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Asia Argento, Exorcist of the Catholic Church. She was once a Nun who was excommunicated, but now has a kill count reaching double digits and a Dragon on top of it! Now though she must retrieve what was stolen, four fragments of Excalibur!

Journal Entry 5

I am no longer excommunicated from the Church, no longer do I wandered aimlessly about the world. I can go help a great many people, with the guidance and resources of my faith to back me up.

Just yesterday I slayed a Dragon, a horrendous beast who took the effort of six people to defeat! But with everyone’s help and the will of God I managed to do it.

It was a joyous time though, I was able to meet friends and make a relationship within the United States. With work I believe we will all be more than able to fight against whatever the Devils and their kind throw at us. If what I heard happen is true, we might need all the help we can get.

Asia has gained 400 xp from this event. What should she invest points into?

Asia has acquired a Dragon Soul, chose a Shout for her to learn. I suggest Dragon Aspect.

Chose one of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Lastly, you have 4 units to either increase HP by 1 or Mana by 10.

Skill to be purchased:

All below this cost 100 xp:
>Barter Skill +10
>Deceive Skill
>Performer Skill (Singing) +10
>Literacy [Latin] Skill (Latin +10)
>Charm Skill
>Heavy Weapons Trained (Solid Projectile): Asia is able to use Heavy Weapons, such as 50 Cal. Machine Guns and RPGs, with proficiency.
>Drive Vehicle Skill
>Forbidden Lore (Pegan Religion)
>Cooking Skill
>Blather Skill
>Awareness +10
>Use Tech Skill

Cost of 200 xp:
>Magic Proficiency Increase: Asia becomes more skilled in a magic school, halving the mana cost as well as learning a new spell of that rank.
>Disguise Self: Asia is able to make herself look like someone else
>Dual Wielding Weapon Training
>Marked for Death
>Disguise Self: Asia is able to make herself look like someone else
>Dual Wielding Weapon Training
>Learn Dragon Aspect
Any reason you recommended this shout? I'm fine with it, but also curious
>raise charisma by +5
If i remember DXD canon right, diplomacy will problably be necessary in this part of the history
>use 2 units to increase HP and 2 to increase Mana
We didn't use our magic much so far, but i think it wouldn't hurt to expend a little on it
>Dual Wielding Weapon Training
Does this include a melee weapon and a ballistic one? Because that would help a lot.
>Awareness +10
Making sure we aren't caught off guard
>Drive Vehicle Skill
In case we get separated from our teammates and need to go somewhere quickly

I'm excited to see where this thread will go. I wonder how much Asia absence affected the canon story
We'll run Dragon Aspect only because I suggested it, though if you guys want Marked for Death I'd just need one more vote.

These are the confirmed choices.
>Charisma +5
>Duel Wielding
>Awareness +10
>Drive Vehicle
To say the trip over was stressful was not giving it credit. Over the flight I could not keep my eyes trained on a single page of my book nor could Irina watch a movie like she usually does. The only thing I could really do was recite prayers to the Lord that what had happened was not what we heard.

Soon enough we had made our way into St. Peters, making our way down into the catacombs where we were directed into our current room.

Irina and Xenovia were with me, Irina taking front while the two of us held in the back. The room was spartan in nature, only having torches that seemed to burn forever as light. In the middle of the room was a table with a layout of the world with a number of lines drawn about it.

“It was the fucking Fallen!” A man yelled as he slammed his hand onto the table. He obviously had age on his features while wearing the robes of a Cardinal.

“So we can rule out half the locations, right?” While not as old the other fellow, this one has steel gray hair.

“Do you really think the Fallen would stay their ground, you humor us all Father Mclaire.” The one who spoke was a man of reasonable build but an odd spark in his eyes, Kiere Kotomine.

Before Father Mclaire could say anything Griselda who stood the front most of us spoke, “Kotomine has a point, Father. Stealing over half of the most powerful sword is cause for war, so what would stop them from invading Devil territory and having the Great War?”

The Father shook his head, “Do we know where that damn Pendragon is?”

“That is the troubling issue.” The Cardinal said with a worried expression, “He might have decided to try and regain his family’s vain glory. Though I would never imagine a Pendragon resorting to theft, it is quite unlike their kind.”
It was then a golden light appeared in the room, and everyone in the room bowed. I of course did the same as we emerging from the light was none other than Micheal and an honor guard of two Angels.

“You may all rise.”

We all did so, looking up to see the frowning face of Micheal, “My apologies for my tardiness, everyone. I needed to quickly quell unrest in Heaven and talk to an old friend.”

“Tsk, so it was not called by the head I take it, my Lord?” The Cardinal said with a little grumpiness in his tone.

“That is what Azazel said to me.” The Seraphim leaned onto the board to look over the locations, “I take it we have some understanding of their mission?”

“Yes, my Lord.” Kotomine grew a small smirk, “You see the Orthodox excommunicated the Archbishop of Genocide about five years ago, so our guess is he has joined with Grigori. At least, that is the most logical reason for gathering so many shards at once.”

“That is… very dangerous.” I watched as Micheal studied the map once more, “London, Los Angeles, Moscow, and Kouh. Those would be the locations with enough magical output to complete his task.”

“Then I will mobilize as whoever is avalible!” The Cardinal announced with a smile before it grew into a frown, “Kouh though, that might be the most dangerous one though. With the Satan’s siblings there we will need to be small but powerful.”

I watched Father Mclaire crack a smile, “Griselda, what about your Holy Sword Wielders behind you? You think they would work?”

“I will not send them over there!” Griselda protested with acry, “If the enemy is there, we would be sending them our last two swords for free!”

Neither Irina nor Xenovia said anything as she shouted that, though I felt pretty bad for them. However it was Micheal who spoke next, “While I understand your feeling Griselda, we need as many Exorcist on this jab as possible. Also, I believe two of your three have been to Kouh, correct?”

“Y-yes… you are correct my Lord.” All the fire I saw in Griselda seemed to burn away within moments before her eyes widened, “So I take it you wish for Asia to go with them as well?”

He nodded before turning to us, “If you three do not feel up to it I understand. As wielders of our remaining Excaliburs you must approach it with the utmost caution.

>Does Asia agree to go?

Lets see what this does for us.

Also are we going after the swords?

This is going to be interesting to see.
Irina was the first to speak, “If it is what Micheal believes, then we will do so.”

They looked over all of us, and I just gave the group a nod of acceptance. It is a good chance to meet back up with a pair of friends, and maybe I get to kill off some stray Devils. I had no issue with joining, and neither does anyone else.

“Then it has been decided then.” Micheal said with a small smile, “Mclair, you take over Los Angeles while Kotomine, invoke your magician contacts so investigation will be easier. Lastly Cardinal Crito, you will be covering Moscow.”

Everyone gave the Archangel a nod before dissolving into separate groups. We followed Griselda out and up the catacomb’s halls. Looking about the halls, I noticed a great many of them were damaged with scorch marks the closer we got to the entrance.

We soon walked into the training room where Griselda turned to us, “I will say this now, I am against sending you three to Kouh.”

We all stood there not wishing to go against her.

She soon sighed, “But Lord Micheal has made his decision.”

“D-don’t worry so much about us Griselda!” Irina started with a bit shakiness, “We will definitely travel with the up most caution!”

“I believe you will.” Soon she walked towards the back of the grounds and brought out a slender metal case. She turned around and handed it to me, “Asia, I wanted to give this to you when we celebrate your mission, but now I wish for you to protect my girls with is.”

I kneeled onto the ground and popped the case open, revealing a powerful looking gun. The frame was covered in silver and good with iconography littered all about the chassis.

“This weapon holds a much larger charge than our ordinary weapons light based weapons, but is unwieldy to some. It only has a testing name of Magnus, so if you wish to change the name it is fine.”

She soon went and addressed everyone, “If you need certain arms, tell me now. If not you will be leaving on the first plane to Kouh.”

>Grocery List
>Anything else?
>some flashbangs
>Can she enchant our crossbow to give it holy property?
I reached into my back and brought out my crossbow, “Uh, could you see about enchanting this? It has done so much for me in the past month.”

Griselda reached over and took the weapon out of my hands and quickly examined it, “Its extremely well made, but something like this does not offer the punch Exorcist want normally.” She nodded to herself, “I will see what I can do.”

“Also,” I started to jumble my memory for a moment, “I remember a while back there were these grenades that went really bright. Do you have any of those?”

