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They say that one seldom appreciates that which is dear to him until he's forced to go without. This can hold true for most mundane of things but it goes without argument that the idea becomes much more pronounced when related to people.

That's not to say that all the people in this day and age did not learn a lot about value in the recent months, though you do occasionally find yourself wondering just how quickly such a lesson can be forgotten. Right now, however, you chose to deal with an instance where this sense of appreciation was vivid enough to drive several people to act on it.

You are Doctor Henri Ford, special consultant for the Citadel Institute of Xenoarchaeology and currently a private eye.

Perhaps you should get yourself a nice hat and a mantle? Like the ones Chevalier had.

Time and place, you discipline yourself, returning to present.

"One moment, if you please." You stop the Batarian Guildmaster as he turns to go. He doesn't turn back towards you but he does stop. "Anything you could tell us about Marc and Rita would help."

"They were... are good fighters, for your kind." Gorax says. "Their fighting style changed as they grew closer, became protective of each other." The Batarian pauses. "Less willing to take risks that would expose the other, more willing to expose themselves to assist them. That is the extent of insight I can provide." He turns and locks gaze with you again. "I don't know what could have taken either of them unawares, but be watchful, human. And... bring them back."

With that the Batarian turns away and, without waiting for your response, strides off.

"The Guildmaster is not exactly a people's person." Barks remarks when the door closes. "But he's dependable, for a four eyes."

"I see... shared history?"

Barks nods. "He deployed with them several times over the course of the war. Wanted to go looking himself but I talked him out of it."

"Why's that?" Lea asks.

"He has no contacts here and Batarians are rare enough to stand out, especially if he begins asking questions. Honestly, I was hoping Alliance would send someone."

You frown. Come to think of it, why haven't they?
"It's likely the request is still being processed by the bureaucracy." Eve takes the vote. "When it became apparent that the missing person is a Guild member they would be categorised as less vulnerable than others in potential need of assistance."

"That's nonsense. Anyone can need help." Lea asserts.

"I'm sure Alliance would provide such... at time when appropriate resources became available." Eve says.

"But by then it could be too late..."

"And that's why we're here." You close the discussion and turn to Barks.

"Right. Come along." The man says and gestures for you to follow him. The four of you make your way out of the building towards the bunkhouse. As soon as you enter it becomes apparent that the structure is divided into separate areas for the regular guild members and for the children the Guild apparently took under its wings.

"You're educating a new generation of members, I see?" You remark.

"The kids?" Barks says. "War orphans, some of them were coming to this school, some came from the refugee camps." He sighs. "They saw the vids and heard the stories. Some got to see us fight live... they wanted to join, and Boss decided to let them stay. At least until the authorities come up with something better. Or... their families show up to pick them up. Ah, there we are."

The Adventurer took you to a specific point in the row of bunks lining length of the hall. A cursory glance revealed little of interest in terms of personalisation of this humble living space - both of your objectives have presumably treated this accomodation as a very temporary affair.

"Marc and Rita's spots. If they had any personal stuff they didn't habitually carry around, it should be in there." Barks gestures at the lockers next to the beds with his omnitool active. There's a click and a hiss and one, then the other container opens.
You're not sure what you expected, honestly. Stacks of conspirative correspondence in physical form? A matchbox with address of an establishment they used for clandestine meetings? A map where X marks the spot?

Still, perhaps there could be a clue in here and you carefully proceed to go through contents of the lockers. There's two sets of civilian clothing and no parts of a combat kit, indicating the two went dressed for trouble. There's a folded bag, presumably one that was used to lug the other belongings around. There were some toiletries, a hair brush and a make up set in an ornamental box. Perhaps a family heirloom? You scan it just in case it turns out to be important and put it away. There's an unopened, expensive looking bottle of liquor labelled with Asari writing. There's a Rubik's cube and an elongated case that is revealed to contain a wooden flute and a card with a handwritten dedication that elicits a chuckle from your group as you read it aloud: "So that I don't have to hear your singing ever again".

"Heh. I think this is Marc's. Never heard him toot it, though." Barks comments.

