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File: -Solthen-1.png (689 KB, 2898x2893)
689 KB
689 KB PNG
Create a Gang to wrest control of the lawless land of Solthen: a multi-cultural haven.
RP as one of the listed races and choose a name for your Gang.

Rules and Information:
Read the OP before you ask dumb questions.

Standard RP rules apply.

=GWRP is new and untested, rule changes may frequently occur.=

Be reasonable. (Most important rule)

All players may post 2 actions (one turn) once they start, after this they may post again once a new turn is initiated after all other players have posted their own actions.
Posts not containing any actions may be posted freely.

All Gangs maintain basic knowledge of each other through spies. (Info shown in lower right corner)

Claimed buildings signify land occupied by the Gang, and provides increased influence.
For every district or neighborhood claimed, player receives +1 influence and an increase in wealth gained per turn. (Based on distance from Garrison)

Guards are stationed in the walled off garrison. Spontaneous raids occur, which result in the loss of wealth and territory from affected Gangs. The chances of raids increase the closer a Gangs territory is to the Garrison.

Acquirement of wealth comes easier.
Receive 1 extra gold per turn.

Improved ability to perform actions.
Player gains 1 extra action per turn.

Enhanced capabilities while fighting.
Rolls relating to combat increase by +5.

Coerce others with ease.
Expansion actions receive +5 to roll.
Each player may perform various actions at the start of a new turn.
Actions will be played in order based on earliest posts.
Every Gang can spend two actions per turn, or three if they have the Initiative bonus. (Not all actions must be played in a turn, but they cannot be saved or carried over. Once a post with made with any amount of actions in it is made, the players turn is over)

Allowed actions:

Expansion - Spread out and take new areas to set up shop.
If two players expand into the same area in the same turn, a fight is triggered, and a roll determines the outcome. (Winner receives money from loser)
A roll will be made, which if successful will result in an additional claimed building. (If specified by player, expansions may be limited to 1 building)
New expansions must be "touching" or bordering at least one existing territory in order to be gained. (Expansions will be random unless specified)

Bribe - Pay a specific individual to benefit yourself.
Farmers can be bribed to distribute their harvest through you, increasing influence. Bribe will last as long as the Gang has at least 1 held neighborhood, if not it will become free.
Other Gangs may take an already bribed farm if they pay more than the prior payment. (Price increases the further your territory is from the farmer, and bribed farms will become colored.)
Guardsmen can be payed to turn their nose to your activities during random searches. (Lasts 5 turns)

Raids - Attack a specific location to either loot it, or take it as your own. (Claiming a building requires a second roll, and will receive 50% less loot compared to looting action)
Players may also choose to sabotage a building which result in it becoming ruined and unable to be used by anyone until money is spent to repair it.
If two players both have bonuses to combat, they are canceled out.

Unlisted - Players may suggest or attempt unlisted actions to perform.
If denied by OP, action is reset and the player may retry for another action either listed or unlisted.

Rolls are generally done with a D20 (Exceptions exist)
List of roll outcomes from D20:
1-5 Failure
6-15 Success
16-20 Success+
(Success+ receives an additional reward depending on action)

RP posts are free and welcome. While this game is more heavily focused on gameplay, RP is still rooted within the game and highly encouraged.

OP will not be fully active, but players can continue to play at all times (unless told otherwise), making sure that they count that everyone else has posted their actions before a new turn starts.
Be advised that because of this, actions relating to player vs player may come to an abrupt halt without moderation, and should be avoided until OP is active.

OP's word is law and reserves the right to retcon any posts requiring such action.
Grievances are to be directed to OP through private messages. Any complaints not issued this way are invalid.

More rules and information may exist but the above are simply the most important.
Creation Template

Please include a screenshot of your desired start location as well as your preferred color and race or it will be chosen for you.

>Gang Name:
>Optional Summary of Gang:
>Discord https://discord.gg/TsHhkkW

Be creative.
But not too creative.
Looks interesting. I'm gonna wait for some other anons to post their gang first though.
>Gang Name:
The Boobs
Unsure what you mean by multicultural, so I'm going to say centaurs.
>Optional Summary of Gang:
We showed up one day as refugees after the Arabs invades our lands and raped our horses. The people kept us around because they were amused by our horse dongs. Unfortunately the infrastructure isn't very accomodating and good jobs for horse-people are lacking so we turn to crime.
Oh snap I see the races on the illustration now
I suppose this is >>3891676 out of the question then.