“Oh, Flashbangs?” She grew a small smile, “While we do not usually use flashbangs, we instead use magical effects instead. I can easily send you off with a book on that for the trip.”

“Oh, thank you!”

Griselda turned to the others, “Will you two need anything else?”

With that we quickly finished our talk and made our way out. It was like a flash that we finally arrived in Kouh. Just like I had before, we took the train into the small city proper. I looked up from my book to see the hills sprawing about the entire place.

Asia has learned the Alteration Spell [Flash]. Its an Adept spell costing 100 mana to cast. Any within a small area and are looking at the attack make a save or are stunned.

“Are you okay Irina?” I looked over to see the girl hugging her legs.

“I… don’t know.” She looked back at me concerned, “I mean, Issei’s a Devil. How am I going to face him, even talk to him?”

>He is still kind, I am quite sure about that! Such a Soul will never be corrupted!
>He might have changed, you can never truly trust a Devil. That is what I have learned
>*Write in*

Also I need to know
>Go to Rias Gremory first
>Go to Sona Sitiri First
>Go visit a friend first.
>well, i only got to know him for a short while, but he was very kind to me. I have no doubt that he is a good person.

>Go visit a friend first.
I wanna see how Suzie has been doing
>well, i only got to know him for a short while, but he was very kind to me. I have no doubt that he is a good person.

>Go visit a friend first.
File: r5iE0wM.jpg (57 KB, 720x509)
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I placed a hand on her shoulder and shined a smile, “Well Irina, I only got to know him in such a short time, but he was the most kind person to me. I have no doubt he is a good person even now.”

Soon enough we felt the train coming to a stop, and soon enough were walking in the streets once again.

“Things got a bit bigger since I left.” Irina said a bit wondrously.

“Is that so.” Things did not seem to change much since I was last in the city. The buildings sometimes reached towards the sky, but for the most part the region was tame. At least tame compared to all the other lands I have been to over the last month.

“We need to contact the Devils who own this area.” Xenovia said taking out a small sheet of paper, “Their names are Rias Gremory and Sona Sitri.”

“Could we hold off for a moment.” I said pipped up, “I know a friend who we should visit. I owe her a lot and she might give us shelter for our time here.”

“Does she know about… them?” Irina said with furrowed brows.

“Well… I would say her cat does. He is… not exactly a cat.”

My fellows looked at one another, then Xenovia gave a shrug, “We do not need to contact the Devils right away. Having a place to sleep can take priority.”

With that we made our way towards the residential district. I tried my best to remember where what turns I made when I first woke up. It was kind of hard, but when we made it to the market district I soon started following a feeling. The same one I got from Cat.

We arrived in front of a standard looking house, just like how remembered it beforehand. I gave it a rythmic knock, and waited only a minute before I heard footsteps, “Coming!”

Soon enough the door flew open widely, revealing Suzie with Cat on her shoulder, “Asia!” As quickly as she saw me the girl gave me a massive hug, “You’ve come to visit!”

I gave her a smile, “Yup! I am sorry I was not able to call you that often.”

“Oh that’s okay!” She said before turning to face Irina and Xenovia, “Did you get new bodyguards?”

“No, these are my associates!” I said happily, “Do you mind if we come in?”

The girl grew a smile, “No, come right on in!”

We soon walked into the living space, and I could feel the perplexed looks of both Irina and Xenovia as we took seats on the pair of couches in the room. I watched as Cat soon hopped right behind Suzie sitting down behind her.

Cat gave a slight sigh, “Suzie, you shouldn’t let every stranger that comes to our door in. Especially if they are Exorcist.”

“It’s fine, Cat. If they are friends of Asia they are friends of mine.”

He turned to me, “Can I at least be guaranteed none of you will attempt to smite my caretaker?”

>Definitely! (Needs a roll)
>We are just coming by to visit

Other things
>Ask questions to either Suzie or Cat if you want.
>Ask for their help in the hunt for Excalibur (Depends on roll)
>I will also try fluffing it a little, so throw ideas if you want em.
Rolled 8 (1d100)

>Definitely! (Needs a roll)
>how have you two been?
>anything new happened since i last was here?
I don't have ideas for fluffy, but i welcome it very much
“Definitely!” I cheered.

Cat looked me over before once more sighing, “I’m never going to get use to you humans, am I?”

“Cheer up Cat!” Suzie cheered as she hugged the small critter, “You might actually make some friends!”

“Uh, Mr. Cat?” Irina spoke up, “What are you?”

“He’s a Cat!” Suzie cheered before the one in question could answer.

“For now, I am a Cat. That is all you need to know.” He waved his paw to Suzie, who let him down with a pout.

“Well, I guess how have the two of you been?” I asked with a smile.

“We’ve been good,” Suzie said without issue, “School’s been fun recently. We had our Culture festival just a week ago!”

“Oh,” I tilted my head, “what is that?”

“It’s when our classes get together to do something! My class put together a maid cafe, I got to be a maid!”

“Oh, that sounds fun!” I tried my best to imagine Suzie walking around pouring tea for everyone. I suddenly had the thought of her spilling it on a random person so I cut the thought, “Ahm, Has anything happen while I was gone. You know, on the other front?”

Suzie seemed confused from what I asked but Cat nodded, “Apparently one of the local Devils princesses almost got hitched.” He grew a small smile, “from what I heard, the groom to be got his face smashed in by a Servant of hers. Now she’s living about three blocks down with the kid.”

“D-do you know who it is?” Irina leaned in to hear his response.

“From what I could spy, it was the Red Headed princess while the Servant’s last name was Hyoudou.” He lowered himself to the ground and somehow frowned, “She’s got the parents under an enchantment so they let her stay.”

“I-Issei…” Irina looked like she was about to die on the spot from how pale she was.

The odd cat just waved his paw dismissively, “If it helps, I never saw them mating when I spied on them.”

Soon I felt my face heat with Irina’s, Suzie slapped the top of his head, “Pay attention to what you are saying to her!”

“Ouch…” Cat rubbed his head a little before bowing it, “I am sorry.”

“I-its alright!” Irina stumbled out.

“Hey Suzie,” the one mentioned turned to me with a smile, “Do you mind if we stay here for a few days?”

“Nope, go on ahead Asia! Everyone here seems nice enough!”

>Ask anything else?
>Move on to either Rias or Sona
>Move on to either Rias or Sona
I think we are good to go.
Which one?
Oops. Forgot to pick.
File: Kuoh_Academy.png (1.27 MB, 1280x563)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
“So Kuoh Academy?” Irina asked as we walked down the streets. Because of our short visit with Suzie, the sun was coming halfway towards sun down.

Xenovia looked a little closer at the paper in her hands, “That is what I am reading. Is there an issue with that?”

“Well that’s an all girls school.” Irina soon left her thinking pose with a nod, “I believe I know where it is.”

Soon enough we ended up outside of an odd looking school. Unlike everything else in the city, this place was built like a Victorian mansion with similar styled gates. As we walked in, I had a small thought, “You know, should we be wearing our habits like this?”

“What do you mean?” Irina was quick to the response.

I brought my hand about the white habits with hoods covering our faces, “Well… do we not look like suspicious people? If I was them, I would be scared of us.”

Irina gave a small smile, “That’s the point!”

I sighed before taking the first step onto the property. I did not expect such a horrible feeling to come over me, and a damning knot in my stomach. I could sense all the Devils, so many of them in one place.

I wish I could kill them all.


I looked over to see Xenovia with a worried face about her. I tried my best to give her a smile, “I-I… I can get through this.”

I took a few shaky steps, and while the feeling was not close to settling I committed a prayer and steeled my will. Xenovia quickly made her way to the front, “I will lead the way. We can see about heading into the Gremory first so you can have time to walk this off.”

“Thank you.”
So we walked for a few minutes, making our way through some woods that were in the back of the school. As we walked I easily caught sight of three creatures that were acting odd, a bat, crow, and cat. I can only guess they are creatures under the Devil’s influence. In addition, I felt the Devils moving about the place, the sheer amount of Devils now coming together to our destination.

Soon enough we came across a large building that seemed worn down. It was the place that the Devils were though, I knew that for sure.

Irina took point as me and Xenovia were behind her. Slowly but surely she approached the door to knock on it. Before she could touch it, the door was already opened with a slender looking Devil. He held a charming smile about him, and the moment I saw him I felt something pressure me. It was extremely subtle, a small charm that seemed to radiate off the thing. I will admit, it was not hostile but something similar to a person’s look.

