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A fantasy RPG
File: quatum_ogre_decision.png (26 KB, 400x400)
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Previous Episodes: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=seeker+quest
Character Sheets: https://imgur.com/a/AUQv7
Inventory + Spellbook: https://pastebin.com/s811YMmL

The Cult Leader escapes the battle, and disappears down the dark corridor.
Not wanting to blindly pursue him you leave him to his own devices and focus on securing the immediate area.
Your party and the Sal-Demons quickly overwhelm the remaining cultists and demons, very few manage to escape.
Stalker: "Master, this area is ours. What are our new orders?"
Salaman: "Spread out through the base, hunt down and destroy any demons that don't belong to me. Kill all cultists. If you find a human with pale skin and brown hair, capture him. If you find the key, retrieve it at all costs and bring it to Christof. You will hide outside the entrance to this room and relay my orders to any of my forces that come in."
Stalker: "As you say."
Salaman's host of demons start pouring into the doorways and descend further into the cultists' base.

>You gain 3000 XP from the fight
>You now have 58910

Shawel: "We shouldn't give them a chance to recover. We should take out their leader."
Ulric: "Wait, it the guy with the key the leader or is it the demon Al'gokoz?"
Alina: "I'm not really sure now. It was a bunch of lying demonettes who told us about Al'gokoz. Maybe he's not even real."
>"He is real. Salaman and I saw him through the Crystal Ball."
>"The key is the priority, let the demons fight. We should not seek out Al'gokoz but neither run from him if he finds us. Which he most likely will, so we should prepare ourselves to fight him. He fights with throwing spears and evocation magic."
Ulric: "Grab the key and get out. Got it."
Alina: "Wait wait wait wait wait. Since WHEN do we have a Crystal Ball!?"
Salaman: "Christof and I stripped it off Xorag's corpse, way back in Clarcton. You weren't there."
Alina: "What! Have you guys have been spying on people without me?"
Shawel: "We don't have time for games. Christof. What's our next move?"

There are several paths you can take further into the enemy base marked by numbers on the image.
You entered this room through passage 0.
The Cult Leader who appears to possess the key you're after retreated down passageway 1.
You have no idea what lies beyond any passage.
The balcony containing doors 3 and 4 is too high up for you to reach easily.

Decide which path you're going to take and what actions you take before you proceed if any. eg: prepping defensive spells, scouting with the Crystal Ball, having Salaman's summons move in first etc.)
Have Shawel block off entrances 3 and 4 with ice walls. Leave behind some minions to guard entrance 2, and then delve with everything else straight into entrance 1
Scouting with the Crystal Ball, try to locate cult leader with the key and what is in the surrounding rooms, put temporary defensive ice walls while scouting and have Salamns demons be prepared for a counter attack.
Then >>3805734
File: squished_perspective.png (10 KB, 400x400)
10 KB
You have Shawel cast Ice Wall to block off the doors up on the ledge.
The frozen barrier rises from the floor and completely covers each portal in thick ice.
A small handful of Acari and a Crawler wander into the room. You have Salaman make them guard entrance 2.
File: handy.png (7 KB, 400x400)
7 KB
>"Salaman, try to locate the key with the Crystal Ball."
Salaman: "Let's see..."
You pull out the orb and place it in his arms, it seems to have recovered from the distortion it received earlier.
A clear image of a fine black metal key appears, it dangles from a broken string which is held delicately between the slender red thumb and index finger of a demon. He gently swings the key from side to side, just daring you to try and take it.
Salaman: "This vision is extremely clear. And I can easily tell the exact location where it's coming from. It is being shown to us deliberately."
Ulric: "They're trying to bait us into a trap!"
Alina: "Looks like the big boss demon is holding it now."
Shawel: "No demon is a match for true human warriors."
The crystal ball is once again disrupted and is no longer able to produce a determinable image.
>"Al'gokoz is controlling what we see. I don't like this at all."
You proceed down corridor 1.
Half jogging down the passage way you come to a junction where Saldemons are engaging some normal demons. The Saldemons seem to have the advantage in this battle.
Salaman points to an ancient heavy metal door, bolted with a contemporary lock.
Salaman: "That's the location the vision revealed."
The junction continues forward and has a right turn.
The enemies appear to be coming from the forward path.

>write in
File: Spoiler Image (4 KB, 300x310)
4 KB
Did someone vote +1 on every thread in the archive?
thanks anon~
Ignore the obvious trap door, continue on towards the forward path! EDIS SMITE THEE
Fill the keyhole of the ominous door with rice, then proceed towards the forward path.
>Ignore the obvious door
*laughs in secret door*
Alina: "I think I can pick the lock!"
She twists her pack over her shoulder and starts digging through it.
>"No we're not taking the bait."
You jam the evil lock with grains of rice. From that bag of rice that's been sitting in your inventory for 50 threads.
You gesture forward.
>"Push forward! Ignore the enemies that don't matter, find the cult leader!"

