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Introductions are over, it is time to get to work. With a way of producing Angels Heaven now lobbies the other factions to peace. Many see is as against all that their respective faction stands for, but none can face Heaven’s ability to ascend powerful humans. For Asia Argento, she must prepare for the outcome of such talks.

Journal Entry X
From my experience in Heaven I can only say one thing, it is both odd and beautiful at the same time. Odd in how it will never stay in place for one moment but beauty in all the sense of the word.

I have met a lot of people yesterday, many of who I will be working with in the next few days. Father Anderson, a large man who seems to wish the best for everyone. Matilda Gorgon, a researcher who I now regret teaching healing magic simply because she is experimenting heavily with it. And Lastly Dulio, a Sacred Gear user who seem to enjoy lazing around.

These, along with Shirone and those who I only yet to meet will be who I join in the fights for Heaven.

Character Sheet for Asia: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PPB-qszSf2aB4tdD1Y9TchZoWFSMVebTtUFX0dEZ9pg/edit?usp=sharing

Bottom has most of the Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=nun

There are missing Threads, so here they are on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S_LaQ-8cUYECIfSD9Tms2yrdYYN702fWngBPbaZ8Oco

Choose one of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Asia has gained 400 xp from the previous events. What should she invest points into?

Lastly, you have 4 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Barter Skill +10
>Deceive Skill
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10
>Blather Skill
>Smithing (Novice)
>Alchemist (Novice)
>Charm +10

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Takedown: Instead of dealing damage, when at least 1 point of damage is dealt it is ignored. Instead the opponent makes a toughness check or is stunned for a ‘round’.
>Raging Biceps: Able to use Heavy Machine Guns without bracing.
>Deadeye: There are no penalties for firing at extreme ranges
>Othopoxy: Gives a +20 to resist torture.
Actual most recent thread:
2 Hp 20 mp
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank. Restoration
>Deadeye: There are no penalties for firing at
extreme ranges
Abillity Intelligence
“Uh, thank you for the talk Cahethal.” I said as we emerged from the forest into where everyone was slowing down from the games of tag.

“Of course, do come by any time.” He says with a cheer before heading back into the forest.

As soon as he left I felt a small breeze come by, “Who was that?”

“Cahethal, at least that is what he told me.” I said turning to a worn out Irina and Co.

“Well, I’m worn out from that.” I had to quickly run over to keep her from falling down, “Thanks.”

“Nn, we should be going back.”

“Agreed.” Xenovia stated as she tried her best to move forward. Seeing nothing else better to do I brought Irina to follow and Shirone was at my back. I thought to myself hard, and soon enough we were back to the odd platform that brought us to Eden. The same lightshow happened and we were once more in Sixth Heaven.

“Okay, I’ve got myself from here on Asia.” Irina soon pushed herself off of me and sloppily took a few steps forward, “Well, we should split off here I guess. See you later.”

“Agreed, see you later Irina, Xenovia.”

With that we split our separate ways for the mansion holdings of Micheal. Just as Cahethal said, Heaven seemed to move just to make sure we made it back in a timely manner. Soon enough I was opening the doors for a very worn out Shirone.

“Thank you… Asia…”

“Yup, we should get some showers taken and head to bed.” I said with a smile, “How’s that sound?”

Shirone gave a happy nod, “Do you already have your room chosen?”


“Oh really.” The girl grew a small blush before making her way forward, “Well, I was thinking we could share a room here…”

>No, there should be plenty of room for us to stay.
>I call dibs on the sofa.
The couch if it's a good one, will always be more comfy than the bed.
“I think that is alright, as long as I get the sofa!” I grew a small smirk as Shirone gave a small laugh.

“Alright, you get the sofa.” Shirone had a smile adorning her face.

With that we made our way up the staircase and onto the second floor of the place. Just like many times before, I felt like I knew exactly where I was going. We traveled down the hallways and through an archway. Once I came across an unassuming door that I instantly turned to face it.

Taking the hint from Heaven, I opened the door to a rather large room. Closest to us was a sofa that was facing a television set, further from which were a pair of beds that went along a wall. I moved a small bit forward, instantly noticing the open closets filled with a variety of clothing.

Without much else I made my over and laid down on the couch, “Shirone, you should go ahead and take a shower before me.”

“Oh, thanks.”

With that we took our respective showers, the water felt nice after such a strenuous flight. While flying about for myself did not work at the muscles, my soul itself was feeling a slight strain. It was akin to not using a limb after so long that it became brittle from misuse.

Either way, sitting on the Sofa with clean robes was a godsend in and of itself. Next to me was Shirone, who simply laid down on my lap. With the idea of a cat in mind I slowly stroked her hair calmly. Within a moment of me doing that, my eyes widened to a pair of catear popping out from behind her head!

“Oh my!”

“Hmm?” The girl slowly openned her eyes before her face started to blush, “Oh, sorry about that.”

And with that they retracted back into her head. The memories of her work in the Hotel were coming back to me, so I guess they were not some kind of illusion after all.

>”Shirone, were you some kind of Cat?”
>Stay off the topic with something else, like turning on the TV!
>Tell her if she wants to tell Asia about her heritage in time, she does not mind.
>Tell her if she wants to tell Asia about her heritage in time, she does not mind.
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812 KB PNG
“Uh,” I grew a small shaky smile, “You do not need to be very cautious about it Shirone. I have already accepted you were never really human.”

Said girl only grew a small frown, “Oh… thank you.”

I felt a little knot coming in my stomach so I reached over and patted her head, “You can tell me anything at anytime, you know that. If you really desire it you never have to tell me.”

“Nn.” Shirone soon grew into some deep pondering. After that however I noticed the ears came out once more and a pair of tails from her rear, “Thank you, but I should say atleast this. I… was a Yokai called a Nekomata. A, uh, Cat Demon.”

I took a look at her, those ears now assuming some kind of submissive pose. I could only give a small sigh before grabbing onto her and bringing the kitty into an embrace.

“You are fine, Shirone. It did not matter if you were even a Devil, you stood by my side and I did you.”

“... Thank you…”

I felt my shoulder grow wet as I let her cry it out, the girl likely was holding such back for God knows how long.

After what must have been a long time we broke away. Which Shirone’s face covered in tears and snot, she still gave me a smile.

I could only smile at her, “Go clean yourself up and lets get to bed, I heard that we have a lot to start tomorrow.”

“Nyaa!” She gave a massive nod before running to do just that.

Feeling the time I placed myself on the bed, sleep soon taking over me.

For the morning
>Head to the kitchen to cook something for everyone
>Train in a gym outback, because there is one.
>Go to the Library to study
>Go to the Library to stud
>>Head to the kitchen to cook something for everyone
Pancakes for everyone!
Morning, or at least what I felt was morning came. I soon rose from the bed, slowly moving over to wake up Shirone. The girl was soundly asleep, her real ears exposed to the heavens above. They looked cute, that much I will admit, but we had to get moving.

“Time to wake up Shirone.” I said with a small smile.

“Huh…” Just as me before she moved yo from the bed and looked at me with sleepy eyes, “Asia? Is it day already?”

“Yup, we will be going to work today.” I said with a calm smile.

“Ohh… okay.”

“Well, how about we get ourselves dressed and I will make some pancakes to eat.”

“Mmm, pancakes…” She jumped out of the bed and onto her feet, “Let’s get going!”

With that we quickly got our stuff together, soon making our way downstairs and into the kitchen where there were quite a few people hanging about. The first one I noticed in an instant was Father Anderson, who gave us a calm smile.

“Good morning little ones.” He said while cracking some eggs, “Ah, thank the Lord I will not need to search for you two.”

“Search for us?”

He gave a nod, “I’ll tell you after we eat. It seems Micheal wants to get things done and over with. What do you two want?”

“Well I was thinking of making pancakes.” I felt a small blush upon my face, “But it seems you are already making something.”

“Oh, don’t cha worry about that.” He said with a small cheer, “I’ve just been cracking eggs for omelets, but we can easily repurpose ‘em for such a thing.”


