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For those of you unfamiliar with Heavenly Jewel Change. It is a Chinese Wuxia web-novel.
You can read it here, it is completed: https://www.wuxiaworld.com/novel/heavenly-jewel-change, Wuixiaworld have recently changed their style of letting people read completed books, you are able to buy it, but you can just as easily gain and spend something called Karma to read chapters.

The Wiki (May lack information with certain characters but has all the mechanical information we need): https://heavenly-jewel-change.fandom.com/wiki/Heavenly_Jewel_Change_Wiki

Lots of things like place names and people will be OC. so I can run with interesting character ideas.

First Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3638342
Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3943479
MC Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/eUJQC3YB

Last time you got out of Hell thanks to the assistance of Demon Hammer. However, when you got back, things were amiss. You found out you were stuck in Hell for nearly seven months. Meaning that Jiang was due. However, she died thanks to unknown causes, leaving you with 2 children to look after. This was made all the worse, as Jessica tasked you with gathering some information on a Saint Element monster Enclave, which turned out to be an underground city. You have an appointment with their leader soon. You are just waiting for the appointed time in your house, as said children are being kept in Medical, due to a lacklustre immune system due to the special circumstances of their birth.

>Train FLX, END and STA
These stats are now maxed.

You are able to spend the night doing one action
>Write-in for what you would like to do
> Train Coord and Cultivate
>COORD has been maxed
>Roll 1d100 DC 50 to break through, best of ONE
Rolled 69 (1d100)

>Paste has been updated (Correct value of level of Heavenly Energy included)
>You are now a Mid Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master

>It is now the 187th day
>Write-in for the morning
> Train HE, STR, AGI
How much 'till our meeting?
It's this afternoon

You aren't stopped by anyone, which you think is a good sign that Hontian and Azzura are OK.

>Roll 1d100 for STR extra gains
Rolled 45 (1d100)

>Paste updated, STR maxed +2, AGI and HE maxed.

Player Choice for the afternoon

Rolling 1d100 DC 60 for STUFF
Rolled 84 (1d100)

> Since you can buff the abstract, why not try to buff your Charisma? Then, swap to Ghenna: it's show-time!
>Buff Charisma
This'll be fun
>You are now 256 times more likeable.

You try to buff your charisma with your Consolidated Equipment on, and then teleport to your point, finally giving you freedom with your Skill. You put on your collar, and seal your Jewels, as is the Law.

"Welcome, diplomat." You hear one monster say to you, the others pick up the cry. You see one of them bring out a new collar.

"You are not seven Jewels. Please take this one instead." You comply, and you see that a new design has been implemented.

For the Saint Monsters, they seem exactly the same to you, almost indifferent. However, as you walk, other monsters start to follow you. Random cries, even words, fill your ears. You imagine that Tsushiri must get something like this every day. You are not sure how you feel about it, but it will help you in the meeting. When you get to the Palace, the Eye guards let you in without much disturbance, and close the gates in front of the monster party.

You are very slowly lead to the throne room. What you see doesn't surprise you, it's a lot like Shara, except male, and with smaller wings. It could pass for human with no problem. You see many structures around it...him, meant to boost an Element, you don't recognise them at all. However, you feel something odd in the air, something you don't like, it's like when Jessica was taken over by that succubus and she charmed you.

>Roll 1d100 for a and a Divine Domain check DC 40, failure will result in the absolute affect of the Divine Element expressing itself.
Rolled 7 (1d100)

What's with all the 1d100s lately? Every time I feel like my luck's gonna turn...
Oh dear, well one 1d100 was for Shan-Bai. Others for stat boosts....and this.

>It has become impossible to dislike this monster, all their words are like holy gospel. In effect, their words are law.

You stare up at the King of Ghenna, your lord, your light, waiting for them to speak, to say the first word, to give you permission.

"Why have you come here, little one? A Saint user like me, never before have I seen a human with your power."

Player Choice
> "O King of Ghenna, I represent the human Kingdom past the Wasteland. I have come bearing hope of alliance between the two powers, and the will to forge everlasting friendship."
Well, let's hope Charisma x256 is as good as Divine Element Bullshit.
"O King of Ghenna, I represent the human Kingdom past the Wasteland. I have come bearing hope of alliance between the two powers, and the will to forge everlasting friendship."

"What can you provide us?"

"Knowledge, power, resources. All is plenty."

"Then I will visit your country in time, a month perhaps. Now be gone with you, as handsome as you are, I am busy."

You agree with this plan, and leave the throne room. You don't want to go back in yet, not without an appointment. Well, you could go home now, and report your success, or, you could try and get some pics for Jessica..

Player Choice for the evening
> Time to act like a tourist and whip out your Light Element.
>Convict, you are.

You make yourself as tourist-like as possible, and summon your Jewels, taking a quick snaps. Luckily for you, the guards don't seem to care much, so you continue as is. You have pictures of the Palace, the streets, even some monsters, the inhuman and more human-like ones. All in all. Pretty good.

As the time rolls to night, one noticeable change occurs, the monsters do not fall asleep at night. Some return to their homes, but others keep working, no tiredness or stress on their faces. In this period, you see the monsters care about you less and less. Your buff has worn off.

Player Choice for the night
Heads up, but after 18:30 GMT, I can't run. I have my driving test tomorrow morning and I don't want to be too tired for it. I will be able to run in the afternoon though.
> Time to go home!
I know, man. Did I tell you I failed my driving test because of nerves? Like, I can probably drive as good as most people, but I was a wreck that day and the tester did not like that.
>Minor failure: Hesitancy.
Well, we'll see how it goes. It really depends on how rested I am, as my medication makes me drowsy anyway, meaning sometimes if I don't get enough sleep I can't think at all. Not fun whilst in a car.

>Go home

You teleport home using some patch of air in your house once you have left the city, to find it empty, cold, alone. What to do...

Player Choice for the rest of the night
> Back to a training montage! FLX, STA, END!
>FLX, STA & END have all been maxed.

>Start of the 187th day

You get a knock on the door. It's Shan-Bai. You let her in, and she' a bit glum to find out her godkids are in hospital, she starts telling you about the Fire monster Enclave, which was in the Horse Tribe's area.

"Well, well. It was all kinds of hectic when I showed up. The place is really in the open, hidden in a volcano and everything, but when they saw me, things went on a downhill trend pretty quickly. Luckily I defended my life with my Jewels long enough to convince them I just wanted to look around. The King met me, he's pretty chilly, despite his Element. It's all kinds of primitive, but they can speak there, which is nice. Oh! He's going to be visiting in about a month, please don't kill him! It was pretty weird at first, but they seem to be growing quickly. What about you? Have any fun being with things of your own Element?"

>Write-in for questions for Shan-Bai and an answer to her question.

I have to stop now. Quest can resume at 14:00 GMT, thanks for playing!
> "It's a weird society, primitive in some aspects but not others. Their King is a really cool dude, even without the brainwashy thing. He said I was handsome!"
Passed driving test. I can run all afternoon.

>Edited for cannon.
"It's a weird society, primitive in some aspects but not others. Their King is a really cool dude. He said I was handsome! Really charming guy."

"R-really? Well. We have two more to cover. I'll let you pick first, you seem to know what you are doing. Maybe we should write proper reports on this."

Player Choice
>Nuclear Island
>In the Ocean, Tsushiri's country.
>In the Ocean, Tsushiri's country
We'll go say "hi" to an old friend.

"I assume the Ocean Enclave is a Water based one? I'll go there."

"Yes. You will need the constant use of your Water Element if you don't get a piece of your equipment."

"I might be able to go see Tsushiri."

"Eh? Oh, sure. I hear she was quite depressed when my Father died, something about there being no more opportunity to use the Creation Element. She may be in a bit of a fuss."

"Got it. I know nothing about the Nuclear Island. Good luck."

"Thank you! The ruler is an old friend of Zhong, so I have met her before. I'll be leaving tomorrow."

"I don't know when I might leave. Jessica didn't really give us a deadline did she?"

"No. I hear it isn't urgent, and it's there as something for us to do other than be stuck in our houses and train. I would prefer to train honestly. I finally got used to this body of mine and everything." Shan-Bai leaves a bit after that. Leaving you alone.

Player Choice for the morning
> Train COORD then cultivate!
>Roll 1d100 DC 50 to break through.
>COORD has been maxed
Rolled 88 (1d100)

Oh no....

You have successfully broken through to the next level! The paste has been updated!

You are progressing quicker now, with more free time. However, you see something in the air, flying, or more like propelling itself towards the Palace. An Evil Element monster, Zun Stage. You see it hit the wall, cracking it a bit, said portion of the wall was in Medical. You summon a Triple Lightning Shot, and wipe it out. Nobody the wiser.

>Roll 3d100 best of one for perception
Rolling 1d100 DC 95 for Sun-Di.
Rolled 53 (1d100)

Rolled 88, 65, 26 = 179 (3d100)

Why do trips keep tripping after they stopped tripping? Did the old man lie to us?
No, the trips don't apply to you. He wasn't lying.

>88, unfortunately there is nothing to see here apart from a core.

You see where the core was dropped. You teleport over, and pick it up.
>Evil Element Core gained

Player Choice for the afternoon

Rolling 1d100 DC 60 for Fei
Rolled 68 (1d100)

Sigh, this isn't going well.
> Go see your Consolidated Equipment Master for the 8th piece.

You want your 8th piece, so you head to Shao-Bao, to inform her of your decision. She reminds you that all the pieces are in the Spatial Ring she gave you, however...

"I can't trust you with the power of that set anymore!" You hear her cry.

"Why not? What's changed?"

"Two reasons. Firstly, with all that power, I expected you to keep Jiang safe, and she turns to dust! Right in front of your very eyes! Did you do nothing!"

"I tried everything! Resurrect didn't work! Just like Hell, it was out of my control!"


"The other reason! Some other gripe you have with lady luck?!"

"Psh! You're a puppet! Dangling from Tsushiri's strings! The Divine Element had control over you, and that makes the power you hold a liability."

"You're insane."

"I'm a Heavenly God, one who will stop at nothing to keep the people she care's for alive. Even you."

"I have the pieces, there's nothing you can-" You see the 24 Jewels of a Heavenly God appear, 12 Spatial, 12 Coordination.

"I will take back my creation! This may not be your fault, yes. It's it damn well our responsibility, not just mine!"

You summon the Angel of Death set.

>You are in combat

Player Choice
>Write-in, what would you like to do?
> You pull up your Kinetic Barrier at its highest power available. Then, you ask why she thinks you're under Tsushiri's control, seen as you haven't seen her since Long died.

You buff your Kinetic Barrier. The Water and Ice almost glowing with energy, the power of the domain crushing the atmosphere, you see steam and chilling mist fill the room as you use the Skill.

"Why do you think I am under Tsushiri's control?"

"I can tell, from your Heavenly Energy, from your domain. You are not in control. The Divine Element has specific characteristics, ones which someone as experienced as I am can tell."

"I haven't seen her since Long died."

"How about the seven months you conveniently disappeared for? You said you went to Hell? That Demon Hammer brought you back? If you really went to Hell, you wouldn't have escaped!"

"I can assure you I did go to Hell. I have the marks to prove it." You make the Fly Skill mark glow blue, the number 5 clearly shown.

"Even if it wasn't Tsushiri, someone holds control over your desire."

You see a flash from her Spatial Jewels. You feel a wack around the face, the barrier is not skin-tight.

"You had best give me the rest of the Scrolls now, boy. Your strength is paltry compared to mine. I can teleport beyond your barriers. I can bend your space to my will. You managed to defeat the Vice-Marshal, but I am on another level." You see her 12 Jewels start to form Consolidated Equipment, many different colours, a more mechanical piece with gears and things that look like hydraulics, with a stylus, similar to Song's, as the main attacking piece.

You see a quick flick of the stylus, something is happening.

Player Choice
>Write-in, what would you like to do?
> You say "Master, to keep going this way is folly. We both need to compromise. I'll give you the Scrolls IF you help me remove the influence of the Divine Element on me. If we fight, you'll be forced to kill me, and that would make angry, and I'm not myself when I'm angry. An Heavenly God may survive, but I don't want to think of the collateral damage."
"Master, to keep going this way is folly. We both need to compromise. I'll give you the Scrolls if you help me remove the influence of the Divine Element on me. If we fight, you'll be forced to kill me, and that would make me angry, and I'm not myself when I'm angry. A Heavenly God may survive, but I don't want to think of the collateral damage."

"I don't need to kill you to get what I want. Just look at your hands."

You do so, and see that the Spatial Ring with the 5 pieces of your set left in it is gone! You look up to see her put something in her own Spatial pocket.

"I could also try to reach into your own Spatial pocket, for someone like me there are no limits."

"Divine Element, help?"

"You have two options! Firstly, get stronger than the person who charmed you, that is one of the Element's major 2 weaknesses, it only works on people weaker than the user, or, submit to another's control, someone you can trust in a pinch."

