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Magic has returned to the world. Miracles are commonplace, beasts and dungeons have spawned everywhere and mystery has died. Empires have risen through the turmoil and adventurers are the norm. There’s no chance for peace in the new world.

You are Wilhem the Blacksmith, a newly minted adventurer who just completed their first quest. You barely survived the encounter in no small part because of your teammate but you feel revitalized. You just want to make something and feel proud of it.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=GlassStarQM
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It’s been 4 days since you and Elisheba killed the bear. You’ve come to find out that you were knocked out for 2 days since Elisheba carried you here, it would’ve been another week if the village didn’t have a faith healer. Unsurprisingly, medical bills are one of the biggest expenditures for adventurers. Might’ve had to part with a tenth of your reward money if you weren’t able to convince Gordy to cover for you. Though the healer did some good work on you though so it wouldn’t have been a total waste of money, you might’ve lost an arm if you went with a regular doctor. They didn’t even leave a scar. Religion might be worthwhile afterall.

You’re sitting down on a couch, flipping through a newspaper as Elisheba checks out from the hospital. She finally finishes and is about to let you know that it’s time to go, but seeing you do something so unfamiliar piqued her interest.

“I didn’t know you kept up with the news? Doesn’t seem like you’d be interested.” she says

“I’m trying to figure a few things out.” you explain yourself

She lights up “I can definitely help you with that! I like keeping myself up to date with what’s going on in the world.” She sits down next to you “What do you want to know?”

“What country are we in?” you say with a straight face

“Hmm?” her eyes widen

“I’ve been going through the papers since I woke up and I cannot for the life of me figure out where I am right now. It doesn’t help that I haven’t the faintest clue what this paper is talking about and who these people are. Thersimachus? Troyes? Artorias? I can barely pronounce any of this.” you’re getting more frustrated trying to explain yourself

“Uh- Wha- How-” she’s stuttering “We’re in a country called Rema” she finally says while trying her absolute best not to talk down to you. “Wil where are you from?”

“The middle of nowhere.” you close the newspaper

“What?” this only confuses her more

You throw the newspaper aside and stand up “I’ll tell you about it later, we have to go, we still need to show Gordy that we actually completed the quest and that bear corpse is rotting right now.”
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It takes her a minute but she drops whatever else she wanted to ask you about yourself “Do you have our armor with you?”

You tap your chest “Yup, got it with me right now, but I didn’t bother with any repairs. It's too damaged to deal with but we do have some prime material waiting for us at the forest. It’ll make for a perfect upgrade”

She looks nervous when you say that.

“What? Eli, it's not a big deal, you still have your sword and spear with you, we’re not totally defenseless, and it’s not like there’s anything that could hurt us in the forest.” you pat her shoulder as you reassure her

“No no, I’m not worried about that. Let’s just deal with it when we get there” she says

“Uh... Alright?” you feel left in the dark on something.

You and Elisheba finally leave for the forest. It’s a short walk but you’ll need to retrace your steps to find the corpse and spend even more time lugging that corpse back to Kettlewell. Maybe it would’ve been easier just taking Gordy to the forest. Too late for that now. Since you have some time, what should you do on the walk over?

> 1. Ask more about Rema
> 2. Ask about the nature of dungeons
> 3. Ask Elisheba about herself
> 4. Ask about the Adventurer’s Guild
> 5. Skip to the bear
> 6. Other (write-in)
>> 1. Ask more about Rema
> 1. Ask more about Rema
> 3. Ask Elisheba about herself
Where are we and why is Eli such a beast?
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Rema. The name sounds familiar but the old man was never too keen on teaching you about geography. It worked for him and he thought it’d work for you. Thinking about it a bit more, maybe he didn’t know anything about that kinda thing either. Wait, if that's true, then was he a hermit by choice or did he just keep getting lost?

“ELI!” you shout her name

“What? Something wrong?’ she looks back at you

“Yeah I’m starting to think that maybe I should actually learn a bit more about this mystery country instead of becoming a lonely old man.” you shiver at the thought

“...Did I miss something…? Did something happen..?” she’s becoming concerned

“Eli. Please. Just… just tell me about Rema.” you’ve turned desperate

“Uh... yeah sure thing Wil.” she capitulates to your request “What do you want to know about? There’s a lot to this place.”

“Ehm…” you scratch your cheek “Anything really, I couldn’t really learn much from the past 2 days of reading, just tell me the beginning I guess.”

“Beginning huh? Easy enough.” she begins the history lesson “Rema used to be a couple dozen warring states, you can just say the past few centuries were just multiple small scale wars between acres of land, that was before the birth of dungeons. Dungeon loot is a complete game changer. If you can supply your armies with ancient artifacts or sell it off for massive profit, you’ll be leading a very prosperous and powerful country. Some states took advantage and pretty soon there were only 7 left. Out of those 7 states rose the ruler of Rema, The First Citizen, Lucius Artorias.”

“Wait wait wait, time out” You interject “I might not be the smartest guy, but I’m 80% sure that most places have a King.”

“Wil, please stop putting yourself down. You aren’t from around here so it’s not about being “stupid” you just don’t know alright?” she reassures you

It was a little joke at your expense but she still encouraged and built you up. You gave a little smile.
Elisheba continues “You’re right anyway, King is the common title for a ruler, it was the title for the 7 rulers that came before him had, that’s partly why he chose First Citizen. He wanted to differentiate himself and he wanted everyone to know he’s the same as them, and honestly, he kinda was. He was a nobody that became an adventurer like everyone else, but he was that once in a generation talent. A year had passed since he first began his career and he was already a living legend. The First Citizen felt like he was plateauing at that time and he truly never cared for any of the 7 kings of his time, so he took a chance and tried to conquer the Grand Dungeon at the center of his future country, The Abyss.”

The Abyss. Guessing by the name, that must be where Abyss Corruption comes from.

“3 years. It took him and everyone that followed him 3 years to conquer the Abyss. After those 3 long years ended, he announced that the territory surrounding The Abyss were his and declared war against the 7 kings. 1 year was all he needed to win. The power he gained from going in The Abyss brought the whole country to its knees, those former kings never stood a chance. 10 years later and here we are” she finishes

“That’s the layman’s history of Rema, there’s still more to talk about the First Citizen and I’ve barely even mentioned the people that helped him conquer the Abyss and the country, “The Knights of Stone” as they’re usually called, but I think that’s enough for now. Unless you wanna know more?” she asks you

“Yeah, actually I do. Did you grow up here?” you say. May as well get to know her better and figure out how she got so strong

She chuckles “Good question. I lived near the border of the country and grew up in a Nazarist church.”

You flinched. Did she just say Nazarist?

She noticed “Is something wrong?”

Nazarism. Fucking. Nazarism? The religion full of the biggest scumfucks that’s ever “graced” the earth? That Nazarism? Is Eli is a Nazarist? How? That can’t be possible. Did you mishear?

You keep tensing up and Eli is starting to worry. “Wilhem are you alright?” she says

You need to do something. What do you do?

> 1. Play it cool and lie
> 2. Push through and keep asking about Elisheba’s upbringing
> 3. Be blunt and ask her if she’s a Nazarist
> 4. Other (write-in)
Whats a nazarist?
I would like to know too.
> 3. Be blunt and ask her if she’s a Nazarist
We are not subtle
Just ask her this.
No use trying to avoid the issue now, she already knows something’s up “Are you a Nazarist?”

“Nazarist? Yeah, I grew up in the church and I’ve always kept the faith close to my heart.” she says

You grit your teeth after hearing this. You know Eli is a good person but Nazarists disgust you to your core.

“Wait… Is that why you started acting strange there?” she asks

“No no” you gave a nervous laugh “Just thought I felt something graze me so I got anxious. But getting back to it, it’s pretty rare to find a religious person who can actually fight you know?” you try to give yourself cover

“Not really, especially in this day and age. Most believers go on a pilgrimage or become adventurers, it’s become more rare for there to be simple preachers and healers. Didn’t think you’d know much about Nazarism.”

Oh great, there are more maniacs carrying around swords. “Ah, I don’t really… I’ve never read the Nazarist holy book and all I really know is that they believe in one God, the Almighty or whatever. I have met a few Nazarist followers before though.” you scratch your cheek

“Oh? How were they?” she says

You start remembering all the Nazarist Priests, Crusaders and Inquisitors that tried forcing you and gramps to make them free weapons and armor. Gramps always refused and you always had to move because they did not take the rejection well at all. They really have a hard on for burning people alive.

“They were… really devout. Always wanting weapons to help spread the faith” you force a smile

“Weapons to spread the faith? What?” she looks puzzled. Does she not know how fanatatical Nazarists get?

“Well, something like that. I never really ask what people do with their weapons.” you say

“That’s strang-” she stops mid sentence and almost falls to the ground. She looks like she’s having an aneurysm

You run up to her “Holy shit, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing nothing” she’s panting “I think I found the bear”
After Eli regains her composure, you head towards the cause of her headache. Low and behold, you find the bear’s corpse. Last time you saw it, its neck was destroyed, its face mutilated and it had cuts and bruises all around its body. Now, its chest has been ripped open with Lagun and Forkfu holding it in place, none of the organs seem too damaged thankfully. Guess that’s what Eli meant by “buying time”.

You look at Eli “I think you killed it.”

“It was necessary. I wouldn’t just brutalize a corpse” she says

“Yeah but…” you walk up to bear’s body and rip out Lagun and Forkfu “Why?”

Eli doesn’t take her eyes off the body “You notice any flies?”

You look around, you don’t see any maggots, insects or anything that would pick apart an animal’s carcass. It doesn’t even look like its body has decomposed or rotted at all. The only damage you see was done by you and Eli.

You’re bewildered “What the fuck is this thing Eli?”

“Curses are powerful and chaotic, I don’t want to know what it does to a dead body, so I ripped it open just in case.” she says

Curse or not, this thing is making you some money. You store Lagun and Forkfu and you try to grab the body. Eli grabs your arm before you can touch it.

“What are you doing?” she says

“I’m about to store it, take it to Kettlewell, maybe make some armor out of it afterwards” you struggle as she holds back your arm

“Wil, I really don’t think you get it. If we stay around that thing long enough, we’re going to get cursed.” she says

She lets go of you “So what’s the plan here then Eli? We still need to show Gordy we killed it. And we’re not wasting this body. What do you have in mind?” you say

“I’m exorcising it” she lets go of you

Your eyes widen “You can do that?”

“I think? Being a Nazarist gives people certain blessings and exorcising is one of them.” she says

“You aren’t even sure?” you start getting annoyed

“Wil, please, just let me try. I can’t let that body stay like this if I could do something about it” she’s almost starting to plead

She’s adamant about it and it doesn’t seem like the best idea to bring a cursed carcass to a village or to make a suit of armor out of it. What should you do?

> 1. Let Eli try to exorcise it
> 2. Rip a piece of the bear off before letting Eli try to exorcise it
> 3. Try to analyze the corpse and see if you can understand the curse
Remove the chunks of metal before exorcising.

If the exorcism makes it get up and pick another fight, may as well fight only a bear without armor.

And if the bits of metal pick a fight, at least its not a bear. Also maybe we can analyze metal.
> 2. Rip a piece of the bear off before letting Eli try to exorcise it
> 3. Try to analyze the corpse and see if you can understand the curse

Can we cut off the head?
Alright we're analyzing it, removing the metal on the bear's body and keeping the head.
I'd rather keep the paw, the head being removed was just so we don't have to fight a zombie super bear, but okay...
“Fine, you get to try, but I'm doing a few things first” you say

“Thank you, go ahead” she relents

You grab onto the grey parts of the bear’s body and start heating it up. Just in case things go sour, it shouldn’t have this sort of armor on it. Little by little, you tear it off and Eli watches in silence. Since this might take a while, you might as well analyze the thing. See if Eli has a point about that curse.

As you’re tearing off the last bit of grey flesh off the corpse, you start seeing the makeup of the bear’s body. The usual, blood, bones, muscles, flesh. Just a bit bigger and a bit tougher. It must’ve been a few minutes before you finally felt it. Something started burning in your chest. The heat started rising and it became harder to breathe. It started to hurt, like something lit a bonfire inside you. It felt like you were only breathing in smoke. You were suffocating.

Eli finally noticed and pulled you off the bear. You finally caught your breath and held on to your chest “What happened? You just started hyperventaliting” she asks you

You kept patting your chest trying to figure out what came over you. It just vanished. What was that? What did that thing do to you? You kept quiet as you stand and grab a piece of the gray flesh. You shape it into a knife and walk towards the bear. You’re determined to figure out what that curse did to you. You grab the bear’s head and start cutting off whatever is left of its neck.

“What are you doing!?” she attempts to stop you

“I’m cutting that thing’s head off. That thing did something to me and there's no way I’m letting it go” you try to make her let go of you

“So you felt something in your chest and now you want to keep a cursed bear’s head!?” she’s starting to raise her voice

“Yes.” you say

“ARE YOU INSANE!? ABSOLUTELY NOT!” she yelled at you

“I’m keeping the head Eli, you’re not stopping me. You can have the rest of it when I’m done.” you say

She looks mad and she isn’t letting go of you but you aren’t changing your mind on this one. You need to know more, was what happened to you even real? She finally lets go but she looks mad. You finally rip off the bear’s head and put it into storage.

