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File: Wasteland start.png.png (551 KB, 3032x1556)
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>Updates will in 3 day intervals, and as the game goes on that may be subject to change. Joine
>Players have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn, and as many convoy actions as convoys they can support. (WARNING: Don't expect a battered convoy to follow orders well.) Turn and convoy actions are determined by 1d100 die per action, with bonuses or negatives as appropriate.
>CONVOYS: Convoys are a mechanic, where you dedicate a portion (ie 50/1000, etc) of your population towards an action to leave your sanctuary out into the unforgiving wasteland. The amount of tiles a convoy can travel in a turn is decided upon the formation of the convoy after asking OP. The tiles they are passing through, how long they are away from home, fatigue (combat or otherwise) all carry a weight on the effectiveness of a convoy.
>Only 1 Convoy can be produced per turn, per base. (ie you captured or built a 2nd base after your capital, you can now make 2 convoys per turn)
>WAR: When 2 mutually hostile convoys inhabit the same tile, the two have a variety of options depending on the tile type, and convoy composition. To reflect this tile conflicts are done on individual war maps for tiles, where the two players will have their starting sides, organize troops , and make actions with which successes are decided on 1d100 with appropriate bonuses or negatives considering the situation. The Wasteland will not be kind to routs.
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Once every three (3) turns players may ask the OP for a rumour
>Game is a post apocalyptic fantasy setting, with inaccurate portrayals of science (especially radiation)
>Rushing, Meta-gaming, & otherwise Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final
File: Wasteland Legend.png (38 KB, 2616x1556)
38 KB
>Being Glad with Rad(iation) :Turn 1

The world you know is gone. Scarcity and cruelty have led to the Age of Man ending at it's own hands. After the nuclear holocaust, the clogged rivers and tapped oil wells did not seem so bad. Years were lost in chaos, and man will likely have to fight for his very survival as the harsh radiation that has diffused the world has altered the very fabric of the land. The Age of the Wasteland has dawned!

Automata/ Capital- Automata. A dilapidated factory that still sputters with power and movement. The aged Fabricator Droid of Roboco has found it's own programing along its Thinktank. Population- 100

/k/ultists/ Capital-The /k/amp. A collection of highly armed military descendants and their gear bristle in the northern forests. How will the Wasteland treat this isolated band of crazed memeing fanatics?- Population-1000

Nufana/ Capital- Akhrihenet. is the newborn city that straddles the fertile river of Wasteland, benefiting from its lifegiving current. Farming the river reed, and herding a fat water wadding wasteland beast, these people seek to rebuild in the age after the fall. Population -1000

Hoarders/ Capital- Flesh Forge. A scourge of people took shelter in a nuclear waste vault before the fall, the wastes of nations who no other would take. They began hoarding trash, strange odds and ends, anything with the slightest geiger count. The years after locking themselves in they have degenerated in form and manner, garnering mutations aplenty. The crazed beasts set upon the local wastes and roads to feed their numbers. Population -2000

Pelamun Sandtraulers/ Capital- Landships. A people that know the waste like the back of their hand from their long years of traveling upon their land-ships. The vehicles are venerable relics and have sheltered their people since the fall. The fleets main ship that charges the core rods requires time at rest to properly maintain the remaining ships and fuel them. Population- 1000
if that's what you want them to be

Eexoloyil/ Capital- Uqwhuya. A newborn to creation and the accompanying fight for existence. Barely bigger than squirrels, Eexoloyil are egg-laying eel-axolotl with humaniod see through faces. Living under the rock, and fragile in flesh; the Eexoloyil have thought themselves to psyonics fueled in their hollow egg chambers by the outside radiation.

The Bloom/ Capital- The Bloom. Extreme fungal growths that choke the swampy waters of the lakes. Wisps light the night, and the water of the southern swamp take travelers every year. Population- 3 Algal Spires, 20 Thralls, Countless Light-Bugs
The Hive The climate of the Wasteland has led to aggressive mutation among a local ant hive. Population- 1000


The Hive The climate of the Wasteland has led to aggressive mutation among a local ant hive. Population- 1000

The Miasma Screaming geists that fly upon rotted air. Wise travelers steer clear. Population- 2000

The Broken Leg A hungry hostile tribe of scorch skinned men with suncooked brains and souls. Population- 1000

The Hub – A trade city of merchants and shops, many people pass through Population- 2000
Fort Bleed – A site of a Pre-Wasteland military fort, the General and his men keep the peace at gunpoint. Population- 1000
Sierra- A stop point in the Waste’s, a haven for raiders and travelers alike. Population- 500

Other cities are either abandoned with lone survivors or hidden factions.

>If you would like to play, Discord link is below.

Rolled 83, 61 = 144 (2d100)

>>The Pelamun Sandtraulers

>Action 1: Familiarize ourselves with the Sierra people, traders, and explorers. See if there is any scuttlebutt or groups of people looking to strike out into the wastes. Or if any traders wish to send a trade convoy that needs protection/storage capacity.

>Action 2: Scavenge up some provisions for travel/trade from the locals and the neighboring wastes.

The Pelamun Sandtraulers are a collection of massive landships that sail across the wastes rather than settle down in any particular region. The current fleet is composed of the "Capital ship", 4 "Battleships", and 10 "Cruisers". Each landship having its own minor community and culture much like different towns, with a captain and XO that act as the leaders of both the ships themselves and as the crew within.
Admiral Batu is the current appointed ruler of the fleet. Elected from the various Landship Captains to represent the fleet as a whole and command it in its operations. He is a middle aged man with impressive muttenchops, an oldfashion pipe, and a captains hat that has been passed down from one admiral to the next.
Rolled 45, 38 = 83 (2d100)

>>The Hive

>Action 1: A convoy of 200 drones shall be sent to the mutant plains up and to the right of the hive capital
>They shall subjugate and contain the local fauna for a renewable food source

>Action 2: Meanwhile the queen requires suitable accommodation.
>Drones are commanded by her majesty to excavate her a grand new spawning room for her to dwell in and lay eggs for the next generation to rise.

The Hive is an insectoid mutant race of simple but gigantic ants, ruled over by their vastly more intelligent and gigantic queen. They make their dwelling both above ground in large spires, and underground in huge caverns, excavated by fanatically loyal worker drones.
Rolled 33, 9 = 42 (2d100)

*in rocks

> Action 1: Send out 10 mid-size (Contains 2000 Axoloyl) Rockhomes to explore the surrounding area. To the outsider the rockhomes merely look like rocks which came out of nowhere and only move if they don't sense any sentince nearby as well as erase tracks to pretend they are rocks.

(safety and stealth first over speed)

> Action 2: Psyonic training
To increase nationwide psyonic potential the Eexoloyil start working on new training regiments.
They look like this, but thinner, more like an axolotl (have hands) and are partly see-trough (you see the internal organs).
Dumb question what program is OP using for the map?

ms paint at first but the pain was too great
Rolled 9, 33 = 42 (2d100)

The woods of the north west are clean, as clean as anything can be in the modern day. The mutated beast that haunted the wood were long put to death, though those from the nearest settlement of Sierra don't know why. Most expeditions sent into those woods return with men wounded by apparently un-detonated landmines, if they return at all. In reality, the landmines were a recent addition, relatively speaking. Both a warning and a defensive measure to those inside the wood...
Those in the woods have been there for as long as the Geiger counters have clicked above the ground, when the bombs fell, a large group of peoples fled into the woods to seek shelter, and years later they would all converge into one society, one that worshiped the God of violence, of the weapon and of spilled blood. In spite of this, the /k/ultists aren't inherently a terrible band of raiders or murderous cultists, the /k/ult is far more of an organized religion, with every member of the /k/ult born or converted into the faith. Every member owns a firearm, be that a bolt action rifle, such as the /k/ube's own chosen firearm, the Mosin Nagant, to pre-war rifles like the Kalashnikov or the Armalite Rifle. Ammunition is reloaded, and not while not as potent as pre-war created bullets, they are still just as deadly in the hands of the militant /K/ommandos that make up the /k/ult's military.

1. Gunsmithing is a sacred art among the /k/ult, for it is a well trained gunsmith that keeps weapons in working order past what the average /k/ultist or even /K/ommando has knowledge of, or in the case of irreparable damage, the creation of a new firearm from both pre-war documents saved and preserved by the founders and of new designs perfected in the crucible of post-war combat against mutant beasts and raiders. Thus, the High /K/onfessors of the /k/ube authorize the clearing of some land for formal smithies to be made, where the machinery used in the process may be put and used in the creation of more holy weapons of the /k/ube.

2. An expedition is to be sent, 100 /K/ommandos strong to the ruins to the south, where raw resources may be found. Scrap metals to be broken down, the chemical componants to create more propellant and primers, food, water, all of which would be a boon for the /k/ult.
File: 1581462486613 - Copy.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB PNG
Rolled 18, 31 = 49 (2d100)

// Automata_Holdings
`(Factory Droid)
`AI.Core:2% *DATA CORRUPTED* (run=Log_7452.
Oh God, the nukes dropped. Production is closing. What men stayed behind I ordered to shut down the equipment and leave. Most ran. I need to get to my family. Shipments will be delayed this quarter.


// Droid Allocation = 101
`(1 = Standby)
`(50 = Explore)
`(50 = Maintenance & Repair)
`(0 = 0)

// Logistic Projections

` 1: (cmd=50_droid, run=convoy, if=encounter suitable location , than=run_FABRICATOR_ASSEMBLY_1)

`2: (cmd=50_droid, if=building wall destroyed , than=run_REPAIR_PROTOCOLS:Structural || if=floor uncleaned, than=run_MAINTENANCE_PROTOCOLS:Janitorial)
Rolled 10, 63 = 73 (2d100)

Driven by the common goal of the innate madness and desire to consume and collect, particularly goods radioactive in nature in recent generations, the Hoard sets out to sustain and grow their numbers.

The first step towards this is to learn of the world and what resources are available.
Quadrupeds go forth into the wastes to report back their findings.

