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NRP Classic™

Create a nation/civilization and RP in the fantasy themed world.
Each player starts with 1 "tile" and a capital (Exceptions exist). Choose a location to start and your color. You may post immediately.

Rules and Information:
Read the OP before you ask dumb questions.

Standard RP rules apply.

-The purpose of this is to create an enjoyable story through gameplay and RP, remember that there is no winning or losing, good RP and loremaking is the goal. Do not play to win.-

Be reasonable. (Most important rule)

Turns: All players may post 2 actions (one turn) alongside their introduction at start, after this their next turns may be posted after the update by OP.
Diplomacy and lore posts do not count as an action.
Actions will be introduced in the order they are posted. Actions are not canon until the game is updated.

Actions: You're free to do whatever you want, but keep it reasonable. If an action is deemed unreasonable or otherwise unfit to put into play, you will be notified and allowed an extra action per disallowed action in your next turn.
Results of your actions will vary depending on the player and what OP thinks of their capabilities. If you are unsure or feel your post may not be counted or done right, elaborate in your post the reasons why it should go through as such.
A post may also be put into play but in a limited state rather than not put into play. This will be noted.

Settlements: Settlements may only be created in tiles with an existing claim by the owner. (No expanding and creating a city in the expansion in the same turn)

Tech: Starting tech may not exceed bronze age. Do not rush technology.

Resources: Materials used in actions must be worked or traded in order to be used. Resources within your grasp that are not worked may be used for lore but not in large scale or for your advantage.

War: War should be produced with 1 action which should describe the goal and intended tactics. The defender may then post a response detailing how they will defend against the action, or it will be decided by OP. The conflict results will be posted shortly after by OP.
Defense to a war action is free, using an action will allow attacking with a successful defense.

Leaving: Players may leave at any time so long as a suitable post regarding their end is made. Players that leave without an end post or and insufficient endpost will be banned from future games and the fate of their nation at the mercy of OP.

Moderation: OP's reserves the right to retcon any posts requiring such action.
Expect IC catastrophes for poor behavior.
Grievances are to be directed to OP through private messages. Any complaints not issued this way are invalid.

More rules and information exists but the above are simply the most important.
Creation Template

Please include a SMALL screenshot of your desired start location as well as your preferred color or it will be chosen for you.

>Civilization/Race Name:
>Capital Name:
>Brief Summary of Nation:
>Optional Fluff:
>Discord https://discord.gg/4WMSNU7

<Game is open for two additional players to join.>
The people grow and expand but not treading too far beyond the familiar wetlands, in the process likely sighting strange pale slender figures southward over the river.

The Blood Moon is upon you.
Enchanted plant life expands across the hills through use of magic. Notably along the roads and less rocky areas vegetation is spread and grown, but future implementation may require more generous amounts of blood.

The grass is always greener on the other side. Catfolk wander across the river in search of what may lay beyond. What they see at the end of their journey is wetlands west and north further laying grasslands.
While common, these enchantments at their current stage provide small benefits.

A field is cleared and flattened, then carved to form the circle from which to sacrifice. The spirits pleased with the acts, providing clarity to the elven magics. Through new magic, the beasts no longer appear aggressive to the elves, however they also do not seem to acknowledge them either.
Expansions continue and the island is nearly claimed in its entirety.

Shavii venture east in pursuit of the mysterious creature and neighboring waters, not yet finding the beast but sighting new wetlands close by.

To the east, tin is found between shore. To the west, small pockets of iron produce rust that bleeds down the hills.
The river is taken a decent way before merging into more wetlands, home to many large eight legged creatures that burst from dens in the ground to strike prey.
Hissing beasts do not go out of their way to attack the Loh-ahi but commonly attack when they stray too close.
The strange humanoids upon closer looks are covered in both slimy hide and scaled, their yellow eyes curiously inspect the spear. A pouch carried by one of them is thrown at the Lo-hai before they dart off into the marsh. The bag contains a series of gathered bugs and small reptiles along with moss and bog iron.
Action 1: Fill in the gap of unclaimed territory in the eastern wetlands

Action 2: As above

>A group of Necraztzi farmer-priests venture further east through the wetlands setting up, dressed in their traditional apparel.

>They appear to don masks of skull-bone, and display exotic blue plumage about their person combined with large amounts of feathers and white tattoos

>Across the river are spied a few strange shavii people, and the Necraztzi fall back from the area for a day, before gathering in force the next

>A large crowd has gathered on the Necraztzi side of the river who erupt into premature, completely needless celebration
>A smaller detachment armed with Bronze spears, bone shields and ribcage armour tentatively begin crossing the river with a few important looking humans in tow

Diplo: Shavii
File: 1587058353365.png (7 KB, 195x134)
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1.Well, it's a start. Hopefully we can live together more closely than just distant neighbors. While they're not roaring for blood of ours, we will continue expanding on the mainland. The open plains back on the island is distressing to us Sun Elves. We prefer homes on top of trees closer to the sun and gods.
2.While our magic is strong, we will begin creating treetop homes in the grand Forest on the island we called Nas-Nuvens. It will be the start of a glorious city, but first we have to befriend the trees for oak starts as a small seed.
Wats discord link op? and is it still open to new players?
sorry I'm a dolt didn't see it was open to 2 more players.
annnnddd found the discord. SO sorry OP IM a dolt!
A redmoon gleams down upon the world, bloody and dripping with the excitement of thousands across an world, from the islands, to the mountains, to the moors alight with Light.

Bloody THUNKS echo throughout the air, beautiful, destroying, killing and butchering animals, culling herds and frying it in their own blood for flavor, for succor, the day of Silver Succor, the night of Silver Succor.

Is in full attendance, all across lights gleam and glow, fires rage from campfires visible with belching smoke high in the air and within heightened flora, eye's notice newcomers, notice excitement to be had.

Finds itself surronded this fine night, masks and costumes and numerous of the moonblood invite and cajole with their neighbours eagerly, growing their crops, smoozing with their woman and all around bringing the wealth of the temple and of the commune to throughly entrench themselves into Telt and it's communtiy.

To create Teltian moonblood.


Shavi and Cultists, find themselves with a vast mist approaching, villages, small homesteads, individuals with skin gleaming in the moonlight, pale and clad in goat hide and numerous trinkets, come with masks adorning their faces, with food adorning them and carried by them.

They invite.
Perhaps in a language that cannot be understood.

"My, My, perhaps you'd like to join a neighbours festivitys?"

But in a tone, that is warm, perhaps with hands outstretched, taking with them those who approach, willing to speak and perhaps many of them drunk, happy to take any back to the lands of the temple.

For the grand festitvitys, to feast upon new blood, to mate and conjoin and fuck and enjoy life, with another, with more folks.

An invitation by strangers, in a strange tongue, who seem wild, intoxicated and erratic and joyous.

>Civilization/Race Name: Dwarves
Menschen des Meeres (People of the Sea)
>Capital Name: Neue Hoffnung at the mouth of the river in Hammbucht bay
>Brief Summary of Nation: Driven from their home coast by a despotic dictator and civil war, Juni the Cartographer has taken his people in search of a new land. They have plied the waves for years fighting off the horrors of the Eastern Meer, searching for a new home. Just when their last saltfish was gone, and starvation seemed imminent Juni beheld a albatross headed towards a bank of clouds. Peering through his spyglass he beheld a ray of silver light illuminating.. a distant peak! With a cheer and many thanks to Njörðr they made landfall on this foreign place. First mooring their great ships in the bay and then felling great pines to build their first cabins, and homes i a long time....
>Optional Fluff:
>Master seafarers and shipwrights with iron tools but leather level armor
>Heavy resilience but love pop growth
>worship a pantheon of gods including Njörðr god of sea, seafaring, wind, fishing, wealth, and crop fertility. and Odin wisdom, poetry, death, divination, and magic.
meant to say low pop growth lol
just to specify
1st trait: MAster seafarers/shipwrights

2nd trait: Tinkerers. The Menschen des Meeres have had many a hour onboard to hone their skills in crafting tools and gadgets Such contraptions to help them navigate and pass the time. Like crude walking toys and clocks.

Cultural Identity
Bards and Feasts
With all their travels these seafaring people have picked up many unique instruments and songs, as well as their native sagas. It is even said Manschen musicians have the power to lift spirits and toughen resolve in the face of hard journeys.
>expand across the plains and into the western wetlands

>The fish farms have expanded and grown to the point the town of Saburn was founded. The name was picked to honor the first fish farm. The town's main export is food, it also acts as a rest stop for travelers heading into the western lands across the river.

The Blood moon is taken as a dark omen by the old and wise cathi of the magic university. They claim that while they can’t tell where they have sensed that a dark ritual has taken place under the malevolent glow of this baleful blood moon.
>With Neue Hoffnung founded in the north shore of the Kleinwut River work begins to supply the people with food. A a net is strung across the bay and all manner of beast are pushed into a fish farm on the coast to feed our hungry and tired folk.
>A shipyard also is built across the river to repair our ships and build more to grow our fleet for exploration of this new continent.
>The Moonblooded approach a Necraztzi camp to find many already in the throes of passion and celebration, these skull-masked cultists apparently celebrating the red moon also

>Their curiosity is piqued by the message, basic ideas conveyed enough to let the Necraztzi understand the invitation, though soon a minor argument erupts between a fancy looking guard with a bronze spear and a fancy looking unarmed cultist, both with shining gold medallions with the likeness of the sun and a skull upon them

>1:”Ee ser les escalei whosh pier hii.”
>2:”Angelei myoch schalen, nagya di.
>1:”Ankesto pe no na suna!”
>1:“Zuma Strata meh Morshezh.”

