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A fantasy RPG
Previous Episodes: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=seeker+quest
Character Sheets: https://imgur.com/a/AUQv7
Inventory + Spellbook: https://pastebin.com/s811YMmL

You start to circle around the demon. Moving closer to the book on the other side of the room. The room is stupidly small, but since the protection circle has such a small radius you still have a decent amount of space to manoevre around it.
Half way around the circle you feel a sense on unease and stop. How do you know this is even the real Al'Gokoz and not an illusion? What if by trying to get to the book you will trip the REAL circle!?
>"Salaman, can you detect magic in the room?"
Salaman: "There's nothing but the magic circle, and the noise that disrupts control of undead that fills the entire castle."
This doesn't really prove there are no illusions. You're well aware that if Illusion magic is performed properly it can't be detected by magic senses.
If the demon himself was an illusion he should have disappeared when he was struck by the enervation. Illusions disappear when they take damage and aren't made to react appropriately by the controller.
Al'Gokoz: "Having second thoughts?"
You think about your options. Salaman's Unseen Servant wont be able to lift an object that heavy. Shawel's Water Whip could drag it straight to her but it would be forced to fly straight through the protection circle's area. Salaman could summon a creature to pick up the book can summons be possessed? Can a dead body?
If he's not an illusion why is he intangible?
Al'Gokoz: "Scared of a harmless book? How boring. Well, if you're just going to stand there and do nothing..."
Mage fire flares up in one of his palms. He's casting a spell!
He conjures a harp inside his circle.
Ulric: "What just happened?"
Alina: "Nothing. He just summoned a musical instrument."
The demon starts strumming the strings of the harp in an oddly soothing melody, hardly befitting an avatar of evil.

(Someone Roll 1d10 for perception)

>what do?
Rolled 7 (1d10)

This odd behavior seems like it could be a lead up to a charm or beguile spell, or it could be a ploy to make you panic and do something stupid.
Alternatively, the demon's goal is to make you overthink the situation, which implies that it is trying to buy time for *something* to happen, or that it is trying to make you discount the most obvious answer to the problem before you.

Cast Resist Magic and Protection from Evil on yourself then go pick up the book.
(Perception: 6)
There's something off about the music, but you can't quite put your finger on it.
You're fairly confident that if it does have a mind influencing effect, the Protection From Evil spell you placed on everyone will protect them.
File: GENOCIDE & GENOCIDE.png (4 KB, 214x160)
4 KB
Wait, those torches are on fire, for how long have their been on fire? If they were magical torches we should have perceived them, right? I am started to think that the whole room is an illusion.
Shout Shawel to put ice walls to prevent posible reinceforments to come in aid of Al'Gokoz. Then procedo to the book, it is still out best shot.
Proceed to the book do it now
I'm thinking illusion magic also, or something worse. It doesn't make sense that we can unsummon him
Maybe it's because he hasn't been fully summoned yet
Demons lie and manipulate.
>Al'Gokoz: "Having second thoughts?"
He is capitalizing on our self-doubt.

>If he's not an illusion why is he intangible?
One of three possibilities:
1. It has to do with his specific nature
2. It has to do with the circle
3. It has to do with something else that we don't know about
We need more information.
We need the book.
The cultists ch ot his blood some how.

>Al'Gokoz: "Scared of a harmless book? How boring.
This insult could be intended to goad us inro acting rashly in general or in regards to the book specifically. Proceed carefully.

>Well, if you're just going to stand there and do nothing..."
>Mage fire flares up in one of his palms. He's casting a spell!
>He conjures a harp inside his circle.
>The demon starts strumming the strings of the harp in an oddly soothing melody, hardly befitting an avatar of evil.
I suspect that harp might affect the undead, but it may just be intended to push us.

>Shout Shawel to put ice walls to prevent posible reinceforments to come in aid of Al'Gokoz. Then procedo to the book, it is still out best shot.

Can't believe I caught the thread on time.
>Seeker Quest: Genocide & Happiness
Why have I never thought of this before?
File: unzipped.png (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
>"Shawel, block the corridors."
Shawel: "Ice Wall"
You hear her cast two Ice Walls, blocking each corridor.
You cast Resist Magic on yourself.

