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The Age of Fire is ending. And in Forossa, a fallen quagmire of war, a fatal solution is sought by the Great Sage, the power to control time. Sources of power must be severed to preserve the world.

Previous thread: https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3450542
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You have 5000 Souls and can level up four times to LVL 29. Which stats will you improve upon before setting out again, Disturbed Champion?
>2 ATN
>2 INT

I want to learn some utility spells soon dammit. Or pyromancy.
File: Forossa Map.png (158 KB, 1389x814)
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158 KB PNG
You pump points into Attunement and Intelligence, raising your prowess with casting. You are left with 123 Souls.

"Dear master, if it's of any use to you, there is a lake to the southeast of here where sorcerers once communed and hosted a guild. The lake is named after Hala, a witch dragon said to live on the lake's small island, who taught humans many great sorceries from Lordran once thought lost to the past. I'm sure you can find something useful there if it's spells you wish to master." Butler Manfred informs you. It seemed that the two servants were well versed in the histories and tales of Forossa, you could always inquire with them to gain knowledge. They were sworn to you after all.

With all said and done, you equip the Commander's Ring you transposed from Colonel Vermi's Souls, granting a boost to Dexterity from 14 to 21.

You sit at the Bonfire to travel now. It seems that defeating Colonel Vermi lit a Bonfire at the Grand Palace.

Most areas you will be able to reach on foot via Bezopasnost Village and so forth. Do you wish to inquire with the Servants for more information about the sites in Forossa or will you travel somewhere?
Let's carry on to the Palace, see what we can do there, or If It's just a dead end for now.

>Teleport to the Grand Palace

(Thanks for this quest by the way, It's fun to see a souls quest with effort put Into It.)
File: The Grand Palace.png (180 KB, 910x772)
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180 KB PNG
(Aye. And thank you kindly for playing.)

Preparing yourself, you choose to go to the Grand Palace. You awaken at a Bonfire on the palace grounds, past the twin tower gate of the city fort where you fought the Catarinans.

Around you see a sprawling citadel, a breathtaking construct. Dozens of regal white-stone towers with vibrant colored domes, corbel arches and beautifully crafted motifs stand tall everywhere from the large buildings. In fact, the palace was so large, it had to be comprised of at least ten gargantuan buildings that were interconnected with one another and the surrounding red brick walls and towers. It may well be the mightiest bulwark in the whole world even...

From where you stand, you can see the tall building that made the Tsar's Hall directly in front of you. Though you're sure you'd like to see more of this magnificent construct, the hall was the only way to enter due to the massive amount of fortifications, barriers and sandbags blocking off all other ways to go.

You remember the Eleum Loyce museum in the plaza back some ways behind you, where potential loot could reside...

Will you take a quick trek back to the museum to see what is in store or will you continue into the Tsar's Hall?
Let's backtrack for now please, I'm curious.

Museum It Is!
File: museum.png (39 KB, 992x649)
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Turning back, you jog to the plaza and take a right to the granite building that was the Eleum Loyce museum.

The interior was neglected and most of the contents had otherwise been looted. You see empty displays and racks where armor and weapons might have once stood. The things that stand out the most are two chests, paintings of some King standing with a black haired woman, of large snow felines, and a painting of many knights standing around a round table.

Inside the two chests you find the Chillbite Ring and three Young White Branches. You put the ring on to increase your Frost resistance by 140.

You hear a sound coming from the higher floor then and move up to investigate. On the second floor, you see another chest, a set of armor on it's stand an impressive ultra greatsword on a rack.

You see a Knight on his knees, holding his sword to his chest, plotting his suicide. But before he plunges his own blade into his torso, he looks to you and then weakly sets his blade aside before staring at the floor. He is a broken man, you can hear faint weeping coming from behind his helmet.

Will you say something to the Knight?
just found this, archive diving, good going op
Let's loot the armor, weapon and chest and then ask the knight why he weeps.
File: Loyce Knight.png (13 KB, 462x371)
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Inside the chest you find a Silver Pendant.

You try and move the armor and greatsword, but to no avail. They will not shift from their place.

"Do not bother. The King's equipment was sealed by powerful magic to prevent them being taken. This set and greatsword are the originals, restored to it's former glory. They were brought to us by Stromboli, but that inventor locked himself away in his retreat and has not been seen since." The Knight says.

You walk in front of him and ask him why he is this way, why he is so somber.

"Why do I weep? Because we have failed..." He says as he stands. "Long ago, our homeland, Eleum Loyce, was founded by the Great Ivory King. But our homeland was built over a sprawling Chaos brewing under the ground. One day, our King took his whole host of Knights and descended into the Chaos in an attempt to destroy it for good. I was there, fighting alongside the Ivory King and my brethren... The Chaos spawned myriad of Demons to attack us, and we slayed them all, but we could not destroy the Chaos itself, it was far too large." He says as he looks at his slightly charred blade.

"When the Chaos realized the King was far more powerful than any of it's creations, it sent forth corrupting flames that burnt us all! The King... he was consumed! As was many of my brethren..." The Knight says as he sheaths his sword. "The flames turned them to the will of the Chaos, and our Burnt King, who still lived, was made into it's greatest puppet. Only four of us Knights survived, we managed to escape by a miracle. I recall that we sat in shame for a long time for our loss of the King before a stranger came and helped us put our Brethren and King out of their misery. The last three of my remaining brethren sacrificed themselves to shut off portions of the Chaos, and the Silent Oracle herself swore to seal it forever. The people of Eleum Loyce already long returned to Forossa, I came too after all was put to rest." He says as he walks to a window.

"Now, we the people of Eleum Loyce have given the Tsardom all we could, our Cryomancies, our weapons and our loyalty. We supported the Tsar since the beginning, since he returned order to Forossa. I spent many, many years training a new generation of Loyce Knights. When the day came that Demons from Lordran invaded, our people prepared to fight to the very end, even if it costed us everything, we would not let the Tsardom fall like we did let Eleum Loyce fall. But... we failed again. The Demons were far stronger than ever before, and nearly destroyed this city completely. The Forossans, us Loyce people, the Astorans... they all died whittling down the Demon Horde, and the Catarinans managed to finish them off with their firepower."

"But the Demons were not completely defeated, yet still many of them remain at Komor Mountain. Most of my people are dead, and so I have nothing to live for." The Loyce Knight says before sitting down again.

Will you say something or proceed to the Palace?
"It only takes one will to avenge a people, but more than that, It only takes one will to live for a people. If those like you are gone and so are you, who will live to pass on their legacy? As a knight of Astora, I know all too well your pain. Me and many of my comrades died, fighting against the demons. I don't know how many of them are left, but since I still remain I will carry on. It Is our duty as knights to face front and keep walking until we can no longer, for the ones we left behind.

Now, that solemn posture does not suit you, so up you get- *offer him a hand to pull him up*

What a dreary place for Introductions. I'm Hannes Von Stroheim, but call me Hans. *Wait for him to Introduce himself, If he will* I know a place you could rest for a while, If you like." *tell him about the The Study*
File: Loyce Knight Ehron.png (14 KB, 473x291)
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"....You're.... you're right.... The Ivory King would not... want me like this, he would have been glad to have seen how far we've come...." The Loyce Knight says as he takes your hand and rises. "The Ivory King would want us to preserver to the end!" He says as he clenches his fist. The Knight then goes over and retrieves his shield.

"My name is Ehron, Knight of Eleum Loyce! I shall not allow myself to fall here and now! There is still yet a duty to carry out!" Ehron says. "I thank you for your consideration of me even in this dried up state, Hannes Von Stroheim. I believe I shall set off to this 'Study' for provisions before I leave to Komor Mountain."

"Do you know of the ancient city Anor Londo? I would suspect most Astorans do naturally, seeing as Astorans have a lot of intrigue towards it. It was the city of the Gods themselves, but it has long since fallen into darkness." Knight Ehron says as he looks towards Komor Mountain from the window. "It is said that one of the mightiest Gods of Anor Londo made his home at Komor Mountain an aeon ago. They say he used his soul to erect a castle there that he and his bride, the Godmother, could live in peace at. The Forossans have always had a good relationship with the two Gods, the God and Godmother would offer protection and great harvests from the bottom of their hearts alone to the humans, and once they even visited the Tsar himself to impart their blessing! But since the Demons invaded, they have not been seen... And since the Demons still infest Komor Mountain, I have the grim suspicion that the God was their target from the beginning when they migrated from Lordran... I fear they might have wanted him in order to form a new Chaos...." Ehron says.

"I plan on venturing there to finish the Demons off for good. I wish to exterminate them and discover what happened to that benevolent God and Godmother. I hope they are well...." Ehron says before walking off to leave. "Thank you again for your reassurance, Hannes Von Stroheim. If you wish to take on the armor and weapon of the Ivory King, I tell you that the only way to break the magic seal binding it is to be truly mighty. At least, that is what the Witch Dragon Hala who placed the seal at our request told us. Perhaps you will become truly mighty enough to claim the items one day..." Ehron says before he leaves.
File: The Tsar.png (30 KB, 1188x990)
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Returning now to the Grand Palace, you push open the massive doors to the Tsar's Hall and step inside...

The gleaming hall before you was gigantic. The walls were made of creamy platinum with golden trim and finish along every surface. The floor and columns were made of the finest marble that could be procured in all the lands.

Ahead of you, sitting on the golden throne of Forossa, was the Tsar himself, Feodin I. His head was down, and the room was silent.

As you approach the Tsar, you see his hand twitch....
File: Boss - Tsar Feodin I.png (40 KB, 1114x910)
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A wall of fog appears behind you then and prevents exit of the hall....

The Tsar grunts before lifting his head. You can see his skin is partially decomposed... He was Hollow!


The mighty monarch grabbed hold of his halberd and stood then before walking towards you. Though he was slow to walk, he would surely put up a great struggle, for he was known as one of the best warriors that had ever lived in Forossa.

