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You wake up.
The first thing you notice is the ray of light upon your face.
You must have forgotten to close the blind.
You pull the thin covers off of yourself, swing your legs over to the edge, and stand up on the cold wooden floor.
You grab the pants that you had tossed to the side while getting ready for bed and walk over to the bathroom.
Once at the door, you open it, and walk inside. You see your reflection in the mirror.
A young man, with shoulder-length brown hair, and equally brown eyes.
Deciding that a shave isn't needed, you put on the pants you were holding, and go in search of your shirt.
You find it beside the dresser. A dark green shirt with a few small holes. It goes along nicely with your also dark green pants.
Opening the dresser you take out and put on

[] A light leather gambeson and some leather pads for the arms and legs along with a thick dark brown cloak. A pair of brown leather boots as well.
[] A medium weight set of iron armor complete with a chest piece, leg guards, and a helmet. Some metal boots as well.
[] A heavy set of steel armor with a chest plate, steel leg guards, pauldrons, arm guards, and a helmet. Along a pair of sabatons.

*armor choice will determine your fighting style, choose wisely*
[] A medium weight set of iron armor complete with a chest piece, leg guards, and a helmet. Some metal boots as well.
>[] A light leather gambeson and some leather pads for the arms and legs along with a thick dark brown cloak. A pair of brown leather boots as well.
>A medium weight set of iron armor complete with a chest piece, leg guards, and a helmet. Some metal boots as well.
After donning your armor you grab your trusty

[] longsword (two handed)

[] dagger (one handed)

[] rapier (one handed)

[] parrying dagger + rapier (two handed)

[] parrying dagger + dagger (two handed)

[] shortsword (one handed)

*this post concludes character creation*

*write-ins are strongly encouraged as given choices are only guideways*
glaive (or glave
I'd be fine with this too.
So two for glaive.

Could you provide a reference image for me?
Basically a sword on a stick.
Another one.
Its a sword spear.
two for halberd
two for glaive

we need a tie breaker
If its not decided within 20 minutes I'll flip a coin
glaive wins
Grabbing your Glaive, you walk downstairs into the inn's main room

You see two people, one who is blackout drunk, and the inn's owner.

Walking over to him, you see that he is a bit shorter than you, he has a bit of stubble around his cheeks and no hair on his head.

You give the bald innkeeper five copper coins for one extra night.

You check your pouch, seeing it has only 22 copper coins left, decide that you should look for work.

You walk outside into the bustling city.

Now, where to go

[] Slave market

[] job boards

[] market

[] city center

[] Wanted boards

[] Explore the city

[] outside into the surrounding forest

(Refer to the first glaive in the first image of blade style)
>Wanted boards
>Wanted boards
>[X] Wanted boards
You walk down the street in the direction of the boards.

While you were walking see several of the city guards gathering around one of the houses.

This has attracted a small crowd around them.

Moving into the crowd you see the body of an old man being dragged out of the house by two of the guards.

His body is mangled, and looks as if someone decided to see how many times they could stab him.

His tattered pants are barely clinging on to him as he is dragged and loaded on to a cart.

A tarp is then thrown over the corpse and the guards start trying to disperse the crowd.

One of the guards comes up to you, but before he has a chance to speak you ask what happened.

"Just a murder, now move along I'm sure you have better things to do." His gravelly voice sounding more annoyed than anything.
You continue on your way to the wanted boards and sure enough, you find it. There's a small crowd of well armed bounty hunters.

There are about sixteen of them, each in their own little groups.

However, one catches your eye. An older many in heavy armor, his chest plate engraved with the lord's sigil.

The sigil itself looks like a twisting pattern of lines that come together to form a single, all seeing, eye.

He's covered neck to toe in armor, It's gritty and looks worn, but it hasn't failed him.

[] Approach the man

[] check out the posters
>[X] Approach the man
>Approach the man
You approach the man.

Getting closer you can make out his finer details.

He appears to be in his late forties, with short gray hair, but no facial hair to speak of.

By his side is a sheathed longsword propped up against the wall, the worn sheath showing its age.

The man is taller than you by about 3 inches. He rests, back against the wall, obviously deep in thought.

He's seen quite a few things in his time. He has that look about him.

A single scar runs down the left side of his face, from hairline to his upper lip.

He doesn't notice you as you approach him.

He doesn't even notice you as you stand directly in front of him.

How do you get his attention?

[] tap his shoulder pauldron

[] try to speak to him

[] Ask him about Whitewood.
>try to speak to him
im done for tonight ill probily start this up some time tomorrow
] try to speak to him
>[] try to speak to him
In the right thread this time

I haven't been posting due to some things happening but I should be available for a while

Also trying out a tripcode
"You alive their choir boy"?

The man looks up at you, with a face of slight surprise but it quickly returns to his resting face.

"You..... I saw you at the forest." He says as he remembers you.

"It's been a while hasn't it. I never thought I would see you here." You say.


"Thinking about Whitewood?"

"That place..." "It was a fucking nightmare."

"Must've been rough, especially for a paladin" You say eyeing his armor's sigil.

"I never did catch your name, with the getting slaughtered by demons and all that."

"It's Mikail" He says.

"And yours?"


[] Write in
nevermind im fucking retarded

gonna go ahead and say Donavan wins
"Donavan is it?"

"It's truly an honor to meet you. Very few would stand and fight against those odds, especially with nothing to gain."

"The honor is mine. Paladins are a rare sight today, with how strict the requirements have become."

"Alright." He says as he grabs his longsword. "Why don't we head over to the tavern we have some catching up to do."

[] Go to the tavern

[] check out wanted boards

[] something else
>Go to the tavern
On a side note you can check your inventory anytime

just do [X] Inventory
>[] check out wanted boards
Coin flipped. Wanted boards wins.
Deciding that you still need a way to earn some coin, you opt to check the boards instead.

"I need to check out the wanted boards first, it won't take long."

"Go ahead, I'll wait here."

Moving over the boards you see several posters that catch your eye.

One of them is a rogue demon hunter.

His bounty is 20 silver coins. His crimes, listed below, are several accounts of murder, suspected demonic corruption, and treason against the city magistrate.

Dangerous, but it would keep you fed for about a month.

Next on the board is one of the local gang leaders.

Not much in the way of payout, only about 50 copper coins, but it could be worth the loot.

Going alone however would be suicide.

From the information given, the estimated size of the gang would be about 10 to 15 people at most.

Typical gang crimes as well. Bribery, murder, ransom, and rape.

Last is a man suspected of killing a noble's daughter.

The reward is 50 silver coins.

It might not be worth looking too far into this one. If he's smart, the guy would be a couple cities over by now.

Getting involved with nobles is never a good idea anyway.

[] Take the demon hunter's poster

[] Take the gang leader's poster

[] Take the murderer's poster

[] All of them, just in case
>[] Take the demon hunter's poster
>Take the demon hunter's poster
You grab the demon hunter's poster. Perhaps Mikail could join you on this hunt?

Walking over to Mikail and nodding, signifying your readiness to leave, you start onto the bath to the tavern.

