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Our party reaches the city of Nezbevi. Where they make contact with a diplomat.
This is a multiplayer game where each player controls one character. It's very to join, even if you haven't participated in the previous threads.

You are going to play as yourself, the person behind the screen. The question is: how long would you survive in an RPG setting?

Players who have an existing sheet don't need to repost it.

Mythic RPG: https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/12/12904.phtml

Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Mythic+RPG
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IMPORTANT: Quote this post when you post your sheet. This will make it easier to keep track of all sheets.

*Name, age, gender, ethnicity, faith/religion, mode of thoughts (see below), 4chan home boards, political views, hair, eyes, height, weight
*Stats (see below)
*Skills: all skills, talents, combat skills, magical powers, languages
*Strengths/Weaknesses: (optional) situational bonuses based on your personal background

Attached is a blank character sheet.
File: 1578600297753s.jpg (2 KB, 52x125)
2 KB
MODE OF THOUGHTS (can have more than one):
*Visual: you think with images
*Verbal: you think with words/voice
*Emotional: you think with emotions
*Abstract: your thoughts are abstract
*Unknown: you are not aware of your own thoughts

*Strength (lifting)
*Dexterity (hands)
*Agility (everywhere else)
*Reflex (speed)
*Toughness (tanking)
*Fitness (cardio)
*IQ (thinking)
*Memory (long-term)
*Intuition (gut feeling)
*Willpower (mind over matter)
*Wisdom (introspection, spirituality)
*Charisma (talking)
*Beauty (appearance)

Describe your stats in plain English using the ranks below.
Ranks: minuscule, weak, low, below average, average, above average, high, exceptional
For Stats, an “average” rank means the rank of an average person
For skills and other abilities, an “average” rank means an average person skilled with this ability; an average professional. Those with less than average ranks are skilled amateurs. Yes, this means, above average skills are uncommon.

The skills are freeform so you can list anything. Here's an extensive list if you need inspiration: https://gurps.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Skills

Attached is an example character from the Mythic book.
1) Create your character, following the rules above.
2) Reminder: you are playing as yourself, the person behind the screen. The more honest you are statting yourself, the more fun this is going to be.
3) Reminder: for skills, an average rank means the rank of an average professional, not the average person. If you rank yourself as Average, then it means that you're as good as the average professional.

1) Namefag yourself.
2) Roll 20d100 with each post. The rolls will be used for the GM emulator.
3) You have to keep track of your own inventory and money.
4) No whining about the QM decisions and rolls.

1) You can chat with the other players as much as you want
2) Don't make more than one action post before the QM responds
You will not be rolling at all in this quest. I will be using a program to take care of rolls and calculations. Just state your action when you want to do something.
Kek, the god of chaos, has made of a pact with the meme magicians of 4chan: when 4chan members die, they are teleported to an Isekai world. You were browsing the /qst/ board when suddenly you died. You wake inside of the Eldritch Express, a strange train that travels through land and, sometimes, between dimensions.

Previously, The train travelled through The Forsaken Reaches in the north (threads #1 and #2), made a stop at Devapura, the city of the gods (thread #4), and it is now in the desert nation of Akotoshia (Grimdark thread), in a world torn into chaos by the death of the god-king Shi.

The train has now stopped at the town of Nizbevi, where the party is being questioned by soldiers about their reason for coming (pic related).

>You must collectively fuel the five furnaces of the LeTourneau diesel-electric transmission overland train a bare minimum of forty pounds of flammable fuel per car attached in addition to sixty for the front, per day, if you want to keep it moving
>It currently has four cars. Its passenger car siderooms and conductor's cabin are at the height of modern luxury, complete with a bunk bed, TV, stereo/radio system, a nightstand, coat/hatrack, and multiple consoles with assorted video games and movies to watch and play. It has a combination messhall/kitchen/medical car, as well as 2 storage cars, filled simple assorted logging tools and fuel logs at the moment.

