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File: RISE.jpg (603 KB, 1600x992)
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603 KB JPG
The prophecy came true! The OP is upon us once more and BOC IS BACK!
For any newcomer welcome to the third installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omnipotent, divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought to existence in a seemingly untouched world.

Using a fog-of-war mechanic, each player gets their own section of the map that grows as they explore and discover new terrain. We use discord to distribute these maps, you can join our server at https://discord.gg/eRzTbvc
While maps and character sheets will be distributed individually through discord, post's involving player's actions, and my summary updates on the results of said actions, (plus any roleplaying between the gods) will remain in-thread, as to let everyone enjoy the lore and rp.

The game is back after a very long pause and the player count is full, you're free to join if someone die/afk. One of our god "Darei" the Bird warrior will not play anymore and if you want to take over you are welcome. You can find the archive for this game and the precedents at http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=beings+of

Also since Secrets Actions are now banned, You want covert ops? you develop covert ops. Then you get to use secret actions. This will be the last turn they are accepted without a tech to back them.
So with all that said... Let's get to it!

>>3031832 >Beast Father
Solgrass properties added to your character sheet.
You are now in possession of tools that are not shitty. May you use them with responsability.

>>3031922 >Parotia
[2 success] The Beast assault is relentless! Even going as far as plucking a few feathers! But Parotia quickly pick up the pace and quickly become a flurry of cackles and petty taunts. Always at hand reach but never to be touched. With a last laugh Parotia fly away to the south while still mocking the Beast!
Kosk fly high in the sky but something far more terrible cover the ground. Something *hungry*
The night sky is nice, the stars beautiful. But rain and cold are something you could do without. Some leaves, some branch and you have a nice roof to sleep under.

>>3032068 >Diridge
Finally they learned to run. Who would have thought that having to deal with 4 legs would take so much effort? [Centaur fitness] unlocked
At the same time the bauw as the southern tribe call it is quickly adopted by the centaurs. It's deadly prowess would be of use no doubt, even with only wood arrows. [Bow unlocked]

>>3032159 >Oybabtu
Oybabtu learn to use their tongues in a delicious but healthy way and proceed to stick them everywhere.
You'll still need a light source to "see" in the dark but the weakest one will be enough
Dusty salt Crackers are A Thing

File: Op-the-Third.jpg (93 KB, 730x1024)
93 KB
>>3032184 >Onus
A sizeable pile of driftwood is gathered. It won't be of use for big projects but for now it will suffice. Access driftwood
You are not one of this barbarous people who eat their food cooked. You are not a coward and fear no parasite. Sushi is invented
Phallus meditate on the nature of cockworking while drawing dicks in the library.

>>3032403 >Monolith
After some words of wisdom, Monolith simply leave to go on a walk. May Queen is speachless.
Hex claimed.
Whitestone flakes are now a favorite among young trolls!

>>3032568 >Sticky-Fingers
While the attempt at tidying up the grassland seems doomed, the quantity of rocks at your disposal is growing.
Booze and goblins. Can't go wrong with that. I let you name the alcohol.

>>3033231 >Gotas
Hex claimed
Fire can keep one warm at night, burn ennemies, and scare beasts. A hunter best friend. Fire get

>>3033887 >Frakt
You can but your wizard will have to act as a sort of server. If she is away for too long or must concentrate all her will on something, the mind Link will fade. [Mind-Link get]
You had trees, now they are cut. You have cut trees, and now you can cut them even more. [logging facility]

>>3033891 >Darei
Stabbing intensify. [Spears get]
A place of honor and glory is born. I will not mark it on the map since it is the same place as your nest.

>>3035018 >Azraelius
Secret move so secret, i do not have acces to it. Nothing for you.

>>3035125 >Ynülu
it tooks days of meditation but as your wizard concentrate he can feel himself shifting. Moving but staying in place. Opening his place he could see everything was the same but going outside his house would reveal a sky like no other full of stars and celestial bodies. He was also alone.
The mushroom houses were here but not one form of life to be seen. Trying to replicate the shifting he suddenly reappeared in front of his house startling a few Jushilian. [Astral travel get]
Hex claimed!
A formal way of showing devotion to Ynülu spread. soon everyone know the most basic of prayers. [Religion get]

>>3035749 >May Queen
Using part of their own body to make the strings they need, the offshoots quickly get to use their newly made bows.
Both armor and weapon this creation would make her children much stronger. The Queen was happy with herself [Symbiot get]

>>3038289 >Belweir
Hex claimed!
If the thaumites are looking kind of dazzled, it's because they see neon lights, whenever they dance by~~

>>3038289 >Amalgama
Hex Claimed
Sand gathered, Why so much sand? Only Amalgama know that.

Azraelius, Covetous and Ikya get 4 actions for this turn.
The massive boar almost chases after the damnable bird once more, but then he looks up at Parotia's minions, and an idea strikes.

