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For those of you unfamiliar with Heavenly Jewel Change. It is a Chinese Wuxia web-novel.
You can read it here, it is completed: https://www.wuxiaworld.com/novel/heavenly-jewel-change

The Wiki (May lack information with certain characters but has all the mechanical information we need): https://heavenly-jewel-change.fandom.com/wiki/Heavenly_Jewel_Change_Wiki

Lots of things like place names and people will be OC. so I can run with interesting character ideas.

First Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3638342
Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3809421
MC Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/eUJQC3YB

You play as Zou-Do-Shai, personal bodyguard to the 6th Princess of the Dershwa Clan, and a Teleship Lieutenant for the Dershwa State military. Last time things really kicked into gear, with joint training with the other owners of the 4 Great Elements, the 4 of you are getting yourselves ready for Kreyzar, making use of the Creation Element in any way reasonable. However, trouble struck when something you sent to the Dragon Lord made him teleport here instead of YianEyue. After an initial scuffle you, Fei, Sun-Di, Bixie and the late Shijiu Lian Yu managed to kill him with a Spatial Skill. You now stand ready, looking for a ship to take to the Dragon Mountain and find YianEyue and bring her back to safety!

>Normal Ship
>Writing for the next post.
Getting to the hangar would be easy, however. Both Sun-Di and Fei are with you, which makes things a little difficult. Namely, you don't have another Spatial user. You could ask Shwei-Fa, but you don't have long until someone watching the CCTV checks the footage and finds you. So you opt to steal a normal ship instead.

This does not take long. Demon Hammer spots you, probably from your auras alone.

"Kid. I can't help you with this. However, I can give you two things. Firstly, a present."

He uses...some Skill on you. A red, bloody mark slowly engraves itself to you."

"That is a the mark of the beast. The first person to kill you will die within the hour."

"Brutal. Is this how you've kept yourself alive?"

"It's how I became Prime Minister! People can't vote for dead men, especially if they try and kill you! Second is a piece of advice, as you go up in bloodlines, the animal characteristics of a beastman go up, hence. Most Dragons are incredibly smug and prideful. Use this to your advantage, almost every Dragon Lord has died by underestimating his opponents...I guess that was his own downfall too. How strong was he?"

"Around Heavenly God, he was wearing his Consolidated Equipment."

"Underestimated then, Well, hopefully his progeny is better."

"How about YianEyue?"

"A kid? Sure. Unless he-"


"No then. We've only has one Dragon Lady in my time, He has a son, so there's little to worry about in that front. Good luck out there."

"Understood, this will take a week."

"Tch, no group training for a week?!"

He leaves in a rush, whilst the two passengers, Sun-Di and Fei have already picked a ship. You get in and fly off, it is now the late evening, and you are going to be flying at night. Fei and you plot a course, and set off, with no alarms thanks to some stuff Sun-Di had done with the metal in the wires for the hangar. You can see that unfortunately you found a ship with no autopilot, so you and Fei will have to switch if you want a rest as someone needs to keep flying the ship.

>You are piloting a ship, you cannot train/do anything physical, however you can ask questions to your two passengers, and I can allow you to read one of your books, however the Guard's book is unavailable, as that is also training.

Player Choice
>Write-in, sorry for the delay.
>Put on the soul glasses to see if the Dragon Lord Soul is hanging around
Ok, so, I won't be able to run for long, namely. I have Karate this evening..which means I need to stop at 18:30. I apologise for this. I can probably start at 15:30 tomorrow, but we'll see.
kk, but before you go do tell me, is the dragon jackass hanging around? he knows we can rez people, so is he just hanging around yelling obscenities at us?
He's in heaven. You need his body/Jewels to revive him. He lead a simple life and died in combat, that was enough for him to say "Fuck it" and go have his peace.
Alright I need to eat something, so the next update will be the last for today.
>Put on the sunglasses

You put on your sunglasses. You see nothing, making the plane swerve for a second before taking the things off and correcting your mistake.

>Write-in, I need something a bit more constructive for a real update. Ending the write-in at 18:00 pm BST.
Or not, Quest will be stopping now then and restarting at the expected time. Thank you for playing.
> Read Book on Elemental Research
Quest will not be happening today oe tomorrow. I apologise for this. I will be able to run on Saturday from 15:00 to 16:30 UK time.
>Read book on Elemental research

You stick a book from your Spatial Ring on the side and take a few glances at it, however, you could look at any number of Elements.

Player Choice
>Write-in for which Element you want to hear about, this will provide information on the beasts, Skills, specialities and common use. Elements like Nuclear and Chaos are not permitted

You decide to do some more research on your signature Element. However, due to the few people who actually used the Element, there isn't much more to cover. It is used for healing at a greater level than the Life Element, including the spiritual and mind aspects of a person. Skills include resurrection, purify, convert and other belief based Skills. It is all about control and dominance. After all, without you people can't come back to life.

The only other user of this Element recorded made it to the third Jewel, and is called Jou-Gu. No surname given. It is stated she died whilst under attack from a large group of unknown tribesmen. The cause of death however was listed as cancer of the skin and blood, followed by immediate blood loss.

Whilst this is all well and good, it doesn't help you much in getting much further. Any understanding you have must be forged by your own experience. Maybe you should write all of this down for the next person.

Fei comes over to take control of the ship, giving you time to relax and train before you go to sleep. It is getting into the evening about now. You have deactivated your communicator to prevent any tracking or calls, Jessica could have been really sneaky with something like that. Jiang will be worried, again, but you will not die. Not with your Element.

Player Choice for the evening, Fei is flying the ship
>Write-in, including any questions for Fei or Sun-Di. You are allowed to make a call, but this will involve a stealth roll for your signal.
Or not. Unless I get some suggestions by tomorrow at 14:00 UK time. I guess this quest will be on hiatus. Quest is ending for now.
> Ask if they know something about the Dragons' lands, or their population.
> Ask them both about their recent developments in cultivation.
> Ask if they've ever got run-ins with Dragons.
> Ask what they know about the Light Element, and if they've ever fought a Light User.
> Ask about their experience with Heavenly Energy Control.
Sorry for the disappearance, QM. Been out all day, posting from my abysmal mobile connection right now. See you tomorrow!
>Writing for questions, could take a little bit.
You sit down, and instead of training, or perhaps drawing up a battle plan, you want to ask a few more questions.

"As I have never been to the Dragon Lands, have either of you been? I want to know a bit more about them before we get there."

Fei chips in.

"I've been! It's really cool! It's massive mountains and volcanoes and there's a permanent lightning storm! Just at the border other Elements live in the scenery changes dramatically, so you go from mountain to water and forest in minutes!"

"Why did you go?"

"Training. Dad asked me to train somewhere harsh and I did!"

"How young were you?"

"Rude! I'm only 350 I'm not that old...uh...well, about 20? I can'y really remember, but I know it was fun! There aren't a lot of Dragons, and they all try to live in their Dragon form because it can fly, but the lightning can zap'em."

Sun-Di steps in.

"We won't need to worry with me here. I can earth the Lightning."

"We can what?"

"Earth it, like, to the ground, so it doesn't kill us?"

"R-right." You don't really understand, but moving on.

"Can you remember how they were? Any stories?"

"Oh silly they're all just softies on the inside you just need to beat it out of them! Like bam! They're all high and mighty but will recognise those stronger than them."

"I can confirm, the Spatial Dragon I met wa---is very prideful and confident."

Ah right, the corpse.

"How strong were you back then? Most of the people living here must be at the Zun stage at least."

"Um...I think I was at the 7th Jewel? I mean, depending on their Element they live in different ways, if they have no Element then they just live off the land and off the backs of others I think. People without Elemental Jewels die more easily here, but make their way through mercenary work and hunting."

"Good thing you had Wind to help you fly."

"Yeah! Jessica or Shan-Bai would struggle in a place like this. Light has all sorts of boundaries and walls...and with the rain if she used her Element too much it could draw a lot of attention."

"What is the Light Element good at anyway, have you fought a Light user?"

Sun-Di takes over from here.

"I have, many times some idiot with a death wish would challenge me. "An ogre like you is not worthy of the Dershwa name." Even some depraved fools, this also includes those with the Light Element. They can switch from being direct to being scattered in moments. They are tricky. Some can go invisible but you can smell them coming, some can make you go blind or burn through your body or make your mind go crazy or travel at light-speed or damage your spiritual anatomy or any number of things. Be wary of the Light Element. It is simple at first glance, like the beams of sunlight through clouds, but it can become incredibly complicated quickly. Do not fight them if you have too and if you do, kill in one blow, otherwise they have trapped you in a web of colours and illusions."


"O-okay, well, with you both being experienced, how has learning more Heavenly Energy Control been?"

"For me? Useless after you set up your domain. Fei here is a monster though and kept going, any luck sis?"

"Huhuh! I can make a whole new set of Consolidated Equipment. Ah, hang on. We're hitting a storm... can you both be quiet for a bit please? I want to speed this up and not get hit by this."

Sure, you can do that. There isn't much room, but you can train something, well, not skills, but something else which is mostly mental, sure.

Player Choice for training before you have to take over in the morning
>Mutation of Life/reading
>Heavenly Energy Control
>Sword Technique, with Sun-Di as a helper
>Other, if reasonable (Write-in)

>Heavenly Energy Control
>Heavenly Energy Control
>Roll 1d100 best of three
>Buff will be activated for both you and Sun-Di, who is practising her use of magnetism.
Rolled 73 (1d100)

Rolled 79, 46 = 125 (2d100)

Two more if nobody shows.
Trips of Challenge 1/5
Trips of Challenge 1/5!
>I can continue with one player, but if my like 17:00 UK time only you are left...then I will have to halt for today.

>Master Heavenly Energy Control 208/2500
>Maximum Cultivation Roll: 21090

You finish with that, and take over the controls. Using your Life Element to stave off sleep, you can keep going, Fei just plops down and sleeps. Sun-Di wakes up and just starts doing press-ups. Which you are sure are kinda pushing the plane down, so you have to provide a bit more Heavenly Energy for fuel.

