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Nation RP Hex Edition™


>1 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3580812/
>2 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3619601/
>3 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3659197/
>4 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3703876/

Rules and Information:
Read the OP before you ask dumb questions.

Standard RP rules apply.

The purpose of this is to create an enjoyable story through gameplay and RP, remember that there is no winning or losing, good RP and loremaking is the goal.

Be reasonable. (Most important rule)

All players may post 2 actions (one turn) once they start, after this they may post another turn after 5 other players have posted their own turns. You may also post one turn per day without waiting for 5 players to post.
Diplomacy and lore posts do not count as an action.

Claimed hexes signify land occupied by the population
All players passively gain land each map update. In your OP you may specify if you wish to opt out of this.
Each hex is roughly 50 miles.

Cities can only be founded in tiles occupied for at least 1 turn prior.

Magic is not attainable through start.

Max starting tech should be equivalent to the bronze age.

DMed Wars: If players request, or it is needed due to OOC conflict, OP may moderate wars through both players posting an attack and/or defense to which OP analyzes and comes to a conclusion.

OP's word is law and reserves the right to retcon any posts requiring such action.
Expect IC catastrophes for poor behavior.

Grievances are to be directed to OP through private messages. Any complaints not issued this way are invalid.

More rules and information exists but the above are simply the most important.

Barter and exchange blood.
The dwarves return shouts, asking for trade. Their weapons still drawn, but not in a threatening manner.
They would also ask for the presence of a leader.

Above, the Grenoll would encounter the wyvern resting atop the summit, being either unaware or uncaring of their presence at the moment.

Below, the Grenoll are told of impending danger, that their neighbors intend bloody conflict. Preemptive actions are urged, and those listening are given blessings.

Ulaan cautiously watches the harpies as they approach, though it does not attack. It would speak to the harpies in a foreign tongue, which they cannot understand.

The beast on the icy summit departs once more, again traveling west.
>>The Paraskinia

>>3737051 >Diplo
Upon hearing the rather well pronounced Harpy, the Harpies immediately assume that their language had somehow transmitted all the way to these unmet people of the south. They immediately begin conversing with the scholars, completely missing the fact that they need to parse what they are saying with the one holding the Scroll of Thousand Tongues. After initial hurdles, they express their history in song and dance. Also using paintings and calligraphy to better explain, since the translator can only parse so much at once with everyone talking together.
The Harpies are the Harpies, who indeed can fly. They in particular come from Soulamere to the east; and are a part of the Bronzecrest Conclave, one of the major factions that lead the Paraskinian people. Though various individuals might mention offhandily about various other regions they've grown up in or moved from, as it seems most harpies don't tend to stay in place like most land-striders do. Most are unaware where exactly the amber came from, most of it having traded hands from various individual harpies or from the Myststalker conclave as some trade arrangement or another. When asked about secrets, many harpies just start singing various songs they have heard from the grape vine, including love confessions from one harpy to another or a warning about not eating a specific type of mushroom in the shroomland swamps. Many harpies continue to talk the ears off of the scholars on all sorts of mundane trivia or small talk about the weather and some such.

While most of the harpies are free to babble and squawk as they please, when it comes down to brass tacks a particularly shrewd looking grandma harpy comes forth with a few others. Apparently higher ups from the Bronzecrest Conclave. Confirming with the Grenoll representatives, >>3745307, they inform the Erabs about the use of harpy across much of the northern and eastern world. Offering some harpy scripts and missives as examples for the scholars. They do however, agree to the desire for a more standardized currency. They share the current stance on unified currency that the other nations in the harpy trade circuit have come to.
Dorf, there should be walls at my borders.