“Welcome, Exorcist of Heaven, my Master has decided to extend her hospitality to you as per the ceasefire agreement. We ask that you stay all hostilities as we will do the same.” As he spoke, the smile on his face never seemed to leave him. It felt… forced.

“Thank you for having me,” Irina said with a curt bow, “If you may lead the way to your Master, I guarantee that we will not in any way provoke or attack her during this meeting.”

We received a nod from the man, who walked into the building. We followed, and as I walked in the door behind us shut. Unlike the outside the inside was kept much more. The walls were a velvet red, which must have been the Gremory’s primary color if I had to guess.

We were lead up stairs, and I could almost taste the corrupting energies of hell on my tongue. To say it was not pleasant would be an understatement.

Soon enough we arrived in front of a door on the highest floor of the building. The Devil before us gave the door a rhythmic knock which was answered by a voice, “We are ready Kiba, you can let them in.”

So he did, and we were welcomed by a group of eight Devils, but two however got my attention right away. The first was a blue haired one with a slender figure, standing behind her was a modest looking girl and a boy whose eyes started to widen. The other, well by the lord, as the epitome of what a Succubus would look like with an equally beauty standing behind her along with…


The moment I said his name I felt the temperature of the room drop. I watched as Issei’s face became pailer than a full moon while a smaller girl quickly stood in front of the Succubus. The look on the faces of those two hit me.

Pure, unadulterated terror.
It felt like a standoff between everyone in the room, neither side wishing to move forward lest the other retaliate. Slowly I watched the Succubus who was sitting behind a desk lean forward towards the small girl, who spoke into her ear. She tried her best to keep silent, but I could easily hear the girl.

”I can smell Him. The one in the back.”

The Succubus’ eyes widened for a moment before she resumed normal posture. She stood from her seat, “Before you three enter my domain, I ask that you remove your hoods.”

I felt a small hesitation, but we all did as we were asked. The tension in the room quickly shifted from terror to a form of confusion as Issei’s eyes widened, “A-Asia! W-wait! What the hell! Agh my head hurts!?” His ire had moved from me towards Irina.

“It has been a while Issei, maybe ten years?” She said with a happy smile, “My name is Irina Shidou, these are Xenovia Quarta and Asia Argento. We have come to Kuoh on Church business, and have come as per the ceasefire agreement.”

With those words the tension in the room came to a simmer. While it was still there, the Succubus was easily able to speak, “I am Rias Gremory, and this here is Sona Sitri. If you may have a seat on one of the couches.”

We easily took our seats, not one sound coming from any of us as we did. Slowly but surely, the head Devils went onto a couch opposite of ours. The Gremory was the first to talk, “So Asia, it is good to see you well. I see you have joined with the Church once more?”

I did not answer her.

Her face soon became monotone, “So, if you are not here to chat why have you three come into our territory?”

>Give me a response

Also just somethings you can say:
>Ask for assistance
>Ask for information *About what?*
>Tell them to not interfere
>we where sent by the curch to search for the stolen pieces of the excalibur. We have reasons to believe the thieves are hiding in your territory.

>If you are willing to help, we could try to cooperate.
Leave the invitation open to them, instead of asking for assistance. If they want to come along, we take them with us. If not, it's not a problem.
>i'm sorry for leaving without saying goodbye or explaining anything. A lot happened really fast back them, and i didn't understand everything at the time.
This is mainly to Issei, but i think could be directed at the others too.
Sorry for any typo
I took a few breaths as I steadied myself, “”We were sent by the Church to search for the stolen pieces of Excalibur.” I straighten myself and continued while I had some steam, “If you are willing to help, we could try cooperation. Otherwise we ask you simply not impede us.”


The Devil who guided us in looked at me with what I could only call a righteous fury. Before I knew it, my hands were already on the pistol Griselda gifted to me. The others had done the same, gripping their own weapons.

“Kiba!” The Gremory gave her Servant an angry glare before it softened, “I know your wish, but now is not the time to exact it.”

“Rias I-”

“I do not know what your issue is,” The Sitri cut the Servant off with a glare, “But right now is a truly tense moment. I hope you respect your Master’s wishes.” She turned towards us with a monotone face, “I grant you my permission to investigate Kuoh, though I do not wish to involve myself or my Servants. I believe you would not wish for say, my Sister to get involved.”

“No, by fucking Satan no!” Once again it was the Servant who spoke up, “If fucking Excalibur is here, I want it so I can destroy the fucker! Rias, do not allow them!”

“Kiba what did I-”

“You knew this is my only wish, what I live for Rias, are you going to take it from me!?”

I watched the Devil’s face turn between worry, anger, and fear. Is this what I should be expecting from Devils?

>Interject with something *What?*
>Stay out of their business.
>Stay out of their business.

I am pretty sure that this will lead to a fight later down but... this means we get a chance to fight Kiba, if he tries something on his own later, right?
>Stay out of their business.
Let them decide this be themselves. There's already to much tension between both groops.
The three of us Exorcist shared a look between one another. It was obvious what the question was. While Irina looked a little worried, I shook my head. To that, she gave me a nod and we leaned back to watch the Devils be Devils I guess.

“Kiba…” Rias simply shook her head, “We will talk about this later, but my reasoning is the same of Sona’s.”

“So what is Sirzechs comes? Wouldn’t that make things better?” The Devil underling’s glare was square on his Master.

“Kiba, the last thing I want is to bring my brother here.” The Gremory finally stood up and walked to her kin, “If you continue this now, I will forbid you from the investigations!”

“You were going to do it already.”

I felt a slight tug coming from the boy, the feeling of something much more Devilish coming from him. Before he could do anything though it was Issei who jumped into action, placing himself between the two Devils. On his hand was a red gauntlet that went up to his arm.


With a glow I felt the aura of a Dragon coming off of Issei, “Kiba, back off. Like President said, we can talk about it later.”

He finally shook his head before taking a few steps back. Soon enough the Succubus turned towards us with the same monotone look we received from her Kohort, “I give you my permission as well, and my terms are the same as Sona’s. If something does change however, I will notify you three.”

We took a moment to compose ourselves. Taking a breath I stood up from the couch, “Before we go, I wish to say something.” I felt a tight not in my stomach but my will was stronger, “I am sorry for leaving without saying goodbye or even an explanation. At the time me and my mentor had no idea what was happening, so we fled the city as soon as we could. I thank you all for helping me when I needed it the most.” I gave them a curt bow as I finished.

I did not get a response, so I came upright once more, “Then we will take our leave, may the Lord bless you all.”

All the Devils flinched from that, but they did not do anything to me. With that we made our way outside of the room, and out of the building. The last thing I heard coming from the building was more yelling, but I guess that is how Devils are.

As we left the school property I noticed the sun starting to settle over the horizon. I gave a short sigh as I heard Xenovia speaking, “That was the best outcome we could have had.”

Irina gave a nod, “You did great Asia! Especially when you were put on the spot by Gremory!”

I felt a blush coming to my face, “I, uh, it is just in my blood, I guess.”

“I guess that was being Italian does.” Irina said with a shrug, “If Xenovia talked a little more maybe she’d be good at it too.”

The one just mocked looked over to Irina with a glare before growing a small smile, “At least I can use a gun, unlike a certain protestant.”
We soon came back to Suzie’s residence, knocking on the door to see the rooms a little bit more cleaned up from last time. Soon enough we sat down on the couches and Xenovia placed a few packets of paper on the table.

Looking over it was a large map of Kuoh with numerous places of interest marked out about it. These included but were not limited to warehouses, skyscrapers, and even the Church where I died.

Below that was a profile of a man named Valper Galilei the Archpriest of Genocide. Once leader of a Holy Sword project, the man killed all test subjects in order to cover up his evidence. It did not help him though, and he received an Excommunication along with an Execution order by the Orthodox Patriarchs.

Lastly there were three seals with sigils upon them.

“This was everything I received according to our mission.” Xenovia did while making a hand motion over the papers before us.

“Uh, what’s the writing for?” Irina said as she pulled the paper closer to herself.

Xenovia took out a small paper with instructions written all over it, “These are locators, supposedly we would be able to triangulate the position of the swords if they are no longer under protection magic.”

“So they will tell us if the enemy is on the move?” I asked while reading over the paper itself.

