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Chapter 1 part 1 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3310444/
part 2 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3372650/
part 3 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3401288/

Chapter 2 part 1 https://archived.moe/qst/thread/3426739/#reply
part 2

Archive of all the parts of the story https://www.deviantart.com/boisnator/gallery/68789803/Doors
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"I already know what to say to the cops to make my story sound less loony. But I think I'll wait before telling the cops until I get a better grip on what has happened and more proof. Don't wanna play my cards too early against my assailant, especially when the cards might already be against me"

I think talking to Chimney was the right idea for easing her stress. She has to deal with a jerk of a boss, and then she had to worry about you missing.

Perhaps for right now to prevent yourself from coming off as rude and selfish to unload about what happened to you while she treated you to free ice cream and you asking her to stop smoking, you should ask if she has troubling thoughts of work and her boss as well that she too would like to unload. I think we should ask if she would like to talk about her problems if only to get it off her chest and have a friend listen to her and give guidance just like how she listened to you and gave guidance and ease your stress a bit. It could maintain your friendship with Chimney, plus, her talking about her issues with work will prevent her from smoking in your face again for a while. Plus I want to know why she wanted to visit you at your garage.

say this: "By the way, you mention about having been going through some rough patches yourself. Would you like to unload your thoughts as well? I'll listen and give my opinion if you want. I'm also curious in knowing why you came over to my garage to talk to me...yesterday was it?"
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This is quite the opposite of what Chimney had said about her boss about him yelling at her, and her boyfriend(?) calling her boss an asshole. Plus, she did just tell you that she has seen some pretty disturbing things through the windows of the places she works. Perhaps she saw something disturbing about her boss that makes her think of him as an asshole through his window, figuratively or literally?

Also, I wonder if that is a expression of surprise Chimney is giving in her face, or a look of genuine fear. She did also tell you that when she see's the people on the street after looking into their rooms through windows and see's the disturbing things she see's in their homes, she can't even look at the person in the eyes. If you look closely when she said a promotion....... she is looking away from Billy. I think there is something more going on here.

I'd keep conversation with Billy to a minimum until you can speak with Chimney again alone. For now, just tell Billy your nickname if you have one. If not, then say "my friends call me Sweeper"
File: DOOR 53.jpg (2.23 MB, 2480x2489)
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Oof, I should have been more specific with my suggestion. When I said to tell him your nickname, what I meant to say was to only give him your nickname, not your real name. I don't feel comfortable of having him know your real name especially with Chimney calling Billy an asshole and what she might have saw him do.

At the very least, we now know that Billy knows who your father was and was his best friend. I wonder if that is why he was treating Chimney so nicely to the point of giving her a raise, because he saw you and wanted to make an amazing first impression since he probably recognized you as your father's son.

One thing is for certain, I want to see Chimney again as soon as possible and make sure everything is alright. She seemed so sad, and I'm hoping we didn't accidentally insult or offend her in any way.

For now, let's stay neutral on this whole situation: "hmm... bowling. I think it depends on my work schedule and other life circumstances. But wow, small world. Who would have thought my best friend was working for my father's best friend?"
File: DOOR 54.jpg (4.16 MB, 2480x3044)
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"Ugh, dude... you hit way me too hard... I'm all dizzy. I can't even think straight."

Say something like: what is it do you want to hear from me this time??? Is this about my therapist again?
File: DOOR 55.jpg (3.39 MB, 2416x2836)
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Look around your surroundings so we can better get a handle on the situation and figure out how to get out of it.

"You have it all wrong Dario. It's not that I am afraid of doors, I fear their concept, what lies beneath them, how they can trap people like you have trapped me. Or worse, how people depend so much on locked doors to secure them safely in their rooms when they don't realize that doors actually figuratively lie to them to make people falsely think they are gods of their own world they occupy, thus making people doing terrible monstrous things in the security of the doors within which they would never do in the eyes of others in public."

"...my fear is no different than you being too afraid to remove your helmet in public and see the sunlight that helmet has prevented you from seeing for so long... your fear is actually really no different from mine..."
Oh, I have an idea. If Dario decides to come in and tries to come in close to you for an attack, you can spray the perfume you got into his air holes of his helmet. The smell and spray in his face will disorient and confuse you enough to make a getaway. But let's hope it doesn't come to that and he doesn't try to hurt you.
File: DOOR 56.jpg (5.61 MB, 2489x4097)
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ugh. What a difficult situation to think of a way out of this. Here goes nothing.

Ok, I might be wrong, but I think we at least made some progress with what Dario thinks of us. Earlier Dario believed you were making up your fear, but based off of what he said after you described what you feel, it looks like he now accepts the fact that you have a fear, even if he still thinks it is a "stupid fear" as he puts it.

