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>>3478576 Parotia
Having a plan in mind, Parotia rushes to the settelement that was seen before... To try and destroy it! (3 success)
The poors Swine there could not resist the fury of a god! Hex claimed.
While their god is busy, so are the kosks. A new settlement is made in their new lands. How will you name it?

>>3478596 Beast father
Finishing his rampage, Beast father take over what was left of Parotia northern kingdom
Desperate by the lack of food, the swine begin to try and eat Emus egg. Is it safe? They are creation of Parotia... It will save time at least.
Having dealt with the north. The Beast rush south.

>>3479237 Diridge
The centaurs cannot take it anymore! THe youngins need some training and they will receive it willingly or not! Training grounds built
Hex Claimed

>>3479904 Monolith
The trolls scouts walk and go up to the sea! Lucky them.
The rock is waiting for the tree to move. The situation could take a while to resolve
Hex claimed
How fitting it is, for the first smith to be the trolls. No one is closer to the earth than them right? Their new tools will be able to do much more

>>3480059 Frakt
The preparation part certainly could be better but the conservation is perfect. Cooking? get
Armed with their stone tools interns begin to try and see what is under the mountain... Mine begin
The board of director pass igloopolis and go south near Ynülu territory.
Your Taskforce spread in every direction and while they are not in undiscovered land they do find some animals you did not know about.(I'm still working on the wildlife update you ruffian! (But it is almost ready~, expect more info on what you found soon~))

>>3480170 Gotas
Hex claimed!
The sun can be harsh and the people vanitous. The aspirants begin to weave solgrass in order to cover themselves. Clothing developed.
The aspirant enter a land marked by a god. Ice and Fire reign here, but the place feel... Desolate? Like it is abandonned. They can also feel another god south, when they look there they find they want to work the earth and take everything precious in it.
Gotas enter another god land once again. Leaving the hateful creep behind, he find himself in a very lush forest land.

>>3482800 Seregost
Another god once again join us! For how land has Seregost been here? Nobody really know. One thing is certain though. His cult has taken roots in Onus's lands and corrupted his most faithful priests!

>>3485267 Belweir
Belweir discover many strange jungle to the south. How differents from the crystal mountains back home!
Meanwhile Florian move East near Monolith territory, and the explorers go back to their home in crystal city
With these new crystals the thaumites will be able to get underwater! If only for a time
Training relentless, the littles ones begin to control and move the world around them with more ease. And they can shine with so much more power now!
>>3487028 Alpha Oybabtu
Glad to see returning players~
Sensing something is wrong Alpha Oybabtu rushes toward the mines
Alpha Oybabtu is the avatat of good health and as such as a innate knowledge of how to treat wounds rapidly
The oybabtu having learn from their mistake begin to resarch a way to make the walls of the mines more sturdy
Alpha Oybabtu know that the oven could be used for more than just cook crackers and so repurpose some of them to melt the metal from the mines (you'll still have to make the tools next turn but you have forges now!)
The forges are heated, the metal melted, and a helmet forged. Falling rocks would not be so scary anymore! Nothing else in the world want to hit you anyway. Right?

Gods with 4 actions are Azraelius, Covetous, May queen, Those who Question, Ynülu
HOKAY! If I'm counting this right, I should have enough movement to get to the hex right to the west of where bird-bitch is now. The Beast Father moves there first...

Before rallying the survivors of the first village, a second springing up around him!

As they lick their wounds, he teaches them to use their spears to catch the fish of the lake. Much as he would love to teach them how to spear a rival god, hungry bellies demand food.
>[Gotas - Communicate]
Gotas entered this forest, teeming with more green life than he had seen since, well, ever. It was a natural forest by no means. He could feel the divine energy in this place, steeped in every leaf and root of every tree. He exerted some influence over the land, but this was something far beyond that. To the North-East his instincts revealed a large mass of floral life, imbued with a spark of divinity like his Aspirants. Shouting in that direction, he extends his usual cordial greeting. "Hail, brother or sister. I am Gotas, Lord of The Hunt. Who might you be and what control do you exert over these lands?"

>[God Move]: Move SW, SE, SW, SE, SW, SE
His communication with the locals done, Gotas thought it prudent to fully trace Azraelius's lands before wandering off into the complete unknown.

