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There are times in life of a man when one role or another comes to a forefront as circumstances call for it: a lover, a fighter, a poet, a servant, a healer... a parent, a brother, a friend, a judge or a fugitive, an ally or a rival...

Sometimes the difference in the ways one presents themselves can be so stark and the transition abrupt that even their close ones may have troubles accepting the shift.

However, none of that has to mean that the fundamental core beneath it all is a different person. Even though one doesn’t necessarily need to know themselves well enough to recognize it.

Regardless, be it through cold blooded deliberation or subconscious, animal instincts, we would often strive to present the front most appropriate, or best received, in a given situation.

In this case, you’re unsure whether motivation is your personal conviction or hedging of the risks, but you opt for the honesty.

“I’m Henri Ford, special consultant for the Citadel Institute of Xenoarcheology.” You introduce yourself to the elderly Krogan, then go on to do the same for your crew: Tufferson Kris, your colleague, Lea’Fari nar Namek, a Quarian youth and Eve Ferrum, a... cybernetics specialist. As she’s wearing her human guise, you opt not to advertise her true nature as an Infiltrator AI.

“Well, well, Well. Quite an interesting company for a scholar. And quite a circumstance. What exactly makes you think you’d be in position to answer to Kara’s request?”

“Willingness to help.” You answer. “If someone with better qualifications shows up, I will happily yield floor to them. Until and unless that happen though, let’s say I enjoy solving problems.”

“I see. So we are a puzzle to you. A challenge.” The Krogan hums.

“Certainly better so than to have to deal with this mess from perspective of our actual day job.” Kris remarks, eliciting a chuckle from the venerable one.

“And more exciting, I imagine.” The old one remarks. “Very well, don’t let me keep you any longer. The chief will want to hear what you have to say for yourselves... doctor Ford.”

“Thank you...” you say, leaving the unsaid question hang in the air. The Krogan doesn’t notice or chooses to ignore it as he turns and walks away, leaving you to your on devices.
In this case it means crossing a shallow river, the muddy riverbed crisscrossed by tracks of Krogan vehicles, the trophy-adorned presumably at least partially artificial cavern taunting you from the other side.

“So, how are we going to get across?” Lea asks.

Ah, water surfaces. The bane and nemesis of adventurers everywhere. The silent killer, the impassable wall.

You smirk. Then you realize that one of your companions is a robot and the other one was unlikely to ever get chance to learn to swim.

“Is that... going to be a problem?” You ask.

“The suit can take it, it’s just real pain to make it look good again afterwards.” Lea explains.

“This body is waterproof, but the mud and water have adverse effects on the disguise. In essence, what she said.” Eve adds.

Turning your gaze back to the offending natural feature you contemplate your options. You can expend some effort and comfort on fording the stream, as you see a pair of Krogan doing short distance away, their bulky frames plowing through the terrain with little apparent effort.

Or you could look for alternatives. You have your jet pack and when you look at Kris he makes a show of forming a glowing ball of mass effect fields in palm of his hand.

>Ford the river. You’re not made of sugar and the girls can take some inconvenience.
>Look around, maybe there is another passage behind the waterfall or elsewhere through the cliff?
>Use the jet pack to carry the girls across. Kris can charge.
>Split the Party
>other plan
>Use the jet pack to carry the girls across. Kris can charge.
Make sure to blink to him smugly
When you say charge you mean...?

>Use the jet pack to carry the girls across. Kris can charge.
>galantly hold quarian to cross the river flying
>drop quarian
>dive for the rescue
>end up covered in mud in a knee high river

>Use the jet pack to carry the girls across. Kris can charge.

Shallow water crocodiles may be afraid of krogan, but not of us.

>Use the jet pack to carry the girls across. Kris can charge.
Have kris use Lift on the girls, and we push them across
Giving one more look to the offending landscape element it doesn’t take you long to make a decision. The ladies made their preference clear and on top of that you didn’t want to risk having to deal with any crocodiles that might have decided to stick around.

“Alright, we’ll fly over. With your permission, ladies?” You ask, pointing at your jet pack.

“Oh my. How bold of you, Ford. Both of us?” Eve raises her eyebrow.

