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Heaven has spoken, naming our protagonist the Dragon Slaying Saint Asia. With her title gained and the power of Heaven gifted, her goal to guard humanity will now be fulfilled. Along with herself and the Brave Saints, Heaven now pressures both Devil and Fallen to a white peace. Though some wish to see it continue in full once more.

Upon the calling of Heaven I have been renamed the Dragon Slaying Saint Asia Argento. It still gives me butterflies just thinking of the responsibilities I have to carry because of that. I will however carry out such responsibilities as my Lord’s Angels have gifted this to me.

Though I worry a little, so many things are happening just outside of our eye. Khaos Bridge, if what the man told me is true, desires war. War against Devil kind, I can accept but not against the greater guidance of Heaven.

A restart of this Great War would cause more terror than any of the World Wars combined. At least, that is the feeling I am getting from everyone here.

Character Sheet for Asia: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PPB-qszSf2aB4tdD1Y9TchZoWFSMVebTtUFX0dEZ9pg/edit?usp=sharing

Bottom has most of the Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=nun

There are missing Threads, so here they are on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S_LaQ-8cUYECIfSD9Tms2yrdYYN702fWngBPbaZ8Oco

Choose one of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Asia has gained 400 xp from the previous events. What should she invest points into?

Lastly, you have 4 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Barter Skill +10
>Deceive Skill
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10
>Literacy [Latin] Skill (Latin +10)
>Blather Skill
>Smithing (Novice)
>Alchemist (Novice)
>Common Lore (Christianity) +20
>Charm +10

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Disguise Self: Asia is able to make herself look like someone else
>Takedown: Instead of dealing damage, when at least 1 point of damage is dealt it is ignored. Instead the opponent makes a toughness check or is stunned for a ‘round’.
>raise weapon skill and constitution +5
That loss to Lint last thread stinged a bit.
>use 4 units to raise Mana
some of our spells cost almost half of our mana now, so we need to start to raise it
>>Disguise Self: Asia is able to make herself look like someone else
A disguise would have helped last thread. It would be cool to be able to use one if we ever find ourselfs in that kinda of situation again
>Common Lore (Christianity) +20
if we are gonna be a saint now, we better know more about our religion
>Literacy [Latin] Skill (Latin +10)
“Well then, Saint Asia, it is time you make your way to Heaven.” Micheal said with a small smile.

As he finished speaking Gabriel had already taken flight, slowly landing next to her brother with a soft expression, “I can take here there, Micheal.”

“Really?” There was a small hint of surprise in his voice before nodding, “Very well, I am in no place to stop you.”

“Come, Saint Asia, please just stand close to me.”

“Uh, alright!” Was about all I could say as I quickly placed myself next to her.

“Now you definitely need to learn teleportation.” She said with a firmness, “I’ll show you the simplest way, and I am sure with Micheal’s blessing you will be able to do so later.”

I watched as the Seraphim brought her hand out, a small sigil appearing in her hand. Within the next moment the same circle appeared below our feet, about a meter wide. She made a simple upwards motion, causing the sigil to ascend from the ground into us.

The feeling I got was kind of like when Castiel used it, but much more stable. I did not feel any bending or wobbly functions, my feet somehow never leaving the ground as my vision changed.

Before me no longer was the insides of Saint Peters, but instead a wide expanse across the clouds. We stood upon what looked to be a street made of marble, etched out in golden trim. Above there was no moon, but instead countless stars that were somehow bright enough that the walkways looked safe.

“Welcome to Heaven, Saint Asia.” Gabriel said with a small smile adorning her face, “This is Sixth Heaven, where Angels tend to stay when we are to rest.”

With soft steps the Seraphim made her way down the sidewalk, “Come along now, I need to show you where you will be staying from here onwards.”


With that we walked, and I noticed something suddenly off about the place. About the area was a great amount of clouds and objects floating about the sky, and each of them seemed to move independently of each other.

“Ah, what a beautiful sight that was.” I heard the Seraphim say with a soft voice, “How do you feel Saint Asia?”

I worked my limbs a little, “I feel like I was just born. I am so light!” Without even realising it I jumped almost two meters into the air.

I heard a small laugh coming, “Ah, then it seems to have worked then. Ah, thank you for bringing back old memories Saint Asia.”

I stopped for a moment, “Uh, your welcome?”

It was then that I felt something move for a moment, and as I turned around I was welcomed by a relatively large building. It looked to be two story, though rather wide in the expanse of everything. Just like everything else it was marble white with golden trimming.

Gabriel opened the doors into an extravagant hall, “Welcome to the barracks of Micheal, where Micheal’s deck will be for the most part. There are already a few here, so I suggest you try and meet them. As I understood it, most rooms are first come first serve, though they are all the same. If you have questions, ask.
>Ask Gabriel some questions about Heaven.
>Wonder towards the Kitchen
>Wonder towards the rooms
>Wonder outside of heaven.
>Claim your room.
>Wonder towards the Kitchen
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416 KB PNG
“Uh, alright.” I said with a small smile, “I think I understand, thank you Gabriel.”

“Oh, and if you ever need to talk to someone about anything, You can always talk to me.” The Seraphim turned around and raised her hand. Unlike before where Gabriel used a teleportation circle, the Angel flicked her finger in a general direction.

My eyes widened as the world seemed to shatter into the halls in which I was in. The Angel simply walked through it, to which the tear in reality quickly closed itself. I could not move a centimeter from such a display, but soon enough the sound of movement snapped me out of the stupor.

Taking a few steps in, I went to the left of the mansion towards where I heard it. The halls were as pale and golden as before, but they also felt homely for some reason. The sound of a slight clattering metal brought me towards a rather modest sized kitchen. The place was not so large that you would need to walk many meters to reach stuff, but also large enough to be called roomy.

I looked over to see a man working on the center table, his priestly wares wrapped around his waist. Looking over towards the table, he seemed to be stirring some dough.

However what caught me the fastest was the feeling he gave off, he was an Angel.

“Oh, hello there miss, I did not see you there Sister.” The rather large man called out with a small smile, “Names Alexander Oversan, the Queen of Micheal. Who might you be?”

“Uh, S-Saint Asia Argento. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

He stopped stirring for a moment, “Oh, you’re not an Angel Sister?”

I shook my head, “I became Saint due to various reasons, but I will surely be working with you!”