Nearby lay a road known to harbor travelers which are potential resources and/or new family.
This will be a good first choice to live and grow from. A warband of mixed mutants are sent to take whatever they can, though their priority is foodstuffs above all else.
-The first wanderers have stumbled into the grove, and for it have joined us. But we do not look down on this acquisition, instead the are a welcomed addition. Send some of our new members to explore the wastes around the bloom, it is essential that we know what predators and prey stalk these lands.

-The wisps might be an important resource for the Bloom, as they attract the lost into our welcoming lands. To save the other lost who might wander passed, begin looking into ways of taming these critters.
The People of nafuna are obsessed with the past, specifically one ancient long dead civilization of it. Their information of said dead civilization comes mostly from old museums and some books. They commonly think mutations are either curses or blessings from the gods, depending on the mutation. One with wings upon their back is considered blessed by Ra, while one with a bone covered club like arm clearly cursed. They believe that the reason the world is the way it currently is was caused by the simple fact that people forgot the gods and old ways. Needless to say, they are fairly strict when it comes to tradition, but they don't shun technology of the old world or those who use it. After all, it wasn't the old worlds tools that caused the end, but its peoples faulty beliefs and radically changed culture...

Long live the Pharaoh! May Akhet guide us to a bright future, one where our constructs rise tall and stand the test of time unlike the old broken constructs that litter these scorched lands which stand as proof of what happens when one abandon the gods. But, this new age at least serves a chance for rebirth, even if there is little left in those buildings which once were dedicated to displaying the great artifacts of our ancient ancestors. A shame that those artifacts were seen only as symbols of the past by those that displayed them rather than finding true meaning from them, if they did the world may not have become so cruel as it is now. Still, it is time to look to the now, rather than the future or past.

>Action One.
While we have made great progress on our home, there is still much to be done. The food we make sustains us, yet should any swarm of locust befall us, or any other blight upon our crops and cattle, we must survive on what we have already gathered. And as such, it is of utmost imperative that we expand the area's we use to farm and make them more sophisticated. We still have a few ancient drawings of what our ancestors farms looked like from those places that displayed our ancestors artifacts. Surely, using that to improve our own farms is a wise idea, for forgetting the old ways was what caused this in the first place...

>Action Two.
Similarly to having to deal with any blight, the city must have a means to defend itself, and while soldiers armed with either shield and Khopesh or bow and arrow are good, simply fighting on a flat field and allowing anything hostile to be able to wander into our homes is not. As such, a wall would be built, the inside made of limestone, and nothing but limestone with the outside made out of granite. Additionally, the towers of the walls should be pyramid shaped. We will obviously use water during the construction, it keeps people cool and helps with actually getting the blocks to higher elevations with some clever work and some temporary constructs.
Is me.
(Failed to roll the d100's. This should work...hopefully)
Rolled 93, 28 = 121 (2d100)

Rolled 61, 17 = 78 (2d100)

You forgot your dice, here they are! :)
Rolled 20, 61, 28, 95, 47, 98, 90, 3, 90, 36 = 568 (10d100)

>Turn 1
83, 61
The landship captains explore the wasteland bazaar that is Sierra, until a courier actually approached their Capital ship. The dusty man hands a letter to the crewmen. When it reaches the Admiral; upon reading it reveals that is an invitation to a meeting with the powerful Tech Merchant Guild expressing interest in receiving convoy services. In the guild's palace-compound, the contract they present is for transport to a tech auction in The Hub, and protection from the rising cannibal activity , and transport back. Payment will be rendered as a choice of one of the bought tech modules. With the guild's aid in fueling and loading the ships, the 1st Sandtrauler Convoy (feel free to give it a name) has been formed!

Considering the long distance trek to the Hub and back without the Capital ship support, the risk of battery core failure or depletion could be quite significant near the last leg of the journey. While scouring the market, a scrap peddler is found haggling battery cores. Soon he is seen off with a few days worth of rations. Poor bastard doesn't know that he'll maybe only get to eat one, as the crewmen with lead-lined gloves go to retrieve the cores.

>1st Sandtrauler Convoy has "Surplus Battery Cores"

>The Hive
>Turn 1
45, 38
As the chittering mouths of the growing larva produced by the Queen fill the cramped nest, soon will their appetites. Some are already beginning to show the tell-tale signs of malnutrition (brittle shell, narrowed mandibles, etc) 200 Drones leap at the order to head out from the nest and into the open waste in search of food for their starving sisters. The 1st Hive Convoy is formed!
>A portion of the next generation will be weakened unless fed by next turn!

Digging through the soil for the construction of a new egg chamber goes smoothly as first, but soon the drops begin. Water seems to be leaking through the soil, and pooling at the lowest point of the egg chamber. The mud dirties some of the spawn, much to the Queen's dismay. Soon a strange rumbling is heard from where the water has pooled, and soon the soil crumbles and the entire part of chamber's floor and surrounding water where the water opens up below, where only 30ft below is a rushing aquifer.

>Turn 1
33, 9
The stones move slowly down from the mountain peaks, avoiding signs of life and trying to cover their tracks as they move to the mutant fields. The 1st Eexoloyil Convoy is formed!

The attempted psyonic training was a good idea, for how does one improve their ability to think than but think more? For a brief moment the combined psyonic might seems to be on the edge of reaching something great, but before the precipice is reached- a harsh dagger of psyonic power stabs the collection.

>The next attempt at psyonic training will be a success, but something out there knows where you are and it's coming towards your convoy.

>Turn 1
9, 33
Upon the /K/onfessors /k/ommand, the men of the /k/ube leap to action, going about chopping trees and prepping bullet presses, milling machines, and forges. However some particular fanatic took too much enthusiasm with the task at hand, starting a fire that traps some men in the burning woods until it can be extinguished.

>20 /k/ultists Burned Alive, but smithies will be completed by next turn.

In search of the holy components to craft the feed for their tools of slaughter, the /k/ultists send 100 of their /k/ommandos to search the tiles the south, forming the 1st /k/ult /k/onvoy!

>Turn 1
18, 31



>Turn 1
10, 63
Upon the Hoards border, the Quadrupeds lope out, eager to scope out the surrounding wastes. It does not take long for them to find it. With a sudden click and a deafening explosion, the beginning of a minefield is found start at your southern border.

>30 Hoarders are pulped

Though it was a shame they died when they did, one day later upon the release of the 1st Hoarder Convoy, they merely stroll east in preparation of traveling while constructing their trap road, and stumble across herd of two headed cattle that wandered over from the contaminated field.
>Chimera Cattle Herd gained!

>The Bloom
>Turn 1
61, 17

The 1st Bloom Convoy stumbles out from the spore cloud, the thrall's twitching bodies dancing to the will of it's new users. Though small in number, they are resilient in form to most predators of the wastes due to their fungal nature.

The lightbugs that were first subverted by the fungal algal spires, were reduced to a strange half-life. As spawn, the algae in the water of the swamp leeches through their exoskeleton, subverting them. Soon they grow, forming swarms that light up the spore choked air with baleful yellow-green light, constantly laying eggs until the algae grows out through the eyes, and their corpses fall back into the swamps waters. With their limited available flesh, there is not much room for the fungus to take root.

However something new has come to bear, a pack of giant toads have moved into The Bloom from the waters of the west, and have begun feasting upon the lightbugs, seeming immune to the spores choking nature.

>Turn 1
93, 28
The fertile banks of Akrihenet are verdant with the rippling green of the river reed naturally by most times excluding droughts, but a new system of bank fields that are wetted with controlled flooding from gates and reservoir pools directed from the river. Soon Akrihenet will have a food surplus that even a man before the Fall could wish for.
>You would be able to trade food with others, while your people will still be well fed

The wall attempt for the people of the great river city is not as glorious. The walls get erected to an acceptable height, and it's when the pyramids begin being built do things go wrong. The towers began to warp on their wet foundations, and the crumbling masonry crushes workers when it falls.

>20 Nafuna squished
>Walls are built, but the towers are weakened and need fixing.
>>The Pelamun Sandtraulers

>Mengangkut Constellation Composition
Lead by Captain Catatan, The Constellation shall include:
1 BB, "Betelgeuse", with 70 Sailors and 28 of the the TMG members.
4 CL, "Vega" "Altair" "Deneb" "Diphda", with 30 Sailors and 18 of the TMG each.
as well as the "Surplus Battery Cores"
This leaves 10 extra passenger capacity between the 5 ships on the off-chance that we run across some other traders over in The Hub to bring back.

The Constellation shall depart and take the roads between Sierra and The Hub.
Rolled 67, 84 = 151 (2d100)

My Convoy shall stay still and pretend to not be there until the danger passes.
Rolled 36, 8, 4, 87, 99, 88, 29, 80, 35, 74, 95, 12 = 647 (12d100)

>Tile Rolls

>Considering Eexoloyil are the only ones in direct combat, they will be the only one's receiving a hex map.

>Mengangkut Constellation Composition
With the guild's aid, the convoy sets off into the wastes, the pack of landships rolling out upon the nuclear baked plasphault like unstoppable metallic beetles, kicking up clouds of dust in the wake. In the beginning of the journey, the land passes by quickly. The roads are usually safe this close to Sierra for a party of the Mengangkut Constellation Composition 'unique composition', most pirates seek easier prey, and the few foot-travelling paupers steer clear of the convoy's crushing tread. It isn't until the 8th tile, when the convoy comes across a collection of wrecked vehicles, the broken relics of a recent cannibal attack. The wrecks are in a sorry state, and fires are spreading among some vehicles.

>Pick one and roll 1d100

>Attempt to find the leader's vehicle and access their safe and logs
>Salvage the intact armaments
>Try to find some components for landship construction

After the attempt at taking what they could from the wrecks, the fires grow too hot, making anything further impossible, and the convoy continues further down the road into the Cannibal Deadlands. As the Betelgeuse leads the charge down the dusty road; a smoky thump belches out from under the front of the battleship. The sudden panic, then relief washes over the crew as they realize the explosive was deflected, and seemingly non damaging. Some of the watchmen ensigns report of spotting crouching dusty naked cannibals amidst the rock pillars.

>The Broken Leg knows of your existence.

