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Chapter 1
part 1 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3310444/
part 2 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3372650/
part 3 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3401288/

Chapter 2
part 1 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3426739/#reply
part 2 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3449175/#reply
part 3 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3474388/#reply
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This is difficult

Well, as far as what Dario said yesterday, he mentioned that Izilla is a person who he respects a lot (not his girlfriend though as he said he is incapable of loving her) so maybe he is one of her patients? Maybe the letter was meant for Izilla? couldn't have been for Skullirius, as he lives in the same building as Dario, so it would of been in the trash of the rich building, not the trash of the second building. Plus the letter wasn't for the religious group so...

If that is the case, then perhaps his mental issues could be why he is a part of that religious group as they were known for controversial work with mental patients. Perhaps it was his father that made him go worship that religion to deal with whatever mental issues he has, maybe anger management, and that is why he had to write that letter to Izilla to not receive her services anymore. However because of seeing Pag handing out brochures, he probably was reminded of the controversies and didn't want to abandon Izilla altogether, and threw the letter away or something.

Going down this line of thinking, I can think of this:

for the religion, Dario is part of that religion because it might help deal with his mental issues (anger management maybe) as that religion deals with mental patients. Most likely his father recommended or forced him on joining that religion as the letter said it was because of his father knowing what is best for his family,

For why the letter mentioned his father, it is to show the recipient it was beyond his control why he can't take their services any longer, not his choice.

The letter represents a confession as to why he can't accept the recipient's services, even though he really wants it (probably Izilla's services?)

For Dario being in a wealthy family, maybe his father didn't want to spend his wealth on curing his son with two services (the religion and whoever the recipient is) and decided on using the wealth on the religion as it provides a better service.

For irrationally protecting Izilla, if he truly is one of her patients, then maybe it is so that either
1. He doesn't want you to accidentally find out he see's Izilla regularly for her services like you do
2. he wants her services all to herself, so he wants you out of it.
3. He doesn't want his religion to find out about Izilla taking potential worshippers, and with your mental issues, you might actually lead them to her
I think the most likely option is 1.

Thats what I got.
File: DOOR 62.jpg (2.67 MB, 2480x2412)
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Well, maybe we should ask Dario if he claims there isn't any mental issues with him, then why is he in a religion that has a detailed history with mental patients, especially since he see's Pag occasionally as his spirit guide.

actually, I just thought of something going down this line of thinking... wasn't Skullirius trying to offer us a ton a money if he used our head for experimentation? what if that is the same situation for Dario? what if one of the reasons Dario's family is so wealthy was because the religion is giving large sums of money to Dario's father to let the religion use his own son's mental health for their own purposes? That... would be a little bit all kinds of messed up, and would definitely be a sore subject with Dario if it is true. I mean, money does corrupt people after all, especially if it is a significantly large amount given daily...
File: DOOR 63.jpg (1.92 MB, 2480x1874)
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We could really go for the ambient sounds of rain to sooth you right about now... wait, nevermind, that is a terrible idea, you'd get all wet and catch a cold.

ok, my bad, we should have been focusing on what mental disorder Dario has, not on speculating why he is in that religion, or why Dario's family is rich. But that is some good information to remember regardless. I wonder if your parents knew Dario's parents? Well, lets not focus on that right now, and focus on what issue Dario has.

I remember one interesting moment: Spedric, Dario's best friend told Dario yesterday after he saw Dario threatening you that he thought that Dario "ended his days of threatening other people with violence" and was really disappointed in seeing Dario resort to such violent tactics again against you.
Dario in response actually seemed to be very unsettled by Spedric judging him by his actions especially if Dario threatening others with violence was a regular occurrence for him. Maybe he has some sort of anger disorder which causes him to lash out in violence, and has been trying to get that fixed?

I mean, It has to be his anger disorder and violent tendencies.
Otherwise, his disorder might have to do with why he never removes that helmet, but I seriously doubt it as he didn't seem too unnverved when talking about his helmet, only saying that it was personal to him
File: DOOR 64.jpg (1.64 MB, 2480x3508)
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Looks like Dario is finally starting to admit his secret about having a mental disorder... but it looks like he is now making a mountain out of a molehill, overeating about how you both should be in a mental asylum

He stated he is either too stubborn to admit you are correct about him forcing solutions or pretending you both not having a mental problem is not curing anything, or that you both need to be admitted to an asylum because of insanity.