>They continue back and forth for a short while, before the spear armed man eventually relents and allows a group of Necraztzi to follow the strangers, with a few guards

>This group seem to have a tradition of tattooing themselves, likenesses of the sun proudly displayed on the chest by both sexes, others displaying heart-like fertility symbols on the lower abdomen, but all remaining in their decorated skull masks
It's the drunken revelry, the excitement of meeting new people, of meeting other people so exotic and so strange far from home. It's those wonderful emotions that make it, so the symbol of the archenemy is ignored.

The sun's light is obscured and they are celebrating after all. That can only be, of the goodest tidings. Faces flush yellow and oranges depending on skintone, hands move about and excitable conversation continues on.

>"Eszi veunacher emente istinskable khuba-noxhva vectaher, sŭglasen de li si?"
>"Teenen marcimaos dotamuy finios, unakava pieovl taen oscura...es, bastdaante, buedobrno, nmog puedyaten escuvochar esnoto, pervao se vee..."
>"Zdravlaeĭ, nen...nen, khmidarana vkŭsdavíhti, tenvse pahgo imam tovachicla prekrasnencantao momeniche uen domaca, nadverli?"
>"A-a-a, sída sída...lo sientooo."

Snickering between two and it seems a second voice apologetic, someone cuffing a femenine looking..man? Yes, definitely man and giving a few chastising words.

Over moorland, the fires burn, the sounds of cheering and shouting and excitable screaming, thatched homes and dirt roads, a marble palace glistening and reflecting the light of the bloody moon, a sinister red.

Fires burn brightly, clothes are lose and the Cultists find themselves staring at a festival full of flashing lights, of some held and passed around seemingly being bitten, of the smell of sweat meats and of hardy strong plants that can grow here, of fish brought from the lake.

Of a mixture of goat hided people of darker tanned completions and those of the pale, like the ones who had grabbed them, they turn and excitedly many greet, drinks being pressed towards the newcomers.

Screams and yells and roars that make it near impossible to hear yourself, it's a party, one which a whole city, perhaps even villages nearby and ranchers have taken the day off to participate in.

The air holds the smell of blood, of goat meat, of sweat and of utter excitement and simply put, debauchery, in every back alley and deep within crowds.
>The Necraztzi are never to be outdone in drunken debauchery, and move in with predatory swiftness
>Remarkably nonplussed by the drinking of human bodily fluids, perhaps something to do with the human skulls decorating the Necraztzi faces, the cultists practically pounce at the opportunity for revelry
>Some set up stalls on the sidelines where bodypainting and recording of the nights events may be done, as a priest of sorts with an impressive set of lungs bellows prayer and encouragement

>The emboldened Necraztzi leap into the fray to take part in the orgiastic celebration, ready to show these strangers that the Childer of Zuma cannot be outdone in celebration, intensifying the raucous screaming and yelling threefold

>Hundreds gather to scrawl great symbols in the ground and on themselves, to offer a few passing fancies skull masks which amount to arrangement gifts, and truly lose themselves on this most holy day, the union of the before and afterlife’s
1. The tin and iron are both tested with mixing with shells, by fusing the ore with mantle cement, seeing how the obsidian shell reacts with having ore within it.

The scaled two-legs must have a leader, a larger Stone-Lord with his glowing ink patterns approaches the camp. At their gates he begins scrawling a map in the dirt showing the river, and placing a little black star shaped chunk of shell on the north side of the river, and scales of the lizard on the south side. While the Stone-Lord can not speak for all, these shell-less folk of Golm will be safest on the southern side of the river, lest they get chewed up by a patrol of war-spawn. More obsidian spears are brought as gifts, and a few shell-bowls of ink.
((Include the Telt diplomacy as well as part of my turn Zakov, would like to hear how it worked out.))

>Action 1.
The festivitys are grand, glorious and without a doubt something that will be remembered until the next silver succor. Guests abound and welcomed into the city.

At the height of the festitvitys, a ritual is made, silver blood dripped down, mixing with red, taken from the willing amongst the crowd. Underneath the moon with blood magic, with the moon's power at an all time high.

A ritual fed by the willing blood of many, of moonblood and Natch and human alike. It's a fertiltiy ritual, it's the ritual they've been doing except on a grander scale.

Hoping to encompass all of the communes including Telt and leave it flourishing with new life, gleaming in it's soon to be silvery veins, the silver lady's essence.

>Action 2.
Atop the shrines on the mointain people build, breath and live, a new settlement as yet unnamed consisting of carved paths to differing shrines, a rough community on the mountain, dedicated towards insulting the great destroyer and praising our hollowed goddess beyond all else.
>1: plant the seeds of the wetland trees
Back at Lz 022, we have many fruits from the nearby W E CW. They feed us well enough, but what if we could make their retrieval easier? With the many leftover seeds from our consumption of these nutritious fruits, we dig a series of holes and plant them carefully, hoping that they may grow near Lz 022.

>2: mental slings
With our telepathy, we're able to carry certain objects, like rocks, tools, or other essential items. In this world, one can never be too careful. The strange creatures to the north aren't exactly hostile towards us, but they carry heavy armor on their shoulders, meaning that they could certainly attack us, one day. If that day comes, we should be ready. As such, our leader, Nikkolas, starts a mental training program. Here, he will train with his students in learning to hold fast moving objects, and hurl them with accuracy, a sort of "mental sling". Though it takes time to whirl a stone above one's head with decent speed, enough practice should yield good results.
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142 KB PNG
The land is seized.

At last, the island is under the full control of the elves. Settlers in the heart of the woodland discover a strange stone jutting from an ancient tree. What can be seen from what is exposed is rough, white foreign stone, wrapped in glyphs.

Teltans still unsure of their neighbors eventually lower their inhibitions, with portions partaking in the event.

The dwarves arrive with remnant iron tools in few numbers.

A large river meets the catfolk at the end of their journey west, where many furry and insectoid creatures reside.
Saburn becomes well known for the sport of wrestling fish and the unique methods and recipes in which the fish are prepared. Fish is often set to dry in the hot sun to extend the shelf life of their stocks when a surplus is gathered.

The shallow waters of the bay bring to net many salmon and trout, being perfect sized meal for the common dwarf.
What timber can be scrounged up from the surrounding hills and left over from the settlement are used to erect the new shipyard, but for the future, a stable source of materials will be needed, and workers settled nearby for efficient labor.

Ore fuses well enough with the shells, albeit cumbersome and bulky, it does provide more protection than other materials.
These scaled folk seem to do their best to evade the Lo-hai, only returning near the edges of their settlement once the Lo-hai have left, then taking the gifts presented and in turn placing bone weapons and jewelry in their place.

Blood and wine spill freely, the moonblood become fertile once more.
Devout settlers bear the harsh winds in defiance of the elements and the Destroyer.

Holes are dug, and seeds are planted, in time the fruits may provide.
When the right stone is chosen, a skilled Shavii is able to launch the object at significant speeds, though beyond a certain distance is does no more than harass.

<One slot remains open for a new player>
1. Juni the Cartographer takes his compass and parchment and sets off into the unknown interior. New resources must be found for the dwarves race.
>expand into forest tile to the west and mountain tile to the south.

2. Whats a dwarven stronghold without a mine? The mountains are surveyed around Neue Hoffnung are surveyed for a place to start a mine
Action 1: Continue constructing the great pyramid. It shall act as a grand palace and temple for all Necraztzi, and stretch tall enough to be a landmark visible from behind even mountains!

Action 2: Continue pyramid construction.
It's been long enough since that we have settled here and we still haven't named this island. Hmm, what shall be a fitting name.... I know! We shall call the island Jóverde. Meaning Green Jewel in our language.
1. An intresting jewel we have found in the tree. I don't believe we have ever seen anything like it before. Not since I was alive this past thousands year. Perhaps our wisemen will be able to study it to understand it a little bit. Our wise men begin their research on the stone and figure out what the glyphs mean. It might take days, weeks, months, years, decades, or centuries, but research can be a adventure!
2. These marsh beasts has shown us these lands are dangerous. While we want to live in peace, we know it's a fool's dream to think others will think the same. Our weapons consist of bows and arrows, spears, and unarmed fighting techniques. We shall first start with improving our bows and arrows. The wood around here is good. (Research better techniques to create bows and arrows)
>Diplo: Moonblood
Very cautious around new faces, The Shavii accept their invitation with great reluctance.
The speaker for the Shavii heads back to a nearby encampment, retrieves his friends, and tells them that he met some strange individuals, who want to invite us to their gathering tonight.

About an hour later, and a big crowd of Shavii approach the Moonblood territory from where contact was first established. A few of them bare tails, which seem to help them stand. However, when they walk or run, they seem to somehow carry less speed than their tailless brethren. What strange features.

Upon entrance, the shavii greet the Moonbloods kindly, or as kindly as they can. It seems most of them have trouble displaying or observing any form of emotion, though the tailed Shavii are far more sociable.
The group of shavii explorers seem ill-prepared to handle hostility of any sort. However, they don't turn and run at the sight of these many Necraztzi. Upon closer inspection, it seems that these particular Shavii didn't see them as threatening. However, a single shav, baring a tail, seems to back away steadily, while his comrades stand completely still. Out of a sort of peer pressure, he stays, but way at the back of the group.
>The Necraztzi complete their river crossing, two spearmen remaining by the bank, and as the Necraztzi approach two continue to stop every ten meters or so forming a column

>The skull faced detachment continue forth until about 10 feet from the aliens, four guards remaining as well as a man with an ornately decorated mask offering two baskets forth

>One is full of spearheads and skulls, many bronze plates and a dagger, the other is chock full of heaps of picked fruits, a few stone tablets engraved with countless symbols, and many tightly wrapped seasoned meats.