“Is that so?” He said with a small smile, “Well why don’t ya come over and help me bake a cake for the others. I thought a celebration would be right for what we have achieved.”

My eyes widened a little, “Really? What kind are you making?”

“White of course!” He said with a smirk on his face, “We are serving Heaven and most of us are gonna be Angels.”

>Go ahead and help him *Give me some questions/actions for the man if you have any*
>Go to another part of the house
>Ask him if he has any idea where Xenovia
>Go ahead and help him
Did he just imply she looks like angel
>Go ahead and help him
>ask about his opinion on the peace with the devils
>ask if he saw Xenovia and how she was
I thinl he did. Can't blame him thought
For the hell of it, Roll.
Rolled 27 (1d100)

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“Uh, do you mind if I help?” I asked the rather large man.

He shined me a large smile, “Of course my fair Saint! I’ll take all the help this big ol’ Angel can take!”

He quickly moved about the area, setting another bowl on the counter. Within moments he had a large amount of good on the table before me.

“Well, if you can help me I’m sure we can make enough cake for all the new Angels to enjoy.” He said with a wide smile, “How do you like the sound of that?”

“Th-that sounds great!” I cheered before quickly grabbing onto the tools before us.

And so we started working at what I soon realized was an inhuman rate. I did not realise how much my strength changed thanks to Micheal’s blessing, so I almost destroyed the ceramic pot within moments of using it. Though once I got the hang of it I was soon working at it about as fast as Father Alexander.

Seeing as the dough was ready to be poured, I took a quick taste of it. The sweetness of it invaded my mouth as if I was eating a Red Velvet cake!

“Oh, you finally notice what kind of ingredients we are usin’?” He said with a chuckle, “I will admit I had a lick earlier, and my was it somethin’.”

“Mmhm.” I quickly moved over to where there were pans laid out, slowly pouring the contents of my work into the pan.

Taking a moment from his stirring, the Queen kneeled down to watch the contents, “Right there my Saint, I think you got it!”

“Okay!” I quickly changed to another pan to fill it up just about as high as the other. As I worked on this one I deicded to ask my question, “Uh, Father Alexander, did you by chance see Xenovia?”

“The wielder of Durandal?” He asked before his brow quickly rose, “Oh, I recognize your name now. Saint Asia would you be the wielder of Excalibur?”

I felt a small flush coming onto my cheek, “Y-yes I am! But still have you seen her?”

“Heh, sorry.” The Large man scratched the back of his head, “Not really seen the girl but I know where she is. She’s Gabriel’s Ace from what I heard, so I am sure she is at the Lord’s house as we speak.”

“Oh, I wonder if I can meet her sometime soon!”

“I’m sure you will my Little Saint.” He said with a light chuckle.

“You know, I was wondering.” I said with a small question in mind, “What do you think of the coming peace?”

“Oh that, hate it!” He said with a cheer, “With them Devils going around turning people into their foot soldiers, what's not to hate.”

I felt myself take a small double take, “Th-than wh-what?”

“Ah, you’re probably wonderin’ why I still follow Micheal then.” He said as if reading my mind, “Well it’s because I trust Micheal. If I didn’t have that much, well I’d be either dead or in the Grigory!”
Soon enough we were placing things in the oven, which must have been a few hours of work we put into it. Oddly enough there were no sounds of a flame, and when we reached into the device there was no warmth, “Uh, is it working?”

“Eh, I guess it is.” He said with a shrug, “Sometimes these machines and Magic can go over your head Little Asia.”

“I guess so.” With that we finished

“Well that’s about it for this.” Father Andersan said as he placed the last layer in the oven, “Why don’t you head out and meet with your fellows, I heard there’s some more kids your age like Xenovia who’d become Angels already.”

>Explore the Mansion more
>Try and find Xenovia
>Insist to stay with Anderson

By the way, I'm retroactively changing his name back to Alexander Anderson, I'm both shameless and it runs off the tongue better. Right now, I am accepting names for the other ELEVEN to TWENTY Angels.
>Explore the Mansion more
Qm choice of location .... or the libary
>Explore the Mansion more
I wonder who else we will find.

Quick question, how do you hide the captions?
>Explore the Mansion more

MALAKIY (מַלְאָכִי): Hebrew name meaning "my messenger." In the bible, this is the name of the last of the Hebrew prophets.

INGLEBERT: Variant form of German Engelbert, possibly meaning "bright angel."

BAHRAM (بهرام): Persian name meaning "smiter of resistance" or "victorious." This is also a name for the planet Mars. In mythology, this is the name of an angel.

APOLLYON: Anglicized form of Greek Apollyōn, meaning "destroyer." In the New Testament bible, this is the name of the angel-prince of the infernal regions, the minister of death and author of havoc on earth. He is also known by the name Abaddon.

Artiya'il is an angel in Islamic lore, believed to remove the grief of humans.

Daniel (Hebrew: דניאל, Ancient Greek: Δανειήλ), also spelled Dânêl, is an angel, the seventh mentioned of the 20 Watcher leaders of the 200 angels in the Book of Enoch, who taught the "signs of the sun" to humans.

Nakir (Arabic: منكر ونكير) (English translation: "The Denied and The Denier") in Islamic eschatology, are angels who test the faith of the dead in their graves.

Cassiel is sometimes described as the angel of tears, the angel of temperance,[9] or the angel who presides over the deaths of kings.[12] As Qafsiel, he is sometimes regarded as the ruler of the moon instead of Saturn.

Do not know if this is usefull now or ever will be in future anyways I hope this helps you some.
I hope this help flesh out heven.
“Okay, thanks Father Anderson!” I cheered before making my way out of the kitchen.

“Aye, make yourself some good ol’ friends!”

Entering the halls once more, I decided the best thing to do was search for the Library. Going through the marble halls I had the feeling I knew where I was going, as if an invisible hand was guiding me through the entire place.

Guide it may be, as soon I opened the door to peer into our personal Library. IT was a modest sized area like the kitchen before, obviously designed for the more social aspects than true research. That however did not seem to stop the resident who was reading on a small chair.

She was rather smaller than normal, her eyes quickly moving up to meet my own. She grew a slight smile as she closed her book, “Hello there, are you looking for something?”

I scratched the back of my head, “Uh, just looking around for the most part. I just came from the kitchen with Father Anderson.”