“That, and it can act as confirmation if they are here.” Xenovia said with a worried expression, “Even if we confirm it though, I do not really know how long or how many reinforcements we can gain.”

“So we either go straight to investigations or set these out to track their movements?” Irina asked while sliding the seal back to the middle of the table.

We received a nod

>Set up the Seal network
>Investigations *Where?*
>Other ideas?
>Set up the Seal network
I'm curious to see how that will turn out. And i think we have the time right?
Sorry for the wait. Had some problems with the internet.
Can I get a quick roll? If I don't get one I'll just do it myself.
Rolled 72 (1d100)

“The Seal set up sounds nice to me.” I said while looking over the layout we are suppose to make.

“I agree with Asia,” Irina said with a smile, “If we can track their location we will be in a much better situation to fight them.”

With that we got our gear together and headed out the door. It was pretty quiet going through the streets, “It is too quiet.”

Irina sighed as we walked, “Devils have preferences, you know. Some prefer their territory to be rife with crime while others hate it, preferring the more subtle type.”

“I will need to understand those two more than.” I said with a caution. If those two are not the murder and brainwashing kind, they must have some other sin instead.

Soon enough we arrived at the first location, a small park that only had a small building to its land. We made our way over, putting ourselves right behind said building.

“Now it is time to watch the Church’s research come to forwishen.” She took out one fo the seals and a small knife. She placed a small bit of blood on the Seal, causing it to glow with a slight golden light before she placed it on the building.

It took a little bit of time so I kneeled down to watch, “So do we know what it does exactly?”

“If the description was accurate, it is using my ability to use the Excaliburs as a catalyst. It will use this connection to feel out where one of the weapons appear.” Xenovia slowly removed her hand from the Seal, which seemed to take about a minute to finish.

With that we slowly made our way to the next location, making sure to stay towards the edge of the city as to not attract any attention. We stopped in the forest that was near the road heading out of town.

“Give me a moment.” Xenovia once again cut herself, placing the seal on a rather stocky tree.


The land beneath our feet suddenly shook as something roared further into the forest. In the next few moments the sound of trees being crushed started coming towards our location.

“Shit! Xenovia how much longer!?” Irina cried quickly getting out her own Excalibur.

“It is going to take me a few more moments! You will need to cover me!”

>Run to intercept
>Quickly prepare an ambush
>Try and fortify the location *How?*
>Quickly prepare an ambush
I'll just need a quick roll then!
Rolled 43 (1d100)

Quickly we went of to either side, making our way up just far enough that Xenovia was out of view. I quickly lost sight of Irina, but I trusted her with all my heart in a situation like this one.

I quickly hide myself behind a tree, waiting for a heart stopping moment before the creature came into view.

It was only for a beat before the creature broke into my view! Standing before me was a monster with three canine heads and a massive body. It was a Cerberus, Guarddog of Hades.

And he was going right for me! I quickly brought my pistol level to the monster, letting out a bullet right into its hide. The attack did not seem to hurt it much as it opened its jaws to try and eat me!

It was to my luck though as from its side Irina came at it, her blade barely scathing the creature. She was however able to knock it away just in the nick of time to help me dodge it!

“By the Lord he’s tough!” Irina cried out as she got back up next to me.

Soon enough the beast was able to steady itself, and it looked like it wanted to rip us both apart.

Rolled 86 (1d100)

Use Unrelenting Voice, then shoot it in the face while Irina flanks it after we shout at it.
Gotta remember the joys of AGGRO!

Wait a second, can we use Forbidden Lore (Devilkin) to figure out the Cereberus's weaknesses?
Rolled 49 (1d100)

supporting >>3897838

although i don't think Cerberus would count as a devilkin, so using the forbidden lore probably won't work
I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
fair enough. I could be wrong since he is a creature from the underworld.
Rolled 76 (1d100)

I felt a small warmth in my chest, the same I always feel when calling upon the Thu’um. Sadly though, the beast was much faster than my Thu’um.

All three of the heads went down to try and bite into me. I was able to batter away the outer pairs of heads with ease, the middle one came right down into my left arm. I felt a strain on the blessing and the fangs sinking into my skin, but I was able to quickly remove my arm before it could do more damage.

Asia has recieved 13 Wounds, her health is now down to 17 out of 30.

Finally I felt the warm enter my throat, and so I paid the creature back ten fold!


The creature had no way of escaping my Thu’um, the attack knocking it off its feet and sending it skidding a couple of feet. I quickly brought my pistol to bear and fired a round into its face as Irina quickly got on its belly.

Her first attack bounced off its thick hide but I watched the second one slowly sink into its skin. It was not much, but with enough time I think we could wear down the Cerberus.

Now that I think about it, why are we fighting one? I know its not a Devil of some kind. Was it not the Guard Dog of the underworld under Hades?

The beast finally arose from its state, the only able maw biting into Irina’s thigh. I quickly rose my pistol, firing a pair of bullets that simply bounced off its face. Irina made two slashes at its face, but only one strike was able to cut into its flesh. It was enough however, as the creature released her onto the ground.

Now it stood tall, but its middle face was mawed by repetitive bullets and slashes.

use whirlwind Sprint while holding our lightsaber, and use the speed to make a thrust powerful enough to pierce its tough skin.
Rolled 34 (1d100)

With a roar that shook the earth the beast leaned forward in an attempt to try and bite into us. The head on the left leaned in towards me with its massive maw. While I rose my blade to somehow deflect its blow, it had just barely overpowered me as it took a bite out of my shoulder.

Asia has received 16 Wounds! She is now at 1 Wound and will soon start receiving Critical Wounds.

The other heads went in for Irina. The first was deflected by her, but as her arm was extended the creature bit into her exposed side. Blood fell through the air as it lifted her off the ground, sending her through the air.

As I watched this I felt a burning fire in my chest, and with a shout that I knew God would hear, ”Wuld Nah Kest!”

With my blade in hand I dashed right about the monster, a vicious streak of red crawling up from its left head’s mouth all the way towards its rear end. It gave a mighty yell as its legs gave out from underneath it.

It turned towards me, its maws chomping as it wanted to tear into me. With the Thu’um I used though I was outside its bite range.

By the Lord I was hurting though. I really hope Irina is okay!

Rolled 75 (1d100)

>first, we heal ourselfs, then we use our enchanted M1911 to shoot at the head on the right.
I want to go find Irina, since she problably need healing too, but first we need to take care of the cerberus, or it will simply come after us.
Rolled 74 (1d100)

Rolling to support
Because outside of having help from nowhere. We're more or less on our own.
I breathed in and out for a moment, the feeling of blood running down my arm almost mortifying. I quickly stowed my blde and brought out my magic. I held the cast there for a few moments, the feeling of life crawling back into my nearly dead arm as I did so.

Asia has regained 4 wounds at the cost of 14 mana. Mana is at 176.

The beast howled and hollered at me as I treated myself, but I simply walked away as it tried to crawl closer. I took a few breaths before bringing out my pistol to bear. The first shot rang out and bounced harmlessly off its skin.

The next shot was something else though. I felt a soft warmth as I pulled the trigger, and the bullet rippled through the beast. There was no more head nor was there a body as it slumped over dead. With that the body started to burn before the corpse was nothing more than ash.

“Irina!” I cried as I ran forward and towards her direction, the feeling of brush hitting me as I ran. I quickly saw her, but she was not alone. It was humanoid, but his features were all stretched in a perpetual grin. He felt kind of like Micheal, but corrupted and toxic to the touch. He smiled sickly at me as he juggled a sword.

“So how did you like fighting my puppy? Pity you had to put him down, I’ll haft to get any other.” He said before he turned to the side, “Nice of you to finally join us, now you all are together.”

I turned to the side to see Xenovia breaching the trees, a look of terror on her face, “What did you do to Irina!”

“What did I do!” He gave a mighty laugh, “My puppy just wanted to play with you all, and you stabbed him. I should be asking about the dog you killed!”

“W-what do you want?” I already had the feeling if this guy wanted us dead, he would have killed us already. As such, I can only guess he wanted something else.

Ten black wings appeared behind the sinister creature, “Since you killed my pup I was recominsation. Maybe in the form of a Holier than thou sword?” He gave a soft chuckle, “And that you never mention me being here to the Church. Do that, and I will give you your Nun back.”