"And did you hear him sing?" Lea inquires.

"Yeah, on the victory day. Kinda wish I hadn't."

You turn your attention back to the locker, looking if there's anything left and in fact your hand does brush against something.

"What's that?" Lea asks as you pull out a folded rectangle of slightly frayed plastic foil. Unfolding it reveals a stylized figure snapping a... bundle of chains... over their head.

"Vive la resistance." You read the slogan, running your finger over the surface noting how it breaks where an additional line of script has been etched, possibly by an omnitool. "La resistance lives on."
"Huh." Barks remarks.

"Is this familiar to you?" You ask him.

"Nope. Although it looks more like a Feria thing to me."

"I believe I've noticed leaflets like this one before." Eve speaks up. "At the edge of the Red Zone shanty town."

"Figures." You nod. "We're going to need something more specific than that, though. Why did our missing man have this in their locker?"

"Maybe he was a rebel of some sort?" Lea suggests.

"Marc? I don't know, he never struck me as particularly political creature." Barks says, rubbing his chin. "Maybe Feria was trying to set him up with them?"

"Miss.. Miran was it? Was partial to this sort of movements then?"

"Well, she was rather open about her distaste for 'the matriarchy' and what have you. I'm guessing she'd either enjoy talking with whoever made this or argue with them."

"Was she close with Marc? Or Rita?" You ask.

"Sort of?" Barks says. "Well, you can't exactly share life and death situations with someone and not get at least a bit close, I think. As far as I could tell it was the regular camaraderie most of those who deployed together have."

Your eyes dart to Eve who gives you a small smile.

"Alright, is there any other clue in there?" Lea asks, craning to get a better look at the opened lockers.

Right, you had work to do still. Turning your attention back to the task at hand you give the lockers' contents a once over. There was nothing more you could use and there was nothing there that you missed... or was there?

>There's something else you want to ask Barks about... (specify)
>Thank Barks for his time and head out of the compound to consult with the crew.
>Maybe you could call one of your contacts if they have anything they could share with you? (specify who)
>It is time to get to the bottom of this. Head out to the Red Zone and look for whatever entity the poster was meant to represent.
>other course of action


>I can be given, at burdensome cost.
>Though I can weigh less than vanity's boast.
>I only have value when closely kept,
>To sound of my breaking many a soul have wept.
Sorry about the continuing slowness.

I do wish to all you friends sound health and strong spirits in these trying times.

I missed this

I'll give it a read!

thanks for coming back qm
>It is time to get to the bottom of this. Head out to the Red Zone and look for whatever entity the poster was meant to represent.
I'm not sure about who to ask regarding this, if someone else thinks of someone that would fit then we can do that. I don't think Libella would be free for this, and nobody else should know anything that I can think of.
>A Heart.

It's fine. I wish I'd realized this was here faster though!
>Thank Barks for his time and head out of the compound to consult with the crew.

let's see what they have to say about it and then

>It is time to get to the bottom of this. Head out to the Red Zone and look for whatever entity the poster was meant to represent.

as for the riddle:


>It is time to get to the bottom of this. Head out to the Red Zone and look for whatever entity the poster was meant to represent.


>There's something else you want to ask Barks about... (specify)
Maybe he knows about any places they frequented, or their last successful tasks that either of them took before they got nabbed?

>I can be given, at burdensome cost.
>Though I can weigh less than vanity's boast.
>I only have value when closely kept,
>To sound of my breaking many a soul have wept.
Maybe... maybe there was something you could still infer. The flute was obviously a gift between close ones. But did it tell you anything except for elucidating on Marc's singing voice and giving you a glimpse of interaction between Marc and Rita? Assuming it was Rita who gave it to him, of course. Might as well have been some other friend or family, though that he held onto it in these circumstances suggested it was a treasure with strong sentimental charge.

Still, in terms of value as a clue for the investigation you now held something else of importance.

"So..." You begin, lifting the propaganda poster. "It seems our next steps will take us among these people."

"You think they may have something to do with the disappearances?" Lea asks.