You bound down the corridors past scrambled throngs of cultists and demons fighting one another throughout the hall.
Before you comes a massive chamber, you fearlessly charge into the room.
The chamber is dominated by some a monolith in the center, etched from top to bottom with arcance carvings.
The Cult Leader and a few surviving enemies are backed into a corner, with a considerable amount of Saldemons swarming them.
More Saldemons are pouring in through the way you came and another entrance orthogonal to the one you entered through.
Salaman: "What fools, allowing themselves to be cornered. They wont be able to hold off my minions much longer."
You observe the cult leader and his retinue. Four cultists, and a succubus. Two of the cultists are spellcasters you've encountered before. A summoner and a Transmuter. Another has the telltale pale skin and light brown hair of Olin, but he's dressed as the enemy. He has either changed sides or is under the influence of mind control. The cult leader himself still seems to possess the black key.
He withdraws a little bit and quickly draws and activates a scroll.
Although you're not trained in Magic Sensing you can slightly feel a surge of magical energy. It must be a high level.
Ulric: "Hey! What's he doing!?"
Salaman: "Hmmm? Its... Summon Monster VII. Christof can probably kill it in one hit with his Dismissal spell."
Energy starts swirling before the cultists, causing the Saldemons to step back in caution. The energy expands, and takes shape.
File: splash_attack.png (97 KB, 400x400)
97 KB
Cult Leader: "Come forth: Greater Water Elemental."
The energy takes the form of a towering cresting wave, hunched into an almost humanoid appearance.
Salaman: "W-what!?"
The elemental unleashes a collosal wave, it crashes down upon the Saldemons engulfing them, the water travels to the edges of the room and spills out of the entrances into the corridors.
The Saldemons at the front are instantly dissolved, dissappearing completely beneath the tide. Other who were further away start rapidly deteriorating, as if they were ankle deep in extremely corrosive acid.
The demons screech and howl in anger. Not understanding what is happening to them.
The cult leader and his posse, stride forward confidently and stand before you. The Greater Water Elemental stands with them, waiting for the order to destroy.
Cult Leader: "Foolish Salaman. Did you really think we wouldn't find out about your demons' little weakness?"
Cultist Summoner: "We are not so easily beaten at our own game."
Succcubus: "Were you afraid your little army would turn against you? Now you pay the price for your cowardice~"
>"Salaman. Use *it*"
Salaman takes out his own scroll of Summon Monster VII and calls forth his own creature.
Blue energy rapidly grows and takes the form of some bizaare monster of Salaman's design.
Cultist Leader: "What!? Elemental kill that thing! Drown them all!"
Cultist Transmuter casts Haste on Greater Water Elemental.
Cultist Summoner drinks potion of sorcery.

>You are in combat

Greater Water Elemental (Haste)
Cult Leader
Cult Summoner
Cult Transmuter


Choose what enemy/enemies you will engage.

>You have 44/68 HP
Choose your next four actions

>Power Attack
>Called Shot
>Counter Attack
>write in
Would the Greater Water Elemental's attacks count as Blunt? as Fists or as elemental?
Though I guess we might not necessarily know the answer to that. So I propose this

>Item (Toxin of Greater Clumsiness) on Cult Leader
>"Die, Bitch!"
>Power Attack (Succubus)
>Power Attack (Succubus)
>Power Attack (Succubus)
Its normal attacks behave like a Crushing Weapon. If you were vulnerable to water it would also do water damage.
I think we should spam our spell that unsummons minions on that water elemental until it works
and waste 4 turns?
It was like a 25% chance to succeed last time, seems worth it to me since salamans demons can't help us until he is gone
last time we weren't dealing with a VII tier monster. what has become of our 25% ?
Level has no effect on vulnerability to Dismissal.
Banishing a Greater Water Elemental is as difficult as banishing a Salamite.
If a creature has magic resistance the chance will be lowered but none of these enemies have any.
>Item (Toxin of Greater Clumsiness) on Cult Leader
>Dismissal (Greater Water Elemental)
>Power Attack (Succubus)
>Power Attack (Succubus)
How about this, then?
File: zeppeli.png (55 KB, 400x400)
55 KB
You open with a Toxin of Greater Clumsiness directly at the Cult Leader.
The flask shatters against him and the toxins eagerly seep into his body, reducing his considerable Dexterity.
Cult Leader: "Scum! I'll shred you alive!"
He moves into engage you but comes to a sudden stop. Ulric's blade clashes against his.
Ulric: "Fight me."
The cultist snarls and changed his focus to Ulric, they begin dueling ferociously.