Player Choice
>Write-in for a book to read whilst flying/specific content, I don't have an exact list per say, but I can tell you if you don't have anything on it.
What the fuck? This didn't appear for like 20 mins.
Let's read about... sword technique.
In what aspect?

>I am moving towards a less stat based format, so having direction for your stuff is good for writing.

Player Choice
>Brute force
>Other? (Write-in. Since you basically have a holy Lightsabre I can make something for that too. Trust in your weapon is a big issue after all.)
We're fragile and have retarded damage output, so the best option is to kill first and come back to life if we can't kill first.

You try and find a book to read, and end up finding one on Sword Techniques. It dawns on you that you are using a general one, built more on experience than understanding. You don't use a solid blade anymore, so you should change your style to reflect that. You have a good think about who you are, and what you can be good at.

You are a glass cannon, in fact, most people are, but you especially, as currently your Consolidated Equipment doesn't provide any extra Endurance. You think that all of the Dershwa ones are like this.

You need to act like a glass cannon, so focusing on initial combos and rushes would be a good idea, with counter attacks to other people's retaliation. Never stopping. Even with all your Strength, brute force can only take you so far.

You spend a long time reading.

>Roll 3d30 best of ONE, the best one will decide how much of your current progression in Sword Technique will then match your new style. 30 gets a +5 bonus. Buffing will not work here.
Rolled 19, 14, 12 = 45 (3d30)

Rolled 31, 62, 99 = 192 (3d100)

>Useful Sword Technique 19/100

You spend a good amount of time reading about this new way to work with a sword, and how people will react to different initial movements. Namely, the most important thing is surprise and timing.

It is now the morning, and you see the sun rise over a humid jungle...the same one that village was in. You wake up Fei, and have a break.

"Um, just so you both know. Since I have some daylight you both are free to train a bit more physically. Good luck! Oh wait Zou!"


"You look a little pale, are you okay?"

"Perfectly fine. I just need to get some training done."


Rolling 3d100 for stuff, first for Kreyzar DC 90, second for Jessica DC 60, third for Shan-Bai DC 40.

>Roll 1d100 for something, just one

Player Choice
>Write-in for training, anything really, apart from HE, as their is no Orb.
Rolled 86 (1d100)

Train HE control.
I think after this update I will be stopping for today.

>86, Safe!

>This could be interesting

>Roll 1d100 best of three for HE Control. Other people should be able to roll so just do one unless I ask for another roll.

The quest is likely to start again at 16:30 pm UK time tomorrow. My uni lectures are at really odd times, like, 1-3, during lunch for most people. I'll never get it. It's even worse considering that the room has 200 people in it at one time.
>My uni lectures are at really odd times, like, 1-3, during lunch for most people.
Your university is run by drop bears.
Rolled 62 (1d100)

Rolled 81 (1d100)

Another roll would be appreciated.
Rolled 100 (1d100)

If nobody shows up. I'm >>3860312
>Nat 100!
>Master Heavenly Energy Control 400/2500
>Total Cultivation Pool 22050

You finish with that, and Fei asks to have a break. You get back to flying, more jungle in sight. How big is this place? Again,she doesn't cultivate, but just sleeps. Sun-Di has been meditating for some while.

>Write-in for reading and questions whilst flying
>Goricnac appears to have left the quest. I will try to use fewer rolls to compliment a play style for fewer players.
>There are three more rounds until you reach your destination, use them wisely.
> Study Elemental Research Book
> Light, focusing on the speed and its interaction with other elements you have, especially Space
You take out a book on the Elements and begin to expand upon the knowledge you need to use your Light Element properly.

However, you reach a hurdle on the first page, namely, the book expects some knowledge on light. However, you have little of this, so you try and focus on the aspects you can understand right now.

Firstly. Light is the fastest thing in the universe, and you could travel to the Sun and back in 16 minutes. You would need to turn into light to perform something like that, but you can work towards it.

Light has little interaction with the other Elements, apart from the fact that Water and Darkness are resistant to it, and Earth is completely immune. It is strong against Fire in its brightness and strong against Wind due its speed.

It can be manipulated with the Spatial Element, however, the book suggests not to try unless you have some knowledge on quanta, waves and how colour is expressed. You have no idea about this...

People with the Light Element are usually quick witted and sharp, many have proficiency in acting, as they can see right through a person, right to their spiritual anatomy.

Light Element beasts are few, because they almost all try to leave Earth and head for the Sun.

You are starting to see the trees lessen, and it is getting dark again, so you call Fei over and you take over.

"Zou, I think you need some rest."

"I agree sister, the boy is shadowing up."

"Later. I have work to do."

>Write-in for what training to do, no limits here apart from HE training,
Train HE control.
I want to get up to Divine so we can finally make our own techniques.
>HE control
>Roll 1d100 best of three please, if no-one else rolls after 20 mins then feel free to roll again.
Rolled 91, 43, 77 = 211 (3d100)

>Heavenly Energy Control 528/2500
>Cultivation Pool now 22690

You finish with that, and get back to flying

>Write in for book to read. I need to eat, and I'll be back at 18:30 pm UK time. Thanks for playing!
> Don't read, rest. You're clearly half-dead by now, at least mentally.
You're flying the plane. If you rest the plane comes down, Fei's asleep. It's not like you can rest easy whilst trying to keep a plane steady.
Correction, I can still run for a little bit. Food is on hold.

>Rest, kinda

You don't read, but you just sit there and try and take a break. It is becoming more and more difficult to fly the plane, so this is the safest choice.

"Zou? I think I will take over for the last section."

"Fine by me..."

You basically slump off the chair, making the plane spin for a bit until Fei manages to re-stabilise it. You can hear thunder and see flashes of lightning illuminating the dark, sometimes you see silhouettes of mountains and the glow of lava down below.

>Write in for what to do for the last break, after this you will be arriving in the Dragon Mountain lands.
Take a real break for a bit, away from all the pressures and stresses, until we land.
>Take a break

You need some sleep, you can feel your eyes piercing.

"Huh, weak man, I thought training was more important?"

"I can't kill him like this."

>Wake up it's now day 103

You awake to the sound of thunder and Fei waking you up.

"Ship's compromised! We need to get moving!

You look around, you can tell it is day time, but the sky is covered in clouds, and the lightning storm persists.

"Were's the Dragon Lord's mountain?"

"I can sense the cursed earth, I will take us there."

Sun-Di manipulates the earth into pushing the three of you along, until you get a call? What?

>Food now, be back in 30 mins, sorry.

>Roll 1d100 best of three for stealth and other stuff
I need some sleep. I think I may have overdosed slightly on some sleep medication, so, quest will be on hold until tomorrow, where it can start probably 19:30? Depends on when I eat tea. Thanks for playing and goodnight!
Rolled 52 (1d100)

Rolled 78 (1d100)

Rolled 69 (1d100)

20:00 Now. Train was 20 minutes late.
Rolled 69 (1d105)

Partial Failure! Encounter set!
Success on tracking beacon save!

"What? Who is this?"

"Fucking bastard! You can't just go! You have training! When you get back I'm going to kill-"

"Quiet, I need to think. Anything you need from me or are you just being a bitch?"


"Jessica, there's someone I need to save."

"Yourself, or, it will be once the word gets out about the Dragon Lord! Where's his body?"

"Not telling you. I'll be back in a few days."

"Who is more important than saving the world?"

"Jiang, well, also someone called YianEyue, recognise?"

"Fuck-she's masterless now. Your fault by the way!"

"Yes, the Dragon Lord was not treating her right, I tried to get her out using something else, but the Dragon Lord....interfered, like you now really. Just leave us alone."

"Fine, don't get Fei or Sun-Di killed for "real". I'll tell Jiang your thoughts, anything you want me to tell her?"

"I'm bringing back another kid, my sister, I'll be back with her. The one you met at the orphanage."


You end the call. Fei and Sun-Di could see you on your communicator.

"Was that our sister?"


"Oh no. Oh no!"

Fei becomes worried.

"She might be able to track us here!"

"It's fine, I think I have her "blessing"."


You see Sun-Di use the earth as transport, the ground pushing her along, Fei is running as normal, and you are running with a buff and the Wind Element, until something stirs in the ground. You see the form of a person rise from the earth.

"Who goes there? Some humans?"

He summons some spears, you can see 5 Diamond Jewels on his left wrist.

"Tch, I see you are much stronger than expected."

You see him heat up the earth, making a bright orange light.

"Stay back!" Sun-Di starts to interfere. Stopping the earth using her domain, however, the commotion is enough to summon something else. A 9 Jeweled Physical Jewel Master appears.

"I will take them."

In a moments notice, he starts to attack. Shoot first and answer questions later huh? You see 5 pieces of Consolidated Equipment form around him, although you can't tell which attributes.

Player Choice
>Write-in for how to proceed, you are in combat. As you and him can be equal strengths, this will be decided by Sun-Di and Fei's rolls.

>Roll 1d150 for combat best of two

Rolling 1d105 for oour 5th Jewel and 9th Jewel working together.
Or not, guess I leave this brewing overnight. Quest can start again at 14:30 tomorrow Uk time.
Rolled 4 (1d150)

> Summon Saint Beasts
> Summon Consolidated Equipment
> Buff Everyone
> Use Kinetic Barrier
Rolled 65 (1d150)

Supporting >>3864186
14:45 now. Rain on the tracks has made the trains late. I apologise for the inconvenience.
Third roll please.
Rolled 49 (1d150)

If nobody shows.
Rolled 31 (1d105)

>My 69
>Your 65

You immediately summon your Consoldiated Equipment, and summon Bixie, however, something is making her...stuck. She can't seem to enter your enemies soul space yet.

You try and buff your allies at least, you buff your Strength and prepare for battle. You see him shoot forward straight at you.

Howver Sun-Di and Fei both block his attack, however, after the first attack, he dodges around both of them, aiming at Fei. You see a few wounds land on her. You see Sun-Di summon some gauntlets, and unfortunately, she can't seem to use all of her strength, her agility is lower than his. So she misses. Fei backs off, wary of the 5 Jewel Master preparing an attack.

You feel the earth beneath you change in a way, you try to move out of the way, and fail, getting stuck. A punch comes towards you, your armour tanks some of the attack, but some of the power reaches through.

