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A fantasy RPG
File: Junk_Collection.png (9 KB, 400x400)
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Previous Episodes: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=seeker+quest
Character Sheets: https://imgur.com/a/AUQv7
Inventory + Spellbook: https://pastebin.com/s811YMmL

Before you lies a collection of magical items splayed across the floor.
You'll probably be entering the end game of your quest before long, you may as well get your equipment organized while you have the chance.
You've amassed quite a nice supply of Talons and your party could use some new gear for the road ahead.
You need to decide what items to buy/sell/equip to your party members.

Ulric: "hmmm... how about I take the Undershirt, and Shawel takes the Ring of Deflection?"
Shawel: "No, *I* should be the one to get the Undershirt, you already have armour. And Alina should take the Bra of Incineration! It is clearly the most powerful artifact here."
Alina: "I already HAVE a Relic, I need these Gauntlets to pull the string all the way back."
Ulric: "You don't even fight up close you don't NEED the extra armour."
Shawel: "Ha! why don't we settle this like men?"
She stands up and cracks her knuckles with a confident grin.
Ulric shakes his head.
Ulric: "No way, I don't want to hurt you!"
Shawel sits back down with a huff
Shawel: "Disrespectful."
You cease your contemplation and decide to step in, you don't want any further squabbling in your party.
>"I've already decided who will use which Relics, listen up:"

Weapon: Gold Warhammer
Armour: Iron
Relic: Xorag's cloak

Weapon: Leefside Bow
Armour: Leather
Relic: Gauntlets of Archery

Weapon: Iron Sword
Offhand: Iron Sword
Armour: Iron
Relic: none

Weapon: none
Armour: none
Relic: none

YOUR RELICS (And the value you can sell them for):
Ring of Deflection +5 (125 Talons) ~ +5 AC
Gloves of Spider Climbing (300 Talons) ~ Allows wearer to freely climb and cling to vertical surfaces
Undershirt of Protection +2 (350 Talons) ~ +2 DT
Bra of Incineration (500 Talons) ~ Allows wearer to cast "Fireball" as if they had a Invocation skill of 100, knowing the spell is not needed
Ring of Deflection +10 (500 Talons) ~ +10 AC
Xorag's Cloak (600 Talons) (Equipped to Christof) ~ Grants immunity to several Critical Hit effects
Gauntlets of Archery (250 Talons) (Equipped to Alina) ~ Increases chance to hit with ranged attack by 15

>Gold Sword (150 Talons)
>Gold 2-handed Sword (300 Talons)
>Gold Dagger (50 Talons)
>Gold Scimitar (150 Talons)
>Gold Pike (150 Talons)
>Gold Mace (150 Talons)
>Gold 2-handed Mace (300 Talons)
>Gold Hammer (150 Talons)
>Gold War Hammer (300 Talons)
>Gold Axe (150 Talons)
>Gold Battle Axe (300 Talons)
>Gold Trident (300 Talons)
>Gold War Sycthe (300 Talons)
>Gold Kama (150 Talons)

>Leather Armour (80 Talons)
>Hardened Leather Armour (300 Talons)
>Wyvern Hide Armour (600 Talons)
>Bronze Armour (100 Talons)
>Iron Armour (400 Talons)
>Gold Armour (800 Talons)
>Mecury Armour (500 Talons) ~ Magic Resistance

>Fire Arrow x5 (40 Talons) ~ Fire damage
>Water Arrow x5 (25 Talons) ~ Water damage, douses fire
>Poison Arrow x5 (40 Talons) ~ Reduces Constitution
>Holy Arrow x5 (50 Talons) ~ Bonus damage vs Demons & Undead
>Ice Arrow x5 (80 Talons) ~ Ice damage, Slows enemies
>Wicked Arrow x5 (100 Talons) ~ High damage and crit chance
Note: These "Arrows" can be fired from any projectile weapon, including crossbows and hand cannons

>Crossbow (350 Talons) ~ High damage, armour piercing, slow reload
>Oakheart Bow +15 (100 Talons) ~ Damage Bonus, Accuracy Penalty

