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Nation RP Hex Edition™


>1 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3580812/
>2 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3619601/
>3 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3659197/
>4 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3703876/
>5 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3745407/
>6 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3790047

Rules and Information:
Read the OP before you ask dumb questions.

Standard RP rules apply.

The purpose of this is to create an enjoyable story through gameplay and RP, remember that there is no winning or losing, good RP and loremaking is the goal.

Be reasonable. (Most important rule)

All players may post 2 actions (one turn) once they start, after this they may post another turn after 5 other players have posted their own turns. You may also post one turn per day without waiting for 5 players to post.
Diplomacy and lore posts do not count as an action.

Claimed hexes signify land occupied by the population
All players passively gain land each map update. In your OP you may specify if you wish to opt out of this.
Each hex is roughly 50 miles.

Cities can only be founded in tiles occupied for at least 1 turn prior.

Magic is not attainable through start.

Max starting tech should be equivalent to the bronze age.

DMed Wars: If players request, or it is needed due to OOC conflict, OP may moderate wars through both players posting an attack and/or defense to which OP analyzes and comes to a conclusion.

OP's word is law and reserves the right to retcon any posts requiring such action.
Expect IC catastrophes for poor behavior.

Grievances are to be directed to OP through private messages. Any complaints not issued this way are invalid.

More rules and information exists but the above are simply the most important.

Begin the End
File: World51.png (354 KB, 2000x1400)
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Grenoll ships pass through the empty gulf and mount their attack on Voyage.
While the settlement is only defended by a militia, the Grenoll are forced to fight uphill in order to take the land. Many of the Grenoll would suffer from at the hands of the Chosen and their advantageous terrain, but their numbers and preparedness outweighed the deaths taken, and Voyage would be taken, though with resistance from the population.

Chosen soldiers try to hold ground at Gate but the western forces falter, giving way for the Grenoll to better surround the fort and destroy it.

A sudden eruption occurs in the young mountain in the plains.
With little time to react as hot ash and lava spilled outward, the surrounding harpies are killed. The few able to try and fly away were dropped to the earth once a wave of heat seared their feathers rendering them incapable of flight.

More land is able to be taken before Chosen forces arrive to defend but to either their benefit or detriment, the sky is filled with smoke and hot ash, though not close enough to be immediately threatening, the event may affect the conflict.


Word of multiple invasions and the loss of territory spreads through the nation as the people prepare themselves and armies gather at the capital to go forth and fight.


Additional Krigdungazar'jotkag are constructed as the population of dwarves rises and they see it more reasonable to take life to sea rather than dig out more homes below the earth.
>Krigdungazar'jotkag Production

Expansion into the deep sea as the presence of vessels increases happens to harvest untapped resources and allow areas for which dwarven towns at sea may inhabit.

Action 1:

With Voyage taken and Gate destroyed, Grenoll armies make a co-ordinated march upon Salvation to lay siege to the ancient, outdated Chosen fortifications with their Trebuchets and Magonell.

Action 2:

And behind the advancing armies, the Grenoll engineers lay new roads, from Lurthrais through Lurgarde and the ruins of gate up to Salvation and the siegeing forces.
(apologies for tardiness)

>Actions 1 & 2
Soldiers, both men and women in new veiled helmets are sent to the new front, drawing in patrols, city guard, and those who wish to leave the world with honour. Advances in tactics and positioning are deployed, hoping to improve the chances of holding the taken land.
> (Attack!)

So many go to fight, even those in the noble and priestly classes, that Erabite society itself begins to fray at the edges. Religious norms held in place for an age are swept aside, embracing the more liberal Elthurian sects.
File: World52.png (354 KB, 2000x1400)
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The Grenoll advance with relative ease after the fort and city fall.
Little conflict is seen in the hills and grasslands aside from skirmishes mostly with cavalry.
Salvation would be more difficult to siege with its advantageous terrain it was built upon.

The earth below Soulamere trembles in the nights.

Warriors push deeper into Chosen territory where it is vulnerable, but see difficulties specifically in the east where large numbers of Chosen try to push back the invaders.

The Chosen launch an attack against Harpy controlled territories bordering their nation in an attempt to better defend their homeland.

>Action 1:

With the siege of Salvation underway, the defenses of the fortress are found to be formidable. A head on assault is reckoned costly, and so the Grenoll instead decide to send fresh-arrived companies from Lekrogge, Eaucoluth and Soulamere up into the mountains with Paraskinia support. If the mountains can be taken, it is reasoned, perhaps further passages through them might be found. Or at the very least, Grenoll seige weapons might be erected atop them to bombard Salvation from heights above it.