>Do what the Fall says
>Don’t, and attack *Tactic*
well, we're f*cked. but i'm gonna try anyway. I can't of a way that we can beat this guy, considering how strong he was in canon and how wounded we are now. most of our weapons are holy, wich means they problably won't work shit on him. Maybe our shouts could work, but i doubt it would that much of a advantage. So my idea is this:

>Let's bullshit our way out of this.
First, we say that we have something more valuable than a holy sword. us. wich is not entirely a lie. we are a human with the soul of a dragon. we can say we can recreate that. give a soul of dragon to another person. The only reason that we aren't stronger is because our powers are still groing. Since being a dragonborn is something new for this universe, they have no way of proving we are just bulshiting them. Even if they ask for proof, we can use our battle fury shout, and say its a slow process that they must endure to pass from a normal soul to that of a dragon.
I forgot to write my whole idea because i was in a hurry to take a bus. So i am writing this in my phone while in a bus that wont stop shaking, so sorry for any typos.
Anyway, continuing from were i left, we take irina place, assuming they belive us that is, but not before whispering or signing to xenovia to tell the church about kokabiel. Considering how big of a deal he is, and that his involviment wasn't know before, and that he wants to keep it that way, they probably will send their bigger guns. Even if help takes a lot of time to arise, we can gain that time because nobody besides Mor'Voh has any knowledge about how a dragonborn powers work, so we can lie about it works to gain a dragon soul and its powers. And it also give us time to heal.
Cunning idea, I will need a Charisma Roll!
Rolled 40 (1d100)

Rolled 70 (1d100)

That was a close one
“I-I got one better!” I said stepping forward, “I-I am Dragonborn! I am a human with the Soul of a Dragon! If I have a chance, I can definitely make more!”

I felt his brows rise a little before he was suddenly upon me. He grabbed my neck, slamming his hand into my chest. I felt as my Soul was examined for all it was worth, his disgusting smile only getting worse.

“Oh ho ho, you’re not lying.” His smile seemed to grow to the size of his face, “A mortal with the Soul of a Dragon! Azazel would love you.” He slowly brought me closer to his face, “I’ll accept your deal, Nun. With you I can easily mend ties with the Grigory after all this.”

With that he tightened his grip on my neck, and air could no longer get into my lungs. Darkness slowly consumed my vision, my last sight was Xenovia with a face completely covered in horror.

It was cold when I woke up, the feeling of cold metal dragging across my skin. I tried to move my arms, but I finally felt their strain to keep themselves attached to my body. The cold air brushed against my skin, and I finally realised that I was naked as the day I was born. The only things I wore were chains that bound me to the ceiling of my cell.

“Oh, you finally waking up.” A laughter I never thought I would hear came into my ears, “You fucking messed up big time havn’t ya?”

I looked up to see the platinum blond hair and devilish face of Freed. I heard a sound of the gate unlocking, the excommunicated exorcist closing in on me, “So you joined the fuckers. I should have guessed you would have passed their little test. Fuckers never realised what they lost~”


“Thats my name, don’t wear it out.” He ran his hand up my stomach, “Oh how I would love to ravage you. Fuckin bird banned me from doing anything though.” He retracted his hand a click of his tongue, “Tonights the night though, haven't you heard?”


He grabbed my face and drew my ear to him, “Tonight all your Devil and Exorcist friends die. It was kinda funny hearing your friends breaking their promise to Kokabiel, but we cleaned that up easily. So you know what that means.” His voice was like venom as he spoke, ”No. One. Is. Coming.”

With that he threw me against the wall with a laugh, closing the door behind him. There was no resounding click of him locking it though.

Asia is now at 5 Wounds, having ‘rested’ for a day.

>So, how you guys wanna break out?
Well first things first. Let's heal our wounds and investigate our cell. And see what we have on hand.
Also on a entirely different note do you want me to post the character sheet link from last thread?
Go ahead!
I took in a few breaths trying to stead myself. Right now would not be a good time to do anything too rash. With a slight heave I started looking about the room.

The first thing I noticed was the small roll of chains in the room, I guess they must have been extra from when they first mounted me. Next to that was a ladder, a hammer, and some nails. Besides that there looked to be some pieces of wood lying about and a mop bucket.

I guess they placed me in the mop closet.

I then looked up at what was binding me to the ceiling. There were a pair of hinges, each fastened into the roof with nails. Said wooden ceiling however seemed to me rotting out, though it will take a little bit of work to unlodge them.

I took in another breath, summoning [Healing] into my hands. I gave a thankful prayer to god that all I needed was an open hand to cast my magic, since doing anything otherwise would have not succeeded. Golden light covered my form, and I felt my wounds knit themselves back into place.

Asia is now at 30 wounds, making a full recovery. She will regenerate all mana used as it is outside of combat.

As the blood stopped flowing from my body I could hear voices, that while they were who knows how far away were still of men.

“So we are supposed to watch that girl? Doesn’t seem like much.”

“Well we did take all her shit, so what can she do? Burn us alive with Dragon fire?”

I heard the other do a raspberry, “Like that would happen. Boss said she might have super strength but that's it, I made sure to get those nails in really nice.”

“Yeah yeah, you are ‘being so good’.” The man said with a small amount of spite, “Still wish we could join in the fighting, fuckers must have at least killed a few Devils by now.”

>So, what is Asia to do?
Quick question: How long does Dragon Aspect last? Because if it can last a long time then we Activate Dragon Aspect while making it sound like we're growling in frustration. Wait a small bit, then slowly break our bindings one at a time. We only start speed breaking if we get caught, and if we do get caught, we hold back on our Fus Ro Dah until our captors get closer to try and stop us.
Now that I think about it, wouldn't the blast of our shout throw motherfuckers back hard enough to deal damage? Because if it's basically a closet then there's not much dodging anyone can do in there.
I like this idea, but maybe we should use aura whisper first, so we are not caught by surprise by our captors.
It lasts 5 hours...
I like this idea, roll for me everyone!
If you guys wanna look into things like how long shouts last, just look at the time they last and divide by 60, that's how long they last in hours.
Rolled 36 (1d100)

Here we go again!
Zun Haal Viik to force him to drop his weapon. Once it's dropped or if he stops to try and hold onto it then Fus Ro Dah his ass into the wall. And then go for his lightsaber.
I could now breathe properly, the feeling finally coming back to my body. I need more strength, it is just how am I going to use my Thu’um without alerting those guards. With a small idea in mind I started to scream.


I watched as my hands soon grew a golden light around them, and I could feel my strength going through my body. I waited for a moment listening in to the men.

“You hear that?”

“Yup, sounds like she’s having constipation.”

“Should we go check in on her? Can’t have her dying on us.”

“Meh, I wouldn't worry much. I’m still down five dollars.”

I moved my hand about, grabbing onto the chains that bound me, my strength slowly growing as I did so. With the additional strength from Dragon Aspect, I felt the metal slowly bending to my strength. Sadly I was not the strongest, so it took about half an hour for the metal to bend out of shape.


But they did crack, and I soon dropped to the floor. It was a hard smack on the ground, too much hard…

“Okay, somethings off. I’m going to check on the bitch.”

“Fine, you go on ahead.”

I took a breath and spoke, ”Laas Yah Nir” The world as always becoming bare to me. I watched as one of the men approached my holding cell. I however still had [Dragon Aspect], my voice becoming a much more powerful weapon.

I watched a middle age man come into my view, “Hey, fucker left the door, SHIT!”


The force of my voice rang, sending the man flying into the wall across the way. The impact did not sound very good as he slumped onto the ground after impact.

“Oi, what happened!”

I saw the other running, soon getting to his ally before he turned to me, “Why you fuckin bitch!” He quickly drew out a Lightsaber, ready to cut me down.

My choice still remains.
Sounds like a solid plan for me. Supporting
But we problably should take their clothes too. We are still naked after all.
Rolled 17 (1d100)

The moment he drew out his weapon I summoned the power from my very soul!

”Zun Haal Viik!”

There was a sharp clang as his weapon feel from his hands, his eyes widening as I successfully disarmed him with my voice. With the advantage I quickly ran up to his position and grabbed the weapon before he even knew what had happened.

I felt my Thu’um warm up once again, just a little faster than before. If I got just a little advantage, I was going to take it!


He was pushed back, but somehow was still on his feet. He was definitely staggered though, which gave me enough of a chance to slice into his flesh. A slight crimson trail followed my blade as I readied myself for another attack.