You turn your attention to the Greater Water Elemental.
It sends Salaman's Immix hurtling away with an enormous torrent, a wave of water wets your knees and lowers as it disperses into the large room. Rather than turning, the elemental reshapes itself so it's now facing you and prepares to attack.
With your Dismissal spell you can destroy this thing in one hit, you decide to take the chance.
You boldly step forward as it prepares to crash down on you.
You cast Dismissal.

Roll 1d100
You need 25 or lower to succeed.
Rolled 76 (1d100)

Rolled 7 (1d100)

Assist alina
>Dismissal (Greater Water Elemental)
Then go help Alina
>Power Attack
Someone roll 1d100 for the Dismissal.
You need a 25 or lower.
Only first roll counts.
Rolled 28 (1d100)

Fuck cultists and fuck elementals
File: stray_summons.png (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB
You go for another Dismissal, you almost make it! But the Elemental manages to keep its form from collapsing.
The Elemental engulfs Shawel, trapping her in its watery body.
Shawel will drown if she can't escape the Elemental's body.
Ulric seems to be at a disadvantage in his duel with the Cult Leader, he's taken a bit of damage.
Alina is being pressured by the Percipients. Both hacking away emotionlessly with their swords.
Salaman is not in danger, he's started summoning hordes of Scorpions to distract the enemy summoner and Olin.

You choose to assist Alina first. Her danger seems to be the most immediate.
You bolt between her and the assailing summons and Defend.
Alina: "Christof!"
Alina casts Protect on you.
>"I've got your back."
Percipient Flurries you for 2 and 1 damage.
Percipient attacks your head for 3 damage.
You prepare to strike back against them when the Immix enters your fight, in one swift motion it grabs a Percipient in each and lifting them off the floor.
Each Percipient sinks into the Immix' body, it's absorbing them!
The Immix' injuries heal and its body changes, its blank face now has a single eye, its wide torso becomes more slender and a long blue blade emerges from its arm.
It unleashes a laser from its new eye, blasting the top of the Greater Water Elemental's body for 40 damage.

Ulric: "I got it! Christof I got the key! I have the key!"
Cult Leader: "Die! Worthless brat!"

>You have 24/68 HP

>write in
Jump in front of Ulric and DEFEND!
> Supporting this
File: blood_in_the_water.png (64 KB, 400x400)
64 KB
Rolled 69 (1d100)

You dive in front of Ulric and DEFEND.
Cult Leader Flurries you for 6 and 7 damage.
Cult Leader: "Weakling! You are no match for my speed! DIE DIE DIE!"

Ulric uses his healing light on you attempting to restore 44 hp, he needs a roll of 65 or lower to succeed.

>write in
Dude, I came so close to suggesting we counter attack flurry last vote. What a shame I didn't
>Power Attack
>Counter Attack (Flurry)
>Power Attack
his weapon ignores armour so Flurry is an attractive option for him
The end of seeker quest cometh, parry his flurry
File: hair_cut.png (36 KB, 400x400)
36 KB
You Power Attack but the Cult Leader easily evades, even with the toxins in his system he's extremely evasive.
Cult Leader: "You are WEAK! Now die fool! DIE!"
Ulric prepares to counter attack[flurry]

Cult Leader jabs you scoring a critical hit! for 13 damage. You are immune to knockdown


You prepare to counter attack[flurry]
Ulric prepares to counter attack[flurry]
Cult Leader: *guttural screeching*

Cult Leader flurries you but you Counter Attack for 40 damage knocking him down. Cult Leader is immune to knockout
Ulric Counter Attacks for 27 damage.


The shattering blow from your hammer concaves his torso.
At the same time Ulric's sword snaps forth cleanly slicing off his head at the throat.
The decapitated Cult Leader falls over backwards onto the wet tiles with a splat.

You turn to see Shawel has escaped the elemental's belly and once again she destroys a portion of its body with her Evaporate spell.
The Greater Water Elemental take a deep slash from the Immix sword. The elemental violently convulses and ruptures, it's body bursts and sprays real non-magical water in all directions as its energy dissapates.
In the other direction the enemy summoner lies dead on the floor heavily mutilated, 12 Scorpions surround the carcass as well as the still conscious Olin who stands petrified, the only one left standing there's nothing he can do.