As you walk down the well worn road with your new companion, you pass the house where you saw the corpse.

The guards have cleared out and all the door has been barricaded. Several thick wooden planks are nailed to the door, making sure no-one can pull it open.

The paladin, Mikail, catches your eye and asks, "Something wrong with that house?"

"well." You start. "I was heading to the boards and I noticed a small crowd gathering."

"I joined in and had a view of a corpse that the guards were dragging out."

Mikail sighs, "You haven't been here long, have you?."

"I arrived only yesterday."

"About a month ago people started finding bodies. They weren't just in the street, they were hung from buildings, hidden in boxes, someone found one of them in her home."

"How lovely" You reply, voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Truly an artist. Anyways I can see the tavern. We should start on less grim subjects." Mikail states.

Ask Mikail

[] What have you been doing since Whitewood?

[] Which sect of the church do you belong to?

Mikail asks you

[] What have you been doing since Whitewood?

[] Any stories from your past?
(Pick one choice)
>[] What have you been doing since Whitewood?
Mikail asks you
>[] What have you been doing since Whitewood?

You can only pick one. Mikail asks you or you ask Mikail
Ok, them only ask him
"Nothing too exciting, I've been taking requests off the job board for money."

"Though due to the increased demonic presence more monsters have appeared in the forest."

Both of you arrive at the taverns front door Mikail opens it and steps through.

It's about mid-day, so there are quite a lot of people here.

No-one too interesting yet, except the drunk man from earlier, who has been tied to one of the joists near the ceiling.

You ignore this and follow Mikail to an empty table.

Unholstering the glaive, you take it and prop it against the wall beside your chair.

Mikail does the same with his sword.

After sitting down you notice a blond maid, with hair reaching her waist, almost jogging over to your table with a worried smile plastered on her face.

"Good afternoon, masters. How may I serve you today?

"Afternoon Mattie, I'll just take a loaf of bread."

"And your companion?"

"Right, this is Donavan. He arrived here yesterday, we're friends."

"Well then," the maid starts. "A friend of Mikail is a friend of mine! What can I get for you?

"Just a bit of porridge, nothing fancy."

"Bread and porridge? That totals to about eight copper. I'll bring it over shortly."

"So I grabbed one of the wanted posters before we left." You state. "I thought you might want to take a look at this."

You pull the folded poster out of your pocket and hand it to Mikail.

He unfolds it and starts reading. "You want help with this? You want to fight more demons?"

"The payoff could feed me for a month and I'm willing to split it."

"Even a single demon could do more damage than even the dumbest, most bloodthirsty, greed noble ever could." You finish your rant and wait for Mikail to speak.

"You saw what happened to the forest!" Anger evident in his hushed tone. "If we confront with anything less than a party of highly skilled adventurers we could damn the whole city!

"And for what? Some COIN!"

"Then what should we do? Wait for it to amass an army in the sewers? We need to take care of it now."

"There were five demons at Whitewood, that place doesn't exist on the map anymore." Mikail states calmly. "Fifty people came with us to there. Why don't you tell me where they are."

"Here you are!" Mattie places your food in front of you. "And yours too Mikail."

You both give your thanks and the maid happily walks away.

"Fucking hell." Mikail states, tired and slightly pissed from the issue at hand.

"Fine, I suppose we have to do something. But you will follow me on this. You got that Donavan."

"Right if we're gonna hire people we should start with a request at the job board." You advise.

"No need, there's always a few people who can't find a party. We should inspect their posters first."

"Donavan, is there anything you need to take care of before you start this suicide mission?

[] Yes

[] No
>[] No
My internets about to go down I'll be back later
>[] No
Internet sohould be good now

Deciding that everything has been taken care of, you answer no.

"Eat up this ones on me."

After eating Mikail drops nine copper coins on the table and you grab your gear.

"Well then Donavan off to the job boards we go."

After an uneventful walk, you arrive at your destination, the ever mystical job boards.

Moving over to the recruitment section you see a large number already.

"How many should we hire?" You ask Mikail. "As many as we can afford. Looking at their prices maybe two, three if we pick cheap.

"We should plan for the sewers. Find people with a proficiency in shorter weapons."

"How the hell did you know he became a demon?"

"Sorry?" You ask.

"How did you know he was a demon!" Mikail gets close to you almost in your face, anger once again dripping out of that hushed tone.

"I had a friend connected to the church where I grew up. She was a healer. She taught me things, a lot of things.

"Then you know how we operate?" He starts to ease the pressure off of you.

"I have a basic understanding, yes."

"Good. Now come on, we have work to do." He moves back over to the board and starts to check each of the posters.

The posters are divided into several subsections, allowing you to easily find a class to hire.

Which one will you pick

[] Mage

[] Cleric

[] Fighter

[] swordsman

[] trickster
>[] trickster
>[] trickster
Tricksters are people who specialize in stealth, taking down opponents without even being seen, and stealing.

They rely on trickery to get the job done. They aren't very strong but their speed is unrivaled.

You check out the trickster subsection, and notice how high the prices are.

You check your coin pouch and see only about 22 copper coins left. There's only one person you can afford to hire.

Her name is Yuki and her description states that she is 'from an uncharted eastern island', and a master of stealth.

She has long white hair and purple irises. Her hair extends to her waist and is wavy.

Her weapons are a short curved sword, similar to southern styles, and a single dagger.

An exotic person would attract a bit of attention, but her skillset could prove useful as neither you nor Mikail would be capable of stealth.

[] Hire Yuki

[] Pick someone from another class
>[] Hire Yuki
what's her price ?

Forgot to add that its 7 copper per day

The rest average for about 20 depending on skill level and personality
ok, we need to rush for this guy
>[] Hire Yuki
Mikail did say to get someone good in close quarters, and her stealth abilities could be useful for scouting.

You decide to look around for her.

Scanning the area, you catch a glimpse of white hair leaving the area.

You quickly move in that direction and are soon engulfed by the crowd.

Walking a bit faster and having to push past a few people you spot someone that fits Yuki's description.

They slip into an alleyway. You stroll right into it. Despite being just past mid-day the alleyway is surprisingly dark.

You can't see anyone at all. You hear a soft footstep behind and before you know it, you're on your side someone with kneeling on your neck and your left arm tucked between two soft objects.

"Any reasons why you're following me?" The voice is soft and feminine. As she speaks she pulls back on your arm causing a large amount of in your shoulder.

"Sorry, I must've mistaken you for someone else." You calmly state "Would you happen to know someone named Yuki? I'm trying to get her for a job."

"Oh, that changes things." She releases your arm and lets her knee off of your neck. "I'm Yuki, and as you can see I'm a master of stealth!"

"Do you interrogate everyone you meet like that?"

"You did follow a defenseless young maiden into a dark alley."

"Defenseless my ass" You retort.

"So you have the money?" "Yes." "Perfect we can start today then!" I take payment in money or booze. Off we go now!"

"So when do you want it?"

"By the end of the day is fine. Just don't forget or I'll take it myself!"