Of course, there was the additional benefit of the privilege to get a Quarian maiden and a machine engineered into feminine beauty in your embrace but that didn’t really enter into your calculations.

“In sequence.” You say dryly and turn to Lea. “Miss Fari? Shall you go first?l

“Okay, sure.”

“No. I go first.” Kris announces. You are prepared for what comes next. Dark energy flares around the Krogan as he draws on his powers, the unnatural bluish light first pronouncing his shape but rapidly enveloping him, surging in intensity and then, in a motion that defied common sense, surged forward and across the stream in a in a thunder ball of eezo.

And then it was gone and once again only the Krogan remained, wisps and strands of the mass effect blue dissipating from space around him. Or maybe just from your retina, you were not quite sure about that.

“Show off.” You say after him.

“Your turn, Kettle.” He retorts from the other side.

And so you deftly swoop the Quarian into your arms, this time not surprised by deceptively firm musculature contained in the lithe frame, and activate your jet pack.

Even so, how do these people get so tough with their shipbased lifestyle? A mystery for another time, you guess.

One thruster aided jump followed by smooth landing, enveloped by bluish glow of mass effect fields, and you find yourself on the other side.

“Thanks, Cap.” Lea says as you put her down. “I really need to get one if those.”

“We’ll see what can be done.” You nod and leap back across to repeat the procedure.

“Thanks for the consideration, Ford.” Eve says as you pick her up. You are almost surprised by how light she feels, though you credit your subconscious for that - you know she is a machine and how much punishment she can take, so it feels like she should be built like a Mako. On the other hand, it’s clear she could not pass as an infiltrator if all it could take to reveal her was stepping onto a scale.

“What friends are for, eh?” You smile as you take flight again.
With the four of you safely across you can turn your focus back to your destination. The cavern yawned at you from the cliff looming above, difference in light leaving you unable to make out details until you enter its shade. You can however make out low rumble of voices.above you can now make out in greater detail the various trophies - skulls, claws, jaws, ivory tusks.

One of the trophies stood out in particular, giving you a pause - a black scaled carcass of shape that did not remind you of any animal you’ve heard of. Although admittedly you did actually see one similarly exceptional - or so you hope. Cursory scan with your omnitool confirms the similarities run deeper.

This creature came from a lab.

“That one’s new.” Kris says.

“They all are.” You remark.

“You know what I mean. But it does raise questions...”

“It does.” You agree. “Let’s get the answers.”

Feeling sufficiently invited by previous inhabitants of the camp that you encountered you decide to stride forward, your crew falling in behind you. Soon after you enter the shade and interior features of the hall become apparent.

The cave, possibly relic of an older, more ancient and powerful water flow than the one you’ve just crossed, has been visibly adjusted by its new inhabitants, if relatively cleanly bored walls on either side and the machinery piled in the far corner, possibly in anticipation of further work or perhaps just because there was no more appropriate place available for it just yet. Those were hardly the highlights, though.

The highlight, quite literally in this case, was the skull throne. Or, more precisely, vaguely chair-like rock formation standing out of an elevated platform that was adorned with characteristic shapes of beast skulls. The entire thing, along with first of several rows of rock benches surrounding the throne, was placed beneath a ray of light coming from the ceiling. It was not clear whether the light is natural guided by some light ducts or artificial, but you expected that the latter or some combination thereof would be the case to preserve the effect without having to worry about the time of day.

The throne was currently occupied, and so was the front row.

“Ah, there you are. Come on closer... Doctor Ford.”
The Krogan on the throne gestures at you. His companions turn away from the throne and size you up. They are two males - one shorter, scarred and with expression you’ve come to recognize from your experiences with Kris as “thoroughly unimpressed”, the other leaner, sprightly looking, his head plate virtually unblemished. He studies you as if to decide whether you’re a threat or a prey.

“Chieftain Bant Kara, I presume?” You ask as you approach and step into the circle of light. “Doctor Henri Ford, CIX, at your service.” You say, and when the chieftain nods in acknowledgment you go on to introduce your companions.

“Alright, then. Let’s cut the crap and get to the point.” Kara says. “Why are you here?”