>STA is now 317

"I can tell you are special. 4 Jewels, yet you are as strong as me?"

You try to hit back, but miss. The Earth Master makes some spikes in the ground, ready for any movement of Earth from Sun-Di, who has changed tactics to using Earth as well to try and crush the Earth Master. Fei is summoning her Consolidated Equipment in the form of a condenced turbine, generating a storm over all her body.

Sun-Di summons all her Equipment, metal and crystal forming into a mech-like form, steam and smoke forming.

You are stuck, you need a defence. So you use Kinetic Barrier, which should help a tiny bit.

"Huh, Heavenly King, Empress and a peon? So strange, Who are you all?"

You summon your Water, some Ice forming as well,in preparation to block weak debris.

>Round 1 of 3, lost!
>Round 2

>Write-in for plan, Bixie is still summoned, everyone has Consolidated Equipment, Sun-Di and Fei are not buffed

>Roll 1d130 best of three for your team, less because you are stuck.

>Rolling 1d105 for 9th and 5th team of Dragonmen.
Rolled 84 (1d130)

> Party-wide Agility Buff
> Cover the Dragonmen with a Storm of Heavenly Slashes
Feel free to roll again, a 2d130 please. I have been waiting for almost an hour, what suffering.
Rolled 122, 24 = 146 (2d130)

>Your 122
>My 31
Critical Success!

This time, you have a better game plan, you immediately buff Fei and Sun-Di, their auras skyrocketing. You can feel a massive pressure come from them both. You just use all you can to resist.

You launch a few Heavenly Slashes, shining like rainbows, at the enemy. You see him kneeling, stock still, as the aura starts to physically crush him.

You look for the Earth user, you can only see a puddle of blood and bits of bone.

"Dammit! W-what the hell are you!?"

"I am the Angel of Death! Kill him!"

Fei doesn't respond well to that, just standing their for a minute, now a Rapier in her hand. Sun-Di however uses the earth and stone to flatten him vertically, 2 massive slabs rising. The Slashes bisecting him one way and the stone flattening him, what a way to go.

"Boy. I suggest we move on, the smell will attract other animals."

"Z-zou, please calm down okay? There's no need to say things like that!"

Sun-Di begins moving on, her Consolidated Equipment hulking and breathing like a robot. It's a sight to see, certainly. Fei however runs up to you, worried about something.

"Are you Okay?"

"Perfect. I just need to help YianEyue."

"O-oki doki! Just tell me if anything's wrong!"

Sun-Di ignores the talk, and you run up to meet her. It takes a little while, but with your Agility, buff and the Control you have, you reach the base of a mountain, the largest one, no less. This is Dragon Mountain.

"I remember from last time, there are no guards. They do not need them."

"I can fly up, look!"

Fei tries to fly, but hits something and crashes down back to earth.

"Ow, I can't fly up! Don't look!"

"It matters not, hold on to me, if we cannot fly, we will climb using the mountain itself."

You grab on to her body, an easy task considering her impressive size, Fei follows suit, but with some difficulty, she is a lot taller than you, so has less to grab on to.

You see Sun-Di's feet, covered in her armour, sink into the earth, and begin to move forward, swimming trough the mountain.

>Roll 1d100 best of three for an encounter, no guards, but monsters are still abound!
Rolled 73 (1d100)

I like how Zou's finally showing that he can also be a badass, when he feels like it. A good balance of kindness and ruthlessness does a lot in taking away the feelings of a lack of personality he had before all of the bad stuff started happening.
Rolled 13, 100 = 113 (2d100)

hehe, waiting another 10 mins just in case, but wow, mountian climb battle against a really tough beast.Man, such a shame you never used revitalise on Sun-Di....Fei still has one contingency left though.
Rolled 157 (1d200)

You feel something out through the rock as the three of you climb it. You see thousands of worms, covered in Jewels. All of them the size of trees, thick like the oaks back in the forest back home.

"Shit! Defend me or we'll fall to our deaths!"

Sun-DI is focusing on moving on, dodging many, but the sheer number start closing in.

>Roll 1d100 best of three

Nat 100!
Rolling 1d200
Rolled 100 (1d100)

Just roll a 2d100 for me please. I need to stop running soon and I would like at leasr one more update.

Congrats on the Nat 100!
Rolled 21 (1d100)

I guess I found that command code for 100s.
Rolled 50 (1d100)

>FLX has been maxed!

Like a miracle, you and Fei start blasting them, you with Lightning and her with Wind until their is a second mountain, one of worm corpses.

"Dear Dao, there isn't going to be another one like that is there?"

You can see the building on top now, rungs and other things giving support for those who actually climb the mountain. You see someone at the rim, ready for your entrance. A woman, in a business suit...well, a more loose one, with thin glasses and dark grey hair. Very prim and proper. You hear thunder scream around you, this is not safe.

"Good morning, Miss Fei, Mrs Sun-Di. Mr Zou. Do you have an appointment? If not, would you like to make one? Our opening hours are short, but we have an open slot in 20 minutes, however, due to some...unique circumstances, our praised Dragon Lord is on vacation, and his new Disciple will be meeting with you instead. Is that acceptable?"

Sun-Di speaks up.

"Yes. That will be fine."

"My I ask your reason for visiting? It is not often humans as strong as yourselves care to bother."

You step in.

"It's a family matter."


She stares at you with extreme contempt, I guess Jewels mean everything to some women, you can sense her Element: Spatial. She is a Heavenly Jewel Master too.

Fei asks a rather tentative question.

"Um, my deepest apologies, miss, but, who are you?"

"Tang-Sha. Heavenly Empress and Secretary to the Dragon Lord, pleased to make your acquaintance, First Princess Fei."

"Yours too! I love your hair! It's so pretty and wavy, like silver!" The two keep talking for a little, but Tang-Sha is like ice compared to Fei, who is a lot more open and bright.

You finally take a step into the building, like a temple, columns make up the outside, but the inside is ornate, and rather..old. You sense little technology being used here. You can see Dragons flying about.

You are lead to a chamber framed by red curtains and candle lights, dark wood supporting it, the interior of the building could be carved into the rock!

"The Princess will see you now, I will take my leave."

There are no chars, so the three of you kneel on the ground. After a few minutes, You see a small figure coming closer, you see YianEyue covered in ornate and expensive royal gear. This is it!

Player Choice, where to look, auto success for perception
>At her
>Behind her
>Around the room
>Other? (Write-in)

Possibly last update for the day, but it's hard to tell. Body is acting up, but I might be able to run for a few more hours instead of stopping here. Give me 20 minutes to decide.
Sorry about trip, posting in other quest.
Quest will be continuing as normal until 21:00 Uk time. I can't go outside like this, so I'm on the laptop....yay?
Meh. Or not.

Quest can continue at 14:00 UK time tomorrow.
> Around the room
Man, I started casually looking at a page on TvTropes while eating and it's suddenly ten... Scary...
Anyway! See you tomorrow!
>Around the room

You look around the room, namely for any outstanding features, and you do notice something off. Namely that there are a lot of grates in the walls, made off something that looks like brass.

You can hear air filtering through, but sometimes it becomes...interrupted, like something is blocking the pathway. It makes sense for there to be a lot of ventilation, but not like this. You are surrounded, there are people in the vents!

You look back to YianEyue, you can see fear and trepidation on her face, but not much else. She stays silent, and it looks like you will have to take the first step.

Player Choice
>Write-in, what to say/do
> Say: "It has been a while, TianEyue. How have you been? Was the Old Lizard too hard on you? Senile geezers like that seem to think youngsters have it easy, you know."
> Do: Start buffing your own Agility (does buffing have an indication, like an halo?), get closer to TianEyue while keeping up your guard.
Buffing has no "physical" indicators, but to a few it would be noticeable through their experience alone. However, your Strength is still buffed, buffing your Agility will incur a Death Save. Do you still wish to proceed?
... Let's not do that. How much does a buff last? The Strength one has already gone through 2 encounters.
I'll change to:
> Do: Approach TianEyue warily yet acting naturally and deferentially as you stealthily mark her for Teleportation.
>The buff lasts for a good few hours, but dies off under the buffed person's consciousness fading, or, after a period of time, which varies. Assume it runs out at the end of this afternoon.

You approach her first, acting unaware of the people in the walls. This could get tricky, you want to buff your Agility, but your soul may not be able to handle it yet.

"It's been a while, YianEyue. How have you been? Was that Old Lizard too hard on you? Geezers like that seem to think youngsters have it easy, you know?"

"A-ah, well. My deepest apologies that you could not meet my Master in h-his full gor-glory. My training is going well. Was there a reason for your visit, miss Fei?"

"Oh, um. I was just here with Zou...the two of you hadn't spoken for a long time and calling was a bit difficult...I know! How about we set up some plans for some communicators to be sent here! My sister made them and I can attest to their reliability!"

"I, Sun-Di. Helped with their construction, and continue to do so to this day. Please give it some consideration. Tell me, what kind of training made you this shaky? You seem on guard. Please, come closer. We don't bite."

"I-I, sure! Well, there's a lot of fighting and stuff. Light is cool!"

She seems to perk up a bit and comes closer. Her own achievements being one source of pride with her. In this moment you manage to apply a mark to her. Hopefully it landed under the radar.

Fei is becoming a lot more relaxed. It seems only Sun-Di and yourself have realised what situation you are in.

"How about you show us your cool moves! I fought the Dragon Lord myself and if you learnt from him everything should be top-notch!"

"L-learnt? Oh..well, he normally just tried to punch me."

"Anything else? He doesn't seem ver-"

You have to step in now to save your necks.

"Have you climbed this mountain yet?"


"....yes. I have."

You can see small movements and portions of the dress which are not covered that well now, and bruises are still evident, from brown to red and purple, hidden. You see two people come out from the darkness YianEyue came from.

"Princess. I suggest you remain at your post. I do not trust these people."

"Yian, they have come for a business meeting. Just get it over with."

Two people come out, a very harsh woman with purple hair, and a much more relaxed man with brown hair.

"Who are you?" Fei asks, now a bit more concerned.