"I need the set to do the first one, and I can't just hand my being over like that. I literally want to go to war with Heaven for control over my future! You aren't helping, can I have the next piece?"

"Under one condition. I want a certain seal to be put on you. One which will allow me to stop you in space if I detect betrayal in your actions. They will not be your own, and I will not hold you accountable, mostly, but I need some security."

Player Choice
> "Fine." You say "But I want something in exchange. I need training. Serious training. And I need a serious teacher. Not just a bundle of task! I need an ally. I am currently engaging in war upon war, and I'm sick and tired of doing this alone. If you want authority over me, I'd like you to act like one!"
"Fine." You say "But I want something in exchange. I need training. Serious training. And I need a serious teacher. Not just a bundle of task! I need an ally. I am currently engaging in war upon war, and I'm sick and tired of doing this alone. If you want authority over me, I'd like you to act like one!"

"You have an ally. You can trust me on that. What sort of training were you thinking? I can take you to the 9th Jewel with your Cultivation Technique within a week, but not beyond. Does this suit your purposes? Heavenly Energy Control? Weapons? What's your price?"


Sorry this took so long. I was eating some tea.
> "The 9th Jewel?" you shake your head "I can probably get there in two days alone. No, what I want is help with Control, but most important is my lack of experience. I must be schooled. Taught how to really fight. I can't use a fraction of the potential of the Spatial element!"

"The 9th Jewel?" you shake your head "I can probably get there in two days alone. No, what I want is help with Control, but most important is my lack of experience. I must be schooled. Taught how to really fight. I can't use a fraction of the potential of the Spatial element!"

"Well, like all things, it is is vicious cycle. To understand the Spatial Element you must be experienced. I can teach you a few techniques, but the rest..eh, how do I say this...if I tell you too much your cultivation would stop at Heavenly King. However, to use the Spatial Element in combat is much more simple, and I can certainly put you on a better path. Come here."

You do so, and she grabs your arm, her own wrinkled and scarred from past trauma, her hands are a lot smoother. You feel an energy pulse through you, a Skill?

"The deal is set. I am a busy women, with the expedition through Hell announced I am on double time making Consolidated Equipment for new recruits. I can spare this afternoon, but tomorrow it will have to be the morning, it is the only time people leave me alone, those lazy fucks. I suggest you choose a technique. Let me get a piece of paper, choose three total and from that choose one to learn now, in the meantime I will prepare a di- a space for you to grow and practice, any more and your progress might stunt. I will write a few descriptions about them, please, do not ask. I know you will have questions, they are ones I have yet to answer."

Player Choice, choose three total. Pick one of those to start learning now, this will take a few rolls to learn. You can pick more than 3, but I will make the journey from Heavenly King to Heavenly Emperor much harder.

>Steal (Can steal a non Jewel-related item, will involve a perception roll, and or a domain roll, costs negligible HE)
>Rend (Can dismember an opponent, the person's endurance is not important, you will need either time or planning to know the space of your target, requires a fifth of total HE to use)
>World of Dimension (Warning, high level technique, can result in dimensional travel if used improperly! Think of a Spatial pocket which only you can fit inside of, this will burn HE like nothing else, but not instantly)
>Enhance an already existing Spatial Skill (Choose which one)
>Position (Can determine the exact location of things around you, takes a few seconds)
>Lend (Use Spatial Energy from other dimensions for unorthodox attacks, uses all remaining HE and prevents Focused Regeneration from activating for 5 minutes, the effect is completely random, and may not be suited to the environment)
>Rend, World of Dimension, Enhance (Shrinking Sphere of Capture)
Which one would you like to learn first?
> 1) Rend 2) Enhance 3) WoD
>Rend first
>Adding to paste

"Hmph. Good choice, but is purely meant for battle. This might take you a week to learn, you can certainly try to learn it on your own, but some help will go a long way. Now, let me show you our power!"

You suddenly find yourself in a different room, one with all white walls, and randomly place things, including tied down creatures, and more bizarre items.

"This will be our training room. Now, let us begin."

>Roll 3d100+25 best of ONE to train Rend, nat 100s become 150 in this case.
I need to get some sleep. Quest can start again at 14:00 GMT tomorrow. Thanks for playing!
Rolled 18, 55, 87 = 160 (3d100)

Quest will have to start later, I have to buy chritmas stuff. Apologies.
>Progress updated in paste. You have not learnt this technique yet.

You start to apply your medical knowledge with your domain. It takes a long while for your mind to grasp the sensation. You manage to separate a poor pig in two without it realising what happened. Unfortunately, you have to keep restoring your Heavenly Energy, and this takes some mental energy. You feel almost drunk after practising.

"Good, good. This might take 2 more days the way you are going. All you need to know is that everything is made of stuff and not stuff, once you know which is which and where the stuff is, you can break it!"

You can barely hear her, but you nod, and try to relax. As you aren't using a Stored Skill, or as a function of your Heavenly Energy Control, your cultivation is struggling, mainly from using something it is too weak for, and the new mechanisms of directly acting your will through this technique.

"A few points about techniques like this, you can make your own, and it will be necessary for you to progress, but it will be tough. You will need to make some for all your Elements for your domain to blossom. So do your homework, if you reach the 9th Jewel as quickly as you say you can, then there should be little time until you must try to make your Core, understood?"

"Y-yes master."

In a flash, the both of you are back in the shop. Shao Bao is at her stall, and you are by the door.

"Now, I am expecting a few special customers, so please leave, the very sight of you will be bad for business. Can't have an eight Jewel around for these folks. Shoo, shoo."

She motions her hand, at least she isn't telekinetically pushing you out the door. She throws one of your Scrolls at you, you catch it with your superhuman coordination.

You take your leave, and gain your 8th piece to the set.

>Boost is now 512 times, at the 8th Jewel level.

Player Choice for the evening
> Go to Tsushiri's island.

You have made preparations, and you are ready. You put on your Long-Range Teleport glove, and compare coordinates on the watch with some on a map. You so some calculations to make sure you are not stuck underground, and you teleport.

You end up in the middle of a sunny patch of ground. You think this must be a field, but there are massive puddles with regular plants in them. It's all a bit new for you. You have trouble walking around, aiding to your exhaustion from your training still affecting you, but you can travel. You have no idea where you are. You are a fair distance away from the coordinates of the Enclave, which you can tell now is literally underwater. You don't see anyone around you, yet.

Player Choice
> Go ask if you can crush on Tsushiri's couch
>You don't know where the Palace is, so I am going to need you to roll perception.

You activate your Skill, and fly high into the sky, and you look around, for something like civilisation.

>Roll 3d100 DC 60 best of ONE for perception.
Rolled 63, 41, 53 = 157 (3d100)


You see the place, red, mostly, with black decals. Compared to the Dershwa one it looks a lot less extravagant. You try to float down to the entrance, but you are stopped by ranged skills flying towards you. They think you are an intruder!

You take out your communicator, and enter in both the Jewels and name of Tsushiri, this should be enough.

"Someone from Dershwa? I never expected something so soon! How goes things? I hear our poor young Saint user has returned from death itself." Her voice is prideful, almost smug. This'll be fun.

"You're talking to him."

"Well well! What have you called for?"

"Am outside, let me in."

"Deal, but I want some information about Hell first, unless I pull a miracle it looks like my sister will be going there when she dies, maybe only 50 years or so too, not long from my perspective. I can't control everyone see?"

Player Choice

Sorry this is late, my internet was on the fritz.
> "To be fair, almost anyone goes there. The condition to go Heaven is 'follow the law of the Dao' which means nothing 'cause nobody knows what it means unless they discover it for themselves. Hell is like a tower, where every floor is ruled by assholes and stupid rules, and you have to either be stronger than them or follow them. Also can be conquered, which is cool. I have a very big grudge against it and everyone there, so I'll probably go on a rampage there as soon a I feel ready. That enough? Any specific question? You can ask anything you want."
Bad news. Internet still broken. Posting with mobile data, and with how much I have left I don't think I can run after this post. My apologies.

"To be fair, almost anyone goes there. The condition to go Heaven is 'follow the law of the Dao' which means nothing 'cause nobody knows what it means unless they discover it for themselves. Hell is like a tower, where every floor is ruled by assholes and stupid rules, and you have to either be stronger than them or follow them. Also can be conquered, which is cool. I have a very big grudge against it and everyone there, so I'll probably go on a rampage there as soon a I feel ready. That enough? Any specific question? You can ask anything you want."

"How about I get a good look at you first? Come in."

You see the door open, and the weapons start to fall. You see gobsmacked faces as you fly in. It doesn't take long for you to find her, doing literally nothing, lazing on a bed.

"First question: Why are you covered in the Divine Element? Next question: What sins were you locked up for? Final question: Can I take a piece of Hell for myself? That sounds nice. Queen of hell!"

Player Choice
Hang on, may have done something productive. TEST ONLY.
Oh yeah. Quest can start at 14:00 GMT today.
> "For the first one: I don't know. Do people usually know they've been Divine'd? Second: my very existence seems to piss the Dao off. Either my bloodline or me having the Saint Element and being seen as a possible Heaven usurper. Thirdly, get in line. Both me and Demon Hammer and a bunch of people from the Palace are working on an incursion."
Sorry for being late! We had a very late lunch today.
"For the first one: I don't know. Do people usually know they've been Divine'd? Second: my very existence seems to piss the Dao off. Either my bloodline or me having the Saint Element and being seen as a possible Heaven usurper. Thirdly, get in line. Both me and Demon Hammer and a bunch of people from the Palace are working on an incursion."

"Tch. You know full well that I have a stronger Great Element than all of you thanks to the Creation Element, I will have Hell for myself. About the Divine Element, it just depends. When I was weaker there were certain triggers I had to meet to control someone, physical contact, eye contact, phrases, time spent with someone. It changed depending on who you were, and for some people they just knew that the way they felt towards me was artificial, but they didn't care. As I got stronger, it became easier, so fewer people knew. I should rephrase my question. Who else have you met with the Divine Element? If you don't know, I can always overwrite it, if you want, you are one the few people that I respect so I haven't turned you yet. I am interested about your troubles with the Dao, you mentioned a bloodline? My people [i[faithfully[/i] gathered information that you were just a poor orphan. Must be your Element, good luck I guess, what the hell-ah, what are you here for? A quick chat, seeing my sister? She wanted to see you at some point, but you were functionally dead at that point so it didn't happen."

She could go on for hours, perhaps having complete control over people's thoughts and opinions might make you a bit oblivious to social situations. You might want to stop her now.

Player Choice

Let's try this again.
> "Just needed a place to crash. Got a job at the Water Enclave, and wanted a temporary place to rest. It also doesn't hurt catching up between acquaintances."
"Just needed a place to crash. Got a job at the Water Enclave, and wanted a temporary place to rest. It also doesn't hurt catching up between acquaintances."

"The fuck's a Water Enclave? Ah doesn't matter. Don't you Spatial guys have a permanent home already? Don't mooch of the hard-working folk!"

"As you sit in bed, doing literally nothing."

"True. See you later."

She motions for the Guards to take you away. They have a few guest bedrooms available. It's not that Her Highness is stingy or anything, it's just that she sometimes forgets that people are coming, so she turns them away at the door.

"We love her for it though! Don't we Sasari?"

"Sure do! Have a great time here, sir!" They both bow to you, and let you use the bedroom alone. At least the one good thing about this place is that there are no cameras to see what you are doing all the time. Unless Jessica puts cameras on some satellites. You decide to never tell her that idea. You wonder what she's doing on Mars anyway. You have heard nothing in the past few days. Nothing from Fei either.

>It is the evening, what would you like to do?
Rolled 69 (1d100)

> Training! STR, AGI, END
We can't traindo HE unless we're home, right?
You can train HE here, thanks to your Heavenly Energy Control, and the fact his region is pretty Heavenly Energy dense.

>Roll 1d100 best of ONE for STR extra gains.
... Didn't I already?
Wait, shit. I'm blind.

>STR maxed+3
>AGI maxed
>END maxed

>For training under sleep and energy deprivation, STA has decreased by 200, this will reset after the next time you sleep. This will continue to decrease by 200 until you sleep.

Player Choice for the night
> Sleep
>STA has been restored

You wake up feeling much better, with no-one disturbing you apart from someone offering you breakfast.

Player Choice for the morning
> Meet Tsushiri and her sister before heading to work. Ask them if they're curious, since it's in their territory.
You head back to the room Tsushiri was in, and ask if she is curious at all about the Enclave.

"No. Those monsters can be left to themselves, the fewer I see the better honestly."

You leave her to her devices, but before you do you ask her where her sister is. Intensive care, is the answer. You rush over, brandishing your Saint Element to make people book it, until you find basically a carbon copy of Tsushiri in bed, with semi-modern medical equipment attached to her. She's awake, and a bit stunned when you get in, but it doesn't take long for you to explain.