After your encounter with the eccentric trickster you decide it would be best to go talk to Mikail.

"So, you got beat up in an alley by a drunk?" "She wasn't drunk." You answer defensively "Yet."

"Fuck off Mikail, did you find anyone?" You impatiently ask. "No, I should've known anyway. My sect has a bad reputation here." Mikail answers, a slight bit of shame evident in his voice.

"Should we tell her the plane?" You ask "No, not yet at least, if she gets scared off it'll just be us. I really don't like those odds."

"So how much is she taking from our budget?" "Only about seven copper." I can pay her off for three days. if we get her booze, maybe even longer."

"Good I have about 60 copper leftover from savings, I need to get some supplies for our hunt. We leave tomorrow, meet me here as soon as you wake."

Mikail walks off into the crowded streets, and soon vanishes from sight.

Someone dumps their weight on your shoulder and you take one step forward before righting yourself.

"Sooo~." A shitfaced Yuki mumbles into your ear. "Whaths goin on with tha paldin?"

You turn her around and hold her by the shoulders and realize she's drooling on herself.

"Good Lord you drank the bottle already! How the hell did you do that?" You question exasperated at the drunken, slobbering mess in front of you

What should you do with her?

[] Hide her in an alley

[] dump her in the chair and wait for her to sober up

[] Take her to your room in the inn, not a chance in hell she's gonna able to help you today
>dump her in the chair and wait for her to sober up
>[] dump her in the chair and wait for her to sober up
Making this fool walk would too dangerous for everyone around her and dumping her in an alley could ruin your relationship.

So you just dup her in the nearest chair and wait. Sitting down at the table is rather relaxing and offers you a moment to rest.

You just sit back and observe the scenery. The job boards and the wanted boards are just across the street from each other.

The boards are all lined up against a wall, there's about 10 boards, and various tables are scattered about the plaza.

A back metal gate surrounds it all with several rock paths branching towards various shops.

From your spot at the table you can see Yuki sitting right next to you in the chair you sat her in.

She looks ready to either pass out or die, you cant decide which.

Ignoring her drunken rambling, not like you could make out anything she said, you see passersby casting pitiful glances at the drunk.

You take your glaive out of its sheath, which you had placed diagonally on your back, and let it rest on the floor.

Now comfortable, and no longer with a pole bearing into your spine, you lean back into the chair and decide to rest your eyes for it.

You close your eyes but keep your ears open, a technique that allows you to feel refreshed but not actually sleep.

You soon feel yourself drifting off into thought.

[] think about the past

[] think about what to do now

[] just relax
>[X] think about the past

Right where all this bullshit started, Whitewood.

You never had the best memory, but that place, Whitewood turned into hell on Janus.

When you were a kid, your parents told you stories about knights in shining armor.

They told of those knights heroically cutting down demons, one by one, until the demon armies were nothing but mountains of corpses.

You wanted to be one of those knights just like any other kid. You got your chance when you were fourteen.

A noble's son came recruiting for his personal army. He was trying to overthrow his brother.

You foolishly joined up, wanting gold and glory. Over the course of several years you and the army trained.

The noble gathered more and more men until he could pay for no more. It had been six years since your recruitment and relations between the brothers hit a breaking point.

Whitewood was a large village known for its artisans and beautiful snow-white trees surrounding the village.

It was there that the two armies met. In the midst of battle, you heard an inhuman screech.

Primal fear tore at your heart as you saw it. A demon that had pure black eyes and blood-red skin, it was the noble you served. The bastard had made a pact with a demon to ensure his victory.

It was no taller than the average man and its face was horribly mangled. Its were covered in pitch black fur and dripping with blood.

It was hunched over, eating one of its hired men, so you ran. You ran and you never looked back.

The beast screeched once again, some mix between a dying animal and a building crumbling in on itself.

You heard the ground open up and several more crawl out. You ran through the village to the gate.

Several guards had been assigned so no-one could escape. They wouldn't let you through, one of them threatened to kill you for treason.

You looked around for somewhere to hide and found a suitable house. You threw open the door and found it empty, save for the corpses of the family that resided here.

You paid them no mind and made a dash to the cellar. You found a cabinet to hide in and waited.

It had been a while maybe an hour or two, when you had heard something crawling down the stairs.

It moved slow and groaned with every thwack you heard. It's claws scraping on the wooden planks as it finally made it down.

It sniffed the air and started walking towards your cabinet. Once it got close you kicked open the door and scrambled out.

You caught a glimpse of it. Tiny, the size of a child it was a pearly white color with red stains dripping from its long arms and in extension its claws.

They were large and almost as long as the cabinets door. It screeched so loud it made your ears bleed.

It hurts to even remember the sound. You tripped on the stairs and scrambled up them. You saw another one of them at the top.

The top of its brain had been exposed for the world to see and it was eating one of the corpses.

You ran out the door and over to the gate, it had been blocked by burning carts. You heard the sounds of battle from aways over and decided strength in numbers was key to survival.

You ran past corpses of civilians and soldiers alike, the monsters didn't even spare the children.

Getting closer to the fighting you saw flesh clinging on to the buildings and the street. It made a gooey, wet noise every time you stepped on it.

It was disgusting but the sounds of the fight drew closer. You steadied yourself with spear in hand and walked into the plaza.

It was a bloodbath hundreds of men and a few bests had been gutted and now laid lifeless on the floor.

You saw actual knights for the first time, but they weren't holding up well. Several of the were dead, missing entire portions of their bodies.

You ran over to the largest group of people and started stab at the demon they were fighting.

Your speed did little against it, its hide was as if it was made of iron. The smell coming from it alone made you want to keel over. Suddenly it fell, a blade was sticking through its midsection. That's how you met Mikail for the first time.

Then you noticed the pressure on your shoulder. You opened your eyes and saw the white-haired drunkard sleeping peacefully. Her head was resting on your shoulder.

Looking over to make sure your glaive was still there, you saw it where you left it, and turned your attention to your surroundings.

Very few people were still here and a decision, leave Yuki here or take her home.

[] Leave her, she won't like it but it's better than her waking up in a near-strangers room.

[] Take her, what's the worse that could happen, you might lose some of your booze but better than your new companion being kidnapped.
[] Take her, what's the worse that could happen, you might lose some of your booze but better than your new companion being kidnapped.
>[] Take her, what's the worse that could happen, you might lose some of your booze but better than your new companion being kidnapped.
You holster your glaive and look at Yuki. A dopey smile plastered on her face.

You slip an arm under her back, pushing her up for more leverage, your left arm under her knee pit and lift.

She's surprisingly heavy and it takes a bit of effort to get into the princess carry.

Her head once again rests against your shoulder, with the smile still there. She's actually kind of cute when she's not talking.

You walk through the almost empty streets back to the inn. You open the door and walk inside.

The innkeeper gives you a look for a moment but hurries back to cleaning his counter.

You walk upstairs to your room and have to awkwardly try to unlock the door while holding the sleeping girl.

Once you manage to unlock it you twist the knob and walk-in. You plop Yuki down onto the bed and go to shut and lock the door.