>[Unit Move - Aspirant Pathfinders]: Move SW, W, SW
The scouting party braced themselves, they were in foreign territory and were uncertain of what awaited them in these lands touched by another god. Yet they were confident that their hunter's instinct would carry them through safely.

>[Communicate - Aspirant Pathfinders]
The Aspirant scouts encounter strange, four-legged men tending to plots of grass. Something the hunters found endlessly curious. They introduced themselves as Aspirants of the Eternal Hunt, and their leader as Kul'sah, He Who Walks Many Paths. The scouts asked to speak with the leader of these beings, in hopes of receiving a message to take home to their god.

>[Claim]: Claim the Mountain NE of the one I just claimed, as well as the forest SW of it.
Sul'vir continues to practice being a catalyst for Gotas, marking further lands as territory for the Aspirants. Sadly, this meant he could not direct the people as fast as he would have liked. A waste he would have avoided if the situation was not so pressing.

>[Develop] Hunting + Stone Tools: Pelt Gathering
As for what he could do now though, using a few docile beasts as a means to illustrate, Sul'vir teaches the Aspirants how to hunt their prey without damaging the pelt, and how to cleanly remove them using the tools they had. A further refinement of the most noble of arts. Their master would be pleased, and Sul'vir knew of many things they could do with this new resource.
File: Diridge the Fashionable.png (3.52 MB, 1900x2500)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB PNG
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>[Develop]: Solgrass Rope Weaving
>[Create Unit]: Centaur Rangers. x2 from [Unit Action] of existing Centaur Ranger + Training Grounds.

>[God Move] - Diridge to intercept the Aspirant Pathfinder from heading further south.
>[Communicate - Gotas] >>3494967
As the pathfinders call for the leader of the centaurs, the divine being himself emerges from the woods. Far taller than any of those around him, seemly made of some off-white substance the Aspirates liken to a beast's tooth, and meeting their upturned gazes with an endless maw; Diridge introduces himself and his people, the Centaurs. Impressed that sapient begins outside of his domain once again walk the soils, Diridge tells Kul'sah to send his regards to their own god. Though, he also stresses to the "One Who Walks Many Paths", that the paths to the south and west are currently closed. The south and west are his domain all the way to the sea, and he'd want to speak with their god before allowing free reign on his freshly tilled soil. Diridge does tell them they can head further North through the abandoned domain to find another, one of trees and plants. Diridge then excuses himself, while remaining in the region to prevent further passage into his land.
One of the centaurs offers the pathfinders some fresh apples before heading back to work.

The Centaurs have been growing the grass from the ground for a while now, under the direction of their god. It has grown taller and thicker than the untended grass, but for what purpose? The ones in charge of tending the crop think they could just pluck it from the ground around them. Then, one day, a board centaur farmer begins to twist and braid the long strands of grass around her fingers. She braids it long and thin, adding more to it as she watches the men work and sweat in the fields. When one of the youngin's comes running by with two more on his tail, he makes to snag the braided grass from his older sister. To both of their surprise, the thin cordage holds, pulling the boy back a bit, before it snaps. Enamored by this new toy, the three children ask the centauress how to make more.

The training grounds are fresh and unkempt. Under the veteran rangers' and elders' watchful eyes, the two perspective teams of rangers being the work of camp maintenance and leave-no-trace. After the grounds have been brought up to standard, they begin to train and duel with one another, until each group is refined into a hardworking team. As they train together, a sense of both comradery and rivalry grows. While they all feel a part of the same large group, each seems to refer to themselves as more than just 'rangers'. After many bickerings and back and forths, they eventually distinguish each one with a number. Nigen(1), Qojar(2), and Gurban(3).
>[Communicate - Diridge]
Kul'sah nods in understanding to Diridge's polite dismissal, "Understood Lord Diridge. Our master has set off westward so it is likely he has encountered these forest dwellers. Should your people have any business with us we reside in the large grove northeast of here. We shall inform our hunters so they know you are friends. Wait for them to guide you to safe passage, we have set many traps." The scout captain then questions the farmer who gave the odd red things to them. "What curious prey did you hunt to obtain these? I have seen nothing of their like in our lands."
>[Communicate - Gotas]
The centaur has a hearty chuckle at the thin little creature before him. "Perhaps you should look up more often." The centaur gestures to the captain for the spear in his hand. Taking it, he trots over to a nearby Applewood Tree and pierces an apple from its branches. Returning the spear and apple, and gesturing to the tree, "This is the mighty prey we hunt for the sweet taste of an apple. You should try it some time, you look like you're starving."
Unit Actions (All) - Return to Igloopolis, lunch break is over!

