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Avalon has been retrieved from the tomb of King Arthur Pendragon. With the Sheath and Sword together, Asia Argento might be counted as one of the most powerful Humans on earth currently. Though trouble still brews, and while Khaos Bridge is still at large, many know that the supernatural world contains many hidden dangers.

Journal XII
The next few days I have been told to rest as Micheal gets some things together for me to do. I met some people on my small journey to retrieve Avalon, including Shirone’s Sister and the descendant of KIng Arthur, the boy named Arthur.

Kuroka is an interesting Devil, as I found out she killed her previous Master to save both herself and Shirone from lives of being a Devil’s test subject. Sadly she was not able to save her Sister from enslavement afterword. Still, in the end she loves her Sister and we enjoyed a night together teasing each other for fun. In the end however we needed to part ways, as Kuroka wants to focus on bringing her species back from the brink of extinction.

As for Arthur, I first met the boy when we were staking out the National Archives in England. It was very interesting, as he seemed very, well, stoic at almost all times. Even if he is a member of Khaos Bridge, he is a good man. It’s only a question why such a man ended up with people like Siegfried and Vali.

In the end I will need to move forward. From what I understand, Micheal is planning to make a longer term assignment for me to do.

Character Sheet for Asia: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PPB-qszSf2aB4tdD1Y9TchZoWFSMVebTtUFX0dEZ9pg/edit?usp=sharing

Bottom has most of the Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=nun

Choose one of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Asia has also consumed a Dragon Soul, chose a shout to add to your arsenal.

Asia has gained 400 xp from the previous events. What should she invest points into?

Lastly, you have 4 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Barter Skill +10
>Deceive Skill
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10
>Blather Skill
>Smithing (Novice)
>Alchemist (Novice)
>Charm +10
>Acquire a new spell (Chosen from Skyrim)
>Medicae +20

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Takedown: Instead of dealing damage, when at least 1 point of damage is dealt it is ignored. Instead the opponent makes a toughness check or is stunned for a ‘round’.
>Divine Ministration: Upon healing someone else, the one healed gains Double Asia’s Wisdom Mod as bonus. If this puts them over, they receive it as temp hitpoints. This effect however does not stack.
>Frenzy: When Declared, grants +10 to Weapon Skill, Strength, and Constitution Test. However they receive a -20 to Ballistics and Intelligence Test as well as being forced to attack the nearest enemy.
Here are the missing threads!
>raise Weapon skill and Agility by +5
We need to ger better at melee

>Summon Durnehviir
Wait, when we consumed a dragon soul?

>use 4 units tp increase mana
Since we have avalon now, i'm not much worried about HP

>Charm +10
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10
In times of piece, social skills can be very useful.

>Takedown: Instead of dealing damage, when at least 1 point of damage is dealt it is ignored. Instead the opponent makes a toughness check or is stunned for a ‘found’.
This could help a lot if we don't want to kill ojr enemy for whatever reason
On the Dragon Soul, it was deleted but 4chsn did not accept it. So I retried and forgot to remove it again. Same with other things that might have been doubled on there.
>raise Weapon skill and Agility by +5
True being better in melee with excalibur will help us vs the devil.

>use 4 units tp increase mana
I agree with this but we should not forget hp we can still get oneshot
>Charm +10
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10

>Takedown: Instead of dealing damage, when at least 1 point of damage is dealt it is ignored. Instead the opponent makes a toughness check or is stunned for a ‘found’.
We are a saint let's try and use this when possible
As always Heaven shined with a brilliant radiance that could not be smothered or dulled by any other. While some might have found it becoming a bit drab always coming back to this place, the feeling that accompanied it was indescribable.

As for myself, I simply decided that a walk was in order.

The scenery however has changed for the most part, no longer was it just a series of walkways. Around me Angels would fly from place to place, making their way through the teleportation platforms that served most transportation practices here in Heaven. Around me I could see small buildings that acted as barracks for the Servants of God himself.

I was in First Heaven, where the Pearly Gates stood tall and Angels stood vigilant with it.

“So Shirone, what do you think of this place.” I said turning to my cohort, “It was a good choice that we were moved here huh?”

“Nn.” Shirone gave another glance around the place, “More lively. I like it.”


It would be about a day after my arrival back to Heaven that Micheal moved the Manors to first Heaven. He admitted keeping them up in Sixth was to keep an eye on everyone’s transformations and mental states, but now that things seem to be in order he’s moved everyone prementantly down here.

“Is there anything you are thinking of doing?” Shirone soon asked me.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You always want to do something.” She said with a small smile about her, “Like going to the Library, seeing Irina and Xenovia, or even our time at Eden.”

“Oh, you are right.” I felt a small blush coming to my face, “I guess you can say I am diligent.”

“Maybe. But it’s never dull then.”

“Thank you, Shirone, though I do enjoy just walking with you.”


With our agreement we just wondering for the moment.

>Continue the wandering of First Heaven
>End up in Fourth Heaven somehow.
>Hit the books as usual
>Go visit someone (Micheal, Gabriel, Irina/Xenovia, Others)
>Hit the books as usual
To update the information on healing magic that peole seem to not know for some dam reason
>Hit the books as usual
>Hit the books as usual
As we wandered, we made our way about the levels of Heaven, soon landing in what was fifth Heaven. It might have been my minor desire at work or maybe is was something else entirely, either way we ended up in the level.

“You know, Shirone, maybe I should write a book.” I thoughtlessly sounded off while collecting some books from the stakcs.

“What kind?”

“Well, you know how not even Matilda knew how to cast Healing Magic. Maybe I should publish something to better the world.”

“It wound be nice.” The Neko said while taking out a book for herself, “It will take some work though.”

“Well, I guess I will have to be even more Diligent after all.” I said with a soft smile.

“Nn.” My friend grew a bit of a complicated look, “Maybe you can teach me too.”


With those thoughts in mind I soon amassed a small collection of books, each on some variation of Healing. From what little I really understood about academics, I needed to make some kind of material based on previous works. It would not do to have my knowledge shunned just because I did not use anybody else’s word.

Though as I sat down on the table, I soon thought to myself. There were many applications of the School of Restoration, some of which I never really got into. So what should I work at?

>Simple outline on how to cast Novice Level Spells.
>Applications of high level Restoration Magic.
>The possible applications in Harming/Healing Undead.
>The possibility of using Healing Magic to resuscitate the Dead.

After that, I need a roll!
Rolled 71 (1d100)

>Simple outline on how to cast Novice Level Spells.
Rolled 39 (1d100)

>Simple outline on how to cast Novice Level Spells.
Rolled 52 (1d100)

hopefully my luck from last thread carried over
Of course, it would be silly not to give people the basics of the School of Restoration! If they are unable to even cast the simplest of spells then what good is anything above the rank of Novice!

“Hey Shirine, see if this makes sense…”

And so we worked and we worked, Shirone becoming my guinea pig for whether or not a certain things makes a lick of sense or not.

“Uh, like this?”

“Shirone, that is still a sigil! It is supposed to be some kind of, uh, liquid mass.” I thought about it a little more, “Try and use the magicka around you. Make it balance just about you.”

Shirone once more reached out her hand and as if on instinct her Neko features came out. There was a slight movement of the air about her person, and within the next moment a small orb of golden light became true in her hand!

“You make it!”

“I did!”

With that done I wrote down all my explanations I gave to Shirone onto the paper. With a little help from my source books I was able to justify how this could even work.

I had the feeling it was approaching three o’clock when I reached over for a book, only for it to feel a little lighter than it should have been. What should have been ‘Alchemy and Healing Serums’ was instead a different book.

The cover of the book was a dark red, gold embroiderment making the letters as well as the page edging itself. On the front of it looked to be a cup of some sorts, which was explained by the title of the book itself.

‘The Holy Grails of the Era’

I do not remember grabbing this book.

>Read the book
>Continue your work
>Take a break from work to go take a walk.
>Read the book
>Read the book
With what must be curiosity getting the best of me, I opened the book and quickly scanned the contents inside of it.