He lifts his halberd and begins to pool his strength into his right and only arm. You can think he looks pretty manageable enough to parry easily. Will you try and parry the strike or do something else?
Let's parry him with our free hand and then riposte.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

1, you successfully parry the Tsar's halberd attack.
2, you are struck for massive damage.
File: Riposte.png (41 KB, 469x728)
41 KB
With your free hand, you quickly parry the strong swing from Tsar Feodin and send it away before you put both hands on your claymore and drive it through his chest. He coughs blood onto your sallet and grovels in pain as you kick him off of your blade and strike once more. The riposte devastated him, but the Tsar was not done yet.

The one armed monarch jumps to his feet and crouched as he swung his halberd across the floor to hit you. You dodge the first sweep but he continues thrice more, forcing you to roll again, exhausting much of your stamina before he comes straight for you like a bull, pointing his blade and running to impale you.

What will you do now?
Backup while facing him then dash or roll to the side when he gets close and counter.

Note to self we need more Stamina for these boss fights.
File: fist.png (40 KB, 1227x758)
40 KB
You roll and manage to catch the Tsar as he hits the wall with his halberd, giving you ample time to backstab him, delivering another devastating blow.

Unexpectedly however as you try to go for another two hits, the Tsar rolls away and leaps into the air, slashing midair with enough power to displace the air current towards you as an attack, which hits and knocks you off of your feet.

As you stand up again, he lands and with his free arm flings his halberd spinning towards you. You are able to evade, but are given little room to breath as the Tsar looses it and charges at you suddenly to pound you with his fist while you back into the wall!

You can block his attack, but will likely be drained off stamina. You can't parry his punch. What will you do?
Block the attack
File: first source severed.png (40 KB, 1227x596)
40 KB
In the heat of the moment, you block the attack with your claymore, which drains your stamina and staggers you. Thankfully however, it also staggers the Tsar who stumbles backwards, allowing you to move back into the open and away from the wall.

When your stamina builds up again, the Tsar comes running to attack again, but this time you preemptively attack with a charged strong attack, which thrusts into the Tsar and staggers him once more, allowing you to finish him off with three more swings.

Tsar Feodin I, founder of the Tsardom of Forossa, legendary warrior, conqueror and just leader of the land for many years, is defeated. The monarch stumbles to his knees and reaches out for you again before falling down and disintegrating into dust.

You gain 18,000 Souls, a strange runed tablet and the Tsar's incredible Soul.

"It could be argued that the Tsardom of Forossa was perhaps one of the most successful nations there ever was, having allies in all others. When the Demons of Lordran invaded, the Tsar led an attack on them at Mount Komor to cripple them early, but returned in his nigh-dead state, scorched and missing an arm. He secluded himself away in his palace, asked to be left alone, and soon gave his last breath on his throne. His demise only realized far later."
File: The Study2.png (284 KB, 1227x820)
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284 KB PNG
Returning to the Bonfire, you warp to The Study. You see Loyce Knight Ehron there.

>Talk to somebody.
>Level up with the Servants.
>See Andre for his services. (Buy/Sell, Reinforce, Infuse, Repair, Allot Estus)
>See Wilbur's stock. (Buy/Sell, Transpose)
>Buy moss from the Beggar Hermann. (Buy/Sell)
Let's level up.
File: stats.png (23 KB, 179x653)
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You have enough souls to level up three times to LVL 32.

Which stats will you improve?
Let's save some money for Items.

1 In INT, I want to talk to the Cyromancer.
1 In END, It's clearly a crucial stat.
File: weapons.png (23 KB, 1160x1096)
23 KB
Your stats now sit at:

LVL 31
VIG 16
VIT 13
ATN 10
END 17
STR 18
DEX 14
INT 12
LCK 10

You go over now to Wilbur to see what the Tsar's Soul offers. It can be transposed for one of two items. The Wolf Knight's Greatsword, or the Royal Glaive. The Wolf Knight's Greatsword deals 149 base damage and has a 30% bonus to damage against abyssal foes. The Royal Glaive is basically a large polearm with very extended reach that deals 135 base damage.

Will you transpose the soul for one of these items or simply use it for Souls?
I say Greatsword.
>Convince Ehron to come with us in our journey
>Take him to a secluded area and tell him of our servant's words
Greatsword collection go.

>Talk to Ehron about learning Cryomancy
File: Study Overlook.png (74 KB, 515x435)
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You compose the Soul of the Tsar to obtain the Wolf Knight's Greatsword. Before the Demonic invasion, the Tsar feared the spread of the Abyss in his lands, and so his heart and soul always desired a way to defeat it... perhaps his soul manifesting this weapon was that way. They say primordial beings from Lordran moved to the Abyss in Forossa when it grew large enough, it is known that a 'shard of darkness' that came from beyond caused the Abyss to sprout in Forossa.

You walk over to a balcony and gesture Ehron to come hither. The Loyce Knight does so without hesitation.

"Ser Hannes Von Stroheim, to what end do may I assist?"

Looking to make sure you and him were alone, you tell him everything the Servants had told you, why you are even walking right now, what they have asked of you and what is going on. The Knight is perplexed but nods silently as he scratches the chin of his helmet.

"The First Sage of Forossa... He is known by all. Nobody even knows where he came from, most simply agree that he is an avatar of Faraam. But if these servants of yours are telling the truth... if they really did serve him originally, and he really is trying to control time... it is quite peculiar.... but an 'upcoming armegeddon'... that sounds awful, though I don't know how things could be ruined beyond what they are now." Ehron says as he looks toward Tisengrad.

"So the Great Sage is leeching the power of many great beings across Forossa? If accomplishing control of time would truly be as grim as you and your servants say, then it sounds like he must be stopped. You wish for me to accompany you on this quest?"

You nod.

"My friend, yours is a grand burden. I understand you completely, but I cannot go just yet. I still must go to Komor Mountain and discover the fate of the God and Godmother, and to finish off the Demons. But maybe our paths might intertwine... You say the Sage is leeching from powerful beings, correct? Maybe by chance he leeches too from the God and Godmother, I do not know. But I will find out." Ehron says as he begins to walk away.

"I have already collected what the shopkeeper could provide, I depart now to the Mountain. Oh, and about your other question... I myself do not know much of the ways of Cryomancy, I admit, but the Witch Dragon Hala who archived our knowledge of it should possess what tomes would be necessary to learn it. You should visit the lake sometimes." Ehron says as he leaves the Study.
File: Forossa Map.png (155 KB, 1389x814)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
You sit at the Bonfire to travel again. To which area shall you next venture to from Bezopasnost Village?

You could always ask the Servants about someplace if you need some knowledge before stepping into a new environment.
Ask them to tell us about everywhere they can.
Tell us about the wizard shady servants!
"Well, dear master, where to begin..." Butler Manfred says.

"Jursa Island is known to be the home of the largest bears in all of Forossa. It had only a few hunters living there and one dock. Aspiring warriors were known to hunt the massive ursines for sport there. Lately, some sort of new lifeforms have appeared on the island, taking on the form of a crimson ooze.. It is like an infection, and those who even make contact become afflicted soon with terrible illness that almost certainly leads to death." Manfred explains.

"Argeo Plata Cathedral is a sacred place, where Forossan Orthodoxy was born. Many Gods are venerated there, like mighty Faraam. I do believe the living Saint Edeniel still watches over the premise, but he has not acted for quite some time, it makes me worry, Edeniel was always one of the kindest souls out there." Stewardess Lidiya says.

"There is an old ruins where a town used to stand northwest of here. Bandits under a notorious criminal named 'Bulsby' took it over. West of the ruins is a private retreat where the Gyrm inventor Stromboli lives. Somewhere else around there are the old Outland Caves, I do recall some Demons splitting off from the ones at Komor Mountain trudging there, but this splinter faction of Demons wield Frost rather than Fire." Manfred taps his forehead as he talks.

"Mount Vedo... it is the most sacred sight in Forossa, it is the where Faraam is said to live. But nobody has ever reached the top for the winds and lightning storms there are too powerful, and the mountain is impossibly high. Not too far off from it, Governor Ivano was allowed to build a fortress at the shoreline with the permission of Azalof." Stewardess Lidiya says.

Will you ask about something else or travel somewhere now?
Let's go to the cathedral.
File: Encounter.png (707 KB, 1215x916)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
You decide that Argeo Plata Cathedral shall be your next location. Warping to Bezopasnost Village, you exit one of the gates and proceed along the main pathways to reach it.

In the far distance, you see Mount Vedo reaching to the heavens. The path ahead becomes increasingly foggy and you see light particles of snow ahead as you tread onward.

But then! From seemingly nowhere, an invisible explosions rockets in front of you and there is a man levitating there ahead. He wore a long coat, his body concealed by a cloak and his eyes were as white and featureless as the fog.

"Putrid, revolting, rused, disturbed.... You are all that I had anticipated. Undead henchman, clueless hollow! I ask thee, what is it you really want? What outcome could you possibly desire at the end of all this that you are experiencing.... now?" The man asks.

What will you say?
"Humanity saved and civilization restored"
File: Argeo Plata Cathedral.png (527 KB, 1170x767)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
"But of course, that is which nearly all desire, but it is an impossible goal to achieve. Every attempt that comes close only ends in failure, that is how it has always been since the curse was cast and nature was destroyed by the Lord of Light. Mighty Lordran fell, Drangleic fell, Lothric fell, and so did Forossa fall as well. The other nations outside are falling apart again too, as they have in the past." The man states.

"In the end, nothing will change and one day everything will vanish and even death will die. The future is cloudy, and ends in sand and dust." The man says before he turns away from you. "Continue on your path, disturbed Hollow. Illumination awaits." He says before becoming obscure and vanishing completely.

You shrug before marching onward.

Eventually, you reach the point at where grass and snow met and divided Forossa's climate. You follow a cobblestone road past a pearly gate and reach the holy grounds upon which sits the glorious Argeo Plata Cathedral. The spires atop the building were adorned with the Platan Clip, the symbol of the church. You feel warmth in the sunlight shining down from the sky.