Develop+ DI [Hive Mind]
God - Uniformity
Spirit Wizard - Mental
(Mind Link upgrade?)

The Board of Directors stood atop a massive pile of ice and snow, hauled to the central square a while ago by their intrepid interns. Behind them Seishin Izardo closed her eyes and waited for the last of the Interns to file into rank, each businessman falling perfectly into a compact line-up. As #24764 slipped into place next to #24763, she opened her eyes and nodded to the Directors.

Each spoke in unison, first the 5, then slowly as Seishin began weaving a spell, the Interns closest to them. Eveentually, all spoke as one, the same slogon over and over.

"For all your needs, turn to ICE!"
((Gain the ability to develop secret techs as long as Seishin and the Directors are Mind Linked (which requires them to be in the same or adjacent hexes, still.)))

Unit Creation - Taskforce

Another day, another two taskforces, another two shots at a spicy Wizard!

>[Unit Action]-[Move:Troll Scouts]
The Troll scouts go north-west, and continue north-west or westward around the coastline as it goes on.

>[Unit Non-Action]-[Don't Move Yet:Monolith]
Monilith stares the fat tree down, and gives it a prod to try and get it to stop aimlessly drooling.

Mining produces rock dust. Flaking whitestone produces whitestone dust. And though some of this dust is very tasty, a few trolls find that when it gets wet it turns into a sort of paste. A paste that slowly becomes hard again over time. The trolls seize on this discovery, practicing and experimenting to create better, more useful varieties of this stone paste, useful to bind cut stones together into a solid structure, or to place on the wounds of an injured troll to stop them leaking or falling apart before their natural regeneration can start to repair them.

With their Syrconite tools, the trolls get better at cutting and working stone, joining it and sticking it solidly, developing Masonry.
File: IMG_20190510_014302.jpg (128 KB, 891x960)
128 KB
128 KB JPG

Having such success with forging the blueish-silver metal, Alpha Oybabtu experiments with the other mountain ore they had discovered, in the hopes that it might be useful as well.
>[Develop] Knowledge Tech->Research Mountain Ore

Now curious about a great many things, Alpha Oybabtu had Oybabtu not working on the mines explore empty lands to the south and east.
>[Claim + DI]
Claim two unclaimed hexes to the SW, one to the East, and two the NW. Will post image on Discord channel to clarify.

Eager to explore more directly, Alpha Oybabtu sped back west for a quick loop.
>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
Southwest 3 hexes, West 1 hex, Northwest 1 hex
>[Unit Action] - [Parotia]
Parotia moves two hexes west and...

>[DI-Claim Hexes]
Knowing that attacking mindlessly against the pigs will not work alone, she claims the hexes near the lake and the hex she's standing in the moment.

>Green Settlement Name: Hivenest

>Create Unit: Kites Brigands
Using 1500 Kosks, the Kite Brigands are ready to fight and pillage from the swine, ready to use warhammers, javelins and sheer raw violence to make sure the pigs will stay in the mud.
File: Thunder-egg-298x300.jpg (25 KB, 298x300)
25 KB
The journeying god and their glowing green companion (Who are Amaterasu and Issun? I've never heard of them.) go bounding across the land to greet their neighbors!

>[COMMUNICATE] Belweir & Florian > Troll not-scouts
"Hi! I'm Belweir! Who are all of you?"

The thaumites of the sun crystal colony all blink and flicker conversively, a bustle of activity surrounding their little capitol. The ones that returned home recently are getting ready explore the water, while another group appears to be forming with plans of their own.

>[ALTER UNIT] αExplorers (+15)
15 more thaumites leap into the group readying to explore the lake!

>[MOVE UNIT] αExplorers
The cloud of brave explorers hurries toward the water and disappears beneath it with several little *ka-plunks*!

