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The Battle of Kouh has finished, a victory in favor of the Bilical Alliance has been made. Saint Asia must now work along with Heaven to keep such an alliance stable to face Khaos Bridge in full. Though the question remains, what is the prime aim of Khaos Bridge, and how deep is their slithering tails in every faction. What can be agreed on, both seek ancient artifacts that could tip the fights in their favor.

Journal Entry XI
The battle a few days ago was a victory, even when I was almost defeated by the powerful sorcerer. He is dead now, his Sacred Gear’s soul consumed by my own at the end of the battle. I had also faced down Vali Lucifer, the descendant of Lucifer himself. That battle however ended in a mutual defeat as outsiders rescued him.

A few days after we received word that an Alliance against Khaos Bridge would be formed, though it was only just that. It was a step forward though, only time will tell if the Devils and Fallen will submit to Heaven’s rules on humanity.

The night after the fight, Shirone told me she desired to see her sister. I agreed to help her, so when the two of us gets a chance we will track the Nekoshou down.

Character Sheet for Asia: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PPB-qszSf2aB4tdD1Y9TchZoWFSMVebTtUFX0dEZ9pg/edit?usp=sharing

Bottom has most of the Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=nun

There are missing Threads, so here they are on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S_LaQ-8cUYECIfSD9Tms2yrdYYN702fWngBPbaZ8Oco

Choose one of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Asia has also consumed a Dragon Soul, chose a shout to add to your arsenal.

Also, since you purchased an upgrade to restoration last thread you pick a new spell at Expert.

Asia has gained 400 xp from the previous events. What should she invest points into?

Lastly, you have 4 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Barter Skill +10
>Deceive Skill
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10
>Blather Skill
>Smithing (Novice)
>Alchemist (Novice)
>Charm +10
>Acquire a new spell (Chosen from Skyrim)

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Takedown: Instead of dealing damage, when at least 1 point of damage is dealt it is ignored. Instead the opponent makes a toughness check or is stunned for a ‘round’.
>Raging Biceps: Able to use Heavy Machine Guns without bracing.
>Othopoxy: Gives a +20 to resist torture.
Orthopexy + new spell + smithing
Mana increase
can we use the call dragon shout? Did our teacher go when you get stong enough heres the shout to call my Bitch servant
>raise constitution by +5
we took quite a beating last thread, hopefully this will help us endure better on our next fight
>Frost Breath as our new shout
i was thinking about picking a damage dealing shout for some time now. At first i was gonna choose fire breath, but decided to pick this one to avoid colateral damage
>Grand Healing as our new spell
is the only restoration spell not oriented to repell undead, and since we hadn't found any undead yet, don't sound really usefull
>Raging Biceps: Able to use Heavy Machine Guns without bracing.
i wish i could say i picked this because it's usefull, but i can't. I just love the idea of Asia having big strong biceps

>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
Alteration. we are currently a apprentice right? became a adept and learn telekinesis
>use 2 units in HP and 2 in Mana
It's the Dragon's name for that shout. It's pretty useless.

Durnivvir however....
So we can summon Durnivvir? That would be awesome! I'm supporting learning this Shout now.
I will mention it will take three Souls to properly summon him. Though with that in mind I will aim to give you guys some more Dragons to slay.
When it comes down to it living in Heaven has been a weird experience from the start all the way to now. A good example is that no matter the time of day, the outside really does not dim, or even come to night at all. Of course it hurts my ability to sleep, since I do not know when to actually go to sleep.

Of course this probably goes into the point that Angels do not need to really sleep. Though it might be more accurate to say they never need to sleep for more than one time over an entire week, and even then Angels sleep for about eight hours at a time.

To say this would stop Shirone from sleeping in our room is someone who has never really met the girl. As my eyes opened I could easily see the weight that had been on my legs for the majority of the night, her face in a blissful slumber. It only took a small movement of my leg, and her head was almost instantly up from there and looking at me.

“Nyaaaa!” She gave a mighty stretch, turning her head with a small frown, “Oh, sorry Asia. I didn’t mean to get on your bed.”

I shook my head slightly, “Just try not to do it. Can you open the window so we can let some light in here?”

“Nn!” She hopped off my bed and to the window, quickly shifting the covers so light can fall him. As she did so, the Halo upon her head grew to a brilliant light along with it.

“Ah, that’s nice.” I felt the light dance off my skin, the heat a soothing one. With a small push of force I was on my own two feet and changing out of my nightgown.

“Did you sleep well Asia?” Shirone asked as she herself changed as well.

“I did, thank you for asking.”

“Nn great! Though our days of rest are over, right?” The girl was soon adorning the standard toga of Heaven that almost all Angels wore.

“Yeah, though that means we can go back to saving people.” I said while I finished fastening identical robes, “Though they have yet to give us an objective, so we will be free till then.”

“Oh, then what will we be up to? You know, after breakfast.” The girl said as she was now next to the door.

>We should explore Heaven’s Library in Fifth Heaven. (What information do you desire?)
>Visit the Souls of the Dead in Third Heaven(If you have a who, say it. Honestly it might be a little nice to write Asia meeting her Italian Ancestors.)
>Go visit someone *Who?*
>We should explore Heaven’s Library in Fifth Heaven. (What information do you desire?)
Defense magic and to write down How to use healing magic because how does it not exist its easy to use
>We should explore Heaven’s Library in Fifth Heaven. (What information do you desire?)

Basically this >>3972332
>We should explore Heaven’s Library in Fifth Heaven. (What information do you desire?)
Supporting this>>3972332
But i like the idea of Asia meeting her ancestors. Maybe another time?
With breakfast over with we made our way towards the archives of Fifth Heaven. The way over, beautiful as always, led us to the platforms that always transported us to other parts of Heaven. Within moments of walking onto it, our vision soon welcomed what was a massive library.

“They are so tall…”


“Hey Shirone, I might need your help getting up there.”


We soon took a few steps forward, crossing through aisle of books. With the feeling that Heaven always gave me, I soon acquired a few books containing Defensive magic. After those, I attempted to find books on healing.

Of course it did not really help that those were a few hundred feet off the ground.

“You’re surprisingly light, Asia.” Shirone said as she had me in a princess carry.

“Thank you.” I soon took out another book, this one talking about all the supposed ingredients of healing. From a quick skim, it talked about phoenix tears and using the blood of a Unicorn, “Still, why is there not many about it? I mean, yes some talk about failed experiments, but I am surprised that no one succeeded.”

“If I’m going to be honest, Asia, you are the only person I have seen real healing magic from.” Shirone said while nodding her head, “Even Devils can’t do it, and they have the Power of Imagination.”

“...” I looked at the book a couple more times before shaking my head, “Alright, can you let me down Shirone, we need to find a place to read.”

“Alright, nyaa.” She said with a little happy smile.

However, before we could make five feet of distance I noticed a person flying towards us, “Matilda?”

“Oh, Asia!” The Magician cheered, “Long time no see, heard you had a rough tussle with the White Dragon Emperor.”

“It was not very rough.” I said while scratching my face, “He did not realize that fists were an inadequate weapon when it comes to fighting.”

“Interesting.” The girl nodded her head some before her brow rose, “Hey, are you by chance researching Healing Magic?”

“How did you know!?”

“Because that’s what I’m looking for, silly.” She stuck out her tongue towards me like a child, “So, what are you up too?”

“Just waiting on our next mission.”

“Oh, so you have some free time!” Matilda cheered, “So, does that mean you can come help me experiment on something?”

“Before Asia agrees, what is it?” Shirone quickly asked with a rather blank expression.

“Oh, well I wanted to have her opinion on a healing spell I had been working on. I think it might be able to augment someone’s strength if used correctly.” She said with a cheer, "I even have test dummies prepared for it all!"

>Agree to the experiment.
>Uh, sounds a little dangerous.
>Agree to the experiment
Warn her to not start out at full power and like use a tree or something and intent is an important part
>Agree to the experiment.
>Agree to the experiment.
But let's start off easy and work our way up.
I thought about it for only a moment before nodding, “I guess that is fine, just please do not use anything too strong at first. I do not wish to gain any injuries.”

“Understandable!” She quickly turned around and started flying away, “Come, follow me! My lab is on this floor!”

With Shirone carrying me, we were led out of the aisles of books and back to where we previously found Castiel. Soon enough we were going up, though not to the three hundred like before. When we arrived, I instinctively knew that we had arrived on floor 64, somehow.

“Here we are!” Matilda cheered as she presents us to a small training room, “Just give me a moment to get some equipment together and we can get started.”

As she flew away, Shirone placed me down on the floor. Without much else to do we walked towards the arena, where a couple of constructs stood. They were completely metal, faceless as not a detail on their faces were made.

“Weird.” Shirone called out.

“Yeah, they are mockerys of humans.”

Soon enough Matilda arrived with a large amount of equipment, most looking like either attenas or tubes. Quickly Matilda made her way over to me and presented me with a small booklet, “Here’s the magic I want to test, go ahead and read it!”

“Alright…” I opened the booklet, reading through the contents of the spell. It seemed like a standard application of my magic, using the healing to overpower limbs so they are more able. With a little bit more reading I was able to understand it for the most part.

Asia has learned [Heaven’s Fury].

“Alright Asia!” Matilda finally turned back towards me with all the equipment pointed towards me, “The Automatons will activate and we can get started.”

With a snap of her fingers, the metal objects started to move awkwardly. Movements were stiff and none of them even possessed weapons. I could probably easily take them.

“Okay Asia, now this is a test of the spell. It might not perform perform well, or even have some side effects. Besides that, let’s get this test going!”

And roll with it too.
Rolled 95 (1d100)

>Try to Punch them into each other the spell is active tight?
You dont give enough of a discription of the environment for me to actually start mentaly planing correctly
Ah, sorry. Its quite literally an open field, reason not much description was given.
oh god some one else need to roll or aisa now acripple
Rolled 38 (1d100)

“Alright, uhh lets see here.” Remembering the formula given, I summoned the spell in my hand. Of course it was a golden color, but it also possessed a red hue as I looked into it. I then tensed the spell in my hand, soon releasing it onto myself.

I instantly felt the power crawl through my veins, my muscles tensing with power as I did so. It felt as if they were bulging, almost ready to shatter, they were however kept in check by the magical power flowing through me.

“Awesome, you casted that better than I ever have!” Matilda shouted from behind a window, “Now go over and bash its head in!”

I gave her a nod before I began my sprint over towards the mechanical things. As I made it there, the machine tried to hit me with an arm but I deftly knocked the attack to the side. The next moment, I slammed my fist into the robots arm. I watched in suprise as the thing flew across the room with a loud tearing sound.

“Damn, you’re like, super strong right now!” Matilda cheered, “Let’s go for round two!”

Soon enough the other machines became animated, their bodies soon lumbering towards me. With another attack I slammed my fist into the machine’s chest, the robot’s right arm, sending the limb flying into another bot and chopping off one of the legs.

With that single move, both bots went into inactive states.

“Alright, its pretty obvious your strength has increased, come over and lets wait for the spell to wear off.”

I did as I was told, Matilda quickly coming over to meet up with me. Within a moment she had somehow thrown a harness with a bunch of wires ontop of me.

“Alright, the end should be in three, two and one.”

“What the- guh!” I creeped forward as I felt my limbs slowly give, the feeling of my muscles bursting under pressure quaking through me.

Asia has received 6 damage, putting her at 34 Wounds.

“Asia!” Shirone cried out before coming to my side. She had already grabbed onto my hand, helping me stay on my feet as the pain finally subsided, “What happened to her!”