You see a broken down carriage to the left and recognize the figure of Olli of Forossa standing near it. The main door to the Cathedral is ahead. To the right there is a graveyard and a small temple building.

Where will you go?
>small temple building
Maybe there is holy items for us
File: invasion.png (459 KB, 851x596)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
As you move closer to the small temple building in search of loot, you are invaded by a Dark Spirit.

As soon as they invade, the Dark Spirit does the Legion Etiquette gesture at you before walking closer slowly, shield up and spear at the ready. They only come so close however, so it's obvious they are waiting for you to make the first attack.

What will you do?
Let's charge him and get him to roll away to waste some stamina and then land some blows by roll catching him.
File: invader slain.png (182 KB, 891x422)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
As you correctly predicted, the invader rolls away as you run at him, draining their stamina. You swing as they roll and catch them with your long greatsword's reach. They manage to get away long enough to drink an Estus charge, but the rollcatching only repeats until the invader tries to parry you, which is a grave mistake as you move behind and backstab them. You had a feeling that this goon hasn't invaded many people as they fall down and die. You gain their 16592 Souls and a Humanity from killing them.

Inside the graveyard and small temple, you find 7 Dragonslayer Arrows, 3 Green Blossoms, and a Divine Blessing.

Will you enter the Cathedral now or go see what Olli is up to?
Let's go into the cathedral. We can see Olli later.
Pushing open the large sturdy wooden doors to the cathedral, you come upon a large chamber for worship. There is enough seats on the pews for hundreds to use in this grand cathedral. You see portraits of the Gods the church worshiped set aside near the entrance, which strikes you as odd. You see ahead the Ecumenical Patriarch of Forossa holding a sermon with a congregation of the priesthood, they are worshiping a different image... some God you've never seen in your life....

You pick up a charcoal pine resin near one of the back pews.

What will you do? How will you approach this situation?
File: 24fsiw.jpg (53 KB, 680x623)
53 KB
Say 'Hello there' out loud.
There is an offsetting cracking sound as you speak aloud to the congregation. Slowly, the crowd turns their heads and shows off their true forms. They were undead, all of them.


As a fog wall appears behind you, you look up and see two more skeletal priests appear at the top of two viewing stands from the second floor. Four of the skeletons in total, the two in the stands and two on the floor all look towards Patriarch Jollius and raise their chimes, projecting some sort of healing miracle at him while the others go to try and block the stairs upward with their bodies.

Patriarch Jollius raises his scepter to the air and the blue aura of Soul sorcery begins building up in it. You recognize this spell from having seen it in use back in Astora... It is the Soul Stream spell! It would surely spell doom for you if you got hit even once by it.

You can only guess that the skeletal priests projecting magic to the Patriarch are granting him immunity to damage.

What will you do?
OP, do you have a pastebin with our inventory anywhere?
File: Inventory.png (52 KB, 1021x758)
52 KB
Pop a green blossom, then use the pine resin. If the Pine Resin doesn't work on the Wolf Sword (I hope It does) Then put It on the claymore and use that.

Twohand our flaming sword and go to town through the congregation. Roll out of the way when you see a spell or a dagger Incoming, and do a sweeping slash upon wakeup from It to get the ones near you of you.
File: Battle.png (137 KB, 565x851)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Thinking quickly, you equip your Claymore and buff it with the Charcoal Pine Resin before rolling to dodge the large beam of the Patriarch's Soul Stream spell. You use a Green Blossom and run into the congregation swinging wildly, downing skeletal priest after skeletal priest. They can only respond with weak clawing motions that deal minuscule damage and fail to even move you.

The Patriarch however manages to whack you with his scepter, dealing a little more damage than the combined assault of the rest of the skeletons. You respond by massacring him with the fiery Claymore, but he is unharmed. You killed two of the priests projecting miracles at him on the floor, but you failed to account for the ones on the higher floor. The Patriarch begins charging another Soul Stream then. Now you're not exactly an expert on Soul Sorceries, but you've seen Mages in Astora completely ignore environment with their Soul Streams before to hit their targets anyway during trainer practices, so even on the higher floor you with be in danger of the spell. Luckily though, you see a baptism font on the second floor you could do a plunging attack on Jollius with once you deal with his other two support priests.

What will you do now?
Let's go up and murk those two last immunity skellies and finish with the plunging attack
This. Dodge the soul stream while running for the priests too
File: Victory.png (24 KB, 619x411)
24 KB
You slay three remaining priests to make it up stairs to the last two. Suddenly, you are struck by the Patriarch's next Soul Stream through the floor, leaving you within a quarter of health! You roll quickly and catch both of the last priests with your Claymore, successfully killing them. You step atop the baptism font and look down at Jollius as he prepares another Soul Stream.

You run and jump as he fires it, narrowly avoid it as you fall a short height and bring your fiery Claymore down on him from above. Without the priests casting miracles on him, he is killed immediately from the impact and dissipates into dust. Your victory restores your Humanity and health as you stand. You obtain 21000 Souls, the Soul of Patriarch Jollius and the Patriarch Set.
File: The Sun.png (84 KB, 1116x650)
84 KB
You take a quick look around the massive worship chamber and find an Estus Shard. You move onto the upstairs and find a Purging Stone. With nothing else there you see a door leading to deeper within the Cathedral.

You find a few more rooms and another chamber. There are some skeletal priests like before in some of the rooms but they are a minor threat. There are two armored paladins in a treasury room with three chests to the right, one is wielding a great hammer and the other is holding a greatsword. To the left is a stairway leading up and down to a library below and an observatory above.

The chamber you are in has a Bonfire which you light and rest at. You find an Onislayer Greatbow next to the Bonfire, as well as a Human Pine Resin.

Ahead of you leads outside. You see it is an overlook with a view of the sea and the Sun. You see a man in a purple toga standing out there, blood running down his body.

Olli should still be outside the front of the Cathedral where you saw him.

What do you do?
Can we level up?
File: stats.png (23 KB, 179x653)
23 KB
Briefly, you return to the Study and go to the Servants.

You have enough Souls to level up three times to LVL 34.

Which stats will you improve?
>1 endurance
Let's save our souls for now.
Also: Which stat is cyromancy related?
(Cryomancy, much like Sorcery, is governed by INT and ATN)
You level Endurance to 18. You are left with 14728 Souls.

Is there anything else you require from the Study or will you return to the Cathedral?
>1 int
>1 atn
STR 21
Let's go back now, let's equip the bow, and take shots at one of the paladins.
You level up Attunement and Intelligence once. Your stats now rest at:

LVL 34
VIG 16
VIT 13
ATN 11
END 18
STR 18
DEX 14
INT 13
LCK 10

Before you leave the Study, you see Wilbur to see what can be transposed from the Soul of Patriarch Jollius. You have a choice between Jollius' Scepter, an excellent catalyst, or the hex Repel, which grants temporary immunity to all damage for a short time. The hex Repel requires 20 INT and 15 FAI to use however.

Alternatively, you could just use the boss soul for 20000 extra Souls.

What will you do?
Consume the boss soul and use it to level up STR as much as we can
You use the Soul of Patriarch Jollius and total at 22070 Souls. You level up to LVL 36 and raise STR to 20, leaving yourself at 6858 Souls.
File: Loot.png (120 KB, 1439x673)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
You return to the Cathedral and equip the Onislayer Greatbow and Arrows. It requires 24 DEX to use and you have 21 thanks to the Commander's Ring boost. You are still able to fire it, just not at it's full potential.

You go to the room with the two Paladins who are patrolling back and forth and wait before firing an arrow at one when they cross by a destroyed section of the wall, knocking them out to their death. The other is surprised and goes to look before turning around and spotting you, they are too late to react however and you send the other flying out with the next arrow.

Inside the chests, you find the Soul Stream Sorcery, the Chloranthy Ring and Binoculars.

>Go now to the bleeding man outside.
>Go see Olli.
>Go to the Library below.
>Go to the Observatory above.
>Go now to the bleeding man outside.
File: Edeniel.png (20 KB, 542x472)
20 KB
You walk out to the the sea overlook, to the bleeding man. The warmth of the sun embraces you as you step ever closer to him.

The bloodied man was missing two chunks of flesh on his back. He looked the part of a fresh corpse. He turns and faces you when he hears your steps, you see now his eyes have been gouged out and he is covered in his own blood.

"....Ohhhhh.... Godmother..... Though I am fallen, my purpose I shall ever pursue...." He says weakly as he limps towards you, brandishing the broken handle of what might have once been a sword.

"Since I had witnessed the degradation of Anor Londo, since I have seen the decay of the near true monarch... I have ever sworn to purge the world of all the undead.... You! Undead... Fear not.... for I will grant you the peaceful rest you deserve.... I... Edeniel... will save you.... give you release...."

You realize this was the Saint the Servants spoke of when they told you of Argeo Plata Cathedral. You could cleave him down in an instant in this state.

You can see he is suffering as is. Will you put him out of his misery or will you go elsewhere and continue your journey?

(Be warned, you should be at least level 70 before facing this mighty foe.)
What's the worse that could happen? Let's kill em.
I believe there's been a Miscalculation on soul count.

After defeating Jolious, we got 21K. We could level up 3 times, did so once, and had 14K leftover.

However before this, we had 16K from the Invader unspent and a few thousand left-over from the Tsar. You owe us roughly 20K souls OP. Not upset, just noting the error.

>Go now to the bleeding man outside.
No, retreat, retreat. Go to... the observatory above.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Oh, you're right. Crud, seems I forgot to account for the Invader and goofed. I will make sure you definitely get those 20K Souls and not to mess up again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Let's roll to decide the outcome.
Let's get out of here
It's okay OP, I know you didn't do It on purpose.

Please count please count please count please count
You feel that now is not a good time to engage the Saint. Though he was weakly, you could sense a strength unlike any other hidden deep within him, yet to reawaken....