>They draw a line between them in the dirt with a scythe, possibly imploring you to make a choice.
>Diplo: Necraztzi
The Shavii at the head of the pack reaches his right arm out, and grabs hold of the basket's handle with what looks like nothing at all. You can feel his grip, but there's no hand. How strange.

With his other hand, he snags a single object out of the other basket. A knife, putting it in the other basket.

Within your ambassador's mind, he can hear words, but he doesn't know where they come from. Seeing the Shavii's mannerisms, it's safe to assume that the words came from the Shavii. "This will be useful for cutting the meat and the fruit. Thank you. And what is your name?"
>The Necraztzi react with confusion and fear at the knife dangling on its own, the ambassador backing off for a moment, though the guards fanatical zeal has them more engaged, looking for a fight, some stabbing the air or making similar arm gestures with the Shavii to see if they can also levitate things

>The ambassador scolds them back into formation to retract their weapons, before hearing the words in his head, and looking all about silently for their origin

>Clutching a large golden pendant with an image of the sun and skull displayed upon it, the ambassador turns to the Shavii, any emotion hidden by the bone mask

>”...Saltan vurl... Rakztakzitv Hazazhazh Zumakamas.”

>”Celebrantik menyamen?”

>Ambassador Rakztakzitv Hazazhazh Zumakamas turns to the first basket was and hands it off to a guard to be brought back across the river

>”Dukatmeh stret, nea.”
>Diplo: Necraztzi
The shavii at the front nods, and Ambassador Rakztakzitv Hazazhazh Zumakamas can hear the words in his head once more. "Thank you, Ambassador Rakztakzitv Hazazhazh Zumakamas." When he hears his name, he can hear it in his own voice, almost like the Shavii was unable to say it himself. "My name is Nikko, and I may not have a gift of my own, but I can assure that you will not regret an alliance with us." He outstretches a 'hand' towards the ambassador. "Should we form it? The choice is yours."
>Rakztzkzitv continues to grip his sun pendant, processing the words of the Shavii, “Nikko”

>”Nikko corscor, leche-syncre Necraztizi?”

>”Las eshnai?”
>”Don Necros.”
>The ambassador does not reject the “hand”, but does not take it, offering forth a skull mask and then pointing to the Shavii’s face

>It is then that they extend their own hand, palm tattooed white.
>It seems the mask must be taken for the rough alliance to be struck
Nikkolas reluctantly puts the mask on, and stumbles a little. The ambassador can hear Nikko's voice in his head once more. "I cannot see." Nikko then takes it off, and looks back at the ambassador. "The eyeholes are in the wrong spots. Our heads are not shaped like yours. Does our alliance still apply?"
“Don necros, vos nons vaxas. Crosis rolt.”
>At the phrase “Crosis rolt”, the spearmen stand at attention and gaze to the eclipse above, before readying their spears forward, chanting

>he points to the mask and the ambassadors face again

“Don Necros, trashta veh, Nikko.”
“Gradas Necros, mei rei.”

>The hand remains outstretched
>diplo: Necraztzi
Nikko regains his balance, then positions himself in front of the ambassador. "Sure." he tries acting like he knew what the ambassador said. He then puts on the mask and extends his hand once more. He can't see, obviously, and is waiting for the ambassador to make contact before enacting the handshake. The ambassador would note that Nikko's hand reaches his shoulder, and he would have to reach up in order to shake it properly.
>The Shavii hears scuffling and the mutters of the Necraztzi’s odd verbal language, before eventually the Shavii’s hand is grasped by the ambassadors, and moved up and down slightly to properly cement the agreement

>Oddly enough it was shaken as if the ambassador was the same height as Nikko, and shortly after the hand is shaken the creature hears the notable thump of a creature hopping off of the back of another creature

>With that, the sort-of maybe alliance is struck
Most of the shavii behind Nikko look at this behavior quizzically. Did the Necraztzi just mount one another to shake Nikko's hand? However, one of the bunch appears to be laughing in complete silence. The tailed one, of course. One of the other group members is trying to calm him down, in what would once again appear to be silence to the Necraztzi.

Nikko is afraid to take off the mask, and silently asks one of his fellow explorers to keep his balance as he moves back into the plains. Before doing so, he focuses in on the Ambassador's mind, and gives him one final message.

"Then it is settled. We are your allies, and will come forth with repayments for the gifts you have given us later. For now, we hope your day is well."

Once the group is out of sight, Nikko takes off the mask, then puts it in the basket filled with fruits and meats and tablets.

He raises the knife's edge to level with his eyes. "Look at this, my friends. A blade made of... what is this? Rock? No, harder than rock. It is like an... iridescent rock."

It seems that this knife was taken for more than one purpose.
>The Necraztzi nod, and head back across the river that borders the plains and the wetlands to begin celebrating, an excellent diplomacy having been done in their opinion.

>Runners are sent to river boats headed back to the capitol, this is an occasion the Necraket must know of, competitors with ambition, not merely content with the basket of fertility nor the basket of fortune

>This makes them dangerous, but fascinating, and more must be learnt of them.
>In the name of Zuma, sail fast.
File: wetland expantion.png (34 KB, 543x349)
34 KB
>expanded across the river into the other side of the wetlands then to the northern edge of the wetlands (pic related)

>build roads connecting all that towns and citys of the nation.
The practice of placing metal upon joints and weak points of shells becomes common place, creating a new class of Lo-hai, Ore-Knights -higher class of war spawn with augmented shells, serving as officers and enforcers for the Stone Lords among the ranks.

[Expansion] The star fish folk push to the rivers edge, creating constant interaction between the scaled two legs of "Golm"

The constant interaction between the Lo-hai and Golm leads to all sorts of new discoveries, like when a spear fisher two-leg was on the wrong side of the river and wandered to close to a recently mutilated war-spawn, and was consumed when it reformed. However a system is formed, Stone-lords seeking to trade spears approach at dawn with ink glowing and war spawn stomping to draw attention. Shells full of fish are brought to the trade as well, for a sit down feast between the trading Stone Lord and the Golm People.
File: Screenshot (533).png (50 KB, 303x373)
50 KB
>1: study the Necraztzi blade
A cutting tool, made from shiny rocks? An interesting development. Where do rocks come from anyway? Is it the ground? Are they old trees? Are they layers of old grass that rotted into dirt, and became rock? We'll never really know, unless we dig.

>2: dig
In search for more shiny rocks, we dig through regular rock, quite literally by banging rocks together, with our telekinesis.
(pic related: X marks dig site)
File: World14.png (145 KB, 1200x1100)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Settlers in the west notice a void of wildlife in the woodland, though many trees to be harvested along with berries grow wild.
South, signs of tin are shown in the hills, with scarce amounts of iron in the higher elevations.
In the north, fine granite is found.

After some time, the foundation for the mighty structure is laid out. Soon even those from the sea may witness its glory.

The glyphs would seem near impossible to translate aside from one portion that appears to depict several obelisks in the likeness of the one in question, but it is cut off by the enveloping tree. Images of flowing liquid appear commonly throughout.
Limbs and cordage are found in good supply both in woods of the grassland and the marsh, with the marsh providing lighter and more pliable bows as opposed to the heavier and stronger ones north. Planting saplings and coaxing their growth a certain way allows much more efficient bows in the years to come.

Further do the catfolk expand, but their people struggle to survive with no access to large settlements and the benefits they provide.
Roads are established, easing trade and travel.

Over time interaction increases, though the apparent paranoia of the Golmic people constant.

Churning up dirt, the Shavii find metal formations not far below the grassy plains. In a crude form, native copper is found.
The blade is noticed to be quite similar to the metals found in the grasslands, but not the exact color nor strength.
Action 1: Pyramid

Action 2: Pyramid Pyramid
1. >Build a sawmill in the forest to service the shipyard. Logs will be felled and floated downstream. Skilled lumberjack jockey dwarves hop from log to log with specialized studded boots and hooks help free up any logjams.
2.>A mine is built at a mountain ridge on the south side of the river to extract the iron and tin for further processing.
Soooo... how do you join? And how do you exactly... play this, considering there is no dice
just post your nation name and stuff and first turn, and post actions to better your nation/your rp, 99% of the time the action goes through unless its unreasonable or otherwise doesn't work
also highly recommended you join the discord for ooc chat and ease of communication
Just one more question - I can put any kind of nation into it and pick any non-picked spot yet? No, it's not going to be anything outlandish, just asking if there is some theme or flavour I should stick to, or it's just "Whatever, fantasy my man"
basically anything goes as long as long as it's reasonable and fits in
File: manifest destiny.png (84 KB, 469x420)
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>as long as Cathi have moved and settled the west the plains nestled between the hills on the far side of the River "Abundance"
has been easiest crossing, too some it might seem quite strange that it took so long for the town of Revale to be found there.
Tho to those familiar with the nature of the Cathi's wanderlust nature it came as no surprise at all would be settlers just kept moving west in a bid to ever push back the fronter.

>while the Town of Revale was taking from another had also begun to take shape in the far western wetlands on the banks of the mighty "Living Creek" the rivers name came from the fact that it was overflowing in life prey of all kinds could be found within its waters. So it came as no surprise when then wetlands town of Yoria was founded along its side.

