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Chapter 1 part 1 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3310444/
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Wait, is Maya Din a woman?
Answer that you are not sure and that you are actually going in kind of blind to see what happens.
Yes, she is a woman, a really strange one.
Also, I think her name is a pun on the iron maiden. Maya Din, maiden.

I'm glad she is at least not forcing us to do this and she is giving you a warning on this being potentially unsafe.

Yeah, give a cryptic answer: Say that "perhaps it isn't me who is trying to make a connection with beings beyond our comprehension, but rather, I feel it is more like those supernatural beings that are trying to make a connection with me."
According to a lot of people we already lost our sanity soooo...
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Drink the whole thing in one go.
Um, no. She said it isn't for drinking. Use as directed like eyedrops. do NOT drink it single drip.

So we'll need a reason as to why we are doing this so we don't fall in a coma... so the reason we are doing this spiritual journey is to find answers about Wall Whisperer.

mainly, we should try to search for some information from the supernatural beings we may come across about Wall Whisperer, specifically his origins, and who his previous targets may have been so that we may try to find and talk to the relatives of those victims later for information after the spiritual journey.

And perhaps we should also try to find out if we can see who those other two people are which were with your father at that time.

Keep those in mind as you take this journey
Ask Maya for some water if you are thirsty. But please do not drink the eye drops.
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>I'm not sure if I'm ever going to be ready for it.
Get used to it. You already had plenty of unexpected things happen the past couple of days. Best you can do is expect the unexpected. This is your life now.

Remove shirt, try not to be weirded out. There are going to be stranger things to be weirded out by later.

Only think about wall whisperer and the people you saw. Not anything else.

I have several questions on what we are witnessing, but they're not the questions we should be looking for.

The question we're looking for is figuring what is Wall Whisperer's deal, such as possible info on who his victims and possibly his origins for example. Focus you spiritual quest on that bearded weirdo. Not on Maya Din and Cornlia unless they instruct you to do something.
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Hmmm, I have a theory. Perhaps Maya is having trouble making a spiritual connection because you are trying to focus on multiple things, mainly Wall Whisperer AND the people you saw. Maybe since this is your first time, you should keep things simple and focus on only one thing, maybe only focus on Wall Whisperer so we can find some info on him and NOT focus on who those other mysterious figures you saw.

Plans and visions for the future: similar to what your friend and you were discussing about, which is I think to move out of the city, and live a quiet simple life in a small country town where people are friendlier towards us despite the whole door fearing thing... If only money wasn't an issue though...

deepest darkest desire: I'm not sure. Maybe take an axe and chop a door down or two? Maybe all doors? Of course we would never do that. That's property damage and psychotic...

Well she did say darkest. If she judges you, just explain it probably isn't as dark as other people's darkest desires that you have heard yourself.
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Well, we were told that doing this ritual involves losing touch with reality, so I think that is what is happening. I'm sure it is just temporary as other people has done this before. Though Maya Din has told us that other people who has done this spiritual journey has never seen monsters.

The price is blood? well then, inform that the monster that used to be Cornelia can have your blood, as long as she is gentle, and lets you keep a healthy amount of blood to stay alive. People donate blood from time to time. We'll just need some food and water afterwards to not get dizzy and pass out.

Mention to them how we don't have any intention on causing a hysteria. Only that we are being haunted by a bearded monster with giant scissors which is trying to murder us, and that someone with a grudge against us may have summoned it with forbidden magic. You just want information on it so you can find a way to get rid of it and leave you alone.

Say we are searching for any information on this monster and its summoner such as its origins, who this monster's victims may have been in the past for any connection between the victims, if it is harassing anybody else besides us currently (to maybe find an ally in this), and most importantly, if this monster really exists or not.
File: DOOR 96.jpg (5.76 MB, 3508x4789)
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Oh hey, it's the Mad ....... looking fellow we saw on the pamphlet Pag gave us. This person does not look as happy as they did in the pamphlet though. Speaking of pamphlet, I assume we don't have our items with us, do we?

the following things I want to tell this person:

Tell them you don't have claustrophobia which could trigger you about this room. but you think this room would of triggered you if this place DID have doors. This is actually kind of a breath of fresh air actually... even if it unnerving we're trapped here... maybe forever?

I think just like when you saw the Lime Lives Legion, you are in as they said, a place which is between the walls and the subconscious. Maybe this is a similar place?
Tell this guy you believe you're both in a place between the walls of the subconscious, whatever that means.

Ask about how this person got here. Also tell him how you got here and why.

lastly, are those playing cards? ask if you can play a card game with this person. Maybe that's why you're both here, to play a fun game?
Soooo, how long has this weirdo been playing solitaire?
File: DOOR 97.jpg (5.77 MB, 3508x4001)
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It's a long story but... in the real world, I am being stalked by a strange presence, which I'm unsure is real or not, and I think it's trying to kill me. He or she, or it even stabbed my hand the other day. I even ended up unconscious in one building, had a weird dream about a group telling me I must defeat this presence before it kills me, and ended up in another building far from the building I was in previously somehow.