>Will post these as I finish them to allow responses.
Rolled 98, 78 = 176 (2d100)

>The Hive Tile Rolls

>1st Hive Convoy
98, 78

The Queen's daughters leave their dug burrows and step out into the harsh outside world. The gritty soil outside- that does not smell like hive, nor taste as such either much to the drone's surprise. The mutant fields harsh grasses with sharp toothed blades did not harm the drone's exoskeleton as they trekked through, drawn by pheromones carrying a cloying sweet scent upon the wind. In the middle of the field is a collapsed wall, covered in a red grasping vine. Scattered across the vines coverage are large fruiting "buds". The buds are a gelled nectar in a soft velvety skin with a pit with a seed on the side it was plucked from. The vine's fruit causes a noticeable effect upon sister ants, boosting their energy and leaving them full.

>1st Hive Convoy gains +1 movement

The "ruin vine" (or some other name) is discovered that it has a penchant for only growing on destroyed masonry or earthworks, seemingly floundering in the soil of the fields before withering and dying.

In the forests to the north, the tall trees go high into the air, far too high for the ants to see clearly. Whenever an ant attempts to climb a tree, a large seed (acorn) is rocketed from the canopy, slapping the ant to the forest floor.
File: viorp panic.png (109 KB, 3032x1556)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Rolled 55 (1d100)

>1st Eexoloyil Convoy
>Due to previous failed roll, a combat encounter has been initiated, interrupting your convoy's movement. Here is where Hex Maps come into play. Here your convoy is represented visually, in this case Viorp, as little rocks.

The convoy left the safe confines of the mountains and the stealth was working, up until those back home released a psychic call and something from outside responded. As they tried to mentally appear as small and as not noticeable as possible, the malevolent presence came at a breakneck pace, racing towards the frightened amphibians. High above, the crazed beast mentally projects like a roaring freight train, lancing all that it focuses upon.


The mentally offensive bird of prey casts a large shadow across the field as it descends. For now the "appear like a group of rocks" strategy appears to be working, but it is only a matter of time before the psyonic predator bird questions the thinking rocks

>What do you do? (Roll a 1d100 no matter what)
>Attempt to take cover by the broken down tractor (red triangle to the west)
>Hide under one of the trees.
>Face this poultry in the field like a big man.
>Make a break for the rubble covered service tunnel to the east.
The hunting cries of the mutant eagle scream closer, as the pale Eexoloyil tremble in their stone homes. After the beast touches down, the psychic lance focuses intently on a Rockhome, the small kin being mentally baked alive. The others hold their cry of grief and sorrow out of fear. The eagle pecks at the stone, jostling the eel like corpses around inside the hollow rock. As quick as it arrived, it carries off its newfound trinket into the air and disappears upon the horizon.

>200 Eexoloyil lost.
>Hex Map Completed

The convoy continues pushing into the field, the tall grasses protecting the sand rocks from being sighted from above. Scattered across the field are collections of extremely tall trees, with swollen mottled red skin fruit, with a white flesh. Radapples have been found.
Rolled 43, 49 = 92 (2d100)

>1st /k/ult /k/onvoy
43, 49
The small devastated suburbs and rural towns near the forest are picked over by the /k/onvoy's gaze. The marching let's the men release some of their anxiousness, and as they comb through broken homes, rations found and stocked. Some assortment of gunpowder components are pieced together from multitudes of basements and garages, with some firearms and parts to boot.
Rolled 97, 31, 86 = 214 (3d100)

1st Automata Convoy
>97, 31, 86

(Map Data Parsing... >Fort Bleed Location Intact)
>3 tiles away
>Droid Units en route -> 2/3 tiles possible...
(Tile 1- Contaminated Field> Local Vegetation kept from optimal growth by soil/water pollutants. An unmarked barrel was found with multiple decayed car reactor rods. >POSSIBLE FISSILE SOURCE Soil is too weakened for anything larger than an initial Fabricator Droid foundation
(Tile 2- Mutant Farm> The farms outside Fort Bleed are manned by small groups of settlers, tending some form of grass growing grain. Clear genetic degeneration present, but within baseline. In the distance, the searchlights, barbed wire, and moving guns of Fort Bleed glisten in the night.
Rolled 80, 5 = 85 (2d100)


>1st Hoarder Convoy
>80, 5
As the mutants of the convoy drag gravel, tar, and stone to lay a path capable of withstanding the Wasteland's harsh wear and tear; the other tile of interest is largely barren with some rock formations, with the exception of a burned out facility/villa. Clearly once a luxurious jewel of science and aesthetics, now burned out slag and charred beams with melted tech modules in beds of ash. A basement is found, and when the lock is tried, the monitor flashes.

>Lock:Engaged > Genetic sample/ Not Match!

The road almost reaches the main road, just needing one more tile of work. The basement is secured with it's genetic lock and vault doors.
Rolled 44, 33 = 77 (2d100)

>1st Bloom Convoy
44, 33
The thralls stumble and trip down the sandy strand, little do they realize they are being watched. The green weedy vegetation hides secrets, beyond counting, gaze merciless and unfeeling, and snipping with cruel determination. The thralls soon begin to run down the beach, as the crabs proceed to pinch the thralls as they pass. While the convoy was chased away, at least the crabs are now known, and plans can be made.
Rolled 4, 13, 99, 67, 88, 28, 21, 25, 87, 21, 74, 87, 63, 28 = 705 (14d100)

Rolled 19 (1d80)

Rolled 1, 83 = 84 (2d100)

File: wasteland turn 2.png (567 KB, 3032x1556)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
>The Broken Leg

As the members of the tribe set out across the sunbaked sands of the Holy Waste in the 1st Broken Leg Warparty, her son's stumble upon her fury, trapped beneath the dry caked soil, some infernal engine of ancient wrath and war churns, spitting flame, foul smoke, and death up from the earth in large rows. Many young braves, naked and screaming, are turned into char in an instant before ever even eating their first heart.

>91 Broken Leg got too comfortable with fire

With their ears held to the dirt, the elder hunters can hear the rumbling of many vehicles through the deadlands, by the time the party gets in sight, the ships are already on the horizon.

>Pelamun Sandtraulers- Passing contact.

>Turn 2 Begins
Rolled 52 (1d100)

>>The Pelamun Sandtraulers
>Attempt to find the leader's vehicle and access their safe and logs
A captain's most valuable possessions are his seacharts. If we can gain greater knowledge of the region, it could prove invaluable. Finding extra salvage, booty, or prize is just icing on the cake.
Rolled 28, 69 = 97 (2d100)

The Eexoloyil mourn the destruction of one of their rockhomes and the death of thousands of their own.

> Action 1
Make up for the losses in population by encouraging high birthrates

> Action 2:
Continue the training of our psyonic powers
File: 1582347989462.jpg (890 KB, 1920x1089)
890 KB
890 KB JPG
Rolled 96, 14 = 110 (2d100)

// Automata_Holdings
`(Factory Droid_1)
`(Fabricator Droid_2)

`AI.Core:3% *DATA CORRUPTED* (run=Log_7437.
The tension is killing our overhead. They say the embargo on the communist bloc will help us in the long run but for now the increasing tariffs and closed markets are driving a spike in production costs. Soon I'll have to make some cuts to keep profits steady. Sorry Dan, you'll be on the chopping block, not that he's keen enough to see it coming.

// Droid Allocation = 101
`(1 = Standby)
`(45 = Construction)
`(5= Fissile Delivery)
`(50 = Fabricator Operation)
`(0 = 0)

// Logistic Projections

(cmd=5_droid, run_DELIVER:geoposition=FABRICATOR_1! Source=FISSILE MATERIAL)

`2: (cmd=50_droid, if=fabricator_1 operational, than=run_FABRICATION_PROTOCOLS:DROID_Base model)
Rolled 65, 54 = 119 (2d100)

The convoy should attempt to continue through the trees to their destination regardless, future generations will discover the secrets of tree climbing

>Action 1: The Queen is angry at being wet, and takes her rage out on a few unlucky ants that have the displeasure of being screeched at a lot.

>Once calm, she decrees that she aquifer be explotited and used as a source of fresh water for the hive, and that her chamber be fixed while they are at it

>Action 2: The newly hatched are starving, emaciated runts, there is simply not enough food to go around, and it is not desperate enough to resort to cannibalism yet. Order the drones around the hive to go out and hunt for some meat
Rolled 79, 33 = 112 (2d100)

>>The Pelamun Sandtraulers

>Action 1: Take up any salvage/cargo hauling jobs that need doing. If other adventurers of Sierra have stumbled upon a sizable wreck or cache and need a protected escort to bring it all back.

>Action 2: Create a convoy for any said jobs, or one for general scouting if one does not appear.

While the Mengangkut Constellation should bring a sizable boost to the Fleet's treasury, it is important to tide over the wait for the payday with some smaller and well paying oddjobs. Speed and freedom are the luxuries of the sandtraulers, but food and building material will always be a burning hole in our pockets. A core rod can power a ship for a long time, but a ship also runs on the stomach of its crew.
Let's see if the entrepreneurial people of Sierra have anything for us.
The wastes giveth and the wastes taketh.
Hoarders lose but a small number of their own in exchange for a valuable creature to collect.
Chimera Cattle are herded and hoarded so that they may fuel the Flesh Forge horde.
>Livestock x2
Rolled 74, 81 = 155 (2d100)

Rolled 37, 100 = 137 (2d100)


Praise be to Renenutet for this wondrous gift! While we wished for a surplus of food in case of famine, the fields have been made vast and truly fertile. Likely no other place in the world has such blessings. Yet, with food comes the attention of undesirables and the cursed who will undoubtedly wish to steal what belongs to us, and the walls seem to have some issues. While Limestone was used simply as it was beleived to be able to be used as an easy filling, with the most durable portions of the wall on the inside, perhaps it might have been better to make it the inverse? With the outer layer weak, and the center stronger? This will be tested with the pyramid towers... The workers whom died should be given proper respects as they pass into Duat, though nothing particularly special.

