how the story proceeds. However these are up to the decision of the Lorekeeper.
6. Sometimes there are optional choices one may participate in, these will generally NOT be taken unless there are multiple posters who wish it, assuming there are multiple posters in the thread
7. There are often times choices with multiple parts, each part is counted separately, unless otherwise stated, sometimes rolls will be required before counting the second, third, etc, part
8. There will be “Time Limited” decisions, in which characters may only do a set number of actions, these will be clearly marked. Generally you will only be able to choose one decision per ‘round’.
9. Rules may be subject to change between threads, but will not change during the same thread. These rules are what we will follow for the remainder of this thread.

Archived Threads + Sidequests: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Necromancer+Detective+Quest

Discord (Meet the Loremaster himself, and get live updates and all that jazz): https://discord.gg/5sZYkz9 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Main Character Spell List:

Equipment List
>from previous thread
“Could you tell us who this inquisitor is?” Henry asked. “I’m not asking you to snitch on her but just a name, that’s all. Even if its just the one she gave you.” Henry explained.

“Ah, it was uh… amantha… no… augusta… no… it kinda sounded like the sorta name you’d think would belong to an angel.”

“Agatha?” Johnny asked.

“Yes! That’s the one. Dunno if it’s her real name but apparently, she’s been running around town recently for something or other. Dunno, I’ve heard rumors she ain’t actually working with Inquisitorial authority but well, that’s above my paycheck. Look if you’re working with the inquisition then let them know I was just doing what I’d do for any inquisitor, alright
“I suppose you don’t know where she’s been ‘running around’ do you?” Henry asked.

“Like I’d even know that.” Alex replied.

“I find it incredibly hard to believe that a commanding officer wouldn’t know the person commanding his men.” Johnny asserted.

“I told you, I truly don’t know. I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to get roped into whatever is going on right now! Look, talking too much will get me in trouble, alright? Things have been getting more and more tense here and in Avignon ever since the Grand Seraph disappeared and I really don’t want to go stepping on any toes in case the cult and church duke it out.” The man said.

Henry nodded understandingly, but he kept his mouth shut.

“So you truly have no idea about the one person who might know what happened to your people?” Johnny asked.

“No, I’m sorry.” Alex explained, rubbing his temples.

“Well fuck this was a waste of time.” Henry whispered to Johnny. The skeleton nodded in understanding.

At that moment the door to the patrol station was thrown open and a black blur ran up to the front desk of the patrol station, before slamming a hand down onto it and demanding the Cathar who was manning it to pay attention. The Cathar did a double take, suddenly realizing he was speaking to an inquisitor. The woman whom the Cathar had been speaking with before voicing a civil complaint, whom the inquisitor had butted in front of, suddenly backed away and exited the station, and quickly put some distance between it, as well as everyone who’d been milling around the entrance waiting to voice grievances. It was just himself, Johnny, Templar Alex, Inquisitor Agatha, and the remaining three Cathars in the station.

“Templar Alex, where are they?!” Agatha boomed.

“Over here“ Alex said, sighing and resigning himself to the conversation, spinning in his chair to face the woman who’d already marched over.’

“Cathar’s Walthers and Beau! They didn’t show up for the meeting I’d arranged, and I want to make sure YOU didn’t pull them onto some lesser duty.” She continued.

“They-“ Alex began, wincing as he was interrupted.

“And don’t think that I haven’t forgotten your ‘little problem’ either, I’m more than willing to kick it upstairs if you so much as blink at me! Where are they!” Agatha demanded.

Henry backed up a few steps as he was forced away from Templar Alex’s desk by Agatha’s mere presence

1. “deceased”
2. *say nothing and try to sneak out the exit*
3. *knife the woman in the back.*
4. *cast a spell* (write in, pick target[s])
5. (write in)
>5. (write in)
>"Well hello Agatha, fancy meeting you here."
“Well hello Agatha, fancy meeting you here.” Henry said.

The man nearly leapt back as Agatha spun around to speak with him.

“Your sarcasm is NOTED Cathar!” Agatha said, before realizing who she was speaking to.

The room got very quiet all of a sudden as Henry realized that the woman could actually just kill him and the Cathars probably wouldn’t do anything about it.

“Oh, Rosa’s ‘betrothed’.” She said before spitting on the ground.

“I uh…” Henry muttered.

“We were just saying hello to you madam.” Johnny explained.

“Agatha sighed and turned back to speak with the Templar once more.”

1. “Do you not even care about Rosa? She said she worked under you.”
2. “Fuckin bitch.” (mutter)
3. “The two people you’re looking for are deader than dirt. I saw their bodies only two hours ago. I’d imagine they’re still at the preparatory mausoleum… I could show you where.” (If successful gain Agatha as a temporary companion and access to the corpses… downside, you have Agatha as a temporary companion)
4. “So what’s stressing you out so much, can’t be the plague since you don’t look sick, nor do I think you’d have anyone in this town you’d care about.”
5. (Write in)
>3. “The two people you’re looking for are deader than dirt. I saw their bodies only two hours ago. I’d imagine they’re still at the preparatory mausoleum… I could show you where.” (If successful gain Agatha as a temporary companion and access to the corpses… downside, you have Agatha as a temporary companion)
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Imma roll cause I feel like that's something that needs a roll.
well, I was gonna have you roll, but seems like someone needs to save this one because that ain't a pass.
Rolled 14 (1d100)

I know not who this man is but I will try to save him
Rolled 23 (1d100)

I gotchu
will write tomorrow, as per the rules it'll take a near critical hit, or an actual critical hit, to succeed at this point.
“The two people you’re looking for are deader than dirt. I saw their bodies only two hours ago.” Henry explained.

“What?!” Agatha asked, her face twisting into a visage of concern and panic. It was actually quite nice to see the bitch flustered for once.

“I’d imagine they’re still at the preparatory mausoleum… I could show you where.” Henry explained.

“If they’re dead… shit shit shit.” Agatha muttered. “Is this the truth, templar?”

“Yes.” Alex said, before shutting back up.

Agatha immediately made for the exit, throwing open the door and heading out into the night. Henry realized that the woman was in a state of panic and wasn’t thinking clearly… an opportunity to be exploited perhaps.

Henry poked his head out of the station and tried to find where Xavier was, but was unable to. He figured the vampire would follow him if he left but it was unlikely Henry would be able to give him orders like this. He would have to personally tail the inquisitor.

Decisions: (pick one, time limited)
1. *tail the inquisitor*
2. *continue your questioning in the station, it seems the Templar has more to say…*
3. *cast a spell*
4. (write in)
>4. (write in)
Follow Agatha, hell, lets call after her.
Try and talk to her get more info.
Henry excused himself and began to chase down Agatha, following after her quite brazenly. He could hear Johnny raising objections behind him but he ignored those for the time being. Agatha knew something of importance, and she’d begun to panic which led Henry to believe that the cadavers had been important people in some regard. But he couldn’t quite figure out how Agatha played into all of this, from what the intel he’d seen suggested, the inquisition was not affiliated with Venser’s little resistance group… if that was the case he’d need to find out, and fast. He couldn’t have them mucking up his own investigation. He needed results and they needed to be his results.

“Agatha! Inquisitor Agatha!” Henry said, managing to chase the woman down. He couldn’t believe how fast she’d been, far quicker than her age would suggest.

“What?!” Agatha asked, skidding to a stop and flipping around, a hand going into her black healer’s robes as if to pull a weapon.

“No need for that miss, we’re not here to practice violence.” Johnny said, managing to catch up.

“I may have ill will towards Rosa but that doesn’t extend to you, I don’t want you caught up in what I’m working on right now, okay?” Agatha said. “Just forget you saw me, go back to whatever you were doing.”

“It’s related to your case, I think. We found the bodies while pursuing our own investigation.” Henry explained.

“Hrmph.” Agatha said. “I’m sure you did.”

Henry glanced around, there were no other people on the streets right now, although he figured Xavier had followed them so he could count on his backup.

>failing another speech check will make Agatha suspicious of you

1. “Why do you hate Rosa so much?”
2. “Look, I assume you’re trying to end the plague in this city, correct? Our goals are the same.”
3. “Well, my investigation led me to three corpses and to you, I wonder how the inquisition would respond if I informed them… it’s not like your actually supposed to be in town, am I right?”
4. *attempt to shank the inquisitor*
5. *cast a spell*
6. (write in)
>6. (write in)
"Look, I'm getting paid to find a way to stop this plague, and what I've found so far is very concerning. I just want some info so I can get this shit stopped and get fucking paid. And I'm worried that if it's not solved soon we'll have more to worry about than a damned plague."
its a bit late, I'll admit, but writing
“Look, I’m getting paid to find a way to stop this plague. What I’ve found so far is very concerning. I just want some info so I can get this shit stopped and get fucking paid. I’m worried that if its not solved soon we’ll have more to worry about than a damned plague.” Henry explained.

“I assume you’re working for the cult then.” Agatha said.

“Does that make a difference who’s paying me? Our goals are the same.” Henry said.

“Well, I’m not one to trust a mercenary, too liable to flip on you when someone pays more.” Agatha explained. “So I’ll ask you a question, and your answer will determine what help, if any I provide.”

“Fair enough.” Henry said, exasperated.

“Well Henry, its not like some of her people have been ruthlessly hunted down and tortured to death or anything like that.” Johnny said, his dry sarcasm not exactly appreciated.

“Why do you care about the people of Magica?” Agatha asked. “Or perhaps, why do you care about the people of this area in general?”