He reached into his pocket, bringing out a pistol beared towards me. While he did manage to fire it, my blade had already moved it off to the side so that it would strike the wall. My next cut dug into his chest, the sound of flesh being mutilated coming to my ears as he fell onto the ground.

The cold wind once again blew through the halls, and without much else I grabbed the clothing of the man I had just killed. The cloak was enough to cover my decency, but was a bit baggy. I will still pray to the Lord for this as well as his pistol.

Looking down the hallways, I instantly knew where I was. I was in the chambers bellow the ruined Church, the one where I had died before. I should have guessed they would take this place once again, but it was still uncanny.

I can likely guess where my stuff might have been placed and maybe some of their own arms, but time is of the essence. Already I could see something large is happening in the direction of the school!

>Get equipment together!
>Rush to help them out!
>Other ideas?
>Get equipment together!
We'll need as much as we can grab quite honestly.
>Get equipment together!
We won't be able to do much during the fight without it
Rolled 28 (1d100)

Also on a entirely different note. I'm really enjoying playing with the Dark Heresy system again.
Rolled 21 (1d100)

By the way, i can't find battle fury in Asia's character sheet. Was the shout removed for some reason?
Fixed, I forgot it. Just tell me about the inconsistencies on the sheet if you guys find any!
While it would be great if I was able to be there as soon as possible, I would not be able to fight without my equipment. So I made my way up the chamber and through the crumbling halls of the Church, soon arriving in the residents chambers.

When I entered, the place looked only sort of organized. When I was last here I made it my mission to make this room as clean as possible, though now I realize no one valued my effort to help them. From my cleaning however, I got a hand on where things would be placed.

I quickly opened a closet to reveal a set of chests. With a hard pull I was able to remove the cleanest one, and pop open the lock. What I saw inside was my stuff all haphazardly thrown in. I reached in a brought out my satchel, quickly checking for all my firearms and the like.

Since I was already here though, I decided to start searching through a few more chests that looked more valuable. From one of the chests I found a found a rather decent stash of firearms, with things ranging from shotguns to even a sniper rifle. All of them either had an enchantment on itself or the ammunition. Sadly I can only carry one of them as I’ll be in a rush.

As I was placing all the weapons on a bed to figure out what I wanted to take, there was a sharp clang. I was not expecting to find a glowing sword underneath the bed covers. It was obviously some kind of Holy Sword, but I did not feel anything much else from it.

I quickly stowed the sword and picked up one of the firearms. Now, I guess I need to for battle!

>Pick either an Assault Rifle, Shotgun, or Sniper Rifle. Damage will vary based on what you chose.

>Head straight to battle
>Go get the one friend who might still be able to do something.
>Head straight to battle

We must channel our inner doom marine.
And Go 2 It
Wait a second. Does the shotgun have both Buckshot and Slug? Or just Buckshot?
>pick the shotgun
Rip and tear!
>Head straight to battle
I ran down the streets as if the Devil was on my heels, the clanking of all my equipment rang in my ears. In my hands was a shotgun I salvaged from the stockpile, while on my waist was the odd sword.

Normally I would have been exhausted, but the [Dragon Aspect] kept me from wearing down throughout the streets. While I normally would have gotten lost making my way about this land, the sheer amount of activity I could see was enough to keep my attention.

Soon enough I could hear the sounds of things bashing, but not quite fighting. When I came into sight of the school, I could easily see why.

Two Cerburus were standing before a force field of some kind. The field itself radiated with infernal energies, and I could see a number of people standing about the field channeling their life energy into the construct.

I examined my shotgun and the buckshot I had. If I scored a few lucky hits, I might be able to kill the monsters. Otherwise, I need to find some way to get into the field.

>Attack the Cerburus *Tactic?*
>Try and contact those on the inside, *How?*
>Another idea
So I do need to explain the Shotgun real quick. So for every 5 you beat the Ballistics Skill, you land an extra 1d10. Each of those have a 20% chance to crit.

Shotguns are more or less Crit fishing weapons.
That extra does however count as a separate attack, so you'd need to crit to land a hit to overcome their DR.
>Attack the Cerburus *Tactic?*
First we attack the closest cerberus with our shotgun, then we use our flash magic so they can't attack back
/roll 1d100
Rolled 90 (1d100)

Help!!! Someone save us from my shit row!
Rolled 54 (1d100)

To roll go into options and write dice+1d100

I am however really happy you came to my quest! Seems you're new so I'm happy you came!
Rolled 74 (1d100)

Back from life itself. Gonna add my roll to the mess.
I took in a few breaths, stalking my way towards the beasts with my shotgun in hand. It was a blessing of the Lord that the monsters were paying much more attention to the field before them, the creation shaking as they bashed their heads against it.

I took one more moment to aim down my sight, though I did not bother aiming for any part of the body. If I was not mistaken, shotguns hit with a spread.

So I pulled down the trigger, the bullets being sent at the beast. I watched as the first spread smashed into the unsuspecting beast, a majority of the shot smashing its way through the beast’s incredible hide. It gave a massive yelp, but it was still not prepared for the second spray that left a hole the size of my head in its gut.

As I pumped for shot at the other however it had already changed its target towards me. With one of its maw agape, it tried to bite down on me. I ducked however, the beast missing my mere inches. I soon leveled my hand the offending head’s eyes, and fasted [Flash].

The head that I hit with the spell recoiled in pain, but the others were not nearly as affected. With a panic I leveled my gun to the left most head and fired!

I watched as while all the pellets hit the beast, none of them came close to penetrating the skin. With two maws wide open they both came down to take bites out of me. I quickly beat back the one, but the other came down on my right leg and chomped down on it, the pain so extreme it was hard to bare!

Asia has received 8 damage, she is now at 22 Wounds.

With a final push of effort I pointed my Shotgun at the offending head, pulling the trigger twice at it! The gun rang out, pellets penetrating its eyes with a righteous fury! The beast yelped, letting go of my leg with a monstrous yell. With a quickness of my feet, I quickly made a small distance between me and the beast who was now staring at me with a burning vengeance.

Throw your rolls ontop of your tactic as well!
Rolled 1 (1d100)

>attack with our shotgun again, and then use Whirlwind Sprint to put some distance between us and the cerberus to avoid a counterattack
Rolled 38 (1d100)

File: Freed_and_Valper1.jpg (82 KB, 640x360)
82 KB
I quickly brought the shotgun to bear at the beast, reciting a prayer to the the Lord as I did so! What I did not expect was the bullets striking true all about the beast, each bullet tearing into the beast with a righteous fury. Out of reflect I invoke my soul.

”Wuld Nah Kest!”

The world seemed to bend as I was thrown backwards to a much safer distance. Within a moment I brought my shotgun to bear, but the beast did not give chase. I could hear a soft whimper coming from the beast, its entire front limb gone from my shotgun blast.

I slowly moved forward now, the beast giving a whimpering deathcry before finally succumbing to the wounds. It might have been a monster of some kind, but it was simply doing what its heretical owner wished it to do.

With its death I quickly moved forward and towards the field. With my sight I easily saw the person on the other side. We starred at one another for a moment, until the Devil waved its hands to open a doorway for me. I charged in quickly turning to the Devil, “Thank you.” before turning around and charging into what was Kuoh Academy.

What I saw was a Warzone.

Pieces of entire buildings were blown out, craters dotting the earth below. Before me was a pair of battle raging on, the Devils of the Succubus seemed to be fighting against another Cerburus while Xenovia and the Devil known as Kiba fighting against Freed.

The excommunicated priest was wielding a powerful sword, the weapon carrying a powerful wave of holiness to it. It was Excalibur, and I could easily bet that it was made from the pieces the dreaded Arch Angel collected. Behind the man was a porky man who sang praises to God as the three fought.

As for those opposing the Heretics, they were fighting with weapons far differnt from the norm. Xenovia was wielding a much different sword, a weapon that had divinity equal to the Excalibur. She wields the weapon along with Excalibur Destruction in a dual wielding motion! The Devil was wielding a weapon that seemed to suck light itself from the area itself.

For two swordsmen, well its easy to say they were having a much more even fight than the Devils fighting a Cerburus.

>Assist Xenovia and Kiba *Tactic*
>Assist Rias Gremory *Tactic*
Rolled 5 (1d100)

>Assist Rias Gremory *Tactic*
They definitely need mire help
> first we use battle fury on them, then we dual wield our magnus and M1911 to shoot the cerberus heads
Also, what happened to Irina? Did we fail to save her or she is just in no condition to fight?
Rolled 77 (1d100)

Supporting, Those Cerberus are a force multiplier.