"Ah, I see. I thought you might have-you know-gone forever. That would have been bad, you did revive me after all."

"Tsushiri said you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, it's about my lifespan. Due to some...family rituals, my body is young, but my soul is not, I died so that sister could live. I am hoping, please. If it were possible for you to "de-age" my soul with your Saint Element. I would be eternally grateful. I know the other side, I was identified as someone greedy, but my sacrifice landed me in Heaven, and I don't know if I want to return just yet." You see 8 pairs of shining Jewels, sustaining her, the Divine Element, along with Flexibility, you have no idea whether this is good or not.

You start to prepare the action, your technique training with Shao-Bao helping you a lot.

"Before I do this, do you want to see the Water Enclave, a monster city that's nearby?"

"Oh! Sure, but I'm a bit bed-bound at the moment, so, it might have to wait even after you heal me. You are going to right?"

Player Choice
>Do it (Roll a 1d100 to see how many lives you can restore, maximum of 20 years, limited by your cultivation.)
>No thanks
Rolled 49 (1d100)

> Do it!
>10 years

You use Light to get a good look at her spiritual anatomy, then use Saint to examine her soul. Your will pushes the miracle from the bounds of heaven to earth, and you see her body convulse as the life flows into her.

A few moments later, she shoots up in her bed, before immediately dropping back down with a cramp.

"I feel a lot better. I assure you. Just-give me a few minutes, get ready in that time, I expect you to wait."

That was a bit different, maybe she is a bit greedy after all. You use Dimensional Swap to change clothes, and prepare your Spatial pocket. In that moment you get a call, it's from Shao Bao.

"BRAT! Where are you?! I thought we were going to train! Fei's been asking for you recently too! When are you getting back here?" Not even one day and people are fussing about you.

"Why can't Fei just call?"

"I want to talk to you now, not Fei. I'll leave her to take the initiative, she can't keep relying on us old folk to do things properly anymore." Stubborn as always.

Player Choice
Sorry gotta go. Quest has to stop now and restart 14:00 GMT tomorrow. Thanks for playing!
> "Master, I also have a job to do. Let me explain here and I'll be there as soon as possible."
"Master, I also have a job to do. Let me explain here and I'll be there as soon as possible."

"Go on."

"I am researching a possible monster civilisation in the Ocean for Jessica. These things might become a lot more important over time. So she wants some information."

"She has drones! We spent 4 months working of those blasted things and she doesn't even use them!"

"Just give me some time. I want to see this for myself."

"Fine, maybe it will help you gain inspiration for a Water technique along the way, you're good enough for that." She ends the call. You have no idea why she is like this, but her history sounds coloured with how pissy she can sound. Heavenly God, and she lacks patience.

You put the communicator away, and Tsushiri's sister taps you on the shoulder. She's dressed in what looks like a diplomat's outfit.

"I don't think those are the right clothes, we aren't exactly representing a country, and we are going underwater."

"You? You aren't representing a country. I am, no more holding back, I must take these things into my own hands. I do not think we have had a proper introduction. My name is Kurushi Saraku. You may refer to me as Kurushi. "

"Zou-Do-Shai. Zou will do." You see a Sapphire encrusted necklace, maybe that is supposed to help with the ocean. You have only seen the mechanics of the ocean in a book, not so much in real life. You lived right next to a desert after all.

"Mr Shai it is. Please show me the way."

You don't have a way to do multiple people at once, so you swap to where you think the coastline is, then swap Kurushi in turn, that might become a problem in the future.

>For the entire time you are underwater, you are only able to use the Water Element, trying to use another will result in asphyxiation due to not being able to breathe underwater naturally.

As soon as the two of you walk into the rippling waves, darkness slowly descends as the two of you go deeper and deeper. Unless you have a way to brighten things up, the only light the two of you will have is from your equipment, electronic. You have your storm bubble keeping you dry, Kurushi has her necklace, performing a weaker, but similar effect. Neither of you have light, and there will be Water monsters everywhere.

>Roll 6d100 best of ONE for an encounter and perception, first three for encounter, second three for perception.
>Figure out how to see underwater (Write-in, you have a way available to you, so don't worry, I just want to see if you will get it or not)
Oh, well. That might become interesting when you get home.
> Leave a Kinetic Barrier between you and the water, then light up your Fire Ring.
Rolled 54, 41, 6, 9, 7, 62 = 179 (6d100)

File: Armour_Plated_Fish_HJC.png (1.65 MB, 1031x1004)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
>You can see with limited sight underwater, perception rolls are not null and void, but you will have to roll for a concentration check whilst in combat to keep the flame alive.

You summon a Kinetic Barrier, one of the few things you can do under the pressure and chill of the sea, then out on your Fire Ring, something you received ages ago, and start to funnel Heavenly Energy into it. A plume of fire shoots out from the gem. You boost your Heavenly Energy, this might take awhile. You can feel your Heavenly Energy deplete by the second. The fire scares Kurushi a bit, but you just hold it in front of you, the fire past the barrier spluttering out.

>62 perception
>54 encounter

You take a good look around, and see schools of fish, kelp, sometimes things more exotic. However, this deep, the flame is very noticeable, and you can see a fare few monsters approaching you. They all look the same, like very sharp cod, large, muscly. Scales sometimes replaced with spines. Blue energy circling around them, pulsing. You see a few of them poke at your barrier, but it does nothing. Instead, you see them change tactic, the blue energy surrounding them gathers tightly, then explodes out. Both of you can hear the shock wave, even through the barrier.

"Prepare for combat!" You know what this is. You see something much larger, a cod yes, but the scales are replaced with some kind of armour plating. Kurushi summons her Consolidated Equipment, so do you. You can attack with the Water Element and perhaps Saint's Radiance. You see an interlocking system of hexagons for Kurushi's armour, the crystal glittering in the firelight. She will either be focusing on dodging or controlling it. You can't tell how strong it is compared to you. It does not seem intelligent, or willing to communicate with you.

"I can't affect it with the Divine Element! Just kill it!"

Player Choice, you are in combat
>Write-in, what would you like to do?
> Rain Arrow Submarine Missile Edition (500 HE).
Rolled 18 (1d100)

>50 Rain Arrows

>Roll 6d100, first three for concentration DC 70 as in combat, second three for Rain Arrow damage-5 due to loss of velocity in water, this monster is resistant to this attack. (They are essentially bullets after all)

Rolling 1d100 for Tank Fish signature skill 'Heart of the Waves" 8 Stars. You are resistant to this attack.
Rolled 10, 22, 23, 78, 25, 16 = 174 (6d100)

>23 Concentration
>73 Attack
>18 Fish

You fire out 50 raindrops, their speed cut by a mile as they tear through the dark water. You hear most of them hit their target, and you see blood fill the blue around you. You think it is dead. However, you feel the after effects of the shock, and you, mostly Kurushi have to start bending away from the tides and smaller fish, as they are whipped towards you. Your barrier keeps getting battered, and eventually you stop the flame to maintain the barrier instead, and you can't see where the currents take you. After a while, the underwater storm stops, and all the fish are dead. You see no cores around either, swept away by the current. The tide has relocated the both of you somewhere else.

Kurushi is not in a good state, you see her muddling around. Her flexibility almost useless here, her stamina running low.

"I don't think I like this ocean very much."

"It's where your people get their food."

"Tch, we aren't lost are we?" You reactivate your Fire Ring, and using the wristwatch with the coordinates on it. You think you were blown another hour of course.

"Not lost, just a bit further away."

"Well, not the worst outcome. What say we stop in a little while? I can barely stand down here. This amulet doesn't stop any of the pressure, and I can only avoid so much."

Player Choice
>Keep walking (Roll a 1d100 for progress)
>Take a break
>Just use your Life Element for a bit to bring her back to full stamina what could go wrong?
> Grab Kurushi and use Flight to accelerate toward your goal.

"I have an idea. I need you to keep a secret, can you do that?"

"Of course?"

"Then hold on, and cover your face." You activate Fly, and grab Kurushi, keeping an eye on the watch. You speed towards the goal, caring little about your luggage. You use your Fire Ring sparingly, as you fly so fast that the fire melts towards you as you move. You start to slow down as you get to your objective, and you see a massive spherical structure looming towards you. You let go of Kurushi, who appears to have passed out from the pressure change.

>Roll 3d100 best of ONE for perception. Security, entrance etc.
Rolled 67, 79, 33 = 179 (3d100)


You see many shark like monsters patrolling the area, they never stop to take a break. You see one entrance at the very top of the structure and another at the base. You decide to take the one at the base, pulling your way through the seaweed and stones at the bottom. The sharks there see you, with your plume of fire shining the way.

"Oh fuck! Hey! Human! Get over here!" You hear one of their frantic voices shout to you, before it fades away as the shark cannot stop moving. You hear others supporting you. You make it to the door, boundary, thing, and you see it shut behind you.

"Man, this is great, you know? Two humans, we might be able to make some tech progress!" The sharks surround you, chattering, excited. You see a city made of glass, stone, and rusted metal in front of you. Nearly all of the monsters are Water Element, but there are a few Earth and some Lightning ones too. You notice that none of the purely Water Element beasts have hands, and most of the machinery here is worked by fin or jaw. You see some tentacled beasts doing more complex things. The entire building is centred around a huge holographic map, with layers. It is spherical, and appears to show the seas, food, and some areas you are not sure about, although they are marked.

Kurushi wakes up with a heart attack, but you manage to calm her down.

"Hey human!" "Human!" "Watch!" You hear more cries to you, and something rather odd happens. You see all the Water monsters who could not live without water leave inside the earth, into small bunkers, and the water level starts to go down above you. They are emptying the city for you! What are they thinking?

"The king will meet you now! She will explain! Explain!" At the last minute, the sharks dash off somewhere. The place becomes dry, and you cancel the Water Element. You see something crawling towards you, with a breathing apparatus alien to the ones you know. You recognise it as a mermaid.

Tsushiri is panicking.

"Where are we?! Who is that?! Mr Shai what did you do?!"

"My job, just wait a bit." You wait for the mermaid, a fully human form, to come closer.

"Welcome, Heavenly Jewel Masters. I was not expecting you this soon, but I welcome you." She bows to the both of you. You can sense she is about 10 Jewels strong.

"I suppose you have a few questions. Let me ask you one of my own first: We need your help with a certain...limitation with the Water Element, would the both of you help us find a way to use tools? As you can see, the metal has rusted, and we are struggling to rebuild. Our bodies are unfit for technology, electricity, and we would like your help with a solution to that, the few non water Element beasts are struggling to cope, some have died of exhaustion to maintain this sanctuary, this hub of information, I would like that to stop."

Player Choice
>Write-in for answer
>Write-in for questions for her.
> "Well, I'm not really a tech guy. I'm more like a middleman, doubling as a healer and transport duty. My understanding of such thing is basic at best. What I can do, however, is find people totally willing to help you all. After all, I have been sent to establish friendly relationships between our people. We have men and women of science that would be most interested in sharing insights. What say your Majesty?"
> "How long has this problem plagued your people?"
> "Are your people agreeable to land-sea exchange and trade?"
> "Would you mind explaining the situation of your Kingdom?"
"Well, I'm not really a tech guy. I'm more like a middleman, doubling as a healer and transport duty. My understanding of such thing is basic at best. What I can do, however, is find people totally willing to help you all. After all, I have been sent to establish friendly relationships between our people. We have men and women of science that would be most interested in sharing insights. What say your Majesty?"

"Done. I just want my people to thrive."

"How long has this problem plagued your people?"

"Since we existed. The Water Element is weak to Electricity. Man grew hands and feet to go out of the ocean. We stayed here, and suffered for it."

"Would you mind explaining the situation of your Kingdom?"

"It's less of a Kingdom than a community, of all the knowledgeable beasts of the sea . The map you saw earlier is the role thing we all try to maintain and grow, it shows food sources, freshwater areas, human settlements, and bits of the ocean we can use, and have been using, to purely grow our intelligence and not our bodies through the understanding, it that what you call it? Understanding is our word for it, as we grow to understand. This city is closer to a community information broker, where all the information is free. It relies on the good will of the users to run, it is our crown jewel. This entire city was built to try and bridge the gap between the surface and the ocean. Some humans fear the depths, because they lack power. We fear the surface, as it is poisonous to us. We want to change that."

You see Kurushi trying to take it all in. Intelligent monsters, bridge bonding, communication. As someone used to dominating the enemy this must be an eye opener. The both of you are going to shake on the deal, hand to hand, but you feel a strange force in your head. Your mind casts back to the King of the Saint Enclave, he was nice. You wonder what he would want in this situation. Everything-is-is.

"Mr Shai? A-are you OK? Your spiritual anatomy-"

Everything is not fine, kill them all, they are the enemy, monsters of the unending deep, they must all die. I have the power, my King KNOWS I have the power! I will follow my purpose! I will serve!