>1. Using their knowledge on architecture, Senori create new siege tactics to bring down fortifications
>2. Senori siege the fort Deus; attacking its weak points to break the walls down and slaughtering the inhabits.
>>The Paraskinia

>The Paraskinian Almanacs
>Mystwood Amber

With the harpies having experienced almost every corner of the world, work begins on culminating that knowledge onto script, so that the other Land-Strider races can too learn of the wider world and its many mystiques. Written in harpy, the occasional loan word from Symbian, Senorii, or Grenoll appears where it is regionally or academically appropriate. The Paraskinian Almanacs soon turn from a single tome into a series; each volume covering a different region, specialty, or field of knowledge.
Upon their completion, the harpies ask for the Grenoll's access to the printing presses in Lekrogge to begin printing these tombs en masse for global distribution.

As the Bronzecrest conclave members soon realize, their new potential trade partners, the Erabs, seem to have a distinct affinity for amber. Seeing as they have a more direct source of the substance, the Harpies begin brining sap from the Mystwood trees to more appropriate regions where it can quickly solidify into copal and amber. The amber is largely stockpiled for future trade leveraging, while copal is allowed more free distribution for trade and jewelry making.

See >>3744190 (Show the wyvern pictures of the harpies helping build it wings, and build them if it agrees)
>Great Winged One
Meanwhile, the devout dozen or so harpies flock with the Great Winged One, servicing it, hunting for it, and generally being awesome wingmen.
File: Fort.png (52 KB, 574x516)
52 KB


Paraskinia: >>3746771

The Grenoll are happy to facilitate the printing of these almanacs, and the presses of Lekrogge seem to sing as much as their owners and clients as a stream of printed tomes flows from them.

The message from below is very troublesome, but not very informative. A need to prepare is considered, but what do we need to prepare against? The Grenoll council debates, and makes the decision that they don't know any details yet, commissioning new defenses in leiu of anything specific..

>Action 1:

The Fortress of Nolire is raised in the north-east, east of Thillup upon a section of prominent coastal heights.

>Action 2:

The fortress of Stertene is raised in the south-west, also overlooking the coast.
Dorf I don't think I got anymore of the Senori lands from my previous assault.

>1. Using their knowledge on warfare, the Chosen exploit army positions and use well placed scouts to ambush the Senori army.

>2. Chosen assault the workers building the wall, raiding camps In the night and making progress on the significant border wall slower, and extremely costly.
The Elthurians have a musical tradition of singing chants in places of worship. There are different parts of the chant for different sexes and age groups. It's a bit of a nightmare to teach everyone their part without a system so one priest devised a system. Bar lines and dots. The dots represent a note and the place on the bar line tells you what note.
>Action 1:

With further experiments continuing in bow-design, the Grenoll develop the Longbow. Whilst superficially simpler then their Crossbow, the weapon is found to have a longer range, and in the hands of a practiced professional is found to be much the superior weapon. The only problem is that professional practice is an essential to their use; in the hands of an amateur they can barely be used.

>Action 2:

The Grenoll make further developments to the sails and steering of their ships, further increasing the speed and maneuverability of the Grenoll fleet.
File: Palace of Trade.png (663 KB, 1023x738)
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663 KB PNG
Trade? the master is skeptical, but nonetheless offers shelter from the beating sun in the west customs house, a strikingly grand building for its surroundings, faced in white limestone when all around is mud- and sand- stone. A large hall is cleared to accommodate the crew. The master explains he deals with foreign trade at the west docks, by appointment of the King himself. But if he will not suffice, a more senior official may be called, though at present they are conducting business with other delegates

All of the information is devoured and meticulously, although slowly, written down in the curving Elthurian script which had grown popular for shorthand, no matter how mundane the information may seem. Though truthfully the petty squawking of love interests and who stole fruit from who is disregarded. In time, a huge collection of scrolls of Gra'am papyrus is carted away to be catalogued for the new library.
When the topic turns from history to trade however, a sort of solemn silence falls around, real business begins. Though not the first official trade council, this preliminary talk would be a good indicator of what may be accomplished. However, with the abundance of wine and heavy foods, even the top brass is in little way to strike lasting deals. There is much apologising for this, though reassurances that the trade council will not be such a, colourful, affair.