“Really, I smelled something was being made but I couldn’t put my finger on it.”

“It is cake,” I said with a small cheer, “We will be eating it here soon I hope. We put a lot of work making them.”

“Oh, well that sounds wonderful. Well I guess if we are just meeting introductions are in order.” She slowly placed her hand on her chest, “I am Matilda Gorgon, a pleasure to meet you.”

“Saint Asia Argento.” I said in response, “Uh, that is an odd name.”

She gave a slight nod, “You would be correct, and honestly it seems to come without merit. It’s kind of sad I didn’t get any eyes of petrification like my name would imply, but I’ll settle for above average magical potential.”

Seeing how she was welcoming, I walked over and took a seat on a nearby chair. As I settled into the softness I decided to ask a little more, “So are you a magician?”

“Think of me as a Sanctioned Mage. Since Angels never really give out contracts like Devils people like me research magic for mortals at the church.” She tilted her head a small bit, “But you are not an Angel, but a Saint? That would explain why I don’t really feel much coming from you beside overwhelming holy energy, and a Sacred Gear?”

I had to laugh a little at her assessment, “You are really close Matilda, but I am a Dragonborn. I possess a Soul of a Dragon. It is why I was made a Saint instead of an Angel.”

“Really!” She said with a slight cheer, “Tell you what, if you let me run a few tests and I’ll teach you some magic. Fair deal?”

>Agree, to which I want to know what magics you wish for.
>Disagree, since this might get a little ecchi
>ask what kind of tests first
“Uh, what kind of test?” I asked with a slight bit of hesitation.

“Well what I really want to see if what you just told me was true.” She quickly hoppped up from her chair with a small hop, “Rumors have it that Ouroboros prefers using the body of a small girl.”

I blinked a small bit, “Are you saying a Dragon can shapeshift?”

“Of course, most supernatural have some form of body correction.” She said while pointing to her own bosom, “Generally Devils will manipulate their breast and faces in order to make themselves more attractive. I am pretty sure Angels have the ability as well, but most of them don’t bother with such things.”

She grew a small smile while rushing over to me, quickly grabbing my arm to examine it, “So I was wondering if by chance you had some kind of modification. Wow, your muscles are very much defining themselves now!”

I felt a little awkward as the Angel was looking over my arm. Though now that she mentioned it, I never realised the muscles were growing. Looking at my arm, it had become much more define than the rather fatty kind I had only a few months ago.

“Eh, I think thats because I have been working alot lately.” I said with a shaky smile, “Though I had a bit of trouble at the start, my soul wanting to, uh, conquer everything.”

“Oh, that’s interesting!” She quickly got out a small pad and started writing down objects, “So you said ‘at the start’, so does that mean you weren’t always like this?”

I slowly nodded my head, “Yeah, I had a Sacred Gear called [Twilight Healing]. Thanks to my mentor, it was destroyed to bring me back to life.”

At that moment she stopped writing and looked up with wide eyes, “You were brought back to life!?”

I scratched my head a little, “Uh, yes? It was weird, but Dragons are capable of bringing each other back. Since he was like me, a Dragonborn, he turned me into his kind before bringing me back to life.”

“Very interesting very interesting! I knew only Dragons possessed true Immortality, but to give it to a Human!” She quickly sketched down some notes before announcing, “Now I really want to do this! Okay, all I need for you to do is unrobe and lay on the table over there, than we can get this started!”

>Agree to such an examination (Honestly its kind of like a Physical now)
>Agree to such an examination (Honestly its kind of like a Physical now)
.>plot to learn how to shape shift or at least grow wings stabbing flying things is hard
That would be cool. I wonder if we would be able to turn into a acctual dragon later on.
“Uh, sure I guess?”

“Great, now I need you atleast get it so I can touch your bare chest.” She said with a small skip towards the table.


I did as she said, moving my habit so that my top was exposed to her. The girl’s grin did not change, though now she now started placing a variety of sigils on the ground about me. Soon enough I was on the table facing up, Matilda had finished whatever she was doing.

“Alright, let’s start!” with a snap of her hands the entire room lit up, an array of light appearing all around us. Light began to trail towards the ceiling, creating a sort of cage all about us. I could only watch in stunned amazement as a field was soon crafted.

“Alright, now I was told this gets people ticklish and a little embarrassed, but you’ve already suffered through half of it.”


She began to speak, words that even to my own ears were archaic. Though I… somehow understood a small bit of it. It was like she was speaking in calculations, something that was not originally meant to be coherent to the common tongue of man.

Slowly her hand reached towards me, placing itself in the middle of my bosom. I-I can see why people get embarrassed about it but I kept that thought to myself. If Matilda has gained the approval of Micheal than I should trust her!

I soon started feeling her touching me. No longer was it just the flesh above, but the was interacting with me. On instinct I flinched, the sudden desire to defend myself becoming clear.

“By the Lord.” Finally the Angel spoke a coherent word, “Your Soul… its truly a Dragon’s!”

“Y-yes miss, can you p-please stop that!” I cried as the odd feeling were becoming overwhelming.

“Oh, I guess I can.” She soon removed her hands from my bosom, reciting another series of incantations that lowered the field that was about us, “Well, how do you feel?”

I felt a sudden shiver go up my spine, “... exposed…”

“Huh, not nearly as violent of an event as I thought it would be.” She quickly sat one a chair, “Well, you let me stare into the abyss that was your Soul. What magic do you wish to quickly learn from me? Want to sour through the skies with your will or burn your enemies with Holy Fire?”

>Well, what is it you want. Just make it reasonable and I will put am Mana cost on it. Also, for the flight I will add that in for free, as I will give you a hint on how to do it.
>Healing magic even though your dragon soul screams Flight
So we will get flight plus a new magic of our choice? Cool!
>sleep magic to make our oponents fall unconscious
“Uh, sure I guess?”

“Great, now I need you atleast get it so I can touch your bare chest.” She said with a small skip towards the table.


I did as she said, moving my habit so that my top was exposed to her. The girl’s grin did not change, though now she now started placing a variety of sigils on the ground about me. Soon enough I was on the table facing up, Matilda had finished whatever she was doing.

“Alright, let’s start!” with a snap of her hands the entire room lit up, an array of light appearing all around us. Light began to trail towards the ceiling, creating a sort of cage all about us. I could only watch in stunned amazement as a field was soon crafted.