You prop your glaive against the wall and put away your armor into the dresser.

You scoot the girl over and plop yourself into the bed, and drift off into sleep.
You wake up and smell something awful, you look over and see Yuki halfway off the bed with her foot in your face.

You move the foot away so you can breathe and pull the sleeping sot back onto the bed.

You look out the window to check the sun's position and see just a bit of orange in the sky, it's been maybe an hour or two after sunrise.

Glancing back at a sleeping Yuki, you ponder whether to wake her up now or let her sleep in a bit.

[] wake her up, she should be mostly sober

[] let her sleep, you still need to get ready for the morning

Just wanted to thank you guys for being part of my first quest. It really means a lot to me.
>[] wake her up, she should be mostly sober
well, i'm looking forward to the action
[] let her sleep, you still need to get ready for the morning

Its going well so far.
I'll flip a coin after about 1 hour of a tie so the threads pacing doesn't just die.

You sigh and brace to get your ass kicked again as you move over to Yuki.

She looks relaxed, the most peaceful you've seen her so far.

You grab her shoulder and lightly shake her. "Hey wake up Mikail's waiting for us.

You start to shake a bit harder, and notice her rather sizable 'assets' jiggling. You look back up and see the smuggest face you've ever seen.

You give her a deadpan stare for a few seconds before standing back up.

"Mikail's waiting, we need to go." "You never paid me yesterday." She gives you a shitfaced grin.

"Are you still fucking drunk?" "Maybe just a bit. What's it to you?" "c'mon we have a job to do and we need you focused."

"What's the job?" "Tell you when we get there, get up."

She pushes the covers off of herself while you start rummaging around in the dresser for your armor.

You get dressed and reach an arm out for your glaive, instead of the glaive you grab a still-drunk Yuki.

"whcht thu faece." She attempts to say. "Sober yet?" She vigorously nods. "Good." She rubs her face with her hand.

You successfully grab your glaive this time and holster it. "Also you did get paid." "With what?" "The alcohol you're still drunk on."

"Oh yeah, I Mikail did do that." "How are you such a lightweight?" You ask "I drank more when I was fourteen and I handled it way better than you."

"Dunno some friends back home told me that I can taste and pick out flavors way better than they can." "By that logic alcohol would hit you harder too."

"Sounds like you could make a good tracker." You tell her.

"Maybe, I don't really know how to do that though."

"We've wasted enough time we should leave."

"You're the boss!"

Nothing eventful happened on the way to the job boards.

"When did you get that cloak?" You ask just now noticing it.

"I've had it since we met. Oh, you never looked below my neck did my natural beauty keep your eyes up here."

"Beauty no, stupidity yes." "Are you always this rude to people?" "It's fun to tease you, you don't get angry like Mikail and you show reactions."

"SO YOU DO APPRECIATE ME!" She yells. "Maybe just a bit." You say smiling to yourself.''

You continue your idle chatter until you spot Mikail, carrying a bag full of supplies.

"Good you brought her." "How're gonna approach this?" You ask. "That's what we're gonna discuss." He says as he hoists the bag onto the table.

"I see, so how about

[] Catch it by surprise, go in fast and hit it hard."

[] A slow steady approach, Yuki can check for and disarm any traps."

[] Trap it, Yuki is fast and hard to catch get her to lure it into an ambush."
>I'll flip a coin after about 1 hour of a tie so the threads pacing doesn't just die.
next time roll a 1dx on the thread (x being the number of tied votes) so it's reliable
>[] A slow steady approach, Yuki can check for and disarm any traps."

Am newfag, how would I do this?
Rolled 2 (1d4)

test role
got the hang of it
> Trap it, yuki is fast and hard to catch ger her to lure it into an ambush"
Why not the both where we start with a slow approach then trap it afterr analyzing it a bit? >>4166039
] A slow steady approach, Yuki can check for and disarm any traps."
"Slow and steady wins the race. Yuki your job is to make sure we aren't walking into any traps. The guy we're hunting knows his shit."

"Donovan, I want you right behind me watching our backs. You see anything, you hear anything, you smell anything, hell if you feel anything strange you tell me right away."

"I'll be in the middle, right behind Yuki, watching the front."

"I also made some lures and bought three rejuvenation flasks. Remember these won't heal your wounds, only make you feel like they aren't there."

"Once in the sewers we will not talk unless it is necessary. We will use hand signals instead."

"Yuki once you're in this you can not back out. Do you understand?" "We're just finding a guy right what's so dan-" "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Mikail nearly shouts.

"Yes yes just calm down, Lord." Yuki quickly replies. "Is that everything?"

"Yeah. Let's go."

The groups once happy atmosphere had dissipated and you soon arrived at the sewers entrance.

"Quite time starts now."

Yuki quietly yet quickly walks ahead of the group, with Mikail close behind and you not too far trailing behind.

Due to how little armor you're wearing you don't make too much noise, Mikail however is loud.

Each one of his steps sends a metallic clank echoing through the tunnel and the constant clicking and clacking of his armor is starting to worry you.

His loud armor could be the reason everyone in the city dies and if that does happen, you can beat your ass he's getting his chewed out in the afterlife.

You can no longer hear Mikail's armor so you turn around and see that the tunnel diverges into three pathways.

[] Go left

[] Go right

[] Go straight

Nice trips
>[] Go straight
] Go straight
Mikail gives the signal to go straight ahead, and so you follow making sure to watch the back.

You keep backpedaling until you run into Mikail.

You give him a questioning look and he prompts you to look at Yuki.

She had narrowly avoided stepping on a pressure plate.

She carefully steps over it, as does Mikail, and finally you.

With the trap cleared, your group pushes onwards.

The tunnel soon cures to the right, and Yuki holds up her hand to halt the group.

She points at her ears as if telling you to listen.

After a couple of seconds you hear it, a fire and the smell of burning flesh.

Mikail points at you and Yuki, then he makes a walking motion down the tunnel.

You and Yuki immediately understand and carefully creep down the tunnel. The smell and the sound of the flames are coming from the archway to the right.

You peak your head in through the archway and are greeted by the sound of laughter.

You see a man doubled over laughing, sitting in front of a pile of burning bodies. A familiar sight of the pink gooey substance covers most of the floor, walls, and ceiling.

He wears a pitch-black cloak and is laughing like only a true psychopath can.

Pure glee seems to emanate from his laugh. You take a glance over to Yuki, who appears to be about to puke.

You yourself are barely able to contain the urge. Unsheathing your glaive, you tap Yuki and point over to Mikail.

She nearly sprints over to him, not making a sound in the process.

The corrupted man has been making a nest out of the corpses for demons to spawn in.

How do you handle this?

[] All out charge, no point trying to sneak up on him the floor's too squishy.

[] Take it slow, He might not hear you over the sound of his laughter.
>All out charge, no point trying to sneak up on him the floor's too squishy.
>[] All out charge, no point trying to sneak up on him the floor's too squishy.
You look over your shoulder casting your gaze over Mikail and Yuki.