First, he looses a mighty, bellowing squeal, exerting his Divine Influence to drive out the plague god's minions in this area and replace them with his own. (claim the hex that Beast Father is in, plus the two to the south of it).

Meanwhile, far to the south, with the lake to the south-west and the ocean to the east... The swine gather. Fire pits are dug, tents so crude they are barely worthy of the name are erected, and paths are beaten into the grass by the passing of many hooves. It is filthy, it is ugly, it is... A settlement.
>[Unit Action] - [Attack]
Parotia might not be the strongest or smartest god, but she's a god after all! With a mighty bird beak, Parotia snaps at Beast Father's minions.

She can't really kill Beast Father herself, but killing puny mortals? Easy task.

>[DI - Develop] > [Agricultural Blight]
Parotia diseases might not beat the swines directly, but she can hurt where it is necessary, their stomaches. Using her domain, she plagues the flora of the Swine's lands, trying to kill them and anything in their hexes throught hunger!

>[Develop] > [Settlement]
The Kosks will not let a pig like Beast Father walk throught their lands with no punishment. In the southeast of the jungle, they create a settlement, ready for revange!
File: Aspirant Pathfinder.jpg (336 KB, 1185x1800)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
>[Unit Action] - Move Aspirant Pathfinders SW-SW-W
The Pathfinders set out across the forest to expand the Aspirants understanding of the world around them

>[Develop] > Use Stone Tools + Hunting in order to begin gathering Animal Sinew from the local game
Gotas returns, seeing that his people have nearly run out of the sinew pile he made for them. Consulting with his first prophet Sul'vir, Gotas elects to teach his children how to gather sinew from their caught animals using the stone tools they've made.

>[Develop w/ DI] > Use Whitestone + Animal Sinew + Roseberry Wood + Feathers via Divine Intervention to create Bows
A source of sinew gained, Gotas raises his hands summoning a pile of pristine feathers. "Your spears are for sturdy prey my children, let me show you how to bring down the swift ones." With a flash, he produces from the settlement's stocks a simple wooden bow and a set of rough arrows. Once again he allows his children to learn by attempting to imitate his production, instead of guiding them. A niggling thought in the back of his divine mind knew he wouldn't always be able to guide them closely, so such measures would be necessary early.
File: Farming Time.jpg (584 KB, 1788x1200)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
Rolled 2, 6, 6, 5 = 19 (4d10)

>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>Develop [DI]: Structure: Grand Farms are built using agricultural knowledge and divine influence. Located in the plains SE of the capital.
>Unit Creation: Centaur Rangers
>Minion Count: 11. Tech: Centaur Fitness, Bows, Stone Tools

After what seemed like an eon of waiting, Diridge is finally ready to start plowing the soil of the world. The surrounding plains and grasslands make for a perfect locale. Leading an army of centaurs equipped with stone tools and knowledge, the first grand farm is built, spreading across the plains and running alongside the forests and hills. Here a multitude of crops will be grown and harvested, providing an abundance of food to a society so used to hunting and gathering. Rolling for the hell of it, in case farm can get something fancy.

With the farmlands underway, Diridge also instructs the centaurs to begin exploring more of their world themselves. He will be busy in the near future, and will not be able to go off on merry adventures. The centaurs make a competition of who gets to become a ranger, often racing and pacing each other to see who can stride the longest stretches of land without breaking sweat. Eventually, 11 centaurs are chosen, and are outfitted with basic tools, bows, and standing orders.

>[Unit Action]-[Move:Troll Scouts]
The scouts will move north, turning north-east if they run out of land. They seem to have found another influence at work here, but don't seem to have discovered what, yet.

>[Unit Action]-[Move:Monolith]
Monolith will march to the north, to see what lies between the Ocean and the Lake

>[DI-Claim] And Trolls will follow him northward as he extends his domain, claiming shrublands and marshes.

The Jungles west of Stone Head are full of Silvercry wood. It may be inedible, like all Oograh, but if we cut it we can make things with it. Best of all, it should grow back?

EXODUS - The two hexes cut off by Ynulu's nation, to the southwest. He wants them back.

Action 1 - [Develop Coastal Ice Fishing]
Is this an improvement on the already developed Basket Fishing? I don't know. Either way, #3 is out there, whacking Interns with a staff of Piney wood and telling them he's a "high level fish wizard, a Fishard". His expert abuse somehow cajoles the braindead clones into building/improving the facilities on the coast, bringing in some sweet Protean Cod and/or King Claw. Who laughs about a lack of food NOW!?

