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You are Qualo the Spider Demon

Previous thread:

(sorry for taking so long to put this update out, I got a bit burnt out but I'm ready to be a better QM)

You aproach the dead skeleton's body to examine the gem that was keeping him together, it's lost it's glow once it shattered on the ground, it's emitting a harmonic tone that seems to play as the air passes the tiny grooves on the gem's surface and insides, but the harmony has been twisted by the cracks on the gem, the magic note this gem played is no more.

You shift your focus to the painting on the wall, sporting a gem symilar but creating another distinct harmony, thus a different spell, you grab one of the skeeleton's ribs and throw it at the painting, your hunch was verified as the bone goes inside the painting and starts floating inside the water, the magic creates some kind of portal and it appears that you'll have to go inside if you want to reach the mad wizard you've heard about.

As you aproach the painting you see the shadows of a creature lurking inside the deep waters, you'll need a plan once you dive in or thiis magical underwater could be your grave.
Web the remaining skeletons and throw one of them in
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You aproach the other side of the room where the skeletons are watching you carefully, the frightfull skeleton panics with every step you take towards him, you put the skeletons into cacoons using your web.

You lead the webbed skeletons towards the painting and push the frightfull one in, he starts floating in the water for a while, you can hear him get more and more panicked as he floats away becoming a blurry white mass in the water, suddently the shadowey figure rushes in and tears the skeleton apart, the creature's speed and force in his attack was remarkable.
Darn, prepare a trap for this figure, cower everything in sticky web and use minions to lure it
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(So glad to be finally able to share this update!!!)

You go into the painting and carefully move down to the ocean floor, your movements are short and precise as to not alert the creature lurking in the shadows, you use your web and start crafting a trap.

Your next step is to summon some minions to lure the creature in, you dive back into a safe spot and command your minions to draw attension to themselves, suddently a sharp sound of the speeding creature darts towards you.

Your minions are all obliterated the moment they come into contant with the creature, their blood disperses into the water, now you manage to get a good look at the leviathan, his eyes have been replaced by the humming stones, there's also an object dangling from his neck sporting one of these gems.

One of the creature's huge spikes gets stuck in the spiderweb as it slowed down to avoid crashing into the wall, the creature is not completely immobile but this is the best chance for your attack.
Hop atop it and activate our ogre punch ability into its eyes and try to break them.
Just lettiing everyone know I'm working on the next update, it's a bit long but I hink I'll get it done tonight
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You dash underwater to try and get a hold of the creature, just as you're about to get on top he manages to get unstuck from the webbing, you hang onto the spike on his back as he starts swimming at incredible speeds, the creature starts swimming upwards to knock you off, keeping your balance is almost impossible so you dig your legs into the monster's flesh.

You reach the surface of the water, there's a storm creating huge winds, pounding rain, and savage thunders, the speed and momentum makes the creature leap into the air....
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You fling yourself upwards and summon your ogre mind fist, you aim at the gems that have replaced the creature's eyes, you fall and every second you feel the momentum make your strike stronger, your punch connects with the creautre's eye, the chain binding it in place is severed and the magic gem shatters, blood suddently explodes like a geiser, the creature makes a painfull thunderous roar.

You make the fist dissapear and the gem rolls off the creature's now empty eye socket, you land on the water and take a second to compose yourself, you look at the creature as it falls backwards diving again into the water, a huge tide erups as the creature dissapears from view.

There's a few seconds of calm, the rain and thunder is overwhelming your senses, you're floating in the water.
Send out some water minions if we have those to look for it, if we don't, go back to the shore
Sorry to be taking so long for this update I've been really busy with studies, I'll try and get it done tonight xoxo
No worries dude, take your time
Guys I have some really bad news.
I forgot to archive the last thread, to be honest I don't know if I should even continue the quest, after this blunder.
Sorry to be such a shit qm
Oh I just remembered there's the moe archive, disregard this post entirely.
Except the part abot me being a shit qm I'll get an update before this thread expires, real life got in the way big time and I'm really sorry, I don't deserve you.
No worries mate, take your time and we'll be waiting for you to come back
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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