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Welcome to the second session of this skirmish campaign.

If you're new to the RPG look for the previous threads here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Alien%2C+Muppets%2C+Collective+Game

TL;DR on the Rules:

Create a PC Muppet through here:

>Name of your Muppet
>Type of Muppet: Choose either Animal, Amphibian, Avian, Dinosaur, Fraggle Furry, Humanish, Monster-like or Whatnot-ish.
>Size: Muppet, Baby or Fraggle/Critter sized.
>IQ: Roll 1d10 (1 is baby-like and 10 is muppet like)

If players wanted to perform an action roll/check, roll 1d6 or 2d6 for tasks for multiple muppets.

If they're not careful where they're going,a PC muppet or a member of the Nostromo will be killed from a xenomorph.
File: MvA.pdf (154 KB, PDF)
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154 KB PDF
Rules are here.

Session begins at 12:00pm or 1:00pm est.
Returning players, are you ready for session 3?
I'll be here
Steve by the way
Need two players minimum to start the session, maximum is now up to eight players.
One hour til' session start!
Damn, late again.
Okay, let the session continue.

Fonzie Bear gave a questionable glance at you in confusion.

'Then how do ya' know it's a different ship?' he asks.

Rizzo facepalmed, 'Oh bother, are you going in circles over the same question a thousand times?'
What a slow Saturday.
Forgot about this also don't we need another person as well
"Lets just get to the break room."
You went back to the gallery as Fonzie was about to ask more pointless questions when suddenly you hear an ongoing conversation comming from from another room.

'Hey Steve, do I hear voices comming from the walls?' Rizzo blindly asked.
"lets check it out"
no seriously I think I'm only playing this anymore
OOC: Shame that no one is interested on the game. It's good while it lasts.

Fonzie: 'Now hold on, before you could just snoop, I have a just a thing for defence!'

Rizzo: 'What?'

Fonzie pulls up a rubber duck out of pocket and squeaks it three times.

Rizzo: *Sarcastically Speaking* 'Well that's a good idea, let's use a ducky for a weapon. How does this have to do with defence?'

Fonzie: 'Nothin, just for the hell of it.'

Rizzo: 'Fonz, we have no time to goof around with your poorly landed gags. Let's find out.'
You peek on the bridge and hear the beep and boops from that room. The design is like of those of a jet flyer's cockpit, but redesigned to work with a spaceship in mind. Complete with computers, GPS'S and many buttons galore.

From there you see three people piloting on this ship talking about an emergency call.
ask whats going on
You walked in the room and noticed that one of the pilots helming on the bridge was Ripley, that woman you knew from earlier.

Another crew member was looking at the GPS to see what the emergancy came until he glanced back and jumped out of the seat in shock.

'W-who the hell are these wierdos came in here?' he asked
heard a beeping noise, should we be worried?
'Worried? Why should I be worried? It's just a sos signal that you heard of.' he responded.

Ripley glance over the three and immediately she walks over and pushes them out of the room, 'I think me and those muppets may require a little pep-talk. I'll meet you at the gallery when we have time about the whole SOS emergancy.'
anything special about this sos?
Ripley: 'Heh-heh... Nothing important right now, I'll tell you what's going on when I return. Until then can you go back to the gallery and be nice little boys, please? Or muppets take your pick.'
As they head back to the Gallery, Rizzo's whiskers twitched.

Fozzie: 'Hey, what's going on with you?'

Rizzo tried to stay calm during the whole ordeal, 'Um... the alergy reactions?' he shrugged
Just make sure it doesn't pop out of your stomach
Rizzo: 'Heh-heh. Very funny smart-ass. But seriously, I got a fishy feeling about this and Ripley.'
Not any of my problem. You can always spy on her due to your size. (Take a drink of beer.)
Rizzo: 'But what if I'm caught?'
Shrugs shoulders
Rizzo: *Sigh* 'Alright, I'll do my best to spy on her. if I return to you, I'll give you info on the current happening on the bridge.'

Rizzo scurries off, leaving only Steve and Fonzie Bear to enter to the gallery.

Fonzie: 'Would you miiiind... about me pulling some magic tricks just to entertain you?'
Yes (start binge drinking.)
Fonzie: 'Okie dokey. I'll do my best.'

So they went on the gallery and Fonzie prepares his first trick. But as they entertain themselves for a brief character interaction moment, it won't be long for the real to kick into gear.

Session paused. Continues tommorow at 10:00am est.
Morning! The game continues at 10:00 am est. If any new players are joining the game, read the rules first.

Returning players will need to say that they're ready to continue before that time happens.
30 minutes til showtime!
As you sit down and started binge drinking, Fonzie preforms his rabbit in the hat trick using such nonsensical magic chanting to pull something out from his own. When he finishes, he pulled out a handkerchief instead of the rabbit that he's supposed to do.

'Behold, the rabbit!' he exclaims blindly.
Mutter drunkly
Fonzie: 'Eh, what are you trying to say?'
As soon as Fonzie asked, Steve, begins slumping from the binging of alcohol.
pass out drunk
As you slip off-conscious, the last image you see is Fonzie trying to ask if you were okay before entering into a dream-like state.

You were no longer on this ship as the surroundings go darker and darker until the place slowly morphed into natural rock formations and was barely dim.

The only things you could see aside from the rocks are the two planets in the sky and an abandoned ship in front of you.

What would you see from that ship when heading forth?
Clowns that's all I have right now
As you enter, you see the walls and its architecture designed like it was like if they built this out of bones and metal.

From the hallways, you see a corpse sitting on a piece of complex machinery once used by an ancient alien race.

The questions that you thought are still unknown to any knowledge to yourself, archeologists or even humanity in general.
Would you like to explore any further?
I think it's dead.
Oh sorry distracted by anime. Probably a good idea to find more people for this.
OOC: Is there a best way to get more people for this skirmish quest?
Examine it.
I don't really know this is my first time with a skirmish quest, I don't even know what the skirmish part means. I'll be distracted sometimes so just be patient I guess.
Upon close inspection of the corpse was a punctured hole on its chest, feeling the sense of foreshadowed warnings of an incoming threat.

You felt the hollowness of the corpse when putting your hand into that hole.
Pull my hand back. Hands have no business being inside a corpse.
As you wish.

Anything else would you like to explore?
Can see the layout of the planet.
You went outside of the ship and seen more weird rock formations, with some resembling the muppets that you've met.
Anyone we can name.
You see Fonzie bear, the caveman, miss piggy, kermit, Stumps the Beaver currently MIA, Gonzo with his half missing chest and Rizzo.
Try to wake up I've had enough of strange dreamscapes
As the formations began to dissolve, so too did the surrounding environment as the dream comes to a close.

But not without one last sign of dread as suddenly you're now unable to move.

You're now stuck on the wall covered in webs, in front of you was an egg ready to hatch on its top, you could only describe like it was a box with a beating heart of flesh as it opened.

You've tried your most damn to get out of this web, but it was too strong as if it was a glorified straightjacket.

No matter how you try, your heart rate starts racing as you continue to break it. But it was too late.

A spider-like creature crawls out of its egg and begins to attack toward your face. The moment that you're about to meet its maker as the creature leaps, the dream abruptly ends here and its back to reality.

As Steve woke up, the first thing he saw was Fonzie Bear asking you if you're okay and surrounding him was Rizzo the Rat and the entire crew of the ship.

'I think it is time for a debate.' A voice said.

You: 'And you are?'

Voice: 'Dallas.'

>End of session 3. The campaign is now on hiatus until further notice.

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