You proceed very carefully and try to be mindful of all your sense in case you can detect something wrong.
You move around the circle and stand in front of the lectern.
The demon stops playing his harp.
Al'Gokoz: "Go ahead. Take it."
You reach out to grab to book. You feel an odd sensation in your brain, comparable to the small shock of walking up a staircase and stepping on the last step only to find out it's not there.
You suddenly find the lectern is not in front of you but a good few metres away.
Ulric: "The room's become bigger!"
You quickly take in your surroundings, the room has become much larger, and the objects in it more spaced apart from each other. No. It's always been this big, now you're just seeing the room's true dimensions! The illusion was making the room appear much smaller than it really was.
Alina: "Christof! You're standing in the circle!"
Your blood suddenly runs cold. It's not just the room, the magical protection circle is also much larger than it originally appeared. It's huge, and you're standing inside it.
You turn around to see a black spear hurtling at you.
Al'Gokoz: "Too late fool!"
Al'Gokoz throws a spear into your eyes scoring a critical hit! for 0 damage, you are immune to instant death.
Al'Gokoz: "Hmm, you're protected from my spears, no matter. My magic will destroy you."
You turn to dash out of the circle, a portal appears in the air in front of you and the demon steps through blocking your path. No longer slumped on the floor, but standing at full height and holding another black spear in his hand.
Al'Gokoz: "Leaving so soon?"
Your companions are fixated on you but haven't moved into the room yet.
Ulric: "We've got to help him!"
Ulric flourishes his weapons and steps forward but Shawel holds out her arm to block him.
Shawel: "Don't, wait for Christof's order."

>You are in combat
>You have 72/72 HP
Choose your next four actions

>Attack 70%
>Flurry 60%
>Power Attack 60%
>Jab 95%
>Called Shot
>Counter Attack
>write in
> Use Message to convey the following message to your allies:
> "Under no circumstances are any of you to enter the circle, no matter what you see or hear. I'll be fine, and while I'm occupying the demon's attention, I need one of you to get to the book. Put your hand on the wall and keep as close to the room's perimeter edge as possible while moving."

I'll leave the specifics of distracting the demon to other anons.
This! Plus
>Immunity To Weapons (Spears? Polearms?) on Christof
And this. It should be Immunity To Weapons (piercing), I think.
This, but instead of defending, fake an attack and dodge out of the circle.

Take care to not damage its border.
I'm on board with this plan, but I want know if Message will take a turn and give Al a free shot.
Not sure how effective Defend will be, but trying it while maneuvering away sounds like a good idea.
The feint/dodge/escape plan is good. Not sure how to roll that, but I seriously doubt that we can just "whoopsie-daisy" our way out of this in one move.
>The feint/dodge/escape plan
I think it would take two movements, one for the faint and other for the jump.
File: stand_your_ground.png (15 KB, 400x400)
15 KB
You are already being affected by Immunity to Weapons[Piercing] which is why Al'Gokoz critical hit did 0 damage to you. Alina cast it on you at the end of last thread.

You try to cast Message, but find with the low magic environment and your lack of Alteration skill casting the spell under stress is impossible.
You resort to shouting the message out loud.
>"Stay out of the circle no matter what! No matter what you see or hear I'll be fine! Get the book quick!"

Cracking and crushing sounds start emanating from the Ice Walls.
Olin: "Look out! The undead have found us, they're breaking down the walls!"
Al'Gokoz: "Looks like my little concert attracted an audience!"
Salaman: "Get in the room, use the doorway as a choke point."
The party streams into the room staying as far from the circle as possible. The Percipients stand in front of the doorway and Shawel summons a fresh Ice Wall to block it off.

Al'Gokoz casts Lightning Bolt, a bolt of energy arcs from his hand into you for 19 damage.
You make a feint at him, but quickly cancel and try to dash out of the circle. You emerge half way out of the cirlce without damaging it but Al'Gokoz grabs you by the arm with a vice like grip and balances precariously on one foot. He gleefully laughs at your escape attempt.
Salaman, following the edge of the wall reaches the book and starts flipping through the pages.
Al'Gokoz: "The book will do you no good, it will take you hours to understand it."
The 3rd Ice Wall starts to crumble.
Shawel: "They're breaking through."
Alina shoves Olin to the front lines, right behind the Percipients.
Alina: "You're up Olin. You're the necromancer. Handling undead is *your* job."
Olin: "oh man, oh man. Okay. I can do this."

>You have 53/72 HP

>write in
A prime opportunity has presented itself.
With the Demon now holding onto your wrist, you are in a good position to pull off a surprise reversal. If you grasp his wrist and turn on your heel to face him, there's a good chance that you'll be able to strike him in the face with one of your more dangerous items.

Items which may have a pronounced effect include:
> Holy Arrows
> Toxin of Greater Mind Fog
> Toxin of Greater Clumsiness
> Toxin of Greater Blindness
> Toxin of Weakness

Depending on the exact nature of this creature toxins may not have an effect on it. However, given that it is currently holding onto your arm it should be corporeal enough for you to stab it through the eye with a blessed arrow.
>Al'Gokoz: "The book will do you no good, it will take you hours to understand it."
"Ha! You never met a greater bookworm than Salaman!"