>Ring of Protection from Hacking +5 (250 Talons) ~ +5 DT vs Hacking damage
>Ring of Somatics (250 Talons) ~ lets a wizard cast spells without any motion
>Ring of Destruction +5 (500 Talons) ~ +5 damage, -5 DT
>Bangle of Magic Resistance +10 (250 Talons) ~ +10 magic resistance
>Boots of Athletics +30 (250 Talons) ~ improves athletics rolls by 30
>Gloves of Assasination +10 (500 Talons) ~ increases critical chance by 10%
>Gloves of Striking +20 (250 Talons) ~ increases chance to hit with a melee attack by 20
>Necklace of Healing +2 (250 Talons) ~ user can use the healing skill 2 additional times before he needs to recharge at a temple
>Necklace of Purification +10 (250 Talons) ~ increases damage against undead by 10
>Mummy Heart (1000 Talons) ~ can be consumed to regenerate a limb or recover from fatal injury
Anyone can wear any armour right? and it doesn't effect anything?
Yes, no spellcasting penalties, all it really does is make you heavier
2 gold swords for ulric and a gold armour, 1 gold armour for us, 1 mummy heart, 20 holy arrows.

bra + spiderclimbing for ulric

ring +10 for yourself

ring +5 for alana

undershirt for new friend

not sure what the difference between DT and AC is though
DT is subtracted from damage
AC is substracted from an attack's chance to hit
File: fashion_dilemma.png (6 KB, 400x400)
6 KB
Ulric: "Uh, Christof.. thanks for the spider gloves and all but. Why do I have to keep *this* In my inventory? I can't wear this, it's for women!"
Alina: "Come on Ulric, it's in your colour!"
Ulric: "If anyone should use it it's you Alina! You're a girl."

(*all dialog options are mutually exclusive)
>"Okay, we'll just keep it unequipped for now"
>"I'm party leader and I say the best tactical choice is for you to use it." (persuade ?%)
>"Come on Ulric, no one will make fun of you" (persuade ?%)
>"No one will see it under you shirt" (persuade ?%)
>We could draw straws to see who uses it
>write in
"Ulric no one is going to know you are wearing it under your shirt, its not like its padded or anything. Just think of it like extra Armour, I think you having a surprise ready that no one expects would make you very powerful in combat. I have noticed in battle, many enemies seems to underestimate you. Are you really going to let a little thing like gender roles stop you from being a great hero?"
roll 1d100 for persuade, you need 89 or lower
Rolled 1 (1d100)

File: outfitted.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
(nice roll)

You purchase
>2 gold swords
>2 gold armour
>1 mummy heart
>20 holy arrows
for 3100 Talons, you have 374 remaining


>"Ulric no one is going to know you are wearing it under your shirt, its not like its padded or anything. Just think of it like extra Armour, I think you having a surprise ready that no one expects would make you very powerful in combat. I have noticed in battle, many enemies seems to underestimate you. Are you really going to let a little thing like gender roles stop you from being a great hero?"
His eyes sort of light up when you say the words "great hero" you think you hit a psychological sweet spot.
Ulric: "You're right Christof, who the hell cares about that kind of stuff when you can literally shoot fireballs? With this new gear there'll be no stopping me! I'm gonna go put my new armour on!"
He heads upstairs, bra in hand.
Alina: "Wow, I didn't think you could pull it off. Who do you think it belonged to? The necromancer girl, or Salaman's sister?"
>"I'm going to try on my new armour too, I'll be right back"
Soon the four of you are assembled in your full combat regalia, you fell a little gaudy in you full gold coloured armour but it does make you feel indestructible.

Is there anything else you want to buy before you move on?

>Move on
>write in
Some armour dye to make our equipment look basic (Same armour as before)

Then head out
Buy another 1-man tent.

Don't do this, golden is better.
File: Malgrave.png (10 KB, 400x400)
10 KB

I'll need a tie-breaker for the cosmetic choice

You purchase another tent, (wouldn't want to forget that again.)

Shawel: "Are we headed to Tywardreath?"
Alina: "What about the bandits with the Uthanian armour?"
Ulric: "Yeah or the giant slime guarding a treasure chest from ages ago. We never opened it!"
>"We don't have time for anymore side stops. The arch duke should finish setting up his forward base in Tywardreath soon. But first we're going to Malgrave castle. There we will find the 'lesser' wish granter. If it's unable to fulfil my wish, we can at least use its power to help us on our expedition to find the ultimate wish granter in Tywardreath."
Ulric: "So it's Malgrave, and then Tywardreath."
Alina: "...and then it will be all over."
Shawel: "I am prepared, tell me when it's time to leave."
The next morning you lead your party north to Malgrave. It doesn't seem to take any time at all to reach it. The old rocky fortress looms before you. Undead sentries shambling across its battlements. Purple energy circles around the central tower, some sort of protection spell, still functioning after all these years.
There's a large breach in the walls, which looks as good an entrance as any.

