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Asia Argento, Dragonborn of Heaven’s Exorcist. She has done much in the way of fighting, from capturing Devils for Heaven to killing Dragons. Soon there will be a change however, a Cancer grows upon all organizations of the world.

I am happy to say that me and Shirone carried out our mission, even if we had a little bit of difficulty. We were able to transport four Devils to Heaven, which was over half the Devils in the area.

A little while ago, my friends and I went out on the town and explored. It was really fun since we made our way about the place, especially the candy shop! Hopefully we can go there to visit the chef there, he seemed really nice if a bit odd.

May the blessings of God be upon you, dear reader

Character Sheet for Asia: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PPB-qszSf2aB4tdD1Y9TchZoWFSMVebTtUFX0dEZ9pg/edit?usp=sharing

Choose one of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Asia has gained 400 xp from the previous events. What should she invest points into?

Lastly, you have 4 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Barter Skill +10
>Deceive Skill
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10
>Literacy [Latin] Skill (Latin +10)
>Blather Skill
>Smithing (Novice)
>Alchemist (Novice)
>Forbidden Lore (Sacred Gears) +10
>Dragon Lore

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Disguise Self: Asia is able to make herself look like someone else
>Takedown: Instead of dealing damage, when at least 1 point of damage is dealt it is ignored. Instead the opponent makes a toughness check or is stunned for a ‘round’.
>Sniper’s Critical: If at least 30 seconds are taken aiming for a shot, add 2d10 ontop of the shot. This means the shot can easily go over most armor and crit more likely. Only the first bullet is empowered however.
>Disguise Self: Asia is able to make herself look like someone else
>Alchemist (Novice)
>Dragon Lore
>raise Intelligence and Charisma +5

Since the alliance between the three factions is coming close to happening (assuming QM will follow that plot point) i think raising these 2 would be a good precaution in case Asia has to deal with politics or something similar.
>use 1 unit on HP and 3 on Mana
Some of our newer spells can take 100 or more from our Mana, so for now i think raising it should be our priority.
>Sniper’s Critical: If at least 30 seconds are taken aiming for a shot, add 2d10 ontop of the shot. This means the shot can easily go over most armor and crit more likely. Only the first bullet is empowered however.
The biggest dificulty we had so far was enemies with skin to tough to pierce with our bullets(the cerberus, the dragon) so this skill sounds lime just what we need
>Dragon Lore
It's only natural for a dragonborn
>Forbidden Lore (Sacred Gears) +10
A lot of the thoughest fighters in dxd have sacred gears, so why not raise our chances?
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480 KB PNG
The afternoon’s sun shined brightly on Rome as we arrived by plane. The people walking about seemed to be a tad bit more active than usual, as if a small celebration was to occur. To my knowledge however there was no real event within the next few months unless Rome celebrated a harvest.

Following the steps of Rome up towards the Vatican, I noticed how the fervor seemed to grow even more. Men moved to and from the steps, either tourists looking at the architecture or even the occasional bishop who was moving far faster than he should have been. While I was half tempted to ask them what they were so happy about, I felt that the answer would come to me soon enough.

I did not expect the Catacombs to be afflicted with the same enthusiasm as the surface. This must have been the first time I have ever seen more than a couple people walking through the halls, and now I was counting up to ten at once.

“Ah, Sister Asia!” I heard from behind myself. I quickly turned to see a rather lanky looking man with long hair similar to Issei, “I must say Mother Griselda’s description of yourself was accurate to a ‘T’.”

“Oh, thank you.” I gave the man a slight bow, “Uh, and you are?”

“Oh, sorry about that.” He slowly placed his hand on his chest, “My name would be Father Dulio Gesualdo, I work directly under Micheal.”

Now that I looked at him more, I felt something was off with him. It was very much like how Mor’ Voh felt, but it was also tempered with a bit of holy magic. He was a Sacred Gear User, that much I was sure of.

“Oh, it is a pleasure to meet you!” I said with a small cheer, “Is something happening today? Everything seems so active.”

He grew a small smile, “That is not my place to divulge, I wouldn't want to waste her thunder. She’s in your all’s living room waiting.”

I furrowed my brow before looking to Shirone. She was looking at him a bit more intently but quickly turned to me with a nod.

“Ah, thank you!” I said while making my way past the man.

Soon we made it into the living space where we ate our meals, quickly noticing Xenovia and Irina sitting down with the same confused look. Griselda, who was infront of them soon gave a smile before extending her hand, “Welcome back Asia, Shirone. If you two may take a seat.”

We did as we were told, Griselda having a great smile on her face, “As you four may know, Heaven has been researching the Devil’s Reincarnation technique recently. Well word has come from above they have finished their work, humans can now become Angels just like Metatron had before.”
The words coming from her made so much sense, the celebration blooming in my heart grew ten fold. I had to ask the question, “So is that why everyone is here?”

“Indeed,” Her smile never left her face, “Lord Micheal is currently assessing all Exorcist for potential Angels.”

“So what does that mean for us?” Irina quickly said with a shine in her eyes.

“All Exorcist in Rome are to be interviewed at given times by the Seraphim themselves.” She said with a small smile, “They wish to contain the expansion to their best and brightest.”

>Do you have any questions

Asia’s will not happen right away, so you need to do something else in the mean time
>Head to the Library
>Head out and train
>Try and meet some of the Exorcist
>Other ideas?
Can we ask questions to Griselda later? My main question is what would happen to Shirone if Asia is chosen to became a angel. Would we still be able to look after her? but i don't want to ask that in front of Shirone. I don't want to make her worry that she will be abandoned or something. If we can only ask her that now, i don't have any quesions.

>Try and meet some of the Exorcist
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103 KB JPG
“So with that does anyone have any questions for me?” She asked while looking about the group. None of us raised our hands to get her attention, so she just gave a simple nod, “Very well, I will find you when Heaven wants to talk to you.”

As everyone was getting up I quickly made my way over to Griselda. None of the others luckily did not follow me as I was soon next to her, “Uh, Griselda, can I ask you something in private?”

She gave a silent nod, to which we went just around the corner. I looked back to notice Shirone’s change expression a little before Irina quickly started talking to her. I gave a small sigh of relief at that.

“So, what is it you need Asia?” The Mother asked with a somber tone.

“I am a little worried,” I bit my lip a little, “I mean, what happens if I ascend to the Heavens? What would happen to Shirone?”

I noticed a small grin coming from the corner of Griselda’s mouth, “Well you see Asia, I was told she is available for ascension as well.”

I felt my heart skip a beat, “She is?”

Griselda only grew a telling smile, “Well, supposedly the item can reincarnate anything short of a God, so rumor has it.”

“Th-thats great!” I quickly looked from one side to another, “Should I tell her?”

“It is your choice.” Griselda said with a knowing smile.