>Gang Name:
The Uggos
Gobbos together strong!
File: broker boys.png (9 KB, 364x323)
9 KB
Sorry if I didn't mark desired territory exactly right, anywhere by the river would be fine.

>Gang Name: Baker Way Brokers
>Race: Elf
>Optional Summary of Gang: Currently operating out of a small townhouse by the Solthen River, the Baker Way Brokers operate a small time smuggling and import ring. However, their leader Myrmin Wrannelis has designs of an empire fare larger than this.
Gang Name: The Crimson Unity
Race: Humans
Optional Summary of Gang: A gang of humans who don't like elves but don't mind the rest as long as they keep to themselves.
File: 1572138708321_1.jpg (1.83 MB, 2898x2893)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB JPG
>>Gang Name: The Midnight Club
>>Race: Human
>>Optional Summary of Gang
A gang of wealthy upper class humans who inhabits this city. Their speciality is not petty crimes but organized corruption, assassinations and smuggling. Their base is the large sprawling mansion of their boss lady Anastasia Foletta (usually called Ana). She has plans to control the city and its underworld.
File: Ana_Foleta.jpg (75 KB, 608x608)
75 KB
The boss
File: -Solthen-2.png (699 KB, 2898x2893)
699 KB
699 KB PNG
As stated in the OP you can post anytime
also not opening that pic, hopefully i got the right spot

I may or may not open up slots for more players eventually

except me to fuck up and forget some rules along the way, yell at me if you notice me doing that
pic related is the designated neighborhood/districts that provide bonuses if held
File: Myrmin_Wrannelis.jpg (83 KB, 627x1280)
83 KB
Rolled 13, 9, 18 = 40 (3d20)

(Is there a specific cost to bribery or does it vary?)
Myrmin set his feet up on his new desk, the roadside warehouse he'd moved his office to was far less cramped then that attic room he'd be using before. "Well boys," he addressed to no one in particular, most of the gangers moving boxes not stopping to listen, "Good start for sure, but there's yet more property to repossess, get those swords resharpened. Oh! And get a letter to those nice suppliers in Rostik, this place'd make a great auction house."

>Expansion: Continue to claim buildings west along the road to town.
>Expansion: Do so again
>Unlisted: Try to smuggle in some rarities and hold a nice little underground auction to get some coin/reputation.
>Hill Street Market
>A perfectly legitimate farmer's market.

Base us northeast of the Garrison, thanks.
Rolled 11, 19, 17 = 47 (3d20)

1. Expansion
2. Expansion Pt. 2: This time it's personal
3. Unlisted: Post pro-human propaganda in our controlled areas to cement our ideology

>Gang Name: Blood Pact
>Race: Orcs
>Optional Summary of Gang: The collection of the underpaid and downtrodden Orc laborers in the city. Led by their masked Pact Leader.

I'm thinking the Northern most district.
Rolled 2, 6, 6 = 14 (3d20)

>Expansion : expand our control of the district
>Expansion : do it again
>Unlisted : begin meeting the political figures and people in charge of the city. Let them meet the boss, personally.
At least I'm throwing all my bad rolls right at start
Rolled 17, 15 = 32 (2d20)

If y'ain't a sponsored beggar, y'ain't beggin' on our turf.

Assuming I'm on the map,

>Bribe SW farm with 2 Gold
>Raid to claim, within own district
File: -Solthen-3.png (707 KB, 2898x2893)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
OP was drinking and fucked up the player starts and meant to put Crimson where Midnight is
if there's any complaints I can swap them

and, again, since this is all new, and I'm also retarded expect me to fuck up
so in attempt to make things run more smooth and safely i'll try to write down what changes are made for each players turn

Base Bribe will require 5 gold
>Expansion x2 goes better than planned, and an extra building is taken (for clarity, normal expansions will be 7 buildings per)
>The auction is an astounding success, +2 gold (for the sake of immersion, every 1 gold can be considered 100 gold coins)