And right now, it sounds like he genuinely wants to help you conquer your fear. But his method of doing so is unorthodox and too extreme. I'd say we will have to accept his help like it or not, but we will have to first convince him that getting over your fear by doing a method this intense is going to destroy your heart, and we should suggest to him that we need to start your fear conquering by starting with something less intense and smaller. gotta learn how to crawl before you can learn how to walk. We might have to also prove to him and what this method is doing to your health if we want to escape.

try saying this: "I really appreciate your help, Dario. I honestly do, and I accept to have you help me get over this fear. But this method... it is just too intense, and too much for me to start out with, and I don't think I can handle it for much longer. If we want to tackle this issue together, can we please start with a method less intense?"

if he still disagrees, then we will have to prove it by saying this: "I'm begging you! my heart is beating far too quickly and way too hard. If you don't believe me, put your hand on my chest! I can't make this shit up if I tried... I don't think you want that guilt to follow you"

as you say that, put your hands above your head to show you are not going to attack him, as keeping your hands close to your body might make him think you will reach for a weapon or something.
File: DOOR 57.jpg (3.58 MB, 2480x2829)
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alright. Last chance. I'm admittedly grasping at straws right now at this point, but if this isn't the correct answer, I'll accept the defeat.

I'm right now thinking about that letter that was found in the dumpster. It had something to do with the writer refusing some kind of help or service from the person this letter was supposed to be sent to as the reason being his or her father knows what was best for their family instead. I don't know. It might be a letter written by someone who might have some issues of their own but might be thinking of an excuse to refuse help, or it could be the truth. (My theory is that the letter this person was meant for was for Dr. Skullirius)

I wonder how Dario will react to it if you just casually pulled out the letter and nothing more? What if by some crazy coincidence he recognizes the letter? Pull it out but do not give it to him. If he says anything, tell him you found it with you after you somehow fell into a dumpster, and you think you need to get it sent ASAP as it looks very important, but being in this cage is making you lose valuable time.
File: DOOR 58.jpg (1.34 MB, 2396x1170)
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He doesn't want to see it? okay... then read it out loud to him I guess. Or maybe at least threaten to read it out loud unless he lets you out.

also, if this letter was in the dumpster of the second building, then by logic, the letter was meant for somebody in the second building you work in. Try to remember if anyone significant lives in the second building you work.
My initial thoughts that it might be for Skullirius, but he doesn't live in that building, he lives in the rich apartment building you work in.
Actually, does Izzia your therapist, live in this apartment? It would kind of make sense if the letter was meant for her. Maybe Dario or one of his family members has mental issues as well?
File: DOOR 59.jpg (3.49 MB, 2480x2646)
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(Note to self, when you get the chance later, lets get yourself a water bottle. if you're going to suffer from anxiety or heart attacks like this, you might need to drink water to sooth you next time. Plus, important to stay hydrated.)

Okie Dokie, lets think about this logically. Dario lives in the third building you work at, the rich building, as it was implied by his best friend Sedric. And yet, we found the letter in the dumpster of the alley of the second building. If he was going to throw it out with the intention of giving it to someone in the 3rd building, it would of ended up in the trash near the 3rd building in which he lives in instead. Therefore, it could not have been intended for anyone inside that building, but was intended for someone closer to or in the 2nd building where you found the letter. So we can cross people like Skullirius and Malanda off the list

You also said Izilla doesn't have her ordination in the second building, so can't be her either.

So if it had to be for somebody, it had to have been someone in or close to the 2nd building you work as it is in the 2nd building trash...

You know what? what if the letter was meant for that religious group the worships Inkiverusus? Maybe perhaps, Dario was going to send his letter to Pag, the person who gave you the brochure, but when he saw Pag standing near the second building, he suddenly got cold feet and anxiety, and hid in the alleyway, throwing the letter away?

I mean, you did say that when you looked at the brochure, it had characters from history books, news reports, and horrible treatments of mental patients, so it sounds like they are a very controversial religious group because of their actions, if not, maybe even culty. Maybe because of all the controversies, Dario may have feared the consequences of refusing their services for his family, and threw the letter away at the last minute.

You also did mention once that you heard Pag's voice, but you two never had met according to Pag. So maybe you heard Pag's voice when you were in the second building, or knocked out in the trash. Therefore, Pag must have been near the building for a quite a while for Dario to see.

I think our next action is to simply pull out the brochure (don't look at it), and present it to Dario, and see if he recognizes it, and if the letter is related to the Inkiverusus religion, or Pag.
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