>[CREATE UNIT] βExplorers (20)
Elsewhere, several more thaumites are gathering the courage to go see what other fun things are out in the world!

>[MOVE UNIT] βExplorers
The new cloud of glowing crystals ventures to the south!

Belweir's territory begins to creep along the shoreline!
File: TrollWut.jpg (197 KB, 800x1078)
197 KB
197 KB JPG

>[COMMUNICATE] A gaggle and passing of random Trolls > Belweir & Florian

As Belweir starts encountering Monolith's land he starts finding Trolls. Some of them purposeful, but most just wandering or sleeping or pulling rocks from the ground to chew. And he gets all number of names from the trolls he passes.

"Yeah? I'm Asphalt."

"I Pumice, bouncy thing."

"Me? Dolomite."

"I AM BASALT! What you do here?"

"You call me Latite! What bring you here?"

>[Develop]: Put the slaves to work on the construction of a shrine to Seregost
>[Hunting and gathering]: Send out parties for hunting game and foraging

>[God Move] – From Sanctum Seregost will begin shifting the barrier between realms where his followers have now made their home to begin spreading his corruption into the world.

From the top tower of what was once the main shrine to Onus, Xayver emerged, flanked by two of the Aphotic blade and resplendent in his black battle plate. Bloodied sword in one hand and the severed head of the high priest of Onus in the other.
Below a dozen chosen stood within a horde of hundreds of chanting fanatic slaves, all were bloodied from the murders and sacrifices that had taken place mere moments ago.
Xayver held the head high and the chanting grew. “SEREGOST! SEREGOST! SEREGOST!” Xayver’s hand released and the head tumbled to the horde below, those closest rushed to claim it for their trophy rack, or worse.
“This once absent shrine now has newer truer purpose. Seregost has revealed himself to us and through us a thousand twisted blessings will spread to the races, to the land, and we shall live as gods ourselves, once Sanctum claims all!” Xayver thumped his breastplate as the cheers grew.
“Raise his monuments, spread his domain, fall to your knees and pray for his favour, HAIL SEREGOST!”
From beyond in the dark annuls of Sanctum, Seregost looked through Xayver’s eyes seeing everything he saw and through his new herald he admired. Admiring his new possessions and the ripened world that lay before him. Before him was the broken and defeated Onus. Consumed and trapped by Sanctm and at his mercy.
The black plains of Sanctum echoed with his the cacophony of Seregost’s laughter.
Belweir greets each of the rocky things politely, and Florian stays very close to the much larger crystal. Belweir attempts to answer each of his rocky friends in turn, holding basically the same conversation with each of them multiple times at once.

"I'm here meeting friends and making things! And this is my friend, Florian," He says, directing the attention of the golems to the little life wizard. "He makes plants grow!"

>DI: Claim 5 hexes to the south end of my territory

>Unit actions: Have my companies each move NE 1 hex and take that hex with creep

>Develop: War Spears, using long wooden shafts ending In sharpened stone.

>Develop: Animal Riding techniques on the domesticated beasts

>Develop: Begin Martial training with the spears, on and off mounts.

>[Unit Action]-[Move: Monolith]

... Tired of Waiting for the boring tree to stop being silent, Monolith moves two hexes northwest.


>[COMMUNICATE] Monolith > Belweir & Florian

Monolith looks over to the next hex, just outside his domains, where a Crystal is bouncing about, and calls out.
"HEY! Bouncy thing! I Monolith, of Mountains! What you come here for?"
File: basedBunny.jpg (36 KB, 325x325)
36 KB
And it's the update! Turn 12 is here~

>>3494905 Beast father
You rush close to Parotia.
New old weald city built
Fishing developed. Finally a source of food that is edible. The emu eggs did *not* settle well

>>3494967 Gotas
Your aspirant blocked by a mountain, go to the SE and discover the lands of another god! This one seems quite young compared to all the others.
Hex claimed!
With pelt of this quality and the clothing already developed by the aspirants, you could go very far! [pelt gathering get; Clothing boosted]

>>3495238 Diridge
Solgrass rope developed i wonder how skillfully they will be used?
Unit created, diridge moved

>>3495966 Frakt
Lunch never last long. It is sad. A good thing that no one is sad working here.
Hive mind developed, your mind is one. Multitude is non-existent, there is only ICE. Able to work without direct orders your minions become more discreet
So many task forces and yet no one to rival Seishin still.