Action 2 - [Unit Creation] - Taskforce
We need more INTERNS. #2 hasn't had a decent cup of coffee in [ERROR: STACK OVERFLOW] days.
Thanks to Creati- I mean Identical Minds, we get 2 instead! DOUBLE WIZARD CHANCES

Unit Action - Seishin Izardo (spirit wizard) - Communicate with Ynulu's mind.
Unit Action - Taskforce x 2 - Step one hex north, gather Snow, and return. We reeeeeally need to automate this, but until we get a snow farm set up, this is what we gotta do!
Unit Action - Directors - Continue hugging the coast northwards.
Bump before thread autosages.
>[Unit Action]-[Move: Devourer][SW,SW]
After an agreement was settled between both parties, the swarm will begin its journey back home.

>[Unit Action]-[Interact: Devourer]
Before the Devourer begins to leave Cyan's doorstep, the creature begins to consume a large amount of ice and snow due to curiosity and hunger. He finds the icy and cold sensation not bad, so he continues to taste everything he comes across by as he travels through different landscapes to discover new tastes.

>[Unit Action]-[Move: The Swarm][E,SW]

>[DI-Exodus]-[2 Hex]
As promised, Ynulu releases a small portion of land.

>[Develop]-[Basic Tools]
Innovators in the Jushilian race invent a number of useful tools made from Whitestone, Solgrass, Pinewood, and Shroomstalk. Various tools for like axes, spoons, hammers, bowls, jugs, etc so the Jushilian don't have to depend on their strong jaws and mouth.

>[Develop]-[Logging Camp] (more than one?)
A logging camp is constructed on the edge of the City of Hunger to begin harvesting wood.

>[Unit Action]-[Interact: Astral Wizard]
The astral wizard attempts to teach Ynulu how to astral travel.
File: Belweir.png (115 KB, 640x400)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Travelling along, big crystal and little crystal zooming across the land! Belweir leads the way the little sprite bouncing behind and inspiring tiny patches of multicolored flowers to burst into celebratory bloom anywhere that he touches ground. Belweir sails backward through the air, eyes on the pure white spark of joy as it hurries to stay with him, when suddenly the duo zoom rock that seems to turn and watch as they pass!

>[COMMUNICATE] Belweir & Florian > Troll scouts
Belweir tumbles through the air in surprise before reversing direction to greet his craggy new friend!

The cloud of roving vitrea blows around the shoreline, tracing the outline of the body of water, but not daring to fly over it. They all flicker chaotically, as if chattering about the mysterious feature of the land.
"It's so big, and it looks deep!"
"What if something's hiding in it?"
"What if it doesn't like us!"
"What if it doesn't wanna be friends!"
They continue to hover around the water, blinking and flickering colorfully as they move around the water's edge.

The trail that the brave explorers blaze around the vast lake transforms in their wake, newly-formed crystal growing unnoticed by the distracted light sprites and enabling more thaumites to follow them.

>[MOVE UNIT] αExplorers
The exploring thaumites continue to circle around the big water, illuminating unexplored places as they drift noiselessly along the landscape.
[DI develop] - Teach the Gaping how to use inner life force by showing it, healing some of the little ones, returning wounded from a hunt. (Healing/Life force transfer tech)

[Develop] - Can I get proper stone tools now that I can carve handles? I can use thin strips of creep as binding like the nets.

[Develop] Create religon, spreading It through the Children. Tell them of how the great tree created all life, and that In our form we are a people close to nature, with Covetous representing an Archbeing of the divine, and champion and lifebringer of the people. Let common values become marks of the divine. Generosity, Integrity, strength of will, compassion, work ethic, fruitfulness, creativity, patience, and hope for a better future. These are known as the Nine Branches, a simple code to live one's life by. Common values now enforced by a system to pass down good values and spread a feeling of divine guidance and hope throughout the people. The Faith of The Root Is created (also just called 'The Root').

[Create Unit] Create Second Compliment at Crown: Numbering eight thousand.

[Unit Move: First Complement] Move NW, NE
[Unit Action: First Complement] First Compliment population Is changed to eight thousand as It starts It's turn at a city. Taking with them chunks of creep as they went, the first Compliment moved out Into the black forest and placed large chunks of Creep close together. Using their life force together, they overflowed the creep with rejuvenating energy causing It's growth to explode outward. Soon new land was available for the Gaping to settle. (+1 hex)

[Unit Move Second Complement] Move NE, NE (Starting at Crown.)
[Unit Action: Second Complement] Second verse, same as the first. Taking Creep with them, they nurtured It's regrowth at the new location to create new land to settle. (+1 hex)

[Unit Move: Beast Wizard] How many hexes can my Wizard move, It isn't listed. I'm assuming they can move at least 3 hexes though. Move SE,SE,SE
[Unit Action: Beast Wizard] Have my beast wizard (Orn) charm herds of wildlife to like the Gaping, and live near them

Prioritize beasts that can be ridden (Anything that could be a horse substitute) and then meaty herbivore herds, and using the new stone tools can we just weave a couple little fences for them?