Diplomacy post for shavii
When scouting Reports from the edge of the western wetlands began arriving describing slender, pale furless, and intelligent Cathinoids, The government imploded in on itself over how the nation should react. some advocated for a preemptive first strike claiming that "These strange beings represented a fundamental threat to Cathi life!" while more pragmatic Officials balked at the idea of attacking a group with unknown motives and capabilities. Indeed it nearly came to claws when a young Idealist junior senator gave an impassioned speech before both houses of congress saying "We can ill afford to let the paranoia of cowardly Toms drag us all into the conflagration of war just to sate their fear gripped minds.", Final after days of heated debate and several near-violent outbursts the senate approved, in a highly contested voted, the sending a First Contact delegation, that was little over a week ago.

As Madam Ambassador Caroline "Silky" Jackson looked out over the plains on the far edge of the western wetlands, she did so with a sense of optimism reflecting on how very few people ever had the chance to make history in quite the way she and her companions would soon do. It had been decided that the delegation of the First Contact would be composed of one Head Ambassador, one scribe, a linguist versed in the different Cathi dialects, and a ranking General. To ensure the safety of the delegation a platoon 44 Cathi strong was sent as support. In the back of her mind "Silky" knew that the outcome of this contact would change the course of Cathi history and she could only hope it would be for the better. After a final equipment check, the group moved into the unexplored western plains some with open minds and hopeful hearts, others with tightly gripped weapons and light grimaces of trepidation painted across there faces.
Quick and mundane actions since I'm in a bind.
1.While it's nice to aimlessly walk to places, it's not very effective in the long. We will bulld roads connecting our cities.
2.Expand more on the mainland keeping watch for new things.
A mine is constructed, large bored holes through the hills, with mantle cement armholes and obsidian struts.

Pens are constructed of stone for the legged beasts of the river, lured by traps of fish gore. These creature of many legs are an oddity, and their meat and ability as beasts of burden are to be exploited.
>Diplo: catgang
Petetar, a tailed Shavii, born to leader Nikkolas as a member of the second generation, stands at the other end of the eastern lake. He's checking things out, getting ready to sit down and go fishing with his creature of the north. It seems to be excited around him, nipping at his tail occasionally. Though Petetar knows this creature means well, he tries to keep it off him by occasionally raising his tail, which can potentially offset his balance.

It is when he finally sits down near the edge of the lake that he sees a large group of strange people coming from the nearby wetlands. He stands up, staring straight at them. Using his mind, he tells his creature of the north to "stay".

After that, he doesn't say anything in particular, just staring at these new people from the east. Who are they? What are they? Furred creatures that stand on two legs? He's never seen such a sight in his life. His father is one for diplomacy, but he's never been the best at it. This is his chance to show his father that he has what it takes to follow in his pointy footsteps. And yet, he can't determine the leader of the platoon. The sheer number of them overwhelms the young shavii, so he holds his ground, like a deer in... wait, headlights don't exist. Fuck.
>1: cook the copper
this stuff, this copper. these shiny rocks. They're not as shiny as their sharpened counterparts. How do we make them shiny? A few ideas are raised, but they're soon put to rest when heat is brought into question. Intense heat tends to change the properties of almost every object we know. Maybe if we cook it in a furnace, we could make it shiny? It's worth a shot.

>2: follow that creature
that horse-looking thing? (I've used beast of the north so many times that it no-longer applies) Yeah, follow that again.
File: World15.png (152 KB, 1200x1100)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Last minute changes and improvements are made to the mighty monument, ensuring the its magnificence.

Sometime after the labor of clearing logjams is established, some dwarves create a game known as "log running" wherein a dwarf is to run along a spinning log in a body of water.
New metals make their way to the capital, producing many new tin products and rare iron for essential goods.

Struggling settlers merge into new settlements, easing their hardships somewhat, though they would still require access to goods, either with a bridge and roads to transport supplies from the east or directly with new resources in the west.

And so the roads are established, clearing routes for the aimless.
Elven reach expands in the marshes, no doubt thanks to the now neutral beasts. A hill to the east is discovered.

Ore makes its way into the shells of the Lo-hai through the new mine.
The beasts are far from calm in the wake of being ensnared, though their meats hardy and succulent when prepared properly.

When applying heat, Shavii notice the rocks begin to glow a fiery glow, increasing with heat. Once a substantial amount of heat is produced, the rocks begin to melt, and would then reform into a hardened shape once cooled, in whatever form it had whilst hot.
Once more, the now Beast of the East, is tracked. Finally leading explorers to an entire group of the creatures, all appearing to be in the process of gathering flesh from a slain deer.
Action one. Expand south. The dwarves have begun to prosper and need more living space.
Action two. A dwarves city is not a city without forges. A industrial center is founded on the banks of the river directly south of Neue Hoffing
The Necraztzi continue devoting every resource to expanding the colossal pyramid and towering it higher and higher, learning valuable secrets about mathematics and construction in the meanwhile

Actions 1 and 2, Pyramid
File: there.png (3 KB, 123x97)
3 KB
>Civilization/Race Name: Ehara
>Capital Name: Eucaly Freehold
>Brief Summary of Nation: A nation of several traditional houses of bear men who, in relative peace, try to live their lives the best they can.
>Optional Fluff: United under the Wooden Faith, the Ehara are a proud nation of bears who'd struggle to find peace among the many tribes, until the Naked Bear, as legends foretold, came to warn them about a terrible plague that could only be beaten by uniting their forces. Now, after fifty years, the Naked Bear has died and the struggle for a new ruler begun.
File: 1587609890977.png (154 KB, 1200x1100)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Finally have time to join for real

>Civilization/Race Name:
>Capital Name:
>Brief Summary of Nation:
A former, provincial outpost of much larger civilisation, now being but a surviving remnant once the motherland ceased to exist as organised entity.
>Optional Fluff:
Originally a trading town in the outskirts of long-gone empire, currently Ixtab is a city-state in a middle of a wet jungle. Ancient great pyramid temples lay in disrepair, the authority of the ruler ending by the line of the horizont, but the ambitions for past glory of the Yaxun Empire still burning bright. The priests prophetised to the current governor many great things... if he proves worthy. Forward go the brave jaguar warriors!
File: Kirange.png (135 KB, 1200x1100)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
>Civilization/Race Name:
>Capital Name:
>Brief Summary of Nation:
A nation with huge agricultural influence, religious-based monarchy. His leader is a descendant of their god, a fighter who supossedly came from the stars.
The strange black pillar of dry air above the village of Golm has befuddled several Stone-Lords, eventually while trading one gets their point across, and wishes to see the source of this smoke. The scaled two-legs soon bring a smouldering torch, wreathed in light. The torch when handed over is quickly left with, and soon a bonfire forms the North side of the river, where fish and the river beast roasted on spits.

The Bonfire forms as its own grotto upon the river bank, named Atch'ptf. The local woods are prowled for dead brush to keep the fire lit.
1. A hill?! The stars have blessed us? The flatlands were getting a bit boring. Continue expanding in mainland
2. We have a strong range, now we will focus on the melee. We will create a schooling grounds to teach our unarmed techniques and tefine them so our strikes are as strong as rocks
>1: molding molten metal
One benefit of our telekinetic capacity is the ability to hold piping hot objects with little to no hazard. With this in mind, we take another crack at smelting metal down into a purer form, and this time, we try lifting its viscous state with one such method. We're able to hold water just fine, so other liquids should work as well, if we're careful. Thinking of the blade's shape, and using it as a direct reference, our new smithies get to work. They are to hold the shape of the knife's blade, excluding the handle, as we don't use the handle.

>2: dig some more
What other resources lie beneath this world's layers of rock and dirt? We must learn if we wish to escape one day.
We dig south of Lz 022.

>Diplo: Horsefolk
Cautiously, leader Nikhil approaches the crowd of horse beasts alone, attempting to communicate via his strong telepathic ability. A squadron of his people are in tow, hiding just beyond the nearest point of cover.
File: World16.png (161 KB, 1200x1100)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
South do the dwarves go, discovering a wider range of hilly lands and also more woodland besides a pocket of barren wastes.
Bellows bestow air into newly fired forges.

Furthermore changes are made to the great to be monolith. Coming closer into lands unknown should it continue to grow outwards. Suppliers of fine granite warn supply may run short as only lesser granite will soon remain unless another source of the stone suitable for the construct is founded.

(Player cap has been exceeded, if another spot is open, you may join then by checking availability on the server.)


Elven legs not accostomed to the hilly terrain ache up the new lands, seeing now more grasslands, but woodlands in the far distance.
Focus is instilled in training warriors, alongside techniques to gather strength and how to best exert force upon a foe.

With enough concentration, smiths manage to let cool the molten copper into many shapes, being somewhat simple, lest they lose the desired shape on an unfocused portion. The end result maintains a remarkably smooth finish.
As the dirt is dug, Shavii find sources of clay and stone that would be more than adequate for construction.
Before any actions can be made, the beasts set themselves upon Nikhil the moment his presence is known. Armed with gangly appendages and crude weapons, their massive haunches propel them forward with ease.
Action 1:Claim the western hills and search them for a new source of granite

Action 2: Claim more of the island. Forgot we hadn’t actually done that yet, wonder what’s out there.
>build a bridge across the river connecting east and west with the aid of magic and mundane tools

>connect the western city to the road network so that all Cathi settlements are able to freely trade and flow.

diplo for shavii

It had taken some time, but the edge of a lake had finally come into view for the group. It was the same lake where the first sighting of these that the Cathinoids were made. It was hoped that by coming to the here they would be able to contact and much to the delight of ambassador Jackson it seemed that this idea had worked. As only minutes after the lake came into view one of these strange people along with a large beast could be seen and it was clear that it had seen the group. The General had been quick to caution against approaching to close pointing out that the beast had the teeth of a predators. Heeding this advice Ambassador Jackson along with the scribe, linguist, and 7 of the soldiers moved to within 20 feet of the being. Taking in its truly alien form with only two dark eyes on its otherwise smooth face they collectively wondered at how this being eat let alone breathed. Taking only a few moments to gather herself Ambassador Jackson stepped forward and began addressing the strange being

“Yfel sum speliend Caroline Jackson for ðý ðe yfel cwiddian âbûtan pro nobis un−l¯æd duguð Unum Felinae publica. Yfel stealdan fuit misit hêr âbûtan tîma ærende errand un−l¯æd fyrst conciliatus. Sê quod mîn tôhyht ðe sê hycgan orgilde quod Cathi landriht 'land−right ðe tîdung scearpsmêawung onwendan toward frið hûru êad tôêacan and bûtû ûser ðêodscipe. Thither êower poterat môt ûs of pro ic besettan êower êðelstaðolðætte attraction with pron ðe ic canne onstellan hrinenes wið êower lâdscipe sê weorðan utinam daret strictly cûðe perfruor.”