You can feel the change pass through you, another foreign presence invades, same but different.

>Roll 3d100 best of three to resist the Divine Element DC 80 as you have some help from Kurushi, who is trying to rewrite the change.
Rolled 80, 79, 50 = 209 (3d100)

Of course that guy is a murderous maniac. I guess I should've seen it coming, uh...
>80 bang on, at a price.

Wait! That's stupid! Why the hell would you do that?!

"Mr Shai? Look at me!"

"Yes!" You quickly turn your head, and you see her face crumble.

"No no no no no! Sis is going to kill me!" You look back to the mermaid, who is in a bit of confusion.

"I don't understand. Human Shai, are you alright? Your companion is-."

"Perfectly fine, just. The deal is still happening, I will make sure of that, I just need to deal with another enclave before then. I am a danger to you, I think?" Kurushi covers your mouth in a flash.

"No, NO danger! Everything is alright, see? Hey! Get us home!" That sounds like the best idea, sure, home is what she wants, that what'll happen. You prepare Dimensional Swap, and reverse both of your positions to your room which Tsushiri gave to you.

"Mr Shai! You can't hear him anymore right? There's no-"

"There's nothing, no voices. Oh Dao, Shao Bao was right. The-my-"

"Don't panic!"

"Understood." Wait, it's happening to you again, you're just taking orders.

"OK, so good news. The Water Enclave isn't dead, and whoever had control of you before is gone."

"Good news, that sounds like good news!" You sound excitable, which is unusual for you, eh, who cares?

"Bad news. I freed you by rewriting the previous control with my own, so, uh, I own you?"

"Could you say that again? I couldn't hear you."

"I OWN YOU. DIVINE ELEMENT. CONTROL." She speaks like a robot for a bit, that's funny.

"Nothing, you aren't making a lot of sense, but it doesn't matter." Yes it matters, you want freedom, this isn't normal.

"Uh, I guess you have a stronger domain or something, because there are some glitches in your system. Hey, calm down." You calm down, panic is not what you want to be doing.

"So. You go home, and don't tell my sister that I did this to you alright? She'll send me back to Hell, and I don't want that. Bye bye!" You have your orders, you teleport back to your home, and check the time and date. It is the 188th day, in the afternoon. Nothing is wrong.

Player Choice for the afternoon
>Write-in, what would you like to do
> Train HE, COORD, END
Better a nice mind controller than a murderous one I guess.
>HE, COORD and END are all maxed
>As END was already maxed, choose either STA or FLX to train instead.


Player Choice for the evening
Quest can start again at 14:00 GMT tomorrow. Thanks for playing!
Rolled 13 (1d100)

> Train FLX and Cultivate.
>STA, FLX are maxed

>Cultivation failure! As the progress bar is no longer a thing, a new malus will be applied. You may not cultivate again for 3 days, attempts made in that time will always fail. Your stats are unaffected.

You feel something in your generators break, and you realise you can't break through! You try again and again, but all your efforts are dashed in pain. That isn't good, you had best wait a few days for the generators to heal, you can still generate Heavenly Energy, just not cultivate, how strange. You sit for a bit, not much to do, until you get a call, from Shao Bao.

"I can tell you're back, either get over here for some training overnight or go see Fei. She has a job for you. Your Queen or your Master?" She ends the call.

Player Choice for the night
> Go see Fei
>Go see Fei

It is the middle of the night, but as you get closer to the throne room, you hear shuffling of papers from a side room, this is where Fei is. You see her hunched over, dark shadows under her eyes, pen scribbling away. You knock on the door.

"Oh no, what is it now?" Fei turns to you, and her face drops.

"Oh, hi."

"Shao Bao said you had a job for me?"

"R-right, you still have those soul seeing glasses? If you do, I need you to search for Shian. She's been off for too long, and I need a report quickly."

"Pardon? Isn't she-"

"Dammit! You normally just hear things from other people so I thought they told you, not even Zhang told you? Fine, top secret. tell no-one, but we made her kill herself on purpose so that we had an eye in the afterlife. Her Jewels and reserved personality were perfect. Jessica and the rest are not to be told, upon pain of death, for all you know, have to know, she killed herself. Go it?"

"She could have passed on."

"Hah, no, not with her regrets. We also have her Jewels so we can brute force it if you don't find her in sufficient time."

"Can I say no? I have a thing with death-"

"Permission denied. This was her choice, but it is your obligation. Jessica has an eye in space, I have an eye in Dershwa, Shan-Bai will be taking over her uncle's position as the captain of the navy and Sun-Di is a good fit for Head General. I need you for odd jobs and the power of the Saint Element, now go away or use the Life Element on me. I am tired, I need time. Good night."

She turns away from you. Whatever happened in the months you disappeared changed her, you're not sure for the better either. Each of the sisters came with baggage, and one of them is putting them in positions of power, like her father before her? Copying? You're not sure. At least Shian is secure.

Player Choice
>Use the Life Element on her to make her less tired Y/N
>Put on sunglasses now or later Y/N (When, these will stay on until you find her unless you say you want to take them off)

>You will just sit in your house for a bit, but you have some time left in the night
>Write-in for something else small to do

Sorry for this being late, the storm that just passed us temporarily cut off the internet.
> Walk around the Palace to see if you find anyone interesting to revive.

You fire off some Life Element Energy in her direction, and you watch her slump in relief. Perhaps she should have someone so that on a regular basis. You put on your sunglasses, and see someone standing standing right behind her, shouting. You can't really tell what they are saying, but you know who they are. It's Shian, covered in darkness.

"I found her."


"She's right behind you."

"Ah! That's why it was so cold!" You see Shian back off as Fei gets up. Shian seems to not be able to see you. You start to burn Heavenly Energy to try to listen.


"Should I-"

"Do it!"

You reach over, and activate Resurrect. Shian starts to form into a person again. You immediately send her to sleep, you don't want to listen to that racket again. Fei catches her.

"Nice job! Now, her and I need to have a little chat, about a lot, both death on her side and ours." You see her left arm raise towards you and some Wind pushes you out of the room, and the door slams shut. Well then. You turn around and start looking for interesting people to revive.

>Roll 3d100 best of ONE for perception.
Rolled 79, 3, 68 = 150 (3d100)


You spend a little while looking at souls, there are some new ones, but most of them are the same. you end up finding someone rather interesting. A Heavenly Jewel Master with Agility and Lightning and one Elemental Jewel you don't recognise, glass maybe. It's a he, looks about 37ish, wearing a bloody robe. His skin looks burnt in some places. He keeps talking about some disaster, which sounds an awful like a volcano. His time period is about 200 years ago.

>Would you like to revive him? Y/N
> Y
New Elements are always interesting.
Rolled 91 (1d100)

You activate revive, and see his body form, he ends up with about 5 pairs of Jewels. He takes one look at you, and at where he is, and crumples on his knees.

"Please! Great one! Has the unholy fire been quenched!"

"Yes. We are about 200 years into the future. Welcome back to life?"

He is unsteady on his feet, but you let him sit down, and you start to explain.

"I think I shall ask to join this Elemental Research department! My Glass Jewels will be of great interest of them!" You see his body disappear into a fuzzy mess, which dashes incredibly quickly towards the department. Well, that was surprising. You get a call from Shao Bao she will be available in the evening only

>It is now the 189th day
Player Choice for the morning

Rolling 1d100 DC 90 for stuff
> Train your HE Control

Before you do anything, you get a call. It's from medical. They have cleared Hongtian and Azzura to leave the wards, but when they do, some information needs to be told to you. It's concerning Hongtian and they want to speak to you in person for it.

>Train HE Control
>Roll 3d100 best of ONE for training.
Rolled 1, 55, 45 = 101 (3d100)

> After this, onward to the kids!
>NAT 1

>Master Heavenly Energy Control decreases by 100!

Player Choice for the afternoon
Wait sorry, was distracted by the 1 so didn't see the thing, gimme a min.
>See the kids.

You make your way to medical, heart pounding. It's been nearly two weeks since you last saw them. As you arrive, one of the nurses pulls you aside.

"When you see Hongtian, please don't do anything drastic, you remember those lumps? Well they just kept growing, and-, you had better see for yourself."

She leads you to two cots. Azzura is fine, if very bored looking, but she lights up when she sees you, arms outstretched. You say hi, and take in at how much she has grown. Dear lord have she grown. That's to say nothing of Hongtian however. Azzura laid on her back, like a normal person. Hongtian is all the way on her front, or a bit to the side, and she has a much lighter blanket. This is due to the pure white wings with scarlet tips, stretching about a quarter the way down her back now existing. She sees you, and like Azzura, is very happy to see you, but immediately tries to hide her new body parts. You treat her the same, until one of the senior nurses stops you, holding a rather thick binder.

"A few things, sir. Yes, we can remove them later, but not now, surgery is still risky, even with your abilities. Then there is the issue of their growth, they are not fully grown, and our typical estimates suggest they will grow to the base of the hip in length. We doubt she will be able to use them to fly without Power Jewels, either Strength or Endurance. Are their any questions? We have a document about the care of the wings we practised and changes to her diet, and the poor girl didn't seem to mind. We haven't told anyone, promise, and you can take them home now, but is there anyone you would like us to inform, or absolutely not inform? Teleship Commander, some people may see her as similar to Shara, a beast, I suggest we try and hide this for as long as we can, with all due respect."

Player Choice
> You don't really care much about the wings -- they're a part of the daughter you love. However, you stress that the matter will be need-to-know basis, and that anyone found to speak or act in a manner you find displeasing toward your children, and any of their cohorts, will live a very, very short life.
"I don't care about the wings, but it needs to be on a need to know basis. Anyone found talking disrespectfully about my children will live a very short life, and I have the power to control death."

"T-that's nice and all, but I want names. Who do you want to know and who do you don't? A need to know basis could mean people like Lady Jessica or Lady Sun-Di or Lady Shian, so, uh, some lists would be handy?"

Player Choice
>Write-in, two sections, one for people to tell, another for people to try their best to keep a secret from. I need names, not just descriptions, all sorts of people visit medical from time to time.
> Fei, Jessica, Shan-Bai, Shian, Zhang, Demon Hammer, Shao-Bao.
> Other than the people above, only attending physicians, their direct superiors, and assigned nurses can be informed, unless in cases of emergency. No one else is to be informed of the children's identities, their parentage and health details. All requests of information by other people, must be approved by you, Jessica or Fei.
I need to eat some tea, next post in a bit.
Rolled 20, 94, 31, 72, 88, 48, 13 = 366 (7d100)

OK. Jessica, Shan-Bai, Shian, Zhang, Demon Hammer and Shao Bao for a yes to tell...this might be interesting.

"Understood sir. We will ensure it is kept to the utmost secrecy." You are handed the two children, and are met with a small dilemma. When you get home, you put them back into bed. Azzura accepts this, but Hontian is a lot more feisty. Her cot is a bit small for her, and you can see that her wings won't fit. So you decide to try something new, following the details shown on the binder you were given, you use the Spatial Element to stretch the cot to the right size, Hongtian is still smaller. so her weight will still be alright. Now what to do for the evening, if you want to do anything outside you will have to leave them alone or call a nanny. It's a wonder how the orphanage raises so many kids like they do, you have troubles with just two! Song won't have to deal with this for a long time, he has some choice.

Hongtian is inquisitive as ever, and you can hear something which could be her first words forming. Azzura has fallen asleep, the journey very tiring on her.

Player Choice for the evening

Rolling 7d100 for character moments DCs 40, 30, 60, 50, 70, 80 and 90 for Fei, Jessica, Shan-Bai, Shian, Zhang, Demon Hammer and Shao-Bao respectively.

So, I won't be able to run beyond 19:00, or tomorrow, but I can run from 14:00 GMT on sunday, just a heads up.

Player Choice for the evening
>Jessica, Shian and Zhang will all ask to see Hongtian for their own reasons. This will happen sometime in the next day.
And oh dear Pastebin is down. Not good.
> Stay with your daughters, play and sing to them
You haven't learnt an instrument, and you are not sure about your singing abilities, but instead of training, you put your communicator away and play with the two, occasionally humming a tune.

I'mma need you to roll on this, let's see what kind of musical talent you have
>Roll a 1d20, higher is better, a low value will mean they don't like your singing voice.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

One of the few times I'm hoping for a crit fail. It'd be hilarious.
>4, death to your singing capabilities
Well, Jiang was musically trained, but you? At I might just change a talent or two for Azzura...

