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In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 16 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix! This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Last time: Wade defeated Aku once and for all, and the thread got archived before the last update could be pushed out!

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

Alien Images:

Skills, Stats and Inventory:

Alien Trivia:

Superhero/Supervillain Database:

Public Info on X:

And don’t forget to follow my Twitter to get more frequent update notifications, and updates on my lack of updates!

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/QmGalvan

This thread will be used as a Q&A/Discussion thread. And in between it all, I'll be dumping short prompts that tie in to the next season. Hope you enjoy it!
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You toss your sword onto the couch nearby, waking up Slate in the process. And without hesitation or shame, you touch your hand to K8-E’s cheek and stroke it gently. Your sudden bold action causes her to shudder for a moment, before she grabs your arm with her claws.

[K8-E]: Dearest, is everything okay?

You grab her face with both of your hands and pull her into a deep, passionate kiss. And despite your aggressive display of affection, she doesn’t fight it or attempt to break away from the kiss. In fact, she seems to be enjoying it more than you are.

You slide your hands down to her slender waist and caress it ever so slightly with your thumb. K8-E’s breathing is a bit heavier than it was when you entered the house.

[Wade]: Better now…

[K8-E]: Yes, that was...quite…um...

She clears her throat and equips her mask to hide her embarrassment for a moment.

[K8-E]: Now, will you tell me what has happened to you?

You pick her up and lift her up to your face once more, causing her to panic and un-equip her mask. You take this opportunity to deliver another kiss to her pitch black lips. She’s so weak to sneak attacks.

[Wade]: If you come to bed with me, then I’ll tell you all about it.

She quickly becomes flustered and buries her face in your chest.

[K8-E]: Well...it’s not as if you’re giving me much of a choice here…

If that isn’t a yes, then you don't know what is!

You carry her off to the bedroom feeling reinvigorated after your arduous battle with the late Shogun of Sorrow. And you’ve never been more grateful that the kids are out of the house!


After yet another long, rigorous battle you and your beloved lay in each other’s arms, covered in sweat and short of breath. Having a Speedster as a girlfriend can be quite tiring, but it’s totally worth it in the long run(No pun intended).

You grow weary with the sound of K8-E’s breathing lulling you to sleep as she gently strokes your hair. Her claws travel along your skin, feeling every new scar, scratch and burn wound from your adventure.

You can tell that she has a million questions, but she asks nothing. She doesn’t care about where you’ve been or where you were. At least not at this moment.

All that matters to her now is that you’re safe in her arms, in the bed that you share. So long as you can return to her every night, you will endure any hardship and any trial.

The two of you belong to one another, and you try not to forget that simple fact with each passing day.

She gently places a kiss on your forehead and holds you close as you drift to sleep.

[K8-E]: Welcome home.

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>Meanwhile, back in Downtown Bellwood

The streets of Downtown Bellwood are thrown into chaos as the hero community, local authorities and civilians celebrate after defeating the demon that had suddenly arrived in their beloved city. He came and left in under 5 minutes, and they would never forget how X valiantly defended them in their darkest hour.

The stir of excitement from the festivities, emergency services, and the recent arrival of several news crews makes it fairly easy for Wendy to slip through the crowd undetected. She makes her way to Rex Salazar, who is currently waiting on orders from Agent Six. The two of them stand beside one another with their arms folded, taking in the warm atmosphere of the small, ever grateful town of Bellwood.

[Rex]: Crazy, isn’t it? A month for us is only half a minute for them. They wouldn’t even believe us is we told them.

Rex smiles gently while staring at the celebrating civilians.

[Wendy]: Probably better that way. Ignorance is bliss, after all.

Wendy closes her eyes and lets the warm summer breeze flow through her hair. She’s in a bit of a good mood at the moment.

[Rex]: So, what are you gonna do now?

Wendy is a bit shocked by Rex’s concern, but she doesn’t let it show on her face.

[Wendy]: Dunno. Guess I’ll lay low in Undertown until I figure out what to do next. What about you?

Rex becomes quiet for a moment, which prompts Wendy to glance at him in anticipation

[Rex]: I think I’m gonna take some time off and try to dig into my past. I don’t really know much about myself, aside from the fact that I punch stuff and talk to machines. It’s been bugging me a bit, you know?

His forlorn expression is a bit of a shock to Wendy, but she still attempts to contribute to the conversation nonetheless.

[Wendy]: Yeah, I can understand how that’d be frustrating.

Once again, Wendy is confronted with the fact that she’s absolutely terrible at small-talk. And comforting others. And just about anything that requires subtlety and tact.

[Wendy]: Well, I hope you find what you’re looking for. And if you need help with something, then...I’ll still be here I guess.

[Rex]: ...Thanks.

Rex smiles at her and the two of them bump fists briefly before turning their backs on one another.

[Rex]: Well Hot Topic, it’s been real.

[Wendy]: Yeah. Real bullshit.

They share a laugh, and think back on their adventure. It definitely had its ups and downs, but they felt as if they had learned something about each other, and themselves along the way.

[Rex]: Stay safe out there.

Rex walks away from her while waving at her from behind. And it isn’t until he’s out of earshot, that Wendy responds to him in a hushed tone.

[Wendy]: Yeah. You too.

She disappears into the crowd once more as she departs for her home in Undertown.

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Wendy opens the door to her smelly old shack and scans the area for intruders or squatters. She’d intended to visit Kaz once he got better, but it’s technically only been half a minute ever since he got injured. She’d have to wait a while longer.

She finds herself thinking back on Wade’s offer for her to enter into his home. She was close to accepting it, until she felt the object in her jacket pocket.

Wendy knew that Wade wouldn’t be too excited to learn of the item she had pocketed on the treasure train. He had managed to get the Amalgamatrix from her, but Wendy managed to snag something even more valuable.

She takes a purple orb from her pocket, carefully places it on the floor and presses the glowing button in the middle before taking a step back.

The orb hisses as it unfolds and reshapes itself, until it roughly takes the form of a human skeleton.

A hard light projection casts itself over the skeleton, creating the altered visage of a very familiar face.

[Wendy]: Hello Mother.

The artificial being takes a moment to examine its newly acquired body. Her skin is just as pale as before, however there have been notable changes in her wardrobe. Her mask has turned into a futuristic horned helmet, with a single red eye in the middle. And she appears to be wearing black instead of purple. But the most notable change would have to be the tentacles that are protruding from her back.

[Mother]: Where am I?! Who are you?

It’s obvious that she’d be confused. You’d be pretty confused too if you were killed and preserved as an artificial intelligence.

[Wendy]: Chill out, granny. I’m not gonna hurt you, and this little remote makes it so that you can’t hurt me either.

Wendy removes a remote from her pocket, and Mother scowls in her direction as her red eye flares up.

[Mother]: What do you want?

[Wendy]: You know about magic, right?

Mother is taken aback by Wendy’s statement. She was sure that her intentions would be far more sinister.

[Wendy]: I want you to teach it to me.

Mother examines Wendy’s expression and curls her lips into a wicked grin once she finds something that she’s satisfied with.

[Mother]: Very well. I shall teach you everything I know.

Mother hovers over to the other side of the room and conjures up a holographic display, containing the detailed contents of her spell-books.

[Mother]: But be warned, child. You’re about to step into a very dangerous world, from which you cannot return from.

Wendy takes a deep breath and cracks the knuckles on her prosthetic arm.

[Wendy]: Been there, done that. Bring it on.

End of Season 2.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed the delayed finale to Season 2. This arc dragged on for a bit longer than I had anticipated, but I hope you guys managed to squeeze some enjoyment out of it. My new work schedule has made it very difficult for me to push out consistent updates, and I apologize if the quality of the writing or story progression took a dip because of that.

But rest assured that my schedule is going to get a bit less stupid in a few days. Starting next week, I will be running sessions on weekends again! Same time at 4pm EDT!

But aside from that, let's dive into the meat of the conversation here. Some of you might have felt cheated after I teased the hell out of a setting in which you can explore Bellwood and the expansive Ben 10 Universe. And well...you can totally do that starting next season!

I needed some time to set up the world, characters and over-arching plot. Bellwood will be Wade's Metropolis, and there will be tons of heroes to interact with, bad guys to beat up, and problems to solve in Wade's life. Even with Wade's Omnitrix, Viral Forms and his newly acquired sword, Wade will face challenges that unlike anything that he's ever been confronted with before. I will dive deeper in the Multiverse, and bring about welcome surprises in the form of familiar villains and epic plotlines!

Wade's old friends will all return as planned, and you might even make some new friends along the way! We'll be re-imagining the Ben 10 mythos like never before as we prepare to venture into unexplored territory. All very exciting stuff to look forward to as we reflect on what we've experienced together up until this point.

But enough about that, what did you guys think about Season 2 and the quest so far? Anything you enjoyed? Anything you didn't enjoy? Should I work on something, or do more of something? What did you think of the Viral Forms?

Any feedback at all would be very welcome.

So long as this thread is up, I shall be dumping short stories that tie in with the next season and give you a few clues as to what everyone else has been up to. And to make this thread a little bit sweeter, I'm going to be writing a Halloween themed adventure set in between this season and the next!

Be sure to check in every now and again for new updates. And never forget that this was all made possible because of you guys. I cannot stress this enough. You are the reason that we've gotten this far.

It's recently been brought to my attention that we've almost hit the 1 year anniversary of this quest, and I just could not be any happier that we've lasted this long. Thanks for keeping the dream alive! I look forward to running this quest for as long as the story will allow me to.
Been here since the beginning, love the quest. Enjoying the viral forms. Also looking foreword to any new aliens you have in mind as well.
I only recently manage to catch up with the quest, after reading the previous threads, and i've loved all of them so far! The characters are fun and well writen, and i have a hard time picking a favorite (currently Trixy holds the title, but who knows for how long?).
This season was a fun one, and the only complain i can think of, is that the time with the samurai jack's characters felt short to me. But it's mainly my fan side missing them the minute they are gone.
Looking forward to the new season and all that it will bring!
Also, if it isn't much to ask, can you make a pastebin for your original characters? Sometimes i have a hard time remembering all of them, so it would help me to keep track of them.
Nice! Hope you continue to enjoy the quest in the future.

To be honest though, deciding which alien to introduce feels like it's the most difficult part of the creative process. Gotta try not to have overlap between alien abilities, and I like for them to seem somewhat useful. But I definitely have some ideas for some new ones in the next season!

Thanks! I always worry about whether I'm writing characters well or developing them properly. And that's a very valid complaint. I have issues with managing time, and I didn't think I'd have the time to properly explore most aspects and characters of Samurai Jack without getting seriously side-tracked. I was torn between focusing on the quest's characters, or Samurai Jack characters. But if it makes you feel any better, The alternate future isn't completely doomed, and it's inhabitants might make a return.

And that's a very good suggestion. I should get on that very soon.
>Several weeks after Aku's arrival
>Present Day

On an unusually chilly Summer night, you and K8-E sit across from each other and exchange competitive glances. You each dig your hands into a bowl full of refrigerator magnets and grab as many as you can hold.

The two of you sit completely still for a moment, until the egg timer that you set earlier goes off! And with the alert of its high pitched ring, you and K8-E begin placing magnets on each other's helmets.

The game is simple. You just need to make a shape and on her helmet with the magnets, and try to guess what she made on yours before the time rubs out.

Problem is, she's incredibly fast and is usually finished by the time you've placed your second magnet. And when she's feeling particularly cheeky, she tricks you by placing a magnet, and quickly moving it before you even notice it.

[K8-E]: Done! How's yours coming along?

Dammit! Looks like you're gonna be making another snake this time. Ooh! Or maybe a worm!

[Wade]: Oh, it's coming along…

She raised an eyebrow to your unconfident response.

[K8-E]: Please tell me it isn't another snake.

[Wade]: No! Do you really think I'd be dumb enough to make a snake 4 times in a row?

According to statistics, you're bound to get her with this trick eventually.

She rubs her chin with an elongated claw as she deliberates her next answer.

[K8-E]: Hmm. Then, is it a worm?

Dammit! You have got to pick a better game that isn't so reliant on speed!

[Wade]: ...No, it's a...lasso.

She crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow towards you.

[Wade]: ...Yeah, it's a worm. You win...again...

K8-E practically jumps out of her chair and skates around the house to do a celebratory victory lap.

[Wade]: I still think we should've done something more fun while the kids were away.

[K8-E]: Like what?

[Wade]: Like...you know…

Her eyes go wide, and she glides over to you and places her hands on top of yours.

[K8-E]: I think I know exactly what you are saying…

You rise to your feet when you're absolutely sure that she's giving you the bedroom eyes.

[Wade]: Oh…?

You inch closer to one another, and she says the words that you needed to hear the most right now...

[K8-E]: Battleship! We have yet to play the board game, Battleship! I have always wanted to play.

She becomes giddy with excitement, but all you can feel right now is disappointment.

[Wade]: Oh…

Just then, the doorbell rings and you hear a knock on your door shortly afterwards.

[Wade]: I'll get it.

You walk over to the front door, and open it to find that Ollie has paid you a visit! But she's wearing her new superhero costume for some reason.

[Olivia]: Hey cuz, long time no see!

She pulls you into a tight hug, and you struggle to pull her inside of your home and close the door behind her.

[Wade]: Are you insane?! You know better than to show up at my place dressed like that. What if someone saw you? What if my neighbors saw you? They might think I hired a stripper or something!

Olivia crosses her arms and frowns at you.

[Wade]: Sorry. Didn't mean it like that.

After ditching her old Lucky Girl costume, Olivia designed a new one and modeled it after those seductive magician's assistants. She seems to be going for more of a bunny motif these days.

It's somewhat reminiscent of Zatanna's costume, with the tailcoat, tophat and fishnets stockings, but you think the amount of skin she's showing is a bit much . In fact, you've often caught criminals and heroes alike ogling at your cousin. Gives you the creeps...

[Olivia]: Relax. They won't know that it's really me. Don't you know what day it is?