>Action 1
The men of Asqu, whose days are long and filled with boredom, watching the quiet mouth of the Strait, have developed a new thing; glass. With their closely-held secret methods, a mixture of fine sand, ash, and crushed stone is heated together to form a strange liquid, which can then be flattened, resulting in odd discs of yellow glass. At first they are seen as a novelty, a curio to add to the cabinet, but soon an enterprising young noblewoman crafts a frame to hold a stack of these discs, creating for herself a window. In no time these expensive, fragile windows are installed in the King's Palace, along with Grand Temples, and many well-to-do members of the elite. Some middling classes may be able to afford a single window, which is moved between rooms. Glass becomes the latest show of wealth; A single disc going for the price of at least 3 months wages for a peasant farmer.
> (really bad glass production)

>Action 2
In view of Bet-Nisirtu, for the upcoming trade council, construct a great hall furnished in finery from the King's Palace. For it commission a grand table and all around high chairs of fine sweet-scented cedar. Fill the windows with the new yellow-glass, crowned all round with Isitu blue paint (the good mineral stuff, not the plant stuff) and gold hammered thin. All other manners of luxury are poured into the construction, so that all may know the wealth of Erabumakta and her people.
> (build the trade hall "Egalturru" on the X)
>Action 1:

The longbow is refined, made easier to draw , notch and loose. The Grenoll set up specialized Longbow companies, to train and practice and drill in the use of these weapons.

>Action 2:

Fouled water has always been a problem, no matter how carefully waste is controlled and redirected the waste will always be present to some degree, and water that gets waste into it is not good water. The Grenoll begin experimentation with waste water management, redirecting the largest concentrations of waste-water and allowing it to flow through a series of specialized ponds and reed-beds in which the waste is slowly neutralized.
After a while of only voice choir people realize that instruments can also be used with the barline system. The pioneer and great composer of this musical variety is Glarius Cazen. His brilliance is soon noticed and he is commissioned by parliament and the king. He wants to write a piece of music for the Erabite king's court. He is currently awaiting permission.
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Ulaan warily accepts aid upon its wings.

The beast flies much too fast for any harpy to keep up with, but on its return, it brings with it a large stone container, holding within a variety of treasures, mainly being strange gold coins and gems. These would be given to the loyal harpies.

When asked for specifics upon the danger, they would only be told that their neighbors pose a dire threat, any further information cannot be told until it would be too late.

Any leader will do, so long as simple diplomacy is possible. They would ask for map information and simple questions regarding the Erab people.
A designated trader among the crew would offer valuable goods harvested freshly from the sea, including: oils, bone, meat, blubber, and various rare sea life.
Items the dwarves would wish to obtain would be any alcohols, food, and supplies for repairing their ships, as well as Erab tools.
Meanwhile, the anchored vessels would produce a thick cloud of smoke overhead from the forges within their wooden confines, also lightly polluting the waters with waste.


The dwarves begin mass exploration among the waters below in their new diving mushrooms. Being that they are so expensive to produce and purchase, only wealthy crews are able to obtain them, but it would become well worth it, as the products they find below the waters would turn out to be prized among the population back home. Shellfish become a delicacy in the mountainhomes, and pearls begin to be found in works of art. Every day it would seem a new creature or material is found with the use of these diving mushrooms.
>Underwater Exploration

Effort is put into the design and production of lightweight armors to be used at sea. Using mostly Aetrkor, although expensive, would be the prime material as its low weight would minimize the risk of drowning and allow swift movement aboard ships. Light plates in specific areas are used, aiming to glance blows off of vital parts of the body while not over encumbering the user.
>Armor Upgrades
>>The Paraskinia

>Fund aqueducts to the Wyvern-blooded capital

The harpies approach the Grenoll of Cielgarde with a novel idea. Taking the designs from the Isle of Waterways, the harpies architect a series of structures to channel fresh water from the snow-caped mountain peaks down to the Wyvern Capital. In order to better relations as well as provide a more sustainable source of water to them. In exchange, the harpies would fund it from their earnings from their Vassal; as well as more time in ownership of the scroll of rain, as the wyverns would need it less.