With that we started our work, taking about half the eggs originally meant for omelets and using them in my pancakes. It took a little bit of time but the moment we were finally able to bite into our meals were a godsend. Shirone, while she really wanted to, was very temperate in her eating of the meal.

As we finished the demeanor of Father Anderson changed. The man slowly leaned forward with a more monotone look on his face, “Well, time to tell you two what our job is going to be. Are you ready?”

I felt a small shiver going up my back, “Y-yeah.”

Shirone herself just shook her head.

“Our job today is to be Micheal’s personal guard when we start the peace negotiations.” The Father seemed to have a kind of sick look about his face, “It will be held in Kouh Academy, the closest to neutral ground we can get since the Devils can’t walk on Hallowed Ground. I was told you have been there before?”

We both nodded.

“Well since we are on security detail, you two know anything I would want to know?”

>Nothing of real note
>The nearby Church is almost always infested with Heretics
>There’s a friendly oddity in the city. They are my friend, but the Cat is something different.
lol i had a typo asia is apparently a playboy now
>The nearby Church is almost always infested with Heretics
>>The nearby Church is almost always infested with Heretics
by the way, what happened with Shirone's rook piece? I remember Sona asked if it would possible to give it back
>The nearby Church is almost always infested with Heretics
I wonder if we'll find our old gear again in that place. Probably not but it's fun to think about.
I nodded, “We have… had plenty of problems from the local Church. It is in ruins, making it prime for Heretics to take it over.”

“Is that so. That is good to know, I will ask Micheal to send a squad over there.” He turned to face Shirone with a hard stare, “And yourself?”

While I felt bad for Shirone the Neko simply nodded, “Underneath Kouh is a Vampire’s tomb. Its where Bouchou keeps her Bishop, Gasper Vladi.”

Anderson’s brows rose, “How did a Vladi come under a Devil and why is he important?”

“Just like all her others.” Shirone’s eyes became sharpened at Anderson, “Right place, right time. His sacred Gear is [Forbidden Balor View].”

We stared at Shirone for moments, thoughts running through our heads. The times I have done researching what would be my likely enemy ringing in my head.

“The Sacred Gear that can stop time.” Anderson was the one who said it.

Shirone nodded, “He does not have control of it last I met him. Because of this, Kouh can freeze for more than an entire day in time while the rest of the world moved.”

“... I will ask Micheal to provide some protections to us before we arrive. You two are to meet me at the Amphitheater within two hours.” He slowly got up from his seat, “I was told you can have just about anything Fifth Heaven has produced, and that they have something for you.” He ended with a nod towards Shirone.

“Alright, thank you!” I quickly said as the man waved goodbye to us.

>What equipment you guys want? Simple soudouts below
>Light: Nothing much else besides what Asia is carrying AE: Excalibur.
>Medium: Excalibur, some grenades, and a pistol for backup use. Shirone gets her mace.
>Heavy: Plate Armor for both of you, Shirone gets a fuck off hammer, and some high tier explosives.
>Custom: Come up with whatever is reasonable. We are using Fantasy Flight’s system, so Asia can carry about 122 Kgs of stuff.
>>Medium: Excalibur, some grenades, and a pistol for backup use. Shirone gets her mace.

Excalibur cover for almost everything we migh need, the rest is just for precaution
>Medium: Excalibur, some grenades, and a pistol for backup use. Shirone gets her mace.
Would it be possible to have some sort of radio or comms system for us to use?
Also can we make the pistol a 357. magnum? It'll give us the advantage of not having to take time to retrieve shells.
Of course we do have Excalibur which we'll probably use more often than not.
With the orders given we soon made our way onto the walkway of Heaven, our will to find wherever fifth Heaven was. Of course it did not take us very long to find our way to one of the platforms that seemed to lead us everywhere here in Heaven. One trip later and we were standing in front of what amounted to a massive building.

Looking forward, there was in fact no front desk there to help us get around. Instead I was given a vague feeling of the way to go. I turned to look at Shirone, who shrugged in the same bit of confusion I had.

So we traveled towards an elevator that opened the moment we got near it, soon making our way up to what was marked ‘Floor 41’. Once the door rang, we filed out to see a small room that was well lit with a few people walking about it. It only took me a moment to recognize one of the researchers.


“Hmm?” The Angel, who was standing at the side of behind one of the researchers turned towards us with a monotone face, “Saint Asia, I have been told to expect you.”

“Uh, I guess that makes it easier.” I said with a shaky smile, “We are going to need some armaments if we are to guard Micheal. Oh, and I was told you had something for Asia?”

“Indeed, what kind of munitions will you two need?”

“Mace.” Shirone said without skipping a moment.

“Uh, can you get me a 357. Magnum and some grenades?”

“That will be easy, if you two give me a moment.” A circle appeared below Castiel, which as per usual moved up to engulf his entire form. We did not need to wait long, as he once more emerged from the portal with our items in hand, along with some kind of cylinder.

He gave me the armaments before popping open the small container to reveal a small droplet, “We do not have many, but Micheal has given the authorization to use this on you.”

“Phoenix Tear.” Shirone said as the Angel handed it to her.

“It makes sense you recognized it.” the Angel said in his monotone way.

She looked at the droplet for a moment before picking it up and downing the droplet. What happened next was terrifying as fire surrounded where her left stump. Within moments red flesh quite literally exploded out of her stump before quickly turning back into a more skin color.

With that the flames stopped, and I had to quickly catch Shirone who seemed quite worn from the experience.

“Here,” Castiel presented towards me Shirone’s mace and shield of all things, “YOu should probably carry this for her until she recovers.”

With that we made our way out of the place, Shirone slowly pocking at her new arm, “I… have it back.”

I I felt a small ping of pity hitting my gut, “Indeed, though I wish we could celebrate it more. Are you okay to walk now?”

“Nn, I am.” She pushed herself off my shoulder, quickly grabbing onto the Shield and Mace that were given to us, "Thank you, for all this."

"You are welcomed, Shirone."

Soon enough we made our way to the amphitheater, a small group of Angels were hanging about already with Father Anderson. I quickly took my place next to him, as within moments the ground infront of us all started to shine with radiant light. We all bowed as Micheal came before us all.

“Rise.” He said with a small smile, “As you all know, we are about to embark to the peace talks. Alexander, Shirone, and Saint Asia will all be by my side during the event. The rest of you are to travel to the ruined church to make sure no plotters have set themselves up. Do any of you desire to know anything more?”

>Wanna ask the Arch Angel anything?
I'm not sure if it's been answered before but I would like to know how strong the protection detail is going to be and what measures are the devils going to take for protection on their end. Outside of that and how long this procession is going to take I don't have much in the way of questions.
File: The Event!.png (885 KB, 901x844)
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885 KB PNG
“Uh, I do.” I stepped forward from the group to Micheal, “Do we know what the Devils will be bringing as protection?”

“A good question.” Micheal said with a solemn smile, “From what I heard it will just be Sirzechs and his Wife as the main force. Due to the location, however, the Red Dragon Emperor will be attending himself.”

“Thank you.” I gave a curt bow to him before reassessing my place among the troopers present.

Micheal stood before everyone like a leader would, his face a stoic kind, “I have been informed recently that [Forbidden Balor’s View] will be within the area. If something like a time anomaly were to occur we are to prioritise the safety of all there, let them be Human, Fallen, or even Devil. Those who are at the meeting, I ask that you stay near either myself or Saint Asia incase an event occurs.”

He gave a sigh before turning back into the more calm look he almost always had, “With this meeting we will end the Great War so that we can prioritise Humanity. I am happy to have given this honor to you all present, and I hope everything is successful.”

With those words a magic circle appeared just above all of us. It was colored Gold, just like all the circles I have seen before. Micheal turned himself about right as the circle descended onto us, blinding us for only a moment as our locations changed from the clouds of Heaven to a room I recognized all too well.