You attempt to hum, or sometimes sing, but this is classically a woman's job, and it shows when Azzura, in a moment of genuine emotion, starts screaming her head off whenever you you try. Hongtian doesn't seem to mind as much, but isn't impressed. Drat, for all your dancing ability you had hope your vocal cords would be in better shape, maybe someone with extraordinary Flexibility and Coordination would be a really good singer? It matters little. You get a call from Shao Bao, telling you that if you still want to train she will be available in the afternoon tomorrow, apparently she has some dealings with the Central Hunters, they want some new equipment for new recruits. They have a prodigy to make stronger, in a similar vein to their two female leaders, they have two Attributes and 6 Elements apparently "made" with the contribution of the Elemental Research department's work with the Fa experiments, which you have no idea about. That sounds utterly terrifying to you. Shao Bao tells you that you can come "help" as her apprentice, to perhaps provide ideas, or make some of the dyes for the scroll, but really it's to get a good look at children with high potential, perhaps flag someone as a potential disciple, as you are reaching the 9th Jewel already.

You watch as the two tire themselves out, the energy from being home running out. You are glad they are quiet, you remember some of the orphanage nights where the younger ones would simply not shut up.

Player Choice for the night
> Sleep
>Bonus to training rolls in the morning tomorrow. You are also able to cultivate again tomorrow because I feel like it, not sure if it has been three days or not.

Start of the 190th day
Player Choice for the morning
> Cultivate
Sorry for the wait. I have relatives over today, so it might be a bit slow today.
Ah yeah, no problem. Christmas Eve and Christmas day are going to be days where I don't run too. I have no Christmas special planned.

>Roll 1d100 DC 50 to break through
Rolled 76 (1d100)


You finish cultivating, and you get a call, the first of many. This first one, from Jessica.

"Hey, I want permission to examine Hongtian." She sounds so innocent, more childish voice coming through, but you know it is a ruse to do horrible things to them. You remember the first time you met her.

"Permission denied, that is my daughter."

"Tch. All the work we put into getting you out of Hell and you can't give me this?! I hate Mars! There's nothing here! I want something to do! When are we storming Hell?"

"Not now, be patient." You end the call, and consider to take the Reaper's Scythe out of retirement, a sure hit passes through Endurance.

Shian, who you expected to call you, not only for the fact that you have children, and that Jiang is dead, doesn't call. You guess she's been put back to work already. Zhang has few words for you.

"Congratulations again on a safe incident with Medical. I hope to see the both of them grow up well. I never had children of my own, so you should appreciate them. I have some predictions about their Elements, and what the wings signify, but I don't want to tell you. Your orders are still related to the Enclaves, and I have not received a report on either of them, get to it or I will cut your personal benefits, like say, time at home." He ends the call.

Player Choice for the afternoon
> Training with Shao-Bao!
>Go to Shao-Bao

Before you go, do you want to put any precautions in place with Azzura and Hongtian?
> Call up Shan-Bai to see if she wants to spend some time with the twins
You call Shan-Bai

"Hey, so I'll be out for a bit, can I count on you to look after-"

"Yes! No problem!" Just like last time, she comes as fast as she can, leaving you ample time to yourself.

"When can I-we expect you back?" You can see her by Hongtian already.

"I don't know, probably this evening?" You leave at that, teleporting to Shao-Bao.

"Good afternoon, boy, have a nice break? Well, this could be a lot tougher. I need you to make some Scroll bits, I am going to need some materials for a Heavenly God set, if those Hunters have the money. They are bringing 5 people, 4 men, one woman. I need you to deal with two of their requests and bring them back to me. Together we can think of ideas. You will be seeing the girl and the prodigy I spoke of. They are both 13 years old. They will be chaperoned by the Physical Head of the Central Hunters, she knows who you are so try to keep things civil. Any questions before we begin?"

Player Choice
Don't worry training will come later, but in Shao-Bao's eyes this take's priority.
> "What's the children's background? Their Element?"
> "What will you require from me? I've not had much time to study Consolidated Equipment."
> "What do you know about Glass Jewels?"
> "I've gotten the 9th Jewel. Any advice on how to best progress?"

"What's the children's background? Their Element?"

"They are both Heavenly Jewel Masters. The girl has Agility for her Attribute, Water and Darkness for her Elements. The prodigy has Strength and Endurance for his Attributes, and his Elements are Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Nature and Lightning."

"What will you require from me? I've not had much time to study Consolidated Equipment."

"Firstly. I need you to write some Skill tags, all Zun Stage as preparation. One thing these Hunters like to do is test you, even if you are a Heavenly God like me. The tags will help them, and me if you record down the results what kind of thinker they are, how they use their Elements, trivial things to you because I made a set for the Saint Element, but for the Hunters it is a sign that both you and I know what we a doing, some of them may also be used in making the Scrolls themselves as an Elemental foundation for the Zong stuff which I will be doing. You can consider it a really expensive formality, 500 Gold a pop."

"What do you know about Glass Jewels?"

"Used for the Chaos Element. We have a new man with the Jewels. They are very useful in combat but no-where else. At least not in our society. It allows you to nullify Stored Skills, shift a person's body around. Manipulate luck in some cases. It sounds fun, but the main characteristic of people who have the Element is their lack of direction in life."

"I've gotten the 9th Jewel. Any advice on how to best progress?"

"No you don't! But when you do, you will need to make your Core. This is where growing quickly hampers progress. You need to consolidate your Zun Heavenly Energy into a solid mass in the centre of your body. This becomes a foundation for the Heavenly stages. When you do this you must instil an idea, a meaning to your cultivation. What are you? Who are you? What can you do? What kind of God shall you be? For me it was my Consolidated Equipement and my desire to explore. In this way I have grown proficient in dimensional travel. You must carve your own path. Fei ended up growing closer to the Wind, and became a lot more smart."

You leave her at that, and prepare to make these tags. Some formality! 500 Gold!

>I need you to make a Literacy roll.
>Roll 3d100 best of ONE DC 61 to make something above Zun quality, this will make the guests look upon you favourably, but will make Shao-Bao both proud and annoyed, as she will have to make the Zun ones herself.
Rolled 54, 55, 68 = 177 (3d100)

Did I miscount? Eh, probably. How many 'till 9th Jewel, then?
2 Levels. Then your cultivation technique stops.


You spend a short amount of time completing the task, tens of tags, each with their own unique writing, made with the boosted Heavenly Energy you own, lay before you. In each Element, with every Attribute. You have done well for yourself. When Shao-Bao takes a look, she sighs, but moves on.

The two of you wait, you at her left side, and wait for guests. You see seven people arriving, 5 children, and two adults. You can tell the adults are powerful. 2 women. One with 1 Element and 2 Attributes at the Upper Level Zong Stage, a massive hulk similar to Sun-Di, but looking older, and more like a mother. The other a tiny, young-looking sprite with 6 Elements and the Stamina Element at the Heavenly King Stage. The children look very much afraid, and you hold back the pressure. You see one small girl, and a very confident looking boy paired together with the sprite. You guess these are your clients. Shao-Bao takes the lead here, as the master.

"Welcome! Gou Don and Jixing Guasha! I hear you are looking for some Consolidated Equipment for the young Junior Hunters?" The larger one replies.

"They, are full Hunters. They have near three Jewels each, apart from Chang here, with only 2 pairs. We have come for Consolidated Equipment of the best variety you can provide. Two Heavenly God sets and 3 Zong sets."

"How much money, and manners can you afford."

"400000 Gold, I assure you that the Hunters that we present to you will be subservient." You see, out of the corner of your eye, the confident man's eyes twitch in annoyance. You also see the small pixie poke his back. The girl looks even more afraid. This might not go well."

"Well then. It's a deal. Your prodigy and the girl will be seen to by my Disciple! He is a Mid Level Zong Stage Heavenly Jewel Master with 6 Elements, with one being the Saint Element! He is of good character, I wish you all the best of luck. You three, follow me, Gou you too please."

"Understood, great Heavenly God Consolidated Equipment Master." You see the larger woman and the three boys head off with her, and you leave with the three members of your group.

"Alright, before we begin, I am aware of your Elements and Attributes, so I would like you to try these Stored Skill tags, so that I may get a better look at what you need."

The prodigy, 2 pairs of Jewels to his name, waits for a bit. You see the girl timidly grab a Darkness one.

"Hey, Chang, what are you doing?"

"I'm not following orders from a child! It is an insult to my heritage, he probably grew up in this Palace, not knowing the pains of real life, the one's we know as Hunters."

"2 Jewels don't get to complain! Did you not hear the expedition earlier? At base? Right there? No? Hard of hearing? My deepest apologies Consolidated Equipment Master, this one has grown arrogant for his luck!" You see her bang his head, doing nothing except annoy him.


You see the girl, three pairs of Jewels to her name, focusing quietly on her slip, she is scared, but knows her place. This boy...maybe he can grow from this.

Player Choice
>Roll 3d100 best of ONE for perception
>Write-in for what to say, and what tone to take for the rest of the conversation
Rolled 32, 90, 51 = 173 (3d100)

> Your tone is authoritative, forceful. You want them to fear and respect you.
> "Quite right, I'd say! If you're weaker, you do not get to complain! It is not unusual for the weak to be stepped on: it may even be the Dao of the world. Yet, I'd much rather hear none of you complain! Introduce yourselves, little ones!"

"Quite right, I'd say! If you're weaker, you do not get to complain! It is not unusual for the weak to be stepped on: it may even be the Dao of the world. Yet, I'd much rather hear none of you complain! Introduce yourselves, little ones!"

You see the boy look downright insulted, before he was just ignoring you, but now he's more angry.

"Do I look little to you, huh?"

"You're cultivation pales, to me, to my Master, to your own partner! I suggest you use this to learn a little, luck will not get you far, do not rely on it." You throw him an Earth tag. He takes it, but you can tell there is something a little deeper in him, some sort of inferiority complex? You see the girl take the first step, her voice quivering.

"H-hello Master Consolidated Equipment Master sir. My name is Mary Ghuang. My father was from Dershwa, but my mother is from Miller." You see dark brown hair, and paler skin than the people of Dershwa, don't people from Miller look really colourful and bright?"

"I earned my first Jewel at ten, t-thanks to Elemental Leader Jixing Guasha, she has accepted me as an apprentice, graciously. I think my main speciality is support, my Agility allows me to dodge, send messages and run, my Water is good all around, and I use it to protect my team mates, and my Darkness..." She trails off, and with your Saint Element you can feel the mixture of bloodlust, wrath and pride. "Is complicated, but I haven't used it a lot." You see that her Elemental control is really bad, which makes sense with the Darkness Element. She has a solid foundation, possibly through a bloodline, but doesn't know how to use it. You give her a Water Element tag, and move on to the boy.

"My name is Chang Daoshi. Mid Level Shi Stage Heavenly Jewel Master. I deal damage, I can take hits and deal them, and with my Element spread I use them for personal support. Nature for the forests, Water for lakes, Earth for the ground. I hear you have 6 Elements too. In that case, I want to hear about how you use your Elements!" You wordlessly watch him as he says this. You just tell him to move on.

"Use your tag, your Masters have so, so, very kindly paid for your set, so they must want you to take the full advantage of it. It is no secret that without my own set I would not be as strong as I would be today."

"Mm! Mm!" You see the pixie, Jixing nodding resolutely. You see him focus on the tag, frustration in his heart. He does it perfectly, you can tell he is confident in his strength, but that if his Physical Jewels were made useless, he would be a bit stuck.

"I have my analysis, and I think my Master and I will start with ideas, unless you have any other suggestions?" You see the girl raise her hand.

"U-um. I wanted something to enhance my Darkness Element and my Agility. Water can do a not, but never specialises. My Darkness can s-stop monsters, and c-control p-p-people!" She leans back after this, scared out of her wits at talking so upfront with you.

"I can put it into consideration. Anything from you, Daoshi?"

"Something that combines my two Attributes. I want options with my Elements as well."

"Something more varied. That could be tough, Strength and Endurance are polar opposites. I'll mention it. Now about my own Elements, my Consolidated Equipment. Watch, please, and know your place! Jixing, if you could please summon your own?"

You see 10 pieces form, all sorts of guns, cannons and other ranged weaponry made into the crystal fabric, already, colour spreads around it, showing its individuality You can tell it was meant to increase the power and effectiveness of her Elemental attacks and her Elements in general, nothing to do with her Stamina. You summon your own 8 piece set, and watch as the two children start to breathe heavily, the pressure from a Heavenly King and Zong Stage Master pushing down on them.

"As you can see, your leader focused on her Elements. I focused on just one, the Saint Element." You draw Saint's Radiance, the glowing blade casting an imposing figure on the boy, who looks a little less impudent, and more jealous.