"Too soon to tell. But it seems to be something to link mr. Blanc, miss Miran and the Red Zone community." You reply and turn to Barks. "Actually, is there anything else you could tell us, where the missing people liked to hang out before they disappeared?"

"Well, I know Feria moved to the shanty town as soon as she heard it began to form." The man says. "But apart from that I'm not aware of either Marc or Rita coming close to the Red Zone. Then again, I wasn't babysitting them. Let me think." He sighs and pauses. "Ever since we... you know, the Rouen branch... set up shop here I think the both of them were mostly hanging out hereabouts in the blue zones, visiting Marc's mom, helping out with reconstruction, that sort of thing. And then, three days ago now, he told Gorax that he's gonna look for his childhood friend. And that's it."

"He thought to tell what he's after but not where he'd be looking?" Eve asks.

"Yeah. I guess he just wanted us to know it's personal. Or maybe he didn't really expect trouble."

"And Rita was gone shortly afterwards?" You inquire.

"The next day, yeah. She didn't tell us anything, either, though with her that's not unusual."

"We know that Rita met with mr. Blanc's mother." Eve says. "But from madame Blanc's recount it appeared like she was uncertain where to look next as well."

"Yes, and that means she could have gone anywhere." You muse. "Did she have any other relations she could have gone to?" You ask Barks.

"As far as I can tell she kept entirely to herself - and to Marc." The Adventurer shrugs.

"Not much to pick up on, then." You shake your head. "Alright, back to the revolutionaries. It seems the time has come to pay this Red Zone a visit."
With that you store the couple's belongings back in their lockers and share words of parting with the adventurer. Soon after you are walking back towards edge of the provisionally patched blue district.

"So, what's the plan?" Lea asks as you walk.

"Well, first relevant step for you would be to head to the skycar and be ready to pick us up if we call."

"When." Eve corrects.

"Kris is a bad influence on you." You say, almost missing a sigh from Lea. You turn to address her: "Lea, I know you can handle yourself. But as you can see, there's not exactly a lot of Quarians around."

It was true. While you could see some back in London, even there there was not a lot of them. After the Reapers fell most of them were happy to return to the Flotilla.

"I know, I know. I'd stand out. Although..." She sizes you up. "In that getup you're not exactly easy to miss, either." You begin to reply but she waves you off. "No, it's fine. I'll be ready..." her eyes sparkle mischievously. "...when you call, I'll be there for you."

You grin and with the best impression of Dick Chevalier you can muster you say. "Ain't no one else I'd rather drag me out of the Bayou, and not just to admire the looks."

You share a chuckle at that.

"Seriously, though. I'll be counting on you to have our back. I'm sure Eve will keep you entertained with data."

"Certainly." Eve nods. "If we come across any data source with potentially valuable intelligence, I'll relay it straight away, along with telemetry of our own movements."

"Do you have any specific idea where to go?" Lea asks. You turn to Eve.

"I have put together a preliminary map from pre-Reaper data, publicly available imagery and Chariot's scanner cache to try and single out a few landmark candidates. For more detailed information however we will have to probe the zone ourselves."

"Alright, let's see it." You say and wait for a file to arrive into your omnitool. You spend rest of the trip escorting Lea to the Asari base and then towards edge of the shanty town splitting attention between road ahead and the list Eve sent you, deciding on your first destination.

>The large hall constructed from available construction material mixed with recently fabricated components.
>A tenement structure, a damaged residential structure restored by a number of disparate patches.
>A cluster of smaller shanties surrounding a ruined administration building
>A solitary patched up warehouse, its immediate neighbouring warehouses cannibalized for housing
>just wander randomly among the ruins and shanties, perhaps something will catch your attention
>look for something else (specify)
>other course of action (specify)
(correct answer was 'promise' or the like. Though answers given fit well enough to warrant a partial success)
>A solitary patched up warehouse, its immediate neighbouring warehouses cannibalized for housing

sticking out like a sore thumb

>A solitary patched up warehouse, its immediate neighbouring warehouses cannibalized for housing
>A solitary patched up warehouse, its immediate neighbouring warehouses cannibalized for housing

May as well start someplace obvious. Also, very lucky trips.
You let your eyes brush past several identifiable landmarks, guessing at meaning some of them hold, but passing them by until your attention is captured by an anomaly.