The layout of the room had changed since the last time we were here. No longer were there sofas for casual chatter, but instead a single round table sitting at the center of the room and chairs lining every wall. Two figures were already sitting at the table, both quite literally radiating power.

“Ah, brother, its nice that you have finally joined us!” The one who spoke was a rather large man, his black hair highlighted with golden bangs, “And I don’t recognize all those behind you. Are these your new Brave Saints?”

“Indeed they are, Azazel.” Micheal rose his hand towards us with a calming smile, “My guests is first, my Ace Father Alexander Anderson, the white haired girl is Jack Shirone, and lastly I present to you the Wielder of Excalibur, The Dragon Slaying Saint Asia Argento.”

I watched as the Fallen’s eyes widened at my name, “You made a real ass Saint, Micheal. And here I thought you were never going to step into Father’s shoes.”

“It was at the recommendation of Gabriel.” Our leader soon moved around to one of the seats, the Fallen coughing up a lung. He soon turned towards a red haired Devil who sat at the desk, “You have been oddly quiet, Sirzechs Lucifer. I hope our presence has not been harming you.”
It was only that I noticed the eyes that were trying to kill Micheal with sight alone. He was a very handsome looking Devil, one that looked so handsome that I felt myself shift. However, I felt my soul reach out in retaliation at such a state. Next to him stood a modest girl with twintails. To the wall behind him was the Succubus and her Peerage, no different from when we left it.

I watched as she took only a glance towards us before lowering her head in shame.

“Indeed, Micheal. Though I find your choice of honor guard… interesting.” He was angry with us.

“I simply wished to show you all the combined effort of what all the factions can do when they work together.” Micheal said with that same smile as before, “However I need to admit two of them were part of the Kokabiel incident, only Father Anderson was unrelated.”

I watched as Micheal looked over his shoulder, giving a nod to Anderson. We soon took our seats just like the others. The feeling coming off of Anderson was odd as we sat down though, a mix of anxiousness was coming off the man. I guess being so far away from our ward was… not something an honor guard would want.

With that the feeling coming off of the Satan seemed to cool down, turning into more of a grumble as he showed his hand, “With me is my fellow Satan, Serafall Lucifer, along with my wife. I have also brought my Wife, and Rias Gremory with her Peerage as she was related to the incident.”

“Than it comes to me.” Azazel cheered while leaning back in his chair with a smile, “I only brought my Ward Vali. His relationship to the incident is simply that he arrived too late.”

The one in question took a moment to glare towards the Fallen Cadre, but soon it changed for me. He had a large smile on his face, and an obvious fire in his eyes as he looked towards me.

“Well then, now that we are all here, we should start with what the most pressing matter is.” Micheal’s voice carried through the room with insane clarity, “All who are present of course know one of our greatest secrets, that our Heavenly Father is dead.”

Those words seemed to calm down any head in the room, most now looking towards Micheal with both either intrigue or attention.

“With the advent of Kokabiel trying to restart the Great War, it has come to Heaven’s attention that we must strengthen our ties with one another.” Micheal said with a small flourish about him, “First we need to get to the bottom of the incident, and what transpired. So we will start with the witnesses.”

>Will Asia testify?
>Does she speak nothing but the truth, or should there be something put in/out?
>yep and yep
“Rias.” The Satan called out to his sister, “Can you give your side of the story?”

“I can, brother.” The succubus stepped forward, giving a small speech on what occurred. She mostly talked about the night where she claimed Xenovia ran in warning them of the encroaching threat. However they were too late, as the Fallen had come upon them in such a time.

Besides these new details, her story was about as true as one would ever get from a Devil. Of course she did not include Shirone’s arm being eaten off, but even I did not wish to put her through that again.

“Thank you Sister, you may be seated.”

“Then our reports were accurate.” Micheal said before turning towards me, “Asia, I know this is outside your task but would you give me a summary of the event as well?”

“I will, Micheal.”

With that I gave my own speal on the events, memories washing over me. I talked of our first confrontation with Kokabiel and when I was taken prisoner after it. I soon talked about the numerous fights I got into upon my escape and entry into the bubble of protection the Devil had set up.

After that, I talked about how I fought off two of the Cerburuses with the help of Rias’s peerage. After that, I finished with my slaying of Kokabiel with Excalibur, “That is all, Micheal.”

“Thank you.” He said with a calming smile before turning towards Azazel, “I ask you, Governor General, why did a member of your inner circle come to attack these lands?”

“Heh, like I know what the battle maniac was here for. Probably just like you said, starting another Great War by killin’ the Sis-Con’s sister other there.”

”So you admit it.” The words seemed less of a threat but more as an ultimatum as the Satan started to stare down the Angel with a vengeance.

“Cool your tits Sirzechs, sheesh.” He playful brushed the Devil off, “He wasn’t working on my behalf. Hell we would have killed him if ol’ Vali had made it there faster.”

”Then you should get a better fucking grip on you-”

“Sirzechs, stop it.” with those words I watched as the Satan instantly calmed down as if ice cold water was poured onto him, “I know my brother, even after so long. He does not lie, this threat’s aim was to start another Great War. Right now you are playing into a dead Angel’s hand.”
The Devil looked at Micheal with the angry eyes for only a moment before shaking his head, “Very well. But shouldn’t the Grigory receive punishment for such actions?”

“Hey hey! Don’t go around punishing us for the actions of a single man. If that were the case, we would have already punished you Devils to Hell.”

“My brother is right, Sirzechs.” Micheal came around to the Fallen’s side, “Let us face it, you only got away with your crimes because the Devils had a way of reproduction. Now though, the tables have been evened out.”

“Tsk.” I watched as the Devil King bent back into his chair with a sour look about his face, “Well what do you want then? You Angels just going to lord over us because you can reproduce?”

Micheal shook his head, “No, these days I see threats spawning just about everywhere. What I want to forge today is Peace.”

Those words seemed to silence the room for the most part, the only one responding was a whistle coming from Azazel, “Finally, we can end this stupid War.”

The Lucifer seemed to take a moment to collect himself, “So you want peace, but sadly Micheal I do not think others would follow it. I have knowledge that Azazel has been procuring Sacred Gear users within the recent century.”

“Oh, and you Devil haven’t been doing the same.” The Fallen laughed, “I can say for certain that our collection of Sacred Gear Users has been a purely research oriented one. Micheal, I believe you already know my dream, don’t you?”

Micheal gave a solemn nod, “You wished to create something that surpassed Father.”

“Exactly!” The Angel cheered, “You Devil though get them specifically for your War Games. For Evidence, look at your Sister’s Peerage.”

“Why you-!”

“And that does not come close to what your people have done to Heaven’s Servants.” The Devil was stopped by the Archangel, “I received word that the Astaroth Clan had infiltrated the Church to forcibly cause Saint Asia Argento to be excommunicated. Though it still makes me wonder how she ended up in Kouh.”

To say I felt a small fire in my chest was a small understatement.

”Damn you Diodora.” were the words that came under his breath before turning back towards Azazel, “If I remember the situation, was it not the Fallen who killed her? They were trying to get her Sacred Gear.”

“Oh, your bringing me into this case again. Meh that’s to be expected.” Azazel said with a wave of his hand, “Though those Fallen were under Kokabiel’s command from what I know, and hell, they were using a pretty imperfect method of our removal technique. Almost as if someone wanted Saint Asia to die.”

The Fallen turned towards me with a smile, “Hey Miss Saint, I know you don’t like me very much for what happened but I gotta ask. If Mr. Satan’s Sister over there came and save you, would you willingly become a Devil?”

>”I prefer not to say.”
>”No, I would never consider something so heretical.”
>”... At the time… I would have.”
>I would be very grateful if she saved me, but i don't think i could see myself becoming one

No reason to be rude here.
Agreed. Giving a reasonable but neutral answer is probably the best way to go here.
The smile upon the face of Fallen was a charming one, but I knew there was a great many more things behind this question. In honesty, I did not really wish to answer it. I looked towards Shirone who in turn placed her hands on my arm as if to comfort me.