This thread has no size limit. However, to keep things manageable, players can't travel more than 100 meters from either the party leader or the Eldritch Express. The Eldritch Express is owned by the player Jackson, but if he doesn't join this thread then control of the train will be transferred to someone else temporarily.
Information floods into your minds as a series of options appears before you. The first seems to be a series of classic archetypes and the second, a numbered list of short titles for something you can't help but wonder.

>Warrior - A mundane master of martial combat, you are considered to have Average skill in every weapon and armor you choose to wield.
> Thief - An accomplished savant of subterfuge and guile, you receive a boost to your Agility and Dexterity (+ point-based skills)
> Sorcerer - A magic user tapping into your own mind, you may attempt to visualise spells and cast them in accordance to your imagination. Sorcery is fickle and often backfires or works in unexpected ways.
> Priest - A champion of a deity of your choice, you may invoke them to lend you miraculous aid from above or below. Your deity doesn’t always answer and members of rival religions shall hate or shun you.

1) Cheat Magician
2) Reincarnated as a Monster
3) Isekai Smartphone
4) Cosmic Vending Machine
5) Edgelord
6) Death Count
7) Strange Aeons
8) Vice/Virtue
9) Electric Conduit
10) Burn, Baby, Burn!
11) Shadow of a Man
12) Karma
13) Kek's Blessing
14) Autism Jesus' Blessing
15) Harem Protag
16) [Catch Phrase]
17) Anonymous
18) My Little Demon
19) Dragon Soul
20) (No Cheat)

More knowledge enters your psyche, and the potential options are revealed to you. You may choose a class, guaranteed to grant great power and eventually supernatural competency in its specialty and roll a single d20 on the Isekai cheat chart for a boon ranging from mediocre to gamebreaking, you can decide not to take a class and roll dual d20s on the Isekai cheat chart, or you can refuse to roll on the Isekai cheat chart and gain access to a specialty subclass straight away. Each available class is only at its starting point. Alternatively if you are a true badass, you can refuse to take any class or cheat power, and make you accomplishments that much more impressive.
Meeting Mr wizard bastard? Nice.
If you're going to play say here.
*Rollback to meeting Mr wizard bastard? Nice.
Does this take place before or after the big fight at the walls?
So Terry is still here?
Can I drop edge lord but, keep the coat and glasses. And take 2 levels in Sorcerer?
Jackson rolls up to outside of the city, pull parallel to the wall, and says "Nizbevi, Please send out an unarmed representative so that we may negotiate an exchange of goods and services. They may bring an escort of up to 2 armed men should they feel nervous." Then, inside the train he says "All passengers, we have arrived at our destination, please prepare yourself and your possessions for departure from the Eldritch Express. If any passengers wish to stay on the train as staff, please inform me." Albania goes up to him and says “I would like to stay on the train if that’s alright with you.” He waits a few minutes and then says "All staff, please prepare to accept a liaison and their escort from Nizbevi, and perhaps passengers should any wish to come aboard." It takes about 30 minutes, but the gate drops and a platoon of 15 armored soldiers escort what appears to be an old man in robes. He approaches your vessel and has the soldiers life him up on it. He then walks nonchalantly to the front of the train and says to you “You’re lucky the Commander felt generous today. We could have blown you and this gnomish contraption to bits by now, but instead I ask of you to state your business and reason for coming. “
Inside the train or outside? As in is he standing infront of the train, or did he just walk into the cockpit.

Inside. The diplomat and two guards are inside the train currently at the cockpit. 13 guards are outside.
So I'm just stuck with edge lord? Or do I have to drop the drop the coat and glasses?
You're stuck with edglelord. Cheats are part of your soul you can't change them all
willy nilly.
"Welcome! If you'll please follow me to the Messhall, where we might speak more comfortably and lengthily."

I gently usher them out of the Cockpit, lock the door behind me on the way out of the cockpit, and guide them to the mess hall for negotiations.
I'll roll if it needs it, just tell me If it does.
You guys are able to post actions. I'll close actions in half an hour then I'll start updating.

