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>You are Son Gohan, son of Earth’s heroes, Maple and Goku, and brother of Earth’s #1 hero, Son Peppa.

WARNING: This is a spin-off of Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest. Should be fairly self-contained, a single adventure and all, but knowing the lore helps.

>Recap: Son Gohan was brought back from the dead for a day to deliver some milk for the who commissioned his services, his friend Lime. Along the way to deliver the milk, Gohan had to cross the Great Sea between East City and Yahhoi. Not only that, he also investigated why that ocean was cursed to shipwreck and disappear any travelers that tried to cross it. He managed to find the Guardian of an undersea kingdom, and defeated it. Also, he found the filmmaker James Camera on an expedition, trying to find a legendary treasure, the Heart of the Ocean. He joined Gohan in going to the deep sea palace, Ryugu-jo, and there Gohan was welcomed by the Queen Toyotama as the Chosen One. Chosen by her to be a table leg because he was the right height and color. With the Guardian’s magical compelling voice guiding his actions, Gohan underwent stasis and served as a table leg for 100 years. Now sprung from his labor by an apologetic Queen, he returns to the surface world (100 years late on his delivery) only to find it in ruins.

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:
>Move Costs:
>Your Inventory:

>Good luck!
File: Spoiler Image (12 KB, 320x240)
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You tremble as you take in the barrens around you, bereft of life as they are, especially bereft of anyone you know. Wait, maybe not everyone you know! You change direction, and speed over the Great Sea, looking a bit calmer today. You sense for life in it, and find that there’s less of it than before. Even those xenophobic isolationists were affected by whatever happened.

You eventually reach land, and head towards Korin’s Tower. Well, what’s left of it anyway, the thing’s tipped over. You head up from the fallen tower and towards the Lookout. You don’t trust what you’ll do if you sense up there and have a negative result, instead leaving it to your own eyes to handle the shock.

You reach what’s left of the Lookout, finding a mass of floating pieces. You don’t see Trip, Mr. Popo, or any of her other attendants.

“What did this?” you ask, your voice bouncing off of the ruins and disappearing with the breeze.

Well, now what do you do?
>A. Search the ruins, maybe there’s something that could tell me what happened.
>B. Go to your home, you could use something familiar right now.
>C. Check how West City is, maybe someone’s alive there?
>D. Write-in
>D. Try a pun for the North Kaioshin. "Hey King Kai. I chained all my watches into a belt, but it was a waist of time!"
File: pendulum-room.jpg (5 KB, 308x164)
5 KB
You search the ruins, some of the Lookout is still intact. Let’s see, nothing in Trip’s drawers, nothing under Sugoro’s son’s mattress, and nothing in Daiyousei’s diary. Ah, wait, you do have the last date she wrote something. Huh, about 100 years ago. And the Pendulum Room! That’s still intact!

You go and hit the wall a few times, the mystic machinery booting up with some energy from you. [48/100 KI] And then, you set the dial to 100 years ago.

Reality fades out, and the past fades in, near indistinguishable from the present if not for the lack of dirt.

You walk out of the Pendulum Room, and head up to the courtyard. It’s a beautiful day outside, Daiyousei is singing, Mr. Popo’s flowers are blooming, and a giant hand reaches over the edge, and swings down.

File: Cell Dorado.png (574 KB, 603x483)
574 KB
574 KB PNG


The lookout is blown to bits from the force of the impact, and you phase through the giant hand to see a colossal green monster. Its eyes don’t really focus on anything, but that just makes you paranoid that it’s staring at you without you realizing it.

You follow this creature with purpose, witnessing its rampage across Earth. All members of the Earth Special Defense Force attempt to defeat it, but this monster swats each of them as if they were flies. Even your parents can’t defeat it, and as hard as you wish otherwise, they are crushed by it as well. Even your sister does her best in taking it out, even going so far as to take a page from your book: she tries to detonate herself in its face, but before she can do so, Dabura comes out of a portal and spits on her, reducing her to a stone statue that falls through the air and crashes into the ground, breaking.

You squeeze your fists so hard you draw blood. How, how could this happen after all you’ve fought for? For all of Earth’s Strongest to just be dealt with by a new threat as easily as fumigating a house. You… you must find a way to stop it. Where did it come from anyway? You rewind with the Pendulum Room’s machinery and trail the monster back to its origin.

Of course, it’s Towa. It would be Towa, it’s always been Towa, the main threat to everyone’s existence. She dropped the creature out of a portal from the Demon Realm, and you enter it before it closes… or opens? You follow her and the creature back to her lab, where you see the Creature’s birth.

Those Six Cells made by Dr. Gero, they all combine their energy in some ritual, and this fuses them as well into that hulking monstrosity.

Dr. Gero cackles as he beholds his latest creation, “Hahaha, yes, go, Tisshujin! Go, and crush all those in your way and my ow-” -splat-

Yeah, he shouldn’t have stood in the way. Towa corrals the monster with her staff, and leads it out of the lab to annihilate Earth’s fighters.

You’ve seen enough, and you power down the Pendulum Room, returning to the present, or future depending on how you view it.

File: Spoiler Image (91 KB, 820x756)
91 KB

Hmm, no Mr. Piccolo, meaning no dragon balls to revive people, and you doubt Namek was left unscathed from Towa’s machinations these past 100 years. Well, you could ask Otherworld to allow someone like Bulma, or… or Pantea, to come make a time machine for you.

Well, you know one way of reaching Otherworld. You gather your ki, and transmit your thoughts as hard as you can.

“Hey, King Kai. I chained all my watches into a belt, but it was a waist of time!”

You wait for a response, but none comes. Hm, maybe another… Taking a deep breath, you think as hard as you can,

“Guy walks into a pet shop. He lives in a tiny apartment with thin walls, so he wants something (A) small and (B) quiet.
“He buys a centipede. Next morning, he’s hot to take the centipede for a walk. He unscrews its jar lid and says, ‘Hey, buddy! Want to go to the park?’
“He expects the centipede to be excited, but: no reaction at all. Guy waits. After a minute, he repeats, ‘Want to go to the park?’
“Nothing, our guy is getting frustrated. Finally, he yells, ’Do you want to go to the park?’
“And the centipede looks up at him and says, I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME! I’M PUTTING ON MY SHOES!’”

You wind blows past, and you swear you hear a cricket chirping.

You face alights with glee, and you call out, “Gregory!”

“Gohan!” the cricket chirps in delight. “I thought you were dead! -er!”

“Eh, I was trapped for 100 years. Where’s King Kai?”

“Oh, he died.”


“Yeah, Towa’s pet monster destroyed the whole celestial bureaucracy, nothing really governing over the universes anymore. ‘About 20 Buus worth of Terror’ the Supreme Kai called it. Small beings like us crickets and the cockroaches managed to survive though.”

“Drat. So, is there an afterlife?”

“Kinda? It’s more of a purgatory now, an unorganized one.”

“So… is there any chance you could find a soul among the dead and bring them back for a day?”

“Well, my antennae make for fair dowsing, whose soul are you looking for?” the cricket asks.

“Pantea’s, I need her to make a time machine so I can go back and fix everything.”

“Hmm,” the cricket thinks, “From what I’ve heard of Earth, Bulma Briefs seems like she could make a time machine just as well, if not better. Is there any particular reason you want Pantea’s soul?”

You blush, “Well, I-”

“Cuz I can’t find her soul.”

Your body feels like a katchin weight. You stammer, “But, no, Pantea, she can’t-”

“Meaning,” Gregory quickly interjects, “She could be alive.”

You breathe out a sigh of relief. Then, you brow furrows, “But how could that be?”

“Dunno,” the cricket responds. “Well, good luck with fixing everything!”

The connection between the two of you ends, and you think on what to do now.

>A. To Capsule Corp.
>B. Write-in
>colossal green monster
woops, meant "gold monster"
File: UHFemale1.png (446 KB, 950x689)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
>Daiyousei’s Diary
Shit, I got my fairies confused, "Yousei's Diary."
>A. To Capsule Corp.

Well, with Pantea alive, that makes your next step obvious! You leap off of the lookout and slow fall over to West City.

It, too, is destroyed. Rather than ruins, a big crater is where the city should be. Well, dang.

A notification pops up on your Scouter. You open it, and read, “CAPSULE CORP HQ DESTROYED, FALL BACK TO SECONDARY LOCATION. COORDINATES ARE (…)”

You use the Scouter’s GPS and go to the coordinates, touching down in the ruins of Parsley City. When you get there, you feel around for signs of life. None that you can detect.

Cursing this all as a waste of time, you turn away, before you see something pop up from a building. A robot!

It backs away out of your line of sight, and you leap up to the rooftop to chase it down. You can’t find it, but you do see a chute that looks like it just had dust knocked off of it.

You swing into the chute legs first, and slide down for about half a minute.

You tumble out in a heap of soot, grime, dirt, and other filth and stand-up, dusting yourself off. You see several robots with primed laser guns surrounding you.


“Stand down.”

The robots turn towards the voice from the shadows, their senior in rank and age. A tarnished robot wearing cobwebs lumbers towards you.

“Son Gohan, it is good to finally see you. We have been waiting for some time now,” Robo says. “Please come with me.”

You are led to a chamber guarded by a red robot. The red robot’s eyes light up, and it glares at you. It takes out a mic, and sings, “Access to this chamber is prohibited to all, yo! Unless you have express permission from General Robo!”

Robo dictates, “The one our lady has been waiting for has returned. Open the chamber.”

Gato nods, and plugs his hand into a socket on the wall next to the door. The door opens with a “fwoosh,” and cold air seeps towards you. You wave away the steam, and walk into the chamber. You see a device that looks like a pod covered with ice.

Robo goes to a control panel, and fiddles with it.

A voice comes on from a speaker in the room, “CRYO-STASIS CANCELLED, DEFROSTING ENGAGED.”

You observe the pod as it heats up, and the ice melts away, steaming up the room.

You feel someone in there now. You feel her.

File: Spoiler Image (43 KB, 378x533)
43 KB
The pod opens with another “fwoosh,” and a drenched girl slumps out onto the floor. She groans as she leans up from the ground, parting her soaked hair to rub the sleep out of her eyes. After letting out a big yawn, she takes her glasses out, rubs off some condensation, and puts them on.

Pantea Briefs looks over at you.

>A. Go give her a hug.
>B. “I thought I lost you.”
>C. “Have a nice nap?”
>D. “Wakey wakey, world’s at stakey.”
>E. Write-in
So is this some kind of April Fools thing? Because you're pretty late for that, mate.
Nope, not kidding. Started on April 2. Will run until the story's finished.
Okay. Why, exactly? Just to get through the boredom?
To have fun, silly!
Seems kinda... Hijack-y to me.
QM gave me her permission.
>E. Explain to her what happened to you through telepathy. Then wait for an inevitable punch to the face.
That sounds more apathetic. And still seems suspect.
Okay, but still feels hijack-y to me.
File: Spoiler Image (902 KB, 1378x2000)
902 KB
902 KB PNG
You step forward and place a hand upon her forehead, her face still not quite believing what she sees. Images flash from you to her, informing her of your imprisonment for the past century.

Her eyes widen in recognition, then narrow. She looks down, her eyes hidden.

For the first time in a little less than a hundred years, she speaks. “I told you not to get in over your head. Still, you lost control of yourself and let them walk all over you.”

You brace yourself for a punch to the face, and say, “It’s true. Never again though.”

“Ha,” she laughs. “And instead of Otherworld, you’re here in front of me.”

She looks up at you, and says, “Thank goodness!” Tears are flowing down her face.

Robo hands her a handkerchief, and she uses it to blow her nose. She continues, somewhat composed, “Even though it was probable that you were lost, I could never really lose hope. That’s why I couldn’t leave you here.”

You nod, and consider her words, “Wait, leave?”

“Oh, right!” she says with realization, “I have to show you the time machine!”

File: Epoch.png (114 KB, 318x161)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
You’re taken to another room with two machines in them, excluding the robot workers and technicians.

She presents to you the one that looks like a mix between fried egg and a sundial, “This is the Egg Timer!

“And this,” she says as she points to the other machine, “Is the Sleep Steeper. Gives you a full night’s worth of rest in a few seconds. Really helped me through some harsh weeks in building the Egg Timer.”

HP: 70/100
KI: 45/100
Time Left: 13 Hours and 15 Minutes

>A. So… you have any food?
>B. Get in the Sleep Steeper.
>C. Time Travel to the past right now, you don’t have time to lose!
>D. Chat with her (Write-in)
>E. Write-in
File: apathy.jpg (13 KB, 407x120)
13 KB
Well, I have her permission in any case.

I hope you'll play as well!
>E."But Multi-verse theory is a bitch!"
If this doesn't allow us to stay in the same timeline we're just going to override another Gohan's timeline. Leaving this Pantea to suffer.

Also we're making a time ring.

File: enertron.png (38 KB, 256x224)
38 KB
You have some complaints with this. “But Multi-verse Theory is a bitch!” you whine. “If this doesn’t allow us to stay in the same timeline we’re just going to override another timeline. And I don’t wanna leave you here!”

Pantea laughs proudly, “Don’t worry! It seats multiple people. And yes, this will take us back to our past.”

“Oh, well that’s okay then,” you reply, relieved. “So, about this Sleep Steeper…”

Pantea opens the door for you. Then she nudges you in and closes it. She activates the machine and you feel… energized.

[100/100 KI]

You step out of the machine not 5 seconds later and feel good as new.


...but you’re still hungry. You chuckle, and ask, “So… you got any food?”

She thinks to herself, “Well, we have stores of rice and onions sauce that should still be good. Though, to be honest, half the reason I went into cryo-sleep was to get away from having that every day. I say we go get something from the past.”

“From the past?” a familiar voice asks.

You turn and see a red girl with horns laying on top of the time machine with her head propped up on her hands, looking like the cat that caught the canary.

“Basilea,” you growl.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" the girl begins, 100 years older and still as bratty as ever. "A fool with a samurai sword and his nerd sugar mommy who seek to return to the past and undo the future that is Towa.

“Don’t you two know that time traveling is illegal? You wouldn’t want to break time now, would you?” she asks all holier-than-thou.

“Oh, like you’re one to talk!” Pantea snaps.

“I suppose I am,” Basilea grins, “So, I wonder how I’ll be rewarded for finding the last two Earthlings and stopping them from time traveling?”

>A. With death. (Luminous Kamehameha)
>B. What do you want?
>C. Write-in
>C. "Where're your lackeys?"

You cut to the chase, “What do you want, Basilea?”

She smiles, “Yes, what could you give me that’s better than whatever Towa could spare?” A serious look cuts across her face, “I want to go with.”

“And why’s that? So you can visit your family?” you ask.

She shrugs, “Well, in those exact words, yes. Towa was weaker in the past, weak enough that I can take her place. So, you bring me to the past so that I may usurp her, and I’ll clue you in on the weaknesses of the Tisshujin.”

You nod in understanding, reminded that this girl is the lowest of the low. And the only ones that would serve under someone like that… “Say, where are your lackeys?” you ask, confused.

She stares at you in equal confusion, then thinks about it. “Let’s see, what were their names? Puru Puru and Tsun Tsun? Something along those lines… Eh, I just left them at home. Don’t really need them.

“So,” she says dismissively, “Do we have a deal?”

Pantea adds begrudgingly, “The Egg Timer does seat three people…”

What’s your decision?
>A. Deal with the Devilgirl
>C. Write-in
“Fine,” you answer, “you can come with.”

She chuckles, and flips off of the time machine. She lands next to some robots who still have guns pointed at her. “We have a deal then! You deliver first,” she cheekily demands.

Pantea huffs, looking at the ground.

You turn towards her, and ask, “What is it?”

“Well, it is true that the Egg Timer seats three people. But, I had been thinking that it would be you and me, and then either Robo or Gato could be the third.” Even having put the decision off for nearly a century, she still hadn’t decided on who to bring.

Robotic footsteps clank into the room. “No need for that, Pantea,” Robo says, waving a hand with a whirring sound. “We will stay here.”

“Don’t call us a comeback, we’ve been here for years, rocking with our peers and putting demons in fear!” Gato adds.

“Indeed, if you wish to thank us for our services, then please, make this future we live in a happier one,” Robo asks.

Pantea stares at them, then nods, giving them a proud smile. “Will do!”


The Egg Timer’s hatch opens, and you, Pantea, and Basilea hop in.

“So, when do you think we should strike?” Pantea asks, dialing in the time.

>A. When the Tisshujin arrives at Earth fully-powered, Basilea knows its weaknesses and Gero will be too squished to make another one.
>B. In Towa’s Lab, before the Cells combine in that ritual. You could also slay Towa and her minions as well as Gero.
>C. Towa the Baby’s cradle made of spikes, no way will this cause all your existences to cease.
>D. Write-in
We will continue tomorrow!
Oh right,
>E. My House. *dundun* Cuz I'm hungry. *dundun* For Mom's cooking! *https://youtu.be/sfmYW3POUQ0* (write-in a home-cooked meal)
>D. Is going right after I was frozen a possibility?
File: some techy thing.gif (49 KB, 400x407)
49 KB
“Is going right after I was frozen a possibility?” you ask.

Pantea hmms, “Well, if I recall correctly, that was when everyone was still in quarantine from that pandemic, right? We could use their help. And Towa’s monster attacked after it was over. And you only have a limited amount of time on Earth with that halo, right?”

Basilea pitches in, “I mean, we could try attacking Towa’s lab then.”

>A. The day I was frozen!
>B. Tisshujin Attack
>C. Towa's Lab when the Cells are gathered
>D. Go to your house to eat.
>E. Write-in

I kinda want them to fuse, but save Gero before they crush him so the old fart is in debt to us.
File: makai.png (776 KB, 800x600)
776 KB
776 KB PNG
You’ve decided. “Then let’s go to Towa’s Lab when the Cells are gathered. From what I saw in the Pendulum Room, that thing killed Dr. Gero. Perhaps if I saved the ‘good’ doctor from that fate, he would be in my debt, and maybe, just maybe, he would stop siccing killbots on us.”

“I’ll deal with Towa then,” Basilea says, her eyes flashing red with malevolence.

“And I’ll use the Egg Timer to go get the rest of the ESDF,” Pantea adds. “Be sure to leave some for us, Gohan!”

You laugh, and with that, the Time Machine activates. You’re taken through a weird space outside of time, which reminds you of that show Lapis likes. Eventually, you reach the end of the tunnel, arriving in an evil landscape, not a sun nor star in the sky. You recognize it as the blasted land where Babidi teleported your Mom, Towa, and Dabura for their fight. The place where your Mom got stabbed in the back.

You and Basilea leap out of the Egg Timer, and Pantea travels through spacetime to go fetch the others. Basilea leads you to Towa’s Lab, which looks how you would imagine it would, lots of spikes and gloominess. You sense where Towa, Gero, and the Cells are gathered.

Basilea takes through a secret entrance that she made by punching through some walls, and with your ki lowered, the two of you reach the room where the ritual is about to take place, those inside unaware of your presence in the air duct above.

How do you approach this?
>A. Leave the Cells alone, save Dr. Gero when the Tisshujin forms.
>B. See if you can take out some Cells with a technique (write-in)
>C. Write-in
File: basic.jpg (35 KB, 327x344)
35 KB
"Well, there's Towa. Now my end of the bargain," Basilea whispers to you in the air duct, "If you mean to fight the Tisshujin, use that ability the Supreme Kai taught you."

>C. Telepathically thank her for the info and tell how Towa corralled multi-fused Cells with her staff. That might've been important too.
File: tisshujin.jpg (47 KB, 300x268)
47 KB

You poke her in the forehead, relaying, "Thanks for the info. Also, Towa can corral that thing with her staff, or energy. Might be important too."

She rubs her forehead, and hisses, "Like I said, leave her to me."

With that, the two of you wait and look down below, hopefully not catching a glimpse of your own funerals.

“Now,” Dr. Gero directs his creations, “Share your energy with each other, and once it is coursing through you all, GATTAI!”

The Cells do as he commands, their arms joined as they stand in a hexagram on the floor. Then, a brilliant golden light forms in their center, growing brighter and encompassing them. Towa’s ki weakens and she shields her eyes from this display, with Basilea doing the same. You feel an unreal presence being born in that light, stronger than anything you’ve ever felt. The light expands, and molds itself into something solid. The being grows bigger and bigger, and eventually breaches the ceiling, bending the air vent and sending you tumbling out onto the floor.

You land on your feet, and look over to Dr. Gero, who cackles, “Hahaha, yes, go Tisshugin! Go, and-” The doctor is interrupted by you tackling him out of the way of a giant foot. “Ack! Who dares- Son Gohan! Already? I thought you were dead!”

“And you were about to be,” you say as you point at the monster’s foot.

Dr. Gero’s face goes pale at the sight. “Towa was supposed to control it,” he gasps.

“Yeah, she won’t get the chance,” you say, knocking out the doctor with a chop to the back of the head. You slide him out of the room, and turn towards the Tisshujin, and its master.

Towa muses, “Well, what have we here? Son Gohan, arriving in such a timely fashion. Not exactly original.”

“Well, I didn’t come by myself,” you shrug.

“Oh?” Towa asks as she makes to link her staff to the monster’s head, but is tackled through the air by a red blur. “GAH! Who- Basilea!? You ingrate!”

“Oh, I’m plenty grateful, let me show you my appreciation for being under your heel all these…” the Devilgirl replies as their fight goes out of the room.

The Golden Fusion of Cells looks down at you like you’re a bug to step on.


>A. Try hitting it with a technique.
>B. Go stab it in the face with your sword.
>C. Use Exorcism on it (What parts look like they would contain something?)
>D. Write-in
File: DesofTime6.png (155 KB, 300x300)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
What do you wish to Exorcise from the fusion of the cells? Where do you target?

>A. The Face
>B. The Chest
>C. The Claw Arm
>D. The Cannon Arm
>E. Write-in
>B. Go stab it in the face with your sword.
>D. The Cannon Arm
File: gold cells.jpg (173 KB, 1280x720)
173 KB
173 KB JPG

As you think on where to use the Exorcism ability, you go up to its face an experimentally whack it with your sword. You put some strength into it, and your sword bounces right off.

Seems it's invincible.

Then, before it can hit you with its claw, you leap over to its cannon arm and try to Exorcise something there. You try to draw something out with the mystic technique, [96/100 KI] but don't feel anything in particular besides its overwhelming energy, which is building up in the cannons, preparing to fire.

The Tisshujin swipes at you with its Claw!
>Roll 1d15+5 to Dodge!

>A. Hit it in the eyes with a technique to obscure its vision.
>B. Try baiting it into hitting itself (specify area you stand)
>C. Try exorcising a different area.
>D. Write-in
Rolled 2 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

File: atchoo cannon.jpg (98 KB, 727x421)
98 KB

The Claw swats you like a fly! Luckily it was just a blunt part, but it takes the wind out of your sails... and also you go flying anyway.