Olin: "Stay away mortals! Leave me and I wont attack you anymore!"
Our hp dropped below 0 with that jab op
File: drunken.png (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
you have -2/68 HP

"Christof? Are you alright!?"
File: nap_time.png (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
"Heal him! Quick!"
File: lights_out.png (543 B, 400x400)
543 B
543 B PNG
To be continued
Aw shoite
Sorry for 2 days no update, I was sick

[i]You are victorious in combat and gain 4000 XP
You now have 62910[/i]

You awaken alone fully healed on a decently comfortable bed. With real bedding too.
You have some mild pain, and a bit of tiredness but otherwise good to go.
Stepping out of the bed, and into the next room you find your companions loitering about.
Everyone looks your way, alerted by the creeking of the door.
Alina: "Christof!"
Ulric: "Good afternoon sleepyhead."
Shawel: "Good to see you in fighting shape again."
>"Nice to see all of you. What happened while I was out? How long have I been unconcious?"
Salaman: "10 hours."
Ulric: "Well after you went down we had to beat Olin here. Cultists messed with his head and made them think he was one of them, I've been helping him get back to normal."
Olin: "I don't recognize this person at all..."
Ulric: "That's just because you've never seen him without his armour. Anyway. After the fight we found this barracks and set you down to rest in that private bedroom. We've just been sleeping here and then waiting for you."
>"So we're still in the cult base?"
Shawel: "Correct. Salaman's monstrosity has been lurking the area the entire time destroying any remaining enemies. I believe the area is clear."
>"What about Al'gokoz?"
Salaman: "Not accounted for. Now every time I try to use the CB on him it gets disrupted immediately. He must be hiding."
>"Do we still have the keys?"
Ulric and Alina hold up a Black Key each.
Alina: "Safe and sound."

[i]The chamber of the Wish Granter is open to you[/i]

>write in
>"Are you wearing my helmet, Alina?"
>Make preparations to enter the chamber of the Wish Granter. No use putting off fate
>>Make preparations to enter the chamber of the Wish Granter. No use putting off fate
This is a terrible idea, Al'gokoz is baiting us to do exactly that. There is no need to rush, we should clean the entire place before going to the Wish Granter.
>This is a terrible idea, Al'gokoz is baiting us to do exactly that.
He's actually baiting us to use the CURSED MACE. We can beat him up by lying to him about using the accursed weapon.
>Inspect that monolith for cluuuues!

>>Make preparations to enter the chamber of the Wish Granter.
These preparations should include securing a perimeter around the chamber with summons to keep out Al, out at least alert us to his approach.

We can search for him first, but if his plan is to hide and wait to ambush us, he can probably manage to evade us.
Calling the demon being the wish granter and we are about to free him
File: ITS_A_WINDOW_LOOK_OUT.png (12 KB, 400x400)
12 KB
>"Are you wearing my helmet, Alina?"
Alina: "Hey, you weren't using it so I thought i'd try it on. How do I look?"
Ulric: "So! Is it wish time now?"
>"I want to see it more than you do. But I don't want to take any chances at all. I don't want Al messing things up just before we finish."
Shawel: "The coward could attack at any time."
Ulric: "Maybe the Immix killed him while we were asleep?"
Salaman: "Highly unlikely, this is a greater demon we're talking about. The Immix' time has run out anyway. It will disappear in a few minutes."
Alina: "By the way... now that the cult is done for and the Saldemons are liquidated. Are we still keeping Salaman around?"
Salaman: "Don't talk like I'm not here."
>"For now he's still with us. Now I want to check out that monolith from earlier. Let me just get my armour on."

A few minutes later you're lead by your party through the unfamiliar cult base. Olin, still bound in ropes is towed along by Ulric. You soon arrive back at the sight of the battle. The monolith towers above you, emanating magic.
Alina: "What even is this thing?"
Salaman: "This pillar provides various magical services to the castle. It creates an environment that other magical machines (like the spell generating statues and the telepathic disrupter) use to function. It probably provides some passive protections like making the walls resistant to magic, impeding the spread of fire, blocking magical spying etc."
Shawel: "Then why does the crystal ball work?"
Salaman: "Because the crystal ball is cutting edge technology and this is a 100 year old hunk of rock."
>"The castle I live in has a similar room. But instead of a monolith we have ornate shields engraved with magical script. I thought that if I examined the monolith I could determine if it's possible for Al'Gokoz to be INSIDE the Wish Granter's chamber."
Alina: "Can you make sense of this stuff?"
>"It's from another time, but the parts I'm interested are abjuration, and I've worked with this sort of thing before. Just give me some time."
After about half an hour of studying the monolith you are completely unable to understand HOW it works but you can understand WHAT it does. The Wish Granter's chamber has a huge suite of defences; anti-teleportation, magic-immune walls, alarms, damage repulsion, liquid/gas repelling barriers, etc. You are fairly confident nothing can get inside without the keys. If he were inside the room all along you wouldn't of been able to use the crystal ball on him at all.
>"Nothing can get inside the Chamber without the keys. He's out here with us."

>write in
Lets brave the "Keep closed at all times" door
No point in delaying it any more. To the, lesser, wish granter!

This seems more likely than not.
Hold up, >>3808086 What happened to the demon holding the key? Didnt the cult leader end up having the key? Is this the same key dolomite? Did the cult leader have hands like this?

