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A fantasy RPG
Previous Episodes: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=seeker+quest
Character Sheets: https://imgur.com/a/AUQv7
Inventory + Spellbook: https://pastebin.com/s811YMmL

>"But you can just choose not to grant our next two wishes if you don't feel like it! After we wish to release you you could just wait eons for the next seeker!"
Ayanos the Murderer: "Once again, I did this deliberately. What if you wished me destroyed? Or returned to my prison? I would be forced to refuse you and be back where I started!"
He rotates his body horizontal and slams his forearms onto the floor with a loud double thud.
Ayanos the Murderer: "Hear me seeker. I will NOT allow you to cheat me. Cooperate, and I will design my wishes as generously as I am able. Cross me and I will shatter you like a hideous statue. If you have more questions ask them, but I will NOT hear any more 'requests' to alter the wish I have asked from you. And I will NOT grant any of your wishes until the one I request is made."

You look back at your companions, they clearly can't answer this for you. You are the seeker. Your quest has lead up to this moment and this decision. It's your burden to make it.
>"Then I have no choice."
>"I wish for the freedom of Ayanos the Murderer when he grants two more wishes."
Ayanos the Murderer: "To fulfil this wish, I will sever my ties to my void prison and remove all compulsions and bindings placed on me as part of my imprisonment. I will be completely in this world, free to draw upon my full power and go where I please. Is this what you wish for?"

>Make it so.
>No wait!
>write in
>Make it so.
>Make it so.
We've come so far.
Fuck no, walk out of the deal. Why would we wish for him to be destroyed when he doesn't have to grant it? That doesn't make any sense at all, he already knows why we came here. The Claus is very fair. He doesn't lose anything agreeing to grant our other two wishes unless he CANT actually grant them. Who ever caged this guy is dead and gone, they couldn't wish away what ever destroyed them so why do you think we can?

This guy can literally walk down the street and fuck off after we "free" him. This dude KILLED his brother and all the other wish granters LOCKED him up because he is a BAD guy.

You guys just want to free him because you want to reach the quests end. But this is rediculus.
>"To fulfil this wish, I will sever my ties to my void prison and remove all compulsions and bindings placed on me as part of my imprisonment. I will be completely in this world, free to draw upon my full power and go where I please. Is this what you wish for?"

Miss me with this gay shit.
File: tegaki.png (58 KB, 400x400)
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We can use the third wish to make this thing go away and not to mess with this world, it is not really THAT dangerous.
Also there is the other wish granter, the greater one, that we need to obtain as promised with the archduke. The quest should end there, not here. Not to mention that bandit, I haven't forgotten the bandit and the armour.
>We can use the third wish to make this thing go away and not to mess with this world,
Pretending to be retarded? He doesn't have to grant any wishes he doesn't want to.
Why would he forfeit his liberty for the fate of this world? If he doesn't grant the wish we just fight him, still imprisoned and limited, and we force him to the box again.
>If he doesn't grant the wish we just fight him
Our 1st wish:
>I will sever my ties to my void prison and remove all compulsions and bindings placed on me as part of my imprisonment. I will be completely in this world, free to draw upon my full power and go where I please

dont reply to me anymore
File: 1.jpg (82 KB, 1080x1012)
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File: 1501791265596.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
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File: 1557329658012.jpg (153 KB, 716x371)
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>dont reply to me anymore
It is implicit that he is doing that after the two other wishes are granted. I guess that the wording could be interpreted in a manner that means the restrictions are immediately lifted but that is a huge concession and not even particularly clever.
What about the whole stuff of who makes the wishes? All that shit was just a misdirection? Maybe, but I doubt it. Because for it to make sense he has been lying about almost everything. You need to apply some measure of common sense at some point, are we going to debate the definition of every word used? The context? Was that sarcasm? Irony? Is that a metaphor? You can go on forever, if we indulge too much into paranoia there is simply no common ground.
This would place us in a no win scenario that is no fun at all.