“Thank you!” I cheered before quickly moving back to the living room. When I entered however I quickly noticed how the place was empty, none of the Exorcist or the Devil Girl anywhere. I quickly made my way out of the room, though I found no sign of them anywhere.

“Shirone?” I slowly stepped out of the room and into the hall, as if I was searching for a lost cat. As I made my way about a few Exorcist were moving around me. Though as I search I noticed something off to the side of my view.

It was an unmistakable grey hair, and without even thinking I voiced the thought, “Freed?”

In an almost fluid motion the figure turned around to face me, a look of surprise written all over his face. Within a moment’s notice she was already upon me, which gave me a chance to examine the person’s features.

The first was that I realized it was not a man, but a girl just about Freed’s age. Her hair had some strands of black going through them as if styled, but for the most part grey persisted. What was unmistakable was the red eyes of my heretical once partner.

“Did you just say his name!?” Her face was almost centimeters from my own, “My brothers?”

>Y-yes! I said the name of the Heretic!
>N-no! Never met him before.
>Yes, I did. He was an okay person.
>Yes, I did. He was an okay person. when he wasnt trying to kill any thing any everyone
Supporting >>3940953
“Y-yes I did!” I quickly stapered out as the girl’s eyes sharpened to a fine point.

“And what was the man like?”

Her words caught me off guard for a moment. Honestly it felt like she was testing me from the way she was looking at me, “H-he was an okay person, when he was not trying to kill everyone and everything.”

I noticed how the girl grew a small smile upon her face, “So you did meet my brother, I’m sorry you had to meet the bastard~. Luckily for the world the bastard got sliced in half by an Exorcist a couple of weeks ago.” She grew a small frown as the words left her mouth.

“Yeah… Xenovia took care of the man quickly. He is under God’s Will now.”

The girl looked me over for another moment before gaining a small smile, “Hey, are you Asia Argento?”

In an instant I felt my face flush with warmth, “H-how did you know!?”

“Well you knew the name of my Brother’s killer~” The smile never left her face, “So that means you’ve also worked with him at his shittiest hour.”

Felt a little bit of shame as I scratched the back of my neck, “Yeah. He did not know restraint in the face of heretics.”

“Ah, just like the instructors said!” She quickly brought out her hand to me, “My names Lint Sellezen, pleasure to meet you!”

“Uh, same, Asia Argento as you know.”

We shook, the feeling of my hand being crushed evident. After another moment we broke away, the girl having a much wider smile on her face, “So I’m just a little curious, wanna have a small practice duel?”

I tilted my head a little, which scored retort from her, “What, you thought I was no better than Freed? All us Sellezen Siblings like to fight.”

>Agree to the duel
>Try and find another activity. (What?)
>Agree to the duel
As long as she doesn't pull a inigo montoya on us, i don't see why not
“I am fine with that,” I said with a small whimper, “But, uh, you are not going to try and kill me fore what happened to your brother, right?”

“No, that would be a waste of breath and murder.” Lint said with somber eyes, “He was not a good man, excommunicated because he murdered a heretic’s entire family. Even so you wouldn’t be the one I’d be wanting to kill~”

“Alright, I guess.”

With that we started moving throughout the halls into the training area. When we entered there was a number of people already there, and at the corner of my eye I noticed Shirone and the others all practicing with each other. I noticed how most of the people did not pay much attention to Shirone, even though she was a Devil. It was… odd.

“So, what weapons do you use?” Lint called out from the small armory to the side.

“Uh, can I get a sword and submachine gun?”

She looked slightly confused for a moment before smiling, “Sure, here you go!” With that the Exorcist threw my way a practice sword and gun.

I quickly popped my magazine, checking to make sure it had rubber training rounds. Luckily enough it did, so I quickly loaded the weapon while holding my sword in an off hand.

Lint walked my way, throwing out a small talisman that quickly multiplied to surround us. If memory served me right those were the training barriers incase multiple fights were happening in the training room.

“Well, what do you say? We go to first blood with magics allowed?”

>Yes or No
Rolled 29 (1d100)

>Dodging at the beginning to see her fighting style if she charges like a bull try to get her when you dodge
You do know I can see your previous roll, ya idiot.
File: proof.png (20 KB, 693x324)
20 KB
I Tired
and i got caught i really should ask if your dioing the best of 3 or first roll
I, along with just about all QMs on the sight, normally allow one roll per player. From that, we take the highest.

This can very based on whether there are crits or not.

As for you, don't do this again. You're just having a fucking friendly bout where victory doesn't mean all that much. So why you willingly cheat IDK, don't do it again.
“I am fine with all that.” I relaxed myself for a moment, “We can start when you are ready.”

“Well I’m ready!” she announced before quickly bringing up her firearms to quickly places a pair of shots between us. I quickly brought up my sword, redirecting one shot while dodging the other. As I did that though I felt my balance starting to falter!

It seemed she was just as surprised as I was, but quickly Lint made the distance across the room in a bull rush. With her sword raised high in the sky she tried her best to strike me with an overhead attack. I tried my best to deflect the attack with my sword, but upon contact I watched as the weapon snapped practically in two!

For the destruction of my weapon Lint backed off for a moment, quickly firing a pair of rounds into me. Both, if barely, managed to hit me. The impacts were a duller pain as we were using training weapons, most of the damage brushing off thanks to our blessing.

“Well, I didn’t expect that.” She said with her head tilting, “Did you put too much strength in it or something?”

“I could not say.” I quickly made my way over to the pieces of wood and started picking them up, “We should be a little more cautious next time we do it.”

“Nah, it was just a shitty weapon.” She quiped while I kneeled to pick up the scraps. As I did so I noticed how it seemed to have mainly snapped in two. As I looked over the pices however I noticed something strange.

”It was hollow?”

I looked into the space, quickly taking out a small piece of paper from the opening. Unraveling it, my eyes looked at what was an odd message.

Margain’s Cafe, tonight.

I felt Lint coming over so I quickly stowed it away, “Here is all the pieces.”

She nodded, “Here, I’ll throw it away for ya.”

As she took the pieces from me, I reached back into my memory. If my memory serves me so, that was a store I saw in Rome proper. What should I do with it?

>Follow what the message said, its best to keep this secret.
>Talk to Shirone and the others about it, Asia might need help.
>Alert Griselda to the Dead Drop.
>Talk to Shirone and the others about it, Asia might need help.
We don't know what it is about. Better not risk going alone.
“Uh, thank you Lint but I need to go!” I quickly stammered out.

The girl just grew a small smile, “That’s alright, let’s talk again some time.”


With that I quickly made my way down the hall towards the corner where my friends were fighting. It seemed Xenovia and Shirone were finishing up a small bout, so Irina was the first to notice me.