>>3496117 Monolith
Mountains block the scouts who then try to pass around them.
Concrete and masonry developed. I smell a nation of builder is about to be born.
The staring contest is brutally interrupted by a touch. Nothing has yet to happen anyway.

>>3498962 Alpha oybabtu
Hex claimed! God moved!
Mountainous ore properties added to your sheet

>>3499326 Parotia
Evading the beast, Parotia swipe just past him!
Alas! Beast did come here first and will protect the place! You will not take the lake this easily!
Unit created. The kites thirst for blood

>>3499427 Belweir
Thaumites added! I'll add the water exploring tech in since that seems to be your intention
And with a ploof they go! Inside the water, beneath the surface dance long scale covered beings, able to move in water like a bird in the air, they glisten of a thousand different colors. They seems uninterested by the crystal of the thaumites
Unit created but sadly one unit can't move the turn of it's creation. Leave them some time to get ready to move!
Hex claimed!

>>3499628 Seregost
A shrine is enacted in the capital city, If it look quite small for now, in time it will surely become as important as the god that is revered there.
Hunting and foraging get!
I'm going to take it that you want to claim some Hex? If that is so you already used 2 actions this turn so i'll make your god take a promenade m'kay?

>>3505087 Covetous
Hex claimed! Quite an expansion! Unit moved!
You develop war spears using whatever material you can find. The quality take a hit because of this.
Who would have thought that the first to ride would be trees feeding from their roots?
Spear combat developed. You will know how to use these sharp sticks

And that's it folks! Sorry for the delay! Gods with 4 actions know who themselves
For my first action, I raise a unit of Swine Conscripts at my settlement.

For my second, I ATTACK PAROTIA!
This is in a different post because it took me this much longer to find the damn thing, AFTER I had already spent several minutes looking for it.

What the fuck am I even doing.
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>[Develop]: Nets/Lassos
>[Develop]: Animal Wranglin'

>[Unit Action] - All three Centaur Rangers begin to scout. Nigen North, Qojar East, and Gurban South, as far as they can.
>[God Move] - Diridge moves back to Statherós.

With ropes, the centaurs have access to the wondrous world of tensile strength. One of the first things they create with said ropes are nets and lassos. It takes a few tries, and more than a little swearing from Diridge before they are able to get it right. Sometimes the centaurs get their hands tied, or they end up netting themselves by accident. Eventually, nets and lassos are spreading across the city and beyond.

Soon after the nets and lassos are made, Diridge instructs the centaurs to go out and try to gather animals from every corner of his domain. With a combination of sheer determination, clever tactics, and centaur fitness, they bring a handful of each species back to the capital. Diridge's teeth seem to form an ever growing grin when they finally return. Beady eyes shining in gluttony. (Totally not smiling at OP3's need to make the fauna expansion now.)
File: Wooden Lamellar.jpg (25 KB, 236x444)
25 KB
>[Gotas - Communicate] Talk to Diridge
As Gotas walked through the forests, he encountered strange half horse half man beings. He felt the tracks of his scouts close, so knew they must have encountered them as well. As he made his march south-east, he stopped. Seeing the god of this Domain sending his scouts off after a meeting. Adjusting his hat, Gotas approached the God and greeted him. "Hail brother, I am Gotas, Lord of the Eternal Hunt. I see that you have spoken to my Aspirants already. I hope they were polite. I crafted them to be warriors, so I fear that their etiquette may have ended up lacking."

>[God Move - Gotas] Move SE-SE-SE-E-SE-SE
Gotas continues to survey the surrounding lands.

>[Claim w/ DI] Take the last Unclaimed Mountain and Forest tiles [Specification in Channel]
Sul'Vir grabs the last of the area that he believes to be the rightful home of the Aspirants. Exhausted, he can now turn his attention to other developments while he rests.

>[Develop] Pelts + Sinew + Roseberry Wood + Stone Tools: Wooden Lamellar
Sul'vir understands that the Aspirants lithe frames leave them with little natural protection from blows, and while their clothes provided protection from the elements there was little they did for other threats. Using the Roseberry Wood they have available, Sul'vir shows them how to weave rectangular chunks of wood together onto a hide backing in order to make a rudimentary kind of armor. It would protect them from most threats they would find for now.