The extralegal settlement was partially built over a warehouse district. Previously a grid of stocky, functional, not particularly pleasant to look at structures where various businesses and corporations kept some of their stocks and spare equipment. While only a few of them have been struck by a Reaper eyebeam, leaving a nasty gash going through the side of the district, all of them have been at some point compromised from the ground level, be it by looting of the survivors or the horde of Reaper creatures looking for them.

One of the warehouses stood out. Mostly due to the fact that its immediate neighbours have been deliberately torn down to make place for improvised structures, but upon closer inspection of the imagery it also seemed that the warehouse itself has been patched up, exacerbating its contrast to the surroundings.

"Let's check this one out." You say, indicating the offending building.

"Acknowledged. According to public data, this warehouse was property of Verdant Solutions, formerly an Exogeni subsidiary."

"Big name corp... how has this not been cleared as Green Zone yet?" Lea asks over the comms.

"Based on what data I can access without intruding into restricted systems it seems that the company's management has met their end during the Reaper crisis. There was no one left to make the claim. Alternatively, the request has been made by a next of kin and is still being processed by the bureaucracy."

"You said formerly... who would own the company now?" You ask.

"A private person, Adam Drygrass. He has... no significant extranet presence, aside from some generic social profiles."

"...okay." You sigh. Well, at least that explained why the warehouse was stuck in the red zone, and would probably remain that way for a while. Whether mr. Drygrass existed or knew of his property, this only served to reinforce your suspicions.
The two of you make your way through the Red Zone. The structures surrounding you are, for the most part, ruins. Though parts of them show signs of habitation there is little evidence of any concerted effort to restore the structures as a whole. On the other hand, some of the partial repairs as the squatters improve their own dwellings are crafted with loving care for the claimed area, shown in form of neatly cleaned up immediate vicinity, decorative elements like paintings, statues, engravings, or in a few cases a carefully tended patch of dirt that would presumably one day bloom into a flowerbed.

There is little traffic initially, you only encounter a couple of persons, most of which act uneasy and furtive when meeting you, as if displeased to have been spotted. However as you make your way through the net of alleys the number of locals you meet, some of them looking out of their improvised dwellings, increases. For the most part they seem indifferent to your passing though some of them give you a stinkeye while about the same proportion greet you with a nod and a smile, perhaps correctly recognizing your outfit as that of an Guild Adventurer.

Some ignore you entirely and trail Eve with appreciative gazes, making you wonder how she chose weights for her disguise when deciding between a plain look to not attract attention and an appealing one to assist in achieving her objectives.

"You gonna go to the Thing tonight?" You overhear a man say, prompting you to quickly look for an excuse to eavesdrop - and as luck would have it, find it in a convenient food stall short distance away.

"...point in it. It's not like they can agree on anything, or enforce it if they do." The other person replies.

"If they do commit to something, though, you'll know before it's old news, though."

"Eeehh... I think I'll risk it. It seems both syndies and the cappies dug their heels in anyway."

"True enough. Then again, I guess it's better the devil you know anyway. By the way..."

With that the speaker lowers their voice and the conversation drops out of your range. You frown. Maybe you can ask Eve later-

"Something caught your attention, effendi?" The stall proprietor asks, making you refocus on the available goods. It looks like chunks of meat roasted over open flame. There's also a battered but apparently functional drink dispenser standing off to the side.

"Hmm..." You hum, stalling. "What do you take in exchange?"

"Tobacco, omnigel or power cells." The stallkeeper replies. "Or information, though a stranger is unlikely to have any of use to me, no offence."

"None taken." You say and pause for a moment. "I'll have to think about it. Thank you."

