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The Elements - A NRP Game

Create a nation/civilization and RP in the fantasy themed world.


Each player starts with one tile and the tiles around it. This is where the capitol of a nation is placed. (Exceptions exist). Choose a location to start and your colors. (pick two) You may post once your nation has been approved, any aspects of your nation which I find unfair or meta that I have not already established are banned as initial traits may be denied, but not denied after you have already been approved post approving.

You don't need to read the rules just be sure to follow the example set by other players, if you break the rules I will inform you of what you have done wrong and give you the chance to retroactively fix your mistakes.

I am the OP, my job is to keep this game running smoothly, I will mediate inter-personal conflicts between players that relate to the game and will deny meta gamers their unfluffy modifications and advancements.
Nation creation guide:
How the elements work:
The basic 5 elements work on a system of mutual strengthening and weakening. Between benders are Overcoming interactions which weaken the element which the red arrows points to, while Generating Interactions strengthen users of both elements when they are near each other. As an example of this dichotomy is found in if we say we have a member of the Fire race, the Earth race and the Wood Race all in the same room. The Fire race would be the strongest as they are being empowered by both Wood and Earth while the Wood race would be second strongest as they are being powered up by the Fire race. The Earth race would be weakest at a neutral empowerment as they are being weakened by the Wood yet empowered by the Fire. New Elements have been integrated into the chart, now there can be 10 in the world, two slots are currently left unfilled.
Different resources will give advantages to your nation, for instance if you have a horse icon under your nation and have used an action to domesticate those beasts you will now be able to field fire throwing Calvary and have something to help with your agriculture. Most important among the resources is probably the Salt resource which boosts your meat based foods and thus national nutrition through the introduction of low time preference salted meat trading. And as something that makes potatoe and cabbage soup that your nation's populace sustains upon a little less bland.

Background Fluff:
>From the depths ancient constructs and magics twist and turn, from the depths in ancient tombs, vaults meant to stand the tests of father time along with from the time capsules of civilizations long dead and the cursed grave sights of massacres long forgotten beasts reform. Minds meld back as the souls of the dead are thrust back into the material world. Your nation is alive once more, they can only remember how to crudely reform their ancient societies though, and they need your guidance. But blessed with your elemental sign they are forged anew, their potential is up to you to unlock, so from the places unknown in a world so dead they beckon to your, my lord. Can you build them back up? Can you reform the dead from the ashes? Can you create a civilization that will stand the test of time?
(starting template)
Starting Location:
Nation Name:
Capitol Name:
Race Name:
Race description/links/abilities:
Elemental Passive Ability:
Summary of Nation:
Fluff (optional):
Starting Crop: (pick an irl staple crop and slap it in here, keep in mind your crop might fail early on if you decide watermelons are a good idea in the dry plains, I will use this crop and your nations biology and culture to figure out what variation of a government they will use)

Elemental Passive Ability:
EPAs are an exception to the rule. They are an elemental based trait which allows for strange and unique abilities to manifest, for instance if you are the metal nation you can give your dudes the ability to eat metal and integrate that metal into their physiology, you want bones of steel? Feet of mercury or the density of lead? Just do that and watch as your mines run dry from over consumption and your enemies die of mercury and lead poisoning after they go in to take your land! Or perhaps you give your men of metal a sixth sense which allows them to sniff out metal both underground and above, or instead you could allow them to become one with their metal weapons, allowing you to forge shells of metal which they can grow into over the course of a few weeks. The abilities are vast and full of potential so use them well.

Discord: https://discord.gg/v8DCrWu

It's here use it

Last Thread:
The queen adorns herself in her new trinkets and shiny objects, planting them into her mud coat or wearing them as jewelry. Feeling particularly empowered in her new attire, she is placed in a difficult position upon the discovery of other nations being relayed to her. After weighing her options, she chooses to deny their civility, drawing no distinction between them or the horrors known to them in the following proclamation:
There are beasts beyond our fields
For that is their kingdom.
Their prey are their subjects
And fear is their scepter.
As such, the world beyond is theirs to rule.

But are we not beasts?
Is our kingdom not the mightiest?
Is there any predator greater?
Let us clutch that scepter!
They will learn to fear us or they will die trying!

>Action 1: Tame the Elephants
Despite her rabblerousing, she does not urge anyone to dare attempt to instigate combat with the beasts beyond without her blessing. After some deliberate rumor spreading via her wisest suitors, it becomes common interpretation that the beasts within the realm must be subjugated first. The mightiest beast known to them is selected first (The Elephant). Taming tactics are based upon brutality and crushing the resistant spirit of the animal in an attempt to have the beast fear its owner more than its foe.

>Action 2: A Force to be Reckoned With
The queen collects the mightiest and most renown of her warrior class and restricts them to the confines of her new palace (The ruins). Here she creates a boot camp for the purpose of combat techniques with a focus on their Force Reckoning Ability in melee to help mitigate its issues with range.

>Fluff: Storage
Though initially intrigued by the ruins and their findings, the queen decides the shelve the findings for the time being and focus on them later.
Any chance of starting map to be posted in higher resolution? Also working on my clique

Action 1: The nomads have reared their heads again, and King Anpa knows they must be opposed. Patrols of warriors are organised and the lessons of the nomad wars are again put into practice as fast-moving patrols guard against and push back the nomads. Let the nomads sate themselves with easier prey, if they wish. They will not hunt us, for we hunt back.

Action 2: The town of Stianbal is built in the northern hills/mountains, either on the nomad borders or on land seized from forcing them back. to serve as both mining town and a base for Warriors guarding the north.
File: Elements - Lockdown.png (1.43 MB, 1079x934)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
The Elephants are tamed, and using them long distance communication becomes a little easier. They may also be able to find a place in war with some investment, perhaps as supply carrying beasts or mounts for mobile rally points.

The training of a professional army is going smoothly, a new hybrid technique arises which involves quickly switching from Force Loosening and then on to Force Reckoning, though its use is limited to ranged bombardments for the most part due to the concentration required.

The nomads migrate north in an attempt to flee from the Wrath of the King, much of the sonarii army is required to stay behind due to the need to maintain order and to be used as a weapon of bargain so that the Sandmonkies understand whose land is whose.

I can't tell who you are, if you make a follow up post telling me which player you are than I can still give you this turn

Pushing back the nomads proves successful, but these enemies have new tricks up their sleeves as well.

They have apparently taken the designs of sky carts and perfected them in such a way that they can outfly and outflank the more conventional sonarii army. Captured Sky Carts use materials in such a way that reverse engineering them could be possible.

The new city is situated in an area where it serves as both a strategically sound city and one with great potential for trade.

Once again the world shifts, once again borders lock and the pylons refuse to move.

This is cause for great alarm among the many religious monasteries of the world, from the Temple of Mun, the monastery of the mound, the personality cult of the Queen, The Temple of the Rock of the Sonarii and Faith of Haze, all who call for a religious uplifting so that whatever is wrong may turn right once more.

(for any player you can spend an action to promote a religion of cult in your empire, describing its tenets and practices through scratch or a real world analogue)

(no more new maps until further notice, though land already colonized can still change hand)

New players can still join though, this does not change that
The seers and religious men of the world look to the skies and find the pylons still work for just a little longer, though they are certain they will stop for a long time afterwards.

(A new map will be posted tonight, this will be your last chance to expand until then, though one last map after that ***may*** be possible do not count on that possibility)
Action 1: experiment if the monkies in the domes can use bending
Action 2: draft plans for trade between the coast
File: Pass without Trace.jpg (285 KB, 1280x720)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
>>The Yokai Lords

>Establish Town of Yugji, on the hills by the spirit lake.
The Yokai Lord of the north, now taking the name of his holding, Yugji, is of a more spiritual mind than his contemporaries. Where Mun is ambitious and industrious, and Giib is territorial and salt of the earth; Yugji has taken his time in establishing his presence in the northern hills inside their pylons. Much of his attention has been seized by the mysterious lake, which even now continues to hold his interest.
Yugji makes sure to keep the Oni in the region from polluting the lake, and spends active amounts of time meditating and monitoring the lake itself.

>Begin binding Spirits of Fading
For the most part, outside of the occasional elder or spiritualist capable of binding spirits, the Oni have had to make bonds with the spirits to fully utilize their powers. But the spirits are often fickle, stubborn, or unpredictable.
In order to get a more concentrated, specific, and consistent spiritual effect, the Lord of Mun orders those in the Spirit Tower to begin the process of creating accessories of Fading. With the spirits of the stealthy, overlooked, and unnoticed, the Oni develop a binding technique that allows individuals to move without trace, hidden under the protection and misdirection of the spirits.
"The desert has been desecrated. Someone has to pay."

>Action 1: Release the horde
The queen takes her new elephant steed and rides throughout the land in a display of power, delivering a war chant and assigning swathes of men and women to her newly trained army to form raiding parties.
They are directed to expand back into the sands with an emphasis on speed and mercilessness.

>Action 2: Militarize & Mummify
Unhappy with the potential of the elephant as merely a slave species, the Totu take to coating the beasts in thick layers of their sand-residue in order to enhance the ability of a team of beastmasters to manipulate its actions as well as provide some protection.

Action 1: With captured examples of the Advanced sky carts in the many hands of Sonaria, we set about reverse-engineering these prizes so that we might turn them back against the nomad-kin. Just as they steal from us, we shall steal from them; but our theft will be grander and more advantageous, allowing us drive them back from rightful Sonarii peaks!

Action 2: Sonari expand above and along the free coast of the inland sea, claiming lands unclaimed for their own use.


There are strange things in the Sands, and a band of Mercentile Sonarii seek to find what these things are that the nomad raiders have plundered from. They fly into the desert, and the leader tries to find a creature to introduce himself to. Should he find one of the Sand-monkeys...

"I am Torfre, Merchant of the endless skies and proud scion of the blood of Sonaria! Who are you lowly beasts, that our feral kin seek the theft of your riches?"

Religious Event Action:

The Order of the Winds emerged to the far south, and grew to prominence under the reign of Brue, the first Sonarii King since ancient times. They teach that there is a deity above, the strongest that watches over all; and the winds are the force it uses to make its presence felt upon the lands below. They call this presence Szélfelet, and raise stern temples and monuments to his glory throughout the land; stone that whispers or whistles when the wind breathes upon it. Szélfelet, they claim, does not require fawning adoration and sacrifice; only acknowledgement and reverence through works of industry, aesthetic purpose or self betterment. To know one's inner self, it is claimed, is to become true to Szélfelet's tenants and ideals, and to better know the reason why he gave your body the breath of life, which one day will return to the sky in the endless gales.

The Sonarii monastic lifestyle is a strict regime of Meditation, Athleticism, and the practice of air control. Sonarii Monks take a vow of Disipline and Moderation... a Sonarii Monk will not allow himself to gorge, to grow fat, to be a drunkard or to let muscles fade with lack of use. They are not forbidden the pleasures of the world, but they understand that they must not let these vices rule them; the Monk must control their vices instead. Sonarii Monks also teach their order to try not to kill, as it Szélfelet who will decide when any final breath is taken; but there are many exceptions for prey-beasts, and for heretics who have known Szélfelet but turned from his ways.

The Order of the Winds are responsible for the counting of Lordly ballots in any Sonarii Kingly election, as they are considered a neutral party ineligible to hold the Kingship themselves, and one that will ensure the chosen King speaks with the authority of Szélfelet's representatives behind him.
1. One last ritual is conducted, channeling the power of many to expand east and have a completed north.

2. Churches in rural villages begin serving as watchtowers with their steeples.

Religious Action:
The King rides to retrieve his sword from Red Mound, receiving a royal welcome from the holy men of the monastery. The eldest monk delivers the King his sword, wreathed in flame and glowing red. Runes glow crimson upon the blade. Riding home the King lights the brazier of the Great Temple just as the first light of dawn hit the earth, and many were beginning to gather for prayer. Later the High Priest begins his sermon with The Divine Flame, the telling of the Burned Men origin, their holy devotion to the Sun, Flame, and King.
>Of Royalty and Divinity
The Burned Men state religion, unified by a singular text, emphasizes healthy living, with a strong respect for authority, with the King of Last Hearth being chosen to lead the race by God. The idea of once death comes for us, and the flame sputters out, a new one sparks into existence based on how one behaved during life. The church is divided into two branches, both tasked with strengthening the church to the best of their abilities. The High Priest of Last Hearth focuses performing ceremonies, spreading the religion, and the building of churches. The Eldest Monk of Red Mound focuses upon establishing church doctrine, book production, and monastic studies.
>>The Yokai Lords

>Religious Event Action/Lore Post
The Elseworld-Sect is a newly established unity of many spiritualists, shamans, exorcists, and other Onis that specialized in communing or taming of the spirit world. With the formation of the Tower of Spirits and Temple of Mun, many of these Mediums finally had a centralized place to call home, outside of their isolated villages. Able to share methods and discuss philosophy, the distributed knowledge of the various oni villages was able to finally be consolidated.

Throughout Oni society and culture the prevalence of the spirits that have made themselves known in antiquity has established a deep understanding and respect for the spiritual matters. Though unaware of where they come from, collectively referring to the place spirits normally reside as the "Elseworld", the Oni are deeply aware that all spirits are fundamentally tied in their origin to the material plane. All things in the world, every animal, tree, rock or person is thought to have a spirit. Even greater concepts have a spirit, most often a forest, a city, or a particular locale. With the destruction of the physical vessel, the spirit typically leaves into the Elseworld, but sometimes they remain in the material plane for various different reasons. In the past, it was the job of the Oni appointed by the village to deal with all spiritual matters: from communing with the dead for advice, to purging a poltergeist or gremlin causing havoc in a home.

Now, this role is still largely the same, just on a larger scale. Where the Yokai Lords handle the material matters of the Oni, including food, shelter, and otherwise; the Elseworld-Sect handles the spiritual matters of the Oni. With more access to teachings and governmental support, the Elseworld-sect is able to train new acolytes in their various methods, and have a better method of sending Mediums to where they are needed. Members of the Elseworld-Sect have a great deal of responsibility, and are often held to a high esteem and standard by both Oni and Spirits alike. While most reside within the Temple of Mun, there are still sizable numbers sent out to other villages to help deal with spirits or establish and maintain small shrines. A growing amount of Mediums have also been accumulating in the Town of Yugji, where reports of the spiritual lake may unfold new knowledge to them.

As per tradition, the Yokai Lords take the name of the city they oversee, so as to tie their spirit and that of the city together, as one. Though they still hold their own autonomy. The lesser lords and chieftains are usually forced to give acquiescence to both Yokai Lords and all Mediums. The common man usually pays the Sect and the spirits their due respect, usually most interested when unruly spirits interfere with their work.
>>The Yokai Lords
>Lore post
Compared to most other nations, the lords and chieftains of the Oni are less nobility and more guardians and protectors. The purpose of the lords is generally to build and maintain fortifications, food stores, and a standing guard to protect the common man from raiders, brigands, and other lords. They do this with their guard, which is used to protect the entire region they oversee, and by fighting or leading their own men on the field. A lord unwilling to help fight the good fight is often seen as less capable than one that will. When a lord is unable to perform his duty, it typically means his fort has been seized or they themselves killed in battle. Then, the invading Onis would take control over the fort, the surrounding villages, and name themselves the new lord. This way of life has long been a constant for the Onis; the common man trading hands between whoever can sit on the hill the best, and the lords seeing constant shifts in power and ownership based on who can best field their guards.

The Yokai Lords are a step above their typical counterpart. With enough prosperity, luck, and brutal suppression of insurgents and rivals, they are able to establish themselves a Fort Town, rivaling the cities of other nations. Better fed, better armed, and better fortified, the Fort Towns allow the people to begin looking further than just the next meal or the next season. Each Yokai Lord rules as far as his guards can patrol, usually several [hexes] out, and demands taxes from all other lesser lords and chiefdom in their control. Outside of their domain, the local lords typically fight and bicker amongst themselves and the brigands of the area, keeping the area populated and under control of Oni hands, but less able to act in a larger scale in comparison.