"Her bodyguards. I apologise for my female counterpart here. Her Element makes her quick to make a decision, even bad ones. If you would like to follow me we can talk to the factory head alright?"

YianEyue hurriedly steps back away from you all. You hear some rustling in the walls again. The woman starts talking again.

"Actually, before that. I have a question. You smell like our Lord, why is this?"

Dragons have good senses of smell it seems. YianEyue is now over by her bodyguards. Which you don't know the strength of.

Player Choice
I'm afraid I have to stop here for today. Stuff at uni, and I won't be able to run tomorrow either. So consider the quest on hold until Saturday at 15:00 UK time. Thanks for playing, hopefully I have some more players by then.
> "I personally know the Dragon Lord. What a great master! We crossed paths recently, and I had the honour of exchanging views on cultivation with him! I must say, it was quite an experience! It's really unfortunate that he had to leave in an hurry after that!"
Yeah, a two-man quest is surely... stale. Not that I'm not having fun, mind you.
Anyway, see you (maybe, I'm usually busy on Saturdays, but this one I might not be?) this Saturday.
"I personally know the Dragon Lord. What a great master! We crossed paths recently, and I had the honour of exchanging views on cultivation with him! I must say, it was quite an experience! It's really unfortunate that he had to leave in an hurry after that!"

"What the fuck?! Aren't you guys like 3 days away? How the heck did he get all the way over there? Dear Dao if I find that he's fucked up some stall I'll reprimand him myself!" The male Master appears to have believed you. However, the female one gives you the evil eye.

"Well then, miss Fei? Would you care to join us?"

"Sure! Sis come with you're good at this stuff!"

"What of our young princess?"

"Ah. You there, boy. You have...4 Heavenly Jewels? Yes. This will be an excellent chance! YianEyue. Please. Train with him, unlike our great master he should be much more within your range."

"Yes! I understand!"

"Dou-Shei-Fai. Please oversee them. We don't want any accidents-"

"Understood." The female one jumps over in a flash.

Therefore. Sun-Di leaves with Fei, who is none the wiser. She passes you something made of stone. You keep it anyway.

The three of you are escorted to the training grounds, which are on the summit of the mountain. Lightning flashing and wind howling. You are fine, but YianEyue is struggling to breath at this altitude.

"Boy. Princess. What training will you do?"

She's still giving you the evil eye. 11 pairs of Jewels are showing. Agility and Lightning.

Player Choice
I have to go back to work. Quest can begin again at 14:00 pm BST tomorrow.
> Endurance Run Competition (the Dragons seem to like competitions, and since TianEyue has Endurance Jewels, it won't be too much for her)
QM, maybe we need a PR specialist or an hype-man. I'll continue to play as long as you're willing to keep it awesome as it is...
Unless I need to leave my house like today.
Rolled 113 (1d400)

Well, I am not very good at advertising, so it will be a bit painful until this quest ends. I apologise for this, Goricnac maybe have been banned, looking at some of the stuff he was saying, and our other person must have become bored with this, I thank you for your participation.

After this mini arc. I am bringing the final assault to the front finishing the quest. Then with a new quest I have the opportunity for more players.

Btw just watched the Japan vs Scotlel match so update was a little later then expected. Good game, Japan won with grit and determination.

>Endurance test.

You face YianEyue. You do not have a secondary mark back home, so you really need good timing and a distraction to make this work.

"How about an Endurance run?"

"Only if you buff her to be twice as strong as she is now."

"Deal." You buff her, doubling her Endurance.

"All I want you both to do is...last."


You see her fly up into the skies as a dragon, storm raging, and activate a Skill. The Lightning and chaos intensifies. It starts to batter you and YianEyue. YianEyue technically has more Endurance than you, but it matters not, you can last. Sometimes you feel Lightning strike a bit too close. Both you and YianEyue are resistant to Lightning however, which makes this a bit easier.

Right, survive. You can tell she is at least enjoying this.

>Roll 3d330 for END

Rolling 1d400 for base END buffed for YianEyue.
Rolled 207 (1d330)

Speaking about Japan, man am I pissed they cancelled Italy v. New Zealand. I really wanted to watch that match, regardless of how much a stomping it would've been.
Rolled 21, 61 = 82 (2d100)

Well, at least it wasn't as bad as Scotland's attitude. They threaten legal action is the match doesn't go ahead, then lose! Also, the QF is Japan vs South Africa, again, it is going to be glorious even if Japan lose. Tough luck for Italy, but it was going to be a stomping by a typhoon or NZ, a typhoon sounds like a safer choice.

>I would ask you to roll again but I don't need it, not really.

>Rolling 2d100 for the days I missed. DC 90 for both, Kreyzar.

You win!

You see that YianEyue is a lot more nervous than you, so she ends up collapsing after a stray bolt hit her in the shoulder.

"Girl! Get up!"

"Y-yes miss.."

She trudges up. You use your Life Element to heal her...this proves to be a big problem with your adjudicator.

"Huh?! What are you doing you silly oaf!"

"Healing her?"

"Then she will never grow!"

"It worked for me and I awakened 3 months ago!"

"Phhss! Lies! Lies lies lies! That's all I'm hearing from you! What's your plan?! Where's the Dragon Lord?! Girl! You go away! Back to Chang!"

You have a moment here. You can see the Heavenly Empress preparing for battle, she is distracted in a sense, confident that someone like YianEyue would always follow orders. Time appears to slow to a crawl in your adrenaline. YianEyue is slowly turning away, almost in fear.

Player Choice
>Write-in for what to do/say,
> Dash in front of TianEyue, use Kinetic Barrier, summon Consolidated Equipment.
> Say "Milady, your temper is getting the better of you, and attacking a member of the Royal Palace and a Disciple of Demon Hammer -- I daresay someone might get an earful as soon as the Dragon Lord comes back from his errand."
You activate Kinetic Barrier, it will provide little help, but, it will at least look impressive. You dash in front of YianEyue, and summon your Consolidated Equipment.

"Lady, your temper is getting the better of you, attacking a member of the Dershwa Palace and the Disciple to Demon Hammer. Someone might get an earful when the Dragon Lord gets back from his errand."

"Huh?! Temper?! Bitch it doesn't matter what no-name master you have! I can smell your lies! In any case. The Dragon Lord will smile upon me, for killing a bastard like you!"

She summons her Consolidated Equipment, which looks to be aiding her Element and weapon instead. You see one cannon-like structure on her right forearm.


You see Lightning Energy fired at you, a beam of power.

>You are in combat!
>Original power of 1d100 halved to 1d50 because you have resistance
>Your Barrier will not hold, please suggest your next course of action
>Write-in, your choice will affect your roll against hers.
> Use Dimensional Swap (TianEyue - Dragon Empress), tank the shot (we have a contingency anyway), shoot 1000 HE of Armor-Piercing Frozen Rain Arrow at the back of her head.
Rolled 42 (1d50)

>Roll 3100 best of ONE

>Buffing HE
>Using 1000 Raindrops
>6000000 total damage vs Heavenly Empress attack worth 3 billion, could damage surroundings to a massive degree, depends on roll.
>Opponent decided to only attack so no AGI roll to dodge/run
>Tank Shot, so no END roll, just damage to opponent

Rolling 1d50
Rolled 840 (1d3100)

I... might have underestimated the power of 1000 HE...
>Nothing happens, sorry about the evolution quads though.

>Supposed to be 3d100 but this works too based on percent. Sorry.

You Swap the attacker and YianEyue, then...everything goes black. When you come too, you fire at will, however, you realise that you are falling.

You see the Empress turned to shreds, and the sky ripped in two, as snow begins to fall down, YianEyue...is falling too. It appears the lightning blast managed to rip a hole in the summit. Shit.


YianEyue is confused mainly. You hope and prey, and use your Wind Element to try and hover. Which you succeed in, with minor injuries due to the rest of your body trying to go down and the opposing forces ripping you apart.

"Fly you Dragon!"

You used Wind again to project your voice and tell her to turn into a dragon so she can fly. You see a flash, then a Light based Dragon, still screaming, slows down to a halt in the air.

Time to see what you and the late bodyguard did. You did more damage than her, but you aimed it at the sky.

>Roll 3d100 for perception best of ONE
Rolled 30, 31, 73 = 134 (3d100)

Rolled 61, 30, 49 = 140 (3d100)

To satisfy my curiosity, what was the ratio of damage to roll? Exactly how much destruction would have a Nat3100 wrought on the world?
Well, Heavenly God Attack. A permanent change in the weather with a new Ice Age for the Dragons in a place without Water Element Dragonmen. Fun times!


You see many now exposed metal and stone chambers...next to a lightning storm. You see bolts of lightning hit the mountain again and again. You see Fei, who is rushing up to join you and the Earth user. Who is using a skill. You can see parts of the mountain starting to reform, with interesting sigils made of crystal. These people are in danger.

"Zou! What happened?"

YianEyue flies towards her and coils around her in a snake like fashion.

You can feel a snowstorm brewing, it won't be permanent, thank the Dao, but it will summon some new monsters directly on top of these people's homes and interrupt your trip home, it could last a week at best. You cannot sense Sun-Di.

You see the Earth Master signal you down.

Player Choice
>Write-in for what to do/say
> You howl "Disrespectful wretches! Daring to test and provoke the Angel of Death, it would seem most Dragons trade cultivation levels in exchange for brains! You little lizards are now going to stand down and apologize, or not even the Dragon Lord himself will be able to stop me from making this whole region into a freezing hell!"
> You summon a 500 HE Frozen Rain Arrow, but don't shoot it, having it hover over the peak.
>Going to edit this in line with your Elemental balance.

"You! Come here! Your fellow bodyguard caused this attack! You dare to test me, the Angel of Death? It would seem most Dragons trade in might instead of their brains! Apologise right now or not even the Dragon Lord can stop me from freezing this place over!"

You see him fly up, in a very measured way. You prepare a massive Arrow Rain shot, using a quarter of your remaining Heavenly Energy.

"Zou! Stop this now!" Fei flies over, using her Rapier with your still lingering boost to smash it to pieces and ruin your plans. The Earth Master rises to your level, and hovers, in Dragon form.