[God Unit Move: NW,NW,W,NE,NE If possible given potential mountains.

>[COMMUNICATE] Troll scouts > Belweir

One of the troll scouts gives the bouncing crystal a hungry stare and reaches forward, but the Boss scout shoves this greedy Troll aside before he can make a grab at the happy, and probably very tasty, entity and gives it a craggy stare. "Yeah, 'Ello. Wot is Bel Weir?"
File: 416515435_bc0f6fb375_b.jpg (165 KB, 1024x768)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>>3460220 Beast Father
Hex Claimed. Power move acknowledged.
Settlement created. It is... Cultural some would say.

>>3460268 Parotia
Attack with Parotia scrapped because you can only use one DI/turn
Going to the land of the Beast father was not only to run! Soon the leaves and fruits found there begin to show unsightly black oozing spots on them...
Seeing the threat The Beast Father is to them, the Kosks gather themselves ready to defend. Maybe one day the place where they stand will become something more than a fort? Settlement made

>>3460655 Gotas
The pathfinders push their exploration up to the most south-west forest they know.
Under Gotas supervision, the Aspirants begin to extract and prepare sinew. Gotas pleased with this development used his power to give the aspirants the means to create and use bows.

>>3460752 Diridge
Diridge intend to see the earth being worked to feed his people. And himself of course. He was the first to plow the earth.
Oddly specific numbered Centaur Rangers unit created.

>>3461320 Monolith
Advancing in the strange northern forest, the trolls find the influence of another god more and more palpable every day. Strange crystals cover the ground, flickers of light found nowhere else inhabit them and seems to dance around and inside them. The creatures seems mostly curious about you but do not act hostile.
Monolith move back from the south this time to explore the north. It will take a bit more time before she reach the ocean though.
Hex Claimed!
And the trolls began to cut the silvercry wood. Harvesting it so it may serve. It will probably regrow.

>>3462470 The Founder
The hex are left to anyone who wish to claim them.
Expanding their baskets and knowledge of the coast alike. The interns under #3 soon begin to gather some King Claw crabs
Units created. No wizards to rise this time.
Snow gathered.
The directors continue their road north. When they meet the ocean they just decide to continue along the coast.
Meanwhile the ambitious wizard attempt to talk to the neighboring god.

>>3470408 Ynülu
The devourer move back to the south. Tasting snow and ice along the way. It is cold and tasteless but it could be used of use in hot weather.
The swarm move. Home is almost there!
Hex left to those who wish to claim them.
Gathering stone and shroomstalk, the jushilians create basic stone tools
>>3471054 Belweir
Hex claimed
The explorer finish their circle around the lake, Spotting a gathering of the strange beings that entered Belweir's land recently.

>>3471618 Covetous
Connecting their roots the gaping learn to share their life force
Proper stone tools acquired. they are much more easy to use.
Second compliment created. They are MANY.
The first compliment begin to walk north. Going out of their god territory.
Unit cannot act the turn they are created.
Your wizard enter the territory of another god. Ice and fire reign here.
Many beast begin to gather around Orn. Next turn he will be able to bring them back to the gapings.
Covetous leave the gaping to themselves. In his explorations he enter the territory of another god. Here the mountain are Cold, and rocks alive.
Gods with 4 actions this turn : Alpha Oybabtu, Amalgama, Azraelius, Darei, Ikya, May Queen, Onus, Sticky fingers
File: The First Doctor.png (176 KB, 607x462)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Rolled 4, 7, 4 = 15 (3d10)

The Beast Father advances north and attacks the settlement with intent to claim it for the Swine!

Meanwhile, down south, The Swine discover the blighted plants, and on recommendation from the Witch Doctors, put them to the flame.
File: Gotas Tea Time.png (21 KB, 180x204)
21 KB
>[Develop] - Stone Tools: Solgrass Harvesting
Beastcaller Sul'vir tasks a portion of the population to go on a small journey to gather Solgrass from the local shrubland, it would be necessary for the next steps he wished to take in preparing the populace practically for the challenges he saw in his visions. The stone and lumber were stern, and the sinew too thin. Dried grass would be his missing median. So terribly much to do and so little time. He had seen the population of the treefolk north of them and had grown fearful. To make up the difference the Aspirants would have to improve all aspects of their lives, if not to increase their power then to inspire yet greater morale from his fellows.

>[Develop w/ DI] - Hunting + Roseberry Wood + Stone Tools + Spears + Animal Sinew + Solgrass + Innovation Domain Boost: Skilled Trapping
Gotas on the other hand, ever seeking to improve his people's understanding of the most noble of arts, began laying snares of all shapes and kinds ranging from simple sinew snares, to complicated spear traps in secret among the woods the Aspirants called their home. Nothing too carefully covered or too concealed yet, he didn't want his children suffering undue accidents and he wanted them to find them in the first place. Once he was finished, he doffed his cap respectfully in the direction of Landfall and set off on a scouting mission of his own, seeking to contact more of his wayward kin. He trusted his beloved children to work out the rest on his own.