You shrug your shoulders and look to K8-E, who seems just as confused as you are.

[Wade]: I don't know. Wednesday?

[Olivia]: No, you big doofus! Today's the day that we finally get to go trick or treating!

Ollie prances in place out of sheer excitement, but you still feel a bit lost here.

You do know for a fact that Halloween has been placed under heavy restrictions in Bellwood due to the recent arrival of masked vigilantes and caped crusaders. And you can't blame them for making such a decision. Wearing a mask these days could either get you shot, kidnapped or beaten senseless.

>"Aren't we a bit too old to go trick or treating?"
>"Ollie, it's the middle of July. How do we even know that they'll give us candy?"
>"Actually I'm kinda busy here. You're welcome to join us, though."
>"...Fine, let me get my suit."
>Suggest that you invite someone else to accompany the two of you tonight.(K8-E/Kirby/Phil/Kevin/Wendy/Write-in.)
>"Ollie, it's the middle of July. How do we even know that they'll give us candy?"
>Suggest that you invite someone else to accompany the two of you tonight.(K8-E)
>"Ollie, it's the middle of July. How do we even know that they'll give us candy?"
>>Suggest that you invite someone else to accompany the two of you tonight.(K8-E/Kirby/Phil/Kevin/Wendy/Write-in.)
K8-E, I think she'd love it.
[Wade]: Ollie, it’s the middle of July. How do you even know that they’ll give us candy?

She adopts a smug grin and pulls a piece of paper out of her pocket.

[Olivia]: I knew you’d say that. But thanks to my painstaking research, I’ve found the solution to our problems!

She shoves the paper in your face, and it appears to be a detailed list of addresses and work schedules.

[Wade]: What is this?

[Olivia]: Two words. “Old. Ladies.”

[Wade]: Huh?

[Olivia]: Old ladies, Wade! Old ladies always have candy!

[Wade]: So you’re going off of a hunch?

[Olivia]: No, I’ve seen their stash! Everytime I save an old lady or help them cross the street or something, they invite me into their home and give me stuff. It’s been happening alot lately. Anyways, I’ve discovered something that I’ve suspected for many years now. Each old person’s home I got invited to was stocked full of snacks and candy! I’m telling you, Wade! It’s gotta be their retirement money!

She’s officially gone off the deep end. And is it just you, or does this sound like some sort of hustle?

[Wade]: So, what, we just go door to door at these old people’s houses and bang their doors down until they give us candy?

[Olivia]: Well my approach was gonna be a bit more subtle, but I appreciate your enthusiasm.

She flashes a goofy smile at you, and you feel as if she’s not going to take no for an answer.

[Wade]: Then do you mind if K8-E comes along? We were just in the middle of game night.

Olivia glances over at your reptilian lover, who seems more than excited to join you on your little excursion.

[Olivia]: Well...she’d need a costume first.

K8-E flexes her fingers and dashes down to the basement.

[K8-E]: Give me 5 minutes and a sewing needle!

You both shrug your shoulders and wait for her on the couch. To pass the time, the two of you play with Slate and give him some well deserved belly rubs and head scratches.

[K8-E]: Okay, I’m ready!

Once K8-E returns, you notice that she’s dressed up as Spyro. The costume is pretty well made for something she cobbled together last minute.

[K8-E]: Rawr!

She stomps over to you and raises her arms up to imitate a T-Rex.

[Olivia]: Aww, that’s so cute!

K8-E seems a bit confused by Olivia’s reaction.

[K8-E]: But, it’s supposed to be scary.

[Olivia]: It is! It’s so cute that it’s scary!

Ollie pulls her phone out to snag a couple of pics of your girlfriend. You’ll have to ask her to send those to you later.

The three of you grab a couple of bags to hold the candy, and lock the door behind yourselves as you leave your house to set off on yet another journey.

[Wade]: So, where to first?

Olivia pulls out her map and looks for the territory closest to you.

[Olivia]: Hmm. There’s a retirement home not too far from here! They’ve always got candy, just in case their grandkids visit them.

[Wade]: Starting off strong, huh?

On the way there, you manage to hit a couple of houses on Ollie’s list. The old folks were a bit worried that you showed up on their doorstep, until they saw Olivia, which made them burst into a bundle of smiles and loving hospitality. You wonder why she’s so popular with old people.

[Olivia]: Oh, right! These are my friends. We’re all fellow crimefighters!

[Old Lady]: Oh, how lovely!

[K8-E]: RAWR! Trick or treat!

K8-E jumps at the old woman, causing her to shriek in fear and jump backward.

[Old Lady]: Goodness! You scared me there, dear. Might I say that your makeup is spot on.

She seems to be complementing K8-E on her alien dinosaur “cosplay”.

[Old Lady]: Hold on a moment, while I get some treats for you lovely children.

She closes the door and goes back inside. But judging by her reaction to you and K8-E, she must not keep up with the news.

K8-E leans over to you and whispers into your ear.

[K8-E]: Psst. How’d I do?

>”You’re doing great. Keep it up!”
>”You might wanna tone it down with the old people. We don’t wanna give them a heart attack.”
>”Do they not have a holiday like this on Kinet?”
>”If that old lady doesn't leave us out here and call the police, then I'll call this a success."
>”You’re doing great, but you might wanna tone it down with the old people. We don’t wanna give them a heart attack.”
>”Do they not have a holiday like this on Kinet?”
>>”You’re doing great, but you might wanna tone it down with the old people. We don’t wanna give them a heart attack.”
>>”Do they not have a holiday like this on Kinet?”
>”You’re doing great. Keep it up!”
[Wade]: You're doing great, but you might wanna tone it down with the old people. We don't wanna give them a heart attack.

She nods in agreement and flips the Spyro mouthpiece over her face once more.

[K8-E]: Got it.

The old woman from before returns shortly afterwards with a basket full of candy. You honestly can't believe that Olivia was right about this!

[Old Lady]: Here you go! One for you, one for you…

She proceeds to load up your bags with as much candy as she can possibly give. They've gotta be at least half full now!

[Olivia]: Thanks! You have the undying gratitude of the Hero Association and Community!

Ollie happily salutes the old woman for her "contribution", and the woman returns the salute with a playful wink.

The three of you walk away from the house, satisfied with your hefty haul after putting in the bare minimum of effort to retrieve it.

[Olivia]: I'm gonna have to put her house on the high priority list. She was absolutely loaded!

You're not even sure if you should be reprimanding her right now.

[K8-E]: She gifted us with so many confectionaries!

K8-E seems to be staring into her bag and sorting through the sheet treats that she snagged.

[Wade]: Do they not have a holiday like this on Kinet?

She furiously shakes her head from side to side.

[K8-E]: We do not. Sugar intake is strictly regulated on Kinet to reduce the risk of hyperactive behavior. Products such as this would be marked as "Illegal substances" on my planet.

The three of you make your way down to the retirement home a few blocks down, and on the way, you encounter many people complimenting you on the accuracy and detail in your "X costume".

You catch a few guys eyeing up your cousin, but a stern glare from you is enough to scare them off.

K8-E's costume is extremely popular with the young kids that you pass by, and you can tell that she's absolutely loving the attention and compliments on her homemade costume. It was a really good idea to bring her along.


[Wade]: Uhh, Ollie? You sure we're at the right place?

The three of you stand before a massive mansion with several large buildings surrounding it.

Forget a retirement home! This place could pass as a college campus!

[Olivia]: Map says we're in the right place.

[Trixy]: According to my GPS, we are in the correct location.

[K8-E]: I must say, Earthlings treat their elderly with much more respect than I had initially thought.

No, this is pretty weird.

[JT]: No way…

You turn around to see JT and Cash standing behind you with shocked expressions. It's your old middle school buddies!

You nearly greet them like you normally would, until you remember that you're dressed as "X" right now.

[Cash]: What are "you" doing here?!

[JT]: Cash, no…!

JT struggles to hold back a furious Cash. Interestingly, they appear to be dressed up in costumes as well.

Cash is particularly pissed at you since you arrested him a few weeks back. He got wrapped up in some mess with the Forever Knights over the summer, and you were forced to hand him over to the police. Hopefully he's staying out of trouble since you paid his bail.

>"Hey kid, you keeping your nose clean these days?"
>"I could ask you the same thing. Believe it or not, this is a retirement home, and you're technically trespassing."
>"Investigating a case. Real confidential hero stuff. I'm gonna need you two to evacuate the premises."
>"Visiting hours are over, kid. You'd best head home."
>"Chill out. I'm sure there's enough candy to go around. And maybe a few gold bars by the looks of things..."
>"Hey kid, you keeping your nose clean these days?"
>"I could ask you the same thing. Believe it or not, this is a retirement home, and you're technically trespassing."
>"Chill out. I'm sure there's enough candy to go around. And maybe a few gold bars by the looks of things..."
>>"Hey kid, you keeping your nose clean these days?"
>"Chill out. I'm sure there's enough candy to go around. Aslong as you've been staying out of trouble there'll be no bad blood between us. And maybe a few gold bars by the looks of things..."
>"Hey kid, you keeping your nose clean these days?"
>"I could ask you the same thing. Believe it or not, this is a retirement home, and you're technically trespassing."
File: Reflected_Glory.png (915 KB, 1280x720)
915 KB
915 KB PNG
[Wade]: Hey kid, you keeping your nose clean these days?

[Cash]: I’ll clean your clock!

You chuckle to yourself as your friend spouts an outdated retort at you while struggling against JT.

[JT]: Cash, cool it! Why don’t we just get out of here?

[Cash]: No! Not until I get my candy.

Olivia gasps loudly as her suspicions are confirmed.

[Olivia]: X, these guys are after our candy!

[Trixy]: I’d like to see them try to take it from us.

Cash’s eyes grow wide from shock.

[Cash]: Did that belt just talk smack to me?!

K8-E seems confused upon witnessing grown adults preparing to fight over candy.

[Wade]: No no no! No one’s fighting anybody. In fact, the two of you need to get out of here.

You point towards JT and Cash, who freeze up upon having everyone’s attention drawn to them

[Wade]: Believe it or not, this is a retirement home, and the two of you are trespassing right now.

Just then, Cash breaks free of JT’s grasp and gets up in your face all of a sudden.

[Cash]: Then I guess you’ll just have to arrest me again, huh?

Everyone becomes silent amidst the tension that hangs heavy in the air.

Judging by the scowl on his face, and the defiant look in his eyes, you doubt that he’ll back down anytime soon.

Oh Cash...when did you become such a damn punk?

[Wade]: ...Fine. We’ll all go in together. So long as you stay out of trouble, we shouldn’t have any problems.

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief as you safely defuse the situation. This probably isn’t one of your best ideas, but you really don’t feel like arresting Cash tonight. Especially after what his folks went through during that whole ordeal. You need to keep this guy off the streets…

The five of you approach the security gate of the retirement home, where you encounter a decrepit old man in a wrinkled blue uniform. His eyes are sunken, and his irises have a full green hue to them. His hair disheveled and stuffed underneath his hat. But the most off-putting feature of his would have to be the lack of fat or muscle on his body. He looks as if he hasn't eaten in days!

[Olivia]: Uh, hi. We're here to see Mrs. Pearl Bivens. Could you help us find her?

Olivia is the first to step up and ask the man for help. The old man slowly raises his hand to point at a singular point on the map that he has nailed to the wall beside him. And without another word, he holds his finger on that same spot, until Olivia decides to take a picture with her phone to save time.

[Olivia]: Is there a copy of that map that we could-

In the middle of her sentence, the old man falls fast asleep, showing no signs of waking up anytime soon.

[Olivia]: Now that's just rude!

File: Spoiler Image (251 KB, 608x634)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
Your cousin quickly spots a map at the back of the booth and snags one with a Mana construct. Once she acquires it, you and the others creep past the slumbering guard and enter the premises of the retirement home.

[Wade]: I thought you said that you'd been here before?

[Olivia]: Yeah, a few months ago. But all this stuff wasn't here back then!

That's a bit troubling.

[Cash]: Look at the big bad hero, breaking and entering. Illegally! Can you believe this hypocrite, JT?

While Cash openly mocks you, JT utters a dry, unenthusiastic chuckle in order to avoid upsetting you.


According to the map, it would seem as if the route to Pearl’s room is connected to the main building of the retirement complex. But the biggest problem is gonna be getting through the front door. At first, you try knocking a few times, but you receive no response.

[K8-E]: Maybe no one is home? Should we come back another time?

Cash nearly pushes K8-E aside as he walks past her and loudly cracks her knuckles.

[Cash]: Screw that. I’m busting this door down!

He gets a running start and prepares to ram his body into the door, however, you get the bright idea of actually trying the doorknob, and you manage to swing the door open with ease, causing Cash to trip and fall inside of the dimly lit building.

[Wade]: Guess they’re not big on locking doors. Or turning on lights…

But the amount of heat that slaps you in the face as soon as you open the door is intense! You can feel it through your suit, and your lenses start to fog up a bit just from entering the building.

Cash pulls himself off of the ground and tries to gather up whatever may remain of his fragile pride, but as he raises his head, he notices a large figure looming over him.

He panics and begins to crawl away from the formless shape, until a freak bolt of lightning illuminates the figure, and reveals them to be...an old lady. Unsurprisingly...

[Cash]: AHHHHH!!!

Cash screams like a little girl and cowers before the elderly woman, who simply turns on a flashlight and shines it at towards your group.

[Vera]: Oooh! I didn’t know we were having company.

She's a bit cheerful for someone that's witnessing a breaking and entering in progress. Maybe that means you can reason with her and avoid getting in trouble with the police.