You all stand in the chill darkness. Just waiting, and watching the dead castle.

>Enter through the breach
>Try to find a more surreptitious entrance like a servant's door
>Try to climb onto the battlements
>Have Alina use your potion of invisibility and scout the area first
>write in
>Have Alina use your potion of invisibility and scout the area first
>Try to find a more surreptitious entrance like a servant's door

if that doesn't work we can have ulric climb the walls and see if he sees anything
File: do_you_hear_something.png (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
>Alina, you're on recon, take this.
You give her your potion of invisibility.
Alina: "You can count on me."
Shawel: "If you're in danger just call out. we'll be at your side like that!" *she snaps her fingers.*
Alina: "Don't worry, I wont get caught."
She quaffs the potion and quickly fades from vision.

Alright, Ulric. While we wait for Alina, can you climb the walls, see if you can spot any good entrances.
Ulric: "Well I don't have the Gloves equipped right now. And the relic I have on right now's under my armour..."
Shawel: "As is mine."
>"Oh, just give me the gloves, I'll do it myself."
You unclip your cape and slip on the Gloves of Spider Climbing. Scaling the walls of the castle is effortless, not only do the gloves stick to the walls when you want it to, so does your entire body. Even wearing your armour and carrying your inventory it's fine. After scaling the walls for a bit you spot another small breach into a prison area. A possible point of entry. The battlements themselves are crawling with undead sentries. Satisfied, you scale back down.

A few minutes later Alina returns.
Alina: "Bad news, there's more than just undead here."
Ulric: "What? who else is here?"
Alina: "Don't know, a bunch of weirdos covered in red demonic looking markings."
>"Cultists. Maybe they came from the swamp of death. Hopefully they haven't summoned any actual demons."
Alina: "Yeah, I didn't see any but I wouldn't get my hopes up. The cultists are all in the East wing of the castle. The rest is controlled by skeletons."
>"What about the wish granter?"
Alina: "Probably at the top of the central tower. Since it has that purple magical stuff protecting it. There's a big pair of heavy doors blocking the entrance to the tower. And I can't pick the lock."
>"That's okay. If we can't break through we'll find the key."

>Enter through the breach
>Enter through the prison
>Try to climb onto the battlements
>write in
i didn't know its 1 relic per person
Ahh sorry should have restated that
Go where the cultists are, we may be able to parlay. where the skeletons are 100% a fight
I've gtg now. Since i've only been running like ~4 hours I'll continue the session tomorrow.
Thanks for playing anons, hopefully the player count will go back up again soon.
You have been gone for a long time friend
In fact I only saw this thread by pure chance
I just got here.
Reading up for tomorrow!
>>Enter through the prison
The breach is too obvious and likely watched by the cultists. The battlements would be a, well, battle.
Timezones damn you
File: prisoner.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
You quietly lead your party to the prison area. Maybe you can enter through there, and make your way to the East wing, surely you can at least try to reason with the cultists.
Fortunatly there are no skeleton sentries defending this area and you all squeeze into the dungeon through a thin breach into an open prison cell.
The rusty cell door whines as you push it open, and step into the prison corridors.
The place is moldy, and crawling with insects. You ignore the unpleasant environment and trudge through the prison.
I raspy voice comes from one of the cells.
Olin: "Hey! over here. Let me out! I've been trapped in here for gods know long! Please man, get me out of here!"
The ragged looking man bangs his fists in desperation against the rusty bars while looking straight at you.

>write in
Question him about his situation and the situation in the area, have alina on look out. Reassure him that you will free him
File: murmuring.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
>"Don't worry, I'll free you. But first you need to answer my questions. Who are you, how did you come to be imprisoned here, and what's the situation here?"
Olin: "hmm okay. My name is Olin, I'm a necromancer. I came here on an expedition to remove some of the undead that infest this place. I've been here a few times before but this time a bunch of crazy cultists had moved in. They ambushed my party and captured me! I think they were going to sacrifice me but I used my magic to take the appearance of a corpse and they forgot about me.
There are two Master Keys hidden in this stronghold. They open the way to the central tower. Me and my colleagues were slowly reducing the undead population to try and find those keys but now... I don't even know what happened to them! They should have come back to rescue me! They should have at least come back to continue clearing out the skeletons."
He rests his head against the bars in defeat.
Olin: "b-but you're here now! You're adventurers! Set me free!"