The girl grew a small smile, “Hey Asia, I see you met Lint?”

“Uh, yeah. Can you come a little closer?”

She looked a little confused, but did as I asked. I Quickly grabbed Irina into a kind of huddle from American Football, “Hey Asia, whats going on?”

I slowly produced the paper from my robes and showed them to her, “Someone was hiding this in a sword I used. I do not know what to do with it.”

As quickly as I showed it to her Irina took it out of my hands and read it. Her eyes furrowed as she looked over it, “What is it?”

I tried my best to think of the term, “I think it is called a dead drop or something. You know, like someone had placed it there to be picked up later by another.”

Irina’s eyes widened a little before she quickly called over to the others, “Hey, let’s head back to get some rest!”

Soon enough we had all ended up in our living space, the piece of paper lying between all of us. We all looked at it with a bit of concern and worry at the same time.

“So what does this mean?” Xenovia after she finished her reading of the paper.

I shrugged a little, “I… do not know. It could be anything from a meeting between friends to an entire heresy in the Church.”

“Smells bad.” Shirone quipped as she looked at the paper herself.

“Well if the Devil says its bad somethings bad about it.” Irina jokenly said while leaning forward, “So what do we do?”

“I was thinking you had some ideas.” I offered with a shaky frown, “If we tell something, things might go crazy. With so many people we might cause a panic, maybe even a slaughter.”

“We could tell Kotomine.” Xenovia offered, “He has a record of rooting out Heresy in the past.”

“He’s really dangerous.” Shirone shakily.

“Well we could just meet them!” Irina said with a smile, “If say, Shirone was to meet them they’d think she was on their side!”

Oddly enough Shirone nodded to that.

>Meet with them *Who will?*
>Stalk the location, no contact.
>Report this case to Kotomine.
As much as i want more o kotomine, we still don't know what exactly is going on.
>Stalk the location, no contact.
Let's try to find more clues
File: via-del-boschetto.jpg (122 KB, 900x600)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
“No, we can’t risk it!” I announced with finality in my voice, “We will go there together and stalk the point. If worst comes to worse we will fight them.”

The few around me looked at me as if they were stunned, but risking others is not something I could idly stand behind. No, we need to approach this matter with the upmost caution.

“I think I remember where the location is, so we should prepare to head straight over.”

“Alright!” Irina was the first to recover with a smile, “I agree we should head over! Everyone get ready right?”

“Yes!” Everyone quickly cheered, dispersing to move on to night.

The setting sun shined brightly upon us as we made our way towards the destination. There were a great many people making their way, much more than was rightly so. The fervor of the day will carry onto the night it seemed.

And so we walked, all of us sans Xenovia making our way down the streets.

“So she is being interviewed?” I asked Irina who stood by my side.

I received a nod, “Griselda came by only an hour ago to get her. Maybe we can get some help with this from Heaven proper.”

“Maybe…” I said with a bit of a worry. I do not know what our chances of seeing Xenovia any time soon, since I am pretty sure no Angels walked through the Vatican recently.

“We made it.” I heard Shirone say as we soon turned into a small plaza. At one side I noticed the place of our target, Margain’s Cafe. On the other I noticed another dinner place that was started on top of a roof, as well as another simple clothing shop to the side.

As I looked, there was always the rooftops…

>Go to the Cafe itself, taking a seat.
>The one across the Street
>Clothing Store

All need a roll, though what they test is different.
Rolled 69 (1d100)

>Go to the Cafe itself, taking a seat.
Rolled 35 (1d100)

>Go to the Cafe itself, taking a seat.
“I will take a small tea places.”

“Alright miss, just have a seat and I will bring it out to you.”

With that I made my way to the small table where everyone was already sitting at. Within only a few moment our drinks were brought out, two pairs of tea and a milk like drink for Shirone.

“There’s too many people.” Irina announced while placing her tea on the table, “We won’t be able to confront these weirdos if we see them.”

“They want it like that.” Shirone said with a small whisper.

“Well we just need to stay here for the moment.” I took a small bit of my tea, “And keep your ears open for anything odd.”

We waited for what felt like an hour, not speaking much of a word between each other. At this point Shirone had brought out a small book while Irina was playing with her empty glass. I myself had taken out the book on summoning stuff to see what I could learn further.

It was then that I noticed something off with one of the people. It seemed he was waiting here for just as much time as I have, and was starting to look a little irritated. He was a black haired fellow with sharp blue eyes.

I heard him say something under his breath, “Damn him, thinking he could skip out on our meeting.”

With that the man stood up from his seat, soon making his way towards the door.

>Follow the man *How?*
>Remember the face to ID him later
>Follow the man *How?*
After he leaves the restaurant, we follow suit. Once outside, we wait until he is far enough to not hear us (but not to far so we can't see him anymore) Then we use aura whisper to be able to track him without having to worry about losing sigh of him anymore. We also wouldn't have to worry about him seing us, since aura whisper would let us follow him from a good distance.
Rolled 66 (1d100)

“I think I saw him.” I said with a slightly hushed tone, “Let’s leave.”

The other two quickly placed their books away into their small bags, quickly getting up to follow me out the door. Getting outside it only took me a moment to see the man making his way down the street and towards a more residential district of Rome.

“Hey, shouldn’t we be closer?” Irina whispered into my ear as the man was now almost a block away from us.

I shook my own head with a smile, “Nope, since I got an idea, Lass Ya Nir.”

With those words all the world became bear to me, my vision quickly filling with the souls of all the people of Rome. I was lucky however, as I kept my eye directly on the one fellow with sharp proficiency.

I noticed Irina raising a brow as the man turned a corner, “What did you just do?”

“I can see him now, no matter where he goes.”

The other girl just grew a small smile, “Then lead the way Sister.”

We slowly made our way down the streets and across the roads. I kept a good enough distance to see where he was going, but I sadly could no longer hear the man from this distance.

When the moon had risen quite high in the air I noticed him taking an odd turn, which seemed to be right into a building he had just passed. We slowly made our way about the place, my eye catching a rather nice looking hotel.

“In there?” Shirone asked as we stood outfront of the place, “Fallen, I smell Fallen.”

“In Rome?” Irina almost cried out before going back to a whisper, “I… guess it makes a little bit of sense. Sneaking about Rome can quickly get a Devil caught. A Fallen Angel however, well they almost fit right in.”

>How you guys wanna approach it?
Do we have enough money to rent a room? That would be best to way to enter without atracting too much attention
Yes you would.
So i would bring to much attention this way or i have enough money to rent a room?

To clarify, my plan is to pass as normal people looking to rent a room, so we don't get in trouble by invading the hotel.
How would you wanna word this to the front desk?
We ask how much is a room for a night. After we take our key, we go into our room and from there we find where the guy we are following is using aura whisper
“Well, let us head in.” Was about all I could say before taking a few steps forward and into the building.