“Well the spell is meant to push one’s body to their limits, now we are experiencing whiplash.” Matilda tapped a few buttons on the machine, “Though it seems you are much tougher than you look, Asia. That would have normally sent a person onto the floor.”

“I, ugh, had experience with pain.”

“Well thanks for the help.” She cheered before running to the cabinet and bringing out a small crate of things, “Since you did get yourself injured from my experiment, I should give you something in return.”

I casted a Healing Spell on myself, erasing the damage I had taken before. Now that I was unhurt, I looked over to see what was in the box.

>Potion of Haste: Gives the drinker haste, doubling their movement speed and attacks per turn.

>Bracelet of Spell Resist: Gives a 25% chance that spells are negated. I, the QM, roll for this.

>Glasses of Truesight: Gives the wearer Truesight, allowing them to see everything for what they truly are.
>Bracelet of Spell Resist: Gives a 25% chance that spells are negated. I, the QM, roll for this.
Because let's make ourselves even more tanky.
Rolled 82 (1d100)

I got your back
>Bracelet of Spell Resist: Gives a 25% chance that spells are negated. I, the QM, roll for this.
“Uh, I guess I will take this.” I slowly removed a golden bracelet, a small bit of it embroidered with a diamond latch.

“Good choice!” Matilda cheered as she took the crate back. With a small snap the bracelet was on me, the feeling of its slight protection already coming true.

As I was finishing with securing the item, I suddenly had another feeling. This one however seemed unrelated to the item, but instead it was a desire to go somewhere. Looking towards Shirone, she gave me a nod.

“I am sorry Matilda, but it seems we are needed by someone.” I had a slight damning feeling in my gut for saying that.

“Oh thats alright.” She cheered before bringing out a booklet, “You helped me tons today, so I’ll be sure to find you next time I need something tested.”

“Uh, maybe not if it is going to injure me.” I said with a small smile.

“Really? But those are the best ones!” Her protest, sadly, fell onto deaf ears as we made our way out of her lab.

“See you later Matilda.”

“Okay, see you Asia, Shirone.”

With that over with the two of us made our ways towards the feeling. Quickly making our way past most of fifth Heaven. Soon enough we traveled through the teleportation network, leading us to whatever destination we ‘felt’ like we were supposed to arrive at.

“Hello there Miss. Asia.” As the light died down we were greeted with a modest office, though unlike ones on earth this one had massive opening towards the outside. Sitting on the chair was Micheal, the somber smile he always wore adorning his face.

“Micheal!” both me and Shirone bowed to the Archangel so fast one would assume our lives depend on it.

“You two may rise, I hope you had a good time resting and caring for your wounds.”

“Indeed we have.” I said with a firm affirmation.

“That is good.” Micheal nodded to himself for about a moment in thought, “Today I have a mission for you, Miss Asia, have you ever heard of Avalon?”

I gave a very firm nod, “It is the Sheath of Excalibur, and uh, I believe it was stolen from King Arthur right before his battle with Mordred. I think it was also an island for Fay.”

“Very good.” The Angel soon produced a small document and placed it on his desk, “You see, there has been a rumor that the location of Avalon, the Sheath, can be determined. Here, this is what you will be looking for.”

I took a look over the sheet, “The Chronicles of White Haven Bishopvic?”

“It has recently been placed in the National Archives in England. I wish for you to retrieve it so that we can scry its possible location. Is there anything you desire for this mission?”

>Additional Questions
Asia in this quest is one either arturias or Arthur reincarnation or a descendant or mantling their destiny
>and why cant we use a sword thats been with the sheath for many of years as a scry focus instead?
Can we bring Irina and Xenovia with us? It's been a while since we worked with them
“Wait a moment,” I tilted my head for a little, “Why could we not use Excalibur itself to scry its location. The two were together for many years so surely that would be the case.”

“Oh,” His brow rose some at my question, “That is an understandable assessment I am sure, but sadly such magics will not work against the Sheath.”

With a flick of his hand an image began to form in the air. Soon enough, we were welcomed by the figure of a massive item that looked to be of solid gold. Blue highlights lined the edge of what I could only describe as a beautiful object.

“This is Avalon, or at least how I remember it. You see, while Excalibur was forged by God’s might, Avalon was created by the Fey of its namesake. When in possession of Arthur, it granted the King a powerful defence as well as make her Ageless.” He nodded to himself with a soft smile, “Yes, such an item is on par with a Longinus Sacred Gear.”

He flicked away the image before us, “Sadly, such power made it so not even Merlin, the Half Devil Son of Lucifer himself, could determine its location.”

My eyes slightly widened as the words came into my ear, “Wait, did you just call Arthur a ‘Her’?”

“Oh, that.” A small laugh came from Micheal, “Sometimes my Father had an odd sense of humor, or maybe he just let the dice roll as they were cast.”

“Alright…” I shook my head a little, “Uh, do you think we could get some support from Irina and Xenovia? We have not gone out together for some time.”

The Seraphim seemed to ponder for a moment, “I will see what I can do. I believe Gabriel has them doing roconisense somewhere, so if they are available I will send them to meet up with you.”

I gave him a bow, “Thank you very much.”

“You are welcomed.” He said with a hearty smile, “If you wish to stand right there I will send you to London.”

“Oh, alright!”

Micheal only needed to snap his fingers, the sigils quickly forming above our heads. The next moment the circle descended, causing the really odd effect of transition. By the time I could see again, I realized that we were in a rather large church of some kind. Though there was no one within the place, as I soon noticed no light was coming from the windows.

“Let’s head outside.” Shirone quickly suggested.

I nodded, soon we walked out of the many side door of the place. There were buildings just about everywhere, so I guessed we had arrived in London.

“Uh, Shirone, do we know where we are going?” I said turning to my companion.

“I… think?” She said with a rather confused expression, “Its like I am in Heaven still.”

“Okay, well lets get there.”

>Travel by Train
>Travel by Excalicycle
>Just walk, enjoy the scenery
File: 1573839147993.jpg (23 KB, 500x361)
23 KB
>Travel by Excalicycle
We need more practice to improve our riding skills
Also, you guys wanna break in at night or wait till day.
We could visit during the day for recon, and break in at night
File: nt7tpjm2zxnsbfjb1egs.jpg (269 KB, 1120x630)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
I reached for my Rosari, willing Excalibur to change its shape once more. Within moments, under the cover of darkness it transformed from a simple item of worship into a large and mighty steed. Soon enough the two of us were on the machine, allowing me to kick back the stand and drive.

“So, Shirone, should we head there now or wait?” I spoke into the helmets that Excalibur made for us. With them equipped, we were able to talk to one another without much issue.

I felt the Neko shift herself a little, “The big tower says its six o’clock, maybe have breakfast then check it out?”

“Okay, lets go get something to eat.”

With the agreement we wasted away about a few hours of time eating and talking a little. Once the sun was nice and high in the sky, we moved from the shop we were occupying and made our way towards the facility nice and early.

We soon pulled up to the place, a pair of iron gates separating the place from a nearby suburb. Taking the hint, I quickly drove out of view from people and turned Excalibur back into the Rosari form. With that over with, we made our way through what looked to be a walkway next to the gate.

With that, we made our way across a small pond that stood in front of the place. The place seemed to be split in two parts, a building made of large slabs of cement while the other was crafted with glass. We soon made our way inside the place.

What I noticed instantly was the lobby was a rather large room with a desk sitting in the middle of it. Overlooking the place itself was a balcony where a few people walked with a purposful step.

As I looked down I noticed the lady at the front desk had noticed me, and she gave me a nice smile. Though she did not say anything as our eyes wondered.

For the most part, there were two ways I could go. Either I go Left towards the cement part of the building, or I go right towards the more hospitable part.

>Ask the attendant something
>Go Left
>Go right.
>Go right.
Since you guys are casing the joint, I need a Wisdom roll.
Rolled 100 (1d100)

I have a need for sneed and feed!
FUCKIN WEW! Now this thread has been blessed with my cursed roll!
Well, lets have a little fun.
I gave the lady a small nod, and soon enough she was back to whatever kind of work she was doing. Without much else to go on I decided to head to the right, since it looked quite a bit more hospitable than the other direction.

Walking through this part of the building seemed to yield both more things of intrest as well as more questions. To either side of ourselves were rows of books all erect in some fashion that I needed to navigate.

I turned to my compatriote, “Hey Shirone, do you by chance have an idea where the book is?”

“Hmm… No, it's hard to say.” Her eyes darted from one side of the room to the other, “It’s not here though.”

“Pity…” I said with a souring feeling, “Well let us continue at least. Maybe there is something more we can find.”

With that we walked about the place, soon coming across rows of both books and tables for studying. The style was a simplistic one, tending to yield more towards utility than the storage of books. It was a massive area though, and more ground means we have to do something to cover it.

“Hey Shirone, head over there and see what you can find. I will check over here.” I said to my companion.


With that we split from each other, Shirone heading to the farther side of the building while I stayed in the local area. There was nothing much I could tell, no cameras or places of value. The aisles seem to just merge a good bit in my head as I looked between them, all of them looking the same.

Ugh, it is quite dizzying.

Why this must have been because I stayed in Heaven for too long. Being able to navigate everything with the sheer force of will was something really useful. Maybe I should not spend so much time up there or it might upset my-



Next thing I was coherent I was looking up at a rather handsome looking boy. He looked about my age, possessing a more dull blond hair in comparison to my golden blonde. He started to message his chin, and I soon realized that my fore head started to hurt a small bit.

“Oh s-sorry about that!” I quickly rattled off, “I was not looking where I was going.”

The man seemed to be suffering for a moment until his blue eyes opened towards me, “No, its alright. I guess I should have been looking as well, I was distracted as well.”

“Are you sure!” I quickly said while making my over to the man, “I must have hurt you more!”

“No, didn’t you get hit in the head Miss?” He said with a rather calm face, “We should worry about you more.”

I shook my head, “No, I have experienced much worse. Here, at least let me help you up.”

“Oh, thank you.” He graciously accepted my hand, soon we were both on our feet.

“Wow, your much stronger than you look.” He said with widening eyes, “My name is, uh, John Smith. Yours?”

“Asia.” I said with a smile, "Asia Argento."

>So are you searching for something?
>Why were you distracted?
>Now are you sure you're not injured? Maybe we should get it looked at.
>Now are you sure you're not injured? Maybe we should get it looked at.
Should we roll for an aggressive Excalibur interrupt i mean the last piece is right there
Eh, why not.
Rolled 62 (1d100)

“Now, are you sure you are not injured?” I asked while looking closely at the boy’s chin, “If you do not mind I could take a look at it.”

“I-I am fine.” He said with a wave of his hand, “Like you said yourself, I have experience worse. A simple bump in the chin would not injure me so grievously.”

I stared him down for a moment, his face becoming a more monotone every second I did so. Though I did not want to leave the man, as I felt something was off.

“I will not allow a person who I injured to walk without proper care.” I crossed my arms as those words came out, “At least let me make sure it does not bruise.”

His brow rose from my words, “... Alright. I will let you work your magic then Madam Asia.”

“Thank you!” I felt a small swelling of pride as we moved into one of the studies devoid of people.

I watched as John took a seat, “Well, do what it is you wish to do.”

“Great!” I said with a small cheer. I got a little close to him, and I would have expected him to flinch backwards just like all the children I once cared for. Instead, he sat there with a stoic expression. I got a small look at it, and I noticed it was already getting a little purple.