1. “Because I’m being paid quite well to care.”
2. “Quite frankly, I don’t.”
3. “Because Rosa cares.”
4. “Because I’m pretending to be a good person.”
5. “I’ll answer your question with a question, what did Venser promise you?”
6. “Because I have a hero complex born about by childhood trauma.” *sarcastic*
7. (write in)
>6. “Because I have a hero complex born about by childhood trauma.” *sarcastic*
3. “Because Rosa cares.”
4. “Because I’m pretending to be a good person.”
Mainly because I'm tired of people dying cause of others asshatery.
1. “Oh, and Because I’m being paid quite well to care.”
Especially now that I'm in this city that I already found a fuckload of bomb runes hidden all around.
“Because I have a hero complex born about by childhood trauma.” Henry said, sarcasm dripping.

“Cute, now talk before I give you some real trauma.” Agatha said, threateningly. Crazily enough, even though it would be three on one if the woman attacked, Henry felt she had a shot at pulling it off.

“Because Rosa cares, because it lets me pretend to be a good person, and most importantly because I’m being paid well.”

“Hrmph.” Agatha muttered, her eyes glowing white for a moment then returning to normal. “All the truth, I suppose.”

“Well the money is the main one, trust me on that.” Johnny explained.

“Oy can it.” Henry said, flustered.

“Let me guess, Rosa spouted off some garbage about the greater good? As if healing a few wretches in that hospital will solve anything.” Agatha said.

“She did, and she nearly ended up killing herself via overwork.” Henry said, snapping back.

“I’m sick and tired of other people dying because one dickbag decides his mommy didn’t love him enough.” Henry exclaimed.

“And who is the asshole this time?” Agatha asked.

“I don’t know, but I’ve already found a fuckload of bomb runes hidden around, and I believe there are even more caches.”

Agatha nodded. “Cult intel, very accurate I’ve heard.”

“I’d hope so, its what keeps my head attached.” Henry said.
“And we’re not surprised you guessed; few groups could pay him well enough.” Johnny explained, motioning to Henry.

1. “What the hell is your problem with Rosa?”
2. *share intel with Agatha* (opens up another prompt)
3. “I’ve shared with you, now your turn.”
4. “Look, I’d like you to follow me back to our little headquarters for a ‘talk’, don’t try to run off now or you might have an accident.” *motion up towards where you think Xavier would be, to signal him*
5. *knife the bitch*
6. *cast a spell* (write in, select target)
7. (write in)
>1. “What the hell is your problem with Rosa?”
“What the hell is your problem with Rosa?” Henry asked.

Agatha was quite for a little bit before sighing. She pondered for a few more seconds before shaking her head.

“Normally I’d tell you to piss off, but if you’re intent on marrying that woman like I think you are. Then I might as well let you know. I know she’d never tell you anyhow.” Agatha said.

“So spill it.” Henry exclaimed.

“The two of us used to work at the Hospital back in the day, well it was only one building back then, the main one, but we were a family, a real family, me and the other sisters, and Matron Wilma, who is the only person I’ll ever consider as being a parental figure.” Agatha continued.

“So what does that have to do with you hating Rosa?” Henry asked.

“Listen with your ears, not your mouth, I was getting to it. Well, one day, there was a large factory explosion, the cracked bell incident, if you’ve heard of it. Several thousand workers, all injured at the same time. One hospital, a single building, hopelessly understaffed. We lost seven hundred people that day but god damn it we somehow saved everyone else. We managed to get the whole town involved, it was smaller back then and people knew each other a bit better than now. Well, at the end of it all, turns out the factory was owned by the Cult of Progress, who wanted to press charges against our Matron since she’d violated a whole host of laws when we were saving the people. I argued for fighting them off, but Wilma took it all on herself. The others… they just let her do it. They turned their god damned backs on the only person who’d ever shown any compassion to any of us in this fucked up world. Some were even relieved it wasn’t their heads on the chopping block, bastards.”

“And Rosa let her take the blame?” Henry asked.

“She was one of the worst, she was so terrified about being hung she begged and pleaded with Wilma to save her. Disgusting, If we all had to die for the crime of saving over a thousand people’s lives then I’d have died gladly. But no, Wilma simply said to put all the blame on herself and then that was that… I watched her get hung for her ‘crimes’ by the people who are handing you out your paycheck and by the very people who should’ve sided with her. I don’t know if Rosa even bothered to attend. Damned coward never could work up the nerve to tell me.” Agatha said, spitting on the ground, with her temper flaring.
“She must have been eight or nine at the time, surely you don’t expect a child to-“ Johnny started.

“People don’t fucking change, and out of everyone, she’s the one that convinced Matron Wilma to sacrifice herself for our sakes, when some of us were willing to fight with her. I know in my heart that the city would’ve never hung an entire hospital full of Healers who saved their fathers, their husbands, their friends.” Agatha continued; her expression hardened. “People’s natures’ are built into them, all that changes is the world around them, they flow into its shape, but they don’t ever change. No matter how many times they beg for forgiveness, they don’t change.” Agatha said. “I’ve seen far too many sinners who managed to attain forgiveness from the church slip right back into their ways, harming far more people.”

1. “You’re lying aren’t you, no way Rosa would do such things, the Rosa I know would never be cowardly when someone important to her is in trouble like that.”
2. “She’s braver than you could ever know.”
3. “I… I need to speak with her about this…”
4. “We’re all cowards deep down, Agatha.”
5. “I wish I’d been more cowardly when I was younger.”
6. “Do you hate Wilma? For not trusting you?”
7. (write in)
>5. “I wish I’d been more cowardly when I was younger.”
"There'd be a whole lot less dead people, and I wouldn't be putting up with this shit. I'd be dead, but still."

7. (write in)
"I guess that's something I'll talk to her about."
“I wish I’d been more cowardly when I was younger.” Henry muttered.

“Hrmph.” Agatha said, annoyed.

“There’d be a whole lot less dead people, and I wouldn’t have to put up with this shit. I’d be dead, but still.”

“Henry!” Johnny said, exasperated.

“What? At least give me the opportunity to bitch and moan, its all I have left.”

“I figure you’re telling the truth. You’ve already died haven’t you.” Agatha said.

“What?” Henry asked. “I’m afraid I’m very much still alive.”

“You haven’t lived in years.” Agatha said. “I saw it in your eyes when we met on that country road a few weeks back, and its clearer to me now. You died sometime when you were younger, and you just carry on, looking for some reason to continue, perhaps you look for a reason to live again.”

“What is your reason?” Johnny asked.

“I thought it was to help people, to heal.” Agatha said. “Now I suppose I just want to do some good before I die in truth, even if that good is ending other’s lives.”

Henry felt nervous for some reason, he’d heard of such talks from some inside of the Lic’toron but it had never been the majority who’d voiced such things, apparently it was a custom of one of the demonic princes, Sie’ma’taic, lord of half truths. Henry knew very little about him, but he wondered if the inquisitor standing before him had, it would be heresy to reference him like that… should he chance asking her?

“So I suppose you’re going to run off to speak to your soon to be lover.” Agatha said. “I don’t figure the girl would do something so bold as to share a bed while unmarried.”
“I guess I do need to speak with her.” Henry said, sighing.

“I figure she’ll try telling you some of the truth, but lie about what she really feels. She was never good at admitting she’s as human as the rest of us. That’s no problem for you, such an odd couple you make.” Agatha pondered.

1. “That way of talking, about being dead without being dead… where did you hear it?”
2. “Will you help me save the town, or not?”
3. “I know money won’t convince you, so what will?”
4. “The more I talk to you the more self loathing comes off, we’re done here.” *end conversation*
5. “You don’t know shit about me.”
6. “You sound lonely more than anything else.”
7. “So why did you decide to work with Venser? Do you really think you’ll accomplish anything?”
8. (write in)
>3. “I know money won’t convince you, so what will?”
>8. (write in)
we got to be prepared to shank her if we ask her, so instead lets do >>4265225
“I know money won’t convince you, so what will?” Henry asked.

“You want me to join up with you? Is that it?” Agatha asked.

“Well, I’d like to make sure you aren’t going to be against me.” Henry explained.

“Hrmph, so that’s how it is.” The woman muttered, backing away a few steps.

Henry’s free hand tightened on a hidden throwing dagger, he was ready to end the woman’s life, and then lie to Rosa about it.

“All I care about is the safety of the people, on that me and Rosa agree. Right now the biggest danger to them is this plague, but the cult is just as bad if not worse. I can’t trust you if you continue working for them.” Agatha explained, nervously.

“So be it.” Johnny said, glancing at Henry for the go ahead.

1. *begin combat, she’s made her choice*
2. “I have no intention of killing you here, but you are coming with us. I figure the inquisition abandoned you otherwise you’d have had support in this city. You don’t have any other options.”
3. “Hrmph, we’ll see where those moral principles get you.”
4. “Why not a truce for the time being then? At least until the plague is under control?”
5. (write in)
>2. “I have no intention of killing you here, but you are coming with us. I figure the inquisition abandoned you otherwise you’d have had support in this city. You don’t have any other options.”
"And, hell, since the church doesn't like the cult, I'd also be willing to say I've never met you before tonight, and you can claim that you independently found anything I found so you can try and use that to rejoin the church if you so want. So you can tell the church that you stopped the plague, or were key in stopping it. Cause truthfully, I don't care for public attention like that."
now this is an interesting idea...

roll 2d100 with advantage on both (lower roll needed than normal)
Rolled 49, 20 = 69 (2d100)

Rolled 67, 53 = 120 (2d100)

pass on both
“I have no intention of killing you here, but you are going to come back with us to have a talk, and just a talk.” Henry explained. “I figure the inquisition abandoned you otherwise you’d have some sort of support in this city. I know you don’t have other options.”

