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Last thread:

1. Henry straight up murdered someone, though he arguably deserved it.

2. Ophelia simply let the bug get away after it reattached its lower half.

3. Henry discovered that the bug was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get in good with the cult of progress and to make a ton of money.

4. Finally he reacted about as well as you'd expect to the combined knowledge of points 2 and 3.

Quest rules:
1. All dice rolled are assumed to be D100 unless otherwise stated
2. The first two rolls will be given far greater importance, but additional rolls, good or bad, will affect the outcome. This choice ultimately falls to the Lorekeeper, odd circumstances may cause him to change how the story progresses (a ton of crits for instance)
3. All dice rolls are final
4. Critical fails are considered to be between 1-5, Critical hits are between 95-100. Crits overpower any other roll except another crit. In the rare chance that a crit fail and crit success happen. The Lorekeeper will do something interesting from a story angle. Similarly, rolling 2 of the same number will be considered a MEGA crit, just pray its two high numbers.
5. Near misses may occur, where a rolled number is close to the required threshold, whether over or under. This can have an impact on how the story proceeds. However these are up to the decision of the Lorekeeper.
6. Sometimes there are optional choices one may participate in, these will generally NOT be taken unless there are multiple posters who wish it, assuming there are multiple posters in the thread
7. There are often times choices with multiple parts, each part is counted separately, unless otherwise stated, sometimes rolls will be required before counting the second, third, etc, part
8. There will be “Time Limited” decisions, in which characters may only do a set number of actions, these will be clearly marked. Generally you will only be able to choose one decision per ‘round’.
9. Rules may be subject to change between threads, but will not change during the same thread. These rules are what we will follow for the remainder of this thread.

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>prior thread
As much as he wanted to leap out of bed and get back to unfucking the mess he’d probably caused, Henry decided to sit tight and shut up. His memory was fairly hazy, the last thing he really remembered was finding the bug’s corpse was no longer in his cold room. He had a good enough understanding of his ‘outbursts’ to know he might have done something truly stupid, or irreversible.

“Johnny… did I, uh.”

“No, thankfully.” Johnny replied. “You’re the only one who was injured.”

“Good.” Henry said, lying back in the bed more peacefully than he had before. Worry that he didn’t even know about sliding off his face.

“So you don’t seem to be too badly hurt.” Rosa said. “I’ve healed your physical injuries, although I’m as of now uncertain if you took any mental harm.”

“I’m fine.” Henry said, smiling. “Really. I’d know if a few screws had come loose…”

He gently bit his tongue as Johnny leaned in towards him slightly and stared him down. There would be a conversation about this. He hoped he hadn’t caused too much trouble. Well it was done now…

“So can you tell me the first thing you remember?” Rosa asked.
“Sitting in my mom’s lap, watching the tide come in.” Henry said.

Johnny watched as the man’s tense face relaxed and a small smile crept over his lips. The man’s childhood was something he remembered fondly, even now.

“I remember I’d got out of her lap to grab a few of the clam shells that had washed up. There was one with a hole in it so she made me a necklace. Kept that thing until my brother hid it and he forget where he’d put it. Our father had to get involved to separate us.”

Rosa leaned back slightly in her chair and did a double take.

“What, didn’t think I had a good childhood?” Henry joked.

Johnny shifted around uncomfortably, to which Henry snickered. He could joke about it now, come on, it had been what, fifteen years ago now?

“Do you remember any embarrassing events?” Rosa asked. Picking up an empty clipboards and jotting something down.”

1. “I’m not telling you this so you can share it with your work friends.”
2. “I met a clumsy healer once. She fell on her bum when I surprised her. I think it was pretty embarrassing for her.”
3. “I once fell off a cliff.”
4. “got stuck in a cave once after my brother dared me to crawl inside. My father had to get a bunch of his friends from the village to pry me out. I never lived that down.”
5. “I once dropped a load of pepper inside my home once, got everywhere. I was sneezing so bad I nearly passed out. You remember that Johnny?”
6. (write in)
>“I met a clumsy healer once. She fell on her bum when I surprised her. I think it was pretty embarrassing for her.” Smirk. "I liked it though."
> “I once dropped a load of pepper inside my home once, got everywhere. I was sneezing so bad I nearly passed out. You remember that Johnny?”
gonna post tomorrow (technically tonight) I guess, will start up at 7:30ish if at all possible, I'll confirm it in the discord as well
“I met a clumsy healer once. She fell on her bum when I surprised her. I think it was pretty embarrassing for her. Really cute though.”