After the fight with the mushroom men left many harpies injured or harmed, new ideas for weapons were thought up. While the firepot, aercast javelin, and aercast lance were all valuable assets for air-to-ground combat, they required the harpy to dedicate themselves in a steep dive for the most accurate and damaging attack. As such, the Myststalker and Bloodscale Conclaves engaged in a group combat drills with various inventions between them for the best new weapon.
This resulted in the Sky-talon, an extremely sharp and accurate thrown projectile, that required less of a dive and more of a fly-by for equipped harpies. The sky-talon is similar to a harpy's talon in shape, just mirrored like a card, with a hole in the center for stability and reduced weight. This allows a harpy to hold multiple in each foot, either for several individual throws or a single fusillade of blades. It is highly effective at shredding through air, foliage, and flesh while maintaining its trajectory, though it has a tendency to break after piercing harder substances.

>Diplo: Paraskinia:

The Grenoll agree to the Paraskinia offer, and send labour and materials northward for the Aqueduct project..

>Action 1:

The Grenoll practice war-games with one another, drilling their armies and giving them some experiance.

>Action 2:

Grenoll make more advances in medicine, and try to understand their physiology a little more. A Tadpole will grow limbs as they become a Grenoll - is it possible that a Grenoll who has lost a limb might be able to grow one back?
Re-enforce the borders walls by researching new architecture techniques. Building stronger and grander buildings
With long hours every day and night, over time Senori discovered how to calm their inner energy to steel their bodies.
"Then, happily, I may oblige. Your offered goods prove valuable, though perhaps, narrow. Nevertheless, we offer in return our skills as ship-builders, though far different to yours. We produce a range of dried fruits, smoked meats, hardtack, perfect as rations, as well as sheeps cheese, sweet wine, and delicacies too many to name." The master thinks a moment, and orders his boy quietly to bring him from the stores a bolt of blue linen, not the good stuff, from the bins next to the damaged pillar, wipe the stucco and spider webs from it first. He turns back to the dwarves & smiles wide, showing dark, crooked teeth, "And of course, our specialty, fabrics dyed vividly, and steadfastly!"
On the matter of tools, the master knows little, as many Erabite tools are produced in Elthuria, in Gra'am, which he shows on a scrappy map of the region, useless for travel as nothing is in proportion.

>Action 1
Lime-iron? Liron? A name will be found eventually for this latest advance. The addition of limestone rock, and other secret ingredients and processes, produces far stronger iron than before. The findings are shared with the Elthurians, who would be better suited for producing it in larger quantities (>>3760322)
> (Steel. Tech advance given to Elthu too.)

>Action 2
Large quantities of the fire-powder is imported from Grenoll (>>3758914), often underhandedly. Dried by Ariru on the flat roofs of Harpatu, it is shipped to the mines of Kaltappi, packed tightly in wooden drums. There it is used to blast vast quantities of rock and ore from the ground, greatly improving mining speed. As a downside however, many miners subsequently become deaf. A small price to pay!
> (Dynamite? Something similar, only used for mining)
Invites are sent to our neighbours, with extra supplied to be given to their established trading partners.
>>3760322 >>3769677 >>3769578 >>3749769 >>3761518 >>3772833 >>SIMBIANS (I think that's everyone)
In the glittering halls of Egalturru, the ostentatious display of Erabite wealth, literally "The Palace of Trade", the meeting is called. Five items are on the agenda:
First, the use amongst the parties of a shared currency, not to supersede the existing currency of a nation, but as an additional currency accepted by all traders.
Second, the use amongst the parties of a shared trade-language to ease the flow of transaction.
Third, likewise, the use amongst the parties of a shared script, one which may be used to write all languages, including the trade language.
Fourth, the construction and maintenance of a system of trade roads, as well as the establishing of maritime trade routes.
Finally, Fifth, the restrictions which may be placed upon trade, including tariffs & tolls.
The Harpatu Delegation, those sent to represent Erabumakta, consist of a translator who holds the Scroll of a Thousand Tongues, the wealthiest merchant in the nation to lobby in trading interests, a priest of Ariru to lobby for religious interests, a royal eunuch to lobby for noble & royal interests, and finally a rich mine-owner & manufacturer to lobby industrial interests.
The council is open.
>Action 1
Private money pours into the construction of larger, more effective furnaces, kilns and other engines of creation in the Elthurian city of Gra'am. This new advancement must be further studied, and it is hoped that with this extra funding, and a relaxation of tariffs for the import of raw earth materials from Kaltappi and Asqu that perhaps even further advancements may be made.
> (Pour money into Graham's Town. >>3760322)