The other two were at my flanks as we walked inside, the inside of the place was very nice. It of course was nothing like what St. Peters offered, but I could easily understand that this place was more of a highend place.

“May I help you?” I quickly turned to see a man standing at the desk, his brow slightly raised.

I took a few breaths before asking, “I would like a room. How much would that be?”

His eyes widened a little before nodding, “Well, I currently have a room at about 700 Euro for a night that’s a two bed. Would that be something you are looking at?”

I reached into my satchel, taking a moment to think about what I was about to do, “Y-yeah that would work finely.”

His brows raised even higher before smiling, “Then all I need you to do is to fill out this information.”

I nodded, quickly writing down all my information.

He took it up with his brows now exiting his hairline, “You’re from the Vatican?”

“Can you keep it on the down low for me.” I said with a small smile, “It has just gotten really crowded we wanted a breather.”

The man gave one more look over everyone present before nodding and handing me a key, “Here you go Sister Asia, it will be on the second floor two doors from the left.”

“Thank you very much!” With that I made my way to the elevator. As it was closing however I did not hit the button for the second floor, instead for the fifth, “Please do not tell anyone where all my money went, Irina.”

She looked at me and nodded, “Yeah, it's a willing cost in the name of the Lord.”

Soon enough the elevator rang, and we came out into the rather decorated hallway. Slowly but surely we made our way down the hall to where the Heretic is.

“I *Muffle* Angels *Muffle* Khaos.”

It was really hard to hear them, from out here. While we could place our ears against the door, it might not be the best thing. I looked from either side of the room, and I noticed that one of the rooms were empty of people. The other… I will not say.

>Listen through the front door
>Try and get into the other room *How and Roll for it*
>Another method?
.>Go Go Gadget Excaliber Listing equipment
Like a stethoscope? That could work
You guys could mimic anything really, the only limitation being the size. If you say, tried making a card that could open the doors it would require a roll though.
I just realised that, size limit aside, we are pretty much a green lantern aren't?

>turn excalibur in a stethoscope to listen through the door
Also ask Shirone to use her great senses to keep watch and inform us if someone is coming
Can you give me a quick roll?
Rolled 66 (1d100)

Rolled 34 (1d100)

“Hey Shirone, can you keep an eye and ear out for anyone?”

Said girl seemed a little surprised at my question, before giving me a firm nod, “I can.” I watched as a pair of cat like ears soon emerged from the back of her head.

To say me and Irina were surprised would not be giving it much credit, however I quickly shook my head. Shirone did say she was not human originally, so maybe that's part of what she was originally.

“I guess I’m with Shirone.” Irina quickly said before going to the catgirl’s side.

I took in a breath, quickly pressing my will upon Excalibur. As soon as I did so, the weapon changed from a Rosari on my chest into a stethoscope just like the doctors use. It was odd, the metal parts now a shining gold while the rest was a royal blue. I slowly placed the plate onto the door.

“So Heaven finally pulled it off?” A more feminine voice said with a bit of a happy tone.

“That’s why all the Exorcist are back.” A male voice said affirmatively.

A small rhythmic tapping came from inside, “What do you think is going to happen next?”

“Just like what everyone else says, the Angels will use their new power to sue for peace.”

I felt my heart skip a beat upon hearing that, the thought that we would have peace with Devils. To think we would willingly stand back as the Devils takes Humanity’s best and brightest for their own gain. I could only silently click my tongue.

“Hmm, then I’ll talk to the greater society. Try and get in contact with your fellow though, we might have had a breach. I don’t want Kotomine tracking you two down.”

“Alright, here’s to hoping I join the ranks of Heaven!”

I heard a small clinking of glasses.

>Head out
>Go in and eliminate them *How?*
>Stay and listen for more information
So two associates of the fallen are planing to ascend to heaven by becoming angels? Interesting. Now we need to discover who they are. And who is the associate they talked about.
>Stay and listen for more information
My ears were listening in to the two, the sounds of liquor being poured was my reward. Now that I thought about it, ever since I left the monastery I never had a good chance to drink some italitna wine.

By the Lord I might want some soon.

“Whats happening in there?” I quickly turned to see Irina with a sour face about her, “We’ve been here for so long.”

“They are drinking right now.” I pointed to the door, “They might spill more info.”

“Oh really, can you split that thing or something? Its a little boring watching Shirone divert attention from the hallway.” She said with half a will.

I thought about it for a second, and just then the Stethoscope split in two. We stared at it for a moment before Irina settled in and took a seat.

“Oh, it has been so long since I’ve had a drink like this.” The male said with what I would have guessed was a whimsical state.

“Oh you have done so much work haven’t you.” The feminine tone of the Fallen seemed ot have changed from last time. This time, it was more…, “I could always give you some rest, maybe even a warm body too.”

The sound of a glass slamming on a table came through the door, “I will not give in to such a thing, Clair. I am still a servant of my Lord, not a grigory fuck buddy.”

“Tsk, you’re no fun~”

A small sigh came from the man, “Even if I work with you I still believe in the Lord’s word. I just feel Heaven has forgotten it, thinking peace is better. But we have the advantage now.”

“You might be right~” I could feel her smile from here, “But that also means the Grigory also gains in strength for every Angel we make fall~”

After that I heard the sound of the man getting up from his chair, “I’m leaving, this is too much even for me. You can enjoy your sinful ways with some poor fellow tonight.”

“You make me so sad, Jasper~”

>Head straight back to St. Peters
>Try and divert, going towards the greater Rome area
>Go to the Hotel room ya bought
>Try and lay a trap for the man *How?*
>Try and lay a trap for the man *How?*
Wait inside the elevator with the doors closed (go to other floor if its needed to close the doors) when opens the doors, we pull him in, knock him out, and quickly drag him to our room.
Rolled 47 (1d100)

“Oh Lord,” I looked at the end of the hallway where the elevator stood opened, “Uh, this way Irina!”

“Huh, what, oh!”

We quickly, but as silently as we could, quickly made our way down the hall way. I watched as a moderate looking couple stepped out of it, and soon enough we quickly hopped in from behind them. We got a pair of confused looks, but soon the doors were between us.

“Okay, what are we doing!?” Irina quickly said as her eyes were as wide of saucers.

“We wait here, when he opens it we knock him out.” I said before thinking for another moment, “I think.”

“Oh Lord oh Lord.” A small chattering came from Irina as we stayed in wait. The moments came by as we both went to either side of the elevator, quickly taking out whatever could help us. I willed Excalibur into a simple bat while Irina brought out a small pistol.

Soon enough, the bell rang of the elevator rang, opening itself on the same floor. We waited there for only a moment before he stepped inside. The next moment we both slammed our respective weapons on top of his head, sending the man to the ground with a satisfying smack.