Based on his name, his clothes, and the fact that he's a necromancer, you think it's extremely likely he is one of Azahl's former minions. One of the dark wizards terrorizing the people of Oakheart.

>write in
>Question him about his situation and the situation in the area
Specifically, has he has been getting enough to eat and drink?

Trying to confirm that he's a prisoner of the cultists and why (sacrifice?) and that he's human and not some monster that doesn't need food and drink left here to rot.

But subtle and not mean.
ask him who his master is and what he knows about the cultists, also how long has he been here.


If he starts alluding that he is azahl's minion say that we are hired mercs sent here to find out what happened to his party and maybe scout the area
>has he has been getting enough to eat and drink?
(a.k.a. Are you undead?)

>two Master Keys hidden in this stronghold
What can you tell us about the keys? Why were they hidden?

>They open the way to the central tower.
What's supposed to be in the central tower?

>an expedition to remove some of the undead that infest this place.
What was your expedition here for? What are after?
(probably the wish granter, but gets us info and how willing he is to help us)

Finally, last one, "Azahl has abandoned you. We'll free you, but what will you do now? Will you go back your old allies? Or will you help us clear out the undead and the do some good with your abilities?"

Let him think we know more than we do.
All badass like.
>If he starts alluding that he is azahl's minion say that we are hired mercs sent here to find out what happened to his party and maybe scout the area
Good call if he seems loyal to Azahl.
Trick him rather than release or fight him.
a necromancer will be useful here, if he can fight then I dont see why not.
>Trick him rather than release or fight him.
>inb4 Ulric, Master of Subtle Deception, blows it for us.
Worst case scenario (assuming he isn't luring us) is that he runs off.
I should have thought of it.
File: perspective.png (10 KB, 400x400)
10 KB
You turn around and give Ulric and Shawel a "keep quiet" gesture.

>"You mentioned your colleagues. Tell me your bosses name."
Olin hesitates and gets less excited, realizing that you may know more about him that he initially bargained for.
Olin: "I was previously working for the master necromancer Azahl."
>"I see. What do you know about these cultists?"
Olin: "They're a bunch of psychos that got their hands on a supply of demon blood. They've been using it to summon more demons, and make protective markings on their flesh. They've probably been drinking the stuff too, which increases the speed and pain tolerance, and makes them even more psychopathic."
Ignoring your instruction Shawel comments:
Shawel: "Then they're no longer human, they must be killed."
>"How long have you been here? Have you been getting enough to eat and drink?"
Olin: "Well, when they captured me they took my spellbook, even if it hasn't been destroyed it's been too far away from me for too long. But before my spells disappeared I put my self in a death like sleep. I don't know how long I was 'dead' for, but I didn't need food for that time. Since I woke up I've had to get by on whatever crawled into my cell."
No spellbook? Dissapointing he probably wont be that useful as an ally then.
>"You can't cast spells anymore?"
Olin: "Well, I memorised the really basic ones. But all my high level stuff was in my personal spellbook."
>"Tell me more about these keys, where are they?"
Olin: "I don't know man. My diviner friend told us the big door needed two magical keys to unseal. One's in the East wing, the other's in the West wing."
>"And what's in the central tower?"
Olin: "Don't know, whatver it is it's crazy strong, even now I can sense it, even with all this noise."
Olin: "Oh right, I'm used to being with people with magic sense. There's a bunch of magical 'noise' in this place thanks to some dumb machine. We turned it off but the Cultists must have reactivated it, it completely disrupted our ability to command undead telepathically."
>"What was your expedition's real objective, I doubt you were clearing off undead for no reason"
Olin: "Okay fine, we weren't 'destroying' the undead we were collecting them to bolster our own forces. Getting the price at the top of the tower was just a cherry on top."

At this point you could try to convince him to join you. His support would be minor unless you find his spellbook, IF it hasnt been destroyed.
Take him with us. Tell the dude he has "passed" your check and go with the merc story. Act like you already knew about the stuff he mentioned. But also tell him that your subordinates are not lovers of necromancers and to not attempt to speak with them, you took this job because you "had" to.