>Action 2:

The tremblings from beneath Soulamere are troublesome, especially as the brethren constantly monitoring and singing to the mother-stone in the deep chamber have reported no further activity from her in recent years. An investigation is launched to find the source of these tremors, whilst a general evacuation of the town's civilian population is launched as a precaution until the cause can be determined.
Forces pull back from the more difficult fronts, setting fires to fields and sheds as they go. What cannot be taken will be destroyed.

New sects form everyday in the homeland, some view Kuppi as a mere reflection of Ariru, some view Ariru & Kuppi as the eyes of a greater being, still others reject the Gods entirely. The Pillars of Society take another hit. There is talk in the palace of martial law.
File: World53.png (356 KB, 2000x1400)
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356 KB PNG
Attempts were made to reach better points of attack, but ultimately of no use as the terrain is too difficult to traverse.

Much of the Chosen become fanatical in their pursuit to defeat the invaders. Learning to harness a newfound rage, they would fight with increased capabilities on the battlefield. But in the capital, a schism occurs with a minority being of the religious caste claiming their behavior heretical and proclaiming doom upon their nation and the world.
Despite the distance and lack of communication, the common goal of ridding their lands of foreign peoples is clear. All Chosen take up arms to face the enemy with vigor.

A counterattack is seen from Salvation, and while forces are focused in the north, suddenly Chosen warriors emerge from the waters west, marchin upon the shores and attacking the Grenoll.

The Chosen begin launching an attack too against the Erabs, from both Pilgrimage and the western reaches recently cut off from the road to the capital.

Action 1:

The Grenoll navy launches attacks upon the rear and the beaches of the Emergent chosen as the Grenoll armies of the south rally to force them back into the waters. The Fortresses of Golfregard and Formontis and the Walled town of Navrigole will be an anchor to hold the chosen in place whilst our armies shatter theirs.

Action 2:

Salvation is bombarded with Magonell and Trebuchets to batter the walls of the town into breaching.
Having taken anything of value from the countryside, forces and families begin a long retreat behind the old border walls. Along the way, camps are left intact, fires built high so that they're still burning when the Chosen find them. Hidden in the tents are barrels of Grenrollian fire powder, dried in the Harpatu sun, and packed tight, a long fuse, is lit, and the escape made hastey. It is likely only a camp or two would actually damage Chosen troops.
File: World54.png (356 KB, 2000x1400)
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356 KB PNG
The forces of Salvation sally forth amidst the bombardment. Seemingly ignoring the danger, while taking heavy losses, but continuing their charge towards the Grenoll.

Meanwhile, the western invasion does not appear to be halted as easily as expected. Raging Chosen fight tirelessly and without fear, being slowed by the defenders, but ultimately not appearing to lose ground.

While the effects of the timed explosions do damage to few groupings of soldiers, those set in the western forests set alight the woodland, and begin to rapidly spread, killing nearby Chosen caught in its wake and anyone else nearby. But the advancing armies are not deterred, and continue onwards through hot ash and smoke.

To the north, a great wyvern soars from the mountain towards the east.
Arriving in the barren sands, a mixture of fear, hope, and anger spreads amongst the people it once ruled over.
But shortly after conflict would arise, both inwards and outwards, quickly settling within the native population, and directs itself at the harpies who had assisted governing the nation.
The occupants are swiftly expelled and with the aid of the enhanced Uulan, their expansion into their once owned lands begins.

Chosen in the west sight opportunity, and take more land to secure position and defense. Particularly in Grenoll acquired lands.
With the road to Salvation taken and its forces surrounded, the fort now stands little chance to resist much longer. The remaining Chosen left within would realize this and fight to their last dying breath as both Wyvern and Grenoll attack.

A group of dwarven explorers having recently came back from mapping and looting caverns below would sell their riches to partake in the glories of the sea.
Having heard of walled away waters beyond, recruiting like-minded individuals, a fleet is raised and makes way to the land of the Senori.
Just as they had been told, walls within the waters, guarding what they can only imagine is something worth protecting.
With greed and lust in their eyes, an array of tools and weapons tear apart the fortifications.
Dwarves striking with axe, and ballistae firing specialized projectiles, to some vessels simply ramming. Despite the defending Senori, the dwarves overpower and break through to begin their claims of riches.
Men and Women of fighting age are conscripted in Harpatu, Isiltu & Asqu. A note is sent to the king of the Elthurians to aid us.