“I suppose I do not.” Agatha said, holding her hands up in surrender. “Fine, I assume we’re going back to your headquarters? Perhaps I’ll be in shackles?”

“Well normally we’d throw you into a potato sack or a crate and ship you into the warehouse if we were serious about it.” Johnny explained.

“Look, we can lend you some civilian clothes later so lets just keep a low profile, shall we?” Henry said.

The group walked back towards the headquarters, with Xavier naturally joining up with them after a period of time. The vampire seemed to be uncomfortable around Agatha, probably on account of her being an inquisitor.

“Since the church isn’t exactly on the best terms with the cult right now, I’d be willing to say I’ve never met you before tonight, and you can claim to have independently found anything I find so you can utilize that to get back into good standing with the church. I have it on good authority that you have one foot out the door. Perhaps bringing the perpetrator of this plague in would get you back into the inquisition’s good graces?”
“You certainly have a silver tongue, and I can’t say I don’t like the idea. But I know there will be strings attached.” Agatha replied.

“Well of course, a favor for a favor.” Henry explained.

“Fine.” Agatha said. “Either that or become an outlaw. Not like it’d surprise anyone.”

“Well, you can tell the church that you alone stopped all this, or were the key figure at the very least. Truthfully that sort of attention gets a guy like me offed.” Henry explained.

“You’d figure it’d be because you’re suicidal.” Xavier added. “But it seems you’re exceedingly bad at suicide.”

“You and him both.” Johnny said, ending the conversation.

Decision #1: how to get past the cult’s gate guards
1. *just bribe them, its practically your go to*
2. *sneak over the wall via a nearby building’s roof*
3. *check the sewers, though you’d expect Agatha to complain*
4. *use memory scatter on the gate guards*
5. *make something up* (Write in)

Decision #2: How to explain it to your group… you figure Xavier’s okay but the others might have… objections
1. how to explain it to Ophelia? (write in)
2. will Charles have objections? (write in)
3. How will you handle Rosa? (write in)
4. Other?(Write in)
>1. *just bribe them, its practically your go to*

let the others know that she'll be assisting in this endeavor. And that if all goes well, she'll get the public praise. Don't want people to know about our skulking, or we can't skulk any more,
do you think you can convince the others with their histories with either the inquisition, or Agatha specifically? That's what those questions were for.
Tell them that in the life we currently lead, that sometimes you have to work with those that you rather wouldn't. And tell them to suck it up, they're adults not babies that need to be coddled. Life sucks, everyone here knows that. We can work together to make it a little less sucky, or we can let it suck more.
roll 1d100 with advantage for the bribe.
Rolled 98 (1d100)

will write tomorrow.
Henry found that bribing the guards was utterly unnecessary, apparently, they’d already been told not to ask him any questions. Which made the whole conversation fairly awkward. While the two gate guards were distracted speaking to Henry, the others managed to silently sneak in through the entrance gate. He barely even noticed Agatha at first, and wondered if magic had something to do with it.

The ‘easy’ part having been solved, now came the more troublesome bit. Explaining to his team that they’d be working with an inquisitor. He figured Larry wouldn’t care. Johnny wouldn’t be allowed to. But everyone else, hell even Xavier, would all have opinions, possibly strong ones. At least Alice and the two children were back at the main base, so he didn’t have to worry about that disaster occurring.’

“We’re here.” Henry said, throwing open the door to the warehouse. He found Larry and Ophelia sitting on the sofa, talking about something or other.

Both of them looked towards the door and were startled to say the least. Ophelia far more so than Larry, it looked like all of the color had drained from her face and the woman became a nervous wreck as they walked past. Agatha snickered at the display and explained that was one part of her job she enjoyed. Henry inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, Agatha didn’t seem to recognize Ophelia. She was still technically on the Inquisiton’s wanted list.

Next was Charles and Rosa, who were conducting an impromptu magic lesson in the actual warehouse room. Charles turned around when the door open and the expression on his face was… a mix between anger and confusion when glancing at the inquisitor. Henry nodded at the boy and made a small motion with his hands which seemed to put the child at ease. Henry sighed, Charles had realized that they needed Agatha for the time being, and was willing to put his own emotions aside. Good, he’d taught the boy well.

“Agatha?!” Rosa asked, losing her balance and falling over while SITTING.

“Clumsy as ever Sister Rosa.” Agatha said.

“Sister Superior.” Rosa retorted.

“Hrmph, field promotion, I doubt it will stick, you never had the ability to better yourself.” Agatha snorted.

Decisions: (pick one)
1. *Call for a team meeting, this is going to suck…*
2. *call it a night, all things considered this isn’t too bad of a reaction*
3. *Start the interrogation of Agatha, in the basement*
4. (write in)
>1. *Call for a team meeting, this is going to suck…*
The team was called together, and well, it wasn’t pretty. Larry was attending to Ophelia, who’d become a nervous wreck at the inquisitor’s mere presence, babbling off things that wouldn’t be uttered in better company, or any company really. Crazy things that no sane person would say. Rosa was mortified, and was waving between anger and despair at the sight of her old friend. Charles… actually took the news rather well, immediately understanding the need for Agatha, how’d she’d provide a cover, and how her help could get the case cracked open. Suddenly they had an easy way onto the docks where the relief barge would be coming in, and while she was risky there were not many people in the city who were as skilled as her at magic. Her colors were white and black, information she gave freely as a sign of good faith.

In fact, Henry was concerned about how quickly Charles had come to accept the woman. Considering that inquisition assassins were the people behind his brother’s murder, and the people who’d tracked him down across two provinces. Still, the boy kept it together, and Henry appreciated someone acting rationally.

Ophelia was a trickier matter. It seemed she had some emotional scars from her run in with the Church that she hadn’t exactly shared, Larry seemed to understand which made Henry paranoid. What had she told him that she hadn’t said to him? Was it dangerous information?!

Lastly was Rosa… and well, she was more mad at Agatha than him, immediately getting into a verbal argument with Agatha about how she’d ‘tricked Henry into bringing her along.’ Apparently, the idea that he’d asked for Agatha’s help out of his own free will wasn’t imaginable to her.

Xavier on the other hand, simply eyed the inquisitor like a slab of meat, which was both understandable and unnerving. From what Henry knew of the man’s past, the last time he’d run into the Inquisition he’d been run out of the church and had barely escaped with his life. Why couldn’t they have focused on one of the noble vampire’s instead of an average joe trying to do good?

1. *ask Agatha what she knows.* (begin interrogation)
2. *tell Ophelia to get a grip, or get out.*
3. *get some liquor for yourself, and everyone else, and more for yourself, you need it*
4. *get the plan together for tomorrow, its going to be a very long day, you think.*
5. *tell Rosa to stop complaining*
6. (write in)
>6. (write in)
"Larry, take Ophelia to go calm down."
>1. *ask Agatha what she knows.* (begin interrogation)
>3. *get some liquor for yourself, and everyone else, and more for yourself, you need it*
Offer Agatha alcohol too, and don't drink too much ourself.
will be writing latter tonight.


>Drunk Ophelia

god protect us.
But larry should be taking ophelia to go calm down.
“Larry, take Ophelia outside to cool off, she’s embarrassing herself.” Henry said.

“R-right.” Larry replied, helping Ophelia up and basically carrying her out of the room. The woman could barely even stand straight.

“Charles, grab a small cask of wine from the cellar, the EoL 953 vintage.” Henry said.

“Trying to woo me with fine wine?” Agatha asked.

“No, I just want something to soothe the headache all of this is giving me.” Henry replied.

Henry waited for wine to be served. Johnny refused of course, while Henry and Xavier both grabbed some. Xavier would hardly be affected by it, while Henry had quite a bit of resistance. He also noticed that Charles’ had snuck a bit for himself. Henry didn’t mind, the kid had earned it.

“No thank you, I’ll have to decline the generous offer, one of my station can’t really indulge.”

“I’ll have some then, thank you.” Rosa finally blurted out.

Everyone turned to the woman in mute shock, even Johnny seemed taken aback. Rosa slowly shrunk away while sipping a bit of wine that Charles had poured.

“Hrmph, I shouldn’t be shocked.” Agatha finally said.

“So what do you know?” Henry asked.

“I was investigating the town to find the culprit behind this disease outbreak. What more do I need to say? You waylaid me and twisted my arm until I came back here with you to share wine and stories.” Agatha explained.

1. “And somehow two Cathars and a Healer ended up tortured to death?” (write in optional)
2. “You do know Ophelia will be able to tell if you’re lying, right?” (threaten)
3. “We all know you’re holding something back, spill it.” (forceful)
4. “Alright, I’ll believe you for the time being.” (neutral)
5. “I wonder what sort of records of your movement have been kept next door, I’d rather hear it from your mouth rather than my superior.” (cajole)
6. (submit evidence) (Write in)
>1. “And somehow two Cathars and a Healer ended up tortured to death?” (write in optional)
EoL stands for "Era of Light"
“And somehow two Cathars and a Healer ended up tortured to death!?” Henry asked.

Rosa nearly spat out her drink as all eyes turned toward Agatha. Charles on the other hand mumbled something about giving Larry and Ophelia some wine and slipped out, wanting to avoid the shouting.

“That’s… okay, I was doing some investigations and things got… hairy….” Agatha said.