You don't need to roll, I will be rolling for every action you take in a program to make calculating go faster.
Character sheets

Just wonder, this looks like a point before I spawn in, is why I ask.
I think I'm just a passenger. So I walk off, I think about my eyes. Adding cones and rods cells too my eyes."This suns a pain." Locally to my perspective, I eclipse the sun, in my eyes.
I'm just going to jerk off around the train, do you need my help?
Shit might get hairy, I want you on security.
I'll head back in next scene.
File: images.jpg (3 KB, 183x276)
3 KB
Can Carlos cast minor cell manipulation.
Difficulty low, Acting rank Average

Do the guards attack Carlos?
Acting rank minuscule, Difficulty rank low
Roll 83
Answer Yes

Can the guards hit Carlos
Acting rank High, Difficulty rank Average

Carlos begins to walk off the train. As he grabs the guardrail to get off the train he can feel the metal lightly burn his hand. He attempts and succeeds at the spell minor cell manipulation. Carlos gathers mana at his eyeballs. The mana begins to lower the number of cones in his eyeballs decreasing the amount of sunlight absorbed by his eyeballs. The effect acts as if he was wearing sunglasses. As he begins to walk off the train the guards left outside notice him. Upon closer inspection, they look to all be mutilated in one form or another. The one with his eyes hanging out of sockets says “Get back inside NOW.” He and 3 of his fellow guards attempt to skewer Carlos on their spears. Carlos acting on pure instinct doges all four of the spears.

Jackson says "Welcome! If you'll please follow me to the Messhall, where we might speak more comfortably and lengthy." and brings the diplomat and his guards to the mess hall. When they sit down at a table the diplomat begins to say to Jackson “I came here to greet you, adventurers, you see the commander needs a job done and seeing as you look decently equipped he is willing to offer you 80 gold and access to the city upon completion of it.”
Adding cones and rods cells too my eyes. Not decreasing them. I already have sunglasses and a coat. But I'll go with it.
"Does it look like I got an apple in my mouth?" I lengthen my left optic nerve to look behind me.(Stretching my eye ball too see behind my back.Still linked to my brain) As I summon my Uzi's and slowly back pedal. Answering there aggression with my own.(Slow retreat while firing at my foes.)
"What Job does the commander need done? If it is simply ferrying goods or people, We'll take it, but otherwise, I need to confe-"

I realize there's a fucking gunfight outside due to the noises

"Excuse me, our respective Security seems to have gotten into a scuffle, you wouldn't mind coming with me to end it somewhat peacefully would you?"
Is joining still permitted?
Animal Handling: Average
Naturalist: Low
Veterinary: Low
Artist: Average
Riding: low
Our real world affairs: Average
Dancing: Normal
Preforming: High
Poetry: low
Writing: Low
Typing: A. average
Slight of hand: low
Acrobatics: low
Swimming: Average
Lifting: Average
Biking: A. Average
Sport: B. Average
Throwing: B. Average
Accounting: Average
Administration: Low
Economics: Average
Diplomacy: Average
Finance: A. Average
Market: Analysis Low
Merchant: Average
Public Speaking: low
Brawling: low
Wrestling: low
Guns: low
Carousing: A Average
Climbing: low
Explosives: Average
Fast Talk: Average
Forced Entry: low
Observation: Average
Poisons: Average
Scrounging: High
Street Wise: low
Weird Science: Average
Cooking: Average
Housing Keeping: low
Sewing: low
Diagnosis: Average
Camouflage: B. Average
Tactics: Average
Traps: Low
Body Language: Low
Search: low
Boating: low
Driving: A. Average
There where a ton of skills I didn't think would matter, I'll toss them in. Also my mental stats need updated, if it's allowed, I can find if the other thread didn't drop.
File: 252552552.png (61 KB, 340x787)
61 KB
Agility: A. Average
Perception: Average(This is probably below average, if I don't have my glasses, I can't see fine details like the outline of leaves. I may be deaf to some tones.
Memory: Normal
Intuition: Exceptional