>”We didn’t mean to trespass. It’s just that your door was open, your security guard was asleep, and you guys don’t have any cameras, alarms, locks or gates set up around this place. Not really sure how you guys sleep at night with security this lax.”
>”Why are all of your lights off? And why’s it so hot in here?”
>”Where’d that lightning come from? The weather’s been downright freaky tonight.”
>”Sorry about our friend here. From the way he’s behaving, he seems to really want to go back to jail.”
>>”We didn’t mean to trespass. It’s just that your door was open, your security guard was asleep, and you guys don’t have any cameras, alarms, locks or gates set up around this place. Not really sure how you guys sleep at night with security this lax.”
>”Why are all of your lights off? And why’s it so hot in here?”
>”We didn’t mean to trespass. It’s just that your door was open, your security guard was asleep, and you guys don’t have any cameras, alarms, locks or gates set up around this place. Not really sure how you guys sleep at night with security this lax.”
>”Why are all of your lights off? And why’s it so hot in here?”
>”Why are all of your lights off? And why’s it so hot in here?”
>”Why are all of your lights off? And why’s it so hot in here?”
Taking these. Will start writing on my way to work and during my breaks. And don't forget. I'll be running a session tomorrow at 4pm EDT!
[Vera]: Sorry about that, dear. Didn't mean to scare you.

The jolly old lady laughs off the entire situation without a shred of fear of skepticism.

[Wade]: We didn't mean to trespass. It's just that your door was open, your security guard was asleep, and you guys don't have any cameras, alarms, locks or gates set in place.

The room becomes silent as everyone considers the truth behind your words.

[Wade]: Really not sure how you guys sleep at night with security this lax. Also, why are all the lights off, and why's it so hot in here?

[Vera]: Oh, I know this place has a few tiny problems, but the staff takes very good care of us.

[Olivia]: You call these problems "tiny"?

Olivia wipes a thick layer of dust off of a vase nearby, and accidentally spooks a spider that was hiding inside. She jumps backwards and bumps into JT, causing both of them to become extremely flustered.

[Olivia]: Whoops! Sorry, JT.

[JT]: Y-you know my name?

Is JT blushing?

[Olivia]: Uh...yeah? I heard your friend say it a couple of times in the last few minutes.

JT clearly seems disappointed, while Olivia is none the wiser.

K8-E steps forward to address the woman holding the flashlight.

[K8-E]: We were looking for an elderly woman named Pearl. Would you happen to know where she is?

Her eyes practically light up upon hearing Pearl's name.

[Vera]: Oh, you're friends of Pearl?! Well that's just lovely! The old gal could certainly use some cheering up.

[Olivia]: Oh no! What's wrong with her?

[Vera]: She's just been out of sorts lately. She hasn't been eating or sleeping too well, and her family stopped visiting her a few months ago.

[Olivia]: Poor Pearl…

You can see the guilt forming on Olivia's face when she realizes that her elderly friend has been enduring hardships. Candy is probably the last thing on her mind right now.

And just then, another freak lightning bolt hits the ground behind you, sending you flying further into the mansion and shutting the door behind you.

You hear harsh winds whipping at the walls, and heavy droplets of rain slapping against the glass windows.

[JT]: What the heck was that?!

Vera is surprisingly unfazed by the bizarre phenomenon.

[Vera]: Oh that? We get sudden thunderstorms every now and again. But it's no biggie. This house can take any sort of punishment.

You peek out the window and catch a glimpse of the utter chaos that the storm is creating. Trashcans, tennis rackets and other miscellaneous objects are all flying around and smashing into the house.

[Wade]: Forget a thunderstorm. This is more like a typhoon or a hurricane!

There's probably no chance of the others getting home in a storm this bad. You might have to wait it out until it passes.

[Vera]: Don't worry. I'm sure you kids will be safe in here. You're welcome to stay as long as you want.

She's probably the kindest and most sincere elderly woman that you've ever met.

[Olivia]: Thanks for not throwing us out, Miss…

[Vera]: Vera. You can call me Vera. I'll show you where Pearl is holed up, so long as you promise not to upset her too much.

She shines her flashlight into the hallway to the right and leads you out of the foyer. But right before you leave, you spot a shifting shape moving through the dark in the corner of your eye. And when you turn to get a better look at the creature, you no longer see what may have tripped your sensors.

[K8-E]: Dear? Is everything okay?

K8-E stops to wait for you while the rest of the group follows Vera.

[Wade]: It's nothing.

You and her join back with the rest of the group in order to avoid getting lost.


[Vera]: Here we are.

Vera leads you to the dormitories where they house the complex's residents. Despite it seeming big and luxurious, it doesn't look like they maintain this place as often as they should. If you lived here, you'd complain non-stop.

[Vera]: Now remember, try not to upset her too much. She's been going through an awful lot lately.

You all nod your heads and follow her inside of Pearl's room. It's much larger than you expected. Befitting that of a princess more than a retired older woman. However, you quickly notice the torn curtains, the peeled paint on the walls, and the chipped wooden bedframe that she lays in. This room is an absolute wreck!

[Vera]: Pearl, you've got visitors~!

Vera announces your arrival in a jolly, sing-song tone. You spot Pearl in the corner of the room staring out the window, loudly grinding her teeth and tightly gripping her bedsheets in frustration. And you swear that you can hear animalistic growls coming from her mouth.

[JT]: I don't think she's happy to see us…

Olivia rolls her eyes and pushes past JT and Cash in order to get closer to Pearl.

[Olivia]: Hey Pearl, it's me, Lucky Girl. Do you remember me?

When Pearl turns around to look at you, a chill runs down your spine. You notice that her jaw is slightly dislocated, and her teeth and noticeably discolored. But what unnerves you the most is the deranged look in her eye. She seems...angry for some reason.

[K8-E]: Umm, Vera? Would you mind showing me where the bathroom is?

K8-E nervously fidgets as she asks Vera to accompany her in this creepy house.

[Vera]: Why, sure! And I can give you and the boys a tour while we-

You look around to realize that JT and Cash are gone! They must've snuck out while you were distracted.

[Vera]: Huh. Now I wonder where they snuck off to…

>Go look for JT and Cash. You don't want them getting into any more trouble while they're here.
>Go with K8-E. This house is kinda giving you the creeps, and you don't want anything to happen to her.
>Stay with Olivia. You don't like the idea of her being alone with Pearl.
Sorry to do this to you, Galvan. I’m loving this episode though! Please forgive me!
>thinking(Wow, have I fallen into a bad horror movie? Let’s see. Bad lighting? Check! Items in disrepair that should be well maintained? Check! Creepy sightings or feeling? Check! A person that’s too polite and helpful? Check! Well ok! Rules of horror situations: #1 never go alone!
>Transform into Echo Echo! So basically all of the below.

>Go look for JT and Cash. You don't want them getting into any more trouble while they're here.
>Go with K8-E. This house is kinda giving you the creeps, and you don't want anything to happen to her.
>Stay with Olivia. You don't like the idea of her being alone with Pearl.

Again, sorry Galvan!
Nah, go for it lmao. This will be fun for me either way.
File: EEAFT.png (802 KB, 1344x2824)
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802 KB PNG
Man...there’s way too many cheesy horror cliches popping up tonight. The freaky storm, the creepy house, the mysterious shapes shifting in the darkness, and let’s not forget the unusually nice old lady that told us to stay the night.

In situations like this, you’ve gotta take matters into your own hands.

You open up the Omnitrix’s faceplate and select Echo Echo, before slamming your hand onto the belt’s core and being swallowed up by a bright purple flash. When you reappear again, your body has transformed into that of Echo Echo!

>You’ve become Echo Echo!

[Echo 1]: Echo!

[Echo 2]: Echo!

[Echo 3]: Echo!

Your mechanical voice bounces off of the thin walls and echoes throughout the hallways.

[Vera]: Goodness!

Vera seems surprised that you’ve managed to change your species and duplicate yourself. Do these guys seriously pay attention to the news these days?

Like this, you can stay with everyone at once! And so long as you don’t let anyone out of your sight, none of you can’t be picked off by whatever is trying to keep you here.

[Echo 1]: I’ll go look for JT and Cash.

Echo 1 runs off into the hallway to find his fellow trouble-makers.

[Echo 2]: And I’ll go with K8-E and Vera.

[K8-E]: Is that really necessary?

[Echo 2]: Oh yeah. If we follow horror movie logic, Killers love to pick people off when they split from the group. You’re raising too many flags.

K8-E looks to Vera due to her lack of comprehension of horror movies, but the old woman simply shrugs and leads the two of you into the hallway.

[Echo 3]: And I’ll stay with Lucky Girl.

[Olivia]: Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Olivia smiles and grasps Pearl’s hand in an attempt to comfort her. You really aren’t too comfortable with the thought of your cousin getting too close to her.


Echo 1 roams the halls searching desperately for those hard-headed pals of his. Normally they’d be pretty difficult to track down in a house this big. But with his seismic sense, he can faintly hear two young men conversing and shuffling around a few rooms over.

He creeps up on them to see what they’re up to, and it would appear that they’re trying to pry open a locked door. He assumes that they’re attempting to steal something, but he decides to remain in hiding for a while longer.

[JT]: Cash, we should really head back and meet up with the others. This place is seriously giving me the creeps.

[Cash]: Don’t be a wuss, JT. If that online tip was right, they must be keeping the candy somewhere around here. And I’m not leaving without it. Now hand me that crowbar.

JT nervously fishes out and crowbar that he hid in his backpack and hands it to Cash. You really hope these guys aren’t so dumb that they’d show up at a run-down retirement home in the middle of the night for some candy. They really will make just about anybody a Forever Knight, huh?

Suddenly, you sense a new presence lurking in the darkness. You catch a glimpse of a pair of red, glowing eyes glaring at your friends, eyeing them up and down as if they were pieces of meat. And before you can properly respond, it lunges at your friends and-


Meanwhile, Echo 2 escorts the two ladies to the restroom without a hitch. You don’t know what you were so scared about. This whole horror movie thing must’ve just been in your head.

[K8-E]: I’ll be out in a minute. If I can find out how to get out of this dinosaur costume, that is…

Your girlfriend enters the restroom whilst struggling with her zipper. You hope she gets it off in time.

So you wait....

And wait....

And wait some more…

[Vera]: Your friend sure is taking an awful long time in there. I hope she didn’t run into any trouble.

[Echo 2]: Maybe we should check on her?

Vera holds her hand in front of you to prevent you from entering the bathroom.

[Vera]: Right. I’ll go in first. This is the ladies’ room after all.

You grumble to yourself and cross your arms as you wait for Vera to make sure that K8-E’s okay.

[Vera]: Oh my!

Upon hearing her shout, you run into the bathroom to see Vera staring into an empty stall. K8-E’s gone!

How do you take out a speedster that fast?!

And that’s when you notice is thin, clear thread dangling from an air vent in the ceiling. There’s no way...right?


Meanwhile, Echo 3 stands guard as Olivia attempts to appeal to Pearl’s sense of reason.

[Olivia]: If you want, I can try to get your family to start visiting you again. I bet you miss your grandkids a whole lot.

Pearl’s growls grow deeper with each passing remark. There’s definitely something wrong with her.

[Olivia]: Okay! We don;t have to talk about your family. Let’s just talk about how you’re feeling.

Just then, Pearl’s arms extend unnaturally, and jumps out of her bed to wrap her wrinkled hands around Olivia’s neck.

[Olivia]: I’m...sorry…

This lady’s clearly off her meds!

What does Echo 1 do?

>Use your sonic scream to shoot the creature out of the air.///
>Create a force-field around the guys in order to protect them.///
>Take down the creature with a charging tackle from you clones.///

What does Echo 2 do?

>Try to locate K8-E with your Echolocation ability.///
>Climb into the vent and see where it leads.///
>Split up and search the house for K8-E’s whereabouts.///
>Question Vera./// (Write-in.)

What does Echo 3 do?

>Dropkick Pearl to get her off of Olivia.
>Duplicate yourself and attempt to pry Pearl’s hands from Olivia’s throat.
>Encourage Olivia to fight back. You can’t get a good hit on Pearl while she’s in the way!
>Pick up Pearl’s bed and toss her out the window.
>Use your sonic scream to shoot the creature out of the air.///
>Climb into the vent and see where it leads.//
>Duplicate yourself and attempt to pry Pearl’s hands from Olivia’s throat.
Echo 1:
>Use your sonic scream to shoot the creature out of the air.///
Echo 2:
>Try to locate K8-E with your Echolocation ability.///
>Climb into the vent and see where it leads.///
>Split up and search the house for K8-E’s whereabouts.///
>Question Vera
Has there recently been a change in ownership or something when it comes to this place?
Echo 3:
>Duplicate yourself and attempt to pry Pearl’s hands from Olivia’s throat.
>Use your sonic scream to shoot the creature out of the air.
>Climb into the vent and see where it leads.
>Duplicate yourself and attempt to pry Pearl’s hands from Olivia’s throat.
Guys Echo 2 could just split up. We can do all four of those things.
Sure I don’t remember if echo has a limit to how many copies he can make, and I don’t want to spread to thin.

But yeah I’ll agree to echo 2 splitting to ask questions and perform an alternate search.
There was none shown in show. Since the difference between him and Ditto was that Echo Echo doesn't experience what the other clones were doing. He only get's them when he get's back together, and there seemed to be no downside for just one clone dying.
Roll 3d100, bo3!
Rolled 25 (1d100)

Rolled 87 (1d100)

Rolled 15, 97 = 112 (2d100)

in case you actually meant 3d100
Rolled 55 (1d100)

Rolled 75, 52 = 127 (2d100)

Whoops! More rolls!
My bad. I meant 3d100 per person. Should've been more specific. I'll take the 3 rolls from the ones that did theirs.
Rolled 44, 53 = 97 (2d100)

Here's the rest of mine then.
Sorry for the delay. Writing...
File: Megawhatt1.jpg (51 KB, 640x480)
51 KB
>87, 75, 97

As the wolf-like creature leaps at JT and Cash, Echo 1 hits him with a powerful sonic scream, that knocks him backwards and over a railing with a whimper. He sort of reminded you of that werewolf alien you fought last summer. You think they were called Loboans.

You run past the other guys to get a look at the creature’s collapsed form, but once you peek over the broken railing, you come to find that the Loboan is missing!