I'm guessing it's the latter.
I quickly holstered my shot gun and brought out a pair of pistols. I had a good bit of trust in Xenovia, her swordsmanship much better than me and Irina. The Devils though against a Cerberus, I might hate Devils but now is not the time for hatred.

I ran towards the group with my pistols ready, firing a pair of bullets into the eyes of a head as I approached. It gave a beastial roar, the head growling at me.

“Aisa!?” I heard Issei call as he narrowly dodged one of the beast’s heads, “Shit Koneko!”

I turned to watch as one of the heads bit into the shoulder of the slender Devil, streams of magical projectiles running by the head as the Succubus and her cohort tried to save this Koneko.

“Hear my voice everyone!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, ”Mid Vur Shaan!”

“Hit!” The captured Devil cried as her fists quickly impacted the head’s mouth with insane speed, she was dropped from its grip.


The gem on Issei’s arm glowed as he went in to give it a few punches, “Thank you Asia!” Sadly though I watched as they barely hurt the beast, though he nimbly got out of the way from its attempt to chomp his head off.

I brought up my firearms once again, of my salvo of bullets I watched as only a single bullet seemed to gain any penetration!

I looked over my shoulder as the two Devils summoned a sigil about them. I watched as power flowed into their casting, so I could only guess it was a kind of ritual.

“Issei!” The Succubus cried out, “I need you to boost me! I don’t think this will be enough!


“Alright President!” He yelled before dodging another bite attack.

>Aim for the Cerberus's eyeballs, try to keep it's attention off of the Succubus.
Honestly, something's going to eventually give.
Rolled 48 (1d100)

Also rolling
Give me more rolls!
Rolled 25 (1d100)

And so I kept on firing my guns, aiming all my bullets at any eye that was exposed. I clicked my tongue as the bullets that did hit somehow never made it into the creature’s eye. I can only guess the monster was simply built for fighting.

The creature, while I was obviously annoying it, was too caught up in its fight against Issei and the smaller Devil. The smaller one came at him with a fist of fury, but I noticed how none of the attacks seemed to truly pierce the beast’s flesh.

It was a pity for her though, as she was not fast enough to dodge the incoming bites. Two heads managed to grip onto her body with blood dripping from their mouths. She was tough, but soon she gave a yelp as the monsters redoubled their efforts in trying to kill her.

“Koneko!” Issei yelled as he dodged his own head. In retaliation he punched into the beast, but he did not get any purchase from its toughness.

I could hear a click coming from the Succubus as she continued charging her spell. I saw she was biting her lip, as if hoping the Devil would escape.

I moved my fire to try and get it to drop her, but no matter how many pistol rounds I threw into the beast none of them seemed blessed by the Lord!


“Damn you!” Issei yelled as he punched into the head he was facing, and while it did get a good bite in Issei he was able to fight off the head.

“Issei, I am about ready!” I looked over to see the Devil clenching her teeth, “I need you to get out of there!”

“But Koneko!”

“Issei! Please I don’t want to lose you too!” The spell they were channling was coming towards a climax, “I need your Boost!”

He looked towards his ally, tears in his eyes as he started running towards the Succubus.

>Go in and save the Devil yourselves *How?*
>Allow things to transpire
>"no matter how many pistol rounds I threw into the beast none of them seemed blessed by the Lord!"

>"I quickly brought the shotgun to bear at the beast, reciting a prayer to the the Lord as I did so! What I did not expect was the bullets striking true all about the beast"

Alright, so Asia's prayer made the bullets strong enough to kill a cerberus, at last with the shot gun right? So let's repeat that.

>Pray to god and then shoot the beast with our shotgun until it dies
Rolled 26 (1d100)

I can agree with that.
Rolled 86 (1d100)

Sorry, forgot to roll

Well, I guess we are going to try and save!
It's like poetry, it's sorta they rhyme.
It might be a Devil, but I cannot allow such a creature to die at the hands of this beast. So I quickly changed out my pistols and started making my way towards the beast, my Shotgun in hand. Reaching into my satchel, I took out a handful of shells and started feeding them into my shotgun.

“Oh Lord, please help me save this being! Even if it has shied away from your light, I will bring it back!”

I quickly pumped the weapon, the sounds of the chamber cocking coming into my ears.

“Kyaa! Help me Sister!” The Devil cried as her left arm was torn asunder from the beast’s monstrous jaws. I heard a sickening crunch as the middle head comped down in the arm, bending its head back so that it went down easier.

“God Wills It!” I yelled as I brought the shotgun to bear!

The pellets soon went flying into the air, my blessed rounds impacting the left head of the beast with a righteous fury! It screamed in terror, the roar shaking the earth bellow my feet as I continued my charge forward. God was smiling down on me though, as the Devil dropped from its jaws.

That was only my first savo!

“The Lord blesses me! May I cut down evil wherever it stands!”

The impact was devastating, a pair of pellets tore into the creature’s flesh. Its cries were now tremendous, the legs of its behind giving out. It gave a vicious cry, lunging forward to try and maw my body just as it had done the Devil.

It would have caught me, but I had quickly rolled off to the side to avoid the massive jaws of multiple heads. With a pump of my shotgun, I aimed at the nearest head.

The attack tore through the first head, destroying its eyes with a vicious crack. With that, the pellets then tore a hole through the jaw of the middle head. Finally, it tore through the head of the last head and completely destroyed it.

I took out another fist full of bullets, quickly feeding them into the chamber of my gun while walking towards the injured Devil. Her eyes opened up to me, widening as I pumped another round. Her mouth seemed to say something unintelligible.

So I shook my head and spoke, “Devil, please do not thank me. Instead, thank God for the mercy that I give you.”

She was not a true Devil anyways, but instead a being that must have been forcefully reincarnated at their darkest hour. Devils are the worst.

I turned around, full witness to Freed as Xenovia sliced the monster’s sword arm off. He gave a cry of pain, but before she could finish the fool off he quickly threw something onto the ground. Smoke soon covered him, and I watched as he fled the area with extreme speeds.

“Damn you Freed!” Cried the porkish Bishop, “You have failed me and Kokabiel as well!”

“I won’t let you get away!” cried the Devil who was fighting with Xenovia.

Within moments the Bishop of Genocide was cut in two, the raging Devil now covered in the blood of a heretic. It was a just end for a vicious man.
File: Kokabiel_evil_smile.jpg (60 KB, 640x360)
60 KB
“So are all of you done fighting my underlings?” Once more, I saw before myself the monstrous image of an Angel. His face twisted in a fiendish grin, he hung in the air with a hubris that only a heretic could have, “Go ahead, fire that which you have been saving oh Heir of Gremory.”

I turned to see the Succubus holding a massive ball of energy before he, Issei at her side with his hand on her shoulder. She smiled, “This is the [Power of Destruction], Kokabiel. Do you really think you can survive a direct impact from it!”

He gave a slight chuckle, “Do your worst Gremory, so that I can give you ten times that.”

“Issei now!” She tried and soon the two of the were emcompassed with light.


The ball grew ten times its original size, which quickly flew to engulf the figure in a blaze of black and red power. While most were blind to the happening, the life energies of all the worlds creatures were bear to me.

With a wave of his hand the energy was thrown apart, revealing the Fallen once more without a scratched on his being. Cries of impossibility came from the Devils, and I could only guess on how powerful this being was. If he could control the Cerberuses, what was his own power like.

“That was powerful, if I was any lesser I would have died for sure~” He said with a smirk on his face, “So maybe I should give you something as payment for that pain, something that would harm you all tenfold!”

“I know the perfect thing! Oh it will surely stir up some feelings.” He said with a monsterous grin, ”God is Dead.”

I looked at the Angel as if insanity took him over, so it was Xenovia who yelled, “W-what do you mean!?”

“Its as I said Exorcist, God is dead!” He laughed from the bottom of his belly as the bastard, “Now what are you going to do? Strike me down a heretic!? All you need to do is ask your oh so precious Micheal!”

>What is Asia’s answer?
>Assure everyone that this is not true. That we know God is not dead, that he has heard our prayers. List all the times he helped us in this quest as proof. From saving us from the spider lady at the first thread to giving us the power to slay the cerberus.
>Then, to drive the point home, we tell Kokabiel that we don't need to ask Michael to strike him down. We can do that ourselfs while god is on our side. He might stand the devil power, but we carry the will of god.
>Then we pray to god to give us the streight to slay this fallen.
I looked up at the bastard with a righteous fury building up in my heart, “That cannot be possible!”