You see Yuki cowering beside Mikail. You tap your glaive then put your hand up to ready them, then throw it forward twice to signal a charge.

You charge forward with Yuki and Mikail not far behind. The thing hears your footsteps on the fleshy floor and turns around just in time to see you deliver a diagonal swing from your left shoulder.

Yuki and Mikail enter the room just in time to see the thing dash backward from the blow, then scuttle up the walls on all fours, giggling even harder than before.

Mikail grabs something out oh his bag and lobs it at the beast. The thing makes no effort to escape and is lit aflame by the object.

It falls off the wall. You try another swing with your glaive this time in an effort to decapitate it.

With no effort the still burning monster kicks you blade upwards just as it was going to connect with its soft neck.

With inhuman speed, it scrambles up and cocks-back a massive red fist and delivers a punch so hard it shatters your chest piece and knocks the wind out of you.

You are thrown backward flailing a good fifteen feet. It's not laughing anymore, just making some kind of high pitched squeal.

Mikail gets halfway between you and the burning creature, as Yuki runs over and helps you up.

Seeing Mikail's sword it draws its own blade, a black and red sword. The blade twists in a spiral and ends in a razor-sharp tip.

It was made for soft targets, but with that things strength, it could easily be used to pierce armor.

After being able to feel your chest again, you take off your ruined chest piece and grab your glaive.

You need an order of attack.

[] Mikail, Yuki, you

[] Mikail, you, Yuki

[] Yuki, Mikail, you

[] Yuki, you, Mikail

[] You, Yuki, Mikail

[] You, Mikail, Yuki

Keep in mind your allies weapons, armor, speed, and general status.
>[] Yuki, Mikail, you
I'll be back to writing about 1 P.M central time
>Yuki, you, Mikail
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Roling for tie
Yuki rushes in and takes a slash with her short katana, she follows this up with a quick slash of her knife.

She weaves her blades masterfully, slashing and stabbing at the corrupted man.

The beast, not ready for someone so fast takes a few blows before parrying the sword and raising its massive clawed hand.

Before it could strike, Yuki ducks and dives to the left, as you cleave it with a diagonal blow starting from your right shoulder and smashing into the beast's head.

The thing is thrown to the ground face first, it tries to rise but Mikail's sword cuts deep into its skull, smashing its head into the fleshy floor.

You drive your glaive into the thing's backside and finds purchase in a softer part near the spine.

It wails in absolute agony. It once more tries to rise from the ground, slowly sliding up your blade.

Yuki takes this as her chance to stab into the creature's neck, no longer wailing only the sound of gargling blood, Yuki releases her blade and stomps on it using the blade like a lever and finally decapitating the monster.

The thing still twitching finally dies. Its body starts to shrivel up, and soon begins to disintegrate.

"So how do we get the money?" Yuki breaks the silence "The bodies kinda gone and you normally need one of those as proof right?"

"God-fucking-damnit I doubt the guards are gonna take our word for it either." state exasperated once again.

"Grab the ashes dumbass. It was the church that made the request, not the city. If you would have read the poster you know this."

"Right, you can go deal with that church bullshit." You tell Mikail.

"I need a nap and some food. Maybe a bath too."

"Yeah you smell like shit" Yuki adds.

"Aren't you just full of wisdom."

You finish gathering the ashes and toss the bag over to Mikail.

"Fuck it, Yuki your turn to carry me now." "What?" She doesn't even get time to respond as you hop on her back and drift off to sleep.
A while later you once again wake up, but this time to the sound of talking.

You lift you head up and catch sight of Yuki and Mikail having a friendly conversation.

While drinking your alcohol of course.

[] Get them to stop, it's your alcohol that they're drinking, you were saving that for a rainy day.

[] Join them in the fun, you might be petty, but you aren't a total ass.
>[] Join them in the fun, you might be petty, but you aren't a total ass.
Back this
kinda late dude
[] Join them in the fun, you might be petty, but you aren't a total ass.
I didnt reload it in time
How well.
"Drinking without me? That's low." You say, rising out of your bed.

"Welcome back to the land of the living." Yuki greets.

"Sure thing, pour me a glass."

Yuki grabs a large, cylindrical, green bottle and fills about half a glass with the liquid inside.

"So what are we talking about?" You question.

"Plans for the future, whether we want to stay as a party or split up. That kinda thing." Yuki answers, nonchalantly.

"Has a decision been made yet?" "No." Mikail starts. "We wanted to hear your thoughts on this."

"Though I would like to do a bit more work here, just to make sure no more demons come up." Mikail says.

"I was actually thinking about leaving soon. I got a whole world to see. That's why I cam here after all."

"And besides" Yuki continues." It would be nice to have someone to talk to." She flashes you a dopey smile and rubs the back of her head as she finishes speaking.

[] Stay with Mikail

[] Go with Yuki
>[] Go with Yuki
Have a drinking/ card game to see who we stay with.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

rolling for choice 1= go with Yuki 2= drinking game
Wait no that gives me control over the story.

Please select either go with Yuki or stay with Mikail.
still going with this
Go with Yuki
Il change to this then.
Also dod you want to add rolls into combate and stuff?
No I'd rather keep it simple. This is my first time writing so I'm trying not to make things over complicated for myself. I think it would be more fluid if instead of RNG I relied on realism.
For example, in heavy armor like Mikail's rolling a one hundred and making no sound on a stealth check might work ind DnD, but not here. Armor that heavy and bulky will make noise. No matter the environment.
So you had a choice between cleansing a city with an honorable paladin, or going on adventures with a foreign drunkard.

And you chose the drunkard. The obvious choice... right? You've had enough of demon spawn trying to kill you. Enough of having to stare into their black eyes.

You might as well adventure a bit. The monsters in the untouched lands surrounding the cities are much slower and less deadly.

They are more numerous and because of that, lies a great opportunity to make some money.



"You want a companion right?"

"You've made your mind then."


"Good to have you onboard then."

Oh right, here's your pay from the bounty. " She hands you a small pouch with a number of coins in it. "Sixty-six copper coins."

You thank her for the pay and cast your gaze of to Mikail.

"Well then" The large man starts. "I suppose this is where we part ways."

"Yeah... it's been fun." You say slightly saddened by losing a companion.

"I suppose so. I should go, I still have my duties as a paladin after all."

Mikail walks over to the entrance and opens the door, he looks back, and gives you one last nod.

The door shuts and Mikail has left.

Yuki pulls a map out from within her cloak, and lays it on the table.

It depicts the region, showing you the location of various cities, monuments, and forests.

It also shows a small number of places to avoid, such as known monster hives, and demon nests.

Three cities have been marked out with an 'X' all of them being east of where you are.

"All right, we can go to any of the nearby cities! Hurry and pick one so we can get a move on!"

[] Wimborne, a prospering slave city. Several job opportunities for capturing runaway slaves, escort missions, and so on.

[] Cirrane, in a state of extreme poverty due to poor city management and greedy nobles. A hive of gang activities danger could be found at any corner, but so could opportunities.