Rosa scribbled some notes, stopped, scribbled a bit more, then looked up and groaned as realization dawned on her face.

“Henry!” She said. “Really?”

“Yeah?” Henry said, smirking. “If I’m going to suffer I’m going to make sure you do too.”

“What a lovely outlook.” Rosa said.

“You sound like an old married couple, suits you.” Johnny said. The man didn’t usually chime in so it caused Henry to pause for half a minute to process it.

“I once dropped a load of pepper inside my home once, got everywhere. I was sneezing so bad I nearly passed out. You remember that Johnny?”

“I remember, I asked you to let me handle it but you refused. You wouldn’t even use a ladder. Just stacked a bunch of boxes up to the top shelf and fell right over.”

“So he’s been putting himself in danger for a long time huh.” Rosa said.

1. “This isn’t even about my injury is it, you’re just being nosy.”
2. “Any further questions doc?”
3. “I’m sure you’ve done similar things.”
4. (write in)
>“I’m sure you’ve done similar things. Falling in love with me is one of them.” Try and fail to hold in your cheeky grin and watch her blush.
“I’m sure you’ve done similar things. Falling in love with me is just the most recent.” Henry said.

Henry tried to keep a straight face but utterly failed. Rosa looked towards the door and panicked, placing a hand over Henry’s mouth. The woman was obviously worried over something.

“Please don’t talk about this here… in this place!” Rosa said. Her expression one of a strained calm.

“I’d agree Henry, this is no place for romantic talk.” Johnny said, trying to defuse the situation.

“Don’t say romantic!” Rosa said, before placing a hand over her own mouth. The situation had not been defused at all.

“T-they’re probably all waiting outside the door anyway.” Rosa said, hanging her head in defeat.

“Who?” Henry asked.

“My fellow sisters…”

1. “You shouldn’t care what they think. That just holds you down. Live life how you want.”
2. “Do their opinions really amount to much? You’re probably more talented than any of them.”
3. “Well I think you’re great Rosa.”
4. (write in)
>"As nosy as you were when we met, huh? Are all healers like this everywhere?"
>“Do their opinions really amount to much? You’re probably more talented than any of them. I would have died under that rubble back then if it weren't for you.”
>"Live your life how you want. Most of us don't have that freedom." Share a look with Johnny. He knows just as well as you do…
>"And besides, I love you too. Nothing will ever change that."
“As nosy as you were when we met, huh? Are all you healers like this everywhere?”

“No I wasn’t… I didn’t mean…” Rosa stammered, flushing red and trying to hide her face behind her hands. It didn’t really work.

“They all tease me relentlessly, its infuriating, I don’t want to discuss it with you, okay?!” Rosa said.

There was a bit of giggling from behind the door. Rosa looked like she was ready to stab someone. Henry noted the fact that her hand had slipped into her robe to grab something.

“Do their opinions really amount to much? You’re probably more talented than any of them. I would’ve died under that pile of rubble back in Grutzberg if it weren’t for you.”

“What?!” Johnny asked, incredulously.

“Thank you Henry.” Rosa said, a small smile on her lips. The woman removed her hand from inside her robes and placed her head in her hands. “I just wish I’d met you sooner. Before any of this.”


“Can you please go back to the part where you almost died, Henry? I believe that is incredibly important.” Johnny said.

“I shielded Rosa from the blast the metal man made when he went kaboom. I took a lot of injuries and nearly bled out. If Rosa hadn’t saved me I’d be dead, Johnny.” Henry said.

Johnny clenched his fists and stormed out of the room. There were several shrieks as Johnny swung open the door and barreled through a couple of healers. The woman looked inside the room, took a good look at the red cloaked man glaring back at them, and scurried off.
“Is he going to be okay?” Rosa asked.