[Echo 1]: Hey, where’d he go?

[Cash]: Forget that. Where’d you even come from?

[JT]: No Cash! We’re not forgetting that! We were just attacked by a Wolfman! A WOLFMAN!

JT is so terrified, that he’s actually making Cash back down.

[Cash]: Okay, okay! Take it easy, man.

[JT]: No, we’re getting out of here!

JT runs downstairs into the foyer and pulls against the door handles with all of his might, but they just won’t budge.

[Echo 1]: JT, you need to calm down.

[JT]: I don’t wanna calm down!

He continues to desperately pull at the doors, until a powerful electric shock knocks him backwards and causes his body to spasm as he hits the ground.

[Cash]: JT!

Cash races downstairs to help his friend, while you keep a close eye on that sparking door handle.

The yellow spark flies up into the air and reveals itself to be some sort of alien life form. It roughly resembles a D-cell battery, mixed with a gremlin.

The creature cackles mischievously and begins shooting lightning bolts at the ground around you. What’s going on with this house?!


[Echo 2]: All hands on deck!

You duplicate into four Echo Echo’s and assign each of them a separate roll. One will use his echolocation to locate K8-E, while two of the others explores the vents and search the mansion. And lastly, you will question Vera while you wait for the results of your clone’s search.

[Echo 2]: Has there been a change in ownership with this retirement home?

Vera places a hand to her chin and closes her eyes.

[Vera]: You know, now that you mention, some bigshot from out of town bought this house a few months back. And they renovated it in less than a week! We all thought it was too good to be true.

[Echo 2]: And that’s when the weird stuff started happening?

A frown forms on Vera’s face, and you can tell that she’s clearly distraught by your question.

[Vera]: People started disappearing all of a sudden. Sometimes for a few hours. And sometimes for days at a time. But when they’d come back, they were always…

[Echo 2]: Like Pearl?

She slowly nods.

[Echo 2]: Then why don’t you just leave?

She becomes silent for a long period of time, before finally looking you in the eyes and speaking up.

[Vera]: I can’t. I don’t have anywhere else to go…

Just then, Vera’s physical appearance shifts into that of an amorphous green blob. You’re now more confused than you’ve ever been.

File: Limax.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG

Meanwhile, Echo’s 4 through 6 seem to have finally found K8-E’s whereabouts. However, it looks like she’s been hung upside down and placed on top of a dining table.

Sitting at the long table is a plethora of diverse alien species, licking their lips and preparing their foreign utensils.

[Warthog Alien]: How long do we have to wait until we can dig in?!

A rowdy, red warthog alien impatiently slams his fists onto the dinner table, causing the silverware and fine china to fly off of the table for a moment.

[Arthur]: Now now, no need to forget your table manners.

A tiny green alien wearing a bowtie and a tuxedo walks along the table with his arms folded behind his back. You believe his species is known as a Gourmand

[Warthog Alien]: How about I eat you instead?

The Warthog alien shoves his snout in the Gourmand’s face and snorts loudly.

Suddenly, several tongues fly from the Gourmand’s mouth and latch onto the Warthog’s head. And in the blink of an eye, he swallows up the warthog and digests him in a mere couple seconds.

The room goes silent as the Gourmand loudly burps and wipes his mouth with a handkerchief.

[Arthur]: Now then, will there be any more complaints?

Unsurprisingly, no one speaks up.

[Arthur]: Very well. We do not dine until the High Omnivore arrives. She always gets the first bite. I’ve already caught a few...overeager guests attempting to snack before dinner.

He places a tuft of dark hair on the table that closely resembles that of the Loboan that attacked JT and Cash. Also, DID HE JUST SAY "OMNIVORE".

[Arthur]: Any breaches of contract will immediately be met by capital punishment. Do I make myself clear?

They nod and grumble amongst themselves, but none of them argue with the tiny alien.

[Arthur]: Excellent. Now...what do we do with you?

He looks up at a tied up and struggling K8-E dangling over the table.


Echo 3 duplicates himself several times and pries Pearl away from Olivia. The task is somewhat daunting at first, since the old bag is much stronger than she lets on, but you manage to toss her aside with the aid of four of your clones.

Pearl hits the ground hard as she scrambles to her feet and smashes the door open in order to flee the scene. Your clones stay with Olivia as she struggles to catch her breath. It looks like Pearl left some pretty nasty marks on her throat as well.

[Olivia]: ...What was that?

[Echo 3]: I don’t know, but we’re about to find out.

File: Arthur.jpg (67 KB, 1280x720)
67 KB
What does Echo 1 do?

>Try to trap the electric alien in a wall of sound.
>Bounce your sound waves off of the walls in order to land a trick shot.
>Duplicate yourself and smother him in clones!

What does Echo 2 say?

>”What are you?”
>”You know what’s really going on around here, don’t you?”
>”Have you just been messing with us this entire time?”

What does Echo 3 do?

>Chase after Pearl.
>Try to regroup with the others.
>Search the house for clues as to what's going on.

What do Echoes 4-6 do?

>Crash this dinner party with a coordinated assault from all 3 clones.
>Destroy the lights and candles, and try to make off with K8-E before they can realize you’re there.
>Create more clones and trap the aliens in a wall of sound.
>>Try to trap the electric alien in a wall of sound.
>”What are you?”
>”You know what’s really going on around here, don’t you?”
>"Aslong as you haven't done anything illegal, you're welcome here on earth."
>Try to regroup with the others.
>Destroy the lights and candles, and try to make off with K8-E before they can realize you’re there.
>Create more clones and trap the aliens in a wall of sound.
>Try to trap the electric alien in a wall of sound.
>”What are you?”
>”You know what’s really going on around here, don’t you?”
>"Aslong as you haven't done anything illegal, you're welcome here on earth."
>Try to regroup with the others.
>Destroy the lights and candles, and try to make off with K8-E before they can realize you’re there.
>Create more clones and trap the aliens in a wall of sound.
Roll 4d100's each, bo3!
Rolled 10, 66, 24, 81 = 181 (4d100)

Rolled 33, 30, 60, 4 = 127 (4d100)

Echo chamber!
Rolled 56, 60, 26, 13 = 155 (4d100)

>56, 66, 60

Echo 1 creates about 10 duplicates in order to surround the electric alien, but instead of being scared, the little guy appears to be amused. Let’s see if he’s still laughing after you trap him in a wall of sound!

You and the other clones begin to scream in a high pitched frequency, creating an echo chamber as each of your amplified sound waves bounce off of the foyer’s surfaces. Essentially, it’s a barrier of sound that keeps him trapped until your sonic attacks knock him out.

Upon being trapped, the Nosedeenian looks around nervously and begins cowering in fear.

[Cash]: Yeah, that’ll teach him!

Just then, the Nosedeenian begins to giggle and snicker under its breath. Confused by his behavior, you amplify your frequency. However, this only causes it to break into unprovoked and uncontrolled laughter.

Once it regains its composure, it wipes a mock tear from it’s eye and rubs its hands together to charge a bit of electricity. Then, it begins bouncing around the sound barrier, growing more and more powerful with each ricochet. And soon enough, your eyes aren’t even able to follow his movements! This little guy is tougher than you thought!

JT and Cash slowly back away from the barrier when they notice arcs of electricity leaking from it.

[Echo 1]: Run!

The two of them flee the foyer, and in a burst of bright light, you and your clones are disintegrated by the resulting blast.

>Echo 1 has been destroyed.

Once the smoke clears, the Nosedeenian curls up onto the floor and passes out due to overexertion.


[Echo 2]: What are you?

Vera lowers her head out of shame.

[Vera]: I'm...a Limax. We're shape-shifters. Vera isn't even my real name.

She seems to know more than she lets on. You should grill her for more info.

[Echo 2]: You know what's really going on here, don't you?

She nods slowly.

[Vera]: The company that bought this retirement home, they work for the High Omnivore. They fixed this place up and made sure to transfer as many elderly humans as they could

Omnivore? Is she talking about that thing that eats Anodite's?!

[Echo 2]: What would an Omnivore want with a retirement home?

[Vera]: We...we've been preparing to eat them…

Oh God. You think you're gonna be sick…

[Vera]: I never meant to hurt anybody. I swear! But…they gave me so much...nourishment, as well as a warm bed. I...didn't think much of it at the time.

[Echo 2]: So, what? This is some sort of old people buffet for aliens? Do I even need to tell you how wrong that is?!

[Vera]: No. I get it, okay? I did something terrible. But they wouldn't let me leave. And if I went to get help, they'd find me and kill me to keep me quiet!

You noticed that she used the word "preparing", so it's possible that the elderly victims haven't been eaten yet.

[Echo 2]: Why are you telling me all of this?

[Vera]: Because I want you to stop it.

File: chryssalid.jpg (150 KB, 1920x1080)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
She takes a step towards you, but you reflexively back away from her as you maintain your cautious behavior.

[Vera]: That's the Omnitrix, isn't it? If you have that, then you might be able to take down The Gourmet Guild.

[Echo 2]: The who?

[Vera]: The Gourmet Guild. They're a group of wealthy individuals that serve under the Omnivore in order to partake in exotic alien cuisine. And it looks like elderly earthling is on the menu tonight.

You scratch your head and sigh deeply.

[Echo 2]: Okay, if you help me shut down this operation, then I'll see if I can find you a home on Earth.

She appears to be taken aback by your promise.

[Vera]: Y-you mean it?!

[Echo 2]: Well, you technically haven't done anything illegal. You just need to keep that appetite in check!

She furiously nods and transforms back into Vera for some reason. Maybe it makes her feel comfortable?

Just then, you see Olivia and Echo 3 running towards you. They appear to be out of breath.

[Olivia]: Wa-...I mean, X! We think Pearl's an-

[Echo 2]: Alien?

[Echo 3]: How'd you know?

You point at Vera, and she undoes her transformation to reveal her true form once more.

[Olivia]: Whoa!

Olivia jumps in surprise, but then stops to ponder an issue that's been weighing on her mind.

[Olivia]: So, how many of the old people here are actually aliens?

Just then, you see the doors of the other residents swing open. And the people that walk into the hallway seem to share some symptoms of Pearl's condition.

[Echoes 2&3]: Uh-oh…


Echoes 4-6 bust into the dining room and immediately target the candles and light bulbs that illuminate the room.

With the aid of their precise sonic blasts, they plunge the Gourmet Guild into darkness and send them into a frenzy.

In the midst of the chaos, Echo 5 moves in to free K8-E from confinement, while Echoes 4&6 duplicate themselves in order to surround the aliens that were sitting at the table.

You proceed to trap them in a wall of sound by combining numerous coordinated attacks. The aliens trapped inside wriggle and writhe in pain as all of the glass in the dining area shatters from your screams.

Suddenly, you notice that your numbers are dwindling, as some unseen opponent has been picking your clones off. But, you were sure that you had accounted for everyone in the room.

Your attention is suddenly drawn to Echo 5 fleeing into the kitchen, right before you're caught in a giant glob of sticky silk that descends from the ceiling and snatches you up.

You look up to see your fellow clones being eliminated by a giant, spider-like alien. It uses its sharp talons make quick work of your brothers as it feels you closer. The warm saliva pouring from its mouth and onto your face is the last thing you feel.


>Echoes 4 and 6 have been eliminated.

Echo 5 flees into the kitchen and clones himself several times for assurance.

[K8-E]: T-they were trying to eat me!

K8-E starts hyperventilating as her mind races several hundred miles a minute.

[Echo 5]: I know, it's messed up. But we need to-

Before he can finish speaking, the Gourmand from before snags him with his tendrils and pulls him into his mouth. Echoes 7-9 stare in horror as they witness their brother being eaten alive.

A purple flash emanates from the Gourmand's mouth, causing him to burp.

[Arthur]: My my. That left a rather empty feeling in my stomach. I think I have room for seconds!

He attempts to grab another clone, but the three of you spread out in order to avoid being caught.

As you dodge the tendrils, you fire a sonic blast in his direction. The Gourmand manages to sidestep the attack, grab several knives from a knife block with his tendrils, and toss them in a single fluid movement.

His knives fly through the air and slice through Echoes 8&9, therefore causing them to disappear.

You jump on top of a stove in order to get a better angle on the Gourmand, as you fire a powerful sonic blast at him.

Arthur manages to swiftly dodge the attack, as he grabs a collection of steel pots, swallows them and spits them back out as green plasma.

His ranged attack hits its mark, and easily destroys your fragile body. Arthur straightens his bowtie and looks around the room to find that K8-E somehow managed to escape in all the commotion. He grumbles to himself, stamps his foot and returns to the dining hall shortly afterwards.

>Echo 4 has been eliminated.


As you flee from the rampaging horde of deranged, alien elderly people, you notice that the Omnitrix is about to time out! You have to either finish this fight now, or flee from it without getting killed!

What do you do, Echoes 2 and 3?

>Turn around and hit them with everything you've got!
>Distract them with a copious amount of clones while your allies get away.
>Ask Vera if they have a weakness. You might be able to use it against them.
>Blind them with the Omnitrix's time-out flash, and hide quickly before they open their eyes again.
>>Ask Vera if they have a weakness. You might be able to use it against them.
>Blind them with the Omnitrix's time-out flash, and hide quickly before they open their eyes again.
>Ask Vera if they have a weakness. You might be able to use it against them.
>Turn around and hit them with everything you've got!
This is the only possible answer and any other one is foolish.
Have you seen the show?
Roll 1d100+10, bo3!
Rolled 51 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolled 26 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolled 99 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

File: AntonioOV.png (1.14 MB, 1570x1076)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Good shit, anons! Writing...

Seeing as how you don’t have much time left, you might as well make the most of it.

[Wade]: Vera, do these guys have any weaknesses I can use?

[Vera]: They’re Limax, like me, so they should be weak to water. But try not to use fire on them. We thrive in extreme heat.

That would explain why it’s so hot in this place. However, her little hint

You grind to a screeching halt and hold your arm out in order to warn your friends.