>Because I want to help you.
>Because I want to prevent a clusterfuck.
>Because I want to earn favour with your people.
>Because my friend insisted.
>Because I was bored.
>Because it looked like an interesting puzzle to solve
>other reasons (specify)
>>Because I want to prevent a clusterfuck.

no bullshitting I guess
"Because you asked for help...oh sorry, you used the word consultant right?

But really, I'm here to
>prevent a clusterfuck.
>Because I want to prevent a clusterfuck.
> I want to prevent a clusterfuck.
We'll bang okay?
>Because I want to prevent a clusterfuck.
Which extends into most of what we do doesn't it?
Well, if cutting the crap is what the chieftain Kara wants then that's what he is going to get.

"I," You declare, looking Kara straight in the eye. "want to prevent a clusterfuck from happening. And I feel one is close at hand here."

You're vaguely aware of some movement in your peripheral vision as Lea gives you a worried look and Kris silently nods his accord. The younger Krogan tenses up a bit at the challenging tone while the older one merely inclines his head slightly while keeping his reserved expression.

"Hrm." The chieftain, for his part growls. "Is that so? What business is that of yours, specifically?"

"I would feel bad if I could see that things are going to shit without trying to do something about it. Your job ad has provided one such path where I could try." You reply without hesitation. "Because we've just all emerged from a terrible disaster, through joint struggles that even overcame several deeply set feuds and disputes. It would be a terrible shame if that unity was needlessly destroyed only weeks after the Reapers were defeated."

You give the Krogan few moments to process, but he's quicker than you expected in assembling a reply.

"So you consider it a mission on your part. Quadsy of you to think you can actually make a difference, 'doctor'. Or maybe you've just spent too much of your thinking on your backup brains."

"We don't have those."

"My point excactly."

"Nonetheless, that is my reason that you asked for, chieftain Kara. Consequently I'm here to offer my help and my services."

For a few seconds you just stand there, your gaze locked with that of the wayward chieftain.

"I don't see how this posturing fool will be of any use to us." The apparently younger Krogan is first to break the moment.

"Color me surprised." The older of the Kara's companions retorts. "Always so quick to jump before you look, in combat or conclusions. That's how you always get beaten."

"While your hesitation and unwillingness to commit cost you opportunities and openings until you fall to attrition." the younger one shoots back.

"Enough of that." Kara says, "That you both offer your opinions freely is the reason I have you here." Kara says, ending the exchange. "But the doctor makes a good point. He's here on invitation and he will be allowed to make his case."

With that the chieftain turns back to you.

"So then, doctor Ford, what exactly makes you think that you're in position to actually be of help here?"

>the determination itself is enough. With enough of it no obstacles is too great to overcome.
>admit that you don't know how much you'll be able to do, but you've resolved to do whatever you can.
>ask for more information of what Kara himself wants to achieve so you can more accurately gauge your capabilities
>outline the plan you've picked prior to your arrival (battle arena for supervised fights)
>list your assets (ship, crew, contacts? specify), perhaps that will convince them?
>other response
>ask for more information of what Kara himself wants to achieve so you can more accurately gauge your capabilities
>>ask for more information of what Kara himself wants to achieve so you can more accurately gauge your capabilities

and maybe mention the plan
his ad was awfully vague
This. Let's see if we have a good read on the situation
>ask for more information of what Kara himself wants to achieve so you can more accurately gauge your capabilities
We have a plan, but also want to make sure it's not based on incorrect assumptions.
“Well, I didn’t come here without exploring some possibilities entirely,” you say, “but before pushing them on you I’d like to hear what your expectations were when issuing the advert.”

The chieftain considers your answer, or provisional lack thereof, before nodding slowly. “Very well.”

Kara makes another pause, presumably to collect his thoughts, and then leans back into the throne and begins to speak, his rumbling voice carrying the words across the cavern.

“As you no doubt know, I’ve led my people out here into the wild so we could live out what it means to be Krogan. To experience the thrill of combat, the struggle that separates the weak from the strong, the warrior from a prey.