“Like he has a choice, we both need each other.” Henry replied, smiling sadly. “Live your life how you want Rosa. Most of us don’t have the freedom to do so.”

Henry continued to stare out the now open door. Johnny knew that fact as well as he did.

“Besides I love you Rosa, nothing will ever change that.”

The woman blushed, pulling her cloak down over her head, sitting back, and crossing her arms.

“No need to pout now, come on.”

“I believe you’re mentally fine, or at least how you usually are.” Rosa said. “Just don’t talk about romance when I’m in this place, okay?” She said, softly. “Its not right.”

“Love you too.” Henry said.

He turned his attention back towards the open door. Johnny had been buried under a pile of rubble when ticky had exploded. The skeleton hadn’t known how close he’d gotten to death, and how close his curse had come undone. The man was probably pissed as all hell at him, but what the fuck else would he have done? Used Rosa as a shield?

1. *take your stuff and find Johnny.*
2. *Head home on your own, Johnny will find his way back eventually*
3. *head off to the bounty board by yourself, see what all the fuss is about*
4. (write in)
>Rosa looked like she was ready to stab someone. Henry noted the fact that her hand had slipped into her robe to grab something.
They sure are made for each other, aren't they? :^)

>*Head home on your own, Johnny will find his way back eventually*
>When you're in a place you won't be spotted easily or at all, pull out the contract and write an apology to Johnny.
>Keep an eye out as you head back. Don't be tailed a second time by an even worse enemy.
house lost power last night during a storm so I wasn't able to do jack shit.
Henry decided enough was enough, and made his way home. Stopping and changing directions frequently to throw off anyone who might or might not be following him. If anything the longer route served as a way for him to calm down, besides it let him avoid the incoming lecture from Johnny about not putting himself in harm’s way.

Henry stopped in a back alley and pulled out the contract, scribbling a quick apology to Johnny as an afterthought. In all honesty it would piss him off more, but it was probably better than doing nothing at this point.

Henry made it home, not exactly in record time but in one piece. Charles was waiting on the steps leading up to the door and hopped up once Henry was in range.

“You okay?!” Charles asked.

“Yeah I’ll live. How’s Ophelia?”

“Shes… she won’t come down from the loft. She shot off a warning bolt when Larry tried to console her. We think she’ll come down when she gets hungry. She’s terrified of you now. Uhm… are you sure you’re okay?” Charles asked.

1. “I uh, have anger issues. Charles.”
2. “Yeah, I’ve gotten over the fact that Ophelia just lost us a ton of gold coin and a life of ease.”
3. “No I’m really not, but let’s just pretend I’m not feeling like shit yeah?”
4. “Look just take me to Ophelia so we can set this little incident behind us.”
5. “She should be terrified of me.”
6. (write in)
>“I uh, have anger issues. Charles.” Rub the back of your head. "That's kind of a fucking understatement as you saw, but it is what it is."
>"How's Larry been doing while I was out? Any better?"
>"Johnny stormed off on me. He should be back sometime soon." Wave hand at the door.
>"...Do you want to help me cook something for Ophelia? It'll teach you more about looking after yourself, and it'll make me feel like less shit. Win-win."
“I uh, have anger Issues, Charles.” Henry said sheepishly. The man rubbed the back of his head for a moment and forced himself to maintain eye contact with Charles. “That’s kind of a fucking understatement actually, you saw what happened I assume. But It is what it is.”

“How’s Larry been doing while I was out? Did I hurt him?”

“No he’s fine, honestly he found the whole thing hilarious which is um, not normal? I’m just hoping you don’t act like that again.”

“Hilarious?” Henry asked.

“Yeah he uh, he said it wasn’t ‘funny’ funny, whatever the hells that means. I don’t really know.”


“Where is Johnny actually?” Charles asked, “He isn’t waiting at the gate is he?”

“Johnny stormed off on me, he should be back sometime soon.” Henry said, waving a hand at the metal gate that marked the border of the property.

“Do you wwant to help me cook something for Ophelia? It’ll teach you more about looking after yourself and it’ll make me feel less like shit. Win-win.”