[Wade]: Stand back…

You begin creating a massive amount of duplicates, each unleashing the full force of their sonic screams. The resulting force pushes the Limax horde back through the hallway. And as they get pushed further back, you flood the hallway with more clones in order to fill the spaces that they no longer occupy.

Eventually, you manage to push them against a wall with your Echo Chamber attack. The Limax horde has now returned to their original appearance, and it would seem that they’re currently merging their bodies together in order to combine their collective strength.

You quickly recall your clones and stack them on top of each other, so that you create a literal wall of sound. And all at once, you and the rest of your clones unleash a devastatic sonic attack that pushes the giant Limax through the wall and out into the pouring rain.

At the very last second, your Omnitrix finally times out, and you return to your human form.

You peek down at the collapsed form of the Limax, who appears to be struggling against harsh weather conditions its body slowly dissolves. In one last desperate act, it reaches a hand out to you and roars loudly, before melting into a pile of viscous slime.

[Olivia]: Well that was close.

You rise to your feet and turn around to see Olivia and vera standing beside you. Vera seems to deathly afraid of the rain, and you can understand why after witnessing its effect on her fellow Limax.

[Wade]: Since you’re already here, we should fill you in on what’s going on here.

[K8-E]: Might I be included in that?
You all turn to see K8-E panting heavily while wearing a slightly torn costume.

You run up to her and hug her without hesitation. Thank god she’s okay…

[Wade]: Did they hurt you?

She shakes her head furiously.

[K8-E]: Almost. They were trying to eat me!

Olivia nudges your side with her elbow whilst raising an eyebrow.

[Olivia]: I guess they craving some “Fast Food”.

You all stare at her in silence.

[Olivia]: Right, sorry. Not funny…

She lowers her head and you notice the rabbit ears on her hat drooping down a bit.

[Wade]: Nah, that was kinda funny.

Despite the poor timing and the dire situation at hand, you, K8-E and Vera can’t help but laugh at her bad joke. Your positive reaction to her pun raises her spirits and perks her fake ears back up.

File: Gator Garr.jpg (508 KB, 750x1000)
508 KB
508 KB JPG

As you explain your current situation to Olivia and K8-E, the four of you search the house for JT and Cash.

[Olivia]: So, the Pearl that we met wasn’t the real Pearl. And those fake people were all alien imposters?

[Wade]: Yup. And don’t forget the part where we’re being hunted by crazy alien foodies.

[K8-E]: And then there’s the matter of the Omnivore. If we do not stop them before they bring it here, then I am afraid that we will not be able to prevent it from consuming the entire planet.

That’s definitely gonna be a big problem. If Verdona couldn’t even kill that thing, then what chance do you have?

Suddenly, a large pair of arms smashes through the wall to your right, and quickly snatches you up. You hear a sinister chuckle coming from the creature that’s captured you, and once the smoke clears, you recognize the culprit as Gator Garr, the bounty hunter!

His body is covered in grey scales, and while some of them are chipped, you can see large number of scars beneath them. His red eyes pierce through the darkness as he draws closer to you, and his sharp fangs draw your attention away from his vice-like grip. He’s also the only other Kerdos Caiman that you’ve ever encountered in your travels.

[Garr]: Caught ya! Now hold still, ya feisty flesh-bag.

He opens his mouth wide to chomp down on your skull, but Olivia manages to shut his mouth with a whip made from mana. She follows up by summoning a plethora of razor sharp needles to pierce the gaps in his scales, causing him to let go of you and shield his face from any further injury.

Once Olivia stops firing, K8-E runs up and delivers a fearsome speed-enhanced bicycle kick, forcing the overgrown gator to back away from you.

Vera slides onto the floor and allows Garr to step on her body, causing him to slip and fall down the set of stairs behind him. You listen closely as he lets out a painful grunt with each and every step that he collides with, but he suddenly goes silent after a large, resounding crash.

[Wade]: That was some damn fine teamwork!

The sound of ominous slow clapping diverts your attention to a small Gourmand approaching you from behind.

[Arthur]: Well done. You’ve single handedly managed to ruin the ceremony I had prepared for the high Omnivore. I think that requires some sort of reward, don’t you, gentlemen?

A large crowd of angry aliens crowd around the Gourmand, and you can see a female Loboan glaring and growling at him from behind.

He sighs deeply and raises his hand to the air.

[Arthur]: Apologies. “Ladies and Gentlemen”.

She nods, clearly satisfied and lunges at your group with her fangs and claws bared. Olivia creates an escape route for you by forming a slide made from mana. You and the others dive onto the slide and ride it all the way down to the spacious hall at the floor below you.

Once you reach the bottom, you look back to see the Gourmet Guild members jumping down to chase you.

Things aren't looking too good around here. You doubt you’ll be able to run from them forever, but maybe you can outsmart them.

You look around the room to weigh your options, and you spot JT and Cash waving a sleeping Nosedeenian at you from the corner of the room! How'd they even get their hands on that thing without getting absolutely fried?!

Well...at least they're okay.

>Fight them here and now with one of your aliens. (Which one?)
>Use your group’s respective talents to your advantage by hiding and picking Guild members off, one by one.
>Go straight for the Gourmand first. According to K8-E, he’s the biggest threat.
>Have JT and Cash wake the Nosedeenian up. From your experience, those little guys can really cause some chaos.

Aliens Unlocked:
>Use your group’s respective talents to your advantage by hiding and picking Guild members off, one by one.
>>Fight them here and now with one of your aliens. (Which one?)
Fourcast allowing for malfunction though
>Use your group’s respective talents to your advantage by hiding and picking Guild members off, one by one.
Supporting this>>3888605
Rolled 6 (1d6)

Rolling for malfunction.
New alien incoming!

You open up your Omnitrix's faceplate, select Fourcast and slam your hand onto the belt's core. In a flash of violet light, your body begins to change...but it feels different from usual.

Your head moves into your stomach, and you can feel your skin stretching and tearing itself apart. Your bone structure drastically changes, to the point where you feel more like a monster than a man. And lastly, you consciousness is split in two. One takes your sense of maturity and reason, while the other takes your innocence and moral principles.

When you open your eyes, you notice that your field of vision is a bit limited.

[Wade]: Whoa, did I shrink or somethin’?

You lower your hands to the face in your stomach in order to examine them, and it would appear that your skin has become pale and you only possess three fingers on each hand. Your joints are being held together by tight stitches, staples and bolts. Your appearance is somewhat similar to a Transylian’s.

Suddenly, your hand pokes at your face without you commanding it to.

[Wade]: Hey, what’s the big idea?!

It continues to poke you in the eye.

[Wade]: Ow! Quit it, ya knucklehead!

The big dumb oaf that’s taken control over your body leans down to apologize with a bewildered expression on his face.

And just when you’re about to unleash a torrent of insults at the big lug, you pause for a moment to think of a name for this form.

[Wade]: Hey...Knucklehead isn’t a bad name, ya know? Glad I thought of it.

The big guy seems pleased that you’re happy.

[K8-E]: We should probably get out of here…

K8-E taps your shoulder and directs your attention towards the angry mob that’s closing in on you.

[Wade]: Huh? Oh, right…

You scratch the top of the big guy’s head as you try to think of plan.

[Wade]: Make a break for it!

You and the others turn around and flee deeper into the mansion, hoping that they won’t find JT and Cash during their pursuit.

[Arthur]: After them!

You race through the hallways with your friends, but your heavy body and thunderous footsteps make it difficult for you to hide from the crazed carnivorous mob that’s chasing you.

[Vera]: Make a left here. I’ve got an idea.

You round the corner and hug the wall behind you, while Vera smothers you with her gelatinous body and changes her skin tone to blend in with the wall. You begin to worry that her plan won’t work, but it’s probably too late to punk out now that you’re already going through with it.

You close your eyes as they run past you like a stampede of wild beasts. And after waiting a few seconds, you take a peek outside to see if they’ve left.

[Wade]: I think it’s clear…

Just then, you notice that 3 of the guild members willingly stayed behind to look for you in this hallway.

[Wade]: Not clear! Not clear!

A knight wearing bulky, purple armor attempts to grab you, but you panic and accidentally tear his arm off with your absurd strength.

[Wade]: Can’t you go 5 seconds without breaking something?!

The knight recoils in pain as oil pours from the stump at his elbow. It’s a good thing he’s a robot.

He brandishes a plasma sword of some sort, and raises it to the air as he prepares to strike you with it.

You try to command your body to dodge the attack, but the big oaf freezes in fear instead of actually doing something useful!

[Wade]: Move it, ya big buffoon!

Suddenly, the wooden planks below the knight begins to shiver and shake for some reason. He looks down in confusion, before the floor gives out entirely, causing the knight and his friends to fall down into a deep dark pit.

How’d that even happen. Was it because of tubby over here?

[Wade]: On second thought, keep breakin’ stuff!

He smiles and nods at you with the innocence of a child. The two of you might actually make decent team.

[Arthur]: There they are!

Oh shit! The rest of the mob is back!

[Wade]: Run away, again!

You flee into a massive dance hall with a large chandelier dangling above, and a dusty old carpet below your feet. It looks like something straight out of Beast’s Castle!

[Olivia]: Everyone off the carpet!

You do what she says and move to the corner of the room, near a massive marble pillar. As soon as the Gourmet Guild enters the room, Olivia uses a mana construct to flip the carpet upward and trap the aliens inside. She proceeds to roll it up into a cylindrical shape and send it hurtling towards the other aliens that didn’t get caught.

A good amount of them get flattened by the carpet, while the Gourmand and a few of his lackeys successfully manage to leap over it.

K8-E’s been picking off a few of the aliens that have been trying to attack you from behind, but you don’t know how much longer you can run from these guys. You’ll have to make a stand here.

Suddenly, the Gourmand reaches out with his tendrils and wraps them around your meaty arms. He starts reeling you in with a ridiculous amount of strength that betrays his small frame. You need to do something here!

[Wade]: Y’know...now that I think about it, there’s a bit too much overlap between “Knucklehead” and “Knuckle-Duster”. Maybe "Patchwerk" would be good?

C’mon Wade! Now’s not the time to get picky about your names! You need to act fast! But, you don’t even know what this guy does.

Maybe you should just rely on intuition instead of thinking about it so hard. That seems to work pretty well in most situations.

>Replace your arm with the Robot Knight’s arm and fire a missile salvo at the Gourmand.
>Let him take your arm, and at the last minute, have it unfold into a fleshy bag to trap him inside.
>Cause the chandelier to fall on top of him.
>Run towards him and punt him like a football!
>Pull him towards you and slam him into a marble pillar.
>>Pull him towards you and slam him into a marble pillar.
>Pull him towards you and slam him into a marble pillar.

I keep imagining knucklehead's voice as eddy's from ed, edd n eddy.
Roll 1d100, bo3!
Rolled 64 (1d100)

Rolled 55 (1d100)

Rolled 42 (1d100)


All of a sudden, you grab hold of his tongues, wrap them around your wrist and swing Arthur into a marble pillar with enough force to crack it. The tiny Gourmand crumbles to the floor as he recoils in pain.

However, he recovers much quicker than you expected him to, and he loops around the pillar and tugs his neck to the side.

Surprisingly, this simple motion has enough force behind it to pull you into the pillar, causing both of your faces to collide against it.

His tendrils detach from your wrist so and wrap around the pillar, allowing him to break off a large chunk and swallow it whole!

He digests it rather quickly, converts it into energy and spits it back at you as a heated ball of plasma.

You roll to the side in order to avoid it, but it just barely manages to graze your shoulder. Tubby here starts to whine and whimper about it, but a stern glare from you keeps him in check.

Arthur then proceeds to swallow a pile of small rocks, digest them, and spit them back out as a hail of gunfire. You duck, roll, slide and use just about any form of movement or evasion that you’re capable of in order to avoid being hit. Some of them manage to pelt your thick hide, but they don’t really seem to do much damage.

[Wade]: Quit runnin, ya dope! We can take ‘im!

[Arthur]: Leaving so soon?! You mustn't forget your leftovers!

[Wade]: See? Look, he’s even quipping at us now! He’s practically begging to get stomped!

However, you body refuses to listen to you. Instead, he cowers behind a pillar and curls up into a sobbing mess.

[Wade]: Ugh, what am I gonna do with you?

You take a peek at your friends to see how they’re doing, and it seems that they’re holding their own out there. But if that Gourmand joins the fray, they’re definitely gonna be in trouble.

Okay, it's time to assess your abilities.

Looks like you can manipulate the wires that're holding your body together. You can detach your limbs at will for some reason, and you seem to be able to mold your own flesh in order to create different shapes. You can probably do some other things, but you don't have time to experiment right now.

Hopefully your instincts will be enough to get you out of this alive.

>Create a slingshot with your wire manipulation ability, and fire a wad of your skin at the Gourmand in order to force his mouth shut for a short while.
>Weather the hail of bullets with your tough body and tackle the Gourmand with all your might!
>Stuff your fist full of rocks to enlarge it, and swing it at Arthur!
>Absorb any nearby materials or DNA samples to temporarily upgrade your body.
>Give the big guy a “pep talk” to improve his performance. (Write-in.)
>>Absorb any nearby materials or DNA samples to temporarily upgrade your body.
>Create a slingshot with your wire manipulation ability, and fire a wad of your skin at the Gourmand in order to force his mouth shut for a short while.
>Stuff your fist full of rocks to enlarge it, and swing it at Arthur!
>Create a slingshot with your wire manipulation ability, and fire a wad of your skin at the Gourmand in order to force his mouth shut for a short while.
Roll 1d100, bo3!
Rolled 69 (1d100)

Rolled 74 (1d100)

Rolled 11 (1d100)


[Wade]: At least fire back!

The big oaf opens a single eye, and commands a single string to move from his middle finger and wrap around his index finger. He then tears off a wad of his skin, rolls it up into a ball, pulls it back along with the bundle of string, and lets it fly towards the Gourmand’s mouth.