I have an inkling about what's going on here but I need some questions answered 1st.
That was definitely a demon's hand, not a corrupted human's.
The cult leader did end up having a black key which is now in your possession. Shawel and Salaman's magic sense determine the key to be magical.

A: The vision in the CB was completely fabricated by Al'gokoz
B: Both the Cult Leader and Al'gokoz possess identical looking keys
File: bdsm.png (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
You're torn between going straight for the wish and hunting down the demon. You wouldn't want to open the doors and have Al'Gokoz suddenly appear and rush in.
Then again you have no idea of how to track him down, for all you know he could be invisible.
You decide to leave for the Wish Chamber but as you leave the cult base you walk past the metal door from before. This is the place the demon tried to lure you to earlier.
While you look and the door contemplatively, Shawel walks up to the door and crouches to examine the floor in front of it.
Shawel: "Very clever Christof, by jamming this keyhole with rice we know the lock hasn't been disturbed since we last saw it. Not a single grain has fallen on the floor."
Salaman: "You're being a bit presumptious, a demon might be able to walk through walls, or turn into liquid and seep under the door."
Alina: "You think Algo has just been hiding in here the whole time?"
Shawel: "I think the demon might actually be trapped in his room, that's why it hasn't revealed itself yet."
Alina: "haha What? Because Christof shoved rice in the keyhole?"
Shawel: "No I think the Cultists, trapped him in here deliberately, with my magic sense I can tell this door has some sort of spell on it."
Salaman: "It's just a simple 'Hold Portal' spell."
Shawel: "Oh. Well I still think it's possible the demon is simply trapped here. It's the only place that hasn't been searched."
Salaman: "Well. Good. We can just ignore him, his summoning will wear off in a few weeks."
>"Do not lie to me Salaman! I know a demon's summoning doesn't just expire."
Salaman: "Okay okay okay. If you want to take responsibility for banishing this demon, I Salaman offer my assistance. But I recommend you use the wish to restore your homeland before you risk your life."
Before you can respond Olin pipes up.
Olin: "Hey guys. One: I don't think Azahl will be happy if you use the wish thing. Two: can you release me now? I'm mostly back to normal. And Three: If you DO use the wish thing can I have one of the wishes?"

>write in
C: The demon is Olin in disguise. He was in the room with the key, and can't "remember" anything. And now we have to take him with us to the wish granter.

We were able to scry the demon before so he can't be in the wish granter room.
>Yes, no and no.
Question: can we just smash the door open with our hammer
No, it's too tough, you can't even lockpick it because you jammed it.
But Salaman could melt the lock with his acid spell in a decent amount of time.
From your okayish knowledge of demons you do know that some of them can take possession of someones body if they fall unconscious, Olin's feign death thing might make him vulnerable to this.
The death of a host can be very harmful (or lethal) to a demon so they usually abandon a host if it's near death.
An exorcist can force out a demon.
How about we turn around and go explore entrance 2 from here
You're probably right.
No. In fact, I'm not certain you're not possessed.

We can't trust Olin to bring him near the wish granter.
Yes, no, no. Olin is not going to go anywhere near the wish granter.

Can we reinforce and or block the door somehow?
File: destiny.png (31 KB, 400x400)
31 KB
>"yes, no, and no. In fact, I'm not certain you're not possessed."
Olin: "POSSESSED! Are you serious!? Well at least give me my shirt back."

>"Okay, I've made up my mind. We're going straight for the Wish. If the demon jumps out of hiding when we opens the doors. We'll be ready. Is there any way we can block or reinforce this door before we go?"
Ulric: "We could pile a bunch of furniture in front of it."
>"Good enough, everyone haul whatever you can find in front of this door."
Alina: "How about dead bodies, plenty of those lying around."
>"No Alina, that's inappropriate."
Ulric: "(And macabre)"
Olin: "You'll work for a man like Azahl yet you condemn making use of corpses. You 'code of honor' types baffle me."

You spend the next few minutes heaving random pieces of junk in front of the door. There's now a sizable pile of junk blocking the way. You exit the rotten corridors of the cult base and navigate to the great doors to the chamber of the wish granter.
You simply stand there looking at the door and zone out.
Alina: "Christof? Are we gonna do it?"
>"...yeah. Salaman, summon as many monsters you can as possible. Have them guard the area."
Salaman sits down and places his spellbook open on his lap and methodically summons 5 Percipients.
Ulric and Alina hand you their keys.
Ulric: "Hey. Christof. We talked it over. It's okay if you want to go in alone."
>"No, come with me. This is what we've been fighting for this whole time, I want to do it with you all standing by my side. I trust you all not to try and steal the wishes. Salaman... You.. May enter with us as well."
You turn to your prisoner.
>"Olin will stay out here. Salaman, order your minions to 'take action' if Olin tries to run away or enter the chamber."
Olin: "You bastards! You were sent here to RESCUE me!"
You ignore him.
>"It's time."