I forgot to mention how rolls would work but it seems everyone figured it out

>No time is wasted expanding the territory 2x
Humans do not receive a third action

>Silver tongues help expansion x2
Humans receive only 2 actions per turn

You may redo the first action or consider it an investment
>-3 to next bribe on specified farm
No need to raid non-gang held buildings
>The eager dwarves barge into new buildings, only to find peasants, x1 expansion


I can't stress this enough, but if I fucked up or forgot a rule, do tell me

players of course can continue to post, as I'm going to sleep now
unless anyone objects, a new rule will be that players may initiate a new turn if 5/6 of the players have posted their actions

I believe I've done everything correctly
Rolled 9, 6 = 15 (2d20)

1. Expansion: The Pact expands into the surrounding neighborhood with the Pact Leader giving clandestine rallies after community events.
2. Unlisted: The Blood Pact begins demanding "protection" money from business under their control, placing orc guards outside those that pay, but looting and smashing those that scab on their duties to the Pact.

>That second action should have my +5 strength hopefully.
Rolled 6, 16 = 22 (2d20)

I expect The Uggos would have 4 Gold by now. Also, Crimson should have 1 Wealth, and Hill Street 2.

Sweep the trash, oust the porch-guests. 'Sjust good business.

>Expand twice within home district, any overflow to the south
Oh grand, and here I thiught the Uggos were discontinued.
So check this.
1.The Uggos are going to launch raids into neutral territory .
2. We fully intend to sabotage surrounding buildings such that a nice little no mans land can be created between us and the other gangs.

Any and all expantions will be west bound but I suppose that's a later turn.
OP, feel free to answer this whenever but given our proximity to the law, is there any chance we might make a few deals with these guys?
I imagine it falls under the bribe category of action... something like say, providing them with information about rival gangs so they can fuck off? That sort of thing.
Oh yeah, since we got intitiative, I figure we can expand in the same go as well.
3. Alright then lads lets move west bound.
File: -Solthen-4.png (708 KB, 2898x2893)
708 KB
708 KB PNG
>Expansin x1 goes well enough
I don't think that bonus would apply to the second action, but it succeeds anyway
>The burly orcs manage to convince some people to pay for their "services" +1 gold

I forgot dwarves had wealth bonus, been corrected as if they had it from started, but I'm 99% sure I got Crimson and Uggos correct
>Expansion x2 goes as planned
If unclear, both Crimson and Hill now control 1 district each so they get bonus 1 gold per turn, and due to distance from garrison, the district claimed by Hill recieves +1 gold per turn

I suppose I didn't make the raiding action clear, but that should be used for gang vs gang
I'll assume you mean to use those two actions to sabotage (I also originally meant for them to be 1 building at a time but I realize that would be useless so I'll roll a d7 for sabotaging buildings, in addition to the base roll)
And since we're just starting I would allow your third action to go, but that roll was failed, but remember this portion of the rules
>(Not all actions must be played in a turn, but they cannot be saved or carried over. Once a post with made with any amount of actions in it is made, the players turn is over)
>The Uggos do a fine job razing the nearby buildings x2 +roll of 8 from 2d7
>However, this causes them some troubles when trying to convince their neighbors to expand further

If you mean paying the guards to focus on a gang, that should work as an action

I only now just realized after updating everything that not enough people posted yet to warrant a new turn, but I really just want to get this posted now, so

may use +1 action to their next post
Rolled 13, 6, 12 = 31 (3d20)

Unlisted: Spread propaganda to improve our image to the common people. It is always good to have a mob exactly when it is needed...
Unlisted: Fortify the territory we own, make sure any raids are living hell for the raiders.
Expand: Self explanatory. Force any elves out, keep the other races separate, but equal.
Ah I see. Muh bad then.
I'll have to renember that.
I suppose this is gunna get icky with the gang to our emmediate west but such is life.
Actions for this round:
1.Expand west.
2.Expand west.
3.Expand west.
Now, what's a Market without the goods, aye? Tell yer aunt and yer mama's uncle, it's all proper sourced at Hill Street!