I took in a breath, “I would have been very thankful to her, but I would not desire becoming a Devil to extend my life.”

“Ah, not the best answer but I’ll take it.” The Fallen said with his happy go lucky tone, “Such a thankfulness is sadly all the Evil Pieces need to operate. If one has the desire to live, well it’s still likely to work.”

“Get to what you are getting at, Azazel.” The Fallen said with an angry grumble.

“Is it not common practice to make your Peerages out of the dying? I find it hard to believe Saint Asia would commit suicide right when she became-”

“You can stop now, Azazel.” Micheal was the one to speak up, “You have made your point. While Heaven does not actively recruit Sacred Gear users, I am the current Administrator of the Throne of the Heavenly Host. The Sacred Gears were meant for Humanity, not for any of our factions to abuse.”

“Yes Brother, and I specifically am thankful for your duty.” The Fallen joked, “So that leads us to the question, who gains the rights to recruit Sacred Gear Users, and from where. If we let them go all willy nilly, we might have another Rampage of the Red Dragon Emperor on our hands or maybe Hades gets some Longinus Users to kick us out of his realm.”

The room became quiet with those words. In a sense they are suffering from the same issue of Humanity, what does one do with a Nuclear Bomb. A Longinus like Issei’s Red Dragon Emperor can kill Gods, meaning everyone in the room can be vulnerable to it.

So who is willing to give up such a weapon, or stop acquiring them.
Upon this moment though the talks were over. The feeling of the world itself coming to a halt for only a moment occurred. Within the next though, I felt both my very soul and Excalibur burn with a righteous fury to burn away the taint of this magic.

I quickly took in a massive breath, quickly lurching forward with Excalibur already drawn. The sounds of a Mace and Shield being drawn came into my ears as Shirone quickly prepared herself for battle.

“Hoho! We seem to have some protesters!” Azazel laughed as he was already by the window, “Looks like a bunch of Magicians and Devils hanging out there. And by my Father they are preparing for the spell of spells.”

“[Forbidden Balor’s View]” Micheal said while standing up, “Sirzechs, it seems someone has captured your Sister’s Bishop.”

“Gasper!” The Succubus quickly called out while Issie had already summoned gauntlet. The one named Kiba was already prepared, taking to his King’s side if a little less intimate than Issei.

“Damn it!” Sirzechs cried out before turning towards the three, “Rias, go find where your Servant went.”

“Asia.” Micheal called out as he raised his hands, “With Alexander out of commission, you are to take over. You already have our objective, carry it out to the best of your ability.”

>Join Rias to track down the Sacred Gear User
>Stay to defend the stunned folk.
>Other, because there is other.
>Join Rias to track down the Sacred Gear User
Just to be clear, we aren't going against the objective bt doing this right? Because if we are, i wanna stay do defend the stunned folk
A good question as any.

Hey QM, would this choice go against our objective?

It is to priorities the safety of those at the meeting. If removing the cause does that, then it will be the right call.
Thanks for answering QM.

>Join Rias to track down the Sacred Gear User

Time to play interference with enemy combatants.
“Understood Micheal!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

“Good, let us move with haste!” With those words the wall before Micheal shattered into a thousand pieces like glass.

“Come one Shirnoe!” I yelled while jumping out of the square opening. The fall was high, considering that we were three stories above ground. Before I hit the bottom however I felt a small lift that kept me from taking any injury. Looking up I could see Micheal looking down on me with approval.

Within the next few moments several others fell next to me, mainly Shirone who landed with a catlike grace. She looked prepared to fight as the Neko quickly moved infront of me. Coming behind her were a pair of Devil consisting of Rias Gremory and Issei.

“Take us to your Bishop!” I cried out to the Succubus.

She looked at me for a moment with a crossed look. Soon enough though she called out, “Just follow me!” before sprinting in the direction of the main school.

As we ran the sounds of battle starting erupted all around us. I watched as suddenly coming out of the hole was a mass of white armor, the Sacred Gear User named Vali running for a fight with a blaze of glory.

We were Midway through the forest when the sounds of plants started moving about us. My eyes could only widen as an entire trees morphed into a humanoid figure.

The laughter of a person was so loud that I could hear it over the fight, "Finally after so long I have developed the sorcerer if the Fay! Bow to my new majesty!"

I quickly looked to see the man was standing on the largest one, surrounded by a pair of lacky tree being. Upon the ground around them were a series of robed me, all preparing for some kind of magic against us.

>Tactic and roll
Rolled 20 (1d100)

>Use Unrelenting Voice on the mages around us (we problably won't be able to take all of them, but i think we can knock down enough of them) and turn excalibur into a grenade launcher to shoot the humanoid tree
Rolled 55 (1d100)

With the obvious mages all preparing for a fight I quickly felt my soul flare to life. These people attacked us, they shall receive an equal response in return!

”In the name of the Lord, Fus Ro Dah!”

With that my voice carried through the forest, the force of it throwing trees and debris everywhere. I watched as a great many people were thrown off their feet, others sent flying into trees with a splatter.

I heard one quickly making their way behind me, but the sound of metal against flesh rang in my ears. I knew that Shirone had my back with that.

I watched as the Succubus summoned a ball of near black energy in her hand. She threw the ball of what I could only assume was destruction at the tree thing, only for the creatures to sidestep the attack. Issei was behind her, defending the heiress with his dragonic gauntlet active.


With the battle clearly in our favor with my initial attack, I grabbed onto Excalibur that laid around my neck. Within moments the weapon shifted, transforming into itself into a grenade launcher right inside my hands.

“Shirone, cover me!” I cried as I quickly fired a shot of the weapon directly at the giants.

With a single shot I heard the groaning of wood, the impact against the tree tore into its arm and sent it into tadders. The two others however still were able to move and fight, so they quickly advanced onto us since the Mages were obviously out of commission thanks my shout from earlier.

Taking her chance the Angel quickly made her way up to the giant, her mace slamming into the giant. The attack did not seem to do that much, but it was enough for it to stop before her. The other which had the man on it still marched towards me with a rampaging fervor.

“Haha! You think my precious creations will fall to your attack!” The man laughed in joy.

It did not last for long however, as another ball of energy slammed into the construct with a brutal tearing. I watched as the attack quickly expanded upon impact, easily consuming the right side of the being with ease.

“Damn Gremory!” He cried before summoning a sigil before him. Within a moment’s notice veins from nearby trees ran right towards her. She got lucky however, as within a moment’s notice Issei had gone in front of her.

“I won’t let you!” He cried while bashing the branches away.

While the man was distracted by Issei, I opened fire upon the massive construct, debris falling everywhere. I heard a death cry coming from the man as twin explosions easily tore him and the construct apart.

Sadly though the other two were still active, along with the remaining mages who were getting us.

>Tactic & Roll
Rolled 14 (1d100)

>use Unrelenting Voice on the mages again, and use excalibur rapidly to take down the remaining tree monsters with our rocket launcher quickly
I could only click my tongue as I watched them all rise from the ground. I felt my soul complain in protest against it, so I only had to let it roar.

”Fus Ro Dah!”

I released a wave of blue energy throughout the group of people, but unlike last time most were able to dodge out of the way of my attack. There were bigger fish to fight right now though, which what forced me to turn the grenade launcher in the direction of the trents.

I fired a shot at the one Shirone was fighting, the explosion rocking the being back as large chunks started flying about. With the chance however Shirone quickly grew a pair of wing, quickly she flew in front of the being and slammed her mace into the chest. With that attack she blew a hole right through it, causing the giants to collapse.

At this moment I heard a large amount of power being charged from the Gremory, as it was obvious she was trying to end the last tree in one shot. I do not know what happened within the next moment, but I watched as a much of the nearby mages suddenly raise sigils towards her.

Within the next moment the ball of power exploded in her hands.

I could only hear the scream as the mages started opening fire upon us. I quickly went to the ground to dodge all the attack, but that only lent me to watch as two seperate strike Shirone’s form. She had enough times however to raise her shield against the larger of the two.