“I saw their corpses Agatha, it could’ve been you that did it for all I know.”

“Bullshit, we were trying to track him down.” Agatha explained.

“Who?” Henry asked.

“The man behind all this, calls himself Saint Rigar if you can believe that. The name alone makes me want him dead.”

“Wait wait he’s a saint?” Henry asked.

“Not of the church I can tell you that much. In fact if anyone of any standing at all in the church found out he was calling himself that then he’d be hung for heresy. Man is a grade A loon and the tree of redemption is far too good for him.” Agatha explained.

“So why isn’t he?” Henry asked.

“Its like he’s one step ahead of us. I’m not quite sure how he’s been pulling it off, but he must have one hell of an intelligence gathering ability, I figure its via magic of some sort but we weren’t able to do anything about it.”

1. “Who else were you working with?!” *slam table* (aggressive)
2. “We? I know for a fact you don’t have any backup from the inquisition, so who’s helping you?” (pressure)
3. *call Ophelia in to probe the woman’s mind, she might end up insane but you really don’t care at this point.*
4. “Why are you still hiding things from us, from me?” (accusatory)
5. “Why is he so dead set on ruining things in Magica?” (neutral)
6. “Well at least we have a name now. Thank you.” (positive)
>6. “Well at least we have a name now. Thank you.” (positive)
"Do you have any idea why he's so dead set on ruining things in Magica?"
See if she knows about the damn fuckup at the cave, but not directly.
“Well at least we have a name now. Thank you.” Henry said.

“Do you happen to have any inkling as to why he’s so dead set on ruining things for everyone here in Magica?”

“Some sort of harebrained revenge scheme. To the best of my knowledge he’s working by himself, but the scale of what’s happened tells me he’s gotten help. Yet he’s a nut. More liable to kill his allies than his enemies from what I’ve heard and seen.”

“Right, that’ll be all then.” Henry said, sighing.

“Really?” Agatha and Rosa asked in unison.

1. “Well I want you to tell Ophelia she’s going to be okay, poor woman thinks you’re here for her.”
2. “Well you aren’t here to kill all of us, right?”
3. “No, I had a few more questions.”
4. “Look, whatever you’re hiding can wait till you trust us more, I get wanting to have some cards to play. Long as it doesn’t get anyone killed or seriously harmed I don’t mind.”
5. “So why were you working with Venser?”
6. (write in)
>1. “Well I want you to tell Ophelia she’s going to be okay, poor woman thinks you’re here for her.”
4. “Look, whatever you’re hiding can wait till you trust us more, I get wanting to have some cards to play. Long as it doesn’t get anyone killed or seriously harmed I don’t mind.”
And if you don't know why he's doing this, it's probably better that you never find out.
“Well I want you to go and tell Ophelia she’s going to be okay, poor woman thinks you’re here for her or something stupid.”

“Now why ever would she think that?” Agatha asked.

“No clue, just leave her alone if she’s drunk though, we’d have to get Johnny here to restrain her if she starts firing off spells.” Henry explained.

“So that’s it then?” Agatha asked, “No second degree, no restraints?”

“You’d have killed us by now, or attempted to, if you were going to do it, so I’ve decided to trust you for the time being. Please don’t prove I was an idiot.”

“You can do that fine on your own.” Rosa mumbled.

“If you’re going to insult the man you might as well say it to everyone.” Johnny added, startling the woman. Henry wondered how many glasses of wine she’d had.

“Look, Agatha… Inquisitor Agatha. Whatever you’re hiding from us can wait till you trust us more. I get wanting to have some cards to play. As long as it doesn’t get anyone killed or seriously harmed I don’t mind. If you don’t know why this self appointed saint is doing all of this then maybe its better you don’t find out, yeah?”

“Hrmph, I really don’t care about the thought processes of a madman beyond what will help me catch him.” Agatha said, standing up.

“Xavier, Rosa, can you show her to her quarters?” Henry asked.

“Wha-?” Rosa asked.

“Well I’m not going to have a man do it alone now am I? That would be improper.” Henry explained, eliciting a laugh from Johnny and Xavier, and a groan from Agatha. Charles for his part was just confused by it.

After everyone else had left, Henry motioned for Charles to sit down.

“So she’s lying right?” Charles asked.

“No… more like she’s hiding the truth. I didn’t ask her anything I didn’t already know the answer too, except more in depth answers to why she was here.” Henry explained.

“Why would you do that?” Charles asked.

“To see if she can be trusted to tell the truth. So far it looks good. She’s doing this in relatively good faith, I think.”

“She’s dangerous though.” Charles added.

“Undoubtedly. We’re going to keep her at arm’s length.”

“Inquisitors are often troublesome but there are few people better suited for this kind of work.” Johnny explained.

“If we can manage her she’ll be a good asset for this job.”

“And if she figures out who me, Xavier, or Ophelia are…” Johnny asked.

“We’ll deal with her. Ophelia is more than capable of erasing any… evidence. Worst case I get a new servant.” Henry explained.

“What?” Charles asked.

“Inquisitors are some of the most skilled people imaginable. You know their corpses are all stored at their headquarters so nobody can get to them. Correct?” Henry explained.

“So we’d…” Charles asked.

“If it comes to it, I suppose.” Johnny said, “I really rather wish it won’t.”

“We can always wait till she trusts us. I figure Rosa will be the most useful way to ensure that happens.”

“She hates Rosa though.” Charles said.

“She still cares enough about Rosa to hate her that violently. Its something I can work with.” Henry said. “Besides having Rosa around makes our inquisitor more predictable.”

“Because you think you can somewhat predict her behavior?” Johnny asked.

“Exactly.” Henry explained.

1. *conduct final actions* (write in)
2. (Write in)
3. *go to sleep* (ends current day)
>1. *conduct final actions* (write in)
Prepare shit for tomorrow.
Runes, and weapons.
And a list of things to do for tomorrow.
Like Get Agatha to inspect the damn boat, or get her to find out the port it's docking at so we can inspect that.
will write tomorrow.
Henry instructed Johnny and Charles to prepare for everything before waiting, eventually, Ophelia came back into the room with Larry in tow.

“I… sorry.” Ophelia said, unprompted.

“What?” Henry asked, deadpan.

“Sorry for panicking, I thought she was here for me… and that you were going to turn me over.” Ophelia said.

“Really?” Henry asked.

“Well, you’d never do something like that!” Larry said.

“Certainly not, she’s FAR too valuable to let go off. Specially after she made me such nice wings.” Henry said. “Sides who else is going to keep our equipment in tip top shape.”

“Thanks.” Ophelia said.

“See, what did I tell you. If you do something like that, you just apologize and most times people will be fine with it, if you’re sincere.” Larry explained.

“Trying to teach her to be human?” Henry asked.

“Oh shove off.” Larry joked.

Henry sighed and leaned back in his chair after the two had left and began writing some notes down about tomorrow.

“Henrrry.” Rosa said, sitting down next to the man.

“What’s gone wrong now?!” Henry asked, slamming his hand down onto the table a bit harder than he would’ve liked.

“I’m so happy you’re so haaappy to see me.” Rosa said, her words slightly slurring together. Henry wondered how many glasses she’d drunk, or if her tolerance was just low.

Oh god he was awful at handling drunk women.

1. “Its time for you to sleep Rosa….” (optional: raise voice hoping Charles or Johnny hears)
2. “So what is this about.”
3. “Agatha that big of a deal?” (guess)
4. “I’m sorry I didn’t check in on you sooner, I’m sure you would’ve liked to see me.” (guess)
5. “Behavior befitting of a healer.” *sarcastic*
6. “Maybe Agatha was right about you, you’re a mess.” *teasing*
7. (write in)
>3. “Agatha that big of a deal?” (guess)
“Agatha that big of a deal?” Henry asked, half paying attention to Rosa’s drunk antics.

“Nooooo.” Rosa said, giggling.

“Good lord I think I prefer the schoolmarm more than this.” Henry finally said, exasperated.

“Oh I get to annnooooy you for you… for once!” Rosa said, giggling a bit more.

“Oh by all means.” Henry said, talking in the same way Johnny did. Why couldn’t that skeleton actually be around to help him.

“Come on lets get you to bed.” Henry said.

“Nooooo.” Rosa complained.

“Yeeeeesss.” Henry replied. “God I should’ve gotten drunk as well if we were going to be doing this.”

Rosa giggled again before resting her head on the table.

“I just want to have a bit of fun, Hennnry. We’ve all been sooooo miserableeee. Works…. Been impoooossibleeee…”

“Y-yeah.” Henry said. “Yeah its been tough recently.” He left out the part about Sophie for several reasons, first of which was possible jealously.

“Juuuust stay here wiiith me a biiit.” Rosa said, already half asleep.

“Yeah, sure.” Henry said, pulling his chair a bit closer so Rosa could aimlessly wrap an arm around his waist.

“Thankssss.” Rosa said, already drifting off to sleep.

“Remind me to talk to you again when you’re sober, good lord.” Henry said.

Rosa responded with another series of giggles.

====================(End of Day)=====================
Henry woke up in his bed alone. He groggily got to his feet and put a fresh set of clothing on, the set that he’d prepared before going to bed the night previous. He just wanted something fresh to start the day with.

He found Johnny and Ophelia already up when he’d gotten downstairs, with Johnny already having made a pot of coffee for Ophelia and Agatha, who had pulled her chair as far away from the table as possible. Ophelia was working on getting a set of mine runes ready, on the kitchen table, which irked Henry, he sure as shit wasn’t going to be sitting down there. He didn’t bother saying anything about it and poured himself a cup.