[] Blackburn, a city known for its amazing blacksmiths. A definite stop for someone who wants to buy expensive, but high-quality gear.
Also for some reason if you try to put too much space between lines it just bunches up for some reason
>[] Wimborne, a prospering slave city. Several job opportunities for capturing runaway slaves, escort missions, and so on.
[] Blackburn, a city known for its amazing blacksmiths. A definite stop for someone who wants to buy expensive, but high-quality gear
Rolled 1 (1d2)

sorry about being so late. Was helping my grandmother.

Rolling for tie.
[X] Wimborne

"Wimborne? Ohhh you're into that." Yuki says playfully.

"Fuck off."

"Anyways we should pack our things and then we can head out!"

"Who knows, you might get to know a cute slave girl" Yuki mockingly adds.

You gabbing your leather rucksack from the dresser, you start packing in your extra clothes.

Moving over to the storage chest in front of the bed, you open and start packing in some of your food.

You stuff various cheeses, bread, and a bit of dried meat into the sack.

You also grab your belt, put it on, and grab your wooden canteen. In one quick motion you hook the canteen onto the right-side, back of your belt.

Closing the empty chest, rucksack in hand, you make your way over to the dresser. Where you put on your leg guards, and remember that you left the remains of your chest piece in the sewers.

It couldn't be used anyway, not in that state.

You put on the rucksack, grab a thick brown cloak from the dresser, and secure your coin pouch.

You grab your glave and holster it diagonally, so that the blade just barely juts out over your shoulder.

You toss the cloak around yourself, and tie the string that lies in front of your neck tight, so it won't come loose during travel.

You glance at Yuki, who in turn gives you a smirk.

"Ready to go then?"

[] Yes

[] No

If [X] No choose a destination.

[] Slave market

[] Blacksmith shop

[] Job board

[] Wanted board
File: 1.jpg (47 KB, 500x692)
47 KB
>[] No
>[] Blacksmith shop
Glad you're back OP
Backing this.

Wwllcome back.
Feels nice to know that people still want me to continue with this.

"Alrighty then! I'll be downstairs when you're ready.

You, after making one last check around the room, check your coin pouch.

You have 88 copper coins. That equals out to about 8.8 silver coins or 0.2 gold.

Satisfied with the amount, you make your move.

Once again walking through the crowded streets, you make your way to the market area.

It's crowded with a large population of adventurers, hunters, and the like.

Following the signs, you take a left off the main street.

Ahead of you lies a square full of people selling and buying alike.

Moving along, ignoring the various cries of merchants, you search for a blacksmith.

Eventually you find a stand selling decent looking armor, weapons, and various metals.

Approaching the stand, you catch sight of an old man. He looks to be in his late seventies, complete with white hair and wrinkly skin.

The man gives a small as you approach. "What's your price range, friend?"

Knowing it wouldn't be wise to spend all of your coin in one day, respond. "No more than five silver."

"Any particular items?"

[] Repair/Buy armor


[] One-handed swords

[] Two-handed swords

[] Polearms

[] Axes
>[] Repair/Buy armor
>[] One-handed swords
Repair/Buy armor

Rolled 1 (1d2)

Rolling for tie.
"Alright, what would you like? I've quite a few sets of high-quality armor here." The old man enthusiastically says.

[] Repair current set (2 silver)


[] The light set, a gambison, leather shin and arm guards, and pads for the elbows and knees. (5 silver)

[] The medium set, a metal chest piece, metal leg guards, sabatons, and a metal helmet. (currently equipped) (15 silver)

[] The heavy set, a metal chest piece, metal arm and leg guards, pauldrons, sabatons, and a helmet (30 silver)

(10 copper = 1 silver, 10 silver = 1 gold.)

"A sword as well?"

[] Short-sword (1 silver)

[] Machete (1 sliver)

[] Rapier (15 copper)

[] Scimitar (2 silver)
>[] Repair current set (2 silver)
>[] Scimitar (2 silver)
Repair current set (2 silver)
Short-sword (1 silver
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Rolling for tie.
"Alright then. Let me see that armor."

You hand over your leg guards, boots, and helmet.

"No chest piece?"

"Couldn't recover it. Too many pieces to pick up."

"Must've been a hell of a fight." The blacksmith says, as he inspects each bit of armor.

"Right, your armor's fine, only a few scratches here and there. The chest piece is another matter."

"How much will a replacement cost?" You ask.

"I'd say about two silver should do it."

You take two silver coins from your bag and place them on the counter.

The man reaches under the table and pulls out a chest piece.

A piece of clean, good looking plate armor now lies on the table.

You take it, feeling its smooth metallic surface, and put it on.

You take the reaming pieces of armor and put them on.

"And the short-sword."

He moves to the weapon rack on his right and grabs the sword.

He walks back over to the counter, sword in hand, and holds out his left hand.

You drop a silver coin into his hand and take the sword.

You give the blade a swing to test the weight.

It's light, but still heavy enough to cut through clothing.

The blade is thinner than most but has a very sharp tip.

Barely placing a finger on it draws blood.

"It's a sharp blade but alas, few people need one that can pierce a gambeson."

"Thank you."

"Sure thing kid, I'm a blacksmith it's what I do."

you step away from the stand and start back to the main road.

"Before I forget." The man tosses a leather holster at you. "For the sword."

You give the man a grateful nod and continue on your way.

Where should you place the holster?

[] Left hip

[] Back of the waist

[] Front of the waist

[] Back left shoulder

[] Back right shoulder
[] Left hip
>[] Left hip
Holstering the blade, you latch it to your belt.

You move down the road towards the inn, where Yuki is waiting for you.

All of a sudden, you hear shouting.

A large group of guards push through the crowded streets.

Most of them carry their usual swords with the occasional longsword.

However, many of them are wearing plate armor instead of the normal gambesons.

Even more unusual is the oil-like substance, inside of jars along their hips.

You spot two or three with unlit torches in hand.

They hurriedly push through the crowd, seemingly in the direction of the sewers.

After the last guard disappears into the crowd, you continue on your way to the inn.

Pushing open the inn door, you find it empty. Save for Yuki and the drunkard, both passed out at a table.

Silently cursing yourself, you move to the table and start shaking the silver-haired girl.

She mutters something in a language you don't understand and turns her head towards you.

"Aaah, wewlcome back." She drunkenly mutters.

"Ou wanna walk or geth a wagwon?"

[] Walk to Wimborne (Estimated time: Two days)

[] "Wagwon" to Wimborne (Estimated time: A few hours)
>[] "Wagwon" to Wimborne (Estimated time: A few hours)
] "Wagwon" to Wimborne (Estimated time: A few hours)
"You mean a wa-, nevermind you're paying and you better be sober by the time we get there."

"Shure shure."

"Can you walk?"

Yuki stands up, she's a bit wobbly but you decide she should be fine.

"Do you know where we could get a ride?"

"Somewhere by the gate maybe?" Yuki says slowly, careful not to slur.

You, with your companion in tow, start off towards the main gate.

Nothing eventful happens as you approach the gate.

Several merchant carts, some entering and some leaving, pulled by horses move through the gate.