“Oh ho ho?” He turned to me with a sickly smile, “It seems you have escaped your cage, what a pity. You are the one to face me?” He waved his arms about the place with a smile on his face, “Any of you wish to back this girl?”

“Stop trying to turn all against my Lord!” I soon started taking steps forward, “He has heard my prayers to him! Ever since the day I was jumped by a monster in the lake to the Cerberuses I have killed this day! All of it was to his power and will, for his light shined I Asia Argento!”

His eyes sharpened on me and his grin grew more smug, “Oh, I finally recognize your name. You were the Nun poor old Raynare took in! Do you not remember the days his people threw you off to the side as trash for such a stupid reason!?”

I looked to the ground, memories coming back, ”I do.”

But then I faced the Fallen once more, tattered and bloody robes started skirting in the wind, “It was thanks to that event that I died! I had died and became something both more and the same as Human! I have become Dovahkiin!”

I raised my shotgun level to him, “You say to call Micheal, to ask him to save us. I will not do so, for I will face you down myself as I carry his will!”

I felt something stirring within myself as I spoke those words to him, by Draconic Soul resonating with myself. So I cried out, “Oh God above us, I ask you for the power to defeat your creation that has forsaken you!”

“I will give you the first strike human, no, Dragon!” His grin went from one side of his face to another in a very unnatural way, “I give you the first strike!”

I was about to raise my shotgun, in hopes that it would strike this heathen from the sky, but I felt something was calling to me. I looked towards my right, with the hand of the Fallen Exorcist Freed still gripping it, was Excalibur.

It was calling for me

I dropped my shotgun, the feeling of Kokabiel’s brow raising hit me but I did not stop. I took one, then two, then three steps towards it. I was then upon the blade, the golden weapon already changing into something sleeker, more easily used. I placed my hand upon it, and I felt power!

I raised my hand, my Soul calling Excalibur of destruction to my hand. It did exactly as it was told, the excess metal already melting off to reveal but a small fragment. I then placed it on the still shining sword, and finally it assumed its form.

It was a slender blade, something akin to a Long Sword. It possessed a golden cross-guard and blue handle, its blade the length of my arm. Upon it were not the writings of God, Fay, or Man. No, these were the writing of Dragon, for a Dragon was meant to wield it. Sadly the very tip of the blade was missing, the last seal missing.

“A TRUE WIELDER OF EXCALIBUR!” Kokabiel screamed in excitement with joy in his eyes, ”COME AT ME ASIA ARGENTO, DRAGON OF EXCALIBUR!”
File: 1419893119186.png (79 KB, 170x260)
79 KB
>As a Dovah-Kiin We're literally a human with a soul of a dragon
>Arthur's last name was Pendragon
>Able to wield Excalibur because of this
I have nobody to blame but myself for not seeing this coming. I mean it was right fucking there at the start with us finding out that we've become a Dragonborn.
I Saw it coming i mean asia is a saber face to the point she looks like a pendragon hell that clan might popup out of nowhere to claim her
File: fate-zero-background-27.jpg (1.32 MB, 1920x1080)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
>i can only think of one tatic to use

Pic related
I need a quick roll.
You need to type in the options tab, which is normally next to the name, dice+1d100
Rolled 28 (1d100)

Man i Fucked up so many times
Small rolls are better in your system right?
Rolled 74 (1d100)

please be good
The power now coursing through me was magnanimous, a completion of my very being. With it I knew all the powers my blade possessed; Invisibility, Illusions, Form Shifting, increased Attack Speed, raw Holiness, and lastly Destruction. These would have acted as the Seven Seals placed on King Arthur’s power, which only number six now.

I placed one foot forward, “Sword of Excalibur, Sword of Victory, I ask that you lift the Six Seals.”

I felt a drain upon my body, all of my magicka being drained into the blade for this one attack. Small motes of light soon appeared about me, dancing about my form as I called upon the power of man’s most powerful sword gifted to me by God.

I raised Excalibur above my head, a simple twist of my hand upon the bumble as a trigger. A beam of light came from the blade, so tall that it reached the sky and cut through clouds.

“Bring it Asia Argento!” The Fallen yelled at the top of his lungs once again, “Show me the power of my Father!”

I took one step, and brought it down.

”In the name of the Lord, EXCALIBUR!”

Pure golden light consumed the lands before me, the brightness rushing through the lands and going through the Fallen who stood before me. I watched as his aura was reduced to nothing, the sheer might of Excalibur erasing his existence.

As the light soon died down I fell onto my knees, the feeling of exhaustion taking over my very being.

Asia has gained two ranks of exhaustion and has used up all of her mana. This is the price for using a weapon of the highest tier.

I went onto one knee, looking about to see the faces of wonder all about me. I was tired for sure, but I was no fool in thinking it was all over. I allowed one of my feet to give, giving me the smallest margin to dodge a fist going to where I was.

Standing right next to me was a figure in pure white armor, but his aura was that of a Devil’s and Dragon, “So you still have a little bit of fight left in you, eh?”

I took in a few breaths before barely standing up, “Y-yes. Who are you.”

“The White Dragon Emperor, Vali.” He announced with a grandiose about him, “I was sent here to capture Kokabiel, and yet you killed the fuck. You got anything to say for yourself?”

I gripped Excalibur, raising it towards him, “God willed it.”

He gave a slight chuckle, “Then he died of his own hubris.”

”And it would be your own Hubris not to kill this girl now Vali”

The voice came from a green gem in his arm, one that was just like Issei’s.

“Come on Albion.” The man said with a smile, “I’m not one to kick a girl while shes down and out.”

”You prefer kicking them when they can kick back.”

“Exactly!” He gave a chuckle before turning to me, “Seems Albion wants to fight you, Asia Argento. So I ask you, do you want to fight us?”

>No In Dragon
Does this mean Asia is technically Queen of England because in the legends Caliburn was the sword that was shattered and symbol of of the heir of the land Ignoring that Arthur has ruler or the pendragon family
In this universe Excalibur Shattered because it was being wielded by being who were not like Arthur.
“Nid, no I will not fight anymore.” I said with a weary sigh.

“And you told me to punch her!” the weird Devil said with a small laugh.

”You will regret this one day Vali.”

“Ha! Not as much as I regret having that weakling as Albion’s Rival!” He said while pointing towards Issei.

“W-what are you saying!” I heard Issei stamper out.

“To think my opponent would lose his humanity, and still not be strong enough to face down Kokabiel. Instead you depend on your Master to do the heavy lifting for you.”

“Y-you bastard!” Issei yelled before rushing the field.

Within a moment’s notice I watched Vali run over and smash his fist into Issei’s gut. Issei did not stand a chance, quickly dropping onto the ground without a fight.

“Don’t you see Albion, don’t you think the Girl would be better?” He said before facing me again. He gave a small wave, “I guess I’ll be telling Azazel about you killing his rogue second in command, and that God might not be dead.”

With that his wings opened, blue with a beautiful glow to them. The next moment he flew into the air and disappeared.

I felt exhaustion taking me as I watched Xenovia running towards me. My legs soon gave out, and I fell onto the ground. But as I did so, I noticed the eyes of the Devil I saved. Full of thankfulness and will, they were completely different from when I first met the Devil in their court.

I gave a small smile, the thought that I inspired faith in the girl resting in my stomach.
Well that's it for this thread! Thank you all for coming and I ask for someone to archive it for me.
k are going to open a new thread i just discovered the thread watcher function and would like to know so i dont have to track it down
Likely, when I start it I will post a link to it on this thread.
Cool so Excalibur is now asia because she is literally the only one who can wield it even if it doesn't kill others that touch it outright?
For the most part. Shes the only one to access the Excalibur Blast function in over a millennium. Those with enough 'Light' can use the other functions like invisibility or the mimicry.
Good thread thanks GM
I'm so hyped for the next thread right now. We kiled Kokabiel, Vali consider us a better rival than Issei, we unlocked excalibur power, and maybe converted Koneko into Christianity.
Can't wait to see Griselda's reaction when we tell her that. Or Irina's. Or Michael. Or Mor'Voh.
Anyway, this thread was awesome, and i can't wait for the next one.
Thanks for running!
Next Thread!

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