>[Unit Move - Aspirant Pathfinders] Move NE-NE-E
Their mission completed, the Pathfinders decide to return home to share the knowledge of the Centaurs and their Apples. Their master could handle the rest of the scouting.

>God Unit Move: SWx5
As If awakening from a daydream, Covetous turned to the south with new Intent. He would walk the lands and learn of the world. He would not slumber while there was work to do.

>Unit move: Move both companies 1NE and take the hex

>[DI] Claim: Take the 5 visible southern hexes.

>Develop: Fruit farms
It's time to put our knowledge to use. Using tools able to carve furrows In the earth, the first farms are built. Using local fruits, food Is cultivated locally for a more sustainable source of food outside of the creep and hunting what beasts prowl the land.
File: Florian.jpg (36 KB, 800x800)
36 KB
>[COMMUNICATE] Belweir > Monolith (and random trolls)
"I come here for exploring! I'm here, and I wanna know what else is here! You guys look really cool! I think my thaumites would like you guys!"

>[MOVE UNIT] Florian
"Florian! Come say hi to, uh... Monolith, right? Florian! Come say hi to Monolith! He's really big!"

Yes, water exploration was exactly my intention. Thank you for adding it!

Oop! The new explorers might have been a little too eager to see the world. They almost left without charging their crystals!

>[MOVE UNIT] βExplorers
Now they're all set to go. Southward!

As the little divers search the bed of the pond, they gradually become less scared and more at ease. This isn't a hiding spot for a scary monsterl; it's just a big ball of wet with animals floating in it! It's comfy, even!

Belweir's crystals begin to grow north, along the coast, as well as in the pond where the thaumites search!

>[DEVELOP] Tritonic Carp research
The scaely things were really pretty! They glittered and shined like the dancing stone as they wiggled through the water. The thaumites follow them and admire their pretty colors for a while~

>[MOVE UNIT] αExplorers
The divers search around in the water until eventually one of them looks up and realizes that they see something like a big rock outside of the water, but with eyes! Eyes that were looking down at them!
File: TrollFace.jpg (76 KB, 545x750)
76 KB

>[COMMUNICATE] Monolith > Belweir & Florian

"What else here?" Monolith's gravelly voice questions. "Ha! Stone head settlement on mountain you see that way. Lots of Monolith things that way. Mountains tall and cold!" He points, southeastward to indicate, then turns his gesture straight southward. "That way, there plenty of Oograh. Oograh god." He rumbles, and then points to the East. "Far in that way desert, bird god! He fight Monolith, but MONOLITH STAND!"
File: Monolith.jpg (227 KB, 1370x987)
227 KB
227 KB JPG

>[Unit Action]-[Move:Troll Scouts]
The scouts will continue scouting north-east, east or north until they run out of land; at which point they will turn south-west again.

>[Unit Quantum Action]-[Move or Don't Move:Monolith]
Monolith will hope to stay where he is, talking to Belweir and Florian. Unless he didn't get the move there he made on >>3505100 , in which case he'll take that move to be there.

>[Unit Action]-[Move:Hoodoo]
Hoodoo will take a break from his Meditations on the wind currents above Stone Head to move Northeast, and join with Monolith in the meeting with Belweir. On the way, he'll investigate the surroundings and see what sorts of beasts might be roaming freely.

Monolith claims that other coastal Mountain to the north of his lands, and two of the hexes next to it.

>[Create Unit]
Today, 1,000 Trolls get a new training, a new purpose as a new unit is founded at Stone Head. As with all Trolls, they are blessed with Monolith's gifts of mountain travel and cold resistance, and basically literate in Trollish rune script. Trained in Masonry, the uses of Concrete and methods of mining and forging, they are equipped with sturdy Syrconite tools (as well as Rocks for throwing, building with or snacking on). Builders? Masons? Stoneworkers? They are all these things, and they will shape the stones of the earth and high Mountains, and build a new future for the trolls of Monolith's domains, stone by stone.
File: The Taskforce.gif (819 KB, 498x213)
819 KB
819 KB GIF

[Secret Develop]
Deep within the rigid mindscape of the Directors, Seishin stood alone and troubled. She paced back and forth, her heels making a hard CLICK with each step she took. Beneath her, implacable, endless grey ice, as deep as an ocean and stretching to the horizon. There was no horizon, as the ground blended seemlessly into the dreary sky. She could feel their mental might pressing down on her, bidding her to twist magic once again. What they wanted her to do...