He spoke with Johnny for a bit and found that Rosa had slept like a baby in the guest room that he’d left her in. Henry had felt awkward sharing a bed with her while she was like that. While he’d done so before that had been privately in the lighthouse and they hadn’t actually done anything while they slept.

“You’re going to have to propose to her eventually.” Johnny said, speaking up.

“Yeah, maybe after this job.” Henry said, absent mindedly. “How are the mine’s coming?” Henry asked.

“Good.” Ophelia said. “They should float if we toss them into the water.”

“Have you actually tested them?” Henry asked.

“You already know the answer, if she say’s they’ll work then they’ll work. Or at least she really, really thinks so.”

“Grab a tub of water, Johnny, fucks sake.”

“She’s making explosives on the kitchen table and THAT’S what you say about it?!” Agatha asked, incredulously.

“Morning.” Charles said, strolling into the kitchen. “If its Ophelia, then she isn’t going to make any mistakes.”

1. *get everyone up, have breakfast, and head out*
2. *last minute actions?* (write in)
>1. *get everyone up, have breakfast, and head out*
>2. *last minute actions?* (write in)
Let Agatha know about the bombs and the locations they were found in.
Breakfast was had and Henry shared a key bit of information with Agatha. The fact of the matter was Rosa and Larry had been unable to find any explosive runes anywhere on the docks. Agatha explained that the Church had been put on high alert via a tip off from the cult and anything on site would’ve already been discovered. Henry and Agatha both agreed that the bomb runes would need to be brought on site somehow. Henry mentioned sewer routes but Agatha explained that the docks didn’t have any leading in. The church was well aware of the possibility as well. It seemed they hadn’t been slacking.

“So we have no fucking clue how the attack will happen?” Charles finally asked.

“Since the securities been increase I don’t even know if it will.” Agatha explained. “He’d have to be on site to do anything and with the security increased I don’t see that happening. The Angel of Midnight has even called in an entire squadron of angels to guard the ship’s approach. For some reason she’s taken special interest in all of this.”

“I’m still nervous though.” Rosa said.

“Me as well, we’re missing something.” Johnny added. “If he’s as crazy as you think he is, Agatha, then he might be willing to lose his own life in the attack.”

“That… hrm…” Agatha said. “Nobody could reach the boat through the security.”

“We’ll have to play it by ear then.” Larry said, “Ain’t worth overthinking it if we just need to guard the damned boat.”

“Fair.” Henry said. “Lets head out then.”


Henry tugged at the fishing rod he’d brought along. He figured he’d get some fishing done while he waited for the damned boat to come in, but nothing was biting. Agatha had gotten them through the front gate with utter ease, nobody wanted to keep an inquisitor waiting, especially one with a legitimate badge. Henry felt a bit smug at how easily that part had gone.

Ophelia had brought along her owl and was running recon around the dockyards to see if anything odd was occurring. She was deep in meditative trance but had explained that a large enough jolt would wake her. Henry was in charge of that if needed.

Rosa, Xavier, and Johnny were keeping an eye out on the roads leading into the dockyards.

Charles was outside the cordon, controlling a dead bird to keep further watch on the area. So far, everything had been clear.

“So nothing doing still?” Larry asked.

Henry checked his transference rune for any communications. Ophelia had managed to get a few working though the signal was crap on the three of them. Garbled and only able to transmit a bit of data at a time. But it was still better than using signal flares during the day.

The port itself was HEAVILY guarded. All sorts of Cathars and even some heavier elite Cathars were keeping an eye on things.

The one hitch were the order of lantern’s paladins that had ‘volunteered’ to help with the guarding of the transport. Apparently, there were also some on the boat itself running interference in case of magical attacks. Henry worried that Venser would try to do something, but it would be out of his hands. Henry watched as the boat slowly pulled into port, right on time. The workmen and Cathar’s on duty wasted no time on offloading supplies and personnel.

Right when he thought things were going to go off without a hitch, the signal came in from Charles that there was a lot of movement along the city streets. Henry watched as the Cathar’s began raising the alarms. The Crusader Commander in charge of the docks raised the alarm and the troops began to mobilize. Henry watched as a tide of red began rushing towards the three roads into the dockyard.

Masses and Masses of devils, several thousand at least. He quickly grabbed his bag and pulled out a spyglass, he ordered Larry to wake Ophelia and pulled out a spyglass. As he got a better look at the devils, he quickly realized where all of the explosive runes had gone. The devils were wearing them like jewelry.

A rather slim devil cast haste on itself and rushed forwards, before getting struck down by a hail of arrows. A moment later, a few strands of red mana were flung forwards by its fellows trailing it and the corpse exploded in a shower of brimstone and shrapnel.

> actions will use up valuable time
Decision #1: (Charles)
1. *tell Charles to get to safety*
2. *instruct him to join you and the others, a mage with a ward charm will be helpful.*
3. *tell him to hold position and give you updates*

Decision #2: (Cathars)
1. *tell the Crusader Captain what’s happening. *
2. *fire off angelic one or both flare runes that you possess* (select number, one or two)
3. *try to convince the captain to take specific actions* (Write in actions)

Decision #3: (Rosa, Johnny, Xavier)
1. *tell them to aid the Cathars*
2. *tell them to fall back to the boat to mop up stragglers*
3. *tell them to escape

Decision #4: (Larry, Ophelia, yourself… where is Agatha?)
1. *grab them and head up to the front*
2. *get onto the ship, you want to save your own neck right now*
3. (write in)
>1. *tell Charles to get to safety*
>2. *fire off angelic one or both flare runes that you possess* (select number, one or two)
Angelic, have them take care of the devils, leave the cathars to other things
>1. *tell them to aid the Cathars*
but if they feel that they can't do anything have them
>2. *fall back to the boat to mop up stragglers*
>3. (write in)
Keep on the lookout, and aware so we can warn the others to fall back if we see anything
will wait for more votes then post tomorrow.
Henry began to rifle through his things while sending a message to Charles to get the hell away and find shelter. He grabbed both of the angelic flare runes he had been keeping and fired them both off into the sky. He figured they response would be fairly quick considering they were right next to Avignon. Hopefully help would arrive in time.

Henry, Larry, and Ophelia reached the other’s position and found that the Cathar’s had already gotten into heated combat with the devils, throwing up masses of white mana shield, ward, and defensive spells. The front line began lobbing white mana spears at the devils, cutting into their ranks, but the devils began climbing over buildings to get around the defensive positions and Henry knew it’d only be a matter of time until they began to threaten the boat.

“We need to figure something out, and fast.” Johnny explained. “If a single one of those things get to the boat then we’ll lose it.

“And that means the city won’t be able to use the floating hospital!” Rosa said, beginning to panic.

Henry looked to the front line directly ahead of them. The defensive position was actually quite impressive, with overlapping white mana shields holding off the attackers while the angels on hand swooped in to carve out chunks of their ranks. The devils attempted to toss bomb runes at the gathered Cathar’s but they were being swatted out of the air by the order of lantern’s paladins who’d assembled. In addition the paladins were using flying swords to further carve up the advancing devils.

“Where is Agatha?” Ophelia asked.

“I saw her go onto the boat.” Xavier explained. “Wasn’t that what you told her to do?”

“Shit, look, we need to-“ Henry said, before noticing a handful of devils approaching their position.

They were all small ones, anklebiters, but that really wasn’t the main danger. Hanging from each of their necks was a single bomb rune, a small strip of metal chain securing each. The devils began to chuckle and cackle as their arms became fiery. Henry watched as a couple of nearby buildings began to spew smoke and flames. There were injured civilians inside of one of them, at least going off the screaming.

1. *split the party to save the civilians?* (will improve morale if successful)
2. *focus on the devils ahead of you* (begin combat, write in attack orders)
3. (Write in)
>1. *split the party to save the civilians?* (will improve morale if successful)
Agatha better not have been the fucker.
will write tomorrow
actually writing
Henry decided that the civilians needed to be save. If any of the Cathars decided to break away and play hero then their line would collapse and the dockyard would devolve into hell. So, Henry bravely ordered Xavier and Johnny to go into the fray while Rosa was backed away to a safer distance. The woman had already begun casting warding spells around the area to prevent the devils from setting everything on fire as easily.

Johnny and Xavier plunged into the smoke filled building to find a mother desperately trying to defend her child from a cackling devil. The beast had grabbed a piece of piping out of the wall and had made it red hot merely by holding on to it. The creature was lazily jabbing it at the terrified humans while giggling to itself. From the charred and groaning bodies nearby Johnny figured they’d utilized small bolt spells. Vile things.

There were three other devils setting fire to, and smashing up the place. They were utterly distracted in their merriment and paid Johnny little mind. Xavier swore under his breath while grasping at his nose. The smell of burning flesh was a peculiar one.

Decision (Johnny):
1. *slay the vile things* (begin combat)
2. *only focus on the one assaulting the mother and child, the others are too injured to move easily and sadly Rosa’s mana is too valuable to waste on bystanders. *
3. *call for Rosa to lend assistance, as much as your pragmatism screams not to.*
4. *try to pull the pair of humans away from the devil without starting combat, though you’ll need to be very quick about it. That devil with the pipe seems to be getting bored.*
5. (write in)
>2. *only focus on the one assaulting the mother and child, the others are too injured to move easily and sadly Rosa’s mana is too valuable to waste on bystanders. *
Triage sucks, but it's what's needed.
roll 2d100
Rolled 99, 21 = 120 (2d100)

Please be good rolls
crit success, and a regular failure
“We need to save them.” Johnny whispered, which elicited an immediate nod from Xaiver.