We are working with incomplete information, this is a desperate gamble. You take it or not.
are you ESL?
File: red_robot_dude_2.png (4 KB, 300x300)
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Gee! Bill! 12 replies?

Ayanons' description of the wish SHOULD have specified these things will happen after he grants two more wishes.
My mistake, sorry about that.
Ayanos wasn't lying when he stated the rules of granting a wish. So the wish would fail to activate because of the ambiguity in his wish declaration (not using up one of his 3 wishes).

If we do go with the >make it so
vote, I'll have Christof ask for the wish to be restated to specifically state after two days first.
File: mr_snrub.png (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
>"Hold on. You didn't explicitly specify the effect would occur AFTER you grant two more wishes."
Ayanos the Murderer: "To fulfil this wish: After I have granted two more wishes I will sever my ties to my void prison and remove all compulsions and bindings placed on me as part of my imprisonment. I will be completely in this world, free to draw upon my full power and go where I please. The two wishes I must grant to fulfil the precondition can be given to anyone. Is this what you wish for?"
You decide in your heart to take a gamble on Ayanos, Edis help you.
You prepare to say the phrase but the words stick hooks into your throat and refuse to come out.
You take a deep breath.
>"Make it so."
Ayanos the Murderer: "So be it."
With a click of his fingers you feel a tangible wave of magical energy emit from the djinn's body and pass through you.
An eldritch noise sounds.
Despite his bizaare features you can easily read the satisfaction on Ayanos' face.
Ayanos the Murderer: "Excellent Excellent. Only two more wishes and I will be free again. State your will seeker."
No backing out now it seems.
>"I wish for the drought that is currectly afflicting the kingdom of Uthain to come to a satisfactory end, in a manner that would bring enduring properity to the kingdomm of Uthain, all in accored with the will of my heart and interpreting, and contextualizing, all my words under the human perpective, common sense and logic."
Ayanos the Murderer: "Their is no need to be pedantic. But I can respect your caution. I must peer into the pages of your mind to learn about this drought."
You feel his presence sifting through your thoughts, like standing behind someone while you watch them read your diary. Fortunately he only seems to be able to 'read' data relevant to the wish you're making.
Ayanos the Murderer: "I see. I see. A shadow has fallen on your homeland, Uthain's rainfall is on a permanent decline, its aridity and temperature on a permanent increase. What it has suffered now is only the beginning. It will become worse and worse until Uthain is an extremely hot and arid desert."
>"Then put an end to it! Fulfil my wish."
Ayanos the Murderer: "This wish will put an end to the curse. Uthain's desertification will end. However the damage that has already occurred will not be reversed. Is this what you wish for?"
>"No! I didn't agree to free you to be cheated like this. I demand you restore Uthain as well as lift the curse."
Ayanos the Murderer: "Repairing Uthain's climate is beyond my abilities. It is an area I am weak in."
Alina: "But we could use the 3rd wish to fix the climate?"
Ayanos the Murderer: "No, this is beyond my power."
>"This is outrageous! I would never have agreed to free you had I known you were to weak to grant my wish."
Ayanos the Murderer: "You dare call Ayanos the Murderer weak!? Your feeble court wizards could not fix your drought. The young deity Edis would not lift your curse. Ayanos alone offers to save your homeland from becoming a desert and you scoff! For your second wish I could send water from the ocean to Uthain as rainclouds to provide relief but the effect would only last a few years."
The djinn sighs.
Ayanos the Murderer: "The universe can be cruel. I know what it's like to have your hearts deepest desires painfully just out of reach. It was not my intention to see you disappointed. Alas I can only offer you two more wishes. I recommend you take my offer to lift the curse. Uthain's people and its economy will eventually adjust to its new environment in time, but as long as the curse remains it will eventually become uninhabitable. I will remove this curse entirely. Is this what you wish for?"