I know that warlord Wrex has some grand plans for the Krogan. That we can be known for more than just our prowess in battle, that our civilization can rival and surpass others in other ways. That it can rise above what Salarians made of us when they needed an army against Rachni. That we can learn from mistakes of our ancestors.”

“There was no mistake. Our ancestors understood that comfort breeds complacency. Only through struggle can we maintain our edge and strength.” The younger Krogan speaks up - and is promptly silenced by chieftain’s cold glare, shrinking back into the shadow beneath its weight.

Kara resumes his speech.

“As I was saying, the warlord has plans for the people that I felt sidelined what defined us throughout our history and what makes our blood run. We are warriors. Fighters. That is what defines us as species, that is what brought us to the stars and to what we owe our moments of greatness.”

“And our deepest falls, and greatest of pains. Being a warrior encompasses these as well.” The older Krogan remarks, earning his own share of chieftain’s glare. He doesn’t flinch, though.

“I suppose that does serve to lead back to my ultimate point.”

“I’ve become aware that our presence here is beginning to dig into issue I have little to no interest in - politics. And as you said yourself, doctor Ford, this could result in quite a mess. And although I’m not afraid to fight for our way of life, I’m not thrilled about prospect of getting to butt heads with recent allies over some damned paperwork. That is why I decided to enlist help of a local to help reach arrangement that would allow my people to live proper Krogan life without threat of, as you put it, clusterfucks.”

The chieftain makes another pause before following on with the part that interests you most.

“Ideally I want you, or whoever can get the job done, to secure an agreement with the Alliance command, or whoever calls the shots down here, to leave us alone... and get those untrained fools - admittedly, some of them got quite some guts - off our hair before someone gets dead.”

Right. He must be talking about the environmentalist vigilantes. These are mostly enlisted from civilian survivors with scavenged weaponry they are ill equipped to maintain... for now.

“And that at least until we can pack up and head home. Because, let’s face it, your wildlife is, for the most part, pretty tame by our standards. I for one yearn for Tuchanka.

Now, all that said, I ask again; what do you offer?”

With that the chief, and his two advisors, fix you with expectant gazes.

>you offer an alternative solution - battle sport arena (conservative, relatively low tech, morally questionable)
>you offer an alternative solution - holographic battle arena (progressive, high tech, eezo intensive)
>you offer mediation with local Alliance authorities (tough negotiation, may be zero-sum in outcome (no win-win))
>you offer something else (specify)
>you have more questions first (specify)
>you may have bit off more than you can chew (abandon task)
Mediation with the church to have a location to build a holographic arena, that will be used by the locals after they leave, we just need to do some very tough negotiating, and they can pitch in with whatever they have here that we can extract eezo from, or use their own biotics and admitedly very superior strenght to help build it or put it to use to pay for the eezo on other projects

there's no free lunch so they will strugle a little to get their "leave us alone" deal, but like he said, it's better than butting heads with recent allies so soon after preventing galaxy anihilation
>you offer an alternative solution - battle sport arena (conservative, relatively low tech, morally questionable)

everybody likes a blood sport, so long as you sign the liability waivers
If there's one thing the church doesn't like, it's actual violence. Prevention of injury and property damage is good, doing so while gaining a possible revenue source for later is better.
This is it. With the Krogan outlining some of what you suspected, between his conditions and your prior information a plan begins to take shape.

There will be obstacles and challenges to overcome, and some of them far enough from your actual field of specialty that you’re going to be feeling like a corporate rep at points, but a path makes itself known before you that you can traverse to reach at outcome that will, hopefully, be palatable to everyone involved.

Maybe except Cerberus and whoever else has been so dead set on creating problems recently, but fuck those.

You begin to grin slightly as you formulate your reply.

“Chieftain Kara, you say Earth’s wild is harmless-“

“Mostly harmless.”

“-indeed. Aside from political jungle perhaps which you recognized.”


“What would you say to possibility to employ your fighting prowess against any enemy, past or present, real or imaginary, at any time and against any odds you might choose?”

“Hmmm.” The Krogan measures you once again with his gaze. You get the feeling you are as much a puzzle to him as this problem is to you. “Imaginary, you say? Just what Are you peddling here, Doctor?”