This does not, however, mean that the Yokai Lords themselves are untouchable. They are still expected to protect and manage their holdings, and should one fall, a new Yokai Lord is born. If another lord or Yokai Lord had taken power form the originator, they are automatically appointed by proving themselves superior to the last. But if the cause of death is "natural", a series of prospective Oni are brought forth to be challenged and tested for the position. Through combat trials, puzzles and duels of the mind, and finally with advice and input from the spirits of previous lords and wisemen, a new Yokai Lord is appointed. While the spirit of the previous lord will prioritize his own children, whom also have an advantage due to being raised for the role, they are not always the ones to make the cut.
And of course, if a lord or especially a Yokai Lord is only good at combat, and detrimental to the management of the realm, they will eventually find themselves overthrown in a localized rebellion, or by a neighboring lord.
File: Elements - Far Reaches.png (1.43 MB, 1081x935)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
The monkeys from the dome do not have any kind of psychic or otherwise bending related abilities. But the building materials they make their homes out of could be used as a very good building material to export and to use on roofs.

A proper system of trade from the northern coasts of the iron peoples to the city of Kana in the far away places, but in order to properly facilitate the trade plan due to the dangers of the deep.

The new town greatly improves the control and study of the lake.

The new stealth abilities prove great, entire tribes can now loot or hunt in total stealth, only found by the effects of their presence or a mistake born of mainly arrogance. This also results in increased crime as many of these spirits are okay with if not even encourage selfish behavior such as thievery, dishonorable actions and blackmail.

The offensive is wildly successful, the nomads are expelled or genocided.

The new armored elephants prove instrumental in pushing back the nomads in the later stages of the campaign.

Several border disputes have arisen as former nomads who claim allegiance to the king and no part in the nomadic uprising clash in defensive positions in 3 areas on the sonarii-totu border.

The new sky cart designs allow the expansion to make way without being undertaxed, the wealth from these new territories fills the coffers of the King and many nobles.

The border between the two worlds expands, and word of raiders in the night whose presence weakens us creeps its way to the King. These raiders are estimated to have plundered the equivilent of 1 year's tribute to the king from one of the regions of the empire.

Salt is found in the north, but the location will only ever prove useful in the far future if the mines of the east run dry.

Many raids are spotted using watchtowers, and a few skirmishes even have resulted in a burned men victory!

The reaches of the far parts of the empire are starting to prove difficult to administrate and tax due to distance, also another ocean has been found in the eastern fringes.

*all lore is appreciated, thank you for writing*
Action 1: The Tarns are intrigued by the odd gaseous tongues seeming being given off tby the wood. Being creatures of water, fire is a novel concept to them. As the fires begin to spread, however, it is quickly realized that extinguishing them is a must. The Tarn's extinguish the fires using waterbending, preserving at least some of the ancient architecture and structures.

Turn 2: In order to prevent any further losses of structures, edifices are reinforced with mud and clay. While doing so, some Tarns take note of the joisting and other architectural features of the city.
File: Elements - Oopsie.png (1.43 MB, 1080x933)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
In the sands the sonarii have either been expelled, forced under the control of the crown of the queen or are in heavy dispute against the Sandmonkies who have taken all sandy lands with great aggression and great legions.

*this is now the canon map for this turn*
1. Mystical power or not, these raiders can not be tolerated by a King who wishes to inspire awe. King Angstrom grants his eldest son Alloheim his crown, to rule Last Hearth in his stead, as he calls he dons his war helm and calls his banners in the defense of his lands. On his march down with his guard, and sworn noble's guard, the King will pay for villagers in rural areas to join as they make their way through.

2. Young Crown Prince Alloheim chooses to see to the growing border's lack of administration. A new city is built to oversee the wide plains region (on top of the horses in the east, or rather on the coast) named Dawnfort.

Action 1: The Salt-Mines of Chaelkeat famously turned a minor warlord dynasty into the Cewayn line of King Brue. The minor house of Topeloc know this story well, so when Salt is found east of the lake they know they must claim it, and found the city of Larnet nearby to claim the riches of the earth.

Action 2: The ruins north of the lake are explored, in the hope of treasure, relics or knowledge.

War Action: Most of the sands lost are considered hardly relevant to the Sonarii, and are barely even noticed as missing as they did not walk across or harvest those areas. Only hills lost are missed, and the Sonari keep a policy of claiming high, solid ground from which to survey the surrounds and push back any further incursions of these under-dwellers onto more solid ground.
>>The Yokai Lords

>Create the longbow, and train Oni in its use
With sightings of flying creatures in the southern skies, Yokai Lord Giib begins the development and training of longbowmen. Using the fibers and wood found within the southern jungles, in combination with arrows easily fletched with chicken feathers, longbow production is set into high gear. He begins training himself and his guards in the art of longbow-men-ship.

>Begin Binding Spirits of Sight
While the Yokai Lords enjoy the increased profit from more effective hunting and raiding of their neighbors, they do not stand the increase in crime and subterfuge within their own domains. As such, Yokai Lord Mun urges the Mediums of the Elseworld-Sect to begin binding spirits of the observant, predictive, and far seeing. With the spirits' help, Oni could see things far better than ever before. From long distances, to small minute details; their most important aspect was the ability to enhance the Oni's natural ability to sense spiritual power, cluing them into users of other bound spirits.
>Action 1: Slavers of the Dunes
"Our conquest has proven more than our might. It has proven that there are all new realms which are unfriendly to us. Beyond the sands, we can not rely on our own abilities alone. For a beast to rule the wilderness, it must rule its prey."
Totu trappers haul dead bodies to the northern border beyond their pylons. After planting the bodies as bait and creating such traps as quicksand and buried nets, they'd bury themselves and wait until a powerful beast of beyond arrives to enslave.

>Action 2: Intro to Assisted Bending
Not yet finished with their military endeavors, the queen brings along her original men and women of the army camp along on her journey to draft up some attempt at perhaps assisting their bending with a device of sorts. The conversation focuses on large cylinders to help ensure a straight path of the projectiles as they are launched.

> War Action
Many veterans of the battles are instructed to plant traps and remain hidden among the sands in guerilla warfare in order to prevent further encroachment. The policy is killing as opposed to capturing for these ones.
Meanwhile, the queen is told of supposed attempts of "surrendering" as it is described to her and brings a mounted entourage to the border in order to engage in diplomacy.

>Religion Post
Though gods are depicted as ruling the Totu as a slave-like species along ancient tunnel walls, the Totu do not practice any sort of worship, ritually scorning the gods as opposed to worshipping them. The queen instead exists as a center of worship for the Totu, with her words personally adapted to sound extremely sensible and her beauty unrivaled. The Totu do not fear what is beyond the Pylons so long as they remain within the desert and are only pleased to see this halt of the pylons following their rightful conquest of the sands.
An entire new area enclosed in the pylons is discovered, the people of this land are very adept at combat, this is due to how they weaken fire user's around them. They speak in a way intelligible and thus can be bargained and interrogated with.

From the maps and words recovered from this people a great land comparable in size to half of the land area of the empire is discovered, three major cities lie in this realm and it is divided and much less populated than the realm of the Empire.

Their maps also speak of a great desert also enclosed in pylons, though that land is probably about as far from any part of the empire as Ashpyre is to Emissia by land.

They apparently also worship in a way not like that of the Empire and are thus branded as Heretics by the church.

The army is able to push about (2 tiles) in at most into the enemy empire until they are opposed by a force loyal to the spoken city of "Yugji", the Advisors and military officials acompaning the King believe that the best course of action is to set up a puppet state made up of these raiders, they may even be able to be converted to the true faith and thus will be able to serve as a reliable buffer state and a good place to levy special military forces from. They also advise this due to how far away their supply lines are, and thus a war of attrition would only bring a long and hard war to the Empire.

Many priests move to the new city, they found a school there in which they can train more priests in order to keep the frontier reigned into the faith.

An organization is founded dedicated to protecting the coasts and other nations (at a fee) from destructive fire.

The reinforcement of the city makes way to preserving its majesty and mystique.

The new city ferries and carts much salt throughout the empire, finally bringing competition to the dwindling mines of Chaelkeat.

A great ruined city of mixed architecture is discovered, it is currently overgrown with vegetation and mushrooms but from it many buildings can be learned from, due to these strange and long standing buildings many new designs can be ascertained, these designs prove to be a great improvement from the lesser sonarii designs. Combining practicality and grace in order to craft much more long standing and powerful architecture.

By the hunting of birds with assistance from spirits great accuracy and range is formed, this will hopefully prove useful if war ever comes from that direction.

Many tribes are able to retreat with these spirits and take refuge in the cities. They desire the two northern cities to band together and beat back this looming threat.
File: Elements - Frontlines.png (1.43 MB, 1083x932)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Many great and terrifying manifestations are captured by none of these creatures can be taken even by force into the safety of the pylons. Even their dead bodies cannot be taken there, but through the study of their behavior new military tactics can be obtained.

A process of firing large metal or stone arrows or balls is created allowing for enemy fortifications to be easily decimated.

The enemy seems to have bunkered down in the same way the Totu are in their mountains and plains.

The pylons tumble to the ground, locked in place, they form a wall of sorts now, unmovable and too stubborn to move.

New Turn
action 1: lets try and find about the past of the other races since we hit a dead end in ours
action 2: is there written information inside the domes

Action 1:
The great ruined city north of the lake has proven an amazing example of good architecture. Morover, the land around the ruined city is green and fertile. A Sonarii lord by the name of T'ned leads his followers to settle these ruins again, raising the city of Nafflec back to life as a Sonarii roost.

Action 2:
By generating a tailwind to help their flight, Sonarii are already fast at getting around their domains, and the sky cart is both proof that mechanisms can be built to interact with their manipulation and a great useful tool moving quantities of goods. Now, Sonarii Airbenders undertake an ambitious project; to generate consistent streams of fast-moving air through which Sonarii can fly even faster, running them between the Sonarii cities and domains to make navigation around Sonaria simplicity itself.

Diplomacy/War Action

The Dukes of Sonaria meet with the King to debate their next actions. Hearing news that a mounted entourage is approaching the border, the Duke of Damhuest and head of the house of Ordon leads an entourage of his own to entreat with these strange beings. If they have indeed come to surrender, as the rumors have it, he is prepared to hear their terms and pleas for the worthless desert lands. But, these beings are unknown, and treachery is only to be expected; the Royal army and the Ducal army of the Cewayn will both shadow the Ordon force, ready to reinforce and pounce should the underling beasts prove false.
Turn 1: Kira to Kana to Shio to Kuro to Yato. The backbone of the Tarnish Nation grows even more robust and interconnected. From small eddys in the south, to massive ripcurrents large enough for even whales to travel in, all are standardized and unified into a single "highway", cutting travel times between cities nearly in half. Smaller cities like Tori and Ansei also benefit, with their connections being made more robust and reliable as well.

Turn 2: Phosphate mining at the ruined city begins in earnest, with the product being shipped by 'otz to many different areas. The Irigu(Tarnish for Great Inlet) Region, north of the mines benefits in particular. Miners generally commute from the shallow waters off the coast, where a town called Hamet springs up.
"I've left you some busy work while I'm away. No more than some unattended business."

>Action 1: Intro to Tools
While the queen is away, the "princesses" (Potential heirs) are allowed to freely roam the keep. During this time they are tasked with familiarizing themselves with the previously discovered tools, revitalizing the tools, and spreading them to the nation with assistance from the "palace" tinkerers.

>Action 2:
Both as a move to more easily traverse their vastly expanded empire and to dissuade attempts at conquest from neighbors, Totu men and women are sent into the quarries tunnels with more clear directions and guidance to create straight paths for simple and easy travel.

>War Action
The queen sends out scouts to communicate with the Totu which inhabit the Sonarii land in an attempt to make communication easier between the two nations. Meanwhile, the queen and her new artillery position themselves on the pylon nearest to Glecoone awaiting the Sonarii king.


The Sonarii delegation descends from above on the tail of a blast of concentrated wind that flings nearby sand far away as they land. The Wind monks in the party look on sternly, though many of the lordlings present make expressions that border on sneering. The Duke, however, does not; and Jimog of the house of Ordon haunches himself down, his body adorned in ducal finery. Two arms remain poised, at his side; the other pair reaching out to gesticulate.

"What are you... creatures? Your low kind makes nuisance of themselves that we had little time for in land of lesser use. But now, the Bandit tribes are again put to flight before us, and so your turn has come for the Sonarii to look upon you. I am Jimog, Duke of Damhuest and the House of Ordon. Tell me, ground-dweller; are the rumors true? Have you come to offer your terms of surrender and bow in supplication to the lords of the air?"
After some time spent in translation, the monkeys erupt into laughter.
"Perhaps your queen has misinformed you, Duke. It is you who will surrender your unjust claims to our realm lest you join your "bandit" company. We have no need for your plains, though your kind would make excellent slaves should you choose to challenge us."
1. A new armament for knights emerges, the flash shield, by coating a shield with foil of orichulum allows for knights to form shield walls and release a united blaze.
2. Road from Firestone to Dawnfort

Diplo/war action
The King calls for the leader of the force from Yugji to come dine with him after forming his war camp, with the intent to be hospitable. Compliment his people's martial nature, offer to bring him home to Last Hearth to see the King's pride and joy. A simple fort has nothing to compare to the splendor of the Empire of Dawn!
>>The Yokai Lords

>The raiding before the Empire arrived
On the borders of the Oni and the empire, resided a particularly crafty and unhonorable "lord". Far out of the control of either Mun, or the more recently established Yugji, he commanded no keep of his own, and instead lead a band of like minded brigands. He had gained much wealth and sizable power over the region from such raiding, growing even stronger after a few of his members had stolen Amulets of Fading from the Elseworld-Sect. But he lacked the fundamental fort to make his rule official. As he began consolidating his forces to kidnap people from the Yugji border, the Empire arrived. Seeing the massive, flaming army, lead by a King that dwarfed his own, the cowardly Brigand Lord turned tail and brought his people to the gates of Yugji in desperation. Offering knowledge of the Burning Men, and all the tribute he had gotten from his raids, in exchange for protection and pardon for his crimes.

The Yokai Lords of Yugji and Mun are particularly worried about this new found threat on their borders. The Yokai Lord Giib, however, is unimpressed, and far more worried about the flying creatures seen on the southern horizons. In order to get his support and cooperation, the Yokai Lord Mun offers to build a highway connecting the three cities, at no expense to Giib.

>The Lord's Highway
A highway is established, using most of the Brigand Lord's stolen wealth to pay for it. Running through the hills from Yugji, to Mun, to Gibb, and a little further west from there. At the border of the Yokai Lord's domain, rests toll gates that monitor and control the flow of goods and people. These are owned by the Yokai Lords, and they charge all travelers a fee, to keep the highway well maintained and patrolled.
>>The Yokai Lords

>Binding Spirits of Misfortune (Gremlin in a Bottle)
According to the word of the Brigand Lord, the Burned Men's own mystical powers weaken in the presence of the spirits. No big surprise, as spirits are almost always chilly to the touch, and cling to any source of heat or life. Same reason they often snuff out candles. This gives the Yokai Lord Mun a devious idea. Most of the time, when a particularly uncooperative spirit causes enough trouble to be considered a menace, Mediums are sent out to exorcise the spirit back into the Elseworld.

However, he instead orders the more advanced Mediums to bind the spirits of Misfortune into physically weak vessels, rather than exorcise. With the idea that, when the vessel is purposefully broken, the spirit of misfortune will rush out and be a general annoyance to those around it. The spirits of misfortune themselves are not too dangerous; usually loosening the straps of shoes, breaking mechanical devices, letting rats and vermin sneak their way into food stores, and the like. While not on the same level as a poltergeist, if left unchecked they can cause serious damage to morale and quality of life, which is why they are usually exorcised the moment they are discovered.
Because of their volatility, the Mediums and Yokai Lords take extra care in its development. Made of clay, so as to be easily made, thrown, and broken, the vessel trades its physical durability for spiritual containment. Etched and coated with powerful runes and bindings, the vessel prevents the spirit from leaving or interacting at all with the world until broken. Largely to prevent similar material influences felt with the Vessels of Fading. Wrapped in cloth with care; they are given to the guard with the best throwing arm, who then lobs it at the enemy, and run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. Extra care is also taken to make sure they are only given out on the word of the Elseworld-Sect or the Yokai Lord themselves.

>War Action
While the Brigand and borderlands lords all beg the Yokai Lords to immediately take to arms, Mun urges a degree of caution and tact. It will take another [turn] before the armies of Giib reach them, providing the Oni with more than just city guards and skirmishing forces to fight with.

Each taking their own personal guards, the Yokai Lords of Mun and Yugji make their way out to the King's war camp. Bringing a gourd of sake each, they would gregariously wine and dine with the king. The fact that the King himself would come out to defend his farthest holdings impresses the Yokai Lords to a large degree. Accepting the complements on their martial nature, the Oni would in turn compliment the Golden Dawn's extremely organized military force. However, near the end of the dinner, Yokai Lord Mun explains what it really means to be a Lord in the land of the Oni, and asks the piercing question: If the King thinks he can actually hold these wild lands and wild people himself.
A state supported serried of missions into all of the known ruins is launched, and among all the documented ruins searched the ruins in the passage of the great mountain range yield the most interesting results.