“Alright, now I was told this gets people ticklish and a little embarrassed, but you’ve already suffered through half of it.”


She began to speak, words that even to my own ears were archaic. Though I… somehow understood a small bit of it. It was like she was speaking in calculations, something that was not originally meant to be coherent to the common tongue of man.

Slowly her hand reached towards me, placing itself in the middle of my bosom. I-I can see why people get embarrassed about it but I kept that thought to myself. If Matilda has gained the approval of Micheal than I should trust her!

I soon started feeling her touching me. No longer was it just the flesh above, but the was interacting with me. On instinct I flinched, the sudden desire to defend myself becoming clear.

“By the Lord.” Finally the Angel spoke a coherent word, “Your Soul… its truly a Dragon’s!”

“Y-yes miss, can you p-please stop that!” I cried as the odd feeling were becoming overwhelming.

“Oh, I guess I can.” She soon removed her hands from my bosom, reciting another series of incantations that lowered the field that was about us, “Well, how do you feel?”

I felt a sudden shiver go up my spine, “... exposed…”

“Huh, not nearly as violent of an event as I thought it would be.” She quickly sat one a chair, “Well, you let me stare into the abyss that was your Soul. What magic do you wish to quickly learn from me? Want to sour through the skies with your will or burn your enemies with Holy Fire?”

>Well, what is it you want. Just make it reasonable and I will put am Mana cost on it. Also, for the flight I will add that in for free, as I will give you a hint on how to do it.
If you havn't guessed it, use Dragon Aspect to fly.
I still feel like it should have made her transform instead of get armor
Hmm, we will see about that.
“Well, I was wondering if you can tell me more about flight.” I said with a shaky smile, “I mean, I will be facing Dragons so I want to fight them in the air. So I thought maybe shapeshifting would work.”

I watched as Matilda thought to herself for a moment, “Well, being able to Shapeshift is helpful but you can never expect creatures like Angels or Devils to float in the air with their wings. How they fly however is through the simple fact they are phantasmal beings.”

She sat down for a moment, “You see, magicians mimic it by trying to use our souls to bend reality, making us fly. Now if for some reason you were able to get your Soul out of your body you can probably pull it off with ease.”

“You know, I might be able to.” The idea now lodged in my head, “Actually, can I ask you about healing magic?”

“Healing Magic?” She suddenly turned confused, “Sorry but that’s not possible to teach. Only the Gods and a few select races can pull it off without issue. Actually, out of all of them [Twilight Healing] was supposed to be the best.”

“Oh…” I felt a small bit of shame before I pirked up, “Wait, but I can cast healing magic.”

“Eh? You can?” She looked at me with a small bit of confusion, “Did you inherit it from becoming a Dragon that was [Twilight Healing]?”

I shook my head before picking up my Rosari, Excalibur changing into a small dagger. Matilda’s eyes widened before I slowly cut into my hand. Before she could do anything I spoke up, “Uh, watch.”

I cut into my hand, the sting very evident. Though right after I did so, I casted [Healing] on myself with a nice finesse. Within moments the wound closed up within moments. To say Matilda’s eyes widened was an understatement.


I gave a slight nod, “Y-yeah, I could teach you. Maybe if you teach me some magic to put people to sleep that would be nice.”

“Definitely!” She quickly got me in a hug, “You just advanced Heaven by leaps and bounds!”


With that we started work, the deal struck. She asked me so many questions, ones I did not even know! I mean, could doing this cause cancer!? I do not know!

Either way, we trained throughout the next few hours, time flying by as we did so.

For afterwords
>Go through the mansion more
>A cat randomly comes in
>Go meet with Xenovia
I feel dumb now...
how Qm?
>Go through the mansion more
>A cat randomly comes in
Is this who i think it is?
“I still can’t believe it, I mean watch!” Matilda cheered as she healed a wound she gave herself.

The two of us have continued working on our magics, Matilda quickly teaching me the way to put people asleep. She gave me two methods of delivery, one where we infected a bounded field with the spell and another one where we could hit someone directly with the spell.

Asia has acquired [Sleep], an illusion spell of adept level that costs 150 mana. The bounded field version is just an additional effect you can place on the field for free, but it only works against normal humans for the most part.

As for my teaching of Matilda, well I fear she has gained a rather nightmarish habit.

“C-can you please stop hurting yourself!” I cried while smacking the spear of light with Excali-stick, “It can sometimes leave scars you know!”

“Oh really, I’ll be sure to write that down!”

I gave a sigh before plopping into a nearby chair. This girl, she has more enthusiasm about learning magic than even I did. Though as I settled myself in the chair I noticed something at the door, a small head of white hair peaking in.

I grew a small smile, “Shirone?”

I soon saw amber eyes widen as the girl slowly inched through the door. Soon enough she sprinted across the room and gave me a big hug. She was not nearly as strong from when we first met, but something was much different than before.

“Shirone, are you an Angel now!”

“Yup! Thanks Asia!” She said with a small cheer.

“You are welcome, Shirone!”

Shirone broke from our hug and wondered a little, “So, uh, could we head outside? Heaven feels so nice and we can explore!”

>Agree to a random exploration of Heaven
>Give a direction you might wanna go (Write in)
>Take Shirone to meet more folk, since it seems everyone will be living together for a while.
>Take Shirone to meet more folk, since it seems everyone will be living together for a while.
“Well maybe, but maybe after we meet some more people.” I said with a small smile, “They will be our friends and comrades for the coming years!”

“Alright.” She said with a small nod.

I said goodbye to Matilda who was too busy experimenting with my healing magic to respond back, and we were off. The sound of Shirone’s footsteps were tempered inline with my own. Halls once more displaying their marble colors.

It was Shirone who spoke first, “So, you’re not an Angel…”

“It is something I pay the price for being what I am.” I said with a small smile, “You do not need to worry much about me though, being a Saint might as well have been a dream of mine.”

“That’s good then.” She said with a smile once more adorning her face.

I was about to ask her a question before once more we heard movement from across the hall. Soon enough we were going up the staircase and into the second floor of the building. A little more looking lended ourselves to finding the living space, which was filled with a few pieces of game equipment and couches.