Paying heed to the other devils milling about the wreckage and smoldering ruins the two crept towards the mother and child. The woman was screaming as she was being pried away from her child by the devil, who was quite the large specimen, easily half the size of a man and easily as strong as one. A second devil jumped down from a hole in the ceiling and began to join in. They were slowly prying the woman’s arms apart and were about to reach an arm in to grab the child when the child began crying for help.

Johnny cursed silently as they continued to creep closer, avoiding shards of glass and pottery that littered the ground. Xavier was furious, anger and hatred evident on his face. Johnny worried that the man might snap at an inopportune time.

As they finally got within striking distance, the woman went limp from the pain, unable to resist her injuries. Xavier rushed forwards and decapitated one of the devils, screaming in rage. The other, half in surprise half in shock, gleefully swung its pipe down onto the child’s head, cackling as if it knew that they were trying to rescue the pair. The end result was a horrible squelching noise.

Johnny turned and calmly waited for the others to notice as Xavier hacked the devils to pieces while in a fit of rage, not even bothering to avoid their boiling blood. As the three devils approached Johnny, he calmly and casually cut them apart before they even managed to realize they had been attacked. He sidestepped their flailing filleted corpses and watched as their fiery blood harmlessly piled on the stone floor at his feet. He grabbed a cloth and carefully wiped the boiling blood off his blade, to ensure it would last that much longer.

“PIECES OF SHIT! BANE OF THE RIGHTEOUS!” Xavier screamed, hacking at the twitching corpses while ignoring the injured woman next to him. Johnny noted with annoyance that the woman had been injured by blood splatter, he hoped she wouldn’t die from it or this foolhardy foray would’ve been utterly worthless.

“Enough Xavier, its over.” Johnny said, placing a strong arm of Xavier’s shoulder before being forced back by a careless sword stroke from the vampire.

Johnny sighed and watched as the neonate worked through his tantrum.

“Enough you child, you’ll attract more of them.”

“Shut your fucking mouth.” Xavier replied. “We watched that happen, we could have saved them if only we had acted sooner! But no, we had keep our own skin safe… you don’t even have skin anymore!”

“And perhaps you would have been happy if you’d died in the process, or if I’d become incapacitated? Would that have made you happy Xavier? To be martyred? I know enough about you to know you won’t get the luxury.”

“What!?” Xavier said.

“I know how you ended up like that, Xavier, so enough talk, the woman still breaths, so let’s get her out of here before she comes to and becomes a greater nuisance than you’re being.”

“And you call yourself human!?” Xavier asked.

“I don’t believe I have ever called myself human in your presence, vampire.” Johnny explained, kneeling down to pick up the unconscious woman. “I respect your service to the church but I know you have little control over yourself, no matter what Henry thinks. I know you’ll lose yourself to fury or bloodlust and become a danger to my charge.”

“Your charge?! Is that all you think Henry is?”

“That’s how MUCH I think he is.” Johnny spat back, grabbing the woman and slinging her over his shoulder.

“I’m done talking to you.” Xavier said.

“Good, lets rejoin the others, then.” Johnny said, returning to his regular dry tone.

Rosa watched as the devils once again stormed the barrier’s that had been erected by the mobilized Cathars. The elites had managed to join the front line and had been making headway at pushing the devils back. Furthermore local units had been joining in to get the scene better under control. It seemed like things were stabilizing now somewhat.

Henry breathed a bit easier while Larry looked slightly bored at the spectacle.

Johnny stepped out into the street with the rescued woman slung over his shoulder while Xavier looked like his mood had been ruined.

“That all you managed to get?” Henry asked.

“Yes.” Johnny said plainly.

“Fucking hell.” Xavier muttered.

1. *aid with the containment efforts*
2. *Head onto the boat to ensure nothing fishy is going on*
3. *check the rooftops to make sure none of the devils are trying to slip through*
4. *head back towards the docks and hunker down*
5. (write in)
>2. *Head onto the boat to ensure nothing fishy is going on*
“We need to get back on that boat, I have a bad feeling that Agatha stabbed us in the back.” Henry said.

“Before we could stab hers?” Johnny whispered.

“Shut up I didn’t ask you.” Henry replied.

“Xavier, Larry. Guard the ramp off the boat and make sure she doesn’t try to escape if she’s there.”

“Fine.” Xavier said.

“What did you even see in there?” Larry asked.

“Don’t ask.” Johnny explained. “It isn’t really worth getting into.”

Rosa shrieked as a bomb rune went off in a nearby building. Henry grabbed her and escorted her back with the others, things were only barely under control.

“Whoever is herding them has to be nearby.” Johnny said.

“How the hell can someone control devils?!” Larry asked.

“Demons can, though I really doubt one could be in this city undetected, specially with the Cult so omnipresent. I figure its like herding undead, you just get a bunch together then point them… ah…” Henry said.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same.” Johnny replied.

“What?” Larry asked.

“Well it didn’t really cross my mind at first but whoever did this must’ve been luring all the devils to the city. We survive this I think we can track the fucker with that in mind.” Henry exclaimed.

“I’m hardly surprised whoever is behind this is consorting with those…. Things.” Rosa said.

“Nobody sane listens to them.” Xavier explained. “When I was taught on how to handle them part of my training was having to listen to one for a while, to check for a weak mind. It whispered things that made no sense but there was that sense that it was incredibly important…”

“If their babbling makes sense then you’re certifiably insane.” Henry explained. “Wish Charles was here for our little lesson.”

The boat loamed large in front of them. All around people scurried about, desperately setting up triage areas. Johnny handed the woman he’d been carrying off to a stunned pair of healers and an assistant and continued on without pausing. The group ascended onto the boats top deck and found a scene of heavy action. The church mages on board had already set about creating angelic wards and white mana barriers around the boat. While each ward was individually modest, combined they had formed a impenetrable barrier that would protect the ship from spellcraft. A couple Cathars with angel feather bows were showering white mana arrows down on any straggling devils that managed to get through the Church cordon.

1. *head deeper into the ship*
2. *head for the wheel, see if you can find and crewmen who can help guide you around*
3. *head back off the ship and down towards the triage area*
4. (write in)
>1. *head deeper into the ship*
roll 1d100
Rolled 70 (1d100)

The group descended lower into the ship. Henry began feeling like he’d messed up somewhere along the line. How could she have stabbed them in the back that quickly? Why would she have even joined up with them in the first place? An inquisitor would’ve fought back, right? Was he being set up.

“She’s lower down, two more decks, in the storage area.” Ophelia suddenly said, her eyes glowing with a blue light.

“Why didn’t you know before now!?” Henry said, already beginning to rush down below.

“Too much interference from the wards!” Ophelia said. “I’m only amazing, not perfect!”

Henry immediately drew his sword while jumping down the steps past a pair of surprised crewman. Henry suddenly wished he’d brought Xavier and Larry along but he didn’t have time to dwell on it.

They descended down one more flight and found a sealed off bulkhead down into the storage area.

“She’s inside there!” Ophelia said, attempting to open up the hatch but finding she was unable to.

“Locked?” Rosa asked.

“No lock, couldn’t be.” Johnny explained. “Sealed by magic?”

Henry pressed his ear to the bulkhead but found that there was no noise coming from down below. The ship itself was quiet more or less, except the groaning of metal and the lapping of waves, now that it was still in the water.

“Are you supposed to be down here?” A crew member asked, poking his head up and over the railing of the stairwell the group had just descended down.

“Yes they are sir.” Rosa said, trying her best to sound like she hadn’t just been in a warzone.

“Ah, healer, of course, carry on then.” The crewman said, his expression lightening up. He returned up the flight and began being ribbed by his buddies about falling for a healer.

“We need this thing opened.” Henry said, stepping back.

1. *have Ophelia try to magic open the door*
2. *use Lightning Talons to rip the bulkhead open*
3. *cast a different spell*
4. *try to find another way down*
5. (write in)
>1. *have Ophelia try to magic open the door*
but prepare the lightning talons just in case horror is behind the bulkhead
roll 1d100
Rolled 21 (1d100)


Ain't a crit fail, continuing
“Ophelia, have a look at it, try to pop it open.” Henry said, already gathering and holding red mana in his hands in case a lightning talons was necessary.

Ophelia crouched down and immediately got to work, blue mana coming out of her hands and probing into the door.

“Get ready.” Henry said, drawing his sword.

“There is a silence spell and a sort of freezing spell on the door. Blue mana usage. Door won’t budge until I remove the freeze spell that’s locking it into place. Give me a minute.” Ophelia said, her hands glowing blue as she prepared a enchantment breaking spell.

A moment later there was a small popping noise and Ophelia went to work the door, finding it opened perfectly with only a bit of effort.

“Alright, me and Johnny will lead, Ophelia and Rosa follow.” Henry explained.

“Lets be peaceful… she must have a good reason for being here…” Rosa said, nervous.

“I’m sure she does, a very good reason.” Johnny dryly replied.

Henry crept down the steps and immediately began hearing a conversation that was occurring deeper in the hold, as he crept closer, past a few pallets of medical supplies, he could make out three voices.

“Don’t bother trying to heal yourself, I already locked your spells off, and I doubt you’ll be able to overpower the spell in time…” A woman’s voice said.

Henry recognized that voice… where had he heard it before…

“We already placed it next to the whale oil, lets go!” A second, more nasally male voice replied.
“No, I want to see her bleed out. I don’t want to have an inquisitor tracking me down for the rest of my life.” The woman replied

“Damn you both to hell.” Agatha said, pained.