>write in
>Make it so.
>Make it so.
Ayanos the Murderer: So be it.
With a click of his fingers another wave of energy pulses out with a echoing bass sound.

>You gain 10000 experience points for ending Uthain's curse.
>You now have 72910
>Level up!

Ayanos the Murderer: "Your wish is granted. Uthain's doom is averted. Now, are you ready to make your second wish? I am most eager to gain my freedom."
You feel a great weight lift of your shoulders, this isn't a complete victory but you feel pride and relief in what you have wrought. At this moment your concern over Ayanos is set aside. You are simply satisfied knowing your home will live on.
But your mind returns to your missions original purpose, not to end the curse but fully restore Uthain to its full glory. A wish granter even more powerful than Ayanos is out there. (Not to mention another that is at most his equal.)
Perhaps if you find the ultimate djinn locked away in the depths of Tywardreath you can restore Uthain. Yes, once you find it and make your wish, then and only then will your quest be truly complete. Oh yeah, and you still need to beat down that bandit punk and reclaim the armour. THEN it will be a perfect victory.
Ayanos has one more wish to give. You might use it to ensure Ayanos causes no harm, but you could also use it to help you in the final chapter of your quest.

>write in
I wish for you to have a sense of empathy and compassion.
I think that we should simple wish for Ayanos not to meddle with mortals or mortal worlds any further. That should be enough.

Not even Ulric is this naive

Before leaving we should take the magic box, maybe that is what Al'gokoz is after.
>I wish for Ayanos to never again meddle in mortal affairs.
> Supporting
Support, let's make sure he won't cause anymore trouble for normal people.
File: high_five.png (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB
>"I wish for Ayanos to never again meddle in mortal affairs."
Ayanos The Murderer: "Oh? You're not going to spend one of the wishes on yourself? Admirable."
He turns his eye stalk to stare at the wall to his side.
He floats sideways towards it and lays his palm on the brickwork.
>"Hey! What are you doing!"
File: are_ya_winnin_son.png (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
With a deep rumbling cracks emerge around his palm and shatters bricks leaving behind a hole peering out into the open sky.
He ignores you and scoops up a chunk of stone no larger than your head with his large hands and starts breaking off pieces and rounding it with his thumbs. Sculpting away without explanation.
Ulric and Alina ready their weapons, in case they need to defend themselves.

>what do?
Try to see what he is sculpting.
>try to see what he is sculpting
Probably something to meddle in mortal affairs for him...which could be good?
So he was able to break out this whole time? Wtf
Let him sculpt all he wants. Our business is complete
Try to see what he is sculpting. I don't think that the last wish was granted, there was no "So be it". Maybe he is sculpting a farewell gift.
File: little_buddy.png (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
You walk over to the djinn's side and observe his work. The rock is already in a humanoid shape. His smaller extremities chisel fine details into it until is resembles a very small statue of a knight.
He releases the figurine and it floats in the air. The knight is wreathed in mage fire, Ayanos is using his magic on it.
A spell or series of spells are cast and it gently levitates to the floor in front of your feet.
Ayanos The Murderer: "A token of my gratitude. You Christof, have all but released me. For this I gift you this guardian, it shall protect you from terrible danger. Since your last wish will prevent me from being able to interact with you, I gift it to you now."
You look down at the little statue, hesitant to accept the gift. What if he's trying some sort of trick?
Ayanos The Murderer: "Now. This wish will prevent me from attempting to commence interactions with what you define as 'mortals'. I will not be able to deliberately take actions that will directly or indirectly affect mortals.Is this what you wish for?"