Obtained Corrupted Bear’s Head

She doesn’t say anything as you make room for her attempt at exorcism. First time you’ve ever seen one so it should be interesting. She gets on her knees and starts praying. She’s too quiet, for you to make out what she’s saying? This is exorcism? Pretty soon, little balls of light start encompassing the carcass. When she finally finishes her prayer, the light vanishes. She’s… finished..?

“Wait was that it? Thought exorcism would be more… I don’t know… violent.” you say out loud

She doesn’t answer. She seems legitimately angry at you for keeping the head. Did you make the right choice?

Obtained Bear’s body, Bear’s grey flesh

It's a quiet walk to Kettlewell. You don’t want her carrying the bear’s so you put it into storage. The thing is heavy and you feel like you’re gonna be crushed but you push through and get used to the weight.

You make it back to Kettlewell and show Gordy the bear’s severed head hoping it was enough evidence. He was ecstatic. Looks like you and Eli killed the right bear. Sadly, he did not give either of you the reward money, you need to collect at the Adventurer’s Guild at Yorktown. That must be how they get their 20%. But, since you bargained with him earlier, he gave you an extra 20 silver coins on the spot, technically legal, but better to not mention that when you go to the Guild.

Obtained 20 silver coins

It’ll take an hour to get to Yorktown, it’s not even noon yet, you have some money to spend, some more money waiting for you, some new armor to make and Eli is ignoring you. There’s too much to do today, today will just be a rest day. What should you do first?

> 1. Try to get Eli to stop being mad at you
> 2. Make your new armor
> 3. Collect your reward money
> 1. Try to get Eli to stop being mad at you
A bit of a bummer that the intent with the head was misconstrued but what can you do? Let's try to sort this out first.
> 1. Try to get Eli to stop being mad at you
Study the head, and if it goes wrong u can exorcise us.
She was getting mad if you kept any body part of the bear, it didn't matter if it was a paw or a head
Make your new armor
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133 KB JPG
Elisheba hasn’t spoken since you two got out of that forest. This is the first time she’s ever gotten mad. Usually when Gramps got mad you’d just start cursing him out and insulting him because it was usually his fault but you think that that might not be the best idea with Eli.

You spent half the walk to Yorktown agonizing on how to get Eli to talk to you again. Apologizing isn’t enough, even if you let her exorcize the bear’s head, she might still stay mad at you. Then, you got a light bulb moment.

You took out a silver coin and melted it down. You quickly molded it into the shape of a rose. You finally remember Gramps telling you that women love this kind of stupid thing.

“ELI!” you call out her name

She turns to you and doesn’t say anything. Figures, she’s still mad. You present the silver rose and hope it gets a reaction out of her.

“...Wil did you just melt down a silver coin” she finally speaks again. Not the reaction you were hoping for.

“Yes” you confidently say


“WELL YOU WERE MAD AT ME AND I WANTED TO APOLOGIZE AND if I’m being honest I have no clue what the value of money is here.” you say


“Wait is that what this is about? Seriously? Thought you’d be mad that I was bringing a cursed severed head into an unsuspecting town.” you say

“You’re really not helping yourself right now…” she says

“What I mean is, I’m not worried, I have you to protect me. I just want to study it and if I get cursed, you’ll save me.” you say nonchalantly

“You’re putting way too much faith in me… ” she says quietly

“Yeah. I am. Cause I know you’ll come through. You already did once and you’ll do it again” you reassure her

“Just please don’t overdo it” she pleads

“Cross my heart” you promise

“And can you please turn the rose back into a coin, it’s kind of illegal to mess with currency… We also really need money” she asks

“Oh yeah, no problem” you say as you meltdown the rose between your fingers

Eli finally forgave you and she seems to be mostly fine with letting you keep the severed head. It felt nice to know that someone cares about your well being. Though she is right. You should be careful carrying that thing around, analyzing it almost made you suffocate and you doubt it’ll be any different the next time around. Maybe you need outside help?

You finally arrived to Yorktown. The place is the same as always. The day has barely started. What to do first?

> 1. Make some new armor
> 2. Collect your reward money
> 3. Find someone to look into the corrupted bear’s head
> 4. Go to the market
> 5. Get some food
> 6. Ask Eli what she wants to do
> 7. Other (Write-in)
> 3. Find someone to look into the corrupted bear’s head
Don't want any surprises
> 3. Find someone to look into the corrupted bear’s head
> 3. Find someone to look into the corrupted bear’s head
File: magic_clerk.png (1 MB, 900x1184)
1 MB
You think about it and maybe Eli had a point when she made you admit that bringing a corrupted severed head that may or may not resurrect the dead into a heavy populated town wasn’t the best idea

“Hey Eli do you think that butcher can store cursed heads?” you ask

“Wha- N-no” she says

“Damn… Alright we have to find someone who can do it for us, I’m a little worried about carrying this thing around already.” you say

She sighs “If you’re really want on keeping that thing… Might as well find someone that knows about this kind of thing”

“HELL YEAH! Let’s go” you drag Eli off in search of a place to store the head

You’ve spent 3 hours running around Yorktown trying to find a store that might help with curses but you found nothing. It didn’t help that you’re carrying the full weight of a bear on your back as you’ve been running around. You felt like you were about to pass out or be crushed to death at any moment. On the plus side, you know where every store are, though the town is full of things that are completely foreign to you and only serve to confuse you even more. You might need to look into a few things later.

“Wilhem… I don’t think we can find someone to help us, I think we need to give up.” she’s panting from all the running

You’re just lying on the floor trying not to pass out “Goddamn it…”

You try to pick yourself up and are about to give up on your search when you spot a store in the corner of your eye. You point to it

“Hey… What about that one… Pretty sure we missed that one…” you say out of breath

“Ah. Fine.” Eli stretches as she says this “We already went this far”

You make your way to the mysterious store. The place has a strange atmosphere when you finally entered, it’s like walking through water. If you had to guess from a quick glance, you’re in a magic items shop. The books in an incomprehensible language jar filled with eyes that may or may not have looked directly at you was a dead giveaway.

“Welcome. How may I help you today?” the clerk says in a cheerful tone.

The man barely spoke and you already felt like he was the most untrustworthy man you’ve ever met. He looked and sounded like a potential sex offender. Sadly, he might be the only person in Yorktown who knows anything about curses and you already wasted 3 hours. Better ask what you want quickly and leave as fast as possible. Who should do most of the talking?

> 1. You
> 2. Elisheba
> 1. You
We're a country bumkin aren't we?

Ah yes, I wanted some help studying this head and the corruption curse it carriers before it turns us into rampaging demons. Can you help?
>> 2. Elisheba
How about we just exorcise the bear head now?

We already have cursed metal, this is just dragging things out.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

the only thing that isn't exorcised is the head, but you're right about speeding things along. 1 for You and 2 for Elisheba
File: magic_shop.jpg (54 KB, 750x422)
54 KB
You pat Eli’s shoulder “I got this” you say confidently

“Wil for the love of God don’t” she tries stopping you

“What? You got an off feeling about the clerk or something? Look, just a quick question then we’re out of here, I promise.” you say

“No that’s not it. Wil, you don’t understand the value and cost of things, we don’t have that much money and I feel like you’re going to overspend.”

“Oh…” that wounded your pride a bit “Well I’ll show you what I can do” you march towards the front of the desk

“Greetings sir, I have a question” you lay your arm on the desk

The clerk clasps his hands “Of course, what would you like to know.”

You pull out the severed bear head. “I need to know what this thing is” you can hear Eli audibly groan as you do this

“That appears to be a mutilated bear head sir.” the clerk responds

“No. No… I mean… This thing is cursed and I need you to find out the details of the curse for me.” you quietly ask

“Oh! No problem at all.” he takes the head from your hand “Curses are a bit of a speciality of mine” he snickered as he says this

The clerk spends a few minutes eyeballing the head, you look back at Eli and give her a thumbs up. Things seem to be looking well right now.

“Hmm! Now this is something!” the clerk speaks once more

“YOU FIGURED IT OUT!?” you get excited

“Not at all!” he answers enthusiastically

“Ah…” you feel start getting depressed

“But…” he continues “I can figure the curse out! However! It will take some time and it will cost you.” he says

“PERFECT! Money's no obje-” before you can finish Eli covers you mouth and tries to keep you from speaking anymore

“WILHEM STOP TALKING” she screams at you

The clerk giggles at the sight “Oh, I don’t need money for this. I just need a favor!”

“Favor?” Eli says

“Yes! A favor! If you can do me a favor, I will figure out the details of this curse for the both of you, you can even keep the head after this deal is done! However, if a favor is too much, I would still like to keep the head. I’d be willing to trade for it, but if you trade the head away, I will sadly not be telling you what this kind of curse entails. Have to bargain with you somehow!” the clerk chuckles as he says this

Eli lets go of you and whispers in your ear “What do you think? This guy seems pretty trustworthy.”

Your eyes widen “You need to get your head checked if you think this weirdo is trustworthy.” you say quietly

Still, this is an interesting offer, even if the clerk freaks you out. What should you do?

> 1. Do him a favor so you can figure out the curse
> 2. Trade away the severed head for one of his wares
> 3. Look around and see what he has to offer before making a decision
> 4. Refuse both of his offers and leave
shit, forgot my name
Ask the details of the favor first without withhold any information, and we'll probably give away the head in exchange. We don't really need a dead bear head. Also if we do give him the head, warn him of the corruption influence it has over time.
> 1. Do him a favor so you can figure out the curse
“What are the details of the favor? We’re not doing anything if we don’t get any details” you ask the clerk

“I don’t know!” he answers

You and Eli look at each other in confusion

“I don’t know as I don’t need a favor at the moment! I will simply call upon you when I need a favor! Simple as that!” the clerk says

“Sounds super sketchy.” you say

“It might be!” the clerk says

“We’re not doing anything illegal.” you say

“You won’t!” the clerk says

You point to the bear’s head “And I might not know the whole story, but that thing has some weird corrupting influence to it, so if you keep it, it's not on us if you go insane or whatever.” Eli elbows you when you say this

“Please just be careful if you do handle it” Eli says

“I’m an expert on curses ma’am, no curse can take me down!” he says “So, do you have an answer for me?”

> 1. Do him a favor so you can figure out the curse
> 2. Trade away the severed head for one of his wares
> 3. Look around and see what he has to offer before making a decision
> 4. Refuse both of his offers and leave
> 5. Other (write-in)
Can we trade the cursed head for the information or finding out more about the curse?
Also, ask him how much he would give us for the head.

This is to know if the favor he asks us later would exceed the worth of the head...
nope, either you do him the favor and he gives you the info and you keep the head or you trade it in for something cool.

I'll keep this in mind.
> 1. Do him a favor so you can figure out the curse
Then we can trade it for stuff
But what do we do with the head afterwards? Can we sell it to him?

Why can't we ask him that now......
You don't need to make a large post to cover than. Just a simple in character npc response less than a sentence would do.

I think him studying the head makes it less valuable? Not sure.
the clerk holds all the cards in this situation
So we can't even give him the cursed head in return for telling us more about it? Its not like it would be valuable otherwise. Trading the head for information and stuff would be a fair if not a better trade than him giving us his wares and losing profit.
i'm going to sleep, continuing this quest when i wake up
Trade the head for info on the curse and an item
File: mystery_pouch.jpg (6 KB, 246x204)
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“How much would the bear head go for?” you ask the clerk

“1 bronze coin!” the clerk says

You look at Eli for guidance “It’s pocket change” she says

“HOW? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?” you yell out as you turn to the clerk

“It's a mutilated and cursed bear head sir! I have no monetary need for such a thing and no one else will either! I’m actually doing you a favor by taking this!” the clerk says in a gleeful tone

You feel like you’re getting screwed over in this deal “Fine, we’ll owe you a favor… Just take the head...” you half heartedly agree

You lost the corrupted bear head

“Stupendous! I’ll let you know when I need a favor! You won’t regret it!” he says

“I already do.” you say

“Worry not sir! As a token of good faith, I’ll throw in this pouch of mystery!” the clerk hands Eli a small pouch full of some powder.

You obtained the small pouch bag

“Mystery?” Eli says as she opens the pouch.

“A mystery for the both of you! Now, if you’d like to buy something or have any other questions, be sure to let me know!” the clerk rubs his hands “ Oh yes! I almost completely forgot! My name is Anton. I hope to meet you again!”

You feel like you made a huge mistake when dealing with this shady clerk but it’s too late for regrets now. It's the afternoon and there's still much to do. What to do next?

> 1. Look around the shop
> 2. Leave and examine the mystery bag
> 3. Make some new armor
> 4. Collect your reward money
> 5. Go to the market
> 6. Get some food
> 7. Other (Write-in)
>> 3. Make some new armor
>> 4. Collect your reward money
>3. Make some new armor
>> 4. Collect your reward money
File: Butch.jpg (57 KB, 657x835)
57 KB
“Eli” you gesture to her “we’re leaving.”