You fly up towards the monster's face, [95/100 KI] and use Exorcism on it. [91/100 KI] The crest on the face still shines brilliantly, and nothing seems to happen.

The Tesshujini raises its charged Cannon Arm at you!
>Roll 1d15+5 to Dodge!

>A. Hit it in the eyes with a technique to obscure its vision.
>B. Try baiting it into hitting itself (double damage from charged cannon arm, bonus to dodge DC)
>C. Try exorcising a different area.
>D. Write-in
>D. Raio-Krn.
Rolled 5 + 15 (1d15 + 15)

Rolled 15 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

....whoops wrong number...
So this is the power of Equivalent Exchange...
File: dabura.jpg (202 KB, 1280x720)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
[60/100 HP] from getting hit with the Claw.


The Cannon points at you, shining bright. You quickly fly to where it isn't aiming, [90/100 KI] and it fires a beam of destruction that superheats the space where you used to be!

~ ~ ~

Dabura sits in the living room of his sister's Lab, watching Makaitime telivision. He feels the building rumble.

He glances around, but goes back to watching TV. "Must be one of her experiments again," he supposed.

About a half minute later, a beam of destruction rushes through the living room, destroying everything. Once the ceiling stops coming down, a red hand reaches out of the rubble!

Demon King Dabura climbs out of the debris, murder on his mind.

Then, he falls unconscious.

~ ~ ~

>Demon King Dabura neutralized, no chance of him assisting Towa's forces!

You need to be quicker to beat this thing, that beam could have taken you out instantly if it hit.

"Raio-KEN!" you shout, your body sparking with electricity. [86/100 KI] You zip through the air, and go to the monster's chest. You use Exorcism, and this time... you feel something! Yes, in the monster's chest, are six presences, held in those orbs. [82/100 KI]

You pull on one of the presences, and Tesshujin screeches at you! It swings it Claw at you!
>Roll 1d15+5 to dodge, lowered DC from Raio-ken

>A. Put more energy into the Exorcism!
>B. Cut into that orb with your sword, it should be weak from you applying force from underneath.
>C. Bait the Claw towards the monster's stupid face! (bonus on dodging DC)
>D. Write-in
Rolled 15 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

>D. Add Light magic to exorcism.
File: MiiraDBO.jpg (129 KB, 1366x768)
129 KB
129 KB JPG

You dodge the claw while keeping your Exorcism up, and the Claw sails past you and hits a wall. The Claw sinks into a wall, hitting something that’s not just stone, and the lights go out across the Lab..

~ ~ ~

Mira rests in a healing pod filled with Dark Tree of Might juice, following what’s going on in his master’s Lab with his own ki sensing. Her new creation is perfect and unassailable in every way, something that he would have to go above and beyond to rectify. He also feels his master fighting with that failure brat she used to keep around, who is now much stronger from whatever future she came from. It’s an even fight so far, but his master always had an ace up her sleeves when she bothered to wear any. Like him for instance. Yes, he would be moving to defeat his master’s enemies as soon as the signal was given for his bath to end.

Unbeknownst to Mira, the pod had shut down a bit ago when the power went out.

~ ~ ~

>Mira neutralized, small chance of him assisting Towa!

“Where the HFIL is he!?” Towa screeches, pressing the button on one of her bracelets over and over.

Basilea clotheslines her through a wall.

File: no longer easy modo.jpg (59 KB, 495x278)
59 KB
You double your efforts, using more ki for the Exorcism, and like a cyst, some... thing splurches through the orb and into your hand.

If you had to guess what it was, it seems like it would be a nucleus of one of the Cells.

You look up, and see the monster’s carapace change. No longer is it shining gold, it reverts to green.

It raises a charged Cannon at you, but instead of the center being charged up, the six chambers around it flash with energy.
>Dodge! Roll 6d15+5

>A. Crush the Nucleus.
>B. Toss the Nucleus aside.
>C. Go Exorcise another orb… or are they boils?
>D. Hit it with a technique, maybe it’s no longer invulnerable! https://pastebin.com/4js0H6Jx
>E. Write-in
[74/100 KI]

>Without the Inviolable Aura, you feel that the next Exorcisms should be easier.
(((Oh, the Light magic. Well, increasing your effort already did the trick, and there's not anything demonic about the Cells in tuffle quest, I think, so it would just be more ki spent for little reward.

Is this agreeable?)))
File: Nucleus.jpg (85 KB, 620x350)
85 KB
(((Actually, nevermind, I have an idea. Retconning~)))

You mix light magic into the Exorcism as well, and something rips through the orb of flesh. Before the orb can regenerate with its Cell bullcrap, your light magic shines on the exposed flesh and fries it, cauterizing the wound as energy and ichor pours out of it.

The Tisshujin raises its Cannon Arm at you, but to its surprise and yours, the light coming from it is dimmer. The Ki that would normally be coursing from the Nuclei towards its arm leaks out of one, and as a result the charging sequence slows.

>One free round as the Tisshujin figures out what to do.

>A. Crush the Nucleus.
>B. Toss the Nucleus aside.
>C. Go Exorcise another orb… or are they boils?
>D. Hit it with a technique, maybe it’s no longer invulnerable! https://pastebin.com/4js0H6Jx (embed)
>E. Write-in
Your HP: 60/100
Your KI: 70/100

Tisshujin HP: Losing a bit per round, it still has tons of life left even without the Gold Plating
Tisshujin KI: Overwhelming, can't charge up Cannon as frequently
After-Image with ki and detonation.
>E. Ki sense/telepathically study the orb to see if it will reveal any more weaknesses
File: nucleus.jpg (41 KB, 876x549)
41 KB
You build ki around yourself, projecting an image into the air, and put in some ki for it to detonate with. Then, lowering your ki, you vacate that space and examine the weird thing in your hand.

You sense that it’s a Cell, and you read its thoughts with telepathy: “Put me down! I’m gonna kill you!”

The Tisshujin recovers from its stupor, and aims its Cannon at you. Or, what it thinks is you. It fires five shots from the barrels around its main gun, all of them piercing through your afterimage, and causing an explosion. With you seemingly defeated, the Tisshujin guffaws.

You feel the Nucleus’ ki rising, and it starts to grow.

>A. Crush the Nucleus.
>B. Zap it and throw it over the horizon.
>C. Well, the Tisshujin let its guard down. Thunder Break Slash its face!
>D. Go assist Basilea in defeating Towa.
>E. Write-in
>E. Shinryuken
File: cracked.jpg (194 KB, 1280x720)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
>[70/100 KI] from Raio-ken


You regard the tiny creature within your grasp. “Yeah, no.” You squeeze. -squish- Last thing you need is a little Cell raising hell.

Well your hand’s a bit slimy now, and you know just the thing for that. You gather ki into your fist, and it flares up with flame. The light in the darkness catches Tisshujin’s attention, a little too late as you swoop up and -BAM!- You connect a solid blow to its face, sending it reeling and forming a crack in it.

It swings its claw at you!
>Roll 1d15+5 to dodge!

>A. Keep attacking its face, it's starting to crack!
>B. Bait it into hitting itself! (Bonus to Dodge DC)
>C. Use a technique on it.
>D. Exorcise another Nucleus.
>E. Write-in
Rolled 3 (1d6)

Rolling for progress on that Basilea v Towa fight.

1, 2 - Towa wins and joins the battle
3, 4, 5 - Stalemate
6 - Basilea wins and joins the battle
Rolled 3 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

>E. Then burning crusher.
File: Claw Sweep.jpg (89 KB, 741x572)
89 KB
Rolled 4 (1d6)

The Claw flares energy, and swipes towards you, destroying the very air itself! You aren’t able to dodge, but you are able to move with the blow to lessen the imPACT. Ooof. [52/100 HP]

You soar through the air, then recover and zip towards the monster’s still bleeding chest. You go to another orb, and pull on the Nucleus inside. [62/100 KI] When it is in your grasp, you change things up a bit. You pour energy and fire magic into your hands, making them very hot, and you squeeze with both your hands and that energy, causing the orb to erupt, sending ichor and discharged ki everywhere.

The Tisshujin screeches at this, and as you crush the protesting nucleus in your hand and prepare for its next move, you’d have to say that this is the grossest fight you’ve ever been in, though you do admit it is morbidly satisfying.

You feel the monster’s strength decrease from the loss of another Nucleus. Then, it glares at you with those big eyes. They gleam weirdly.
>Roll 2d15+5 to Dodge!

>A. Shoot it in the eyes (specify technique), might stop whatever it’s planning.
>B. Exorcise another Nucleus.
>C. You might have an easier time exorcising the remaining Nuclei if you damaged the Orbs. Slash them.
>D. Write-in
File: 1578078085931.jpg (27 KB, 190x513)
27 KB
Rolled 5, 13 + 5 = 23 (2d15 + 5)

Thunder Break Slash
File: Hypno Hoops.jpg (75 KB, 573x406)
75 KB
Rolled 154, 113, 100 = 367 (3d200)

Its eyes flash, and rings shoot out at you! You dodge one of them easily, but to your surprise the other ring moves at a different trajectory! However, you barely dodge it by diving through the hoop, the ring trying to constrict down on you but meeting only air.

You fly towards the monster's torso, and call down lightning from the grim clouds above. A bolt strikes the fist gripping your sword's handle, supercharging the blade, just nipping at the chance to be released at your foes!


Rolling for damage of the Thunder Break Slash, best of three.

Alright, please roll me 1d15+5, DCs 11, 13, 15, 17
Rolled 8 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

File: sam.jpg (205 KB, 1280x720)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Rolled 4 (1d6)

[50/100 KI]

With a draw-cut, you bring down the fury of a thunder god down on the bug-eyed brute’s body. You slash across its torso horizontally, managing to cut through two Orbs! The rest of the slash strikes into the Tisshujin’s body, tearing and frying its torso!

>Tisshujin’s torso heavily damaged, won’t be able to use Cannon Arm.

Then, you lazily Exorcise the two orbs at once, [42/100 KI] catching them with Kyabetsu, and crushing them around the uncaring metal. You sweep the blade clean with a sleeve.

The Tisshujin pants, and backs away from you. It's starting to charge up energy for something. Strangely, you feel its strength dwindle with this action. You suppose that with two Nuclei left, it has to tap into other sources.

Your HP: [52/100]
Your KI: [42/100]

Tisshujin Health: It's lost about a quarter of its strength, and it's draining fast with the bleeding wounds and its own efforts.
Tisshujin Energy: It can no longer coordinate its body as effectively, so it's gearing up to use big, artless attacks.

>A. Deck it in the Schnoz (Shine Spark?)
>B. Charge your own attack. (Hikari Kamehameha?)
>C. Exorcise another one.
>D. Write-in
File: bhisyp13k9d21.jpg (354 KB, 1242x969)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
>D. Avan Strash (Light)
Rolled 66, 85, 96 = 247 (3d100)

You don’t let up on your assault, pursuing the Tisshujin like white on rice. You zip through the air, leaving a trail of electricity in your wake, and come to the monster’s chest yet again. You reverse your grip on Kyabetsu, and pour light magic into your blade. [37/100 KI]

The sword shines brilliantly, and you cut into another orb, continuing beyond that to leave another gash in the beast’s chest. The shining blade acts as a lightsaber, preventing the wound from shutting, and you exorcise the Nucleus from the orb, not bothering to catch it this time, instead easily slicing it into bits.

The Tisshujin roars at you! This sends off an explosive wave of ki, sending you flying backward! This also causes a piece of its mask to break off. A beastly eye glares daggers at you, but you don’t feel like you need to dodge.

The last remaining Orb shrinks into the body.

>Rolling damage.

File: universal death ball.jpg (41 KB, 464x339)
41 KB
Rolled 3 (1d6)

Then, the Tisshujin speaks! “WELL WELL WELL,” it begins. “WELLY WELL WELL.”

It glares at you some more.

It continues, its voice booming, “WELL WELLY WELL WELL, WELL WELL WELLY.”

You scratch your headband.


The Tisshujin leaps up to the skies, and pours ki from both the Claw and Cannon up to make a death ball. You feel that it could destroy several planets, and who knows what that would do here at the tip of the universe.


>A. Charge up a Kamehameha!
>B. Write-in
File: Spoiler Image (57 KB, 831x831)
57 KB


Towa, demonic ruler of science, is locked in a fierce struggle with her would be usurper, Basilea!

"Just give up, you brat..." she pants.

"Heh, you first, old bat!" Basilea retorts, also panting.

"Makai will be a happy meadow before that happens!" Towa shouts.

"The place could really use a facelift," Basilea chuckles. She tugs on her aunt's controller staff again, whining "Now give iiit!"

Towa tugs back, "Never!"

It's gonna go on like this for a bit.

File: charging.gif (4.11 MB, 340x255)
4.11 MB
4.11 MB GIF
Rolled 5 (1d6)

“Joke’s on you, Big, Green, and Ugly.” You breathe in, and out. You put your hands out, then bring them in, balling up your energy. You’ll have to charge up a lot to be able to meet that.

Your HP: [52/100] (Spend 10 to lower the DC by 1)
Your KI: [37/100] (Spend 2 to lower the DC by 1)

The two of you charge your attacks, observing each other.

>A. Spend Ki or HP on the Kamehameha. (Flavor it?)
>B. Eh, try to bait it into throwing the thing at another Universe, everyone knows Universe 6 is jerks anyway.
>C. “Hey Towa, your new creation’s gonna wreck your house even more!”
>D. “Pantea, I really could use some help right now.”
>E. Write-in
5 HP 1 Ki for a lower of 1.
File: firing.gif (7.31 MB, 500x375)
7.31 MB
7.31 MB GIF
Rolled 4 (1d6)

“I’m already DEEEAAAD!!!” You fire the Kamehameha, pouring your ki and even a bit of your life into the energy wave! [34/100 KI] [47/100 HP]

The DC of ?? lowers to ??

At the sight of your Kamehameha going off, the Tisshujin dunks the Death Ball down at you!

The Kamehameha meets the Death Ball, but the small pillar of light is quickly overwhelmed by the enormous ball of… death. In that moment, you doubt that you’ll be able to stop it, let alone push it back.

The Death Ball nears, with a bit of help from the Tisshujin pushing it down towards you.

>A. Push!
>B. Put more Ki and HP and backbone into it.
>C. Maybe Towa can be bothered to stop her home from blowing up.
>D. If only Pantea were here…
>E. Write-in
File: quick kamehameha.jpg (76 KB, 408x313)
76 KB

For a moment, you doubt yourself. You might fail here, blown to smithereens at the butt of the universe. Not only could you die forever, the universe all the people you know live in and unlive in is on the line as well. Maybe you should put a bit more into this, maybe you should get some help with this…

You think that, and go, “Naaaah.”

Your ki flares above and beyond normal (hopefully this Otherworldly body can take it), and your energy wave is tinted red! “Kaio-KEN!”

>Roll 1d15+5!
File: 1479874340119.png (812 KB, 790x508)
812 KB
812 KB PNG
Rolled 9 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

Rolled 6 (1d6)

The Kamehameha pierces through the Death Ball, siphons its power into it, and hits Tisshujini in the face!

His mask shatters completely, and the Kamehameha engulfs his shocked expression. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shIIIIIIIIT-” the giant yipes as the Nucleus within its head is destroyed to the last Cell.


The beast's headless body crumbles apart, the heap of bio-android parts falling onto Towa's Lab, crushing many of the parts that managed to avoid damage so far.


In the air beside you, a tear in the fabric of spacetime appears, with the Egg Timer shooting through it! Inside you can definitely feel Pantea, and behind her is the Earth Special Defense Force, with your Mom, your Dad, your Uncle Acer and Aunt Chi-Chi, your Uncle Raditz, your Teacher Chuu Lee and Lapis, Lazuil and Master Krillin, Launch and Master Tien with the rest of the Crane School, Chiaotzu and 19, Yurin and the Ninjas, Videl and her father, your cousin Izzy, and your sister, Peppa.

The Cavalry has arrived!

...a bit late?

Pantea gets out of the Egg Timer, hammer at the ready, and looks around. She sees Towa's lab in ruins, and the monster defeated. She turns to you and pouts, "Gohannn!"


File: Mira powering up.gif (363 KB, 362x268)
363 KB
363 KB GIF
From the wall beside you, Towa’s bruised body crashes out, landing ungracefully next to you. Basilea steps over the wreckage gingerly, favoring a leg, and using Towa’s staff as a crutch. “I, I did it!” she gasps. “I’m the baddest… bitch… in Makai!”

The girl laughs, and inspects the controller staff, “Now, to take the Tisshujin’s power for myself…”

You find a giant eyeball that landed next to you, and helpfully pick it up and give it to the victory-drunk Basilea. She looks at the eyeball, up at you, then back at the eyeball, then over at the Tisshujin’s leg, then back at you. Her face sinks towards despair.

“No… no! I was supposed to take the staff, then use the Tisshujin to kill you! You were a mere diversion meant to wear yourself out using that ability! You weren’t supposed to kill it!” she wails.

“Yeah, well, your advice was OP,” you say. Then, you feel demonic energy spike in another part of the Lab, and the wreckage goes flying.


Mira lands beside you all, powering up. “This ends now,” he says.

>A. Darn right it does. (Use a technique)
>B. I’m a little tired, anyone else want a piece of him?
>C. Go poke Basilea.
>D. Write-in
This ends soon enough, whenever Baba wants to pick us up. Lime's gonna be mad we never made deliveries.

Gero's still alive somewhere. Should probably have someone detain him.

File: volt tackle.jpg (200 KB, 2048x1524)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
“Darn right it does,” you agree, gathering ki around yourself. Before he can react, transform, or remove whatever limiter he has, you sprint towards him, and charge into the demonoid!

You collide with the blue demon like a lineman, zapping his everything with sparking power! Mira’s body crackles with electric energy, and he roars in shock!

He is sent back into a wall, his body smoking. He falls to the ground next to his master, unconscious.

Then, his body is sucked up into a jar by your Mom. She holds up a glass flask with a fresh cork in it, saying, “Eh, probably got at least 3 more uses of Mafuba left in me.”

Then, she turns toward you. The look on her face.. is one of Pride.

File: everyone's champion.jpg (57 KB, 384x251)
57 KB

“You’ve become so strong, Gohan,” she smiles, “You really are my boy, after all!”

Then, she walks over to you… and hoists you up onto her shoulders! Then, Peppa comes and lifts Mom onto her shoulders, and Chuu Lee does the same! When Dad lifts Teach onto his shoulders and walks around with the totem pole of champions wibble-wobbling on his shoulders, you let out a laugh, feeling so light.

The totem pole eventually tips over and the rest of your friends catch you. The adult fighters all give you approving nods (even Vegeta!), pats on the back, and the women even give you kisses on the cheek and forehead! Baozi, Daikon, and Maron all say they wanna be just like you when they grow up! You chuckle, and high five Zarid, Sachie, Videl, Pantea, Peppa, Pantea, Izumi, Maron, and Baozi and Daikon at the same time with both hands. Wait a sec-

“Pantea, PANTEA!?” you count them, and yes you’re seeing double!

Short-haired Pantea grins sheepishly, “Well, the thing is-”

“-the special method of Time Travel the Egg Timer used didn’t overwrite either of us, so I’m here with a younger me,” finishes Long-haired Pantea.

Peppa comes up and nudges you, “Gee, Gohan, how come you get TWO childhood friends to crush on?”

You blush, and the Panteas go scarlet as well, first at their relationships with you being pointed out, and then at their realization that they are being lumped together, as competition and/or a compilation, and neither are acceptable!

The two of them go and tug at you, glaring flames at each other, ““He’s MINE!””

Videl comes and pulls them off of you. “Girls, girls, there’s plenty of Gohan to go around!” she teases.

They growl at her. You laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Beelzebub comes down on a flying carpet, and points at you! "You, Gohan, are the hero of Makai!"

>A. Check on Lime, apologize for your failure.
>B. Hm, two Panteas, does that mean two Gohans?
>C. Go apprehend Towa and the rest, you’ve got a special punishment in mind, muehehehe...
>D. This is the best day of your life, all of it a dream come true!
>E. Bid everyone thanks but farewell, you’ve got an afterlife to get back to.
>F. Aaah, hang out with them as long as you can, Beelzebub can throw killer parties! Revel in it a bit.
>G. Write-in
File: water mirrored.gif (203 KB, 512x624)
203 KB
203 KB GIF
[47/100 HP]
[16/100 KI]
12 Hours and 40 Minutes left on Earth

That’s a thing. If there are two Panteas here, that would mean here, in this time, at the bottom of the sea, is another you. Trapped in that Water Mirror by those fishpeople. “Huh.”

What should you do about that?

>A. Have Peppa or Mom teleport you there.
>B. Have Pantea time travel you there.
>C. Eh, it can wait, you have other things to do here!
>D. Check on Lime, apologize for your failure.
>E. Go apprehend Towa and the rest, you’ve got a special punishment in mind, muehehehe...
>F. This is the best day of your life, all of it a dream come true!
>G. Aaah, hang out with them as long as you can, Beelzebub can throw killer parties! Revel in it a bit.
>H. Write-in
File: Maplewat.jpg (75 KB, 600x600)
75 KB
You walk over to your Mother, who is taking a selfie with Towa's knocked out mug.

"Hey, Mom, can you teleport me somewhere real quick?"

She looks up at you, and nods, "Anytime! Where do you need to go, sweetie?"

"I can teleport you too!" Peppa says, popping into the air right next to you!

"Thanks! I was wondering if you could teleport me to the Palace at the bottom of the Great Sea? I left something there. Myself, actually."

The revelry around you doesn't stop exactly, more that it gets drowned out by a sense of seriousness from this conversation.

"The bottom of the sea, where your body is?" Maple asks.

Peppa says, "Huh, that would be weird, to see your own self."

You shrug, "Well, it's not that weird, Pantea seems to be getting along with her new little sister like a house on fire!"

"Odd choice of words," your mother muses.

"Right, right, Pantea's seeing her past self, so it would be fine then... right?" assures Peppa.

"So why are you at in a palace?" Mom asks.

"Well, I got trapped in this thing called a Water Mirror, and I was thinking we could go pry myself out of it."

Peppa hmms. "Are you sure you want to go there? I mean, there's plenty for you to do here."

>A. Yes, I'm certain. Besides, I'm sure Past Gohan would enjoy the festivities as well!
>B. You raise a good point, I should enjoy what the rest of today has to offer before worrying about that.
>C. Write-in
>C. Request the power pole from Peppa. Communicate with it being the 'chosen one' like he did for the other three table legs.