>[God Move] - Gotas: Move NW, W, NW, W, W, NW
Gotas set off, wondering to himself a great many things. How had he lost a portion of himself, and why did this piece of himself that Sul'vir carried did not connect them intrinsically. Sul'vir had his own motivations, not too dissimilar, but nonetheless focused more on innovation and progression than hunting. He had presumed his divinity could be shared in some capacity with his children as he felt a connection to all of them, but this was an event out of his conscious control. He found it curious indeed to be divine yet lack a knowledge of the world around him. Had his kin any idea of why they were here? Gotas only remembered coming into being suddenly, and it concerned him. Maybe the more introspective of their number would possess these answers. But to be free of complicated thoughts! To feel new dirt on his boots and encounter new and exciting prey! This was why Gotas had chosen to walk, he could save his questions for when others made him still.

>[Unit Move] - Aspirant Pathfinders: Move W, W, W
The Pathfinders follow the orders of their God and the Beastcaller, seeking to perform a perimeter sweep of the adjacent lands in preparation for a longer and more provisioned journey. Fifty men and women with spears would not be sufficient to stop any particular threats, but it would be enough to make them think twice and that would work for now.
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>Unit Action[God Unit] - Move to the mountain in my domain, and start punching it.
>Unit Action[Centaur Ranger] - Gather Solgrass plants

>Develop: Solgrass Farming
>Develop: Rudimentary Military Tradition

With the first farmlands developed, the centaurs began to flourish. Food was more abundent than ever, and they were finally beginning to show their own autonomy. Diridge took this newfound freedom to work on his next objective. On the edge of his domain lay a small but rich mountain range. His goal would be to begin the first steps of setting up a quarry. It would take a while, but with every blow he dealt to the mountain face, a small sheet of rock and earth sheared off.

Meanwhile, the Centaur Ranger's went about their first objective, helping establish a Solgrass farm for the centaurs to utilize. They scoured the surrounding plains, and using their limited stone tools, unearthed several samples that would latter be planted in gardens and farms. Under the tending care of the centaurs, the solgrass could grow tall and strong.

Finally, the elders and past leaders of the centaurs began to reform past connections. Their introduction to Diridge had been a surprising and laburous endeavor, but they had come out stronger for it. The long ages of nothing but training to hone their bodies had given the centaurs a predisposition to the discipline the training required of them. In the past, the northern and southern clans had bickered and fought, but only in small disorganized brawls. With the population numbers they now had to work with, and the creation of the first armed and organized unit, the centaurs truly began to think of how to work in organized forces and begin to think about military tradition.
Fucking choke
File: ThoseWhoQuestion.jpg (307 KB, 1127x797)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
> Name:
Those Who Question

Where skies churn and clouds of primordial shadow shroud the lands below, the wraith-like form of Those Who Question lurks from above. Three black-scorched skulls outstretch their lanky necks from the misty hood, looking over these lands with empty eyes. Their large skulls are simplistic, rounded and featureless, besides two empty eye sockets and a mouth of unkempt teeth. A set of four skeletal arms drag beneath the floating entity, reaching its claws to scrape the very surface of the world it surveys. Puncturing Those Who Question's wispy form, an assortment of spheroid rocks orbit the new god. From the top of the skulls to the dwindling spine that rides down through the black mist, Those Who Question are about 25 feet in height.

Judgement, Observation, Dissolution

#381d85 - Wine Purple

>God Attributes:
Major: Affinity
Minor: Spirit and Agility

The Servants of Threshold, also known as the Nglui-nyth, serve Those Who Question as loyal priests to their divine prowess. Beings created perfect in every way under the eyes of Those Who Question. Wise, attentive, and quite hospitable. The Servants of Threshold are slender, red-skinned, humanoids with four arms. They have minimally featured faces alike that of Those Who Question.

>Minion Attributes:

Pic related depicts Those Who Question on the left and The Servants of Threshold on the right.

Those Who Question float ponderously above the quiet realm of Amalgama's territory.
>"Such abandoned potential, such abandoned fate."
>"Such beautiful land, mortals just within sight!"

>"What god oh so careless, no will to create?"
>"A future of glory, a future so bright!"

>"Here we shall settle, and absolve every soul."
>"But ponder we may, ponder we might,"

>"For first one mere question, just what is that hole?"

Action 1 DI - [Claim (4 hex)]
A host of interns move across the landscape, ice and snow in their wake. They claim the two hexes freed from Ynulu's reign, and then expand southwards, past the lake.