‘There have been a great many Holy Grails throughout the ages, each containing an ability that transcends even the power of the Gods themselves. In the Modern Era however there are mainly two ‘Grails’ that we will focus on. The actual Holy Grail that the Lord Jesus of Nazarith drank from, and a mockery created by three families of Magicians.’

I quickly read over a series of other minor Grails he wanted to go over, each of only minor powers that all manipulated some form of the Soul itself.

‘The Grail of the Lord Jesus Chirst is the most known and even after two millennia is still relevant. Now in the form of the Lord’s Sacred Gears, it has the distinct ability to manipulate all forms of life. It is said that it could turn an ordinary man into Gods and Dragons, or resurrect the already dead. Though it has all these abilities, almost all weirders are known to go insane from learning the secrets of life.’

I read a little more, but for the most part that was the main parts of the Sacred Gear I learned. After that though, I started to read something interesting.

‘There is however, another Holy Grail that arguably has much more power than the simple Grail! This would be a mockery of the Sacred Artifact of Christendom, the magician made Holy Grail of Heroes. It is the artifact that starts the Holy Grail War, a fight between Magicians and Ancient Ghosts for a rumored Omnipotent Wish Granting Device. Though if it is truly Omnipotent, we do not know as it has never been successful.’

It went further into how the war had been completed four separate times, the last one ending in the destruction of nine entire city blocks. It also went into how it has occurred earlier and earlier, and that the next one would occur around 20XX.

That would make it this year!

In the end though, this might be a far flung thing. Whether I checked it out or not, I guess I need to first ask Micheal.

>Go talk to Micheal about it.
>Ignore it, continue work on the survey. Micheal probably has someone on it already.
>Go out for a walk.
>Go talk to Micheal about it.
It was suppose to be book, must have auto corrected weirdly.
i feel like we can tell him then get back to making the book

>Go talk to Micheal about it.
“Hey Shirone, let us go see Micheal.” I said while I quickly wrapped up all my paperwork.

“Really? Something happen?” The Nekoshou asked.

“Well, you can say I was curious about something.” I reached over and handed Shirone the book I had jut read, “Skip to page 103, it is what I am going to ask Micheal about.”


With that said, we soon made our way out of the library and through the large research facility. With a small dash we were soon through the teleporters going wherever we were to go.

As we stepped outside of the sigils that covered all of Heaven, I instantly noticed something was different. Instead of the outlandish brightness and majesty that Heaven seemed to luminate all across itself, we were basked by a singular golden light.

What I looked up to see was a massive construct, three seperate rings all circling about each other like a mechanical Gyro. When I looked upon it, it gave me a feeling that I had not experienced in a long time.

It was fear, fear at something so powerful.

“Oh, Saint Asia? How did you arrive here?” I was snapped out of my trance by the arrival of the Archangel, Micheal, as he descended onto a slightly raised plateform.

“Uh, w-we, uh, looking for you.” Was all I could stamper out in the at the Lord’s General.

“Hmm, interesting.” He said with a slight nod to himself, “Normally you two would not be able to arrive here, but if Heaven itself allowed it I do not mind. Why did you need to find me?”

My eyes widened a small bit as he asked me that. While I wanted to know where we were, or what was in the sky above us, I did as I was asked, “Uh, t-the Holy G-Grail War. D-do you know about it?”

He seemed to nod, “I do. It is a bloody competition that has a hand in scaring the world. Are you interested in doing it?”

I thought about it for a moment, then giving Micheal a slight nod.

“If memory serves me right the Church had officially sanctioned the event for years, and it is the job of Kirie Kotomine to watch over it this time around.” Micheal nodded to himself as he was talking, “Due to the troubles we have had, I would not mind placing you as Overseer of the event, or even a competitor. However, I do have something else for you to consider.”

The Archangel gave a soft smile, “You might have noticed already Asia, Shitone, but have you found it odd that a majority of cataclysmic issues seem to happen in Kouh?”

Now that the Angel mentions it, that has been the case for a while. Let it be my Death, the Fallen’s General incident, and even the Battle of Kouh. All of them happened there.

It seemed Shirone thought the same thing, and we both gave nods.
“From when I first talk to Shirone, you actually gained a relationship with Sona Sitri, no matter how sparse it is. From what I learned from intelligence, she is our chance to get into the town.” Micheal seemed to have been happy with his pitch as the Angel’s smile seemed to have become more true, “Asia, I believe you should try and build a Cathedral in the city. Even if you do not gain much of a following, I desire you to stay there and monitor Japan for me.”

>Holy Grail War
>Build a Church in Kuoh
>Ask questions.
So meta time, I see this quest going these two ways for the next few threads. While we had fun doing mission like James Bond, I thought this would be a good change of pace.

So either we do a Holy Grail War, as I asked about I think in the second thread, or we do a base building thread. If you got meta questions, I will answer them quickly.
I rather have a base before we go for the Holy Grail War but if you guys rather we skip it im fine with it.
>Holy Grail War
Competitor or overseer it doesnt matter the fact that the book appeared to you means somethings up
Agreed with this guy. We can build a base after the holy grail war.
>Holy Grail War
Let's do it then
>Holy Grail War
“Well, while I would enjoy becoming a leader of the local church, I believe the Grail War is where I should go.”

Micheal gave me a slight nod, “Alright then, I will contact Kotomine to see if he needs any assistance.”

Micheal began to float into the air to the large construct in the air, “You will know where to meet the man by tomorrow.”

“U-understood!” With that I started making my way out. Then I noticed that Shirone was still staring at the massive construct, so I quite literally had to drag her by the end. With a little effort, we ended up traveling through the portal.

Both me and Shirone took in massive breaths as we took a pair of steps forward from the teleportation circle, “Hey Shirone, are you fine now?”

“Nn…” She turned towards me with a face full of exhaustion, “You?”

“I could have been better.” I admitted with a small smile, “Let us just walk a little, yes?”


With that we start making our way back towards our residence, the bussling of Angels not slowing down one bit. Though as we walked, I could not help but feel something was off. It was only when he was right behind me that I noticed the man.

“Hello there ma’am, I’ve got a letter for you, your hands only.”

I quickly turned around to see a standard looking man wearing what must have been an old tunic. He had a satchel just like mine on his side which he was reaching into.

“Lets see here,” He quickly brought out a letter and handed it to me, “This one came straight from Asgard, seems one of the courtiers wanted to send this to you.”

I quickly turned it around to read who it was from, but not before I turned towards the messenger, “W-who are you?”

“Sorry ma’am, that’s it for me, I got to go.”

“W-wait!” The moment my eyes however lost sight of him, the man was gone.

Without much else to go on I quicly opened up the letter to see the contents, and I took in a sharp breath as I saw who it was from.

‘Hey there my Apprentice,

Glad to hear you are doing fine. Why even now I’m starting to hear about you, which means you are making your own legend just like myself on Nirn. Hope you’re treating your companion right, she’ll come in handy when you need to carry stuff across the continent!

For my own adventures, I seemed to have landed in the Court of a God named Odin. Guy’s a riot, I’ll tell you that. I mean I’ve probably learned a good chunk of lore and got plenty of meed from the fellow. Next time I’ll be sure to send you some!

Oh yeah, so I got a phone finally. Never realised that these things were so damned useful. Here’s my number, XXX-XXX-XXXX, call at any time. Hope to hear more about your adventures in a letter, and send some books if you find them too!

-Mor’ Voh the Dragonborn’

>Prepare to send back a letter containing *What?*
>Continue the book on restoration
>Research further into the grail war
>Continue the book on restoration
>plan to text Fathe--- Mor voh about how your doing
>Prepare to send back a letter containing *What?*
I'm half sleep while writing this, so sorry for any typos.
>Dear Mor'Voh, is good to hear from you again. I'm happy to hear your adventures had been joyfully experiences, and hope to see you again personally someday. I had been in a lot of adventures myself, and hope to still remember them all well enough to be able to retel them for you. Thanks for the phone number, i'll be sure to remember to call you when i have the time
>Continue the book on restoration
Supporting this and
>Continue the book on restoration

Gotta git dat buk dun.
Once we got home I went straight to the pen and paper, I had many things to continue writting and only a short while to make it.