“Perhaps you have heard of Pinnacle station, the joint military project of Alliance and Council militaries?”

You decide to bring up the older, but more professional sounding installment of the tech you intend to float, instead of the perhaps more leisurely sounding, even if no doubt more advanced commercial projects that popped up on Citadel shortly before the Reapers arrived.

“I may have.” The chief replies neutrally.
“It was an orbital installation fitted with sophisticated suite of mass effect projectors, holographic fields and advanced computing capable of generating simulated battlefield with level of verisimilitude approaching reality to the point where specifically designed safeguards need to be employed to protect the participants from dying (and hardware from being damaged). The technology has since advanced and been adopted by commercial sphere.”

The chief ponders your words, and so do his companions. Unsurprisingly, it’s the younger one who speaks first.

“I’m not sure about this. Struggle is meant to carry real consequences - death as a penalty for failure, scars as teachers and reminders. What value has victory earned over a harmless phantom?”

The older one snorts at the unscarred youth, but picks up on somber note. “I actually agree, for once, though for different reasons. Such an environment is bound to promote recklessness by lowering stakes of failure.”

The chieftain says nothing, expecting your reply. And you oblige.

“Those are issues that can be addressed by how the simulation is scored and how it’s outcomes are treated outside of it. And even a phantom can test your skills every bit as thoroughly as a real adversary - if it’s your struggle rather than spilled blood of the opponent, that is the focus, then value of victory is not diminished in the least if the opponent is just a hard light construct. Especially if the construct can take form of any adversary you may want to face, be it a Krogan Warrior, Rachni Hunter of a reaper husk swarm.”

You can tell they are both considering your words, but neither seems willing to concede before the other. Eventually Kara takes the vote.

“This is... Not what I have expected.” He says. “I have hoped for someone to do the talking on our behalf and win us a favorable deal. Instead you come to me with a damned construction project. I can’t deny the way you describe it holds some appeal, but frankly given the scope I don’t think the hassle is worth the bang we’d be getting.”

You feel your heart drop a bit and begin to scramble for more arguments, but another force interrupts you.

“I do.” A deep voice rumbles from behind you, from the mouth of the cavern. Looking along you see a Krogan silhouette approach your group with decisive strides. When he enters into the illuminated circle you recognize him as the scarred one you’ve met just a while ago.
“Shaman. I was wondering where you are.”

“Arcane stuff not for you to know.” The old Krogan answers brazenly. “But I arrived exactly when I should have, I see. Listen here, son, if - admittedly a pretty big if - the human can make good on his offer, then this would be exactly the kind of deal that would not only reunite us with remainder of the clans but also vindicate your dissension and win your initiative honor among them. Potentially even more of half of the boys here are half as good as they think they are.”

“Assuming he can do it.” Kara says simply.

“Yes. That’s obviously the case with any ambitious move. Decision what risk to take with your following us yours. But do not make incorrect assessment before reaching it. The success would carry us further than you imagine.”

And so once again the chieftain falls silent and mulls over his options, his advisors looking at them expectantly.

“Very well,” the he says eventually, turning back to you, “I suppose there may be some value in what you offer, Doctor. Now, let us discuss some specifics...”

You try not to let your relief show too much as you nod and bring up your omnitool.

The next hour or so is spent on hammering out your mandate in dealing with potential contractors. You manage to get Kara to convince some of his men to provide labor under condition they get a say in Arena’s design and operation, and a list of equipment and material he’d be willing to lay down for the cause. It’s... not a lot. You’re going to have to be creative I’d you wish to fund further development.

Eventually you run out of the points to discuss. With one last review of the documents Kara announces the audience to be over and the group scatters, presumably mostly to returning to their departments.

“Good luck.” The Shaman grins at you as he walks by.

Eventually you and your crew remains alone with the chieftain.

“Alright then. I suppose you will want to head out to get our arena going. Unless you’d like to join us on our next hunt?”

“Yes, vey much so (go for the safari.)
>”no, the sooner this is dealt with, the better.” (Head to a corporate offices right now.
>actually, you wanted to ask about something (specify)
>act silly, you wanted to talk about something,
>split the party

>actually, you wanted to ask about something (specify)
Ask him about the "vigilantes" that came after him, explain that they are funded by people on earth that want to turn humans against their recent allies, ask him to show redtraint agaist them because to have blood on their hands is exacly what they want.