Traces of a race similar to the cave sonarii are recovered, along with many warped maps showing a rough outline of the world as it was, in total 10 civilizations of varied unity and strength are ascertained, each one with the exception of two marked down with a corresponding symbol.

But these findings are far overshadowed by a discovery from the metal refinery and mines of the domes.

Just a little deeper than the deepest mine is discovered a great talon similar to how the border talons look, but this talon is strange in that it lies in the ground and can also be readily interacted with, soon after many days of uncovering using the finest of earth benders an entrance is found, a hatch, just big enough to fit a person, and once the hatch is preyed open by some metal men on hand a brave archeologist enters.

And this man never returns.

A great shaking is felt as the talon seemingly awakens, it begins to rise as it’s metal morphs and bends. Soon it is hovering just above the ground, it’s form now altered to be like that of a ship. The symbol of both the necrotic people emblazoned on its hull, alongside glyphs and the symbol of the family from which the archeologist originated.

Though it would require some work with proper bedding and infrastructure for a crew this ship could serve as a mighty vessel both on land and at sea.

One archeologist even claims that this vessel may be able to safely navigate the seas beyond using its theorized talon aura to avoid that which lurks In the depths.

The new city of Nafflec remains isolated due to a lack of trade, but its agricultural industry dwarfs that of its sister city Larnet and thus the salt city of the north ends up selling their salt to larnet at a discount in return for crops from a nearby city instead of overpriced crops from Glecoone.

“Skyways” as they are called are maintained along important trade routes and above the larger cities of the empire, increasing the centralization of the empire.

The new improvements to the current system bolster trade and improve communication times by a wide margin.

The town of Hamet grows in influence in a way disproportionate to its small size.

The design of mass drills are improved using more advanced parts put together by the princesses.

The underground network is extended so that it reaches the Capitol and a bit beyond as well. Several cave ins have resulted in a need for improved buttresses, but without a proper material to reinforce with workers are left with their only option being more massive tunnels then reinforced with incredibly thick layers of worker material.

This has slowed down the time needed to produce a length of time by quite the amount.
The new shields serve well in conventional combat and against organized rebels.

The new road is long and much, much more bandit infested than the central road system of the empire due to similar but less effective funding. (Though the roads are still leagues safer than what cane before)

The new highway facilitates greater unity between the dominions.

The bottles do well against the lesser infantry of the enemy but against elite units the spirits seemingly do nothing, the reason why is not yet known but it is assumed to have something to do with their power levels.

Be aware of the Diplo with the burned men

*new turn*
action 1: go off in the direction where we saw that rainforest break off
action 2: experiment with entombed biology

1: With the ample supplies of fish in the central lake now within their borders, it doesn't take long for a few Sonarii overflying to notice the shimmering mass. However, the water itself is no place at all for a Sonarii, and detrimental to their airbending abilities. But, they persevere; there must be some way around the problem. Perhaps... nets with weighted undersides, that might be dropped into the waters as Sonarii skim across high above the water's surface, then hauled back up filled with fish?

2: Air is everywhere. And Sonarii can hear it, hear the sounds made as they bounce around it and strike off objects, materials or beings. Now, many airbenders work to enhance the natural potential, tuning themselves to listen to even the lightest shift or whisper of the breeze, and the barest sound of breathing. For they will not be caught unawares by any creature, above or below.


There is a laughing snarl in answer. "What is there to surrender? You have taken nothing of any worth or consequence. The hills you briefly stole are ours again, and it would be an insult spilling any drop of Sonarii blood for lands as worthless to us now as they were before we knew of you. Surrender, and you might keep those wastelands."

"But." He grins, bearing his maw. "I would not want it said that this day passed without striving, or trial. Send fourth a champion, if you dare and have the strength to stand against me in combat. One will fall, and one will fly away, the victor of this."

>Action 1: Intro to Architecture
Frustrated by the collapses and wishing not to displease the queen, tinkerers work to create a new material which could support their underground networks.

>Action 2: Teamfight Tactics
After spending (3 turns) with her company of military minds, it occurs to them all exactly what the Totu need. Conceptualization and testing begin on a technique of bending based on the combined power and cooperation of several Totu to create something mightier than they could accomplish on their own.

"Oh, an opportunity to displease you? How splendid. We have lived for thousands of years, you foolish birds. Do you believe we had never learned better than to engage a larger foe alone?
Rather, we aim to outnumber our foes; A technique which we do very well." The queen would declare in reference to the previously positioned guerilla combatants surrounding the area.
"Still, there is no reason for matters of pride to prevent bloodshed today. The talons have halted, and our terms coincide. We do not value your overgrown mess, and you do not desire our "wasteland" as you call it."
"So long as these terms are agreed upon, I care not whether you claim victory or defeat in this exchange. Your history and your empire will eventually be forgotten anyways."

(TL;DR: The Totu agree to forgo a few hexes of sand and the war ends, borders stay as they are in the last posting of the map)
Turn 1:
Phosphates revolutionize agriculture in the Tarnlands. Productivity doubles, even triples in some areas, creating mass surpluses for the first time in history. However, this boom comes at a cost. Farming takes more startup capital than ever, and crashing market prices result in Tarns having to work harder than ever to turn a profit. Farming becomes an specialized enterprise, with fewer Tarns working longer and harder to supply the needs of the empire. The resulting surplus citizens flood continuing education centers and urban areas, looking for state-sponsored housing or private employment.

Turn 2: The Tarns have long had basic medical care, but now increased productivity allows some to specialize as doctors, traveling from clan to clan .
>>The Yokai Lords

>Begin researching the lake
While the Yokai Lord Yugji is unable to attend due to political negotiations, much to his dismay, he has still issued forth a summon for the Elseworld-Sect to visit. The many Mediums of the Sect begin to research and study this lake of spirits that seems so captivating.

>Explore the world outside
With the Vessels of Fading, and the Vessels of Sight, several scouting bands are sent out from the Oni lands, to scout beyond the safety of the Pylons. Largely traveling west into the mountains and valleys, with one or two sent to the eastern grasslands. They are instructed to be exceptionally careful, and not take undue risks without proper cause, relying on the protection of the spirits and their own training to keep them out of harms way.

>War Action >>3726849
Going to hold this, until the Empire responds to last round's diplo/war action.
1. Establish a hold in the hills on the road to Dawnfort, to offer safety, and a rest point for travelers.

2. The mass usage of carts, horses, and oxen, as well as midnight rides with Ashen Lancers past enemy lines, allow Burned Men armies to fortify in enemy land to establish supply lines.

>War/Diplo Action
The King furrows his brow, and flame dances behind the lids. "Wherever the Burned Men dwell, I shall rule. Wild land shall become tame, wild people shall become enlightened,"

Dig in.
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>War/Diplo Action
The two Yokai Lords share a glance with one another, before two large, gruesome grins adorn their faces. They then break into roaring laughter, throwing each of their cups up in a toast to the king.
"Yes, that is good! Very good!" Yokai Lord Mun rises, broad shoulders rippling as he throws his arms wide, "Take hold of whatever land you can, and it is yours. That is how it has been and how it shall always be!"
"The lands may buckle, and bodies may break." Yokai Lord Yugji stands a whole head taller than Mun, lean and athletic, "But take heed, that the spirit of ours, and of this world, shall not yield so readily."
With such parlaying complete, the Yokai Lords excuse themselves from the King, and if allowed, return back to the Fort town of Yugji to begin preparations.

Forces of Mun and Giib arrive to reinforce Yugji and the surrounding lands.
Using hired sky cart experts and ship engineers the talon is kitted out, it floats just a few feet off the ground, due to its self propulsion it only needs something to help it change direction. It’s speed is faster than that of a ship in favourable winds and its lack of sails gives it a smooth flow.

It and it’s crew heads north, through sonarii land, over the lesser sea and finally outside of the northern pylons.

It is found that around it for a few miles no demons can be found, but when it reaches the jungle especially sometimes looming forms could be seen stalking the horizon.

Eventually the majestic ship reaches yet another pylon wall, and after another few hours of journeying they reach a place called Balasthill, and meet a people they have never heard of, the people called the Men, or perhaps more accurately the Burned Men.

The Talon Ship of the Plagasm has reached a walled town in the southern part of the empire near the horses

During the examination of a coffin for study an entire barrel of water is spilled on a supposed corpse. Very quickly the corpse begins showing signs of life and after a few minutes the so called corpse is back and breathing, he claims that his purpose was to fetch the heirloom of his house from the tomb of a fallen hero of his people, and thus assumes he got knocked out or trapped and died of dehydration or starvation.

This claim lines up with the records surrounding his death as he was found in a crevasse in a well preserved state in the cave of a bear near the actual sight of the heirloom.

Sadly besides his last few days of beforelife he can remember little else.

After contemplating and reviewing the new data and doing some tests on dehydrated “corpses” which led to further revivals a new theory about the biology of the race is crafted.

During a state of extreme dehydration the necrotic body will do into a state of dormancy until the body has been given new life through the reintroduction of water and that this state causes amnesia in the victims upon revival so that all they can comprehend on a non-intrinsic level is what purpose they needed to serve before dehydration and what they need to do now.

Platforms are crafted from wood to serve as resting points for fishing sonarii, these platforms over time gain further nuance until a proper system of taxes and an entire noble house grows out of the industry, claiming their birthright over the fertile waters of this sea and on the few coastal holdings they do own or rent.

Single sonarii when gliding down or standing in a state of meditation can now better locate the creatures bellow in a snapshot of those few moments of focus, allowing them to focus on one sound so that they can locate whatever they are looking for much more easily.
From the forests in the barren tundra near Boneyard in the nation of the Necrotics a special type of evergreen which grows in fair levels of abundance only in that enviroment are found, through the mouths of the workers and the hammer of the smiths it can be turned into a substance which is essentially useless at resisting metal but are amazing at holding together structures as an internal reinforcing skeleton.

Through this material the material required for reinforcing can be cut into a mere third, though the cost of the material offsets this fully when it comes to building cost, with the benefit of course of requiring less tunnel radius, which along with the reduced technical time required to make a meshed reinforcing coating results in a much more rapid expansion of the tunnels.

Cooperative bending increases in its lev of advancement, now different members can use different variations and specialties in order to combine their powers into not simply a means to amplify power levels but a way to take more or less the best of both worlds on a group level, though any failures in the groups can often result in catastrophic failure in larger groups, thus based on failure rate to size ratios a magic number of 6 is constructed for lower level groups, while more advanced posses can possess up to 15, and the finest the queendom has to offer can get away with upwards of 25 individuals, with 30 being the line for too much risk involved. Unless the queen is around, in which case 41 (including the queen) is feasible, though very risky.

In some areas where phosphate is spilled large algae blooms can occur which can significantly damage the local natural ecosystem.

Traveling doctors often travel alongside teachers and wise men to form a force which villages count their lucky stars to be blessed with the presence of.
Around the lake lie ancient rocks, the bones of which bear creatures strange and majestic, from coiled snakes to dragon bones to behemoths who must have shaken the earth with a thousand legs like strong cedars in their life such things are credited with providing the raw, formless mass of pure primal and instinctual energy which the lake provides. It seems that with this energy comes a safe haven for the spirits of many dead oni, whose numbers must count in numbers which do not even hold a concept in the tongue of the living.

These spirits seem to guide the living who embrace them with strange wisdom, as wildly inter contradicting philosophers, theologians and other men of high intellect have risen among the waters of the lake, often from humble and troubled beginnings.

The lake seems to be a source of both strife and unity, selfishness and selflessness, good and evil, opposing forces which do make some sense coming from the pale water of the magnificent lake.

Through the channeling of the raw spirit as it has been named which resides in the lake can be placed inside of bottles, of which only the most expensive and clearest of glass can be viably used.

This spirit in a bottle can be released to either amplify the energies of an area or can be absorbed into an individual to amplify just their own abilities at the cost of a small bit of lifetime sanity and temporarily heightened basal instincts and emotions.

Those who drink this substance too much over the course of their life, as seen in one of the downsides go insane, in one way, or another.

The fish of the lake can be caught only using spirit bending, they are lighter than air when dead and are said that their whole form tastes like steam, fine fish and a little bit of pepper. So far their consumption has had no noticeable side effects besides minor rude air related dispersions. Like what one can get if one eats too many beans or drinks water too quickly.

The Bonhaven as it is known in the offhand improves the conditions of the road in an area where the bandit was most prevalent.

These periodic and fast attacks initially prove successful but eventually the enemy gets used to it and adapts accordingly, but even so such techniques are still very useful, and a proper frontline can be established near the enemy city of Yugji due to it.

Minor migrations if burned men trickle into the new territory, though weakened a bit by their new neighbours they help to ease the tension between the conquered people and the military occupation forces.

(Continued here)
A massive force is reported to be forming in Yugji, claims of the armies of the southern cities joining the war become known, one of the military advisors states that perhaps these armies could be best dealt with if we cut off these many armies from reinforcements or supplies from their homes to the south, or to just send heavy raiding forces to harass their under defended lines, and to maybe try to appeal to some of the lesser lords as well, those who may be disgruntled with the current leaders of their race.


A new turn dons.
Action 1: Study the town see what it has
Action 2: what happens to a entombed body when well hydrated

Action 1: Though the grounds near and around Larnet were originally struck for Salt, excavators finding other minerals and metals report these discoveries back to their House Topelboc lords; who order a series of new cast pits and mine-shafts be sunk to get at what seem the most valuable seams and sources.

Action 2: Though for many cultures they would be a valued source of speed and mobility, to the Vyden lords of Glecoone riding a horse would be both an impediment and a reduction of speed compared to flight. Nonetheless, the house starts to raise the beasts, seeing them as potential for milk and meat. And, perhaps they might pull some really heavy things that even the sky-carts cannot yet cope with moving.
>Action 1: Celebrating Conquest
Plenty of martial experimentation has occurred both away and at home. Upon the return of the queen and her men, they spread their new combat theories to the less trained warrior class in preparation for demonstration during a war festival.

>Action 2: Intro to Patronage
Though new lands have been claimed, there is little more to show for it than rebel heads. Seeking the glamour once achieved through their looting of the ruins, the queen begins a program to celebrate the arts and bring color to the sands.

The guerilla fighters have still not moved off of the border for the time being.
Turn 1: Crop rotation. The Tarns develop a system of crop rotation that helps maintain stable nutrient levels in the nearshore regions. Sprat is farmed using phosphorus until the water is on the brink of becoming eutrophic. Next, seaweeds and kelps are planted, which thrive on the nutrients and purify the water. After the kelp is harvested, urchins, grazing animals that are considered low class but edible by the Tarns, are cultivated off of the seaweed and the remnants of the kelp holdfasts. These grazers return the seafood to its previous barren state, ready for the cycle to begin again.

Turn 2: Oxygenated water. Due to shifts in agricultural production. Shio has exploded in size. . The city’s overtaxed slums, already built too close together to allow effective access to the surface, now find themselves dangerously depleted of oxygen. Tarns who find themselves in one of these “dead zones” can suffocate within minutes. As the search for a remedy begins, a scientist working at Rakka finds a simple mechanism for churning water, simply by turning a crank. The device(similar in shape and working to an Archimedes screw) delivers highly oxygenated water to underwater chambers, allowing more Tarns to live in cramped spaces.
Few expeditions return with interesting news or at all, they describe the mundane geography of the surrounding areas, but from the west one group manages to return with the preserved corpse of a fish like person, along with word of pylons past the mountains.

Though they claim they never got to set foot in that pyloned off area. No group returns from the northern fungal forest.
1. King Angstrom prepares for whatever sally the defenders wish to give by making battle plans with his advisors. Knights will ride at night separate, then will regroup at a shared point safely south. These men will ride south to sabotage the supply lines, and return to Duskfort once their duty is done. The King plans to meet the Oni on an unfair battlefield, and has the men prepare their horses. Should the battle turn south, as they may, the King will rally his forces to Duskfort.

2. To support the local farmers, bring safety, and aid the war/border skirmish a new city is established on the far west of the Empire (right on the western border where the cows, mountain, open spot, and hill form a diagonal. The city goes in the open space.) Named Duskfort.

War: Upon recieving word of the growing Oni army, Crown Prince Alloheim uses the Royal Admiralty to convoy troops through the strait west of Emissia. The troops are to march south, and wait to charge the flank of the Oni army.