I mostly wanna see if that 100 years was worth it.
File: Nyoibo.png (117 KB, 340x191)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
You consider your sister's words. Then you nod, and the celebratory atmosphere returns!

"You raise a good point, Peppa! I should take a minute to celebrate my win." Then, a thought occurs to you, "Can I see your Power Pole for a minute?"

"Um, okay!" Peppa says, popping its capsule and handing the rod to you.

You take the rod in your hands, and communicate with it. "So," you think, "you're the missing piece of that table down there."

It hums in your hands.

"Do you wish to see your friends again?"

It hums strongly.

"Alright, I'll take you later."

You hand the Power Pole back to Peppa, and consider what else to do.

>A. Go apologize to Lime for the Fission Mailed.
>B. Round up Towa, Dabura, and Basilea, it's time for a penalty game!
>C. Party at Beelzebub's!
>D. Catch a quick nap.
>E. Write-in
File: Lime.jpg (42 KB, 360x450)
42 KB

You see Lime among those gathered, standing at a concession, plotting her-

“Hey Gohan!” she waves to you. You go to stand in line behind the rest of the curious demons who came to see what the disturbance was, but she beckons you to come behind the counter. Uh oh, must be really mad at you. You walk over, saying, “Lime, I-”

“I want to apologize!” Lime says. Huh? “It was wrong of me to take advantage of you like that and send you to a place people don’t come out of!”

Well, this is way beyond your expectations, but you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want it. “Thank you, Lime, that means a lot. I’m sorry too, after all, I didn’t deliver the Goods in time.”

She waves it off, “Oh, don’t worry about it, you did get your Mom to help me out when the trade route business went bad. Thanks for being so reliable, Gohan!”

You nod, and say, “Always!”

Well, what else do you do?

>A. Dr. Gero, Towa, and Dabura should be waking up about now, and Basilea’s been staring at the ground in a BSoD for a while now. Round them up!
>B. You’re on Cloud 9 right now, absolutely nothing could go wrong today, go confess to both Panteas!
>C. Lots of adults are willing to give you a sip of their drinks, get drunk for the first time.
>D. Go nap in Towa’s comfiest bed in all of Makai.
>E. Write-in
File: tommy.jpg (26 KB, 360x450)
26 KB
>F. You see Tommy over at a mostly intact wall with the other kids and beating them all at "Pin the Tail on the Monkey," go try your hand at it.
Need info from them if we have to deal with 100 years stronger Tisshujin from the other timeline.
File: Gero.jpg (8 KB, 182x268)
8 KB
There’s some garbage still laying around for you to deal with. You and some others gather the downed Towa, Dr. Gero, and Dabura, and tie them up with Beelzebub’s devilmite chains. You lay them next to a tied-up Basilea, and Izzy conjures some cold water to douse them with.

“Gah!” Towa yelps. Before she can protest her situation, you point a Geist Magnum at her.

“You have some info I want,” you say. “What are some more weaknesses and/or strengths of the Tisshujin that you think would come up in the next 100 years? There is still that version 100 years from now running around.”

Future Pantea pipes up beside you, “Actually, Gohan, there isn’t.”

That’s a surprise, “Oh?”

“You see, when we time traveled and changed the future, it overwrote the timeline, present time travelers excluded. So there’s no future where Towa won, or where the Tisshujin lives.”

“Wait, so everyone in that future is gone?” you ask.

“Changed for the better!” Pantea assures. “My Robo and Gato should be happy that things are well, happy now.”

Dabura, Basilea, and Towa gag at that sentiment. Even Beelzebub looks put out for a moment, but relishes the looks on his family’s faces to compensate.

Dr. Gero says, “Well, you’ve won, so now what are you going to do? Kill us? Imprison us? Let us go in some messed up gesture of generosity like the goody two-shoes you are?”

>A. Oh, don’t worry, you’re not getting off scot free. I have something in mind for you all. *Penalty Game* (I have something in mind, but feel free to suggest something light. Nothing harmful or injurious.)
>B. I am more than a goody two-shoes! Die, Gero! *Kamehameha them to Space Dust*
>C. You’re free to go, straight to JAIL. *Have them arrested.*
>D. *Let them go, it’ll fuck them up to have such a good deed performed in their benefit.*
>E. Write-in
"16 and 19 will you decide your fate, Gero."

"Beelzebub, I leave your Father and Aunt to you."
And the last one? What to do with her?
File: beelz.jpg (24 KB, 133x328)
24 KB
“Well, it’s not up to me, Doctor. More, leaving it up to them,” you say, pointing a thumb at the two Androids.

With Dr. Gero’s fate left out of your hands, you put his presence aside to the least of your thoughts, and turn your attention to Dabura and Towa.

“Beelzebub? I’ll leave them to you,” you say to the Demon King who is among the few who your height matches. He cackles, and carries them off, and you couldn't care less what happens to them, their foul presences fading away.

You stare down at the last one, Basilea. What to do with her?

She stares up at you hatefully. “Just get on with it,” she bites out.

>A. Penalty Game!
>B. Jail Time.
>C. Let her go to see her Tsun Tsun to conceal the hidden Dere Dere.
>D. Snap her neck.
>E. Eh, whatever, you don’t really care about any of these people, you don’t know what Mom or Peppa see in them.
>F. Go nap.
>G. Go talk with someone else.
>H. Ocean Palace?
>I. Write-in
>I. Hug her and thank her for her help.

She may have intended to betray us but she really helped us out exponentially. Give her this chance to either join us or find her own way. But leave a warning.

"I think you make a good rival for Videl and Pantea, but if you wish to remain as enemies, then the next time we meet I can't afford to be merciful. This is your one and only warning from me."
File: flustered basic.jpg (74 KB, 600x440)
74 KB
You stare down at Basilea. She glares up at you. You kneel down, and reach towards her.

She flinches back and shuts her eyes, but takes a quick breath and loosens up, resigned to her fate.


Her eyes open in shock, not this sensation, but yes, you really are in fact hugging her! “What!? Why???”

“Mmph,” you explain, “Mrrph umf hmph mmf ba mmm…”

“Tch! Grrk!” Basilea grunts out of ticklishness. “St… stop…”

Right, what you said was all unintelligible even to you. You lift your head up a bit more, and come up for air (though it half-feels you didn’t need any), and say, “Thank you, Basilea!”

Her face somehow gets redder, “Wha- you dol- DON’T thank me, damnit!”

You shake your head (the spikes of your hair tickling her nose and making her grimace) and respond, “You may have intended to betray us, but you really helped us out exponentially. If it weren’t for you screwing up like always, I would have likely never been able to beat the Tisshujin.”

She goes redder still, and grinds her fangs together.

“So, I’m giving you this chance to either join us in friendship or find your own way, just know that Towa’s way ends with a destroyed house and imprisonment at your dear ol’ dad’s.”

She gathers saliva in her mouth in response.

Before she can do something with it, you raise a finger to her lips, and lecture, “I think you make a good rival… for Videl and Pantea, but if you wish to remain as enemies, then the next time we meet I can’t afford to be merciful. This is your one and only warning from me.” You wiggle your pointer finger at “one and only.”

She sits there, weighed down with chains, your finger on her puckered lips, staring into space, considering the offer. You stand up, wipe your finger off on your headband to get rid of the bloodberry chapstick, and have Beelzebub disperse the devilmite chains.

She looks up at you and her father like a lost puppy dog, for a moment. After that moment, she scurries to the hills.

You sigh, and hope she doesn’t wish to come back as your enemy. It’d be painfully boring to fight someone that weak seriously.

Now, with the bad guys taken care of, what else do you do in your time here?

>A. Go sleep, you’ve been up for 12 hours.
>B. Ah, Tapion and Minotia are here! Go talk about swords with them.
>C. You suppose there is that other thing to handle at the bottom of the sea. ...what was it again?
>D. Write-in
Woops, forgot my trip.
>D. Go talk to Tommy. Ask him how things have been.
File: the coolest guy.png (11 KB, 278x483)
11 KB
Done with that, you think back to the other person you met on that fateful day months ago. Let’s see, you hear the kids playing over there, ah, they’re playing Pin the Tail on the Monkey.


“Dangit!” Daikon says, kicking dust.

“I’m too cool to fail!” Baozi whines.

A blind-folded Maron chuckles at them, “Ha, you two stink! Let the biggest girl show you how, it’s, done!” she shouts, finally poking the pin into the Monkey’s eye. “Nothing to it- Wah!”

As the other boys laugh at the girl with no nose and a big mouth, Tommy takes the tail, and spins around three times. Exactly three times, perfectly facing the direction he was in prior. Then, he moves the tail down. He turns his head, as if listening for something, moving the tail closer and closer to just above the Monkey’s butt. When you’re all holding your breath in anticipation, he pins the tail directly where it should go!

“Everytime!” Baozi shouts, running his hands through his hair furiously.

“Agh, who knew being blind gave you superpowers!” Daikon shouts.

“No it doesn’t,” Tommy laughs. “I’m just that good.”

“The best!” Maron agrees, “But not having a nose does give you superpowers, my parents told me.”

“How do you do it, Tommy?” Daikon asks.

“I bet he uses his nose to tell!” Baozi refutes.

“Wait, that’s cheating!” Maron protests.

“Mmm,” Tommy hems and haws, “I’ll tell you… if you can pin the tail right! Or if you guess.”

You’re standing off to the side, what do you do?
>A. Try your hand at Pin the Tail on the Monkey (roll)
>B. Share conjecture on what Tommy does (write-in)
>C. A silly game, you don’t need to bother them.
>D. Write-in
Alright, roll me 1d15+5, DC 20!
Of course, this DC can be lowered if you give me a strategy~
Rolled 5 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

File: See No Evil.jpg (17 KB, 300x400)
17 KB

"Hey guys, mind if I give it a try?" you ask, stepping up.

"Sure, Gohan!" Tommy says, handing you the tail.

"I bet Gohan could do it first try!" Daikon cheers.

"Eh, maybe one try less than it takes me," says Baozi.

"I don't think Gohan would take 19 tries?" reasons Maron.

"Shush!" the older boy says.

You see the new picture of the Monkey they put up, and memorize where to pin it. Then, you spin three times, and... hoo, boy. You've lost track of where exactly the picture was.

On top of that, the chattering of the kids around you is distracting you. Maybe one of them will fib if you get closer to the right area?

You try to gauge their mood while trying to guess the area, but no matter where you try to pin in an area you reckon is likely to have the right spot, nothing key is coming forth from them.

Well, you guess it's a matter of being a lucky guesser after all. "Here!" you say, pinning the tail into the picture!

You take off your blindfold, and see that you've pinned the tail to where it's... jutting out from the front of the Monkey's legs.

Daikon, Baozi, and Maron all giggle like monkeys at this, and Tommy asks, "You got it wrong, Gohan?"

>A. Yeah, I did. Can I try again? *think back to what Tommy was doing, or try a new strategy*
>B. Eh, can't be great at everything. *go do something else even if it seems like you could've gained something from this*
>C. Eh, keep trying until you get lucky.
>D. Write-in
I've had a tail all my life, I should know where it goes."
Is that your solution?

The stuff in asterisks are more of a hint, this is a puzzle you'll have to solve if you wish to complete it.

Otherwise, C. is available.
Tell you what, for every good stratagem you use, the DC will decrease by 5.
Rolled 3 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

>D. Ki sense out where the others are in accordance with the monkey and use them as guides.
Good! Roll me 1d15+5, DC 10.

File: fug.jpg (61 KB, 600x797)
61 KB
Rolled 12 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

File: ultimate victory.jpg (410 KB, 1920x1200)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
Conglatullations, you are great and super player!

Game meant for small kids has been terminated by you!

Revel in the laurels of victory and kindly wait in anticipation for the next update...
File: brain meme.jpg (342 KB, 1440x1403)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
“Yeah, I flubbed it. Can I try again?”

Tommy gives you the OK while the other children finish giggling, and a new image is put up on the wall.

“I’ve had a tail all my life, I should know where it goes,” you say, analyzing the new image, judging the time and distance it takes to spin around once without a blindfold.

“It’s not really knowing where it should go,” Tommy says. “It’s more of feeling where you are.”

Feeling where you are? There’s no furry texture on the picture that would give anything away, it’s all smooth. Feeling… ah. Well, that’s what you would expect from the son of Ki prodigy, Chuu Lee. It’s not blindness superpowers, it’s superpowers that are useful to the blind.

“Okay, I think I’ve got it!” You lower your headband once again, and this time sense where the kids are around you. They haven’t moved. You spin around three times, and even though you lose your sense of direction, you use the placements of the children to correct and center yourself.

You are pointed directly towards the wall where you were previously, and walk forward. Let’s see, the tail should go in this area… Huh, that’s odd. As you keep your sensing of the children around you up, it seems they go still, quieter when you get closer to a certain area. As if they’re holding their breath in anticipation… just like you did when you were watching Tommy a bit ago.

You poke the tail into the wall.

“He did it!” “Way to go, Gohan!” “You da man!”

You take your blindfold off and confirm that the tail is correctly placed, just above the Monkey’s butt.

Tommy smiles, “You did it, Gohan! Just the way you taught me!”

Huh? “What? I taught you? I thought your Mom taught you?”

Tommy frowns in confusion, “Huh?” The boy comes closer and whispers into your ear, “Remember, you taught me how to play ‘Pin the Tail on the Monkey’ so I would look cool to the others?”

You look closely at this Tommy, and for some reason he looks and feels as if he isn’t quite fitting in. Like, he’s flickering in and out of reality like static.

“I, uh, suppose I did. Good job!” you whisper back.

Tommy nods and smiles, before his being tints blue, and he goes back to playing with the others.

>RECEIVED: Centering. When Gohan uses his ki senses to judge others, he can get a view of himself based on their reactions to him. This will enable him to view himself objectively. When will this be useful? Good question!

You pat Tommy on the bandana, and give the other kids a thumbs up.

Now, what else to do?
>A. Today has been great, you’ve never felt better than you do now… and for some reason, something about it doesn’t sit right. Maybe you should go to the Ocean Palace.
>B. Go nap with Two Panteas cuddling you!
>C. Write-in
Gee, this whole day has been like a dream ”-just having some idiotic dream!” come true, but it won’t be complete until you satisfy that itch that’s been bothering you.

You reach into the air, and grab Mom and Sis by the sleeve. You don’t really know if they were next to you or not to begin with, and a small part of you is wondering if that even matters?

“Mom, Sis, can I go to the Ocean Palace now? I think I left something there.”

“Is that what you want?” your sister asks.


”Is it really?” your mother asks, staring into you with those blue eyes of hers.

>A. Yes.
>B. ...no, I have more stuff I want to do.
>C. eep.
>D. Write-in
>D. "Yeah, I need to talk with my other-self. Plus I need to show a certain Queen what she told me in the future."
File: the table.jpg (17 KB, 264x198)
17 KB
“Yeah, I need to talk with my other self. Plus, I need to show a certain Queen what she told me in the future.”

The world is silent as your mother considers you.

”Alright, if that’s what you want.”

Your mother and sister each raise two fingers to their brows, and take you to the Ocean Palace.

The Queen expresses surprise at the sight of you, causing milk to shoot up her nose!

While she focuses on repairing decorum with a dry handkerchief (a luxury down here), you walk up to the sight of you stuck in a vat of water, holding up the rest of the Queen’s table.. Could’ve probably picked a better pose, you’ll have to ask your Mom and Sis to give you lessons towards that later.

Hm, it’ll probably be easier to pry you out of there without the table weighing you down. “Hey Sis, can you hand me the Power Pole?” you ask, the Power Pole already in your hands. “Thanks.”

You have the Power Pole extend to the right height, using it as a jack for the table, and grab your Watered Down body.

You touch the Water.


The world comes down with a splash.
It's you.
Are you you?
You turn around, and see a line of other yous turning to look at yourself.


>A. Wait, so it was all a… there’s no Tisshujin? Ah… aw....
>B. Tap on the glass.
>C. Oh snap.
>D. Anyone here? Besides me?
>E. Write-in
>E. Use Centering with other Gohans!
“Wait, so it was all fake,” you say. Yes, it becomes clearer and clearer that the events prior were just a dream the more you think about them. “So that means there’s no Tisshujin.”

You’re not quite sure how to feel about that. On one hand, you’re relieved that something like that isn’t out to destroy you all, but on the other, your victory over such a thing feels tarnished with it being a mere fantasy.

The other yous you see let out sighs of relief, curses, jump for joy, kick the ground, laugh, and spit.


You try to use that Pin the Tail trick with the other Gohans. Reaching out with your ki senses, you attempt to get a feel for where they are. But you can’t. You don’t feel their presence. You only feel yours. It’s you.

>A. Tap on the Glass.
>B. Walk around.
>C. Anyone here? Besides me?
>D. Write-in
>D. Exorcism.
File: blue heart.jpg (92 KB, 578x952)
92 KB

You turn back towards your reflection, not looking at it, but the pane itself. You tap the glass.

“Seems he’s trying to communicate,” you hear. “You think he wants out of there?”

“What? How could he want out of there?” another voice asks.

“Well, looks like whatever you put him in, he broke it.

“Impossible! This has never happened before.”

You bring your hand back from the Glass.

Well, if you’re still in that Water Mirror thing, there is a presence here besides you. You use the ability of Exorcism, and pull it towards you.

”Whoa!” A blue wisp is drawn into your hand.

“And you are?” you ask.

The wisp ripples the air (or is it water?), saying, ”I suppose you could call me the conductor, director, or developer of the dream.”

“So you’re the one who ran things?”

“Well, I flavored them towards a certain end, but most of it I used from your head. Your own thoughts, experiences, and memories.”

“So that’s why it felt so real… and why some things didn’t match up.”

”Yeah, that sunburnt bimbo’s two underlings, well, you’ve never met them. So they were left out.”

“So, I’m still trapped in the Water Mirror. With you, running the show. And you’re from…”

>A. The Jewel of Fear
>B. The Jewel of Desire
>“Well, looks like whatever you put him in, he broke it."*
forgot the end quotation mark
File: bad future.jpg (307 KB, 1490x978)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
“...the Jewel of Desire.”

”That’s right!”

You think back to the dream you had, and a lot of things went the way you wanted them to (though you suspect some things were due to sheer luck), but there is one thing troubling you.

“Then, why was the future so horrible?”


“Answer me.”

”That’s the future you wanted.”


”It’s true, in a world with you gone from it for 100 years, that’s how you wanted the world to turn out.”

>A. No I didn’t, I don’t!
>B. …
>C. Well, guess you’re from the Jewel of Fear, my mistake.
>D. Tap on the Glass some more.
>E. Write-in
>E. Tell the Blue Jewel he's right.

File: Spoiler Image (17 KB, 192x192)
17 KB
You think up some protests, counters that would put the Jewel’s credibility into question, but what reason would it have to lie to you? What reason do you have to lie to you?

“You’re right,” you say.

“Of course I am, that’s the only rule of this world. In this world, those without always get the last laugh. The ones who don't think anything of taking from others more fortunate than them are the ones who get blood-stained fortunes. The ones who kill, the ones who devour, they're the ones who survive, and thrive.”

“...but I don’t want the world to be that way.”

”That’s right too, you found a way to change the crappier future into a happier one. You did. You wanted a way to change it, and there it was.”

“No,” a voice says. It sounds like your own, but more brassy. “That’s wrong. You’re wrong.”

You turn towards the voice, and see another you. Another you who is golden. Its eyes, however…

The empty-eyed Gohan glares at you, “You know it’s wrong to have a perverted fantasy like that. A fantasy that robs the fortune of everyone we know and care about.”

File: shadowhan.jpg (7 KB, 192x192)
7 KB
“Wrong,” another voice agrees, which sounds like you, but… darker. “Yet so right.”

A Gohan wrapped in shadows approaches the other two of You. His eyes are those of a predator. “It felt good, didn’t it? To be the star, to save the day, to get what we crave…”

“Silence, you undesirable!” the Golden shouts. “If it weren’t for selfish thinking like that, our approval rating would be skyrocketing!”

“Who gives a damn about approval?” the Shadow laughs. “There’s things we want, and things we don’t. Other people’s opinions on those are worthless.”

”Along with you, these two were also who decided how the dream went. Stuff like wanting to see your enemies laid low and unable to hurt those you care about, merciful resolutions for those you detest the most so your soul would shine greater in the eyes of others.”

You nod along, tapping the Glass insistently now.

The Shadow gloats, “Besides, thanks to our ability, we, and only we, could save the day! Supreme Kai bless us, everyone.”

The Golden retorts, “You know that line of thinking is incorrect and belittling of our friends and family. They could figure out a way to defeat a threat like the Tisshujin easily.”

“Maybe so, but they didn’t, and we did, so nyeh,” the Shadow sticks its tongue out.

“Ugh, that’s it, scheduling you for the next purge,” the Golden notes, writing it down in a ledger.

“Oh, bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you? To be rid of me?” the Shadow laughs, before his sharp gaze bores into the hollow golden statue, “Too bad I’m YOU!”

You rap the Glass pane with your fist now.

You hear a dampened voice from the outside, “Well, that takes care of that. Ah, yes, Son Gohan. Would you like out of there?”

>A. Yes?
>B. Please.
>C. Get me outta here!
>D. Write-in
>D. "...James?"
File: Spoiler Image (28 KB, 200x300)
28 KB
“Yes?” you say, curious as to who that is. Couldn’t be… “James?”

“Bingo. Just sit tight, I’ll have you out in a moment.”

Around you, the Golden goes into a moralistic lecture and polishes its forehead with a handkerchief (making it gleam almost as much as Izzy’s), and the Shadow taunts you both, questioning why it’s wrong to indulge in what you want. As the Golden one gleams more and more, the Shadow gathers more and more darkness.

“In the end, we're all the same,” the wisp whispers, “Everyone dreams of being greater, more powerful…”

“Well, the dream was fun, but I've gotta wake up,” you tell the blueness.

You rear your fist back, and thrust into the Glass. Your fist goes into the Mirror, the surface of it rippling. The rest of you sinks through the Mirror.

The world is dark, and wet. Then, it gets a bit brighter, as if you’re getting closer to the surface.

You feel the water recede down your face. You open your eyes and take in the sudden brightness, squeezing them shut. The pool of water around you sinks further and further, eventually collapsing to a puddle on the ground.

You tilt your head to drain your ears, and open your eyes. You’re in the courtroom again, standing next to that pool in the middle. You look around and see that instead of fish people, Cameramen are standing at the ready, laser guns smoking. At their feet lie dead fishmen soldiers, and the fish people who live are held prisoner at gunpoint. A stressed Longgui lays on the ground, rubbing his head with both hands.

You turn to see the Queen’s seat of judgment, not occupied by her. No, she is floating in the air, straining against some force. In her seat, is Award-winning Filmmaker, James Camera.