You turn back, thankfully no fog door was blocking you. Saint Edeniel simply goes back to where he was as you leave. You walk up the spiral staircase and go to the higher floor. You find yourself in the Observatory where stars were once mapped by the clerics. There are map prints of the stars and proposals as to how constellations really were packing bookshelves. You hear sipping and see two people at a table near the astronomy scope. There is a man drinking tea with crumpets wearing the outfit of a Velka follower and a person in crow shaped armor.

"Ahh, you must be the one who excommunicated old Jollius. HAH! Get it? Excommunication? Because you killed him for good? Ahh. Well, welcome sir knight! Welcome to our nice little abode! I am Confessor Ramsey, pardoner in service to the Goddess Velka. And this fine Corvian here is my dear friend, Mister Draven."

"A pity really. Jollius used to be the most faithful man in all of Forossa, he led great revivals of the Gods almost all the time..... and then he discovered the visage of the Gravelord, and subsequently ceased his devotion to Orthodoxy to Death, a GRAVE sin you could say. Heheh." Ramsey says.

"Ahh let us get in the way of whatever it is you are doing. But, if you ever yourself commit a sin and seek repentance, do pay me a visit... or Mister Draven will come for you...... Oh, don't worry, I only jest."

>Talk to Ramsey and Draven.
>Request Absolution.
>Buy something.
>Go to the Library.
>Go to travel elsewhere on the map.
>Buy something.

Oh hell yes. Watcha selling my good man?
File: Ramsey's Stock.png (44 KB, 456x552)
44 KB
"Ahh, so you wish for wares? Well, I have some here, not everybody gets to see these things. What will it be sir... wait, it's 'ser' for you Astorans, right? Yes. Well, what will it be ser knight?"

Ramsey shows you his stock. He has some consumables, rings, miracles and hexes.

You have 26858 Souls. Will you purchase something?
The Ring of Favor, that's a must have
Take Perserverence as well
You purchase the Ring of Favor and Perseverance, leaving you at 11458 Souls. Will you purchase something else or move on?
Then leave.
File: Lupin the Lucid.png (39 KB, 1023x711)
39 KB
You purchase the hex Affinity. It is beyond your skill to use as of now, but you might be able to at another time. You are left with 1458 Souls.

You bid the Confessor and his crow farewell, they return to tea and crumpets as you go the other way down the stairs into the Library. The Library is not too big but just the perfect size for an underground chamber in the Cathedral. Most of the books are gone however.

You pick up an item near the front desk and see it is the Braille Divine Tome of Carim. You see another item and go to pick it up as well.

....But you are too late to react to a Jester who was disguised as a pot suddenly revealing himself as he jumps out and grabs the items away from your reach, doing a backflip and landing on his two feet.

"WOOHOOOOOOOOO!" The jester exerts. "I am Lupin the Lucid! You will not catch me! Heehee!" He yells before running around the room. Naturally, you chase after him, but no matter how fast you run, he is always faster. You soon find yourself panting and leaning against one of the boom aisles. You look up and see him dancing, sticking his tongue out at you, slapping his rear end and hurling childish insults.

Will you try and think up a way to deal with this clown and obtain the item? Or will you move on to more pressing matters.
bow his mfing ass
What's that on your shirt? Point and then flick his nose.
File: Lupin.png (160 KB, 850x703)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
The Jester seems to act distracted looking at the item in his hand as you pull back an arrow in the Greatbow and release it at him. Of course, this was only a ruse as he quickly evades the arrow, letting it smash harmlessly into the wall.

"Ohhh no no no no no no no! That aim simply won't do, you could not even hit the broad side of a barn! Is this what passes for marksmanship among your ill-begotten kind? AGAGAGAGAGAGA!"

What will you do now?
Ask him politely to give us the item and see if we can kill him with kindness.
File: Spoiler Image (13 KB, 643x272)
13 KB
"Fair jester, I am a knight of Astora. I implore you to cease and present to me that item, please if you would." You say.

"Hmmm.... Well when you put it like that, sure! I'll always help someone who knows their manners. Help yourself, knight.!" Lupin says as he hands you the item.
You see that you are mostly done with the Cathedral. There is little left other than Saint Edeniel, who you will return for at a later date.

>Leave the Cathedral and travel elsewhere now.
>Go see Ramsey and Draven.
>Go see Olli of Forossa.
>Return to the Study.
>Leave the Cathedral and travel elsewhere now.
let's go to the bandit hideout
File: Bandit hideout.png (634 KB, 1678x796)
634 KB
634 KB PNG
Leaving the Cathedral behind, you return to the roads and soon find yourself staring at the old watch tower of a deserted town in shambles. You see a fresh fire burning at the top, signifying the presence of the bandits.

You see a nice little pseudo cave with a Bonfire behind some of the alpine trees growing into the snow as the land changed to the Forossan tundra.

Using your binoculars to scout ahead, you see many broken down wooden buildings that were once houses behind the stone watch tower. They are arranged in a circle around a large plot of land where snow was scraped off. You see many bandits there, each of them Hollow. They are the whole lot of them drinking some kind of rotgut rum or vodka you could smell from where you stood, some are dancing and most are lazing about.

You see a bandit bowman at the top of the watch tower then use his jug of the rotgut he drank as fuel to make the fire signal up there burn bigger and brighter. The stuff was flammable....

You suppose you could try sneaking up and locating where they stashed the whole stock of the rotgut, you get the idea that you could set fire to the whole village and burn out the bandits with your torch. Or you could just go in and handle things the old fashioned way.

The choice is yours.
Let's burn it all down.
File: The stash.png (154 KB, 840x390)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Choosing to remain undetected by the myriad of bandits, you duck behind some barrels and use a convenient set of crates leaking with some light orange substance to climb up onto the roof of a house after taking the long ways around one part of the tower. From there you are able to use boards to get from roof to roof, coming off to a point where you drop down and look ahead to see a large pile of crates stacked up.

This must have been their rotgut stash. It leaked with the same substance you saw earlier, and there were more than these crates around the old hideout. This place was a ticking firebomb waiting to go off at the slightest accident....

You realize there might be some small chance of risk to yourself should you set this place on fire, but it would exterminate most if not all the bandits assuredly. You don't know where their leader is at though...

Will you really throw your torch at the stash or will you do something else?
Dip an arrow in the orange substance
Retreat quietly
light the arrow head on fire
Shoot at crates from safe distance
Mop up afterwards
F the loot we could get by doing this the old fashion way.

Still, what a nice murderous plan to rid the world of horrible violent bandits. Fight murder with hobo as they say.
File: arrow.png (834 KB, 894x1059)
834 KB
834 KB PNG
You see a puddle of the rotgut near your feet and think for a moment, the same way the great tacticians and generals of Astora would do. You take one of your Dragonslayer Arrows out and stare it, then you stare at the puddle. Back to the arrow, back to the puddle, back to the arrow, back to the puddle....

You get an idea. You give yourself a thumbs up for conceiving this brilliant little plan of yours and slather the arrow in the substance. Quietly, you run-walk back around the houses and take a shortcut through the trees back to the bonfire, where you see Olli of Forossa at.

"Mmm? Aye, it's you. I saw you at the Cathedral earlier. What business do you have here at this den of depravity?" He asks. You shrug before telling him to watch.

You set the arrow on the ground and use your torch to light it. It blazes immediately and you carefully pick it up by the handle before drawing it back in the Greatbow and aiming to the sky some ways. You release the arrow and let it fly towards the hideout.

It hits it's mark on one of the rotgut crates and in almost no time, the entire hideout is a spiraling inferno.

"Ahhh, I see you handle things with style, the Forossan way." Olli says.
File: The Bandit Chief.png (1.05 MB, 929x1171)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
You and Olli both sit and watch the inferno for a time. You see the bandits fleeing, most of whom are on fire and screaming their lungs into decommission. Most of them collapse into the snow thinking it will help only to die there on the ground, already too charred.

"It's only appropriate they get their just desserts this way... but you at least made sure to get the leader too, right?" Olli asks, you look at him with your head slightly tilted.

"The big fat man, Bloated Bulsby, he look kind of like a big walking house. You saw him in there, right?" He says. You hesitantly shrug. "Well, I suppose I like it better this way, it means I can finally settle my score with him. He killed my brother you see..." Olli says as he hoists his axe and starts walking towards the hideout. You go along with him.

You follow Olli out into the middle of the hideout and pass the ruined tower. The fires have died down enough to safely pass through, but are still prevalent all over the houses. You hear loud stomping then and see a massive figure walking towards the hideout from a stone hovel a few meters away. The man is Hollowed and a bit rotten, he carries a splitting maul fit for his size on his back, you and Olli stood only as high as his pelvis in comparison.

"Huhhh uhh huh huhhhh... Tiny Olli man, me remember you! Huhh huhh huhhh... Me kill you now, like me kill brother!" Comes Bulsby.

"...That would be Bloated Bulsby..." Olli says as he readies his axe. "I'm more than capable of handling him myself. You go ahead to your destination, knight. I will catch up if our paths are destined to cross again."

Olli walks towards Bulsby who snickers while downing more Rotgut. The way for you to go elsewhere from the Hideout is clear.

Will you go or will you stay and assist Olli?
>let Olli do his thing
If it looks like the guy is going to die. We come in swinging.
To clarify, I want to watch them duel to intervene if necessary
File: Olli's Fight.png (1.47 MB, 1255x755)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
Without warning, Olli and the massive brute Bulsby charge each other. Their is a loud clanging as their axes continually collide. Olli makes it a habit of rolling directly under Bulsby's legs to strike him in the back. The bandit leader makes use of the maul end of his weapon to quake the ground in order to interrupt rolls. Olli seems to be mainly targeting Bulsby's head, which seemed a weak point for the fat man.

Olli and Bulsby go back and forth, landing blow upon blow on each other. The bandit leader then goes for three swing with his axe, knocking Olli off of his feet and wounding him badly, but he is able to pull through and drink an estus charge before throwing a black firebomb directly into Bulsby's face and following up with a great blow from his axe which strikes the ground and causes an implosion of force.

They continue bludgeoning one another, seemingly evenly matched, though Olli had the upper hand.