Diplomacy: A noble on an expedition into the fungal forest found something due to going deeper with the cleansing helm. (AI interaction? Make friends with shroombros?)
> Amending my War action.

Troops are sent around the mountain to the north to further dent supply lines.
>>The Yokai Lords

>Summoning Fog Banks/Clouds of Specters
With the gift of the Raw Spirit, the ability to bring forth more potent apparitions is achieved. The way the Mediums first begin to employ this is through the mass awakening of latent spirits in the area. With a small vial of Raw Spirit, a Medium can pour it into the air, and all spirits in the area become far more active and opaque. Turning an otherwise clear field into a dreary and hard to see fog bank of twisting faces and spooky happenings. Thicker than a conventional fog, Onis make use of their Vessels of Sight or spirit bending powers to navigate the area in encloses.

>Skirmishing Tactics/Light Infantry
Though past battles between Oni usually involved "fair" battles on open fields, or miniature sieges at fort walls; the appearance of a far larger and more organized force forces the Oni to think of new strategies. Greatly expanding off of their ability to hit and run with their strong endurance and spiritual assistance, the Oni begin to employ more organized skirmishing forces and light infantry tactics. Sent out from the main defending army, these forces move quickly and strike decisively. Targeting weak points, under-defended fortifications, and supply lines. They are also used to fight off opposing skirmishing squads so that the enemy cannot try the same tricks against them.

>War Action: Supply line and civilian Disruption
While the bulk of the conventional army is located in and around Yugji, waiting for any major mobilizations by the King's army just outside its borders, there are still sizable Oni forces free to operate. Each of the local lords as well as each Fort Towns still possesses their personal guards, though they are less than likely to try anything, for fear of leaving their walls completely undefended.
The Brigand "Lord", however, has no walls or forts to tie him down. Labeled a craven for fleeing at the first sight of the King's army, he seeks to redeem the honor of his ancestors and men. With his superior knowledge of the region, in comparison to the Burned Men, the Brigand Lord begins conducting many organized raids on supply lines and settlers. Throughout the disputed lands, and as far as Oni raiders made it in the past, he tries to make life as miserable as possible for the logistics officers of the Burned Men. Pulling back when counter forces arrive, just to ambush them for the trouble.

The Yokai Lords hope that such distance from the Last Hearth will put greater strain on the Golden Dawn's supply lines, than the King's army is on their own.
The techniques of crop rotation shows itself to be very successful, with many areas regaining their productivity after years of over fishing and farming.

(Tarns are very capable of breathing air, but I will compromise and say a Tarn who is used to breathing water very often suffer from extreme withdrawel syndrome which stunts productivity for periods of around 90 days, but if they have not used oxygenated water over that period than their bodies stop being overly addicted to it)

The new devises prove instrumental is maintaining the lower classes of the realm.

Larnet grows in influence in such a way that it has been dubbed the "Hamet of the North"

Horse meat is highly unsuccessful to say the least in the plagasm and in the the majority of the iron kingdoms, but a small market does develop in the city of Steelhold.

But in the waters of the sea peoples and in sonarii markets it finds much success.

By use of imported or otherwise horses the city of Larnet can transport heavy ores and metals around with relative ease, increasing the cities productivity.

The techniques are standardized and even find their place in other industries.

Through the assistance of captured and hired sonarii and other foreign artists the Queens dream can be realized, many new even competing styles develop originated by often quite mystic individuals going by psuedonyms, something quite odd in the Totu hierarchy.

Many interesting farming and structural technologies are obtained, though many of them would require conversion to a more plagasm friendly mechanism in order to work well in the homeland.

It seems that "overhydration" is blocked by natural mechanisms against the intake of too much water, but drowned bodies do seem to exhibit some sort of "overhydration" capability, as they are heavy and filled with water like a sponge.

The high amounts of very expensive clear glass required to contain raw spirit lead to these weapons being relatively sparsely used.

Even with a weakening aura the skirmishing squads still find battles with the blazing Calvary men to be very difficult, with victory to defeat ratios in the 1 victory for every defeat, and every victory is always hard fought.

Backline raiders prove troublesome and the fiery army must allocate a similar number of mobile infantry to deal with them, but this number is theorized to be a larger portion of their army when compared to the frontline soldiers.
Firey raiders are seemingly able to fight toe to toe with enemy forces, the new city is rapidly built up using the techniques contrary to the attempts at raiding of enemy troops.

Using coordinated retreats and regrouping the army manages to come out of the jungle relatively unscathed, ready to attack the parts of the oni army who are continuing to march forward.

Strange text is found similar to both the writing style of the realm in the jungle and the runes from the mountain, many gaps are found with corresponding runes

*a new turn begins*
>>The Yokai Lords

>1: Establish mines around Mun
With the war between the Oni and the flaming men beginning in earnest, the need for more metals for weapons and armor increases exponentially. In order for the smithies to have enough material to work with, several new mines are opened up in the hills and mountains surrounding Mun.

>War Action: Develop anti-cavalry weapons
The Oni have never had to face an opponent with the speed and strength of mounted warriors before. Their ability to react to changing conditions, and the sheer mass they can throw around, makes them exceptionally difficult to combat. Several different smithies from both Mun and Yugji are tasked with creating some sort of weapon that infantry can use to offset or fight off their mounted opponents.

>2: Train Heavy Infantry
While the Brigand Lord and the light infantry are fine and dandy for harassing and chipping away at the enemy, Yokai Lord Mun insists that the bulk of the Oni army cannot be neglected either. Heavy infantry, with bigger weapons, tougher armor, and tighter formations are trained and prepared for the eventual clash of main forces.
>I understand that the Tarns are capable of breathing air, which is why I added the fluff that the slums are too close together to allow easy access to the surface. The dead zones occur where such access is prevented by overbuilding and so the water can’t be oxygenated naturally. Tarns who get caught in one can’t get to the surface and can’t derive oxygen from the water, and so suffocate. Still, the compromise solution is acceptable, and I’d be willing to take the debuff,

Turn 1: Continuing deployment of the waterchurns increases demand for trees, whose lumber is used in their construction. Logging camps begin to pop up all along the Eastern Frontier. Tarns use bendblades to chop down trees and strip off branches. Next, the trunks are submerged in brine to prevent rotting and kill any parasites. The lumber is processed on land into the final product by skilled craftsmen, then left in brine for two more weeks in order to form a protective coating of salt.

Turn 2: The needs of the logging community leads to the establishment of a trade school in Kira. Here, logging apprentices learn techniques for creating strong, sharp blades by layering sheets of water. After lobbying by other clans of the area, saltworker and currentkeeper apprenticeships are added as well.
>Action 1: Military Arts
Thoroughly pleased by their art program, the queen orders a new direction from her creators for the time being. Resources are diverted to the creation of realistic camouflage so that the Totu may continue their hidden lifestyles even upon one day exiting the sands.

>Action 2: Autotuban
The network of tunnels beginning at the ruins is to by one long and larger tunnel made to stretch as far as possible, eventually even out of the pylons borders.
Action 1: is there anything we can do about our memories
Action 2: what of the people who live in the village? The scribes will note down the practices for future use

>Action 1:

The food trade from Plagasm leads to the Sonarii planting some of the traded grain in their own lands, in slightly drier areas less suited to their Tomato crops

>Action 2:

The Sonarii develop labour-saving devices to help mill this grain, mills powered by the wind itself. After all, they judge, the wind is a resource that can never run short for a nation of their talents.
1. The Oni ability to fell men at great distance reduces the effectiveness of our calvary and infantry. They out range us even with our throwing lances, and we out maneuver them. Let's take away their advantage, and begin training raiding knights in horse archery.

2. With the theft of archery from the Oni, and their strengthening armies after losing their greenness, the King chooses to hold the mountain pass from Duskfort. Should the Oni try to take west gate to the Golden Dawn, they shall find the improvements the engineers of the empire have made to their bows. (Simple defensive ballistas fortify Duskfort)

>Diplo: A Royal Welcome
Upon hearing word of the strange flying vessel in the south, the Crown Prince Alloheim sends a messenger offering the strangers an audience in the capital, seeing how they seem friendly.

The Burned Men forces positioned behind the marching Oni army are to wait until they attempt to siege or attack Duskfort. Then they are to attack the rear of the enemy and break the siege. If the Oni do not press onwards, harass them as they return home.
"So you have heard of the vessel we have dug up and you want to use it for yourselves. What do you have to offer?"
The work is hard but it pays well, the mines help keep the price of metal stable and help to maintain confidence in the war.

>arrow-dart batteries
through the spinning of fine silk and the binding of spirits along with some good old highly flammable materials a decent design is thought up.

Though it takes quite a bit of metal, bowstrings and arrows to get working properly these weapons make a great anti calvary and infantry option for defensive positions.

They work by loading up many heavy to medium weight "arrow-darts" into a cylindrical or square shaped battery. These arrow-darts are then fired using a system of tubes and spirit fueled mechanisms in order to produce Calvary chewing volley devices.

They are currently too costly and large to realistically use on the more volatile parts of the frontline and individual units show their weakness when they manage to miss or only hit a few knights out of many in a larger group.

Still they are much more efficient when it comes to keeping down the large costs required in taking down very many of those elite units, and the lesser ones as well.

A great mill is established where all the nearby wood is moved and processed within.

Kira continues to grow and proves itself as the place to go if any tarn wants to be a truly notable blue collar worker.

(tarns will only experience withdrawal after not being submerged and breathing in water after a period of 1-2 days)

Using techniques similar to those used in construction sandy veils are created which are semi-permeable, fairly cheap to produce and very convincing even to a sonarii in a state of meditation in the air.

When attempts to extend it past the pylons occurred the parts outside would very quickly become overrun with strange vermin like creatures and deadly gasses, which results in those areas needing to be cut off.

No cures for intergenerational or otherwise memory loss are found

The villagers of fire practice a religion which venerates their King from what the scribes can tell. They practice an established form of agriculture using crops not too dissimilar too that used by the necrotic kingdom.

Other than that they cannot be learned from too much as their tools are designed for their bending and their society is not one which would work too well under necrotic hands.

Though they do make good use of elemental mounted cavalry, which is something interesting to say the least.

Grain farming is not familiar to the sonarii and many still prefer tomatoes but its value cannot be understated, much of the lesser lands of the empire becomes allocated in favor of grain growing.

Very quickly bread makers find ways to integrate tomatoes with bread, leading to interesting combinations which turn heads and change minds on this new crop.

The mills are very successful and a period of growth follows their introduction.
By combining the arts of horse archery and inflament enemy structures made of wood can be burned at distances far exceeding the relative melee ranges required before.

These new burned men ballistas very readily come into contact with the new arrow-dart batteries of the Oni, and the weaknesses and strengths of both machines of war show their stripes.

The earth shakes and shatters, something sways and something turns.

Then, as if the world became one not of our own empires became split asunder.

In the new isolation new realms emerge in response to the great tectonic cataclysm, and thousands starve as trade routes and food supplies grow thin due to a changing climate caused by the great event.

Great quakes shake the earth, the great temple shows both its strength and flaws, as it stands firm in ways not seen in the other old stony buildings which have collapsed due to the quakes.

After the disruption life continues as normal, as the realms remain intact.

From Rakka to the ruins of the northern area of the sonarii mountains a great stormy rift emerges, it is an area of great storms which destroy any boats attempting to cross with haste, thankfully the waters bellow remain mostly intact and thus communication can still survive between the bay and the capitol.

But this storm is barely a problem in and of itself, as the vast shortages in the new supplies of fertilizer plunge the realm into chaos in many urban areas where the poor now starve en mass, and many have taken advantage of this in an attempt to form their own kingdom, using the starving masses and a wall of bodies to use against the fairly loyal yet sparse military of the kingdom.

On top of this great tidal waves have wretched havoc across the ocean, and every city say for Rakka, Kiro and Kana can claim to have survived the anarchy to a recognizable degree.

After hearing word of how relatively intact the sonarii have turned out the rulers and council of Rakka and Shio agree on electing a King to organize the realm. His name is Ossimai and he was once renowned as the greatest living thinker and administrator of the civilization of the Tarn, and now he must rule the realm as the first Great King of the Seas.

Only time will tell whether he will be able to hold the Kingdom together.

Many important tunnels and homes collapse under the force of the quakes and not even the queens palace comes out unscathed, but unlike other realms the Queendom emerges intact and not only that but it seems lands to the south are relatively rapidly turning to desert ripe for the colonization.

It seems Boneyard has proven the center of the cataclysm as a great mountain range has emerged towards the west and a massive bay has appeared from lands once farmed by metal men and necrotics, many thousands are now drowned and fears of a foreign invasion pop up across the realm.

The library has also sunk, leading to much mourning for its value to the necrotic peoples.

Due to the growing nature of the realm the cataclysm does not devastate the heartland to the degree seen in the fishmen's empire.

But after many months word of the fate of the northern realms reaches the former capitol of the sonarii.

Two new realms have appeared, firstly the Monastic Kingdom of Stianbal, controlled by an order of former monks of the windy rock who keep their mountain kingdom together through martial prowess and wisdom, they are the technical farthest and hardest to reach due to the mountains and they claim no loyalty to the empire.

Second is the Kingdom of Glecoone-Larnet, really just an empire formed by the now King of Glecoone, using his power over agriculture to bully Larnet into loyalty and compliance.

The former sea outside of Alkilme has shifted and is now a salty desert, this has greatly harmed the fisheries of the city and has increased reliance on sky carts and horse pulled transports for fish supplies.

A new series of mountains and hills has cut off Dawnfort from the empire, the mountains prove too treacherous for traversing in the meantime, the loss is mourned but otherwise yields goodness as the mountains prove full of metals for the mining and shipping off to war.


In Dawnfort a new King rises, claiming that the rest of the world is dead and that this kingdom is the last of the world, he imposes great moral laws upon the people, demanding perfect accordance with the laws of the book under threat of torture and death.

It seems that with loss also comes gain as new lands have opened up for the last Kingdom, though the loss of the coast to a new salty desert is most disappointing.

*A new turn dawns*
*amendment 1*
The holy men of the world declare, and the pylons in turn move back into proper place, borders may once more grow! Such is the silver lining to this devastation.
>>The Yokai Lords

>Find new food sources in the jungles
Though Yokai Lord Giib has enjoyed a relative calm after sending many of his political rival's levies off to fight the northern war, giving him far more military control over his domain, he has once again become malcontent and anxious. His realm feeds heavily on rice, chicken, and egg, while sending a steady supply of food to the northern fort towns. However, he feels this is not enough, and orders members of his guard to explore the jungles of his domain in search of new sustenance that can contribute to the national diet. And to help expand his already hearty belly.

>Siege Towers
The scouts of the brigand lord indicate that the town of Duskfort has grown far more fortified than the surrounding villages. Complete with walls and ballistae, it will be a hard target to crack without dedicated siege equipment. While Oni have used battering rams for the infrequent fort siege, there are many improvements they could make to the device to further their goals.
As such, the Siege Tower is designed and constructed. Designed as a mobile attack platform that can approach a city wall, fire upon it with the men hidden inside, and then provide a walkway/ladder up to the wall itself. Built sturdily and with wetted furs to reduce flammability, Mun hopes it will be enough to scale the defenses at Duskfort.

>War Action: Basic Army Control
By far the largest advantage the Flaming men have over the oni, more than men or resources or time, is their superior troop coordination and battlefield control. Several lesser lords under Mun begin working on ways to coordinate their own troops while also heeding the orders of the Yokai Lords.
With a combinations of horns, drums, and battle standards, the oni begin drilling their troops in how to follow basic marches and orders. Instead of unruly mobs following the closest lord, they can now react and maneuver to a far more effective degree.
File: City.jpg (361 KB, 1005x670)
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361 KB JPG
Following a few brief speeches on the subject of vigilance and godly defiance even when facing their wrathful feedback, the cataclysm seems to stop and the queen takes a moment to celebrate before disappearing for a hasty assessment of the damages and the condition of the realm. Aided by her scouts, she does her best to review the realm despite the destruction.

"Though we have accomplished a great victory today, the potential for much worse must be recognized. There are only two rightful responses to such a catastrophe: Gather strength and exploit weakness."