First things first I needed to write out a quick letter to Mor’ Voh. If it somehow made it over there, then I guess sending it in the general postage is the best thing I could do. I thought about what I was going to write, and soon I started writing.

‘Dear Mor’ Voh,

I am happy to have heard from you again and that your adventures have yielded great fruit. I am always interested on how you are doing, as my mentor I can nevr thank you enough for what you have done for me!

I myself have gone on many more adventures since the last letter, many of them too long to tell in a simple letter. As such, I hope that the next time we meet I will be able to recall all of them to you!

I hope to see you soon.
-Asia Argento’

I had a small blush on my face as I finished. If I had to be honest I almost wrote Father instead of Mentor. That, uh, would have been embarrasing…

With that done I quickly sealed the letter and got out the small pile of papers I have been working on. I needed to get at least a rough draft finished, as once I published this manual everyone in the church will be able to heal themselves. And I might finally stop feeling bad about, uh, eating [Twilight Healing].

So I worked on through the night!

>Wake up with a pair of red seals on her hand(Master Route)
>Nothing on her hand (Overseer Route. Honestly I think this one is the most interesting since no one actually ever does a fiction about being an Overseer in the Grail War.)
Rolled 1 (1d2)

And let the dice decide thy fate.
I'll say this now, I'm personally voting for Overseer.
And so it shall be.
>Wake up with a pair of red seals on her hand(Master Route)
And then we get Banana Oni again.

I think the biggest reasons that no one actually does stories about being an Overseer is that they usually look towards Kirei as the first and final example of what an overseer looks like, and because for the most part we don't really have an actual reason why the church other than they're the guys that send some random dude that's most likely going to get killed because someone is using their leetcheatorhax to counter the other guy's leetcheatorhax move with the overseer getting caught in the blast radius and not surviving.
My unofficial 3rd reason is that they ended up being replaced later with the Ruler class in the later stories
Now granted, I am overgeneralizing my reasons. It's honestly a big problem with Fate. It focuses too much on somethings which ends up letting the rest starve for content.
God, you just brought up a hilarious combo.

A Saint and a Bottomless stomach demon.
>God, you just brought up a hilarious combo.
>A Saint and a Bottomless stomach demon.
To be honest, I was legitimately thinking of Autismo Vampire the second the Grail War came into play.
>Wake up with a pair of red seals on her hand(Master Route)
Meh i would rather use avalon as a focus so we get the perfect teacher for asia
>Wake up with a pair of red seals on her hand(Master Route)
I soon woke up in the bed, though I honestly do not really remember going into it to sleep in it. As I rose from my bed, I saw Shirone was laying next to me, a cut smile about her face. I only had to sigh as I soon realized the Nekoshou had taken me off my desk.

I went to pet the girl’s head, but as I did I soon got a look on my hand. Sitting on there was a red marking, my heart skipping a beat as I quickly rushed towards the book from earlier. Flipping a few pages quickly, I soon realized what the marks meant.

I had been chosen to be a Master of the Holy Grail.

“Hey Shirone,” I shook my head and went over to wake up my friend, “We need to get moving.”

“Hmm, nnnn, hmmmmmmmmmm.” Of all the things to have happen, Shirone started to pur as I tried shaking her awake.

“Oh come on Shirone, get up.”

“Oh, I’m up Asia I’m up.” Slowly the Neko rose from the bed with a small yawn.

With that we began our day, soon eating breakfast as usual. As we finished up, I got a small ping in my mind, and soon enough the two of us were going towards the Amplitheater to meet up with Micheal.

As we arrived, I kind of understood now why he normally had us meet there. If wherever we went last time was his ‘office’, then of course the Archangel would have us meet somewhere else. Though I still wondered whatever that construct was…

“Ah, hello once again Saint Asia, Shirone.” Micheal called out as I arrived, “Have you enjoyed a good night’s sleep?”

“Yes I have!” I said with a smile towards the Angel, “Uh, I woke up this morning with I guess ‘Command Seals’. Does that mean I am a Master?”

“Indeed it does.” Micheal said with a sigh, “You see over night I quickly read over the records. As you have become a Master, you will need a catalyst. Something that relates to a hero.”

“Oh, I do? Does that mean I can summon King Arthur with Excalibur and Avalon?”

“Possibly.” The Angel said with a small jester, “Though I have read that the Grail might reject those with similar personalities. It is also limited to those who are dead, and we both know Arthur is not truly ‘Dead’. There are a few I would however I believe you could summon randomly.”

The Angel nodded to himself once more, “So I ask you, do you wish to try your luck or access The Church’s Vaults.”

>Take the Chance
>Visit the Vaults

Also, since you guys chose this rout, you will be split from Shirone due to the Rules unless you can convince Micheal. Will you try?
>Take the Chance
If it doesnt summon her it will summon someone related to he rand you had le fay her sister literally say they dont have alike personalities
>Take the Chance
>Take the Chance
And then we end up with Cu Cuchulain.
>Take the Chance
Can Asia fight a servant on her own?
Going to be honest, probably.
Okay, you guy's wanted to take a chance now roll!
Actually ignore that. You're not summoning yet.
I will wait
“I think I can take a chance.” I said with a firm nod.

“Very well.” Micheal eyes moved between me and Shirone, “Now the competition is normally between Mages with the set precedent that none of the Supernatural factions are to fight in it. This fact the Church has guaranteed. So sadly, Shirone, but you will not be joining Saint Asia on this mission.”

“Oh…” The girl seemed stunned as she heard those words.

“I would not worry about it much, Miss Shirone.” He said with a soft smile, “Records show this competition only lasts at most two weeks.”

“Nn.” The Neko turned towards me with a sorrowful face, “Be careful Asia.”

“I will, Shirone.” I patted the girl on the head, “And you be good. While I am away I am sure Micheal will have you work with others. Understand?”

“I will.”

With that the two of us hugged before breaking off. Micheal asked Shirone to come back later before turning back to me.

“Now it seems things are already underway, so I will send you to Fuyuki City where it will be held.” Soon Micheal’s demeanor changed into something more serious, “Though what I said earlier does not only apply to you, but the other ‘Masters’. If you can produce proof that a faction is influencing the competition, then you must pray for Heaven’s assistance. I will hear it, and I will send Angels to dissolve the situation.”

“Uh, understood!”

Micheal gave a small nod, “Well I was told by Kotomine that he would prefer you don’t approach the Church, at least during the start and instead recommended that you find a place nearby to stay.”

I gave Micheal a nod, “Understood.”

“Well, Saint Asia, there is not much else for me to advise you on.” Micheal said with a solemn look about his face, “I would advise you to investigate the incident of the last war, if possible. Such a catastrophe must not happen again under the Church’s watch.”

“Thank you, Micheal.”

“Then do you have an idea where you wish to go? Here is a map of the city I was able to procur.”

>Maybe a Harbor
>The big bridge
>The Comercial area
>Residential area
>Residential area
has asia finished school i mean she does exist to mundane governments so they might cause her trouble
>Residential area
“Uh, I would like to arrive at the Residential District if able.” Though as I spoke a thought occured in my mind, “Uh, I am just a little worried that I might have trouble with the government while I am there. Is there anything you can do about it?”

The Archangel took a moment to think to himself, “I believe your records should be fine Asia, unless you believe something might be wrong about them.”

I thought to myself for a moment and quickly brought out the Passport from my satchel. From a quick review it claimed I was an American of 18 years of age, though the address was messed up as expected.

“Uh, maybe if we can fix the address at some point.” I said with a small waver in my voice.

“Understandable, we will see if we can make one at the Vatican for you.” The Angel said before snapping his fingers, “I expect great things from you, Asia Argento. War can do something to people, but I have faith that you will persevere and reach greater heights.”

“Th-thank you!”

“Well, I will send you off. Good luck to you Asia, and may my Father bless you.”