>write in
>Make it so.
>Make it so.
Thank him for the gift, fratricide aside, he seems to be a pretty cool magical abomination. His work is pretty good too, not only this one but all those statues in the fortress.
Make it so.
>Try to see what he is sculpting

>Maybe he is sculpting a farewell gift.
Best case scenario, yes please.
>>Make it so.
>Thank him for the gift, fratricide aside, he seems to be a pretty cool magical abomination. His work is pretty good too, not only this one but all those statues in the fortress.
Compliment the abomination.
File: explode_into_space.png (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
You take the Stone Knight.
>"Thank you for the gift Ayanos. Your work is impressive. Make it so."
He nods at your compliment.
Ayanos the Murderer: "Farewell Seeker. Good luck on your mission. So be it."
He snaps his fingers a final time. The usual wave of energy is emitted. But this time a bright flash of light envelops the room.
Ayanos the Sculptor: "Yes. YES! At last I am free. Free to perfect my art alone for the next eternity."
>"Goodbye Ayanos"
Ayanos is unable to respond to you.
He looks skyward and suddenly becomes a pillar of energy, rocketing upwards and crashing through the ceiling.
The pillar stretches to the heavens and flies off into the distance.

Alina: "There he goes..."
Ulric: "Is it over then? Christof's quest?"
>"No. My mission was to restore Uthain to the way it was before the drought. Ayanos couldn't solve the problem but maybe the 'stronger' wish granter can."
Shawel: "Then we are to journey to Tywardreath, and help the Arch Duke with his expedition."
>"Yes. Finding the ultimate wish granter and using its power to save Uthain is our final objective."
Alina: "Well we're with you Christof."
Ulric: "I'll follow you anywhere."
Shawel: "We are comrades."
Salaman: "It was... good. to travel with you all. I wont ask you to accept me back into your party. But if you have chosen to fight Al'Gokoz, I will not stand by and let you engage a greater demon without my help."
Alina: "Hey, Salaman. I still don't think I can forgive you. But you can say sorry now if you like."
Ulric: "Me too, I can't forgive you until you apologize."
Salaman: "Wha? I.."
He looks at the three of you (mostly ignoring Shawel.) He remains silent for a while unable to find the right words.
Eventually he slings his pack over his shoulder and takes out his Spellbook and writes something in it.
He rips out the page and gives it to Alina.
It reads:
I am sorry


Ulric: "Hey Sal, it's okay."
Alina folds the page and puts it in her inventory.
Alina: "Well. What's next Christof? Demon slaying time?"
Shawel: "We should probably deal with that Olin character too."

>write in
>"He is likely to do something bad or run off to rejoin Azahl if we just let him go. The Olin question requires a permanent solution"
Lets take the magic box. Scout for the demon but be careful. If we can't find him, leave, we can make the duke put a bounty on him.
Olin is going to prison, or some other punishment the local authorities deem reasonable. They should probably interrogate him first. And mention the fake dead thing that he can do.
Regarding Olin, we should should come clean with who we are (state that Azahl was defeated, but not that he remains free). Give him the option to surrender to us and be handed to the authorities. If he fights, killing him in battle is more honorable than executing him outright.
I'm honestly not sure if we should do this before or after the demon hunt.

>Lets take the magic box.
>Scout for the demon but be careful. If we can't find him, leave, we can make the duke put a bounty on him.
>And mention the fake dead thing that he can do.
All good points.
File: i_dindu_nothin.png (7 KB, 400x400)
7 KB
You walk up to the unfolded golden box and try lifting one of the sides. You can lift up the side but you definitely couldn't carry the whole box.
If your friends helped you, you could carry the box somewhere else but it's simply to big and heavy to add to your inventory.