"Peace and prosperity, friend." The man nods and his attention shifts back to checking on his stock as you continue your way to the Warehouse.
After several minutes of weaving through marginally more dense section of the shanty town you make your way past what seems to be a local marketplace offering a variety of services and scavenged goods before emerging into a relatively free open area of a parking lot, your chosen destination looming above rooftops of the huts, shacks and lean-tos surrounding it. It was a simple, nondescript structure. Nothing struck you as particularly out of place aside from the circumstance that brought you here, but that circumstance was enough to warrant a closer look.

The warehouse had, at a glance, no obvious openings or weaknesses. It had several narrow windows near the roof to let some sunlight in. The walls seemed solid, if pockmarked by small arms fire, with one exception that you could see - at some point an opening may have been blown by explosive ordnance but it has been sealed up. You did not see an entrance - either it was from the other side of the structure, or perhaps concealed by one of the dwellings. Possibly both.

Surrounding area felt deserted, especially compared to the marketplace you passed through earlier. You could spot some movement in the surrounding dwellings as the locals went about their daily life, but you could see no traffic in or out and no signs of any social gathering.

In the calm, quiet afternoon you could hear the distant murmur of the market and singing of the birds, giving you peace to mull over your next choice of steps.

>Approach one of the dwellings, ask their inhabitants about the warehouse - their choice of habitat may mean the warehouse holds some special significance to them.
>Try to look for a way to enter the warehouse.
>Look for a way to enter the warehouse unseen. Locals may take an exception to that if they spot you, though. (suggestions on approach?)
>On second thought this doesn't look like a seat of a revolutionary movement, especially not one that's rather open about its tenets. Let's go elsewhere (pick destination from previous choice, or wander randomly?)
>Ask Eve something (specify what)
>Call someone (specify who and what about)
>other course of action
>>Ask Eve something (specify what)
ask her if she fought what the guy was whispering when we stopped at the stall

then we can ask around and measure their responses
>Approach one of the dwellings, ask their inhabitants about the warehouse - their choice of habitat may mean the warehouse holds some special significance to them.

Eve can probably pick if they are trying to hide something
Ask Eve if she can detect and tap into any survailance system in the warehouse or near it so she can observe the real time footage or stored one to look fpr any suspicious activity.

If she needs access of some kind we try to look for it discreetly, if that's not possible we use our charisma to ask around
Both >>4178712 and >>4178891 are good ideas.
"Eve," You say quietly to your synthetic companion. "Did you catch what those guys have been talking about? At the snack stand?"

"Yes, Ford. They were discussing some collective, a religious sect, I believe. One of the speakers was concerned about their growing numbers and inscrutability, the other waved them off arguing their reclusive behaviour." Eve pauses. "At this point we resumed walking. I caught some fragments of other conversations as we went, but nothing that seemed like relevant information for our quest, although some references I overheard were in line match with the established context."

"Alright. Thanks." You say, pondering on what you learned so far. A secretive cult is certainly an entity that would raise suspicions and an attractive topic to let imagination run wild about... then again, without more information you would be remiss to leap to conclusions.

In the meantime, in front of you stood the anomaly you set out to investigate. You catch yourself wondering...

"Eve, do you think you could get into this warehouse's internal systems?"

Your companion takes a few seconds to reply.

"I'm sorry, Ford. Not from here, I'm afraid. I tried mapping the extranet nodes in the area but it seems that this structure has been severed from the network. If there is an operating system inside, I won't be able to interface with it until we approach a local node."

"I see... does that mean that there is no surveillance on the outside of the warehouse?"

"No, at least not necessarily. Local surveillance could be in place, though I found no link by which it could be transmitted into the wider world."

"So whoever would be monitoring it would be sitting inside."

"Either that, or connected by means I could not discover, like a QEC. Or a wired link to one of those dwellings."

You consider that for a moment. As odd as the warehouse looked, it did not give appearance of something that would warrant exorbitantly expensive military connection. Neither did any of the attached dwellings - much as they gave impression of having been built weeks ago - seem secure enough to be housing a surveillance hub. Then again, appearances could be deceptive.

"Do you see any potential access points you could use?" You ask the infiltrator.