>Action One.
Some work on the towers is done, with some fundamental redesign on them done in terms of the materials they were made out of. It is better to fix the source of the problem rather than just fix the problem itself... That and our initial decisions may not have been the wisest. Still, the defenses should allow our people to be safe from any stray bandits or cursed. Though, there is some concern a more organized force could break through. We would rather not like to go the way of our ancestors...But this will do for now.

>Action Two.
With fields a plenty, more tools than ever are needed to be able to properly gather the crops during harvesting. Efforts will be made to increase the amount of craftsman we have. After all, with such abundance, we can worry less about food for some time, at least until we finally grow like our ancestors, and this city truly becomes deserving of the name. Additionally, such things would help for creating Khopesh, shields, bows, and arrows for our armies so we may fight off any beast, cursed, or invader. Regardless, better being able to improve the production of tools and weapons is wise, and something we will work towards...
"We've been wondering. For a long time. Ever since we first bloomed, slowly understanding. Gazing out over the shores. What waited? What roamed? Other questions wait. Some answered. The thralls are welcomed friends, we must welcome more. For now, planning. Our thralls speak of critters, their homes in the sand. Delightful, invite them in."

1)"Gather the thralls. Once more, send them to the 'crabs' they saw"
"Yes, bring the critters home. The outside is unsafe, they are in danger."
"Bloom within, the same as us. Join, so our family will grow."

2)"Goshu (Frogs), eat our Wizgi (Fire flies). Life, an interesting cycle. For now, let them eat."
"Wizgi, produce without end. Their numbers, unthreatend. Travelers, not unthreatened by the world. The way, show them."
"Wizgi, learn how to signal. Dance, ellogant lights and sequences. Patterns, delightful and alluring. Gently Signal, lure all and any lost home."
"Dice Rolls, forgotten."
"Corrected, this has been."
Rolled 41, 45 = 86 (2d100)

Caravan goes to the mountains
Rolled 46, 78 = 124 (2d100)

1. Ok, let's try that again! Without the pyromania!
>Setting up ammo and firearms founderies

2. Search the forests for sources of food and cleanish water. We have enough filters to last us a little while still.

Goes further south
Rolled 9, 65 = 74 (2d100)

1. Radman's Best Friend
The Broken Leg do not hunt alone. They roam in packs, with their trusty dogs at their sides, hunting for meat among the blasted plains.

2. Investigate the Fire
It consumed our braves, and it must be studied, warily, by our wisewomen. They would know what it is from eating the bones of the old world.
>>Attempt to find the leader's vehicle and access their safe and logs. (52)

Seated at the heart of the blaze, the captain's ship sits clearly identifiable with its profane decals and spray painted art. The team of marines that cut their way inside ran through the rapidly smoking filling vessel, prying a data slate from the terminal in the bridge of the vehicle. Upon retrieval of the encased information, it seems these waste runners had a stash in a nearby city.

>Stash Location Found!
>Turn 2
28, 69

Within the deep burrows and rockhomes of Uqwhuya, the Union plans lineages and purebreds to ensure the max birthrate with the minimal amount of genetic stagnancy. A workshop in the caverns is prepped for the building of new rockhomes.

>Bonus to pop growth roll

With the burden of grief to drive them and temper their focus, the Eexoloyil find the simple technique they were missing in their mental repertoire. Those dwelling within the rockhomes can layer their defenses collectively to bolster the walls of the rock, while also able to fling surrounding debris in a form of attack.

>Home Shield Gained
>Home Storm Gained
>Turn 2
96, 14


>Commencing _1_ Fabricator Droid Core Assembly
>Reactor enrichment active
>Stability- Holding!
>Polymer Printers Heating
>Molds Filling

[FDC _1_ Produced]



[PRODUCTION ORDER: DROID_Base Model> Request->30/ Fillable->28]
>Production Lines rolling.

>Hello World! [BM101]
>Hello World! [BM102}
>The Hive
>Turn 2
65, 54

The drones form a bucket line of mouths, and build a series of flowing collection pools, where older less fresh water flows towards the aquifers rushing maw, and fresh water supply is routinely filled.

>Collection Pools gained!

Eager to feed their sisters, the drones sweep the once explored mutant fields, finding meager packs of feral cats roaming the grasses. Their flesh pulped along with the ruin-vine's fruit into a fine mulch makes a sufficient drone and larva feed.

>Food Crisis Resolved.
>Pelamun Sandtraulers
>Turn 2
79, 33

Some pirates have been telling stories of a small spring bursting forth into a rushing river over night just a few tiles south. The Water Guild of Sierra is interested in you taking a few tankers south and seeing if this is true, and filling the tankers at all cost. After doing this favor for them, they offer to set the Sandtraulers with a premium water tanker of their own, with crew.

The 2nd Sandtrauler Convoy is formed to escort the water tankers due south to the mouth of the river to fill their tanks.
File: ticke.jpg (51 KB, 859x483)
51 KB
>The Hoarders (Amendment)
>Turn 1
>The road was not built, instead a village in the first tile is found and raided, and many slaves are gained along with their supplies.
>150 Slaves Gained
>The burned villa is still present.

74, 81

Below the scattered remains of the Scorchlander village, humanoid mutants of the horde pick over the refuse, before a strange "ticking" noise makes them dart for cover. Soon however a peaking Brute identifies the source of the sound as a peculiar clawed scar skinned beast, picking at a corpse with it's
dog sized fellows. A chase begins at the beasts, and soon it is found that the village was built upon a massive hive of these Tick creatures. Scouts that fought their way in and out state that a Queen inside lays here brood and was too well protected to reach. The creatures are crazed and rabid when captured, but with traps of food, subsequent beatings and collaring; the meek creatures come to obedience without the protection of their mother.

The Tick Queen seemingly has no care for the fate of her elder children as long as food is routinely placed at the mouth of her cave for easy delivery to her for her younger brood.

>Tick Mound Discovered
>100 Captive Ticks gained

The cattle are driven to the Hoard's Forge, and penned in cruel ramshackle housing and bridling. The mutated milk comes out half-curdled and cooked. Yogurty with chunks, but the cattle's meat has a fine gaminess. Soon a schedule comes for when to beat the creatures into the fields for feeding time, and when to beat them back into their pens to prevent them from wandering.
Rolled 79, 51 = 130 (2d100)


1. Work on looking for new types of rocks.

2. Work on being stealthy
>Turn 2
37, 100

The foundations of the pyramids are laden with heavy sun cooked bricks that sink into the moist soil, soon the weight and even base rests, and now the triangular towers clear twice the height of the walls, albeit sparce in the amenities for the bowmen.

Buried under the dust outside of Akrihenet is some sleeping machine of before the fall, uncovered by the gathering of resources for the pyramids, it's holy scripts are decanted by the wise men of the city, and it's mechanisms unlocked. It's running wheels and sucking pipes are placed into the river's current, and the water drives the great metallic corpse to life. Auto-Hammers pound at anvils, and some strange flame heats forge openings of the building sized tech competent. Artisans and craftsmen form around "Divine Workshop"

>Divine Workshop gained- A water powered forge, when placed in a body of water, will serve as manufacturing artifact.

Soon that district of the city is alive with the pounding of hammers as the craftsmen pump out tools and arms for the people, while training their apprentices in the ways of manning the aged gift from the waste.
>The Bloom
>Turn 2
41, 45

The lake weed covered coasts shelters the aggressive little shell covered scamps, but with breaking into teams and dragging the long washed up natural nets of the weed across the beach, the crabs are carried into the algae choked waters of The Bloom. The weed settles into the water, and seemingly protects the crabs that stay close from absorbing lethal levels of the spores.

>Lake Weed Crab Farms Gained!
>100 Crab Thralls Gained (+50 per turn here after)

As the Wizgi dance their lights away through the clouded skies, casting their signals to all that will see; the Goshu eat on. As the frogs eat, they fill the rocky shoreline to the south with their jelly like eggs, nestled in between the rocks.

A fishing party sails into The Bloom, falls, and then rises once more.

>20 Thralls gained.
>The /k/ultists
>Turn 2
46, 78

>The smithies were guaranteed from last turn. So I will consider this as double insurance.

The Bullet-Farms fill rows between the trees of the /k/amp, starting from scrap metal being rendered acceptable for firearm and ammunition production. Soon the firearms are more than the /k/amps current hands can hold.

>Firearms Surplus Gained! (You can trade guns without leaving your own people unequiped.)
>Also select 1 of the following

As the fanatics scrounge the forests, to the tile to the east they find an aged water condenser, which with a bit of engineering, soon begins trickling "relatively" rad-free drinking water for the /k/ultists.

>Water Condenser Gained! Population of up to 2000 supportable on non-irradiated water sources.
>The Broken Leg
>Turn 2
9, 65

Dog's once were man's best friend, and it should seem fate that they would remain the same through the Fall.

>20 Broken Leg tribesmen mauled

Seemingly not, perhaps the beasts are clever enough to blame their once friends for their current state, but the mange stricken, sunburnt hounds growl and mangle any man that attempt to touch them, and take seeming offense at feeding attempts- hunting down the particular brave that tried such kindness. Soon the beasts are trapped into a large pit, but it will not hold them for long.

>Dog Pact Located- However it is unlikely they will be kenneled willingly, and are actively resistant to domestication.

The fires are prodded, and caverns dug into the cracked dead-land soil several meters beneath the burning fields reveals steel-skinned tunnels bereft with strange pre-fall instruments and gauges and pipes. A strange square shaped hollow is seen through the glass of the control room, where a coiling ball of flame the size of a small home emanates from a white hot core. The flaming gas is sucked upwards towards the surface in a system of pipes that fill the hollow, resulting in the burning field above. Seemingly the control of the gauges feeds or pleases the raging spirit trapped inside the cavern, directing it's rage to the surface. When the pipes venting is closed, the flaming ball grows in size, seemingly without stop. When scorch marks are noticed upon the walls of the cavern, and alarms blare are the pipes re-opened to let the demon's rage be released.
>>The Pelamun Sandtraulers

The words of pirates are always to be taken with a grain of salt. Often times, their boasts of discovery and accomplishment are exaggerated, or at least always blurred with a pint of rum in the pubs. Though it is likely to hold a grain of truth, as any good rumor should, it could just as easily be a honey trap for those desperate enough to leave the city for water.
Water is precious, and if a large number of tankers are to leave the city, it is imperative that the same number of them return.