He may still prove useful, he knows the place better then we do and if we get his spell book its a bonus. The alternative is having to kill him or he could alert the guards if found.
File: abnormal_image_size.png (14 KB, 400x213)
14 KB
>"Good, you passed the test."
Olin: "Huh!? What test?"
>"We're mercenaries, Azahl sent us to collect you."
Olin: "Then hurry up and escort me to the enclave!"
>"Not so fast, we have other business here. You will assist us in our operation. Fair warning: my associates an I have no love of necromancers, don't try to speak with them."
Olin: "Fine, whatever. I'll do whatver you want just get me out of this blasted cell!"
>"Excellent. Stand away from the bars."

You bust down the decrepit bars. The science of metallurgy and the magic of metallic alteration have come a long way in the last century. These old bars are no match for your Warhammer.
Olin: "Ahhh yeah, taking two steps forward has never felt this good. Lead on mercenary."


You catch up with Alina and proceed on to the East wing. It isn't long before you come face to face with a throng of cultists.
Cultist: "Look. Fresh meat."
Cultist: "Cut them, slice them! Kill them all!"
They start sprinting towards you. I don't think a speech check is going to stop them.

>You are in Combat
>You have 64/64 HP
Choose your next four actions

>Attack 60%
>Flurry 50%
>Power Attack 50%
>Jab 95%
>Called Shot
>Counter Attack
>write in
Can have assumed to have cast some protection beforehand?
If not, oops.
Nah you didn't know what kind of weapons you'd be up against and your best spells specific a kind of weapon to protect against.
Protection from Evil seemed like a given.
Since, cultists with demon blood.

Would, to our best guess, that Rod of Wind Wall have a chance of holding them back for a moment?
I was thinking something like:
Wind wall
Glove of invulnerability
Jab closest
Attack same guy

Other thoughts?
Glove of Invulnerability provide immunity to spells of level 3 and lower to a single target. Who will you target?
voting to change globe of protection to immune to swords(bladed weapons? )
File: carnage.png (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
You whip out your Rod of Wind Wall and use it to conjure a small wall of rushing air.
It doesn't seem to be enough however, the cultists push through the barrier and engage you.


You try to cast Immunity to Weapons [Hacking] but you suddenly realise the magic in this place is very dry. Wringing the magic out of the air here is difficult and you fail to power your spell.
(Malgrave is a low magic zone, -30 to spellcasting attempts)
Alina shoots Sword Cultist for 16 damage.
Ulric Slashes axe cultist's eyes but misses.
Ulric: "Woah they're quick"
Ulric attacks axe cultist with his offhand for 18 damage.
Ulric: "Their armour sucks though"
Olin casts Ray of Enfeeblement on Greatsword Cultist.
Shawel stands back waiting for an opportunity.

Cultist Summoner casts Summon Monster II summoning an Imp.
Sword Cultist slashes at Ulric but is parried.
Axe Cultist hacks at Ulric, hitting him for 13 damage.
Greatsword Cultist power attacks you but misses.


You jab the Greatsword cultist doing 19 damage.
Alina casts Immunity to Weapons [Hacking] on Ulric but it fails.
Alina: "What the hell? Why is my magic so weak?"
Shawel: "It's a deadzone, the magic is thin here."
Ulric attacks Axe Cultist in the head scoring a critical hit! doing 38 damage.
Ulric attacks Axe Cultist with his offhand for 18 damage, striking her down.
Olin tries to cast Animate Dead on Axe Cultist, then realises he is unable to cast that spell.
Cultist Summoner: "Withdraw, they're too powerful!"
They start to retreat.
Shawel casts Icewall, blocking their exit.

Cultist summoner casts Summon Monster II summoning an Imp.
Sword Cultist slices you, piercing your golden armour for 14 damage
Greatsword Cultist power attacks the Ice Wall for 42 damage. This shatters the Ice Wall.
Imp casts Grease, covering the floor with slippery grease.


The cultists don't stick around to continue the fight and start scurrying away. You and Ulric quickly crush the two imps.
The enemy has not yet escaped your sight.
Shawel casts Water Whip but it fails.

>wat do?
give chase, hopefully we can get a water wip and arrows in
>"After them!"
You give chase.
Shawel unleashes as many Water Whips as she is able but the agile Cultists are able to evade being pulled.
Alina tries her best to fire and reload while running. Something she's never practiced before. She manages to hit the Cultist summoner twice for 24 damage total.
Ulric casts Fireball, scorching the Cultists, they all make their reflex save and take only 13 damage each.