With that the yellow circle associated with teleportation appeared underneath me. Within the next few moments it rose from the ground, consuming all my body and sending it away.

There was not a second lost when I appeared in a small cover of trees. Taking a note of my surroundings, it seemed that I landed in a park of some kind. Taking a few steps forward, and the afternoon sun soon shined upon my form. I soon watched as children were playing at the nearby playground.

Taking a moment, I checked everything I had and was wearing. In my possession was Excalibur, Avalon, and my satchel filled with funds, a phone, and extra set of clothing. I was currently wearing my standard Habit used for travel.

I soon looked around for a moment, referencing my map to the area. With the sound of waves reaching my ears, I was surely in the top left part of the map. If I really had to, I could see about taking over a small vessel and setting myself up on the ocean waters.

Hmm, first I need a place to sleep, and then I need materials for the summoning. Well, I could try making a sigil with raw power like everyone else, but who knows what could happen because of that.

First though, I probably need a base.
>Ask around the housing to see if anyone would be willing to let me stay *Roll*
>Do the boat idea
>Look for abandon housing *Roll*
>Walk around and scout the city *Where you wanna forcus/roll*
Rolled 82 (1d100)

>Look for abandon housing *Roll*
>Rolled 82 (1d100)
at least it wast 100 if it was we would problay have walked in on gilgamesh and him go My Queen! because we look like saber
any more rolls?
Rolled 34 (1d100)

Here goes nothing!
Honestly, i wouldn't mind that at all. Shame it wouldn't work between him and Asia, different opnions on gods and all that.
Rolled 50 (1d100)

>Look for abandon housing *Roll*
“Okay, time to find a place to stay.”

With that I began to walk about the area, making my way towards the outskirts of the city. My eyes darted from building to building, each place having some form of people living in it. Nothing seemed to have been extremely out of the ordinary, and the feeling of Supernatural surprisingly dull.

I guess that meant the war had yet to start.

My eyes darted from place to place as I continued my search, only when I came close to the edges of the city that I noticed a place that age seemed to have taken.

What quickly drew my eye to the place was the gate, how what should have stood mighty against the world itself had fallen decrepit. I quickly took a look from one side to another, no one in the streets at this sunlit afternoon.

So with a sigh, I fitted myself between the gates due to their horrid state. That way, no one would be able to notice I was here. Or at least thats what I hope for in the name of the Lord.

I soon made my way forward, towards what I realized was a manor of sort. The front door had already gave in, so I simply needed to walk through it to enter the doorway.

As I wondered my way into the place, making my way about to examine what was there. Within a few paces of entering the hallway, I took a right to see what must have been an old living space. Whatever life it had though was gone, as I slowly brushed away an inch worth of dust.

I took in a breath, making notes on the layout as I went.

>Check out the back.
>Explore the living quarters
>Check out the attic
>Explore the living quarters
As the afternoon sun moved towards a midday one I made my way towards the living space. Ever since I made it into the manor I noticed how things were much better preserved, to the point that things seemed mostly livable.

Towards where I was going, I had made my way past what must have been a kitchen and eating space, going through a sliding door into a hallway. While I traveled, I could catch glimpses at an unkempt backyard, two buildings stationed in my view. For now though I just continued my way.

After traveling a ways I decided to push open one of the sliding doors to where I assumed was a living quarters. Though as I stepped inwards, I easily noticed how the room itself was mostly bare, with the exception of a small bed in the center. I think its what they called a futon.

Looking towards the walls, I noticed how one of the sides seemed to stick out slightly, and when I tugged it with my hand it easily opened into another room. It was not hidden or anything, so I guess the place was more styled in what they called a shotgun styled housing.

This one however seemed much different from the previous one, as laying in the corner were some bags and briefcases. Picking them up, the cases themselves seemed to be in nice condition while the bags were filled with dust filled clothing. White cloth and plenty of black suits.

Taking a moment, I examined the briefcases once more. They were not normal cases, as I could feel the magic coming off of them. Though whatever was casted was already starting to wane, it kept the cases from gathering much of any dust. So that could only mean whatever was inside was likely preserved.

I took a few more moments to search around more, but nothing else seems to have much more note than these cases.

>Bust them open *How?*
>Ignore them, instead heading towards another area *Which one from above?*
>Its going to get dark soon, one should summon their Servant. *Without Material Componets*
If you are gonna break it open, roll for me.
Rolled 76 (1d100)

Use excalibur to pry it open.
Rolled 50 (1d100)

Supportin this.
Rolled 5 (1d100)

Excalibur: Use me more master ohhh yeah use me!
It might have just been curiosity getting the better of me, but I reached for my side where Excalibur rested in Avalon. The weapon, once hidden from view in thick robes and minor illusions soon came out with a fury. It seemed ready to carry out my deeds, even if they are bordering on larceny at this point.

I took in a breath and brought the weapon down, “Hyaa!”

Whatever magical protection that rested on them was instantly destroyed as I cut right through the latches. A small burst of mana coming from excalibur destroyed any backlash that could have taken place, leaving only the case itself.

“Okay Asia, now that you broke it open, you can look inside.” I muttered while picking up the case. With a flick of my wrist I opened it up, revealing the insides to daylight.

Inside was a firearm, or more precisely a Calico M959 submachine gun. Looking at the weapon, I could easily see the weapon being used in close quarters. Anything else however and this weapons would be next to useless. Whoever owned this before was likely either holding it as a reserve weapon or an assault armament.

I took another minute to look about the case, most of it containing attachments for said gun. Honestly I could not believe someone would leave such a weapon here by itself, and whoever it was knew some minor applications of magic.

It was then I watched a small piece of paper flew from me and onto the floor. Placing the case on the ground, I picked up the small picture and turned it over.

“Oh…” On the front stood three people, two of whom were clearly not human. Red eyes looked towards me with happy expressions, one belonging to a woman and the other a child. Standing to their side was a rather drabbed man who, while having experienced better days, had a small smile about his face.

I quickly put the picture into my satchel before making my way to the other briefcases. Some of them were simply emptied, while the others contained things like ammunition, cash, and some explosive armaments.

Whoever owned these previously were prepared for war, but they never returned from the war.

The sun had moved to midday as I emerged from the living space.

>Head to the backyard.
>Check out the attic
>Check out the Attic
We must know all the little details of this place before we start the summons.
>Check out the attic
>Check out the attic
I made my way about the house, looking through every nook and cranny of what is my soon to be base of operations. I made my way back into the kitchen at some point, now weilding a broom and dustpan that I had collected from a closet of some kind.

Though once I made it back to the front hallway, I noticed something dangling from the ceiling. It did not take me long to realize that it was a sting to a trap door ceiling. Since the place looked like a one story home, I could only assume this was the entrance to an attic.

With my determination to find out who owned this place, I pulled on the string with all my might. My action however quickly cause the door to fly open and a ladder to come flying into my face!


I ended up on the floor for a few moments after that, sprawled out on the floor. Though it only took me a few moments to regain my bearing as Avalon glowed a subtle golden light.

I rubbed would have been a bump on my head, though at least the door to the attic was opened up.

With a little more caution than what might have been needed, I started making my way up the ladder and into the attic proper. While I should have expected a bunch of boxes filling it up like normal people do, I already suspected something differnt was going to be in the house of this person.

What I found was what I was now expecting, an attic filled to the brim with cans on strings. Well, I was not expecting it but still it was something someone would call unusual and ‘supernatural’ so as a Saint and Exorcist of Heaven I am not very surprised by it.

Once I got my full body up there I started to feel the magic all about me. While I am not the most well versed when it comes to magic outside of Restoration, its obvious to me this must have been a system meant to help people in the household. Maybe an alarm of some kind?

I could try and fix it up, but I do not know if I have the skills. At least with it like this, it would likely not cause me any trouble.