>Action 1: Gather Strength
"There is no time for backward steps in today's cruel world. There is no space on earth which lacks a foe ready to take advantage of our misfortune. You all are a family, and you all are my children. Let each able-bodied laborer work without prejudice to aid in the healthy reconstruction of the nation as a whole so that no foe may see us as weak and make game of us. The sands must appear impenetrable."
Laborers, tinkerers, and tunnellers alike are drafted in the construction of suitable homes (In "The Center") and replacing destroyed infrastructure. All side projects in tech, patronage, and more are placed on halt for the time being. A city is founded within the ruins as several of the tunnels are drafted into hallways for new homes. The area is simply named "The Center" as all roads lead to it.

>Action: Exploit Weakness
"Strike and Steal. Destruction is of a double-edged sword of course. Just as they begin to scavenge and loot for every possible parcel of meal and coin, it will be clutched from their fingertips. A seasons work will cultivate a farm; A weeks work will claim that farm."
All but a choice few scouts are drafted into a force to sneak over the dunes and prey upon Stianbal while it is cut off from its capital. As always, the doctrine of Totu war is speed and mercilessness.

>War Action (Specifics)
Not a single elephant is assigned to the task of raiding the city as siege weaponry is a specialty the Totu have assembled over time, and crossing the elephant over the mountains would only slow them down. Rather, the Totu are instructed to make use of their camouflage and surround the city, beginning their assault by (as simultaneously as possible) collapsing significant buildings with hopes of killing those inside before a fair battlefield is created. The advantage is to be pressed from there, taking advantage of fear and panic.
1. Scouts reporting of strange constructs by the Oni prompt concerns among the military counsel. Arrows flung in multitudes, and towers that are bearing the height of Duskforts walls. While trickery is looked down upon in the Golden Dawn, war has no law. Clay pottery is filled with tallow, pitch, and oil. A few knights donate the Oriculcum of their shields to be finely dusted and added to the mix. These pots are to be settled in the ground outside the wall, prepared for their advance. Should Oni or their contraptions come atop, let the flames blaze.

2. In the Great Temple, where the lists of the Great and Noble houses is kept, the lord of Dawnfort's name is striken from all records (I'm assuming no falcon messages can be sent.). The lord knew of the Crown Prince in Last Hearth, and knew the King was away at war. Prince Alloheim consults scholars on a means of bypassing the mountains to contact the lord of Dawnfort (simple hot air balloons, using 2 man teams, one for lift, and one for steerage, a simple oriculcum battery allowing for cruising for rest) bearing him a message on the survival of the rest of the empire, and his declared treason. The crown prince will offer him amnesty (and the safety of any family he has in the capital) should the lord return to Last Hearth and beg forgiveness for his panic after quakes shook the earth.

Necrotics - " No you misunderstand, we do not wish for the ship, we wish for you. Please, tell our scholars of your history, and of the lands to the south. We have heard rumors of strange flying beasts. Have you had contact with them?"

Oni: a single rider wearing plain clothes and no arms rides to the Oni army bearing a message. " When we first clashed, your people were perceived to be simple brutes, with nothing more than love for drink, war, and spirits. However in the short span of this war your nation has grown to be truly respected. Once this is said and done, I will be honored to have you join me at my table. King Angstrom"

War: The hidden forces are to attack the Oni army now, to provide cover for the army at Duskfort to lay traps and prepare. If they can sabotage some siege towers that would please the King greatly, and are to fall back to Duskfort once they begin being pushed back.
Action 1: see what can be saved of the iron empire and the library
Action 2: make a new library for the info we collected
Diplo: "we have heard of them but if we give you the information what do we get in return?"
The riots in Shio begin surprisingly quickly. The slums had already been a desperately poor and violent place before the appearance of these storms. Now, the prospect of starvation has pushed the violence out into the more wealthy and economically significant parts of town. The town leaders frantically call upon the various caucuses for assistance, but most are preoccupied with their own survival. Similar scenes are recreated all over the country, as the Tarn's find themselves suddenly teetering on the brink of famine. For now, the salt-fish caravans traveling under the waves from the east are the only thing holding the nation back from total self immolation.

Turn 1: The Northern caucus acts quickly, recognizing an opportunity to increase their stature among the clans. Salt from Kana is transported en masse to the other side of the peninsula to supply the massive fisheries of the Great Inlet. The salt helps to keep the fish flow from the east relatively intact, saving the Northern caucus from outright famine.

Turn 2: Seeing the writing on the wall, the Southern caucus makes a play for independence. The South's fisheries were never terribly dependent on the flow of phosphate from the east, having their own supplies of fertilizer in the form of guano. While cutting themselves off from the rest of the nation would come with hardship, the coming famine seems to be a far worse option. The caucus does not wish to see its own people starving to provide for faraway clans and cities, and so chooses to exit stage left. The leaders of Kuro stridently disagree with this decision, which they see as a betrayal of their people, and thus take their leave of the caucus.The remaining clans vote overwhelmingly for secession, and the measure passes. The Tarnish Nation is bisected.
>Tori, Yato, the tiles to the south, and the tiles all the way west to the storm, have made their own nation, called South-Tarnia.
I should have specified, the salt flow is going over land, through the forested tiles up north. Salt travels north, then east, then a little bit south to meet up with the bay.

>Action 1:

With the Cataclysm, also comes the death of King Anpa. He had been ailing for a few months before, but is it true, as the romantic tellers say, that he died of a broken heart to see his realm so wracked and ruined, his domains left dry and salinated? Or, as the less romantic ones would laboriously explain, that a lifetime of good eating had left his gizzards too clogged to deal with the onset of the stomach-fever.

But with the death of the King, a new one is needed. And who better and stronger then one with already the grandeur, power and authority of a King? King Largh of House Vyden, Lord of Glecoone and already overlord of Larnet and Nafflec. To he is granted the title King of Sonaria, and the lords gather to swear their fealty, the wind monk Abbot proclaiming the blessings of Szélfelet upon his reign.


A band of wind monks ventures northward to Stianbul to treat. It is strongly suggested to the monastic lord of Stianbal that he would be better off doing homage to the new King of Sonaria, anointed king in the eyes of Szélfelet and their order.

> Action 2:

The treasuries of King Largh include many treasures of war plundered from the steel lands. Now he opens his vaults to defend his domains, equipping his warriors with the steel-shod tools they need to go toe to toe in brutal melee to emerge victorious and bury the Monkeys in their own dead.

>War Response:

The foolish filth of the desert seek to bury beneath us. Do they not realize that Stianbal was built upon a hill with foundations of solid rock beneath? They could dig a thousand years and never hope to topple an outhouse.

>War Action:

As the forces already loyal to and mustered by King Largh fight to throw back the verminous invaders, the armies of the west appear as shadows that darken the skies; a great flight of combat monks and the armies of houses Cewayn, Ordon and Ulvall arrived to do their first homage in service to their king. Their armies tear into the Totu raiders and regulars, from above and from all sides, striking and swooping and shredding sands apart with strikes of high-powered wind and razored weaponry. If the filth-monkeys think themselves fast, and merciless? They will find they do not know the meaning of those words.
Diplo: "We are gracious hosts, not deceptive merchants. We will grant you our maps. Your people struggle with their memory ... we have a resource in the Empire that may aid you. The water of Everclear Mountain aids those in remembering that which is forgotten."
"Hmm the sonarii were once our allies besides who is to say it's works. We will try it out however we will only give you the information if it works."
In the rain forest four food items are found which can be grown in any level of abundance.

First comes the Kola Nut, a tree bound fruit which has a similar effect to some of the Teas of the Realm in that it helps keep one awake.

Second is Oryza, a variety of rice native to the rainforest, it is a rice which is well adapted to the Rainforest environment. It is drought- and deep-water-resistant, and tolerates fluctuations in water depth, infertile soils, severe climatic conditions, and Oni neglect. It may serve as a much better alternative to the Rice which is grown in the north for the areas of the Rainforest.

Thirdly is the Black Eyed Pea, a kind of Pea similar to the pathetic peas sometimes grown in gardens but larger and of greater yield.

Finally there is the Watermelon, a large green fruit whose flesh is as abundant as it is filled with seeds, it was found in a part of the jungle which was rapidly declining and if it were not for the patronage of the Yokai Lord it would have probably faded past the scroll of history into the abyss of lost memories.

Siege towers prove incredibly vulnerable to fire attacks, so in turn dedicated units made of fire resistant woods and metal are born to take their place, though sparse and expensive these towers can serve as actually useful and cost effective tools if supported by arrowfire.

The new coordinated units are fairly clumsy when compared to fiery units but serve their role much more effectively than their predecessors. Though uncontrolled skirmisher and raiding bands still serve their purposes in this war their relevance may one day prove a thing of the past.

The Centers center ends up being a little bit more West but it is built up nonetheless, many of the lessons from the great earthquake are learned from and the infrastructure is improved at least in the more major areas.

The invasion of isolated sonarii state initially goes quite well but the mountains are proving quite troublesome to conquer, as the armies can not easily go to such heights and even the artillery cannot bombard the monasteries and houses, though the mountains can be dug under they do not hold the things required for longterm survival.

The roads once used for moving goods are covered in snow caused by avalanches by the defenders, the gears of war now move at an ever slowing pace as the defenders begin figuring out ways of revealing the camouflaged forces.

The biggest current issue would be supplies as the agriculture required to feed such distant armies costs society quite a bit.

The monk king sends out diplomats in order to make peace, they promise a yearly tithe of precious materials to the queen and the addition of the queen into the newly founded pantheon of the gods as one to be worshiped with the addition of the gift of all captured sandy hills if only peace is agreed upon.
File: Elements - Warborn.png (1.48 MB, 1079x932)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
The pots are sunk into the ground in a great multitude.

No messages can yet be sent across the mountain, too the great chagrin of the King's Court.

Word from Steelhold reaches the capitol, they have gone under a coup and have rapidly remilitarized in the chaos. They have given Necropolis and Boneyard an ultimatum, give up the fertile lands across the new sea to the new Iron Empire or face a second war. The necrotics will be allowed to keep the salt mines and the surrounding desolate tundras but this area must be fully demilitarized and watched over by an organization representative of the Guide of the new Steel Empire and his people so that no tricks are tried by the necrotics.

The library is filled with the remaining copies and scrolls once held in the old ruins, many donated by their previous owners.

A noticeable amount of deflation occurs in the empire due to gold and coinage flowing towards Kira, and the city grows so much that many of the nobles send their money to pay for more salt for the south.

The new nation forms without much backlash due to the chaos. Perhaps in time its existence will clash with that of the remaining nation.

The newly reunified kingdom is hardly unified in any practical manner but the message is sent and thoughts of diverging from the status quo through rebellion, this is increased through word of the invasion of the Totu in the East, and even the conquest of a whole (2 tiles) of land which was claimed by the newly reunified empire by the vile Totu hordes.

Now that an official response has been had by the empire the full force of the three eastern cities invades Totu lands.

The Monk King of Stianbal states that if the Totu do not accept the offer he sent before their arrival than he will instead side in wholeness to the King of Glecoone.

Many mercenaries of steel and earth join in the conquest, bolstering the forces with much needed and very potent ground forces.

The desertification of the lands in the shadow of the mountains begins, and the former sea now land near Alkime begins being capable of growing good crops.

the hidden forces strike breaking the stalemate.

*the climate changes a new turn begins*
Upon drinking the elixir necrotics feel many fractured memories come back from past lives, already from it one descendant of a great architect has been able to discern how a very old fortress was built and the arcane and interesting techniques used to construct it. Though taking more than one drink is highly dangerous for a necrotic due to the more noticeable side effects and chances of side effects after one drink. It is estimated that by using the ship a massive quantity of the resource could be brought back home along with the maps and other cultural artifacts provided by the men of fire.
>>The Yokai Lords

>Diplo: Should've been last turn, but here it is
The rider is met by Mun and his personal guard, with many giving jeers or catcalls, the rider delivers his message and is offered a drink of sake before he must return with the reply. "An apt first assessment. But I am afraid we cannot be given very much respect if we allow a foreign force to just walk all over us. It would be dishonorable to my men, my ancestors, and myself if I didn't put up a proper fukkin' fight. I assure you, once this is said and done, I'll be overjoyed to save you a seat and a stiff drink at *our* table in the fort-town of Dusk. -Yokai Lord Mun."

>1: Bonding with Banshees
Just in time before the armies leave the city, Mediums in Yugji manage to figure out the process of bonding with and channeling the spirits known as banshees. Another one of the more troublesome spirits, bound for a more productive use. Capable or projecting voices across long distances, or delivering ear-piercing shrieks, these spirits of sound and noise now accompany select Mediums in the army and in the Elseworld-sect.
After their first demonstration, both the Elseworld-Sect and the Yokai Lords agree to put city ordinances against noise pollution from these new spirits.

>2: The March of Two Armies
With preparations as good as they can get, and the risk of strike forces and cavalry whittling them away in their city, the Yokai Lords Mun and Yugji decide it is finally time to take the fight to the flaming men. The two armies march out from Yugji, pushing back the Flaming Men and establishing a supply line.

Mun leads the bulk of the forces, including all the seige towers, forces of Mun, and most of the forces of Giib, to the outskirts and hills surrounding Duskfort. But not yet assaulting the city. Using coordination to keep lines orderly and effective, and capable of reforming rank if need be.
Yugji meanwhile, leads the screening army, to cover the rear guard and supply lines of Mun's forces. Reports from the Brigand Lord tell of the army waiting to the north, and while most information on its numbers or composition is scarce, it would be folly to leave it unaddressed.

>War Action: Appeal to the lesser lords of the disputed lands
Ahead of their marching army, the Yokai Lords send out messengers to the various Oni lords and chieftains found in the disputed and conquered territory. The Yokai Lords wish to have the lesser lords on their side and to have as much additional assistance as possible. The various leaders are offered reductions in taxes if they are within Yokai Lords' domains, chances for new land to claim, and the potential to rise up to the title of Yokai Lord should they help take and hold a new fort-town to the east.
Action 1: start getting the water from the burned men
Action 2: try to reason with the new iron empire that we can give them the resources but we get to keep our weapons and no oversight over us

>Diplomacy: Give them Mercy
Peace is accepted as sand they desired is supplied. Like a switch, the Queen becomes incredibly friendly and promises to aid the monks in rebuilding and resupply at the end of the war. She takes a few moments to explain her values: Unity, Cooperation, and Purpose though she ultimately denies her status as a goddess. assuring them that she would not want to disrupt their pantheon.

>Action 1: Anti-Air
This was not the first battle the Totu faced against the Sonarii and it surely wasn't going to be the last. Their tactics were observed and their air dependence was noted. Techniques to take advantage of this were workshopped on the field and in the aftermath.

>Action 2: Intermediate Assisted Bending
Using the new resources from the Stianbal, new more advanced weapons are designed to facilitate the bending of the Totu. These new tools are designed to facilitate group bending in specific.

> War Action: Give them Hell
The queen had underestimated the Stianbal though their cooperation allows her to divert her resources to the new fledgling nation which dares to challenge her in her home domain. The soldiers are brought back across the dunes for a quick sandy meal before being tunneled off to the front lines divided into groups of 15 to overwhelm the Sonarii troops through group bending their hybrid ranged attack to bombard their presumably poorly armored units like a storm. The elephants and even groups of laborers (size 6) are brought to the battle as well. Finally, the queen herself enters the battalion in a group of 31.

>Action 1:

The reliance of the filth-monkey vermin on their cannonade and ranged weaponry is quickly learned, and the Sonarii benders practice further with their protective-destructive air pressure waves to neutralize these threats whilst protecting themselves.

>Action 2:

The filth-monkeys seek to give battle, and King Largh does not intend to shy from this fight. Nor does he intend his forces to be easy targets. Are they not the wind, fleet and furious? If the foe will intend to divide themselves into isolated clusters away from the lines, then the Skybourne forces of Chaelkeat, led by Duke Homt of house Cewayn, will harry these groups in their turn, descending to tear each apart, one by one.

King Largh himself plans to command from the center, leading something of a novelty; a primarily ground-based fighting force chosen and assembled to face the filth-monkies head on and prove superior. As well as his household guard, clad in the metal wealth prized by his house, and the metal-clad companies of many minor lords eager to make names of themselves fighting at the side of the King, the mercenaries of Earth and Steel will make up this strong center. The Wind Monks will provide their powers to support and control the flows of the battlefield, whilst above the center of the lines, house Vyden regulars (led by Largh's son, Braft) will provide cover, air support and rapid-response for the center. An Elephant might be hard to stop from the ground, but land on one's back and the creature and crew are nearly defenseless.