>"He is likely to do something bad or run off to rejoin Azahl if we just let him go. The Olin question requires a permanent solution"
Ulric: "You're going to kill him?"
>"That is a possibility. I haven't decided yet. I think its time we told him we're not working for Azahl. Come on."
You exit the top chamber and descend down the elevator.
Returning to the entrance zone you find Olin is sitting with his back leaning on a wall. He is still bound and all 6 of Salaman's Percipients are still here.
Olin: "You're finished? Can you untie me now? I promise I'm not possessed."
>"No Olin. Listen, we don't work for Azahl. We know you can feign death so don't try it."
Olin has a look of concern.
Olin: "Then how do you even know about him? How did you know to rescue me?"
Alina: "We didn't come here to rescue you stupid."
>"We already encountered Azahl and defeated him. You entire organization has been disbanded. When we stumbled on you here we recognized you as one of Azahl's missing henchmen."
Olin: "What!? You killed everyone!? What about my son!?"
Shawel: "All of the children were recovered including one that looked like a clone of you. They are now in the care of a necromancer named Kalim."
Olin: "Kalim.. where did he take him?"
>"Either to Uthain or some necromancy temple, I forgot its name."
Shawel: "Maiava."
Olin: "What about Uphi? And Ikara?"
>"That's none of your concern. The only question now is what to do with you? Maybe I should just execute you, you are responsible for kidnapping and killing innocent people not to mention unethical experiments."
Olin: "No no! You got me all wrong, all that experimentation and kidnapping stuff was the other necromancers' thing! I only joined because it's hard to find a organization that lets you freely study necromancy! All I did was help Azahl steal undead warriors from Malgrave."
>"Even if that's true you helped these people knowing they were doing evil."
Olin: "I was scared Azahl would kill me! I'm not an evil necromancer honest! Please don't kill me! I'm sorry! I'm just a boy who made a mistake!"
Alina: "Heh he's starting to sound like Salaman."
>"Alright Olin, we'll just hand you over to the authorities at Oakheart."
Olin: "O-oakheart!? I mean I'll take that over a execution but can't you cut me a break? I helped you out remember?"
Salaman: "Stop bawling. Ikara got taken into Oakheart and she wasn't executed."
Olin: "I'm a man! and a necromancer! They wont be so easy on me. I'll do anything you ask! Just don't send me to Oakheart!"
You don't think you could bring yourself to personally execute this guy. That necromancer woman you killed didn't try to weasel out of it at all, she proudly confessed her evil deeds and accepted her fate but Olin is thrashing like a frightened child. You can feel the fear in his eyes.
You have mixed feelings since you let the diviner escape, he seemed equally guilty to Olin.
The just thing to do would probably be let the authorities in Oakheart deal with him.
You could probably ask Salaman to take Olin back to Oakheart while you continue on to Tywardreath.

>write in
Leaving the magic cube sounds like a terrible idea. I am more willing to break it than to simply leave it here.
Can we breeak it? Would the 6 faces fit in out inventories? At least one per member of the party? Or at least can we carry the slab of metal around while we travel? If we can, 4 on the main grup, and Salaman+summons can carry the other to Oakheart and sotre it for later recovery.

Olin is pathetic but he is still evil. Or possessed. He is doing a really good job guilt tripping us in keeping him alive. I am not sure what to do with him, but execution is not a bad option.
The diviner was, well, we were in combat and it wasn't going particularly well. There was the live of many people in play and we give him our world. Was it the ideal outcome? Not necessarely. But I don't think it is something that christof should be ashamed of. Neither it is the gold standard of moral decisions, especially when we are not in the same circumstances.
>Tell him to go to Uthain and make himself useful
>If he runs somewhere else and we find him he'll regret it!
We need to confirm that demon Al isn't still a problem.
Letting Olin go free could be a way for Al to escape, even if he's not possessed now. Sending him to Oakenheart with a statement indicating his helpfulness and lack of overt evil might be the best path. He can hope for reduced sentence.