Arthur notices the projectile and opens his mouth wide in order to catch it, but instead, the wad of skin opens up and coils itself around his mouth.

He struggles to rip it off as he waddles and rolls along the floor, but he doesn’t seem to have the grip strength to do so.

[Wade]: Nice shot!

The big lug removes himself from behind the pillar and slowly approaches the Gourmand.

[Wade]: Now, finish him off. Give ‘im a good ‘ol bop on the noggin’!

He raises his hands high into the air and slams them down onto Arthur’s head, cracking the ground beneath him and sending him hurtling through the floor.

With every crash and strained grunt, you visibly cringe until his crumpled frame finally reaches the basement with a resounding thud.

[Wade]: Yeah...I think you might’ve hit him a bit too hard there, pal.

The big guy scratches his head, and you time out shortly afterwards. What a strange alien form…

[K8-E]: Are you alright?

Your Kineceleran lover carefully steps over the bodies of the aliens that you and your team recently defeated.

[Wade]: I’m fine. How about you?

She nods with a warm smile and hugs you tightly. You assume that’s a 'yes'.

In the corner of your eye, you see Olivia approaching you whilst bashfully rubbing her shoulder.

[Olivia]: I guess this wasn’t the fun little excursion you guys were expecting. Hehe...my bad…

>”Nah, it was actually alot more fun than I was expecting. Thanks for inviting us.”
>”Hey, we saved lives tonight. That’s what really matters.”
>”We can’t get too comfy yet. We still need to stop the Omnivore from coming to Earth.”
>”We’re superheroes. Sacrificing our free time for the greater good is what we’re supposed to do. And I’m sure Pearl will be happy that ‘Lucky Girl’ came to rescue her.”
>”We can’t get too comfy yet. We still need to stop the Omnivore from coming to Earth.”
>”We’re superheroes. Sacrificing our free time for the greater good is what we’re supposed to do. And I’m sure Pearl will be happy that ‘Lucky Girl’ came to rescue her.”
>>”We can’t get too comfy yet. We still need to stop the Omnivore from coming to Earth.”
>”Hey, we saved lives tonight. That’s what really matters.”
>”We can’t get too comfy yet. We still need to stop the Omnivore from coming to Earth.”
>”We’re superheroes. Sacrificing our free time for the greater good is what we’re supposed to do. And I’m sure Pearl will be happy that ‘Lucky Girl’ came to rescue her.”
File: Omnivore.jpg (551 KB, 1767x2024)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
[Wade]: Hey, we’re superheroes. Sacrificing our free time for the greater good is what we’re supposed to do. And besides, I’m sure Pearl will be happy to see that “Lucky Girl” came to her rescue.

Her ears perk up once more as her mood greatly improves. Ollie might be a ray of sunshine, but she’s also prone to doubting herself. And you’re here to remind her that she should give herself more credit.

[Wade]: Alright guys, we managed to save some lives tonight, but we can’t afford to get comfy just yet. We still have to find a way to prevent the Omnivore from coming to Earth.

[???]: Did someone call my name?

A chill runs down your spine as you turn to face the Universe’s one and only Apex Predator.

Her face is thin and well structured, like a model’s. Her facial features are actually very similar to that of a human’s. Her hair flows elegantly in the wind...or so you thought.

But upon closer inspection, it would seem that she possesses a cluster of tentacles that have been arranged to appear as hairstyle that would compliment her image.

Her lower half consists of a mass of writhing tentacles. They’re far bigger than the ones attached to her head. And probably more deadly…

But her most surprising physical characteristic would have to be her tall, lithe body type. For an Apex predator, she looks as if she could afford to gain a few pounds.

You haven’t noticed up until now, but she’s been eyeing you up as well. The hungry look in her eye is making you a bit nervous.

[Omnivore]: So you’re the famous “X” I’ve heard so much about…

She floats closer to you. So much so that you can feel as if you can feel the heat from her tentacles. A wicked grin spreads across her face as the smell of fear seeps through your skin.

[Omnivore]: Strange. I thought you’d be taller.

As you remain frozen in place, she looks around to inspect the room, along with the incapcitated aliens that litter the floor.

[Omnivore]: I see you’ve managed to defeat the Guild all by yourself…

Her eyes drift to your companions, and you instinctively raise an arm to protect them.

[Omniverse]: ...With help.

She turns her back to you and drifts over to her companions with an expression of pity and disappointment.

And just then, she extends her tentacles and begins dissolving them with an unusual type of energy. She slightly lifts her skirt to reveal an even larger mass of tentacles that quickly fills the room.

You and the others try to defend yourselves, but the tentacles fly right past you and dissolve the aliens lying at your feet within mere seconds.

Once she’s done, the tentacles retreat back under her skirt with inhuman speed and precision. She just...ate all of her friends, without hesitation. And if she really wanted to, she probably could’ve done the same to you and all of your friends. So...why didn’t she?

The Omnivore reaches down into the basement, snags Arthur by his foot, and raises his small body to meet her eyes.

She looks as if she’s considering eating him too, but she instead decides to spare the creature and stuff him in a bag that she had prepared beforehand.

She turns to face you and your team once more.

[Omnivore]: Seeing as every single guild member in this building seems to have broken the contract that we all signed, I shall take it upon myself to clean up their mess. Feel free to gather up your wrinkled elderly and leave the premises, effective immediately. I'd hate to swallow you up by accident.

Well, that doesn't sound like a terrible deal. You were expecting her to-

[Omnivore]: Except her.

The Omnivore points to Vera.

[Omnivore]: She stays.

Vera backs away in fear, which seems to slightly anger the Omnivore.

>”No way. She hasn’t done anything wrong.”
>”Let me see that contract that you were talking about. If she hasn’t broken any of the rules or clauses, then she shouldn’t be punished.” Allow K8-E to read through it real quick.
>”You’re not killing anyone else tonight. I need you to get off of my planet. Right now.”
>”If you leave now, I’ll give you a list of uninhabited planets to consume. And I’ll even throw in a few stars.”
>Threaten her by scanning her DNA and logging it into the Omnitrix. If there's anything that can beat an Omnivore, it's probably another Omnivore!
>Threaten her by scanning her DNA and logging it into the Omnitrix. If there's anything that can beat an Omnivore, it's probably another Omnivore!
>>”Let me see that contract that you were talking about. If she hasn’t broken any of the rules or clauses, then she shouldn’t be punished.” Allow K8-E to read through it real quick.
>Threaten her by scanning her DNA and logging it into the Omnitrix. If there's anything that can beat an Omnivore, it's probably another Omnivore!
>”If you leave now, I’ll give you a list of uninhabited planets to consume. And I’ll even throw in a few stars.”

>”No way. She hasn’t done anything wrong.”
>”You’re not killing anyone else tonight. I need you to get off of my planet. Right now.”

>”No way. She hasn’t done anything wrong.”
>”Let me see that contract that you were talking about. If she hasn’t broken any of the rules or clauses, then she shouldn’t be punished.” Allow K8-E to read through it real quick.
Writing and combining the options that were agreed upon...
[Wade]: No way. She hasn’t done anything wrong.

[Omnivore]: I shall be the judge of that. Her contract states that she is still under the protection of the Gourmet Empire. However, it would appear that our Limax friend has failed to comply with company policy.

She reaches into her bag and pulls out a datapad of some sort.

[Omnivore]: I’ve already received various reports of insubordinate activity, breaches in protocol and violation of curfew. You’ve got quite the track record. And despite our lenience in the past, you showed no signs of reform or cooperation. Shall I go on?

Vera shivers in fear before the fearsome predator.

[Wade]: Let me see that contract that you were talking about.

The Omnivore’s eyes grow wide from shock upon hearing your sudden outburst. She furrows her brow, reaches into her bag and hands another datapad to you.

You give the datapad to K8-E, who takes several seconds to read through the entirety of the digital document. The Omnivore rolls her eyes and maintains a smug grin as she watches K8-E’s eyes travel back and forth with desperation.

[K8-E]: Hmm. It would seem that you and your company have broken the rules of the contract as well.

[Omnivore]: What?! Where?

She bares her fangs and floats beside K8-E to read the datapad with her.

[K8-E]: Right here, where it states: “The living quarters(or residencies) of those who have sworn loyalty to the Gourmet Empire must be regularly maintained and inspected by the faculty, staff, representatives or any other available functionaries within the premises. Failure to do so will result in immediate termination of the contractors that were involved.”

Olivia wipes her finger along a nearby vase and rubs off a large clump of caked-on dust.

[Olivia]: This doesn’t look very sanitary. We could easily file a case claiming that the Gourmet Empire is abusing and neglecting their signatories.

[Wade]: And a case that big would definitely have to be taken up in Intergalactic Court, right?

[K8-E]: Oh, most definitely.

The Omnivore sweats profusely as her eyes dart from side-to-side. Her facade is beginning to crack. She must not want to get wrapped up in galactic legal matters.

[Olivia]: Vera, if you wouldn’t mind me asking, how long has this house been in a state of disrepair?

The Omnivore’s eyes drift to Vera, and she seems to glare at her with an irritated expression.

[Vera]: ...For a few months now. The dust and mold was making it really hard for some of the residents to breathe. Every complaint to the faculty was promptly ignored by management.

Each of you shake your heads in disappointment.

[Wade]: I’m afraid that won’t go over well with the judge. Since you broke the contract first, Vera has no obligation to adhere to it.

She seems much more expressive than before. You’re having way too much fun teasing her. Even if it looks like she wants to tear you to pieces with her bare hands.

[Wade]: You sure you wanna pick this fight, Omnivore?

File: Koba.png (245 KB, 250x500)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
Her tentacles stand on end, and you can actually hear her claws growing through her fingers. But before she can do anything, you scan her with your Omnitrix to acquire her DNA sample. The glowing light stops her dead in her tracks as she adopts a confused expression.

[Trixy]: DNA sample acquired: Omnivore.

You open up your Omnitrix’s faceplate and place your hand over the belt’s core. The Omnivore eventually catches on to what has just transpired. You need not say anything more.Your bravely defiant actions speak louder than words.

Suddenly, the Omnivore’s expression changes from that of annoyance and great displeasure, to one of amusement and befuddlement. It would seem that she wasn’t expecting you to turn this around on her like this.

A bundle of tentacles from underneath her skirt merge together, forming a pair of long, slender legs. Her heels clack loudly against the polished ballroom floor, as she draws ever closer to you.

She reaches hand over to your face as you maintain the same posture, your hand hovering over the Omnitrix’s core. Her slender fingers slides against your mask, burning away the section protecting the right side of your face, and exposing your right eye. Her tentacles coil around your limbs and apply a bit of pressure to them in order to scare you, but you do not falter.

[Omnivore]: Such tenacity...such vigor...

She gazes deep into your emerald eyes for a moment, and you notice that her wicked grin grows bigger as she gently plants a kiss on your forehead.

[Omnivore]: How very delicious...

Her tentacles continue to feel you up. K8-E looks a bit pissed and flustered by this confusing turn of events. The hungry look in her eyes is undeniable now. You're simply another meal to her.

[Omnivore]: I very much enjoy playing with my food…

She releases you from her grasp and floats back up to the hole she made in the wall earlier.

[Omnivore]: Farewell...for now.

A bolt of blinding light descends from the sky, temporarily blinding you, and when you re-open your eyes, the Omnivore is gone.

You all breathe a sigh of relief once that nerve-wracking experience is over. At least everyone got out of that alive.

And that reminds you! You should probably find JT and Cash before that Nosedeenian wakes up.


Once the Plumbers arrived, they collected all of the elderly people that were being held captive in the basement and transported them to nearby medical facilities. You saved alot of lives tonight, but there were a few that were lost before you found out about this operation.

You instructed JT, Cash and Vera to hide while you, Ollie and K8-E cooperated with the Plumber’s operations.

And low and behold, it would seem that your favorite grumpy Magister dropped by to visit. It’s Koba!

[Koba]: Why is it that every time I see you, you’re always mixed up in some new shit? I swear you’re a magnet for trouble, kid.

>”Missed you too, pal.”
>”Thanks for coming on such short notice. You’re the best. I mean it, man.”
>”What can I say? I’ll always be here to keep you on your toes.”
>”Don’t say it like it’s a bad thing. Your arrest rate is through the roof because of me.”
>”So how long has this ‘Gourmet Empire’ been a thing? Do I have to worry about them?”
>"At least I'm a competent trouble magnet."
>”Thanks for coming on such short notice. You’re the best. I mean it, man.”
>”So how long has this ‘Gourmet Empire’ been a thing? Do I have to worry about them?”
>”Missed you too, pal.”
>”So how long has this ‘Gourmet Empire’ been a thing? Do I have to worry about them?”
Gonna combine the votes for now. Writing...
[Wade]: Hey, at least I’m a competent trouble magnet.

He smirks while examining your broken mask.

[Koba]: Just because I wasn’t here to see you getting your ass handed to you, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

You spot Olivia and K8-E speaking with an elderly woman on a stretcher that resembles Pearl.

[Wade]: Thanks for coming on such short notice. You’re the best. I mean it, man.

He rolls his eyes and begins fiddling with a device built into his wrist.

[Koba]: Yeah yeah. No need to butter me up. This is still my job, and I’m not smart enough to go into early retirement, so here I am.

Aww, he’s trying to make it seem like he had no choice but to race across the galaxy to help you out.

[Wade]: Missed you too, pal.

He shoots a half-hearted scowl in your direction, but it quickly turns into a small smile.

[Koba]: So, who do I have to blame for this mess?

[Wade]: That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. We ran into a group calling themselves “The Gourmet Guild”, and we found out that they had ties to a new faction known as “The Gourmet Empire”. Any of that ringing a bell?

Koba’s eyes go wide and he stops what he’s doing to give you his full attention. He then sighs deeply and scratches his head while looking to the side.

[Koba]: Yeah, I know about ‘em. They showed up a few months back, when some lady managed to unite the Gourmand and the Oryctini. And with their combined wealth, they built an Empire that rivals even the Incursian’s.