He fiddles with an arm-mounted PC that glows red and blue.

>James Camera has rescued you from the Water Mirror.

“I’m sure you have some questions,” he presumes.

>A. What’s going on?
>B. You invaded the place? How?
>C. Uh, thanks for letting me out.
>D. I thought you said you weren’t going to pull a Rourke?
>E. Write-in
File: black hole COs.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB

“Uh,” you grunt, still getting a feel for your surroundings. Hm, with a bunch of people you don’t know you can trust standing around, maybe you should really get a feel for them. So, you reach out with your Ki Sensing, monitoring their reactions to you. “Thanks for letting me out!” you say, bowing to Good Samaritan James Camera.

“Ha! You’re a good kid, Son Gohan,” James Camera says, still monitoring his PC.

You wave a hand at the private military, captives, and dead people, “What’s going on?”

The Director nods, “Well, I’ve taken over Ryugu-jo. Happened while you were in the Water Mirror.”

“You invaded the place? How?” you ask. He uh, didn’t seem all that intimidating before. Is he taller?

“Well, I happen to own a private military company that uses old Frieza Force tech. It’s name? The Abyss. With The Abyss sailing overhead in a fleet, I had them home in on my position, the position of Ryugu-jo. Who knows how much longer it would have taken to find without your help? Anyway, I had them Deep Strike into the kingdom with submarines.”

You nod, “Still, the Queen and the Guardian would’ve been big obstacles, how’d you beat them?”

He points at the reflective pool in the center of the courtroom, “Well, this might be a bit embarrassing to hear, but I snuck off towards where they kept the Heart while they were watching the show.”

You look down at the pool, “The show?”

“Yup, everything you did while in the Water Mirror? Displayed right there for the Court’s entertainment.”

You blush. You thought it was a private experience… well, at least your dreams in the Water Mirror weren’t all that wet.

“Still, I recorded most of it!” he says, a drone flying up beside him. It projects your battle with the Tisshujin for all to see.

“Agh,” you groan. You stare up at James, “I thought you said you weren’t going to pull a Rourke?”

He shrugs it off, “Hey, I’m not selling the Heart to anyone, and I’ll give it back when I’m done using it.”

“You’re using it?” you ask.

He gestures to red and blue lights coming from the PC, “Yup, currently using it to keep Her Royal Pain under control, aaand… moving the Palace west.

“Besides, I have others to Rourke for me.”

Some drones shine spotlights onto his commanders.

“Speaking of employment,” he says, finishing his work on the PC. He catches a ride on a drone, and flies down next to you. “How would you like to work for me?” he asks.

>A. “Work for you? Doing what?”
>B. “Uh, I’m just 14.”
>C. “I have a delivery to make.”
>D. “How come Longgui didn’t convince you otherwise?”
>E. Write-in
File: Crono-WAT.jpg (126 KB, 512x624)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>“Still, I recorded most of it!” he says, a drone flying up beside him. It projects your battle with the Tisshujin for all to see.
"No, wait, not embarrassing enough," he says, fiddling with his PC. "Here we go!"

The scene of Two Panteas fighting over you is projected for all to see!

"GAH!" you cry. Using Centering also informs you that everyone else in the room finds this funny, even the Queen and Guardian.

>E. "Before I was frozen. Your eyes flashed blue. You wanted me to pick the jewel of desire. Why?"
Sorry, running an errand today, will run tomorrow.
Prospective Employer James Camera holds his bionic hands out to the side, “Well, there are many things a potential Best Boy like yourself could do, like electric or grip, but I see greater potential in you. It’s a talent of mine, to see things in people. Yes, you would make a fair apprentice. Are you interested in being a Director?”

“A Director?” you ask, dumbfounded by the suddenness of this proposal. You take a bit to think about it… “Well, not for movies?”

“Ah, so you do have the ambition. You’ll do great!” he cheers, his lenses beaming. Then, they dim. “But, there is a quid pro quo that comes with this offer. ‘Equivalent Exchange,’ and all…”

That display reminds you, “Before I was submerged, you gave me a signal. Blue. You wanted me to pick the Jewel of Desire. Why?”

He scoffs, and shakes his head, “Honestly, Son Gohan. You’ve been straight with me, and what would I have to gain from screwing you over? My research said the Jewel of Desire was Blue, so I figured I would set you on the right track with a good dream.” He gestures to the projected display of everyone you know cheering your victory, “Seems it was pleasant. Though, to be completely honest, I did want to confirm that it was the Jewel of Desire, so I used you as a guinea pig. Well, at least it’s not using you as a table leg? For a moment, I was really doubting that it was the Jewel of Desire with that awful future you wound up in, but eventually it made sense.”

“Using me as a table leg,” you mutter, glaring at Longgui, “How come he didn’t kindly dissuade you all from this invasion?”

“Well, don’t take this the wrong way, Son Gohan,” he begins, eventually shrugging, “But I’m simply stronger than you.”


“Now now,” he placates, “Not physically. Mentally.” He points to Longgui, “You see, a creature like the Jidiao can compel the impure of heart with its voice. Whereas your heart is impure, mine is not. So while you were led around by the ear, I played along until I could get the Heart, and by then,”

Longgui lifts his head, as if to say something-

“ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ!” the Queen screeches! writhing in the air in intense agony! the wail of her siren shouting pierces through the room!

One the director’s lenses shatters. He is currently pressing a button on his PC, “Keep your mouth shut or she bursts, Jidiao.”

Longgui lowers his head to the ground, tears running down his face.

“By then,” he continues, “It was already too late for him to do anything with the Queen captive.”

The sight leaves you disquieted. “Well, not that these people didn’t have something like this coming, but you’re not really going to kill them, right?”

He laughs, “Ha, no, I’m going out of my way to kill anyone.”

… “Well, thank you for the offer, I’ll think about it over in Otherworld, but for now I really should be getting back to my delivery,” you say.

“Ah,” the Director realizes, his lenses flashing, “Before you go, there is that quid pro quo I mentioned. See, right now, there is something I need you to do, something only you can do.”

“...and what would that be?”


“Well, you could actively help me in ridding this world of an impurity, a virus,” he says, holding out one hand. Then, the other, “Or, stay out of my way.”

>A. “Okay, what exactly is it you want from me? What are you out to accomplish?”
>B. “How did you become pure of heart?”
>C. “Is this the virus that has everyone indoors, or a metaphorical one?”
>D. Write-in
>He laughs, “Ha, no, I’m going out of my way to kill anyone.”
Pfft, writing hard, ya know?

Should be:
"Ha, no, I'm not going out of my way to kill anyone."*
New option!
>E. "So, you have the Heart of the Ocean, contained and utilized in that computer. ...may I see it?"

>D. "What did the Heart of the Ocean show you?"
File: Ebb and Flow.png (43 KB, 213x213)
43 KB
You put your hands up in a “halt” gesture, “Okay, what exactly is it you want from me? What are you out to accomplish? What should I ‘stay out of the way’ of?”

He projects a map of the world, with the cities highlighted. “Well, we’re going to be shooting a documentary soon, in a city where the strain of P1G1 is especially prevalent, with most if not all civilians indoors. So, Orange Star City. Using the Jewel of Desire, I will be costuming my actors appropriately for their roles. If this documentary is staged right, I can finally sway the public against her.”

As he explains his plan, you look up at the Queen, the Guardian, and the Courtiers held hostage. “Uh, excuse me, but I have to know: how did you become pure of heart?”

He sighs. “You see, there are two sides to every coin,” he explains, removing the coin from his cap and examining it. “Love and hate… Good and evil… They are all the same. So no matter how one tries to conform to a lifestyle, they will fall prey to the one side infecting the other. So the solution is to, cut it out. Get rid of the other side. That way, one can finally be pure, with no regrets, inhibitions, or temptation to sway from their desired path. And the driving force towards pureness that cuts away all doubt? E N M I T Y.”

He replaces the coin on his cap, and turns towards you, his exposed eye piercing into you, “Enmity is the only pure thing in this world. I suppose I thank her, for giving me this new outlook on life, but were it not for her I wouldn’t have to adopt it. So instead, I’ll have the world curse her name forevermore.”

You raise a hand, “So, this virus you speak of. Is it the one that has everyone indoors, or a metaphorical, more personal one? You keep referring to ‘her’?”

His PC flashes red, and you hear a familiar laughter. He straightens in shock, before hitting the PC with a claw, shouting, “WEAVER, keep it under control!”

A womanly robotic voice from the computer replies, “Yes, Mr. Camera, sir.”

The red light dims, and you find yourself curious. “Sorry, before the other stuff, you have the Heart of the Ocean in there? May I see it?”

Jewel Collector James Camera nods, “Sure!” He dials something on WEAVER, and the drones hovering around project two Jewels into the air, one Red, and one Blue.


“The Jewels of Fear and Desire.”

“What do they show you?” you ask.

“They don’t work like the Water Mirror, building a simulated world out of my fears and desires. No, the Jewels themselves can show what you fear or desire through the senses. If properly controlled with the right tech, you can have them display what you want or feel,” he says, the projected lights flashing blue, and portraying a scene where James Camera is praised as a great director.

File: Spoiler Image (51 KB, 335x323)
51 KB
“I see,” you nod. “Well, can you finish explaining who this ‘virus’ you’re out to exterminate is?”

The projected lights tint red, and you feel a familiar presence, but it disappears when the projectors shut off.

He raises a hand, “First, let’s talk about something that’ll lead into that. So, say two new movies, or, given your age, two new games come out, and you read reviews online to determine if either are worth experiencing. One game has 100% approval, and the other has 80% approval in score. Which is the one more worthy of your time?”

A. 100%
“So you would think, but that score was given by one person or site or magazine who was obviously paid off by the studio who made the thing.”

B. 80%
“Good instincts. Reviews were taken from a group of people, each with their own tastes, and their scores were all factored together. So, four people out of five loved it, and one thought it was shit.”

He asks, “Why is 80% more appealing than 100%? How come one person saying they loved something has less weight than a group of people saying it was okay? Why does that pattern of Imperfect, 80% reviews generally hold true for everything? No matter how good something is, there’s always a detractor, a contrarian who says it’s horrible. No matter how cute the video of kittens playing with each other actually is, there will always be a few dislikes.
“This is actually an instinct Earthlings have evolved over time, the contrarian tendency. No matter how positive a group will be at working towards something, there will always be that one minority who sees the rest of them heading towards a cliff. One small sliver of sanity there to convince the majority that they’re wrong. And if that minority is successful in rallying the majority to see their point of view, their point of view will make them and those who agree with them the new majority. Of course, there will be a new minority who disagrees, making it a cycle of opposing viewpoints. A cycle… of Enmity.

“With Enmity driving me onward, and the Jewels in my control, I will make the world see things as I do. A world that has been in her shadow too long. Even you are lost in her shadow, found wanting and abandoned for the better child. I will be the beacon of reason and sense that will cast her down as anathema.

His voice drips when he says, “The virus known as m A p L e Ma Ho Ga Ny.

>James Camera just said that he considers your mother a virus.


>A. “Aah. So it’s like that, huh. I understand everything now.” You don’t.
>B. “...Why do you hate her?”
>C. "Wait, I think I can infer why someone like you would hate my mom..." (Write-in)
>D. “What kind of documentary are you planning to make?”
>E. "Hold on, I think I have an idea of the movie you want to make..." (Write-in)
>F. Geist Magnum.
>G. Write-in
>G. "Maple Son-Mahogany."
File: Spoiler Image (164 KB, 850x1170)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
You raise a finger, and remind Groundbreaking Multi-hyphenate James Camera, “Maple Son-Mahogany.”

He waves you off like a pesky bee, “Yes, yes, I know she got hitched. Got biz-zay and had you after all. But I knew her as ‘Maple Mahogany,’ the girl whose adventures a movie was based on.”

“A movie… wait a second!” you shout, realization alighting in your brain, images of many family movie nights coming back to you. “That’s where I know your name from! ‘Dragon Fight: Scramble for the Bells and the Sunny-sided Monkey!’ You directed!”

In response to this, he gives you a blank stare, before looking around at all his employees, and hitting some keys on WEAVER, blanketing the air surrounding the two of you in darkness, and all sound outside a 5 foot radius dampened.


“Mother&#$@er!” James Camera curses. “Of course, of course the boy knows! It’s the movie based on his parents, after all!” he rants, stomping his feet on the ground. He looks back at you, sighs, and says, “Sorry, sorry, I should be used to it by now, but for a moment I was glad to have outrun the shadow of that movie with one who hadn’t seen it. Lumping me with all that shit… I’ll never outrun the curse she’s placed on me, it seems. All the more reason to go through with Operation True Lies.”

“True Lies?” It sounds like the name for a movie, but you’ve never heard of it. Eh, it’s not important, there’s a more pressing issue. “...Why do you hate my mother so much?”

“Why do I hate Maple Mahogany? Why not?” he asks, sweeping his arms open yet again. “My career in film-making was shipwrecked due to that hodgepodge with the label of movie slapped on it. A lack of oversight by the studios kept getting the project outsourced, so when they hired me on to direct a few scenes, they figured they would use my name, the name of a (by-that-point) superstar director, to entice audiences into eating a load of shit. So, all the credibility I earned from my previous films, pissed down the drain when I chose to be tied down on that sinking ship. All future projects I tried to get greenlit, where before no one would dare challenge me when I said to increase the budget, now I was having to beg on my knees in front of executives for even a chance at directing projects that would usually be cherry-picked for me! So I never got a chance to make my dream project, my hopes already dashed by the iceberg that was that movie.”

Iceberg? Is that a reference to something? From what little of this guy’s movies you know about, there were two with robots, one with xenomorphs, and The Abyss, that undersea exploration one you only know the title to because his PMC’s name helpfully reminded you.

“And the worst of it is, when the movie came out, and the reviews came in… ‘Hot Garbage’ was the most favorable. But the one that was most damning to me…”

WEAVER flares red, and you hear your mother laughing again. You turn and see her pointing at James.

“She was laughing. My career was sinking into the depths of hell, and she was laughing,” he says. “It was the most unforgivable slight to me at that point. A movie all about her, and the thanks I get? So from that point on, I knew that no matter if or how I clawed my way back up to the top, I would never be satisfied until she sank into an even worse hell.

“So, I wish to see her hated by everyone. The small, redhead woman who made it nigh-impossible for me to get my foot through the door from then on.”

You disagree, “I dunno, my mom’s pretty small. Are you sure you couldn’t fit through the door?”

Certified Door Expert James Camera retorts, tapping the ground with a heavy cane, “Believe Me, when I Say, there was No Room.” He swings his cane, which is actually a crowbar, and disperses the phantom of your mother, her ki signature fading out. With a command to WEAVER, the darkness fades, and the Courtroom and its inhabitants reappear. “So, I think you’ve heard enough about me.

“Son Gohan, you are trapped in the shadows of your Mother and Sister. No one gives you the praise and adoration which you crave, and blew yourself up to earn. Even though you are dead, why not start a new life? An up-and-coming director, protegee of someone who’s seen the worst of what the industry can throw at you. A new existence without the name ‘Son Gohan.’ I want to hear your answer. Will you join me, or stand aside?”

He reaches out to you, waiting for you to take his hand. “Well, how ‘bout it?”
>A. Join him in tarnishing your mother's name
>B. Politely refuse and get on with your Delivery
>C. Extend arm
>D. Write-in
Changing that last bit to
>“Well, how ‘bout it? Are you in or are you out?"
"I want you to look at my Heart's Desire with the Heart of the Ocean. That will be my answer."
File: Mij.png (4 KB, 192x192)
4 KB
Rolled 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2 = 32 (20d2)

You raise one finger into the air, “Rather than taking my word for it, I want you to look at my Heart’s Desire with the Heart of the Ocean. That will be my answer.”

“Huh, that’s actually a better way of asking,” he admits, his lenses lit up. “Very well.”

He presses a button, and the PC on his arm opens a compartment and unspools a wire, which latches onto your skin, tendrils aligning along nodes of your body.

“WheeloTech Experimentation Assistant Vector Effectors Remote-Controller analyzing… analyzing… analyzing… done!” the machine says, retracting its wire back. “Projecting ‘DESIRE’...”

A drone comes over and projects a blue light, your Mom appearing before you all.

She poses for everyone, then walks over to you, and pats you on the head.

It feels nice. You let out a contented sigh as she ruffles your hair.

Next to you, Taller-than-average James Camera lets out a different kind of sigh. “Still in her shadow, I see. A shame, really,” he says, shutting the projection off, and ending the doting. “Well, I take it you’re not going to let me do what has to be done?” he asks, the room growing darker as he does, “You’re going to get in my way?”

HP: 70/100
KI: 51/100
Time Left: 12 Hours left in the living world.

>A. Yes. (Center yourself)
>B. Yes. (Use a technique)
>C. Yes. (Draw-cut)
>D. Write-in
Well, he just has the one. His eye lights up too.
Instead of answering, you raise your hand towards WEAVER and pull. [47/100 KI]

The PC is drawn towards you, as is the rest of James Camera, distorting and stretching towards you.


You draw your hand back in surprise, and the director’s visage is still skewed, before eventually fading out. You see a drone overhead that shuts its projector off, and hovers away.

“Wow, just… wow,” he says, his voice coming from behind you. You turn towards him and see nothing. “You really thought I would let you get anywhere near the Heart when I didn’t know where yours lied? Okay everybody, Lights.”

You are hit by five laser bolts, the unexpectedness of them doubling their efficacy! [60/100 HP]

“Camera,” he announces, appearing in front of you. You charge towards him, meeting only air.


Four of his Cameramen surround you, holding crowbars, and wail into you with them! [52/100 HP]

You attempt to strike back at them, but when you do, you don’t see them, or anything around you. Pitch black as far as your eyes can see.

“Son Gohan, my offer still stands,” he says, appearing under a spotlight on the Throne of Judgment. “We will accept a plea of mercy anytime you want.”

He continues, “But I would motion you to give up soon. Or else,

Executive Director James Camera gazes back into you, “You will die.”

>A. Already dead.
>B. I can go all night.
>C. Use a technique
>D. Try to sense around yourself
>E. Retreat for now (where?)
>F. Write-in
Eh, make that [48/100 HP] from the melee attacks.
>F Use scouter to check for synths.
File: scouter break.jpg (9 KB, 140x114)
9 KB
Rolled 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2 = 33 (20d2)

You don’t give him a response, instead going for your Scouter. You reach into your pocket, and find nothing. Maybe it’s in your other pants pocket-

“Looking for this?” he asks, holding up your Scouter. “Took it off of you while you were under, didn’t want you making calls to the wrong people till I knew where you stood.” He crushes it in his vice grip. “Turns out it was against the wind.”

>LOST: Scouter.

You shake your head, you’ll just do it the old-fashioned way. You reach out with your senses, and get a feeling for those in the room. There’s the Queen above, the Guardian over there, and the Cameramen all around, half of them holding hostages while the others are dealing with you. As for Camera, ah! He’s over there!

>A. Use a technique https://pastebin.com/4js0H6Jx
>B. So they wanna hit you with crowbars, eh? Let’s see how they like Kyabetsu!
>C. Retreat (where?)
>D. Write-in
>D. Telepathic scans of Queen, and the Guardian. Reach out to them.
>A. After-image around with ki. Pull off their masks and other eye protective gear. Throw in light magic with that ki. Maybe after-images with a flash stun?
File: flash-light.png (32 KB, 280x280)
32 KB
No, no, you can’t trust any of your senses right now. His sorcerer's ways with those Jewels combined with that technological terror hovering all around won’t get you anywhere close to him, so you’ll only find “him” so long as he wants you to.

Also, you just remembered you left your sword at the door.

So, after leaving some after images with ki for the Cameramen to detonate, [37/100 KI] you reach out to the Queen and Guardian in the room. “Hey, I know we got off on the wrong foot, or leg, but can y’all flare your ki for a moment please? I need to get an idea of where I am.”

“...Okay, Chosen One.” “Right away, Son Gohan!”

The Queen and Guardian flare their ki, and you close your eyes to sense it, just as the first afterimage detonates in a brilliant light! Their ki signatures act as beacons, their own energy spreading through the room and providing an effect akin to echolocation that locates more Cameramen aside from the ones already present, real or fake.

The Cameramen themselves recoil from the flash of light, the night vision in their masks doing them no favors.

“RAAAH!” Visionary Director James Camera roars, his vision also disturbed. You truly feel where he is this time, standing behind all his Cameramen by the exit, his PC flashing blue.

You have a moment to act before he uses WEAVER again.

>A. Go after his men and free the hostages. (Use a technique to down them?)
>B. Fire a blast at James Camera (Specify a technique)
>C. Write-in
>Use a fast and efficient technique, no messing around.
Thinking fast, you push both hands out, sending Kiais towards the Cameramen holding the court hostage. [35/100 KI] and blow them back! They lose their balance, taking their aims off the hostages, and you charge into the midst of them, letting loose a barrage of lightning-charged Machinegun Punches! [30/100 KI] 20 men is no problem with this technique, you’re hitting each of them at least 20 times.

When the last one hits the ground, spasming with electricity, you shout “RUN!” to the fishpeople, who nod, and barrel towards a still-blinking James Camera.

“Wha, oh goddamni-!” he says before getting trampled underneath the mob (or is it school?) of people.

The Guardian raises himself, and asks, “Thank you, Son Gohan. Now, would you kindly help Her Majesty?”

You nod, and go up to the still suspended Toyotama. You make to grab at her, but are repelled by a Red barrier of force!


You turn back and see a disheveled James Camera standing up, with WEAVER flaring red. “Well, seems the way is clear for both of us,” he says, with drones picking up his downed men and carrying them out the exit. More drones fly in. “WEAVER, take off restriction protocols.”

“Yes, Mr. Camera, sir.”


The drones all unfurl rocket launchers, machine guns, and camera looking things.

You and Longgui stand ready to strike James Camera down.

He presses a button, and his PC flashes blue, with his drones hovering over him.

>A. Blast him with Longgui in a Kamehameha!
>B. Go and strike the drones (Use fists or technique?)
>C. Write-in
>C. Use conch caller.
>B. Grab the camera drone and hit on the rocket drone.
misread read the drones equipment. anyway. hit a 'bot with another bot.
File: mouth kamehameha.gif (1.62 MB, 800x600)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB GIF
You get the Conch Caller out of your pocket, “I’m gonna call some back-up!”

Longgui nods, “I’ll hold him off until then!” He opens his mouth, gathering ki for a kamehameha.

You take out the conch, and blow. “Fwooooo. Aw hold on,” HOMMMMMMM~

The Ocean Palace vibrates with the war call, which also causes the Ocean all around to ripple!

From the hole in the ceiling above, new arrivals drop down! You imagine that if you had another encounter of enemies before fighting Longgui, these would be that last tier.