You don’t trust that the clerk won’t find another way to screw you over. Plus, you still have to make some armor and collect some money. It’s about time too, you feel naked without any gear on and lugging around what’s left of the bear corpse in storage is making your legs give out.

“Bye now! Hope to see you again Mr. Blacksmith and Ms. Priestess!” the clerk says as you leave the store

That goodbye stays with you as you walk down Yorktown “How did he know I was a Blacksmith …?” you ask Elisheba

“I think we mentioned it? Right? Why’d he call me a Priestess? I barely talked.” she says

What just happened? You look at each other in silence and look back at the general direction of the magic shop. It really might’ve been a terrible idea to owe that guy a favor.

“OK LET’S MAKE SOME ARMOR!” you quickly change the subject and try to forget about that creepy man

You head for the butchers. You remember that you left 2 boars in his care, might as well use it for some new armor

You finally make it and slam the door open “BUTCH! Buddy! You got those boars I gave you a week ago?”

He looks shocked to see you “You two are alive?”

You and Eli look confused “Yeah? Why wouldn’t we be?” she tells Butch

“Oh, well you’ve been gone for a week and newbies have a high casualty rate. I just assumed” Butch says

You look disappointed at him “Well screw you too pal.” you start making some assumptions “Wait, where are my boars? I swear to the Almighty if you sold them, I’m burning down your shop” you threaten him. Eli elbows you after you say this. Might’ve come in a bit too strong with that comment.

“Jeez, calm down, yeah I still got them. They’re in the fridge out back.” Butch says

“What’s a fridge?” you ask

Eli and Butch are baffled at this comment. Eli breaks the silence and says “We’ll just be taking the boars.”

“But what’s a fridge?” you repeat yourself

“I’ll tell you about it later, I promise” she tells you

Before Butch can leave to get your 2 boars you call out to him “Hey Butch, before you go, I got a favor to ask.”

“Yeah?” he says as he looks back at you

“Mind if I use the backroom to cut open a few things I have on me?” you ask

Butch scratches his head “I guess you can just this once. I did assume you two died and I was about to sell off those boars.” he admits


Eli pulls your ear before you start screaming at Butch again and whispers “Stop trying to antagonize him.”
You finally shut your mouth before you get yourself kicked out of the shop. Butch leads you to the backroom where he does his work. None of the tools will be useful to you, you just want some space to do some smithing. He brings out your boars and sets them on a table as Eli explains to you what a fridge is and how it works. Butch leaves the 2 of you alone.

“So… those crystal just stay cold forever?” you ask

“No, they have a lifespan depending on their quality, they usually last for 3 years on average but some people can extend it.” she explains

“Alright enough” you stop Eli from explaining anymore “I’m bored already and I want to make something today.”

You take out the headless bear carcass, its grey flesh and your’s and Eli’s broken armor. You set them all on the same table. You start stretching. The weight of the bear is finally off of you. “Thought my back was gonna break.” you say

“I could’ve helped you carry it you know?” Eli says

You ignore Eli’s comment and start getting to work. The broken armor will be used as a base for something new. Might as well do something useful with it instead of trashing it. You’re many things but wasteful is not one of them. You grab onto the bear’s grey flesh and start melting it down but something happens before you can come up with a design. Unknown thoughts starts seeping into your head and you begin recalling that dream you had in Kettlewell. You begin thinking of Gramps and something starts you over.

Inspiration takes ahold of you

Some new thought pops into your head. You don’t understand it, you just feel inspired. You aren’t sure what to do.

> 1. Save that thought for later
> 2. Implant the thought into your new armor
> 3. Implant the thought into one of your existing weapons (Lagun or Forkfu)
> 4. Implant the thought into a new weapon (write-in)
2. Implant the thought into your new armor
> 2. Implant the thought into your new armor

Well we should have walked away from the deal then, with that curse merchant.
File: Bear_armor.jpg (590 KB, 1920x2716)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
You let that inspiration pass through and flow into your broken armor. You don't understand what's happening but you came to make armor and you refuse to stop. Whatever happens, you'll figure it out later.

You melt down as much grey flesh as you can get your hands on. "Hey Eli, you got any requests with your armor?" You don't look away from your work as you ask her.

"Requests? Well, if it can look similar to what I wore before then that'd be nice. But you don't have to do if it's impossible, I'm happy with whatever you make me." She says

You start laughing "Impossible? C'mon now. You don't have to goad me into making you something."

"Wait I didn't mean it like that-" she tries explaining herself but you've already drowned her out.

You feel possessed. It's happened once or twice since you've started smithing but you thought it was just a fluke. It's coming back to you again, you don't know what'll happen. What you're making now is the only thing that matters and the only thing that's real.

You count each individual sparks as you melt down and shape the flesh and bone of the bear and the boars. 1000, 2000, 3000. How much time has passed? Has anything even moved?

Eli's armor is the same as before but so much better, you wanted to look better, it was time for an update. Breastplate, helmet, greaves, gauntlets, pauldrons, etc. Underneath it, you molded in the bones for stability and power. The bear's bone was tougher than iron so it'd be a waste not to use it. It was like you made a skeleton made to wear.

You move on to the clothing. Easy enough, there's fur and skin to use. You melt it down and think of some design, something to keep you and Eli warm and protected.

You went a little crazy with it. Pouches, belt, gloves, boats, satchel, cloak, sheathe and more. It felt like you were fusing the bear's muscle into the clothing. Its tendons lined into the fabric.

Used Bear’s body, Bear’s grey flesh, 2 Boar’s body, Your Broken Armor, Eli’s Broken Armor

Obtained Eli’s armor, Your unnamed armor

You finally came back to. Eli is staring at you in silence, you can't tell if she's amazed, worried or confused at what happened. Maybe a mix of everything? You somehow used the entire bear and the 2 boars, nothing was left behind. You don't care. You just want to wear your armor.

You don't say anything to Eli, you just strap everything on. It doesn't feel heavy at all, you feel light, stronger. You feel something primal take over you when you're finally fitted. It feels powerful. You take a deep breath. What should you call it?

> 1. Callisto
> 2. Otso
> 3. Ursus
> 4. Other (Write-in)
I have to go to sleep, will have to put this quest on hold until Friday again. School is weighing me down and I'm not gonna be able to run this quest and study at the same time. See you guys then
Its all good, love reading it so far, good luck with school and take the time you need.
Seriously? Thanks man, makes running this quest worthwhile
> 3. Ursus

Come on guys, it literally means bear. It fits perfectly.
Nanook, the Inuit polar bear God that determines success when hunting bear. Also can influence the tatkoit, the souls of tools.
Is another name for Ursa Major, also know as the great bear constellation.
>Ursus Major
Is quest died??
Can you not read??
Well I'm back, just gonna pick one of the six names instead of rolling for it cause i really like it. Writing now.
“Nanook” you break your silence

“What?” she says

“That’s the name of my armor” you say

You can feel like she’s distressed for some reason. You don’t understand why. It's just a set of armor.

You take off your helmet. You’re still you, she has to see that. “Sorry. Something got over me. It’s done, I’m fine.I don’t think I've ever made or worn something like this so I got too excited there.” you try to reassure her

“Why do you feel different then?” she says

You get confused “What do you mean? I’m still me. Maybe I’m still feeling it after getting stomped around by that bear? It did knock me out for 2 days right? My head’s probably scrambled from that.” you say.

Is that really true? Of course not. So why are you lying?

Eli looks at the armor you made for her. You don’t think she’ll go for it now.

“Eli? It’s still me right?” you ask her

She hesitates before answering “Yeah. It’s still you Wil.”

You scratch your cheek “Like I said, I just get really into it when I start smithing sometimes, my bad if that scared you.” you nervously chuckle “Why don’t I go on ahead and get our reward money. We can meet back at the Guild.” probably best for some space right now. Not like you’re entirely sure what happened to you either. Nanook isn’t helping you much either.

She smiles and nods. She looks less worried now. You must’ve been overthinking it. Though she’s still staring at her armor. It might take her awhile to decide to put it on. You put your helmet back on and leave her be.

You aimlessly walk around Yorktown.

What took over you when you were smithing? It reminded you of the old man. He always looked like he was in his own little world when he started smithing. You could never snap him out of it. You think that you might be becoming more like him. The thought makes you shudder.

You start thinking about the armor. Why does it feel so strange? Eli exorcised the bear. But the armor feels so different. You feel more focused, in control. The armor feels like its apart of your body now. It's still you though, with or without Nanook. So why do you keep having to remind yourself that?

What’s with Nanook? What’s with you?

> 1. Analyze Nanook
> 2. Test out Nanook
> 3. Figure out what came over you when you were smithing
> 4. Walk straight to the Guild
> 1. Analyze Nanook
Let's get to the bottom of this
>> 1. Analyze Nanook
>get Eli to exorcise self
>consider the possibility that we literally stick pieces of our soul into what we make
Wil is looking into that armor. Writing now.
This isn’t your first time making armor out of monsters and animals. So why is this time different? You have to understand what went wrong.

You concentrate on Nanook. What went different?

The muscles of the boars and bear have augmented your power and speed

The bones have increased your stability and durability

The fur made Nanook comfortable and warm

Yeah, yeah. Obvious and self explanatory upgrades. You dig deeper. You find the magical components of the armor.

King Of The Forest: You gain an advantage while in a forest biome. The forest is as natural a home as the bear that ruled it

Mana Burst: In conjunction with the bones, muscle and mana of the armor, you can propel and enhance yourself for a short term burst of power or speed

Battle Roar: Your voice has been augmented. A powerful shout will disorient and hurt anyone within your radius. Anyone standing right next to you will have their eardrums burst.

What is this? There’s no way that 3 animals could give you such a boost in power. Even if that bear was something abnormal, you’d need to kill 10 more of them to give yourself something so substantial.

There’s one more ability left.
File: Guild_Hall.jpg (109 KB, 1024x473)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Primal Instinct: The might and fury of the bear is imbedded deep within the armor. Your senses have been enhanced, your survival instincts have been enhanced, your aggression will rise while in battle.

Aggression? Instinct? That can’t be right. It’s literally not possible to make armor that can affect a person’s mind with what you had on you. You’d need a witch and a few souls to make that happen.

You go through the material and ingredients that make up Nanook. Something must’ve got in while you were smithing and you didn’t notice. You don’t understand what you did and it’s starting to scare you.

Iron, blood, bone, skin, fur, flesh. Nothing. Nothing is out of place and you don’t understand it. You dig deeper and deeper. Analyze every piece of Nanook. You check over twice. Nothing. It’s exactly as you made it.

You should be happy with it. You made a masterwork with the bare amount of materials. But you can’t. You can’t not understand your own creation. It’s frustrating. You start looking over Nanook once more.

You spent so much analyzing and agonizing over Nanook, you don’t notice that you finally made it to the Adventurer’s guild.

You can say with absolute certainty that Nanook isn’t cursed or defected but you aren’t satisfied. The analysis only made raised more questions that you don’t have answers to. This must be the first time that you’re out of your depth when it comes to armor. You try to forget about it to save yourself a headache. You’ll think it over later.

You enter the Guild. It feels so lively today. There are many more people here than last week. Did something happen? Or did you come here when it was an off day last time. There must be 20 different things happening at once. You can’t help but get curious.

You’re supposed to wait for Elisheba and it’s not like that money isn’t going anywhere. Might help you get your mind off of things. What should you do?

> 1. Ask around to see what's new
> 2. Check out the commotion near the bar
> 3. Try and gamble with the bit of money you have on you
> 4. Hang around the people listening to the man playing the lyre
> 5. Go to the training hall and practice
> 6. Ignore everything and collect your reward money
Check out the commotion
> 1. Ask around to see what's new
See if anything new is going on
Rolled 2 (1d2)

rolling for a choice and writing now
File: Halle.jpg (69 KB, 546x793)
69 KB
You feel like resting after that who’ll thing with the armor. Might as well make some friends if you’re going to stay in this Guild for a while.

You take off your helmet and sit on the edge of a couch next to your peers. There are 6 of them sitting around a table. None of them notices you. They aren’t even talking amongst each other. They’re just cleaning and sharpening their gear in silence. It’s quiet enough that you can hear people at the bar yelling and cursing at each other. Looks like there’s about to be a fight soon.


The violence is starting to get drowned out by someone playing the lyre in the background. Surprisingly soothing in such a chaotic environment.

You decide to strike up a conversation “So, how’s work been for you stranger?” you ask the person sitting next to you.

“It’s decent, things have been ramping up these past few days.” She’s sharpening her arrowheads as she talks.

“Oh? How so?” you say

“Something about the sun turning some monster super aggressive. One of the First Citizen’s Knights is supposed to be coming to Yorktown pretty soon too. Plus there’s that earthquake that’s coming in a little over a week. Lots of things happening at once.” the stranger says

“Cool, cool, I have no idea what you’re talking about right now.” you say

She puts her arrowheads down “You new here? That armor looks way too high quality, are you a noble or something?”