“Oh, that will not do.” I felt my mouth form a frown as I looked back at the man. Now I wanted to help him but…. AH! I reached into the satchel I carried around just about everywhere, “Now, I need you to close your eyes. I can fix you right up then!”

He blinked for a moment before seeming to think to himself. At last, he seemed to shake his head to himself, “Alright, so what you need to do.”

“Thank you~”

As his eyes closed I licked my finger a small bit so that it could easily be mistaken as an ointment. With a healing spell at the tip, I dashed the area where the bruise was growing. The bruise disappeared almost instantly.

“Alright, you can open your eyes.”

He did as he was told, and he gave me to look of pure confusion. It was one of complete baffleness, where the person was blindsided by something they could not even hope to explain.

“W-what did you do?” He said blinking repeatably.

“Oh, just a little magical ointment for you. It will heal right up!” I said with a cheer.


“Hey Arty, I can’t find where that-” I quickly turned over to see a very recognizable face. Within a moment of him seeing me, his face seem to twist, “H-hey uh, who’s the girl with you?”

The boy with many names shook his head, “It does not matter, I was just leaving.”

“Were ya…” I felt like I was being studied by the Sellzen Family member, though I could easily tell why.

He had a Draconic Sacred Gear in him. I could just taste it from here.

The man soon shook his head, “Let’s just get moving. Things are just getting weirder and weirder.”

With that, I watched the two men making their leave.

>Try and follow them
>Go find Shirone.
>Go find Shirone.
>"Hey Arty, I can’t find where that-"
If they are looking for the chronicles too, they didn't find. Let's check how Shirone is doing
Though I wanted to go after the men, just to find out who in the world they are. There was however someone who I needed to find, as who knows what was happening. It did not take me very long as soon I found Shirone talking to one of the staff members.

“So no?” The Angel asked.

The woman sitting at the desk shook her head, “I’m sorry miss, but that book is in the archives, only researchers can go back there. Though the plan is to photocopy the book, so it should be published online in about a week.”

“Okay, thanks then.” Shirone for an odd moment, gave the lady manning the desk a kind smile before turning right towards me.

She gave me a nod, so I guess she was satisfied with the information given. We walked until we were outside the view of the attendant, quickly checking over our shoulders just in case.

“Were you able to find anything Asia?” Shirone was the first to ask.

“Uh, maybe.” I scratched my head a little, “There is a Sacred Gear Wielder walking about, though his friend is a normal human. I think they are looking for the book too.”

Shirone gave an understanding nod, “Okay, well they have it. It’s in the vault until they get copies made.”

“But by then it might have been stolen.” I said with a slight gritting of the teeth, “Any ideas on what we can do?”

I watched the girl’s face scrunch up for a moment, “We could sneak in. This place won’t have much security except their cameras, and we have magic to fool them.”

I nodded with an affirmative, “Maybe, but if we tried I think I could slip in.”

“Huh? What do you mean by?”

“Well…” I checked my satchel to see if I had the supplies, “I could disguise myself as someone else, but that is going to require some more work. Though I bet we’ll be in the vault faster.”

>Plan to go in at night
>Plan to steal an identity to sneak in.
>Do some more scouting, maybe in the left part of the building.
>Plan to go in at night
We could use transparency to turn invisible and Shirone can sneak in with us too if we turn excalibur into a cloak or something similar and use the 10 mana cost to make excalibur invisible too
“Are you sure?”

“... Let’s come back later.”

I gave a small sigh as we soon made our way out of the premise, the desk lady not paying much of mind as we made our way out of the building. With that we were homes free, and it was about noon time.

“Hey, Shirone, want to go get some lunch?”


With that we made some time around London, checking out the local attraction all about the place. We watched the changing of the guard as well as checked out some of the local cathedrals. While none paled in comparison to Saint Peters, they had their own kind of charm to them.

With dinner soon out of the way we made our way back to the premise, though I made sure to take the long way about the place as I did. The neighborhood seemed quite enough, nothing much in the way of a russling nightlife. At the back of the place was a slightly dense forest, one that could lend itself to blocking out most of the view and nothing else.

Soon enough we arrived at the front gate, of course I had already turned out Excalibur Transparent so that no one would be able to see us. Luckily, since the effect requires touch I still knew where Shirone was.

“Are you ready?” I said looking back at her.

“I think so,” Shirone said with a slight strain on her voice, “W-watch out though, something feels off.”

>Go in through the back
>Hope over the front gate
>Add flavor on how you accomplish this if you want.
>Go in through the back
>Go in through the back
Rolled 20 (1d100)

Rolled 81 (1d100)

Rolled 15 (1d100)

you got me beat
“Then let us go through the back.”


With that we quickly made our way into the back of the place, quickly turning Excalibur back into a Rosary as we got off it. The brush was only semi-thick, so we simply started to wade our way through it. We were lucky though, not a single sound was made as we did so. However we only got so far when we hit a moderate sized fence.

“Uh, what do you think Shirone?” I whispered to my invisible cohort.

“I think I can make it.” Within a moment I felt a pair of hands wrap around my stomach and a sudden jerk upwards over the fence. I luckily kept myself quite as within the single bound we were stepping on soft grass.

I took in a breath, “Uh, thank you Shirone. Warn me before you do that next time.”

“Oh, sorry.” I could not see her face, but I could have sworn she blushed.

“Well, lets get moving forward.”


We began our walk across the field, the place more than dead quiet. Every step gave me such an odd feeling as we traveled, as if I was suppose to be tired. However my Soul and Faith would not allow me to do so. Still, if this was true then-!

“Asia, there’s a person over there!” Shirone more or less pushed me in the direction of a body, and without much more to say we both quickly made our way over to investigate it.

Once we got a better look, I noticed how the man seemed to be drooling on the grass. I felt a small shift coming from Shirone as if she was moving to touch the man.

“I-it can’t be.” I heard the Angel’s voice strain.

“Shirone, is it her?”

“Maybe… it feels like her.”

“Lets more with a little more caution.”


We soon crossed the grass, placing us right up against the building. It only took me a second to move us to a door that stood on our side of the building. Looking at it, the door seemed to have a lock for both a key as well as a card reader off to the side.

Yeah, tactic was a little wrong word there.

>Pick the lock
>Bust through the door with force
>Pick the lock
Use excalibur as a skeleton key by that i i mean like it opens all lock because it can change to fit the shape easily not as a pick
Rolled 71 (1d100)

>Pick the lock
Rolled 77 (1d100)

This probably isn't the best place to ask, but can anyone tell me how to find threads 3 and 4 of this?
Yeah, those didn't get archived. Look at the Google Drive, I have them written there, but without the other Anons.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, wanna help these guys roll?
Pu that in the options, top right.
Rolled 42 (1d100)

Sorry, I'm stupid today. Also, I only found character info on the doc
Try it now.
Rolled 25 (1d100)

Haha My rolls are still going strong
Rolled 28 (1d100)

I quickly grabbed into Excalibur, willing it into a kind of mush that easily entered the lock on the door. It was a little hard keeping the sword from shattering the lock, I was soon able to turn the lock and open the door.

“Get in Shirone.”


Opening the door, we were soon greeted by hallway that seemed to be mostly made out of cement as well as another door. I could hear Shirone mumble incoherently as I followed her through the next door, and around the corner through another door.

After this one however I felt like we were being blow dried by some machines that hanged out above us. I swear, this building seemed to have been built more as a fortress than an actual Library!

Soon enough we were in a hallway that had a few doors on either side. While I would have been confused on where to go before, the feeling in my gut was enought to tell me what was happening.

There was a Devil in this building. And they were bellow us.
”This way”

Shirone’s voice snapped me out of my musings, and soon I followed her through the door and into a more proper hall. One could say it took inspiration from a prison as the moon light flooded in from skylight in the middle, but I would not really know. I felt Shirone shift, and I followed the Nekoshou down the stairs into the levels below.

It would be about the second level that the Devil was level with us, and Shirone marched forward towards its spot. The door, luckily enough, seemed to have been forced open. We easily snuck our way inside into a massive room filled with brown boxes.

“Hmm, are you sure it was in aisle D Siegfried? I do not see it here.” Poking his head out of an aisle was infact the boy I helped earlier today, his long face easy to distinguish from everyone else.

“I swear to fucking hell its here. I mean that’s what the computer is saying! Guh, damn thing!” The person standing at a computer near the end of the hallway was the Sellzen I saw with ‘John’ Earlier.

“Boys boys, you should not be fighting so much.” My eyes turned towards an oddly dressed Devil who was floating in the air. Well, more laying in the air with one of those Japanese dresses. Though what caught my attention the fastest was the pair of cat ears on the top of her head.

“Says the person not helping.” Seigfried said while showing the girl his middle finger.

“Oh, but you two couldn’t have put all those guards asleep yourselves.” She said with a coy smile, “Why you two would have gotten yourselves caught without me.”

“No, Kuroka, you need to help us.” The blond haired man said with an authoritarian sound to his voice, “I met a very odd girl today, and we detected an Angel on the premise earlier today. We are running out of time.”

“Tsk, fine.” She said while floating towards the boy, “But after this, you are going to help me find my Sister.”

“I believe that consideration was already made, to which I say, yes for the third time today.”

I did not even need to ask Shirone as I felt her hands tightening into fists on my clothing.

>Wait for them to find the book, then steal it from them in an Ambush
>Go in for an attack. (Tactic and Roll.
>Simply talk to them.
File: 026.jpg (146 KB, 1251x769)
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146 KB JPG
You know, I never think I had this many people roll for one action.

And it was for Lock Picking.
i know crazy right i mean it was so easy of an action that should have no problems that the rolls wernt needed
>Simply talk to them.
>Simply talk to them.
No, it was needed. Because if you guys messed up the alarm would have gone off alerting everyone that you were here.
I thought to myself for a moment. These people, while they might appear to be enemies, there is always the chance we can change it. They did not seem to be very bad people, even ‘John’ when we first, but for sure they could be miss guided.

Also, I don’t know if I could force Shirone to face her Sister in combat.

I pushed my will into Excalibur, cutting the Invisibility so that talking could be done easier. The moment the two of us were revealed, everyone on the other side of the hall instantly turned towards us. Each were at first surprised at our appearance, but soon changed.

“Sh-Shirone!?” The black eared Neko quickly stampered out in as eyes were becoming as wide as saucers.

“Kuroka.” Was all Shirone said as she stared down her sister.

“Oh my lord it’s a family reunion!” Siegfried joked as was watching the two of them. While he had already drawn out a weapon, my attention was not on him.

“So my assessment was correct.” Now stepping out of the aisle and into the main hall was ‘John’, “So who do you really work for? Is it Heaven or the Fallen?”

“I am The Dragon Slaying Saint Asia Argento,” I felt my side light up with Holy power as Shirone exposed both her wings and Halo to the world, “We serve Heaven. Can I guess you serve Khaos Bridge?”

In the background Kuroka was starting to break down into a mumbling heap of nonsense, leaving their defacto leader, ‘John’, “I should have guessed, and you must be the wielder of [Twilight Healing] I heard so much about from that damned Astaroth. Seems his schemes were for not.”

He took a pair of steps forward, now placing himself between his group and us, “Then I will say this now so that you know, I am Arthur Pendragon of the Pendragon House.” From his side materialized a large blade blade with a golden hilt, “If you are willing to stand between me and my birthright as a Pendragon I will cut you down.”

In response I reached towards my chest, gripping onto the Rosary. With it in hand, I simply gave it a flick as the item quickly expanded into its true form, “While it is your birthright, I have my claim to Avalon as the True Wielder to Excalibur.”