>Open the doors
>Open the doors
It's showdown time!!
File: 1513535742402.jpg (210 KB, 1280x1352)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
>>Open the doors
Time for things to go immeasurably wrong!
>>Open the doors

Get on the floor
Everyone walk the dinosaur
Ooooooooh maaaaaaaaan
File: guessing.png (82 KB, 600x800)
82 KB
File: Spoiler Image (60 KB, 600x800)
60 KB
The entity levitates above you. Many alien eyes belonging to a single head look down at you.
After examining you and your party for a few moments its eyes start looking in every direction, observing the environment.
This thing that came out of the metal cube patiently floats about waiting for you to speak.

>write in
Loved the cutscene!
>"I wish for the drought plaguing Uthain to come to an end."
File: CY1_JX9UsAAu0oo.jpg (70 KB, 800x600)
70 KB
"Alina, if anything goes wrong, use the second one in the following manner: 'I, magic world here, for the drought plaguing Uthain to come to an end.' "
Look at Ulric, make him know that you are serious. "Don't do anything hasty, and if you truly can't help yourself, wait for Alina to finish her CERTAIN WORD. Understood? Just nod if so."

First wish:
"I, Christof of Uthain and Seeker of the Wish Granter, wish to know, retain the memory of and be able to ensure the accuracy of everything that your creators, 'your creators' creators as in all the mortals involved in the creation(construction/establishment) of this wish granter, and past users, 'past users' as in mortals that wished upon this wish granters before me, knew about this wish granter."

Second wish:
After that we should probably know if the following is a good idea, or be brain dead.
"I wisht for the drought that is currectly aflicting the kingdomm of Uthain to come to a satisfactory end, in a manner that would bring enduring properity to the kingdomm of Uthain, all in accored with the will of my heart and interpreting, and contextualicing, all my worlds under the human perpective, common sence and logic."

And for the third one:
>(although you may have your own ideas of what to wish for.)
Give me the mystery box!
I wish to not get "monkey pawed" by any of my wishes
Yeah this guy just wants to make 3 wishes out of the blue. Lets just stick with one for now, how about that
>"Alina, if anything goes wrong, use the second one in the following manner: 'I, magic world here, for the drought plaguing Uthain to come to an end.' "
Alina: "I understand"
You look at Ulric.
>"Don't do anything hasty, and if you truly can't help yourself, wait for Alina to finish her CERTAIN WORD. Understood? Just nod if so."
He gives you a quick nod.

You step forward and look up at the creature.
>"I, Christof of Uthain and Seeker of the Wish Granter, wish to know, retain the memory of-"
You are interrupted as a bass ethereal voice emenates from the wish granter's mouth area.
Ayanos the Murderer: "Hold seeker. The granting of wishes follows certain protocols. But first, I am compelled to introduce myself: I am Ayanos the Murderer and I possess the power to grant 3 wishes. I Ayanos, offer to anyone in this room two wishes, in exchange you will use one of my wishes on my behalf."
>"And what exactly would 'Ayanos the Murderer' -ish for?"
Ayanos the Murderer: "Any one of you seekers will wish for my freedom, I will tell you exactly how to word the wish. Once that wish is granted, you are free to use the remaining two however you like. You may speak freely, one cannot accidentally make a wish."
>"What if we refuse?"
Ayanos the Murderer: "Then you will leave with your wishes ungranted and I will return to sleep in that strange little box until another seeker arrives. Your presence here and your knowledge shows the wishes I granted a century ago have at long last attracted those who might release me."

>write in
>"I have questions. Why do they call you 'The Murderer' and why are you imprisoned?"
What will you do once freed?
Also ask about AL, who is he and is he related to ayanos in some way.