You almost break out in laughter “Definitely not a noble, though I’m pretty new. Just got here a week ago. Finished my first quest.” you say

“How’d that go?” the stranger asks

“I almost died.” you bluntly state

She shrugs “Hey man, least you’re still breathing and you can still collect. Not like most newbies can say that.”

You think about what she said before nodding in agreement “I”m Wilhem. I’m a Blacksmith.”

“Blacksmith? I would have pegged you for a Hunter with how your dressed.” she says in amazement

“I'm very proactive.” you say

She chuckles “I’m Halle, I’m a ranger.” she points to the two other people sitting across the table “Over there are my teammates. Evelyn is a Nazarist priestess and our healer and Percy here is our damage sponge,”

Percy stops what he’s doing and retorts “Well fuck you too dude.”

“Learn to actually hit something then amateur.” Halle says

Percy stands up “You wanna fucking go?”

“Are you really threatening me right now Percy?” Halle’s voice turns to ice

Is there something in the air right now? Are all adventurers this aggressive? Might have to cool everyone off and change the subject.

> 1. Try to calm them both down
> 2. Ask about the sun and the increased aggression in the monsters
> 3. Ask about the First Citizen’s Knight
> 4. Ask about the earthquake that’s supposed to happen
> 3. Ask about the First Citizen’s Knight
Guess it's not just the monsters that are getting riled up.
Ask about the knight
“So who’s this knight you were talking about before?” you say trying to draw everyone’s attention

“Knight? You mean the First Citizen’s Knight?” Halle says


“Can you fucking listen for once in your life? Yes that’s why we’re here. I already fucking explained it to you on the walk over” Halle says

It looks like Percy is about to punch Halle but their priestess finally speaks up. “Can you two please stop fighting and cursing at each other? This nice stranger will get the wrong idea about us.”

Percy stops himself and sits right back down. Seems like this Evelyn is the one that keeps those two in line.

“Halle, why don’t you just explain it again? I think this Wilhem person would like to know too” Evelyn says

You nod as she says this. Are Nazarists really that different in Rema? They actually seem quite peaceful and friendly.

Halle sighs “Yeah, there’s a rumor going around that one of the First Citizen’s Knight is going to show up in Yorktown for whatever reason.”

“Is that a big deal?” you say

The group of adventurers look at each other. They seem stunned by the comment.

“Have you been living under a rock dude?” Percy says

“More like the middle of nowhere.” you say

“They’re Rema’s greatest combatants Wilhem, just one of them has the power to decimate an army. They’re the people closests to the First Citizen. They’re The Knights of Stone and they’re monsters through and through.” Percy says

“Monsters? I thought you were a big fan of them.” Evelyn says

“WELL YEAH! I wanna be a monster like them.” Percy answers with excitement

“There are only 12 of them. I think 3 or 4 of the knights stay at the capital with the First Citizen. Most of them like doing their own thing, but the one we’re waiting for is the most flighty one out of the bunch.” Halle says

“Flighty?” you say

“He doesn’t like being tied down at all but he’s still very loyal to the First Citizen, so he found a middle ground and he wanders around and keeps the order. He’s called Thersimachus and he’s the absolute greatest archer alive.” Halle raises her voices as she says this

“Maybe tone it down a bit?” Evelyn says

“Shut up” Percy and Halle say in unison

“Why would a big shot like him come here?” you ask


Halle and Percy are very enthusiastic about this Thersimachus guy. To be quite honest, you’re starting to get pumped up too. You…

> 1. Want to know how good his weapons and gear are
> 2. Want to know why he’s so famous
> 3. Want to know how he’s so powerful
> 4. Want to know why he’s coming to Yorktown
> 4. Want to know why he’s coming to Yorktown
> 3. Want to know how he’s so powerful
> 1. Want to know how good his weapons and gear are
> 1. Want to know how good his weapons and gear are
> 4. Want to know why he’s coming to Yorktown
“I wonder how good his weapons are.” you think out loud

“Weapons? He’s just powerful on his own. I don’t think he needs good weapons.” Percy says

“Well you’re absolutely wrong there. He’s an archer. He needs a bow. He needs arrows. If he’s really that strong and that famous then he needs to carry around something that matches the reputation.” you say

“So you’re excited at the idea of seeing some legendary gear? Guess that makes sense for a Blacksmith.” Halle says

“You’re half right. I couldn’t tell you how exhilarating it is to get to see such an unbelievably beautiful and unimaginably powerful creation. Doesn’t matter if its a weapon, armor, art or architecture. The heart and soul someone would need to put in to those masterpieces almost brings a tear to my eye.” You start smiling as you explain to the group

“But, nothing in this world makes me happier than completely showing someone up and creating something much greater than them. I don’t care about being as strong as Thersimachus, but I’d really love to make a bow that makes whatever he’s carrying look like a twig.” you start sounding sinister near the end

Percy starts laughing “Goddamn dude-”

“Percy! Language!” Evelyn scolds Percy

“Oh hush.” Percy says

Percy looks at you “Honestly Wilhem, your dream sounds way more realistic than any of ours, especially Halle’s. She wants to be as good a shot as Thersimachus. She can barely hit a deer and Thersimachus has sniped people from a town over.” he starts laughing again

“Fuck off. I’ll definitely get that good” Halle says

“Whelp.” you get up “If you do get that good, call me up. I’ll lend you a bow that matches. See you guys around.” you wave as you head to the receptionist.

Thersimachus. Such an important guy coming here. You feel like nothing good could come of this if it's true. Might as well ask someone who’s in the know if these rumors are true.
File: Mara.png (68 KB, 250x650)
68 KB
You knock on the receptionist’s desk to get their attention.

“Wilhem!” It’s Mara. The lady that registered you and Eli “Seems like you finally made it! Congrats!”

“You still remember me?” you say

“Of course. It’s my job to know everyone that works for the guild. Where’s Elisheba? She didn’t die did she?” Mara says

“Nah, she’s doing her own thing. She’ll be back soon.” you say

“Splendid! I can’t actually give you your reward until all party members are accounted for. Unless of course they’re killed in action” she says in a cheery tone

That was a little off putting. She’s kinda creepy when you ignore her pretty face. This must be what it takes to be a true professional.

“...So I wasn’t here to collect just yet. I wanted to ask about this Thersimachus guy. Apparently he’s gonna show up in Yorktown?” you ask

“Ah so you heard” she says

“Yeah, I think most people here are expecting him. Is that true?” you say

“As far as I know. Yes. He’ll be arriving here in a week. Though the man isn’t known for being the most punctual so it might take an extra 2 or 3.” Mara says

“Seriously? Why’s that guy coming here? What’s his deal.” you say

“I don’t think I’m allowed to say too much. Please understand if you could!” she politely asks

Damn. Well at least you got some confirmation. What now?

> 1. Convince Mara to tell you more
> 2. Give up and wait for Elisheba
> 3. Give up and walk around the guild for the time being
> 1. Convince Mara to tell you more
Tell us more!
roll me a 1d100

DC 30, DC 60, DC 90. Lets see how much info Wil is getting.
Rolled 86 (1d100)

Rolled 51 (1d100)

Where are the other drugs going!?
>Ask about a library. Actually, can you even read?
Rolled 62 (1d100)

“C’mon Mara. It’s not like I’m gonna blab to everyone about this. You can trust me” you try to convince her

“We met a week ago Wilhem.” she says

“Well yeah true… I’m just trying to see if I should be worried you know? I’m gonna be taking some more quests and the last one was a bit of a wake up call. I almost got my chest caved in by a corrupted bear.” you say

“Wait did you just say corrupted bear?” this has piqued her interest

“Yeah..? It was near the Kettlewell forest. Me and Elisheba almost died killing that thing. But getting back to it-”

Mara cuts you off, “Corrupted? In this side of the country? I just thought it was an above average dire bear or the quest giver was exaggerating.” she seems weirdly focused on this

“Is something wrong..?” you ask

“What happened to the body?” she says

“Elisheba exorcised it. Didn’t know she could do that, but it was a neat trick. It got me a nice set of armor for my troubles.” you say

“Armor huh…” She looks up and down at you. “You made that out of the bear I assume?”

“I’m almost insulted that you have to ask me that.” you say

She smiles “I think I might have to reassess you and Elisheba.”

What does that mean? Is that a good thing? You don’t know if you should be happy or nervous.

“So you wanted to know a bit more about Thersimachus correct?” she says

“YEAH Yes.” you blurt out.

She pulls you closer and almost starts whispering “The official reason for why he’s coming here is because the Yorktown dungeon is reshuffling soon. It’s supposed to align perfectly with the bleeding sun, it’s a perfect storm. Personally, I think we can handle it, especially with the influx of Adventurers, but Thersimachus insisted on coming anyway.”

You nod “Cool cool. I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Mara tilts her head “Wilhem did you read your registration sheet?”

“I skimmed through to find out how the money is handled yes.” you say

Mara sighs before putting on a smile again “Every so often, dungeons reshuffle themselves. It’s all natural, monsters and animals repopulate and more treasure spawns in. A very exciting time! But a dungeon reshuffle is a messy event. We’re usually met with an earthquake and it’s tough to handle the resurging monsters in the area. The bleeding sun makes this even worse.”

So this must be what Halle was talking about. Not everyone is here for Thersimachus, they just want some work.

“The bleeding sun is some unknown calamity. Every 2 to 3 month, the sun blackens and its light starts dripping down the horizon. For whatever reason, this makes monsters go bonkers. More aggressive and more powerful, it sometimes feels like it affects people too. We’re due for one soon. According to our Seers, it’s inevitable for the dungeon reshuffling and the bleeding sun to happen at the same time. That’s all.” she explains.
File: Elisheba_armored.jpg (193 KB, 850x1202)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
“That’s all? I feel like your holding back on me for some reason. You barely talked about Thersimachus” you say

“Well you know what I’m supposed to know.” she gives you a wink

Yeah she knows more. But you shouldn’t push it. This is probably all your getting out of her.

“With that being said, I’d very much appreciate your help from now on.” she says

You stutter “Wha- Bu-” You relent “Yeah, sure sure. You can rely on me.”

Is everyone just taking advantage of you or are you being too suspicious.

Before you could say anything else, you felt a hand on your shoulder.

“Hey! I finally found you!” it was Eli. She’s wearing the armor. She made the right choice.

“Took you long enough.” you say

“Well, Eli is here. Mara, I’d like that money now please.” you say

“Of course!” she hands you a pouch of coins “The reward was 1 gold coin. The Guild will take 20% of that you’ll get 80 silver coins. Spend it well!”

Obtained 80 silver coins

“Fucking bullshit…” you say under your breath.

“Hmm?” Mara might heard you

“Nothing! Have a nice day! Eli let’s go” you quickly run off with Eli

“So what’d you do on your own? Why are there so many people here?” Eli inquires

“I’ll explain later. Right now we have some fucking CASH!” you start shouting

“Wil, please don’t curse so much.” she says

“IT’S MONEY ELI, I’M FUCKING HAPPY.” you toss the pouch to Eli. “So is that a lot of money or..”

“Yes Wil, it’s quite a bit.” she says “So what do you want to do with this?” she opens the pouch and looks inside.

What to do. It’s only fair to split the money up. But you’ll still have a reasonable amount at hand. How should you go about it.

> 1. Save the money
> 2. Go spending
> 3. Make an investment
> 4. Melt it down and make something
>Buy some basic supplies. Notebooks. Pencils. A room you can blacksmith in.
>Save the money.
>Find that dude you sold that sword to.
writing now. Also just noticed that i forgot the name fuck.
File: market.jpg (93 KB, 960x706)
93 KB
You wonder what happened to Conor. That person you gave a sword for. You did point him in the right direction and gave him a weapon that’s more than enough to deal with Goblins. Still, you’re worried that something might have happened to him. You feel responsible for him. You want him to succeed. Maybe you can try to find him later. Thinking of Conor reminds you of something.

“Where are we gonna sleep tonight?” you say

“Oh. I didn’t think you’d mention that” she says with surprise

“Eli, I slept in a dirty alley last time, I don’t want a repeat of that.” you say

“Right. Sorry about that.” she says

“Also, I want some room for work. I feel like an amateur doing it on the street.” you say

“Why not just an inn, you don’t need any tools for smithing so it can work right?” she says

“Yeah but you think an inn would let bring animal carcasses in?” you ask

“Good question… This is an adventurer’s town so maybe?” she says

“We should buy some supplies too if this is a lot of money. If we’re gonna be traveling, we need some food and something to sleep on.” you say

“OH, I know the perfect place.” she leads the way

You arrive at a market. You’re pretty sure you passed through here when you were trying to find someone to deal with that cursed head. You didn’t pay any attention but thankfully Eli did.

“Perfect place for buying what we need right? I think most adventurers come here to stock up on essentials” she says

“I think I’m gonna go walk around and buy something to write on.” you say

“Oh, then I’m coming with you.” she says as she starts following you

“Why? It’s just a notebook.” you say

“Wil. How much does a loaf of bread cost?” she asks

“Eh… 10..? Silver…?” you say

She cuts you off “No, not even close. 30 bronze coins Wil. I don’t want to be rude but I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to deal with any money.”