As Henry crept around the corner he found a pair of figures standing in front of a downed Agatha. Agatha was propping herself up against several crates, and seemingly was unable to stand up. Henry saw bloody knife on the ground nearby and put two and two together.

The female had long hair and a pair of shiny earrings and seemed to have casted the blue mana spells that had blocked and silenced the door upstairs based on the fact that Her hands were glowing blue. She seemed to be waiting to cast a spell in case the inquisitor attempted to stand up.

The other figure wore a hood and seemed to be nervously shrinking back from the other two, he looked around for a bit like he knew he was being watched while occasionally moving towards a large two foot wide box and inspecting it.

“Are you sure nobody saw us bring this in?” The man asked.

“Yes, we were cloaked, nobody would’ve even noticed us, especially with all the commotion up front. Can’t believe that idiot actually herded all those devils.”

“Will we be in danger?” The man asked.

“No, of course not. For one we’ll be under three different cloaking spells on our way out. Even if we weren’t the devils would never break through the increased security in any real amount. The ship’s safe from them. That’s why we’re here, idiot.” The woman explained.

“Can’t believe you got her to stab herself.” The man said.

“I can, inquisitor or not it was one on two. She slipped up, let me play with her mind for a bit.” The woman said, chuckling and kicking at Agatha.

“Bastards…” Agatha spat.

“Yeah, curse us out while you still have the strength.” The woman said.

Henry suddenly realized who these two people were, the blue mana mage woman and shifty weasel man were both part of that old lady bitch’s team. The one’s who’d locked them in the vault during Sophie’s robbery mission. He looked to Johnny and the man nodded once, they had them two to one, and Henry figured the weasel of a man wasn’t all that good in combat.

1. *try to talk it out* (will reveal yourself, begin’s conversation attempt)
2. *throw a bomb rune at them* (begins combat)
3. *cast spells* (choose what each party member able to cast spells will do)
4. *rush them down and stab em* (begins sword combat. Only Henry and Johnny have short swords, Rosa has her old rusty dagger)
5. (write in)
>4. *rush them down and stab em* (begins sword combat. Only Henry and Johnny have short swords, Rosa has her old rusty dagger)
Do we still have our Lightning talon at the ready?
If so, get that blue mana mage.
this would count as spell casting.

Anywho. What do you want to order the others to do?
Johnny bum rushing the weaselly mage, while Ophelia runs interference with her blue mana.
Rolled 15, 51, 40, 35, 30 = 171 (5d100)

Henry began making hand motions at Johnny, Rosa and Ophelia to the essence of, ‘Johnny bum rush the weaselly one, Ophelia try to run interference, and Rosa get ready to heal if something went wrong.’ That being done, Henry popped lightning talons and rushed out while Johnny followed behind in his wake. Ophelia ducked out from behind the corner and waited while Rosa anxiously poked her head around the corner.

The weasel managed to notice in time to warn his compatriot. As Henry charged in the blue mage had already sent out a blue pulse of mana which caused Henry’s enchantment to fissle out. Henry decided to keep going, bum rushing the woman and swinging a fist at her head. The blue mana mage managed to duck out of the way, which meant Henry’s fist impacted a metal container, painfully.

Johnny on the other hand began to engage in combat with the weasel. The weaselly man’s first instinct was to let out a black mana debilitation enchantment, which had utterly no effect on Johnny at all. The weasel’s dumbfounded expression lasted a moment longer as Johnny slashed at the man’s torso. The weasel barely managed to avoid a lethal blow, but he’d taken an injury.

>Shifty mage takes 1 wound

The blue mana mage immediately began flinging spells at Henry, which were each deflected by Ophelia. Henry backed up a bit as the mage erected the same type of flat blue mana shield that she’d made in the castle. This time placing it over her arm to act as a personal enchantment shield.

“You?! You… we…?” The woman said, suddenly recognizing Henry.

“Yeah…” Henry said.

“But…” The woman continued, backing up a few steps.

>Henry uses up 2 red mana for the lightning talons
Decisions: (Henry) (pick one)
1. *attempt to use shadow crawl to get to Agatha*
2. *attempt to cast an offensive spell against the blue mana mage*
3. *try to use your shortsword against her.*
4. *try to find a useful container and grab stuff from it*
5. (write in)

Johnny: (pick one)
1. *continue to engage with the weasel.*
2. *assist Henry while your opponent is on the backfoot*
3. *end this farce, go for a finishing blow* (50/50 chance of working, if it doesn’t work then Johnny is incapacitated)
4. (write in)

Ophelia: (pick one)
1. *take personal offense at the blue mana mage, of course YOU’RE more skilled than her* (will begin a contest of wills)
2. *focus on the weasel, Henry will be fine… probably… it’d serve him right for messing with you so much*
3. *you’ve been practicing ice magic in your spare time… try it out on the floor*
4. *suddenly get distracted by some of the equipment*
5. *cast a mist spell to lower visibility*
6. *cast dissipating miasma* (will make all spells cast during battle cost (1) more mana to cast, and have a greater chance of fizzling outright)
7. *use think fast* (will allow 2 spellcasting actions next round)
8. (write in)

Rosa: (pick one)
1. *cast an enchantment breaking spell on the blue mana mage to remove her shield* (white mana based)
2. *run to Henry so he can cast defender’s sword and shield* (will use up Henry’s action)
3. *cast a protection ward on (write in target), will grant them 2 additional mana wounds before death* (mana wounds are temporary wounds granted by a spell, but do not add to a person’s permanent total)
4. *cast calm on a target* (write in target), if successful, will prevent target from making an aggressive action for one round
5. (write in)
Johnny's finishing blow is only available on the weasel and is lethal if successful
>Decisions: (Henry) (pick one)
3. *try to use your shortsword against her.*
>Johnny: (pick one)
>1. *continue to engage with the weasel.*
Ophelia: (pick one)
1. *take personal offense at the blue mana mage, of course YOU’RE more skilled than her* (will begin a contest of wills)
Rosa: (pick one)
1. *cast an enchantment breaking spell on the blue mana mage to remove her shield* (white mana based)
Rolled 83, 74, 37, 78, 91, 13 = 376 (6d100)

Rolling actions

Henry, Johnny, Rosa, Ophelia, Weasel, Blue Mage
Ophelia stood up and walked out, fuming. How dare that hussy try to out magic HER. Ophelia readied a mind breaking spell and flung it at the blue mage who immediately respond in kind. The woman was obviously well trained, and had probably had a cushy life, good training, and a firm understanding of how magic worked. In other words, a nightmare of an opponent. Unfortunately, she was against Ophelia. Ophelia simply slapped away her attempts at resisting and began boring into her mind. The blue mage’s mindless shrieks of fear and something akin to pain sent a bit of ice down Rosa’s veins.

>Blue Magic gains terrified debuff. All actions against her have increased chance of success. Afflicted is unable to take offensive actions

“Disable her shield!” Henry said, trying to grab at the woman but being batted away by the mages’ panicked flailing.

Rosa snapped out of her distracted state and flung a charmbreaker spell at the shield. The blue mana shield shattered on impact and the shards faded to nothing. Henry immediately dove in and pressed his sword to the woman’s neck. Holding her steady and taking her hostage.

>blue mage’s shield broken

Johnny began closing in on his opponent but leapt back as the man suddenly changed his demeanor and began furiously swinging at Johnny. The skeleton found himself on the backfoot as he began having to exert himself to stop the man’s deceptively powerful strikes

“Tell him to surrender or you’re fucking dead.” Henry said, pushing his blade into the woman’s throat just enough to open a small cut.

“N-no get out… please no…” She whimpered. He realized that Ophelia was still playing with the mage’s mind.

“Ophelia cut it out! We need her lucid!” Henry said. Ophelia obliged, returning a bit of life to the mage’s eyes, but the woman merely drooped in Henry’s arms, occasionally shuddering.

“The fuck did you do?!” Henry asked.

“I might’ve rendered her temporarily insane… oops… I didn’t think she was going to be such a lightweight!” Ophelia said.

“God fucking damn it.” Henry said. “Oy Johnny!”

“In a spot of trouble.” Johnny said, actually being pushed back a bit. “Trying to capture him alive is proving rather difficult now that he’s found his second wind.”

Decision (Henry)
1. *use your new found hostage to try and get the weasel to stop*
2. *order Johnny to just kill the bastard, one hostage is enough*
3. *hand your hostage off to Ophelia and Rosa, go help Johnny*
4. (Write in)
>1. *use your new found hostage to try and get the weasel to stop*
If all else fails, it should distract him enough for johnny to get him.
roll 1d100, 75 or higher required
Rolled 17 (1d100)

Rolled 41 (1d100)

Rolled 38, 35 = 73 (2d100)

fail, seems the weasel isn't really paying attention right now
“OY, I GOT YOUR GIRL HERE!” Henry said, running his short sword over the woman’s neck in an attempt to intimidate the man.

“He seems to no longer be home.” Johnny said, parrying a couple more blows and managing to stop the man’s advance.

“Should I help?” Ophelia asked, incredulously. “Usually they stop when we get a hostage, at least in the stories I’ve read.”

Rosa quickly pushed past her and rushed over to where Agatha was laying.

“You….” Agatha gasped.

“Yes… and I’m going to heal you whether you want me to or not.” Rosa said, immediately getting to work.