Action 2 [Barlow Farming]
With Snow and Pine Wood, begin harvesting Barlow in earnest. #3 wishes he was there, of course, since this work is cold, unforgiving and harsh. He takes joy in their suffering anyway, even if he is in far off lands.

Unit Action - Directors - Keep hugging the coast southwards. They'll be home soon!
Unit Action - Seishin Izardo (spirit wizard) - Maintain mental server, allowing communication between Ynulu and Directors.
Unit Action - Taskforce - More snow! We always need more snow!

>[Unit Action]-[Move:Troll Scouts]
After talking to the bouncy Crystal face, the Troll scouts will move eastward, exploring his strange, tasty looking landscape (and perhaps helping themselves to the occasional crystally nibble if Belweir lets them)

>[Unit Action]-[Move:Monolith]
Monolith starts marching south/southwest, toward the big fat tree that seems to have walked into his domains.

>[COMMUNICATE] Monolith > Covetous


>[DI-Develop] Sycronite Ore is strong, from heart of the Mountains. It calls to the Trollish spirit, urging us to shape and mould it. But heat, which makes it malleable, dampens the thoughts and actions of Trolls, making them slower and stupider as they warm. The Air Wizard Hoodoo, along with Monolith's divine powers of mountain coldness, will therefore be used as the Trolls experiment with ways and designs of forging the Ore with Silvercry fuel whilst keeping themselves cool.

The glittering mountain is a valuable prize. The trolls sinks excavations and mining shafts into the glittering surface, for this Mountain, unlike the others in Monolith's range, is full of Thaum Crystal. And Thaum crystal is Tangy, flavorsome and makes an EXCELLENT seasoning.

>Claim (DI) 5 Hexes. Expand south

>Move Second Complement NE NE, use mass placed Creep fed some lifeforce to claim the Hex

>First Complement does the same, Claiming the Hex It Is standing on using Creep as the medium. Edit their numbers to 8000, It was mentioned In my last post.

>Wizard brings the tamed beasts back to the Gaping

>Begin Farming local fruits, using the new stone tools to create plots

(I'll get to you as soon as I get up.)
>>[Unit Action]
Parotia moves four hexes to the south, like a bird, she feels the only way to survive against the boar is moving away for a while.

>>[DI-Claim Hexes]
After moving, Parotia will claim at least three hexes around her, focusing in removing a bit of the power in the Beast Father hands.

The Kosk began to fortify their houses and fortresses using the Whitestone and advanced bird engineering, at least, this will help to survive against the boar attacks for a while.
Of course, I forgot the name.
File: swinebrain.png (52 KB, 293x300)
52 KB
>>3472432 Beast daddy
Parotia def roll: 5. Attack 2 success + half.
The father of all beast march upon the settlements of the kosks! Destroying the very trees upon which the settlement is constructed
The sickly plants are quickly put to flame. Following the first plague no risk is to be taken. But another issue make itself known. The Emus. Devilish beings created by Parotia have invaded your lands! They are choke full carriers of diseases and worse than that eat everything they found. They are no more intelligent than a common animal but between burning the blighted plants and them you face starvation!
If you dont do something quick your minions will soon be so weak that the plague could start anew! And what if the situation is so dire they try to eat a blighted plant?

>>3473266 Gotas
The solgrass end up being easily cut and stashed away. Harvesting Solgrass
A hunter is clever, patient, and of course prepare the ground before his preys happen to enter it. You teach that to the aspirants and soon they rivalize of ingeniosity to make ever more deadly traps. Skilled traping get
No matter the lakes or the mountain, Gotas advance into the unknown lands. Soon he happen to enter a desert like he never saw before. Black trees are everywhere, and some strange roots run on the sand. A god live here that is certain.
Ever further west the aspirants comes close to the territory of a god of Ice and Fire.

>>3473318 Diridge
A Mine begin to take form. Mining is in the heart of Diridge and even just punching at the mountain he can begin to lay a gallery. Minions will still be needed to open it.
Solgrass is easily farmed by the centaurs
A military tradition is started. For now it's mostly old people grumpy about the youngs not doing what they say. Who know what it will be in the future?

>>3473382 Those who question
Preying upon the deserted lands of the now dead god Amalgama, those who question join us. Welcome to this world
>>3473636 Frakt
Hex claimed
Your lands are hatsh and cold but dedicated slav… i mean happy workers can do anything! Farm get!
The directors can almost feel their home now. It was a nice promenade on the coast. Some might suggest for a golf to be constructed here. Whatever that is.
Orders are followed by both the taskforce and Seishin

>>3473774 Monolith
Move-crystal is even crunchier than whitestone flakes and quite refreshing. It would be popular back home.
Monolith rush to the Unknown tree god while shooting at it.
Cold forges are created a way to smelt the metal while protected one from the heat. Doing so by creating a void of air. Acting as isolant.
Back home everyone already knew about the scouts discovery.