Will you continue to let them duel or will you step in?
Notch that arrow, prepare to shoot in case of Olli's mortal danger
File: Bulsby's Demise.png (37 KB, 282x407)
37 KB
Still, you sit back and watch the battle unfold. Greatbow and Arrow at the ready should the need arise.

Olli plants his axe deep within Bulsby's thick skin, tearing into his liver and entrails, Bulsby's hammer end comes down hard on his helmet, giving him a concussion.

Olli is steadfast however and responds by hitting Bulsby in the head with a charged strong attack, knocking the fat man on his back. When he leans up to fight again, he is critically hit by Olli planting his axe deep where his heart was before pulling it out and swiping across his neck with it.

The fat man coughs, choking on his own blood. Or was it the cholesterol he's probably built up over time in that morbidly obese frame of his? Whatever it was, he was coughing hard. However, he was still able to get up and respond with another fatal blow to Olli, one that nearly killed him then and there.

Bulsby falls down from exhaustion as Olli stands battered. Olli burned with righteous rage then and raised his axe in both hands, Bloated Bulsby could only look in horror, thinking he had killed Olli with his last strike. Olli brings the axe down on Bulsby's head with such strength that it shears straight through everything, all the way down to the chest.

Bulsby was dead.

You seemed to indirectly gain 50,000 Souls and the Soul of Bloated Bulsby as the bandit died.
File: Gift.png (412 KB, 702x401)
412 KB
412 KB PNG
Olli, now exhausted and battered, goes and sits quietly on tree log. You walk over to him, he looks up at you for a moment before steeling his breathing.

"In Forossa... it has always been custom to avenge our loved ones by slaying their murderer. Lord Jollius once called it a 'right to settle the spirits for the wrong they endured'. I feel at ease now...." Olli says.

"Long ago, I lived in this very village when I was young. My brother Fodi taught me everything when Ma and Pa passed on, taken away by the illness that the cold brought. Fodi taught me how to swing an axe, taught me how to fight... he taught me how to be a proper man, practically raised me...." Olli admits. "Then one day, that fat bastard.... Bulsby... he rolled in with his gang... he slaughtered everyone... That was over fifty years ago, ten years after the siege of Tisengrad."

Olli reveals another axe he had wrapped in linen, he pulls it from his belt and displays it.

"My brother Fodi was the only one who stood up to Bulsby, he did it with this axe forged to slay Dragons.... He put up a great struggle.... but it cost him his life. Ever since then, I trained every day in preparation of his vengeance... I can finally rest well now knowing that I righted this wrong."

Olli hands you the axe. "Keep it, Fodi would have wanted me to pass it on to another, so that they could pass it on themselves one day."

>Travel to the Outland Caves
>Travel to the Dilapidated Retreat
>Travel to Hala's Lake
The outland caves.
First off,
>loot the damn hideout

>Outland caves
File: Outland Caves.png (1.13 MB, 1050x844)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
Before you leave, you go through each of the houses in the Hideout to find loot, and a mighty bounty you extract from doing so! Much loot is to be found in the stashes of the bandit's collective treasure they plundered over the years.

You are able to find two Souls of a Nameless Soldier, a Soul of an Intrepid Hero, 3x Giant's Great Arrows, a Twin Humanity, x2 Estus Shards, x4 Gold Pine Resins, a Rusted Gold Coin, a Siegbrau, a Green Blossom, x30 Prism Stones, and a Hello Carving.

You also find the Espada Ropera thrusting sword, a Ladle, and the Gyrm Great Hammer. You get a Caestus as well.

You bid Olli farewell. (Olli's survival at the Hideout now ensures his summoning for the bosses of Mount Vedo, Ivano's Fortress and Jursa Island.)

You continue on a path ahead. However, it seems to end, the snow ahead becoming far too much, blocking it off in fact. You go off road and through openings in the trees until your feet land on solid ice that glistened beautifully. You could see extravagant aquamarine, purple and blue sparkles shining in the ice. You follow it until you are able to find a Bonfire in the middle of the woods atop a wooden pallet.

Ahead of you is the Outland Caves. This extensive system of caves is vast, and you heard that there was once a mining business here that both Forossans and Gyrm helped to build. There are multiple entrances to the cave, but you could only reach two from where you stood, you lacked the proper climbing equipment to reach other mouths of the cave.

You could smell something strange coming from the right cave mouth.

>Enter the right cave mouth.
>Enter the left cave mouth.
>Return to the Study for provisions.
Let's return to the study.
>>Enter the right cave mouth.
File: The Study3.png (268 KB, 1227x820)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
You decide to warp back to the Study before you set off into the cave's right mouth.

You have 55458 Souls from what you got from Bulsby and the two souls you found in the hideout.

You see Confessor Ramsey and his Corvian colleague Mister Draven have moved to the Study and brought their whole stock with them.

Your Knight Set is sturdy as is, but you could always check with Wilbur to see what new Armor sets he has available.

>Talk to somebody.
>Level up with the Servants.
>See Andre for his services. (Buy/Sell, Reinforce, Infuse, Repair, Allot Estus)
>See Wilbur's stock. (Buy/Sell, Transpose)
>Buy moss from the Beggar Hermann. (Buy/Sell)
>See Ramsey for his services. (Sin Absolution, Buy/Sell.)
Let's see what armor Wilbur has for sale.
>>See Andre for his services. (Buy/Sell, Reinforce, Infuse, Repair, Allot Estus)
>>See Wilbur's stock. (Buy/Sell, Transpose)
File: Stock.png (137 KB, 1411x1257)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Wilbur seems to have gotten some new things available in his stock while you were out.

Will you buy something and tranpose the Soul of Bloated Bulsby or move on to Andre?
>Heavy Knight Set
It's the biggest bang for our buck
Rolled 2 (1d2)

File: Bulsby's Items.png (27 KB, 1160x1043)
27 KB
You purchase the Aegis Set which belonged once to a royal Knight of Drangleic.

You have 43458 Souls left.

From Bloated Bulsby's Soul, you can transpose the Splitting Maul, which is a slow greataxe/greathammer hybrid that deals a hefty 198 damage at it's base. Or you could transpose the Ebony Greatshield which provides 135 Defense and can block a great deal many of great attacks.

The Soul itself is worth 30000 Souls.

Will you transpose something or simply consume the Soul?
Might as well just grab a shield in case we need it.
File: Andre's Stock.png (123 KB, 1368x811)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
You transpose the Ebony Greatshield from Bulsby's Soul.

You walk over now to Andre.

"Ah, well if it isn't my favorite champion as the Servants say, but I guess that's because you're the only champion around here." Andre remarks. "That stoic fellow Ehron left this for you, said that it might be of some use. It's quite a masterfully made weapon if I do say so myself."

You receive the Loyce Greatsword from Andre, a gift left by Ehron before he departed.

You reinforce your Estus Flask using the Shards you got, raising it from 4 to 6 uses. You then view Andre's stock, which has like Wilbur's, increased in it's capacity. Andre has forged multiple new things he has for sale.

Will you buy something? Reinforce a weapon? Infuse a weapon?
Nah, let's level up
File: stats.png (22 KB, 179x653)
22 KB
You go to the Servants who welcome you. You have enough Souls to level up five times to LVL 39.

Which stats will you improve?
1 to Luck, 3 to Faith and 2 to Intelligence.
2 faith, 1 Int, 1 ATN, 1 Vig

What's needed to upgrade the black wolf sword? If It's regular titanite lets upgrade It, otherwise lets buy some regular Titanite and upgrade our claymore as far as we can.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

(It upgrades with Titanite Scales)

You are now level 39. Your stats are now:

VIG 16
VIT 13
ATN 11
END 18
STR 18
DEX 14
INT 14
FAI 11
LCK 11

You are left with 10086 Souls. Will you do something else or will you go now to the Outland Caves?
Yes, to the right cave mouth.
File: Demons.png (288 KB, 585x339)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
You are hasty in equipping your Aegis Set. It is bulky, durable and will provide great protection for you. Thankfully, you have just enough carrying capacity to heave around along with your greatsword. You cannot use the Greatshield however, it would slow you down too much.

You warp back to the Outland Caves Bonfire and trudge through the deep snow to the cave mouth on the right. You walk in and see some shabby tents and poor wooden barricades. Even further past that, you spot a fire and four rather short figures around it. These figures all bore the shapes of Chaos Demons you recognized however!

>Charge in to slay the Demons.
>Carefully approach the Demons.
>Carefully approach the Demons.
File: The Demons of Winter.png (1.16 MB, 1553x693)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Steadily, you step past their petty constructs and tents. The fire reflects on your armor and the demons are able to spot you. The three of them huddle in fear behind their leader who faces you, nearly unafraid. You could see these Demons were of Winter and Ice, much like the one that killed you. Except, these Demons were small and quite pathetic... even if they resembled Chaos Demons in appearance. You could easily slaughter them all.

"Human! Please! I beg you, spare us! We have faced enough hardships already, we mean no you trouble! We would be an ally to thou!" The leader says.

Will you listen to reason? Will you hear these Demons out for what they have to say? Or will you strike them down in vengeance for all that has befallen Forossa, as is your duty as a Knight to slay the wicked?
>"Ask them how many humans they have killed"
>"Tell them you have magic to tell if they're lying and if they do so you will strike them down."
File: Warru.png (299 KB, 657x492)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
"...We four have never harmed one of your kind, Human, we can assure you this much. The rest of our kind we cannot be so sure about." The leader says confidently. "I am Warru, I lead these renegades. We were made from the new Chaos that our Chaotic kin tried to form of the God of Komor Mountain."

"Since the Demons of Chaos arrived in Forossa, their target from the beginning was always the God of Komor Mountain, they were attracted to him for his domain was Flame, and their Shamans believed they could force their collective will as a species unto him in order to form a new Chaos using the God, all to ensure the survival of Demonkind. For the longest time, the horde sent all it had to subdue the God, and he had nearly killed them all before he could no longer fight. In the end, he was overwhelmed by their malevolent forces being projected into him and so lost his mind and began a transformation into a new Chaos.... But, the transformation would not complete, and so the God still mostly remained intact...." Warru explains.