To the left you see the stables, along with several horse-drawn wagons.



You look over to the voice, and see a small man barely reaching your chest in height, waving at you.

Worried about what could happen to your poor ears if you ignore him, you approach the man.

He opens his mouth to start another speech, but you quickly hand him ten copper coins and hop into his wagon.


You take a glance over at Yuki, who now appears to be sober, and shrug.

You check your coin pouch, 48 copper coins left.

You feel the wagon's weight shift forward and hear the man shout something about your destination.

"We're going to Wimborne." You reply.

"RIGHT-O, OFF TO WIMBORNE WE GO!" The cart slowly starts to move forward.

Yuki grabs a blanket from her bag, wraps it around herself and lays down on the hard wood.

You? You just lean against the wagons wooden side.

You close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

A dream?

[] The past

[] ???

[] No dream
>[] ???
[] ???
You see nothing.

It's a familiar sight.

Not at all like the nothing you see when you close your eyes.

This was different, emptier.

A place where not even the light of the sun could reach.

You've been here before.

Several times.

This dream is nothing new.

This black pit of eternal darkness, this void. It calls to you.

All of a sudden, you feel ground beneath your feet.

You look down at the stone. You see a faint glow emanate from your naked body.

Turning around, you see a black church.

The massive building constructed of black stone, with two massive pillars at the entrance, looms over you.

This is the first you've seen of it.

It was never here before.

It feels unnatural, even for this place.

When you look at it you feel drawn to it.

Without even realizing it, you had walked up to the door.

[] Open the door

[] Try to leave
>[] Open the door
] Open the door
You place your hands on the church's massive door, and push.

It parts in the middle, revealing it was two doors disguised as one.

Eventually the doors give. The loud creaking of the wood and scratching on the stone ceases as you open them wide enough to step through.

Ahead of you lies a hallway.

The ceiling is only a few inches from your head.

The singular door at the end of the hallway allows only a bit of light slip in from its sides.

You step forwards into the hallway, only to hear the massive doors behind you swing close.

When you look back, only a wall remains.

Startled, you make your way towards the door.

After what feels like an eternity you make it to the door.

You attempt to grip the handle, but it disintegrates on contact.

The rest of the door soon follows.

Ahead you see a cloth-covered alter and behind the altar, a golden tabernacle resting atop a marble podium.

This is where the light pours into the room.

Moving forwards you approach the altar.

Standing in front of it, you notice the center of the altar sits lower than the sides.

[] Move the cloth away

[] Move on to the tabernacle
>[] Move the cloth away
Move the cloth away
Moving the cloth away you see a human-shaped indention underneath it.

It's empty.

Could it have been some sort of coffin?

Doesn't matter now.

Whatever was in there is gone now.

You drop the cloth and make your way to the tabernacle.

The smell hits you immediately.


You open the tabernacle and blood comes pouring out of the tiny space.

It doesn't stop.

Soon the room is engulfed and with it, you.

You thrash around like only a drowning man can.

You can't breathe.

Your vision fades.

You wake with a start. The cold rain pooling in your mouth.

You turn over onto your side and spit it out.

You breathe. The sensation of air inside your lungs is a welcome one.

You sit up, taking in your surroundings.

You're in the wagon. You wish you had picked one with a cover on top of it.

You look around, trying to find a sign of Yuki or the loud man.

You spot a pair of tents a few feet from the cart.

They left you. Outside. In the rain.

Thoroughly soaked and shaken from almost drowning, you make your way to the left tent.

Pushing aside the cloth you find Yuki. She looks all cozy and warm while you were fucking drowning in the rain.

[] Plop down right here and call it a night.

[] Get down under the blanket beside her.
>[] Get down under the blanket beside her.
better think twice before leaving us again
Backing this this.
You lift up the blanket and slide under.

Your soaking clothes instantly wet your side of the blanket.

You feel Yuki starts to shift.

She turns over to your side and slowly opens her eyes.

She looks shocked to see you.

"It's raining."

"It is?"

Yuki now notices how soaked you are.


"You left me in the rain."


"You owe me a bath, 10 copper coins, and you'll pay rent for the inn we stay at."

"Where are we anyway?" You ask Yuki.

"We had to go a different path, something about a group of monsters raiding merchant carts. Right now we're in a clearing off to the side."

"Anyways, let's just sleep. I'm still tired."

With that Yuki flips over.

[] Sleep

[] Just wait
>[] Sleep
You decide to try to get some more sleep.

You once again close your eyes, and drift off.

You once again wake up.

Your right arm has become numb.

You try to move it, but it won't budge.

You take a glance to the right and see Yuki laying on your arm.

Not using it as a pillow for her head, but for her entire body.

How she managed this, you don't know.

You manage to roll her off and sit up.

Standing up, you make a move for the tents entrance.

You step outside and see everything as it was last night.

The sun is just now rising and the old man doesn't seem to be up.

You have a bit of time to waste.

[] Go for a walk

[] Go looking for monsters to kill

[] Wait here
[] Go for a walk
>[] Go for a walk
You walk over to the cart and rummage around until you find a piece of paper, a pen, and some ink.

You dip the pen in the ink and write 'Gone for a walk' on the paper.

You lay this down on the carts wooden floor.

You turn and look for a suitable walking trail.

You find only one. The path is overgrown with various plants and flowers.

Knowing that beggars can't be choosers, you start down the path.

The path ends at a clearing.

Moving into the clearing, you notice a small lake in front of you. It appears to be no more than 15 in diameter.

Behind it lies a small church-like building made of wood.

[] Rest here by the water

[] The church looks familiar
>[] The church looks familiar
it's happening
The church looks familiar
The church.

You've seen it before, in your dreams.

You hurriedly approach it.

The feeling of being drawn to it, replaced by a feeling of wonder.

You nearly sprint to the doors and quickly push it open.

It's incredibly hard to do, but you manage.

With the doors now open you can see into the room.

It's small and covered in darkness, except for a small podium in the middle.

The podium, made of rough-looking stone, carries a golden platter.

The platter, along with the middle of the room, is illuminated by a large glowing object hovering just above the platter.

Its beautiful, soft, golden light, casts away the dark.

It appears to be about the size of a man's torso.

It's fuzzy, with small particles of its light orbiting around it.

[] Touch it?

[] Leave.
[] Touch it?
>[] Touch it?
You approach the ball of light.

Every step closer you take, the more calm you feel.

You feel the events of the last few days drift from your mind.

All of your worries, gone.

You reach the object, and with your right hand, you grasp it.

It's weightless.

All you can do is stare at it, as it gets significantly brighter.

Most of the room is lit up now, save for the ceiling.

You lightly squeeze it and feel something inside of it start to give way.

You squeeze it harder and you hear a faint whisper.

[] Crush it.

[] Place it back on the podium.
>[] Crush it.
Do it
Crush it
You brace yourself and squeeze down hard.

It breaks and the light disappears.

All of a sudden you're hit with a thousand sensations at once.

Feelings of joy and wonder, despair and longing, suffering and pain, weariness and pure fear.