Having said her piece she patiently waits for the beings response
Action 1. >With all this industry growing in our lands a new city must be founded by the tin mine and iron diggins. On the holiest day of the Ancestors Juni breaks ground for the new city of Nirea located on the coast for the future export of our famed dwarven metalwork craft .

Action 2. >The High shaman has a vision of our people moving north, occupying the mountains as willed by the countless generations of tunnelmen of the motherland. Shaking and convulsing as he huffes the sacred herbs in the grest hall, he calls these mountains the Burdinola mountains. This meaning “forge mountains” in the old tongue. It serves the people well as the entrepreneurial freemen dwarves are getting antsy stuck in the capital. They are eager for new stakes of virgin mountain to make their way in this new land that is quickly becoming our dear home.
>Diplo: catgang
Petetar has no idea what to do. Out of pure curiosity, he steps forward, and uses his telepathy to speak with these new creatures. "I do not understand what you are saying. If you are in search of my father, he is not here right now. I am filling in for him, as an honorary leader."

He seems more than a little scared, keeping his creature of the north by his side in an attempt to restrain it with his mind.
Do we wait for approval or we are supposed to just make moves?
1. A new terrian just means a new way to live. We shall build a look-out outpost/village named Cieorocho until we will be able to truly build a new home. It will be a great way to see if there are any new people around and enemies that might come.
2. Expand some more.

While no one had truly known what to expect from these new Creatures the ability to speak into another's mind wasn't very high on the list, in fact it hadn't even made it on to the list. The moment this tom spoke in the minds of the group in what seemed like perfect Catlish the soldier's ears flattened, there hackles raised, and they gripped their weapons tighter. While the scribe, Linguist and ambassador were left in silent wonder. It took only a few moments for ambassador Jackson to recover from her shock.

" Nathanial lengan hêore."

ears peaking the short 2-foot tall cathi male named Nathanial approaches the ambassador's side.

“Sê inspicio lîca a ætrihte sermo is I. We spr¯æc nîedðearfâcýðan âhwæðer elcran.”

" Tulge tylg, swilc canne wordlian âîeðan ûs of pro ic mâna ænig pro and any"

Nathanial steals a glance toward the alien tom before looking back to the ambassador

" L¯æs we canne macian listniman ûser ongietenes ofer on−gemang nonoratio talu non est mîn specializationem yfel r¯æswian yfel canne wealdan and sê bewyrcan."

Nodding her head " Attraction with pron ðe ic bîdan n¯ænig pro brytsnian fela elra occasiones.”

She seems to think something over then says

“Licuit attraction with pron ðe ic spellung gieldan sê dimf b¯æm cýðan. "

it takes only a few minutes of drawing but between the Scribe and Nathanial, they make several detailed drawings. moving toward the strange tom with pictures in paw Ambassador Jackson stops in front of him and presents the drawings. much the dismay of the soldiers charged with her protection; the already tense soldiers are now ever closer to the edge, one wrong move is all it would take to set them off.

The drawings begin with the founding of the capital city then the slow expansion of the Republic, then it depicts Cathi scouts spotting the Cathinoids, the ensuing debated response and it's the outcome. The final has a simple depiction of Cathinoid and cathi exchanging friendly greetings that depiction has a checkmark next to it. To the right of this depiction is a Cathinoid and Cathi fighting with expressions of anger and hate on their faces, this depiction has a large X through it. Offering them to the alien tom to look through. The ambassador with paw extended says. " Hê is, hwon mîn list, beterianmacian ednîwe frîend than geong el−ðêodian " With a slightly stressed smile on her face it’s clear the beast is making her nervous.
>1: make permanent homes of clay, stone, and wood in Lz 022
Tents and log cabins simply won't do anymore! With the discovery of clay, we have a perfect insulating material. Of course, our tents remain the perfect travel homes.

>2: sculpt things out of clay
clay is so malleable. Let us use our telekinesis to mold it any way we wish, and then cook it in the furnace to harden it quickly.
File: World17.png (164 KB, 1200x1100)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
(First action converted to exploration)
Desiring to know more of their surroundings, the Necraztzi set sail to the northwest where little to nothing is known. Explorers discover marshlands further in the west, with many scaley things roaming about, some explorers claim sighting humanoids wandering about the coast. North, the land on the capital would appear to be an island, and northwest, more coastline with great hills.
The entirety of the land occupied by the capital is taken, securing their borders by sea and allowing safe expansion of their growing monolithic structure. Many deer and birds of prey are sighted in the grasslands.

A great bridge is propped up atop the raging river, built specially to withstand the rapids and to allow harvesting of fish.
Now connected, the western settlers feel less burdened with new trade.

Settlers enjoy a quaint view of the roaring hulls and bay around them.
Eager for new land, dwarves strike northwards, finding many felines and hooved beasts roaming about. Reports of missing dwarves arise from those in the grasslands.

(read the op)

Fortified by terrain as well as sight increased by elevation, a great tower sprouts from the center, enabling greater vision of the surrounding land.
Just beyond the tree tops eastwards, the elves believe they see evidence of another settlement.
Most all of the originally hostile marshlands now reside in the hands of the elves.

The once ramshackle amalgamation of debris, tents, and cabins are revamped into much more stable and uniform dwellings of the fine clay.
New vessels to transport prepared meals and water are distributed, alongside works of art in intricate shapes not viable through physical means.
>diplo: catgang
Petetar tells his dog to head back to Lz 022, as he'll be coming with him in a moment. None of that "conversation" was audible to the cats, as it looked like a series of silent glares to their untrained eyes. He then turns back to the gang of felines, holding the drawings with his telepathic abilities. Petetar whips his tail back and forth in a friendly gesture, extending a uh... let's call it "pincer" towards the Cathi ambassador.

"It is nice to meet you, miss. What is your title, so I may remember it?"

It seems he wants the ambassador to shake his limb, a gesture that his father taught him, not too long ago.

Action 1: Claim the north-western hills, until we hit the borders of those humanoids we saw.

Action 2: Claim more of the western wetlands, just a huge swathe. We’re getting good at claiming things.
>in the grasslands around Revale farms and ranches are constructed to meet the demand for food and to increase the economic might of the city.

>the road network is expanded so that Yoria is connected, allowing traders and settlers to reach the fronter faster.
It is not long before a shell smelter is attempted around the bonfire, with the rusty ore laid out inside.

Sailing down the river, and out further into the bay are the Lo-hai bore by the current. (Basically have them wash up where ever.)

Action 1. claim as much of the northern hills as possible. They have been explored so the land is known well.

Action 2. Drive as many of these hoofbeats into a new corral by Neue Hoffnung as possible. A competition will be held to see which dwarves ate the most able riders.
I've lost any interest in the meanwhile, so my "spot" is free for anyone willing
>1: ecological study
The plains to the north are filled with many amazing creatures. One such creature being our tamed northern beasts, though we are debating on a real name for them. With the sightings of more than one kind of beast in the northern direction, it can become tough to call every one of them "northern beasts." Surely, if the north can offer such a useful partner, then it can offer more.

>2: ecological survey
And while the north is more friendly, what lies in the west? It's very dense with trees, and we've been there for a while. A group of researchers head down to W E CW to survey the locals on what creatures they may have seen, and then spend a week there, looking to confirm that those sighted creatures do, in fact, exist.

>diplo: Horsefolk
Slightly panicked by how fast they approached, Nikkolas beckons his men from across the plain. As he waits for them to arrive, he takes a step back from the creatures, trying to communicate with them in the most peaceful manner possible.

>Word reaches back to the capital of the discovery and then immediate copulation and celebration with another group of humans, beyond the rule of the Necraket.

>These new people exhibit strange behaviours and an odd religion, yet share the celebratory day of the eclipse, a curious matter indeed.

>After much deliberation, it is at last agreed that more must be learnt of them, and a mission statement to induct them into the warmth of Zuma’s embrace if possible

>A royal delegation is arranged, the Necraket to travel herself alongside only the most grandiose displays of wealth and technology, bone armoured bronze spearmen, a chariot pulled by decorated Celebrants, the Necraket in full temple regalia as befits the holiest and highest of the Zuma cult, and countless wide sun and skull banners held aloft with a crown of feathers surrounding a large solid golden icon

>The delegation departs from Zumakamas, travelling down the river to meet with where the moonbloods were spotted.
1. We're not much for things like "infrastructure" and "quality of life", but we must improve one day. We will continue delving into our ancient magics and rediscover healing magic with our knowledge of healing plants and ancestors' guide.
2. We have good wood and enough land to explore. From our lookout point, we can see there are others that live here! A wondrous day! But first, we shall improve our ship building to allow us to handle stronger waves and weather. This will insure our connection from our island and the mainland won't be broken so easily.
File: World17.png (162 KB, 1200x1100)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
Settlers make landfall, stopping at a river which appears a natural border between them and the humanoids. While venturing further north, they come upon a set of strange creatures struggling against one another. >>4221025
Expansion continues westwards.