>Action 2
An eccentric nobleman by the name of Buhru has developed a strange device which brings together the fires of Ariru and the waters of Kuppi in an odd marriage. A hollow bronze vessel, mounted on each side with an angled spout is held on a pivot. The vessel is filled halfway with water, and the whole thing suspended above a cauldron in which a fire is lit. Soon the vessel spins madly, setting out jets of steam and a high whistle emits. Though of little practical use, it delights those who see it, and soon becomes a temple wonder.
> (Aeolipile)

The fat merchant is first to speak, having discussed the matter in depth with his fellows before the meeting even began. He lays out the Harpatu Delegation's ideas in turn;
Three coins of metal; 1 of bronze, 1 of iron, 1 of silver; of a shared design, which is minted each in a capital. The coin of bronze to be minted in Paraskinia, the coin of iron to be minted in Grenuis, and the coin of silver to be minted in Harpatu. In each city should be built an exchange, where one may trade this currency for his nation's. This trade coin should be backed, smaller amounts in grain, larger amounts in gold & amber.
It is understood that in the north, the harpy language is commonly spoken, but the Erabite and Elthurian throat cannot easily recreate such sounds. We put it that the singing tones of Ayabba-Erabite be made the Southern Trade Tongue, as long intermingling with the frogfolk of Grenoll has shaped this dialect to be more easily spoken by us.
Likewise it is seen that the scratching script of the harpies is widely used. Official documents of the Erabites are pressed in the strange clay of our lands, and our records stretch back to before the first chiefs. We see though that such a practice is cumbersome, and instead propose the flowing Elthurian script, written with stiff brushes on Gra'am papyrus. The tools are light, and many improvisations can be made along with road.
As to the latter, he can say little, given the limited Erabite knowledge of existing networks, and the vast Chosen empire which divides the continent.
The Senori representative is an wizened old man, but yet he moves and talks like he's in his prime.
A shared currency isn't a problem, in fact, Senori support it for ease of trading, but what would happen one or two nation goes bankrupt or falls? Senori need a backup plan to fully support universal currency.
The thunder angel tongue is the most common second language to the Senori. Learning a new one would take some time. If you would help us, we will gladly teach it to the people.
In favor for it.
The war with the Skeletons has been us on edge and we do not want them to use the roads to quickly go through our lands
Senori suggest only a couple of tariffs on luxuries and the tolls be at a medium rate.
>>The Paraskinia

>Discovery of electricity

As talks of trade begin to resonate within the harpy grapevine, the Bronzecrest Conclave begin to discuss better ways to ship larger bulk trade. The majority of goods is carried by individual harpies, or by a few using a series of ropes and nets. Fast, but not the most robust or efficient. Taking inspiration from the Grenoll river-boats (and according to one very drunk harpy, the bats of Grenoll told them of the secret), harpies begin to fashion larger rafts that can be strapped to multiple harpies. Flying in unison, they can transport more goods now.

One day, as a series of harpies transporting amber fly higher than normal, they began to feel something different. A series of small crackles, pops, and the smell of ozone in the air. When one tried to touch the amber, they received the slightlest of shocks from it, and saw a small zap like miniture lightning. While not very well understood, and more of a novelty for now, many harpies soon enjoyed bringing amber jewelry with them, or long strips of thin metal, and watching as their hair stood on end after flight.