As we waited for the doors to close my eyes caught Shirone quickly running down the hall. Irina quickly pressed the ‘Stay Open’ button, just enough time until Shirone came rocketing in. With that the doors closed once more.

“Uh, floor two I think!” I stammered as I quickly got my key out. Looking on it the numbers 204 were on the sheet with three cards.

With a sudden shake we were moving down, and after a small part where our hearts were racing we soon arrived on our floor. Without prompt Shirone grabbed the man, which gave me and Irina enough room to run over and pop the door to the room open.

Without much else we ran into the room. Which I quickly noted was as nicely furnished as the lobby area. Shirone threw the man onto the bed, and we all soon let out small breaths of relief.

“We are going to be scolded for this.” Irina bellowed out as she laid down on the other bed, “I bet you there was a security camera in that elevator.”

“Do we have removal magic?” Shirone said with a small breath for air.

Irina shook her head, “It’s only a chance they’d check it, and I bet you we won’t have any problems. Its just if right now we might not want Griselda to know about it…”

>Ignore it, as the chance is too low.
>Take care of it, *How?*

>Your captive, hes not waking up for a while. What you wanna do with him?
This is a tough one. Not taking care of a camera vid of us knocking a guy unconscious sounds like a horrible idea, but if we get caught while trying to remove, things would only get worse. And Irina thinks we won't get into much trouble over it. For now, i think i will >Ignore it, as the chance is too low.
But if someone thinks we should eliminate it, i'm all for it.
Now, about the captive:
>Tie his hands and feet, in case he wake up.
>Ask Irina if she recognize him, since she has been a exorcist for more time than us. If she doesn't, ask if his name, Jasper, sounds familiar, maybe she heard about him sometime.
It was a painful thought process, one where I had to consider a great many things before a choice was made. In the end however I came up with my final decision, “Leave it be, Irina I think you are right in that our chance of discovery are just too low. First we need to tie this man up.”

“Alright, I guess you’re right.” Was what I got from Irina and a nod from Shirone. Quickly enough we all took the rope that I had in my bag, quickly wrapping it around the man’s legs and arms. Out of all of us Shirone went the most extreme, using her strength to easily wrap the material about his entire body.

As we took a step away from the man I turned to Irina, “Do you recognize him? I think his name was Jasper.”

The girl just shook her head, “I never really heard of an Exorcist by that name, but we don’t really get to know each other outside our groups. I mean, the Vatican hasn’t been that crowded in forever.”

“That is… a pitty.” Was about all I could say as I looked over the man’s features. They were nothing special honestly, something you could easily lose in a crowd unlike many other I knew. Now that I think about it more, most people I know have some oddity to them.


“Hey Asia, he’s waking up!” Irina quickly snapped me out of my musings towards the heretic. HIs eyes slowly opened, a calm blue of confusion looked at her, “W-who the hell are you?”

>Ask the questions you wanna ask
>Knock him back out
Okay, he didn't recognized us yet. That's good. On highsight, we should probably have used masks or blindfolded him.

>since he is looking at Irina right now, let's use this opportunity to turn excalibur into a voice recoder without him noticing. Since he is tied in the bed, it shouldn't be hard to keep it out of his visual field.
>Since he doesn't know who we are, let's not use our names, if we need to talk with the others, let's just call them sister, sis, or something else. Gesture with our eyes at the guy in case Irina and Shirone don't get it at first.
Before the questions:
>We are people who know of sins, that's all that matters.
Now, the questions:
>who is the fallen you have associated yourself with?
(I know her name, but let's see what more we can discover)
>How long you have worked with the grigory?
>what's your plan? What do you hope to accomplish?
>we know about your associate. Who is he?
Since he seems to still belive in god, let's try to use it to convince him
>It's not to late to repent for what you did. Help us put a stop to it and you migh be forgiven. Do you honestly believe God wish for you to work with the grigory?
If that don't work, we inform him that we will bring Kotomine to him, so he makes the guy talk. If he still doesn't coperate, them we go through with it. We migh have to wait until tomorow depending how late it is right now.
I'm not sure if we should go after Clair too. Maybe we could after her when we are done with the guy, but i think we should decide after the interrogation. I think I've written way to much already.

Also, sorry for taking too long to reply. I had a test in college today.
Now that I thought about it, “Uh, Sisters, can we take care of his, well.” I to my eyes for a moment before nodding towards him.

Irina looked at me for a moment like I was crazy, but Shirone quickly gave a nod. I watched the man try to squirm a small bit but thanks to Shirone’s job of tying him up the man was unable to move his head. Within the next few moments she covered his eyes.

“Well fuck you all too.” The man sad with a good hint of malice, “Who the fuck are you people, and why do you have a Devil with you!?”

Now that his eyes were covered we all looked at one another, a push of my will quickly turned Excalibur into a casset recorder. The weapon even produced its own tape as I clicked the recording button.

I took a few breaths, “We are people who know of sins, that is all that matters.”

The others moved out, flanking the man at all sides. If he tried anything he would be noticed instantly, which was good for us.

“First, who is the Fallen who you associate yourself with?”

The man grew a small smile, “Oh, Clair? Yeah, you caught me there. She’s the Fallen Angel who I’ve been working with.”

My brows furrowed at how casually he answered me but I had to continue, “How long have you worked for the Grigory?”

“Oh them, never really been.” A small smile adorned his face, “I wouldn’t even call her much of an ally, only a confidant in the greater scheme of things. Now if we are talking Khaos Bridge, maybe three years.”

I took a quick look at everyone else, their eyes clearly in alarm, “Khaos Bridge, what’s your plan?”

“Easy, to bring back the Great War so we can exterminate the Devils once and for all.”

I stopped for a moment, taking in a quick breath before continuing, “Your associate, who is he?”

“Oh, your not going to ask me more about that plan?” The man said with a small smile, “I guess that makes sense, since you have a Devil with you. You probably wouldn’t want to join.”

At his remark towards Shirone I felt a small fire grow in myself, “It is not too late for you, if you help us I will try and have you forgiven. Do you think God would have you work with the Grigory?”

“And God would willingly allow his Angels to ally themselves with the Devils?” His smile grew tenfold, “You’re an Exorcist, so you’ve heard the rumors right? Heaven is planning to end the Great War within a few months, using their newfound power to sue for peace instead of finishing off the Devils once and for all.”

“So what you think.” The smile on the man grew a bit more wicked, “Wouldn’t you agree Devils have plagued the world too much already?”