>3 Gold to finish bribing SW farmer
>Expand in South
Rolled 17, 18 = 35 (2d20)

1. Blood Pact members being serving as a sort of "district watch", cracking down on non Blood Pact crime. (Hoping to sway influence or perception)

2. Expand east, tightening the hold in the district.
Rolled 11, 20, 4 = 35 (3d20)

Not sure but I get the impression OP must roll for us.
Rolled 6, 2, 3, 1 = 12 (4d20)

>Unlisted: Convince the former owners of those now burnt out buildings in our home district to sell them for cheap.

>Expansion: Continue to fill out our home district, more buildings there to take while it's easy

>Expansion Continues

>Expansion Continues
For clarity, that roll was meant for >>3892729 in the event that OP was, in fact, not rolling for us.
File: -Solthen-5.png (710 KB, 2898x2893)
710 KB
710 KB PNG
>Some ruffians are easily swayed by words, +5 to next combat roll (Remember this and add it into the next post regarding combat occurs)
Going to deny the fortify action
>Expansion goes well x1 +2

>Expansion goes well x2 +1

Rolled 2d20, failures
>The dwarf sent to bribe the farmer was never too good at math, the bribe is successful, but higher than usual -4 gold
>Stubby dwarven legs and too much ale don't mix well which trying to stretch out the territory x1 -6

>The Watch pleases many, influence +1
>Expansion goes great x1 +1

I'll consider first action expansion, but the buildings still need to be repaired to be usable
>Expansions go horribly, but at least they grew x4 -18
Rolled 52, 24, 82 = 158 (3d100)

Expand: Go north, remove knife ears, set up racial no-go zones.
Unlisted: Persuade some tpwn guard to go preform some raids on the Midnight Club, after all, why should those decadent fucks go unchallenged?
Bribe: Get some guards on our payroll. Should work out nicely if any of our boys gets a bit too carried away and gets caught.
Rolled 12, 3, 1 = 16 (3d20)

Fucked up the rolls.
Rolled 11, 2 = 13 (2d20)

1. Expansion within the District

2. Bribe a local farmer to sell food for lower prices in our district.
Rolled 43, 8, 44 = 95 (3d100)

Now I'm pissed, how dare they buy up my buffer zone.

1.Unlisted: spend 3 to bribe the city's garrison to arrest the Elves leadership. I want them in some way handicapped next turn.
2.Unlisted: Spend 3 to bribe the cities garrison to raid the Eastern territory with reckless abandon.
3. I'm unsure if this counts as expansion, sabotage or a raid but violently and brutally invade the east with an eye towards killing people more so than occupying territory.

If, for whatever reason OP doesn't accept these unlisted proposals

Then proceed to apply these rolls to...

1.Expand East.
2.Expand East.
3.Expand East.

Stay in yalls mother fugging lane you god damned tree worshiping heathens or by the time we're done with you, every single one of you is gunna be turning tricks for the Uggos.
Rolled 2, 1, 1 = 4 (3d20)

Sorry wrong dice
Rolled 12, 17, 2 = 31 (3d20)

If you want a buffer zone put it in your own damn district, you're cutting into my bottom line here.
>Unlisted: Spend some gold to fix up those damaged buildings.

>Expansion: Continue to take over this starter district.

>Unlisted: Plant some goblin made firebombs in those broken down buildings north of The Uggos in order to implicate them in the attacks.
A group of 5 members of the Unity approach the north of the city, their brown and gray trenchcoats and red fist patches showing their allegiance. They approach members of the Pact, with a message from the leader of the Unity telling them they wish to talk in a warehouse, and to bring however many people they feel comfortable bringing.
The Uggos, after having been fairly incredulous about 5 random fuggos walking through their streets feel that it is their duty tomake an appearance and to offer terms first here in this sacred fugging parlay.

The deal is The Uggos are gunna attack the Elfuggos with everything they got got.
The Uggos are telling you (all of you) that you're also going to attack them with everything you got.
To the unity:
You can freely expand to take what looks like 5 districts to the south and east.
And during that time the gobbos will be more than happy to leave you to it.
Moreover you'll be paid all of Uggo income for every turn you spend busting the Brokers up in this manner.

To the pact: you can have all western territories that the Uggos recently acquired AND the Uggos will pay you half their total income for 5 turns after the end of the war.