"Yes, I apologise for her behaviour, even more so now that I can see she has fled the scene. Worry not, I can fix all of this, please come inside, this is not the first time she has done something like this, trust me, I am an Earth user, we are much more...rounded. stable let's say."

You see Fei come over.

"YianEyue, you tell 'im!"

"S-stop acting like this Zou! It's bad! Don't kill anyone e-, at all!"

Sun-Di rises behind you, whispering.

"I felt your death through that stone. My condolences. As much as you feel angry, this man is not like that woman, he will manage to apprehend you. "

You can feel something burning in your soul, your heart. It is unusual, but not foreign. Pride, anger. Things belonging to the Evil Element.

You see the Earth user fly back down and return to his work.

"Hmm? Snow? I have not seen this in a long time! Angel of Death, was this your doing?"

Player Choice
>Which one of you has the Evil element?
> "To think that I've come with kind intentions, to visit a person of distinguished importance I regard as a sister, to check for her well-being and strengthen the bond between the Dragons and the powers I belong to in these trying times of war -- and false accusations and violence toward me and people of the Royal Family is all I receive! Sir, is your intention the same as your colleague? Do you intend to further shame a name so honorable as that of the Dragon Palace to not only bully the junior generation, but risk endanger the region in retaliation? No, I, as a Saint, sense no strong sin from you! As such, I hope you would renew your hospitality toward me and their Highnesses!"
Man, reading this, I feel really speech-y. Also, my inner Xianxia MC is showing, and hard.
>Alright...let's see if I can collate this. Your paragraph was a thematic jumble, so I split it up into understandable chunks.

"Do any of you have the Evil Element?"

"Heavens no! Only someone like Demon Hammer possess that."

"Hmph! To think-I came with good intentions, to visit someone I considered a sister, and check her well-being and meet our allies during these trying times of war. All I receive are false accusations and violence! I don't suppose your intentions are the same as your colleague?"

"Well, they weren't, but if you continue to act like a petulant child? The earth will bring you back down to a human level, so we may talk as equals."

"Do you wish to entice our region in retaliation?"

"Zou! Listen to me! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!"

You hear Sun-Di shout at you, all her muscle and power coming to the forefront.

"No. I merely wish to keep my family safe. It that means removing idiots like you, then so be it! Miss Sun-Di, please discipline your guest. I am not the Lightning user responsible for this. Do not mistake me for her. Please."

"I do not sense strong sin from you, as such. I hope you would renew your hospitality toward me and our Princesses!"

You feel a slap in your face, Sun-DI again. What the hell is she doing?

"Damn brat! They have been giving me and Fei respect. I understand your anger. Calm down!"

You can feel your Heavenly Energy running out as you continue to fly. The mountain now fully repaired apart from the centre, you are now enclosed.

YianEyue is looking at you with a weird expression. It is somewhere between smugness and terror.

>Roll 1d100 for stuff, best of ONE DC 50
Rolled 94 (1d100)

What all of this really shows is that the quest really would benefit from having more players -- I really need someone to keep me in check.
haha. I'm not crying, truly! I always held the belief that Italians would tend to run, but you've been charging ahead straight to your death! It's astonishing!

Success! Nothing happens!

Player Choice
>Write-in for what to do/say next
>I apologize for my rudeness. It seems we were all too quick to rattle our sabers. Now, I will come down so we can speak peacefully.
> "I'm... sorry, really. I've been really stressed lately, for personal as well as military reasons, and I believe my hodgepodge of Elements isn't helping. That Moon Devil even cursed my room, and while I admit it was my fault for stubbornly refusing to leave it, the guy even gave me a trauma over cake! ... I'm sorry, everyone. I'm just really tired."
"I apologise for my rudeness. I've been stressed a lot lately. Tell me, how many people have been affected by the Destruction Element?" You float down to his level, onto the floor.

"What's that?"

"The Destruction Element, red markings followed by insanity?"

"Oh? About 2 people, who are both dead. I'm afraid, terrible illness."

"Well, back home it is a lot more than that. For many reasons, relating from personal to military to Elemental. My brain is struggling to leave all of that suffering behind."

"Well, turn the other cheek and get some rest. I'll spend some time with repairs and looking for our Lightning user." You see him fly away, out of earshot.

"Can I, Sun-Di help?"


Fei comes a bit closer.

"It's okay, you know that right? With the Creation Element we can fix everything!"

"That Moon Devil even cursed my room, and gave me cake trauma!"

"I-is it all better now?!"

"Yeah. I just had to be a bit stubborn that's all."

"Brother! Help me! I want to go!"

Ah, to the crux of the matter then?

"Sure, but how?"

"Can't you teleport her?"

"Then that Earth user will notice."

"Then we must let him agree with our viewpoint. Fei, I suggest you look after the child for now. Zou and I need to talk for a bit."

"Oh, Ok! Yian, where'd you like to go!"

She's very much like a doting mother, it makes sense considering her age and experience with life.

"I want to go home."

"How about we go to your room now, and you can go home later?"

"OK. Just keep the bad lizards away."

The two keep talking, with some mild confusion from Fei, eh, it'll probably be fine. They fly down and leave, YianEyue turning back to her human form.

"Angel? Really?"

"I guess my Master is having a larger effect on me than I thought."

"Well, if you have learnt so much, please tell me your plan, and a backup. We cannot lose this chance!"

Player Choice

Gotta go eat tea, give me 30 mins.
> "Plan... Well, originally I was gonna use a stealthy way to mark TianEyue for teleportation, go back home, swap her with a rock or something, and hide her until I got to Heavenly King, but seeing how antsy these guys are, maybe that's a bit too risky. Plan B was showing my mighty power to make them submit, or at least make them acknowledge my authority. No dice on that, either. Plan C involves BOTH kidnapping TianEyue and killing a bunch of people, so I'd like to avoid it. Plan D is the one I like least, because it would involve leaving TianEyue here and owing a favor to Tsushiri, which I really, really want to avoid. What do you think?"
Supporting >>3870127.

"Plan... Well, originally I was gonna use a stealthy way to mark YianEyue for teleportation, go back home, swap her with a rock or something, and hide her until I got to Heavenly King, but seeing how antsy these guys are, maybe that's a bit too risky. Plan B was showing my mighty power to make them submit, or at least make them acknowledge my authority. No dice on that, either. Plan C involves BOTH kidnapping YianEyue and killing a bunch of people, so I'd like to avoid it. Plan D is the one I like least, because it would involve leaving YianEyue here and owing a favour to Tsushiri, which I really, really want to avoid. What do you think?"

"In order. Ok, Shit, Shit and Meh."

"What was your plan?"

"Literally just ask them if she could have some training somewhere else."

"I don't think that could work."

"Well, with the Dragon Lord...absent. We have a better chance, especially with that Earth Master, he's probably known about the "Training" that poor girl was subject too, did you see those bruises? Pitiful!."

"So two plans then?"

"Teleport and protect, or just ask."

Player Choice
>Teleport and Guard
>Talk it out
>Other? (Write-in, I am open to ideas)
> "You may have noticed, but... I'm not great at diplomacy. I mean, what really would you expect from someone who isn't even 14! Most of my interaction has been with kids, healing people I never really saw again, or killing people. Man, I think I really only have three friends, and whatever me and Jiang are. Can you or Fei do the talking? If not, I'm all for risking it with the teleportation plan."
Dang it, I meant 15.
On that note, QM, when's Zou's birthday?
Rolled 30, 43 = 73 (2d100)

261 days from now. No determined date. Your real one? Unknown due to your origin, your official one is Whenever you want it to be, with Jiang 4 weeks earlier.

"Well, I'm not very good at diplomacy, coming from my age. I've been talking with children, healing people or killing them. I have had little friendship. Etc. Can you or Fei do the talking?"

"Pff. Sure, wimp. I will try and convince them first, if that fails you have a mark on her, and I can slip something on her which can tell us her location."

"Why didn't you say this before?"

"So you could grow. Learn, develop. You have to learn to use people for your own foundation, not just take. Use. It is different."

"What if something happened to Yian-Eyue?"

"Then so be it! There is nothing more than our own strength, without it, there is no proof of our existence!"

Ah yes, They're all crazy, forgot that.

"Well, what should I do then?"

"Stay with us, then, do your job and protect the Princesses with your very life."

"When will the Earth guy be back?"

"A few hours? He will be back by nightfall. You have an opportunity to train, or talk, or anything really."

"Do I have to stay up?"

"No, but it would be advisable. After all, we are their guests, and we 'shan't deny their hospitality and patience, especially with you."

Player Choice for the evening
>Write-in for what training you would like to do, this will take up the evening, it is currently day 104.

Rolling 2d100 for stuff. DCs 85 and 70 respectively.
Since apparently our little stint earlier was useless let's
> Train Endurance
As we think really hard about pursuing an higher education when the mess that is our life is settled.

>Train END

>Roll 1d100 best of three.
Rolled 42 (1d100)

Feel free to roll a 2d100 please.
Rolled 98, 43 = 141 (2d100)

Rolled 67, 63, 65 = 195 (3d100)

>END maxed!

You contemplate for a bit whilst training, perhaps pursuing higher...or normal education should be an investment, you lack knowledge and understanding that others have in spades. You have time after all.

"Ah! Hello there!"

He's back.

"Found anything?"

"No, but it is too late to continue, don't want the monsters to bite. Goodnight and I will see you tomorrow! She will turn up in her own time anyway."

You are pulled away by Sun-Di to a bed, somewhere in the mountain, where you will not be disturbed by the weather and other Dragonmen/women.
>You have run out of time!
>Start of the 105th day
Rolling 3d100, DCs 60, 90 and 75

You wake up, and get ready. There are less commodities here, little hot water, less fancy food, but it works. You are greeted by Fei and a very sleepy YianEyue, who looks like she has had her first proper rest in ages.

"Hey sis, how have you been?"

"Im hurt, can I go back to bed? Please?" Fei takes over.

"No! Remember, this talk is all about you, so you have to turn up. OK?"

"OK. You're very strict. Do your kids like you?"

"Hehe, Oh silly you. Come come, there's a lot to do!"

Sun-Di gives you the game plan.