>Agree with the man
>Disagree with him
>Ignore him, for there are more important things at work *Like What?*
>Ask who his associate is one more time
>Knock him out again
(We already have the tape)
>Go after Clair too(to capture, not to kill. Azazel probably would like to interrogate her)
>Investigate the locked room later too.
Do we loose the tape if excalibur turn into a weapon again?
>ask one of the girls to stay here in case Jasper wakes up again or some of the hotel workers come to our room.
I need a roll, but I don't know if I'll get one any time soon.
Rolled 83 (1d100)

“You never did answer me,” A small bit of anger in my voice, “What is the name of your associate?”

Though he was blind folded the man looked up towards me, “I guess you’re not a true believer.”

I turned towards Shirone, “Sister, can you knock the man out?”

I received a nod from the girl, who within the next moment flicked his head with her fingers. He fell onto the bed unceremoniously drool now slowly flowing from his mouth. I quickly brought out my Excalibur recorder, the device ejecting a golden cartridge before morphing back into my Rosari.

“We should probably go over and get that Angel if she is still around.” I said while turning to the others, “What do you think?”

The two gave me a nod. I felt a small smile creeping onto my face before I had to sigh, “Can someone stay to watch Jasper here? We do not want him causing trouble.”

“I will.” Shirone announced while stepping forward, “I can be detected, you two are less likely.”

“Alright, there you have it!” Irina cheered with a few steps forward, “Let go hunt ourselves a Fallen Angel!”

Soon enough we left the room, making our way up via the elevator to the fifth floor. Just as before I had the Thu’um influencing my vision, the sight of the Angel still in the room. The rooms next to her were now filled with people, the ones on the left seeming to have finished while the right was simply resting.

Our target, for the most part, seems to have just stayed in the same spot without leaving for some reason.

>How you wanna go in?
>knock on the door and pretend to be a hotel employee
>Says it's room service that a nice gentleman sent as a apology gift for deciding to depart so soon.
If she ask what exactly it is, Asia can lie that is some good and expensive wine (i know almost nothing about wine, so i leave the name to her italian knowledge)
>when she opens the door, we jump in and hit her with escalibur turned into a bat again.

I'm gonna sleep now, so i will roll a dice now in case you need a roll to continue, so you don't have to wait around 8 hours before continuing.
Anyway, good night QM! See you tomorrow
Do so, though update likely wont be till tomorrow. Remember Asia does not have mimicry skills, so it will be at half her Chr.

I suggest everyone else roll!
Rolled 6 (1d100)

My first crit :D
Shit, i tipped wrong last night when i rolled
Congratulations bro!
“Okay, how are we going to get her out of there?” Irina asked with a ponderous expression.

“Well, there is one way, I think?” I coughed a little inside my hands, “Just stay at the side of the door.”

“Uh, alright?” She did as I said, now positioned towards the side of the door with her pistol in hand.

I coughed a few more times in my own hands, taking a few steps forward before knocking on the door. While I was not really able to change my voice, I was able make myself sound much less threatening, “Uh, excuse me madam. A rather nice gentleman left you a gift basket as he was leaving. He wanted us to give it to you.”

“Oh really~” I watched as the girl hopped up from her postion and started making her way to the door, “And what would be in the basket?”

I thought to myself for a moment, “Uh, Prendimi I think it was called.”

“Oh ho ho~ He shouldn’t have.” Soon enough the Fallen had opened the door with a leachous smile on her face. She only had a moment’s notice when Irina gave her a pistol whip in the head, “What the hell!”

I quickly brought out Excalibur, quickly turning the weapon into a bat before smacking the Angel upside the head as well. With a small prayer to God I smacked her upside the head as well, sending the Angel flying across and onto the ground with a meaty thud.

We quickly made our way up to her, the Angel’s skull obviously fractured under the attack. We both made our way to the gal before I quickly healed her with a small bit of magic.

Irina was looking over my shoulder, “Hey Asia, are you healing her?”

“Yeah, why you ask?”

“Have you been able to heal people?”

“Yeah.” the feeling became a little odd so I decided to ask Irina, “Hey, can you help me get her onto the bed.”


Soon enough the girl was on the bed, though there were now two spots of blood in the room we might need to explain.

>What you wanna do with the Angel, she’s not waking up soon.
>Tie her up too. Preferably harder than Jasper since she is probably stronger.
>Inform the church that we fond a heretic and a fallen who work for the khaos brigade
Within the next few minutes we worked at it, the Fallen Angel who we had captured was soon tied up in several knots from the remaining rope we had. While we worked at it a little harder, I noticed how a good majority of the knots were not the best. I guess somehow Shirone was the most skilled out of all of us when it came to these kind of things.

“Well, she’s not gonna be waking up in a while Asia.” Irina said while looking over the rough scars forming on the Angel’s skull.

“Yeah, we got about everything we could, huh.” I responded with a slight melancholy.

“Hey, it worked out better than we ever could have thought.” Irina said with a soft smile, “Give me a moment, I’ll call this in to Griselda.”

With that she jumped off the bed, bringing out a phone. She quickly typed something in, bringing it up to her ear, “Hey Griselda, uh, we have a minor situation.”

Irina gave a small shaking of the head, “No, we did not lose all our money. No we, uh, uncovered some heresy in the church and need someone to pick up our suspects.”

We waited for what seemed like baited breaths, as Irina listened intently to the phone in her hand. After a moment she gave a solemn nod, “Yeah, if you can. We might have been recorded on camera…”

With that over with she said good bye and hung up the phone, “Good news, we are not in trouble. Sadly, she said only Kotomine is available for pick up.”

I gave a soft sigh, “Then we can only wait.”
File: 1179914-04b.png (145 KB, 355x596)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
It did not take that long as within about half an hour the feeling of magic once more came through the air. It was a bounded field of some kind, and within moments I could tell it was searching for us in particular.

We waited with baited breaths, as he did not come for us immediately. But after what seemed like five minutes we heard a small knock at the door. Taking initiative, I moved my way up to the peep hole to see who was outside. With a small sigh I opened the door to welcome in both Kotomine and Shirone, Shirone holding Jasper on her back.

“Quite the situation you three have found yourselves in.” The man said while making his way to the Fallen’s bedside, “You gave her quite the injury, but nothing I cannot clean up.”

He extended his arm, a small sigil of blue inching towards the small puddle of blood. Within moments the blood once on the ground and on the Fallen was soon cleaned up.

He soon reached towards the Fallen, quickly placing her on his shoulder, “Let us go for now, my magecraft will not last much longer on so many.”

Following his lead we made our way towards the outside. The halls were for the most part emptied, though people who were walking about were slumped on the ground. Even as we made our way into the lobby the receptionist was lying on the counter snoring as if he was in his own bed.

We did not take the front door outside however, instead we went out back and into the alley where a white van was parked. He as well as Shirone threw the bodies into the back of the van, the man quickly placing better restraints on our suspects. Though as I peered in I noticed how there was a vast array of armaments laying in the back.

“Are you three going to join me, or will you walk?” the Exorcist said with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, sorry!” We took the hint, quickly making our way into the vehicle.