>Try and repair the magical cans on strings. *Roll Intelligence*

>Head out to the backyard

>Summon one’s Servant without material components

>Try and repair the magical cans on strings. *Roll Intelligence*

I think we can do this. Intelligence is not our biggest stat, but is not low enough that i think we should be worried
I forgot to roll. Sorry
Rolled 56 (1d100)

>Try and repair the magical cans on strings. *Roll Intelligence*
Rolled 45 (1d100)

Rolled 39 (1d100)

thanks for the save!
No problems bru.
As I studied the set up, I recognize it as some kind of bounded field. Yes, it must defiantly be an alarm of some kind! If I were to get it working, I would greatly benefit from it!

With that thought I got to work. My knowledge of bounded fields however is rudementury, not even close to what could be called a mastery level. I reached forth towards the wires and tried my best to get it working.

After what must have been an hour of work I felt a slight bit confident in my ability, the system dusted off. Now for the moment of truth, I pushed a small bit of magicka through the wires.

Annnnd nothing.

I guess my skill as a mage is not nearly as good as I hoped for. Well, you can never be a master at everything.

With that there was really only one place to check out. I slipped my small body out of the attic, the trap door retracting as the spring function detailed. Soon I recrossed the kitchen and made my way through the back hallway. With a purpose in my step I crossed the rather tall grass towards the cement building outback.

Once I finally made it, I was welcomed by a rather odd sight. The first thing I noticed was how the place was not covered in dust, though the use was obviously not the most sound.

Mattresses laid on the floor, grafiti the walls. Small shards of glass were all about the place in clear facts that no one bothered to clean it up.

What in the name of the Lord was this place used for!?


>Ignore it, it might be best to leave it as is.

>If it's been recently used, maybe they'll be back. Lie in wait for the fools. *Roll*
Rolled 34 (1d100)

>If it's been recently used, maybe they'll be back. Lie in wait for the fools. *Roll*

If we clean, whoever was here will know someone was there. Let's wait and see what kind of person was here before us.
Rolled 10 (1d100)

I shook my head at the sight before me, thoughts running through my mind. Most of them however agreed on one single thing, that even if I clean this mess left behind those who caused it will simply come back and make the mess again. With the evening sun setting on the horizon, I decided to quietly lurk within the tall grass.

So I laid in wait, the tall grass easily covering my petite frame while darkness consumed the landscape. Night had come, and with a small bit of determination I was ready to find out.

The first thing I noticed was the sounds of rustling coming from near the fence line, the soft chatter of voices coming easily closer. While they probably thought they were being really sneaky, I was easily able to hear them from here.

“So this is the place?” A feminine voice sounded.

A male voice came to answer her, “Yup, nice and secluded. Like anyone would come over here because of that damn ghost story.”

“I thought it was owned by the Yakuza?”

“Same difference, but this place is abandoned. No parents, no teachers, and no one to see what we are doing~”


I felt a small bit of spite filling up in my chest as I poked my head from the grassy cover. The two, children about my age of asia descent, were getting out what looked to be a wrapping of some kind. The man lit the women’s with a torchlight, then his own.

“So this is where they were hiding…”

I heard a small russel next to me as I looked over to see an odd looking woman. Short brown hair and the same colored brown eyes soon turned to look at me. She gave a surprised look before one of pure confusion.

Quickly enough she grew a wicked smile, going some hand signs towards me. Uh, one of them looked like a cross, another looked like, uh, slitting their throats!

I shook my head vigorously at the odd lady. She soon seemed to be chewing at words before pointing towards the teenagers. The next she made a backwards motion with her finger, so I guess she was wanting to boot them out.

I gave a nod to that.

Her smile soon became what I swore was catlike, deviousness in her eyes. Uh, I guess she wants to boot them?

>Tactic and roll
Rolled 100 (1d100)

Is that Taiga?

From what i get, she want us to help her scare these kids away, is that right?

If that is the case, let's avoid using magic for now. Avoid raising questions.

>maybe we can recreate the monster university scene, the one were they scare the adults? we can scratch the floor, break the glass, use excalibur to make claw marks appear on the walls, that kind of thing.
guys, if someone could give a better roll, i would be very thankfull. (although i rolled a nat 100, so is not like we can roll worst than that)
Still accepting rolls.
Rolled 96 (1d100)

I tried.
I'm sorry fellows. This is going to be silly.
you did you best bru. Maybe next time the dices will be nice to us
I made sure that Excalibur was kept in its sheath, I of course did not want the weapon to escape my grasp. I prepared myself, taking a small step forward so that I could sneak behind these people. Though as I took a single step, something felt completely off about it.

My foot seemed to have been caught by the grass.

And with that I, Saint Asia Argento, fell face first onto the ground below. With such a mighty thump I was face first in the open before the two teenagers.

“Wh-who in the world is that!?”

“I don’t, huh?”

“Rawr! I’m here to get you two idiots!”

“Oh shit! Its Taiga! Run!”

As I looked up from the ground, watching as the two quickly ran up a staircase and went flying out of the window. The lady I was with looked like she was about to give chase, but then turned around and looked towards me, “Hey, you alright there?”

“Y-yeah, I’ll be fine.” I rubbed my face a little, the wound still stinging after Avalon finished healing it.

“Well here, let me get you up!” Within the next moment I felt a beastial grip on my arm, and within a moment’s notice I was right on my own two feet looking confused at the lady who had her hand out, “So, names Taiga.”

“Uh, Asia.” I shakily gripped the now named Taiga’s hand.

“Oh ho ho! You have a mighty grip!” She cheered as we shook hands for a moment, “So, why is a Nun wondering my property? Did you see those kids up to no good anted to catch them like I did!?”


“To ho~ who knew Nuns were to active!” I felt a small bit of amusement as the lady did a small twirl infront of me, “Much more than that odd fellow at the Church now. You know him?”

“Uh, is it Father Kotomine?” I said with another shaky smile.

“So that’s his name, guy gives me the creeps though.” I watched the girl seemingly shiver for the moment, “Whenever he looks my way I feel like I’m about to be subject to the Inquisition!”

“Y-yeah…” I felt a small bit of shame coming upon me, for such conduct, “Uh, are you by chance the owner of this residence.”

“Yup sure am! Or at least my Grandfather is...” The young adult murmured, “So, you going to head back to that place with the creep? Even if you messed up so badly, I wouldn't mind having you come over to my place to at least have some dinner!”

>Go along with her
>Take the escuse to leave
>See if you can convince her to let you stay, *Add flavor if you want* *Needs a roll!*
Rolled 35 (1d100)

>>See if you can convince her to let you stay, *Add flavor if you want* *Needs a roll!*
Rolled 57 (1d100)

>>See if you can convince her to let you stay, *Add flavor if you want* *Needs a roll!*
“Well you see…” I held myself from speaking as I tried to think about what to say, “I am not supposed to be returning to Kotomine on orders of the Vatican.”

“Oh my, are you Excommunicated!?”

“No no no!” I quickly shook my head, “I am just here for an event, you see. So when I saw this place, I was wondering if I could stay here for at least a few weeks.”

“Huh? Now how would I feel good about that?” The lady said with a hand on her chin, “How would I leave a little girl who looks only sixteen alone here!”

I thought about it for a moment, “Well… would it not be better if someone lived here? Then those children would not come back to do sinful acts on your land.”

“You know, that is a good point. And having a cute girl living in the house ease the ghost stories about this place…”

“Uh, I would assume you need payment as well.” I soon brought out a small collection of cash.

“Kyo ho ho ho!” She quickly took the money from my hands and did a swift count of the funds, “Well this should be plenty~. Sure, stay all you like! Though let me help you make a place to stay at least!”

>Anything you wanna focus on with Taiga in terms of work?
>Ask Taiga some questions.
>Anything you wanna focus on with Taiga in terms of work?

Nothing in particular comes to mind besides cutting the grass or brush the dust.

>Ask Taiga some questions.

>did those kids try that often?
>how is life here on Fuyuki?
>any interesting places on this city?
>Ask Taiga some questions.
>History of Fuyuki
I gave out a cheer as Taiga agreed to help me clean things up around the house. With a little use of Excalibur while she was not looking, we were able to quickly chop down the large amounts of grass all about the backyard. With about half an hours of work we had cleaned up most of the back lot without issue.