Imported livestock make their way across the bridge to breed and slaughter on par with the eastern settlements.
All the major settlements now connect through established roads, drawing the nation together.

The current spreads them in many directions, some landing at marshy shores not far south, with others going further into new hills. But most are sent into the occupied lands of the Necraztzi, washing up both in their marshy territories and the western shores of their homeland. >>4220701

The hills stretch far and wide, settled by dwarves and found to be bigger than previously expected, though an end is seen in the north where the sea is met.
These creatures are wily and difficult to contain, but a few are caught, and show potential if they can be calmed.

Further exploration yields a unique variety of mushroom in the northern forests, producing a potent dye of red, white, and yellow. They are edible as well, and have a heavy spiced root-like flavor. Squat deer are found as well in small numbers within the woodland.
Birds of prey and the reptiles they feed on are confirmed to exist, and new creatures are found beyond their borders and beyond the canopies; large winged beasts that soar far above, but not much else can be ascertained as they fly too far away.
Nikkolas tries to alter his fate through "words" but to no avail, the beasts are not receptive to his interaction beyond a short unknowing of what had transpired. The distance halts with the beasts in arms reach of Nikkolas wherein their bodies swing limb and weapon at him intending his demise. Their thin yet rugged upper bodies strike powerful blows to both Nikkolas and any Shavii that would come in range to be seen and attacked.

Magics are recalled as elves study in various locations of learning.
Improvements on the existing designs are made by working with sailors and finding flaws they experienced.
The soft bubbel and gurgle of the river is a nice journey through their own territory, until plains and moorland, hill’s greet them. It’s cooler, much more so then the jungles or thick forest they had just left and for many along the perhaps multi-day journey, their might be some great discomfort at the frosting of breath that begins.

Travelling along, small farmsteads are easily enough found, herds of goats and farms tending tubers and other hardy crops are fairly obvious and most of them seem to be swaddled and bedecked in the hides of goats, other creatures and wearing furs wherever possible. Thatched homes and roofs are obvious and common and lush vegetation is also becoming very prevalent, of silvery veins and standing taller than many, whether tree or bush or sometimes even grasses, it starts to become blatantly obvious that this wasn't indeed natural.

Perhaps if they brought people along who had been there the last blood moon they could tell indeed that, things looked different. Paved dirt roads are eventually found and then its smooth sailing to the place of the ritual, to a city that to the foreigners they likely could not name.

A towering marble palace and hundreds of thatched homes, of fields and farmsteads and of lanterns set up along homes, small bustling marketplaces and varieties of houseplants looking massive and overgrown alongside the streets. The people’s skins are tanned and their hair light by and large in contrast to the more pale individuals seen weaving among them that night and their indeed seems to be quite literally none of them about, at least of the same palor, a few seem paler than most, with faintly whitening skin, but it's easy enough to tell they are….not quite the same.

The procession arrayed before the people of Slylado, is big, obvious and covered in symbols of an archenemy. Eye’s meet the procession, a marble palace past many a marketplace, that indeed must be the place of any rule or...at least of grand importance. But, to say the least the people in the market look wary, the people who were joyous on that night of the bloodmoon, watch.

A tension is in the air, of uncertainty for two foreign peoples, with symbols of the moon held on many a home or used as decoration, they have nothing to commemorate the sun anywhere one can see and clearly enough, people...do not feel comfortable, they feel wary at the newcomers presence.

The Necraket of the Zuma cult stepped down and surveyed the buildings and gathered crowd, covered in golden regalia that shines like the sun.
Heavenly bangles, a black and gold skull mask with ivory tusks, alongside armour covering only the sides of the Necraket to leave the rulers tapestry of sacred tattoos to be displayed.

They depict the rise of the sun and the benevolence of the skeleton god, the celebrations of life and death, a baby held up below an eclipse and a huge bricked triangle reaching up to the flaming heavens above

The Necraztzi all keep on their masks and survey the nervous faces about them, eyes drawn to the moon banners with mild distaste and confusion

People worship the moon? What gain is there to dwell on the pre-life so strangely? Those who obsess over where they came shall not go anywhere.

Necraket Sekraphon discusses this and several other topics of little concern on their way to the palace, the group nonchalantly walking up to the towering palace as if invited, looking for an audience with someone in charge.
Action 1: Expand West, marked location.

Action 2: Expand South East, marked location

A bunch of random giant monsters have washed up on my land, ignore them and continue setting up homes in the wetlands and hills where designated, we’ll kick them out later if we have to
File: fvf.png (65 KB, 900x600)
65 KB
No one, at the very least steps up to actually stop the foreigners it would seem. Conflicting imagery, the lack of raised arms, it leads to a slow...dissoloution of tension, even if waryness clearly remains, several even approach, mainly obvious children trying to get a look at the strange and foreign after fathers and mothers have stopped their handholding, excitement in their eyes.

A few, those genuinely more keen of memory whisper amongst themselves of them being amongst, or people like them having been indeed at the celebration and within another few moments as they pass through markets.

Some still finger weapons, but the mood of potentially being attacked or of being worried of potential attack, is for all intents and purposes gone. The steps of the palace and the marble doors engraved with the likeness of a woman on one side and a crescent moon, half-made and dabbed in red paint is of good craftsman ship and it opens for the congregation.

To a dimly lit interior, carved seats and a pool of water, with a hatch seemingly on the cieling closed tight, candles litter carved alcoves and rugs and furs line many common walkways, innumerous pathways too and from rooms, it comes across as a place of many things, a dormitory, a church of some sort, judging by the iconography and….a place of meeting. Many are in attendance, their skin pale like moonlight, their hairs light or perhaps a bit darker, dressed in similar livery as those outside.

But blessed clearly with more color to their clothes, eyes turn upon the congregation entering and someone rises up. They look like a leader, wreathed in white cloth, pale as can be and with whitened hair and silvery eyes. It’s a woman, the wrinkles around her eyes are obvious, she’s flat if tall and slender and she looks..mature, though not old.

“Zaspor qedraĭué autola, extrañvimo?

Teche vileo enveshtnotrar enmyas elna slugbrnatar sagrdamado deza last damsia dsie platuka.

Por quké eszatás aqunotoí?"

Her voice is, cool chilly, if not entirely unfriendly, perhaps it conveys a tone of confusion, it...overall seems like people are indeed allowed in here, judging by the fact they are not violently shouting or no guards appear to be heading their way.
>Along the banks of "Living Creek" the people of Yoria build a series of Fish farms

>The mages of the university begin experimenting with the Idea of Telepathy and how it can be done Via magic.

Diplo Shavii
Ambassador Jackson with a relax and joyful smile shake the alien Tom's, paw?, saying

"yfel am âr Caroline "Silky" Jackson"

using more pictures to communicate that the group has to return home to report to the government about the success of the contact mission and that they will return after some time.
Action 1
>A lively crowd has gathered around the corral by Neue Hoffnung, with the most nimble dwarves hopping on the backs of these unruly hoofbeast with nothing but trouser. Bets of dried fish and iron fingerlings change hands as wagers are made over which dwarves can stay on the longest. Few can, and there is quite a few knocked out teeth by the end of the evening. The best beast rider, Hordermur decided to pick the most docile out of the herd to breed as better mounts.

Action 2
>Since iron was found in trace amounts in the higher elevations south of the tin mine, Juni maps the region and deduces an iron vein must be near a tall hill that feeds the watershed where the iron fingerlings where found. A iron mine is ordered into construction, with a team of miners making camp and beginning to bore into the hillside in the precise and uniform manner of the dwarves.

>Sekraphon Eclipon continues forth to meet with the pale woman, a clear contract between the pale vampire in white and the tanned Necraztzi in black and gold

“Corscor, tvur”

“Zuma maichilli leche, nei. Nei.”

>The Necraket intones in a dismissive voice, immediately tiring of a conversation in which neither can actually understand the other person

>a man hands the Necraket a series of slabs, each with drawings on, which she shows to the moonblood one by one

>One is covered completely in script, and the Sekraphon points to the moonblood leader as if querying if they have something similar

>Another depicts a skull laid upon the sun and some carvings showing good things happening, triplets being born, crops the size of trees, and a party

>The last appears to represent the skull in the sun shining directly upon what could be interpreted as the Necraket in front of you, depicting a blessing

>Once all three are displayed, the Necraket seems to wait for the response of their leaders response.
These strange two legs dare trespass upon the Lo-hai's sacred hills, and the waters churn with raging spawn and lords, from Tsl'ltch a deluge of stone stars go to drive out these trespassers.

The two groups of settlers both take to digging in upon the coasts, creating hidden grottos beneath the waterline. More ships arrive as swimmers guide by the scent of the first shells.

The Lo-hai Stone Lord settlers do their best to avoid these two legs, and simply fish by the coast, if they are confronted, they attempt to trade spears and fish for the two legs gifts.

Those in the far north are far more rabid, the many spawn and Stone Lords falling upon Necraztzi settlers with great savagery, intent upon making those that walk upon two legs return to the lands of green.
>The Necraztzi seem content to leave the crabs in the marshland peacefully, gratefully accepting the Lo-hai spears and fish and returning decorative skull masks, obtuse amounts of wetland vegetables, feathers, furs and rope.