Memories of walking corpses, ruined castles as large cities, beings of unimaginable power, and a dwindling flame.

You keel over from the sensations, almost too many for a sane man to bear.

Memories of a lone knight, with sword and shield, taking on countless beasts. Dying and rising from the ash time and time again.

You remember his purpose. You remember the flame.

You remember what you just took.

You remember his soul.

You collapse on the floor panting. You have just taken someone's soul.

You took them. All of their memories, their pain, their joy, now yours.

Getting into a kneeling position, you take a look around the room.

The podium now replaced by an unlit bonfire.

A strange-looking sword sticks out from the pile of ash and bone.

[] Touch it.

[] Leave, you've wasted enough time.
>[] Touch it.
] Touch it.
Guse this is a dark souls game now.
You touch the sword.

Nothing happens.

You notice a small ember on the ground.

Touching the ember, a small warmth comes into your hand and passes into your chest.

You feel warm all over. It's a nice heat, hot enough to feel incredibly warm but not uncomfortable.

You turn back to the sword and once again, you touch it.

The small heat in your chest begin to well up. It travels through your arm and into your hand.

Eventually the heat solidifies in your hand and a small bit of flame drops onto the ash.

A small flame barely that only rises to half the height of the ash pile now burns.

Its small, puny and doesn't even touch the sword however, it burns bright.

Bright enough to illuminate the entire room.

The room is empty. All of the light now gives you a clear view of nothing.

You walk back over towards the door and peer outside.

Checking the position of the sun, you can safely assume no more than ten minutes have passed since you left camp.

You have more time on your hands, but how to spend it?

[] Rest by the fire and collect your thoughts.

[] You should leave.
] Rest by the fire and collect your thoughts.
>[] Rest by the fire and collect your thoughts.
You sit down by the fire in an all too familiar position and try to make sense of your thoughts.

You close your eyes and begin to focus.

The strange feeling of being someone else takes hold of you and you begin to remember.

Large bits and pieces are fuzzy but you can make out some of it.

Namely waking up in a graveyard and fighting a massive man, clad in armor and wielding a giant halberd.

After you would fight through several demons, which the memories refer to as hollows, to reach a large shrine.

You would talk with her and be tasked with bringing lords of cinder back to their thrones.

You would sit by the fire and then suddenly appear in a circular room. You pushed open its doors and walked out.

The sight was beautiful, a massive cluster of stone buildings and spires that connected to an even larger castle by two bridges.

The wind blew against your armor as you walked down the stairs.

You stop there because the rest is still fuzzy.

Still sitting there, you think about that strange feeling of gaining something when a hollow was slain.

Could it be their souls?

You focus, trying to find the souls of those you've killed.

You feel something, its similar to the feeling from the memories.

Unlike the warmness from the ember, you feel a coldness from the souls.

You feel as though there is a decent amount of them inside you.

[] Offer them to the fire.

[] Keep them for yourself.
>[] Offer them to the fire.
Offer them to the fire.
Focusing once more, you try to recreate lighting the fire again but this time using souls.

You feel the coldness well up and run through your arm, eventually materializing and dropping onto the flame.

Your armor feels lighter than before. So do your weapons.

You walk outside into the forest clearing. The sun has risen only a slight bit more since your rest.

Walking back around the lake and towards the path, the effects of the bonfires warmth have gone.

You feel confused by the whole ordeal. You've never heard of a kingdom called Lothric.

And those demons. Hollows were they? No one ever tried to differentiate them into types.

Confusion reigns supreme in your mind as you walk back to camp. You want answers, that's for sure, but you have nowhere to even begin to look.

Perhaps time will allow the memories to clear themselves. For know figuring out what has happened to you is one thing you want solved.

You walk into camp and see the loud man smoking a pipe.

He looks up at you as you approach. "Hey there kid, never did get your name."


"I'm Segar. Your friend is still asleep. we'll depart as soon as she wakes." Segar ends the conversation and continues on smoking his pipe.

You have some downtime.

[] Go for another walk, some peace would be nice.

[] Bathe in the lake, you haven't bathed for quite some time.

[] Just wait, nothing interesting to do.
>[] Bathe in the lake, you haven't bathed for quite some time.
[] Bathe in the lake, you haven't bathed for quite some time.
You walk back down the path into the forest and reach the lake after a short walk.

You take off your armor and remove your clothes.

Now naked you walk into the lake, the cold water chilling your skin.

You stop at chest level into the lake and start to relax.

Your bath was quick and insignificant.

You, now fully clothed suited up in armor, walk back to camp.

It's been about an hour since dawn Yuki should be awake by now.

You enter the camp and see no trace of Yuki.

Moving to her tent, you push the cloth flap out of the way and see Yuki's sleeping body.

[] Wake her up

[] Haul the luggage to the cart.
>[] Wake her up
wakie wakie, sunshine
Wake her up
You kneel down beside the sleeping girl, the blankets still slightly damp from the night before.

You start slightly shaking Yuki who is laying on her stomach.

You hear a groggy moan and a 'what' come from her.

"Wake up, we need to leave."

Yuki starts to rise from the mass of blankets.

Once sitting up she begins to stretch, another one of her dopey smiles visible.

You notice a bottle of alcohol lying empty beside her.

You really should've gotten used to this by now.

You stand up and walk out of the tent.

Yuki follows after a short time.

"ALRIGHT TIME TO PACK!" The booming voice of Segar sweeps over you.

Moving your gaze over to the cart, you see that Segar has already packed his tent up.

You gesture for Yuki to help you and you start taking apart the tent.

Once the tent has been disassembled the two of pack it into the wagon.

Segar goes off to a tree and unties the horses.

He leads them back to the cart and hooks them in.

You and Yuki hop into the cart and get settled in.

The cart once again starts to move along the path.






Here's where things diverge. We can go in several different directions with this but, I want your opinions.

These choices will affect how characters interact, environments, and encounters.

[] Grimdark, the world is fucked, crime is common even in safe cities. Slavery is an extremely common practice. Bandits and beastmen run rampant in unguarded forests.

[] Normal, how this story has been, only hints of grimdark.
[] Normal, how this story has been, only hints of grimdark.
I whould say this but it should change deoanding now where we are and whats haplening around us. Grimdark is always there but we might nit see it as much, but when we do it gota be grim.
>[] Normal, how this story has been, only hints of grimdark.
let's continue with this for now
The trip to Wimborne was, as cart rides should be, uneventful.

At least to things that concerned your party.

There was a group of rough-looking men on horseback searching in the woods for someone.

They looked agitated, and a man with a black cloak was shouting something about a runaway slave.

That man looked to be their leader.

The group of seven or so men didn't take notice of Segar's cart.

The cart soon passed through the city gates along with several others.

Segar guided the cart off to the side of the road and halted the horses.

You and Yuki dropped from the cart, you say your goodbyes to Segar.

Your party makes way to a road the splits into three pathways.

This city is unfamiliar and now would be a good time to explore.

[] Go left

[] Go right

[] Continue straight
>[] Go left
Continue straight

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