Soon enough we were on the way towards the Vatican, the cars on the way somehow letting us by. We were quite, the odd feeling Kotomine exhumed easily keeping us all quite.

Said man only gave a small chuckle, “So, how was your first foray into the life of an Inquisitor? Was it thrilling? Or maybe it made you question your values as a devout Christian? Does such a heretical view make you question Micheal’s direction?”

>”The man was a Heretic, he will deserve whatever he gets for such an act.”
>”He was simply missled, lead by the Angel I am sure”
>”We are aiming to side with Devil is what he said. He made both sense but was mad.”
>Insert your own.
>”He was simply missled, lead by the Angel I am sure”
The feeling in the van was… off to say the least. The small smile adorning Kotomine’s face seemed somehow off from what I could tell. I shook my head though, as a question like that was nothing too worrisome.

“He was simply a misguided man, lead by a Fallen Angel.” I said while leaning a small bit into the seat, “While he is a heretic, the man simply made the wrong choices in his own life.”

“So you believe that.” the man said with a small smile, “Well time will tell if your thoughts stay true, these will soon be trying times indeed.”

With that we soon arrived into the Vatican, the activity more or less dying down at least on the outside. We soon pulled into the back of the place, the entire vehicle being drawn into the earth before stopping.

As we left the vehicle Kotomine spoke up, “I suggest the three of you head into your room to sleep, for later tonight you three will be called upon.”

“Alright?” was all I really got to say as we traveled from the room and into the Catacombs proper. As we came through, however a good majority of Exorcist were still active and about the place, but I guess that is what happens when you fight mainly at night.

“Well, good night everyone.” I said while making my way into my room.

“Night Asia,” Irina cheered.

“Good night.” Shirone said with a slight bow.

With those things said we all went into our rooms, the place I came into the same as how I left it. I gave a slight sigh as I sat down onto my bed and relaxed for a moment. I tried to sleep, but for some reason I could not do so. Maybe it was the anxiety from our fight earlier, or knowledge that there was still atleast one traitor among us. Either way, I could not sleep.

So instead I got up from the bed, the idea of doing something to pass the time coming into mind.

>Go visit one of the girls *Who?*
>Go study a kind of magic *What?*
>Read one of your books *Still have the Fleshmancy from the third thread for crying out load*
Yeah, we kind of have been ignoring fleshmancy haven't we? I can't speek for everyone, but it's kinda hard to see Asia interesed in it, given the nature of how it works
>Go study a kind of magic *What?*
Without much else to do I decided to take some time and study the magics of Alteration. With an objective in mind I made my way into the library and was soon found a book that seemed to be in its theme.

‘One’s flesh made of stone’ was the title, and so I quickly started reading it. It seemed to be a lesson on how to give one an armor of some kind, but not actually wearing it. It also claimed to work best without other kinds of armor, that the more bear the skin it increased the magic’s potential. Reading it gave me insight in the new spell.

>Asia learned [Stone Flesh]

As I waited there I noticed someone approaching at the corner of my eye, a Sister who was much older than my friends. It only took me a moment to realize that it was in fact Griselda of all people!

“How has your evening been, Asia?” She asked with a sweet tone.

“Been well… I guess.” I took a moment’s thought, then settled the book onto the stand next to me, “I just could not sleep tonight.”

“I would believe so, Kotomine has already contacted me on what happened.”

I felt a small flush coming onto my face, “I-is that so?”

“You have done well.” She said with a small smile adorning my face, “Though I have not come to you just to talk, come along. Micheal wishes to see you.”

I felt my heart skip a small beat, “R-really!?”

She gave me a calm nod, “Yes, though I heard your case is different.”

She waved me along, not answering my unspoken question. But without anything more I followed her out of the catacombs and into the main part of Saint Peters. The halls within the sanctum much more scarce of people than the catacombs below.

Soon we started to ascend up the stairs, taking now an all too familiar route to me now. Arriving at a pair of oak doors Griselda knocked onto the doors before her. The soft sounds of someone beckoning us entry came through, and we soon entered the place.

What we walked into was not the small room of many times before, but unstead what must have been a court of some kind. Lining the half circle wall were eleven folk, and my eyes widened as I relized what they all were.

Ten of them were Angels, while only other one was infact the Pope himself. The only mortal among Angel sat off to the side of the central figure, Micheal himself. On the other side of Micheal was Gabriel, her radiance ever showing.

It did not take me long to realize the rest were the Seraphim of Heaven.

I quickly bowed the them on instinct at Micheal’s introduction, “Welcome Asia Argento, you are now before Heaven’s Court. You may rise.”

I did as I was told, the figures giving me a warmed heart at their smiles.

“Rejoice today, for you are one of the few chosen to come before us. As such, think of this as more of an interview than a trial.” His smile continued without waving a moment, “First I may ask you, Asia Argento, why is it that you served the Church for so long. Why is it that you came back to us even after your excommunication.”

>Give me a response.
>To Be One hundred percent honest you truly dont know why you can back part of it may be it was home for the longest time part may be you like helping people too the point you were too generous and fell in to a trap
Supporting >>3949580
As he finished the rest of the council before me was silent. The all awaited my reply, Angels awaiting the reply of of a person in mortal form.

I took in some breath, my heart slowly steadying, “I… can never truly say why I came back to the Church. I have been a part of it for the longest time of my life, and I was only excommunicated when I fell into a trap for being too generous.”

“I just knew I should come back when I had the chance.”

The variety of Angel nodded before one of them, a being with a sharp jawline turned towards the Pope, “May I know why she was Excommunicated to start with? It reeks of scheme.”

I watched as the Pope gave a soft nod, “We have done investigations, and that was the case. It seemed the local Bishop was corrupted through extortion and bribery. The party was determined to be the Devils of the Astaroth Clan.”

I tried my best not to flinch in anger as I heard those words. The Pope simply shook his head as the Angel known as Metatron grew in anger, “Micheal, for what I am about to say does not relate to these trials, I wish to speak to you later.”

“That is understandable Metatron.” Micheal turned towards me once more, “I can understand your response, Asia. Many who roam these halls have done so since they were but children before our eyes.”

The Head Angel seemed to nod to himself, “However, I have heard that you have penetrated a similar scheme involving Jasper Rhetoric and Clair of the Fallen Angels. To such a thing I thank you for doing so.”

It felt a little off, but I bowed towards him, “Th-thank you Micheal!”