If we feel guilty, just forget to mention his fake death trick.
Sending him to Oakheart sounds like a good option right now, maybe you could write a letter to the garrison to put in a good word for him. But you should probably deal with Al first.
>"Hmm, maybe we should make sure Al'Gokoz isn't a problem before we send Olin anywhere."
Shawel: "We could put him back in the cell we found him in."
Olin: "But what if you all get killed I'll be stuck there until I starve. H-hey I have a great idea."
Olin: "What if I help you kill that demon guy, in exchange you let me go! that's fair, right? The Cultists game me my old spellbook so I'm much stronger now."
>"*You* want to fight a greater demon?"
Olin: "Ha HAA, don't underestimate me, I studied some pretty nasty necromancy under Azahl."
Alina: "He'll just run away as soon as the fight starts."
Olin: "Trust me, I never lie to gorgeous girls."
Alina: "pfft nice try. I'm not so easily convinced."
>"Let me think on it a bit more. I'm thinking we should go back for that magic cube."
Shawel: "It's too heavy for us to carry."
>"Maybe we could dissassemble it, if its divided into 6 sides Salaman's summons could carry it back to Oakheart. We could store it there and come back for it later."
Salaman: "I could summon a barren of mules, they could easily carry that cargo."

You return to Ayanos' chamber. This time Olin and the 6 summon beasts come with you.
You find your Dispel Magic combined with some upper body strength is enough to seperate the sides of the cube. Salaman melts the chain attaching it to the floor with his weak acid spell.
You also determine that the material is fragile enough for you to batter out of shape. You could destroy it if you wanted to.
Salaman dismisses two of his Percipients and summons six blue mules one after the other.
Ulric: "This seems like a bit much. Can that box even do anything anymore?"
Salaman: "It's still magical, it probably takes some sort of complex ritual to capture a djinn but it's technically possible for it to be used for evil."
You load up the mules with the metal plates.

now what?
>lock up Olin for now and go hunt for Al'Gokoz
>let Olin accompany you on your demon hunt
>write in
>lock up Olin for now and go hunt for Al'Gokoz
>lock up Olin for now and go hunt for Al'Gokoz
>>let Olin accompany you on your demon hunt
I want give him a chance to prove be useful, die, or turn into a demon. All good ends. If he runs, then he better not stop running. Flipping on us to side with a demon seems too stupid for him to try.
This place is still crawling with undead, they will guard the demon. Im not sure why we have to go slay him.
>>let Olin accompany you on your demon hunt
One, I'm not certain that they're "guarding" the demon effectively.
Two, he's a smug bastard.
File: 1548768939074.png (12 KB, 535x547)
12 KB
Rolled 1 (1d2)

rollin' for tie breaker
1 - you take Olin
2 - you lock him up

pic unrelated
shawel MY LOVE!!
>"Alright Olin, I'll give you a chance."
Olin: "Really!?"
You take out your crystal ball. He quietly recognizes the item.
>"Try to run and we'll find you with this. Got it?"
He meekly replies.
Olin: "Got it."
Shawel: "I'll keep an eye on him for you."
>"Thanks. Okay everyone, let's hunt."

You return to the cult base.
>"Salaman, Shawel. Are you picking anything up?"
Shawel: "Negative."
Salaman: "Nothing new."
>"Olin, can you detect any undead?"
Olin casts Detect Undead.
Olin: "Looks like some skeletons have wandered into this area towards that side. But it's mostly fine."
You return once again to the "KEEP CLOSED" door.
A few shakes of the handle reveal it to be locked. You bang on the door in mild frustration.
Olin: "Careful. Too much sound will attract the undead. I can't take control of them right now."
>"Right. Salaman. Melt the lock."
Salaman: "Right.."
He holds his palm a close to the door and casts Acid Splash a few times. Bright green liquid sizzles away at the metal
After a minute or two. Salaman wrenches an exposed bolt from the ruined lock.
Alina: "Dispel Magic."
With a flash of her green magefire the door becomes fully unsealed.
It swings open inwards on its own.
File: minecraft_house.png (69 KB, 400x400)
69 KB
The room beyond is revealed. Sitting in the center of a magical protection circle is none other than the demon you saw in the crystal ball: Al'Gokoz.
He looks more like an old tomato than a terifying demon. He's emancipated and his skin is slightly shrivelled. He shoots you a dull look from the other room, sitting hunched on the floor.
Ulric: "Uh is that him?"
Shawel: "Don't step into the room."
Alina: "I was expecting him to look more.. you know.. like Ayanos."
>"He's trapped in a magical protection circle. He can't move out of it."
Salaman: "He's certainly not the leader of the cult. More likely they've simply been harvesting his blood for summoning and corrupting their warriors. That is of course, until Salaman came and stole their reserves."