In an act of herostratic fervour, a man by the name of Sumu takes a pick and fire powder to the north wall of the dam at Aburris. In this act he is killed, as thousands of gallons of water blow apart the reservoir.
For the entirety of their trading relations, the Erabites have sold dwarves barrel upon barrel of strong, sweet wine. But none had stopped to ask, what makes it sweet? A white crystal, refined from a dull grey ore mined at Kaltappi, the locals call it the Tears of Kuppi, though others know it by a more descriptive name; Sugar of Lead.

Action 1:
With Salvation weakened and cut off, the Grenoll know the time is right to take this fortress, and any surrounds still held by the chosen. Seige engines and an offensive force are drawn up, then unleashed upon the sparse few defenders left against them.

Action 2:
In the south, the Grenoll Navy continues operations to isolate the landing Skeletals from each other and deny them supply and reinforcement, whilst new armies drawn up from the Centrelands are committed along the Navrigole delta to try and break chosen co-ordination and throw them out of the surrounds of the walled port-town.
File: World55.png (358 KB, 2000x1400)
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358 KB PNG
The dwarven fleet takes what it can, and as the Senori would have the majority of its defenders eastward in the case of Chosen attacks, little can be done to prevent the sacking of coastal villages.

Tales of riches and plunder pollute the minds of dwarves as they indulge themselves in the sweet wines of Erabumakta.
Dwarves gather and grow to create their own fleets bound for excitement and wealth.
Various small fleets of dwarven vessels now find themselves raiding the Grenollian coasts in the east at Merribth and Thilith and surrounding villages, along with any vessels in the waters.

As the dam is blown apart, the torrent of water directs its way the path of least resistance, through the channel of the dam and defensive walls, cutting through the northern portion of Aburris.

The wildfire spreads, and blackens the sky in smoke as Chosen continue to attack.

Salvation falls, but not before the wyvern-blood begin to take foothold in the fort to claim what is theirs.

Battle rages on in the Grenollian coastline west, with neither side now seeming to budge. But this stalemate would soon be interrupted by a wretched shriek in the skies.
The great winged beast risen by the Harpies descends into the fray, with great speeds as it wipes away a large swath of warriors on both sides as if a rogue wave had erupted into the battlefield.
Quickly looping back around, it would then unleash further havoc as it tears through the flesh and bone of those below.

The deepest depths of Soulamere trembles with great strength never felt before. A red glow pulsates throughout its cavernous expanse, causing any remaining inhabitants to go mad and attack anyone aside from themselves in sight.
One by one, the pillars fall. Our Brother abandons us, our northern excursion has brought only fleeting rewards, our armies are exhausted. Now the menace of the Esemtu bare down on us, bringing with them fire and flood. What have we done to anger the Gods so? Apathy falls over the people of Erabumakta.
File: 1552495492927.jpg (360 KB, 1024x1021)
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360 KB JPG
Soulamere fills with foreign creatures, red as the blood spilled in the ongoing conflicts.
They appear as amalgamations of worldly beings into grotesque abominations that strike fear into their foes.
Horrid howls echo and spread from the caverns into the surface to haunt the Grenoll as they begin to migrate outwards, killing anything they come across.

The great mountain north of the Erab dam begins to spew forth smoke as black as the blackest coal with such force as if it were to rupture any second, yet it holds.
From the base of the mountain, Erabs would begin to see figures gathered in alarming numbers making their way to their borders.


And so the world is plunged into complete chaos.

Erabumakta locked in conflict with the skeletal Chosen and beasts below as eternal darkness would seem to envelope the nation and its people, while its cousins would share a similar fate.

Harpies lose more and more land each day as various nations easily take roosts that are left cold and near empty while the inhabitants migrate to higher peaks, likely saving themselves from what lies below, but would no longer have the required trade and resources to sustain their people.

Symbians do little to prevent Chosen advancements into their territory as war progresses in favor of the Erabumakta, and their whaling waters soon to be in the sight of the ever expanding dwarves.

Chosen fight both within their nation regarding their religion as many die outward to ward off the invading races.

Wyvern-blooded peoples of the barren sands continue their fervent growth into lands they held long ago, despite the dangers that lie ahead.

Dwarves continue their lives at sea and below the earth, where they may find things not meant to be found.

Senori struggle to defend its borders as tensions raise, bloodshed continues, and internal conflict rises.

Grenoll attempt to fight both the Chosen and Wyvern-blood back while new enemies make their presence known, both in the waters, in the earth, and the skies, creating conflict in every possible front.

Time marches ever onward, and the present becomes history. As the tide, so too do nations rise and fall; In fire and blood and war, else in gold and grain and goods. Who writes the past? Who shall write the future? Who can tell? For now, we see through a glass, darkly.

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