"The Shamans had him under their control for a time, but could only produce very few new Demons with him. Those new Demons made were of Ice however, for as Demonkind had adapted to the cold climate of Forossa, so did the will of the species, which was the means of fuel behind the new incomplete Chaos. Eventually, the Shamans exhausted themselves trying to keep the raging God under control, which led to even more death for the Demons as he broke free...."

"We here were a special phenomenon, for we were born as manifestations of the God's kindness. We were able to escape before the God broke free. We traveled a long ways and ended up here. There was originally twelve of us meek Demons, but some died and now only six of us remain... Our fifth and sixth, my adoptive son and daughter, were taken by a bad Human with a magical sword and his underlings who reside deep in the caves below...."

He rubs his temple as he shakes his staff and stares intently at you. "Hmmmmnnnn..... I can sense that one of our hateful kin of Ice killed you originally.... I apologize that it happened, Human....." Warru says.

>Ask Warru something.
>Continue to the Left Cave Mouth.
>Travel elsewhere.
Ask him what we can expect to encounter in the caves below.
>Ask Warru something.
Where is your brethren who killed me, and who are they.
>head to cave
>Continue to the Left Cave Mouth.
File: Flashback.png (14 KB, 778x433)
14 KB
"The caves below were once used to mine many materials by the Forossans and Gyrm locals, that much I know. I know that sometime before we arrived here they abandoned the caves. Some workers got stranded or lost however and most likely Hollowed one day down there. Other monstrosities have moved in over the decades." Warru says. "There is one thing though.... if you should see an irregularly large eye.... stay away from it...."

"Oh? I thought you already knew since you were slain be them. Well, let me take another look with my aura and see what I can tell...."

Warru rubs his temples again, rattling his staff as he holds his hand out toward you.

"I see..... that after you were slain..... you were taken and buried in the cemetery not far from the capital city..... even further ahead of that... I see the same Demon of Winter standing near your coffin.... I do not know who they are... they were simply one of the few Ice Demons the Chaos created after the God's succumbing.... but this one is.... special somehow..." Warru says before giving out heavy breathing and taking a break. A few minutes go by before he resumes his reading.

"I see now... a man in a cloak handing a key to the Demon.... telling it to hide and wait.... and then... he vanishes... and the Demon.... exits the tomb.... That is all I can gather." Warru finishes. ".....Hfffff..... huffff.... I believe there is something much more to you than meets the eye, Human. I get the feeling from my readings that you are intertwined within something more grand in the scheme of all things that you're yet to uncover for yourself....."
File: Cave Delve.png (1.23 MB, 1085x840)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
You nod to Warru before turning to go on your way.

"Oh... and one more thing." Warru says, you stop and turn back to him. "The Demon.... I saw you clash with them when you awoke in the visions as well.... You think you killed them.... but I can still faintly feel them lingering... I can feel that it is growing into a more... mature state...."

You simply stare. You had the feeling that the Demon of Winter you fought when you awoke in the Cemetery was not truly dead, this only confirmed it.

You continue onward into the cave mouth that was left of the Bonfire. Immediately you are met with a long path of the glimmering ice, you see a pathway ahead where the glow of torches was. Downwards to the left was a path that led deeper downwards, you could hear footsteps coming from down there.

Which way will you go?
Hide and wait til the footsteps pass to go downwards or if they come our way, ambush them if they're hostile.
File: mushroom child.png (493 KB, 720x690)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
You stay put and listen for a while until you hear footsteps no more. Carefully, you move downwards to take a look around.

All you find is a gentle little Mushroom being playfully wandering about. It's quite adorable actually.

You reach down and pet the Mushroom child as it approaches you. It seems very happy and reacts swimmingly to the affection.
File: mushroom parent.png (376 KB, 1325x783)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
The Mushroom Parent you only now notice standing behind you as you rise doesn't seem very happy however.
File: Death.png (6 KB, 772x220)
6 KB
You are obliterated by it's punch.
File: Mines.png (565 KB, 1553x693)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
You reawaken at the Bonfire, irate over what just happened but you sigh it away and return to the cave. You follow the path with the torches instead.

It leads you through to a large ledge where you get a nice view of a giant cavern filled with many old mining buildings. You can see large Gyrm built conveyor belts stretching all over the cavern, and there was plenty of scaffolding everywhere to walk on to get across the mines, however there were places here and there where you would have to jump.

You see a large office building you could walk to using the scaffolding bridges. There is a conveyor belt running from it down to a storage area where loot might be stored, you would have to jump on the belt from the office building to reach it though.

To the far right, you could see a worker's quarters and an armory, as the signs you could decipher said. The scaffolding on your ledge led straight to the limestone platforms which led to it.

Far back near the end of the large cavern, you see a massive dome-like building. You saw a lot more torches alight on it compared to the rest of the mining complex, so there had to be someone there, otherwise those torches wouldn't be prevalent. You see a drilled tunnel in the limestone leading directly to it ahead of all the other buildings that were close enough, you reckon that leads straight to it.

Where will you try to go first?
Armory and worker's quarters.
File: Big scary armoured guy.png (78 KB, 1219x741)
78 KB
Carefully, you follow the scaffolding onto the limestone and pull out your binoculars to get a closer look.

Ahead, you could see at least four Hollowed Forossans and Gyrm miners wandering about near the worker quarters. They had only various tools to use as weapons, such as their pickaxes and their hammers. There was a chest outside, and another inside the quarters from what you could see with your binoculars.

You look now over to the Armory and see a figure in bulky, heavy armor marching back and forth, carrying a massive crude weapon and greatshield with them. Their armor appeared to be of some rocky material.

Will you turn back and go another way or try to do something about what lies ahead?
"HO there knight. Are you freind or foe?"
Upon hearing you call to him, the large armoured figure ceases marching and looks in your general direction.

They dock that massive greatshield on their back and put both hands on their giant weapon before giving out this gaunt laughter.

They're walking towards you now....

What is the game plan here? That weapon could most likely kill you nigh instantly from the looks of it...

then when he gets close switch weapons, dodge and then punish
File: Fall.png (255 KB, 1110x770)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Quickly thinking, you unequip your greatsword and take out the Onislayer Greatbow to pull an arrow back, the rock armoured opponent increases the pace at which he begins to move toward you and reacts, pulling his greatshield out to block your next arrow.

You retreat back onto the narrow scaffolding to which the figure continues to pursue, but now he has little space and trying to retreat might cost him his life. You realize the advantage you now have and equip your Wolf Knight's Greatsword. The brute, who closes in, tries to make a horizontal swing, but does so at a pace so slow with one hand that you are able to utilize the moveset of the greatsword to leap into the air and bring a downwards slash upon him. He tries to block it with his shield, but ends up falling down into the deep cavern as a result, ending his life. You gain 29857 Souls and a Twin Humanity for killing the brute.

You continue ahead and mop up the Hollowed Miners before looting the chests. You are almost duped by a Mimic but think to tap the chests before opening, which saves you from death as you slay the Mimic. Inside the chests you find the Londor Braille Divine Tome, the Crystal Scroll, an Estus shard and 3 Seeds of a Giant Tree. Inside the Armory, you discover the Pontiff Set on a corpse and loot the Silver Knight Straight Sword, a rare item that was likely owned by the superior of these mines.

You move on now to the office building and find a Crimson Water near the entrance and a Alluring Skull inside. There are again Hollowed miners inside who are dispatched easily.

On the floor above, you find a strange cube-like mechanism and a keyring with a blue and orange key on it. You had no idea what they were for, but you suppose you would find out eventually.

You see the two conveyor belts you could use to go to either the dome-like building or the storage area now. You hear a scream and then a loud slamming noise radiate from the dome, most likely the kidnapped children of Warru being held captive by the bad man he spoke of.

You see something moving over at the storage area which resembles an eyeball, and you remember what Warru told you about avoiding an eye if you should see one. The possibility of some more loot to keep at the storage area still lulls you...

Which way will you go?
those kids may be in trouble. Let's head to the dome
File: The Demon Children.png (104 KB, 568x465)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Quickly, you jump to the conveyor belt and glide down to a dropoff where you land in the tunnel you saw earlier. You follow it and find yourself staring at a bronze door protected by gears and cogs which you open with a lever. You climb a ladder in front of you and find yourself inside some manner of Amphitheatre. There was a large oval shaped grounds that you were above, around you were various different stone stands with levers and buttons lining them, and above you were crane arms. This was some sort of testing grounds....

You forget your observation as you see the source of the screams. There, in the grounds of the Amphithreatre were the two adoptive children of Warru, trapped within some magical confines.

"Look out mister knight!" Comes the voice of the son.
"Behind you!" Comes the voice of the daughter.

Before you are able to react, you feel the firm heel of a boot strike your back and knock you down into the testing grounds. You look back and see ladders back to where you previously were raise, preventing your escape.

"Ahhh. Well what a lovely surprise! A little hen has gone and wandered into this tiger den without any heed to being cautious."

You look up to see the one who kicked you down...
File: Invincible Patches.png (104 KB, 983x1135)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
You see a bald charlatan wielding a glowing magical greatsword standing up above you.

"Well, I don't suppose it would have been fair even if you were cautious, o' gallant knight. I saw you coming the whole time, quite impressive, yeah?" The man says as he bows. "The name's Patches, Invincible Patches, mate."

"I'll give you a chance here, Knight...."

Patches rests his sword against one of control stands and sits down in a chair comfortably, acting as if he was royalty.

"So, I have an end of a bargain to hold up, yeah? There's these crooks I know from way back when who I owe some of that ripe Humanity, problem is, I can't exactly get a steady stream of it going and I still owe them a lot of it. So I'm hold up here and I've been spending the last three years trapping honest folk down there in that little arena so the crooks I know can wazzum in and bludgeon them good before they steal their Souls and Humanity and then leave using those weird 'soap' things. Welllll.... They're on the way here as I speak and they want to rough you up some so they can steal your Humanity, this is of course detrimental to you yeah, I get that... but I got a little plan...." Patches says as he rubs his hands together.