I heard a cry from Issei but ignored it, for I had to quickly raise my launcher in the direction of the trent who was walking towards Shirone. The cylinder of Excalibur clicked, and soon I fired another grenade into the being. I could only click my tongue as the attack barely scaved the being.

“Hyaa!” With a warcry Shirone flew right up to the being’s face, her first attack just missing as he was still leaning back from the explosion. However, that did not stop her, as she went at it again with an impact that rend the ‘head’ from the rest of the body.

”Boosto! Explosion!”

I watched as a ray of light pierced right through the crowd of mages, Issei standing tall as he began fighting each one of them in a brawl. Weakly I watched as Rias rose from the ground, summoning another ball of energy, only for the attack to be abandoned as the mages must have disrupted the spell.

I looked over though, with the trents cleared out me and Shirone could make it to the courtyard.

>Stay and help, in which I need tactics and help.
>Go fix this problem, so that reinforcements can finally be freed from the Sacred Gear.
>Stay and help, in which I need tactics and help.
>use Flash to blind the mages and then turn excalibur into a hmg and start to shoot them(just like we did with the strays before killing that dragon. Ah, good memories). Also stay close to Rias in case she needs our protection.
Rolled 25 (1d100)

Rolled 99 (1d100)

Rollin Hoss.
Rolled 14 (1d100)

File: 9k=.jpg (9 KB, 188x268)
9 KB
“By the Lord…”

Before me was a difficult choice, either I make my over and free the many people stuck in a time stop, or I take the time to save the Succubus. However as I took a glance towards Shirone I could only click my tongue.

Even if she is a Devil, I needed to save her as an ally.

I quickly remembered the spell, my hand quickly becoming bright with power as I brought it up to bear against the horde of heretics!

“In the name of the Lord, be blinded!”

With my words I quickly got this attention, just in time for the spell to go off with a massive flash of light. Every person about the area was blinded sans myself and Shirone, who quickly dashed in front of me too began the work of God.

I myself willed Excalibur to transform, no longer was it a grenade launcher but instead it had turned into a fifty calibre machine gun poised at them. I did not even bother to brace the weapon as I pulled on the trigger to release holy retribution upon them!

It was a slaughter in the name of God.

Bullets flew about the place, each of them easily piercing their targets and rending their flesh asunder. One bullet even pierced multiple of these heretical magicians, their chests and heads becoming nothing more and bean paste against my retribution.

By the time I had ended my onslaught I received looks of utter surprise on the faces of the Devils.

“Asia… how did you…”

“Issei, we need to get moving.” I said bluntly as Shirone soon returned to my side, “Rias Gremory, you are also to stay at my side as we travel. Understood.”


With those orders given we quickly advanced, the Devils now completely in line to my words. Without much more issue we came upon a large courtyard, what looked to be some kind of sports field.

“So you are the ones who slaughtered my men!” My attention was quickly gained a mage who stood next to a cross.

Upon the cross looked to be a boy who possessed white hair and pointy ears, “Rias, please kill me! They are using me, please!”

“Gasper!” Issei cried out in a fevor pitch panic.

“Oh, I see you have a Sacred Gear as well?” The Man started to laugh maniacally as a gauntlet appeared around his arm, “Let us see who has the stronger one.”

With a flick of his wrist energy appeared within his hand.


Our enemy was the man in the middle of the field, surrounded by a great many magicians.

I'd suggest we take out the rabble with our Excalibur HMG.
As for everyone else, I got no clue. Another anon would be much wiser than I am in using tactics.
Rolled 54 (1d100)

And here's my roll.
Supporting >>396645 on taking these guys out with the SMG, but would like to include using excalibur nightmare to create a ilusion if a dragon (a copy of one of the dragons we fought so it's easer to visualize it) and distract them. If the man leading them is distracted long enough, Issei or Rias should be able to take him while we finish the mooks
Rolled 83 (1d100)

Clicked wrong, sorry
Rolled 38 (1d100)

With a breath I tightened my grip onto the Excalibur Machine Gun with a fury as I quickly dropped myself to the ground, the weapon now braced in a random log. With a push of my will, I placed my mana into Excalibur to activate one of its main powers.

Excalibur Nightmare.

As soon as I felt the mana drain almost everyone stopped in their place. None seemed to make a move as the sounds of wings beating came into their ears.

“D-Dragon!?” One of the Magicians cried as coming from the forest behind us was such a beast. It was, however, an illusion of one of the beasts that I had slain much earlier in my career as a slayer of their kind came about above all the people.

“W-wait!?” One of the men cried, “Arn’t they supposed to be our allies!?”

He was the first to be torched by phantasmal fire.

Within moments of its entry everyone had broke their positions, almost all of the magicians started running around like madmen trying their best to fight the being. Sadly however, none of them were able to damage a being that was fake.

“Wait, what the hell!” Issei cried out as he watched the scene, “Asia, you have a Dragon!?”

I could feel the mind palm coming from Rias as she turned to him, “Issei, its fake.”


As they were talking however, Shirone had already gone out onto the field for a fight. Within moments she had made her way up to one of the spare magicians, quickly smashing her mace into his kneecaps with a fury.

“You idiots!” The Prime Magician cried out, “That things an illusion! Ignore it!”

His cried fell on deaf ears as his men cried in anguish and agony. With his attack in hand, he threw his attack directly at Shirone. A trail of light crossed through the air as the white angel narrowly dodged the attack. Her foe however was obliterated with that one attack.

With the beat of battle on me, I finally got the chance to fire the gun upon the foes of God.

“Oh Lord, bless my bullets to kill these heretics.”

With a prayer the bullets rang, which gave me a chance to watch as the bullets tore into the men. Only about an eighth of the men fell from my barrage, but soon enough the illusion came around with another torch attack. My eyes could only widen as men screamed to death from illusionary fire.

With fire now covering her, Shirone made her way quickly to another foe and smashed into his ribs with another blast. Though the poor man probably suffered from the illusion, as he soon died with a scream.

I soon watched as Issei made his way onto the field, his fist coming in contact with a foe. Though he did not seem to take much damage from the attack. Rias herself fired one of her attack, the ball of energy once again missing its mark.

It is almost like she was used to using it on stationary targets in non-combat situations…

“Damn you.” “OVERCHARGE!”
I watched as the man generated another bolt of lighting in his hands, but he did not seem able to fire it yet.

As I poised to fire the gun, I noticed that a great many of the Magicians stopped paying attention to my illusion, but I still fired my gun. It was the will of God though, as within moments I cut the force from 7/8ths to little over half.

For the next few moments Shirone and Issei fought, Issei delivering plenty of good shots while Shirone was simply taking out those who were on fire. Though one odd things I noticed, none of Issei’s attacks were truly kill shots.

Rias sadly missed another shot, but gladly so did the Prime Magician as his spare narrowly missed both Issei and Shirone on the field.

>Tactic and Rolls!
How close to the prime magician and also no issei i am a Dragon
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That we might be able to disable that magician's magic without affecting the rest? Because I'm thinking he's the one that's fucking with everyone else's abilties. And the only reason why we're not affected is because of our Dragon Soul.
That could work, but how close is Gasper to the magician? If they are, say, next to each other, we could accidentally disable his sacred gear too.
You guys are two "Turns" from the Prime Magician while Prime Magician is right next to Gasper.
You are two turns away from Prime Magician.

Prime Magician is right next to Gasper.
Okay then, bow about this? We use Unrelenting Voice to knock him away from Gasper, who is locked in the cross, so i don't think we are at risk of knock him too. Then, we use Disarm to disable him.

What do you guys think?
Since I'm about to do shit I'll call for a roll.
Rolled 55 (1d100)

Rolled 45 (1d100)

Rolled 58 (1d100)


It might work. Might being the keyword
I took in a quick breath, willing the sword in my hand to transform once more into its true form once more. The feeling of golden power flooded my body as I quickly rose from my pirch and awakened the Thu’um from the bottom of my soul.