On the flanks, Duke Anta of house Ulvall of Alkilme will take the right with his men and vassal-lords, whilst Duke Arbar of house Ordon of Damhuest will command the army of the left with his. Their orders are to probe and encircle, tear apart the co-ordination their foes and scour away the sands with the fury of our winds to leave the filth-monkeys no hiding places, and tear them apart with superior Sonarii speed, strength and skill at arms.

>War Action:

Meanwhile, Dukes Topelboc of Larnet and T'Ned of Nafflec rendezvous their armies on the mid-ocean fishing platforms of house Corcrel. And then, coordinated and rested, the three forces lift off, heading westward over the inland sea in a generated tailwind, trailed by sky-carts of weapons and supplies. Their mission is a simple one. The Basin of Below, capitol of the vile and treacherous filth-monkeys, is going to be either captured, or else utterly collapsed upon itself and destroyed.
1. In the King's war camp within the fortified city of Duskfort. He is approached by a small group of knights, not as old as him, but wizened in age. Their apparent leader speaks to him.

"My king, we have been at war for many years, many troops desire to return home, but I have no home to return. The Oni stole my son from me. Nothing but hate remains. " His fellows behind him nod their agreement amid curses and spits. Tales of knights consumed by hate speak of a vengeful demon, towering over average men by several heads, blazing heat that consumes the flesh, and great devastation upon death. The priests are called, and the church is sealed. When the carving of runes upon their flesh begins, the screaming echos through the city, as smoke bellows from their eyes, and their flesh glows with a consuming fire from within. The ritual is sealed as they each drink with shaking, smoldering hands from a golden chalice filled with the king's blood. Flame-Consumed Knights are created.

2. A new city is to be constructed due south of Emissia, as a new staging point to send supplies and men west. (Named Sonnen)


Plagasm- Give them the water they can carry for the information they promise.

>War: The Hidden army is to march upon Yugji.

WAR PLAN: 1.Hidden Army marches on Yugji to attempt to take it. 2. The Flame-Consumed Knights ride out on oxen (who would be quite enraged by their burning flesh) at the siege camps of the Oni. 3. As they lead the vanguard the King waits for them to raise havoc. Depending on how broken the Oni forces, the King will rally the army for a charge upon the burning remnants of the Oni. If they seem intact, prepare for siege towers and activate fire pots while ballista's fire away.
The Oni have stated their intention to take Duskfort, by taking Yugji, the King hopes to force a peace treaty by returning it.
Seeing their relative brethren of the Southern Caucus breaking away, the Great Inlet and Hamet Clans also begins to warily eye the idea of secession. However, their ambitions are quickly snuffed out by the Northern Caucus, who are acutely aware just how dependent they are now on the steady flow of sprat from across the peninsula. The clan leaders are told in no uncertain terms that if they stop supplying fish to the rest of the empire, then the nation will come and take it, along with quite a few other things as well. And so, the eastern bloc remains strained but intact.
Turn 1: In the desperate hunt for food, the sheep populations are looked at with renewed interest. Drowned sheep keep moderately better than sprat underwater, thanks to their thick mats of wool, and so stay a bit more edible after the trip under the storm. The meat tastes oily and nasty to the Tarnish palate, but starving people will tolerate just about anything. Sheep farming begins on the Eastern coast(NOT on the island).

Turn 2: The clan leaders of Hamet Hear of a salt lick not too far north of the city. If such a source was found, the Eastern clans could free themselves of their dependence on Northern salt. The leaders order the talons expanded north and east.
>Expansion to pick up that salt tile and hopefully the cattle as well.
While banshees can prove just as disruptive as they are useful many of the more will filled who bond with them find a useful edge in combat.

When the armies had nearly reached duskfort word comes of a very daunting invasion of Yugji by a large force of burned men. Already they have pierced its fortifications and are looting the northern area of the city.

A large portion of the two armies, mostly lords who are under oath under the lord of Yugji split off and march to Aid the war in Yugji.

While most of the army still remains not enough remains to make up a viable backline force.

The generals are divided on what to do but a decision to partially dig in a little more before the siege is reached is decided upon.

Many of the lesser lords take up arms, causing discord to be sewn even within Duskfort. This results in a response of some other among the lesser lords in the territories of the burned men towards pledging themselves to the Burned King in reaction and fear of reprisal from the authorities of the burned men.

The shipment arrives after much time away from the empire, due to the cataclysm that happened while the ship was away many old maps and records are available for shipment, along with newer records fresh off the penman's shop.

The Iron Guide refuses, the territory is seized under a rapid assault, probably a result of a recent innovation on their part.

They demand the "useless land" is put under a strict code of demilitarization under the threat that they take that area of land as well, allowing them to take hold of the still fertile salt mine which exists there.

The Iron Guide states that he does not desire a war across the sea as trade is much preferable. He states that this is the last chance he will give the Plague Nation.
File: Elements - Shift.png (1.48 MB, 1079x930)
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1.48 MB PNG
The Monk King of Stianbal gives thanks in kind, the new official borders are established and many Sonarii near the border end up in coexistence with the previously occupying worker forces of Totu.

Few attempts at Anti Air find even the smallest bit of viability but with support from newly acquired Mercenaries from the mountains Anti Air strikes against low flying and diving sonarii can prove successful at times, with the mercenaries proving the bait and the hidden batteries giving the firepower needed to take down enemy sonarii.

The Sonarii in turn reply with high altitude coordinated rock and boulder bombardments and intense winds and even sandstorms caused by the intense concentration and power of many a Sonarii.

Greater tools of bombardment are crafted out of metal, they have more range and output a greater level of power, though their individual accuracy is questionable.

The Queen leads her armies with grace and power, no sonarii can hope to match her and her group. But the mercenaries certainly can, groups of many Earth benders, whose presence weakens that of Force Users form great battalions which ravage Totu forces especially in the north, and even a few have managed to come close to harming the Queen and have certainly killed many a Totu in ratios of a very disheartening nature.

Air attacks of a greater nation wretch havoc in the open desert areas of the war away from the queen.

Many mini-hives are destroyed by earth mercenaries, their quaking controls causing cave inns that would make the great quake blush.

The continued offensive sees the forces of the Sonarii reach the mountains of the new traitors, though these traitors seem to be preoccupied with staying cooped up in their mountains than aiding the dread queen.

The forces of Nafflec and Larnet ravage the enemy coasts, though the enemy capitol proves too big a task for them, raiding enemy settlements and testing the cities defenses proves a viable strategy.

The unleashed knights die in droves but upon death they release their energies in massive explosions, scorching the land and setting aflame the battlefield in ghastly blazes. Some manage to make it into enemy camps, wretching havoc where they land.

A great battle begins near Duskfort, with the confused siegers now being assalted by the denizens of the fortress they wanted to strike at.

Disloyal Yokai Lords are harming the supply lines, thankfully this has come with the newly pledged loyalty of many other Yokai lords on the side of the burned men.

The new city becomes a hub of goods moving to the warzone.

The city of Yugji is currently being looted by the not so hidden army.
disregard this map tarn

The sheep helps alleviate much of the strife of the population due to hunger.

The northern salt can not be reliably tapped due to being outside of the pylons, though a byproduct in phosphate production is found to yield a similar if not a teensy bit foul tasting of a result.

The new territory comes with the salt and even relatively tasty beef, though word of some strange peoples on the border is a bit worrysome to some people.

Beef is also found in the north as well.

*a new turn dawns*

>Action 1:

Trayth of house Egnart, former Duke of Stianbal, has been recovering his wounds and brooding and plotting his revenge against his monastic usurper. Now, with the Usurper's 'loyal' forces aiding the filth-monkeys in open rebellion, Trayth makes his move. Hiring Tarnish mercenaries to fight alongside his remaining corps of rallied Sonarii, he plans a counter-coup to restore his city and his domains. There are many in the city who share his ideals; their brother Sonarii came to fight the filth-monkeys when the monkeys threatened Stianbal with destruction, and are even now still boldly fighting. In contrast, whatever legitimacy the Monastic usurper might have stolen died when he began openly aiding the vermin against Sonarii.

>Action 2:
Some mercenary earthbenders are bought into the coastal offensive by the dukes ofNafflec and Larnet. With defenses already tested and plotted, the efforts to crush the nest of the vermin are stepped up.

>War Action
Though ground is being lost to the filth-monkey push, King Largh can see that the numbers are turning more in his favour with every clash, his milittary forces outclassig their in strength and war technologies apart from their efforts in cannonade. His Sonarii and Earthbender mercenaries redouble their combined offensive against the main horde to drive them from Vyden lands, whilst the Steel-mercenaries form defensive rings and cordons, looking to protect their compatriots and prevent their foes reinforcing each other as each group falls under threat.
>Both of us came to an agreement about how the war between our forces would end. Here is the culmination of that.
The war between the Yokai Lords and King of the Golden Dawn has been a long and bloody one.After [turns] of raiding, skirmishes, and counter pushes, it finally came to ahead. At almost the same time on the same day, both the Fort Town of Yugji and the town of Duskfort came under attack.

The Second Flaming forces rushed in and began to ransack the Fort Town when it was most vulnerable, when its Yokai Lord was away in combat. In such a moment of fear and panic, one esteemed member of the Elseworld-Sect stood up to protect her home. A gifted Medium, whom had bonded with a banshee, called forth and her kinsmen. Bringing together every willing and able bodied man and woman, the Oni of Yugji drank a small portion of Raw Spirit each. Despite the many risks and problems that would arise later, the Medium rallied the Oni pulsing with Primordial and spiritual might, and led them in a defense of the Fort Town.
With the northern and central parts of the town raided, the Flaming men decided it was best to pull out. Running from the raging oni, and more importantly the quickly approaching Yokai Lord Yugji, they made their way around the northern borders of the Oni lands.

The town of Duskfort, faced a far different threat. Almost completely surrounded by the forces of Mun, Giib, and the Brigand Lord, the town was put under seige. Unwilling to enter the range of the ballistae or fire lances, Mun held his men fast, preventing any supplies from entering the city. Content to let the enemy starve itself as his men feasted on stolen convoys. Similarly, King Angstrom did not want to risk his men to the hordes, and awaited relief from the second army.
It was a long and painful siege. As the weeks wore on, rations and morale continued to decline for the Burned men, while Oni revelry eventually soured into boredom and restless. A band of Oni, without the approval of Mun, charged ahead against the city, only to be met with projectile and firebombs. Tensions on both sides were high, to see who'd break first.

It wasn't until the second army finally reached Duskfort, that the question was answered. Shortly after the northern side of the siege was broken, King Angstrom requested a parlay with Yokai Lord Mun. There they decided to come to terms between the opposing forces, and establish an official, if wary, peace.

>Yugji is partially raided/on fire, The Golden Dawn relinquishes territory up to the drunkenly drawn line (Mun brought a lot of rice wine to the negotiations), a mass exodus is had of all Flame men back to Emissia from Oni lands, Duskfort is largely decommissioned after they leave, and raids from both sides are to cease.
File: burning-kitchen.jpg (246 KB, 1268x436)
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My paltry contribution for now, will post my turn come morning.
>>The Yokai Lords

>1: Raw Spirit Bezerkers
Largely explained in >>3751849; methods of creating oni bezerkers using the power of the raw spirit was found and utilized in the defense of their home. With the conflict over, enough time should've past for the more banal and uncontrollable oni to calm back down from their high. The Elseworld-Sect puts strict limits on the creation of future bezerkers, going so far as to limit access to the lake itself. Were it not for Yugji's protection, they would've also excommunicated the offending Medium whom began the practice in the first place.
She is currently in Yugji's protection from the sect, while she protects Yugji from the more upset commoners whom he was unable to protect at the time.

>2: New building techniques
With the aftermath of the great earthquakes and the ransacking of Yugji the builders, carpenters, and masons of Yugji begin to re-imagine Oni architecture and construction. Implementing their new findings and styles in Yugji's reconstruction and in future endeavors.

As Yokai Lord Yugji re-consolidates his realm, and Yokai Lord Mun barters for peace and cleans up the rebelling lordlings, Yokai Lord Giib has had much time to think and to grow. With most of his men returned to him, less damaged than those of Yugji or Mun, his population is now even more bolstered. Deciding to begin to deal with those neighbors to the south, lest he get dragged into similar wars like in the north, he travels to the desert hill on the southern edge of Oni territory and calls out to these odd primate things.
The cities of Yugji and Mun would pay Giib handsomely for high quality sand to make glass out of.
Giib, always trying to get a good deal for himself, tries to establish first contact; offering some logs and food in exchange for lots of sand.
1. After the Exodus, and return to Emissia, the King releases the soldiers from service, using the loot from Yugji to pay them. The King and his court nobles return to Last Hearth, retaking the crown from his son after a parade for the weary soldiers. This war was the first for the Empire and was not without loss. An idea occurs to the King on how to see the populations of his land to track. (Censuses conducted every 5 years by churches. Records kept in Great Temple.)

2. Roads between Emissia-Sonnen, and Sonnen-Firestone.

Oni- Making peace with the Oni in the way we described.
The Queen wracks her brain incessantly thinking of how she may overcome the mercenaries. The following motions are set into place.

>Action 1: Glassworking
The advantage of the Sonarii is their trade goods. Because of this, they can afford help for their pitiful nation. While the Totu doesn't have very many resources desirable to other nations, what they do have is their sand. Though the material was rarely found outside of the queens quarters, the process was somewhat familiar to the Totu due to experience with the Artisans and the ever-so-rare lightning bolt in the desert.

>Action 2: Scoping
If there's one thing the Totu understand, it's hitting something hard. The Totu have faith in their ability to blast something out of their cannons, though hitting their marks can't be guaranteed. Inspired by magnifying nature of their imperfect scavenged glass, the Totu begin production of a device which would allow them to better view distant targets. After some field testing, they'd also attempt to mark them to help give an idea of where the shot will land. Materials are collected from the queen's assortment of pretty objects, natural desert glass, and whatever material their glass mill can produce in their limited time. (These are designed for the metal ones)

>Diplomacy: Making Friends
Only slightly aware of the Yokai and their struggles due to Yokai inhabitance of their rightful 2 sand tiles, the natives along that border are collected as an escort with a Totu princess to first discuss the interests of each nation, and then how they may benefit one another. It is made clear over the course of the discussion that mercenaries are requested and that trade or perhaps assistance in revenge on the burned men at a later date (Assuming they are informed of their existence).

>War Action:
Each individual Totu is David, and each of its foes is Goliath. Planning is of utmost importance to the Totu, despite how much they'd like to stomp on their foes. The queen divides her army into a V shape, with the flanks being camouflaged or burrowed men. The artillery and ranged benders are positioned further back in the V while elephants, the more brutish Totu, and any yokai they can convince to join them in the front. These front Totu are instructed to bend as little as possible and instead focus on using their superior physicality to attack the earth benders. The formation hopes to keep the artillery as far away and thus as minimally weakened by the earthbenders while they fire upon the units and the Totu along the flanks progress forward hidden, hoping that the Sonarii will be too distracted by the combat to see the attack coming.
Action 1: set up the demilitarized zone also offer to dredge up land if it would help
Action 2: find candidates for the water anyone who might be important in the past
>>The Yokai Lords

>Diplo (Totu)
The forces of Giib had received all of the training for the war with the Golden Dawn, without suffering the losses of the other two fort towns. As such, they were plentiful, well trained, and well fed after returning home.

While not all the Oni were willing to fight a war that did not directly involved them, more than a few were excited at the prospect of testing their metal against other forces of the world. Meanwhile, Lord Giib saw much to be gained with little risk in this conflict. Further experience and exploration of the wider world, vast wealth for mercenaries, new trading partners. And most of all, if the other nations of the world were busy fighting each other, it meant less work for him.

>The Fort Town of Giib provides the Totu with: 3 longbow forces and 2 heavy infantry forces. Special kit include sight spirits and stealth spirits on the longbows; banshees and hwachas on the heavy infantry.
(For the most part, these mercs are lead and directed by the Totu, so he decides where and when they fight instead of me.)
Yokai Lord Giib does not trade in future promises, however, and instead desires very tangible things. These desert hills were not always deserts, once they were reported to be steppes. Along with semi-regular deliveries of sand, he wants permanent domain of the two desert [tiles] that the oni currently possess. He offers that the hill they first met on could perhaps become a trade post in time.
due to the incredible practical distances between the battle field and the areas where tarnish mercenaries can be moved along with the brutally dry nature of the desert only a few squads can be economically hired, but they are put to good use as they are not only surprisingly apt at taking rapid changes in altitude but can also deal with the harsh air of the mountains and cold temperatures as well.