With that we soon moved forward towards the dusting of the place, while we started towards the Kitchen and living room, we soon made our way towards what I assume was the bedrooms.

Though as I opened the door Taiga sounded a little confused, “Hey, did you do something to this place?”

I tilted my head a little, “What do you mean by that?”

“Well I’m gonna be honest…” Taiga made a small bridge with her fingers, “Main reason no one comes here is because the bedrooms feel so weird. Actually, there also used to be a cling of bells sometimes, but ever since we started I haven't heard them.”

“Oh…” I thought about the bounded field I destroyed and the bags I had looted previously, “Uh, maybe the ghosts have found peace since I entered.”

“Oh, very good!” The madam gave a short laugh, “You should check out the Motou’s residence then. Damn place always gave me the creeps even when I walked Sakura-chan home.”

“Oh, is that so. I will keep it in mind.” With that I soon took out Excalibrush and started working on the walls, “Do those children come here often?”

“Yeah, sadly.” The lady now equipped with a broom started, “Maybe once a week? I know they’ve been at it for a few years, but I only got back from college a year ago.”

“Is that so, what was your major?”

“Teaching English!” Taiga cheered as she brushed away a good portion of the dust off the floor, “Fuyuki Schools has been pretty nice to me all things considered.”

“You are blessed then.” I turned to the final finishings of the room, “Is life here okay? Do you have any suggestions where to go?”

“Oh it’s grand!” The teacher cheered, “There’s the malls and big bridge! You can’t forget about the beach and cafes!”

The teacher seemed to grow another devious smile, “Say, tomorrow you want to go out. The School is letting out early tomorrow to do some repairs meaning all the clubs and facility won't be allowed on the grounds in the afternoon!”

>Agree to a Taiga Tour
>Probably shouldn’t

And after that.
>Summon Servant without material components
>Get components (Right now Asia will assume blood because of her studies in medicine. Need an int roll to see if she can figure something different out.)
Rolled 55 (1d100)

>Agree to a Taiga Tour

>Get components (Right now Asia will assume blood because of her studies in medicine. Need an int roll to see if she can figure something different out.)

Arent we using excalibur as a focus it not like we can call up morgan lefay and ask for some blood t
Rolled 56 (1d100)

>Agree to a Taiga Tour
>Get components (Right now Asia will assume blood because of her studies in medicine. Need an int roll to see if she can figure something different out.)
You guys can't get a decent roll above 30. Honestly its kind of funny. Hope it works better when it counts.
hey i usally get around 20-30 range and sometimes 2-5
“Uh, sure I guess I probably can.” I said wih a shaky smile before I thought of something, “Though there might be someone else joining us. I am not very sure on that.”

“Oh thats okay!” Taiga quickly went around me and slammed my back a couple of times, “You seem like a good kid, so anyone who’s friends with you probably isnt that bad. Actually, I might bring someone as well if thats fine by you~”

“That should be fine.” I looked back at all the work we had done. While the permanents damage still needed to be worked on everything looked much better than when I came in here, “So I guess you will be leaving?”

“I believe so, I ned to tell grandpapy about you taking residence here.” She seemed serious for a moment before it melted into a smile once more, “But I’m sure he’ll be overjoyed about it!”

With that the odd but good Taiga went out the broken door, making her way past the gate. Said gate soon collasped as she moved it with her hands, which I could only sigh at. If I am to live here, renovations might be the name of the game.

I son made my way into the living room, only a small table there for me to kneel at.

So I made a seat, a sigh was all I could give for what I needed to do.

I needed to make a circle for summoning my Servant. While using the powers granted to me as a Saint would be enough, it comes with volitility. So I needed to come up with something better, more grounded in reality itself.

Thus I needed a Material Componet, the only one I could think of is blood.

Any blood will do, but a humans would be the best. Following that would be the blood of magical beings and after that, animal.

Its jus tthe choice on what I use. Do I go out and procur some animal blood tonight, or do I risk using Heaven’s magic?

>Try and procur some animal blood *Where you wanna look*
>Use Heaven’s power
>Find a source of human/supernatural blood *How?*
>Find a source of human/supernatural blood *How?*
Yours you dont need to summon today and you have a shit ton of magic
>Use Heaven’s power
Ignore the last one i just rembered using your own blood for summoning is a bad idea
Really? Where was this?
how about that dragon bones we picked with Shirone a while back? The original plan was to make a armor after we got enough of them, but wouldn't mind using them now.
general fiction really its actually a common trope the using your own blood may make you end up summoning a demon or something that want to eat you
huh i guess we can use the dragon material
If I was gonna be honest, I was going to allow that because it would have been clever. Dragon bones though, same amount of cleverness.
As I stared at the table the thought finally crossed my mind, and with a fury in my step I quickly made my way outside into the open air. There was no wind tonight, a wide open sky with the moon beaming down upon me. I took in a breath, the feeling of power flowing through me enough to excite.

While I am not too sure if they would work, I reached into my satchel and brought out a large amount of Dragon bones from a being slain so long ago. With a push of my will, Excalibur transformed from a hammer. With a swift few strikes the bones were turned from large pieces of stone like bone into a fine dust.

With it now in hand, I cleared a small space on the ground of grass. Now bare to the world, I sprinkled the dust in the form of a circle on the ground. Slowly but surely I traced the lines going across from one side of the ritual to the other. With my work, the sigil was complete.

I took in a deep breath, and then let one out. Before me was a circle made of a Dragon’s bone, but would it really work?

It might not be the smartest of actions, but I brought my hand above the pile. With a quick strike from Excalibur and the burn that followed, blood flowed freely from its scar. With a little work with restoration, I was able to connect most of the circle out with my own blood.

With that, I have completed the circle. Well as well as I could ever hope for without the murder of innocents.

I took out the book, words imprinted on the page. In my possession was the Relics of King Arthur, but Micheal did say she might not get summoned. If I do not receive the Great King but instead another, I pray that they are honorable.

I began to chant.

>Roll a 1d100.
Rolled 66 (1d100)

File: giphy.gif (998 KB, 500x281)
998 KB
998 KB GIF
”Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Fill. Let each be turned over five times, simply breaking asunder the fulfilled time.”

As I began to speak these words, the circle of Dragonbones began to glow. What was once a windless night soon grew to a modest breeze through my hair.

”Let silver and steel be the essence. Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation.”

The back of my hand began to flow, the symbols that etched out a Dragon becoming more menacing by the moment.

”Let my great master Mor’Voh be the ancestor. Raise a wall, against the wind that shall fall.”

As these words were spoken, I felt something stir within me. It was not just the exhaustion of mana traveling from me, but my very blood began to stir along with the bright red light.

”Close the four cardinal gates. Come out from the crown. Rotate the three-branched road reaching the Kingdom.”

I could feel my words reach them all. For a simple moment my immortal soul seemed to reach out towards the existence that was told by the book. The supposive theory that there was one place that was beyond Heaven and Earth, a place that only the Gods themselves know exist.

”I shall declare here. Your body shall serve under me. My fate shall be with your sword. Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail. If you will submit to this will and this reason…… then answer!”

I, the Dovahkiin of Heaven and Earth shall call out to the Heroes of old. I call out to the realm that God himself must have made. The crystalized rose of Saints and Heroes that Dante once visited.

”An oath shall be sworn here! I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven. I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell!”

I saw it once before, a glimpse into this realm of Seventh Heaven itself! I call out to the Realm of Heroes at the center of creation! Answer this Dragon Saint!

”From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three great words of power, come forth from the ring of restraint, Protector of the Balance!”


The red light soon blinded me.
“I have heard thou’s call and have answered.”

What I first saw was a white cloak fluttering within the massive wind I had stirred up. Upon it, while abstract, I could easily see the cross formed upon his armor. A bronze shoulder guard and gauntlets bared upon his body.

Soon I could see the fluttering of long hair, experienced eyes looking upon me with a stern determination.

It felt that my very Soul was being examined. I was being judged by the being who stood before me of not my worth, but my faith and virtues. Of my Sins and debauchery.