Player Choice
>Write-in for how you think you fight, with your Attribute, your Elements and your Consolidated Equipment
> "You see, I'm not afraid to say that the Saint Element is fucking broken. Especially with other elements: with enough boosting the amount of damage one could cause is ridiculous. I once changed a whole ecosystem. Most of it comes from the "Buffing" ability, which lets me use a disproportionate amount of Heavenly Energy. It's so much that I've never tried going all-out 'cause I'm scared what would happen to my surroundings. So, if you have a really good ability you can always trust and can help you, maximizing its effectiveness is an excellent choice for Consolidated Equipment. For example, Darkness and Water are a wonderful combination for Stealth. While your six elements are all great for field control and widespread damage, while you may lack the sheer focus of smaller Element set, you can always just focus on some. Nature and Earth are fantastic if used to control stretches of land, and Wind and Water are the same at sea, while Fire and Lightning are primarily offensive-oriented."
"You see, I'm not afraid to say that the Saint Element is fucking broken. Especially with other elements: with enough boosting the amount of damage one could cause is ridiculous. I once changed a whole ecosystem. Most of it comes from the "Buffing" ability, which lets me use a disproportionate amount of Heavenly Energy. It's so much that I've never tried going all-out 'cause I'm scared what would happen to my surroundings. So, if you have a really good ability you can always trust and can help you, maximising its effectiveness is an excellent choice for Consolidated Equipment. For example, Darkness and Water are a wonderful combination for Stealth. Your six elements are all great for field control and widespread damage, while you may lack the sheer focus of smaller Element set, you can always just focus on some. Nature and Earth are fantastic if used to control stretches of land, and Wind and Water are the same at sea, while Fire and Lightning are primarily offensive-oriented."

You see Jixing desummon her Consolidated Equipment, her face white.

"When you say a whole ecosystem-"

"Miller's Ice Ravine. 4th Jewel level."

"Hahahaha, Oh lord. That's broken. I knew the Great Elements were broken. Oh no, nooo." You see her start to wobble away.

"Come along children, we're nothing compared to him, just run along now. Come on, that's it." She doesn't realise that the children don't follow her. The girl continues to talk with you.

"S-so, I could focus on Steath? I am pretty small, I hear Princess Shian used to use stealth a bit, I'll think on it, but I prefer using my Water Element." Then the boy speaks.

"So, my Elements as support, or perhaps a rotation based set? I think I need to consult with Shao-Bao."

"Am I not good enough?" He just leaves, the girl following him. You put away your pieces and get to work on a report. All 7 of them will be talking in the lobby together, this is something that will effect their entire lives, so they want to think. Once you have finished cleaning up, you find Shao-Bao, bow and leave your report.

"Hmm? This is pretty good! You had the easier job working with Heavenly Jewel Masters, but none the less good. I will send them away until tomorrow, I will use the time to think on these ideas. The Stealth one for the young girl is an incredibly good idea, perhaps using her Agility to move her body so fast it turns into water, then Darkness to seal the effect? I don't know if you have heard of ninjas, but she would fit the archetype. Did you hear anything about their weapons?"

"No, you will have to ask them."

"Don't worry, there's always something. I'll be back in a bit and then we can move on in training." You see Shao-Bao struggle to get up.

"Dang it all! It looks like my age is finally getting to me! 500 years you know? Not bad!" She leaves for a bit, then comes back. Using her Spatial Element to send you to that place, with her watching your progress.

>Roll 3d100+25 best of ONE for Rend training
Quest has to stop now. I can start again at 16:00 GMT tomorrow, possibly, I have a few presents to buy at the last minute.... Thanks for playing. There was a time just recently that I was losing passion for writing this, but you allowing me to use new things, new characters and have more time to do weird stuff has reinvigorated me. Thank you so much for sticking with me all these months, and have a Merry Christmas if I don't post tomorrow.
Rolled 45, 82, 82 = 209 (3d100)

I probably won't be around until 19:00 today. Going Christmas shopping.
I'm back!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Sorry this is late. Grandma and co were here all day, going to be out tomorrow to see the cousins, which I just found out, so I can't run boxing day either, God forbid I think I might be able to to the 27th, 28th is a no-go because 19th birthday. Fuck. You know what, new, weird quest coming up on the 27th, one-shot maybe SCPish related I'll see what I come up with, then after my birthday I can continue with this. Sorry for the delay, this period of time is always busy, me and my brother have our birthday, then our cousin, then the new year...
>Near eights
This is a sign.
We could just restart things on the 2nd, after the holidays.
I have a free week from now anyway, until the 6th when term starts. HJC quest is a go! Thank you for your patience.

>Double 82
>Domain in Spatial has gained 1 priority, this is irrelevant for now.
You have learned Rend!

You spend a huge amount of time learning how space works, namely, where you are, and the mathematics of 3D space, which you had never learned about. After 7 hours just thinking, and using the technique with the help of Focused Regeneration you have mastered it! Shao-Bao looks on, impressed.

"Good boy! Now then, which one would you like to learn next? That technique was an easy one, but will never fail you. Welcome to the top! We will have to stop for now and the next few days because of my job, but I will contact you in time. Please train and cultivate in this time. I can tell you are close to the 9th Jewel, so much for a week's time, but life is not perfect."

Player Choice
>World of Dimension (Extremely High Difficulty, has 2 bottlenecks along with training)
>Enhance Shrinking Sphere of Capture (Medium Difficulty, bottleneck along with training)

Player Choice for the evening
>World of Dimension (Extremely High Difficulty, has 2 bottlenecks along with training)
This is the one that will help most long-term. With our elements and a gifted Earth Element user ally we may be able to make our own Parallel Dimension.
> Talk w/Jessica about the Water Enclave

"World of Dimension. It's really more suited for an Earth Element user but a parallel dimension sounds incredibly useful."

"Good luck, it took me 10 years to perfect it. Your techniques end up replacing some of your Skills anyway, might not be the case with you because your Skills can grow can't they...." She stares into the distance, ignoring you for a bit.

"How long do you think it will take me?"

"I don't know, you are really talented, maybe this'll only take a few weeks."

>Added to paste
>Talk w/Jessica about the Water Enclave

Shao-Bao kicks you and herself out of her dimension, telling you that she can't maintain you and her being there for more than a day at a time. You ring up Jessica, who is still on Mars.

"I have some information about the Water Enclave."

"Thank fuck! Something is happening! Tellmetellmetellmetelmeeeee."

"You sound cheerful."

"I hate this fucking portal! We finally got it working and only that Evil Element bastard can enter! What's the fucking point! I can't even conquer Hell!"

"Master and I will figure out something, just listen to this first."

Player Choice
>Write-in, what would you like to tell Jessica?
Oh yeah, I was thinking Quest ideas, and whilst I have the next one ready. I was wondering if one based on Versatile Mage would be good? I mean a Wuixa that is actually difficult in terms of cultivation. It even got a cartoon, so people would know it.
> The Underwater Civilization, the possible deal with them, you getting Divine'd some time before to go murderhobo on them (more than usual for you, at least) and their weird tech.
Haven't read it yet. By the way, is this the only site you do quests at? Recently I've been looking for similar places and I've even found another cultivation-based quest I'm quite sure you'd like.
This is the only site. Other places have required an account to use all the functions. I have a fiction.live account just in case this site goes down or other shenanigans happen, but this is the most secure. What's the site you found? I'll check it out in my free time.


"They don't function like a normal civilisation, as creatures living underwater are all very different, they need different temperatures, acidity, food. Instead the place focuses on a central map of all the oceans, which contains population centres, food sources, human settlements and other important areas the community provide for free, thus benefiting the entire community. Their leader has asked us for help, technological help. She considers a life under the Ocean difficult to progress in as electricity and circuits are incredibly difficult to build and maintain there. I said I would get things done, maybe with breathing apparatuses. or just with Water compatible electronics. The queen could speak and think like a person, but the rest of them were monsters with a common goal. I also almost killed them all under some orders from the Divine Element. Our "Saint Enclave" is lead by a Divine Element monster. He got control of me. Not controlled now, I know for sure as I broke free just before I was going to go all murderhobo on them."

"Well. At least they aren't dead. If you want anything done tell Fei, not me. She controls the Palace, and hence our corner of the Earth. We can kill the Divine Element monster later...maybe I can call in a few favours from Her Highness in the east? Buh-bye!"

She ends the call.

You head back home whilst you have this conversation, to find Shan-Bai leaving in a hurry.

"They are still inside, but, Hongtian may or may not have spent the last 9 HOURS trying to fly! I will not see either of them until you learn to keep them under control!" She storms off, this sounds bad. You hurry in, to find Azzura watching wide-eyed as Hongtian attempts to stand up and flap her wings. She hasn't even crawled yet!"

"Fly! Fly!" You hear her cry, oh. First words? At three weeks? That can't be right. It's mumbled, and you hear no other words, but she could really injure herself like this.

"Hongtian! Sit down!" You see her freeze like a deer caught at night by a flame. Then she plops back into her bed.

"No flying. Bad, flying bad." She sits there stock still. Azzura however is having the time of her life, the loudest sounds you have heard from her a sharp giggle. It takes a long time for them to calm down and sleep, food helping a lot in that regard. God you feel tired. You struggle to think coherently. After the meeting, training and this? Your eyes are burning up with how dry they are.

Player Choice for the night
> Sleep near your kids: one of them is at flight risk
I was recently diving around Spacebattles (I've had a bad case of Worm fanfiction lately) and there is this super-long quest called Thread/Forge of Destiny, an original cultivation-based quest that has been going for a long time now. Took me two day just to catch up without reading the omakes.
Correction: Forge of Destiny and the sequel Thread of Destiny are on Sufficient Velocity. They're almost the same site, anyway.
Both of those need accounts, so, it's a no from me. However new reading material is nice. Thanks for the present! Have you considered changing the name yet?

>Sleep near kids

The night passes, with you becoming very tired. Azzura and Hongtian need less sleep now, and only Hongtian is asleep because of her antics. She doesn't make much flight movement, but you see her flapping her wings, like how some people twitch when they sleep.

>Start of the 191st day

>You have suffered 100 points of sleep deprivation damage. You have 560 STA.

Player Choice for the morning
> Stay with the kids during the morning, noting down their growth and to figure out how Hongtian can apparently talk, now.
The hat stays on until the seventh, like the Christmas tree, it's tradition.
>Stay with the kids during the morning, noting down their growth and to figure out how Hongtian can apparently talk, now.

You stay with Hongtian and Azzura, they must be three weeks old by now, yet one of them talked. You try and get it to happen again, and you achieve success. Notably, Azzura has grown a lot bigger, and Hongtian as well. You compare with some of your medical books, and they must be close to a 6-7 month old baby, meaning that crawling is certainly a possibility. You have no idea why they are growing quickly. You start some tests, physical ones, shaped like playtime, and you see that Azzura especially, but both of them are physically older than they are. The trace of Heavenly Energy is the same, which makes sense. You have fears for the worst. Beast races grow a little quicker, Dragons being a slight exception, but only Monsters grow like this.

It's odd. None of the Dershwa sisters grew oddly quickly or slowly, the Time Element of the father had no part, so why is this happening? You can only assume something Heaven has done, again.

Like normal babies though, they get tired pretty quickly, especially by your standards, and they collapse, into now tight beds. They will need new ones for sure. As you tuck them in, Azzura points to your bed, you try to bring her there, but she cries out instead. So you bring her back to her cot. You try to leave, and there is another outburst.

"Dada! Night night." She pokes your eyes, ow.

"Bad. No like!"

"That's a lot of words, just go to sleep, aren't your tired?" She conks out. You can feel a new ache in your arm, and you can't bear to raise it, so you let it sit at your side.

>You have 460 STA

You get a call from Sun-Di.

"I have found something in the archives. I think it relates to your family, just by what happened to Jiang. You are lucky to be alive. You can find me in the Library." She ends the call.

Player Choice for the afternoon
> Call Shan-Bai then go to the library
You call Shan-Bai.

"Oh no. Not again! I want you to promise me that stupid girl won't try to fly!"

You look back at Hongtian, you do a few tests, walking close to the door, and you see much more movement.

"I can't promise that."

"Then no. Nada. Wherever you're going, bring the children with you! Make it a trip, I will not raise your children for you!" She ends the call.


Player Choice
>What do now?

I need to go to bed, quest can start again at 14:00 GMT tomorrow. Thanks for playing!
> Call the Nanny you have to pay instead of the one you don't.
In a hasty call, you arrange for a transfer of another third of gold for the day. It's annoying, but necessary. You probably won't run out of money anytime soon either. If you do, selling cores is always an option.

You make your way to the Library after the nanny arrives, who you think has a minor heart attack when she sees Hongtian. You tell her to keep her mouth shut, and proceed. Sun-Di is already in the Library, just sitting there doing nothing. When you sit down however, everything starts happening.

"Welcome. I have a gift. Folder." She passes you a binder with about a hand's width of paper in it.

"That comprises about 150 years of evidence. Now for the substance. I first went to your old orphanage, quiet place, but people there take over the jobs their parents had, and stories are told. I asked around for some details of your parents, but nothing turned up. Apparently someone just found you in one of the local Buddhist places of worship and you had a home. I found the temple, now in ruins, and went record hunting. Those buddhists write everything down, including new babies. I found something from the right time, and it said that at the time of birth, the father was not present and the mother turned to ashes upon said birth. There would have been other things, but they were all destroyed in the passage of time."

"What about my father?"