They all give you the evil eye, before Longgui helpfully points them in the right direction at James Camera, still standing there with his drones.

Finally, Longgui finishes charging, and fires his Kamehameha at James Camera! The Kingdom’s elites all unleash fierce ki attacks at the director as well, such as laser eyes, supersonic breath, electrically charged tentacle whips, and even lava vomit!

And while they do that, you contribute by grabbing one drone and hitting another drone with it. The drones fall to the ground in pieces, ammo scattering on the floor.

You look over when the light-show finishes, and see a big cloud of smoke where James was standing. You sense for his ki signature… huh? He’s still there. And more than alive, he feels the same as he did before.

When the smoke clears, the Kingdom’s best of the best gawk at an unharmed James Camera, tinted blue, surrounded by barriers projected by his drones.

The drones all gleam with blue light.

Longgui’s eyes widen with realization, “The Ebb Jewel!”

The director presses a few keys, and WEAVER, as well as the drones and their barriers, start glaring red. The drones that don't aren't projecting barriers have those camera things lit up.

Longgui grimaces, “The Flow Jewel…”

>A. “Wait, what just happened?”
>B. Be on your guard for anything.
>C. Try shooting a Geist Magnum at James.
>D. Dodge!
>E. Write-in
Exorcism on the drones.

The Blue Ebb Jewel of Desire and the Red Flow Jewel of Fear. So is Ryujin's Heart of the Ocean purple?
[blue]Blue[/blue] goes in, [red]Red[/red] goes out.
Oh dang it, left my OP superpowers over at the other place. Well, good to know.
fair enough.

Now I guess I know what a dragon god's heart looks like.
You don’t know what that director’s planning for the next shot, but you feel that you shouldn’t let your guard down.

”Dodge!” You hear the word shouted in your head, and feel that it would be very bad to dismiss it. So, you get ready to bolt out of the way of whatever James is about to throw at you.

The director lets out a sigh, “Gohan, Gohan Gohan Gohan, may I call you Gohan? Why’d you have to make this more difficult than it needed to be? Now all these fishmen you’ve gathered are going to die. You’re already dead, so just you dying wouldn’t matter, but bringing them into it? Their blood is on your hands, so far as I’m concerned.”

The Elites growl and roar at him, while Longgui is hesitant.

You note Longgui’s concern, and turn to him to ask, “Wait, what just happened?”

Longgui replies, his mouth dry, “He just used the Ebb Jewel to absorb all the power of our attacks.”

“Well, maybe I can reabsorb it!” you shout while reaching out to some of the drones, pulling… [26/100 KI] No good, the only spirit you can draw out is in WEAVER, which is shielded by the Drones’ barriers.

With a command from James, the Drones form an odd formation, like a corridor.


Laser beams shoot out of what you thought were just cameras/projectors. They’re getting closer.

>Roll 1d15+5 to Dodge! DC 10

>A. Go trash some! (Heightened DC now, Lower DC later)
>B. Use a technique
>C. Write-in
>The director lets out a sigh, “Gohan, Gohan Gohan Gohan, may I call you Gohan? Why’d you have to make this more difficult than it needed to be? Now all these fishmen you’ve gathered are going to die. You’re already dead, so just you dying wouldn’t matter, but bringing them into it? Their blood is on your hands, so far as I’m concerned.”

Oh, a bit after this, meant to include this here:

James looks up at the Queen, and dials something on WEAVER. The Queen raises up out of the room, "Still have a use for her, though."
Rolled 5 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

>C. "The Chosen One needs a little of everyone's energy if he's going to be of any help. Otherwise, I'm going to burn a lot of time up."

Get ready to retaliate with a Super Ghost Kamikaze (Lightning) on Weaver.
File: laser.gif (248 KB, 240x132)
248 KB
248 KB GIF
>DC Passed!

You duck and roll under a laser beam, and jerk to the right to dodge another, getting past the grid of lasers. You look over at James, who is preparing another wave of laser-armed drones. After preparing an attack you’ve had on the backburner, you shout to the Elites and Longgui behind you, “The Chosen One needs a little of everyone’s energy if he’s going to be of any help. Otherwise, I’m going to burn a lot of time up.”

Instead of an affirmative,

“AAAAAAAAAA-” -fzzt-

“No, no no no NOOOO” -splurch-

-vom- “My LEG!”

You turn to see what the problem is, and recoil when you see the sight of more fish guts and blood than your family’s average fishing trip could ever produce.

Where the Elites had once been standing, now a bunch of pieces lay. Some are still alive, if you can call it that. You sense that Longgui is still alive, and hidden in his shell, which bears deep lacerations.

The next wave of drones is ready and firing. The wave of drones behind you is cooling off.

>Dodge, Roll 1d15+5 DC 13

>A. “Shit.”
>B. “Okay, okay, I give up!”
>C. Shoot the Super Ghost Kamikaze at the drones!
>D. Go kindly convince Longgui to give you his energy so you can save the Queen while you duck behind his shell for cover.
>E. Write-in
Rolled 12 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

>E. Raio-Ken!
File: laser dodge.gif (4.59 MB, 400x225)
4.59 MB
4.59 MB GIF
You observe the web of lasers coming toward you, and run towards it.

“Eh?” James grunts in surprise.

You dive through an opening that wasn’t there when you started diving, but one that you predicted would be there from the web’s pattern. You flip through the air and land in a cool pose.

WEAVER prepares more drones, their beam emitters warming up!

“Yeah, no.” You spit out five balls of ki into the air, each one turning into a mini-version of you, but ghostly! [16/100 KI] “Get ‘em!” you shout, pointing at the drone.

“Aye aye, cap’n! You heard him, men! Tenno Heika…”

“““““BANZAIIIII!!!””””” your copies roar, charging towards the drones and tackling them.

James wipes his lens, not quite believing what he’s seeing. “That’s cute, Gohan, but I don’t see what-”

You cut him off with one word, “Boom.”


Your Mini-Mes detonate in a burst of EMPs, shorting out the drones’ circuits, and sending them crashing to the ground.

From behind his barrier, James claps his metal hands, “Clever. But how long can you keep that up?”

You hear lasers coming from behind you. “Well, I still got plenty of juice,” you respond, running ki throughout your body in a circuit and electrifying it. “Raio-ken.”

>Dodge, Roll 1d15+5, DC 9

Free Action from Raio-ken!
>A. Grab a drone and use it to laser other drones. (Heightens DC to 12)
>B. Explosive Wave!
>C. Write-in
[12/100 KI from Raio-ken]
>D. Go up and punch James Camera. (Heightens DC to 10)
Rolled 14 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

Telepathic probing of James' defenses.
File: laser wall run.gif (890 KB, 280x158)
890 KB
890 KB GIF
You reach out a hand and probe into the mind of James Camera.

“Hopefully he gets distracted by the lasers, barriers are running out of juice.”

Seems he’s bluffing right now. Well, there are lasers coming for you from behind.

You run towards the director, who flinches back, his barriers intensifying, and juke to the side, running up the wall and jumping off. You soar over the web of lasers, and land in the pool of water, -splash-.

The drones in front of him are active, but cooling off. You notice the second wave of drones come beside you, their beam emitters shining.

>Dodge! DC 11

>A. Afterimage! (Lowers DC)
>B. Go punch James (Raises DC)
>C. Explosive Wave (No DC)
>D. Write-in
Rolled 10 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

>D. Knock the cooling drones into the second wave's beams.
File: the field rn.png (135 KB, 900x427)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
So, you want to fool the ones firing into firing on the afterimage, and run over to the ones cooling off, and kick 'em over to the lasers?
Okie dokie!
File: laser backflip.gif (837 KB, 280x158)
837 KB
837 KB GIF
You leave an afterimage, [11/100 KI], and backflip out of the way. Lasers fire from the drones, filling your dummy with holes and cutting him into bits, the drones moving away.

“Aha!” the director cheers.

You hug the bottom of the pool, then once the lights go past, you surface and run towards James Camera!

“Agh!” he grunts, quickly redirecting the drones in front of him to instead fire rockets and machine guns at you. The drones open fire!

Aaand, given Raio-ken allows you to move faster than lightning, [9/100 KI] you weave around the bullets and rockets, and slide under the drones. You pop up behind them, and knock them over towards the lasers.


Seems a laser struck a rocket. The resulting blast takes out the rest of the drones, except for the ones around James Camera’s person.

James Camera’s projected barrier fizzles out, and he puts his hands up. “Okay, okay, Gohan, take it easy!” He gets on his knees, his PC flashing red, “See, I’m begging you, begging! Please, give up while you still can.”

>A. No.
>B. Eh?
>C. You’re going to, uh, Davy Jone’s Lockup.
>D. Write-in
"Even if this wasn't about my mom, I wouldn't let you use the heart of the ocean for vengeance. Revenge only begets more revenge, Mr. Camera."
File: eye.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
Wait, what’s going on here? Is he trying to fool you with some illusion? You sense his ki, trying to read his reactions towards you, and feel him as… oddly calm, given his situation. Is this one of his convincing holograms? But you also read his thoughts, and you know he’s considering you closely, even if he’s not looking you in the eye.

You shake your head, “Even if this wasn’t about my mom, I wouldn’t let you use the Heart of the Ocean for vengeance. Revenge only begets more revenge, Mr. Camera.”

James nods, “And the Flow jewel is the gift that keeps on giving.”

>A. What, you’re going to use it to run me through my fears? *Keep your mental block up*
>B. What, you’re going to explode my bloodstream? *Keep your power level up*
>C. What, you’re going to make me wet myself or something? *Don't piss yourself*
>D. Write-in
>filling your dummy with holes and cutting him into bits, the drones moving away.
moving forward.*
I'll bet my mother's courage and my father's bravery that I inherited against the Jewel of Fear and the Water Mirror any day of the week.
"Jimmy. Are you working with Towa?"
File: Red Magatama.png (63 KB, 256x256)
63 KB
You scoff, “And what are you gonna do with it? Make me wet myself?” Wait, could he actually… You clench, just in case.

James laughs, “Heh, not the best use of the Flow jewel, but close.”

Your blood runs cold as you consider the other possibility. Shit, it’s running cold, what does that mean? You power up to MAX, blowing James back some. [8 KI] “You’re going to explode my bloodstream!?”

His eye widens, and he waves his arms, saying, “Goodness! No, no, I’m not going to have you burst.”

You calm down a little, and consider what else the Flow jewel can be used for… the Fear jewel. “So, you’re going to use your smoke and mirrors to run me through my fears?”

“Actually, I don’t have time for that,” James Camera says, picking himself up.

“Wouldn’t matter even if you tried,” you retort, actively putting up the mental blocks you’ve refined over the months, “I’ll bet whatever amount of my mother’s courage and my father’s bravery is in me against the Jewel of Fear and Water Mirror any day of the week. Also Jimmy, before I turn you over to either Earth or Ocean police, I have to ask, Are you working with Towa?”

He tilts his head in confusion, “Huh? No.”

“Well, that’s good-”

“No, I’m my own man now,” he says, now monologuing, “Ever since the studios and executives screwed me, I decided not to be shackled by anybody. See, a director needs to have vision. Vision will produce the best result, so long as one is followed. All naysayers and free-thinkers have to be cut and let go so long as they get in the way of my vision. Also related to vision, is having an eye for detail. Filmmakers need to keep in mind and an alert surveillance over what happens in the movie so there aren’t any plot holes or continuity errors or hungover sound guys leaving the boom mic in the shot.”

“Um…” where’s he going with this? You should probably go stun him now.

“And, it's good to hear your resolve about facing your fears,” he says, clapping his hands together, “Because that’s… Today.”

“What?” you ask, feeling something going down your spine… and up it? Why do you feel like you’re in a waterfall, well, your clothes were drenched from the Water Mirror, and you got ‘em wet again when you hid yourself in that pool, but- “Oh damn!”

You look down at your clothes… well, your body at this point, most of it silvery. You try to move, can’t.

“Took you long enough!” he jeers.

>A. “You rat bastard.”
>B. Screw it, Mouth Kamehameha.
>C. “Okay, I give up, I’ll join you in making my Mom persona not grata!”
>D. Write-in
>D. Relax.

"Make you a bet. I get out of this. You give up peacefully. Deal?"
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Instead of fighting the situation you're in, you relax your muscles, and let it happen. You say to James, "Make you a bet. I get out of this. You give up peacefully. Deal?"

"Huh, leaving all my plans up to arbitrary chance," he says faux-consideringly. "Tell you what, I'll agree to that wager if you agree to mine." He reaches and takes the coin from his cap, and says, "On one side of this coin, the name 'Jim' is printed. If it lands on 'Jim,' you lose, and I don't accept the wager."

He flips the coin.
File: lynx.jpg (117 KB, 707x1000)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
He catches the coin, and presents it. "Oh, it landed on 'Jim.' See?" He flips the coin over. "Ah, what's that? 'Jim' is printed on both sides? Well, sorry kid, but seems the game was rigged from the start.

"Who would even get you out of there? Who all knows you're here, or you're in trouble for that matter?

"My final bit of advice, for what good it will do you given the creek you're in? Eradicate the other side, all the stuff holding you back, and leave nothing up to chance. Only then will you be able to live rightly."

The Water Mirror crawls up your skin.

>Any last words?
>A. Yeah, (write-in)
>B. Try to pose a bit better this time (write-in)
>C. Whatever, just keep cool. You know it's all a simulation this time, so you're better prepared.
>A. "Mom forgives you, and so do I."
>B. Maple pose!
File: violent savior.png (410 KB, 640x1120)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
In your last moments before submerging, you say to James, “Mom forgives you, and so do I.”

James stares at you. Then, he asks, “...What?”

You feel the water leaking into your face holes, and this time, you’ve got a pose in mind! But when you go to move your body, you realize you can’t, and then you’re stuck like that with your face contorted in effort, your eyes squinted shut, and your teeth grit together.
File: Spoiler Image (167 KB, 320x258)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
James Camera shakes his head at the boy’s weird nonsensical comment, and walks out of the courtroom. Well, that was almost a close call, given the boy didn’t fall prey to most of his traps, but in the end Gohan didn’t need to, as he was in the trap all along. Yes, safety was important when shooting, which is why James had taken the safety precaution of not completely drying the boy’s clothes of the Water Mirror.

And it would do him well to not pointlessly sacrifice his employees, the director thinks as he walks out to the courtyard of the palace, where his employees are recovering from getting electrocuted.

James dials something on WEAVER, and the remaining drones all start playing some music.


He raises his crowbar, and examines it. He pops open the compartment on WEAVER, and plucks the Ebb Jewel out. He fits the rock onto the crook of the crowbar, creating a staff. He bends the rock to his will, flooding the courtyard in a blue light.

A Cameraman comes up to him, reporting, “Mr. Camera, sir! We’re about to reach the mainland.”

James nods, and with a wave of his crook, he wills Ryugu-jo to rise.


The whole of the Undersea Palace, not just the bubble at the top for air-breathers, surfaces off the coast of the mainland. Then, it hovers above the water, and above the land, towards Orange Star City.

With the palace raised, James Camera begins… dancing. His crew members join in, following along with their own crowbars.

Once the dance of triumph finishes, James raises his staff towards the statue of Ryujin, the sea god’s old body, and directs his drones to open fire! Several missiles smash into the stone carcass, and explode, making it shatter into pieces.

Toyotama, still held captive in a barrier, cries out at the sight of her father’s body crumbling into pieces, and slumps down, defeated.

Then, the drones lower her towards James Camera.

He takes out the Flow jewel, saying, “We need to get you in the right mindset for the next scene.”


He stabs the Flow jewel into her forehead.

Her eyes go wide from the pain, then Red from something else.

File: red water.gif (2 MB, 500x500)
2 MB
(((You did a really good job in that fight, passing all the DCs, not wasting your energy needlessly. Even if it was pretty much hopeless from the get-go, you came really close to dashing all muh plans.)))

>James Camera just submerged you in the Water Mirror and is off to make his vision a reality. What a jerk!

Eventually, you half-awaken, coming to awareness at least. You feel as though you’re in a dream, it feels more… Red this time. Well, if red is the jewel of fear, you should think of things to ward them off. You think of happy things, like your family, your friends, your hobbies…

But is that all you do?
>A. Try exorcising the Red.
>B. Nah, dream on.
>C. Write-in
File: red water 2.gif (2.46 MB, 356x200)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB GIF

You don't attempt to exorcise the Red, instead trying to sense it. It's all around you, reflecting yourself, which is stuck in womb-like chamber of water.

Eh, not much you'll get from that. Well, you guess the only thing you can do is imagine just what sort of hellscape your greatest fears will be if your desires were so apocalyptic.

The Redness fades out, and blackness fades in.

You feel water sinking past your ears, then your eyes, light shining into them, and then the rest of the Water Mirror falls down to the floor.

You get your bearings, and look around the throne room.

"Yës, yës, wäke üp älrëady," Toyotama says from her throne. "Wë're inställing the missing lëg nöw."

You are shoved aside by Longgui who has the Power Pole in his hand, and he fits it into the last slot. The table is now complete.

>A. Have 100 years passed?
>B. How'd you get the Power Pole?
>C. What happened while I was out?
>D. Eh, this is all a dream anyway, you just have to get to that Developer's Room. (Leave the Palace)
>E. Write-in
>E. Check to see how the personalities of this scenario differ from reality and the desire simulation.
File: red water 3.gif (2.19 MB, 506x506)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB GIF

“Excuse me, what happened while I was out?” you ask the Queen.

“Excuse you indeed!” Longgui snaps, “The Queen is not your personal historian. Go find out on your own.”

“Uh, can you at least tell me how you got the Power Pole? Like, did you get it from my sister?”

Longgui sneers at you, but the Queen answers, “In ä männër öf spëaking, yës. Häd tö shëll öut a tön öf PP för it ön än äüctiön.”

Shell out a bunch of what now?

“Anywäy, thänks för bëing a täble lëg the päst cëntury, Chösën One,” Toyotama says while inspecting her nails. “Nöw gö away, gët öüt, scräm.”

If you had to put your finger on how this simulation’s people act towards you, you would say that they’re far more rude. Toyotama is not the least bit apologetic towards you, and discarded you as a waste of space as soon as she got the Power Pole back. Longgui doesn’t even bother with courtesy anymore, looking at you as a useless bother.

Oh, you still had Centering on. Um, ouch. You distract yourself from their disdain towards you with thoughts of alternative names for Centering, as well as a way to get to that room.

While you do that, Longgui picks you up and flings you out of the Palace.

Well, what now?
>A. What’s PP?
>B. Go up to the surface and try to find out what’s happened to it.
>C. Let’s see if King Kai can fill us in!
>D. Okay, plan to get to the Developer’s Room… (write-in)
>E. Write-in
>B. Go up to the surface and try to find out what’s happened to it.
File: red water 4.gif (966 KB, 500x281)
966 KB
966 KB GIF
You can’t come up with a good plan until you learn what happened to this world. You fly up out of the bubble, and through the waters above. After about five minutes of holding your breath, you come up for air, [10 KI] and fly over to land. [9 KI]

Who knows what you’ll find…

File: green city.jpg (33 KB, 496x256)
33 KB

You reach the mainland, and find a city. Doesn’t look like East City or Mifan. Could be a new one.

You try to make out some landmarks that would tell you where you are, and as you look around, you come to the surprising realization that this city you’ve found seems to stretch on into the horizon.

>A. Go to West City.
>B. Go to your family’s house.
>C. Drop down to the city and ask for directions
>D. Drop down to the city and ask for its history
>E. Sense around for ki signatures.
>F. Talk to King Kai about this (write-in joke)
>G. Write-in
Hm. Sword is lost in this Fear scenario too.

>G. Find a spot to meditate and recover first.
If this fear scenario will let Gohan recover.
File: green trees.jpg (516 KB, 595x347)
516 KB
516 KB JPG
There’s a nice little island in the middle of that canal. You drop down to it, and take a seat on the ground. You clear your mind of all thoughts, which puts you back into that dark wetness. You can’t really recover your body in here… but that means you don’t have to. Mind over matter. [100/100 Shōki]

You spring back up to your feet, and sense around for the life around you. You almost fall over from how much of it there is. There’s Nature, and Civilization, all around you, existing side by side. And furthermore, it’s stronger than what the world of 100 years ago felt like.

>A. Go to West City
>B. Go to your house
>C. Ask around for directions
>D. Ask around for history
>E. Talk to King Kai (joke)
>F. Write-in

Even if you don’t have any landmarks you can recognize, West City should be easy enough to find. You just have to tell where the sun is, then head west… Wait, what time is it? Where did you even surface at?

You reach for your Scouter, but remember you don’t have one anymore. With a sigh, you leap across the canal, and see a police officer directing traffic. He’s also flying.

>A. Fly up to him and ask him where West City is.
>B. Nah, there’s gotta be a fuel station with a map you can use.
>C. Ah, that store has a TV with the news on.
>D. Take a stick, and wherever it falls and points is probably where West City is.
>E. Write-in
File: coffee shop au.jpg (80 KB, 800x573)
80 KB
You don’t want to bother the officer, and instead find a store. Looks to be a coffee shop. You walk inside, and see a TV hanging from a corner of the ceiling with the news on.

“Welcome!” greets the Barista, a girl who is wearing an apron and a much smaller scouter than what you’re used to. Less bulky, more ergonomic. It is one from the future, you suppose.

“Uh, hi,” you respond, distracted from the news.

“New here? What would you like to try? Of course, I have my own recommendations, but don’t be afraid to order your way.”

You nod, reading the news’ hub. It’s Age 873, October 9th. Currently… 3 PM. Okay, and if the sun’s there, then West should be that way.

But is that all you do here?
>A. Buy something.
>B. Politely leave.
>C. Ask the Barista some questions (write-in)
>D. Write-in
Our zenni is probably obsolete anyway.
>D. Look-Out.
File: Google-Glass.png (266 KB, 960x527)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
“Sorry, I just came in to get the time,” you say, pointing to the TV. “My money’s probably no good here either.”

The Barista tilts her head, and asks, “No good?” Then, she inspects you, and asks, “Don’t you have a Scouter?”

You shake your head, and she gasps, and says, “Stay right there.” She goes into the back, and you hear her pull out a drawer, and shuffle through it. Then, she comes back with another scouter. “Here’s my old one, a few years out of date but it still works. Wiped all my files, should be able to get you around.”

She offers you the sleek-looking future Scouter.

>A. Take it.
>B. Politely refuse.

You thank the lady for her kindness, and turn to walk out of the store. The Lookout should also be west-

“Oh! I almost forgot!” she shouts.

You turn, and see her grinning.

“Happy Peppa Day!” she cheers.