"Fei and me do the talking, you will stick to the story we used yesterday if anything comes up, and none of that arrogance. Good?"


You all reach the place, mats and candles lit, a very closed off room. The Earth user sits there, some incense burning behind him.

"Welcome! I hear miss Sun-Di wanted to finalise those trade agreements?"

"Yes, I think you understand the gist of it, any amendments?"

"5% more chromium and about 300 units of manganese extra."

"Per month? Do you have the debit for that?"

"Yes, please take a look."

Eventually, some very complex details end up working themselves out, with a successful transaction, something to show this trip wasn't just for personal reasons.

"We have one more favour of you."

"Go on?"

"It's about the young Princess."

"Hello! I'm here! Me time!"

"R-right? I understand she needs to learn these things, but why are you here?"


"*Cough!* Well, we think, as a group, that Princess YianEyue would benefit a trip back home to see her family, we were wondering if-"


"Ah! I-I'm sorry."

"Let me give this too you straight, Yian, have you told them about your Master?"


"Well, I have seen what he has done to her, and whilst I respect and serve him, as his blood bound retainer, he is a horribly selfish person. Just a few weeks ago, he ordered fast food to this place! Have you tried to climb that mountain?! Half of the Pizza delivery guys end falling to their deaths!"

"So, we have permission? For how long?"

"Until the Dragon Lord comes back, I suppose. Which...shouldn't be long, right? Anywho, which this document we an start making some communicators, so I will call you! Deal?"

You shout out.

"Deal! That was easy.

"Just one more thing. My compatriot? I know you killed her. Please revive her.

"Deal!" That was easy.

Hit the character limit. Sorry,
> You shrug "Without her body, she'll need to want to come back. Not anyone does, so it might not work. Gimme five." and fetch your sunglasses.
"Without her body, she'll need to want to come back. Not anyone does, so it might not work. Gimme five."

You whip out your sunglasses, and take a look around.

"Pardon? What are you doing?"


You see, well, a very angry woman, hair blazing everywhere and fists flying at you. It's the same one from yesterday.

"She's here. Still. Angry."

"Can she hear me?"

"How close are you two?"

You see the woman ignore him as he starts calling for her, well sometimes she glances over.

Player Choice

I need some sleep, quest can start at 17:00 UK time tomorrow. Thanks for playing and goodnight!
> You say "I dunno. She'll probably want to kill me -- I think she must've tried for a while, before she realized most ghosts can't really touch people. You think you can restrain your friend if I pop her back to this side or do you think this Palace is ready to become an electrifying winter wonderland?"
"I...I don't know, I think she wants to kill me. I think she must've tried for a while, before she realised most ghosts can't touch people. You think you can restrain your friend if I pop her back to this side or do you want to risk an electric winter wonderland in this place?"

"She's dead?"

"Not for long."

"Ah, well, trust me, I can restrain her."

"3, 2, 1. Go!"

You activate the Skill, the colours spreading across her soul from the mark on your palm, reforging her body from the sheer impact she had on this world.

You see the very floor swallow her whole as soon as she comes back. You hear screams and punches, which is good, as it means she has some air.

"How long will that last?"

"As long as I need it too. This place is my domain by blood, so it listens to me."

"Couldn't have stopped those worms?"

"They aren't the mountain, and, I an not all powerful. The curse will prevail as long as this place lasts."


Sun-Di offers her answer.

"We can't fly in, that's the curse. I think it to be a blessing, after all, we needed a Heavenly King and Empress to make it here."

"Haha, I suppose some would see it that way. Well now! I suggest you be off-"

>DC passed for event!

You start hearing rumbling from the outside. You get a call from someone.

"HEY! FUCKER! Jessica here! Where the fuck are you?! Shan-Bai's been driving me nuts and I need to get you back to the Palace quick!"

"Can you stop attacking the mountain? I'm in here, along with some others."

"Fuck-, OI! Shan! Calm down! Gimme a minute here she's a bit more determined to save you than caring about the scenery!"

She ends the call. Fei looks at you, a glint in her eye.


"Jessica's here, keep YianEyue safe for a bit. Shan-Bai is taking things a bit too far with the weapons, so we need to defend the mountain..."

She takes out her communicator, as the mind's voice is used instead, you can't hear a thing, but you can tell from her expression that it isn't going well. She ends the call.

"I knew it! She's still a devil!"

"No she's not, I made sure of that."

"Well! She is really mean. Sir! How do we get out of here?"

"*Sigh*, same way you arrived, down the mountain." Sun-DI does not look pleased with that.

"You mean, the one our people are attacking?"

"Worry not, the mountain will survive as long as I do."

"Yeah, thanks. No help for me."

"Don't shoot the messenger. Just go, quick."

You are lead to a thin section of the wall, Sun-Di tells everyone to get on, this will be a little difficult. You see beams of Ice and Water blasting the monsters on the rock face, and you can hear the DragonPeople fleeing inwards to the centre of the mountain. You can see water enter some of the grates. Eventually, this place will flood, or Shan-Bai will run out of Heavenly Energy.

Player Choice
>Write-in for something to show you are here to Shan-Bai. Persuasion will not work, she is a bit desperate, as shown with Fei.
>Roll 3d100 best of ONE please.
Rolled 26, 7, 61 = 94 (3d100)

> Use the Light Element to make a colossal projection of yourself and the Wind Element to carry your voice to Shan-Bai
Success, but with injuries.

You can see YianEyue hanging on to Fei, scared out of her wits. However, you see a pillar of ice coming towards all and that's a bit more important.


You feel the impact hit you. Luckily, no-one is dead, but Fei is looking a lot more worse for wear.

You use your Light Element to make a projection of your self, then cancel it as you can't use more than one Element at a time. Using Wind to project your voice.

"SHAN-BAI! We're here!"

You see the ship stop firing and funnel all the way to you, the door opens, revealing Jessica.

"Get in! This thing is a good ship, but it will take us a few days, so get comfy!"

The three of you settle down. Shan-Bai is at the helm, and continues to fly.

Mission successful you suppose.

Player Choice for the afternoon
>Write-in for questions/things to do, including training. Talking/questions are a free action.
Or not. I'll be keeping an eye on the thread until 21:00. Thanks for playing!
> Heal up everyone, then ask Shan-Bai why she caused such a ruckus, then ask Jessica how Jiang is, then ask for news from the Moon
Sorry, I had to get off the phone for a while.
"Who wants a heal?"




"Do it!"

You use revitalise on them. You realise that using it on Jiang may not be very effective, but eh. It works here.

"Shan-Bai, why did you...do all that?"

"I must save you! You fixed me! I am sure of it! I can fight! I can win! I can-"

"Yeah yeah, we get it. Da-why sis! Zou whatever the 4 of you did made her...really determined, or something. She's been training and fighting. Nothing like her cute self, no!"

"Humph! I am improved! The waves of the ocean cannot stop me...."

You see her slump down, Jessica runs over and pushes her to the floor, taking control of the ship.

"See what I mean? I mean, I'm glad she's up and running, I just wish she would learn to walk again first."

"Well, I'm sure we can think of something. How's Jiang been?"

"Call her yourself you dick! I don't have time to care about things like that!"

"Fine, any news from the Moon?"

"Nope!, He's been trying something, but he's had the worst luck imaginable. We don't know how much of him is left!"

"So is he killing himself?"

"Nah, suffering would be the better term. You remember the palace wide message?"


"Well, it happened again, except he didn't speak, or write. We could only, like, "feel". It's really interesting!"

"Well, all I care about is if he hasn't destroyed his ability to bleed."

"Meh, you do you. How's the kid? Kid! How are you!"


"Then why did we go to all that trouble to get you out! Show me those bruises!"

You see a piece of Consolidated Equipment form and lash out, bringing YianEyue closer.

"Ooooo, sweet scars! Those aren't going away anytime soon, good luck with finding a husband looking like that!"

She sort of tosses her aside, back into Fei's arms. Fei looks very disapprovingly at her sister. Sun-Di is staying out of this. Cultivating.

"Oh, you poor thing. Don't worry. I'm not like her, I don't SAY MEAN THINGS TO PEOPLE!"

"Screw you! I haven't had the chance to do any work at all and this...pudding here has been driving me nuts! I need some relief and you guys are it! No Saint Element for days!"

Crazy bitch. Maybe she's having another craving.

"Marshal. I will take over the flying, please get some rest."

"No! I hate sleeping! Just train or something!"

YianEyue is carefully resting with Fei. Even with your Life Element Skill, it seems some damage was a bit more permanent than you would prefer. Damn Lizard!

Player Choice for the evening
>Write-in for thing/s to do. Calling/talking is a free action, so choose a type of training.
> Call Jiang
> Train HE control
I may be a bit slower than even usual, I'm busy aiding my little brother in writing a curriculum in English.
Is that the correct word? Curriculum is something used by schools, the teachers, not written by students. Unless your little brother is a lot older than I think he is...

>Call Jiang, and HE Control

You call Jiang.

"Hello? Jiang, it's me."

"Fu-It's about time! Where the hell are you?! You just disappeared!"

"Saving the girl you met at the orphanage. Didn't Jessica tell you?"

"I mean, yes. She did, but, still. It's been 4 DAYS! You can teleport can't you?!"

"Not reliably enough. Fei and Sun-Di can't."

"You can teleport them like you did me!"

"I have no idea where we are placewise. I would get lost, then a lot would happen."

"Tch, when you get back I am having words with you, and a fight! You need a beating. Anyway, how's the...sister?"

"Scarred, scared, but alive. She will be with us for the foreseeable future."

"How long?"

"Well, the Dragon Lord's dead, so, a long time."

"Really?! Is she at least any stronger?"

"No, but I can change that."

"I hope so! Who's going to be her Master now?"

"Looks like Fei probably, if not her, then Sun-Di. Jessica scares her, so even if they share Elements and Attributes, it isn't going to work."

"How's Shan-Bai?"

"A bit weird, but I am sure we can change that. She needs a bit of help."

"Fine, see you later."