“I can grab the list of materials that I purchased, if you want.” Charles said.

“No need I know what we have. Any idea what Ophelia likes to eat?” Henry asked, heading inside and towards the kitchen.

“Nope, Johnny would be the only one who’d know.” Charles responded.

“Afternoon, boss.” Larry said, poking his head out from around the corner. “All calmed down now?”

“Yeah, I’m, yeah.” Henry said. “We’re going to have a bit of a war meeting in a bit. So look sharp.”

“Sorry for getting you stabbed.” Larry said. “Yer girl patch you up?”


“Lucky bastard you are. All I got is an eyeful of lightning.”

“Ophelia’s really that worked up?”

“Yep.” Larry said. “Honestly the lass is much more of a boffin than I thought. Figured she’d be a bit more strong willed, but she just puts on airs.”

“Yeah, I pegged her like that from the start.”

“So what are we cooking, Henry?” Charles asked the second there was a lul in the conversation.”

1. Fish, you have a good deal of it.
2. Some omelets, you might as well use up the rest of the eggs, some of the veggies, and maybe some of the pork.
3. Cheese and sausage, maybe on some rye bread
4. (write in)
>Some omelets, you might as well use up the rest of the eggs, some of the veggies, and maybe some of the pork.
Use what spoils the fastest first. Also Ophelia might like getting more energy for her brain. Does double-duty as an apology meal too.
roll 1d100+10 for cooking
Rolled 18 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolled 9 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

my rolls are always bad as the first one
Rolled 30 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

The cooking itself went well, Charles got some good practice and made a couple of misshapen omelets. It gave them the excuse to use up some of their excess veggies and the last of the pork they’d gotten earlier that week. Larry stopped in to see what was going on and after some prodding from him Henry got Charles to make him lunch as well.

Henry hadn’t exactly expected Ophelia to just wander in but the silence from the warehouse’s loft was odd. The woman had claimed that space as hers when they’d gotten the property, and after that she’d made herself comfortable. Henry peeked inside the warehouse and noted that the broken windows had been patched up with wooden boards. Probably Larry’s work based on the shoddy craftsmanship. He’d have to either get new glass panes or ensure the planks would be waterproofed.

After some thinking, Henry sent Charles with the peace offering, which consisted of a single, shoddily made omelet. Henry had made sure it had been cooked properly though, so the woman wouldn’t be dying of food poisoning.

As Charles approached the ladder with his plate, a bolt of lightning sailed down and impacted the floor nearby, scorching it black but doing no further damage.


Charles scrambled back and barely managed to hold onto the plate.

“Fantastic.” Henry muttered.

1. *try to talk her down*
2. *have lunch and leave her there, if she wants to live up there that’s her decision*
3. *have Charles distract her and climb down from the roof*
4. *tell her you really will stab her if she doesn’t come down*
5. (write in)
>"Okay fine! I'm leaving your lunch here! Charles made it, not me!"
>*have lunch and leave her there, if she wants to live up there that’s her decision*
“Okay fine, I’m going to leave your lunch in that stupid dumbwaiter you constructed, and I can take a bite out of it to prove it isn’t poisoned.

“Yes!” Ophelia yelled down, poking her head over the railing and watching as Henry took a bite out of the omlette and placed it in the dumbwaiter Ophelia had constructed.

The platform slowly ascended intermingled with the sound of squeaky pulleys. Henry watched as Ophelia grabbed the food and fled back to the ‘safety’ of the loft.

Fucking crazy bitch, she was taking after him.

Henry proceeded to have lunch with Charles and Larry. Sometime during their conversations Johnny strolled in and proceeded to hunker down to the side of them. Henry barely even noticed the man was there.

1. *send Charles and Larry to go look at the bounty*
2. *have a chat with Johnny*
3. *you, Charles, and Larry should go look at the bounty, leave the people you don’t want to speak to behind*
4. *write in*
>*have a chat with Johnny*
>"…Look at the bright side. I'm not fucking dead."
Henry let the two merry fellows continue their lunch and moved himself and his half-finished meal over to Johnny. He leaned against the nearby wall and carefully lowered himself to the floor so that he was at eyehole level with the skeleton.