>The settlers set up homes where they would regardless and disperse throughout the land

>Meanwhile, up north

>Every death the Necraztzi suffer seems to only send the rest into a steadily growing frenzy, the humans having damaged the fear processes of their brain throughout the generations

>The first few fall back, only to be replace by bone armoured Crosis regiments, from the time the Necraztzi produced bronze but then stopped, the vast population of the Necraztzi allowing a frightening amount of soldiers to be gathered

>Defensive tactics are thrown aside in favour of the Necraztzi’s favoured offence
>Atlatl families and net throwers stalk forth to to pin down and drive out the stone stars, normally attacking in huge groups, but always completely and utterly fearless, for death is but a boon.
>Failure cannot be tolerated

>As more ships are seen approaching great naval vessels are sent to repel them
1.Our magic grows stronger with each day! The gods have shown Their favor to us. Take that, Moon elves! Feeling bold they expand northward of Cieorocho.
2. They have lots of land, but few resources. This must be fixed. Sun Elves survey their island home first for any useful resources.
In depth of night, a panicked shavii comes home from the plains. He's beaten, bleeding, and alone. He goes to telling the residents of Lz 022 that their fearless leader has been killed in combat by strange creatures in the north east. A ceremony is held for the sake of Nikkolas, and due to his recent relation with the Cathi, Petetar is the next new candidate for leadership. First taking time to mourn the loss of his father, Petetar takes a long while to think about what has happened. He asks the returning shavii what these north eastern creatures look like. Quickly, the young leader develops a vendetta for these beasts. He wants revenge for his lost father.

>1: attempt to make armor
Our heads are squishy. We learned that the hard way. As such, we need something to defend our soft bodies from the many hostile creatures this world bears. Straight away, our best smiths are put to work in making some sort of protective clothing out of copper, which has been encased in leather, as we still find it tough to mold the copper into proper shapes. Our soldiers will wear this armor proudly.

>2: make more weaponry
Nikkolas taught us how to hurl objects with telekinesis. With this knowledge, we won't confine ourselves to just primitive stone. Copper spikes will suffice. Their sharp points will pierce the north-eastern savages, causing them to bleed like we have bled at their mercy.
this is me
File: World18.png (162 KB, 1200x1100)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
(Cannot expand into owned land, transferring 1 action to have Necraztzi attempt to land on Lo-hai borders. +1 action to next turn.)
For whatever reason, the Necraztzi begin landing on the shores of the now occupied lands of the Lo-hai, what becomes of them may be in the hands of the owners. >>4226952

Recipes of old are brought to the west for preparation in fish, and recipes of new are created as well.
Telepathy being so complex an idea will take some time to work out. For now, researches believe they are able to send subliminal messages to one another with enough effort.

A selection of the most prime candidates are bred, allowing the dwarves to ride these creatures with little problems.
Luck befalls the dwarves, their guess had been correct, at least mostly. A moderate source of iron is found where they dug.

The grottos are dug, discovering many tiny four-legged crab lurking in and about the area.

Grassland and marsh is taken, with the absence of the marshbeasts in most of the latter. A gang of fox-like creatures chase down large rabbits in the grasslands.
Surveys reveal a significant amount of copper in the northeast. To the southeast, many pearlescent-shelled turtles lay eggs in the sand before venturing into the waters.

These new armors are effective at keeping danger at bay, however there still remains the weak bodies of the Shavii, still allowing damage to occur should enough force strike their protected bodies. Nonetheless, much better than nothing.
These improved projectiles deal much greater damage, at the cost of needing to be produced at a forge as opposed to simply picking up a stone. Often throwing these spikes too far a distance results in them tumbling with lack of concentration.


Stone-lords meet the settling Necraztzi with spear in hand and war in mind.
The settlers are not primarily people of war, in comparison to the enemies now besetting them. Numbers of the two combatants stays near equal, with two settlements nearby of the Lo-hai, and settlers just having made it onto the rugged terrain and being so far from home.
Lo-hai descend upon the unsuspecting Necraztzi, hurling spears, and shortly after overwhelming the furthest reaches.
Reinforcements and counterattacks by the Necraztzi hold back further advancements of the Lo-hai. Some few bloody battles are fought in the bleeding hills, for now ending with a small gain in territory by the Lo-hai.
(War may be continued at the cost of another action.)
The Lo-hai dig labyrinthian systems of tunnels under the taken bloody land, and use the dug stone to create great winding walls (later to be covered with moss) without rhyme or reason to cover the hills to impede the movement of the Twolegs should they push back, and give the Lo-hai advantageous places to hide for ambush and prowl.

The Stone-lord's take a fancy to the small creatures, called Lo-ki (Stone Kin). Not eaten or beaten, the tiny shelled creatures are kept for comfort pets and as quality of life tools, kept around and fed as they can clean the Lo-hai's shells from grime and parasites, and serve well as one of the few things the Lo-hai generally won't kill. Some of the Stone-lords in Krrgstyl whisper that the possessing and care of the small beasties make one favored in the eyes of the Venerable Eldest, and can grant luck for battle.
action 1
>Juni receives reports from the new larger hills to the north of Neue Hoffnung that outcroppings of coal have been discovered. A team of miners is dispatched to the north to discover the largest deposit and begin a mine to fuel our burgeoning industry.

action 2
Remembering the old country and the drake waste desert of old, an enterprising group of dwarves sets off south to the desert lands discovered earlier. They begin digging prospecting bore holes looking for the black ooze that warmed the homes and powered the mighty forges of our dearly missed homeland.

To the north a lonely line of dwarves hikes through windswept moors, shouldering heavy packs of tools and provisions.
To the south as shovel strikes hard salt crusted desert and tin alloy bore pipes are hammered in.
As if by fate a song rises up from both groups, separated by distance but not by spirit.

Across the endless sea.....
through perils and curses we see......
to stake a claim for clan and home.....
forevermore the wandering kin...
our homeland silent....
a place of spoiled graves.....
we struggle in this new land.....
as brothers in arms we stand...
no enemy shall fell our gates.....
this is our spoken fate....
>Researchers continue to develop methods of Telepathy

>While first contact with the Shavii went well, who is to say it will be the last? For the first time since the unification, Serious efforts are made to develop new weapons and equipment. under the newly founded Military Experimentation Operations Works Projects Agency (MEOWPA). the mission statement of this agency is to develop new methods of warfighting and weaponizing developing magics. Their first project is to Develop new armor for the nation's soldiers, imbued with protection magic.
1. The copper is a great find. While we prefer to use wooden weapons and our fist, metal is divine material created by the earth father. We must use it wisely. We will build a mine to harvest the copper while insuring we don't pollute our land.
2. We don't want to repeat the mistake from last time with the Marsh beasts. Maybe communication will help? Of course, slaughter and war is a option, but that slows everything down. Delving into the occult of our history, we will research the magic that will enable use to speak the tongues of all creatures. We shall our most talkative of Sun Elves for this. This will give them something to do while instead of annoying our ears off with their inane talking.
>1: basic physics
Birds fly through the air on their little feathered foils. Maybe we can stabilize our copper projectiles with wings of some sort. Airfoils? Some form of stability, that will keep it careening through the air. These airfoils may allow us to curve our shots, if we spin them fast enough, and let go at the right angle.

>2: dig again
The world offered us copper, from within its surface-local bowels. What lies deeper? What's in different spots?
(just give me a new mine in a random location, within my nation's plains.)
Action 1: We currently have a steady but slow source of iron produced from our mines, it is time to make use of it.
Construct a large series of granite brick furnaces to smelt the iron ore produced into incredibly high quality iron metal.

Action 2: Survey the island for natural resources. Granite, copper, iron, all these are ideal.
File: World19.png (164 KB, 1200x1100)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
The hills of blood become painful on the eyes with the jagged and random shapes protruding from the already ragged terrain.
Stone-lords often collect Lo-ki from their fallen opponents.

These promising reports turn out to be a case of one message mutating into another. They instead find basalt.
Prospectors strike the prized ooze, although the amount is small and limited, but there is surely more sources elsewhere.

Research continues, with some reports of thoughts being read with extreme focus and extended practice with heads brought together.
Many armors come in to conflict with the hairy nature of the Cathi, snaggings and ripping fur upon movement, but one design works somewhat, being made of rings over a layer of fabric or leather, though the Cathi would need to avoid fighting in warm areas lest they overheat.

Copper is gingerly plucked from the earth, with every precaution made to honor and respect.
A magic is procured to allow simple messages understood by others, though it is only slightly more efficient than a session of gestures and images they would otherwise use to communicate. It's use upon non-sentients hinges upon their intelligence primarily.

The addition of feathers appears quite an improvement upon the weapon, with the cost of being more expensive to produce and being damaged quite easily, resulting in the need to recraft them. The overall cost is worth the needed range and accuracy though they would be somewhat uncommon.
A mine is struck in the newest lands, finding quartz.

Furnaces produce what they can of the iron available.
The island is found to hold a great source of copper in the northeast. Limestone is found on the eastern coast.
>Researchers continue to develop methods of Telepathy, hoping for a breakthrough in the spell form which will allow for mass teaching of the Telepathy spell.

>Meowpa continues to refine the Armor design for the nation's Armed Forces. working on the overheating issue as well as incorporating passive stamina boosting magic, to allow our soldiers to endure longer.
A mine for copper is organised upon the island with some excess volunteers for the pyramid construction, as well as a mine for tin on the eastern hills.

The industrial heart of the Necraztzi is remade and the furnace series upon the eastern hills it’s seat of power. It is there that copper and tin, soon to be plentiful, shall be smelted together to form high quality bronze. Coupled with the new discovery of iron which is slowly being used for tools, this shall lead the Necraztzi to possess finer metallurgy than ever before.

The Necraztzi once without a source of new metal find themselves now one foot firmly in the Iron Age and with their worries about a new source of bronze vanquished.