The whole damned Elvish Broker territory has to be wither burned down or occupied by Gobbos by the end of this.
It can be real quick and real profitable for everyone involved if you fuggos work with us on this.
Originally I was going to roll for everyone myself but I forgot qst had that feature built in
File: -Solthen-6.png (711 KB, 2898x2893)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
going to start the new turn because I got everything set up and just waiting on one guy

>Expansion goes great x1 +2
>Talking to the guards doesn't go so great, but after paying a hefty fee, the guards agree to turn a blind eye for a bit, -6 gold

>Expansion goes well x1 +1
>along with a failure in communication, the orcs simply do not have the funds

>Both attempts at bribes fail horribly, so horribly in fact the guards don't even bother to arrest the goblins for their scheming.
>In a haze of greed and anger, the goblins stamp on the ruins eastward, destroying what little remained, small gold increase to repairing buildings

>Repairs go well, but due to goblin tampering, the costs go up a bit, repairing 5 our of the 7 razed buildings for -6 gold
>Expansions go great x1 +1
>Looks like someone timed the fuses poorly, killing those involved in the scheme and simply appearing to be a party gone wrong. It was beautiful.

can use +1 action in their next turn

Heads up, I'm going to be dropping down everyone's influence stats by 1 so I can more easily keep track of things
This change will only be aesthetic.
Previously they were at base 1 for an outdated method of expansion which is no longer the case
Rolled 9, 10, 6 = 25 (3d20)

I never one a war by quitting.
1.Invade East
2.Invade East
3.Invade East
Rolled 6, 6, 10 = 22 (3d20)

Given that this invasion is basically a whole bunch of raids do I have to roll again due to >(Claiming a building requires a second roll, and will receive 50% less loot compared to looting action)

Or if I stop now does it mean I just stole a bunch of elf money?

Any way, if a second roll is what's necessary for a claiming action I suppose these be muh rolls.
Still accepting players OP?
Rolled 14, 18 = 32 (2d20)

The Leadership of the Unity hears of this offer, and knowing a good deal when they saw one, agreed with the deal.

1. Expand east.
2. Raid: Send some Unity paramilitaries in to fuck the elves up something good, and make sure they get a mob riled up to join in. (Action gets +5 from my action 2 turns ago)
I can probably accept one more player but only if you're not going to bail mid-game

I'm actually not quite sure what I was thinking when I wrote how raiding works
but I *think* it's that if you raid to claim you roll first to see if it succeeds, and then again to roll against the person you're attacking, and whoever is higher, gets the building
So I guess it's like you can more easily loot a place, but if you want to keep it (to get more money in the long run), there's a bigger risk of you failing and not getting anything
>Unlisted, 5 Gold: Politely inform the Garrison of proliferating weeds in the northern garden, and t'were better that five must scrounge for soil than than that four may set down roots. (Will pay 1 Gold for each gang north of Market territory, today and every five days thereafter.)
>Expand in second district
>+Action, expand again, east of second district
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Rolled 4, 17 = 21 (2d20)

Expand South

Expand West
Thread looks dead.
Too bad.
File: -Solthen-7.png (707 KB, 2898x2893)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
Whatever idea I had before is scrapped, the secondary rolls will be the amount of buildings you take, so 1d7 per raid for claim (Now that I think about it that may have been my idea though)
>Raid x3 +14 goes about as well as expected

>Expansion x1 goes great +2
>Raid goes great, but the elves only have 1 gold to steal, +1 gold

You'll need to elaborate further on what you mean by your first action. I have donkey brains.
>Expansion goes great x2 +2

>Expansion west goes great x1 +2
>South expansion not too much

Removing Midnight Club from game for inactivity.
If you come back, post and I'll put you back in.
Until then, their fate coincides with this next event.