How did ayanos come to be in this world?
How, why and when were you originally going to be released?
File: the_mystery_box.png (6 KB, 400x400)
6 KB
>"I have questions."
Ayanos the Murderer: "Ask them."
>"Why do they call you 'The Murderer' and why are you imprisoned?"
Ayanos the Murderer: "I murdered one of my own kind. As punishment I was sentenced to be imprisoned in a featureless void for a minor eternity. When a djinn commits a serious crime they are given a curse which compells them to introduce themselves with a new title that indicates their crime. My true name is Ayanos the Sculptor. The criminal is also forced to answer questions relating to their crime truthfully."
Ulric: "Sculptor? Is that a metaphor or something?"
Ayanos the Murderer: "No, I am an artist. I make statues."
>"What will you do once freed?"
Ayanos the Murderer: "I will find myself a nice rock in outer space and spend the rest of my sentence alone, practicing my art in tranquility."
>How, why and when were you originally going to be released?
Ayanos the Murderer: "I do not understand what you mean. My kin would release me after my sentence had elapsed. As for the humans who thought themselves my captors; I presume they intended to keep me prisoner indefinitely."
>"Are you familiar with a demon named Al'gokoz?"
Ayanos the Murderer: "I do not associate myself with demons. I recommend you do the same. Some demons have the ability to grant wishes, but it's unlikely this 'Al'gokoz' compares to my capabilities. Even if he could match me, demons cannot be trusted. They only use their wish granting ability for evil."
>"How did you come to be in this world?"
He points to the golden box, unfolded into a net on the floor.
Ayanos the Murderer: "This curious device. I was trapped in my personal void prison and a strange magical energy reached out to me, like a chain being dangled into a deep pit. I grabbed onto the 'chain' and it pulled me from my 'pit' into that box. That is how I came into this world. How the humans created the box I do not know, it clearly uses Djinn technology. Unfortunately I was never able to discover the origin of the artifact. The humans who once lived here seemed to have a very naive understanding of the box and its functionalities."
Salaman: "Yes, i've never sensed magic quite like it, but it has similarities to the magic you're emanating."
Ayanos the Murderer: "I grow weary of these questions. And I am very eager to gain my freedom. Release me now seeker."
Shawel: "Ha. He tries to rush our decision like a tawdry merchant!"
Ayanos the Murderer: "..."

>write in
"Very well. These terms suit me. I will use a wish to grant you freedom. But first, you will end the drought plaguing Uthain. And secondly..."
Anyone have ideas for a second wish?
First, we should not state our wish before he says how to liberate him. He has say that he wants that wish worded in a particular way. Wording matters.

Why are you in such a hurry? Haven't you been imprisoned for centuries at least? How come other have used the wish granter before but you are still imprisoned?
You're right, supporting this
File: FOE.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
>"Why are you in such a hurry? Haven't you been imprisoned for centuries at least?"
Ayanos the Murderer: "Ever since I was pulled into this world I haven't had to wait at all. Normally I would be forced to remain concious for my entire imprisonment. The box allows me to circumvent that and put myself into suspended animation, thus although I have been in this world for over a hundred years to me only a few hours have passed. Very convinient. Amusingly the humans thought the box was a prison, but its true purpose seems to be to help a djinn *escape* from prison."
Alina: "But you're already out of your void dimension. Can't you just go free now?"
Ayanos the Murderer: "I am still tethered to my void prison. The box is like an anchor, preventing me from being pulled back into it. As long as i'm tethered I will be forced to remain close to the box. Also as long as the tether exists I will be forced to follow the rules of the prison dimension, which supresses my power and prevents me sleeping (without the assistance of the box of course.)"

>"How come others have used the wish granter before but you are still imprisoned?"
The humans of yester-century were extremely wary of me and my wish granting abilities. They wouldn't free me under any circumstances. Perhaps they were scared I would destroy them? Even in my supressed state I am quite powerful. I decided to fulfil several of their wishes, hoping that the secret of my power would escape into the world and a more desperate human would seek me out, one that would be willing to set me free. When one thinks about a wish they want granted, a djinn can read relevant parts of their mind and memories to help design the effects of the wish properly. Your mind has already exposed that you have come here to make a specific wish of great importance. I don't think leaving empty handed is an option for you."

>"From what I've heard there is more than one Wish Granter in these lands."
Ayanos the Murderer: "Oh? They managed to find me, so the idea of more djinn being here is definitely possible. However. I was plucked from a prison. If the other djinn are also criminals that were placed in a void prison, they may not be as friendly as I am."

Ayanos the Murderer: "Now. Allow me to explain the protocols of making a wish."

Step 1: The seeker declares what he wants.
Step 2: The djinn describes a wish that will fulfil that desire and speaks the words "Is this what you wish for?" The seeker may decline to ask for further details or alter the wish, going back to step 1.
Step 3: The seeker says yes. By speaking the words "Make it so."
Step 4: The djinn speaks the words "So be it." and snaps his fingers. At this moment the wish takes effect. If miscommunication or deception on what this wish's direct effects are going to be (through lies, half-truths or deception by omission) the wish fails to activate and you have to start over again. Unexpected consequences are still possible.
Ayanos the Murderer: "Your first wish will be worded thusly: 'I wish for the freedom of Ayanos the Murderer when he grants two more wishes.' If you attempt to change the wording I will refuse to grant the wish."