He needs to realize that he is actually just too stubborn to realize your statements are correct, and your both not insane to the point of being locked up in a asylum. He needs to know that just because a person has a mental issue does not mean they should automatically be sent to a mental institution and not be a part of society, and that both of your issues can be fixed with something as simple as therapy or support from others like family or friends.

I wonder if the reason for his stubbornness and how he treats you of trying to insist you don't have a problem, or forcing solutions to your fear is because he too is being treated the same way you are of someone trying to force solutions onto him, or try to insist there is nothing wrong with him even though he clearly does have a mental illness?

Perhaps that is why he mentioned his father on the letter, maybe his father insisted to Dario he has no mental illness, and had him send that letter refusing the recipient's Izilla's services to cure him, but Dario threw it away because deep down, he knew he has a problem. It did say on the letter his father knows what was best for his family after all...

I'd say to him "where do you get that idea of us two being sent to a psychiatric ward? Bit extreme, don't you think? Just because we have a mental illness does not mean we aren't allowed in society and belong in an asylum. Otherwise, your girlfriend, your father, or your best friend Spedric wouldn't be supporting you, right? just like how my best friend Chimney, my neighbor Crazy, and my uncle is supporting me. Also, if we belonged in an asylum, Izilla would of sent us there a while ago."

"I wonder, could your actions of forcing a solution onto me, or insisting I don't have a problem be an echo of how you yourself are treated by someone? that maybe someone is forcing solutions on your mental problem or pretending you don't have a mental illness just like what you're trying to do with me? Could that be why you wrote that letter, and why you mentioned how your father didn't want you to receive services from the recipient Izilla, because he thinks nothing is wrong with you, or is forcing his own solutions onto you and possibly believes you're wasting money on Izilla because of that belief?"
File: DOOR 65.jpg (2.06 MB, 2767x4135)
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Well, we made it out of that... but unfortunately it looks like we are still suffering from an anxiety attack. Just have to remember what chimney told us, large amounts of anxiety is what is causing us to see and hear hallucinations. Everything you are seeing and hearing about Wall Whisperer is not real. You saw Wall Whisperer when you thought you saw him kill your sister a long time ago, and yet, Dario does not seem to be acknowledging his presence at all. Gotta trust Chimney, she is our friend after all. Now start taking long deep breaths.

Really want to find Chimney again more than anything right now, as her actions of leaving the ice cream shop very suddenly and how she was acting around her boss was very worrisome, but unfortunately, after going through so much stressful situations in such a short amount of time, we really need to relax to calm our heart as another incident might break you.
For now, it would be for the best to give Dario back his letter (you are not a dirty thief, just dirty since you literally came outta a dumpster) and ask if he can walk with you home to your garage. Going alone in your state is probably not advisable at the moment, don't want to collapse and faint or something in the middle of the street alone after all, or worse.
File: DOOR 66.jpg (1004 KB, 2480x2500)
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1004 KB JPG
He really is a mad quack of a doctor... Going to court and getting a restraining order on him would be great, but he is said to be a powerful man while you on the other hand is not seen as anyone important. There's no chance we can win as we are in court. Maybe we should see our therapist about his inhumane methods on you and see what she says.

What does he mean by "normal" people aren't able to see?

the reason he probably knows you saw something "normal" people can't see is because you were glancing at Wall Whisperer's shadowy figure from time to time, or glancing at the shadows that were trying to hold you down instead of ignoring them to keep your full attention to Dario during your anxiety attacks. Dr. Skullirius even though he is inhumane might be very professional enough with mental studies, and was looking for very subtle things you were doing and glancing at things he and Dario cannot see.
If that is the case, he will definitely know if you are lying to him if you tell him you saw nothing out of the ordinary. It will just piss him off and plan and attempt an even more nightmarish experiment on you in order to get the results he is looking for.

Ugh... the situation is that if we lie and tell him we didn't see anything, he will up the ante with his inhumane experiments, but if you tell him exactly what you saw, he'll probably make you his prime patient to really understand you or something. Plus I don't think wall whisperer wants you to tell people about his presence as he threatened you to keep quiet all those years ago after he killed your sister if he really exists.

Here is the plan: Skullirius only wants to know what you saw, not what you heard or felt. We might be able to let him hear what he wants to hear without pissing him off too much, but also not make us look too crazy. Say this: "*sigh* fiiiiine. What I exactly saw was the gated metal fence imprisoning me like a lowly lab animal, the walls of this alley, the concrete floor, large shadows or silhouettes within the alley after being tossed in here casting odd shadows upon me (which thinking back I assume was from the clouds, buildings, wall and/or gate behind me), the sky, the letter which I used to talk to Dario about his situation, Dario behind the gate in front of me.......and that damned door!!!!!!!!!!"