>C. Happy What?
>D. Uh, Happy Peppa Day to you too.
>E. Write-in
Realize that this is a future that went on without you and everything is better for it.
File: green utopia.jpg (310 KB, 800x1077)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
You take the Scouter, and fit it onto your head. You activate it, and at once it scans you, and automatically makes a profile. You just have to put in your name. Then, the Scouter scans the lady in front of you, and adds her to your Scan Database as “Myu.” An option to give her a Thumbs Up is given. You do so, and her Scouter gets a notification. “Ah, thanks for the PP! And…”

You get a notification.
>Received 1 PP.

“Get enough of those and you can have as much coffee as you want! Are you a Cocoa Mocha or a Peppacino kid?” she asks. “Ooh, add me to your friends list for if you ever have trouble using that.”

>Add “Myu to friends?

>A. Sure.
>B. Meh.

~ ~ ~


Your blood runs cold. Everything feels cold, despite how sunny it is. How could it not feel this way, when you’ve finally put together the nature of this world?

”Was it that obvious?”

You nod at Myu, and quickly say, “Uh, Happy Peppa Day to you too.”

Do you still go to the Look-Out in light of this information?
>C. Yes.
>D. Actually, let’s go to your family’s house.
>E. Capsule Corp, they have to have a time machine.
>F. Write-in
[85/100 Shōki]
File: Popo-manga.png (298 KB, 504x577)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
You add “Myu” to your friends. She receives the request, and reads, “‘Son Gohan.’ Any relation?”


She waves her hands, “Oh, nothing, nothing.”

~ ~ ~

You wave goodbye at your new friend Myu, and head for the Lookout. As you soar over the world below, you find that nearly every square mile of land is covered in city, and greenness. The barren wastelands you’re accustomed to… well, this world is barren of those.

You fly up to the Lookout, and see Mr. Popo gardening.

You wave at him, “Hey, Mr. Popo! Long time no see!”

“Son Gohan? Long time indeed,” Mr. Popo responds. “Where have you been the past hundred years?”

“Well,” you explain. “And that’s the gist of it.”

Mr. Popo nods. “So you seek to break out of what you consider a ‘simulation.’ Have you considered that the world is fine without your intervention and this could even be reality if you accept it?” he asks.

>A. Sorry, I have to go stop a director’s location shooting.
>B. Gee, I never thought of it that way! Take me to the Pendulum Room already.
>C. Write-in
>C. "Maybe you are right, but so could the Ebbing crystal's vision. I've seen possible alternate futures version of myself. The world may not want my intervention but it needs it."
File: red popo.jpg (99 KB, 504x577)
99 KB
You tell the puppet, "Maybe you are right, but same goes for the Ebbing crystal's vision."

"A vision where you get what you want at the expense of everyone else's fortune. A world that was robbed of opportunities that are ripe for your taking."

"Well, I didn't want to stay there either. Besides, I've seen a possible alternate future version of myself," you counter, thinking of Future Gohan who helped save the world.

"An alternate future 'you'... Can you even say that is You? With a completely different history? Have you seen the possible histories of those you care about in this world? Do you care for them, or is a world without you no good at all? You don't even care to entertain this world as much as you did the other."

You think on the threat currently coming for your mother. "The world may not want my intervention but it needs it."

"Such vanity... Does the world need anything from you, or is that what you tell yourself to sleep at night and wake up in the morning? How can you say the world would be better with you if this world is built on how it would be better without?

"And as you'll recall from my other half, I did not build this world from nothing. You believe the world will be just fine without you, even if you don't want it to be. This is a world of your fears come true. A world that needs and demands nothing from you, where there is already plenty. Please, stay here. Your stay won't be unpleasant, not as much as fighting it will be."


You think on what to say to the Red.

>A. "If you want to show me the history of the world, there's a perfectly good Pendulum Room."
>B. Deny what it says (write-in)
>C. Leave, go see what Peppa Day's about.
>D. Exorcism.
>E. Write-in
File: 1pm.png (196 KB, 340x405)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
>E. Centering!
File: red reflection.png (1.24 MB, 960x658)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
heheheh, nice pic

[75/100 Shōki]

"If you want to show me the history of the world, there's a perfectly good Pendulum Room."

"Actually, I have a video: https://youtu.be/n9xQTEHebpA

"Knock it off!"

"Well, the thing is, just from this conversation alone, your psyche has taken some damage from hearing things you don't wish to hear or consider. So I would recommend against digging into things that would upset you even more."

"Things you don't want me to dig up? Things that would disturb this dream to point it would fall apart?" you ask.

"Please don't. Trying to deny me would be the same as erasing your very existence."

"Eh, did fairly well with the other one, and I'm sure even they weren't expecting me to get to that room."

"The other one usually bites off more than they can chew. I do not. I did expect you to try to break out, and made fail-safes and contingencies to safeguard what you call the Developer's Room. If you try to get to that room and go against reality... Reality will surely crush you. Reality will kill you. And reality will continue to go on as if nothing ever happened... From yesterday to today, and from today to tomorrow. Reality marches on... Leaving your crushed body behind."

You try to reflect yourself in the Red, and see only yourself.

"You see yourself as I have presented it so far, but unveil anymore and it won't be pretty."

>A. Go see what the history of this world is in the Pendulum Room.
>B. I'll be fiiiiiiiiiiine.
>C. Exorcise the Red.
>D. Go to your family's house.
>E. Go to Capsule Corp.
>F. Go ask Myu what Peppa Day is.
>G. Write-in
The other dream sequence was broadcasted. This one could be too. Which means we sort of gave everything Mr. Camera needed to know before. Something he could do again with the fear stuff. Thanks to his tech. Hmmm.

>G. "Alright, thank you Mr. Popo."
Head on out to Wheelo's Lab
File: perfectionist.jpg (66 KB, 600x887)
66 KB

Hmm, is this really a world of your fears though? Or, a world made by you, to be precise. Could be controlled by James... you did let his computer analyze you. He has everything he needs to torment you.

[70/100 Shōki]

"You did it again, you thought something disturbing. Please calm down and adjust to this world. You will not be the first to break from this, many have tried to face their fears and failed."

"Alright, thank you 'Mr. Popo'," you respond, dismissing the Red for now. You walk off the Lookout, and fall towards Wheelo's Lab. Maybe something related to James would be there. Huh, you now realize you're not 100% sure of where it is. Sure, you've been to it, but you were little. And it's not like you have a map of mad scientists' secret labs.

You don't...
>A. Head to Capsule Corp!
>B. Let's talk to King Kai!
>C. Go see why Peppa has a holiday.
>D. Write-in
>D. Check the 'Scouter' out. See if it can tell us what Peppa Day is.
File: future capsule corp.png (218 KB, 640x480)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Eureka! The Briefs probably know where it is. You fall over to Capsule Corp. The planet may be covered in city, but you'll never forget where her place is.

As you fall, you mess with your Scouter, using the included search app to look up what Peppa Day is.

>Today is Peppa Day!

Okay, but what is Peppa Day?

>October 9th!

Why is October 9th significant...

>It's Peppa Day!

You inhale, and exhale. Then, you look up "Son Peppa."

>Born October 9th, 760. Died October 9th, 850, after reportedly saying, "Eh, Ninety's good enough." Former Prime Minister of Earth (Elected for 4 terms), winner of the Bluebell Peace Prize Ribbon, Decorated Officer of the Law, CEO of Peppa's Pipers Infrastructure Company, Many-Time Savior of the Earth, Founder and Master of the Typhoon School of Martial Arts, and Central Figure of the Foi-de-Lis Cult.

[69/100 Shōki]

Huh, in the time it took to read that list, you've landed at Capsule Corp.

You walk up to the front, and the security turrets scan you. "Recognized as 'Son Gohan,' you may proceed."

You enter the lobby, and the receptionist looks up from the desk. He asks, "How was a kid let in?" Then, he puts on his corporate cog voice, "Wait, young man, you're not supposed to be in here, this is a building for grown-ups. Let's notify your parents real quick..." He scans you with his Scouter. "'Access Level: Top.' Okay, what the heck's going on with this thing," he mutters, messing with his Scouter.

>A. Ask him where you can find the Briefs / science people.
>B. Walk past him and go to the lab's computers.
>C. "My parents are dead."
>D. Write-in
>D. CENTER when we see them
File: Future Bulma.jpg (64 KB, 640x480)
64 KB
You raise your hand to where it's visible over the edge of the desk, "Excuse me sir, do you know where I can find Dr. Briefs?"

"Dr. Briefs? Who's Dr. Briefs, no one under that name works here. Right, no one under that name works here," he agrees with his Scouter's database. "Oh, it does say that nearly a hundred years ago, the Briefs owned and ran Capsule Corp. Anyway, that was a long time ago, the CEO's family name changed. Maybe don't slack off in history class so much, eh? Wait, shouldn't you be in cla- Oh right, Peppa Day." The receptionist sighs, "And I'm here working! Gotta grind that sweet, sweet PP."

>Give him PP?

>A. Thumbs Up!
>B. No.
>C. "What does PP stand for?"

"So, which floor is the CEO's?" you ask.

"Top floor. Wait, don't go up-" the elevator doors close.

The elevator goes up and you are treated to a scenic view of the city. Sure, the cities of your time were impressive, but also artificial and divorced from the rest of the world. Seeing a city like this, with no boundary between it and nature... It's pretty. Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad place to live if you merely forgot what it was based on. What you have to do.

You come out to the top floor, and the CEO's Office Door Sensors scan you, and let you in.

You see a woman with aqua- no, maybe it's turquoise... blue hair sitting at a desk doing CEO things. She looks up from her work at you, and her eyes widen.

"Huh? Who let a kid in here?" she asks.

>D. I'm Son Gohan, friend of Pantea Briefs, and brother of Son Peppa.
>E. Can I use your time machine?
>F. You know where Wheelo's Lab is?
>G. What's your name?
>H. Write-in
>D. CENTER when we see them
She's wondering why there's a kid in her office.
>H. "Look me up."
File: boss bulma mad.png (537 KB, 720x540)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
You give the receptionist a thumbs up.

"Ah, thanks. Here you go," he says, tapping his own scouter.

>Received 1 PP! 2 total.

~ ~ ~

Before she does anything rash, you tell the woman, "I'm Son Gohan, friend of Pantea Briefs, and brother of Son Peppa."

She looks at you in confusion, "Grandma? Wait, 'brother?' Ugh, how did one of you Lily loons get all the way up here? Especially when we screen for that. For the last time, my relations with the Prime Minister, as are Capsule Corp's relations with our holder company, strictly professional. My time's too precious to give you material to go make 'scriptures' out of and 'pray' to."

"Wait, no, what? Uh... look me up! Yeah, I should be in your database."

She rolls her eyes, and scans you with her Scouter. Her eyes widen as she reads the info that pops up. "'Son Gohan,' Pantea's friend, Top Access..." she reads, eventually looking towards you, "Who are you? And what do you want, exactly?"

>A. "Better question: WHEN do I want?" when she fails to laugh, say, "Can I borrow a time machine?"
>B. "Do you know where Dr. Wheelo's Lab is or was? He was a mad scientist, my parents and their friends fought him."
>C. "Excuse me, what is your name?" Oh, right, you can scan her.
>D. "Well, (write-in what you want from her / Capsule Corp)
>E. "What was that about lilies?"
>F. "Holder company? Capsule Corp's not independently owned?"
>G. Write-in
File: boss bulma interested.jpg (93 KB, 640x480)
93 KB
"I want to know where Dr. Wheelo's Lab is. Or, was. He was a mad scientist, my parents and their friends fought him over a century ago."

"Your parents... if you're really Son Peppa's brother, then they would be Son Goku and Maple Son-Mahogany?"


"Well, it's recorded that your mother had a ton of accomplishments here as well. She's credited in numerous projects that were marvels in Capsule Corp's history of innovation."

You wipe your nose with your thumb, "Yeah, she was pretty great." This isn't news to you, she worked for Bulma a lot. Had to make bank to feed you all, after all.

"And after Age 773, she went on to discover a quirk in physics that gave the produced free energy from the feelings of people being nice to each other and working together. The Golden Rule. Laying the foundation for the PP-based economy."

[64/100 Shōki]

You stop feeling smug for some reason. "Yes, that's nice, but could you please tell me where Wheelo's Lab is?"

She looks through some files for the location, "Oh, sorry, just, I really admire someone like your mother. I mean, sure, Son Peppa is Son Peppa, but you can't really hold her as a standard to follow. Way too high. Your mother, on the other hand, changing the world with her own genius and hard work. Didn't have anything handed to her. Sort of reminds me of myself, working to become President of Capsule Corp."

"Okay, there's an old lab to the north that was repurposed by Capsule Corp, and secretly used to be owned by Dr. Wheelo, who... oh my. Well, sending you the coordinates... Your parents fought him, and defeated him, right? Like, destroyed?"

"They sure did. Mr. Piccolo helped.

>A. What is your name, by the way?"
>B. Sort of reminds you of yourself? You didn't inherit your position?"
>C. If you don't mind, could you tell me what PP stands for?"
>D. Why is Capsule Corp not privately owned? Who's your holder company?"
>E. Thanks for the coordinates, I'm off!" Leap out the window.
>F. Ask King Kai if he can sense James Camera at Wheelo's Lab, or Kochin's Lab, whichever. He has those antennae.
>G. Write-in
Thumbs up for her.
File: Spoiler Image (136 KB, 340x191)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
"Ah, sorry," you realize, "I don't believe I got your name."

"No big deal, I'm only the President of Capsule Corp," she says icily. She shrugs, and says, "Eh, someone as weird as you probably has a good excuse for that. I am Bulma Shavings, President of Capsule Corp."

Shavings? Shavings... Shavings... Shavings. Hold on. A cold sweat runs down your face, and you ask, "Any relation to... Sharpner Shavings?"

"Yup, that's Grandpa."

[59/100 Shōki]

"So!" you shout out, wanting to get away from that line of thought as soon as possible, "'Sort of reminds you of yourself?' You didn't inherit your position?"

"Well, yeah. Worked for it, nepotism helped in some places, sure, but it's not like I inherited the company. I mean, I would be pretty far down the list, given my father's a seventh son."

[54/100 Shōki]

Smiling with your eyes closed, you ask, "Seventh son? Really, that's... a lot of uncles to have."

"Well, there's also my aunts to consider..."

[51/100 Shōki]

You hold up a hand, "Thank you. I'm a bit... surprised though. When I knew your grandma, I hadn't thought she had kids in mind for her future."

"Well, she clearly did. Maybe she just didn't think it a relevant enough topic to discuss with you? As a friend, and all. And you seem too young. And a bit short."

[46/100 Shōki]

You gasp out, "If you don't mind, could you tell me what PP stands for? I would LOVE to hear about it."

"Oh, well, there are actually two units of measurement called PP. But, they have similar enough names and are used for the same effect. According to the history books, Maple Son-Mahogany came up with the term. Said she named it 'after the ray of sunshine who always brings joy to my life.' The units of free energy from jolly cooperation are called PepParticles and the currency used today, PepPoints."

[41/100 Shōki]

"That's... nice to hear, that she made such a... grand gesture for my sister," you say with as much graciousness as you can muster. There's also another thing bugging you, hopefully this one has an answer that doesn't make you feel like a trash can, "Why is Capsule Corp not privately owned? Who's your holder company?"

"Privately owned? Sorry, have to keep reminding myself you're from the past or whatever, but terms like that do make it easy to remember," she rambles, "There's no 'privately owned' when it comes to companies anymore. No, they were all bought up by the Peppa-led World Government, and consolidated into the Peppa's Pipers International Corporate Union of Power, which promotes and regulates the PP-based energy grid and the economy. Capsule Corp is a mere subsidiary of the ICUP, with these offices, and a few labs here and there."


Peppa did that? "So, she bought up all the companies, and owned all of them, even though she's just one person?"

File: the Prime Minister.jpg (23 KB, 320x400)
23 KB
This Bulma answers, "Well, she had an entire government as well as the companies' staff to help run them all. I do have a say in what goes on in these offices, but there are officials looking over my shoulder so I don't cut myself a huge salary and suck the workers dry, or release a hovercar off the assembly lines that blasts you into the atmosphere when you turn the ignition. I got this position by merit, and I'll keep it that way.

"It might sound bad for one organization to have all that power, but you can't argue with the results. I mean, if she hadn't gathered all the companies and pointed them at working towards the same goal, the Great Leap Forward would have never gotten off the ground!"

"The Great Leap Forward?" you ask.

"Yup, decentralized the people across the land, cultivated the land into a livable space for people and animals, and boosted our prosperity and standards of living to an all-time high. Said she got the idea from seeing the disparity between the heavily centralized cities of old and remote villages, and wanted to get rid of it while not destroying nature."

Shit, that does sound like Peppa. She went and made the world the way she wanted it to be. And you...

[42/100 Shōki]

Wait, no, she didn't do that, your sister likes eating spicy food and teasing you, and besting you at martial arts, and getting better grades than you, and defeated Baby once and for all, and didn't give Mom any cause to be disappointed in her...

[37/100 Shōki]

"Capsule Corp did its part in reshaping the world, which is why I am proud to be the President of it!" Bulma Shavings says triumphantly.

"Thanks for the info. I'm... gonna get to Wheelo's Lab now." You turn, and- wait a sec, you're forgetting something! "Oh, sorry, to thank you," you say, tapping your Scouter. You give Bulma Shavings a Thumbs Up.

"Heh, thanks! As for you," she taps her Scouter.

>Received 100 PP! 102 total.

"Presidential Privileges," she explains with a smirk. "People good at their jobs get more PP from the government and in turn get to give out more. After going to that lab, I bet a time traveler like yourself hasn't been done a career test. You should take one, it'll analyze your mind and body for something you'll excel at."

>A. "Thanks President Bulma... Shavings."
>B. Stop by your home real quick, just a quick flyover.
>C. Go get some coffee at Myu's shop, you need something to Pep you up. Er, energize you.
>D. Well, your sister's a commie and the people love her for it. What does that say about you?
>E. King Kai's probably just gonna call you a lazy bum for disappearing and costing him a tourney no matter how great your joke is. Seems about right for this world.
>F. Go to Castle Frypan, what'd Izzy get up to?
>G. Go to Wheelo's Lab.
>I. Write-in
>hasn't been done a career test.
hasn't done a career test.*
It's not that Pantea found someone else. Nor the fact that it was Sharpner. What is shocking is that Gohan realizes how selfish he is by having this be a fear. Pantea should find happiness, even if it's not with Gohan.

>I. Remind yourself none of this is actually real, and everything your seeing is just your own fears being twisted and reflected at you. Embrace those fears.

Switch G out for B, I guess.
File: Spoiler Image (1.11 MB, 736x790)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
“Thanks, President Bulma, Shavings,” you say. (Wow, you actually managed to say it out loud without it sounding like your mouth was full of shavings.) “For the map, the info, your advice, everything.”

“Thanks kid. Wait, if you’re from the past, that would make you… Eh, nevermind. If you’ll excuse me, I have my own work to get back to. Tata~”


You leave the Capsule Corp building the way you came in, thinking about the disturbing revelations. Why they’re disturbing to you, why they shouldn’t be… It’s not that Pantea found someone else. Nor the fact that it was Sharpner, of all people. Maybe you’re just selfish if this is one of your fears? That Bulma was a nice lady, raised in a good environment both family-wise and society-wise. If Pantea can find happiness, that’s great. Even if it’s not with you doesn’t need you happy without you.

[34/100 Shōki]

You steady yourself at a street corner, resting your hand on a small statue. It’s a statue of your sister. You look over at a street corner a few blocks away, and see another statue.

[33/100 Shōki]

You take a moment to remind yourself that none of this is actually real, everything you’re seeing is just your own fears being twisted and reflected back at you. You should take them as they come… then again, don’t you already have them? If you just didn’t try to uncover them or try to root out more of this world’s nature, you wouldn’t be so distressed.

...no. No you have to find a way out of here. You can’t just stay trapped here. If you have to face your fears, then so be it.

That said, you’ve gotten a bit accustomed to what this world can dish out, so while in the other vision of the destroyed future, calling King Kai was one of your first resorts; here you reckon that if you tried calling him, he would yell at you for ditching him right before the Otherworld Tournament and telling you to scram.

You reach up above your head, and meet only air. Halo’s gone. Whoever was keeping track of you wrote you off as missing.

[32/100 Shōki]

As you kick off the ground and head towards Wheelo’s Lab, you figure there’s no harm or rush in taking a scenic route past a certain area.

Though the surroundings may have changed, you can still make out the shape of Mt. Paozu, where your family home is.

Where your family home was.

Instead of your house, now, there is a fancy palace, perhaps a tomb, dedicated to your dead sister.

Well, she did lead such a great life, and now she’s dead. Her life deserves to be remembered and celebrated Her life does.

[28/100 Shōki]

>A. Head on over to Wheelo’s Lab, there’s probably something in there.
>B. Visit the tomb, ask the museum staff there more about your sister’s life.
>C. It’s too much, head over the coffee shop.
>D. Write-in
File: red lightning.jpg (111 KB, 1024x640)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
You shake your head, and fly off towards Wheelo’s Lab. You’re not in the mood for hearing more about how great Peppa was or what your family went on to do with you gone.


As you head north, you go through a dense gathering of clouds. You make your way through the fogginess, this future Scouter working wonders for navigation even in this mist.

Red lightning sparks around you within the clouds.

”Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Going to Wheelo’s and ending this,” you reply.

”You look upset.”

“Not as upset as you’re gonna be when I break out, huh?”

”I’m just the pigment of a magic rock in the puddle of water you’re in. I cannot be upset.”

“Then what does any of this matter to you? You don’t have to keep me in here.”

”I don’t keep you in here. The Water Mirror keeps you in here. I wish to keep you safe.”

“‘Safe?’ Well, I don’t need your protection, just out of this Water Mirror.”

”I will not help you with that.”

You sigh, “The other one was a lot more agreeable, you know.”

”The other one would let you walk out into a vacuum if you so wished. I try to discourage that sort of behavior.”

File: FrozenFortress.png (180 KB, 360x450)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
“Most considerate food coloring ever. Especially the way you went and reflected a bunch of nonsense at me. Oh hey, Wheelo’s Lab!” you dismiss, parting the clouds with a kiai. You land next to the lab. The air is freezing, but around you it feels lukewarm. You sense people inside at work, presumably the kinds of scientists who work in arctic labs.

So now that you're here... what are you looking for?
>A. Uh, search around for something. (roll 1d15+5)
>B. I know exactly what to look for! (write-in)
>C. That's a good question!
>D. ...Go somewhere else. (Coffee Shop, Frypan, Chuu Lee's house, Church?, Exam Center?)
>E. Does the Red need to have red things to appear, or was that for you? Is it always around no matter what you’re doing?
>F. Write-in
Information about the lab James went into and more specifically how he was injured.