“Yeah, that’s probably for the best...” you mope

“Shouldn’t you be good with money? I feel like being a blacksmith requires that.” she asks

“My grandpa taught me everything he knew. And uh, he was not the best at dealing with money. Or math. Or really anything that didn’t have to do with making weapons. It didn’t help that we moved around a lot and accepted any form of currency. Someone gave him a rock once. Like a normal rock. It had IOU painted on it. He accepted that as payment.” you explain

Eli starts chuckling “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh.”

“It’s fine. That senile old man deserves it. I’m not letting that his fuck ups make me look stupid. I think keeping a journal could help with that” you say
File: Conor.jpg (40 KB, 375x600)
40 KB
“If that’s really what you want then I think I saw some notebooks around the corner.” she says

Eli leads you to a book stall. You two start page through them to see if any of them are empty. They all look archaic and unreadable and unreadable to you.

“Hey… What are these?” you ask the merchant

“Oh these are magic tomes! Personally can’t understand the things but they sell like hotcakes. You looking for anything specific?” the merchant asks

“Yeah… Do you just sell something to write on?” you say

“Ah! Easy! I have something in the back just wait here!” the merchant says

You cross your arms and look around. You look at Eli to see how she’s doing. You can’t tell if she’s skimming through or trying to make heads or tails of what these books are trying to say. Either way, she’s intently focused on the book and you don’t want to bother her. You wait in silence until you hear something call you out in the crowd.

“Hmm?” you turn to the direction to the sound. You see a familiar face in the distance. It’s Conor. He looks ecstatic to see you.

“WILHEM!” Conor finally catches up to you. “WILHEM! How’ve you been!” he says

“Calm down bud. Yeah I’ve been doing just fine. Just got back from my first quest. You?” you say

“OH! So I took your advice and started hunting down Goblins. You would not believe the amount of nests around here. You get a silver coin for every one you destroy. I took down 20 already and making a great living for myself.” Conor says

“20 nests? In a week? Seriously?” you couldn’t hide how impressed you are “Congrats man. You’re definitely more talented than what a first pegged you for.”

Conor blushes from the praise “No no. It wasn’t all me. That sword you made me did most of the work. It was an honest to god lifesaver.” he says

“Mind if I see it? Wanna see if it needs a touch up.” you say

“Oh sure!” he takes out the sword and hands it to you

“By the way, what did yo-” you stop talking. You notice something off immediately. A quick analysis of the sword showed that someone else was tinkering it.

That motherfucker. He took it to someone else to have it worked on. That goddamn traitor. You…

> 1. Scold him
> 2. Calmly ask why he took the sword to someone else
> 3. Grit your teeth and try to let it go
Ask him if any one else has worked on his sword
“Conor. Why did you take this sword to someone else?” you say

“What? What do you mean?” he says

“Conor. Why. Did you. Take this sword. To someone else.” you repeat

“Uh… I don’t…”

“ANSWER THE QUESTION.” you yell at him


“Conor.” you look him directly in the eyes “I’m the greatest blacksmith in the world. I’m not jerking myself with that comment. It's factually true. No one, absolutely no one, is better than me. Not coming to me is the biggest waste of money I’m sorry. Just from a quick look over I can tell you that I could’ve done better.” you say

“Honestly.” you hand him back the sword “If this is what Yorktown has to offer, then I’m making a killing if I work full time here as a blacksmith.”

“Is it really that bad?” he looks at his sword

“It’s worse. It’s mediocre.”

“This honest to god saved me so many times. You’re telling me it’s mediocre?” he’s in disbelief. It looks like he completely you.

“I swear to whatever God you believe in that that’s some mediocre work. How many blacksmiths are there in this town?” you ask

“A dozen.” he says

“And the one you went to..?”

“It’s supposed to be one of the best ones in town. It’s called “Striking Steel”.”

“That’s a terrible name for a store and its a genuine miracle this town hasn’t been destroyed by monsters.”

“I just thought that it wouldn’t matter who to take it to…” he looks dejected

“Buddy. I know you didn’t mean it. But never. Compare me. To a third-rate blacksmith. Ever again.” there’s a hint of malice in your voice as you tell him that. You really hope that Eli hasn’t been listening to this conversation.

You really aren’t boasting. You truly believe everything you told Conor. Yorktown is starved for great weapons. This can open up quite a few avenues if you open shop here, though you might have to run it by Eli if that’s your plan. Something to think about for later. Today’s an offday.

> 1. Talk to Conor about how the week has been treating him.
> 2. Tell him that you can improve the sword for him later.
> 3. Buy the sword from Conor.
I'm a fiendish lurker and read tons and tons of quests and have literally never posted before.

This is absolutely my favorite, I adore the concepts and the writing style. Please keep hitting this hard in the futre Glass Star.

That wasn't what we wanted to ask him....

So the sword we made for him, he took to another blacksmith and the blacksmith did something to it? Whats going on?

Also, we're an asshole.

> 1. Talk to Conor about how the week has been treating him.
My bad, shouldn't have rushed it, I'll explain it a bit more after this.

Wilhem turns into an asshole when it relates to his blacksmithing abilities. He's rightfully arrogant about it. Just watch what happens when someone insults something he made.
Well fuck dude, thank you.
So, I know that we can do everything with our hands and magic, (and amazingly well at that) but wouldn't having proper tools help? Like in the dream sequence with Gramps? Even if only for the Aesthetic. But I do imagine hitting something with a hammer is infinitely more satisfying than just using our magic and hands.

Maybe we could make a magic smithing hammer, and stack that bonus with our already masterful skills.
Elisheba looked up from her book. You introduced everyone to each other and made some small talk before the merchant came back with a notebook.

“I believe this is perfect for you.” he hands you the book

It only has a few pages in it but it feels otherworldly. Not surprising that a man selling magic tomes wouldn’t just sell a regular book for once.

“So what’s the enchantment on this one?” you ask

“Infinite pages sir. The notebook adds in pages the more you right in. It comes with the added bonus of a pencil.”

You open the notebook and see a pencil materialize in the middle.

“A very handy tool and popular item. It costs 5 silver coins” the merchant says

You look back at Eli. She just gives you an okay sign.

“Alright it’s a deal. Eli you want any books? You were really focused on them.” you say as you pay the merchant

Paid 5 silver coins

“No it’s fine, tomes aren’t my thing.” she says

You and Elisheba spend an hour buying essentials. Conor tags along. He’s surprisingly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the market. He comes here a lot.
File: market_1.jpg (77 KB, 750x424)
77 KB
Conor is holding up a few potions and trying to explain as best he can “-and this one speeds up your body’s natural healing, a broken arm is back to normal in seconds. There are some really amazing things you can buy here.”

“You come here a lot?” Eli asks him

“Yeah! I always try to stock up with the bit of money I have. Can’t really work as much as I can without some of these. Gotta strike while the iron is hot right Wilhem?” Conor chuckles as he looks at you

You’re trying to carry as many healing potions as you can. You try not to drop any. “Right right. Yeah. Eli, we’re buying 10 of these. Anything else super useful here Conor?”

“Not off the top of my head no. Actually, since I have your attention, I wanted to ask you something.” Conor says

“I’m all ears.” you say as you desperately try not to spill anything

“How did you know my sword was different.” he says

“Conor. I made the thing. I’m gonna know if something is up. The handle felt different, it felt heavier, it looked discolored and it wasn’t because you were killing with that sword, I can tell. They were all pretty basic upgrades.” you explain

“How do you know that? You’ve only held on to it for like a minute.” he asks

“I’m passionate about the things I make and I’m weirdly good with numbers. I can’t do math too good but I’m great at guessing and figuring out if something is off or needs to be made in a certain way.” you say

Eli visibly reflects on what you said “Wait is that why my armor fits me so well? It feels much more comfortable than what I wore last time and they look near identical.” Eli says

“Might be because of the fur, it’s extremely comfy. Also your chestplate was too small so I made it a tad bit bigger. I turned it into a perfect fit.” you say

“How did you know my measurements?” she says

“There was enough of your old armor left for me to get the general idea. I just eyeballed the rest.” you say

Eli was strangely silent after you said that. “Wil” she says, “what do you mean by eyeballed?”

Oh fuck. Might’ve given too much away there…

“Wil, have you been staring at me when I wasn’t looking?” she’s starting to tease you. You’re tuning red. You need to think fast, You...

> 1. Deny it
> 2. Come clean
> 3. Lie your way through this
> 4. Quickly change the subject.
> 5. Walk away.
Wilhem doesn't need any tools, he can use them effectively but its a waste of time and space since he can do the same with his own two hands. Though that might change when he starts getting his hands on tougher and stranger material.
>It's rude not to look at someone when you're talking to them. And didn't I just tell you how good I was with measurements? I could get yours in about 3 seconds, and we've known each other for much longer than that.
>>Factually state that yes, you did look at Eli to get a general idea of measurements to make her armor. How else are you supposed to get them?
> 5. Walk away
The only winning move is not to play
whelp, writing now
Gramps once told you if you’re ever caught doing something you shouldn’t, you lie. Lie so much you start believing your own bullshit.

“Yeah. I did. We’ve been around each other for a week right? We’ve been talking endlessly between that amount of time and it's just rude not to look at someone when you're talking to them. Didn’t I just tell you how good I was with measurements? I could get yours in about 3 seconds, and we've known each other for much longer than that. How else would I have gotten them anyway?” you confidently explain yourself.

“Oh so you were being professional huh?” she says

“Yup. I’m a true professional when it comes to my job.” you say

“So you weren’t leering at me? You just knew what my three sizes were just by being around me this past week?” she says

“Exactly that yup. I would never gawk at you Eli. What do you take me for? We’re friends.” you scratch your cheek.

“We are friends Wil! And as your friend, I want to ask, why is your face red? You coming down with something?” she says

“Uh… It's been a long day, you know? We’ve been running around, I’m tired, pretty hungry too. It’s hot out. Nanook isn’t really helping with all the fur you know?” you nervously laugh

“Wil?” she says

“Yes?” you answer

“What’s my magic again?” she says

“Oh, can’t you like sens-” you stop dead in your tracks. Something dawns on you. Eli can sense positive and negative energy. You’ve been lying your ass off and trying to keep it together this entire time. Might not help that you’re also remembering all the times you did take a quick glance at her “assets” when she wasn’t looking. Who could blame possibly blame you for that? You were curious.
“WIl what’s wrong? What were you about to say?” she says with a smirk.

You try to gesture Conor to back you up. Eli notices and looks at him. That son of a bitch coward turned away.

“Well?” she says waiting for your response

“Ah….” you’re at a loss for words. You don’t know what to say. Your face is turning redder than Eli’s hair.

Think. You have to think.

You remember your Gramps teaching you an invaluable technique. He said that this was a sure fire way to deal with any problem standing in front of you, especially when you’re dealing with a lady.

You don’t say anything. You turn and just walk away.

“HEY WAIT! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING!” some stranger yells at you

You just realized you’re still carrying the healing potions that you didn’t pay for. That must’ve been the owner of the stall. You don’t stop, you just keep on walking.

“WIL! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?” she was about to go after you but she stays behind to pay for the potions you take with you. You successfully fled.

Conor stays behind with her. Lucky him. You would’ve kicked his teeth in if he followed you.

Gained 10 healing potions, paid 10 silver coins

Gramps said this technique requires you to separate for some time so Eli is buying the essentials on her own now. Good thing she has most of the money with her.

But, he did say that this technique does have a chance of making a lady mad at you or even worse, bringing up the topic that made you walk away in the first place. You can risk it and hope she forgets about it or you can play it safe and bring a peace offering. What to do?

> 1. Screw it, just walk around town to pass the time
> 2. Get her a gift and hope she forgets everything
> 3. Find a place for you and Eli to sleep tonight
> 1. Screw it, just walk around town to pass the time

Check out the prices of the local blacksmiths, then....

Watch some of the street performers, become inspired, then set up a little circle, sit on a mat with a piece of stud flat metal in front of us, then forge Hammer Gauntlets.

We shall start selling our smithing services in a unique and special way. We shall not only put on a show that will attract crowds but also charge A FAIR PRICE!. We shall forge swords with our armored IRON FIST TECHNIQUE!
Get her a gift
oh, just wanna say, I won't be too active Monday-Thursday because of school, I'll try to get some posts in here and there but don't expect too much. Friday-Sunday is when I'll be most active.
File: red_necklace.jpg (14 KB, 234x215)
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You take a walk to clear your head, the sun is going finally going down and you want to clear your head. Some bard is filling the town with music. It helps you loosen up


You can’t get Elisheba out of your head. Do you actually like her? You can admit to yourself that you think she’s beautiful but liking her as a person is something else entirely different, especially to a religious girl.

It really has only been you and Gramps for most of your life. She’s the first girl you’ve had any meaningful interactions with. Maybe it's just lust or maybe you’re overthinking it. Still, you’re really fond of her, you want to get to know her more, you’re sure of that.