That is what I think should be said.
See what I did? I kept the strange black shadows in the middle of the sentence (even deducing it was from the buildings, clouds to reduce suspicion of insanity with a proper explanation) instead of placing it at the end of the sentence to make it not look like a big deal and show you are not crazy, but at the same time, gives Skullirius something acceptable that he wants to hear.
With that, He might try another similar experiment on you, but it probably won't be as bad if you just outright lied and said you saw nothing out of the ordinary.
File: DOOR 67.jpg (1.41 MB, 2480x3168)
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1.41 MB JPG
>It feels more like you are reading a script that wants to portray you as exasperated or even frustrated. But your face and the way how you are saying it don't represent that reaction
(...Skullirius is onto me isn't he? higher stealth is required. from this point on unless absolutely necessary, I'll try to only suggest things Brifrick will say instead of giving him direct things to say to people to lower Skullirius and other people's suspicions)

A professional doctor that believes in the supernatural... There is some kind of oxymoron joke here, but I'm not smart enough to make it. But at least if there really is something supernatural going on, and a highly regarded doctor seems to believe so, then maybe you aren't insane from seeing things after all if those weren't hallucinations but instead supernatural creatures that only chosen people can only see.

But if those really are hallucinations, and the doctor is encouraging them as supernatural, that might cause some unhealthy problems down the road...

nonetheless, if what you're experiencing is supernatural, the doctor might be trying to play with fire if he starts doing things to mess with the supernatural to get a better understanding of them. We will probably need to keep in contact with him to make sure he doesn't get into trouble, or mess with something he isn't supposed to and doesn't understand and accidentally cause some kind disaster if you weren't there to intervene. That is the selfless reason. But the selfish reason is... I don't want him to cause more inhumane experiments on us if we don't take the radio.

Alright. tell him you'll take the radio. Also, test it out even by talking into it and making it clear to him that whether supernatural creatures exist or not, your only main concern is to get over your phobia to prevent another anxiety or heart attack like that to happen again.

I also want to ask if he is also part of that Inkiverusus religion, for curiosity sake.
File: DOOR 68.jpg (1.04 MB, 3508x1958)
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1.04 MB JPG
finding out someone's mental issues is difficult as we're not professional psychologists. the most we can do is try to connect the dots with what limited info we have...

Dario mentioned very recently that he always feels worthless with everything he does, and feels like he is a burden to others, and always wanting to prove himself. His feelings of uselessness causes him to get very frustrated thus causes him to uncontrollably lash out at others.

as far as his helmet goes, He stated he doesn't wear it out of fear, but for personal reasons. It Can't be because of ugliness because he has a girlfriend who gifted him his gloves. So it could be that he is hiding his shame of being a failure such as perhaps he is hiding physical scars he doesn't want others to see because he doesn't want people to assume he is hopelessly helpless.

Plus, him mentioning his dad in the letter stating he knows what is best to Dario is kind of showing that his dad has control over his life. Not to mention, his best friend Spedric said something about Dario being the only person he can influence in the building, so that might also add to his helplessness even if Spedric doesn't intend to (he might not even know of Dario's disability).

the way it sounds, perhaps he went through something traumatic that makes him feel useless to the world (especially if he is hiding scars under that helmet). maybe his mental illness is either post traumatic stress disorder (there are behavior signs of it he is portraying), and/or some kind of depression.
File: DOOR 69.jpg (1.94 MB, 2936x3661)
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1.94 MB JPG
Just as you think Dario's disability is unbelievable, he thought your fear is unbelievable, so give Dario the benefit of the doubt. Also, I think Dario wants his disability kept confidential. it is for your benefit to keep it to yourself and not tell anyone about it, unless you want to feel his wrath.

Test out the radio receiver to make sure it works. Testing, testing, one, two, three... *attempts to beatbox* over!
Actually, now that I think about it, the radio receiver is... very completely white. that's a unique color for a walkie-talkie. The antennae is even white instead of silver. In fact, I don't think I ever seen a white radio receiver. It kind of reminds me of that completely white flower Spedric had yesterday. Maybe mention to Skullirius that the radio receiver color reminds you of Spedric's white flower he brought over yesterday, and ask where he got the radio receiver.

to help figure out what happened to you yesterday, should also ask if something happened in the building after you talked to him yesterday. Malanda suspected there being intruders in the building after all, and you wonder if anything came of that.
File: DOOR 70.jpg (988 KB, 3508x1622)
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We need to poke Dario's helmet while wearing a disguise, using a different perfume and changing your voice somehow. "Oy gentleman, what an odd helmet you have there. It is a reproduction? Restaured original perhaps? Do tell me more good man!"
The doctor is forcing himself on us way too much, if we are going to get to work with him, we should demand the pay that he offered us. Or find a way to end his advances.