How does a being a dickhead only effect women? No pun.
Name: Owen K.
Age: 18
Gender: male
Ethnicity: white
Faith: none
Thoughts: Verbal

Strength: above average
Dexterity: high
Agility: high
Reflex: average
Toughness: below average
Fitness: above average
Perception: abover average

Home boards: none
Political views: none
hair: long dirty blond
eyes: grey
Height: 5 ft 6 inch

IQ: above average
Memory: average
intuition: below average
willpower: high
charisma: low
Beauty: minuscule

Stealth: High
Intimidation: High
Dagger:above average
lockpicking: average
parkour: high
deception: high
Hide in shadows: average
Knowledge (poison): average
Stealth: average

Meanacing Aura: You emit an aura that helps you intimidate people around you. (bonus to intimidate)

Scary: People are usually very scared of you.

Big dick: you have a really big dick

Blessing of Chaos: You receive a + 1 RS bonus when you attempt a chaotic action


Annoying: Most people think you are very annoying

Severe face scarring: you have multiple scars on your face, its pretty ugly.

Just some highschool nerd, pretty normal childhood

Black long sleeve shirt, black pants
Rusty Dagger
2 Exceptional Dagger - Poisoned
Lockpicks (32 pc)
potion of fire resistance
Axe head
3 scimitars
bone spear
3 purses
2 torches
Katana, Katana damage: Strength + 2 RS

3 silver
155 copper

24 Glass vials
1 mushroom "Aurinia Mystica", also called "the life changer", which has mild hallucinogenic properties.
1 ounce of Aurinia Mystica costs 16 copper coins, from which you could extract enough poison for a dozen people.
7 vials of mild hallucinogenics
8 vials of Deadly poison (Nightshade)
2 potions of Mind Blank

Class: Assassin
Cheat: Kek's Blessing (6charges)
>decreasing the amount of sunlight absorbed by his eyeballs.
Locally to my perspective, I eclipse the sun, in my eyes.
I see how you perceive this. I'll start to explain fluff.
Are you just running the words through the software?
I wish, I just use the software so I don't have to look at the fate chart or your rolls. It stream lines it a good deal.
Wouldn’t having you roll for us take away most of the experience
File: quest CS.png (167 KB, 950x1150)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
put me in coach I can play
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>> Priest - A champion of a deity of your choice, you may invoke them to lend you miraculous aid from above or below. Your deity doesn’t always answer and members of rival religions shall hate or shun you.
waking up in a side room of train passenger car to the sound of fighting, I try to hold back my panic as I realize this is not my home.
Not really, rolls are always random it doesn't matter who rolls them. If you don't like how I run my games you're welcome to not play.
Please put you sheet in text format. I can't edit your sheet if it's a picture..
Rolled 36, 41, 26, 89, 16, 12, 91, 75, 83, 27, 22, 100, 93, 84, 96, 29, 46, 89, 52, 47 = 1154 (20d100)

I sneak off the train
> Kek's Blessing: You have the power to manipulate the forces of chaos. It is a known fact that Kek is the dice. 3 times per thread, you can overwrite the rolls of another player with your own rolls. You are also immune to the effects of E-Rank Chaos.
Your strength littarly just said dick. I interpreted that to the best of my abilites.
I'm going to be using your old cheat as I don't count wuxian's sixth quest as canon since it split off from my timeline.
*old sheet
NAME: Garcia

Age 22

gender: male


FAITH: Christian

HAIR: Brown Curly

Eyes: Hazel



THOUgHTS: Visual and Verbal

STRENGTH: Above Average

DEXTERITY: Above Average

AGILITY: Below Average

REFLEX: Below Average



PERCEPTION: Above Average


POLITICAL VIEWS: Conservative, Constitutionalist, America First Patriot

HAIR: Brown Curly

IQ: High

MEMORY: Average



WISDOM: Average


BEAUTY: Average

Shooting: Below Average, Python coding: Below Average, Physics: Average, Math: Average,

public speaking: Below Average, Research: Below Average, Computer skills: Below Average, Animal Handling: Below Average,