You try to forget about Elisheba for now and try to entertain yourself.

Some people seem to be performing or trying to get people’s attention to some store or another. Juggling with fire, dazzling them with light, playing music, controlling and shaping water, etc. It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of magic. It seems to be attracting some attention.

That does give you an idea though. If miniscule little tricks like that are enough to garner attention, why don’t you do it with smithing? You can promote AND work at the same time. It’s genius!

But… you can’t do that today, it’s kinda late, you don’t have that much money to work with, you don’t really understand money in general and you’ll probably need to run it through Eli, she seems pretty keen on being an adventurer.

Well, the day is almost over. You have to get back to Eli soon. You don’t want to go back empty handed, so you stop by a jewelry stand.

Thankfully, the prices are listed, you don’t have to worry about bargaining. In conjunction with your eye for quality material, there’s no way you could fail.

After spending some time scoping out the products, you found the perfect gem. A red necklace, it’s real, definitely high quality, it’ll match her perfectly, it even has a cross on it! Perfect for a Nazarist. It’s emitting some mana but it’s harmless as far as you can tell.

It costs 15 silver coins, that's all the money you have left on you… Well, this is worth it. You buy the necklace

Paid 15 silver coins, obtained red necklace

You hold up the necklace. It really is a beautiful thing, the more you look at it.

“WILHEM!” well that moment was cut short. It’s Elisheba, she sounds mad. On the bright side she looks like she’s carrying back some goodies.

“WHERE DID YOU GO!?” she’s scolding you

“I went out for a walk…?” you say not even sure how to answer

“Did you really have to leave because I was teasing a bit?” she says


“Oh yeah? Why’d you run off then?” she says


> 1. are honest with her
> 2. say you got bored
> 3. say you saw something cool
> 4. say you wanted to take a walk
> 5. other (write-in)
Be honest
> 4. say you wanted to take a walk
This art is true but doesn't say everything.

> 3. say you saw something cool
Also true, but out of order.

> 1. are honest with her
We wanted to get you s-s-somthing!
Its not like I like you that much! Baka!

None of this is untrue, the truth is simplely all over the ground and we are picking it up to give to her out of order or something.
I'll back >>3895789
File: Inn.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)
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“I just wanted to go for a walk, simple as that. It felt stuffy and I just wanted to go.” you say

“Mhm, mhm. You were gone for an hour.” she says

“I got super distracted. The music here is addictive and I liked watching the street performers. I just had a lot on my mind.” you say.

She accepts the explanation surprisingly but she still looks pretty upset.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have just left like that. That was probably disrespectful.” you say. You actually feel bad.

“Probably?” she says

“It was absolutely disrespectful.” you say. You pull out the red necklace. “That’s why I got you this. Thought it’d look good.”

“Wil… Why? We don’t have that much money.” she says

“I bought it with my half, don’t worry about it. It was too good a gem pass up anyway.” you say

“It’s still too much Wil.” she’s reluctant. You chance it and put the necklace on her.

“It might be too much for you but I don’t really care. It looked beautiful and I thought it would match you perfectly. And I’m right.” you say

She looks at the necklace “So you think I’m beautiful?” she chuckles

You start walking away.


“What? Are we just gonna stand there then? C’mon we still need to find a place to sleep. I’ll carry everything you bought.” you say trying to change the subject.

She relents and follows your lead.

Gained 2 weeks worth of food and water, 2 sleeping bags, a map of Rema

She stops trying to tease you. She’s looks pretty happy with the necklace but she tries to hide it. It's weirdly hard for her to just accept a gift. You don't care, you're pretty content with it.

You think about Eli for a second before sighing. “I do like you but not like that alright...?” you say under your breath

She smiles at you “You’re pretty sweet sometimes”

It was easy to find an inn that suits your needs. They were surprisingly respective when you asked if you could bring dead animals in your room. You just have to make sure not to dirty up the lobby or make too much noise. According to the innkeeper, they’re dealing with much worse.

“This is a strange town.” you say

“Adventurers are strange people.” the innkeeper says

You finally remember something “Holy shit, what happened to Conor by the way? Where’d he go?” you ask Eli

“He left after I bought everything. I asked him if he wanted to tag along but he already had somewhere to get back to. He’s teamed up with a few people apparently.”

Damn. You still want to get payback for earlier, you’ll do it next time you see him.

Enough with revenge, you still need a room, what to do?

> 1. Seperate rooms (2 silver coins each per day)
> 2. Share a room (3 silver coins per day)
> 3. You’re just gonna sleep on the street again.
> 2. Share a room (3 silver coins per day)
Share a room. It's the most economical option of course
File: room.jpg (90 KB, 1440x832)
90 KB
“Wanna share a room?” you ask Eli

“Oh so it’s gonna be like that huh?” she says

“NO NOT LIKE THAT.” you yell “We should be economical, you know? I’m pretty sure we spent like half the money we got today already. Better to try to save where we can.” you say

“Yeah, you have a point, but are we really going to share the same bed?” she says

“Nope. I’ll adapt and sleep on the floor. It’ll be like I’m back home.” you say

“I don’t know if I’m okay with you doing that.” she says

“I am, and that's all that matters.” you say

“Um, if I can interject” the innkeeper says “Why don’t I just show you the room?”

The innkeeper shows to your room. It’s spacious as can be, one room for sleeping, another for cooking, and a bathroom too. The furniture isn’t half bad at all. 3 silver coins per day is a lot from what you can tell but this really seems like a bargain regardless.

“I go for quality instead of quantity with my rooms, so really it’s appreciated when people share like this. That’s why I bumped down the price. It’ll be 3 silver coins instead of 4”

“I fucking love this man.” you say patting the innkeeper on the back “He totally gets it. Eli, pay him right now.”

It didn't take long to settle in. Not like you were carrying much. In the first place. You let Eli take the bed. You’ve slept on much worse, a couch would be an improvement.

“I think we should buy more clothes. I only have this outfit and the armor. I can’t exactly be washing my clothes naked.” Eli says as she takes off her armor.

You’re lying on the bed staring at the ceiling “I can remove the filth off that thing in like a second and why buy clothes? I can just get some cotton or wool and make something for you.”

“Didn’t know sewing and cleaning were a part of a blacksmith’s skillset.” she says

“It’s basically the same as smithing when you think about it.” you say

“It’s really not.” she shoots back

You get up. That comment annoyed you more than it should’ve, “I’m gonna take a bath. Please don’t peak.”

“Uh, I’m pretty sure that’s something a girl would tell a guy.” she says

“Don’t be sexist Eli.” you say

You enter the bathroom. After taking your armor off you look at yourself in the mirror. You’d almost forgotten about the scarring and burns engulfing your chest. Were you hoping that it’d disappear? Some wishful thinking. Might as well find some witch to erase it if it still bothers you that much. At least it isn’t irritating anymore.

You and Eli are eating some of the rations she bought for dinner. You talk about…

> 1. Your childhoods
> 2. Your parents
> 3. How you learned your skills and abilities
> 4. Why you left home
> 5. Your dreams
> 6. Other (write-in)
> 4. Why you left home
Why you left home and her experience in the church. They seem different to what your used to
> 4. Why you left home
Unsurprisingly, the meal is something unheard of to you. Some super grain that gives you all the vitamins and protein you need, little meat cubes that are supposed to energize you by tomorrow and some nutrient rich water that tastes fantastic. How much did Eli spend on this again?

“Wil. Why’d you leave home?” Eli asks out of the blue

“Oh. Didn’t think you’d care.” you say

“Just never got a chance to ask. I’ve always been interested in you. You’re a pretty mysterious guy.” she says

“I wouldn’t say that.” you say

“Then why’d you go off on your own? Was it because of your grandfather? You don’t seem to like him that much.” she says

“No, it’s nothing like that it’s just how we are” you say “He calls me worthless, I call him senile, he calls me a little shit, I call him a scumfuck, that’s how we are, he’s a son of a bitch and that’s how you deal with someone like him.” Eli looks unnerved by your explanation

“But I still love that old fuck with all my heart.” you smile as you reminisce “I left because I wanted to know what I wanted in life. I don’t know why I’m here now, maybe I’m meant to be somewhere or do something. And if that’s not it and I’m just lucky, then I want to find my own reason for going on.”

She’s surprised by what you said “Do you have that answer now?” she says

“Yeah. I do. I’m living for myself. I want to be a blacksmith and make some fantastical things.”

Eli smiled at your answer but there’s a melancholy look on her face. Did you say something wrong?

“I didn’t think we’d be so similar.” she says

Her comment perplexed you.“What do you mean? You mean for why we left? Why’d you leave?” you says

She sighs “I was born lucky. Really lucky. I shouldn’t have lived. I shouldn’t have had such a good home. I shouldn’t have been gifted. I shouldn’t have had anything I got when I was younger. Maybe the Almighty has some divine plan for me in the future? If that day ever, then I’m paying back as much as I can. If it never does, then I want to break even if I can.” she says

Was that answer even for you? It almost sounded like she was talking to herself.

“Sorry, that didn’t really answer much” she forced a laugh “I left home because I wanted to do some good.” she’s becoming more dejected as the conversation continues.
You try to lighten the mood “How was life in the church? You grew up there right?”

“Oh the church! It was a miracle I got to live in such a perfect place. I grew up with 20 other kids and we were mostly raised by the priest who took care of the church, Father John.” she started glowing when she mentioned that name “We were all a family and he was our dad.”

She goes on “He’d always make time for us, even when he had to work and when he was tired, he’d always make time. I’d always try to get him to skip his church duties by getting him to read me the good book aloud or to help me with my studies. He always knew I didn’t need the help and he still looked so happy to do. That’s who he is and that's who I wanted to be.”

“You wanted to be a priest?”

“No. I’m devoted to God, but I don’t think I want to take my faith in that direction. I wanted to be good, like Father John.” she pauses before saying “And I don’t think I can ever be like that.” she goes dead silent. She starts tearing up not long after.

What just happened? Why does it feel like there's a pit in your stomach after seeing this? You want this to stop.

“You’re already good Eli.” you say the first thing that’s on your mind

“Wil I don’t think you understand-”

“I don’t think you do either” you cut her off. “You helped me get to Yorktown, you teamed up with me, you saved me from that bear. You’re my friend Eli and I’m only here because of you. You’re a good person.”

You wipe her face “Save one person and you save the world.” you quote the only bit of scripture you can remember from the Nazarist holy book. Not like it’s wrong.

“I think I should get some sleep.” she hugs you after she says that before going to bed. She doesn’t say anything else and you don’t think she feels better. At least you tried.

You don’t feel tired. What came over Eli? You want to figure it out but it might not be your place. You take out the notebook you bought earlier. You start jotting down as much as possible and try to forget about earlier. Eventually you doze off.

What to do tomorrow?

> 1. Take another quest
> 2. Go dungeon crawling
> 3. Jumpstart your blacksmithing business
> 3. Jumpstart your blacksmithing business

Capitalism, ho!
> 3. Jumpstart your blacksmithing business
Take a job or two on the side as a support type person and just grab all the loot they don't pick up. Easy money.

Also if we can find a bag of holding or a magical chest that can hold infinite or near infinite stuff we should get it.
Black Smith away! We will also need to go on a few more quests for ingredients, but we should try to set up a supply chain with adventures for monster parts, maybe talk to the guild to see what type of monsters inhabit the area so we can set up quests, or set up quests for "gather x liters of monster blood", gather x amount of bones", "gather x amount of hide". We should also talk to the butcher about buying abandoned carcasses for parts, since he was going to sell our boars we know he has some.
It’s the morning and you and Eli are strapping on your armor.

“How much did you spend yesterday?” you ask Eli

“10 silver coins. The food was expensive. Worth it though.” she says

“10 silver coins… I bought the notebook, the necklace...” you trail off and try tallying up how much you spend. You’re giving yourself a headache trying to figure out how much you spent.

“I can do the math for you-” she says

“NO I CAN DO IT. I CAN DO IT.” you shout

It took you 15 minutes to tally everything up. You have 57 silver coins and 30 bronze coins.

“So what are you thinking of doing today? I’m thinking of visiting the dungeon.” she says

“Actually, I have a great idea." you say brimming with excitement

"Oh? What do you have in mind" she says

"I think it’d be in everyone’s best interest that I start making moves to establish my brand here.” you say

“Establish your brand?” she looks interested “You mean making a blacksmith shop?”

“Something like that yeah. I think I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone if I go this route. See, we should make sure we have a passive income in case one of us gets too injured to work, adventuring is a dirty job and we should be ready. It’ll also get me the money I need to buy expensive material and artifacts to make some beautiful weapons. It’s perfect!” you say. You’re eager to hear what Eli thinks.

“Uh, what about me?” she says

“Oh, I'm not forgetting about you, we’re partners. Trust is important in a business and I absolutely trust you. We can go collect materials and ingredients and you can help me with the finances” you say

She frowns at the answer “Wil, I want to help people, I don’t want to run a business. I don’t like this idea.”