For now just say that you have nothing further to comment and leave. And take away the divice's batery when not in use, maybe even envelop in tinfoil.
Skullirius didn't really answer our question about where he got the white radio. It seems he dodged the question by simply saying it was a strange coincidence the color of his radio is the same as Spedric's flower. Keep that in mind.

Agreed. It's nice that Skullirius can help us, but I want to scope things out ourselves a little before we really move forward and give him all our info. (I don't think I want to ask for payment though.)

If anything should be said to him, it should be brief. Just say you were attacked by an assailant, you fainted, was taken to another building, and escaped through a window. If he says you're being too vague about your situation, simply respond that he was vague about where he got the radio ;).

Might want to ask him that if you're going to work with Skullirius, it might be best to do it discreet and not tell anyone you're working together. If your kidnappers finds out Skullirius is helping you, They might step up their game. Crazy things are happening.
File: DOOR 71.jpg (3.01 MB, 3508x4961)
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3.01 MB JPG
The thing I'm worried about if we commit to work with Skullirius is that we might not be able to return to reality if things go wrong, especially if it turns out the monsters he is referring to is actually all hallucinations and helping him might break our brain even more... but he is seen as a professional doctor at least... I think once we figure more things out, we'll make a decision to work with him or not.

I wonder what chimney would say about all this. Would she side with Skullirius or Izilla?

OH!, you decided to take a closer look a the brochure I see. Well, maybe if only for curiosity's sake, we can visit a nearby church of Inkiverusus. But I guess we should find out if they are seen as a respectful legit religious group funded by the government, or just a weird cult. probably not a cult as they seem to be around in public, and Dario is part of it, unless they are using some loopholes. It is probably best to look before we leap into something and drink the Kool-aid... I mean juice.

the brochure does looks kind of creepy, but I do recognize some figures at least. Not all, just some...

The thing I don't get is that Pag was really insistent to have you take a second closer look at the brochure to really see the truth nobody wants to see as reality or unable to see as facts, whatever that means. Well, We're looking closer at it now, but I don't see how it changes our perspective of anything.....um... wait. hold up a sec...

...did your appearance look, or feel different in some way just now, specifically did your hands or face look different? is there a nearby window that is reflective enough that you can look at yourself in?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fjm_gzZEq4 (joke)
So, Skullirius goes around without pockets. That means no identification, pocket money, cell phone, keys, handkerchiefs and so one.
That is suspicious. The only people that do not carry anything with them are famous nobility-like individuals, that expect to be recognized and served everywhere they go.
Or someone with a personal servant perhaps, who is this person who was going to be tasked with monitoring us? I suspect Chimney. The discrepancies between what she told us about her boss and the face value apparent reality could be explained by her lying to gain sympathy, to "bond over work" and so on. Also she was looking for us.
File: DOOR 72.jpg (443 KB, 1888x1753)
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443 KB JPG
File: 1507415739608.jpg (1.45 MB, 4000x4000)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Let's go the esoteric way, this can only end well, I am sure of it.
Ah, two different story paths. I feel this will be a battle between reality, and fantasy or the supernatural, and we're picking a side here. Both have their upsides, and their negative consequences.

I'm choosing the detective investigation. While paranormal investigation sounds fun, I think the detective investigation will be a more interesting approach to figure out what happened to Brifrick during his disappearance as we try to disprove any kind of supernatural occurrences with logic.

Mainly, I want to fix Brifrick's mind, especially since I feel Brifrick is just an average person who just wants to live a normal life. approaching it supernaturally might not be healthy for his mind. Plus, approaching this supernaturally feels like we might mess with something forbidden that we are not supposed to.
I am sorry but I will go with the more exotic choice. The other participator had a more convincing argument...he used a skeleton. I can't say no to a skeleton.
File: regretthat.jpg (366 KB, 1123x583)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
You will regret that decision...

(I'm joking. Although I really still want to do physical detective investigation, and try to keep Brifrick in the realm of reality to fix his brain while I worry a paranormal investigation will probably damage things, I will not complain if we take the paranormal investigation.
That said, if we take the paranormal investigation, we might as well start by checking out the church of Inkiverusus.)

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