Shawel: "So the djinn can't lie about the wish?"
Ulric: "Unless Ayanos the Sculptor is lying about not being able to lie."
>"Your wording doesn't specify to whom the wishes will go to. Change it.
Damn, Ayanos the Murderer has a conditional name, as long as he is imprisoned he is the Murderer but when free he could be the Sculptor. That makes it tricky to bind him to conditions ather liberation. Like "Don't interfere with this world anymore." That would prevent him for, you know, destroying the kingdom of sculpting proyectiles to drop from the orbit.
I am hesitant, but ask Shawel and Salaman about this.They may have some experience or knowledge about dealing with powerful magical creatures.
Meta: Hes already fucked himself since he assumes we will ask for 2 more wishes and not just 1. I also thought he was going to grant everyone wishes, but I guess we collectively only grant 3.

Ask him about the specifics of his crime, im very interested in this. see if he is willing to update his 1st wish to include a clause that prevents him from fucking up our universe in any way after his release, or him monkey pawing us.
>"Your wording doesn't specify to whom the wishes will go to. Change it."
Ayanos the Murderer: "I worded it that way deliberately. Otherwise you might ask for one wish and leave. This way even if you run away after making one wish eventually another seeker will come, and when I grant his wish I will be free. No, the wording shall remain exactly as I stated it."
>"Is it possible to include a clause that prevent you from harming this world when you're free?"
Ayanos the Murderer: "No, however you're free to waste your second wish to permanently prevent me from attempting to harm this planet and/or its inhabitants. Not that I would bother causing harm to this world in the first place."
>"You said you are compelled to truthfully answer questions about your crime?"
He lets out a long slow gravelly growl.
Ayanos the Murderer: "Correct."
>"Then tell us about your crime. Who did you murder and why."
Ayanos the Murderer: "Imagine being immortal and dedicating your entire existence, the entire culmination of your being to an art, yet still be considered the 'second best artist.' To live in the shadow of another for all eternity. THAT is why I killed my brother Sokason The Magnificent, now I stand alone as the ultimate artist in the universe. It feels good to know: throughout all creation I have no equal."

>"I need a moment to discuss this."
Ayanos the Murderer: "Very well."
You huddle up with your group and ask Shawel and Salaman their opinions.
>"Do either of you have experience powerful magical creatures?"
Shawel: "I once encounterd a dark spirit as powerful as Ayanos, however this djinn will apparently become even more powerful after being freed. I'm not sure we can beat him even in his imprisoned state. What do you make of this Salaman? Your senses seem to be more refined than mine."
Salaman: "His magic doesn't really give off the feeling of being optimized for combat which is a plus. He seems to have a wide variety of powers. If he becomes more powerful after attaining freedom he may be unstoppable but I don't think he's going to become stronger, I think he'll just be able to fully tap into the power we can currently sense. He might not be that dangerous in his current state."
Shawel: "Even if he can't use magic at all I get the impression he can sculpt rock with his bare hands, and those little chicken wing things on his torso. He might be strong enough to just punch us to death. But until he is freed I believe we can eject him back into his prison by destroying the box."
>"So how do you estimate his power and our chances if we fight him in his unleashed state if he doesn't become stronger."
Salaman: "Maybe if you used the second wish to gain a weapon or some sort of combat advantage we would have a good chance."

>thread created 21 days ago
whew, is this board ded? I'll probably make a new thread for next update.
>whew, is this board ded?
It has been pretty slow lately, more so than the immediate past in which it was relatively less slow than now but still pretty slow. It is not /po/, yet.

I am thinking to conceding him the first wish, using the second to fix the drought and the final one to force him back to the prison, the void prison, not the cube.
>Your terms are acceptable. I wish for the freedom of Ayanos the Murderer when he grants two more wishes. Make it so."
>"I wish for the drought plaguing Uthain to come to an end. Make it so."
The problem with the 1st wish is that he doesn't actually have to grant our next two wishes if he doesn't feel like it. Since he can just wait eons for the next seeker as it only amounts to a few hours to him.

He can just sit around and wait for some sucker. He has to add a Claus that if he decides our next two wishes are not worth granting then the 1st wish is anulled. There is no reason for him to disagree unless he wants to fuck with us.

I do not back this. We can pad the drought wish with much more prosperity for the kingdom and our companions.
You guys are paranoid. This wish granter seems like a swell guy. And if you think we can word our wish for Uthain better then go ahead. Something like...
>"I wish for the land of Uthain to prosper once more."
Also, for our third wish I propose:
>"I wish for Salaman to henceforth only be capable of speaking in rhymes. Make it so."
File: Spoiler Image (13 KB, 232x293)
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Next update and new thread in a couple of days.
Thanks for playing!
>The problem with the 1st wish is that he doesn't actually have to grant our next two wishes if he doesn't feel like it. Since he can just wait eons for the next seeker as it only amounts to a few hours to him.
I don't think that's an issue. He wants to grant any two wishes. The eons trick only works if he's in the box.

>I do not back this. We can pad the drought wish with much more prosperity for the kingdom and our companions.
This. Crowley style.

Thanks for running.

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