With their newfound wealth, the few loyal harpies decide to equip themselves in a manner befitting of their benefactor. Through less upstanding Bronzecrest merchants, they procure themselves the materials to make custom suits of scalemail armor. Using the skulls of wyvern-blooded for helmets, the entire suit is dyed an off-white to match the dracolich.

>>3772944 Trade Council
Most of the harpy representatives are Bronzecrest conclave leaders and members, along with a few members of the Myststalker conclave.
1. The Harpies agree that a trade currency would help expedite trade extensively, however there is still the issue of what to use, while maintaining some semblance of stability. They also have particular interest in the shape, as they'd prefer something easy and un-encumbering to carry while flying.
2. The Harpies immediately begin proposing their language to be the primary trade language. With a wide vocal range, the language has been able to accommodate half of the members already present. Including one of the most populace members of the council, the Grenoll.
3. The harpies also propose their own script for the trade language. Offering examples in their Worldly almanacs made in print. Though they understand that most nations will probably want to use their own for internal, and don't necessarily push for any alphabet to subsume the others just yet.
4. The harpies are rather uninterested in this issue, as their primary method of travel and trade is via the air. They leave that point more up to the Land-Striders that will use them.
5. The harpies a little more confused by tariffs and tolls, as they are largely the ones bringing goods from place to place, rather than having goods be brought to them. They leverage for as little tolls and tariffs as possible, urging for a more open market.
>Action 1:

>Action 2:


The lead Grenoll representative to the conference is old and rather bloated, and walks with the aid of a twisted bogwood cane, his sprawling feet consistently bathed in water by the trio of accompanying squires. Accompanying him is a merchant-storeman from Maruis, a Lekroggen machinist, a translator-guildsman from Theaguis and a ley-priestess from the Soulamere Motherhouses.

1) A shared currency would be helpful, he ventures, and the Grenoll would support assuming a universal value can be determined that would work for each nation; but perhaps the Erabites have contained a more valued suggestion within their proposal then the proposal itself. An exchange in every city, to trade quantity for quantity, would ensure that coin can be fairly moved between national denomination without the need to hold assets of every type consecutively. And why, if every city is possessor of such a system, then payment might be rendered all the more lightweight if one exchange could send a simple order to another, should some adequate and trustworthy system be found to pass such a thing on.

2) The Grenoll have the Paraskinia tongue already given a second-language status withing their nation, as it is the most commonly spoken after Grenuuan itself. Given the physiological similarities between the Senori, the Erabites and the Elthurians, moreover; he is of some surprise that the latter cannot make it work when the first has little trouble. But, he ventures, the only true way to resolve the problem would be to get experts in linguistics from each nation to come together and talk things out until they devise a solution that each would find mostly adequate for the needs of their people. He offers the services of Grenoll translation companies with this, as they are widely versed in mimicking all variety of sound.

3) The Grenoll are in favor of this, again if a commonly intelligible script can be agreed upon.

4) The Grenoll broadly approve, but venture that over half of their own internal trade takes place along a system of rivers and waterways that they have found to be faster where available, and ask that keeping riverways and canals clear and free for all boatmen should also be included. As for Martime trade, the Grenoll would welcome the use of their network of coastal harbours, and agree that every nation should commit to allowing trade-route access of their own coastal waters.Should any piracy situations develop, then all nations must be willing to agree on naval and airbourne co-operation against the disruptors of trade.

5) The Grenoll are in agreement that no item should face excessive harbour tolls to the point of above one quarter their base cost, unless it is one substance that every nation of this council has previously agreed should be controlled and limited.

He also ventures an additional point six to add to the agenda...

>Action 1:

The Grenoll start setting up banking and exchange houses in the cities throughout their nation. Whilst they hope to bring these in line to any system developed by the council, even if the council is unable to make unified conclusion, these are things they have decided the Grenoll should possess.

>Action 2:

The Grenoll harbors continue to build new shipping in an expansion of their naval strength, fore-noted that more tonnage might be required to protect their trade-routes should the council proposals be accepted.