>Convoy Formation:
>Panen Constellation
Lead by Captain Beton, This Constellation shall include:
2 BB, "Sirius" "Alpha Centarui", with 100 Sailors each
4 CL, "Algol" "Arcturus" "Rigel" "Fomalhaut", with 50 Sailors each

To escort the Sierra's 5 tankers down to the supposed spring. The initial fleet configuration shall be: 1 BB on each flank, aport and astarboard, with 2 CL forward and 2 CL astern.

>Convoy Actions:
>Mengangkut Constellation
When the "treasure map" as some of the marines call it, is brought aboard the Betelgeuse, Captain Catatan calls an immediate meeting with a few heads of the TMG and one of his navigators. After some quick confirming with their road atlas and the fleet's current pace, Captain Catatan can safely say that the extra distance added by taking the detour to the cache would not increase the time to reach The Hub by another [turn].
He wishes to make sure with their current clients if this small detour is acceptable or not. The convoy should still reach The Hub by the end of the turn, but he wants to make sure the auction they are attending would not be effected.

After all, a known location for a faction's cache, and the knowledge that the vast majority of that faction are likely dead, is a rare occurrence and potentially a highly profitable venture.

>Panen Constellation
Escort the tankers down to the spring. If everything goes smoothly and if the travel distance permits, return within the same turn as well.
Rolled 77, 50 = 127 (2d100)


`AI.Core:3.4% *DATA CORRUPTED* (run=Log_7424. Squeaks are getting to me. All day its ERR Eeer EaaAAREee. I have to smoke a cigar after lunch just to calm down. Must be tough on the workers. Where are those rollers on back order. We gotta get some grease on that line. Soon we will do an overhaul, get the whole place running "lights out" no humans, machines don't even need the lights on, it'll be my cozy movie theater up here. For now, find the rollers and yell at the boys, production is slipping along with their hearing! HA!


// Automata_Holdings

// Storage

// Allocation = 130 = || FDC:2 || BM:128 ||
`(02 = FDC = Ø)
`(40 = BM = FDC_1_ = Data recovery & repair )
`(38 = BM = Convoy #1)
`(30 = BM = FDC_2_= Ø)
`(20 = BM = Convoy #2)
`(0 = 0)

// Logistic Projections

`1: (cmd=20_droid, origin=FDC_2, run=convoy=Geolocation: South West wasteland tile , if=encounter suitable location , than=run_CONSTRUCTION_PROTOCOLS:FABRICATOR_ASSEMBLY_#3_) |||
||| (cmd=38_droid, origin=FDC_1, run=convoy=Geolocation: South West hill tile , if=encounter suitable location , than=run_CONSTRUCTION_PROTOCOLS:FABRICATOR_ASSEMBLY_#4_)

Rolled 76, 59 = 135 (2d100)

>Action 1: Experiment with having workers digest and then regurgitate food into the base of the stream.
>In theory this should turn the water into a form of healthy nutrient slurry, allowing food to be transported around the hive with ease and drinking from the river to sate both thirst and hunger

>Action 2: Send a force of workers and soldiers ahead in the direction of the convoy to claim new territory for the hive proper.
>Food is scarce still, and until there is a plentiful supply nothing much can be done, the new hive node shall be overseen by a particularly contented and unambitious female

>Convoy Action: The drones must continue on their journey through the trees to find new fauna and flora and entrap them. They shall explore the forest to see what is there that may be enticing
Rolled 87, 23 = 110 (2d100)

1. H U N T
There is one truth. That the bond between man and dog is cemented in blood and meat. If we are to rekindle our forgotten bond it must be with a feast worthy of that. To that end, a party of 100 braves is dispatched to bring back a suitable offering for our friends. If it is Man they want it is Man they shall receive. The pale ones are perfect. Fat. Succulent. Weak. They cannot survive the wastes. They are cattle.

2. Explore the Facility
Maghda the Wise Crone continues to lead her own small party of braves in the exploration of the facility. While its arcane mysteries are beyond even her wizened ken, not all of it is beyond comprehension. She can read some of the Pale Speech after all. It is using her knowledge and the knowledge gleaned from many decades of staring into the Sun Father's burning eye that she can resist the heat and the fire to explore the facility.
Rolled 83, 26 = 109 (2d100)

>Mortars Selected

1. Lands we have already scouted, such as those suburbs are to be colonized. Homes are refitted to become barracks, and between them, digga-/k/ommandos establish a new unnaground network for additional living and storage space.

2. In the ancient times, those known as the "Union of soviet", a land where many weapons possessed by the /k/ult were originally made, during their great war, peasants and partisans made grenades in their garages and homes. A steady supply of easily mass produced grenades would be very beneficial to our forces.
Best get working on those convoy responses, OP.
Before everyone posts their turn 3 actions before turn 2 is even finished.
Rolled 45, 42 = 87 (2d100)


Truly our efforts are blessed! Thoth clearly has granted us a gift this day, magical or scientific in nature, likely a mix of both. Regardless, this will be a great boon, and should allow us to do many things we normally wouldn't be able to. Perhaps we can have more than mere shields of hide and khopesh for our front line soldiers and instead something a bit more. Perhaps the greatest warriors of Sekhmet could be given something better? There was some records of a kind of armor on chariots of many scales of metal...Maybe we could look into that...Still, even so, with all these blessings we have been given our path is made clear for us. Great temples to the gods must be made. We will start with one to Renenutet, then Thoth, as they should be given their proper praise for their gifts they bestowed upon us.

>Action One.
We will have some of our craftsmen, and some priests work on finding a way to replicate a technique related to the armor of chariots, charioteers and ancient pharaohs, and will see how useful it might be for the common foot soldier. If we have our texts right, this kind of armor was called 'scale armor' in times before the fall, yet we have been unable to find the original, true name for such a thing sadly.

>Action Two.
We must create temples to the gods for the many gifts we have been bestowed. We will start with temples to the gods who have blessed us currently, however if possible in the time we have, we will build others as well. It will also create a more centralized place for the priests, and more importantly allow them to more easily due the proper rites and rituals...After all, one shutters to imagine if the rites to ward off Apep were unable to be done for an example...
File: miasma.jpg (37 KB, 887x499)
37 KB
Rolled 26, 49, 86, 18, 94, 35, 42, 52, 65, 74, 58, 64, 63, 16 = 742 (14d100)

>Miasma has joined as a player

It’s common knowledge to most wastelanders that the mountains to the south were targeted when the bombs hit. Some elders say that it used to be a prosperous mountain town, built to be a haven for a group of old-world bigshots. Now all that remains is an irradiated plateau and the toxic rubble of what used to be civilization. Very few scavengers have traveled there and returned. The few that made it back tell a chilling story of caution, for beneath the wasteland's southern mountains stirs an eery presence, a presence that threatens to steal your life and make it it’s own. Those few have also been called crazy. Most people credit them as good storytellers however, and the myth of the Miasma is spread through the southern settlements as a way to dissuade would-be adventurers from treading the irradiated plateau.

Little do they know that what they speak of is not just a myth, and that a radiation-born mutagen has long since reanimated many of the former residents of the mountain town, who have been making examples of adventurers since their inception. Many geists are aware, but very few are sentient. The form as a sort of hive mind, breaking off into sections as needed, given an Advanced Miasma is within the group.A harmony of piercing shrieks echo off of the mountains as numbers of Miasma are summoned by the Advanced. A sulphurous cloud gathers at the feet of the hoard as more Miasma gather from the mountains and rubble. Soon their numbers are apparent, and a cacophony of different screeches can be heard from the crowd. The crowd begins to split…

A large section of the horde (500/2000) is sent back into the surrounding mountains to hunt new prey. Wandering humans have been enough to feed on and supplement Miasma numbers thus far, but the geists must expand their predatory horizons if they wish to be successful in the coming waves. These geists target any and all wasteland creatures that live in the mountains, bringing them back for eating and reanimation.

A handful of Miasma (100/2000) continue past the mountains to the southeast to scout the mountain’s perimeters. A few extra Advanced Miasmas attend this excursion, while a few remain in the plateau to control the rest of the horde, which dissipates back into the rubble for the time being.

Convoy Listings (Full text will be coming after the rolls.

Pelamun Sandtraulers

>Mengangkut- 12 tiles, to supply cache then hub
>Panen- 6 tiles, down and back to the river mouth hopefully

>1st Automata Convoy- 2 tiles south west, near Fort Bleed

The Hive
>1st Hive Convoy- Climbs into the trees ( hexmap )

>9 Strange Rocks- Stealthily 2 tiles into mountains.

Broken Leg-
>(going to take what you gave as action 1 for turn 3 as your convoy action.) 2 tiles, searching for human chewtoys.

>2 Tiles further south

>Still waiting for convoy movements.
Rolled 4, 50, 67, 43, 47, 16, 89, 69 = 385 (8d100)

(Also The Bloom)


The smoky black geists set howling through the mountain peaks. A few goats with bulging eyes and overgrown horns have their breath stolen from their very lungs as the ghastly wind sweeps into the beasts and shuts out their lights.

>200 Miasma gained

The mountains however provide much cover to the storm's grasp, deep within caverns where cool fresh breezes blow- life burns on. The wind rages outside the stone hollows.

The errant zephyr of geists billows down the mountain like inky riders upon the wind, galloping over the Wastes. The geists see very little but sand itself, but inside the sand dunes however.... tracks leading north west.

The land-ships roll down the road, engines roar, and the merchants of the guild are snooty and pretentious. When you make it to one of the few Great Intersections, you take the detour leading to the supply cache. A cruiser trundles down an inter-pass snugly, before resting in front of a bombed out old diner. The crew step into the back area, and wheel out a strange rack

>Mk. II Mine Caster - Allows the convoy it's equipped on to deploy mines behind their wake on retreat.