Not only that, a doctor from the real world is trying to use my head for science because he believes that monsters exist in this world which only I can see apparently, putting me in some stressful experiments with disregard for my human rights. What he believes has me concerned that what I am dealing with might really be a monster trying to kill me like that group told me.

So I went to the Society of Perplexity which is part of a church that worships Inkiverusus to take a spiritual journey through meditation in hopes to find answers as to what exactly I am dealing with, took eyedrops they gave me and then ended up here after the people that helped me through the meditation turned into monsters and drank my blood... Which I think was a hallucination? it felt really painful though.

But I'm sure that isn't as crazy as to how you yourself got here... right Invertigo?
File: DOOR 98.jpg (6.57 MB, 3508x4265)
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"Well, according to what I'm told by one of the followers, The people who worship Inkiverusus call him a "true savior" or "the "Will of the World" They also believe some kind of damnation is approaching which is what I believe what you meant by us being doomed at the end depending on what we're assigned to in life, and what I was told about an "inevitable world" by that group, whatever that means."

"As for me, I see Inkiverusus as I see all other gods: if any gods exist, they probably don't truly give a shit about us. Your description of us having the same ending we're assigned to just proves that."
File: DOOR 99.jpg (6.32 MB, 3508x3876)
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"Um... well, okay then. Thanks for the existential dread. Came in trying to get information on the monster chasing me, but learned our purpose and meaning in life instead, something philosophers for centuries been trying to figure out. the irony."

"Well, if all paths lead to the same ending, Might as well use what little free will we have to try to pick the path that makes us the happiest. Live life to its fullest and whatnot until the inevitable bitter end. No sense in fighting it if we can't control our outcome."

"Anyway, I think I'm being chased by one of those monsters you created, the one with giant scissors who lives in the walls and uses doors as his eyes. I came across a group called Lime Lives Legion in my dream. One of their members named Pozidriv told a prophecy of me defeating the monster which was summoned by someone who knows me. Have you heard of them? What is your opinion on them? Are they trustworthy?"
File: DOOR 100.jpg (6.15 MB, 3508x4777)
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So he knows nothing on the Lime Lives Legion, or Wall Whisperer, and he does not want to talk about monsters anymore in fear of more confusion. But at least what he says about monsters once existing in this world seems to coincide to what Skullirius said.

If Invertigo didn't create Wall Whisperer, then it must have been another god. I remember Brifrick mentioned another god's name earlier (saying something like "I pray felafaf gives Chimney guidance"), so perhaps another god of this dimension can create monsters? Probably not Inkiverusus. She sounds more like a puppet master instead of a creator.

I can only think of a few questions


"are there any other gods in this universe, specifically ones that can create life in this universe besides you, or Inkiverusus?"


"you've been in this world a long while. ever seen a weird white flower? everything about it is white. Even the stem and leaves were white and not green. someone had one and it looked unnatural, otherworldly, and he didn't want to talk about it. It might be insignificant, but Is that a cause for concern?


"Despite being forgotten and known only in legend, you were featured in the church's pamphlet at least. Looked exactly like you too. So you must of had other visitors meet with you before, yes?
also it said the church is sponsored by "Maverick Law". Thoughts on that?"
File: DOOR 101.jpg (1.49 MB, 3508x2697)
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thinking to myself here,

A god who doesn't see himself as a god even though he created life... interesting. But what he says about this world being incomplete coincides with Maya saying the world is unfinished with cracks in reality appearing constantly, with only people like ourselves seeing it.

also we're not suspecting someone, not yet, it is too early for that. I just wanted to know if a flower like that always existed, but since Invertigo never seen it, then it isn't a flower from ancient times. Either it was crossbred with other plants, mutated, created by Inkiverusus, or perhaps it came from a different world or something, much like how Invertigo said he came from another world.
If it did come from another world, then no doubt other people with the ability to create like Invertigo could have visited and created that flower, and to that extent created Wall Whisperer... maybe...
From this point, we will call it the Albino Flower. We're not suspecting Spedric of being the summoner of Wall Whisperer, but we should definitely find out where he got the flower from or how he got it. Might be difficult since he didn't want to talk about it earlier.

But what confuses me is that Invertigo said he hasn't been in this world for a very long time, to the point of not being able to recognize the city he created after being changed for so long. He also says he is a forgotten figure that is only told as a legend, and nobody has ever visited him before until you did. Yet, he is seen clearly on the pamphlet you got which means someone must have seen him before despite never being visited by anyone. Not to mention, Invetigo seems to know the Maverick Law Agency's owner.

Here are some other questions:

'The medium also said that this world's unfinished state is why I see cracks in reality. Hows this world unfinished? & how can I know if this conversation with you is really happening?
Probably good to know these since you yourself said my outcome might be either imagining all this, or needing fix reality... whether I want to or not...'

"You've said you are forgotten, gone long enough to not recognize the city, & not even getting contacted until I arrived, yet, I saw you on a pamphlet which means someone has seen you in this time period. Not to mention you seem to know the Maverick Law Agency's owner pretty well despite being gone for so long. Care to explain?"

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