“Well holy fucking shit,” Siegfried gave off a massive laugh as he saw the weapon in my hand, “Look at that Arty, she’s got you’re noble ass there.”

>Try and press your claim
>Try and convince Kuroka to betray them for her Sister.
>Convince them to forgo their quest (Very very unlikely)
And roll for these when you vote.
Rolled 100 (1d100)

>Try and convince Kuroka to betray them for her Sister.
She said herself that the reason she is helping them is so they can help her find her sister. Well, Shirone is right here, so she doesn't have a reason anymore.
You have gotta be kidding me.
Rolled 8 (1d100)

>Try and press your claim
wow my rolls this thread have just been killing it
Arthur Pendragon’s eyes widened as he looked at my weapon, the his long face studying it for all my weapon was worth. Within the next moment though he reached towards his side, bringing out another sword, “Then I will not take you lightly.”

“Good to know.” I said with my blade humming.

None of us started the fight though, as Shirone soon called out from her spot, “Kuroka, I don’t want to fight you. I… I need to talk to you.”

The Neko’s expression soon darkened as she heard that, “I will ask one thing. Shirone, were you forced into the service of Heaven. Did the gods fucking damned Gremory sell you off!”

“No!” The White Neko shouted across the room, “I went with Asia by my own free will! She saved my life when Rias decided I would die! That’s why I want to know why you killed Master Naberius!”

The Devil before us seemed to have gone quiet, her expression frozen in the scow. Though it honestly felt more akin to surprise than malice. The two men took a few steps away from their now questionable comrade. Once a path was made, the Devil quickly rushed us with incredible speed.

“Shirone! I’ve missed you so much!”


Within moments the two were hugging, though it was kind of funny watching the older sister pick Shirone up in a tight embrace.

“Well there goes our magic.” Siegfried said with a rather contempt expression on his face, “Arty, we gonna blow this joint or are we gonna fight ‘em.”

Arthur still had the face of a scholar about him, and I am sure his mind was running a mile a minute as he was doing to. Soon enough he spoke, “Kuroka, what about our deal?”

The Neko seemed to stop for a moment, her ire turning towards the Pendragon, “That was before I would have been forced against my one and only Sister. You would do the same, isn’t that right Sir Pendragon?”

The man soon shook his head, “If only my life didn’t end up like this. Sieg, keep them occupied.”

“Alright!” The man cheered as he quickly got between us and Arthur. My eyes could only widen as several hands grew out from his back, each soon retrieving a sword. Each one of them radiated with Demonic energies as the finished with six separate weapons.

“I am Seigfried, wielder of the Sacred Gear Double Critical and Gram.” He soon pointed a sword that radiated with blue energy towards me, “I see what Vali was talking about, the moment I face you it feels like a true battle, a fight to the Death itself! Come at me Saint! Show me what powers Excalibur has in store for me!”

Rolled 52 (1d100)

>Try not to let him hit you while focusing on disarming him of the extra swords so he may not strike when you go for the killing blow
Rolled 58 (1d100)

Use does dragonrend work on the sacred gear if it does use it on twice critical and try to take him by surprise.
Probaly vali became a bitch for us to beat up but it has to be dragon type
From the wikia Siegfried has twice critical which is dragon type sacred gear so it should work.
File: 9213711_orig.gif (1.28 MB, 480x202)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
“Asia Argento, the Dragon Slaying Saint and Wielder of Excalibur.” I felt a small burn coming up my throat as the words of power came into my mind, “You shall experince your motality once more, Joor Qah Frul!”

The eyes of Seigfried went wide as he watched as was come towards him, and with the small chance the fighter quickly dodged towards the side. However, he was oh so very slower than the attack, his ankel being caught in the wave of power.

Shirone quickly broke from the embrace of her Sister, wings fully extended from her back. As she crossed the distance between us and the swordsman, Siegfried’s extra arms recede back into the body as if they were never there. The swordsman just barely matched Shirone’s Spear of Light with the blade that glowed blue.

“You are just becoming more full of surprises Miss Asia!” The man cried out as he forced Shirone to disengage. He seemed to flex his muscles for a moment, only for blue energies to crawl all about his body, “Yup, just like Vali said, no more Sacred Gear action.”

“Then you will face the same fate as him!” I cried out as I quickly charged him myself. Within the moment I crossed the gap between us, Excalibur quickly matching his blade with a vertical slice. With that, I quickly went for a horizontal slice, only for him to duck right below the hit.

With that chance however Shirone went in for an attack, her blade just narrowly scratching his cheek as it crossed through the air. However when she went for his head once more, the fighter managed to deflect the attack with a skillful parry.

It was at this moment the world seemed to feel off, as if the energies all about us were slowly drawn into the single place behind us. Within the next moment, a ball of black curses went sailing past us and slamming into Seigfried. Instead of going down however, the fighter simplay gave a massive laugh.

“Really Kuroka, you think a simple curse will being me down! I’m the mother fucking weilder of Gram!” He called out as the fighter quickly brought his blade up to quickly block against Shirone’s attacks.
I quickly followed up, but this time instead of having the chance to strike him I was able to dig my blade directly into his chest.

“For my Lord!” I cried out as the simple attack rend through his entire upper torso. It was unlike anything else really, as just like Vali before his skin seemed to quite literally melt from the blade existence. Before I could make another attack however, he quickly performed a counter attack.

This one I could not dodge, as the blade sliced into my upper arm. The amount of pain I felt was insane, as the attack seemed to cut into my very existence. Luckily the attack landed on my left arm, so my ability to wield Excalibur was not hampered.

Asia has received 22 Damage, reducing her to 18 Wounds.

“Oh ho ho! You’re a fucking Dragon! And that Saintiness seems to have given you Anti-Dragon Ability!” He swung Blue sword towards me, though he seemed to flinch as the wound on his chest pulsed an angry red, “Let’s continue this Death Dance!”

He he did so, the sounds that once marked Arthur searching through books has ceased.

Rolled 75 (1d100)

Use Excalibur Nightmare to make am illusion then wait for the chance to counter.
Rolled 46 (1d100)

Rolled 66 (1d100)

Gotta roll fast! Otherwise someone might take my title of rolling the most 100s in a single thread.
Rolled 33 (1d100)

Sorry for the late post, dnd on Wednesdays as usual.
As we prepared to go back into combat, I pushed my will into Excalibur. The idea was to create an illusion, and of course the first thing to come to my mind were a pair of Angels appearing right at the door way.

Though they moved forward, the Swordsman just grew a smile. Once more Shirone and I went to engage, with the False Angels backing us up. With a deftness about him the Swordsman parried the first attack from Shirone, using the chance strike at her side with a vicious move. Since she was not a Dragon however, the Nekomata did not receive a grievous wound.

It was then that I tried to strike, the Swordsman deftly parrying my strike as I followed through with it. He seemed to grow a small smirk, quickly the swordsman parried the attack and wretched a strike across my own chest. Like before it burned like the fires of Hell, leaving what surely will become a scar across my bosom.

Asia has received 19 Damage, placing her at 1 Critical Wound!

I still stood, though the wind taken out of me for the moment.

“Seigfried, we are leaving.” Quickly coming out of the back was Arthur, a leather bound book staying within his grip.

“Already? I was just having fun!”

“You might be, but with how you are bleeding you will die if this fight continues.” Arthur turned towards us with a solemn look on his face as he took out a golden sword that seemed to glow just like Excalibur, “It saddens me would could not be allies.”

“Take this!” Kuroka shouted as a ball of energy crossed the room, the energy quickly impacting Arthur as his sword swung down. With that swing a portal the size of a person was formed, while Arthur gave out cry of pain.

“Damn it! Seig!”

“I won't let you!” Shouted Shirone as she went to strike the swordsman, both strikes however were easily parried as the swordsman slowly backed away. Though with that move I was given an opening, quickly stepping beside Shirone I struck at his exposed chest.

It was true, the blade rending into his scare placing a massive wound on his chest. This one matched the previous, placing a massive X made of flesh about his torso. He seemed to almost keel over in pain, but soon toppled his way through the portal with Arthur following.

Though there was something I noticed, if for the split second as Arthur slowly lifted his Sword towards the tear. Arthur was in no condition to close it thanks to whatever curse Kuroka inflicted upon him.

>Go after him, bumb rush the portal
>Hold back with your allies.
>Hold back with your allies.
We don't know were the portals goes and besides we are in no condition to go.
Btw can we use the disarm shout on caliburn?
He's already on the other side, but you can defiantly try.
Rolled 42 (1d100)

Rolled 79 (1d100)

He still is using ruler at this point not caliburn
Rolled 48 (1d100)

With a building feeling in my throat, I decided that instead of going straight into the portal that I would risk the chance!

“Zun Haal Viik!”

This time a wave of blue energy carried itself through the air. I watched as Arthur’s eyes widened, the man dropping to the floor just to avoid the attack. Within the next moment, I watched that golden sword point towards the whole, closing up the tear in reality Arthur made.

“God…” I quickly brought [Grand Healing] into my hands, with a flick of my hand a majority of the wounds on both me and Shirone healed, “We were so close.”

“Well, if it helps you any better, that’s the most I’ve seen Seigfried injured in all my years with him.” Kuroka said offhandedly before a smile adorned her face, “Though now I can hug my Sister again after so long!”

“K-nyaa!” Shirone was soon enveloped into her Sister’s embrace, the older one not paying attention to the protests of the younger. You know, even if we lost the book something like this was not the worst.

“O-Oneesan!” Shirone cried as she finally broke free of her Sister’s grasp, “You still need to answer my questions!”

“Aw, but I’ve given up the life I have built for myself for the last ten years so that I could do this.” The Neko said with a small pout.

“Hmph… Fine.”

“Yay!” with a cheer the two started playing with eachother, Kuroka taking the chance to tickle her sister. It warmed my heart, though the sense of irony did not escape me. They were Devil and Angel, complete opposites of the same coin, and yet they play like this.

Though the question is, what do we do now?

>Head back to a place of rest to regroup *Where?*
>See if some kind of data can be salvaged *How?* *Roll too*
>Other Ideas
>See if some kind of data can be salvaged *How*? *Roll too*
Investigate the computer they were using. Maybe there is some info about the book that could be usefull there
Rolled 36 (1d100)

And also ask Kuroka if she knows where they could have gone. Also, should i roll a second dice for this one or just one roll is enough for both?
Just the one.
Now that I thought about it, an idea came up in my mind. I turned towards the computer that sat at the end of a alise, the device still running. I made my way over now, trying my best to ignore the two sisters so that I could check this device out.

The screen was pulled up on a page, looking to be some kind of entry, I think. At the top of the page though was ‘The Chronicles of White Haven Bishopvic’, the book we were suppose to acquire!

I swallowed a small bit, trying my best to figure out how to operate a computer. I clicked on the page a couple of time, trying my best to never touch the red X in the top right part of the screen. A few more clicks, and I was looking at the additional details of the book.

>Received from Sir Issac Helminger
>Contact Info: XXX-XXX-XXXX

>Lead Researcher: Dr. John Winters
>Contact Info: XXX-XXX-XXXX
>Room Number: 221 of Main Archives building, Hours 2-4 Tuesday/Thursday

I quickly got out my journal and wrote down the information given, then checked the date of today. It seemed we lay squarely on a Saturday.

“Hey Shirone, I think I found something, let us get out of here”

“Great! Come on Sister, get off of me!” I watched as Shirone wiggled her way from her Sister, “What did you find?”

“Some people we can talk to. We need to find a place to stay for tonight though.”