"I have not spotted any infrastructure access from what we've seen so far." She replies. "We would have to break in."

"I don't think the locals would appreciate if we did that." You grimace. "Let's try the diplomacy, first."
You casually approach the nearest dwelling, the outernmost in a cluster of huts constructed partially out of ruins of the neighboring warehouse, partially from its cannibalized debris. The resulting structure was surprisingly smooth and robust, no doubt owing to some precise work with assistance of handheld mass effect tools.

"Hello? Is anyone home?" You call out as you approach the entrance covered by what appeared to be a repurposed door of a shipping container. When you don't receive a reply for a several moments you move to examine the locking interface in hopes of finding a door bell but the dweller within preempts you after all.

The door opens before you and a man clad in simple civilian overalls comes out.

"Greetings, stranger." He says with a dull, somewhat monotone voice. "What do you seek, stranger?"

"Well, as you correctly surmised, I'm not from here." You nod. "I was wondering... that structure out here caught my attention." You indicate the anomalous warehouse looming nearby. "Does it have some special meaning for people here?"

The man inclines his head, following your gesture. "Oh. You mean the Temple of Unity." He says, then turns back to you, locking eyes with yours. "Did you come seeking Unity?"

"I... am not sure what you mean?" You ask.

"Wandering alone is hollow. Bereft of purpose." He explains. "Here, we found it. Maybe you could, too."

"So I take it the warehouse holds religious significance for you."

"It is a sacred place. Only those belonging to the Unity may witness the Temple."

You suppress a grimace. The man made it quite clear like the temple was not open to tourists. If you wanted to enter, you'd have to go around them... or convince them you want to join their cult. Of course, that's assuming you actually resolve to enter the warehouse. Do you have any other justification to intrude into this warehouse beside your gut feeling?

In fairness, Dick Chevalier did solve more than a few cases by just following his gut...

"Do you seek anything else, stranger?" The cultist asks, looking at you expectantly.

>"Actually, I'm looking for a friend..." (show him one or more pictures of the missing persons)
>"Actually, I'd like to hear more about the Unity."
>"Actually, there was something else I wanted to ask..." (specify question)
>Thank the cultist and withdraw. You would try to sneak into the warehouse under cover of darkness
>Thank the cultist and withdraw. You want to consult with Eve, or Lea
>other course of action
>"Actually, I'm looking for a friend..." (show him one or more pictures of the missing persons)

so we can try to gauge his reaction, see if he is hiding something
then we dick Chevalier this thing

>Thank the cultist and withdraw. You would try to sneak into the warehouse under cover of darkness

but if it's not night time yet we can check one of the other locations first

Ask the girls what they think
In fact you do seek something, or more precisely someone. And if your instincts have led you the right way, as they more or less, with some detours, have until today, this may be an opportunity to confirm your suspicions.

On the other hand, if you are correct in your suspicions, would it be wise to reveal your objective right away?

In fairness, it's not likely to make much of a difference - in your Adventurer getup any stranger could be linked to the missing compatriots.

Ultimately, with the moment of hesitation passed, you decide to take the plunge.

"Actually, I do. I'm looking for some friends of mine who may have been passing this way. Could you tell me if you saw them around?"

You bring up your omnitool and let it project images of your objectives - Marc Blanc and Rita Rouge, their pictures from the Guild database. You pay close attention to the cultist as he turns his attention to the pictures, looking for any sign of response that could betray his attitude.

You get nothing.

The man gives a good, few seconds' worth of a look to both faces before returning his gaze to you.

"I'm sorry. These souls are not of the Unity. I cannot help you." He says in the same bland voice he's been talking before. You inhale and feel a faint headache as you grit your teeth in suppressed exasperation.

"That is a shame." You say. "Well, thanks anyway. I think that's all I was looking for, for the moment." You add.

The cultist inclines his head in a small bow. "May you find solace in your solitude."

With that he retreats into his dwelling and the door is shut before you. You turn around and walk leisurely away, leaving the warehouse plaza behind you as you weave back into the jungle of ruins and prefabs to find shelter from possible surveillance.
"Thoughts?" You ask once you find a suitable spot of privacy in a corner of a derelict structure that has yet to be claimed by a squatter.