Though when we walked in our eyes quickly turned towards a fellow who was laying down on a couch. His hair were blond, kind of like my own while he was sporting a priest’s clothing.

“He’s strong.” Was the first thing to come out of Shirone’s mouth as we walked a slight bit closer to the person.

After a moment I soon recognized the person sitting there, it was the man, now Angel, named Dulio. If I remember correctly he was the person who welcomed us on our return from England.

>Try and wake him up, maybe even scold him for sleeping in such a manner
>Leave him to sleep
>Play an innocent prank on him *Write in the prank and roll!*
Rolled 64 (1d100)

>Play an innocent prank on him Tell him you have cake But you lied its not done yet!!
Rolled 12 (1d100)

the cake was a lie!
“Hmm… Hmm…” I moved over towards his face and looked the man over for a moment. For some reason I felt the small need to mess with the man turned Angel, and I could easily tell Shirone was starting to follow my train of thought as she inched towards the man.

“What do you think we should do?” I whispered into Shirone’s ear.

”Draw on his face?”

”But what if it is mystical marker that cannot come off?”

”Then he gets magical marker eraser.”

”Still, that does not seem too good. Oh, I know!” I inched towards the Angel’s ear, ”He he, Dulio, we have cake.”

“Huh?” The man slowly rose from the couch, but not before both me and Shirone were able to hide behind a couch. Slowly but surely he completely arose looking like a sloth who was looking for a nice branch to hang from.

“Where.” He searched one more time before shaking his head for a moment, “Wha, did someone mention cake?”

“I am sorry Dulio.” He quickly turned around to face me and Shirone, who had her head down in sorrow, “But the cake was, in fact, a lie.”

He looked at us, and I could have sworn his entire world was shattered for a moment. Soon enough, the man dropped onto his knees to cry, “NOOOOOOOO!

As he finished crying in despair I bit my tongue, “Just kidding~”

“Eh, so you actually have cake?” He quickly ran up to me to grab onto my shoulders, “Come on, tell me! You are tearing me apart Asia!”

“Yes we do, sorry for the small joke.” I said with a small shameful smile, “Its in the oven right now, me and Father Anderson made it.”

“Oh by the lord thank you!” He said before falling onto the couch once more, “You about gave me a heart attack.”
“But you’re an Angel.” Shirone quickly spoke with a small smile.

“Ah I guess you’re right there my charming little Angel!” He quickly grabbed Shirone, who was too stunned to resist. He gave her a soft head pat, “I guess we can’t die unless someone really wants us dead.”

Shirone’s cheeks had turned from their standard pale to a sharp peet red, “P-please stop…”

“Alright.” He released his captive with a small lazy grin, “So you two actually made it to Heaven? Good to see that. Seems Micheal’s little plan for you went pretty well Asia.”

“Y-you knew?”

“Yup, you gotta understand I was his right hand man on earth. Now I’m my Lord’s Joker.” He said showing off his hand. On it was a money sign with a small jester’s hat on the top of it, “What about you, Shirone wasn’t it? What did our Lord make you?”

“Oh, uh, Jack of Spades.” She slowly showed her own hand

Duilio’s expression became quite smug as he saw it, “Oh, so you must have done well in the interview for him to choose that. He expects much of you.”

“Th-thank you…”

“Well I’ve fallen asleep, so how long have you been here Shirone?”

“Uh, maybe an hour.” She said shakily.

“Hmm, then the announcement should be really soon.”

”Attention all Brave Saints and related, come to the amphitheater so we can finish your introduction and celebrate your ascension to Heaven.”

“Alright!” Let’s get going!” He quickly hopping off the couch, “Well, you two coming?”

>Go with Dulio
>”No, we need to make sure Matilda actually comes. Last we saw her she was experimenting by cutting herself.”
>”No, Father Anderson might need help with the cake! Come Shirone!”
>Go with Dulio
To think he is already at head pats level with Shirone. Did we ever give her a head pat?
Yes. Yes you have.

Also he's more of treating her like a little child.
Yes, I retroactively changes Anderson, again. Reason; I thought Queens were leaders of the suit but apparently Aces are!
“Alright, you coming Shirone?”


With that we quickly followed behind the Joker, soon making our way outside onto the streets of Heaven. As soon as we filed out of the mansion, a few other started coming in from behind us. All of them were of various distinctions and differences, though within a few moments I noticed Matilda among the crowd.

The girl seemed to have noticed me as well, as she quickly sprouted wings and flew towards me. Within moments I was grabbed onto in a small hug, “There you are Asia, I was wondering where you went off too.”

“Eh, uh, well we wanted to meet more people.” I said as she released me from her embrace.

“Oh, and who did you find?”

“She found me, Dulio!” The Joker quickly chirped with a grin.

“Oh, wielder of the Sacred Gear Zenith Tempest!” She quickly flew over and shook his hand, “A pleasure to meet you!”

“Similar, Miss…”


With those introductions done, we were soon upon the amplitheater. The place was beautiful, with trees somehow bending to form the cover above a marble stage. The seats before it were of the same marble and gold, with symbols floating above the sections.

We easily took the hint, making our way underneath the symbol for spades. Slowly but surly the place filled in, and I easily caught sight of Irina and Xenovia in the hearts section. I gave them a quick wave, in which Irina quickly returned before taking her seat.

Once the place was filled with newly formed Angels, it was none other than Micheal along with the Seraphim appearing on stage. They were split in two groups, a group of four that had Gabriel and Micheal in it while another group of six stood behind them.

The Leader of Heaven stepped forward, ”Welcome all of you to Heaven. I wish you all have gotten acquainted to the lands, I know it can sometimes be troubling with how it moves about. We all have come here for one true purpose, to strengthen Heaven against those who would do us harm.”

“With that in mind, you all have proven yourselves able to do just that.”
Micheal’s voice continued to be carried through the amphitheater with ease, ”As such, on this occasion I hope to explain a few things quickly. As you all have experience, Devils tend to be augmented based on their chess piece made. Instead of doing that, you simply need to follow through with suits of humanities card games, such as an Ace and a Jack becoming a Black Jack.”

The Angel snapped his fingers, a large area with tables and a few tables filled with cake appearing in the distance, ”As such, I invite all of you to partake in mingling with both yourselves and us Angels. My Ace Alexander Anderson along with Saint Asia has baked a series of cake for you all to enjoy.”