Well you should've expected that. You’re about to accept her rejection but an idea pops into your head. You should’ve thought of this sooner.

“Remember when I told you about that Thersimachus situation?” you say


“Well if it’s genuinely going to be that bad, then I’m going to be the most important person in town, probably more important than Thersimachus. I could easily save everyone by making some quality weapons and armor.”

Eli is bewildered by your answer but she doesn’t look like she’s disagreeing with any of it. Is this enough to convince her? “You’re putting too much responsibility on yourself.” she says

You shrug “I can handle it. As long as you’re on board.”

She sighs, “If we’re doing this, I’m not sitting on my hands all day.”

“You won’t, I promise. It's 50/50, if you have a problem, then speak up” you say

“I’m holding you to that.” she says sternly

“Alright, if you’re game, then I can start laying some foundation” you say

> 1. Go to the guild and set up quests for monster parts
> 2. Go to the butcher and make a deal with him
> 3. Buy as much iron as you can and start smithing right now
2, then 1, then 3. Can we get a list from the guild of local monsters and wildlife and their estimated populations?
that's the plan if you choose Guild
> 3. Buy as much iron as you can and start smithing right now

What do the non metalic animal parts even do?

What if we mixed in other things like stone or a live animal like a rat. What if we mixed in an entire person?
“Okay I got it. Take the money and buy as much iron as you can possibly carry, I’m gonna cut a few deals.” you say

“Uh… I don’t think that’s a good idea.” she says

“C’mon, I’m a great people person.” you try convincing her

“You don’t know basic math and you get weirdly aggressive sometimes, I don’t think you should go “cut a few deals” by yourself.” she says

“Those are just quirks. That doesn’t take away from my skills.”

“It does and you’re not going alone.” she says

“FINE! Could’ve gotten more done my way...” you sulk

You go to the butcher. Eli stops you before entering

“Here? I was expecting something different.” she says

You shake your head “This is the perfect place. Butch was about to sell out boars, so I expect that he has a bunch of spare bodies lying around just waiting for me to use. If I can strike a deal with him, then it’s easy money.” you say

She looks impressed “So you did think this through huh? Alright, let’s go.”

You and Eli enter the shop and spend the next 20 minutes talking with Butch and try to get him on board.

“Eh, I don’t know, seems a little strange.” Butch says

“You saw me walk out of your store with a new set of armor that I made with my own 2 hands. Imagine how much we could make if we started selling it.” you try to convince

Butch scratches his head “Your skills are something special, I’ll give you that, but you don’t even have a business set up and I don’t know how much I could trust 2 kids not to screw me over.”

You can’t argue with that. Eli pulls you aside and you whisper between each other.

“We’re pretty close to cracking through with him.” you say

“What? We are? That sounded like a nice way of saying no” she says

“It was a soft no though.” you say. “If we can convince him that we’re worth it, then boom, we have a supply line of animals just waiting to be turned into armor.”

“Well, gotta ideas to convince him then?”

> 1. Pay him 20 silver coins upfront
> 2. Buy as much iron as you can and start smithing right now
> 3. Drop it and go to the Guild to set up quests
> 1. Pay him 5 silver coins upfront
Have Eli start haggling
alright, roll a 1d100 to see how good Eli is at haggling

DC 65
Rolled 67 (1d100)

Maybe throw in a , we can do it by sets a I sell, which would net you more, cash afterwards, or you can go with the upfront approach but you will be paid less (no more than 4 silvers tops, probably just 1 silver. hehehe)
“We’re gonna pay him to show that we’re legit.” You pat Eli on the back “Good luck with that.”

Eli points to herself “Wait me?”

“Uhm, yeah, you called me a retard before so I assume you can handle it better.” you say with irritation in your voice

“I did NOT call you that.” she fires back

“You implied it.”

“WHATEVER, I’ll do it.” she heads up to Butch

“I get, you have to be careful of dealing with 2 amateurs here but we really do great work. You know how much money we made on our last quest?” Eli says

Butch crosses his arms “How much?”

“80 silver coins. A lot for a first time run right? Well between you and me, that’d turn into pocket change if we choose to go with this blacksmithing business full time.” Eli points to you “He’s the real deal. What would take a day of laboring would just be a few seconds for him. They’re not some cheap low grade swords either. The only thing that’s stumped us is material, that’s why we came to you first.”

Eli places 5 silver coins on the table “We’re willing to pay upfront. It’s as much as an investment for us as it is for you. So, please work with us.”

Butch scratches his head and thinks about Eli’s propostion.

Lost 5 silver coins, Obtained 4 rabbits, 3 chickens and 2 boars

You merrily stroll across town. You’re overjoyed by the success of the deal.

You turn to Eli “You’re so fucking great, I knew I did good by teaming up with you. I swear to God I’ll pay you back.”

“Pay me back by not cursing anymore.”

“Please be realistic.”

“Fine, just take me on another quest soon.” she pouts

“Cross my heart.” you say

How should you proceed now?

> 1. Start working immediately
> 2. Set up some quests at the Guild
> 1. Start working immediately
Make something nice for her and then head off to the guild.
File: rabbits_foot.jpg (5 KB, 170x225)
5 KB
You get an idea. You take out 2 rabbit’s feet and rip off a piece of your armor. You melt down the metal and fashion it into a small chain, you attach it to the 2 rabbit’s feet.

Created a rabbit’s foot charm

Eli notices. “What are you doing?” she says

You attach one of the rabbit’s feet to your chest. “Don’t know how I know this but I remember someone telling me that a rabbit’s foot is good luck.” you give her the other rabbit’s foot

She dangles it in front of her face “You sure about that? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that.” she says

“Yeah! Positive! We should keep some luck close to our heart you know?” you say

She’s receptive to your words and attaches the rabbit’s foot to her belt.


You enter the Guild. It’s still crowded like yesterday but this could work to your advantage now. More adventurers means more quest takers.

You seem some people fighting over God knows what at the bar again. Some familiar sound fills the building. Is that Conor you see? Should you keep your eye on the prize? It’s still early.

> 1. Go to Mara and ask for a list of local monsters
> 2. Meet up with Conor
> 3. Go see the fighting at the bar
> 4. Go to the source of the music
> 1. Go to Mara and ask for a list of local monsters
Just woke up
You’re not wasting anymore time. You and Eli walk up to the receptionist’s desk. You tap on the desk to get Mara’s attention.

“Oh hello! Nice to see you again!” Mara says in a friendly tone “Hmm… You don’t seem to have a quest poster with you. If you want to take a quest, you can go to the board. Unless you have a question!”

“Actually, we’re not taking quests for today. We’re making quests.” you say

“Oh how exciting! What for?” she asks

“Me and Eli are making a blacksmith shop so we need as many dead monsters as people can bring us.” you say

“Oh.” she sounds disappointed “I see.”

You and Eli notice Mara’s change in attitude but you push through.

“Can we get a list of the kinds of monsters that around the area and that populate the dungeon? I want to see what I can work with” you say

“Of course, of course. No problem.” she says. She spends a few minutes rooting around some files before finding what you need “Here it is.” she hands you the file. “Be sure to bring it back after your done alright?”

You and Eli find somewhere to sit and you start reading through the list.

“So, did Mara seem odd to you there or was I just imagining things?” Eli asks

“She might’ve bummed that we didn’t take a quest. Pretty sure she thinks we’re a big deal after I told her about that corrupted bear.” you say

“Wait what? What did you tell her? What did she say?” she says

“Nothing much, just that we did our job and that we almost died. She seemed weirdly respective by that. She told me she’s looking forward to working with us or something like that.” you say

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” she asks

“I honestly thought you would know already. We’re honestly much better than most of the people in this town and I didn’t need someone to imply it.” you say

Eli seemed annoyed by that last comment but she still reflects on what you told her. You don’t understand why it’s a big deal. You and Eli are impressive people so it’s to be expected. Though you do think that you might have to get roped into some annoying task sometime soon because of it. You ignore that thought.

You skim through the monster list. Goblins seem to be extremely common. No wonder there’s so much rookie work for them. Wasps, Slimes, Orcs, Spiders, Bats. Usual suspects. Oh? You found something interesting. Elementals. Sentient stones super charged with magic. You remember loving working with those types of monsters. Seems like they’re limited the dungeon. Probably for the best.

You’ve seen enough of the list for now. It's about time to pick what monsters you want to make quests for.

> 1. Goblins
> 2. Orcs
> 3. Wasps
> 4. Golems
> 5. Hounds
> 6. Trolls
> 7. Spiders
> 8. Bats
> 9. Slimes
> 10. Elementals
> 2. Orcs
> 4. Golems
> 5. Hounds
> 6. Trolls
> 9. Slimes
While we'll work for local adventurers on usual blacksmithing stuff, i believe we should also work on a special item : try to use our skills to make the best bow we can in order to impress Thersimachus, this could proove very useful both for business and quests

Plus since he should arrive in few weeks, we would have some time to gather ressources and think about what to make

This said,

> 4. Golems
> 5. Hounds
> 9. Slimes
> 10. Elementals
“Alright, I know what a want.” you nudge at Eli “Orcs, Golems, Hounds, Trolls, Slimes and Elementals.” you list them off

“I get Elementals and Golems but Slimes?” Eli says

“Those fuckers are toxic as can be. Every archer in this town would love some poison tipped arrows.”

“How are they going to get Slime bodies to use though?” she says

“Don’t know, don’t care, I’m just making the quest. Now, help me figure out the pricing for this.”

Since you’ve worked with monsters before, you have a general idea of how powerful and useful each one is. You just need Eli to help you with cost. It doesn’t take you long for you to make your first quest.

Orcs - 50 bronze coins
Golems - 70 bronze coins
Hounds - 20 bronze coins
Trolls - 30 bronze coins
Slimes - 20 bronze coins
Elementals - 3 silver coin

“Well I think this is a pretty solid list if I do say so myself.” you say

Eli looks over the quest “You sure about the mark up with Elementals? I know they’re a tough kill but…”

“It’s not just for killing the things, they’re some great material. You know how much people would shell out for a flaming sword Eli? Do you?”

“N-no” she says

“Well I don’t either but I assume it's a lot.”

You and Eli walk up Mara’s desk and turn in the quest and the monster file. “Alright we’re done. So do pay upfront now or…” you say

“You’re staying in Yorktown and we have a place here to store monsters in the Guild so it’s no problem, you can pay later. I’ll let you know about the results!” she says

“Fucking sweet, thank you Mara.”

“Now, do you need anything else?” Mara says

You look at Eli “It’s your call”

> 1. Take a quest
> 2. Go to the dungeon
> 3. Walk around the Guild
> 4. Start making and selling
> 2. Go to the dungeon
Get some of our own materials so we have some more exotic equipment to display.
> 2. Go to the dungeon
We got healing potions and anti poison right?
Go to the dungeon. We should have made some wasp quests for the bow project, and trolls for regeneration armor.
File: train.jpg (48 KB, 800x450)
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“How do we get to the dungeon?” you say

“Dungeon crawling? A wonderful start! Since you’ve already registered, you just need to take the train.” Mara says

“Eli.” you say “What’s a train?”

“Ah… I’ll explain on the way.” she says “Mara do we need any passes?”

“Nope! Since you’ve already registered it’s a free ride! Just give your name and they’ll take you where you want to go.” Mara says

“Thank you! C’mon Wil.” Eli says

“What the fuck is a train though.” you follow Eli out of the Guild.

On the way to the station, Eli explains to you what a train is. It’s supposed to be a metal carriage that runs off super charged crystal or something like that. Nothing pushes or pulls it, it moves on its own.

You wait for the train doors to open up to get on board

“I could totally make a train.” you say

“Isn’t this your first time seeing a train?” she says

“Second time and I already feel like I can do better.” you say

She rolls her eyes.

“I FUCKING SAW YOU! I TOTALLY CAN! FUCKING WATCH, GET ME SOME IRON.” you start frantically looking around. The train finally opens up.

“It’s fine, It’s fine, let’s just get on.” she drags you on to the train.

You’re absolutely making a train one day. You find a seat and the train quickly takes off. Remarkably fast and roomy. Dungeon truly are mystical places if these types of inventions are possible. You and Eli sit together. You take a window seat so you can get a better look at the world.

“Pretty nice right?” Eli says

“Yeah, never seen anything like it. What about you?” you say

“I used to go to the city sometimes when I was a kid, would always take a train.” she smiles “I miss it.”

“We can do those sorts of things again?”

“No. That time has passed.” she says bluntly

The train stops. Some voice tells us that this stop is to the dungeon.

“What? Already? I feel like we just got on.” you say

“These things go fast and the dungeon is pretty close. Lets go.” she says

You exit out the train and face a massive tower. That must be the dungeon. There are dozens of people standing around and even more setting up shop. The guards must be keeping people from going in without being probably registered and the shops must be some tourist trap. A worthy waste of their time indeed.

“I expected something bigger.” you say

“It's much bigger on the inside.” she says

If that's true then there must be some strange things waiting for you on the other side. How should you proceed?