“Thou art a Dragon, but you hold a heart of pure gold. You carry the same blessing I once did in life. To be given to a Dragon, I see that God has honored you. ”

The man stood before me, his sword still resting in its sheath as he sat upon a pure white steed.

“I Georgios ask you, Dragon, is thou my Master?”

Answer him
>yes, i am. Asia Argento, the dragon slayer saint. It's nice to meet you.

You know, this is actually pretty good for us! His noble phantasm can put the 'dragon' attribute to our enemies, wich will make them vunerable to all our dragon focused shouts. And he is a pretty good tank in grand order, so he and Asia could fight very well together, with him focusing on defense and her on offence.
Also I find it funny that we got motherfucking Saint George.
Well, you guys did use Dragon bones, Dragon blood, and are a Dragon Slayer.

This gave you an 80% chance of summoning him, 19% summing Arthur, and 1% random person.
Was there a chance of getting big titty arthur?
Nope, as sadly it would make less sense.
Actually scratch that, you had a 1 in 5000 chance.
“Yes I, Asia Argento the Dragon Slaying Saint, am your Master for this war.” I looked up at the Saint himself, “It is nice to meet you, Saint Georgios.”

The man grew a small smile, “Indeed, and mine as well. It seems God shines brightly upon us if a fellow Saint is to be my Master.” The Servant soon moved his legs about the Horse, Georgios slowly handling the Horse’s harness, “Thou should go for now, Bayard. I will call you when battle comes.”

With what must have been a nod the horse disappeared in a puff of glittering dust. I could still feel that he was there, but it was so faint that I would need to pay attention to notice it.

“Well then Saint Asia, thou seemed to have summoned me in a very tarsh place. Though I do not recognize the work itself, is this what the Pagans of the Far East really produce?”

I gave a show of my hand towards the manor, “Indeed, and for now it will be our place to sleep and rest. I was allowed to rent it from a kind madam for small sum of cash and that we just live here. For now until we are discovered, I believe we can live here.”

“Thou speaks a good bit of sense. I would enjoy having a chance to examine the place more thoroughly if that is fine by you.” He said with a charming smile, “Before that however, I believe it would be best to talk about our desires for the War,maybe even trade some stories, yes?”

“Definitely,” I made my way towards the manor proper, “Come, my Saint. Make yourself at home if for a little while.”

“Indeed.” He announced while walking forward, “The World awaits us.”

With that we both made our way over. As soon as we walked inside the room, it seemed that Georgios had to bend over some so that he could even fit. Such a massive man would clearly be a match for Dragons, which is a slight irony when I look at myself.

Soon enough we were both seated at the rather small table, the thing that could easily be destroyed by either of us with a single hand. It was meager, and I honestly felt a little bad for the place being like this. We all had our circumstances however, and I was never going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“Well I believe I should have begun, as I am thou’s senior.” the Knight said as he sat cross legged on the floor, “I am the Class of Rider, and you already know my true name. For my desire for this War, I only wish to travel the world once more to spread my Lord’s name. And Thou self?”

>Does Asia even have a wish? *What?*
How you wanna do this War?
>Act as enforcement, try to contain the War as much as possible
>Try to win, though any means necessary
>Win with Honor, Duels for Days
>Stalk the War, try not to involve one’s self until the end.
>Pfff, just leave. Asia has plenty of mana to sustain Georgios.
>Write in

Due to summoning a Servant, Asia has lost 50 mana to sustain him. She can give him mana to use his abilities. If you leave the War Zone, this number triples.
>Act as enforcement, try to contain the War as much as possible
This is honestly most in nature with how we've been running Asia so far.
>Act as enforcement, try to contain the War as much as possible
>Act as enforcement, try to contain the War as much as possible

>Does Asia even have a wish? *What?*
Well, i can't think of anything in particular she would ask for. Maybe ask for Georgio's reincarnation so he can travel the world, but i think his wish already cover that.
Maybe discovering what happened to God and where he is right now? We know he answer our prayers, but everyone, even the angels think he died, and apparently didn't hear from him in a long while. Maybe discovering this mistery could be our wish? What do you guys think?
“As you already know, I am Saint Asia Argento.” I felt a small bit of confusion take over most of my being, “As for my Wish, while I would want you to be brought back to the land of the living, Saint Georgios, there is something I need to know. Micheal, Archangel of God, claims that God is dead.”

“Impossible!” Georgios slammed his hand onto a shattered wooden table with a roar, “Not even the Pagan Gods can face our Lord! I still feel our Lord stands by our side!”

“I agree with you.” I said as the table was now in two pieces, “Where our Lord went, or what happened to him. This is what my Wish shall be.”

“Thou’s Wish is one that I now desire as well.” Georgios said with a hand upon his chest, “It would be selfish to place my own wellbeing before the Lord and his Charges.”

“Thank you.” I said with a steady nod.

“You do not need to thank me, as we are both servants of the Lord in the end.” AS he finished, the man took a moment to examine the damage he had wrought on the table, “Uh, would thou have what they call ‘glue’ in this era?”

“I sadly do not.”

“Then give me a moment.” The Saint quickly picked up what he had destroyed and placed them on the wall nearby, “Though now that we are together in this, what would thou wish for us to do for this war?”

“When I joined this war, Micheal gave me a task of investigating the Grail itself.” I shifted a little from my spot as Georgios sat down once more, “Beyond that, a force of Heretics calling themselves Khaos Bridge have declared war against Heaven. We need to watch for them and make sure this War runs smoothly.”

“If it is a request from the Seraphim, we cannot defer it.”


“Well then my fellow,” Georgios made a show of his hand, “You must have grown tired from my summons, so we will only act in the morning.”

“Indeed, it is already past midnight.” I leaned back while looking outside, “Tomorrow after noon we have an appointment with the madam who allowed us to stay in this House. She would take us for a tour of the city proper.”

“Excellent!” The man said with a cheer, “Thou should go ahead and sleep then I will be patrolling the house while you do so.”

>Anything you wanna spend your morning doing?

For the Taiga tour, where you wanna go first?
>The Malls
>The Beach
>A Park
>Anything you wanna spend your morning doing?
>Talking strategies with Georgios
>A Park
>Anything you wanna spend your morning doing?
>continue cleaning the house
>A Park
“Here, let me clean that for thou.”

“Thank you Georgios.”

“Hmm, the Grail did warn me not to give out my true name. I believe I should be referred to as Rider if I understood the relic.”

“But to easily throw away your name like that. I would not do you honor.”

“Hmm, it is alright. I believe we can still use our names like this in private.”

“I can do that.”

We soon finished up cleaning the living space, no more splinters rested on the ground as we did so. Thanks to his height, Saint Georgios was able to brush off the ceiling with ease. With a little more work we were able to finally turn on the lights that lead to the room.

“We will need to procure some extra pieces of wood, the repairs needed are too extensive is seems.” Georgios claimed as he moved to a counter top.

“Indeed.” I looked at the time, “We should be getting ready soon, Georgios. Would you be able to wear anything other than your armor?”

“I can.” With a small burst of air the armor was replaced with a set of elaborate clothing expected of a Saint, “Will this work?”


“Hey ya’ll.” A voice soon came from the front hall, soon emerging a very happy looking Taiga, “Sorry I didn’t knock, but there’s no front door yet!”

“Oh, Taiga!” I cheered as another figure came from around the corner. I though about it for a moment before making a sign towards Georgios, “This man is who I was talking about yesterday. Rider, this is Taiga our landlord.”

“It is a pleasure to meet thou.” He cheered, “And who would be the Purple haired girl next to you Madam Taiga.”

“Oh yeah!” Taiga quickly made a hand jester towards the rather blank looking girl, “This here is Sakura, say hi to everyone.”

The girl looked us over with a blank look before bowing, “It is a pleasure.”

“Alright then, let’s get out of this shitty place!”

With that cheer we made our way out of the place, soon making our way onto the road. Traveling did not seem that bad, only a soft chill coming through the lands are we started to move from Summer into Fall.