"That will be your job. I think that he was a mercenary, as there were some reports of a pregnant couple arriving at the city border earlier that day, and the guard who wrote the thing mentions a high Jewel count, something like 6, maybe 5? You can see souls. He may still be there. I collected all of the documents that were not burned, and some stuff from the guard's post that were sent to the archives. It is now yours."

"So my mother was burned like Jiang? Anything about grandparents?"

"Nothing. Good luck. If my father were still alive this would be a lot easier, maybe he knew things we don't? I do not know and we cannot afford to care. I will leave now, I have a meeting with the Central Hunters. They want some training for a new recruit, should be fun and they are paying me."

She gets up, and leaves like that. No opportunity for you to ask questions.

Player Choice
>Write-in. what would you like to do now?
> Go look for the Ruined Buddhist Temple of Destiny I guess.

Another trip outside the Palace? This'll be fu-

*Guurk.* You end up throwing up blood, your body collapsing to the floor, as your Life Element starts to work overtime. You get back up, but you can't summon your Jewels, or think properly, or see for a bit. You activate Restoration, and get back to it.

>Your STA has been restored, but it will now decrease at a much faster rate.

You keep going, using your Spatial Element to make the journey easier, with no children, no orders, and no global threat, you can take as much time as you want. It doesn't take long to find the place. Half flattened, but nobody wanted to fully take it down. You put on your Soulglasses and take a comb to the floors, now rotten.

>Roll 3d100 best of ONE for perception DC 65
Rolled 29, 25, 99 = 153 (3d100)

It's the obligatory "MC overworks himself" arc.
File: Spoiler Image (114 KB, 826x966)
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Go to sleep, pic related, that is literally the only thing you have to do. You could potentially actually kill our MC for good if you go to far.

>99 Well Done.

It doesn't take long for you to find something. A woman, sitting in the corner, dead-eyed. Brown hair, brown eyes. Average in every regard. You see a few monks, shouting and screaming at something only they can see, but this woman is silent. She doesn't notice you as you walk in front of her. You try everything, but it's like she doesn't even exist.

Player Choice
>Write-in, what would you like to do?
> Shoot a Revive at her.
We'll go to sleep after going back home, and this time we'll leave the kids to the Nanny.

You try to revive her. This is probably your mother after all. Yet nothing happens! It's just like with Jiang. Unresponsive.

You fall to the floor, casting Revitalise to keep you up. You keep doing this as you walk home. Defeated again by the Dao, or whatever did this. Whatever it was, it happened to your previous generations, and it should have happened to you. It will happen to your children, and their children.

Could you even do anything about it? Not now, with your 8 Jewels the Central Hunters could stop you!

You keep casting Revitalise as your body threatens to fall apart, eventually surrounding yourself with an almost permanent green energy as you come back home, forming in coils like those of a snake around your head and shoulders. You cannot run out of Heavenly Energy like this.

>1 Priority point has been added to the Life Element
>Life Element Technique: Ninazu's Armour has been unlocked via trial, upon self discovery, it may be learnt and practised.

You knock on the door, Jewels summoned. Scaring the life out of the nanny, who seems relatively calm. Hongtian and Azzura are out of their cots, and doing fine, but look absolutely terrified as you walk into their views. Backed by the bright sun, only your Jewels light up the front of your body. The nanny leaves you to your business. She knows what a bad day looks like, and goes to the kitchen for something, it doesn't matter.

Player Choice for the afternoon
> Crash down on your bed like a sack of potatoes.

>You now have enough experience with this that you know you can last 4 straight days without sleep.

>Start of the 192nd day

You are woken up by the nanny, who holds out her hand for her pay, which you give. She leaves immediately in a huff. She probably had to deal with your daughters all night..

Player Choice for the morning
> Experiment with Ninazu's Armor as you keep an eye on the kids.

You remember something you did yesterday, the snakes that appeared all over your body. Healing you as you deteriorated. You want to learn more about that. So, you watch as Azzura and Hongtian come up with games for each other. Azzura always seems to win at these, until you try something with a bit of luck, which Hongtian wins.

>Roll a 1d20 for discovery.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Adding to paste

You try to put yourself in a similar scenario. You use Revitalise again and again, trying to achieve the same effect. It works, but every time you reach that point. Your cultivation hits a roadblock. Your spiritual anatomy can't take it. However, you do learn a few things.

You can still take damage. This damage is healed automatically upon being dealt. Your children don't take it kindly when their dad starts to injure himself. Your Heavenly Energy is running out quickly, and Focused Regeneration becomes more difficult as you watch the children do things at the same time. As you can't become focused as well.

To conclude. You are not ready to use it yet. You might have to wait until you are a Heavenly King to use it properly.

>You cannot use this technique properly until Heavenly King, but you can still train it to halfway maximum
>Progress 100/1000

You get a call, from Fei of all people.

"I have some orders from you. Go to Miller, or meet Demon Hammer as soon as possible. He needs to reach the next Jewel if our plans can continue in Hell. Buff his cultivation progress or something. Dismissed."

Player Choice for the afternoon
> Call Demon Hammer: have him come to you, you don't feel like leaving the kids.
Rolled 228 + 512 (1d1000 + 512)


"Master. I need a favour."

"Is it related to my cultivation?"

"Yes. Come to my house instead. Nice view, I'm sure you'd like it."

"I hate kids. I mean really hate. Can't you just put them in a pocket dimension or something?"

"How the fuck do you think the Spatial Element works? Magic? I'm not putting my kids in a space blender."

"Eugh. Fine...they aren't loud are they?"

"One can be. Just don't scare them."

"I can turn into a demon, that sounds challenging."

"Stop complaining and-, just tell me where you are and I can take you here, at no cost."

"Sweet free packaging!"

In less than a minute he stands before you in full political dress. Cape included.

"What? I like the cape. Am I like their uncle? That feels awful, oh no I have family and sh-"

"No swearing."

"No fun. Just get it over with."

>Rolling 1d1000+512 DC 900

After a whole 8 hours of your Master. Heavenly God sitting down and thinking, taking you into the evening whilst you try and learn something from his cultivation. He gets up randomly, you guess he's done.

"You're terrible at this buffing thing you know? Nothing, nada. No 13th Jewel! You know what? I can stay here for a few days. I can wait a few more days."

"Not in my house, go talk to Fei."

"Agreed, good plan! No wonder why I picked you! Wow, I must treat myself later." He just walks off into the distance smiling away, there was no sarcasm in his voice either. How old is he anyway? Long died at 500 and he's a similar age right? He might only have a year left. He really doesn't look it, although he often acts like a crazy old man. Food for thought.

Azzura seemed fine with the whole affair. Hongtian complained as soon as he was out of her eyesight.

"Bad man! Red Everywhere! Stole my eyes!"

"Treat him with respect. He is my Master and mentor, you still have your eyes, yours are a better red."

"Papa is better! Papa strong!"

"Master stronger. How about you Azzura?"

"He did nothing for a long time. How is he strong?"

"Power Jewels. Like the ones on my wrists. You might get some one day. It's really rare, maybe one in a hundred even start to get Jewels."

Hongtian, ever excited, starts to grin.

"I'm gonna be the best! POWER!" She screams that last bit, and you know Demon Hammer must have heard it. Ambition, at such a young age. No wonder they are growing fast. Azzura also grows curious.

Player Choice for the evening
>Train and cultivate.
>Which three stats


>Roll 1d100 DC 50 to break through to the next level.
Quest will stop now and start again at 14:00 GMT tomorrow. If I end up being late it's because my copy of Mario Odyssey arrived and I like it, or BOTW, that might arrive tomorrow also. We'll see, hopefully amazon doesn't take until Wednesday to deliver something you ordered on a Friday.
Rolled 67 (1d100)

Unfortunately, I won't be around today. See you tomorrow?
Happy new year!
That's me. New phone! Yeah!
>Roll 1d100 for extra STR gains

Happy new year, congrats on the new phone. Amazon don't deliver on new years day, so, another day of waiting. 6 days, 6 days for a game if it arrives tomorrow.
Rolled 60 (1d100)

>Paste has been updated
>You have cultivated to the next level.

You see Azzura, who normally stares off into the distance, take great interest at your training. It seems meeting Demon Hammer was a learning experience like no other. Hongtian goes to sleep, like usual. You could make it to the 9th Jewel and finish your cultivation technique tomorrow, if nothing interrupts you.

Player choice for the night
> Sleep
Sorry, got busy.
Rolled 48 (1d100)


>Start of the 193rd day

Player Choice for the morning

Rolling 1d100 DC 50 for Demon Hammer to show up and ask for buff.

I need to eat; I can't make posts until 18:30 GMT.
> Train STR l, AGI, HE
Rolled 5 (1d100)

>No bonus for STR
>STR, AGI and HE have been maxed.
>You cannot train STR beyond this limit
Player Choice for the afternoon
>END, FLX and COORD have all been maxed

>Demon Hammer will appear in the evening.

Player Choice for the evening
Rolled 85 (1d100)

> Train STA and cultivate
Rolled 672 + 512 (1d1000 + 512)

Oh boy! Now for the next challenge!

>Paste Updated

You see the 9th Jewels float around your wrists. To a "normal" Jewel Master, this would be their limit, but not for you. You know that the next step is forming a Heavenly Core, but as someone as strong as determined as Sun-Di needed your help to do it the task will not be easy.

>Upon gaining Heavenly Core your levels will rise by 4 will full stats, training is no longer a requirement for completion.
>You do not know how to complete a Heavenly Core, and you are not able to anyway without some effort.
>Extra abilities are explained in the paste, but it amounts to the redundancy of the Soulglasses and more Holy Power generation.

You sit down for a second. Hongtian was running about, her new, longer legs serving her well, her wings not so much. Azzura watched you make your last generator. You search your mind for the rest of the technique, but it appears you have competed it. If you stopped now you would be a venerated powerhouse of this world, but you have bigger goals, and those need more Jewels.

"Papa, what are you doing?"

"Cultivating, you'll learn about it when you are older."

"It looks boring."

"It is, and some people have gone through a lifetime of cultivating to not find the answers to questions they have."

"Why do you do it then?"

"I will not, and I hope you will not be tread upon by those above you. Every minute there are countless demons and monsters, all out to eat you. Whether human or not. This is one way of being safer."

"You told me it was rare."

"It is also needed. Not everyone lives a happy life. Are you happy?"

"Yes Papa."

"Good, that's a lot better than I was like when I was younger."

You are about to continue, but you hear something approaching from behind, outside no less. The voice scares Hongtian, casing her to run closer to you and Azzura.

"Hahahah! Good lad! 9 Jewels at your age is a miracle!" Demon Hammer slams open the door, to find three people inside, including the children.

"O-oh. They grow fast. Uh, you want to, you know?"

"Give me a minute." You send the two away, they can't fit in their cots anymore, so you send them to your room, which you rarely use anyway.

Rolling 1d100+512 for cultivation DC 900 for Demon Hammer
File: Red Lightning Storm.jpg (86 KB, 1024x768)
86 KB
You watch as the world starts to change around Demon Hammer. The earth crumbles, the sky starts to turn red. Lightning, red like blood forces its way from the sky with no clouds to support it. You hear your Master laughing with glee. After 500 years, he has reached the pinnacle.

You see a thirteenth pair of Jewels form, a symbol appearing in the Elemental Jewel, a symbol of a trident. You see Demon Hammer's body start to change reflexively, the skin popping to reveal horrid broken flesh. The face torn to reveal a boar, covered in viscera and blood, teeth and eyes pouring out of every hole, you watch as his Jewels form into his Consolidated Armour, only his last 13th Physical Jewel unblemished by the red and black coating that covers the flesh, skinless and pulsing, sealing the horrors away, the last Elemental Jewel, gold shining like the sun turns into a flaming trident as tall as him, casting an imposing shadow, if someone asked to see the lord of hell, he would be that lord. It would be enough to turn anyone mad, but not you. Your Saint Element works overtime to counteract the sight, and you watch as he returns to his human form. The weather resetting as he gains control of this new power. The earth in front of you still dead and smouldering.

"Really? In front of the children? I mean, I really hope they didn't see you."

"It's fine. I know what I'm doing. So how about it? Nice huh? Go on, congratulate your Master. I might be able to live forever now!"

"Grats. Wait for me to get there."

"Yeah, with your help Hell will be ours!" You watch him float away, fire lifting him into the sky. Show off.

You head back inside, and Hongtian is unconscious, possibly due to the aura difference. Azzura is only partially unconscious, but falls asleep once she sees you walk in. You tuck them into bed, and prepare for a hefty conversation filled day tomorrow, with Fei, with these two and with Jessica, who will want to know all about the conquering of hell, maybe Demon Hammer's influence will be enough to protect us normal people.

>Demon Hammer is now unquestionably the strongest person in the world, even above Tsushiri the previous holder. Buffing him will turn that power into god-like potential if used whilst the Angel of Death set is worn, be aware that he is not the most patient man.