Then we

>”no, the sooner this is dealt with, the better.” (Head to a corporate offices right now.

Oh boy, time to negociate hard

>”no, the sooner this is dealt with, the better.” (Head to a corporate offices right now.
Leave Kris with them so he can make sure no clusterfucks happen
>”no, the sooner this is dealt with, the better.” (Head to a corporate offices right now.)
I think they already said they were trying to not kill them because they didn't want to start shit with humanity.
“As a matter of fact, I do. However, there was one more issue I wanted to raise.” You say, your thoughts turning back to the dangerous climate. “The vigilantes you’ve mentioned.”

The chieftain snorts.

“Ah, those. Annoying as they are, they’re not really a problem. I’ve instructed the men to handle them with care. I’m not dumb enough to not recognize they could cause much more damage to us dead than bruised.”

“That’s good.” You nod. “However,” you hesitate at that ever so slightly, wondering whether you should be bringing up how fragile your home worlds political scene seems to be, but it is quickly overridden by your conscience. After all, this directly involves these Krogan. “Things are worse than you probably suspect. There is an agency at play that seeks to deliberately escalate tensions between people and non humans and I fear they may be getting involved here if they haven’t already. I wanted to warn you to keep your eyes open for foul play.”

“Krogan is always on the lookout for foul play.” Kara growls. “Thanks for the heads up, though. I’ll take appropriate precautions.”

You nod gratefully, then give a sidelong glance to Kris, quietly pondering, whether splitting the party now would be a good idea...

“I’ll come.” He says, apparently guessing what you’ve been thinking, or maybe just admitting he’s been having the same thoughts. If whoever is so hell bent on sowing discord is preparing to make a move, you’d like for at least either of you to be there, hopefully to thwart them.

“Very well. We will be riding out at dawn.” Kara says. “We assemble in the square across the stream.”

“I’ll be there.” Kris nodded .

“And we’re heading out to make the arena arrangements.” You add. And with that you exchange few more parting pleasantries and turn to leave the cavern, your two crew women behind you.
For the sake of convenience you decide to take the car and leave your ship where it is. Eve assures you that she left behind enough monitoring processes to know if anything untoward happened, although you strongly doubt the Krogan would feel any need to tamper with the Chariot, much less allow someone who would into their camp.

“Who did you think to contact first?” Eve asks from the backseat, Lea having been the one to call shotgun first. “One of the local corporations?”

“Actually, I intend to head straight to the church.” You say.

“Do they have warrior orders?” Lea asks. “Like Asari Justicars? I mean, that hermit knew how to handle a gun.”

You frown at that and consider. You’re not actually certain about that, it was after all centuries since last crusade and when someone brought up a religious order it was the monastic ones that stood out.

“There are twenty three extant chivalric orders, including ones formed following the third council of Vatican.” Eve backs you up with her extranet superpowers. “Although none of them have military prowess as their focus, some of them follow a regimen of honing their body alongside their spirit. The only armed force related directly to the Church remains the papal guard.” Eve pauses. “All of the mentioned have taken heavy losses during the Reaper crisis.”

“I’d be surprised if they didn’t.” You mutter. “Major population centers like Rome were first to get eyebeamed. Anyway, no, I don’t think they have something like the Justicars. The message they’re generally preaching is that of peace, love and selflessness.”

“Will they be fine with helping Krogan build a battle arena, then?” Lea asks.

“I hope so. I want to play up the ‘peace’ angle. As far as I know, higher officials of the institution tend to be adept politicians so I’m pretty sure they will recognize why they’re in best position to help.” You explain.

“Ford, I think your reasoning is sound, but keep in mind that the church will have internal politics of its own.” Eve says. “If there is a sizable faction adverse to expending limited resources for benefit of the xenos, the local decision maker may be hesitant to go along with your suggestion.”