Johnny simply stared at him for a moment, Henry decided to break the awkward silence.

“Look at the bright side, I’m not fucking dead.” Henry said.

“How you can be so cavalier about this is astounding, even more so how you placed Rosa in harm’s way.”

“She wanted to be there, she wanted the reward Johnny.”

“I mean how you didn’t plan better, Henry.” Johnny said. “I assume we will be going on a bug hunt. Just a hunch of course. Why don’t we actually plan this time so we don’t lose anyone. Though I’m sure you’d be just fine as long as it was no one you actually cared about.”

1. “Collateral damage is fun phrase.”
2. “You’re right, fine.”
3. “I honestly expected a massive lecture, what gives?”
4. “I try to keep deaths to a minimum, asshole.”
5. (write in)
>“I honestly expected a massive lecture, what gives?”
>“You’re right, fine. Let's start off with what we know this thing can do and who he really is..."
This, plus
>"Any idea what Ophelia's favorite food is?"
I honestly expected a massive lecture, what gives?” Henry asked.

“Because I know you wouldn’t listen. So why should I waste both of our time? I’ll simply seek to lessen the damage, try to save Charles if you expire.”

“Not the others?”

“You obviously don’t care that much about them.” Johnny said, gesturing up to where Ophelia was hiding. “You still see them as tools correct?” He whispered.

“No, of course not.” Henry said, startled.

“You’re normally much better at lying, your episode must have affected you.” Johnny shot back.


“Let’s move on, until you’re will to have a real talk there isn’t much of a point.”

“Fine, you’re right. Lets start off with what we know this thing can do and who he really is.” Henry said.

“Larry, Charles, we’re having that meeting now.” Henry said.

“As long as the creature lives we’re in danger, specifically Ophelia is, I do not quite understand why it targeted her. Ophelia dear, do you have any ideas?” Johnny asked.

No response came from upstairs.

“So does anyone know what Ophelia’s favorite food is? It might be possible to bribe her into having an actual conversation, one that doesn’t involve yelling.” Henry asked, staring down at the emptied plates.

“No… sorry.” Charles said, wincing.

Henry turned expectantly to Johnny. The skeleton took a moment to notice and let out a small sigh. Hunching over slightly and tapping his foot to signal consternation.

“What?” Henry asked, finally.

“Do you really think I’d want to have a conversation about food? Given my condition?” Johnny asked.

“Oh, right.”

“She likes strawberries, apples and honey too.” Larry said. “W-what? Doesn’t anyone else make small talk?”

1. “Charles, after our meeting I want you to get some apples and honey from the market, I don’t think strawberries are in season yet.”
2. “Right so I believe the bug was a Requin Del Mar, proficient mage and a member of an unknown guild. His abilities have not stagnated but I’m uncertain if he is still lucid”
3. “We have no idea what he is planning.”
4. “He has a massive grudge against the cult of progress, he’s killed a bunch of them and they’re offering a massive reward for the body… which Ophelia misplaced.”
5. (write in)
>“Right so I believe the bug was a Requin Del Mar, proficient mage and a member of an unknown guild. His abilities have not stagnated but I’m uncertain if he is still lucid”
>“He has a massive grudge against the cult of progress, he’s killed a bunch of them and they’re offering a massive reward for the body… which Ophelia misplaced.”
>(Tell them about what the Cathar told you yesterday and the highly likely connection to the three people at Requin Del Mar's house, especially to their mention of some "plan" and "revenge.")
“Right so I believe the bug was a man named Requin Del Mar. A proficient mage and a member of an unknown guild. His abilities have not stagnate but I’m uncertain if he is still lucid.”

“What?” Larry asked.

“He doesn’t know if the bug can still think like a human.” Charles said, scoffing at the man’s lack of understanding.

“Be nice Charles, not everyone has your vocabulary.” Johnny said.

“He has a massive grudge against the cult of progress, he’s killed a bunch of their members, high ranking ones based on the note he left behind.”