"See I'm quite buggered of having to take care of the needs of these arses so I was planning on using the cranes up there to crush them flat as paper. Now I won't do it as soon as they appear, I got to play along and lull them into a false sense of security first. I need you to battle them out some and then lure them to the middle of the arena so I can crush em'. It's a win win for the both of us. So what do you say? Oh, I am going to require something in return afterwards of course."

"If you refuse me however... Well I guess I'll just let them tear you apart down there, and I'll keep those demon brats in their pen just to spite Warru and his clan for not obeying me like I have commanded them to for the past years! Got it memorized in that thick skull of yours? I'm in control here."

What is your response to Invincible Patches?
Fuck off patches and give the kids back
File: Patches.png (19 KB, 452x417)
19 KB
"Well isn't that a fine way to address somebody!" Patches fumes. "You'd think a knight wouldn't use such coarse language!"

"You pompous cunt! You know who's on the high ground here? Who's got the magic sword? Me, that's who!" Patches says as he picks up the greatsword again, with much difficulty as you can see.

"Look, I'm offering you something good here mate. You go along with my plan as instructed and I'll let you and the two little brats go free, otherwise you can rot down there like the smelly animal you are."

"Do we have a deal or not?"

What will you say?
BOW him.
File: Patches.png (16 KB, 443x231)
16 KB
You pull one of you two last Dragonslayer Arrows out and attempt to snipe the villain.

"GODS ABOVE!" Patches yells as he haphazardly drops himself down behind his stone chair, the arrow splitting straight through it.

"OH, so that's how it is, huh?! Don't wanna work together to help me help you?! You'd rather just kill me, hm? Well then you can stay stuck down there! The ladder can only be lowered from where I stand at! You'll get a good beating down there!"
Lol we got 4 more arrows. Keep trying to bust his nut before those cunts come in.
File: Crooks.png (936 KB, 1419x775)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
As if on queue, three people appear in the arena. A large one in iron armor with a large stone sword, a person in a fancy dress with a boar shaped helmet and catalyst, and a man in armor adorned with bloodied spikes and thorns.

"Wait... wait a minute... where's the other two at, Kirk!?" Patches yells to them from behind the chair.

"We already told you last time that they vanished at Vedo you bald fool. But enough talk, let us get this over with. We need the Humanity." The one in thorns says.

The three warriors circle around you, staring you down. The one in thorns who you guess is 'Kirk' makes a gesture of a slit throat at you.

Will you try and go along with Patches' plan still and hope that he complies like he said? Or will you try and face the warriors down yourself?
BOW the caster, head for the center
File: Jolly Cooperation.png (370 KB, 1097x1080)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
Thinking quickly, you pull back one of the Giant Great Arrows you have and launch the huge bolt at the caster who fails to evade from trying to use an offhand talisman, the arrow hits them with the speed of a flying dragon and sends them into the wall, shearing them in motion horribly.

The warrior in the heavy iron armor raise the greatsword and charges you while screaming a warcry. Patches watches closely as you roll through their strike and then again to avoid an attack from Kirk.

You stand in the middle of the arena as the heavy iron warrior again charges you. Patches uses this moment to flip a switch, dropping the claw of the crane into the arena. You backstep to avoid it as it falls on the aloof warrior and crushes him.

"Damn it! Patches, you betray us?!" Kirk shouts angrily.

"Sorry Kirky boy, but when in deals one barely meets the demand quota of a third party that wants too much, it's best to just cut and run! You yourself even said that once!" Patches smugly says to him.

"AAAARGH! I should have killed you last time we met! Once I'm finished with this one, I'm going to butcher you Patches! Kaathe will have his tribute!" Kirk says.

Athletically, the sadist in thorns runs and uses the fallen crane claw to leap into the air after you to attack from above!
Roll a 1d4 for an outcome.

1, you successfully dodge the leaping attack and retaliate against Kirk.

2, you are hit for grueling damage and bled by the attack.

3, you are able to parry the time on time and then riposte Kirk.

4, you had enough time to pull back another giant arrow and shoot Kirk out of the air.
Rolled 2 (1d4)

Fuck u Kirk
File: Darkwraith Kirk.png (337 KB, 1100x830)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
You are unable to do anything as Kirk's barbed sword ripples down you from above. The pricks tear you and your blood splashes out, mortally wounding you.

Kirk now materializes a Dark Hand as he wipes the blade across his face, smearing the blood over his helmet.

"You can't last much longer against me, you may as well just give up and allow me to take your Humanity. In fact, you'd be doing a great favor to your own kind. You'd be donating your Humanity to help the Dark Messiah grow.... Don't you want to be one with the truth of Humankind?"

Kirk takes the time to sheath his sword for the moment and look away from you to give a thumbs down. You see a chance and run in, managing to swipe at him with your Wolf Knight's Greatsword, causing him some surprisingly high damage as well. He backs up and draws his sword again, snickering at you.

"Ahah... You saw the chance I gave you and you took it, you're the type that wins no matter through what means. You'd fit right in with us Darkwraiths.... in fact... I'll even offer you to join right here, we can end this fight now.... Join us, come to the Abyss in the Borehole and join us and you'll find benefits more plentiful than any other covenant you can form out there.... Master Kaathe would surely welcome you...... Join us and kill Patches, become a Darkwraith." Kirk offers.

What will you do? Will you say something or will you continue the fight?
>Drink that estus flask
>To kill Patches, we have to get out of this pit
Once we get out, we continue where we left off
File: fumble.png (177 KB, 911x690)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
As you drink an Estus charge to replenish your condition, Patches froths.

"You're SERIOUSLY agreeing with HIM?! Have you lost your mind?! I thought you were reasonably sane but you clearly have stockholm syndrome if you want to assist your attacker who may I remind you was going to suck you dry of your very being. Well if that's that then I'm leaving! Stay down there will you- uh woah oah!"

Patches loses his balance as leans slightly, the weight of his magical greatsword pulling him over to the edge. He can't control his movement and ends up falling off, miraculously grabbing onto the ladder as he does, taking it down with him to the bottom. He stares at you and Kirk before popping an uneasy grin and squinting his eyes.

"Well... it seems I've made quite a mistake."

Kirk laughs at the occurrence and hands you an ethereal item, his Dark Hand. "Come on, you can make him your first victim, begin your... 'initiation' into being a Darkwraith, begin your path to pillaging and trespassing many other victims. Use the Hand, take every last drop of his Humanity from him and then massacre him. Then you just go on your merry way...."

"Don't do it mister knight! That isn't right! Patches is bad but that man is worse!" You hear Warru's son say from behind the magical barrier.

Kirk's head snaps in their direction and he starts walking to them, brushing his sword against his armour. "Ahh, I'll take care of these two. Some Demons have a little Humanity too believe it or not."

"You fool.... you wouldn't...." Patches mutters at you. "I... I'll do anything.... I-I'll work for you, just don't do this."

>Use the Dark Hand on Invincible Patches.
>Backstab Kirk/Use the Hand on Kirk.
Use the hand on Kirk
As much as we hate patches we gotta save the children.
File: patches.png (228 KB, 920x541)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
(Sorry for taking so long, I had to attend a relative's birthday celebration.)
You turn away from Patches and sprint at Kirk suddenly, the veteran Darkwraith is taken by surprise as you latch onto his face with the Dark Hand.

"What are you-?! Aaaagh! AURRRGH!"

He is helpless as you sap his Humanity and life, his skin dries up underneath his armor and he chokes as his lungs are crushed and the helmet dented around his head.

"Haaa....... Winning... no matter the..... means..... Just.... like us...." Kirk mumbles before falling to his back and dying, his body becoming more and more transparent as he vanishes.

You take a look at the horrible ethereal weapon of Dark in your hand and will for it to just go away, and so it does. You could summon the Dark Hand as you please.

You look over and see Patches barely managing to swing his weapon at the barrier sealing Warru's kids in, but he manages and the barrier is broken when struck by it's source. The two children proceed to stomp his toe before running behind you for safety.

"Aowgh! Little jackanapes! Why I'll...." Patches curses as he looks at you. He cracks a smile and drags the magic sword along with him. "Well, all's said and done and you have the kids now, so I guess I'll just be on my way now."

You move and block his path. He makes a nervous cough.

"Oh, I was only joking mate! I did not forget my word. I said I'll do anything, so tell me what it is you want. Oh! Actually, I know of some treasure that belongs to those three old mage poofters at the Lake you could take, I'm sure treasure always excites, no? It's not like the mages would miss it?"

>Tell Patches what you want from him before returning to Warru.
>Leave Patches wordlessly and return to Warru.
>Kill Patches.
Kick patches in the balls and leave
>Tell Patches what you want from him before returning to Warru.
Give me the sword.
Tell me where the treasure is
>kill him
The guy is a rogue and will continue to wreck the land if we leave him be.
Nah I feel like rupturing his ballsack will incapacitate him for a while
File: Moonlight.png (217 KB, 1217x608)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Patches glances between you and his magic sword, a bit unsure.

"Oh, why... sure! Why not, never really liked magic myself to be honest, and I also don't actually know how to use it, I made that barrier by pure chance messing around with it." Patches says as he gives you the Moonlight Greatsword. "Oh, and the treasure.... Well those three mages at the Lake buried it near a tree, a really big old tree. Might take some snooping to find it, there's a lot of big old trees around that Lake. Hehhehe..."

With that, you look over the magical sword and then nod to Patches. You then plant your boot into his crotch with all of your might. Patches freezes in pain, there is a cracking sound, his pupils shrink and he simply stands there noiseless for a second before he gives a great yell of pain out and collapses to his knees.

The children follow behind as you lead them out of the cavern.
File: Reunion.png (703 KB, 990x583)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
Coming to see the daylight again, you take the two happy children back to Warru. They run past you and leap into their adoptive father's arms and he embraces them. "Oh my children, how glad I am to see your safety!" Warru exclaims.