>Council Diplomacy continued:

The Senori have mentioned that their forces are currently engaged in combat with the Skeleton armies of the chosen... should the Chosen have sent a representative to the council, he would at this point turn to them and ask what this war between their nations is over, and if there is a mutually beneficial resolution that might be discussed with both parties in debate. Should the chosen not have chosen to be present, he would instead suggest that the members of this council should hold a second meeting to discuss this issue separately on a later date, as it is of obvious import to the well-being and continence of the Senorii, and the peaceful allowance and maintenance of overland trade between the nations.

The first point, we see that coins of multiple metals would be cumbersome, instead for trade coins to be made of bronze, a hardy metal, of a set percentage of copper and tin. For the ease of carrying, the coin should have a hole within it, to be threaded on strings which may be easily carried or even worn. As the coin in and of itself will have little face value, bronze may be used for any number of denominations, and the coins worth be determined by shape. To the worry of the fall of nations, we put it that each coins worth be set to something universal, perhaps the price of a certain amount of grain, such a case should alleviate the stress of an individual nation.
Now the Grenoll representative puts an excellent idea forth Banking has existed within Erabumakta for an age, but a relatively recent invention is the use of tablets, pressed with intricate seals, to exchange sums which would be unreasonable to physically move. Perhaps such a system could be moulded to our needs?

The second point, perhaps we were too quick to dismiss harpy, beg our pardon we do not know it's official name, as unspeakable. Though perhaps the Erabite and Senorii may be cousins outwardly, no doubt we are different inwardly. For so too do the fruit of the lemon tree, and that of citron tree look the same, once cut open they are at once seen as different. For the ease of the other nations, we will concede on this. Our people call you "Nasu", the feathered ones, this is what your speech is called to us.

Onto the third point, we hope our concession to Nasu spoken, you will be lenient and allow us Elthurian, as at least a Southern Trade Script. The Erabite and the Elthurian are "Ahu", Brother. And quickly our cousin says aye, and our eastern friend also.

Fourth, the Senori bring valid points, we too are at least wary of the bonemen, who in their silence still loom over us. Then land-routes, used only by us be an internal matter. Sea-routes however, we put be formalised, and the Grenoll notion of a guard pleases us also.

Fifthly, all goods entering and exiting Erabumakta are currently tarriffed at a set price per cart or boat. Already the larger caravans between Harpatu and the Elthurian island pay in yearly amounts, and for it receive a discount. The only restriction we have is the import into our nation of arms, other than those pre-approved for import from Gra'am. We also have only one toll within our nation, that to use the canals which connect the Bay of Harpatu to the Kintu Sea, that controlled by the Grenoll.

This sixth point concerns us only tangentially, though we too are curious.
Action 1:
The northern farms are improved using foreign agriculture techniques

Action 2:
The government invests in trade with mapachi and the skeletons
The dwarves trade mostly for the Erab meats and wine, as for the tools, they would not specify any exact tool, and would accept anything offered in trade.
Some of the crew would be particularly interested in the wine after "sampling" the goods. A request is made to establish a trade route to transport Erab wines for whatever the Erabs would seek in return.
Additionally, dwarven coins of various metals would be offered for trade as well, to supplement any unfair deals, or simply alone if the Erabs find them to be worth it, as they would be made of gold, silver, copper, and some unknown metal.


With the revitalization of the economy due to new collection of resources and potential trade with a foreign peoples, the dwarves begin upping the production of vessels. Focusing mostly on the Gjeddzkruv'jotkag.
>Ship Production

Along with the fast craft, a new Krigdungazar'jotkag is built that would likely see the company of the fresh vessels.
Being that it is close in size to a town, it is only appropriate that the crew name it as they would a town.
Nolire needs to be added next Mupdate.

>Action 1:
The Grenoll make agricultural improvement, learning better ways to coax the lands to greater sustainable production.

>Action 2:
The Grenoll develop an alcohol of their own made from fermented Bog-grain.

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