Art: Low Real World Affairs: Below Average, Dancing: Below Average, Acting: low, Poetry. low, Writing: BelowvAverage,

Typing: Below Average, Sleight of hand: Below Average, Acrobatics: low, Swimming: BelowAverage,

Lifting: Below Average, bicycling: Below Average, Sports: Below Average, Throwing: Below Average,

Diplomacy: Below Average, Finance: Below Average, fighting: low, grappling: Below Average,

Climbing: Low, Explosives: Minimal, Fast Talk: Average, Forced Entry: Minimal, Scrounging: Low,

Street Wise: Low, Science: Average, Cooking: Below Average, Sewing: Minimal, Tactics: Below Average,

Traps: Low, Body Language: Low, Search: Below Average, Driving: Below Average

Loyal to friends, Helpful, Friendly, likes making friends, will see a task to the bitter end

will speak mind even if its probably better to stay quiet, Extremely Poticical, Has
trouble Falling asleep enjoys 'creative drawings' maybe a little too often, Plays Video
games to much

American Born and raised, Garcia is the Firstborn son of His American Mother and Mexican
Father. Growing up poor made him Frugal with cash and mature quickly. Having been
Homeschooled He only set foot into a Public School to take the ACT, Scoring a 29 on his sixth
attempt. Attending a tech university in the south on scholarship Garcia is only one semester
away from graduating with a bachelor of science in applied and theoretical physics. By all
Metrics, His future is bright, until while driving home one fateful night he disappeared.

(Image to text converters exist who knew)
I'll update in an hour my computer is bugging out right now so I can't post the update.
That would be the dream.
File: Map.png (532 KB, 756x611)
532 KB
532 KB PNG

How many guards attack Carlos
Seven guards

Can the guards hit Carlos Acting Rank Incredible, Difficulty Rank Average
Carlos takes -1RS damage

Can Carlos lengthen his left optic nerve to look behind himself?
Difficulty low, acting rank Below Average

Can Carlos hit the guards
Difficulty low, acting rank below average
Guards take -1RS damage

You say Aisutoretchā and your left eye begins to stretch and elongate behind yourself. Using the stretched out eye you can see an old man and Jackson walking out of the train. The guards seeing that you are distracted begin trying to impale you on their spears once again. You manage to dodge most of the spears, but one lands on the side of your torso. As the spear exits your body you can see a large gaping hole on your side left behind. Crimson liquid begins to pour from it. You raise your hands and two uzis appear in them. You point the cold metal objects towards the guard who had stabbed you. Bullets on after another pour from the guns’ chambers. You have to steady your hand as the recoil tries to move the gun upwards. The bullets tear and rip through the guard leaving only a corpse behind. One guard dead. -1RS to Carlos.

"What Job does the commander need done? If it is simply ferrying goods or people, We'll take it, but otherwise, I need to confe-" BANG BANG BANG. You realize there's a fucking gunfight outside due to the noises. "Excuse me, our respective Security seems to have gotten into a scuffle, you wouldn't mind coming with me to end it somewhat peacefully would you?" The old man sighs and walks outside with you. He yells stand down and suddenly bright purple light emanates from the necks of all the guards. They put their spears to their sides and stand straight at attention. You can hear him mumble under his breath good for nothing mutants. He ushers you back inside and begins to tell you more about the job, “Our info tells us that there is a necromancer in a nearby dungeon. We need you to kill him and bring us back his spellbook. Do this and the gold is yours.” He hands you a map of the region. On it is a red X and the city of Nebevi. “Take this and be on your way.” The old man and his guards begin to walk back towards the city.


Can Owen sneak outside of the train?
Difficulty Below Average, Acting high
Roll 21

You sneak past Jackson and Carlos. You're now outside in the desert.