”With that, you are released to celebrate!”

With those commands everyone gave a small cheer before making their ways off the stage.

>Try and join back up with Irina and Xenovia
>Stay in the current group
>Join a completely random table *Suit*
>Stay in the current group
>Stay in the current group
File: Z.jpg (5 KB, 225x225)
5 KB
We soon made our way about the place, everyone easily getting themselves a good bit of cake for themselves. It only took about five minutes for us to have finally found our seats at one of the middle tables.

Without much more prompting we all did some form of prayer before quickly diving into our meals. The taste of fluffy sugar quickly coming into my mouth as I took my own bite. I looked to see what Shirone was already digging in, a large smile about her face as she did.

“So you made this?” Dulio asked after swallowing a piece of cake, “I must admit, it is quite heavenly~”

He gave off a small chuckle as I nodded, “I made some of it, but most of the work was Father Anderson’s. Now that I think about it, where is he?”

“Speak of the Angel, and he shall appear!” I felt a pat on my back, “Everyone’s loving our cake it seems like.”

“Oh, Father Anderson!” I quickly turned to see the large Angel take a seat next to me, “I am just happy everyone is enjoying themselves.”

“Yup, same here.” He said with a big grin, “I haven't seen this many people having smiles since I last visited an orphanage. Ah, but sadly after this we’ll all be back to workin’ by tomorrow.”

“Well thats just how life works.” Dulio said with a wave of his hands, “So, I’m taking the rest of the day to visit Fourth Heaven. What about you all?”

“I heard Fifth Heaven was converted into a Library.” Matilda said as she continued jobbing down notes, “With the collective knowledge of Heaven who knows what I can make!”

“So you see yourself a research, little mage.” Anderson gave a small laugh as he ate another slice of cake, “I might join you on Fourth my friend. It would be nice to know who we are defending.”

“So, what are you going to do Asia, Shirone?” Dulio said turning to us.

We are not ending this scene here, but for later
>Visit with Xenovia and Irina
>Head to Fourth to visit the Dead
>Head to Fifth for the knowledge
>Other location: Places in Heaven https://highschooldxd.fandom.com/wiki/Heaven
>Visit with Xenovia and Irina
“There are some friends we should meet after this.” I noticed Shirone was nodding along as I spoke.

“Alright, well I hope you have fun with that.” Dulio said with a soft smile.

“Is everyone enjoying themselves?” We all turned our head to behind Dulio, who standing behind him was none other than Micheal himself, “It is good to see you all are getting along.”

“Aye, you picked some good people.” Anderson said with a smile, “So, have you tried any cake my Lord?”

We recieve a nod from the Angel, “I did. I thank you two for cooking so much for everyone, with it I was able to expand the event to all of the Brave Saints.”

“So I gotta ask my Micheal.” Dulio bent his neck a little towards the Archangel, “What’s the status on the other factions? Have the Devils kicked up a tizzy yet?”

The Angel simply shook his head, “No, they have yet to do anything threatening. Though I am sure that at least Sirzechs has gotten word of our creation, as always the Satan is taking a more passive approach.”

“And yet he is a Satan.” Matilda quirped, “What sin does he even carry?”

“That would be Lust my lady.” Anderson said with a frown, “It’s the main vice that plagues man now a days. I believe it’s more than confirmed he carries relationships with all his Servants as if they were his personal whores.”

Micheal gave a soft sigh, “You would be correct, Anderson. Though at this point I prefer him over one who believes in the values of Souls.”

“Though he does have a sister, right?” Anderson said with a raised brow, “I haven't really heard much besides her acquiring quite the Peerage, including the Boosted Gear user.”

>Allow Shirone to speak of her old Master.
>Rias is a Devil who is Lustful, as evident by her appearance alone
>She has a different Sin. *Name it*
>excuse ourselfs and leave with Shirone to go meet with Irina and Xenovia

This could get unconfortable to Shirone and i don't wanna risk putting her on the spotlight.
I felt my heart sink a little upon hearing their current topic. I turned towards Shirone, who had already gripped her silver ware tightly at the mention of her old master.

“That is true.” Dulio said with a firm nod, “And if we wanted to figure out what Sin she is dominated by, I would mention that she is a Gremory just like her Brother.”

I shook my head a little before trying to stand up, though before I could do anything I felt a small grip on my shirt. Looking down, it was Shirone who was holding onto my Habit. The two of us looked at one another, the girl’s eyes slightly stronger than they were a moment ago. With a shake of her head, I was easily brought down by the Cat.

I kept my eye on Shirone who leaned in a little, “I-I wouldn’t say B- Rias is Lustful.”

This got a small reaction from the others, though I watched as Micheal grew soft and understanding smile. His eyes somehow knowing…

“Oh, you finally spoke up!” Father Anderson cheered, “So tell us, what is it you believe the Sister of Satan is a figure of.”

“W-well you see.” Her words were a bit shaky but sadly the longer she took the more interested everyone was, “I-I was a D-Devil under her.”

“A Devil of the Sister of Satan?” To say Anderson had his eyes in the air was an understatement. He seemed more stunned at the knowledge and revelation tha to actually process it, “Micheal, is this true?”

“Indeed it is.” Micheal said with a soft voice, “She willingly came to the Vatican about two months ago thanks to Saint Asia Argento. Think of her as a trial, for it might be possible for other’s in her position to abandon the gallows of the Underworld and into the light of my Father.”

He looked towards Shirone for a moment, his eyes trying their best to pierce Shirone’s Soul. Though he did not look satisfied he just shook his head, “You know, I follow my Lord’s word in that any can be reformed. I’ll bet my life you were forced into that position just like all their other slaves. So with that, continue. You might have have some insights we lack.”

With that little push the little Angel continued, “Well, uh, you see R-Rias does do some sexual thing, b-but she never follows through with them. If I were to say, I-I would say Slothful.”

“Slothful.” Dulio repeated it like he was chewing the words, “Thats an odd thing for such a powerful Devil to have. Why do you say that.”

“Well.” Shirone seemed to be searching for the right words, “These last few months I have been working and training almost every day. I mean, it was much more than when I was serving Bouchou. We didn’t even really train until her brother, uh, I guess lit a fire underneath her with a peerage game.”

Anderson slowly grew a smile, “Well thats good to hear. You been putting all your heart into those sessions I take it?”