Using the political and religious ties of old the general manages to reclaim the south with due haste, after that old ties in Stianbal are also taken advantage of and the city is now in a state of civil unrest, with many previously passive parties only now taking action.

Eventually Trayth and his cohort reaches the grand temple of the Monk King, the paths required to walk before getting into his chambers along with the main areas of worship are indeed wrought with much blood, especially since no necrotics were found capable of functioning this far up.

The main area of the temple, where worship would occur every 11th day ends up looking less like a traditional place of worship of the true god of the sonarii and more like a marketplace, with many statues laying about depicting various strange gods, taking the forms of not just sonarii or animals as was the case long ago but of other things as well, of necrotics, tarn and metal men altered to appear more divine, alongside other vaguely similar forms as well not known to the sonarii.

Near each statue lies varieties of offerings, candles, food items weapons, valuables and other things as well. In the back of the hall lies a mural depicting the battle between the Anarch of the Nomads and King Brue, except unlike traditional depictions of the battle Brue and the Anarch are seen to be on equal fitting, with two gods, one of a Rams head and one more similar to depictions of the God of the Sonarii both seeming to be betting or gambling something while the battle is in swing.

Finally the great area of worship is bypassed and the throne room of the Monk king is penetrated, the Former duke finds the Monk King in his own state of meditation, he is currently floating in the air, using a technique of passive air bending which the Monks of the Rock often use.

Quickly the Duke notices that the Monk King's quarters are set behind bars and strangely enough he has no guards, the Monk King lowers himself to the ground.

He takes off his sparse crown with a look of frustration on his face, he then tosses his crown through the bars with immense force, shattering it on the wall above the doorway, he speaks:

"Keep my kingdom, I do not want it, I must go to meditate now. Just remember that if this region comes under death and destruction due to your rule then it is your own fault, not mine."

He then opens a hatch and escapes somewhere else.

The city is now under the defacto control of the Duke, but strife still fills the streets.
Incursions into the city are taken, focusing on the less structurally sound areas of the city, causing havoc, though the casualty rates are very concerning, and less and less earthen mercenaries wish to be sent to fight in that area thus raising mercenary costs for that endeavor.

The supply lines grow ever more straining as vital farmlands dry up due to the harsh drought caused by the mountains.

The sonarii utilize sky carts to maintain their Superior maneuverability, outflanking the enemy constantly.

Dug in steelmen and earth men holds, dot the landscape, maintaining a control on the flow of enemy supply lines above ground, with even a few incursions into the underground occurring.

The city of glecoone, first depopulated after the desertification and now desolated after the invasion of the totu now lies in ruins, only used for a checkpoint for supplies.


The art of the berserker evolves and proves itself as a viable fighting style.

Fireproofing and earthquake proofed bases emerge in the cities, with more traditional wooden styles taking precedence above these more sturdier forms.

Peace is brought to the realm and the soldiers manage to not become a problem due to their pay of spoils.

The new roads help bring the empire together.

Glass is added to many areas, even finding an interesting place on occasion as thick blast proof panes for heavy artillery command centers.

Scopes are crafted, though primitive they give the Totu the sight they need to remain competitive with the hawk eyed sonarii.

The V formations do not prove successful against the airborn and highly mobile sonarii, but they could prove useful in a proper large scale army on army battle.

The demilitarized zone is established and peace and good relations with the Second Iron Empire is established.

A more complete history and many of the lost scrolls are recovered through the recalling of memories, along with this a strange room is recalled from around the library, a portal of a sorts which leads to a tundra outside of the pylons.

Along with this many agricultural and architectural marvels are recovered from memory.

The forces will reach the war fields of the totu next turn

*a new turn begins*

Action 1: Expansion

With the open plains of Sonaria drying and desertifyng, there are many in Sonaria who now need places to go, to farm, to escape the wars started by the filth-monkeys. The Land around Nafflec is known for fertility, and it it here that they congregate, pushing back borders and pylons to open up fresh green lands to farm and hunt in, the herds of horse that once grazed the plains near Glecoone moved to new pasture in the north.

Yokai Lords >>3754555

With mutualish common borders established, Duke Trayth flies to meet and treat with the Oni, and greets him as one warrior to another; willing to go for a combat bout with the Yokai lord should the Yokai wish a more personal test of their combat abilities, but not pushing for a fight if he is of more peaceful bent.

The Sonarii, he explains, are engaged in a pest-control operation against a particularly noxious form of animal, the filth-monkey, known to those who do not know their kind well as 'Totu'. The Sonarii made a peace of sorts with these vermin once; the filth-monkeys broke that at the earliest opportunity. He asks the Yokai lord, will they join us in battle against the filth-monkeys? Sonarii have little use for desert, so would be happy for the Yokai to keep any lands they seize from the Vermin. In return, he also offers trade and the prospect of mutual support. Are those terms acceptable?

>Action 2:

The War with the Totu continues, and the Sonarii see need to enhance their bending abilities; groups of air-benders gathering their powers to learn to blow disruptive gales at their foe to break formations and blow their cannonade askew, leaving them vulnerable to be pounced upon by fast-moving combat troops.

>War Action

Basin of Bellow is unholdable. It was thought it might be, but the first Sonarii attackers had been willing to take the chance that the city might surrender. Now, though; it is decided that the city must be crushed and compacted from the top of the sands down to the bedrock.

However, to bear this increased cost, the Mercenary Earthbenders are paid in land as well as goods. Sonarii have little use for deserts, and so great swathes of the desert are seceded to theses new Plagasm lords.
Action 1: start making those magical forts we remembered
Action 2: start looking for that bizarre room
>>The Yokai Lords

>1: Jungle Farming
With the myriad of new jungle plants and crops found earlier, the Yokai Lord Giib instates more of these crops to begin cultivation and circulation. These new crops are more effectively and sustainable grown throughout the jungles.

Yokai Lord Giib, and to a lesser extend Yokai Lord Mun, receive far more internal political power due to influx of food for their people.

>2: Warrior Poetry rises to prominence
The end of the Burning Effigy War heralds a massive swell in national pride for the Oni people. They revel at the fact that they have fought off a larger, stronger, and dangerous foreign power to the point where their King paid tribute to a Yokai Lord. Many warriors begin singing songs born from their time in the field with their kinsmen, others compose poems to tell of their tales to loved ones, and others still write dirges to lost comrades. With Oni from all corners having participated in the battles, the cultural impacts are felt across the nation.

Sonarii >>3755184
While Yokai Lord Giib is unable to come to the meetings, as he is already busy with other negotiations both in and outside of the Oni, a strong set woman is the one to meet the Duke. Called down to the Oni-owned mountain on their borders, she explains that she is the next prospective Yokai Lord, handpicked by Yokai Lord Giib to deal with the western mountains and mountain pass. While not fully fledged yet, she still speaks with the authority of Giib and his interests. Like most Oni leaders, she is exceptionally martial focused, and gladly accepts the Duke's challenge.

After the duel, she explains that the Oni have not had much if any history with the sand monkies, as they seem to have been rather focused on their southern borders it would seem. In a more professional manner, she explains that the Oni have little need or desire to declare full war against the sand monkies. Let alone take any of the desert lands, as they do not offer much other than sand. Instead, the Oni are more concerned with matters pertaining to the mountain pass, and express interests in sovereign control over it.

She offers the option of hiring Oni mercenary forces, in exchange for some combination of Sonarii non-interference with the mountain pass and materialistic payments.

>Diplo: Yokai

The Duke agrees to the Oni terms for hiring the Mercenaries against the Totu. Sonarii have no need for Mountain passes, as flight can carry them over the highest peaks; they will not interfere with Oni control. He orders his treasuries opened to provide wealth in the preferred form for the Oni, be that Mineral riches, foods or worked goods of wool and leather.
The queen is in a rage as she ponders her next move. Until suddenly, all rage escapes her body and devious smile creeps across her face. It had been this simple all along.

>Action 1: Pressurization
A more complex endeavor than previous attempts at bending-based equipment, the Totu experiment with the process of storing their power within an object to destabilize it in order to create more effective artillery pieces.

>Action 2: Fortification
Though largely an underground civilization, the Totu have found themselves in a defensive position and thus begin the creation of more permanent fortifications to help facilitate their barrages and defend against the ranged devices of their opponents.

>War Action: Attrition
Things are going splendidly for the Totu. The combination of the Yokai and the Elephants exists as a non-force force to halt the progress of the earthmen whilst the Totu artillery may barrage any Sonarii who attempt to approach their encampments. Time is the tool of the Totu now, as the Sonarii have overextended themselves with several mercenary forces, an army which must be fed and paid, and the attrition of a battle fought in a vast desert. Their city which was once responsible for feeding Larnet has fallen. With no supply center and their supply lines barraged, it is sure to fall soon too. The Totu focus on defense and range during.
1. The King turns his attention to the errant lord of Dawnfort to the east, looking for a means of either traversing the mountains, tunneling through, or blasting them out of the way. (That hex with only one mountain separation)

2. New irrigation techniques are studied to make desert life more viable.
The Oni mercenaries sent to fight for Duke Trayth are of a slightly different mix than those sent to fight for the Totu. Yokai Lord Giib was able to leverage his expanded food trade over the struggling Yokai Lord Yugji, whom was still trying to reestablish Yugji after its raiding. Yugji, also trying to deal with a slightly insane population, sends several of his more ferocious adults to make its population more manageable, as the younger generation grows and attempts to out number those that drank the Raw Spirit. The rest of the forces are supplied by those of Giib, looking for wealth or recognition.

>Oni send 2 Bezerker forces, 1 light infantry force, and 1 Longbow force. In exchange for non-interference with the mountain pass, and payment mainly in wool.
(Again, its the Sonarii's job to maneuver them as mercenaries.)
In anticipation, Yokai Lord Giib has all of these mercenaries don blue colors, as opposed to the forces given to the Totu, which are adorned in his colors, red. That way, should the two different nations employ Oni mercs in the same region, they'll know who's is who's. The Oni themselves have little qualms with fighting one another, as they often come from various rivaling houses or lords and/or often treat it as a sort of proof of strength between kinsmen.
The new plains are tapped for what they can offer, giving new lives to sonarii on the brink of starvation.

The advanced of this new technique leads to the enemy simply just bunkering down even more, integrating their machines into the ground or providing counter forces to disrupt the disrupting gale through predicting the movements of the enemy.

The Mountains once under the influence of the Monk King now lie under the domain of the Sonarii, though military policing still needs to occur in droves before any attempts at contributing to the war effort in the desert can be made.

Though the deserts are fairly useless the ruins they contain and the few rivers that flow through it are not, many disgruntled and poor mercenaries flock to the banner of the Sonarii in hopes of providing some sort of domain for themselves and their descendants.

The land is not infinite though and few mercenaries desire the land anywhere near to the war zone.

Efforts against the now incredibly sparcely populated totu coasts cease as efforts towards the enemies capitol take priority.

Iron Empire:

The Empire has expanded into the shimmering and fertile fishing waters of the east, and have also established a city where the fishing industry will be at its finest, the city of Silverguard.


(I don't remember anything about magical forts, could you jog my memory on that by linking which post that was mentioned? If the issue is on your part and that was never mentioned you can re-do this action)

Many tarn are hired to search the underwater city, the room itself is located but it does not seem to be working right now, thus the portal along with all the other things which could be found are taken to the surface and to Boneyard.

The man who remembered does infact think he will be able to put it together but he is poor and demands considerable state support in order to figure out how to put it together without it blowing up or something.

The new crops are grown in the areas where traditional rice cannot be grown are sewn with these new fruits and the new rice, allowing the southern population to grow even more.

The poetry spreads with a great energy, being enjoyed across the many realms.
File: Elements - Frontline.png (1.49 MB, 1076x931)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
This new technique allows for much more effective anti air when no allied ground forces exist, along with a means to properly decimated larger enemy ground forces.

The rocks "charged" using this technique are fired at such velocities that by the time they explode into dangerous rocks flying at incredibly high speeds they can be high enough to strike down or injur the sonarii above.

More robust and earth mercenary attack proof fortresses are developed, bulkier and stronger than before, the Queen takes not from any sentient civilization for these designs but instead from the humble termite, whose great mounds can survive vaguely similar attacks from bears, larger ant eaters and honey badgers, sacrificing mere portions of the mind boggling structures as opposed to sacrificing the structural integrity of the entire fortress when more conventional building styles more similar to other races are used.

Through the new emplacements and counter offensives in order to protect the vital salt mines a line in the sand is established where no sonarii can hope to cross, hopefully.

The new Oni forces form a new solidified backbone for the Totu army, their spirit powers boosted by the presence of every major force fighting in the war, along with boosting many of the larger artillery emplacements in a more passive manner.

The new Oni forces for the sonarii are moved through the narrow passes of the mountains, tunnels are dug leading to the areas scouted as being of possibly great importance to the Totu, they now lie waiting for the call to launch an offensive from the mountain peaks.
Attempts to blast through what should be (2 tiles) of mountain are abandoned as the mountains only seem to get larger from that point, and due to the range’s young age no viable wildlife or good air exists to keep the workers from asphyxiating, though a fresh corpse is found in one of the canyons, a burned man, who had probably died but a few days before.

No ways that the body could have gotten there are figured out.

(A small reminder that you have no way of knowing where to dig in the range specifically)

The few rivers which flow form the north are tapped and many springs are discovered, from these a more viable form of agriculture in the desert can be conceived, and along the rivers many small communities crop up around them.

But through the consulting of some mystics from around the spirit lake and the red mound a system of gaining breathable air from water is formed, which should allow for the full range to be penetrated.
The first thing we remembered with the water >>3749294 guess it was the techniques and not the fort itself that was magic unless the techniques made the fort magic? To be honest it's pretty vague
Action 1: set up scholars to study the other wonders of the world
Action 2: make an effort for agricultural improvements so we can sell to other nations
Wait for action 2 lets start dealing with the portal
>>The Yokai Lords

>Establish Fort Town of Tonglo(Our side of the mountain passage, hills next to cows)
Pleased with her duel with the Sonarii Duke, as well as her ability to negotiate an easier time of taking the mountain passage, Yokai Lord Giib issues the creation of Tonglo. Designed to better administrate the southern realm with its increasing population, as well as provide a definite stronghold over the eastern side of the passage. Yokai Lord Tonglo, though a Yokai Lord all her own, does answer and give preference to her fellow Yokai Lord Giib, giving Giib some degree of control over the new domain.

>Domestication of Cows
With their holdings solidified, the various lords in the north eastern regions of the nation begin to put effort into domesticating the cow. This is largely encouraged by Yokai Lord Yugji, whom is increasingly annoyed at Giib's monopoly of the meat market.
1. The mystics and scholars are commissioned to develop their tech for generating air from water, and a thought occurs to the King of heating the coastal waters to the north of the empire, in hopes that the rains will further help transform the arid land. (Basically for the co-development of tech since it is a similar concept.)

2. A city on the desert peninsula to the north is founded as that area becomes more habitable. (Named Faustic)

>Action 1:

The Sonarii from the former plainslands migrating out of their desertifying land keep up the eastward expansion push. In the distance there are hills and forests; land that promises more then dusty plains and endless grasses. Upon a hill, besides the forests. That is where Glecoone will be born anew.

>Action 2:

A Bunkered-down, stationary enemy is vulnerable, and air is needed by all creatures that live. Sonarii manipulators take the basic principles of their Asphixiation attack and apply it far more generally, stilling and drawing away the air in any specific location to leave foes and targets choking, unable to breathe.

>War Action:

With the Oni warriors in position, backed up by Sonarii, Air-monks and carted-in Earthbenders, attacks are launched down from the mountains to press the Totu, to push them back from the solid hills and out into the open deserts, to deny them their resources with the fury of Oni muscle and fighting spirit backed up by raging winds and roiling earth. Let the whole of nature work together to reject the horrid, squalid filth-monkey beasts, and hurry the remains of their pathetic, resource-starved, declining race toward necessary extinction.
"Do the Yokai think me blind to their scheming? These sands have eyes."

>Action 1: Indoctrination
The Totu are largely responsible for the mercenary and their meals while they are kept within the harsh sands. Though she makes no direct attempts to encourage treason among the Yokai to their lords, she is sure to have them fed her milk as if it were no different than a cow's. The pheromone-laden drink is very sweet and known to produce a heightened opinion of her majesty.

>Action 2: Compression Meals
Figuring that a day when the Totu will be forced onto the offensive again will occur, the Totu begin the production of "Compression Meals", chunks of grain, meat, and sand designed to be easily moved and preserved within the tightly packed sand cubes that the Totu also happily feast upon.