[Wade]: Should I be worried about them?

[Koba]: Usually, I’d say no. But seeing as they’ve got an Omnivore for a leader, I don’t think we can afford to ignore her. And until now, we haven’t caught her getting her hands dirty. She’s been going around the galaxy pulling civilizations out of poverty and going out of her way to distribute free food among her followers.

[Wade]: Oh yeah, she sounds real Pro-Bono.

[Koba]: Now I know how it sounds, but for now it seems like she’s doing some real good in the galaxy. She’s even gotten on good terms with the Lenopans, so we can’t afford to force a conflict right now.

Koba looks slightly agitated, but mostly tired.

[Wade]: So what, we just sit and wait until she slips up?

[Koba]: Yeah, that about sums it up. I know there's no point in telling you this, but It’d probably be in your best interest to stay out of her way for now.

You think it’d be kinda difficult to stay out of her way now that she’s got you in her sights, but you’d rather not mention that to Koba and reinforce his trouble magnet theory.

[Koba]: Say, why don’t you and your friends dip out. I’ll handle the rest here.

He’s being unusually nice today. But then again, he’s one of the only Plumbers that knows about your dual identity. Not everyone understands that you have a whole other life to maintain on the side.

[Wade]: Gotcha. Take care of yourself, man.

You wave to him and regroup with the others in a secluded area near the retirement home.

[Wade]: So, I guess that turned out better than I had hoped.

[K8-E]: Yes, but we were unable to prevent the Omnivore from coming to Earth and consuming her subordinates. I’m not sure if we could’ve stopped her if she suddenly decided to eradicate all life on Earth…

That’s true. You’re not even sure if you would’ve been able to make use of her Omnivore DNA in that situation. But you’re lucky that your bluff paid off in that situation. She seemed to have at least a basic understanding of the Omnitrix, which made things a bit easier.

[Cash]: Man, you guys are seriously bumming me out. Can’t we just take a moment to celebrate here?

[JT]: Because we saved the Earth?


[Cash]: No, stupid! Because we managed to find their candy stash!

JT and Cash struggle to carry a massive amount of candy that they had found before the Plumbers arrived. You’re unsure as to whether the candy was for the Gourmet Guild or the retired residents, but they managed to snag the house’s entire stash while they were wandering around.

[Olivia]: Hey, aren’t you gonna give us a slice of that action? We did save your lives after all.

Cash looks as if he seriously considers Olivia’s suggestion, and he smiles and nods to JT before turning to you again.

[Cash]: Yeah, right! Get your own candy, losers!

Your punk of an acquaintance turns around and races down the street with JT following close behind.

[Olivia]: Hey!

Olivia angrily waves her fist at them, as JT turns around with an apologetic expression.

[JT]: Sorry!

Olivia almost seems like she wants to chase them down, but she decides against it.

[Olivia]: Seriously?! We get nothing out of that?! That’s so bogus!

[Wade]: ...I got a new alien.

Your cousin groans and buries her face in her hands, as K8-E moves to comfort her.

(End of Halloween special!)


So that's the end of the Halloween special! And since this thread is gonna be for a while longer, I'll be posting side stories every once in a while to tie into the next season.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'll be spending the next few days updating pastebins, writing side stories, and planning for Season 3! I'll most likely be posting about some of the new alien forms that you've acquired during the break, but I can assure you that the time skip won't be that big. It'll be set a few weeks after your adventure in Aku's alternate future.

Until next time, thanks for playing, and I hope to have you continue following the quest in the future!
Thanks for running! This has been a really fun thread so far.
File: Charmcaster-55.JPG.jpg (97 KB, 1277x724)
97 KB
>Somewhere in New York…

A white-haired woman driving an absolute junk-heap of a vehicle cruises along the side streets and back-alleys of Brooklyn. As she delves deeper into the outskirts of the city, the artificial light of modern civilization fails to provide guidance in the face of encroaching shadow. The pale moonlight seems to be her only friend tonight.

Due to a recent blackout caused by a pesky gang of gremlins, the entire city's been experiencing electrical problems. But right now, that's the least of Charmcaster's worries.

Once she arrives at her Inner Sanctum, her car sputters and spits black smoke as it settles down and shifts into park. The only reason this car was even remotely capable of running properly was due to the several dozen mystic runes that Charmcaster carved into the engine.

She wanted to get a car that needed less maintenance, but her Uncle's debts made that goal very difficult to reach.

Her Inner Sanctum was nothing more than a run down, 2-story home that was deceptively bigger on the inside, and much more luxurious than she could afford.

Once inside, she's immediately greeted by a plethora of supernatural paraphernalia, such as tiki masks, flying carpets, mystic tomes and self-tying shoes. All of which were collected by her ancestors and inherited by her.

The room is illuminated by the faint purple glow of her everlit candles, which have been the cause of more than a few small fires.

Charmcaster removes her coat and tries to hang it on her coat rack, but she feels a slight tug at her pants, directing her attention to her tiny golem servant on the floor.

He possessed four arms and was roughly the size of a rabbit. His appearance was very similar to the larger golems that Charmcaster was prone to using, but his small stature was convenient for the delicate tasks that she often have him.

He hopped up and down and silently reached his hands upward, gesturing towards Charmcaster's coat. He had simply wanted to be of use to his master, even if it was ultimately an inconvenience to her.

She rolls her eyes and drops the coat onto the floor, allowing it to cover her servant completely. He quickly folds it nicely and runs off towards the coat room with a skip in his step.

With a hand on her hip, she sighs deeply and hangs her magic staff onto the coat rack instead. She had hoped that her overeager servant wouldn't hide it somewhere while she wasn't looking.

She glides over to her comfy sofa, takes a big stretch and collapses onto her plush cushions.

[Mother]: Oh, Granddaughter~!

Charmcaster groans and turns her face towards the sofa cushion. She wasn't going to let Mother interrupt her rest tonight.

[Mother]: Hope!

[Charmcaster]: Ugh!

Charmcaster grunts in frustration and jumps to her feet, before storming towards Mother's prison. On the way there, she accidentally knocks over a pile of books and pulls a tablecloth onto the floor.

[Charmcaster]: CURSES!

With the aid of her magic, she resets the items to their previous positions. Having a house full of "precious family heirlooms" had begun to get on her nerves.

She then stomps into the room where Mother is being held, and picks up the crystal prison in which she was sealed into.

Her face appears on the surface of the crystal ball, with a pink mist surrounding it.

[Mother]: There you are! Could you be a dear and-?

[Charmcaster]: Shut up! I've had a long day, and I'm trying to sleep here!

[Mother]: I was just going to ask whether you can tidy this place up a bit. That cursed Dire Rat has been terrorizing me for some time now!

[Charmcaster]: Ugh, again?! I thought I got rid of those wretched things.

[Mother]: I'm not surprised. There are many places for them to hide.

Charmcaster narrows her eyes at Mother and curls her lips into a scowl.

[Charmcaster]: I'll just get my servant to handle it.

Her servant's overwhelming success rate with wrestling and punching Dire Rats into submission has been impressive to say the least.

Suddenly, both of them hear someone rustling around in the living room. Charmcaster holds the crystal ball close to her chest and searches the floor. She fears that the Dire Rats might be breeding again.

[Mother]: Go check it out…

Charmcaster tiptoes into the living room and summons her staff to her hand.

She searches the dimly lit room, but doesn't see any sign of-

[???]: Charmcaster…

Suddenly, a voice comes from behind penetrates the silence.

[Charmcaster]: Gah!

Charmcaster turns around and throws Mother's crystal prison at the intruder. The ominous, hooded shape catches the crystal ball, and gently places it on the table next to him. And for a brief moment, the crystal ball illuminates the face underneath the hood.

[Charmcaster]: ...Uncle Hex? Is that really you?

Charmcaster squints at the obscured face of her once missing Uncle and blinks several times in disbelief.

[Hex]: Yes, Charmcaster. I have returned to-

Charmcaster swings her staff down on Hex's head, causing him to recoil in pain.

[Hex]: Ow!

She relentlessly wails on her Uncle in a fit of rage and resentment.

[Charmcaster]: How dare you show your face around here! Do you have any idea what you put me through?!

[Hex]: Charmcaster, wait! I-

Hex tries to reason with his niece, but she isn't in the mood to listen.

[Charmcaster]: I had to take odd jobs just to pay off YOUR debts!

[Hex]: Just listen to me-!

There are now tears welling up in her eyes.

[Charmcaster]: I had to unclog a toilet because a Mandrake crawled into it! Do you have any idea how disgusting that was?!

[Hex]: Hope!

Hex catches her staff mid-air to avoid being clobbered.

[Hex]: Grandmother is coming to visit.

Hope's eyes drift to Mother, who seems pretty rattled from being tossed around.

[Charmcaster]: You mean her?

Hex shakes his head from side to side.

[Hex]: No. I mean "The" Grand-Mother.

Charmcaster's eyes go wide, as she drops her staff and places her hands over her mouth. Hex tries to calm her down with gentle hand gestures, but she can't seem to stop shaking.

Charmcaster had heard stories of the Grand-Mother, but she had assumed that she was nothing more than an urban legend. A lurking nightmare to scare the little wizards and witches into going to bed on time. She is a tumultuous storm of wicked intent, destroying all in her path with little to no remorse.

None are prepared for the ever sinister Witch of the Wood. None are prepared for the wrath of the Baba Yaga.
Thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed the special.

Currently in the process of trying to get a commission done of K8-E in the Spyro outfit!

I'll also be creating a imgur gallery that shows the portraits for the characters in the quest. And I might be a bit slow with getting the character profile pastebins done, but I'll try my best to get it to you guys soon!
Looking forward to it. I'm curious if she looks as cute as Olivia said she looks.

Also, don't worry about the time to deliver the character profile. I'm can't speak for everyone, but i'm confident enough on you that it will be wort the wait.

Thanks for running this awesome quest!
File: Monitor Lizard.jpg (164 KB, 1024x1449)
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164 KB JPG
Time to reveal some new aliens!

1.) Monitor Lizard: This transformation overwhelmed me at first, due to the sensory overload I got when I used him by accident. Monitor Lizard is able to see in every color spectrum, sense and mentally catalogue any sound or smell, and use his sense of taste to detect slight changes in the environment. (I once anticipated an ambush by flicking my tongue out and detecting the exact number of enemies around me, along with their locations.) He's also capable of camouflaging himself and secreting a paralytic toxin from his mouth.

He's strong enough to easily smash a car, tough enough to deflect bullets with his scales, and fast enough to chase down his prey with little to no difficulty. This is pretty well rounded as far as I can see.

Powers and abilities: Superhuman Senses, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Strength, Environmental Awareness, Camouflage, Natural Weapons, Paralytic Saliva, Prehensile Tongue

Race: Gyik Yenlui(God I hope I spelled that right.)

Planet: Monzilla

Fun facts:

>Monitor Lizard uses his horn and frills in order to focus his senses. Like some sort of signal booster.
>This alien is not capable of speech, but must rely on a vocal translator in order to relay information.
File: Amalgamech.jpg (158 KB, 1080x1350)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
2.)Amalgamech: This alien is a collection of miniature mechanized animals that can act independently and combine to form a large robot. He's about 7 feet tall, which is much smaller than I expected him to be, but he's certainly fun to use. Each animal has their own set of abilities, and once they form together, Amalgamech can use them all at once.

Powers and abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Flight(Pterodactyl), Horn Drill(Triceratops), Sonic Roar(Sabertooth), Matter Consumption(T-Rex), Energy Barriers(Mastodon)

Planet: G'Attai

Species: Sequinite

Fun facts:

>Each part of Amalgamrch has their own unique personality and thoughts. They are all considered siblings and are prone to bickering.
File: Shinobloom (2).png (618 KB, 1269x885)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
3.) Shinobloom: This alien appears to be some sort of ninja plant with loads of utility. His petals are razor sharp and can become hard as steel(Can also be use as throwing stars). His body can disappear in a puff of cotton, and reappear elsewhere. He's also quite agile and capable of manipulating his body to create cactus caltrops, Venus flytraps, pollen bombs, aloe, etc.

Powers and abilities: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Healing Factor, Plant Weaponry, Master of Stealth, Limb Extension, Vortex Creation

Planet: Ghirlanda

Species: Spridgen

Fun Facts:

>Shinobloom is stronger when wet.
>Despite being a ninja, Shinobloom is much more active during the daytime.
>Shinobloom can spin his hands so fast that they create vortexes!


And that'll be all for the alien reveals. I'll work on adding them into the database shortly. Let me know what you guys think about them. If you have any suggestions for new names or aliens, feel free to speak up!

You guys make my day with posts like these. Absolutely wholesome.
So, we is power ranger mechazords sometimes, now?

Nice love it. And all of this quest.

Sometimes I wonder how our "Mad Max" is doing in his omniverse, and other small questions, but it doesn't detract from enjoying what you write. Thanks, galvan!
Updated every pastebin other than the trivia one, which I will work on a bit later. However, I finally added the character profile pastebin to help you guys keep track of the characters. It's currently incomplete, as there are quite a few characters in this quest, but I will work on adding new information each day until I feel as if I have documented every significant character.

I also plan to make an imgur gallery that contains the profile pictures of each character.

Aliens Unlocked:

Alien Images:

Character profiles:

Skills, Stats and Inventory:

Alien Trivia:

Superhero/Supervillain Database:

Public Info on X:

It's funny that you mentioned that, because I was actually thinking of writing up a prompt that summarizes the outcome of his adventure. I wish I could've set more time aside to run some sessions and wrap up his story, but all I can do now is move forward and try harder next time.

Hopefully, you guys would be willing to give me another shot at doing these special threads, because I have a few more ideas for the next one.

>What if?: Wade and Wendy never escaped Iden's Lab?
>Anaris: Road to Redemption
>Kevin 11: Breakout
>Ben 10,000 B.C
>Vilgax Indomitable Ruler
>Gwen 10: Magic P.I.