> 1. Charge in head first
> 2. Look around the shops
> 3. Ask about the layout of the dungeon
> 2. Look around the shops
> 3. Ask about the layout of the dungeon
Our character swears a whole lot more now.
File: tower.jpg (218 KB, 993x1417)
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218 KB JPG
“As much as I’d love to run in headfirst into this mystery tower that could kill me violently, I think we should ask around to see whats up, maybe a little shopping too.” you say

Eli gives you an okay sign “Solid idea”

You and Eli split up to find out more about the tower loaming over. You get too preoccupied with the goodies everyone is selling to ask anything. Hopefully Eli picks up the slack.

An absurd amount of people are selling monster parts for food. You’d never think that it’d be edible.

“You’re telling me that Goblin eyes are a delicacy?” you say

“Absolutely! I eat these suckers every day. Just put’em on a stick and add some spice.” said the shopkeep

You’re tempted to buy 30 of these but Eli will probably get mad so you’ll get some later when she isn’t looking.

“Are there any non edible things that you’re selling? You know, that could be useful for going in there?”

“Well I do have these.” The shopkeep holds up a crystal

“What’s that?”

“This right here is an escape crystal, crush it in your hands and you and everything that you’re carrying is forced out of the tower. Something about the dungeon’s nature just doesn’t like the reaction this thing does.” the shopkeep says

His explanation baffles you “How? What?” you say trying to get a word in

He shrugs “That dungeon is a strange place.”

You regain your composer “Anything else worth getting?”

“Something to light the way, food and some potions if you don’t have it.”

“I already have that covered. Anything more… Magical?” you say

“Eh… Yeah there are people here selling artifacts and treasures that they found in the dungeon. But between you and me, I don’t think it’s worth it if it's your first time being here. I’d try to figure out how far you can go through the tower before buying.” the shopkeep says

He does make an interesting point but there might be something interesting you could abuse here. But it might be a waste if you can find something even better for free in the tower. That escape crystal that he has on him does sound handy.

“How do I even get out of the dungeon without an escape crystal anyway?” you say

“Oh, there are safe zones in the tower, you’ll be fine unless you’re REALLY unlucky.” the shopkeep says

What should I do?

> 1. Buy an escape crystal (5 silver coins each)
> 2. Look for some artifacts and treasures
> 3. Leave for the dungeon now
> 1. Buy an escape crystal (5 silver coins each)
Get 2 so Eli has one as well.
> 1. Buy an escape crystal (5 silver coins each)
“Get me 2 of those escape crystals.” you say

Lost 10 silver crystals, bought 2 escape crystals

That should be good enough. If things get really bad then you and Eli can escape whenever. Speaking of, where is she?

You roam around until you find Eli. She’s having a conversation with a few adventurers. Thank the Lord Almighty for that. You feel less bad for wasting time now.

“ELI! WE’RE GOING!” you yell at her

You head for the tower’s entrance and she quickly catches up. Some of the guards stare but they let you be on your way.

“So what’d you learn from your new buddies?” you say

“A few things actually. This dungeon is split up into 10 different floors. You go deeper, the monsters get stronger and the loot gets better.” she says

“You think we should’ve asked them to join up with us?” you say

“No, it’s fine, the first few floors should be easy enough, we can reconsider when we find a safezone.” she says

“Sweet. Oh yeah, here, in case things get messy.” you hand her an escape crystal “crush it and you get warped out of here.”

You stare down the tower’s entrance “You got any other tips from them?” you say

“Yeah, stick together and don’t die alright?” Eli holds you hand

“I got you and I got my lucky charm? We’re gonna be fine.” you smile

You and Eli enter the tower.

It’s a lot more narrow than you’d expect. Pretty dark too. You make a light with your pinky to find your way. Eventually you find 3 doors. Which door do you enter?

> 1. First door
> 2. Second door
> 3. Third door
> 4. Let Eli pick
> 4. Let Eli pick
We're mainly backup. She's the badass here.
> 4. Let Eli pick
She wanted to do dungeoneering, let her pick our flavor of horrible death.
File: forest.jpg (601 KB, 2481x1409)
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601 KB JPG
“Lady’s choice.” you tell Eli

“Wait what me?” she says

“Yeah you wanted to go dungeon diving and you’re the badass of the team, you lead the way.” you say

She walks up to the doors and looks back at you

“Go with God little red, go with God.” you say

She took offense to that. She opens the first door. “After you.” she says

You hold the door “Lady’s first.” you say

“I insist..” she says

“Grandad told me to be a gentleman. And a gentleman always lets the lady enter the strange death door first.” you says

“Wil?” she says

“Yes dear?”

“Go. In. Now.” she orders

“FINE.” you go in “IF I DIE, I’M TELLING GOD.” you yell back at her. That’ll definitely make her feel bad. She follows you.

Nothing unusual so far. Just a narrow hallway as always. You start seeing a light, but beginning to lose your footing. You fall. Eli tries to catch you but something makes her trip up too. You notice that the ground has completely disappeared from under you. Everything gets brighter as you make your way down.

You finally hit the ground. Thankfully the armor breaks your fall. However Eli lands right on top of you and knocks the wind out of you.

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry are you alright?” she sits up

“Yeah… Fuck…. Better me than you I guess.” you say

You look around. You’re surrounded by a forest. Not what you’d expect for a tower but stranger things are yet to come so you’d better get used to it. You want to go exploring but...



“You’re like, straddling me right now.” Eli is still on top of you.

She immediately gets off and tries hiding her face. Must’ve slipped her mind and now she can’t look at you. Poor girl. Now you must take the lead. What to do first?

> 1. Find a safezone
> 2. Look for some monsters to kill
> 3. Look for some loot
> 4. Grab some material from the forest

> 1. Find a safezone
“Let’s find a safezone.” you tell Eli. She’s still avoiding eye contact. At least she listened.

It’s pretty normal for you to get lost so it’s an objectively terrible idea for you to go off on your own or lead anyone anywhere. That being said, something about the forest makes you feel nostalgic. You know where to go, where everything is, it’s like you’ve been here your whole life. The color, the smells, the sounds, it feels like it's all yours. You can feel the life around you, from the rabbits scurrying around to…

You instinctively backhand something behind Eli. You can feel a crack as you make contact. A goblin, aiming right for Eli’s head. You didn’t notice it but you knew it was there for some reason. It died instantly. Something in the back of your head is telling you that there are more.

Eli finally notices “What-” you run off before she could say anything.

You felt something take aim for you up on one of the trees. Something about this forest gave it away for you. The smell, its heartbeat and the sound of its sling just made it obvious.

Within a second you were already on top of the tree. Another Goblin. You crushed its neck under your hands. You feel another one staring you down. You jump from tree to tree crushing and breaking whatever Goblin was near you. Eight dead before they could throw anything. Eli doesn’t understand what's going on and to be quite honest, you don’t either. But it doesn’t matter. You want more.

You feel your blood starting to boil as the battle continues. You want more. Something is screaming at you that something bigger is heading your way. It’s becoming harder to think. You’re getting excited.

“WILHEM!” Eli screams at you. You snap out of it.

What just happened? No, nevermind that. You still feel like something is gunning for you and Eli.
The Goblin bodies attracted something, or maybe they were a distraction? Whatever it is, you have to do something right now.

> 1. Run
> 2. Go after the monsters heading after you
> 3. Wait for the monsters to come after you
> 4. Ambush them
> 4. Ambush them
Let Eli know something is coming and something is up with us.
> 4. Ambush them
We be a magic blacksmith that learned from a grandad that might as well be Shirou Emiya. We can make up what we need on spot
Did we actually kill anything or were we daydreaming?
You signal to her to come up on the tree. She got the message and quickly makes her way up to you.

“Stay quiet alright? Something else is coming and we’re getting the jump on them.”

You take out Lagun and Eli draws her shortsword.

“How do you even know that Wil? I can’t sense anything right now, and what happened to you before? What’s even going on right now?” she whispers

“I don’t know, I just felt something awful was about to happen to you and now there are a bunch of dead Goblins.” you explain

“You felt something?You started tree hopping and killed 9 Goblins barehanded.” she says

“Hey man, don’t underestimate the power of a mailed fist.” you try downplaying

“Stop it.” Eli starts getting mad “You were going rabid Wil, you didn’t feel right.” she says

“...I’m pretty sure it was Nanook...” you admit

“Nanook? Are you talking about your armor? I knew something was off with that thing!” she shouts at you in a whisper.

“Hey don’t blame the armor.” you say

“Wil, take this seriously. Please.” she says

You can already tell where this is heading. She’d want you to take Nanook off. You can’t let that happen. Especially not now. Nanook let you do something completely impossible on your own, you may as well cut my own arm off if you take it off. You can actually fight with Elisheba instead of just sit on the sidelines like last time. You can’t let something like that happen again. You want to be useful beyond being a Blacksmith.

You stay silent and you gesture at Eli to do the same, this is an ambush afterall. Maybe if you can prove the armor’s worth, Eli won’t make you take it off.

You finally smell something. More Goblins. The hair on the back of your neck is standing up, something is shouting at you that there’s danger. Eli must feel it too, she has a headache right now. You aren’t worried strangely enough, you start getting excited again. You want to fight it. You haven’t had your fill yet.

There are 10 Goblins visible to you right now but you can hear more. They haven’t noticed you yet. Time to start.

Roll a 1d100 to see how good the initial ambush is
Rolled 2 (1d100)

Derp, totally missed the roll prompt.
Well fuck. SOME1 HALP!
Rolled 44 (1d100)

Rolled 58 (1d100)

Rolled 78 (1d100)

Going to have to do something about the cursed armor.
You get the drop on them. You jump and land on one top of one Goblin, crushing it. You waste no time and lunge at another one. You skewer it effortlessly. You decide to try something out. You focus all your energy into your arms and throw the body at another Goblin. Some ungodly strength took over you for a split second, and the force you managed to generate by throwing that Goblin body was enough to splatter your target. What kind of power did this armor give you?

Eli was cleaner than you. 2 swings of her sword and she gutted 4 Goblins. She could’ve killed all of them but some fireball stops her in her tracks. She’s forced to go on defense and evade.

You can see 8 other more Goblins. 3 of them ranged attackers with slings and 5 of them with jagged swords and wooden shields. None of them should be able to throw fireballs, and you can smell something else here. Something is using magic to hide themselves. What to do?

> 1. Deal with the ranged fighters
> 2. Deal with the melee fighters
> 3. Try to find the hidden attackers
> 4. Wait for your attackers to come to you.
> 3. Try to find the hidden attackers
Geek the mage
roll a 1d100

DC 65
Rolled 61 (1d100)

File: Hobgoblin.jpg (319 KB, 996x1280)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Eli is dodging fireballs so you should pick up her slack and figure out where its coming from. You ignore the 5 melee fighters, they might try to get a few nicks in but, you’d kill them instantly if they stay close for too long. The ranged fighters are nothing to scoff at though. Goblins have a surprisingly good aim, even if the slings are horseshit. The armor will protect me but there are still some mystery enemies to deal with.
You have to rely on Nanook to find this mystery mage. The instincts and unconscious knowledge it gives you should be enough to figure out where to look. Concentrate and let the armor do its job.

Push forward, you dodge all the projectiles aimed at you and the melee fighters couldn’t keep up with you and didn’t dare get close. For some reason, you were determined to run towards one spot far off from the actual fighting. Something about it felt suspicious to you.

Before you could reach it you felt something hit your right arm. The force was enough to launch you straight through a tree. The armor did its job and stopped what would’ve been a broken arm. Still hurt like a bitch.

The thing that hit you showed itself. A Hobgoblin wielding a massive club. The thing looks surprised that you’re already standing. Something is turned it invisible. These Goblins have a Mage with them? You didn't even know Goblins were good enough to use this kind of magic.

Some reinforcements are coming to the Hobgoblin’s aid. They’re getting cocky now that this fucker is showing itself. More fun for you.

> 1. Match the Hobgoblin’s next attack
> 2. Rip and tear the reinforcements
> 3. Aim for the Hobgoblin’s arm
> 4. Strangle the Hobgoblin
> 5. Ignore them and try to find the Mage
> 3. Aim for the Hobgoblin’s arm
roll a 1d100+50

DC 80
Rolled 26 + 50 (1d100 + 50)

Have an inexplicable failure.
Rolled 15 + 50 (1d100 + 50)

Rolled 73 + 50 (1d100 + 50)

That arm of his is coming off. It can’t exactly swing anything around if its swinging arm is torn to shreds. Not like anyone here could slow you down. You put all your strength into your legs, you’re reminded of the corrupted bear as you burst forward.

The Goblins tried charging or hitting you but none of them could see you coming, they were only able to hit the afterimage. The Hobgoblin finally noticed you when you used Lagun to tear straight through its forearm. The Hobgoblin dropped its club and screamed in pain. Success.

> 1. Let go of Lagun and pull out Forkfu to finish the job
> 2. Test out your new strength and try ripping off the Hobgoblin’s arm
> 3. Test out your new abilities and use Battle Roar
> 4. Fling the Hobgoblin at the other Goblins

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