>War Action
The Sonarii focus on their more fortified and supplied location. The war only keeps getting easier. Requiring fewer grunts for a defensive battle than an offensive one, those "choice few scouts" which remained absent from the warfare to prevent the Totu from being double-teamed are assigned new grunts and positioned in their hidden dunes, just waiting for the Yokai to step into their traps.
The queen and her grand army remain in their fortifications, utilizing their superior range to bombard encampments and supply lines. The handheld artillery is utilized to fire down skirmishers and the larger artillery halts its attrition warfare to blast down attempts at counteroffensive from great distances.
(arcane =/= magical, you will gain that agricultural improvement action, sorry for the inconvenience)

The Three natural wonders of the known world, the one that was lost along with the architectural of wonders of the cities of Chaelkeat, Damheust, Steelhold, Haze and briefly in Rakka.

From the wonders it is found that the blue haze that once layed within the great gorge can also be found residually within the great stormy rift. This blue haze is not only also found in the misty mountain but also in some of the springs of the great rock, though it is only found deep underground.

Many of the architectural marvels of those cities are taken inspiration from and integrated into the architecture of the two cities of the Empire.

Using the monetary gained by the emerging large scale agriculture industry even more luxurious and massive buildings are constructed, and plans for a system of "box carts on wheels" which could help the city keep up with the growing living spaces.

A system of canals is constructed in stone from which farmers can water crops from, surprisingly some of the canals even restore some of the land which is being lost to the desert, halting the growing sands and restoring a full (tile) of agricultural space.

Outside of the portal a frozen waste is discovered, from the point of departure lies a whole (tile) of space surrounded by it's own collection of tiles, around the portal site is a massive collection of skeletons of unknown origin, along with many ancient and useless ruins, while the surrounding lands may be desolate they are fertile in something: giant metalic crystals, just large jutting structures of pure metal reminiscent of long and well cut diamond, just sitting there at the surface, iron, copper, zinc, platinum, gold, silver, even an extremely hard blue metal nobody can seem to melt or chip away at. All these minerals lie in wait in these crystal formations, and it can be said that one can see one of these crystals no matter where above ground one is.

The new fort town is built using the fine stone of the area, marble adorns its central buildings.

The cows can graze well in the northern plains where nothing else can grow very well, allowing for some farmers to give their fields rest for a year by giving it over to herds of cattle, enriching those lands.

The amount of water vapor which must be created in order to create water for clouds proves too much for the spirits and mouths of those hired to attempt it.

The deserts of the north remain uninhabitable, and thus the new town of Faustic proves only useful for being a center of the mining industry up there.

A new vein of precious gold is found in the north which fuels a massive gold rush in that region, though a noticeable amount of inflation results from this.
File: Elements - Brazen path.png (1.49 MB, 1079x931)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
The new land is untamed and many deem it the name "the wild north", as anarchy and tribalism reign there due to a lack of a local authority.

The Totu, who live underground can take the lower oxygen where it occurs quite well, though they do not take very much comfort in the high intensity winds resulting from this action.

The offensive results in much of the less defended land being fought over, though the bulk of the army heads to the city of The Center in order to cut one of the heads off of the great beast, they are currently trying to break it's sizable and air denying levels of anti air emplacements.

The sonarii behind the treasury states that after (next turn) there will be no more desert with which to pay earthen mercenaries with, and the mainland of the empire will need to go into debt in order to sustain the war past that point.
The milk of the queen has a strange effect when mixed with a warrior with spirit drink in his veins, creating a very psychadelic effect which seems to give soldiers more varried levels of luck, sometimes they die from tripping over a rock sometimes they slaughter entire enemy units using the borrowed jaw of a sonarii.

The cutting off of the bulk of the salt from the mines hampers the production of compression meals, leading to a few saltless or salt scarce work arounds devised by the queen using the otherwise useless mineral of lead.

These units, nicknamed "sandlions" after the antlion insect's similar lifestyle prove useful in stopping the enemy Oni from breaching the fortifications of the Center.

Sadly no Totu can live on sand alone, especially the Queen, and due to the loss of the salt mine and the escalated levels of dryness ever since the earthquakes food shortages increase, resulting in many workers getting cannibalized or turned into fertilizer out of necessity.
A breach of defenses in the west allows the supply lines of the sonarii to unify.
>Of Bricks and Ballistas
1. Spend the recently acquired gold as a royal asset to install defensive ballistas in the cities with walls, and walls for those that have none (just Sonnen and Faustic I think. Or if possible have ballistas installed there as well.)

>Of Foundries and Flames
2. A few nobles that survived the Burning Effigy War took home the advanced metalworking techniques of the Oni. These nobles take to selling off their rural lands to buy urban properties. After petitioning the king, they receive a commission to begin the construction of their strange "factories" and soon become known as the Foundry-Lords, largely taking over the metal production of Last Hearth, Firestone, and Ashpyre. The factories serve as means for the lower classes of the city to find good work that serves the empire. The King keeps their power in check by having their taxes increase incrementally with each factory in operation. The workers of these factories sign one of their children into service for when they come of age as part of contract, since they have no land to work.
>Action 1: Bottom Feeding
The hunting grounds have shrunk, and much larger groups are necessary in order to safety fetch food; Change must occur. In what was originally an attempt at salt distilling, the Totu begin the technique of rolling the sands on the bottom of the coast in a wavelike motion towards the land in order to propel bottom feeders towards the surface. A similar technique is used to shuffle fallen Sonarii bodies to the fortifications for feeding.

>Action 2: The Art of the War Chant
Singing, dancing, chanting, and all sort of bardic activities which once held no position within Totu society have become a celebrated tradition within the battle camps. With some guidance from the greatest taunters and the most "patriotic" of the queen's suitors, war chants are designed to serve the purpose of maintaining morale and demoralizing their foes.
"Gnaw off the flesh and shoot back the rest!"

>War Action: A Nest in its Own Right
Fortifications are expanded. Partly to the east to help ensure safety while fishing, partly to the west to help prevent maneuvers against the Capitol. The Sonarii have dug their graves, all that's left to do is let them lie in them. The Sandlions continue moving camp at night, setting up traps, and overall acting as a roadblock and silent killer.

With no surefire way of knowing when the Sonarii resources will finally give out, the queen decides to send the following messages.

>Diplomacy 1: The Offense of Aestheticism
Packed inside one of a non-pressurized artillery shot is a brick of sandstone with the following message carved into it:
"Your offense will lead you nowhere. These sands mean nothing to you
They mean nothing to anyone but us You are dying for that which you can't have
But we will keep fighting. New tunnels are created as we speak.
We will never cease, But you will. Surrender the sands -
And your home beyond the mountains will be spared. Last offer."
- Hephena, Queen of the Totu

>Diplomacy 2: The Promise of Hedonism
A similar sandstone slab was shot towards an encampment of the mercenaries urging them towards treason through the following message:
"We are people of the sand.
Fortune, fame, forests.
They all mean nothing to us.
Why have a portion of the treasury?
When you can have it all?
Make a move and all is forgotten."
- Hephena, Slaver of the Sands
>>The Yokai Lords

>Carts, wagons, caravans, oh my
One of the largest contributions the Flaming men had in their war efforts, was the use of pack animals for travel and logistics. Until just recently, the only animals the Oni had at their disposal were the humble chicken, not at all fit for movement of bulk goods. But with the newly domesticated cattle, the Oni take a page from the Flaming men's book and begin fashioning carts and other devices to be pulled by 1 or more cows.

>Elseworld-sect shrines around the lake
The Wonsi Lake, source of many spiritual powers and mysteries, was what originally attracted the Yokai Lord Yugji to settle his Fort Town in the location. To have better access and better protect it. Similarly, the Elseworld-Sect was also interested in the study and worship of the lake, as it held an unprecedented number of spiritual forces. With the blessing and request of the Yokai Lord, the elseworld-sect began setting up shrines and posts around the lake to better monitor it, keep it pure, and discover further mysteries.

>>3762532 Totu
Yokai Lord Giib once again approaches the northern Totu for an offer.
From occasional missives, he has learned of the Totu's struggling food supplies. He offers to bring food from the bountiful stores and farms of Giib to the Totu to assist them. As well as additional troops if they think they can reasonably hold.
However, the cost of said things, will not be cheap. He asks the Totu if they have much else to offer besides sand and troops. Or if favors will soon have to be traded.
Action 1: study the land outside the pylons the skeletons and the ruins bring back some of the minerals as well, some progress might come by giving the blue metal to the iron men.
Action 2: build the "box cart on wheels."

>Action 1:

The ancestors of the House of Vyden were once nomads, but chose to support the legitimate election of Brue over anarchy during the unification. Nonetheless, they were never far from their nomad roots, and many lords sworn to the Vyden banner kept up those traditions on the open plains. In the wild north, house Vyden found Glecoone once again, on a hill next to an ample supply of tasty pinkish meat-beasts.

>Action 2:

Though a noble has many rights and privileges, they are keepers and interpreters of the laws, not laws entirely unto themselves. The Sonarii dukes, lords and chieftains are bought together, along with many prominent wind-monks, to agree to a basic universal justice that most can be counted to agree upon and enforce. Travelling justices will travel the lands of Sonaria where it is lacking, to uphold law and order and allow the common Sonarii to live and make their life.

(aka Sherriffs and justice, and someday 'Easterns' and Swineboy movies once the Sonarii discover cinematography.)

>War Action:

If this is to be the last turn that we can afford the earthbending mercenaries without going into debt, it is agreed to make best possible use of them. And inspiration is found in the records of the steelhold wars. We will have them use their powers to tear another great rent into the ground, breaking the land from the inland sea to the mountains north of Stianbal. The Sonarii surveying for this plan try to plot a line that would break through Basin of Bellow and The Center, to flood both under-pits with the onrush of the tides as inland sea meets the outside sea.

However, this plan will only be put into action if the Totu refuse the demand to surrender.

>Diplomacy: Totu: The response of Practicalism.

The carcass of a skinned elephant later falls down upon one of the Totu encampments.

“The sands mean nothing to us, and less. They are pitiful places, lifeless and barren that are better off ignored or shat upon. Worthless expanses better off ignored, or gifted in our beneficence to realms below us that would find some use of their endless mundanity and desolation. But you misunderstand us, it seems, as you misunderstand so very much. We do not fight, and bleed, and die for the sands. We do not strive and struggle and send our sons to war for worthless, lifeless, dirt and rock.”

“We forgave you your first trespass, plague-monkey. We forgave you the lands you stole in your first mindless assault, forgave you the deaths of the unfortunate few your scavengers might have chanced upon with entrapments. We marched an army to your head, and in a fit of ignorance, gave belief to the words of peace you spoke that day. But your treacherous, duplicitous nature did not take long to reveal; with the dying rings of the cataclysm still buffeting the winds, you broke those terms to march upon us again in our moment of disunity. And you proved that relenting to your demands will come back to bite us, proved that there can never be a peace of equals between us.”

“What we fight for today is not for to conquer. Not to harvest, and not to build. We fight to stop you, filth-queen. We fight to stop your relentless and repugnant assault upon the civilised peoples of this world, to end your pox-ridden threat before it is halfway from the cradle. We fight so that so that there will not be a third war of this kind for you to launch upon us, for our sons and daughters to grow tall and take wing without threat from your verminous horde of mindless drones. If we make another peace of equals here, we know our descendants will never be free and safe from your verminous kind. So the choice is yours, queen of filth. Surrender, unconditionally, and your people may yet have the sands and live within the fair terms we shall impose. Or you can reject the future of your people, and choose instead to be queen of the dead.”

~ Largh Vyden, King of Sonaria, Duke of Glecoone and Lord of the wild north.

>Diplomacy: Plagasm: The voices of warning.

Duke Ulvall of Alkilme is sent to treat with the Plagasm. He brings a warning of the threat of the Totu, and their treacherous ways and lust for sand. The great city of Necropolis, he warns, lies in a region of desert and so would be at threat from the verminous filth-monkeys, should they escape current Sonarii and allied efforts to contain and control them. He asks for Plagasm to consider commiting themselves officially to join forces with Sonaria and assist in this fight.
File: Elements - Close.png (1.49 MB, 1080x930)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG
The weapons of war are installed, putting most of the specimens left over from the war and especially from the abandoned city of duskfort to some sort of use.

Many small scale independent mines open up in the fertile range in response to the new demand.

A single falcon manages to reach a fort from over the range, it's head is adorned with a sealed shut mask, though it can still see and function like any normal falcon.

It carries a message, and the letter reads:

"Warm greetings from the Pheinic Remnant, join with us once more. We have found utopia."

The a single pound of meat can feed a Totu in a more effective manner than 10 pounds of edible plant.

The bottom feeders help keep the desolate coasts populated and strong enough to push back the coastal raids.

The faltering iron boulder that was Totu morale finally gains back what it had lost, and perhaps now it is even larger. This improves the quality of the artillery of the nation by a noticeable degree.

The attackers are forced to move their focus to The Center due to increasing fortifications.

Many breeds of cattle are brought in which help to form a proper force of beasts of burden.

Many new theories begin to circulate about the nature of the lake, leading to many heated debates about said theories.

The lake is now ripe for a breakthrough, or so says the stars and sages.

The skeletons seem similar to the Totu of the north, though from the specimens gained from the sonarii they don't seem incredibly related, only tangentially so.

( >>3762252 )

A single specimen of blue metal is shipped to the burned men during the most recent shipment.

The minerals begin to flood the market significantly decreasing the cost of metal in the markets.

A prototype for the system is crafted, but a problem arises in the system of movement, so the engineers take inspiration from mining and use the new iron to construct a basic rail system.

Though it has a few quirks the rail manages to travel the full length of the track and can be slowed down before arrival successfully, this catches the eyes of the potential investors of the city, improving funding for the project enough so that all it need be is given a little more funding and then implemented.

The city of New Glecoone is born, though it is only called by that name in records so that it is not confused with Old Glecoone.

Law is brought to the expanse of the north, even if it is quite frivolous when compared to the law and order of the heartland.

Not enough earth men can be hired to do this successfully, and even then the means to which it was originally done have been lost.

But these kinds of techniques can be used on The Center, and thus great devastation is created in that cursed city, allowing for a proper offensive into the hive.

The generals think it will be in our hands by (next turn)

(I will retcon this if the totu end up accepting before it happens in setting)

A new turn has begun...
(Fug up on my end)
The blue metal has been sent to the metal men not the burned men, it is currently being studied in haze
>Of Lost Brothers
1. The King's initial kneejerk at the separation of Dawnfort having subsided, his temper having dimmed on the frontlines, he regards the message shrewdly. If the lost noble of Dawnfort speaks truthfully, he will be welcomed back into the fold with open arms. Perhaps even rewarded for his tenacity in isolation. An expedition is prepared, after such a short period of time at home, the King intends to see this utopia for himself.

>Of Milky Goodness
2. An elder rural noble, who had most of his holdings in cattle, lost his son due to an illness from tainted milk. In his grief, he discovered a method for long term purification and preservation of dairy along with his keeps priest. (Pasturization, and advanced cheese.)
>>The Yokai Lords

>Mountain Masonry
While stonework is rather common in the fort towns, using the vast amounts of rock and stone from the hills they are built upon, the town of Tonglo in the mountain pass has far greater access to the resources of the earth. Quarries, stonecutters, and masons flock to the fort town to get the chance to gather vast quantities of solid bedrock and the alluring marble. While most of the stonework is used in the town itself, with the use of cattle-drawn carts, finely cut stone can be brought to the rest of the nation.

>A step into the realm of spirits
The Medium that saved the Fort Town of Yugji has slowly but surely won back the support and respect of the Elseworld-sect. In no small part, than due to Yokai Lord Yugji's continued support and funding of the sect in his city and for the lake. Together, the Yokai Lord and the Medium have slowly tied the Fort Town back together again. In celebration, the Medium, with the backing of the Elseworld-Sect, attempts a major hypothesis about the Wonsi lake.

On the next full moon, she strips and washes away all impurity from her body, to make sure she does not sully the lake. She then descends to the lake shore. With many members of the Sect, and the Yokai Lord himself, watching, she takes tentative steps into the lake itself. Constantly negotiating with spirits for permission to take the next step, she slowly but surely walks until her knees, then waist, then shoulders, and finally her entire head is submerged. The Oni await what she may find, as her hair wafts across the water's surface before disappearing too. A portal to the Elseworld, either to see into the world of spirits or travel to it? A well of ancient wisdom from beings long since passed? Only time will tell.

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