Soon enough we arrived at a rather nice looking park.

“Welcome to Fuyuki Park, one of a kind I am sure!” Cheered our guide, “Well let's get moving, there’s lots to see.”

As we moved I felt a small connection snap into place, ‘Asia, that Sakura girl seems odd.’

‘Indeed.’ I took a glance towards her. The girl did not fidget even under our stares, ‘That hair, her eyes.’

‘Tis but a human though.’

>Try and strike up a conversation with Sakura *About what?*
>Talk to Taiga *About*
>Just wonder
>Try and strike up a conversation with Sakura

>if you don't mind me asking, how did you became friend with miss Taiga?
>Me and rider will be staying in town for a while, if you need help with anything during our stay, feel free to come by
>what do you think of fuyuki? So far it seems like a nice place to me
‘Well, I am going to try and talk to her.’ With a firm determination in my, uh, mental voice I cut off the connection. Or at least I think I have cut it off, honestly it is hard to tell.

I quickly made my way forward, putting myself right next to Sakura. The rather dapper girl finally noticed me, as her head turned my direction, “Do you need something?”

“Uh, yeah.” I felt a small bit of heat rush into my cheeks, “If you would not mind me asking, how did you and Taiga become friends?”

“Friends?” She turned towards the teacher who Georgios had struck up a conversation with, “I… don’t know. She just doesn’t leave me alone.”

“Really, but you came out here did you not?”

“... I guess I did.”

“Well me and Rider will be in town for while, you can come over whenever you want.” I said with a smile on my face, “I would love to hang out with you again after this.”

“Too early.” the girl said with the same monotone expression, “You said that too early.”

“Really? But I’m telling you the truth!”

“... You are correct.” For the first time I noticed a small blush coming about her face, though her face itself portrayed nothing, “Thank you.”

“You are welcome!” I cheered as we were making our way through the park, “Say, what do you think of Fuyuki? I have been liking my stay.”

“...” The girl seemed to look up in the sky for a moment in thought, “Sad.”


“Okay everyone!” Taiga quickly turned around to face us with a giant smile, “Big guy right here wants a camera!"

"I thank you for the offer Madam Taiga but you do not need to go that-"

"We are here to shop around and tour the city anyways. Come on everyone, to the mall!"

>You guys wanna get anything while your there?
>You can do other things too.
>And lastly give me a roll.
Rolled 83 (1d100)

>You guys wanna get anything while your there?
Yes, a coffee cup as a souvenir. With some spare clothes. I would ask if the place we're at has a working kitchen so we can make a meal because that sounds incredibly comfy.
Rolled 48 (1d100)

we should buy food too if we have a working kitchen
“Hmm, how does pancakes sound Rider?” I asked turning towards my companion.

“Hmm, as I understand it pancakes are a bread made flat and the size of a plate, correct?” He asked with a brow raised.

“How good is your cooking?” Taiga quickly asked.

“I am not the best but I have learned in my travels about the world.” I said with a small bow, “Miss Taiga, do you know if the oven in our curent residence works?”

“Eh, probably doesn’t.” She said while flicking her hand, “But I’ve got an electric oven top from my College days. I’ll lend it if you don’t mind cooking for me~”

“Uh,” I turned towards Georgios who gave a small nod, “That sounds wonderful!”

With that I placed some flour and eggs into my basket, my bag already holding some casual clothing that Taiga claimed I should really wear. Though I was just happy to get something to help blend into crowds, since the amount of stares me I kept getting are wearing me down some…

“Is that everything for you ma’am?” The cashier said as I was going through check out.

I looked over everything I had, but soon my eye was drawn to something at the edge of the aisle. With a small warm feeling I reached over and took the cute mug that had a bridge on it. Soon enough we were all outside of the store.

“I must say, this camera might be the greatest work of God’s will I have ever seen!” Rider was enjoying the camera that we were able to buy for him. While Taiga said it was a cheap item, Rider assured her that it was okay for him.

“He looks happy.” Sakura said aloud as she stood next to me.

I gave a nod, “Of course he is happy, he received a gift.”


With that we continued on our way through the groups of people, slowly we neared the cafes with a fun atmosphere about us. Though as we did, I felt something was off. It was the same feeling that I got from Georgios, but it was also mixed with a more… demonic feeling.

“Come on, Mastah! I want to eat more!?”

I turned around to see a pair of people sitting at a table. They were obviously unusual though, as one of them had banana colored hair while the other had pure white. Both however were unusually petite for being alone.

“You know I didn’t bring that much money with me.” The white haired one pouted, “You’re the one who wanted to run from the manor as soon as we got there. Do you know what will happen once Sella catches us!”

“But you are happy we got out of that damn depressing place, eh?”

“... You are right.”

They seemed to be so engrouse in eating that none of them have noticed me nor Georgios.

>Approach by offering them more money for food
>Stay the hell away from them
>Get Georgios before approaching, *Doing what?*
>Stay the hell away from them
They might want to start a fight with us if they notice we are a master and servant. Wich wouldn't be a problem if we didn't have Taiga and Sakura with us right now. They could be caught in the crossfire. And even if they decide to not fight right now, then can follow us to our house and attack us there. Let's take advantage that they didn't notice us yet.
As I looked towards them I thought of one thing and one things only.

I needed to get everyone as far away from those two as I possibly could!

With that I quickly turned around and made away from those two. Since everyone was more or less wondering about they started to follow me. I soon could no longer hear the two of them talking, which was great for the safety of the entire mall.

With my little rush we were soon outside of the shopping district, soon taking the direction home. Since we had left in the afternoon, we had spent most of our daylight either shopping or seeing the goings around the place.

I soon looked out over the big bridge.

“Well that was fun!” Taiga said while brushing up against Sakura, “What about you?”

“...” She did not seem very keen on answering, but a small blush on her face seemed to potray her emotions.

“Indeed, I thank thou for taking us around the city.” The Saint said with a camera hanging about his neck, “It has been some times since I have walked so much, I hope it is the start of my great Journey.”

“Good to hear!” Our guide gave a mighty laugh.

“Well, thank you for everything, Taiga.” I said to her as well, “I hope the Lord blesses you with good fortune from here onwards. You as well Sakura.”

“Is that so,” She quickly wrapped her hands around the student, “Hear that! We are going to be blessed by a God! Isn’t that great!”

“Blessed… by a God…” The purple haired girl turned around with a face of complete confusion before shaking it, “Th-thank you, I guess.”

As we came to the end of the bridge Taiga split from us saying she needed to take the girl home. Me and Rider watched, I with a smile while Georgios had a smirk. After a moment though his smirk was gone, “Did you see the Servant while we were at the Mall?”

“Indeed.” I turned and looked towards the city proper, “They were acting like normal people enjoying a meal together.”

“Indeed.” He said with a stern nod, “Their judgment will come sooner or later however, we just need to prepare for the coming battles.”

“So tonight will be the first offical night?”


>Investigate the School
>Head back to the Mall
>Investigate the Docks
>Head Home to fortify it
>Other Locations

This is where I will leave you all for this thread. I’l be traveling big tome tomorrow so I’ll be spending the time getting the other Servants and Masters prepared. It will likely start back up late tomorrow night!
>Investigate the Docks
Low chance of finding civilians at night, so no worries about someone being caught in the crossfire
>Investigate the Docks
Next Thread!
“Please, we just need the number that called you from. You can even hold the phone, I just need the number.” I pleaded the boy.

He looked at me for a moment, and then over my shoulder towards Georgios. He soon started nodding, “Alright alright, j-just, come over here.”

I slowly looked over his shoulder, taking out my own phone to quickly type down the numbers. As soon as I looked at it, I patted the boy on the back, “Thank you, you can go now.”

“A-alright!” And with that he dashed across the road, soon making his way down na alley and out of sight.

“Indeed, thy was not a very trained spy, it might even be too unusual.”

“What do you think?”

“He was supposed to have been found.”

>Call the Number
>Don’t bother with it.
>Use the number to do something *What?*

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