The room itself is fairly cluttered. Multiple support pillars despite its small size. A huge lectern with a an equally huge grimoire seated on it. A pair of nice looking chests at the lectern's side. And to the side of the room are some grisly blood letting tools, buckets, and barrels.
Lots of torches and windows decorate the walls.

Olin: "Great he's trapped! We can just leave him here."
>"No, eventually someone will come and free him, or a skeleton will wander in and damage the protection circle. Even a leaky roof will eventually set him free."
Alina: "Can you banish him Christof?"
>"He's not native to this world so it should work."
You cast Dismissal on Al'Gokoz to no effect.
Al'Gokoz: "That wont work on me fool."
Salaman: "I could banish him if I had the grimoire used to summon him."
Al'Gokoz: "An interesting idea."
>"You must be a very weak demon to be contained in such a tiny protection circle."
Al'Gokoz: "You talk big but you don't even have the courage to stand in the same room as me o cowardly Christof."
Ulric: "Should I fireball him?"
>"No if the protection circle is damaged even slightly he will be able to move out of it and attack us. Don't do anything. Let me think."
Al'Gokoz: "Feel free to fire an arrow at me. I'm a stationary target."
Alina: "Shut up."

Abjuration is your field of expertise and you know a thing or too about magical circles. You're not entirely sure on the limitations it imposes on Al'Gokoz.
Damaging the circle will ruin it allowing him to escape.
The circle is made from blood (probably of an ordinary animal).
He definitely can't move out of the circle.
He definitely can't fire projectiles out of the circle.
He definitely can grab people that move into the circles radius and pull them in.
He maybe can reach his arms out of the circle's radius and grab people.
He maybe can cast spells while in the circle.
He maybe can possess people who are standing outside of the circle.
He maybe can walk out of the circle while possessing a body.
>Cast Protection from Evil on everybody
>Use Toxin of Greater Clumsiness on Al'Gokoz
>Step inside the room alone
Also heal beforehand, if we're not at full health
File: Spoiler Image (21 KB, 175x174)
21 KB
>shawel MY LOVE!!
>>Cast Protection from Evil on everybody
>>Use Toxin of Greater Clumsiness on Al'Gokoz
>Also heal beforehand, if we're not at full health

>>Step inside the room alone
What's the intention here?
My guess is for Christof to test the demon's range and then try to acquire book. Not bad.
The cultists were able to bloodlet the demon safely, so it may be possible. But there might be a trick to it.
File: Emaciated.jpg (76 KB, 666x500)
76 KB
>He's emancipated and his skin is slightly shrivelled.
It's my opinion that every QM should be forgiven for the occasional typo, especially if they are as awesome as Dolomite. But when it's this funny, I have to point it out.
File: 1555602820616.jpg (41 KB, 389x379)
41 KB
s-shutup nerd I meant emaciated deleet this
w-what why am I the waifu
no take backs
enjoy your new husband (female)
File: DolomiteIsCool.jpg (247 KB, 500x1434)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
I know, I'm sorry.
Here, have a real meme inspired by this thread and this post >>3858748
This seems reasonable but the toxin may alter the circle, we should open with the Rod of Enervation and then the toxin, just to be sure.
>the toxin may alter the circle,
Ooh, good point. Maybe hold off on throwing *any* liquids.
OK then forget the toxin. Why I said to enter alone: it's to test the waters

btw im pretty sure it was me who posted this cropped picture of her. What thread did you find it
File: Spoiler Image (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB
nice meme friend