“Okay. Kuroka, are you coming with us?”

“Of course I am!” The Black Neko cheered soon following us out of the facility. Soon enough we had made our way up and out of the facility. Without much of a damage trail, except for that door, we should not cause much suspicion.

Soon enough we were across the fence, free of whatever security system that could have seen us. I dropped the Invisiblity while making Excalibur turn into a Motorcycle once more.

“So, uh, Kuroka. Where did the others go anyways?” I asked the Neko as she recieved a halm from Shirone.

“Oh that?” She grew a coy smile as she spoke, “That would be the Demi-Plane we’ve been using.”

“Demi-Plane?” I could feel the question marks appear over my head.

“Yup, Marsilo’s doing.” She said while we mounted the vehicle, “Seems his Sacred Gear, while meant to create Dreamworld, can manipulate the Dimensional Gap to great a place for us to stay.”


With that we loaded ourselves onto the Vehicle, Excalibur not even pained by the weight. Soon we drove out into London. Soon we will arrive at a place to stay the night.

>Sit in for the Sister’s discussion
>Stay out of it
>Sit in for the Sister’s discussion
Ambushes happen all the time kuroka might not do it but still
>Sit in for the Sister’s discussion
But ask if we should leave let us be polite.
Supporting this
Why does the address that's supposed to have the missing threads only lead to Other Characters? Is it just me?
Here ya go I think:
Tell me again if it does not work, I might just post the actual thing instead.
Thanks a bunch.
File: rs=w:600,h:600.jpg (48 KB, 600x402)
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Soon enough we arrived at the location, a rather large hotel that was at the edge of London. If I had to be honest, I was really lucky we were able to gain a room in this fashion. Sadly though, it ended up being a single room with two beds.

“Ugh, what a night!” Kuroka cheerily complained as she collapsed into the bed, “I could just go to sleep right now~”

“No, answer questions.” Shirone responded.

“Come on Shirone, at least give me a little credit.” Kuroka faintly cried as she soon laid on her side, “I mean, we haven't spoken to each other in years.”

“No more excuses.” The feeling from my friend was that of a timid anger. More of being annoyed than anything else.

“Well, at least can we talk by ourselves.” She said while turning towards me, the smile starting to creep of her face after such a long time.

“Stay.” Shirone quickly said before I could open my mouth to respond. It seemed whatever cheeriness that Kuroka was trying to stir up was falling apart at the seams, her smile gone as Shirone said that.

I had no reason to go against my friend’s wishes, so I sat on the bed next to her. Kuroka, who now slowly moved up shook her head, “I guess you have some spirit in you, Shirone. How you got so much after being with the Gremorys will elude me.”

“I… got a friend.” Shirone responded with a fire in her eyes, “A really good one who’s helped me so much.”

Kuroka turned towards me, her noses moving a little as if she was sniffing the air, “A Dragon, my little Oneechan made friends with a Dragon.” She gave a soft sigh while growing a smile, “Since I take it you got my sister away from the Devils, I thank you.”

“She was in need, and so I helped her. The true enemy is not their minions, but the Pureblood Devils.” I felt my cheeks grow a little red, not able to keep back the smile on my face.
“Indeed.” Kuroka said with a soft nod, “Well then, I guess I owe you answers, right Shirone? Well what is it you want to know first?”

“Master Naderius.” Shirone’s eyes sharpened to a point, and I could have sworn they became more catlike she did so.

“Yeah, I’m gonna admit I killed the bastard, but what you didn’t know was our relationship was more ‘Kill or be Killed’.” She waved her hand off to the side, “He wanted to create the most powerful Servant, and he swore that a Nekoshou Devil could pull it off. So with that in mind, he asked one of his researchers, a human, to seduce Mom.”

I could not help but cover my mouth as I heard those words, Shirone’s eyes were growing wider than Saucers, “D-Dad!”

“Yup, Saito Toujou, our father who died when you were one, was a research assistant to a Mad Devil Scientist.” The Devil seemed to smirk and nod to herself with satisfaction, “Shirone, our very conception was a Devil’s scheme to breed powerful Servants. As for why I killed him, well I didn’t know all of this at the time but he was very open to my purpose. I was his guinea pig before he turned you into a Devil as well. He figured out that if he killed me, he could infuse our powers into you.”

Shirone was stunned, her eyes barely moving from one place to another. Feeling a slight movement in my gut, I quickly wrapped my arm around her and patted her back a little. Her response was very small, to the point that one could not hear it, “He was… so nice to me.”

“Sadly Shirone, that’s just how Devils work.” Kuroka said while leaning back a little, “They make you either indebted to them, blackmail you, or be secretly nice to you. Humans are so much better to work with. I mean, can you expect Siegfried forming a convoluted scheme that spans decades.”

We both shook our heads. While we fought each other, it was easy to tell who he was since he ‘Wore his emotions on his sleeve’.

“Oh, how I wished you would have been rescued by some handsome priest though.”

“Oneesan!” Shirone quickly went beet red, and I could feel blood rushing into my face.

“What, we are the last of our kind after all. We both need to have some litters at some point.” The older sister joked before her expression went sour, “Though you’re an Angel now, guess ‘doing it’ is off the menu for you isn’t it.”

“Yes! It is!” Shirone announced with a pout, “I like where I am!”

“Yes yes, guess I’ll need to find some handsome man sometime soon. Have you by chance seen any cute Angels?”


>Ask some other questions
>Join in the teasing fest
>Do something else.
>Join in the teasing fest
Well, tecnically 'doing it' isn't entirely out of the menu. It's just hard because of how pure their thoughts must be during the whole thing (at least acording to canon) but i don't know if Asia knows this. Anyway, let's start teasing.
>"well, maybe we could ask Michael if there is a way to 'do it'. Nephilim had to come from somewhere right?"
>"I think Dulio was kinda cute. What do you think Shirone? Was Dulio cute?"
Let's tease Kuroka a bit too. It's unfear if only Shirone get teased.
>"sorry for not being a cute boy kuroka, if i was, and i was not a saint, i would be very happy to court you"
>"why are you in such a hurry to have kids? You look too young to be a mother yet. Unless... How old are you?
>Join in the teasing fest
>"why are you in such a hurry to have kids? You look too young to be a mother yet. Unless... How old are you?
“Well, we do not really know.” I said with a smirk on my face, “Maybe we should ask Micheal if there is a way. It would explain how Nephilim are born.”

“Asia! Not you too!”

“Oh ho ho, of course you’ve probably been to Heaven with Shirone, are there any cute Angels she’s gotten to know?”

“I think Dulio was kind of cute, do you agree Shirone?” I could not help myself but snicker a little, “I mean, you two seemed to have been getting along well last time you met.”

“A-a-a-a-a.” I sat back and watched as steam rose from her head. The Halo that stood on top of her head was glowing brighter than the sun at this point.

I thought to myself for a moment as I turned to look towards Kuroka. The girl had a massive smirk about her, and soon I realized what I needed to do.

“Hey Kuroka, why are you in such a hurry to have children?”

She turned to me, the smirk slowly melting to show confusion, “What do you mean by that?”

“Well look at yourself, with skin so fair I would have assumed you were at twenty at most. Much too old to mother a child.” Soon enough though I grew a smile, “Well unless, how old are you really?”


“Oh but I am so sorry though for not being a cute boy Kuroka. However, if I was a man or not a Saint,” I slowly moved off the bed with a coy smile, “I would surely be happy to court a beauty such as yourself.”


“Uh, Kuroka?” I slowly tapped the Neko on the head, no reactions given, “Uh, did I break you Kuroka?”

Within the next moment the Devil that was Kuroka lost all structure, quickly tumbling down onto the bed below. I slowly knelt before her head, and saw that she had fallen right asleep from my little tease.

“Hey, uh, Shirone are you still up?” I turned around to see that my friend had fallen into the same state as her Sister, completely knocked out.

My, it is almost like they were Sisters. Neither of them could handle a proper teasing. Why, I remember a boy at the Orphanage who would always tease me when he came to be healed. Of course, he suffered the same as these two, which made it easier to treat him.

I soon moved about, making sure both Sisters were under their covers before going into Shirone’s bed myself. With a flick of my hand, I turned off the lights to the room.

>Contact Sir Issac Helminger
>Contact Dr. John Winters
>>Contact Dr. John Winters
>Contact Dr. John Winters
As the universe glitches because of a innocent girl becomes a top level play boy on accident
>Contact Dr. John Winters
Issei better up his game if he still wants to be the harem king. Asia is way ahead of him right now.
The bright morning sun shined into the dining room as the two Sister ate breakfast. I had to chuckle a little as I watched them from afar, Kuroka seeming to tease Shirone on something. For some reason I had the feeling it was food related, but for the moment I could not. Why, well it would honestly be hard to hear the Doctor with them in the background.

I quickly got out my phone, typing in the man’s phone number with a quick few strokes of the keys. At least my phone was easier to use than that computer, as I barely had any fear of calling the wrong number. With a press of my finger I made the call.

I waited for a few moments as the dial tone rang about three times, but before the fourth the sounds suddenly changed. Now I was welcomed by a voice.

The voice that came out sounded a bit older and gruff, but not so much that it was an elderly man, “Hello, you are talking to Doctor Winters. May I help you?”

“Uh, yes, I was wondering if you could answer some questions I have. It is about a book you were researching.”

“Is that so?” His voice changed from the gruffness to a more intrigued, “And what book would that be?”

“Uh, The Chronicles of White Haven Bishopvic. And c-could we meet in person?”

“Oh that one, yeah we received that from the Helminger Collection I think.” He sounded a bit more picked up, “Well sorry miss, but it’s the weekend you know. How about this, I’ll be at my office in Oxford around Ten on Monday. How’s that?”

“Well, I really need you to answer my questions.” I gave a small plea to the man, “They are of grave importance that they are answered as soon as possible.”

“Is that so…” I heard a few papers being moved about, “Well I guess you can come by my place around noon if you like. Hey, what is your name anyways?”

“Uh, S-Sister Asia Argento of the Catholic Church.”

“Oh ho ho, well now I’m interested why you need it. You calling me on a Cell Phone Sister? I’ll send you my address”

“Thank you very much!”

“Well then I will see you in an hour, goodbye.”

“Yup, bye!”

I clicked my phone to end the call, and within moments an address was sent to me. With a small smile on my face I quickly went over to the two.

“You know Shirone, what are you wing l- oh Asia?” Kuroka quickly turned around to see me, “What’s the result?”

“I have the address.” I said with a smile, “We should get going now, he’s a small ways into town.”

With that we were soon on Excalicycle and traveling across the Soon we were making our way into a minor suburb, Excalicycle giving me a small hum as we arrived in front of a rather thin looking house.

>How you wanna approach the man. I mean really, whats your explanation for wanting info going to be.
>What will be your questions.
I've caught up. I'd make a vote if I had any ideas, but I don't.
yeah you might need to fill in more your self
But about how the the research is going
telling why your looking for to search for something the books mentions show prof of magic
>How you wanna approach the man. I mean really, whats your explanation for wanting info going to be.
Let's avoid revealing about how magic is real and all that for now. Let's say the book migh have a clue for a ancient relic that is valuable for the church.
>What will be your questions.

>Where the book was found?

>Do you have a copy of the book?

>What is the book about, exactly?

>What is your opinion on the book contents?

>Did you find anything else with the book? Maybe even something that don't appear much worth noticing migh be useful.

>Did anyone else come asking about the book?
I took in a breath, looking over to my fellows. The Shirone had her stoic face on while Kuroka seemed semi serious. With a nod to myself I approached the door, ringing the doorbell on the house.