Well, company policy dictated that she have 100% brand loyalty at all times! She had no choice, it seemed!

[Free Action]
Upgrade Taskforces with new techs! Mind Link and Talent Acquisition. Increase their numbers to 5000 per unit.

Claim: The mountain hex to the south of Igloopolis, and the jungle hex below that! Let the corporate workplace stretch all the way to the enemy capitals doorstep!

((And then knock on the door, see if they want to buy anything.))
So apparently me attacking Parotia with my god unit counts as something a unit of mine is doing, rather than a capital A Action. Thus, with my second Capital A Action, my dudes use their stone tools to start gathering wood for stuff.
Woops can't claim, Secret Develop used DI.

Instead of Claim

[Develop] Analyze Syrconite ore
This Syrconite Ore tantalizes with it's uses. But how do we extract it from it's base ore? What is it good for! Study the ore to find out! (Syrconite Ore properties ploz)


Alpha Oybabtu, the floating shiny orb, sped through the for taiga biome, winding their way between pinewood trees with deft, expertise flight. Occasionally, a tree may dislodge a great heap of snow from it's branches, the force of the gods movement sweeping the trees clean of their winter garb.
Suddenly a musical chime would echo around Alpha, ringing across the winter wonderland. A cheery, feminine voice follows.
"Good morning! We here at the International Creativity Enterprise welcome you to our frosty haven!"
Alpha Oybabtu may spin and turn to and fro, seeking the speaker, or they may quickly realize that the sounds are coming from their own mind!
"We're sorry to inform you that I.C.E is currently closed for business! All of our staff are currently busy, and due to pressing company concerns, no estimated wait time can be given. Would you like to leave a message?"
Rolled 5, 5, 5 = 15 (3d10)

>[Unit Action] - [Parotia] - [Defend Self]
Parotia smiles and flies aways from the pitiful attacks of the Beast Father. The pig may be strong, but not smart to aknowledge that birds will always be better than pigs!

>[Unit Action] - [Kite Brigands] - [ Move ]
They go three hexes north, exactly where the pig is and...

>[Unit Action] - [Kite Brigands] - [Attack]
They rip and tear throught the boar's flesh! They just need to kill a single big swine to beat the war once for all!

>[Develop] - [Slaves]
The Kosk begin to kidnap any swines in their hexes and around them in the middle of night to use them as slaves, food supply and everything in between until they die of exaustion, hunger or diseases.
Rolled 4, 4, 9, 8 = 25 (4d10)

Also, the roll for the attack.
Rolled 9, 1, 9 = 19 (3d10)

Rolling my attack, because I was an idiot and didn't do that before.
Rolled 10, 1, 3, 8 = 22 (4d10)

And now rolling defense, because OP has ruled that one attack isn't enough to kill a god.
>[Communicate - Cyan Businessmen]
Alpha Oybabtu looped and floated across the ice covered land, speeding along and seeing what more the world had to offer.

>"Good morning! We here at the International Creativity Enterprise welcome you to our frosty haven!"
Alpha Oybabtu spun and turned, seeking the speaker, but saw no one. Considering if the ice itself was speaking, the realization struck as the voice continued: The words are coming from inside Alpha Oybabtu's own mind! What fun!

>"We're sorry to inform you that I.C.E is currently closed for business! All of our staff are currently busy, and due to pressing company concerns, no estimated wait time can be given. Would you like to leave a message?"
"Ah! What wonderful concepts! 'Closed', 'busy-ness', and 'staff'! Alpha Oybabtu is not certain what it means to 'press a company concern' or 'weigh time', but 'message'? Yes!"
"Alpha Oybabtu is happy to give message! Alpha Oybabtu is happy to meet unseen new friends at Icy Eee! You are clearly clever and busy! Oybabtu are Healthy. Alpha Oybabtu hope that you are Healthy too!"
"Please come visit Oybabtu past the mountains when you have pressed your company concerns!"