Even if this is just all info from our own mind, the red stuff and the water mirror seems to fill in blanks. If Weaver is connected to the red and blue stuff, then perhaps it has that info already?
File: Spoiler Image (44 KB, 560x340)
44 KB
Yes, you came to look for information about the lab James went into and more specifically how he was injured. Even if this world was made by you, the Red stuff and the Water Mirror might fill in the blanks, and that WEAVER was hooked up to the Flow Jewel.


You go to the entrance, which creaks open wide for you on its own. Inside you trek through a dark corridor, mist making it difficult to see. You do sense people, but it’s like they’re hiding their presences now. Wait, are they even people?

The corridor ends, and you enter a wide open room with a flickering light. The light flickers off.

It comes back on, and you see a creature dropping from the ceiling towards you! “SKREEEEEE!”

>A. Punch it!
>B. Blast it!
>C. Dodge!
>D. Write-in
>D. "Son Gohan, level access level: top."
Give the Bio-Man some PP.
File: Bio-Man Detonation.png (304 KB, 340x453)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
You step out of the way, and the Bio-Man hits the ground where you were standing, bouncing up into the air! It balls itself up, shines with light, and explodes!

Colorful smoke and confetti blasts out of it.

A laughter plays from the intercom: https://youtu.be/3M8FpLs3xEc

“Welcome, to the Fortress of Arctic Robotical Terror!” says the voice on the speakers. “Be sure to give your hosts a Thumbs Up if they scared you… otherwise you’ll give them your thumbs another way! Ahahahahaha!”

You see the Bio-Man’s remains, scattered across the room, gather and congeal into its original shape. A Machine Mutant.


You give it a Thumbs Up, and walk over to a camera.

“Son Gohan, affiliated with Capsule Corp, access level: top.”

“...” you hear the intercom buzz, “My, my, this is a surprise. A special guest today! Are you part of the Shavings Family? This Freezer of Frights and Spooks owes quite a bit to Capsule Corp!”

“Yes, I’m here to look for something, information from the mad scientist who used to own it?”

“Very well, but are you surrre you don’t want to finish your tour? Rated almost as cold and scary as the Enma's Terrible Torture Tour!”

Good thing you didn’t lash out at a Haunted House worker. Now, what to do?
>A. No, thanks. I need that information.
>B. Sure. Reminds me of Halloween.
>C. Machine Mutants live and work here?
>D. Write-in


Ask if an older Ghoul School crew works here. Most of them should still be around.
File: Spoiler Image (5 KB, 450x357)
5 KB
“Do any of Baba’s Ghouls work here? Like, a Frankenstein, Mummy, or Ghost?”

“Dr. Elsa, former employee of Fortuneteller Baba, does work here as Chief Scientist part time. The other part she uses as a cryogenic spa to rejuvenate her body’s state. When she’s frozen, it converts from a lab to your grave! Ahahahahaha!”

You agree to continue the tour, and get surprised by more Machine Mutants in goofy costumes. It’s cute, but the Machine Mutants can’t quite get a scream from you. Perhaps if they analyzed your fears and modeled the whole thing based on them, then maybe you’d- oh wait. You still give each of them PP. After all this is over, you wonder if you’d get a chance to go to a haunted house with Peppa and the others.

Well, you are dead, and the Dragon Balls will still take a while to recharge. Eh, maybe someone will care enough to get you another day pass maybe someone won’t care enough.

[27/100 Shōki]

Eh, you can think about seeing your family later. You have secrets to uncover. You come across another hallway, and don’t feel any Machine Mutants inside. Your footsteps echo through the hall.

The ice covering the walls refracts light, giving you a warped appearance. You see your face break into a wide grin, then a ferocious scowl.

You stop walking to examine the hall of mirrors, but still hear footsteps. Footsteps that are getting closer, and louder.


You turn toward the source of them, and see James Camera looming over you.

>A. “I knew it, you’re controlling everything!”
>B. "Let me out of here!
>C. Kick him in the face!
>D. Shoot him with a Geist Magnum!
>E. Write-in
File: Spoiler Image (6 KB, 126x129)
6 KB
You sense for his Ki, but can’t feel it. He reaches up and… removes his mask.

You look up and see yourself.


”14 years ago-”

”-to fraternal twins.”

”-your father.”

[22/100 Shōki]

The sensation of static ebbs away, and your vision refocuses. There’s nobody in the hall with you.

The walls gleam red.

”What was that?” the walls crackle and trickle.

>A. ...that’s right. There’s only you running the show. Your own thoughts and memories. Coming here was useless.
>B. You don’t like what whatever that was is suggesting. You’re just gonna chill in here for the rest of time.
>C. “You don’t know what that was? By the way, you know anything about James Camera?”
>D. “I don’t know… but maybe it’s (write-in)
>E. Write-in
The Water Mirror's effects are most likely the culprit.
Keep going.
File: Uiru.png (405 KB, 632x359)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
“Well, if you don’t know, the Water Mirror’s effects are most likely behind it,” you reason.

"The Water Mirror didn't do that though?"

You leave the hall, and go into the final room.

A bunch of Bio-Men pop out and screech at you, some have sparks shooting out of their fingers, some scratch the walls. Then, the last wall lights up, revealing the head Machine Mutant’s eye.

It speaks, and you hear the voice from the intercom, “Uiru, Uiru! You have completed the Fortress of Arctic Robotical Terror! All without screaming! Have some bonus PP!”

>Received 3 PP! 105 total.

“Thank you, but can I see what you have on Dr. Wheelo?”


“Well?” you ask.

“I searched while you were going through the lab, but… DATA NOT FOUND.”

>A. No… Data not not found! Data find, right now!
>B. Give up and go someplace else.
>C. Write-in
>C. "Uiru, are you related to Giru by chance?"
"Yes, Supreme Leader Giru is also a Machine Mutant. He governs over the Machine Mutants, I govern over this lab."
Explains why all the tech is registering Gohan as high access.

>C. "How does one gain an audience with the Supreme Leader?"
File: blue giru.gif (2.71 MB, 640x360)
2.71 MB
2.71 MB GIF
"He's busy governing over the Machine Mutants, I'm afraid."
>C. "Alright. Can I speak with Dr. Elsa then or is she still in cryogenics?"
"Still in Cryogenics, sorry."
Not all tech, Capsule Corp tech. Because you were Pantea's friend.
File: UiRed.png (244 KB, 632x359)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
When he answers your questions, Uiru's eye flashes redder.

"What are you trying to do here?"


>A. Uncover the secrets about James Camera that are definitely in Wheelo's Lab.
>B. See if I can speak to this robot's manager.
>C. Oh, I bet you'd like to know.
>D. Write-in
>D. "I'm here to take a career test for a job. Why not test me?"
"I'm here to take a career test for a job. Why not test me?"

"You have to go to a testing center for that, silly. This one does know the coordinates to such a place, however."

The eye flashes, and you get a notification on your Scouter, relaying directions to a testing center.

"I have something else to speak to you about."

"What would that be?" you ask, wary of this hindrance.

"You are growing increasingly disturbed as you fight to uncover this world's nature. As a result, the stability of this dream-like state and your mind are at risk. I can only presume that instances like that seizure back in the hallway, or (sifting through the other one's vision) that game with the children with the oddness at the end, are due to that. To keep you from breaking down and the stability of your dream safe, there is one thing I can do. You cannot get out of the Water Mirror by yourself, nor should you attempt to, but I can lessen the intensity of my effects.

"The Water Mirror you are in has also been touched by
the other one, and there is still a trace of them in here. I am currently the majority power among the powers shaping the dream, but I can tone it down and let the other one have more of a say.

"Do you want me to do this? This does not mean the world will go out of its way to adhere to your wishes, but it will also not go out of its way to damage your psyche like before."

>A. Open up that box and let hope run free.
>B. Nah, I want the dream to break down.
>C. Write-in
>wary of this hindrance.
"weary?" Maybe a bit of both.
File: UiBlu.png (233 KB, 632x359)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
“Do it.”

”Very well. I hope this helps you to have a pleasant stay in here.”


Amidst the redness in the room, blueness fades in. It seeps into everything. A blue wisp floats through the air towards your head, and whips into your ear!

”Hey, nice to see you again! So, you want out of here?” it asks.

You nod your head.

”What are you doing?”

”You’ve probably had enough of them, right? Well don’t worry, just listen to me and I’ll lead you out of here, back to that Room.”

”Do not go to that Room, you aren’t meant to go there, it’s not safe.”

”Nonsense, that’s the only way you can communicate with the outside world.”

”If there’s anyone to communicate with!”

>A. Alright, show me the way, please.
>B. It’s a risk I’ll have to take if I want to get out of here.
>C. Write-in

>C. "Before I go anywhere, I need to know if this is being broadcasted."
"It is."

"There's nobody watching, though."

"That turtle might be alive, maybe if you yelled loud enough he might help you.

"Isn't he bleeding out?"

"What is this 'bleeding out' you speak of? Anyway, don't sweat it till you're in that Room."
File: your Navigator.png (44 KB, 347x330)
44 KB
You try centering yourself in this world, your ki senses bouncing off the Machine Mutants whose reactions are like a bunch of furbies. You see yourself.

“Alright, show me the way, please.”

”Down that way lies suffering.”

”Will do! So, you have to lower the stability of this dream some more, and to do that you have to get in some situations that will disturb you. There’s no time machines, or weak links in the simulation right now. I did not know how to handle those, but the other one figured it out.

“Luckily for you, I know some places that will have you reaching for the Brain Bleach. There’s a Church, your old Teacher’s house, a testing center at the PP ICUP Headquarters, and Frypan. Though, I listed the Impact of those from greatest to least.”

>A. Frypan, what did Izzy accomplish?
>B. Go get a career test.
>C. What’s up with Teach’s?
>D. ...Go to Church?
>E. Write-in
File: green corporate hq.jpg (1.9 MB, 1414x1000)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
You leave the Machine Mutants after thanking them for the tour, and fly off towards the center of the continent, where Central City used to be. Well, still is, just unrecognizably so.


The coordinates on your Scouter say a testing center is nearby, located in the Peppa's Pipers Headquarters.

You see employees leaping and floating to and from different floors instead of using stairs or an elevator. If only your world was the same.

You touch down on the bottom level, and ask an employee who’s having lunch next to one of the koi ponds, “Excuse me, can you tell me where the testing center is?”

They finish chewing their sandwich, and ask, “Huh, taking the test already? Don’t you still have a bit of growing to do?”

You shrug, “Maybe a few centimeters?”

They raise an eyebrow, but shake their head, pointing, “Well, if you really want to take the test, it’s over there in that lobby. Don’t take the results so seriously, I mean, if every kid was tested for aptitude, the world would have a lot more mud-throwers and hide-and-seekers employed.”

You nod, give the man a thumbs up,
>Receive 1 PP! 106 total.
and go where he pointed.

You ask the receptionist there to give you the career test, and they nod, asking, “Would you like to use the Net Radiance Grader first to rate your strength, or the Vocational Judge and Jury to analyze your mind to determine what job suits your skills?”

>A. The Net Radiance Grader. (roll 1d15+5, DC 17)
>B. The Vocational Judge and Jury.
>C. Write-in
Rolled 2, 4, 5, 5, 2, 1, 3, 2, 5, 1, 1, 3, 1, 4, 4 = 43 (15d5)

Rolled 8 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

...try that again...
The NRG is hooked up to your body with nodes, and the device is turned on.


"Yeow!" you shout.

"Oh, sorry, I mixed them up. This one goes here, and that one goes there."
File: vjj crown.jpg (20 KB, 500x500)
20 KB
With the device hooked up correctly this time, you flare your ki, letting loose what you've been holding back. The device absorbs the excess ki and redistributes it back into your body, rating the intensity of the current flowing through it.

"Good, good. Okay, test done! Wow, C-minus level!"

... "C-minus level?" you ask.

"Yes, C-minus level! That's really good for a child. Of course, you'll get stronger when you grow up, though I'm only a C myself, desk job and all."

...C-minus. That's barely passing on any scale.

[17/100 Shōki]

"What would be strong enough to register A level?" you ask the technician.

"Oh, A level would be as powerful as the current PepPatrollers. S level would be as powerful as the former Prime Minister herself, but don't worry about how you measure up compared to her. That's not healthy for anyone!"

[14/100 Shōki]

"Hahahaha! Yes, can I try the Vocational Judge and Jury now?" you ask, your teeth locked in a grin.

The technician takes the nodes off of your body, and puts a crown on your head. "Okay, just put yourself into... a focus, like there's something you've put yourself into doing."

You nod, and concentrate.

>A. Meditate.
>B. Centering.
>C. Video Games.
>D. Write-in
>D. Telepathic Mental Blocks
File: Spoiler Image (47 KB, 650x450)
47 KB
You put up a guard around your mind, falling back on your mental blocks. The Device hums as it scans your brainwaves.

On a screen, the results of the analysis display. Several occupations flicker past on the screen, before narrowing down to one: "WEED PULLER."

"Hm, seems you're suited to pulling weeds and gardening work."

That's... Tapion's job.

>A. Can I take it again? Please? (use a different technique or none at all?)
>B. Pulling weeds, huh? Figures. (accept that this is what you're good for)
>C. Write-in
This time focus on Mom's approval since it was what the heart of the ocean showed.
File: Mom.png (1.42 MB, 897x1257)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG

"Uh, can I take it again? Please?" you ask the technician.

"Okay, but just one more test. Gotta get ready to go to the Parade."

The test starts again, and this time you don't put up any blocks. No, instead you focus on Mom's approval, your heart's desire.

The crown of wage-slavedom buzzes around your head. It finally dings, and the results display: "Question Mark?"

"Huh, that's odd," the technician replies. "Never seen that before, maybe it means you could do anything? Well, I'm sure you'll think of something when you take it again years from now!"


You know what it means. When it comes to anything you could do that would garner your Mom's approval, your mind comes up blank.

[4/100 Shōki]

"Thanks," you tell the technician, giving them a Thumbs Up and leaving the building.

>Received 1 PP! 107 total.

You float through the sky and think about your family. Your sister would go on to do great things either without you or with you standing by and watching. Your mother doesn't have any expectations of you or consider you as valuable as Peppa. Your best friend would be happy and successful with someone else by her side.

"That's the ticket! Just a few more knocks."

You receive a call from your Scouter. It's Myu.

>A. Answer it.
>B. Decline.
>C. Write-in
You answer the call, your fingers feeling more like an extension of this thing that takes up space than part of you, and feeling just as mechanical as the button you press.

A perky voice chimes in your ear, “Hey! It’s Me-u~!”

You actually crack a small smile at that before your face slumps again. You sigh, and ask, “Hey Myu. It’s Gohan, what’s up?”

“Well, everywhere’s closing up early for the day because of the parade, and I was wondering if you would like to go together?”

>A. Everywhere’s closing? Okay, I’ll stop by. Meet you at the coffee shop?
>B. You know, that sounds great. I’d love to go see it with you.
>C. I’m… not in the mood for parades.
>D. Write-in
>A. Everywhere’s closing? Okay, I’ll stop by. Meet you at the coffee shop?
File: Myu.jpg (33 KB, 213x564)
33 KB
“Everywhere’s closing?” You suppose you won’t be able to go to the other places until the parade’s done. “Okay, I’ll stop by. At the coffee shop, right?”

“Yup! I’ll be waiting out front!” she says, ending the call.


You speed on over to the coffee shop, and fall gently towards it. This time you hear the tides sweep the nearby shore. The steady rhythm of it is almost enough to put you to sleep.

Maybe it would be better to just stay asleep? Even if you got out of the Water Mirror, what all would change? You would still be the heir’s spare, and the third wheel on whatever Pantea’s got planned.

Well, you promised Lime you would deliver the milk. Lime, a person who you are not close to whatsoever, an acquaintance who hired you. Still, you said you would deliver the milk for her. That’s about it for what’s motivating you to carry out this journey. Maybe beating up James Camera would be funny?

You touch down next to Myu, and see that she’s no longer wearing her apron. Heck, you’ve been so focused on getting out of here, this is your first time really seeing her. Without that apron, that sweater she’s wearing exposes her navel. You quickly angle your head up to meet her eyes, and see that they’re purple. They remind you of Pantea’s hair. You angle your eyes down, blushing.

“What’s the matter? Shy?” she teases. “See a cute girl? That’s pretty advanced for a kid your age.”

Without thinking, you reply, “I’m 14.”

“Oh?” she asks, surprised. “Sorry, you’re kinda short for a 14 year old.”

“Half-Tuffle,” you say, unthinking.

“Half-Tuffle? So was the Prime Minister! Maybe you are related somehow~” she ponders, her tail waving behind her.

“Wait, you have a tail?” you ask, pointing. Wait, that’s rude. Man, it’s like your mind just up and left.

Her eyes widen owlishly, and she inspects her tail. “I do? Pfft, just kidding! Nyaah!” she says, sticking her tongue out and pawing at the air. “I’m also a hybrid, father was a catman.”

“Father was a catman?” you ask, inspecting your own tail. Seems like a monkey’s tail… “Mine was a Saiyan… right?”

She tilts her head, and asks, “Isn’t that obvious, silly?” She points to your tail, “There are quite a few Saiyans on the Earth nowadays. I recognize a tail when I see one.” She leans in and whispers, “Helps me tell customers apart~”

You giggle, before frowning again.

She sees this, and says, “Gohan, I know we just met, but you seem kinda… a lot down compared to earlier. Before we go… would you like a quick cup of coffee? And some curry. On the house.”

>A. No, thank you. Let’s get to the Parade.
>B. I’ll pay. I have… 107 PP. How much is it?
>C. Thank you. I'm... so hungry.
>D. Write-in
A Utopia of the spiritually strong and scientifically smart.
"Is it okay if I ask what your Net Radiance Grader graded you as?"
File: superspicycurry.jpg (138 KB, 1280x720)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Your stomach growls, causing the world to rumble. You fall to your knees before her, and look up at her like she’s an oasis in a desert. “Please. I’m… starving.”

So starved… but is it food that will fill the hole in your chest? Well, yeah, but the one besides your stomach.

“Okay, come on now,” she says, unlocking her shop’s door.

“I can pay!” you offer.

“Don’t worry about it, my good deed for the day.”

You shake your head, “But you already gave me the Scouter, and I… have 107 PP!”

In the midst of pulling the door open, she freezes in shock, and turns toward you. “107? Just from today?” she murmurs, “That’s… a lot of cups of coffee!” She shakes her head, pawing your offer away, “Still, don’t worry about it. Come in, come in.”

~ ~ ~

You dig into the curry like it’s your last meal. It’s spicy enough to burn fire, but that doesn’t matter. Tears stream down your face, and it’s not just from the steam welling up inside you.

“So good,” you tell Myu.

She stares at you wide-eyed. “No kidding? Maybe you’re more closely related to Peppa than I thought.”

“Didn’t I tell you? She’s my twin sister,” you say in between bites.

She giggles, “Pfft, hehe! That plate of Super Spicy Curry was her favorite meal when my dad ran the shop. Usually, our customers won’t eat that without a cup of coffee as a chaser, saying that it enhances the flavor.”

You nod, and respond (your breath a red mist), “Actually, a chaser sounds nice. To enhance the flavor, of course.”

“Of course,” she smiles sweetly. “Would you like the Peppacino, or the Cocoa Mocha?”

A. Peppacino
You see her get out some ingredients. She measures by teaspoons a bunch of powders, such as powdered sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper. Then she mixes them together. She takes the pot of coffee that was heating up, and pours that into a mug. Then, she pours in the mix, stirring it in. To top things off, a shot of cream.

B. Cocoa Mocha
You see her get out some ingredients. She measures by teaspoons a bunch of powders, such as powdered sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne pepper. Then she mixes them together. She takes the pot of coffee that was heating up, and pours that into a mug. Then, she pours in the mix, stirring it in. To top things off, a shot of cream.

You take a sip of the coffee, and the flavor astounds you! “This is good! You called this the-”

“Peppacino? Cocoa Mocha?” she answers a bit smugly. “Yep, our shop’s number one drink, with two different names.”

“Whaaaaat?” you whine. She tricked you! You pout and sip your coffee. “Why different names for the same thing?”


File: Mexican Mocha.jpg (13 KB, 256x256)
13 KB
“It was the favored drink of our shop’s two biggest customers, Son Peppa and Cocoa Son-Amaguri. Said drinking it was like their spirits melding together as they melted into each other from the sensation. Leaning on each other like this, see?” she pantomimes a vertical palm and a horizontal palm meeting, and then the fingers close around each hand. “My father said that he would dedicate the name of the blend to them, but Peppa said it should be dedicated to Award-Winning Actress Cocoa Son-Amaguri, and Cocoa said it should be dedicated to Prime Minister Son Peppa.”

You chuckle, “Heh, yeah, deciding on names is messy.”

Myu smiles, “So my dad put it on the menu twice! Even though it was the same thing. Because even though it was the same thing either way, different aspects of it were highlighted depending on what it was called.”

“Huh,” you say, examining the flavor of what you’re drinking. The Peppacino is spicy. The Cocoa Mocha is chocolatey. This drink’s a little bit of both. “The flavor changes by what it’s called,” you repeat. C-minus. “Is it okay if I ask what your Net Radiance Grader graded you as?”

“My NRG grade?” Myu responds, thinking. “Zero?”


“Well, that thing people write when they have nothing, nadda, zilch, ‘N-slash-A’?”

“Not Applicable,” you answer.

“Yes, that’s it. Not that I’m weaker than a microbe, I just never took the NRG test. Or the VJJ test.”

“You didn’t?” You were thinking it was required for adults.

“Nope, dad taught me how to run the shop, and I do a decent job of it judging by that clean plate of yours. Don’t really need to know how strong I am to live comfortably, not if I want to do something besides run a coffee shop. Would tell employers what I’m strong enough to do, but I’m sure I can handle anything that comes my way in my everyday life. Don’t need to label myself as anything other than a good barista. You can either focus on meeting other people’s expectations, or on meeting your own, right?”

Other people’s expectations, or your own expectations. The aspects change with how it’s labeled.

Your stomach feels as empty as ever. You’re still hungry. Some things don’t change even when you try to change their label. “Ignorance is bliss,” you mutter. But, it tasted good. You look up at the barista, “I can see why they loved this place.”

She smiles, “Oh, you charmer. Too bad I already gave you a Thumbs Up for the day! Speaking of, we should head to the Parade, everyone attending gets PP!”

She sets your dishes in the sink, and the two of you head out to the Parade route.

File: CityofTomorrow.jpg (93 KB, 800x445)
93 KB
The Parade route is a long stretch of highway (spanning the whole continent and snaking through all the prefectures) with buildings overlooking it.