Out of the ghost town, where black char still mars the surfaces of the pavement, and empty cars clog the streets with their corpses. Such sights disturb the land ship engines, and it's important to limit their exposure. Returning to the Intersection, the convoy sails past some men that were attempting to block the road with a shipping container, the battleship gouging straight through the hollow metal box. The men scurry in fear and panic as their attempt at highwayman-ship is foiled.
4, 50, 67, 43

Upon the first day of travel, one of the tankers is caught in a rut upon the plains. By the time it is towed free, a whole tile's worth of travel time is lost.

The dry grasses of the mutant plains are crushed under the rolling iron tread of the ships, mut-horses in their herds circle within watching distance, distrustful of the metal interlopers upon their fields.

Finally the rushing mouth of the river is reached, and the tankers one by one lower their hoses into the torrent and fill themselves to the brim. Not long thereafter the entire convoy rolls back north, just one tile's distance away from the gate of Sierra.

>1st Automata Convoy
47, 16

The droids creep and clank through the night, eager to avoid having bullet holes shot through their processors by some twitchy nightwatchman from Fort Bleed. Under the cover of darkness, the convoy leaves the settler farms behind them, and reaches more contaminated fields. Here along the entire 2 tile span, a massive wreck of some sort of satellite/aircraft lays half buried and broken with its crash path leaving a gaping wound still in the earth. Occasionally sparks flicker from some wires, but other than that the platform seems inert.
File: hivevsquir.png (75 KB, 3032x1556)
75 KB
>1st Hive Convoy
>89, 69

The 200 drones claw and climb their way up the overgrown trees, and in mass catch the acorn throwers by surprise. Upon reaching the forest canopy, a family of 5 Rad Squirrels are found, along with paths leading to two other canopy tiles.

>Canopy Hexmap begin

>Take your first action as your convoy in combat, your convoy is divided into two groups of 100 ants, against 5 larger than man sized squirrels.
>Feel free to direct the 2 unit divisions to do as you see fit, rolling a 1d100 per division.
Rolled 44, 71, 62, 18, 3, 57, 26, 16, 2, 45 = 344 (10d100)

Rolled 18, 46 = 64 (2d100)

>The drones, lead by a few more intelligent warriors, decide to attempt the death blob tactical strategy, where the entire force of dog sized ants charges left to catch and overwhelm the incredibly large squirrels by surprise, mandibles and claws flying
Rolled 54, 11 = 65 (2d100)

Time for my 3rd Turn:

> Action 1: Counter-De'Ja'Vu Psionics
From our encounter with the Big Bird of Predation we have learned that we are lacking in sneakiness. Thus a new form of psyonics is to be developed, which makes missing our kind even easier. Intended effects:
> if one sees a standing rockhome, they will remember it always being there unless they have physical proof it was not (a photo/map) Just a usual rock/boulder which just kinda is there
> if one sees a rockhome moving they will think "rocks do move right? nothing to see here"
> if one stumbles upon an Eexoloyil by chance they will remember it as an old friend they didn't meet in a while

> Envoy Action for previous turn: Why did we even go out again?
The Eexoloyil Rockhome convoy decides to look for various trinkets which may help increase their psyonics in power.

> Action 2: Living in rocks
At our capital we start digging our tiny tunnels in various directions (down and all sides) looking to find useful things
Rolled 72 (1d100)

Ooof, 3rd roll.

I hate games with rolls, I have bad dice-luck.
>>The Pelamun Sandtraulers

Turn 3
>Action 1: Study the stars and reacquaint ourselves with objects of note, beauty, or usefulness. Perhaps even get a few telescopes designed for space-observation.

>Action 2: Establish a basic series of maritime signal flags and semaphore. To help communicate when on the move and to let people to know to get out of the way.

The stars have always been a key navigational tool for the sailors of yore. Though less necessary due to our maps, roads, and numerous landmarks to lead the way, there are far more interesting objects in the night sky now than once was; streaks constantly lighting up the night sky as old 'satellites' continue to orbit and decay.

One of the XOs of the still-docked landships points out to the higher command that while the fleet's past methods of "run over everything that gets in our way" when actively sailing might be a solid approach to dealing with unorganized bandits, cannibals, and rabid beasts; it is likely not a sustainable way of interaction with other organized convoys from allied or neutral ports. Thus, a basic way to communicate origin, purpose, and intent should be established and informed to organizations that wish to share our roads. If, for no other reason, than to be able to tell people to get out of our way without having to actively fire over head.
Rolled 99, 58 = 157 (2d100)

Failure on my part.
Rolled 87, 60, 95, 89, 34 = 365 (5d100)

File: hivevsquir2.png (77 KB, 3032x1556)
77 KB
18, 46 vs 87, 60, 95, 89, 34

The Drones charge bravely, skittering across the wooden limb. As they rush, 3 car sized acorns crush members of the convoy , their mother would weep with grief when she heard how her sweet children were pulped by the cruel artillery of these overgrown tree rats. The vengeful sisters gore the two closer squirrels that were close enough to reach.

>15 Drones killed
>What now?

>9 Strange Rocks (Eexoloyil)
44, 71,

The eerie calmness after the Mental Bird's attack is frightening, how quickly the world becomes madness and fear, and yet continues on like nothing happened immediately after. Thousands gone, and all for a magpies greed. Clutching to the rock face is a green carpet of moss right below the snow peaks. The glinting mountain dew in all it's purity makes it even more perfect as a delectable snack. All the newts filling the newly made Rockhomes are sure to love this.
>1st /k/ultist /k/onvoy
62, 18

The /k/onvoy presses south, picking through the refuse of long dead people as they go. A broken down radio tower is found in the tile, it's lights off and struts rusted. When the /k/onvoy makes it into the city, they struggle to find much of anything. The strange feeling of eyes on the back of the /k/onvoys neck grows as the empty highrises glare from above.

>The Bloom's Convoy used it's movement to complete its action with crabs in previously explored tiles.

>Hoarders- Just going to have your convoy stay put, message me if otherwise and it can be added when The Hive's encounter is over.
Rolled 13, 46, 59, 72, 63, 85, 87, 77, 81, 3, 20, 70, 21, 57 = 754 (14d100)

>Turn 3
1. Food Cultivation
Even meat eaters need to supplement it with something else. Like mutatos.

2. Explore the Facility
Maghda the Wise Crone continues to lead her own small party of braves in the exploration of the facility. While its arcane mysteries are beyond even her wizened ken, not all of it is beyond comprehension. She can read some of the Pale Speech after all. It is using her knowledge and the knowledge gleaned from many decades of staring into the Sun Father's burning eye that she can resist the heat and the fire to explore the facility.
Rolled 9 (1d80)

Rolled 81, 85 = 166 (2d100)

>Pelamun Sandtraulers Cont.

Soon thereafter the road to The Hub is uneventful, as the city gates approach, the traffic increases. A signaller beckons the landships to dock in an open fuel bay, and the merchants of the guild disembark into the metropolis.

>What would you like the Megangkut to do while in The Hub?

>1st Broken Leg Warparty
>3, 57

At first nothing happens while moving the dogs, and the tension is near breaking; the beasts barely tolerating the near contact. Upon reaching the 2nd tile, the hounds are released in mass upon the herders of Cross Hill. Dirty, rag wearing men that follow goats congregate upon these hills were large iron crosses stand 15 meters high, casting long shadows as the hermits are mauled by snarling canines..
File: wasteland 3.png (631 KB, 3032x1556)
631 KB
631 KB PNG


>If you already have turn 3 actions in, thank you for your eagerness.
>When The Hive finishes their hexmap, their convoy's change of position will be declared then.
>When your text update for turn 3 is done, please respond to that with your convoy's action and movement if not already posted.
The Turn 3 posts made thus far:

>>4107723 for The Automata

>>4107861 for The Hive

>>4107957 or >>4113288 for The Broken Leg (You'll have to ask them which they want, since they did two)

>>4109067 for the /k/ult of the /k/ube

>>4109581 for Nafuna

>>4112854 for the Exeoloyil Rockhome Union

>>4112966 for the Pelamun Sandtraulers
Rolled 90, 57 = 147 (2d100)

Rumors of moist rocks leads many to begin milking stones across the wastes for hydration.

The Hoard begins collecting every object of use, either nearby or within their home in the way of large scrap to build the beginnings of a city above the ground in and around the Flesh Forge.
(If already in somewhat of a city state, use action to grow it/build walls)

Use new resources to propagate more beings into the Hoard.
>What would you like the Megangkut to do while in The Hub?

>Battleship crew in particular
Check the treads that hit the IED and make sure its not more than superficial damage. Do general maintenance.
>The rest
Mainly talk with some of the other convoy crews and see what's what on the roads and surrounding lands.
Also hit up some of the markets or other guilds to see if they want any minor trade to go back to Sierra. Can hold 10 people and/or cargo.
>The Automata
>Turn 3
77, 50

.//Automata Holdings Systems Report

>Convoy #1 en-route to tile
>Convoy #2 formed and en-route to tile


): [Ethics Limiters] Corrupted! Alert Technician
): [Corporate Override] Corrupted! Alert Technician
): _5/30_ [ Data Cores] Corrupted! Seek Backup Drivers


>Additional Drivers Location.... Located: Automata Holdings Wholesale- Red Tile with Circle and Three hook shapes.

>Current Nuclear Capacity related to each activity -
SAFE: FDC Production, Battery Rod Charging and Enrichment (Adding lifespan), and General Handling and Refinement of Fissile Material for Energy Purposes/

CAUTION: Reactors larger than 3-production line/core setups, Nuclear Emitters, and Dirty Armaments/


>The Hive
>Turn 3
76, 59

The ruin-vine buds and cat flesh is pulped along with spat water at the mouth of the pools, and the trickling flow carries the pink slurry through the Hollow, and passing Drone merely have to dip their barbed proboscises into the pools along their busy workdays and they are invigorated and filled. The Hive teems with life, and moves faster than ever.

A young queen heads to the tile of the ruin-vine to dig her egg chamber and raise her brood. The old Queen-now Empress, wishes her well. The loamy soil slices under the young mother's guiding hand, slowly but reliably.