“I have!” She claimed with a forceful tongue, “I will never slack off since I have been given this chance!”

“Good to hear!”

>Anything you guys want this group to talk about?
>Anything at all because asia has horriable people skills like the cake or guns because Asia is apparently a gun nut
I love the idea that whenever she doesn't know how to keep a conversation going, she starts talking about guns
>S-so, what are you guys favourite gun?
After the cheers finished everyone took in a slightly hearty breath. Of course Shirone’s past would cause some problems, but it went better than I could have hoped. Though after the collective sigh everyone went to their meals. It was an… odd silence.

It was getting a little awkward, so I needed to get the conversation started on something, “Uh, so what kind of firearms will we be getting. You know, since we ascended to Heaven and all that.”

“Oh, so you use firearms little one.” Anderson chuckled, “But don’t you have Excalibur? It would feel lonely if you use another weapon.”

“Oh, well sometimes it just does not have the kick I need.” I said while scratching my head, “I can only go from one to a hundred with it. I need something more in the middle.”

“Well most modern weapons can be converted into Holy weapons.” Matilda chirped up form her notes, “But if you are talking about specilty weapons, I have a little experiment already being made.”

Every, including Micheal, watched as she produced a drawing on a pad before showing it to us. What she showed us was a kind of longer weapon with coils all about it. It looked to be some odd creation that would not be out of place in a book of oddities.

“This here is the Angel Cannon, name still in the works. If it works properly it will be able to fire an Angel’s spear of light into the target. All it need to operate is some mana and some Angel feathers.”

“Huh, well that could be useful.” I said with a slight smile.

With that we chatted for a little bit more, Micheal leaving to talk to others in his deck. A half an hour later people started to move away from the area making their ways to all sorts of location.

Soon enough me and Shirone were already walking down the walkways of Heaven. Our objective already clear, it felt kind of odd that we already knew where to go. Within moments of leaving we ended up face to face with Irina and Xenovia.

We looked at one another for a moment, blinking a few times at the awkwardness of what just occurred.

“Heaven’s weird.” Shirone said with a slight sigh.

“We will get use to it I’m sure!” Irina quickly said while running up to give us both hugs, “Its great to see both of you here! The Lord has blessed us for such a day I am sure.”

“Indeed.” I said with a smile, “Though we should try and find a place with less people.”

“Of course!”

>Head towards a Garden
>Head towards one of the mansions/garrisons
>Just wonder
>*Other*, because Heaven bends for desire.
>Head towards a Garden
Sounds good enough
File: garden-of-eden.jpg (95 KB, 945x300)
95 KB
We soon left the large amount of people behind, the walkways of Heaven only having a few people upon them. It seemed a little bit odd how we entered such a desolate track, but I could only guess it was how Heaven worked.

“So, where do you all wish to go?” I asked the group with a faint smile.

Irina pondered for a moment, “Well, I wouldn’t want to go to say, Third Heaven like this. Maybe… do you guys think theres a gathering area?”

“A garden?” Xenovia said waving her off hand.

The moment she said those words everything seemed to shift for a moment, soon placing us before a platform of sort. I quickly looked from side to side, seeing what was even there. It seemed we had ended up on a stray cloud that had a sigil of some kind resting on it.

“Teleportation Circle.” Shirone quickly said before slowly moving forward, “Should be safe.”

Since we had nothing else to go off of, we followed Shirone’s lead and walked into the portal. The moment we all piled in, the circle activated with a brilliant light the encompassed our vision. As the light died down, I looked out to see a massive landscape of trees and growth all about the place.

“Beautiful.” Was all any of us could say as we looked upon the scenery.

The first one to regain their mind was Irina, “Are… Is this… Are we in Eden!?”

“I think so.” I answered, “Uh, should we sit down or something?”

“We could explore, maybe even play a game!” Irina said with a small grin, “I mean theres so much room here we could play one very fun game of tag.”

I looked at the other two, who seemed to be nodding along.

>Play a game *Tag unless otherwise suggested*
>Find a place to sit *Subject to break the ice*
>Just explore, its the Garden of Eden for crying out load.
>Play a game *Tag unless otherwise suggested*
We can explore while playing tag
"Well, I guess tag is fine." I said with a solemn nod, "but who will be it? It's been so long since I have played it."

"Well you see, Asia." Irina sneak made her way towards me with a sinister smile about her face, "You're it! Wait oh come on!"

"Shameful, Irina!" I joked as I threw myself outside of her reach. She quickly started pouring before giving chase!

The moment she turned towards me I was in a sprint into the open ground. She did the same, trying her best to rush all the way down to me but I was doubling the distance with ease.

Since she could not catch me, she quickly turned towards the others with the same intent on tagging them.

First she went towards Shirone. It became quite funny watching as the moment Irina was about to catch her, the Girl quickly climbed up the tree as of she was a cat. The small grin about her face was mocking at the landbound Irina.

Since she lost that the girl instantly charged towards Xenovia, who after a few seconds of running suddenly sprouted her wings to fly into the air.

Seeing one do it, Irina quickly did the same and took to the skies, though I watched as the more or less floated harmlessly without finness.

>Tactic and roll
Rolled 35 (1d100)

>Keep watching them from a safe distance, but try to stay close to Shirone, so we have a target in case we are taged.
With the two taking flight I decided to inch my way towards Shirone as she hung out in the tree. The two of us were more of less watched as the two Angels tried to get at each other in the sky. While Irina was becoming freakishly proficient in using her wings, Xenovia was traveling at speeds I could never match on the ground.

“Tsk, why can’t I tag anyone!” Irina cried as she looked to be attempting to pull hair from her scalp.

I mean, I feel a little sad she has been ‘it’ for the last few minutes. I do however know that is the name of the game!

Her ire however quickly turned towards me and Shirone, to which the cat-like Angel quickly disappeared into the forest that was Eden. Taking the chance, I did the same as Irina quickly dashed in our direction!

I was keeping up with Shirone just barely as I ran, but going through a woods is much harder than the open plains from before. I took a moment to look into the air and noticed as Irina was flying right above me. Soon enough, the girl dive bombed towards me as if she was a plane.

“And tag! Now you’re it Asia!” She laughingly cried as she tapped onto my shoulder. However right after she did so the Angel slammed into the dirt before spinning around like a cartoon character. A moment later and Irina had slammed herself into a tree while sitting rightside up, “Ouch.”