Some ideas are recycled, but that's mostly because I thought they were were somewhat popular in previous votes. I'll provide explanations of the plot later on if you guys are interested. And I apologize for the inactivity recently. Work has been getting a bit crazy due to lack of help, but it should get better soon. This break from the quest couldn't have come at a better time.

I'll continue to edit pastebins and post side stories as long as this thread is still up.
>>Gwen 10: Magic P.I.
>Kevin 11: Breakout
>Anaris: Road to Redemption
>Ben 10,000 B.C
File: Spoiler Image (212 KB, 1920x1080)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
>Somewhere in a distant, alternate future…

Anaris and the remainder of his forces struggle against Aku and his Oni soldiers. The Beetle bots, Mantis bots and Enhanced bots were easy enough to deal with, but the varying skills and weapons carried by the Oni threw their ranks into disarray.

[Anaris]: Hold the line! No surrender!

Iden and Anaris were being locked down by a Kamaitachi (A large weasel with long, sharp blades at the end of his limbs), while Gwen and Olumar were using all of their power in order to hold back Aku.

Gwen had begun to regret letting Wade and his group go, but she knew that allowing them to stay any longer would've been detrimental to the fate of their timeline.

After all, without the presence of "The Bridge", then "The War of Science and Magic" surely would have caused the demise of nearly every sentient being in the Universe.

Sensing Gwen's doubt, Olumar pours every ounce of strength she has into fortifying the mana barrier. The tiny blue genie mumbles a curse under her breath as she desperately searches for the energy that she lost after combating Demongo.

Aku's evil laughter rings loudly in their ears as a numb sensation spreads throughout their burning muscles. His wicked beam of mana pushes them back, and forces them to their knees as they say one last silent prayer.


But suddenly, a white portal is ripped open in the space behind them, causing them to lose focus for a moment. And a single moment is all that it takes.

In a surge of white-hot atonement, the two of them are thrown backward by the blinding, wicked beam of Aku. And once he'd confirmed his attack was successful, he proceeds to attack the rest of Anaris' forces.

As Gwen slowly opens her eyes, she witnesses the slightly obscured Carnage within the thick cloud of dust.

The slender cat-woman attempts to pull herself off of the ground, her muscles scream in agony, causing her arms to give out on her. She'd gotten too old to keep up this line of work, but she'd never admit it.

Just then, a well-built man with fair skin walks into her line of sight. His presence shakes her to her very core, as her sensitive ears had not noticed his footsteps. Nor his breath. Nor his heartbeat.

He wore a white robe of Oriental inspiration, and a straw hat that looked to be hand woven. And although the hat obscured his face, Gwen was sure that he was also of Oriental descent.

But his unusual apparel was the least of her concerns. What truly baffled Gwen was the sword that rested at his side.

It looked nearly identical to the one that she had given Wade. So then...why did this man have it?

[???]: Jack...? Are you there?

A staticky voice crackles to life and projects itself through a device on the man's wrist. It sounds like a young girl. He pays it no attention as his hand drifts over the hilt of his sword.

The way his hand wraps around it is peculiar. Almost as if it were an old friend instead of a weapon.

[???]: Remember, we can't have you staying there for too long. Just get in and get out, got it?

"For such a young girl, she sure sounds bossy and demanding." Gwen thought. But it wasn't a voice that she had recognized.

[Jack]: Do not worry.

The robed man slowly draws his blade.

[Jack]: This won't take long.
Multiversal jack that tries to eliminate every Aku throughout the multiverse! I could get behind this! Please tell use more!
"And there came a day unlike any other, when the Multiverse's mightiest heroes were united against a common threat! On that day, the Vengers were born!"

Jack and a few other heroes from the expanded Multiverse are banding together to combat the overwhelming forces of evil that have been breaking the boundaries of time and space.

They're currently dealing with a Crisis, and could use all the help they can get.
I like where this is going!
>Somewhere in Hong Kong...

A young Chinese boy fiddles with a handheld game console while he waits for the results of the latest Harmonitrix diagnostic. After all, it isn't easy to patch a reverse engineered, alien super-weapon.

The name was chosen by the marketing team, since it signifies unification and balance, but Ben wasn't too big on the idea. It all felt too artificial to him.

As the boy violently mashes the buttons on his console, he attracts the attention of the middle aged-woman running the diagnostic on her highly advanced laptop.

[Jing Fei]: Ahem…

The woman loudly clears her throat in order to get the young boy's attention, but he's so absorbed in his game that he doesn't notice.

[Jing Fei]: Ben!

[Ben]: Wha-!

He nearly drops his console out of shock. Jing Fei is unsure whether she should be impressed by his intense focus, or disappointed as to where he chooses to direct that focus.

[Jing Fei]: Your game is too loud. I'm trying to work here.

She returns to typing away at her computer, while Ben turns the volume down on his game and tones down the button mashing. He realizes that playing fighting games during the diagnostic might not have been the best idea.

[Ben]: Yes, Mom…

The woman sharply turns her head towards Ben and glares at him with heavy bags under her eyes. Ben lowers his head and pauses his game to reflect on his mistake.

[Ben]: I mean…"Ma'am"...

Jing nods her head and returns to her computer. Aside from the sound of Jing clicking away at her keyboard, the room becomes dead silent.

Usually, it would be normal to call your mother "Mom", but Ben and his mother pride themselves on displaying the utmost professionalism at their place of work.

Jing looks up to see her now dejected son, and breathes a deep sigh before closing her laptop.

[Jing Fei]: ...I suppose it wouldn't necessarily be wrong for you to refer to me in a familiar way when we are alone.

She reaches down and disconnects the magnetic link from his watch, causing it to reactivate and chirp to life once more.

[Jing Fei]: So long as you keep it that way…

She lowers her head in order to look him directly in the eyes. Her stern expression nearly causes him to avert his eyes, but he simply gives her an understanding nod instead.

Jing Fei's lips curl into a small smile and she reaches up to rustle Ben's hair, while delivering an affectionate kiss to his forehead. During these brief moments, Ben felt as if he and his mother were finally a family again. She just hasn't been the same ever since Ben's Dad died during that alien invasion last year...

Just then, a pin on Jing's suit flashes green and vibrates against her skin. Her smile disappears along with the notification, and she goes back into business mode in the blink of an eye.

[Jing Fei]: The Board of Directors are ready for us. You have 3 minutes to change into your suit.

His mother leaves the room without so much as glancing back at him, and Ben is left alone in a cold, empty room.

Without hesitation, he quickly changes out of his casual clothes and into his battle suit. It provided the much needed protection for a 10 year old going into battle, but it was mostly created to appeal to the general public.

Ben was indeed a superhero, but there were days where he felt more like a glorified mascot for the People's Republic of China. Despite being half British, he was now the face of a new unified China, whether liked it or not.

And so long as he did his job right, he could continue saving lives, and ensure his place by his mother's side.

Once he has the battle suit equipped, Ben exits the room and searches the hallways for his mother. It would appear that she went ahead to greet the Board of Directors.

Since he already knows the facility, inside and out, Ben goes to join her. But on his way, he encounters "Him", the original creator of the watch.

Ben knew that he wasn't allowed to make any contact with "Him", but he just couldn't resist learning more of his secrets. "He" had so much wisdom to offer, and so much knowledge to impart, as well as a bleak outlook on life that displayed his lack of morality. But for some reason, Ben always felt refreshed whenever he spoke with "Him".

While passing by his containment cell, Ben slowed his walking speed in order to peek inside. It was much too dark to see anything in there, but Ben was desperate to catch a glimpse of his acquaintance either way.

[Jing Fei]: Ben! What are you doing?!

The young boy jumped and looked around nervously as his mother comes marching towards him. He attempts to cook up some sort of excuse in order to get out of trouble, but he simply can't find the words.

[Ben]: I-I was-

She grabs his hand and drags him away from the containment cell.

[Jing Fei]: I don't care! We're late for the board meeting!

[Ben]: I'm sorry ma'am, but I was just-

Before he can finish his sentence, she shoots a cold glare in direction that causes a chill to run up his spine.

[Jing Fei]: You'd better not embarrass me out there.

Ben knows better than to talk back to her when she's like this. So he simply defaults to apologizing and agreeing with her.

[Ben]: ...Yes ma'am. My apologies...

As he inches further and further away from "his" cell, Ben picks up a faint whisper on his helmet's audio receptors.

[???]: Why do you allow them to tell you what to do? You're smarter than every single one of them, and they fear you because of it…

"He" goes quiet after mumbling that sentence, but Ben had a rather hard time banishing that thought from his mind. Whether "his" words contained truth and wisdom, or hatred and indifference, was a mystery to the young boy. But he quickly decided that it was probably better to avoid dwelling on it for now.

Ben shakes his head from side to side, as he mentally prepared himself for his next mission.

After all, his team was waiting for him, and so were his adoring fans!
>Somewhere in the distant future…

A battered and bloody Kree stands over the crippled form of a large man with blue skin and cracked sunglasses.

She had not expected him to put up such a fight, even with the Charms of Bezel in her possession. But on the other hand, he is the most powerful portal guardian on Earth.

Kree's breathing grows erratic and ragged as she clutches at her dripping wound. Her pale, purple blood forms a small stream as it runs down the rubble and ruin that was created as a result of their fight.

Kree was particularly glad that Aku had not interfered with her battle, but she had made previous arrangements to prevent him from noticing her at all. So long as she nourished a certain annoying boy in a bug costume, she could be sure that Aku would be otherwise preoccupied for a while.

She kneels down beside her fallen foe, picks up his sword and slowly limps towards the time portal that lay open before her. Her chance had finally come. A chance to rewrite her cruel fate, and change history forever!


>Somewhere in California, Present Day…

A young Kree lies in wait, as she carefully stalks her prey. A sea of dark clouds smothers the moon on this cold and rainy night, allowing her to blend into the shrubbery and foliage.

Her target, Alan Albright, walks along a dimly lit pathway, completely unaware of the danger that lurks behind him. The rain should greatly limit his combat capabilities, so this was truly her best time to strike.

Kree removes a metal shard from her bag, and carefully sculpts it into a sharp spike with her electrokinetic magic.

But right before she can fire it at the boy, she's grabbed from behind and pulled deeper into the forest.

This creates a rustling noise that attracts Alan's attention, but he decides not to investigate, as he believes it was simply the work of a wild animal.


Kree tumbles down a steep hill, before colliding with a sturdy tree. Once she regains her composure, an armored hand grips her by the throat and slams her body against the tree trunk.

Her vision is hazy from the fall, but it starts to improve as the pale moonlight peaks through the clouds.

And it would appear that she's being held captive by...herself?!

[Past Kree]: What sort of trickery is this?!

[Future Kree]: There is no trickery involved here, child. I am your future, and you should be grateful that I would go to such lengths for an ungrateful wretch such as yourself.

Past Kree snarls at the woman as she struggles to free herself from her grasp. And that's when her eyes drift down to the Charms that have been placed in her breastplate. She nearly has all of them!

Future Kree seems to notice this and lets her past self drop to the ground. Past Kree clutches her throat and coughs violently as she scowls at her future self.

[Future Kree]: I know that you seek to gather the Charms of Bezel in order to earn your freedom. But we both know that will never happen. I'm here to change that...

Past Kree's eyes go wide as she jumps to her feet and presses a sharp claw into Future Kree's chest.

[Past Kree]: My fate is in no way predetermined! Your very presence here proves that my future has yet to be decided.

A small grin spreads across Future Kree’s mouth, as she reaches into her cloak and brandishes a sword. The very same sword that she took from The Guardian.

[Future Kree]: Oh, of course. But, I still think you need a little...push here and there.

Past Kree steps back and takes a defensive stance, but to her surprise, Future Kree kneels down and holds her hands out to her.

[Past Kree]: W-what are you doing…?

[Future Kree]: Offering you a chance to take your life back.

She offers up the sword to her past self, who hesitantly takes the weapon from her hands.

[Past Kree]: You're mad...

Future Kree's hands begin to shake as she removes her hood and reveals her scarred, wrinkled face. The unbridled rage that burns in her eyes is unmistakable now. It was in this moment that Past Kree realized...they were the same.

[Future Kree]: Yes...and we have every right to be! All of them must suffer! Adwaita, Solomon, that wretched bug and the blonde wench! They will all regret having ever underestimated us!

Past Kree closes her eyes, raises her sword to the air, and brings it down upon the neck of her future self.

[Past Kree]: I will not fail…

The dark elf sheethes the blade, before kneeling down and collecting the Charms of Bezel from the lifeless corpse of her future counterpart.

>The body of Kree was later found by the students of the Michael Morningstar Institute. She was notably much older than anyone had remembered, and the Charms that were previously in her possession were no longer stored in her breastplate. The cause of her death was decapitation, but the reason behind it is currently unknown.
Well I think I got a decent amount of work done with this thread. I wanted to add one more side story that explained a bit more about Vera, but I think I'll settle for some spoiler right now.

Vera was a Limax who had actually met the real Vera Tennyson at the retirement home. Though she died of old age, she left a very big impression on the alien carnivore, inspiring her to imitate her appearance and behavior in an attempt to honor her memory. Vera(Limax) was later relocated to Undertown due to Koba and Wade's efforts.

The next thread will be up by Saturday this week, and I'll be running sessions on the weekend to kick off the new season.

I'll be archiving this thread shortly, but know that I've been keeping the loose ends of Season 1 in mind. I haven't forgotten about the Lady in Wight, or Animo, or even the Cowboy Knight and The Saturdays for that matter. In this upcoming season, I will attempt to address these loose ends and wrap them up in nice, little action-packed bow.

And regarding the commission, it's currently in the works, and you'll most likely get to see it when I post it in the next thread. So until this current thread gets auto archived, I will be answering any questions that you guys might have regarding the quest. I will also be giving some love to the alien trivia and character profile pastebins, so be sure to check those out later!

If you're all satisfied with this, then I hope to see you all next time!
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Thanks for the everything, Galvan! We appreciate you!

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