>The Broken Leg
>Turn 3
87, 23

Starchy, bitter, yet robust- the mutato has a rocky outer skin with eyes, the fruit of the waste has to be harshly beaten with hammers into a fine paste and cooked in order to be rendered edible. The children and the camp women busy themselves taking the rock like starch boulders, cutting the eyes for replanting, mashing, and then boiling the newfound food.

The Crone strains her eyes at the dust covered gauges and dials, and squints with disquiet at the raging ball of fire. She reads the holy scripts of the dead men, but many are lost or the tongue to unfamiliar. What the Crone is able to discern from some studying is this.

>1. The Facility can hold the flame for a maximum of TWO turns, before needing to vent for safety.
>2. The Demon is some sort of strange star-metal, that as it rots it produces a burning gas. If it could be extinguished somehow, the metal could be manipulated perhaps.
>3. The entire foundation of the Facility is surprising stable. If it wasn't for the hellfire- the soil would be inhabitable.

>Turn 3
83, 26

Within a scattered and destroyed home, a cellar door is opened, revealing a staircase into a /k/ultist's wet dream. Short tubes within their carrying cases and their small egg-like friends in crates lining the walls.

>1st /k/ult /k/onvoy equipped with [MORTARS] as well as their standard firearms. Other /k/onvoys may be equipped with [MORTARS] if wished.

Settlers from the /k/amp rush about, felling trees for lumber, digging latrines and cellars, and building homes. Many of the younger /k/ultists take this opportunity to escape the /k/onfessors watchful eyes with their waifus, and homesteading in the barracks compounds.

>Select name for this new outpost?
>Bonus to pop growth this turn

The first grenade attempt is unwieldy and many of the /k/ultists say to never trust the cruel weapons fuses, but for the purpose of crowd control in the palm of one's hand, close enough applies in this case.

>Convoys can be equipped with either [MORTARS] or [GRENADES] until greater logistical ability is reached. /K/amp Outposts have access to both equipments.
>Turn 3
45, 42

The armor takes time, and while workable prototypes do emerge, it takes even longer for the guards and soldiers to retrain to fight in the heavy armor that by the end of the whole ordeal, while the improvement to protection is definitely noted- it's most certainly no blessed inspiration or find. Merely scaled metal linked to block the edge of a blade or tooth of beast.

The temple district soon comes popping out of the ground, and the newfound order in the ways of worship prevents any power cults in the city from rising at the moment, but again nothing of note. One can not expect the gods to thank them for doing something that should have been done all along, right?

>Turn 3
54, 11

Many of the hermits and exiles from Fort Bleed or Sierra drift around the north west corner of the wasteland. A dusty rag wearing man plods through a mutant field, searching the grasses for anything to feed his hunger or quench his thirst. As he corners a small critter he stops as he sees his old friend Dave crawling back into his house, and the slowly moving completely normal rocks of the wasteland trundles on by, dang rocks always scare prey now.

>Some human hermits and exiles are moving into the mutant plains south of Uqwhuya, only about a dozen strong. The mental diversions are effective however.

The stone caverns are hollowed through with stone picks, but the furor at which those that live in rocks set about their task with was far too much. A cave in occurs, and when the rubble is cleared, a young Rockhome- whose stone was thinner, lays crushed.

>100 (1000) Eexoloyil kissed cave ceiling

The caverns are widened and already new roots and insect burrows are found. New material to make homes out of are discovered; namely a clear glassy quartz, and isolated pools of mercury make a strange find.
Rolled 34, 87, 60 = 181 (3d100)

Once the new mountain goat Miasma return to the ranks, the horde takes the opportunity to test the limits of the goats.

The horde (500/1980) in the north-eastern mountains wisp over into the west mountains surrounding their home in search of more creatures to assimilate.

The small band of Miasma (100/1980) immediately take interest in the tracks, and after a few gutteral sounds amongst themselves, the group start following the tracks.
>Pelamun Sandtraulers
>Turn 3
99, 58

The people of the fleet turn their gaze, long trained upon the charred soil and plasphualt, upwards into the ever-staring guardians of the heavens- the very stars themselves. While a few of the old star charts are outdated, but most hold true. Many of the silent drifting satellites are cataloged and new orbits are predicted. With some rudimentary tinkering, telescopes and spy-glasses now are a set piece in every landship bridge.

>[ASTROLOGY]- Predict the fall of space debris, perfect location finding, and a few other things with your eyes looking to the sky.

Using a system of a miserable ensign and some colorful flags, the Sandtraulers are able to convey their messages to other travelers of the Waste in non-bloody means. Also makes for good convoy to convoy communication.

>The Hoard
>Turn 3
90, 57

The burrows and shacks of the hoarding mutants are expanded and piled upon. A jagged stony wall snakes it's way around the dumpsite/city. The carved sandy rock appears like some strange formation from the bosom of the Wasteland, until the foul denizens begin crawling all around it. The Flesh Forge busies with activity from home to home and across the walls. The screaming cries of breeding mutants filling their newfound living space echos through the stone junk city.

>60 Abominations Gained

>The Miasma
>Turn 3
34, 87

The newfound goat-geists crack together on their horns in the sky, filled with rage and restlessness much like their past lives. The battling black winds crash into boulders upon the mountain peaks, sending them tumbling hundreds of feet below.

>The Miasma has gained the ability to exert physical force via it's newfound [RAM]. The howling black storm now bears battering goats in it's gusts.

The sickly wind halts, shakes, and unnaturally reverses it's direction, flowing west. More goats clinging to the mountain peeks are cruelly hurtled from their perches by their once-living relatives, to have their spirits added to the rolling black storm cloud.

>250 Miasma Gained.

>Convoy Posts will commence tomorrow starting at 5 pm EST
Rolled 63, 79 = 142 (2d100)

> Deceitful Ponds
The Quicksilver is used to make ponds n the surface (only near capital) said ponds have Eexoloyil stationed nearby to make passerby's think it's water, with a sighn that it is owned. The logic is that one who takes another's possession is not a good neighbor.

Ones which respect the ownership of the ponds would be presented with small bags full of real water while they sleep.

> Quarzy Quarz
We wish to examine the Quarz.
Rolled 75, 47 = 122 (2d100)

>>The Pelamun Sandtraulers

Turn 4
>Action 1: [ASTROLOGY]

>Action 2: Design Cargo-trailers

While the Sandtraulers still have some time before the constellations return, a good few begin checking the stars and plotting possible landing sites.

With the population starting to grow beyond the normal capacity of the sandtraulers themselves, the idea of fashioning large, unpowered, landship trailers becomes a possible idea. Likely only pulled by the flagship or the battleships, it could provide a drastic increase in the amount the fleet could transport without needing to construct a completely new landship engine.

Convoy Actions
>Megangkut Constellation
Continue to do what they've been doing, checking the scuttlebutt in the Hub, wait for the TMG, and see if anyone wants a ride or trade deal back to Sierra.
If those get completed, mainly the TMG finishing their auction, begin return sequence back to Sierra.

>Panen Constellation
Return the final leg of the journey back to Sierra.
Rolled 1 (1d100)

The Convoy continues its efforts to round up "human chewtoys" for our friendly neighborhood mutts.
Rolled 69, 78 = 147 (2d100)


Its natural for us not to have all our efforts blessed, especially not so swiftly after such great boons upon our people were bestowed. Still, there is much work to be done. The armor we have made, for example, is just prototypes, and we believe improvements can be made. Additionally, such armor will only be given to those soldiers who do not need to be extensively unburdened for mobility and movement. Those wearing the armor should make a fine guard for our towns and our Pharaoh, and fine armor for the Pharaoh as well, once we find gems and other fitting valuable to encrust into it anyway. Additionally, we must accept that, in time, the Pharaoh, Akhet, will leave this world. And, like any Pharaoh, a grand tomb should be made for them a moderate distance away from the town, but close enough it may be guarded.

>Action One.
We will continue work on our armor, as we should be able to make something lighter than what we currently have, as well as stronger with any luck. However, efforts to improve mobility in these prototypes is especially prioritized, with it becoming more durable being an after thought if we have time. Still, the armor will hopefully come to be in what we believe to be an acceptable state soon enough. At the least, we have plenty in the way of materials to try, given the blessing of a forge we were granted earlier.

>Action Two.
A tomb is required for any Pharaoh, especially before their death. And a tomb we will construct in a place most sacred on the west bank of the river a distance away from our home city. As expected, the Pharaoh desires a proper Pyramid constructed, and a truly massive one akin to the old creations of our ancestors. The internal structure would be made of granite, and the external limestone, so that way the pyramid truly will shine in the bright sun...When its finally finished. Water channels will be made to the build site to transport the materials, and water will be used along side any wood or other material that can help the blocks float so we can lift the blocks through a special system utilizing water instead of pulling the rocks up by a ramp. Once complete, the 'elevators' for this can be deconstructed slowly as the final touches are put. It should be noted this work is considered extremely important. Any who work on the project are to be rewarded for their service when they finally come to pass, as special mud brick tombs nearby this great construction shall be made for them, and quality ones too. Its only just we give them more than just payment for their work after all, especially work so important.
Rolled 75, 88 = 163 (2d100)

The convoy is to continue attempting to rend and devour the ants. Nothing fancy here just tear them to bits. Attack the leftmost group.
Turn 3 Convoy Order

Automata (2/2) (This digit represents your city/outpost count, and convoy production. In the event of a city being damaged, it will not be able to mobilize a proper convoy)
>1st Automata Convoy (38) [MP 2]

>2nd Automata Convoy (20) [MP 2]

>Both moving southwest and searching for FDC sites

The Hive (2/2)
>1st Hive Convoy (185) {Ruin Fruit Frenzy} [MP 2+1]
>Will finish hexmap and then move deeper into forest?

Eexoloyil (1/1)
>9 Strange Rocks [MP2]
>Trinket Searching the Mossy Mountains

Pelamun Sandtraulers (1/1)

>Megangkut Constellation (1 BB-[70/28]/ 4 CL-[30/18]) {Surplus Battery Cores} [MP 6]checking for damage and performing maintenance, while investigating markets for anything to catch their eye and can fit for the ride back home.
>Megangkut will be beginning the return to Sierra after the auction.