>pull off a surprise reversal
>stab it through the eye with a blessed arrow
I really like this, assuming we're going with the conceit of the rpg "communal inventory". I mean, *acktually* Alina should be carrying those.
I'm good either way.

But if we don't have the arrows, smashing the toxin of Greater Blindness in his beady little demon eyes should blind him one way or another. Then we hammer his face until he lets go.
A bit worried about the toxin mussing up the sigil.
I dont think at this point the sigils matters much. At the very least we have cofirmation that the book actually helps.

The plan, item(array or toxin), and then attack until it lets us go is good.
File: BludgeoningDamage.gif (455 KB, 500x200)
455 KB
455 KB GIF
>then attack until it lets us go
File: parallax.png (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
You pull a reversal on him and smash his face with a Toxin of Blindness. The sizzling liquid seeps into his face and eyes and he lets out a ferocious hiss.
Wait. You realize that although you hit his face and felt it, his entire body visually appears a little bit to the side of where you can feel it. You feel his tight grip around your forearm but looking down you see his hand is constricted around empty space a bit to the side of your wrist.
No wonder your ranged attack didn't work on him, his image is displaced a small distance away from his real location.
His face spells pain and his eyes are tightly shut. Still he maintains his grip on you. He summons a small black club to his hand and gives a huge smack to the crown of your helmet for 12 damage.

You hear the Ice Wall crumble and the clashing of weapons and bursts of magic from the other side of the room.
You use your free hand to smack Al'Gokoz with your hammer for 19 damage. It's hard with only one hand but his insistence on holding onto you makes it easier.
Al'Gokoz swings his club ferociously failing to score a decent hit.

You both blugeon one another like mad animals.
You do 20 and 20 damage.
You take 13 and 9 damage.

Deciding you've been sufficiently beaten, the demon drops his club and managed to force his free hand under your helmet and grip your neck. Your neck has protection, but the demons' grip is proving extremely fierce.
Al'Gokoz: "This pain is nothing. It would take a hundred blows like that to slay me."
He speaks out to your companions.
Al'Gokoz: "Hark fools! Your leader is doomed. Let me leave and I'll spare his life. All you have to do is smear one of the sigils on my summoning circle."
A sound of a bone snapping and a howl of pain in your voice rings out into the room. But you didn't cry out nor did any of your bones break. Another illusion created by the demon!

>You have 20/72 HP

With your opponent blinded and his illusion trick exposed, your chance of survival has dramatically increased. However, it is paramount that you seize on this opportunity before the Demon can orientate himself properly or erect a new illusion.
Given your apparent proximity to the circle's edge, escape is probably your best option at this juncture.
There are a couple possible course of actions which may facilitate this:

> A) Cast Dispel Magic to disrupt any other illusions. Use an oil flask on your gripped arm and neck to loosen the monster's grip on you. You may wish to follow up by using the Rod of Enervation or a Toxin of weakness, to further ease the process of breaking away from his grip. Once this is done move swiftly to the nearest wall.

> B) Thoroughly drench your neck and arm in oil and use the Rod of Windwall on the space between you and the Demon. Depending on how forceful the Windwall spell is, lunging into it may blast you backwards out of the circle. Given that the demon cannot leave the circle, his grip should be pried off you either as you are thrown out of the circle's boundaries or when he himself is pulled into the WindWall as you are throw back.
>escape is probably your best option at this juncture.

>> A) Use an oil flask on your gripped arm and neck to loosen the monster's grip on you.
Best idea I got.
Kick off his junk while we're at it.
>I dont think at this point the sigils matters much
>Al'Gokoz: "All you have to do is smear one of the sigils on my summoning circle."
How long ago did the demon get to you, anon?
Was it coercion, posession, or just bribery?
This I guess
Grab his head, use a torch in his eyes, put the Rod of Wind Wall in his mouth and cast it. Continue attacking him.

Please ignore the noise, I am totally not carrying copious amounts of gold coins.
>Please ignore the noise
Of course!
>Use the strongest Healing potion you have on yourself.(uncorkit over your head)
>Break the empty bottle on his face.(Distraction)
>Use Toxin of weakness on the demon(Making use of the distraction)
>Use rod of windwall between his fingers and yourself.
I think we are out of potions.
>Use rod of windwall between his fingers and yourself.
I can't imagine that working.
File: unknown.png (67 KB, 641x716)
67 KB
>put the Rod of Wind Wall in his mouth and cast it
this sounds fantastic
File: 1548802679221.jpg (5 KB, 297x169)
5 KB
sorry for not posting
I am still alive
I thought I'd have time to update these last few days but i've been pretty busy
next update idk
Thats cool
Live penguin Dolomite is a good Dolomite.
Party on.
kek sure lets try that

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