“Now if I may ask a question.” The next one to stand up was a blond haired angel with sharp purple eyes, “Asia Argento, from your experiences recently you were likely told we are looking into making Angels from human in a way similar to Metatron. If I may ask, what would be your objective if we followed through with this?”
>Give me a response
>To protect humanity. During my travels after i left the church, i met people who couldn't defend thenselfs from the occult. They didn't even know what was happening or why it was happening to them! I want to be able to protect as many people as i can
File: 41-ahZT3QCL._SX425_.jpg (18 KB, 425x425)
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As he spoke those words I felt a small flame light in the bottom of my belly, “T-to protect humanity. I have been across the world since I was excommunicated, and I have met so many people who were not able to defend themselves against the occult. Why many did not even know it was happening!”

I took a small step forward, “My wish is to protect as many people as I can!”

The Angel grew a small smile upon my words, “I can hear the fire in those words, Micheal I can approve of this girl.”

Micheal nodded to himself, “Does anyone else wish to question Asia Argento, or do you believe she is of pure heart and ability?”

None of the others raised their hands, which brought a small smile to my face. Most of them were either nodding along with what Micheal said or watching me with softened faces.

“Then we are in agreement, Asia Argento you have received Heaven’s judgement to find you able.” Though I noticed the Arch-Angel seem to sigh under his breath, “There is however one issue if we were to make you an Angel, you would no longer be a Dragon.”

I felt my brow raise, though none of the others seem to be surprised at Micheal’s words, “You see, it is very much possible for Dragons to reincarnate and even keep a majority of their abilities. However, we also know it is imperfect in that they tend to not only inherit the weaknesses of both races, but lose a Dragon’s immortality said to rival God.”

“D-does that mean I will not become an Angel?” I sputtered out with dread falling upon me.

“Well there is another thing we can do. Like Devils we Angels can distill power onto people, making them similar to Saints blessed by our Father.” He began to shake his head, “You see, we Seraphim were once forbade from doing such an action. Though the majority agrees that turning mortals into Angels would be a greater offence in that respect.”

I felt a small bit of confusion, but also recognition at the idea. Truly powerful Saint were unheard of in the modern times so maybe this was the reason why.

“It is however your decision in the end, Asia Argento.” Micheal said with a final, graceful smile, “Either way you shall ascend into the Heavens as one of over Fifty new individuals coming to Heaven. From there you will serve along with your fellow Xenovia and Irina, as well as maybe your ward Shirone is she is found able.”

>Become a Saint: Essentially a massive burst in magical potential, giving Asia a bunch of premade spells as well as access to creating Angelic spells with time. They will also present blessings, like those you found on Doom Slayer.

>Become an Angel: Asia will lose her immortality, the thing that allowed her to come back from the dead once before. She will also lose the ability to consume Dragon Souls, as her soul will be morphed beyond Mor’ Voh’s experiment. For the cost of these, Asia becomes an Angel in all sense of the word. She will gain flight, become a beacon of all that is good, and be able to produce Angelic magic much easier.
Hmm, this is a hard choise. I don't really care for losing our immortality(In fact i think Asia might even want that) But loosing our ability to consume dragon souls seems like a big cost. Will we lose any other abilities like the dragons shouts we curently have?
Will this affect anything beyond our abilities, like our position in the church or relationship with some character? Like Mor'Voh or Suzie?
I will mention the Immortality as in she can be killed. And with that she will not come back after words.

You will not lose any of your Shouts you already have.
Weapons with a high enough caliber to kill Angels tend to also be designed to obliterate their soul so they can't come back.
And for your last thing, you just gotta find out wont ya.
>Become a Saint: Essentially a massive burst in magical potential, giving Asia a bunch of premade spells as well as access to creating Angelic spells with time. They will also present blessings, like those you found on Doom Slayer.
Even though what you said is false because she has a dragon Soul not body
The Reincarnation works at the level of the Soul, capturing the it to become a power source.
hmm ok but we cant become an angel it ruins the whole point of this quest Lets just have asia become a legit holy maiden/saintess instead of the title she was given by others because of her powers and temperment
Eh, I'd just change the name.
Thanks for answering! I think i'll go with Saint then
>Become a Saint: Essentially a massive burst in magical potential, giving Asia a bunch of premade spells as well as access to creating Angelic spells with time. They will also present blessings, like those you found on Doom Slayer.
Anyone got any idea on what kind of blessing you want? The plan is for there to be three.
Do we already live along time being a Dragon?
if not longevity then i cant really think of anything else they can grant That we dont already have maybe an ability to make fake wing for flight which are influenced by our soul And the generic luck blessing unless we can get Intelligence / wisdom boost
File: Dm-odbSUYAAxJwq.jpg (129 KB, 1200x800)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I thought it over for a moment, the idea of becoming an Angel so alluring that I would call myself dumb for doing so. But I did not say yes right away, for there was one thing that stirred my heart.


I do not know why, but the thought of losing that might be the worst decision. I looked up at the, as I thought becoming an Angel would robe Heaven of what might soon be our greatest weapon. With the ability to end Dragons completely could turn the tides in a conflict with their kind.

“I-I will choose to accept becoming a Saint. I understand why you are hesitant Micheal, and I will still serve Heaven with all my heart.”

Micheal soon stood up, golden wings expanding from behind him. He reached out to either wide with a smile, “Heaven has heard your decision, and in recognition of your deeds there is to be reward.”

He took took flight for only a moment, slowly gliding his way onto the floor in which I stood. He came up to me, a small smile adorning his face, “I need you to bow, Asia Argento.”

His words, while one would see as kind, I heard as a command. On instinct alone I bowed before the Seraphim himself.

“Thou has served Heaven and Man for as long as you lived. Even when you were banished by those of the cloth you prayed with all your heart.”

“Thou hast slain both fellow man, monsters, and Dragons who lurked in the darkness, defending the innocent from the horrors that would seek their destruction. I shall give you three blessings that shall serve you in your immortal life.”

I felt my Soul move, just like it has many times before. It stirred from the arrival of power entering its chamber.

“Thou shall become the bane of Dragons, so that you may fall them from the skies of mankind’s horizen.”

“Thou shall have strength of that of Dragon, so that you may challenge them on equal grounds.”

“Lastly, thou shall have the Wisdoms of Heaven so that you may tap into our miracles.”

“Thrice I have given you a blessing, and so I ask you once more, are you willing to serve Heaven?”

I spoke, my soul announcing its presence, “Geh, I do.”

He touched my head, as if placing a crown onto it.

“Then I hereby declare you, The Dragon Slaying Saint Asia. May you bear this title in future battles.”

Golden light soon surrounded me as I rose to the approval of Heaven's Court.
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Finally, got this damn thread done. While it was a good bit bumpy thanks to everyone somehow being gone for break we things done in the end.

So yeah! Thank for pulling through for the end of this one everyone!
And for translation on the blessings are as followed.

Deal an Extra 2d10 to Dragons, as well as making them functionally allergic to her
Unnatural Strength X2
Able to cast Spells from Heaven
Thanks for running QM! Hope to see you again soon.
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