“Practically a suicide note based on how its written.” Johnny mused. “It’s very likely he’s a troubled soul who merely needs rest.”

“Well then let’s give it to him, and collect a pretty penny.” Larry said, happily leaning back in his chair. “how much is the bounty anyway?”

“A lot, not sure how much since I haven’t seen the bounty board yet, but its riled the cult of progress up something fierce.”

“I was told by a reliable source yesterday that there have been massive outbreaks of franks, and that the church is planning on doing something drastic about it.” Henry said. “Secondly, the rewards being backed by Ludwig Von Braun, a very prominent member of the cult.”

“Von Braun… that name again.” Johnny muttered.

“Something worth sharing?” Henry asked.

“No, but he’s the ruler of a very old royal house.” Johnny replied.
"The other important bit of intel is that I saw a Paladin of Lanterns at Requin’s home, along with two other accomplices. One of which is now dead.”

“You did what?” Johnny asked.

“I had no choice, he attacked me the moment I revealed myself.”

“Henry…” Johnny muttered. “Fine.”

“No use crying over spilled milk right?” Larry said. “Shit happens.”

“That’s not the point…” Johnny said, rubbing his temples in a useless gesture.

“Regardless, there is some sort of revenge conspiracy, or something against the cult of progess. They were talking about a plan that involved Del Mar. ”

“So?” Larry asked.

““They want revenge against the cult, and are willing to kill a lot of people for it, I’d imagine the cult wouln’t want that. Come on now, try to guess what I’m thinking.” Henry said.

“I’d rather not.” Johnny replied.

“No feckin clue mr smarty pants.” Larry added.

“You want us to side with the cult and reveal the conspiracy for a reward?” Charles asked.

“Bingo, well, if its as big as I think it is we’ll get a hell of a lot more than a simple reward. We’ll be feckin heros.” Henry said.

“Hardly.” Johnny replied.

“Fuck yes!” Larry said. “Finally something worth the effort!”

1. “Right so I’d imagine everyone’s gonna be trying to figure out where the bug is thinking it’s a stupid beast, but we have the fuckers journal.”
2. *read the ‘they’ve found me’ note.”
3. “Charles, I’m leaving you the responsibility of calming Ophelia down to the point she can talk I’ll handle things from there.”
4. “Larry I want you and Johnny to figure out the word around town.”
5. “I’m going to see if I can’t get some info my own way.” (write in optional)
6. (write in)
>*read the ‘they’ve found me’ note to them.*
>“Larry I want you and Johnny to figure out the word around town.”
>“Charles, I’m leaving you the responsibility of calming Ophelia down to the point she can talk I’ll handle things from there.”
>“I’m going to see if I can’t get some info my own way.” (go out and investigate the locations on Del Mar's map - what the fuck is he planning with those ley lines?)

“Gonna read the note out now.” Henry said. “They’ve found me, I’m not certain how, and I don’t know how much longer I have, but I’m going to take out as many of them as possible before my untimely death. I don’t know how much of my research any of you were privy to, but know that what I am about to do will destroy any boundaries left between me and good sense. The creature that I will unleash will have my memories and my abilities, but it will not be me any longer. I can only pray you are not caught in the crossfire. Tonight is a momentous night, I have no more subjects left to test on, now I only have to wait and hope all goes well. Soon we will have far fewer enemies remaining.”

“The rest is useless to us.” Henry said. “A bunch of incoherent rambling about artifacts and other gooblegook.”

“The man had a few pieces missing I’d say.” Larry said, gesturing to his head and making a twirly motion with a finger.

“Regardless, we need to figure out what he was planning, and if there are any clues in his diary as to his location. I could probably crack it given enough time, but we don’t have time right now, which leads us onto the next point. Charles, its your job to coax Ophelia from her perch and slap the crazy out of her.”

“Uh, do I have to slap the crazy mage?” Charles asked. “I don’t want to be bolted.”

“I didn’t mean it literally.” Henry said. “Look, just find some way to calm her down, she likes you a hell of a lot more than me, and she probably won’t try to kill you. Less likely than if I tried to talk her down.”

“Maybe you should just apologize?” Larry suggested.