Henry sighed, then orders Ophelia to put the blue mage to sleep. The woman thudded harmlessly onto the steel floor and Henry stepped forwards to deal with the man who was quickly tiring out.

“I don’t believe this will be necessary.” Johnny said. “I’m able to continue.”

“I just want to get out of here already.” Henry explained.

The weasel grabbed a parrying dagger out of his cloak and began getting a black mana spell ready.

Decision: Henry
1. *simply bolt him*
2. *toss a throwing dagger at his head*
3. (write in)

Decision: Johnny
1. *Charge forwards, use your immunity to black mana spells to your advantage*
2. *defend Henry*
3. *advance cautiously*
4. (write in)

Decision: Ophelia
1. *try to use a sleep or paralysis spell on the man*
2. *cancel the man’s spell*
3. *attempt to seal off the man’s spellcasting temporarily*
4. *just bolt him, you’re bored*
5. (write in)
>1. *simply bolt him*
Decision: Johnny
1. *Charge forwards, use your immunity to black mana spells to your advantage*
Decision: Ophelia
5. (write in)
Examine the chest
for Ophelia's action, what do you mean by chest?
roll 3d100
Rolled 22, 87, 57 = 166 (3d100)

Rolled 52 (1d100)

Johnny charged forwards stabbing with his sword and recklessly lunging in an attempt to end the man’s desperate flailing. However, he was parried and forced aside. Johnny immediately attempted to bring his sword up to defend but realized he’d be struck before he could.

At that moment, Henry cast his bolt spell. The weasel moved quicker than Henry had expected however, yet not quickly enough. His sword was caught by the bolt and he dropped it before the magical energies spread up his arm. It hit the floor with a hiss and was turned partially molten and unusable.

Johnny took the opportunity to stab into the man, running him through with his sword and pinning him to a wooden box.

Ophelia, all the while, began poking around at the box the two intruders had left, and noticed that there was an odd ticking noise coming from inside. Opening it up she saw that there was a clockwork contraption tied to a bunch of lava crystals and a bunch of bomb runes. She figured that it would trigger the bomb runes which would cause the lava crystals to go off which would melt a massive hole in the ship, which would probably sink it… she pondered whether or not she should be so close but decided that it was a wonderful chance to see the craftmenship of the bomb.

Rosa of course had a far more reasonable reaction and began panicking that there was a bomb and called Henry over.

“WE NEED TO DESTROY IT!” Rosa said, panicking.

“How much time is left?” Henry asked.

“Five… ten minutes I think? I can’t imagine they were throwing their lives away. So can I disarm it?! I’ve always wanted to… pleeeease?” Ophelia said, still poking at it. Henry shuddered every time she did, despite his attempts to remain calm.

“Johnny, grab the box and toss it into the ocean a safe distance away. No way in hell do I want Ophelia learning how to make something like this.” Henry said.

“AWWWWW” Ophelia said. “But I’ve never seen something like this before!”
“You’ve never made explosives before?” Henry asked.

“Well… no….” Ophelia said. “I’ve never been allowed to!”

“Like that would stop you.” Rosa spat.

Johnny grabbed the box and immediately departed, only stopping remove his sword from the dying man it was stuck into and wiping the blood off on a nearby cloth covering a crate.

“Fuck…” The man said, spitting blood out.

“Punctured a lung, he’ll be dead soon enough if you don’t do anything.” Johnny mused.

Henry watched as the skeleton left and sighed, sinking down to the ground. “Ophelia, check for more bombs, I don’t think they brought any but just to be safe.”

“Can I please inspect it if I find one?!” Ophelia begged.

“Fuck, fine.” Henry said. “But get it off the boat first, and away from any other people, I’d rather you not blow half the medical team up.”

“Ah, yes, I’m no longer injured, thank you for your concern.” Agatha said, unsteadily rising to her feet.

“You should rest!” Rosa said.

“I don’t have time. We should get these two to a secure location and… question them.” Agatha explained, pulling two pairs of mage bane cuffs from her bag and quickly applying them to their prisoners.

1. *Order Rosa to heal the weasel, if only to play nice with Agatha*
2. “So you should thank Rosa for saving your life, no sense being ungrateful.”
3. “We’re leaving the squirrely one to die. I’m fairly sure that women was the brains of this operation.”
4. “We should go inform the Crusader Captain, he’s in charge of this dock right?”
5. “We need to keep this quiet, there may be others.”
6. (write in)
>3. “We’re leaving the squirrely one to die. I’m fairly sure that women was the brains of this operation.”
5. “We need to keep this quiet, there may be others.”
“We’re leaving the squirrely one to die. I’m fairly sure that woman was the brains of this operation.” Henry said.

“She probably was.” Agatha concurred.

“We’re… just leaving him to die?!” Rosa asked.

“Yes?” Henry said. “No point leaving him alive. He’s just a liability.”

“That’s… no that’s not right. That’s not right!” Rosa said.

“Tough, that’s how things are going to be.” Agatha said. “I’m not going to suffer your naivety, that man tried to murder me, and he would’ve murdered you if given half a chance.”

“Can I put her to sleep so she stops complaining? Its just one nobody.” Ophelia said.

“No… no come on lets head out.” Henry said, grunting as he hauled the woman over his shoulder.

“We should keep this quiet, there may be others.” Henry said.

“We’re just leaving the body?!” Rosa asked, again.


“Yes, unless you think we can perform burial rites here…” Agatha said in a faux cheery tone.

“MMm… fine…” Rosa said, turning back to watch the now still form of the weaselly man. She’d seen plenty of people die over the past days… but not like this… she’d never actually walked away from someone like this before… it felt wrong.
As the group headed up the stairs, Henry nearly ran right into Larry

“Henry?!” Larry said, turning the corner “Oh great you’re oka-“

“Good hold this.” Henry said, shoving the woman onto Larry’s shoulder, nearly causing him to tumble back.


“I get the feeling he hates carrying garbage, I’m the same way.” Agatha snickered.

“So, I take it this mission was successful?” Xavier asked.

“Not yet.” Henry said.

The group headed up onto the top deck and Henry took another chance to look over at the wall of Cathars. He noted there were about three times as many angels gathered and it seemed like the Cathars had advanced and broken up the line of unorganized devils. The Cathars and healers on the boat had been dealing with any stragglers that’d made it through. None had managed to get through in significant numbers.

Henry waved to where Johnny was and the group all reconnected after departing the boat. Henry sent a message to Charles through the conveyance rune that the mission had been a success, and to head back to base. A moment later a signal was returning showing Charles had gotten the message.

1. *try to sneak out through the front entrance*
2. *try to steal… commandeer a boat. You figure Agatha will make it fairly easy, nobody would argue with an inquisitor, specially not one like Agatha*
3. *Have Ophelia cast a stealth spell on herself and the captive and sneak out the front on her own. It isn’t exactly her specialty, but you figure she’ll manage.
4. *take this through ‘the proper channels’ have the cathars arrest the woman, it’ll be easier to escape and less dangerous, but you won’t get to torture the shit out of her… eh… or get any intel without having to go through Agatha*
5. (write in)
>2. *try to steal… commandeer a boat. You figure Agatha will make it fairly easy, nobody would argue with an inquisitor, specially not one like Agatha*
Have Agatha inform a subordinate to let the others know she's commandeered a boat, and they can pick it up at the docks so they can use it to ferry patients or something.
Also have Ophelia cast something to cause people to not be able to focus on us.
roll 1d100, will succeed as long as you don't crit fail
Rolled 97 (1d100)

well shit, that sure as hell passes
Agatha quickly found an abandoned patrol boat that the crew had ditched when the initial devil attack had happened, now it sat idly by. Agatha found a container and Larry helped her shove their captive inside of it. Agatha cheerfully sat on top, as if there wasn’t someone trapped inside. Henry wondered what the fuck sort of things she’d gotten up to while working with the inquisition, that sort of behavior made him nervous, he’d known a few people he’d never seen again after they’d been put into crates like that.

Ophelia had cast some sort of light cloaking spell. It was more of a distracting aura rather than a full on cloak. Apparently Ophelia was nervous that the angels would see through her spell and decided on something that didn’t look quite as suspicious.

Henry sat down with Johnny and laid out a map of the area he’d gotten from the cult of progress. They both agreed that the perpetrator had to have been close by to organize the devils in any capacity. Even if that organization was just flinging them at the Cathars to die. Henry also felt like he’d have a hard time blending in with the church considering all the angels nearby. Someone with the stink of devils on them like that would be dealt with by any angel who so much as glanced at him. Henry also wondered what the hell Venser’s people had been doing trying to sink the ship, something didn’t add up.

They were probably trying to lay the blame on whomever was controlling the devil’s, the church would’ve just blamed a stray devil getting through and focused on that. However, why would Venser order this? Tons of people would die if the boat had sank.

Things to think about.

>According to Ophelia, the bomb that has been safely thrown into the bay goes off in “3” actions, nobody will be harmed by it but it’ll cause a stir.

1. *depart back to base* (leaves area)
2. *speak with the Crusader Captain*
3. *check in on the paladin detachment, you figure that’d be the best place to start*
4. *check the healer’s tents that have been set up.*
5. (Write in)
>>According to Ophelia, the bomb that has been safely thrown into the bay goes off in “3” actions, nobody will be harmed by it but it’ll cause a stir.
I hope that bomb wasn't tossed under the damn boat, cause it might still damage the boat.
>2. *speak with the Crusader Captain*
Let him know there's a bomb that was tossed out the boat, or well, let Agatha tell him. So he can let people know and prepare for the boom.
Then we head home to interrogate.

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