The wave of energy carried itself above the earth, the Magician’s eyes widening as he narrowly dodged the Shout. Inrelexe he stretched out his arm, the lightning bolt narrowly missing my place as he was obviously spooked.

The battle on the ground continued as Shirone and the Devils faced off against the Horde. I watched as Shirone continued bashing in the faces of the heretics, the Angel herself exacting so much holy retribution that only a fourth remained. With Issei taking out those he could and occasionally activating his Sacred Gear, the Mages are facing a loosing battle.

For Rias Gremory though. She can’t hit a target.

With the Prime Magician exposed, even if he is not disabled, I would definatly be able to do more.

So with a burning flare in my Soul I charged down to the battlefield. The look of anger in the Prime Magician’s eyes flared as he expanded his hand and called upon the sacred gear that was in his hand.


Within the next moments everyone fought, a ball of energy finally slamming into a regiment of men as I crossed by through the horde. Shirone shattered the many bones of the men while Issei was finally receiving dozens of magics against himself.

Within moments though I was now steps away from the Prime Magician. I brought my weapon to disarm him, to somehow know the bolt out of his hand. He was faster though.

“You shall know the name of your killer, Salazar the Arch Magus!”

With a flick of his wrist the bolt of lighting was sent into me. The feeling of the lighting coursing through my veins was excruciating, but I can survive it.

>Asia has just received 20 Damage. She is now at 18 Wounds.

The moment after I took a breath, feeling my body operate again as the lightning left. The man looked at me with an expression of suprise, as if I shoudl have fallen from that simple attack.

Hit him with the Shout Dragonrend "Joor Zah Frul". Then sever the limb carrying the sacred gear off of him with Excalibur.

Or if we really want to go full anime, you can go activate Dragon Aspect "Mul Qah Diiv" and sever the limb carrying the sacred gear off of him with Excalibur. Or our bare hands if you wanna get brutal.
I think dragonrend only works on dragon and dragons related sacred gears, like Issei and Gasper. Not sure if the magician counts as one.

I support dragon aspect tough
Rolled 88 (1d100)

Regardless you should probably roll as well.
Rolled 100 (1d100)

And for the sake of other players that can't get here in time. I'll roll up another dice.
You know, normally I would ignore a roll of a guy who rolled twice. In this case, you fucked yourself.
“Mul Qah Diiv!” I cried as I brought my weapon towards him, the feeling of my soul appearing all about me. With my battle cry I made an attack towards the newly named Salazar with a cut against his chest.

“Ha! I thought they trained you better!” He cried as the mage narrowly dodged below Excalibur.

“Tsk, I’ll show you the power of Overload!”

The man once more expanded his hand, quickly generating form of power. This time however instead of a form of lighting this one was instead a sword.


And with that cry the sword started to glow as bright as such a weapon could ever be. With a cry I sent Excalibur towards the man, but he easily Knocked the weapon off to the side without any skill!

“Take this, Exorcist!”

And with a step forward he sliced right into me, the feeling of his blade rending my flesh was excruciating as the flesh was quickly cauterized. Even my armor could not prevent it! With that and a follow up strike the pain I felt was real!

>Asia has received fourteen damage. Her health is now at Four Wounds.

The strike was enough to knock me to the side, Excalibur slipping from my grip as I tried to keep myself upright.

The man quickly flicked his weapon with a gleeful smile, “Your not a normal exorcist but a wielder of a Holy Sword! With your death Heaven will have their hand forced and all the factions will go to war!”

His weapon came down towards me like that of an executioner’s, but as it fell I heard a cry coming from the battlefield behind us.


Within the next moment I watched as a form quickly got infront of me, a cat’s tail just brushing by my nose as the figure deftly deflected his weapon.

“Y-your a Nekomata! Why the hell are you an Angel!”

“Don’t touch her!”

The feeling all around the world went odd as Shirone started to glow with Holy energy. Even the shine of Excalibur seemed to inch towards her as the Angel brought back her weapon. An Angel is what stood before me with her wings and features exposed to the entire world.


With that impact I watched as her mace slammed into his blade, both objects seeming to impact with insane forces. Within moments the sound of metal and electricity seemed to give as both their weapons shattered into pieces!


I watched in awe as he quickly generated his own weapon, while Shirone extended her hands to form blades of light. The roar of the man’s Sacred Gear was only matched the buzzing of holy energy now surrounding Shirone.

“God, help me kill this man!” Shirone screamed as she now launched as the man, the two now locked in a vicious melee. I watched as only one of Shirone’s attacks seemed to come in contact, but the moment it did the man’s entire side was burnt with holy flame.

He was still standing however.

and put rolls with it. Normally I don't like it but you guys seem fine still giving suggestions with good rolls.
Go Shirone Go!
>use Battle Fury to help Shirone win. Also let's heal ourselfs before we die.

By the way, i though a Ancient Dragonborn would appear when our healty is at critical wounds and have used dragon aspect? Or is it that we need to be at critical before using Dragon Aspect?
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Crap, i forgot to roll
Rolled 19 (1d100)


Normally I usually don't roll more than once for the same post.
“SHIRONE, I HAVE MY FAITH IN YOU!” I cried at the top of my lungs, “FOR GOD WILLS IT! MID VUR SHAAN!”

My cry carried through the entire battlefield, easily reaching into the ears of the angered Nekomata and empowering her with my very Soul. Golden Light danced off of her body as orange flames danced off of her hands and spears. As many times before, her attacks doubled in verocity.

The man was able to dodge two of the attacks, parrying a single attack. But with her immense speed Shirone managed to strike a hit on the man’s skin, the attack causing a massive wound to form on the man’s chest.

His response was true though, and I watched as his lightning struck her leg. Shirone roared in pain as she quickly batted the attack to her side. He knocked her first attack to the side, but with the speed Shirone was going!

“GOD WILLS IT!” She cried as the Angel slammed the spear into the man, the wound instantly igniting with Holy retribution and instantly consuming the entire man’s body. While the man’s body was consumed by Holy fire, I felt a small shift in myself. Within moments, just like many times before, I watched as power flowed free from the man and instantly fly into my body. My eyes could only widen as I realize what happened.

I had consumed the Soul of a Dragon, the one housed in the Sacred Gear.

The feeling instantly revitalized me, my hands quickly shifting into a healing as hands collapsed onto me. I felt like I was about to be crushed, the feeling of tears coming onto my shoulder.

With that, the odd feeling of the world settled as time resumed once more. With that, I patted Shirone's head to comfort the Angel who has already done so much for me.

“Issei!” Rias cried as slowly lifted the boy from the bodies of the men about her. Slowly making her way towards the place where the boy named Gasper was being hung.

“I am so sorry Rias, I am so sorry!” He cried as she got him onto the ground.

“Are you… okay Asia?” Shirone finally broke the embrace she had caught me in.

I rolled my shoudlers how, “I am half way there, but it still hurts. No more magic though. Yourself?”

“I.. I can still fight.” She said with a steeled face while tensing her arms, “I… I forgot what being Nekoshou was like. I think we can escape to Heaven so you can recover.”

>Asia is now at 21 Wounds, but has no more Mana left. If you decide to more forward, she will regain only about 50 mana.

>Retreat to Heaven (Also if you bring the Devils)
>Try and get to Micheal.
>Rest for a beat.
>Rest for a beat
Not for too long thought
>Try and get to Micheal.
“No, we should not leave.” I said while shaking my head towards Shirone, “Let us just get a breather before we make another move.”

“Nn.” Shirone said with a calming smile. She reached over and grabbed onto me, soon placing my head on her shoulder.

As we rested, Rias was checking her Servant up and down, “Gasper, what happened? How in the Hell did you get captured?”

“I-I d-don’t know Rias! I was j-just walking around for a moment and then I was there!” He stammered out.

The heiress simply sighed while shaking her head, “It’s okay Gasper, don’t hurt yourself too much over it. Issei, can you…”

Our attentions were diverted towards Issei, who was looking at me and Shirone with an ... expression. I felt a little, well uh, put off by it but I did not have to wait long.