what, you prefer yaoi? watch out or I'll waifu-fy you too

I saved this image when someone first posted it ages ago. I don't remember which thread it originates from.
I think it makes a surprisingly good wtf/stare of disapproval reaction image
File: closer_Courage.png (11 KB, 400x400)
11 KB
You cast Protection From Evil on everyone one after the other.
>"Everyone stay back, I'll enter the room alone."
Alina: "Are you sure?"
>"I am."
You step into the room.
Al'Gokoz: "Oh? You're approaching me?"
You consider throwing a toxin at him but decide against it. The liquid evaporates fast but it still might be able to damage the circle if you mess up.
Instead you take out your Rod of Enervation.
Olin: "That.. was Drezor's..."
You aim the device at the demon. His eyes narrow and his mouth curls into a smile.
Al'Gokoz: "That wont work on me."
Ignoring his boast you cast Enervation on Al'Gokoz, a scarlet bolt of energy erupts from the rod and passes right through Al'Gokoz as if he were intangible.
Ulric: "Did it work?"
Salaman: "No, there should have been little bits of red lightning coming off him."
Al'Gokoz: "mmm why not try your hammer? Are you afraid to strike an unarmed and unarmoured opponent?"
Alina: "I've got you Christof."
Alina casts Immunity to Weapons[Piercing] on you.
Al'Gokoz starts pretending to ignore you, picking at his fingernails with a bored look on his three eyed face.

>what do?
File: Spoiler Image (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
I'm pretty busy at this time so i'm gonna put Seeker Quest on hold for about a week. Thanks for playing!
I feel comfortable saying this because Christof is experienced with abjuration.
With many demon traps, anything that enters it becomes free to use by the demon.
So, if we were to strike a powerful demon with the hammer, he might be able to catch it and use it as a weapon against us or a tool to escape. The same goes for an arrow.
Al here doesn't look that strong, but that could just be appearance.
Most importantly, he suggested the hammer and demons are manipulative liars.

The magic attack was a good idea, pity it didn't work. Other magic might. There is much that we don't know.
We should circle around to the book.
>He quietly recognizes the item.
>Olin: "That.. was Drezor's..."
I wanted to add that I freaking love that Olin is recognizing our looted items as his friends' gear. Referencing the history of loot doesn't happen enough in rpgs. The best example I can remember is an expensive broach on one of a swarm of graveyard zombies being a recognizable family heirloom buried with a grandmother.
Avoid Al'Gokoz go for the book and retur to Salaman.
"Any idea why he seems intangible?"
>Be me
"Well, femboy civ surely was a good game, maybe I should check that Seeker quest Dolomite told us about!"
>50ish threads later...

DAMN what a tone shift, this place surely has lots of GENOCIDE.

I miss the light-hearted elf village...

Are we sure that his the real him? What if he made an ilusion and by trying to get the book without getting near him we'll end up walking straight into the true circle?

>Tell Salaman to detect magic on the room.
>Try to circle the room without getting near the magic circle, and grab the book.
>Be watching the demon the whole time in case he tries something
File: 1514376936309.png (85 KB, 380x296)
85 KB
man, it's pretty cool to think that after all this time new readers occasionally get into Seeker Quest and read the whole archive.
You know what's not cool? To think that there are admitted lurkers that watch this quest but don't post
Lurkers are scum of the highest degree
Your work deserves it, both quests are high quality to a certain degree, I mean... You're no GoT-tier writter or something, but you're good enough at storycrafting and dealing with players,and the art really helps.

I'm totaly up for another civ game though, but I will probably keep following this quest from now on, even if you came up with another side game(why not both?)

Let them be, maybe someday they'll reach puberty and grow some balls.
File: TEST_IMG.png (40 KB, 301x301)
40 KB
Ahem, Fuck lurkers, Fuck the /qtg/, and Fuck jannies. Simple as'.

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