>Panen Constellation (2 BB-[100]/ 4 CL- [50]/ 5 WT) [MP 6]
>Returning to Sierra

The Miasma (1/1)
>1st Miasma Storm (100) {RAM} [MP 3]
>Following tracks north

1 :(
The Broken Leg (1/1)
>1st Broken Leg Warparty (100+DogPack)
>Trying to find human chewtoys

I AM WAITING FOR CONVOY ACTIONS FROM .... /K/amp, The Hoarders, and The Bloom. After this post I will roll and do the one's I have now. Come tomorrow, have convoy actions in if needed along with Turn 4 actions.
The new outpost is known as the /K/ompound.


1. Improvements on the stability and quality of the grenades are made. No use is the /k/ommando who loses a hand in the midst of glorious battle.

2. Increasing our logistics capabilities would be paramount to further operations to operate operationally. Thus, by the will of the /K/ube, it shall be so.

Convoy actions:
"This broadcast is to all /K/ommando units in the vicinity, Operation Grozny 3 is in effect. Operation Grozny 3 is in effect. Secure the city. Secure the city. Capture, convert, or kill those that engage you. Let none who seek war with us not find us wanting. Ave Nex Alea. Saluto Nex Alea."
- High /K/onfessor /K/onrad.
Rolled 36, 32 = 68 (2d100)

This time with dice!
>rolling for your convoy action
Rolled 35, 52, 42, 22, 57, 8, 98, 36, 52, 75, 28, 2, 25, 52, 96, 63, 28, 18, 54, 68, 88, 39, 9, 70, 1 = 1118 (25d100)

Or not :/
35, 52
>1st Automata Convoy


>Searching for FDC Foundation Sites...

The elder party of droids submit a transmission of their grainy and grey-scale camera feeds as they leave behind the damaged and dirtied fields; setting up cable climbing supports to spool themselves up efficiently. It's uneventful, and sadly the unevenness of this tile of crags makes it unsuitable for FDC construction, but it is noted that the two hills both hold coal.

Pushing further into the hill-lands, the party of droids come across a small miner settler camp, spying with their non-human vision and senses, the droids are able to discern that the settler's make a living trading their iron ore, uranium sands, and scrap. Their population is ~100. The land would make a suitable FDC site, and would not displace the miners... but reason would dictate would be to introduce one's self before rushing to becoming neighbors.

>2nd Automata Convoy
42, 22

The new Fabrication Droid sends it's subordinate droids out from the only home they have know. Only three minutes old and already exploring the world, such ambitious little programs.

One of the droids stops to investigate a disturbance in the overgrown and unnatural sea of brown grass. Nudging away the plantlife, the machine disturbs a steel egg. Upon being touched, the waist high creation wrapped in grass opens on side (straining against the grass on the other), utters a low beep; before releasing a spray of lead that reduces the droids chassis and circuits to slag. Two more behind him are caught in the way of the fire before the convoy can flank the overgrown turret and shut it down.

>3 Automata meet the Machine God
>How do the droids react to the deaths of their fellows? (ie how deep is their corruption in terms of sensitiveness)

The turret can be either disassembled, and used to outfit the 2nd Automata Convoy with {Fire-Arms}- simple small arms built into the arm of a droid. Or it could be sent to a FDC for research.

Continuing they are able to meet on the same tile as the 1st Automata Convoy (right?)

>Hive coming next with hexmap.
File: hivevsquir.png (78 KB, 3032x1556)
78 KB
57,98 vs 36,52,75

>{Ruin Fruit Frenzy}- Hidden Mechanic Activated! After a death of an enemy division in a hexmap, a convoy of the Hive buffed with the ruin fruit can use the rolls of that dead division to substitute their own.

The two squirrels are eviscerated and fall to the floor. Upon their still bodies hitting the massive tree branch, the leftmost squirrel drops to all fours, chattering in rage as it charges the drones. As soon as it hits the ranks of shiny carapace, it is cushioned as it sends 10 drones flying to be reduced to paste against the ground far below.

>10 Drone's burst like thrown tomatoes

The squirrel soon realizes that it has thrown itself into a mob of rending mandible, twitching antennae, and scrabbling limbs. It barely has time to scream before it has it's jaw cleaved by a vengeful sister that climbed up it's back. The blood coated exoskeletons of the hive's once simple tree climbers, now a lethal army, skitter across the tree branch. The two other tree rats go to flee north east, deeper into the forest canopy.

>Do you wish to pursue? (Continue a hexmap encounter onto another tile)
>Hold this tile? (Hexmap encounter over, tile is scouted and claimed.
>Write in?
>9 Strange Rocks

At the peaks of the Mossy Mountains, on the Wasteland sunrises, a strange aurora can be spotted emerging from one of the stone daggers stabbing into the sky. A brave team of an Eexoloyil Rockhome wiggles and grips for dear like with their stumpy limbs, completing the Herculean task of reaching the mountain's peak. Upon reaching the site of the aurora's radiance, the Eexoloyil are stricken with the feeling of extreme heat, as the mixture of golden-purple-green light emerging from a flesh like stone. Before long they is rendered unconscious.

When the small creatures returns to their senses, their pale and soft skin is nos bumpy and black. It's eyes radiate a golden glow. The newly dubbed "Aurora Born" displays a physical resistance to fire, pyrokinesis within 5 feet of it's surroundings, and most noticeably a far more gruff and deeper "mental voice" along with a slightly stronger basic psyonic might.

>The Mossy Mountains have an Aurora every 2 Turns, having a convoy in the tile during the event will create an Aurora Born Rockhome from a normal one.
>Sweet Christ did I have a stroke writing that

The Eexoloyil are struck with the feeling of extreme heat, their moist skin drying instantly, as the mixture of golden-purple-green light emerging from a flesh like stone penetrates their form. Before long they are rendered unconscious
Rolled 55, 8, 53, 79, 68 = 263 (5d100)

> Pelamun Sandtraulers

>The Hub

The last remaining remnant of Pre-Fall society and its technological metropolis hive cities is presented clearly in The Hub. Slaves are peddled on corners across from Sleeper's Oil (they say the first try is always free!) dealers, and starving orphans are the banes to any credit pouch within a mile radius. The crewmen of the battleship open the ventral plate of the beloved ship and home with bated breath, and promptly find some of the tread rollers had been blasted through. The members of the convoy that were sent to do trade are forced to search for replacement parts to keep the precious lady ship shape.

2, 25, 52, 96, 63, 28, 18, 54, 68, 88, 39,9


In the leaving of The Hub, the fleet is forced to wait for the driving of many herds of mut-cattle to the meat markets in the massive over-teched slum. The time lost makes the convoy lose 2 tiles worth of travel.

The road blends into a blur, as the return trip always seems shorter upon the road. The ships rolls down the dusty road through the Cannibal Deadlands, when a pack of mutant hounds rush across the highway.

>Hexmap Incoming tomorrow, will be posted before Turn 4 updates. The exact tile is that Contaminated Field next to the wrecks.


The Convoy arrives back in the small town of Sierra to a cheering parade. The influx of 5 fully filled water tankers will boost trade and draw new settlers to the city for some time to come. The Pelamun Admiral is presented with
the water tanker with much pompous ceremony considering the relative "uncivilized" status of Sierra.

>Gifted Water Tanker- A sign of Sierra's thanks, allows for the moving of a water supply that is considered a valuable commodity that many paupers would kill for. This addition to the fleet makes settlers and other strugglers in the waste eager to aid, join, or trade with you for the chance of fresh water.

>The Broken Leg

1st Broken Leg Warparty

The dogs broke loose in the night after feasting on the pathetic hermits and madmen of Cross Hill, the hounds kick up dust tearing over the deadlands; determined to be free. The braves give chase.

Before long as the dogs continue to run, the rumbling of the Great Drivers comes from behind the warparty, they quickly hold off from running while the dogs continue at their mad pace. When the great metal slugs come roaring down the black paths, the dogs are dead in the middle of the road.

>Player|Player Encounter Initiated.
> Convoy Action:
We send a convoy to the Mossy Mountains to establish a permanent settlement within the rocks of the mountain there.

> Action 1:
Keep developping psychic abilities

> Action 2:
Psychic enhancers. With the weird crystals found underground we wish to try and make them enhance out psychic abilities, by shining psychic power into them.

btw. you didn't write anything on the deceptive quicksilver ponds
>>The Pelamun Sandtraulers

>Mengangkut Constellation
Mutant animals getting roadkilled is the least of our concerns. And most certainly is not enough of a reason to come to a stop in the middle of Cannibal lands.

Stay the course and continue on down the road to Sierra.

>Panen Constellation
With the job done, disband the convoy and return it to the main fleet.
Would like to know the number of people that the Tanker carries (just 2 + some people on top, like a semi?)
Rolled 40, 56, 7, 50, 36, 31, 69, 10, 29, 68, 91, 30, 76, 56 = 649 (14d100)

Rolled 34 (1d80)

File: turn3wasteland.png (694 KB, 3032x1556)
694 KB
694 KB PNG

>Please have Turn 4 actions in by tomorrow. If I need to archive this thread and post a new one, I will.
Rolled 66, 68 = 134 (2d100)


>Action 1: Send the drones to scout the area for strange, hard shiny things, metal.
>The queen demands it, for whatever reason, having liked the material

>Action 2: The Queen decides her children are weak and begins searching for ways to alter them to make them stronger, smarter, more able to carry things, ect
Rolled 89, 41 = 130 (2d100)

1. Puppers pt. 2: Dog Days
We'll need a whole new pack of dogs to start training. Again.

2. Explosives Production
While spears are fine and dandy for hunting Pale Skins there is also a need to sometimes deal with the metal monsters they choose to ride around in. The solution for the Broken Leg is the same as it usually is. Blow it up. Their focus had mostly been in IEDs to disable vehicles on the roadside but there is a consideration by Magdha after observing the Everflame that perhaps they could even be lobbed like a spear to provide a more mobile means of disabling the rolling beasts.

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