“It’s never easy.” You sigh. “Still, we’ll have to appeal to the greater good and hope it sticks.”
The sun begins to touch the horizon before you when you reach the point where the Congo River widens into Malebo Pool. As the ambience shifts into red you negotiate access with local traffic control and touch down on a plaza surrounded by office buildings in various stages of ruin or reconstruction, in the heart of Kinshasa green zone.

You make your way through the streets, mostly clean of detritus, populated with evening traffic of locals heading out to partake in leisure, their faces weary but hopeful. Eventually you make it to the cathedral.

The temple, although not spared of the structural damage, was an unsurprisingly imposing edifice, presumably less ornate than the one in Rouen, though at the time it was covered in scaffolding. Your goal is not the place of worship, however, rather it’s the cluster of prefab structures assembled slightly to the side and, if navigational data was to be believed, provisional seat of the highest ranking hierarch in the vicinity, assistant bishop Bondeko Pascal.

“Good evening, sir and ladies. How can I help you?”

As you walk towards the provisional offices you are approached by a young man in clean, simple clothing.

“We’d like to ask for an audience with Monseigneure Pascal.” You say.

“I see. Is it urgent? The bishop has had quite a taxing day.”

“Well, the sooner it’s dealt with the better.” You say. “The specifics are probably something that would warrant a larger appointment, but we come about an issue of large political impact.”

The young man frowns. “Monseigneur Pascal has already made clear he has no desire to preach in favour of any of the candidates-“

“Please, don’t misunderstand. This is not about the election. It’s about the Krogan row.”

“Oh.” The young man says, his expression softening. “Hmm... father bishop has been quite worried about those... and you say you have something important to tell him?”

“I believe so, yes.”

Tho boy sighs. “Okay, please, follow me.”

With that you are escorted to one of the prefab cells, through an ascetic office space and, after being made to wait for the young man to inform the bishop of your presence, ushered into the adjoining prefab refurbished for similar purposes. Aside from a Crucifix on the far wall it was only fitted with elementary office furnishings. Behind a simple metal desk, stack of papers on one side and holographic screen on the other, sat a venerable man of pale skin, white hair and gaunt constitution. He looks up at you as you file in, the young cleric closing doors behind you and your crew, his crimson gaze drilling your soul for several seconds until he moves on to Lea and Eve before settling once more on you.

“What burdens you, children?” He asks.
“Desire for peace between the peoples.” You offer in reply. “I come on behalf of the Krogan community that has settled further inland and has become a political problem.”

You make a pause to gauge the reaction. The bishop’s gaze softens a tiny bit and he leans back slightly.

“I see. So those lost souls have secured someone to speak for them in the end. Good... good.”

He looks at the stack of papers before him and looks lost in thought for a moment, but speaks before you can pick up.

“However, what interests me most is why they would send their emissary to me, of all people.”

With that you’re once more made target of the old cleric’s glare.

“Perhaps that is a bit cynical of me, but somehow I don’t expect they would like to join Lord’s flock.”

Well. It seems the time has come to lay out your case to the bishop. How should you go about it?”

>explain your plan to build a holographic arena to give Krogan an alternate venue to exercise their martial culture, that should help the bishop understand your position
>perhaps the bishop will be more at ease if you tell him right away what you want - access to some real estate. You can justify the request afterwards.
>ask him what he thinks about the situation before volunteering more on your part.
>ask him what he thinks and try to get him to tell you what he’d be willing to offer to help ease the tensions.
>other strategy (specify)

>ask him what he thinks about the situation before volunteering more on your part.
>perhaps the bishop will be more at ease if you tell him right away what you want - access to some real estate. You can justify the request afterwards.

Let's be more upfront

>explain your plan to build a holographic arena to give Krogan an alternate venue to exercise their martial culture, that should help the bishop understand your position
>explain your plan to build a holographic arena to give Krogan an alternate venue to exercise their martial culture, that should help the bishop understand your position
>explain your plan to build a holographic arena to give Krogan an alternate venue to exercise their martial culture, that should help the bishop understand your position.
It can also be used to train the papal guard as well.

>explain your plan to build a holographic arena to give Krogan an alternate venue to exercise their martial culture, that should help the bishop understand your position.

And if he need mpre we can go into

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