>>3477395 Covetous
Both compliments advance claiming ever more of the terrain as their.
Your trusty wizard is back! And he is followed by some strange feline creatures. These are quite astute, able to use tools. They prefere a solitary life instead of being in large group. Your wizard also talk about strange animals hinding beneath the sand of your desert waiting until a prey fall into their mouth but unable to move themselves.
Agriculture developed!

>>3478231 Parotia
Listening only to it's courage and survival instinct Parotia flee to the south stealing the Beast territory at the same time!
Whatever is left of their house the kosk are ready to defend! This is mostly stones against the walls and ready to fall on invader but still.

Gods with 4 actions this turn are: Oybabtu, Azraelius, Belweir, Darei, Ikya, Queen, Onus, Fingers and Ynulu
Rolled 3, 8, 6 = 17 (3d10)

>[Unit Action] - [ Move: Parotia ]
Parotia moves two hexes northeast and one east to begin her evil plan against all the swinekind.

>[Unit Action] - [ Attack: Parotia ]
And advances against the pigs settlement before they can try to defend themselves! They might be able to stop the sickness and the hunger, but they will never be able to stop a god and their mighty powers!

>[Develop] > [Settlement]
The Kosks make a settlement in the extreme south, where the beast father can't arrive at them in time and in protection of her goddess. It might not be a jungle, but it will be comfy as always.
[Claim] With a squeal much like the one before, The Beast Father exerts his divine influence, reclaiming the two southern hexes that don't have settlements in them, plus the last of the northern territory and a little bit extra off to the south.

[Develop] While the Emus themselves may be naught but feather and gristle, one enterprising piglet discovers that their eggs are as rich as anything he's ever eaten. Swiping them is dangerous though... But hungry bellies will do anything to be fed.

[Move unit] As this is happening though, The Beast Father makes his way back south, readying himself for the rematch...
>>Diridge - The Hungry and Wanting

>Develop: Structure - Training Grounds: A place to build another unit when the [Unit Create] action is taken, so long as a unit is already there to train them.
>Claim[DI]: Claim the unclaimed marsh to the north, unclaimed grasslands to the west, and 2 unclaimed woods to the east.

>Unit Action[Centaur Ranger] - Move to the location of the training grounds.

With the beginnings of a militaristic culture, the grumbling old centaurs are ready to drill discipline and respect into the youngins. Or at the very least, beat into their heads the idea of how to get off their asses and fight the good fight. The main structure of the training grounds is a single large barn built to house the trainers, support staff, and the sick/injured. The centaurs actually training have to erect their own basic shelters and build fires as an extra lesson in field survival. The rest of the grounds is made up of a series of obstacle courses, archery ranges, and dueling circles/lanes.

Meanwhile, Diridge covets the remaining land around his domain before it can be snatched by another.

>[Unit Action]-[Move:Troll Scouts]
The scouts will continue moving and exploring East. The Bel Weir thing never answered their first question to it but, no matter, it seemed a happy thing. They can talk again later.

>[Unit Non-Action]-[Don't Move Yet:Monolith]
Monolith stays where he is waiting for Covetous to answer. Not that he actually knows the thing is Covetous, yet. But if it tries anything aggressive, Monolith will be there to follow and respond.

That unclaimed mountain at the far north of knowledge is taken into Monolith's domains, as are a Grassland and a Jungle Hex to the west of Stone Head.

With Cold Forging, the first Trolls smiths get to work, experimenting and improving. Though Stone Tools have a cultural resonance, Syrconite is harder, more durable, better at breaking rocks for building or for eating, better for cutting or digging and just generally better. The Troll Smiths work to develop superior Syrconite tools.

Develop (Cooking?)
Seishin takes a break from her mental exercises to appreciate the wonders of Intern creativity. They managed to absolutely butcher Kings Claw and Barlow into something resembling a sushi roll. The wonderful little rascals then decided to pop them into the fridge, which translates to 'leaving it outside overnight.'

Develop (Mining)
The mountains to our south have held their secrets long enough!

God Move - Continue moving south, let's see what's down there.
Taskforce x4 Unit Actions - Interact+Move
The Taskforces spread out in all four directions, looking to improve their knowledge of the surrounding area. What kind of animals call this place home?
>[Claim w/ DI] Mountain 2W of Landfall, Forest 2SW of Landfall
Sul'vir draws upon his divine power to mark a bit more territory as the Aspirants, necessary with the treefolk moving south. Meanwhile, Gotas feels his power used and aids Sul'vir in this task. Another curious development

>[Develop] Sinew + Tools + Solgrass: Grass Clothing
Sul'vir had many plans for the grass he had tasked his people with gathering, but first. Decency. These simple grass tunics, cloaks, and skirts wouldn't offer any real defense, but they would offer dignity and protection from the elements.