>Roll 3d100 for HE control best of ONE.
Rolled 75, 32, 40 = 147 (3d100)

We use the term Curriculum Vitae (CV when shortened) here. What would you call it?
Rolled 77, 20, 22 = 119 (3d100)

Just CV, No-one uses Latin anymore. I have heard of Curriculum Vitae before, but only from my father, who is 60 and a typical boomer. So, yeah. Minorities and others get a bit...confused when they don't know enough English and English history and you start using Latin terms at them, so people just gave up. Shame really. There was this one girl at my uni who had studied in Norway and was born somewhere in Africa, but when I talked to her when working in a lab she goes: "I'm sorry I don't know...my English is not that good." Shame really. I still have my compact English-Latin dictionary.

Sorry about the rant, thanks for the rolls!

>Master Heavenly Energy Control 624/2500
>Maximum Cultivation Roll: 23170

>You have run out of time!
>Start of the 106th day

Rolling 2d100 for stuff, DC 90 for Kreyzar, DC 70 for Song-Chad Pah, DC 60 for Song-Chad-Pah

You wake up to find that Sun-Di had taken over, both Jessica and Shan-Bai are asleep. YianEyue is awake, but not doing much, just sitting with Fei, who is...reading? Since when did she bring a book with her?

Player Choice for the morning
Really? Nothing? Wow. Thanks dice gods, boring stuff it is!

>Kreyzar has failed his DC for nearly 3. WEEKS NOW! What the ever living hell does he live in?!
> Ask Fei what she's reading
"Fei, what are you reading?"

"I'm not reading! I'm telling a story to YianEyue!"

"Mmm....sure, Fei. I'm listening."

"See? She's really enjoying it, it's about a trio of birds who look after a forest, it's really cute!"

"They're all monsters though."

"No they are not!"

"What about the one who lost his eyes?"

"It's fine, he never needed them anyway!"

"What about the one who lost his feathers!"

"Arrogant and prideful! Never be like big bird!"

"Sure, what about the small one?"

"I-um, never take your frustrations out on other people! That's bad! Take note Zou!"

Is this really a children's book?

"How old do you think Yian is?"

"Old enough to enjoy a fairy tale like this. Isn't that right?"


You better leave them alone.

>If you want to do any training, do it now; it will be your turn next on flight duty.
Can we train Skills?
No. Well, there are two exceptions.
>Kinetic Barrier
>Dimensional Swap
> Train Kinetic Barrier
The last battle made me realize how much of a wasted slot this Skill has been until now, and it's time to rectify that.
>You have 2876 points to spend

>Rank 2/40
>Cost Down 0/20 (Currently 70 HE)
>Improve Defence 1/20 (Currently 4th Jewel at) 5 attacks (both number of attacks blocked and up the max damage it can block)
>Special Evolution 0/20

Have at it.
> Rank Up (+1319)
> Defense Up (+1279)
> Special Evolution (+300) (Apply to others, allow layer stacking, size modification, allow shape change)
Oh, I forgot
> Cost Down +28
>Kinetic Barrier, 11 Stars, 70 Heavenly Energy, forms a flexible yet durable barrier where the user summons it; it is 3 times the size of the user and its shape can be changed. Will block 11 attacks under 8th Jewel damage. Will break if encountered by an attack above this or more than 11 attacks. Notably lacks a way to attack, only defend, it can be applied to others, you can stack layers for more than 11 attacks, you can change the size and shape of the barrier.

Nah, your total reaches 2898 anyway. Excess points are being taken off Improve Defence and Rank.

>Rank 50/1280
>Cost Down 0/20
>Improve Defence 9/1280 (both number of attacks blocked and up the max damage it can block)
>Special Evolution 0/320

You take over the flying. Jessica becoming very intrigued as you train, but saying nothing. Time to get you guys home that much faster. YianEyue has fallen asleep, the book left on the floor. You can see a white bird with a red patch on it, a bird with bandages over his eyes and a long neck, and a fat mound, rather like an all black penguin with glowing yellow eyes. Creepy, definitely not a children's book.

Player Choice for the afternoon
>Anything to read or say whilst you fly?

I need to go to sleep. Uni starts at 9 and I'll be home at 6, so the quest can begin again at maybe 18:45 UK time tomorrow? Thanks for playing and goodnight!
> You're curious about Fei's book. You read it.
Well, perhaps reading that book Fei was reading to YianEyue can't hurt. However, when you open it, you can't read it.

"Ah! That's mine!"

Fei snatches the book from you.

"Ask for something before you take it!"

"Please....please read that book to me. I can't understand the writing."

"I'll tell you a bit more afterwards. Kuhum!"

"A long time ago there was a forest. It was dark, cold, and the people were never well behaved, but to protect the peace, there were three birds, who took their time and effort to bring justice. There was Big Bird, who used his many eyes to spot criminals, there was Long Bird, who hung a set of scales around his long neck and judged those caught by Big Bird. Finally there was Small Bird,he was told his peck did nothing, but he punished the bad people of the forest anyway. However, the people complained. Not enough people were caught, they said. So Big Bird ripped off his feathers and made a bright lamp, using the feathers as fuel so he could see at night. The people complained that not enough people were judged guilty, so Long Bird made his scales uneven, so people were always guilty. People complained that people weren't being punished enough, so Small Bird made his own beak into a monstrous mouth. Now people were caught, tried as guilty, and punished, to maintain justice. However, the people, who had loved the birds, loved them no more. They left the forest, and told stories of a monster, punishing all those monsters who would step forward into the forest. For those who left the forest last, they claimed they saw only one bird, with the glowing eyes of Big Bird, the red maw of Small Bird, and the Scales of Long Bird. Never go into the forest. The end!"

"What? What was the point of that?"

"Well, it's about sacrifice and helping others, and becoming something you are not. I thought it would be perfect for little YianEyue!"

"Where did you find it?"

"Um, well, when I became a Heavenly Empress. I took a trip to the Wastelands...and found...monsters."


"Well, they weren't human, but they could tell stories to me, this was apparently something told to their young, to remind them they are to work for themselves only, otherwise you will be hampered, and that complaining to your betters isn't a good idea."

"The place is a desert."

"They live underground."

"Did Shian tell you to do this?"


Alright, fine then.

"Ah, one more thing." Fei comes close, and whispers in your ear.

"That last bird is real."

She then tells you to get of the chair and let her fly.

Player Choice for the evening
>Write-in, you can train pretty much everything. Story partly stolen from LobCorp, a horror game, but the themes in the book are slightly pertinent to YianEyue and Zou. During the Zun stage you will be experiencing another facet to being a Saint, which will alienate some people from you, if you are not careful. So do not be like the birds.
> Train Stamina
Rolled 69, 73, 44 = 186 (3d100)

>No need to roll, I just want to get this over with
>Sta has been maxed!

>You have run out of time!
>Sleep, Shan-Bai is flying
>Start of the 107th day
Rolling 3d100 for stuff, same as yesterday, DCs 90, 60, 50

You see Shan-Bai is flying, she hasn't spoken to you much, but she probably needs to concentrate on flying.

Player Choice for the morning
> Train Coordination
That tale, you know what it reminds me of? It's really similar, theme-wise, to Dio's Holy Diver.
I just learned a new song. Wooo


Fei takes over, with Shan-Bai playing with YianEyue with a Dragon made of Water, with Ice scales.

"What's this part called?"

"Anterior sequestered rough scales." On the torso?

"And this part?"

"Frontal horn plate." The skull?

"And this?"

"Tailspike." Self-explanatory

Huh, she's learning a lot more than you are.

Player Choice for the afternoon
>Write-in, paste has been updated.
> Train Agility
>AGI has been maxed!

Sun-Di takes over next, it looks like you 4 have a routine.

"We'll be home in the morning, so eyes open early."

Player Choice for the evening
> Train Heavenly Energy
And that's one level done!
Can't. No Orb, soz mate.
Then, let's change it to
> Days ago, you noticed the Nature Seed and Nature Emerald interact weirdly -- investigate and experiment.
Rolled 7, 27 = 34 (2d100)

You can't really do any stat training, so why not use that Nature Emerald. You take it our of your Spatial Ring, and summon your Nature seed. It has changed slightly, the pixie like thing now looking a bit older. You can feel its energy surrounding you. You hold the emerald close. You see it absorbed into the green form!

>Nature Seed Stage 3!

You see more definition form on the seed. A mouth forms, and you can feel a connection to something.

"Ah, ah. Hello?"

Oh dear Dao it talks now.


"One more bit to go, then you can use me. Bye."

The seed disappears. You can feel a stream of information coming from it.

>You have a Resistance to the Nature Element]
>You can use some Nature Element powers using the sprite, but not for long

>You have run out of time!
>Start of the 108th day

Rolling 2d100, first for Kreyzar DC 90, second for Song DC 60

You wake up at the palace, in bed. Jiang is next to you, holding you tightly.

"Ugh, how did I get here?"

"I carried you, dummy. Welcome back."

You hear a thump at the door.

"Hey Kid! Training!"

Dammit. Demon Hammer's here.

Player Choice for the morning training
>Other? (Write-in)
I need to go to sleep. Goodnight and thanks for playing! The quest is likely to start tomorrow at 14:30 pm UK time with the beginning of the end.
> Offence
We have no talent for defensive maneuvers, unfortunately. May as well double down on offence, then.
You have the Water Element for defence, but that's it. You reach the other three...to some complaint.

"Nice job, asshole!" Demon Hammer is staring daggers at you.

"Why the hell were you gone? The Earth's life is on the line!"

Tsushiri is angry. The King is a lot calmer.

"How about we get some offensive practice with this?" He takes out the Creation Element gun the 4 of you created.

"What, you're OK with him just leaving?"

"Yes, we just need to move a little quicker."

He gives the gun to Tsushiri, who apparently is proficient in them despite not using one for her weapon.

>Roll 3d100 best of ONE please.
Rolled 43, 77, 50 = 170 (3d100)


Things go quite well, with the manipulation of the Creation Element acting as cover, Tsushiri uses the opportunity to practice shooting in low gravity, She does OK.

"Alright. How about we end here and come back in the evening?"

"Deal." The other three of you say.

Player Choice for the afternoon
> Go check on TianEyue
>Check in YianEyue
writing, had some money stuff to do in a hurry.
You ditch your Master and to try and find YianEyue. You end up in Medical.