It did not take long, the door opening to show a middle age man in casual clothes. Right when he looked towards us, his eyebrows rose to a large degree. It only took him a moment to change his view towards me who stood at the front of the group, “Uh, Sister Argento?”

“Yup, that would be me.” I said shining the man a smile, “Do you mind if we come in?”

“Y-yeah, sure.” He backed up a little and showed us a stairway, “Just follow the way up and you’ll be in my kitchen.”

“Thank you!”

We did as we were told, soon making our way up the rather narrow staircase. The floor creaked a little as we did, but soon enough we were on the second floor and in the modestly sized kitchen. Of course it was nothing like what the Church usually provides, but it was enough space for us to take seats around a table. I turned to look at a mantel piece, seeing the cross there in its glory.

Soon enough the man arrived from down stairs and took a seat, “So, uh, Sister Asia. You mentioned that you wanted to know about Chronicles of White Haven, right?”

I nodded, “Yeah, you see we think it might lead us to some Artifact of value for the Church. Since we could not see it in person, I thought we should talk to you. Can we start with where the book was found?”

The man gave a calm nod, “We don’t really know the full history of it, but it belongs to the Sir Helminger collection. The man’s family used to be the Barons in the White Haven area, and they amassed a small wealth of books from the local clergy. Good thing too, since said Monastery burned down around the 850’s.”
“Alright,” I leaned back a little in my chair since the man was pretty honest with me, “What exactly was it about? Was there anything you found interesting in the book?”

“Well of course.” The man said with a smile, “Like most Chronicals it talks about the happenings of the local region, but since it’s so old we learned a lot about early life after the Roman Empire’s collapse and the rise of English Kingdoms.”

He placed his hand on his chin for a moment, “Well, the best story in my opinion was the tale from the South apparently. It claimed there was once an ilse resting in the Bristol Channel, and I thought it was Glastonbury Tor. Though the book said it disappeared in a mist never to be seen from again, right off the coast of Barnstaple. It said that a blessed Ship went to return something to the inhabitant, but none of the sailors ever returned. Last it was seen was the entire ship being consumed in Mist.”

He grew a massive smile, “But there is an Island off the coast of Barnstaple, the Lundy Heritage Coast. It’s a nature preserve right now, since disaster always strikes those who try and build upon it. Only a dock and lighthouse rests upon it, along with ruins of an old fortress.”

“Ah, well my last few questions would be was there anything with the book, and maybe if there way anyone asking about it?”

The man nodded his head, “There was one thing that stuck out, quite literally, from the book. I guess it was a note made by one of Sir Helminger’s Ancestors, since it was dated to about the 1100’s. It said, ‘Wait until the mist settles upon the isle.’ I thought about checking it out, but apparently things get really dangerous over there when it gets foggy. As for people, I can’t really say, too many just wanted the book.”

I gave a massive smile, “Thank you so very much! The Lord will surely bless the rest of your days for this.”

“Yeah, I hope so.” The man said while scratching the back of his head, “I take it you will be going now?”

“Yup, you two coming?”

“Finally you’re done!” Kuroka basically jumped out of her seat with a cheer.


“Uh thank you three for coming.” The man said with a slight blush about his face.

>How are you guys gonna procure a Ship
>What time of the day you want to arrive on the Island?
>Go for it during the Day
>Go for it the Morning, when the fog is thickest
>Go at it at night.
>Go at it in the evening.
Sorry for the wait. I had a hard time tinking of a way to get a ship.

Do have enough money to buy a ticket to some ship that goes ro the island? Or maybe rent a small boat?

>Go for it the Morning, when the fog is thickest
But maybe a little time before then fog get at it thickest? So we don't risk getting there too late
Ask around the dock if there is someone going to the island or try to rent it unless we can use excalibur.
>Go for it during the Day
>Go for it the Morning, when the fog is thickest
It'd be a waste to not use the hint we've been given.
File: Fantasy_Island_by_Ran_D.jpg (758 KB, 1100x572)
758 KB
758 KB JPG
The sounds of the ocean bashing itself against our bot was kind of nostalgic in a way. All those times I sailed the sea with Mor’Voh quickly coming back to mind. Of course the distance between destinations are much less than when we were in the pacific ocean. In a way, I was grateful for that since it meant I would not suffer the hardships of being at sea as well.

“My my, you are quite the skilled sailor Asia.” Kuroka said while riding in the compartment behind me, “Though you still call yourself a Saint after that deal with the Sailor?”

“I paid him him plenty, Kuroka,” I remembered back to the man who I rented the boat from, “He was scamming me though, that I am sure of.”

“Nn, Asia did nothing wrong.” Shirone called out in my defense.

“Alright alright.” Kuroka said with her coy smile, “Well hey, is that the island up ahead!”

We all turned towards where the Neko was pointing and indeed there was an island. However, unlike the ones I have seen before in Asia the Fog was very much rolling onto the ocean below, completely covering a majority of it.

“Magic.” Shirone quickly said as we were now only half a mile off, “I… don’t know it though.”

Kuroka only gave a chuckle, “Well of course you hadn’t Sis, I’m betting you that's Fey magic we’re smelling. And I guess we’re going head long into it?”

“Yup, nothing else we can do.” I said while preparing the boat to stop.

“Perfect, I guess brace for impact?” Kuroka joked.

“Yup, get ready.”

With those words we soon approached the Fog. Though the moment we were within a few hundred meters from it I could feel something in my Soul stir. Within that moment, the Fog started to approach towards us at a frightening pace, seemingly ready to meet us head on!

“Okay! It was a joke!” Kuroka exclaimed as she grabbed onto the railing. Shirone did the same, though I was forced to stay at the wheel as we were all consumed by the fog.

Unlike normal Fog where you could see somewhat through it, I had lost all vision before me. It was quite frightening, but I was luckily still able to keep the ship intact as it cleared.

Where we were at was definitely not earth anymore. What should have been the golden rays of the sun was instead an odd blue. Of all the things on top the island, there was a relatively dense forest, which did not mesh with any pictures I on my phone. The waters were luckily calm, so steering was easy.

“Oh that's a pity, they’ve beaten us here.” Kuroka said while pointing to where there should have been a dock. Instead of one, it was a beach side with only a small climb. The rest of the island however seemed to be nothing but cliff side.

As I looked around the cliff one last time, I finally noticed a rather large fortress made of stone sitting at the highest peak. It was in pristine condition, unlike what should have been ruins.

We were in the Feywilds.
>Scale up the cliff side without magic, hopping to be stealthy
>Scale up the Cliffside with flight, to get there faster.
>Go to the beach, since we might wanna keep the boat.
>Go to the beach, since we might wanna keep the boat.
>Go to the beach, since we might wanna keep the boat.
We might need it to get back. Also, we rented it. I don't think Asia would feel good with herself if she didn't return it.
>Go to the beach, since we might wanna keep the boat.
Couldnt asia make a jetski if she can make a motor cycle
That wouldn't help return the boat to it's owner though.
I turned my boat towards the left, soon making my way towards the beach. The air about us was starting to tense a little as I did so, everyone understanding that we are approaching what was an enemy ship. Luckily when we beached into the shore, nothing from the ship seemed to jump out to try and kill us.

“Huh, they didn’t even set protection magics on their Ship.” Kuroka laughed as she hopped off the boat. The Neko flicked her hand, and soon it was covered in a sort of purple miasma that quickly disappeared.

“Kuroka.” Shirone spoke up as she landed on the shore, “What did you do?”

“Oh, just a present for them not being cautious.” She said with a small chuckle, “Well will we be heading to the Forest?”

“It is the only way forward.” I said with a sigh, “Be cautious though, we do not know what it would be like in there.”

“Nn.” Shirone responded for the two.

With that agreement, we made our way up the hill, soon making our way into the forest itself. Once we got through the initial cover, we were once again welcomed by a rather jarring scene. Instead of a barren ground, the forest floor was covered completely in grass like something our of a book.

“Something there!” Shirone called out about a mile into our treck. I quickly turned to where she was pointing, and I saw a small speck fly quickly across the trees and into the cover of leaves.

“Fairies?” was all I could guess.

Shirone twitched her nose for a moment, “We are surrounded.”

”So the kitty cat was able to smell us out we take it?” A voice called out from the forest all around us, ”We of course don’t like kitty cats, you all try to eats us when we fly by you~”

“I’ll admit you guys smell rather taste.” Kuroka said with a lick of her lips and a wide smile. It felt more of a joke than a real threat.

”Oh, it seems you all are in the right spirit!” the odd voice announced, ”Earlier some rather stubborn folk came in all serious and stuff, none of them felt like giving us a laugh. You three, well you’ve had a good bit of fun recently.”

I felt a little uncomfortable, since they somehow knew our activities from last night, “Uh, Mister Fairy, do you need something?”

I could hear a choire of a thousand laughs before the voice resumed, “Well you see two cats and a Dragon come onto our island, you can say we’d want to know why you’re here too. So tell us, and pray to Yahweh that we find it amusing enough not to play a few pranks!”

>You come looking for the sheath of the sword that had allowed you wield it even if it is still incomplete
Supporting this
“I come looking for the Sheath of the Sword I wield!” I announced to the crowd around us, “Even if it is incomplete, I still desire it!”

“Ah, the same item the other fellow was looking for.” The beings all around us gave another haunting laughter about the place, “He claims to have a Claim because of his blood, even though its from the Traitor himself!”

“Y-you are talking about Arthur, are you not?” I called out to the nebulous conglomerate.

“Yes, the boy who carries the same name as our ward! Again, we could not hope to compare such a stoic fellow to you, let alone ourselves. So many things on his mind at such a young age!” They all murmured about themselves for a moment, “How about this, have you ever heard of an Ancient and Pegan way humans settled claim disputes?”

“I.. I am not very literate in all pegan customs.” I felt my chest burn without knowing such a thing.

“Well it was simple really, YOU DUEL FOR IT! Do so for our entertainment!”

As they announced their verdict, the ground below me opened wide. It happened so fast that I did not have a chance to escape, and when my eyes turned towards Shirone I noticed they had fallen asleep.

“KYAAAAA!” I screamed as I fell into the abyss for what felt like an eternity and a second.

The hole I fell into was like one straight out of a book. As soon as the hole above my head collapse, I saw literal houses built into the walls. All around me little people sat on their porches cheering me on for the coming fight. I mean, I even watched as one of them threw me small roses!

Within a moment however I was no longer falling down a tunnel, but fell out of the earth. I went up what must have been half a mile up above a coliseum of sorts. I looked up, and I could see what was the night sky itself! It was not even fake, as I watched the star’s shine from here.

But all that goes up, by Man’s law of gravity, must come down. And so I plummet down into the pit of the coliseum with my limbs trying to catch something! But when I thought I would have splattered, I unstead fell onto soft grass.

If my faith never protected from illusions, I would have sworn I was in one. But as I raised my head I looked up to see Arthur Pendragon slowly rise from his place. He looked about as bewildered as me.
“Ahem, welcome Children of Dragons to my court!” My eyes quickly darted up to the person who was speaking. She was a beauty in all the context, one that was clearly not mortal. Her black dress fluttered as she waved her arms in fanfare, ”The Court of Morgana Lefay!”

I heard a cheer from all across the place, thousands of beings from small to monstrously large all about us. They all held the same thing in common though, they felt what I now realize was the power of Fey.

“Now rise, heirs to my dear Late Brother’s property. You have come here searching for the artifact, and so come to the Court of its keeper.”