Now about those stone lords...
File: blackmith harzug.jpg (32 KB, 444x620)
32 KB
action one

These kidnapping will not be tolerated, a expedition force must be created.

>Finally, after many moons of sweat and preparation, the dwarves are ready to face this unknown menace. All the iron from the mine of the mountain has been gathered. The forges of Neue Hoffnung burn night and day, with the forge master Garzug instructing his apprentices on the correct ways to work the bellows and hammers. Outside the city on the riverfront logs that have been sent down from the lumber mill are continually burned with laborers working in shifts raking out the charcoal. It is taken in tin buckets to the forges where it is shoveled until the fires burn blue. The few samples of black ooze taken from the new prospecting sites are thrown in at the last moment, creating a crucible of molten metal. Workmen and craftsmen swarm this industrial center, having waiting moons for this day.

1. Simple but balanced iron lances are forged, about double the length of a dwarf. Along side that dirks because of the short supply of iron.

2. Basic breastplates and basic skullcaps with nasal guards are forged. Some of the craftsman groan that they are too plain, and not worthy of their time. Juni silenced them with a shout. "OUR BOYS BE OUT THERE PAST THE FOREST OF WISPS AND YOU MOAN LIKE CHILDREN WITH BROKEN TOYS." It is quiet after that, with only sound of ringing of hammers and the roar of the forges echoing through the capital.
1. Expansion east from the iron mine, more stone stars spread across ththe rocky hills.

Scretching from Tsl'ltch and Snt'tlcht, a new moss trench is dug and carpeted, truly blessed with their natural gifts, the Lo-hai create the expansive road/farm trenches they love so much.
>1: harvest the quartz
A rock that's just as white as our skin? What an amazing discovery. They will make for high-quality decor, if harvested carefully.

>2: dig south of Lz 022
So there really are more kinds of shiny rocks! What else could be resting right beneath our feet?
1. Next is the beautiful pearl farm. They reminds us of the star goddesses in the sky with their sparkly shine. They will make for fantastic jewelry.
2. Hmm, the magic of tongues advanced a bit, but it's not very useful for now. Maybe the ancient stone has some secrets that will help us? We will re-research and study the mystical stone in Nas-Nuvens.
File: World20.png (168 KB, 1200x1100)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Practitioners manage to create a spell easily used with skilled magic users, enabling catfolk to speak to one another non-verbally up to three meters.
Holes punched in the armor and new fabric allows for heat to dissipate better, though not ideal. Often users will go through a process of burning their fur away to remain cool. Stamina enchants see rare use.

Mines are established to harvest the copper and tin, with some minor touches worked on for the pyramid.
But no time is able to be allotted to the final task.

Dwarven hands begin to see iron tools of war, using what metal they have collected.
Remaining iron, available tin, and leather is used to create new armors.

(Converting first action to double the second)
A great trench is forced into the hills, allowing travel to and from the settlements with a grand mossway.

Large quantaties of fine quartz is brought up from the ground into the larger settlements.
Many figurines are carved into the shape of Shavii, sparking ideas for many.
Diggers discover black stones that went burned produce great heat.

(Response may be added at a later date when first action is deciphered)
Study into the stone reveals not information pertaining to their magic, but instead insight into the world and the obelisk itself. A worn image depicts a part of the world including the island the stone was discovered.
>1: the quartzening
We wear armor of hardened copper, and yet, our bodies are just as squishy as they were without it. What can we do? It seems that impact dampeners aren't enough, but what if we simply weren't so soft? Recently, we had discovered a very hard crystal. With the use of our telepathy, we were able to carve figurines that looked like us. We thought they looked charming, and they certainly do. however, what if we scaled it up a little? What if our skin was as hard as quartz?
Our more frivolous couples began working on what could possibly be the first quartz shav. After a single, very unfortunate failed attempt, where a shavii with rock-solid joints was created, the first quartz shav was born. His limbs and head were protected by layers of crystal, but the skin on his joints was left open to the air, so he could still bend them. When he shakes his crystalline antennae, they make little clinking sounds. His parents think that's cute. More couples follow suit, making crystal shavii of their own.

>2: explore south
Further into the desert, we travel. What secrets do its vast sands hold?
>the Mage's college having made developments in fire magic, healing magic, and nature magic, finally turn their eyes on to frost magic. had the push for mental magic not been so strong they would have looked into the uses and development of Frost magic long ago.
(If you can think of an ice and frost themed spell or enchantment the cats can as well)

>Shelving the armor project for the moment Meowpa looks into Developing new weapons and how to improve old ones. With a primary focus on creating a ranged weapon that can take advantage of fire magic.
(I want to make crossbows that fire off magical balls of fire that explode into large fireballs on contract with a target. they take the same time to reload as a normal crossbow and are single shot.)

Diplo for Shavii
With the breakthroughs in telepathy, another contact expedition is sent to the lake, to formalize relations with the "thin Tom's" as the public had taken to calling the strange cathinoids. Ambassador Jackson was again tapped for the assignment and been given the same traveling companions as before. With the addition of clawdious Purrkins a respected Archmage of the Mage's University, he had been sent to make sure that the telepathy spell worked as intended. though personally he only accepted the job in the hope's he would have the chance to ask for pointer on how to improve the telepathy spell. after traveling for some time the party reaches the lake edge and sets up walled camp waiting for their presence to be noticed by the locals.
diplo: catgang
It's hard to miss a big, walled camp near the lake you're fishing on. Before heading off on his expedition to the desert, Petetar, new leader of the shavii, decides to head for the encampment, several other shavs in tow. Once at the foot of the base, he knocks on the walled exterior, hoping for a response.
diplo for Shavii
With the tents up and the wall completed there was not much to do but wait and finalize speeches. Tho they did not have to wait long for the "thin tom's" to take notice of the camp. with the guard on watch sounding the alert once a small party of the locals appeared in the distance. The camp came life with everyone rushing to make final adjustments to armor, weapons, notes, and clothes.

much to Ambassador Jackson's relief everyone was in place and ready when a knocking at the gate was heard. signaling Purrkins to activate the telepathy spell on himself and her. She gave the order for the simple gate to be opened, with it swinging outward. flanked by two guards on either side of them the pair stepped forward to meet the seemingly identical beings. Taking a moment to try and guess which was the leader the Ambassador decided "fuck it" and begin to "speak"

"Greetings My name is Caroline Jackson, I am an ambassador sent here to speak on behalf of the Unified Felidae Republic. Not long ago we encountered your people here only to find we could not properly speak with one another. Thankfully the exchange ended on a positive and peaceful note. We have returned here have conquered the magic of Telepathy to formalize and expand upon the tentative relationship brokered in that first meeting. It is my hope and the hope of my government that our people can have a strong and supportive relationship built for the mutual benefit of both our nations."

having said her piece she falls silent and wait for a response
The Necraztzi people are now armed with bronze and iron, smelted excellently into bars and transported back to the mainland to be forged into weapons and tools.

The quality of our metal artifice is average for the world though, smelted by independent smiths each with their own techniques and level of quality.

First Action, fund and subsidise the construction of new black-smithies, fine granite buildings with chimneys, grinding stones and anvils. This shall massively increase our production of weapons of war, and heftily raise their quality as smiths compete and experiment to produce the best metal tools for Zuma and the Necraket that they can, so to receive more gold in reward.

Second action, Scout the western hills. A small amount of land has been seized, and shall soon be reclaimed. Firstly however we must actually scout it to see what of worth lies on the hills that we may desire.
action 1
>Needing a better way to hunt the forest beast around the lumber mill and defend from ranged opponents, the dwarves experiment with different woods and animal sinews. Remembering the great bows of the old country and their unwieldy nature, they instead use a lighter recurve structure that are more maneuverable on horseback.

action 2
>The best riders gear up, fastening their armor with leather straps. A training ground named Krieg Academy is established by Neue hoffnung with the riders practicing on dummies with coordinated charges and horseback archery.
The horses line up in an even line two dwarf deep, and train to maintain order. Tin horns are used to issue orders and communications.
Lo-hai in the outpost south of Golm follow the riverbank west, before coming to a new lake with a scout war band.

The Hiss-Beasts are studied, do they have a venom, can they be trained to haul, guard, or hunt? After the advent of a find like the Lo-ki, the Lo-hai are looking back at the interesting beast they had previously found.
1. So there are other stones like the one in Nas-Nuvens? Hmm, something tells us this is just the start of a adventure! We must hurry! First, we shall go south-east of Cierocho to the second stone. What wonders will it foretell?
2. With the topic of long exploration, it reminds us while we can survive on the fruits of the land, sometimes we won't be able to find any food. So we shall begin research on food preservation.
File: First Stop.png (302 KB, 631x516)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
>action 1
>>Needing a better way to hunt the forest beast around the lumber mill and defend from ranged opponents, the dwarves experiment with different woods and animal sinews. Remembering the great bows of the old country and their unwieldy nature, they instead use a lighter recurve structure that are more maneuverable on the hoofbeats.
>action 2
>>The best riders gear up, fastening their armor with leather straps. A training ground named Krieg Academy is established by Neue hoffnung with the riders practicing on dummies with coordinated charges and hoofbeast archery.
>The horses line up in an even line two dwarf deep, and train to maintain order. Tin horns are used to issue orders and communications.
Action One.
Expansion to the west, past the mountains seems like a fine enough idea in all honesty. Simple farmers and homesteaders head on out.

>Action Two
The mountain city is finally being named, Plaina, that shrine like city being finally connected via actual roads.

((Quick action, I'd like to really apologize for my absence, some really shitty stuff kinda happened overall and I kinda disappeared because of it for multiple reasons partly because lack of ability to post as well.

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