"Hello? Is YianEyue here?"

"Yes, sir. however, the damage is not critical, so you don't need to be so worried. Just some scarring."

You find her in a bed, bandages across her torso, and other measures, like a painkiller drip. YianEyue does not look to happy about this.

"I hate it here. I hate being confined like this."

"Without it you won't get any better."

"The princesses are all crazy."

"Dragon Lord crazy?"


"Well don't worry, you won't have to worry about him any longer."

"Eh? Why?"

"I killed him."

Her eyes go wide for a second, until she rests again. This medicine is having a drastic effect on her personality.

Player Choice
>Write-in for things to say to her/ any questions you have for her.
> So, where do you want to go afterwards?
> How did other Dragons treat you, aside from the Lord?
> Do you know of a place the Lord might've wanted to be buried at? It's kind of unsettling bringing his corpse around everywhere I go.
> Do Dragons have particular dietary concerns?
> What's your take on each Princess?
"So, where do you want to go afterwards?"

"After what?"

"After you've gotten better and Kreyzar is dead."

"Oh, uh, here?"

"Where here?"

"Fei, she's dumb but she treats me good."

"Right, how did the other Dragonmen treat you back on the mountain?"

"Weakling. Shouwa was kinder, but not too much. All of them saw me as a nuisance."

"So they didn't like you?"

"Uh...they didn't care about me. Didn't matter who my Master was, I was weak, even the corpses were treated with more reverence."

"Do the Dragon's have special places they want to be buried?"

"Master did. He wanted to be buried on the Moon, so he could stare down at people like an omnipresent god. The moon only appears at night though, so he's pretty stupid."

"Anywhere else?"

"Somewhere lots of people could see him. That's all."

"Nothing specific huh. Shame, I don't exactly want to carry him around."

"That's gross. You're gross!"

"Next question! Do you know if Dragons need something special to eat?"

"No? I like meat though, who doesn't like meat:?"

"A horseperson?"

"Ah, yeah, that makes sense..." You can see her nodding off. Maybe one last question.

"What do you think of all the princesses anyway?"

"Fei's sweet but isn't very good with people, kinda dumb. Sun-Di is all business...but she smelt like anger and jealousy, no trusting her. Shian...creepy, like she has been shattered....she looks at me weird sometimes, I don't like it. Jessica is bad, all bad, too arrogant and one minded. Shan-Bai is very similar and refuses to stop for pretty much anyone. Jiang...nice, but she doesn't seem to trust...me...y'know, bad...vibes..."

YianEyue falls asleep. Time to get back to training.

Player Choice for the evening for which training for the final battle
>Offence with the Creation Element
>Defence with the Creation Element
>Combination/team tactics
>Other? (Write-in)
>Combination/Team Tactics
I know where to bury the Dragon Lord! We'll throw him into the sun!
>Roll 3d100 best of ONE
Rolled 35, 63, 21 = 119 (3d100)

Rolled 49, 29 = 78 (2d100)


The 4 of you need to work as a team, however, thanks to your...holiday, it does not go well, Tsushiri in particular is too eager to make up or lost time, and so, no progress is made.

>You have run out of time!
>Start of the 109th day

Rolling 2d100, DCs 80 and 40 respectively.

Player Choice for morning team training
>Offence with the Creation Element
>Defence with the Creation Element
>Combination/team tactics
>Other? (Write-in)
>Combination/team tactics
In the end, I feel like teamwork will be really important...
>Roll 3d100 best of ONE
Rolled 27, 23, 90 = 140 (3d100)


Things go a lot better, namely because the three are getting used to Tsushiri's flexibility in the battlefield and how it will work on the Moon.

"So, when are we going?"

"Within 2 days, be ready. Hanger. There will be an alarm. Do not be late."


"Again, no more training until the evening."

Player Choice for the afternoon
>Write-in, you are able to train your HE
Gotta go eat tea, be back in 30 mins.
> Train Heavenly Energy
>HE Maxed!

Player Choice for evening training
>Offence with the Creation Element
>Defence with the Creation Element
>Combination/team tactics
>Other? (Write-in)
> Discuss scenarios where your group fails and prepare countermeasures -- prepare for the worst
Actually I need to stop now, Thanks for playing. The quest can start again at 14:00 pm UK time tomorrow.
>Offence with the Creation Element
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Rolling 1d2 for choice

>Roll 3d100 best of ONE
Or not. Monitoring this thread, have to stop at 16:30 anyway.
Rolled 64, 84, 52 = 200 (3d100)

Rolled 76 (1d100)


This time, Tsushiri uses her weapon well. The 4 of you get to making some more. With a Creation Element weapon for all 4 of you. The King with another gun. Demon Hammer with..well, a hammer, and you with a sword. This time, you are all prepared.

"Alright everyone, expect a call tomorrow."

>You have run out of time!
>Start of the 110th day

You wake up to a phone call, from the King

"Zou, I have consulted the Mirror, and we have an opening today to attack. I trust your opinion on this. Should we go for it? We have solid communication and attack, and our defence is satisfactory. I will call all available troops to move in to the Moon. Tsuhsiri and Zhong have both agreed to war."

Rolling 1d100 for Kreyzar DC 60

Player Choice for the morning
>Yes (When?)
> Yes (Afternoon, after Cultivation and breakthrough)

>Yes, but first cultivate

"How about after I cultivate, we can go in the afternoon right?"

"Certainly. Please turn up to the Hanger on time."

>Cultivate, then stopping, updating paste.

>I actually need to go in a hurry. Medical issues with the NHS and getting prescriptions. I apologise for the delay, but the quest is going to have to stop here then restart on Saturday at 15:00 pm UK time. Thanks for playing. The afternoon will get very...busy, let's say.
See you Saturday, then!
Quest will start 20 mins later than expected because I have not properly sat down in 7 hours. I need to eat and let blood flow to my feet. I apologise for this inconvenience.
File: Alarm_Light.jpg (10 KB, 259x194)
10 KB
>Sorry about this being late

You finish breaking through, halfway to the next level, when you hear something.


Oh. You look outside...and see...the Moon? No, a section of the Moon.

Like the space between it and and the Earth had been destroyed. You can feel a higher force of gravity, though you don't know why, and you can see a red cover the entire area.

Player Choice, what would you like to do?
Oh, dear. Looks like he threw his hands up and came here.
>Call the king and your master, and tell them that Kreyzar has destroyed some space between the Earth and the Moon.
>Run to the Hangar, as your team is probably heading there already. It's time for the final battle.
>Call King, Master

"My King, I think this is the work of Kreyzar. I suggest we get a move on."

"I know you brat! Get here now!"

You are informed by Demon Hammer that he is also making his way to the Hanger, as agreed. You get into your suit, and meet up with the others. The King is making his announcements.

"We will be taking a ship that can carry 20 people other than ourselves. Due to time we can only take one. I need suggestions now. There will be 5 of my daughters, except for Jiang."

"Any of the mothers?"

"No, too ill to fight. They are as close to-never mind!"

"Fine. I got Sally and a summon of mine."

You see an infernal burning man walk into the ship with the pink haired lady from before. 7.

"My sister has volunteered." 8.

You see Shao-Bao, and the three uncles. A Heavenly God and three Heavenly Emperors. 12.

"I suppose we could use our Weapon's and Flight Commander."

"14 then. Who else?"

"Not sure."

Player Choice
>Write-in for 6 other people to take with you, if you cannot think of 6, then you will travel with fewer. It can be anyone in the Palace.
Or not. I need to get back to work soon anyway. Thanks for playing. The quest can start again with a new thread at 19:45 pm UK time.

Archiving this thread whenever I see the next vote.
>I guess Shara, Zhang and our co-pilot as backup pilot?
Sorry for the delay. I've got relatives over, so I might be slightly late to everything this evening.
Rolled 42 (1d100)

"How about Shara? The Vice-Marshal, and Shwei-Fa? I might need a co-pilot."

"Sure. Get them here now!"

He screams to a group of men to hurry, who run at superhuman speed. Shwei-Fa is already on duty, as is Zhang, but Shara will take a little longer.

"If only we had more time!"

"Fine, then."

You see the King summon his watch, and you see the world slow down...apart from a few things. The 4 of you, Shian, and eventually. Shara.

"See? Useful, isn't *cough* it."

You see some blood drip from his mouth. You can sense from him. If you win, and he doesn't reset the world, he is going to die. Your Master keeps quiet.

All 17 of you board the ship. You see Shwei-Fa has something extra attached to her. A portable IV drip.

"Sorry Lieutenant, I need this. Ignore it for now."

"Fine, is everyone ready!"

"Yes Sir!" Fei shouts.

"Aye!" Sun-Di calls out.

"Yes! Shian says.

"O-of cour-r-rse!" Shan-Bai says, holding her whip with a bit more confidence than before. It seems she's calmed down a bit and returned to her bubbly self.

"Applying Ultima Defence!" Jessica is working on something in the background, ignoring you entirely.

"Aye, sir." The three uncles reply.

"Never more ready". Long Dershwa says.

"Of course." Tsushiri says.

"I'm gonna kill him!" Demon Hammer and his summon are psyching themselves up for this."

"Sure, apprentice." Shao Bao is calm and collected her Spatial Jewels shining with glee at the chance to go all out.

"Just teleport us already!" Both Zhang and the Weapon's commander are impatient.

"Sure, kid!" The flight commander has 12 Pure Physical Jewels shining, the numbers tattooed on her body pulsing with blood.

"Go! Go! Demon! Hammer!" Sally is only looking at her partner.

"Sister, I wish you luck." Tsushiri's sister is only looking at her Highness.

"Everyone's ready." You will not hesitate. You will kill him, for what he has done, to you, to Jiang, to Jessica, to Long. There will be no mercy! You activate the teleport, and start orbiting the Moon.

>Roll 3d100 best of ONE for perception/to not die. DC whatever I roll here.

Rolling 1d100 for Kreyzar [Destruction Element Beam]
Drat, one off!
Rolled 59, 50, 13 = 122 (3d100)

>Page 10

Sorry to cut it short mate, but I need to archive this thread, running the next one with a success.

New Thread!



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