We did as we were told, our eyes still squarely on the very person who stood before us.

“Well, you two are here.” She said with a flick of her wrist, “Am I going to watch a duel of swords or something? Or maybe you’ve realised walking into the Feywild was a bad idea?”

Arthur finally became stoic once more bringing out a the golden sword to bear, “My Ancestor, I hereby declare a challenge by sword!”

“Oh, and he brings Caliburn! The blade once thought to be shattered but really it was Excalibur!” LeFey announced with a laugh, ”Dreadful child Henry was. Thought he could get away with schisming his God’s church without paying the price.”

Soon she turned towards me, “What about you, oh Dragonborn of Mor’Voh! Will you Challenge him by the sword!?”

>Will you engage Arthur by the blade, in which I need a tactic
>Or maybe you relinquish your claim.
>Hmm, or maybe fighting with swords is far too barbaric for you?
We don't have to kill him right? The guy is a human, not a devil or a monster. I'm fine with the sword duel as long as it don't e d in death
I mean 'don't end in death'. Sorry, i'm typing on my phone right now
Arthur is screw our sword can also be a gun

Well men, I need a Tactic and roll!
Rolled 10 (1d100)

>Accept a duel but not too the death for you are not truly enemy's but to people after the object you didn't even come her to demand it but ask for it for it isnt a right to own what doesnt belong to you
adding to it If they want you to carry out a task for it if you find it doesnt go agaist your morals you might agree because pre agreements screw people over
Rolled 24 (1d100)

I rather try a peaceful method but if they force a duel let him come close wait for the best moment and disarm shout.
Rolled 11 (1d100)

“I accept this duel, but I do not have the desire to kill Arthur Pendragon.” I announced to LeFay, “I do not like it that you are forcing us to fight like this, LeFay.”

Her face seemed to fall out a little but she shrugged soon after, “I will allow it to be as you requested even with the remark.” She said with a small frown, “But I will not stop my dynastic son if he desires to kill you instead.”

I nodded with a smile, turning towards Arthur as he prepared himself, “It seems we face each other once more, which saddens me. You would have been a valuable ally for sure. Before we fight, I am sorry I lied to you about my name at first.”

“I accept your apology,” With a flick of my hand Excalibur formed as a sword poised to attack, “You were simply protecting yourself in a game of intrigue, I would have done the same if I had thought of it fast enough. I hope you can reciprocate my request?”

“That our duel will not be lethal?” He asked with a raised brow, “I will on my name of Arthur.”

“Ah, I guess Chivalry is alive and well in this day and age.” LeFay sounded like she was lamenting what was happening, “Began the duel you two, show me true Chivalry in the art of war!”

I stood my ground for the moment, but so did Arthur. Neither of us wanted to approach each other with the chance of giving the other an advantage. My only problem was that I needed us to start fighting so my Thu’um was undodgeable. So with that, I inched forward.

Arthur soon did the same thing, his eyes clearly sharpened to a point of a blade.

The crowd seemed to have silenced as they watched us, maybe out of anticipation, maybe out of boredom. What ever it was, when we arrived at little less than two meters we both went for an attack!

If the first attacks mine was faster! With the blessing of God upon my side I cleaved a strike right at his chest. I heard a few bones crack as it landed, God’s will animated in my sword!

As I poised my weapon for the next strike however Arthur brought his own weapon up to parry my own, the amount of skill he had was evident. However he was not able to strike, as I forced Caliburn into a blade lock to prevent the strike.

He quickly disengaged, two attacks coming at me. His first strike found home on my legs, the blade cutting through my flesh as if it was paper!

Asia has received 14 Wounds. She is now at 26 Wounds.
His next strike however I quickly parried with my sword, sending his sword clearly to the side. With the chance showing itself, my Soul shouted with power and came forth a Thu’um!

“Zun Haal Viik!”

The crowd roared as he was in no position to dodge. The sound of a sharp click of metal resounded throughout the place, Caliburn soon being sent across the stadium! Taking the chance that had opened itself, I once more struck his chest.

As he way back away in pain I pointed my sword towards him, “You have lost, Arthur.”

“Not yet!” He shouted as he quickly brought out another weapon to his hand. The moment I saw it however, I knew exactly what he was going to fight me with.

Excalibur Ruler. What should be my sword.

I don't remember what excalibur ruler does. Was it ever stated in canon? I only remember it was the most powerful piece or something.
Anyway, on the fight.
>first use Dragon Aspect. We are gonna need that armor. Then use our streigth and speed to force him on the defensive. Keep putting pressure on him without giving a chace to relax. We can't give him a chace to properly use hs sword powers.

Let's keep this a honorable duel. Morgan gave him the option to kill us in this duel if he wanted, but he choose not to. Let's give him the respect he deserves.
Rolled 62 (1d100)

Rolled 40 (1d100)

Rolled 87 (1d100)

“If you wish to continue, Arthur, then I will not take you lightly. Mul Qah Diiv” With a cry of my voice my soul quickly surrounded me with armor. It glows its brilliant gold and orange shine, my wongs held back as I simply wished to fight him.

“Very well Argento, hyaa!” Arthur cried out as he quickly came before me with a stike to my leg, the weapon impacting before I could parry is. It was painful, but the wound was not nearly as deep as it would have been.

Asia has received 11 damage, leaving her at 15 Wounds.

Before he could back away from me how I went in for a pair of strike. Quickly he brought his blade up to deflect one of my attack, but with a great force I carried the attack though. With his own blade far off to the side, he was wide open.

He knew this, and quickly did he bring an arm up to block my sword. With the strength of Dragons and Heaven backing me I tore into his flesh with an immense ease, so much so that he shouted in pain.

“Tsk, not yet!” He soon bite his lip and Excalibur Ruler down before me, but with power at my fingertips I easily parried the blade. He was in the edge of dropping the weapon, which in the end gave me clearance to rend right into his body.

The first strike went up his torso, leaving a bloody trail covering a majority of his body. I quickly brought my weapon around for another clean strike across his torso. I was somehow too slow though, as he brought his weapon to guard.

In doing so though, we my blade came down upon him, he outstretched said arm too far. What happened next was a clean cleave through his limb, the arm sent flying with a trail of blood following it. His eyes were wide for a moment as he fell onto the cold grace bellow.

With that the crowd all about me cried out in cheers and jests, a celebration of my victory. As I turned around to face LeFay, she cracked a large smile.

“Maybe the best fight I have seen in ages. You have more than earned your prize” She waved her hand, a golden light quickly encompassing Arthur’s wounds. They were soon staunch from such an act, “Now, wielder of Excalibur, do you collect the last piece of your sword?”

My eyes widened with realization, soon I turned towards Excalibur Ruler on the ground. It seemed to continue to hum as it stayed within his severed hand.

>Take what is rightfully yours.
>Not now, even if he is enemy.
>Take both it and Caliburn.
>Take what is rightfully yours.
Can we try attach the severed limb and heal it with magic?
>Not now, even if he is enemy.
Taking it at the first opportunity feels like a trap, and it isn't our main objective anyway. I'd rather try to heal Arthur first if possible.
Yea change it to this if possible.
>Not now, even if he is enemy.
we didnt wager anything an the fae never promised anything
I'mm need a medicine check, so ROLL!
Rolled 98 (1d100)

Rolled 33 (1d100)

Well he's dead
“Neither of us wagered our sword.” I claimed as I reached down and gripped the severed arm. With the limb in my hand I made my way over to the downed form of Arthur, and I placed the limb to the opened stump of his shoulder.

I took in a breath as I did so. If this was the me from a few months ago I probably would have fainted at the sight of this injury. However, if I managed to keep my mind I knew there was one thing I would have done for sure.

I would have healed the boy.

I slowly settled the limb in place, making sure the bones and such aligned. I knew for sure that Close Wounds would not accomplish what I am trying to do, it simply is not powerful enough. So I racked my mind for a moment as I thought about the School of Restoration that Mor’Voh taught me so long ago. It was then the idea finally settled in my mind, and with a push of my will I summoned the new spell into my hand.

I charged the spell, my mana quickly being drained as I did so. It was taking a long time, enough that if I was in a fight, it would be very dangerous. However, I know for sure that this spell would work.

With the somatic component of my spell finished, I brought my hands to bear towards Arthur. Within the next moment, his flesh became animated and quickly reached over to rejoin with the lost limb. It was a gruesome sight, but soon his arm was once more apart of his body. Only a scar of white flesh remained.

Asia has become a Master of the Restoration School of Magic. The spell she has created is [Restore Flesh], which after a long charge time regenerates the entire body and removes all critical damage.

“W-what the.” He slowly opened his eyes towards me, “D-did you heal me?”

“I have, for as you have said before we might not be really enemies in a sense. Thank the Lord for this deed I have done, that would be my desire.”

“...” He did not have much of a response, but neither did I. I rose from the place I was sitting and made my way towards LeFay, who was standing upon the ground.

“Ah, so you are a Saint as well.” She said with a voice no longer booming, “If it was me I would have taken both his swords. You know, to the victor goes the spoils.”

“I came for Avalon, can you take me to it?” I asked the Fey Witch.

“Of course.” She grew a small smile before walking upwards, “Come now, you can fly cant you?”

I nodded, draconic wings quickly expanding behind my back. We soon pierced the ceiling as I had before, making our way up the tunnel out of whatever place we were.

“So, how is Micheal and Heaven doing these days?” LeFay said with a small chuckle, “You can say I have been living under a rock for a long time.”

>He has formed an alliance with the Devils and Fallen, which is good.
>Above except, Becoming allies with the Devils was a dreadful decision.
>We are now able to make Angels!

>Questions to Ask LeFay, since she is making small talk.
>Questions to Ask LeFay, since she is making small talk.
So how are you admit you dont know much you were kinda a normal nun last year relize you learned to fight quickly
>Above except, Becoming allies with the Devils was a dreadful decision.
I kind of wanted asia to ask for the sword though
>Questions to Ask LeFay, since she is making small talk.
Ask LeFay about the person known as King Arthur.
>>We are now able to make Angels!

>Questions to Ask LeFay, since she is making small talk.
>How was King Artoria like?
>How was King Artoria like?
If this doesnt have her look long and at asia and say quiet like you from what ive seen the questions will rise
File: maxresdefault.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720)
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“Well, a few things have happened.” I said with a small grimace, “We are now able to create Angels from Humanity, but instead of ending the Devils he has decided to ally with them and the Fallen.”

“Oh, and Gabriel let that happen?” LeFay said as she covered her mouth, “These are trying times indeed.”

I gave a solemn nod, “Indeed, they are. Uh, so you are Morgan LeFay, right? You actually met King Arthur?”

“Oh, my sister?” the witch said with a slight smile, “Indeed I have, and I surely would say you look almost exactly like her if she had let her hair grow out a bit. Actually, you two share a good bit of the physical in common, but my dear Saint Asia your personalities are quite different.”

“Uh, are they?” Soon enough we had breached the hole above us now steadily flying towards the end of the island.

“Indeed. While she surely wouldn’t have stolen his blade, she also would have never healed him.”

“I-is that true!?” My face started to warm up from what I guess was a compliment.

The LeFey gave a small laugh, “Why of course, she would have said that the boy wrought what he had sowed. Then again, she also would have made sure the boy lived a modest life afterwards, but we could say it was something of a courtesy.”

We soon stopped in front of a strong structure. What I would have first mistaken as a fortress from afar, I instantly realised that it was a tomb. Though as I stepped froward I could easily feel something move underneath my feet.

It was the Soul of a Dragon, and it rests underneath me.