"You seem certain that this community is linked to the disappearances." Eve states.

"Call it a hunch." You shrug. "I figure that for one, such an obvious, isolated warehouse may be an intriguing location to investigate, or to disappear in. And now that we learn that it's a seat of a secretive cult? I find that the anomalies are piling up a bit too much here."

"I thought you're not one for jumping to conclusions, cap?" Lea pipes in.

"I guess you're rubbing off on me." You grin back at the comlink.

"Good, good!" She replies. "I've already some theories, wanna hear them?"


"Maybe they're not a cult at all but a drug running ring who use the mysticism as a front to mask their operations. Marc got wind of it and they removed him because he was a dangerous witness. Or, maybe they are the real thing, a cult of followers of the old gods that undergo ritualistic conditioning and they were looking for someone out of town to serve as a live sacrifice."

You frown. Not only were those oddly specific, they were very Earth-centric, too. "Lea... have you been watching the show?"

There's a pause.

"I maaaay have had it run in a sidelined vid frame..." The quarian admits.

"You are aware that those are not documentaries at all? It's purely entertainment." You say.

"I know, I know." Lea groans into the comm. "But Ford, I mean Cap, consider what we've seen... recently. Do such notions really seem that far fetched?"

Well, she got you there.

"Plus, it would sort of explain why that creepy guy showed no signs of emotion whatsoever when you were talking to him." Lea adds, prompting you to snap your gaze to Eve for confirmation. The man's vocie did seem a bit bland, but you weren't aware that his mannerisms were that improbable.

"It's as miss Fari says." Eve nods. "I'm slightly surprised if it didn't strike you as strange. The man's expression remained completely neutral, to the point where some sort of physiological abnormality, natural, psychosomatic or synthetically induced, seems very likely."

"I see... is there any way to narrow that down further?" You ask.

"Not without additional study, preferably with tissue sampling. That would require a specimen and proper equipment and preferably a knowledgeable expert as well. My capacities on the topic are limited."

"Alright. So, abducting a cultist is probably not something to do... at least not right away." You muse. "However, it definitely seems like something fishy is going on here."
Looking at the sky tells you that the sun is slowly descending and the tint is shifting towards the orange. There's still enough time to explore and maybe participate in some evening or night time activities...

>Explore vicinity of the warehouse. You can spend remaining sunlight looking for the best way to get inside.
>Head towards the meeting place that the locals seem to have dubbed "Thing". Maybe you'll learn more of the community.
>Head towards the marketplace, perhaps you'll find some cooperative entrepreneur...
>Head towards the tenement, perhaps you can ask around or maybe there's some sort of communal bulletin there?
>Wander randomly, who knows, perhaps you'll chance upon something of interest?
>On second thought, maybe you could consider this U̶̪̺̼̓̉̓̔̀͠n̵̛̝̖̭̖̗̟̱̥̳͎̹̯̞̮̮̊͂̊͋͋͑̏̐͘͠į̷̡͉̹̝̭͓̻̭͖̈́̂͌͊́͆͐͘̕t̶̨̛͎͎̝̤̙̟̩̳͐̀͌̀͗͆̾͆̄́̏͜y̵̝͚͇̰͂̂́̂̐̉̚ thing...
>other course of action
(Happy Easter, friends. May the holiday stoke the flames of hope and find you all sound of health)

>Head towards the meeting place that the locals seem to have dubbed "Thing". Maybe you'll learn more of the community.

This refer to the conversation we overheard right?

This Unity thing reminds me of a certain orb we found on a certain planet, scaled down of course but we did learn that some of those orbs were on earth, and on red zones like this too.

>Head towards the meeting place that the locals seem to have dubbed "Thing". Maybe you'll learn more of the community.

happy easter!
The one we found on that moon was made before the ones deployed on earth I think. This shit could actually be something like that

>Explore vicinity of the warehouse. You can spend remaining sunlight looking for the best way to get inside.

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