“Oh, uh, Bouchou! Sorry!” The boy quickly straightened himself out as he received eyes of daggers from his Master.

She only sighed as she stood up, “Come, we need to get back to the Club Room.”

She received a pair of nods, not even bothering to ask us anything before quickly teleporting away without a word.

“Ready to go Shirone?”

“Yea, we need to go.”

With that we slowly made our way up and traveled back towards Micheal. The forest was now emptied of denizens and magicians as it seemed they were in full retreat back to whatever hole they came from. As we were about to pierce the forest line the sounds of battle entered out ear, so with a caution we inched to it.

The sight we saw was the White Dragon Emperor standing above Azazel, tossing away what must have been the General’s arm.

“You know my goal in life Azazel.”

“Of course I do,” The Grigory said with a angered glare, “You want to become stronger than everyone else. So I take it peace isn’t your thing?”

“Exactly!” The Emperor cheered, “You know, I wished to not only fight you, but that Saint of Micheals. It’s a pity she ran off with the Red Dragon Emperor to get the trash of a bishop.”

>Go out to face him yourself.
>Let it be, it’s obvious we should stay out of this dispute.
>>Go out to face him yourself.
>Go out to face him yourself.

I did not expect this answer, so give me a tactic!
Since we are low on mana, let's count on our shouts
>first we use dragon aspect (with our low healty, we are gonna need it) then we use dragonrend on him
Rolled 37 (1d100)

how to roll, sir please?
In the options section type dice+1d100.

Its one roll per person, the best is selected.
Rolled 75 (1d100)

thank you, sir
please to accept this roll
Rolled 15 (1d100)

Rolled 18 (1d100)

Nat100 because good luck is bad here
You can't steal my job of getting the natural 100s! I won't allow it!
File: Vali_Lucifer.jpg (235 KB, 1920x1080)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
“And I am here now!” I cried out as I took steps into the small field the two occupied. When I stepped out, I noticed the great many people hanging off to the side, all watching the two fight.

“Damn, did you go through a shredder!” Vali laughed with his attention all mine, “You are much more respectable than the Red Dragon Emperor whose still hiding somewhere.”

“I do not like that is coming from a Traitor!” I pulsed the wings of Dragon Aspect to gain a little ground, “We have already taken out the Heretical Magician that you have sided with, and you will be no different!”

”Vali, flee you damn idiot!” The Voice from his Sacred Gear cried.

“What do you mean?” The being said with a laugh, “I have already absorbed all of Azazel’s power for myself. Facing her will be child’s play.”

”You will get me killed!”

“Is that so, then I declare we have a dual then!” He said while moving his stance to a fighter’s, “To all here, I am Vali Lucifer, grandson of the Fallen Angel Lucifer of Light!”

The fire in my chest grew as I heard that name, “I am the Dragon Slaying Saint Asia, Grandson of The Devil! Come face your fate for God Wills It!”

“Very well!” He cried as the Devil instantly went for a divebomb towards me. His wings the side of cars glowed with unnatural light as he did so.

The Warmth in my chest however was coming true!


The cry that came from his Sacred Gear went unheard as my mouth opened, the tune of mortality running off of my tongue!

”Joor Zah Frul!”


The fool ran right through the energy without even thinking of stopping, being completely consumed by the Dragonrend. Within moments his entire armor fell into pieces across the entire place as the Devil soon ate dirt on the floor. Within moments though he stood up.

“What the Fuck did you do!” He cried with a ferocious anger, “Albion!”

I quickly brought Excalibur to bear in all its glory, “I am the Dragon Slayer, such things like Sacred Gears will not work against me.”

”She’s right kid, I haven't felt like this in who knows how long. You’re on your own here.”

The Devil’s cry of laughter soon turned into laughter as he brought up his fists, “You’re just full of surprises buttercup, exactly what I want in a Rival! Let us fight!”

With his cry four Devil wings appeared from behind him, quickly taking flight with his fists to bare.

Action: Wait for him to come at me and try to rip his fucking wings off. Fucking anime faggot gonna get rekt.
Sounds good to me. Although we should add on a Fus Ro Dah and time it right so we can immediately start attacking after we knock him back with it.
I like this idea, and i support th Fus Ro Dah, but i kinda don't want to kill him. I thibk It would be cool to have him as a rival during the quest. Maybe just beat him and let Azazel take him or something?
>Roll you all!

Surprise at the sudden turnout though.
Rolled 10 (1d100)

rolling for the wing rip + fus roh da to KILL the faggot.
Rolled 93 (1d100)

Time to die hard.
Rolled 83 (1d100)

Poor vali just got stomped because of a nat 10
>Poor vali just got stomped because of a nat 10
As he well enough deserves for not heeding his Sacred Gear's warnings.
I quickly ducked as the Devil made his headlong attack into me, his flank exposed to me as I felt the energies in my chest build up!


“Hot damn!” He laughed as the Devil quickly grabbed onto my shoulder, using my very body as a pivot. In doing so, he narrowly dodged the Thu’um that would have sent the Lucifer flying into the land beyond.

“Here we go!” Vali laughed as he punched me in the back shoulder. I however used the momentum however to quickly turn around with Excalibur, intercepting his next attack with a deft parry.

Asia has recieved two damage. She is currently at 19 Wounds.

With him infront of me, I quickly made a pair of strikes at the Devil. The first one struck true to the chest, the blade easily cutting into him and burning the flesh with a rightous fury. The next one however was blocked with his arm, though the attack still dug into his arm for the moment.

With the beat over he quickly pushed me away, a monsterous smile on his face, “Damn, your strong, I like it!”

“Is your aspect of Lust?” I said with a small growl, “I find it hard to believe a Devil would enjoy being burnt.”

“Nah, I’m pretty sure that’s Wroth. I mean, unless you count battlelust under that.” He said before going back in for another round of fighting.

He went in with the same skill as before, his attacks barely missing their mark as I parried each of them with my sword deftly. With his onslaught over, I watched for any opening I could get. My eyes could only widen as I saw a chance.

With an uppercut, I cleaningly nicked the Devil’s cheeks. He quickly brought up his hand to try and move my blade away from such a blow, but before he could do anything I took one step towards his right. Within the next moment, I had brought my weapon down and sliced into his wing!

“GAH! FUCKING HELL!” He cried as it was rended from his form. Thanks fo my attack, I was not strong enough dodge his retaliatory fist crashing into my ribcage. It gave a small cracking sounds as he quickly backed off.

Asia has received 2 damage. She is now at 17 Wounds.

The two of us looked at one another, the look in Vali’s eyes easily telling me he knew the issue at hand, “Guess I relied on Albion too much.”

“And it will be your downfall.” I said with a stern affirmation.

“Ah, but its lovely though. To think I would learn something about myself in a moment like this!”

“Even if you learn, you will still die here.” I said with a flick of Excalibur, “God warrants it.”

“Damn Big G, he never really liked me anyways. And he’s suppose to be fucking dead!” The Devil laughed, “But if fighting someone like you to the Death was his will, I’m fine with it.”

“Then let it be!”

“Hell yeah!”
Before either of us could charge however something suddenly happened. Within a moment’s notice another figure was between us, his staff trying to intercept my blade. I quickly dodged it though, striking at the offender. While I nicked his leg, the person slammed the staff into my chest. The attack quickly sent me flying backwards onto the earth.

“Whoa there, I’m breaking up this fight!” The newcomer claimed as another had already restrained Vali, “Names Wo Kung, monkey extraordinaire. This kid right here isn’t in the right ass mind, so I’m taking him back to have some bananas.”

“Oi, you damn-!” The Lucifer was about to say something, but the associate behind them had already teleported before he could do anything more.

“Hehe, well I’m probably about to be pummeled, so see you later! Know that Khaos Bridge sends their regards.” And within a moment’s notice he was already gone with a pop.