I gave a slight sigh of pitty at her, and decided to instead chase after Shirone. Said girl was standing there watching this transpire, her eyes quickly widening as she lost her footing for just a moment.

Before I could catch her however the girl quickly sprouted wings from her back, quickly flying upwards as if she was used to such an act.

>Tactic and roll, because this is a casual play against friends.
Rolled 29 (1d100)

> use Dragon Aspect to grow wings and chase her in the sky
As I watched them flying in the air I remembered back to what me and MAtilda were talking about. Now was the time I would try flying.

I felt the warmth in my chest as I cried out, “Mul Qah Diiv!”

I soon felt my soul stretch out across my entire body, covering every part of it in a phantom gold flesh. I tensed my strength, feeling the raw power now amplified through the Thu’um. INcluded with all that, was a pair of phantom wings that rested on my back.

I took in a small breath, and slowly I felt what was about me. It was my Soul pronounced into existence, and feeling it out only solidified that thought to me. I soon took in a breath, and reached for where my wings were. Once I got a small feeling that they were there, I flapped the wings.

I soon lost the ground underneath me, slowly floating in the air. I looked over to see everyone with a slight bit of surprise about their faces.

“Oay, Let us try this out!” I cried as I made my way towards the two dumbstruck individuals.

Xenovia quickly flew away from me, but Shirone was too dumbstruck to move as I finally reached her.

“You’re it, Shirone!”

“Oh. OH!” She shook her head for a moment and gave chase towards me. Within a moment she had outfly me, tagging me right in the back as I tried to flee.

As Shirone soon flew away I watched as Irina slowly flew back up into the air, “So who is it?”

“I am!” I cried before rushing towards her. I made she she had a little time to react, but she was sadly too slow avoid my attack, “And now you are!”

“Aww blessing!” Irina cried before resuming rejoining the game.

We continued doing this for about half an hour, going at one another in the air. Flying about the place we continued to our hearts content. Shirone was the best at it while I kept myself away most of the time. The ones who really got into it were Irina and Xenovia, who were now becoming neck and neck in terms of speed.

After that half hour I someone making their way into the field we were at. Looking at him, it was obvious he was an Angel by the Halo, but he also possessed the same robes that Castiel wore. He seemed to just be content with watching however.

>Go talk to him *How are you going to approach?*
>Continue the game
>Try and get away from the scene.
>>Go talk to him *How are you going to approach?*
>hello, i'm saint Asia Argento, it's nice to meet you
I looked back at the others who were flying in the sky, none of them noticing the Angel who stayed on the ground to watch. It might have been courtesy or curiosity, but I decided to make my way down to the Angel to see why he watched us so intently.

I soon landed before the being with a nice smile, “Hello there, I am Saint Asia Argento. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Oh, you are quite curious.” He said with a nice smile, “I am Cahethal, the pleasure is mine.” The green eyed Angel said with a curious bow to me.

With introductions done I decided to ask, “Uh, can I ask if you need anything?”

He shook his head, “I was simply here because I noticed folk had come to the Garden. It has been so long since someone has crossed into my domain.”

“Oh!” I felt a small tinge taking up my cheek, “Do people not come to Eden more?”

“Not really, the only other Angel who does would be Sahaqiel.” He said with slacked shoulders, “She however is the Angel who watches over this land. I tend to just visit when the Believer’s crops are growing well.”

“Crops? Uh, what kind of Angel are you if I dare ask?”

He gave a small laugh, “I guess I would not be very known, you know with all those who fight the good fight. I am thou who watches the crop, and my twin is Sahaqiel who watches over Eden.”

“Wait, why would you two be the only ones that come here?”

He gave a small sigh, “Well you see Saint Asia, Humans are not allowed in this place. Even after their souls have passed Micheal carried on God’s decision to seclude this land.”

It only took me a moment to realize what he said, “Wait, am I allowed here!? What about the others?”

He gave a shrug, “I have no problem with it, since none of you are Human anymore. Why, are you a Dragon of some kind?”

I blinked for a moment wondering how he knew before realizing that Dragon Aspect was still active, “Oh, uh, yes I am, kind of. I am Dragonborn, as my Soul is that of a Dragon’s.”

“Oh, very interesting.” He said with a small smile.

>Try and get him to join the game
>Ask for insight on Heaven’s working, like how to get around.
>Ask him some questions *Other*
Uh, does anyone not have like Mimi or 4chan X? I know missing the link is pretty common.
>Ask for insight on Heaven’s working, like how to get around.
>Ask for insight on Heaven’s working, like how to get around.
“Uh, so I was wondering.” His eyes seemed to perk up a little as I started, “How do you get around Heaven? It has been so weird getting around the place.”

“Oh that!” He gave a soft chuckle before patting me on the back, “You see, Heaven unlike other places is ever changing. One of the main effects of this is that it leads one to their desire.”

“You mean like if I was looking for a person’s house it would appear?”

“Not instantly but very close.” He presented his hand towards me with a calming smile, “Here, let me show you what I mean.”

Seeing as I had nothing more to do I grabbed his hand, to which the Angel took a few steps forward towards a treeline. We entered it, my vision of the others being obscured. Within moments after though we stepped out and into an opening.

My eyes widened as I noticed a pair of trees in the middle of the clearing, each of which bore fruit. They were small but magnificent trees, and I somehow feel their age from just standing before them.

“Are those…”

“Indeed they are.” He said with a slight smirk, “Before you is the Tree that Bestows Knowledge of Good and Evil, and next to it would be its sister the Tree of Life.”

“Th-they were so close to us!” I felt sudden shiver going down my spine as I looked at them.

“Of course not! Like I would place something so dangerous right next to an entrance.” He said with a laughter that roared through the sky, “But that is how Heaven works, it will take you to wherever you wish to go within its boundaries. Only an Authority can deny entry, like Micheal and the Throne of the Heavenly Host. Why even times can be bent if your desire and power is strong enough.”

“Okay, I think?”

“You will learn how to abuse such a system, trust me.” He said with a good laugh, “I hope you enjoy your stay.”

I hope I do.
Simply due to hitting our bump limit, I will close the thread here. Next one will be live by tonight.
Thanks for running QM! See you soon

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