Continue chasing? If you do, make an Athletics roll of 1d100.
No, they are gone and everyone is going to know we are here. orientate yourself

maybe draw a map
File: fail.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB

You decide to not follow them any further, you don't want to rush blindly into enemy territory after all.

Shawel: "Why are we stopping? We have them!"
>"They're gone Shawel."
Ulric: "We wouldnt want to follow them into a trap."
>"Let's get our bearings, what's nearby Olin?"
Olin: "Hmmm, this the start of the East wing, the Telepathic Disruptor is over that way. It probably doesn't matter at this point though, the cultists probably only turned it on to help fight us necromancers."
>"What else?"
Olin: "Over that way is where we were camped a few weeks ago. Might be something still there that hasn't been ransacked yet.
Over that way is a temple, Undead *can* go onto sacred ground but they tend to avoid it unless there's something to attack. Demons are basically the same, even blighted humans probably don't like it.
There's some stairs up to the eastern battlements there, and of course we can just continue deeper into the East wing."

As Olin describe the surrounding area, Alina repeatedly tries to cast Immunity to Weapons on Ulric with no success.
Ulric: "Hey, it's okay. I've got gold armour."
Alina: "Stop moving, I almost got it that time."

>Abandoned Camp site
>Deeper into the East wing
>write in
I say we give it one more shot, we out number them, the summoner is hurt, and we can flank the other two.
If they get others, they'll have our exact position, our strength, and greater numbers to fight us.

But if they lead us into a blind alley, back off.

If quiting wins we *HAVE* to move out of this area before they come back. No dithering.
>we *HAVE* to move out of this area before they come back. No dithering.

I say book it to the Temple.
Good place to hide a key, moves us out of the area, and there's a reduced chance of encountering resistance while we regroup.
>>Abandoned Camp site
I think the temple would probably where they are going to assume we will flee towards
also are the undead and demons are allies? ask our new friend
>I think the temple would probably where they are going to assume we will flee towards
Tough call, but I'll agree.
Maybe we can find key clues.
File: skeleton_camp.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
You assume the temple is were they will expect you to go, so you lead your party to the campsite.
A few flattened tents and twice slain skeletons litter the area. You may be able to find a few left over scrolls and potions if you search the place, but the cultists will no doubt be making moves as well.

You also ask Olin if undead and demon are allies.
Olin: "Ha, nope. as far as undead are concerned: Demons and Summon creatures are living things to be attacked on sight."

>Move on
>Quick Search (roll 1d100)
>Thourough Search
>write in
Rolled 39 (1d100)

>>Quick Search (roll 1d100)
Rolled 63 (1d100)

>>Quick Search (roll 1d100)
>as far as undead are concerned: Demons and Summon creatures are living things to be attacked on sight."
The enemy of my enemy is my tool to use to distract or wear them down.
Excellent, if it comes up.
File: tooth_fairy.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB
>Rolled 39 (1d100)
You quickly go over the trashed camp to see if anything remains. You find a backpack with several qood quality potions still intact.
Olin: "Oh, that must be Drezor's pack. Should be some good potions in there."

You get:
Greater Potion of Sorcery
Greater Potion of Strength
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Group Healing

You should get a move on.

>write in
I was hoping for clues.
Perhaps now we should cautiously circle around to the Temple?
Keep trying to spot the cultists before they see us.
File: sacred_ground.png (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB
You stealthily move towards the temple.
You don't detect any further signs of the cultists.
The only entrance to the room is a big pair of double doors. You try to swing them open only to find them barred from the other side.
Before you can consider a way to get past the sealed door someone on the other side unbars and opens it.
Within the temple are four women, fully armed and armoured.

Lady Alwyn: "Halt! State your name and intentions! Speak quickly."

>write in
"I am Christof. My party is here to collect Olin here and retrieve an item lost here, although we'll stop those cultists if we can. Who are you all? "
>Christof stands motionless, pondering his reply for an hour.
Hour delay is hardly "speaking quickly".
My bad, something came up.
kek, well the response will take even longer.
I'm done for now, Seeker Quest will continue in 6 days. Thanks for playing anons
Is not anime related but as a game should try runescape /vg/ has a pirate server so everything is free
Damn wish I was here

New thread

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