Things seemed a tad bit too quiet after that, as if everyone in the area was stunned at what happened. It was only when the sound of beating wings came through that our attention was instantly shifted towards Azazel who was shaking his head.

“Seems they have finally made their move.” Azazel said with a small laugh, “Micheal, take it you’ve already known about Khaos Bridge?”

“Indeed I have.” the Arch Angel said as he flew to Azazel’s height, “It was the main reason I wanted a Peace, so that we can face the threat together.”

“And I’d agree with you.” The Governor cheered while holding onto his arm, “I wanted to know what they wanted, or even if they would mess with us. Seems that their objective is to do just that.”

“Tsk, damn them all.” Faces turned towards the Satan as he stood in the ruins of the club room, “I thought they couldn’t do anything, and I was wrong. We will meet later, if only to form an alliance against this Group. For now, get the HELL OFF MY PROPERTY!”

Azazel seemed to only smile as Micheal floated down to me and Shirone. Within moments we were met up with Anderson who seemed very disgruntled.

“Asia, Shirone, you two did good today. We will all be returning to Heaven for you to rest.” Micheal said with a charming smile, “Today was fruitful, and soon peace will reign.”

With a flick of his wrist the circle of Heaven appeared around us, taking us to Heaven.

How do you wanna rest?
>Lie in bed for a while
>Take a well deserved bath/shower.
>Hand out in the library.
>Take a well deserved bath/shower.
I wonder if they have that vanilla/cinnamon shampoo.
>Take a well deserved bath/shower.
>The fucker took my food i mean time to shower and rest
I'm not happy. Can't wait for a rematch where we rip that anime faggot's head off.
Ddriag's reaction: THAT LUCKY MOTHER FUCKER Albion was almost permadead
by the way, do you have this pre-written or are you winging it?
Also, do you have an idea how many weeks this will take?
1. Winging over half of it, rest is a little scheming.
2. Fucking hell don't remind me. The only problem I have with DxD is that it does not have a proper end point, even now. If I gotta give an end point, generously it will be ten more. Now that's if I don't do anything silly like throw Asia into a Holy grail War for the funsies. Though at this point we are too deep in a plot that's forming nicely in my opinion.
I have no idea what you're talking about, I don't watch anime, but I will try to be here until the end. this is fun.
That would be funny because she looks like she could be arturia with some work
Also Ddriags Reaction to albions lucky break of not dying because of a stupid user
If you are who I believe you are to be, then I want to let you know that you have impressed me with sticking with this quest through thick and thing despite having a low player count.
Good Job.
Going to admit, this game has been in my head longer than my time as QM. And yeah, you kind of guessed from the Google Docs I'm pretty sure. Being Anon doesn't work when you use outside accounts.
are you the cocksucker from the ball- busting dragon ball quest (don't know if that's a thing, haven't been here in years), that Som cunt?



Then here's to almost skullfucking Vali the little shit.
Besides that, what were some of your favorite moments during this quest?
Going to admit, the moment Shirone lost her arm. That was not planned, instead the Cerberus was just dealing so much damage. Add in Excalibur and ta da, I've got something I never planned on.

Its what made this quest quite fun for me.
Ddriag doesnt care about ablions almost death does he
“Uh, are you sure its fine Shirone?” I asked as I poked my head slowly through the door.

“It is, Asia.” She called out from the rather large bath, “Have you ever been in a public bath before?”

“W-when I was little I would bath with others.” I said with a bright flush on my face, “I am just surprised they have them here.”

Shirone’s ears flickered for a moment before she shine me a fangy smile, “Don’t worry about it, the water is so niiiice.”

As I watched her I could not help but come out. Before I could make it however I watched as Shirone’s eyes widened, “Wait, Asia! Haven’t you rinsed yourself yet!?”

I tilted my head a little, “W-what do you mean?”

Shirone only gave a small sigh as she rose from the bath, “I guess even you make mistakes Asia. Come over and let me wash you up first.”

The Angel guided me towards the small fountains of water that seemed to fall on top of a grate. Though I noticed it was so fine that walking on top of it felt like normal ground, which still did not make sense. Looking over towards Shirone, she gave a small shrug as the girl showed me towards one of the fountains.

I shined a small smile, nodding to her before making my way underneath the fountain and having the water wash away all the dirt, grime, and blood. While I expected Shirone to start washing my back, she never did.

Instead I heard her shaky voice, “Asia, what happened to you?”

“W-what do you mean?” I turned towards a very serious looking Shirone. Her eyes were widening, as if she finally realized my bosom was exposed.

“So many scars. How did you get them.”

Slowly but surely Shirone reached forward, her eyes slowly tracing over the massive bite marks that went all across my chest and arms. They only widened more as she noticed the large burn marks now resting above my shoulder.

I shook my head “My magic, while it still heals me, is not the best as sealing wounds.”

Widened eyes soon rested on my own, “Asia, can I ask why you keep fighting? You must have been in so much pain.”

>For it is the Will of God
>Because I enjoy helping people
>Why not?
>Write in
>Because I enjoy helping people and she likes fighting not that she,ll mention that part
Rolled 37 (1d100)

Because I've gained awareness of my place in this futile story and I find the manipulation of wills obscene.
>"Because I can, because I cannot live with the thought that someone will suffer such utter evil without salvation from said evil, because I was given a second chance despite my failings in the past. Because I believe that it is the Will of God that revealed unto me such a miracle."
>Then hug her and say "Because if I did not do these things then I would have more than likely not have met you Shirone."

Fuckin Wew Lad.
gay as fuck. It's like you actually enjoy anime shit.
Nigga we're IN a fuckin anime motherfucka.
I know, my nigga. That's why I'm trying to inject some Deadpool shit to counteract the gayness.
'Aight nigga, that's fair enough.
“Well, you can say I enjoy it.” I said with a small smile, “But it is because I can. I can never live with myself knowing that someone somewhere is suffering from an utter Evil, without any salvation from said Evil. It is the will of God, and it is the reason I received so many miracles.”

I moved from my seat, standing just a hair taller than Shirone. I looked at her with a smile before giving her a hug, “Because if I did not do these things, I surely would never have met you Shirone.”

The girl seemed stunned for a moment, right before she returned my embrace, “Thank you, Asia.”

“You are welcomed, Shirone.”

After a time we cleaned ourselves off, just as Shirone suggested, and then made our way into the waters. It was nice as all the aches and pains slowly dissolved along with it.

“I have a Sister.”

“You have a Sister?”

“Nn,” The water seemed to shift a little as her tail moved, “Her name is Kuroka. Along with her, I am the last of my species.”

Feeling what was happening, I slowly brought my arm around the girl as she continued.

“What I used today was the power of the Nekoshou, giving us the power to use Senjutsu and Youjutsu. I never thought I would use it, but here I did.”

“And I am grateful for it.”

“Thank you.” She turned towards me with a face that seemed desperate, “I want to see her. I want to see my sister. I… I might understand now why she did what she did, but I really want to ask her.”

I did not even need to think to myself for a moment, “We can, Shirone. We can search for her.”

“Thank you.”

With that we enjoyed our time in the bath, before making our way back to bed to sleep off the exhaustion. Within the next few days the Alliance was set in place to safeguard from Khaos Bridge.
With that this thread will end, and I will post the next one likely tomorrow. Thank you all for joining me for this Quest.

Next few weeks I have no school, so updates should be very consistent up until just about after new years. Hope to see you all then.
are you enjoying yourself?
Yes, yes I am.
that's good. I believe we all are, even though I half-heartedly tried to derail it. Looking forward to following this...Probably not with this ridiculous drunken name, though. Oh and I gotta know, if I had rolled high enough, would I have been able to Deadpool/derail this and have you roll with it, or would you just ignore it and keep the general narrative you want to go with?
Your roll does not matter when it comes to derailing the Quest. Normally I will stick with majority vote, with a ear that goes deaf to stupid.
Now if something clever was though up of, like >>3970886 , I would consider just going with it. Ideas that are clearly thought out tend to make my job much easier and much funnier.
Next Thread: >>3971967

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