You and Myu find a vacant rooftop, and she lays down a blanket for you to rest on. She restarts her Scouter to make sure it’s running perfectly, and explains, “Everyone’s getting PP for attending, but the ones in the Parade themselves have a lot of ground to cover, so we all need to do our part to reward them! Plus, it’s fun to try to give them all a Thumbs Up.”

You make sure your Scouter’s working fine, and nod, “Just like the credits of Smash Bros.”

She grins, “Just like Smash Bros.”

You hear a marching band off in the distance. They’re coming!


>Roll 1d15+5 to get them all! DC 20, multiple retries allowed. So keep at it!
Rolled 6 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

File: 1505530806338.jpg (116 KB, 1279x999)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Rolled 12 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

Tougher than the Tisshujin challenge....

Hm. Well then. Try another way then.

Best of three like Kato, how bout that?
That's fine, that's fine, do what you want. https://youtu.be/IwFi8PEw36M?t=27

Just kidding.
File: 1588140295822.jpg (244 KB, 620x350)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Rolled 7 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

File: myu-wolfs-rain.jpg (7 KB, 130x180)
7 KB
Rolled 10, 18, 1 = 29 (3d20)

Rolling something. Nothing bad.
File: kobayashi hot wings.jpg (53 KB, 634x419)
53 KB

Out of the tunnel, a person playing the flute marches forward.

The loudspeakers on the streetlights sound out, “Son~ Peppa~! (DUN DUN)”

Behind them comes a marching band.

“Son~ Peppa Shushō~! (DUN DUN)”
(Prime Minister Son Peppa!)

You focus on tagging them all, but around you, people clap along with the drums.

“Subarashii Shushō~!”

(Our Piper Company’s Wonderful Prime Minister!)

Out of the tunnel come flag wavers (the flags resembling old nations but now represent new prefectures), doing katas with them that would leave your sister impressed.


“o~ o~ Peppa~”

One flag waver flies above the procession, weaving and swirling the Peppa’s Pipers flag through the air.


A float comes out of the tunnel, bearing the leaders of the ICUP, who wave at all those assembled. One of them is a brown-haired man in a purple suit, who bears a resemblance to Monty Cash.

“NYU EIJI jidai o~ kizuku~/
“Son Peppa SU~PAI~SII~”

(Building a New Age! Son Peppa is Spicy!)

Aboard another float, an eating competition is taking place. A bunch of girls are eating hot wings. Your Scouter picks up that each hot wing’s scoville measurement is in the crazy zone!

“No, Peppa! Those chicken wings are really spicy! Don't eat those!”

The music dims down, but the drumming remains steady.

The contestants challenge their tongues and themselves while the world looks on.

“I've never seen a girl eat so many chicken wings!”

One contestant focuses on eviscerating as many as she can all at once to power through the pain, but a piece of bone gets caught in her mouth, screws up her rhythm, and makes her cough up the orange glob of meat in her mouth back onto her plate. (I've never seen a girl eat so many chicken wings!)

The judge DQ’s her on the spot, she falls back, defeated and foaming from the mouth. (I've never seen a girl eat so many chicken wings!)

Another contestant cleanses her palate with milk every so often, which puts her somewhat behind the others, but she seems the most calm of them all. (I've never seen a girl eat so many chicken wings!)

While she’s drinking milk, a server comes to dish more wings onto her plate, and she leans back to make way. This affects the milk she’s holding, and pours too much into her mouth, making it go up her nose. She coughs and coughs and coughs, and falls face first into her wings. (I've never seen a girl eat so many chicken wings!)

The last two contestants eat wing after wing, not stopping for milk, keeping a steady yet rapid pace. (I've never seen a girl eat so many chicken wings!)

Eventually, all the wings are gone, and the bones are counted. By a difference of one wing, the champion is decided! The judge holds up the hand of the winner, and announces, “I've never seen a girl eat so many chicken wings!”

File: take myu hand.jpg (14 KB, 340x255)
14 KB
Everyone cheers on the new champion, even second-place, and the music picks up again!


“o~ o~ Peppa~”

This time, a bunch of mascots in Pokemon costumes march down the street. The crowds cheer on their favorite ones, while you focus on catching them all.


Supreme Leader Giru himself shows up, riding atop a Technodrome. He waves at everyone while different colors of his model fly about and shoot lasers, the harmless kind, to wow the crowd.

“NYU EIJI jidai o~ tsukuru~/
“Korekara mo~ Peppa ga~ ichi~ban!”

(Building a New Age! As always, Peppa is Number One!)

The music ends with five strong presences flying up above, and streaming different colors of ki behind them through the sky: Red, Yellow, White, Purple, and Green.

“Ooh, the PepPatrollers!” Myu helpfully points out.

They swoop down onto the last float, which was strangely empty. Their leader, the Red one, takes out a mic, and solemnly announces, “Peppa Day.”

Everyone is strangely silent as they regard the woman’s words.

The PepPatroller nods, and raises a fist into the air, “Peppa… TIME!”

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” the crowds all bust a gut at this.

“Thanks for coming, everyone! Have some PP!” She presses a button on their Scouter.

>Received 1 PP! 108 total.

“If you stick around, there will be some fireworks!” they finish, and the Parade continues down the road to the next Prefecture.

“Ooh, the fireworks will start soon,” Myu says. She looks at you, and asks, “So many did you get?”

You look up a list of who all was in the parade, and compare it to how many you pinged “On a scale from one to twenty, about a seventeen.”

“Ha! I got about eightee- wait,” she says, her brow furrowing as she inspects her Scouter. She grimaces as she makes a bitter discovery. “Sticky Keys was on, I hardly got any of them.”

You both start laughing. This continues until the sun is halfway over the horizon.

When you’ve both calmed down, Myu asks you, “Want to watch the fireworks together?”

>A. Sure.
>B. ...
>C. Write-in
>She presses a button on their Scouter.
On her Scouter. Or maybe she's just so quick she can press all their Scouters all at once. Nah, her Scouter.
>C. "Can we get our face painted?"

You think about it. Even if they opened back up, every other place would have something horrible inside. Spending time with Myu isn’t horrible. You like spending time with her. “Sure,” you answer with a smile.

She smiles back. She has a kind face.

You ask with the delicacy of a bear, “Can we get our faces painted?”

She blinks at you, before raising a hand to her chin while her lips curve into a Cheshire smile. “Ara, ara, taking a girl to get her face painted on the first date? Taking one straight out of her playbook, nya?”

You blush, and stammer, “First date? This was a- I didn’t mean to be so forw-”

She sticks her tongue out at you, and winks. “Kidding. You’re 14, after all.”

You cross your arms and huff.

She rolls onto her back, and looks up at your face. “Hmm, grumpy all of a sudden. Okay, my bad, I’m sorry,” she says. “I don’t know if we have time, or where any face paint places are, or if they’re open with the show starting so soon… but I have something else!” She reaches into her pocket and takes out the marker she uses to label the cups of customers. “Penalty Game! Just, no moustaches or any bad symbols. My nose is important for my work, as is my face for not offending customers.”

She hands you the marker, and closes her eyes.

What do you draw?
>A. Whiskers on the cheeks, dot on the nose, and spot around the eye.
>B. Stripes around the face, and fangs on her lower lip.
>C. A star and crescent moon on her cheeks. "sunshine" on her forehead.
>D. My sick face paint design! (Write-in)
File: xmulu1f6urt11.jpg (38 KB, 945x819)
38 KB
>D. Throw in some spots too. Mix jaguar spots, cheetah spots and maybe throw in a giraffe spot.
File: like the myu look.png (126 KB, 500x326)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
You squiggle on her face for a few minutes, and cap the marker once you're satisfied.

She opens her eyes, gets up and stretches. "So, let me guess what I am... I have whiskers. And fangs. And spots. I am a... Chimera!"

"Tch," you pout. "That's some intuition."

She points at you, "For guessing right, I get to do the same!"

You lie back and let her draw on you.

She writes something on your forehead. "Done!"

"Huh? Already?" you ask.

"It's a word, so it might be tricky to guess. But someone once said it meant 'Never Give Up.'"

>A. Guess (write-in)

The sky is dark now. And it's gotten quiet.



Myu's eyes light up, and she looks up at the sky. "They're starting!"

Even though it's so dark out, the light of the fireworks makes the joy on her face apparent, markings and all.

Maybe... that's how you could look at this world. Sure, Peppa casts a big shadow, but everyone else is in it, meaning your own light can shine in the darkness so long as you work at it. You're 14, you still have room to grow.

This world could be pleasant to stay in, after all. If you accepted it.

"Do you wish to stay in this world?" the blueness whispers in your ear.

"Do not watch the fireworks if you wish to stay in this world. Just look only at her."

"If you want out out this world, watch the fireworks.

"This is your final warning, do not attempt to watch the fireworks if you wish to be happy."

>B. Look only at Myu.
>C. Look up at the Fireworks.
>D. "I'm sorry, Myu, I have to leave now. Cinderella Situation."
>E. "Myu, you think you could take me on as a part-timer at your shop?"
>F. Write-in
File: wakeup.png (105 KB, 500x348)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
If that someone was Peppa, it was a pun like 'Dogged'.

"I think I know why I was truly brought here. I'm afraid to be normal in a world that doesn't need me. I accept it and it was thanks to you Myu. "

"I won't forget your help this day, but I have a responsibilities and I need to go now. I have some milk to deliver."
File: Myu feeling alright.png (114 KB, 500x608)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
"If that someone was Peppa, would probably be a pun like 'Dogged.'"

Her tail tenses up, "'Dogged?' Where?" She looks around exaggeratedly, before shrugging. "No dogs out to bite my tail tonight. Well, Peppa did say it. Even wrote it on my head 23 years ago when I was a baby. Well, you'll see what it says when you find a mirror."

a mirror.

~ ~ ~

You look over at Myu, colored alternatively in red and blue by the fireworks. "I think I know why I was truly brought here," you tell her.

She looks back at you, her eyebrow raised.

"I'm afraid to be normal in a world that doesn't need me. I accept it and it was thanks to you, Myu."

She blushes, and asks, "What's this about?"

You etch her face into memory. More than her face, the world that produced someone as good as her. But it's time to say goodbye. You close your eyes, and promise, "I won't forget your help this day, but I have a responsibility and I need to go now. I have some milk to deliver."

She replies in her confusion, "You deliver milk?Um, maybe we'll..."

You tune her out, and look up at the fireworks.

File: Spoiler Image (18 KB, 608x342)
18 KB


>A. ...Myu? Run. Run, as fast as you can!
>B. Myu, can you cut my tail off real quick?
>C. No big deal, you can control yourself even as an Oozaru.
>D. Write-in
File: moonstruck.jpg (59 KB, 1026x768)
59 KB
Eh, no biggie. You can control yourself as an Oozaru. Now, do you need to center yourself by the Full Moon? Is that how it works? Like, the Moon does have to do with the tides, and it is sort of a mirror...

"Excuse me, are you under the impression that you can control yourself right now?"

Well, yeah, ever since childhood, you've always had plenty of presence of mind to keep you grounded and the beast tamed.

"Oh yes, 'presence of mind,' that thing you've been busy whittling down the whole day?"

...hold up.

"Myu, get out of here!" ...is what you would like to say. As it stands, you can't move your body the way you want to, fixed in the position of staring at the moon.

File: transformation.gif (2.98 MB, 320x180)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB GIF
You body starts changing. Getting bigger in some places. And hairy in a lot of places.

"Gohan?" you hear Myu ask.

File: gibbous gibbon.gif (588 KB, 240x180)
588 KB
588 KB GIF

You burst out your clothes, and your face contorts into a feral snarl. You grow tall enough to cover the entire rooftop, knocking Myu off, who floats in the air beside you. The roof starts to crack beneath your weight, and the pressure with which your feet grip it.

"Gohan!" Myu yells.

>A. Wave at her.
>B. Say "Hi!"
>C. Wiggle your tail at her.
>D. This reminds you of playing with Peppa! So many big tree-covered mountains to jump on and climb up.
>E. Write-in something with your ape fingers!

>Roll 1d15+5 to regain control. DC 20 because you have roughly 1/20th of your mind left. Can reroll as much as you like.
File: 1453088764909.png (308 KB, 676x912)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
Rolled 14 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

Oozaru training practices.
File: 1524283134619.png (338 KB, 800x763)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
Rolled 3 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

>Reminder to make a bet with sis to see who can get ssj primal first...
File: 1443858716838.png (98 KB, 432x605)
98 KB
Rolled 5 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

well, not with rolls like these.

Liam. There are no Gods to dine upon here...
File: Oozaru.gif (1008 KB, 500x281)
1008 KB
1008 KB GIF
What little is left of your mind makes a joke, that you should remind yourself to make a bet with sis to see who can get to Super Saiyan Primal first.

Still, you concentrate on taming the beast, and try to corral its behavior. "Think back to the training practices with Dad!"

The Oozaru ceases beating its chest, and thinks back to its monthly training regimen with its patriarch.

~ ~ ~

A Great Ape Goku's voice booms towards you, "Aim for those mountains over there, and do the Kamehameha like always! I'll even show you how it's done again, might help you relearn it!"

~ ~ ~

The Oozaru gets in a stance, one it's practiced many times. It gathers ki into its hands. "KAAA... MEEE..."

Myu sees what it's doing, and begs, "Gohan, stop!"

The Oozaru puts its hands to the side, a giant orb of ki between its hands, "HAAA... MEEE..."

Myu flies up, and shouts as loud as she can, "HE'S GOING AAAPE!"

>Roll 1d15+5, can reroll.
File: ssj4 gohan.jpg (66 KB, 1280x720)
66 KB
Rolled 5 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

Not that training, the control training Gohan.

The Oozaru has the ball of ki perfectly under control. It thrusts its might forward at the buildings, letting out a roar that can be heard across the planet.



Where once there was nature and civilization living in harmony, there is now a scar of destruction that goes on for thousands of miles.

[3/100 Shōki]

"Gohan," Myu cries, "What have you done?"

What have you done?
>A. You haven't done anything, it was all the Oozaru!
>B. This... you... oh no.
>C. Annoying, swat her.
>D. Pretty, grab her.
>E. Write-in
Rolled 14 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

And you'll still need to roll to regain control.

1d15+5, DC 20, as many rerolls as you want.
Rolled 12, 13, 11 + 5 = 41 (3d15 + 5)

File: gorilla guffaw.gif (323 KB, 498x372)
323 KB
323 KB GIF
You don't think about what just happened. All that destruction... who knows how many dea- You don't think about what just happened. Instead, you focus on regaining control.

The Oozaru howls at the moon, and beats its chest as king of the jungle, tropical and concrete. Then, it feels five presences come from down the highway. The PepPatrollers from before.

"HALT, YOU BEAST!" announces the Red one.

"WE ARE HERE TO STOP YOU!" shouts the Yellow one.

"Your sins will be etched into your flesh," says the White one as they sharpen a cleaver.


"IN PRISON!!!" the Green one finishes.

The Oozaru comes to a realization. Purple, Green, Red, Yellow, and Cream... Those are the colors of peppers!

It laughs at the assembled PepPatrollers.

"YOU FIEND, HOW CAN YOU LAUGH AT A TIME LIKE THIS!" Red yells, their aura blazing with fire.

"WITH ALL YOU'VE DONE, LOOK AT THE PLANET!" Yellow cries, rocks and debris floating up around them.

"A suitable place for a river to flow... with your blood," White muses, revving a giant, wicked looking chainsaw.

"AND FROM THAT RIVER, LIFE WILL COME AGAIN!" Blue shouts, water swirling around their body into drills.

"LIFE WITHOUT YOUR EVIL CORRUPTING IT DOWN TO THE ROOTS!" Green finishes, vines whipping off of them angrily, and several of the surrounding buildings shaking.

Red flicks their arms, flames swirling off of them, "WE ARE..."

"""""THE PEPPATROL'S 5 PILLARS OF JUDGMENT! (Judgment.)""""" they announce with a pose.

"Gohan! Please, don't fight them!" Myu asks, floating beside you.


>A. Oh man, you're not strong enough to beat them. Maybe the Oozaru will calm down now that it's sensed their strength.
>B. Try talking them down, and explain the situation.
>C. Kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness.
>D. Get Myu away from here.
>E. Write-in

Roll 1d15+5 to regain control, DC 20.
Dangit, meant Purple.
Rolled 10 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

>E. pose back
File: fist pump.png (514 KB, 562x845)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
The Oozaru sees at their pose, and does one in return! A classic fist pump!


The Red one sets it on fire, the Yellow one flings a bunch of boulders at it with the speed of a machine gun, the White one stubs its toe with a spiked mace, the Purple one does a drill kick into it with a torrent of water blasting the Oozaru back, and the Green one shooting seeds into the Oozaru's fur that grow into trees that expand towards each other and wrap around to form bindings.

"That's it Gohan, just calm down and let them help you!" Myu urges the Oozaru.

You feel the Oozaru getting angry. It's... about to pull an Explosive Wave. But Myu's right there!

>A. Swat Myu away with your tail, quick!
>B. Tell the Oozaru it should give up because it's not strong enough.
>C. Eat the peppers, no matter how spicy they are.
>D. Write-in
>The Oozaru sees at their pose
Was writing "looks at," changed it to "sees," and now we have this and no nice things.
And roll 1d15+5, DC 20 if you wanna cage the beast. But if you do that you would still be caged, wouldn't you?
Rolled 13 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

This is training!
>D. Raio-Ken away!
You tell the Oozaru, "This is training!"

The Oozaru realizes that this world is one big playground for them to play around in. Well, it already knew that, but it's reinforced now.

As such, even that nice lady over there is just that, a toy it can discard when it's no longer fun to play with.

"Yes, they're all obstacles that stand in the way of you getting out of this simulation."

You roar in frustration, causing the Oozaru to roar as well. But, you manage to get it to do something besides an Explosive Wave.

"RAIO-KEN!" The Oozaru's body sparks with electricity, zapping the White, Purple, and Green PepPatrollers off of it, leaving them stunned.

It holds a hand in front of it's face, and catches one of the rocks. The electricity flows into the rock, magnetizing it, and growing as it absorbs more rocks. Then, it throws the mountain back at Yellow, who tries to use their telekinesis to catch the sparking mound, lest they drop it on a building.

The flames on the Oozaru's back are absorbed into the lightning aura, and Red looks on warily as the Thunder God turns towards them.

Myu comes between you and Red, holding her arms out. "Gohan, I know you're in there! Please, stop this."


>A. Haha Monkey Brain go *Mouth Beam Attack*
>B. Roll 5d15+5 to stop.
>D. Write-in
Rolled 10 + 5 (1d15 + 5)

.>D. "KAIO-KEN!"
Rolled 5, 13, 13, 15, 14 + 5 = 65 (5d15 + 5)

Ach wrong dice.
File: wuxing.jpg (47 KB, 470x352)
47 KB
Her words resonate throughout the Oozaru's, no, your head.


Your flex your fingers, and close your jaw. You relax your body, and slump down. You are Gohan, the Oozaru. Destroyer of Worlds.

Your aura of electricity flickers out and your battle power sinks like a stone, your will to fight lost. You fall to your knees on the wrecked highway, and look at what you've done.

A swath of destruction through this world, Peppa's world, that she worked her entire life to build! ...And you do this in just a day.

You come to the conclusion that even in a simulation keeping you from the outside world, nowhere is safe from your sinful hand. Not so long as You are sinful.

[1/100 Shōki]

The Five PepPatrollers surround you, and start chanting a sutra.

Fire melts the ground, the lava comes up around you, the lava turns into a metal cage preventing you from moving, and the metal cools as water flows through the cage, and roots and branches snake through the cage to bind you even more and anchor you to the ground, an act which leeches your excess strength to the planet. Gohan the Oozaru is held prisoner in the New Mount Five Element, keeping his wandering spirit from afflicting more pain on the world.

The five Pillars of Judgment around you all collapse into dust, their life energy used up.

File: blue moon.jpg (73 KB, 1024x640)
73 KB
You look up at the Moon from inside your prison. Soon enough, a tree grows to cover that as well, leaving you in darkness.

You hear Myu sobbing outside.

Then, you... let go.

File: Destroyed City.png (40 KB, 340x223)
40 KB
Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang
Ba ba ding a dong ding
Blue Moon, moon, Blue Moon, dip di dip di dip
Moo, Moo, Moo, Blue Moon dip di dip di dip
Moo, Moo, Moo, Blue Moon dip di dip di dip

Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang
Ba ba ding a dong ding

Blue Moon~
You saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own.

Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang
Ba ba ding a dong ding

Blue Moon~
You knew just what I was there for,
You heard me saying a prayer for,
Someone I really could care for. (Wa wa wa wah~)

And then there suddenly appeared before me,
The only one my arms will ever hold~
I heard somebody whisper “please adore me”
And when I looked, the Moon had turned to gold!


Blue Moon~
Now I'm no longer alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own!

Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang
Ba ba ding a dong ding Blue Moon!


Oooooooohhh~ Ooooooooh~ Ooh, wa wa wa wah~

And then there suddenly appeared before me,
The only one my arms would ever hold~
I heard somebody whisper “please adore me”
And when I looked, the Moon had turned to gold!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!~

Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom ba ba bom ba ba bom ba ba dang a dang dang
Ba ba ding a dong ding,


Blue Moon.
File: darkness.png (303 B, 512x304)
303 B
303 B PNG
File: a little brighter.png (113 KB, 512x304)
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113 KB PNG
File: Developer Room.png (118 KB, 512x304)
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118 KB PNG
You're here.
It's you.

You take off your headband, and read the word "Kyabetsu" on your forehead.

Kyabetsu, a wakizashi you got at a pawn for 1300 zenni, whose inscription you were told meant "Never Give Up," when really it just meant "Cabbage." A big waste of zenni. You really ought to learn about what you get yourself into before you do it. Then you wouldn't be trapped in here. And maybe it's for the best that you're trapped in here.

Maybe, you really should just... give up.

The glass around you forms cracks.

The blueness BAMFs next to you, and says, "So, we're here! Now all you have to do is tap on the glass, and ask for help!"

>A. Knock on the mirror, "Help me... please."
>B. Scream.
>C. Write-in
>A. Knock on the mirror, "Help me... please."
File: shattered.gif (976 KB, 360x203)
976 KB
976 KB GIF
Your fist hits the glass, impacting right on your forehead. The mirror cracks.

"Help me," you whisper.

"help me help me help me" the room echoes. The frequency of it cracks the glass even more.


[0/100 Shōki]

All the glass floors shatter. You see yourself in the mirror, which shatters as well.

Last and most certainly least, you fall to pieces, drifting down with all the rest into oblivion.

>How the hell is this gonna have a happy ending? Tune in next week to find out! See ya then!

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