“Of course even when I say that, she was not a bad ruler. Actually, she was a great one.” Morgan Lefey soon grew a small timid smile, “I realize in my age and hindsight that what I did to her was dumb, trying to userp her crown and all. Though let’s face it, she was like you, an Immortal Dragon. It would have only been in time that she faced rebellion, I just made it much sooner.”

The Witch soon made a show of her hand towards the opening, “You may go in, for it is your right now.”

I looked forward, taking in a deep breath. Now is the time for me to finished this. It might have been a mission from Micheal, but now my devotion to its completion is my own.
With small steps I made my way forward, crossing the boundaries of the feywilds into the domain of God himself. Every step I led me deeper and deeper into the tomb, the pressure of the Dragon only growing.

As I lost the light of day, torches all around me suddenly became lit. I quickly noticed that from wall to wall the place with covered with inscription and pictures. What should have been incomprehensible scriptures were instead written in one of the few languages I understood.

Draconic. The Words of a Dragon’s Power.

Each scene upon the wall detailed some accomplishment of Arthur and her Knights such as the Fisher King. But as we went down the line it began to detail the events of Lancelot, her rampage across Europe to find him, and the ending rebellion.

As I came close to the end, the sounds of chanting could be heard from the end of the hall. As I arrived, a golden light soon shined from the ceiling itself upon a raised floor just like a KIng’s Throne Room. I soon realized that it was in fact shining upon a casket that held no top.

From my position, I could barely glance into it. Within it sat a slightly pale girl, not looking even a day older than fifteen. Resting upon her bosom was a golden object that could easily be mistaken as a shield, the sheath Avalon. Upon her stomach however was a blot of fresh blood, what was clearly a mortal wound.

I did not need my very soul to tell me who this was. It was King Arthur, her true being of a Dragon forver keeping her bound to the earth.

Behind her stood something that Mor’ Voh once described to me from his journey. He called it a word wall, written upon it a story that Dragons took interest in.

Here lies the Ruler known as King Arthur
Blessed by God and the Fey of Britany, he ruled
The Knights of the Round Table as his Comrades
His Son, Mordred, killed the majesty in his rebellion
None can deny it though, that he was King
Now destined to walk once more at Britain's greatest time of need.

King’s Authority: Lin Rat Dam
Summons forth Knights from the Heavens to serves at your side. Upon the use of three words, all comrades are inspired to fight at their peak form.

>What does Asia do?
>Ask if you may have the sheath for you know she is still there
>You can ask if she wants to
live again asia knows the shout for that right?
>or if she wants to truly die you can grant that wish
Nope, you guys never picked it up.
oh so we gonna have to mail teacher for that one and come back latter?
More of a "When the the time comes" sort of thing.
>Ask if you may have the sheath for you know she is still there
ah so we gonna do the ask if she wants to truly die
She is dead guys, dead people can't talk.
>Take the Sheath without issue
>Take the Sheath while paying respects to Arthur
>Leave it, for taking from the dead is Against Asia's morals.
>Take the Sheath while paying respects to Arthur
Dragon souls kinda hangout in their bodies she dead but not dead so if you got the right mean you can talk to her is what im saying i was going by the powerful dragon can manipulate the site of their death so we can get ghostly approval
If that was the case Skyrim would have had a pretty interesting history.
>se Skyrim would have
it real would have and can you really see that not happening sometimes in magic world where ghost ans spirts exist?
While I would normally agree with you, remember that we are talking about a Dragon's Soul here. It will forever be attached to the flesh of Arthur until she is either rezzed or becomes a Sacred Gear.

Remember, for Dragons there is no Afterlife.
Only being alive and being dead.
>Take the Sheath while paying respects to Arthur
What does leaving the Sheath even mean? Do we just go home and say "Mission failed?"
That make the sepproth grail confusing then because the elder scrolls has ghost
For the final time, she is not HUMAN!

She is the same as Asia, a person who's Soul was made into a Dragon's.

There was a reason I left it ambiguous earlier. There is no real reason not to take it.
ok i just speakin while waiting for the next part
Eh, understandable. I'm actually writing it right now.
File: Avalon.png (980 KB, 469x2160)
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980 KB PNG
“Uh, K-King Arthur?” My voice almost cracked as I spoke those words. Honestly her body was so life that I see her standing up right now.

But there was no response. I knew for a fact that Arthur was here, I could easily tell that much. However she was not with me. I remembered the time I myself had died, how when the Dragon’s Soul was consumed by my own. It was an abyss, and instead of floating upwards like I had I stayed there, frozen in the middle of Life and Death.

It was purgatory, or as close to it without being at the true location.

And so I made my way up towards the body, soon looking down upon her majesty. Seeing what must have been a millennia old body like this kind of reminded me of how a Saint’s body was preserved. This state, if I died this was how I was going to end up being to everyone.

With that thought in mind, I knelt down before her. My hands were together, “In the name of the Lord am I sorry I could not save you from this fate. Though you stay upon this mortal plane, I pray that such a fate does not last too long. I hope you have found some kind of peace in this state, and that when judgment comes your Soul is brought to the Heavens. Amen.”

With those words I rose from my position, and leaned forward towards her. The thought of her chest beating with life ran through my mind, but I quickly shook it as my hands finally touched the artifact, Avalon.

The moment I touched it, I felt like everything was both different and the same. It was as if my entire body was protected from everything. The entire realm itself was cut off from me as I lifted Avalon from her bosom. As if I had practiced it a thousand times, I placed it at my side and moved Excalibur into its Sheath.

Avalon: While in possession of Avalon, Asia cannot be harmed by any magic performed by a mortal nor Sacred Gears below Longinus Calibre. When a Supernatural being or Longinus user attempts to subject Asia to their spells, they must succeed in a Hard(-30) Wisdom Check to even have it function.

Along with this, Avalon Heals Asia 10 Wounds per post. This healing cures Critical Damage, even if its a curse.

With Avalon and Excalibur at my side, I made my way out of the Tomb.
Soon after leaving the Tomb I was welcomed once again by the forest, but maybe as expected LeFay was not there. Soon enough though my ears quickly picked up a voice!


I went into a dead sprint towards the voice and within moments I found who I was looking for, “Shirone!”


We quickly hugged eachother before Shirone quickly broke it apart, “What happened!? We fell asleep and when we woke up you were gone!”

“Alot, Arthur was there, so there must be others!”

“Oh my, and you beat him to Avalon?” Kuroka said as she slowly looked at my hip.

“Exactly, we should probably move now!”


With that we soon traveled in the direction I was already heading. Though as we traveled I could not help but feel something was off. Within the few minutes we had spent traveling, we had not arrived at the edge of any fog.

No, instead we quickly came out of a clearing within the trees, a clean circle all around us like someone had prepared this area. On the other side was a pair of folk, both of whom I had fought before.

Before us was both Vali and Siegfried, the two having blades drawn. It seemed the simple fact we had seen eachother here was not on anyone’s docket, as we were all stunned for just that moment.

>Nope out of there.
>Take the sudden suprise as a chance to attack. *Tactic*
>Tell them LeFay must have him. *Chr. Roll*
Rolled 92 (1d100)

>>Tell them LeFay must have him. *Chr. Roll*
Rolled 58 (1d100)

Rolled 46 (1d100)

>Tell them LeFay must have him. *Chr. Roll*
>Tell them LeFay must have him. *Chr. Roll*
“Well would you look at that.” The grey haired Siegfried laughed, “Here we are looking for Arthur and we end up finding you all.”

“Shut it Sieg.” Vali said while stepping forward himself, “She’s mine, not your query.”

“And you going to say that after she gave me a nice time.” The wielder of Gram smiled a little as he stepped forward, “Such a fine lass should have a proper man fighting her.”


Before the two seemed to try and kill each other I spoke up, “Arthur is further in, being held by Morgan LeFey I think.”

“Oh, great then.” Siegfried said before making his way behind us.

“Oi, are we not gonna fight them?” Vali called out when he was soon left by himself.

Siegfried gave out another laugh, “Like I’m gonna help you get your Hate Boner going! Or maybe you’re a masochist?”

“You mother fucker!” The literal spawn of Lucifer… uh… blushed before running after Seig. Within moments we were left alone.

“Weird.” Shirone voiced my mind, “Forward?”


As soon as we crossed back into the Forest, we were outside of it. The land before us was of course a light tint blue, and we could see our boats still settled next to each other.

“Well, sorry Shirone but this is where I see you off.” Kuroka had quickly moved in front of us with a somber smile, “It’s nice to see you found a good home to be in.”

We were both caught a bit off guard but Shirone spoke her mind, “Y-you’re not coming with us?”

“Nope, Heaven and me wouldn't mix.” She moved over and patted Shirone’s head, “Anyways, I’m wanted by just about everyone, and now even Khaos bridge is gonna want my head. Unless there’s someone willing to take in a poor kitty like me I’ll be running the streets once more.”

“Are you sure?” Shirone seemed, almost neutral in her words.

“I think so.”

>Try and convince her otherwise
>Allow her to go
>Recommend an organization for her to join.
Uh, anyone. This was going to be the last post for this thread so...
>Try and convince her otherwise
Your only a criminal as a devil if your not a devil....
Give me a roll to convince her.
Rolled 22 (1d100)

fails badly
Rolled 12 (1d100)

Rolled 53 (1d100)

“You are only a criminal because you are a Devil.” I racked my head a little trying to figure something out, “You can become something more if you come.”

Kuroka looked at me for a moment with a frown about her face. She seemed to really be thinking about it, but in the end she shook her head, “Asia, I would love to, but remember what I told you all last night?”

I thought to myself of that time, “You were wanting Children.”

“Mmhm.” the Neko gave the nod, though the frown never left her face, “Becoming an Angel is not going to get me there, actually it’s the complete opposite. If both of us at some point are killed, the Nekoshou would have become extinct.”

“So there’s no chance...” This time it was Shirone who spoke up, the stoic expression finally breaking.

“Maybe if you two figured out how to change a Devil back into whatever race they were.” Kuroka said while patting Shirone’s head, “Just be my little Angel and watch over me. Hope that next time you see me I have a bunch of little kitties!”

As the Neko was about to move away, she soon grew a small smile and reached into her pocket. She placed what was a stone in Shirone’s hand, “If you ever need my help, just push some mana into this stone and I’ll come right over.”

“Th-thank you.” Shirone quickly gave her sister a heartfelt hug, after which Kuroka made her way from us.

“Take good care of my Sister Asia!” The neko shouted as a teleportation circle consumed her, “If you don’t I’ll make sure you regret it!”

As she went away I patted my friend on the back. In the end she must have valued her goal, so much so she would ignore this kind of salvation.

I felt however this was not going to be the last time we saw her. No, not for a long shot.
With that we are done with this thread. Since its already so late I'll likely post the next thread tomorrow. Besides that, happy holidays everyone!
Happy holidays to you too QM.
Thanks for running QM. And happy holidays!
>“Shut it Sieg.” Vali said while stepping forward himself, “She’s mine, not your query.”

>“And you going to say that after she gave me a nice time.” The wielder of Gram smiled a little as he stepped forward, “Such a fine lass should have a proper man fighting her.”

It's official, Asia has a harem now! Kinda. Wonder how much more battle maniacs she is going to attract.
I'm sad to see Kuroka go, but i understand her reasons. I'm a little worried about her though. She is alone now, without the khaos brigade. Maybe we should have choosen to recommend an organization for her instead. Put her in contact with Mor'Voh or something. Espeaking of him, did he recieve the card we sent him some threads back?
Next Thread!

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