"Human, we cannot thank you enough for what you've done. You truly are exemplary, a fine person." Warru says as he taps his staff to the ground. The fat stray Demon waddles over and hands something to Warru who then hands it to you. A black ring with a bright amber and topaz gem embedded into it.

"This ring is very special Human, one blessed long ago by the Witch ancestors of Demonkind. With it, no Chaotic flame will ever harm you, this ring protects." Warru explains. You accept the ring gleefully.

"From now on, we will work to expand our home and perhaps give rise to more of our kind. You are a friend and welcome into our fold always, Human."

As you depart, the Demons of Winter wave and bid you safe travels.

>Travel now to the Dilapidated Retreat.
>Travel now to Hala's Lake.
>Travel now to Komor Mountain.
>>Travel now to the Dilapidated Retreat.
It's closer. But actually, let's go back and level up and stuff
File: stats.png (22 KB, 179x653)
22 KB
You warp back to the Study and see the Servants.

You gained 29857 Souls from killing the rock armoured man, 11498, 3583, and 20323 Souls from killing the Darkwraiths and Kirk, totaling your count to 65261 Souls. You have enough to level up five times to LVL 44.

Which stats will you increase?
Don't we have another 10,000 from before that? Two into endurance, 2 into attunement
(Those were lost after dying to the Mushroom Parent.)

Your ATN is now 13 and END is now 20. You are left with 12384 Souls.

"Dear master, how you've grown in strength is something to behold." Stewardess Lidiya tell you.

"I should suspect that by now, you are ready to brave the home of the God and Godmother. The knight who came through here, Ehron, waits there for you." Butler Manfred says.

Will you do something else or continue to the Dilapidated Retreat?
Let's go back and grab it real quick, avoiding the mushroom parent. Then let's head to the retreat.
File: Encounter.png (491 KB, 1000x636)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
You warp back to the Outland Caves and sprint as fast you can back into the left cave mouth, quickly descending into the cave room again and picking up your lost Souls before high tailing it out.

You return to the Bandit Hideout from the caves, it still burns as you can see but Olli has moved on. You go now to the Dilapidated Retreat...

While on the path, you fall backwards as there is a sudden explosion of force in front of you and fog becomes more dense. There, you see the same levitating man you saw once before in front of you.

"Do you know that the world is hundreds of thousands of years old? Not many do anymore for much of history has been forgotten entirely. None today but a select few can recall the name of Gwyn, whom all once praised as God." The man says.

"In the very beginning, the world was foggy, and all those of then knew of the world was the archtrees upon which all of the world you know rests. In that time, the Everlasting Dragons reigned the world, and the beings who would go on to become the Gods were but shambling sacks of meat underneath the Dragons until they discovered Fire and great Souls with it. With Fire and their Souls, the Gods waged war in heaven against the Dragons and won. There was another who did not become a God like those who seized Fire, he found something more special than Fire, he found an eternal Soul unlike any other, and with it, created Humanity." The man says as he motions to you

"I fondly recall the world having peaked after the Dragons were defeated, but before nature was destroyed by Gwyn's foolishness, that time in specific was quality. I desperately wish to go back to those times of the peak, and I wish to take everyone with me there, away from the cycle, away from the sin, away from the curse of undeath.... What do you gather from that, Disturbed one?" The man asks.

What is your response?
"It cannot be so simple. I refuse to believe that there are no consequences for the power to control time. I have reliable sources telling me of great distruction if the power is used. I will not condone or condemn it until I know for certain the risk."
File: The Great Sage, Azalof.png (207 KB, 594x586)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
"Hmm... Yes, yes you do...." The man says, laughing under his breath. "Ah, at least you are open minded about the possibility that power over time could potentially be a good thing. It is always good to harbor doubt and questions."

"I would say it is no secret then that you know who I am. When I was born along with most of the other first humans, I was given the name Malleus, but I have long since abandoned that moniker. After the Hollowing of Gwyn and the fall of civilization for the first time, I fled to this land when it was newborn and lived my life out here ever since under the name Azalof. I am the first and great sage of Forossa as ordained by the God of War, Faraam." The man reveals. "I am sure we will speak again soon. I have already foreseen the future, I know all that the past and future hold....."

The sage Azalof becomes transparent and vanishes then.
File: Retreat.png (903 KB, 1219x767)
903 KB
903 KB PNG
You come upon the Dilapidated Retreat. It is a fine manor and a sturdy estate to last the winter through. It belonged to Stromboli, a Gyrm inventor who made his name famous across many nations through his strives in steam powered technology. He had struck deals with Astora and Catarina in the past to help construct the first fully automated army, but it never went through.

Behind the large cobblestone walls of the estate were five buildings. There was a small stone tower, a large hall, a guest house, a workshop and a stables. Behind the walls and near a natural formation was another larger tower that seemed fit for a mage of some kind to operate in. There is a sizable outskirts around where you can see a mill for lumbering and a coach stop.

You can hear the rattling of machinery coming from inside the Estate.

You step past the open gate and see a Bonfire near the first stone tower.

Where will you go first?
The bonfire
File: Gemistos Comnenus.png (40 KB, 616x459)
40 KB
As you light the Bonfire, you hear footsteps approaching quickly and turn to see a man with a small shield and sword charging at you.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa......." He stops his battle cry midway as he slows down and then ceases his charge. He lowers his weapon and steps closer cautiously. You can see a tired and crazed look in his eyes through his mail coif.

"Oh.... Please forgive me, I have mistook you for another one of those damn Automatons..." He says as he looks around to ensure his safety.

"The clunky armor.... bronze in look... you'd pass for one." He says as he sheathes his weapon. "I am Gemistos, Gemistos Palamas, loyal cataphract hailing from Lindelt. Previously though I was serving as Stromboli the Inventor's bodyguard, but now that knave is trapped in his own tower back there! Those Automatons went absolutely bonkers for no reason one day, I think their Soul Cores might have something to do with it.... R....R-Remove Automatons...."

He continues to ramble about the Automatons and wanders off again near the hall, sneaking about even though there's nothing around.

What will you do?
Explore the area
File: Workshop.png (25 KB, 969x566)
25 KB
As Gemistos seems to go off on by himself ranting and wandering aimlessly like a lunatic, you enter the workshop.

Inside the building, you see many forges that were used to smelt and craft the titanite parts used to make Automatons. Tools and equipment line the walls and are scattered among the floor. There are few dead Automatons that were possibly slain by Gemistos as you see slash marks against their shells.

The one thing that catches your eye the most however is a large mechanical device with many bronze tubes stretching from it underneath the floorboards. There was a panel on it and you could see the glow of Souls inside the machine.

It now occurred to you the reason why you haven't seen any torches or sources of light yet, the lights were all mechanical and this machine must be what powers the entire estate. Furthermore, you see metal doors with buttons and signs on them depicting a lightning bolt, you try to pry open the door, but it does not budge.

Will you flip the switch and turn the power back on to be able to access more of the Estate or go elsewhere?
Can we continue searching around? If there is nowhere to go without turning it on, do so.
File: Soul Machine.png (19 KB, 391x265)
19 KB
To be sure before coming to a decision, you decide to take a quick look around the rest of the complex, wary of any danger. You see that the large mage's tower in the far back is locked by the same metal doors, as is the Hall. You recall what Gemistos said about Stromboli the famous inventor being locked up in the tower and think that he might be able to offer you great help in your journey if you find him.

You return to the power machine and flip it's switch. Electricity circulates over the mass of Souls powering the machine and travel through the tubes.

You hear the rattling of machinery and metal from all over then. Large banging noises like footsteps can be heard underneath the floor shaking the building.

You hear something behind you as well....
File: Automatons.png (22 KB, 846x582)
22 KB
You duck and quickly evade the tip of a titanite lance being thrust straight at you by a large hulking Automaton Warrior then!

The living Soul-powered machine is precise, being able to stop it's thrust before puncturing the power machine as it turns back to you.

You roll out of the way again to avoid a hammer crashing down and breaking the floor behind you. You see it is another Automaton Warrior.

The machines were imposing and from the looks of it, nigh unstoppable. You saw more outside, you can only guess that Gemistos found a way to stop them by turning off the power, which trapped Stromboli. By turning it on again, you have reawakened the Warriors.

The one with the hammer steps over and grabs the switch, breaking it loose and tearing it from the machine without turning it off.

You'll have to find a replacement or some other means of disabling the power to truly stop these abominations of science!

>Rush to the mage tower to find Stromboli.
>Run to find Gemistos for help.
>Go search the Hall.
>>Rush to the mage tower to find Stromboli.
>>Run to find Gemistos for help.
>>Go search the Hall.
Do all of them lol
File: Justice Protector.png (1.05 MB, 1640x1017)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
You decide that reaching Stromboli is imperative and so rush out of the workshop and come to see the whole of the estate crawling with Automatons. You see the gate behind the Hall leading out to the back and so sprint there as fast as you can. The squads of Automatons pursue you only but for so far before turning back and sticking around the estate.

As you close in on the mage tower, you feel heavy pounding of metal against the ground and see something taller than the Automatons you encountered park directly in front of the tower before it holds it's hand out to you, signaling you to stop.

You do so and get a good look at the machine. It was a far larger foe than all you've seen before, absolutely giant enough to hold you within it's hand, and it carried an even bigger mace with it.



Will you heed the warning of the titanite titan and go back or will you be undeterred by the threat and face it?
Turn back.
File: Summons.png (433 KB, 800x583)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
You feel intimidated by the massive machine. Thoughts about it race through your head but so do you as you vacate the vicinity, the Justice Protector planting it's mace handle into the ground and assuming a stance.

Somewhere along the way back across the large field between the estate and the mage tower, you see multiple Summoning signs on the ground.

Thinking about it more, taking the massive machine down could be achieved more precisely if you had some help. With it's elongated limbs, it looks as though it would miss most chances to actually hit you if you stay under it.

Will you really cower away in an un-knightly manner or will you summon some help to face the titan?
Sure, let's get some help
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