Having realized the upstart of various criminal organizations, the guard spurs into action, beginning its first widespread search of the city in attempt to stamp out the rising problem, managing to take down the Midnight Club.
Rolled 20, 13, 18 = 51 (3d20)

1.Raid Baker Way Brokers.
2.Raid Baker Way Brokers.
3.Unlisted:Get some of our Uggos to enlist in the city Garrison
(rolls 1d20 if 1-7=fail, 8-16=make it so that they're easier to bribe by giving a roll bonus to that action, 17-20= original success + they'll do a random "favor")
Rolled 3, 4 = 7 (2d7)

Rolling for buildings.
Rolled 20, 1 = 21 (2d20)

1. Unlisted: Again, spread propaganda to gain influence
2. Unlisted: Attempt to invade and occupy the Broker's territory, no looting and pillaging, just murder and Invasion
Iy would appear that circumstances are making the Westward expansion unlikely.
The war with the Elves will eventually be concluded, provided maintained pressure.
The end result is that the Uggos will be firmly established East.
If we expand further West, that risks cutting off the orcs from their domain.
Moreover it leaves us vulnerable to a 3 front attack.
The East side, barring the domains promised to the reds, will likely become our home.
On the bright side the orcs don't seem to be interested in this war so we don't have to pay them.
Rolled 20, 15 = 35 (2d20)

1. Expand South

2. Unlisted: With their hold on the northern-most district solidified the Blood Pact opens a covert speakeasy/gambling den in a converted warehouse for the hardworking orcs to unwind and not place a penny into the pocket of the city that doesn't care for them.
(The purpose of the speakeasy is morale and gold.)
Rolled 62 + 2 (1d100 + 2)

Ignore this roll, I'm just fucking with the mechanics
File: -Solthen-8.png (704 KB, 2898x2893)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
>Raids x2 continue against the Baker Way Brokers, but it appears their organization has completely disbanded
>They manage to convince their way into the garrison, lowering next roll to bribe by -10

I may alter how raiding works.
I'm thinking looting can be done from any distance (or perhaps only being able to jump one district), but raiding to claim must have a district bordering the target.

>Propaganda works great x1 +2 influence
>The men sent to carry out the invasion died in an attempt to coordinate a highly complex and risky naval invasion by the river, as no one actually knew how to swim.

>Expansion goes great x1 +2
>A cozy den makes its presence known with many foolish individuals flocking to gamble their life savings away for the promise of riches and alcohol, +1 gold per turn until the souther district is raided.

Hillstreet recieves +1 action to next post
If no post is made before the start of a new turn, the gang will be removed.

A new challenger appears
>The Brutish Bones
Previously dwelling in the basements and cellars of the southeastern portion of Solthen, they now see it profitable to venture outward.

Slot open for 1 new player
Rolled 8, 12 = 20 (2d20)

>The Brutish Bones begin their expansion in their district x2
1.Expand East.
2.Unlisted: Pay the Reds 4 gold for participating in the 2 turn war against the brokerage as was agreed.
3.Unlisted: Use conquered Elf gang's men and women as prostitutes for increased income, also have their kids work as beggars and pickpockets.
Rolled 20, 20, 4 = 44 (3d20)

Not sure if the second action should require a roll but who knows, I figure a random disgruntled elf might try to kill our guys before they make the payment.
Rolled 15, 8 = 23 (2d20)

1. Expand West once more.

2. Unlisted: Blacksmiths are bribed, and a few supplies of the garrison go missing. The Blood Pact needs steel, for the means of freedom for the laboring orc lies in his self-security. (TL;DR- get some swords for greater raiding power)
Expansion x2: Continue to expand into the territory allotted to us by the goblins
Rolled 3, 12 = 15 (2d20)

and rolls because I'm a tard
Those territories along with the gold were offered on the basis that you would either give us some of your man power or you would participate in the offensive against the Elf menace.
You did neither.
We demand compensation for these lands.
Green doesn't care much for killing green so we're still willing to give up the lands but we must insist you to either pay us 5 gold or provide us with an extra pair of initiatives for one turn.
>You did neither.
Last turn:
>Pay the Reds 4 gold for participating in the 2 turn war against the brokerage as was agreed.
My turn 2 turns ago:
>Raid: Send some Unity paramilitaries in to fuck the elves up something good, and make sure they get a mob riled up to join in.
Sorry for the late notice, but I'm dropping out of the game. Was fun while I was participating. Just busier than I expected recently.
Oh shit my bad, I keep confusing you for the blood pact.
The two names meanings are so similar.
Yeah we just paid you so it should be good.
-Which one of these fuggos was we supposed to send our terms to?
-I don't know man, they all look the same to me.
lmao, that's my bad then. I realize you were talking about the orcs the whole time. We good man.

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