Player Choice for the night

> Call Shao-Bao to talk about reaching the 9th Jewel.

You try to make a call to Shao-Bao, but after 5 minutes of waiting, there is no answer. She is asleep.

>Write-in for something else
> Sleep
>Start of the 194th day

You have to sleep on the sofa, as the twins are in your bed, but a beds a bed and you can't complain.

You wake up to a phone call.

"Good morning. This is your Queen speaking, congratulations on being as strong as Sun-Di was when you just met her. I don't really know what she's going to do, but hopefully nothing bad! I have notified Jessica, she was more interested about the Prime Minister having 13 Jewels. She is experiencing an existential crisis, after all. She only has 10 at the moment. I can't really remember what I did to get my Core, it just happened? I expect you to go much further. Good luck with the kids. Tah tah."

She ends the call just for another one to arrive.

"One last thing. Your orders are now to find a way to Heaven. You found Hell, now try Heaven. Shian is having no luck on her end. I want you to try a different approach, you should fit right at home. Goodbye."

She ends the call. You wait for another to arrive, but none comes. You get up, and find some post has been delivered to your front door. It's from Zhang.

"Congratulations on reaching the 9th Jewel, your pay has increased to 250 Gold in line with your contract. Your rank remains the same, but Shao-Bao, as the now strongest member of the Dershwa clan has assumed my previous position as Head of the Spatial Element for the Elemental Research Department. She has nearly 500 years of experience, but still sticks to the old ideas of Consolidated Equipment, however, she is a learner like the rest of us, and is now leading a few mechanical projects. She is still above you in the ranks. We have also noted that your children are growing at an abnormally quick rate, Medical assume there is nothing wrong. "Heavenly Jewel Masters are always weird" is what they told me. I'm inclined to agree. If you wish to speak to Shao-Bao she has regular office hours where she is able to continue her work with Consolidated Equipment in the afternoon. That will be all."

Well, at least you know where your other Master is now. Demon Hammer might have gone back to Miller already.

You spend a little time examining the letter, for Hongtian to try and grab it from you.

"I wanna know! I wanna know!"

"Dad's eyes only. If you want to learn how to read wait until you're older."

"Booo! Dad's a meanie!" That hurts, a lot, but she is only a few weeks old at best. She can't be educated at such a young age. Azzura spends her time looking at the fireplace, there's no fire, but there are scorch marks where the nanny had used the fire, probably to warm her legs. You are glad nothing went wrong there, it's also a good thing you don't have anything with electricity here...

Player Choice for the morning
> Play with the kids, observe the range of their growth: can they walk? How many words do they know? Can they Express their needs and wants? Do they want something?
>Roll 3d100 best of one for perception
Rolled 83, 37, 47 = 167 (3d100)


You think that in terms of their bodies. They are one year old, Azzura is still larger than Hongtian. They can walk for a few steps, but get tired easily and have to crawl. Talking is difficult, with several seconds in between thinking about speaking and actually doing it. Basic sentences are about all they know, the conditional and more complicated tenses completely foreign concepts to them. All the language they know comes from you and the nanny, who appears to have done an OK job. In a tense situation, death is the only option for them. They are as weak as a one-year old, but with much better brains. Hongtian's wings have grown a little bit, but you have no idea how much. Other than that, there are no more discernible changes.

"Hongtian, what do you want?" There is an instant answer.

"I want to fly! High in sky! I want to be the best!" As simple and happy as ever, Hongtian is taking life in strides, with big ambitions and a small body.

"Azzura, what do you want?"

There is a bit of confusion, she seems very put off by the idea, but an answer appears eventually. She crawls over to you, blue eyes staring with intent, and as you kneel down to meet her, she grasps at your left wrist, holding on as tight as her little hands will allow.

"This. I want this." You summon your Jewels, and she tries to grab at them. Strangely, they don't fly away, they stay close to her hand, perhaps this happens with children and parent? Similar blood? You draw your arm away.

"Now now, that is a long way off. How about we play some more."

"OK!" She agrees readily. Still a child at heart.

Player Choice for the afternoon
I need to eat, can't expect an update until after 18:30 GMT.
> Play with the kids; call Shao-Bao after they get tired.

You spend a few hours with the two, they keep getting tired quickly. Hongtian complains. Why are you never tired? It's fun, and you are slowly gaining that human connection you lost with Jiang's death. Azzura is also having a lot more fun, she was normally reserved, but is learning to copy Hongtian in some aspects, becoming more cheerful. Although you can tell it's an act so far, your Jewels sense lies. Azzura can be a lot happier, but never this excited. In time she will learn how to be happy.

You call Shao-Bao, the afternoon being the only time available for you to talk to her.

"What? I'm busy making Consolidated Equipment here! Unless it's important leave me alone, this is a delicate process! Those Hunters, always so impatient! They ask me for 5 sets of high level consolidated equipment and they baulk at the idea it's going to take 4 months. Bloody peasants am I right? 4 months hah! No respect! They want complicated ideas I gave to them, and as usual they bought without thinking!"

Player Choice
>Write-in for what to say/ask to Shao-Bao
> "So, 9th Jewel got! ...What now?"
> "Can I come get the next Equipment piece tomorrow?"
Nice numbers
>Trips of Curiosity and Evolution
Oh no....

"So, 9th Jewel, what now?"

"Oh, shit. Well, you are not getting that 9th piece just yet. I need to confirm something in person with you. I mean, getting a Core is a two step process, and is the most difficult part of cultivation. Firstly, you need to be able to condense your Heavenly Energy into a solid form inside the chamber of the heart. This quite literally becomes the heart of a god. Secondly, if you don't want it to break, the heart needs to pump "blood", this this case, our Elements and Attribute. Having only one Element is preferable at this stage. As you continue on your journey your Elements will be able to perform fantastic things. You need to perform 5 amazing feats for each Element you possess for them to be counted as the blood for your heart. You can just use one Element, but it means you will not be able to perform Heavenly level techniques and power with an Element that doesn't have any priority associated with it. You have 7 Elements, without the use of skills, you need to perform 35 feats of your own with 5 to each Element, similar to the Spatial Techniques I have taught you, but you have to develop them on your own. For your Attribute, only one feat is needed: use the full power of your Strength to do something."

>I will show you your priorities so far, you need 5 in every Element. You can have more than 5 priority, and more than 5 techniques per Element, but if you decide to create a Heavenly Core without 5 priority, techniques and higher level skills will be locked for the future.

Saint: 0
Spatial: 1 (Rend)
Wind: 0
Water: 0
Lightning: 0
Light: 0
Life: 1 (Ninazu’s Armour)

>Trips of Evolution. Get ready for a minor heart attack.

You end the call there, a huge task ahead of you, but you hear the sounds of screams and concern from your chil-

You see two older children. Who look about 5 years old, longer blond hair, and some other changes. Hongtian is staring at her hands in shock, fear and disbelief. Azzura stands stock still, grabbing her head, in pain.

"D-dad! What happened!? Help! I'm all big! My hair's all funny!" Hongtian is panicking.

"W-what? What's an Angel? I don't get it. Please don't go. I need answers. Father is on the phooonne? Phone, what's a phone? Why do I know what a phone is? Dad? What's a phone?"

You don't know what a phone is. You think she means communicator.


Player Choice
>Wat do/say, write-in
>An entity has become curious in your twins, I didn't apply the 999s throughout because it is going to stick around, but due to the 111, it takes special precedence.
> You try to perceive the fucker who's messing with your children and you make sure they know you'll kill them in an especially painful manner. Without scaring the kids. Also catch them both in your arms RIGHT NOW.
>Roll 3d100 DC 100 for a domain roll

You scoop them into your arms. You will get revenge. This isn't normal.

"Don't worry. Everything's OK. Alright?" You hear small murmurs. Azzura's eyes are glazed over, something is speaking to her right now.
Rolled 28, 80, 24 = 132 (3d100)


You try and reach out, your now much more expansive and defined domain stretching out...into nothing. You suspect that they saw the old alchemist you saw when...when Jiang died.

You spend the next 20 minutes having them explain what happened. Hongtian just...grew. She saw nothing, and her brain has grown along with her. Azzura however saw something completely different. An Angel, 6 wings on it, telling her to expect a phone call in 2 years, something about a mistake, a mishap, an abuse of power on a cultivator's part. She has some new knowledge in her brain, but she is having trouble remembering it all. It's best to leave her alone for now. You don't think you understand a word, or the meaning.

Hongtian calms down relatively quickly, only to become excited about her now bigger body. Her wings are larger, with defined muscle groups on her back for them. Hongtian, again, is smaller, by about 2 inches no less. All that energy in one small package.

Azzura falls right down onto the floor, your arms stopping her from breaking anything, she is completely unconscious. Hongtian is worried for her sister, but you can tell there is a lot of pent up excitement in her. You put Azzura to bed, her small body can still fit in the bed, it is only a little bigger after all.

Player Choice for the evening
I need to stop now. Quest can start again at 14:00 GMT tomorrow.

Finally have a date for this package. The 6th, right when term starts, so I can't even play it. Ordered on the 27th Dec, delivered on the 6th Jan. Fuck Royal Mail, why do amazon even use them for anything?
> Call Fei, Jessica and Demon Hammer to inform them of what happened. This cannot stand.

You call Fei, your hands shaking as you press the keys.

"We need to talk."

"Yes? You sound awful, what's wrong?"

"Hongtian and Azzura, they have...grown, by about 5 years. I think it's related to what happened to Jiang."

"What do you plan to do about it?"

"Get revenge. Some Angel was talking to them, feeding them foreign words, changing them."

"Oh. Well now you have my proper attention. I will note this down and take the proper procedures, thank you for your service! Bye bye!" Fei ends the call abruptly, maybe she has stuff to do. You call Jessica next and inform her of what just happened.

"Oh sweet! That sounds awesome! Gimme! I want to have a good, long look at them. Please, please! I've just been dealing with Hell beasts I want to fight an Angel!" Whining as always.

"Awesome! This is horrible! Years of their lives ripped away from them!"

"Can the winged one fly now at least?"

"No, and I don't want her trying. They can't even cultivate yet."

"Uh, just use your Saint Element to heal their lifespan, and that's even if it were damaged. We grew people from the initial cell to full-bodied soldiers in a month a couple years back and it had no harmful effects. Just take them to Medical if you have concerns."

"Well, it adds one more thing to the bucket list. I think this is related to what happened to Jiang."

"Oh, uh. Sorry. I mean, you're pretty weird. You're like 14, nearly 15 and you have 9 pairs of Jewels, with the Saint Element, and your Stored Skills can grow, and you can shoot pure Heavenly Energy from your Jewels. It may just run in the family? Deal with it, daddy." On that horrid note, she ends the call after a long chortle. Maybe her Saint bracelet needs some fine tuning. You call Demon Hammer next, explaining the situation.

"I only see this as a bonus! We have a clue against our enemy, a time-limit and your kids are that much closer to becoming Jewel Masters! I know that you can grow suddenly like that, maybe without a cultivation to grow the impact was forced on their bodies and minds? I'm still busy testing my strength, don't come near Miller, or the Wastelands for a few days, this power is...a bit much."

With that advice. Azzura and Hongtian are waking up, a but earlier than usual, but perhaps it has to do with age. Hongtian starts to walk about, her wings fluttering, actually pushing her forward. Azzura also gets up, her face pale.

"I know what the Angel said, I remember". A slightly lower pitch voice, but nothing out of the ordinary.

"Dad, unless you do something. I'm going to kill you in two years, to restore the balance. You aren't supposed to be alive, a powerful person kept you alive. Something about a crazy? I don't know. Dad, I'm sorry." Azzura looks down. With your power, you have no idea how she could kill you, but it's just another thing to plan for. Luckily, Hongtian heard none of it, and is exploring the house already.

"Everything's so small! Dad! Look! I can reach the table!"

> "Two years are enough. Now, let's go see Aunt Fei..." You grab the kids and teleport to the palace.
"Two years are enough. Let's go see Aunt Fei." You grab Azzura and Hongtian.

"Have you ever been teleported before?"

"No." They say in unison."

"Well get ready!" You use Dimensional Swap to take the three of you into the Palace walls. The purple Amethyst and gold inlays must be dazzling, but you drag them along. Warning them to not touch the walls, or talk to the attendants. Hongtian only half listens to you. You knock on the door next to the throne room, where you are met by a guard.

"The Queen is not accepting visitors from anybody at this time. Please come back later. Queenly business." He shuts the door in front of you.

Player Choice
>Write-in, what do now?
> You knock HARDER.
Yeah. Sorry to break the mood, but I need to go, some very abrupt circumstances. My apologies. The quest can start again at 14:00 GMT Sunday.
I probably won't be around today. See you tomorrow! I hope any problem you had yesterday went well.
Archiving this thread. Apologies for the delay, had to buy a train ticket before the queue became too long.


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