Sunlight pours into your window. You wake up groggily, but something looks wrong. You're in a bunkbed and you're on a …. TRAIN. You try not to panic as you realize your not in Kansas anymore.
Why are you being so defensive if it doesn’t matter who rolls
It matters because I cant insert numbers into the software im using. I have to roll in the software.
You could’ve said that earlier instead of throwing a tantrum. Good luck
I rush outside after The Old Man

"Sir, I must apologize, but our contraption may not have enough fuel to get there and back, and I beg that if your fine town has anything they want disposed of such as garbage, they give it to us so that we can both remove it from your fine town free of mess and power the Express. If you do this, I am willing to give out t you 1/2 of all loot that the Necromancer has surely gathered, the Spellbook, of course, included."
Rolled 89, 70, 63, 96, 82, 83, 79, 31, 5, 3, 76, 22, 33, 31, 19, 78, 60, 20, 27, 93 = 1060 (20d100)

I go behind the bros attacking carlos and i unstealth and say,"Bros why we attacking this nerd?"
getting up and checking myself over I see if I still have my wallet, then look around the room trying to figure out what the hell is going on.
I expunge the corpses blood, drawing from it's wounds into my own. My eye snapping back into place."Sorry about that, I thought I had a visa." I drop my Uzis. With the left over blood summon new Uzis.
Welcome to the Eldritch Express, Sir. Your room is to the left in the first car, the mess hall is in the second, the third is cargo, and remember, don't enter the 4th car!(yet)
Slightly startled but mostly happy to see a friendly face I say "Hello I'm Garcia, sorry but where am I and what happening. The last thing I remember I was browsing /qst/ then I woke up here" looks around 'where ever here is.'
If there's no quotes it's out of character. Not that it matters all that much anyway.
thanks for the info, I'll be sure to remember it.
What's your blood type?
Rolled 70, 14, 95, 1, 76, 47, 40, 35, 63, 50, 43, 67, 83, 45, 22, 52, 51, 46, 24, 76 = 1000 (20d100)

Rolling for blood type
I have no clue.
I think I'm O+ or A+. Probably O+ a lot of Central Americans and South Americans are type O.
Sensing a strange bond, I look at Owen and the others. Garcia's clothes begging the question. "You guys aren't from around here, are you?"
My IQ is not 69. I was mistaking the pre-ASVAB for a IQ test. When I went to METs, I got a 79 on the longer ASVAB with some cramming. I don't know my IQ but, I'm not a diagnosed moron. At least not yet.
I averaged out a few free tests, it's around 128. So my IQ is High
Ok dude, but I'm not gonna keep editing your sheet for every little change you wanna add to your stats and skills. This is the last time.
Sorry, being humble when real stats(you can't hide) are involved, was dumb of me. I revalued everything but, my hands. I plan on getting more.

You can lower anything that seems high like my intuition.
bye forever
Did the QM just quite?

Raisin Bran is superior.
Don't get me wrong, Frosted Flakes are nice, but Raisin Bran has Raisins. I also like Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, you sugar addicted heathen
Oatmeal Rasin Cookies are pretty good but you know what’s better? Sugar cookies.
I was thinking about dipping too.
Mythic is dead and shitty QMs killed it. Here’s one more for Shi, the king of dicklets.
Shi was the best QM so far because he's so funny. I would say that Shi running a thread for only one day is better than all the crap that's in the catalog.
Don’t you have a thimble to be sliding your dick into right now Shi?
You're too obsessed with dicks.
You’re too obsessed with your own which is a shame considering the fact that it’s virtually nonexistent. Here have some more you little bitch.
I'm not Shi
Keep telling yourself that bitchboy. If I catch you in the streets I’m slapping the shit out of you. Frosted Flakes ass faggot. Here’s something to slurp up you flaking slut.
You flaked on your thread Eternal Punishment after 2 days.
I’ve never even heard of it but even if that were true it still ran longer than this shitshow. Nobody even joined this shit to begin with because you are a fucking failure.
I’m out of here. Enjoy your ED, dumbass bitch nigga.
NoFap cures ED.
shi hito
Eats his own shit.
new thread

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