>[Unit Move] Aspirant Pathfinders: 2W, 1SW
The Pathfinders continue their scouting mission into Azraelius's land, hopefully his people would be welcoming. The scouts didn't have a real solution to their fire magic.

>[God Move] Gotas: NW, 5W
Gotas continued his walk, increasingly annoyed by the Creep sticking to his boots. While he did not mind Covetous, he hoped to find others who did not make their territory so...hostile? Hostile might not be the right word for it.
Name: Seregost

Description: While capable of shape changing prefered appearance is a large bi-pedal beast with thick grey hide

Domains: Trans-dimensional, possession, Telepathy

God Attributes: Major:Terraforming --- Minor: Strength, Affinity

Minions: The Aphotic blade
The Aphotic blade is the inner circle of powerful Chosen that rule over the armies of
Seregost. Being able to commune with Seregost by either telepathy or travelling to
sanctum they inact his will.
They seek to spread Sanctum into realspace giving Seregost control over it.
While human at their core, Seregost dosnt discriminate those who follow him.

Minion Attributes: Offense
Belweir and Florian watch their new craggy new friends wander away, apparently too busy to talk right now. The big crystal and little crystal share a look of confusion before they continue on their merry way.

>[MOVE UNITS] Belweir & Florian
South and east! Belweir thinks he can see more craggy friends that way. Maybe they're not busy?

Eventually, the explorers come around to a part of the water they think they've seen before. There's nothing else around the water that they can look at for clues about what's inside. They might have to actually... Go in...

>[MOVE UNITS] αExplorers
The floating little crystal lights all mill around at the water's edge nervously before they all decide to go back home to get ready for the scary journey under the waves.

>[DEVELOPMENT] Poseidon's gift
The thaumites in the city had already been trying to play in the water, but the water was eating the sun power from their crystals! So they played near the water's edge instead, and new crystals started growing in the sand! These new crystals could only hold a little sun energy, but the water wouldn't eat it!

>[DEVELOPMENT] Mind over matter
The thaumites have discovered how to expand the ability that allows them to lift their crystalline homes. They can now reach out and lift more pieces of crystal, and even light pieces of other materials, without dropping their glistening shells! They can even move these extra pieces of material around with some amount of force!

The thaumites have discovered that by glowing REALLY bright in certain parts of some crystals, that their light can be used to pierce some things! It doesn't reach very far and it cuts kinda slow, but it's fun!

Belweir's influence falls over more land!
Fuck... BoC3 is back!

I gotta reinstall Discord.
I'll be back.
File: IMG_20181113_105510.jpg (24 KB, 226x310)
24 KB
Sensing something had gone wrong during Alpha Oybabtu's long absence, the leader of the Oybabtu rushed along the border of the known land to return home.
>[Unit Action - Move - Alpha Oybabtu]
Southeast 2 hexes, West 1 hex, Northwest 2 hexes

The mines were in chaos.
The supports were not enough to hold up the ceiling for an entire section of the Great Mine. The collapse injured many Oybabtu, breaking arms, banging heads, and causing terrible lacerations. In pursuit of good Health and guided by Alpha Oybabtu's Innate Knowledge, the Oybabtu applied pressure to the bleeding, bound wounds, and immobilized limbs with Solgrass.
>[Develop+DI] Defense(or Knowledge?) Tech> Medicine I : First Aid
My primary goal is to start Oybabtu Medicine. The mechanical benefit could be a reduction of units lost after battle or just a simple defense bonus or whatever is easiest for you.

The Oybabtu studied the stone walls of the Great Mine, learning which were strong and which were weak. Oybabtu practiced using Whitestone and Bonerock to build stable and strong stone walls and pillars so they could rebuild stronger.
>[Develop] Production Tech> Masonry
I want this tech to allow Oybabtu to construct stone wall structures and structures with stone walls.

Fortunately, the ovens had not been damaged. Alpha Oybabtu sped to work modifying some of them to melt down ore into metal.
>[Develop] Production Tech> Forge
I want this tech to allow Oybabtu to construct metal tools and items from ore. They have researched syncronite ore so far, so I suspect just that for now.

Once the forges were ready, Alpha Oybabtu had the Oybabtu get to work fashioning Syncronite Metal safety gear to protect them as they dug out the mines. They made curved metal helmets to protect their heads and arms from breaks and lacerations from falling rocks.
>[Develop] Defense Tech> Syncronite Helmeted Armor
I want this tech to give Oybabtu Defense bonus while, in fluff, avoiding any concept of combat.
>Southeast 2 hexes, West 1 hex, Northwest 2
Fuck my directional dyslexia.
Southeast 2 hexes, EAST 1 hex, NorthEAST 2 hexes
New thread is a go! We're well and truly back.

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