Not waiting for a mental reply, Alpha Oybabtu, circled, looped, and excitedly raced back home to tell the Oybabtu about their new friends.
>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
NW 1 hex, E 3 hexes, NE 1 hex

Alpha Oybabtu was delighted to find that the experiments with the other mountain ore had yielded a very hard metal. Using innate knowledge, Alpha Oybabtu instructed the Oybabtu to forge large hammers out of the metal with sharp picks on the other end to be used for mining, construction, and forging other metal tools as well. This useful tool was named Mountain Mattock and the Oybabtu made as many as they could.
>[Develop] Production Tech-> Mountain Mattock
I want mechanical justification for proper mining and fluff for forging. Also, big metal hammers.

Having proper tools, the Oybabtu carved the mines out with care and precision. But Alpha Oybabtu felt it was not enough.
He wanted the Great Mine to be more than just where salt and ore are dug up, dust is created, Oybabtu slept in ball pits, tools are forged, and crackers are baked.
It should be a home.

Stretching out with every bit of power and divine influence that could be mustered, Alpha Oybabtu Converted the Great Mine into a true settlement. There smooth hallways, large spaces for storage, and comfortable places for Oybabtu to work, play, carve, and eat crackers. It was truly converted into a great settlement.
>[Develop + DI] Settlement
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting
>[Communicate - Gotas]
After directing the Rangers to begin their mission, Diridge made to meet the god halfway. "Hmmmm, a pleasure. You may call me Diridge." The tall god hardly moving save for his jaws and a slight bowing of the head.
"Your... Aspirants were civil enough, though they seem to lack in the finer details of looking up. Not that my own flock doesn't lack in similar capacities." Diridge continued, casting a disparaging look across the surroundings. "I suppose I should welcome you to my land, seeing as you are the first to stick around."
File: Seregost.jpg (14 KB, 300x387)
14 KB

>[Claim]: 2 Hex’s west of capital
Reports from the Chosen out hunting out to the west detail something of interest. The Aphotic blade dispatches a small war party to investigate.

>[Develop]: Put the slaves to work constructing a Granery for the nearby Barlow grasses.
While Xayver and the Aphotic blade would sooner be carrying out conquest and sacrifices the slaves still require a sustainable food supply.
File: Gotas Serious.png (401 KB, 624x624)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
>[Communicate - Diridge]
"Yes, the first to stick around indeed. I have traveled through the domains of three gods prior to yourself, and of them I feel signs of divine activity from only one. Something curious is going on, and I cannot quite put the pieces together. I have a great many questions about the nature of our existence here, but I'm not sure where to find the answers." Gotas pauses to allow Diridge to answer, adjusts his stance to a more neutral one, and resumes. "Anyway, on to more normal topics. How is your little slice of the mortal world treating you? Given that you've said I'm the first to stick around I assume you've developed mostly unimpeded?"
"I'm afraid you will get no speculation from me. You do say that there is one other that yet lives? Where might that have been?" At the mention of the second question, Diridge stands a little straighter, and raises his head, "Were you not so at ease, I would have taken that as a threat. Seeing that you yourself had to go out of your way to find others, I'd assume you are equally free of distractions. Suffice to say, this land is fruitful, though not without substantial effort on my own part."
"Aye, it is the treefolk north of my domain. Not to be confused with the plantfolk, I see no signs of divinity from them. A black mass of tissue covers the land they control, makes a terrible mess even on my boots. I can feel the borders of their land meeting mine in more places by the year. I suspect that if you were to visit my domain you would cross their new holdings. As for if I have developed unimpeded, you and I have received similar blessings there. My forests are flush with prey, and have resources aside to aid my children in ever more advanced techniques. I am incredibly proud of how far they've come in such short time, they have taken to my path well." Gotas gives the closest equivalent to a smug smile a skeleton can give. "Pray though, don't tell them I told you that. I fear it would go to their heads."
"Aye, I find it easier to motivate my own by telling them what they could have, not by what they had. It has at least encouraged them to begin thinking for themselves. To an extent."
"My scouts will run across the black mass soon enough then. I suppose, if it interests you, you can see to the south of my domain. There has been some odd happenings there, perhaps an overthrowing of one to another. Though it has not seemed to be any livelier than before."

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