“No.” Henry replied.

“I’m going to see if I can’t get some info my own way.” Henry said. “Larry I want you to come with me for backup. Johnny keep an eye on Charles and make sure Ophelia doesn’t do anything especially stupid. I also want you to take Requin’s diary and get Ophelia to translate once she’s calm.”

“Do we get to break stuff?” Larry asked. “Or kill monsters?”

“No we’re going to go figure out what this map is all about.” Henry said, “I think the circled bits are a bunch of leyline connections around the city but I need to be sure. So we’re going to do some research.”

“So we’re going to read a bunch of books because a map points to a bunch of magical shit?” Larry asked, the agony clear in his voice. “Do I have to?”

“Do you want to collect a massive bounty?” Henry asked. “Then yes that’s what we’re going to have to do.”

“Fucking kill me.” Larry groaned.

Charles glanced up at Ophelia’s perch and sighed, how the hell was he going to get her down from there?

Johnny sighed far harder, he silently started praying that something would make Henry act with more sense, then gave up halfway through.

===============================(END OF CHAPTER)=============================
will continue tomorrow
“Shit attracts flies, a piece of shit attracts assholes.”
~ Unknown

====================================(Chapter Start)===============================

Henry waited a bit longer to gather some supplies, mainly paper and a couple of light runes, and then set off to inspect the leyline locations. He didn’t expect to find too much, but he half expected to bump into more of the revenge seekers. He knew exactly how those sorts of people could suffer from tunnel vision. They’re probably thought he was a member of the Cult of Progress.

Charles and Johnny were left with the uncomfortable task of trying to get Ophelia down from her perch. Henry didn’t envy them, the woman was batshit insane when she didn’t have a reason to fear for her life. But without her the ticky project would be dead in the water.

Pick a Group:
1. Henry and Larry
2. Charles and Johnny
3. (write in)
and thus, phase 2 of this case begins
>Charles and Johnny
Let's rock
time to get Ophelia down
Charles took a good look at Ophelia’s loft. There were only a few ways to actually get up there. The first was the ladder, but that wasn’t a great option due to the fact that Ophelia had become quite liberal in the application of electrical spells, and the fact she still had a lot of mana left. At least Henry had theorized so. Larry had recommended the skylight but that would be a one way trip and Charles wasn’t a hundred percent sure he could convince Ophelia, though he would have a far better chance than Henry would. There was the option of just ordering Johnny to tank any damage he was dealt and apprehend Ophelai, but Henry had vetoed that for some reason. Finally there was the option to just pile a bunch of stuff to form a ramp up to Ophelia.

Johnny had suggested the rooftop approach, since it would give Ophelia the least time the react. From there they could just bind her hands behind her back and render her unable to cast spells.

1. *rooftop plan*
2. *pile of stuff plan*
3. *try to bum rush the ladder*
4. *get creative* (write in)
>*rooftop plan*
Time to get high
Charles and Johnny made their way up onto the roof. Charles caught his breath and stepped up to the partially destroyed skylight. About a third of it had been covered in boards by Larry to keep the rain out though its effectiveness was questionable.

Charles wiped a bit of grime away from a window pane and stared down onto the loft. The structure extended out from the far wall and had mainly been used as storage space by the prior owner. There had been several crates full of uncarved runestones, glass, metal, and other various junk that Ophelia had quickly claimed as her own. After the general bunks had been established the woman had holed herself up there and had said she claimed it as a living space. Charles watched carefully as Ophelia paced back and forth while clutching her head.

The woman didn’t seem to be doing so well. Her hands were shaking, he hair was unkempt and it looked like she hadn’t slept a wink. She was clutching something to her chest and was babbling something although Charles wasn’t quite close enough to hear.

“Seems she snapped.” Johnny muttered. “Pity, but I’m not surprised, she always had been in the grip of madness.”

“Can we save her?” Charles asked.

“We can probably bring her back to lucidity Charles, but I don’t think we have the same definition of ‘saved’.”

Charles carefully cracked open a window and took a good look at the loft. The thing was about ten or so feet below them, meaning he could probably make it without injury. It still terrified him though, he hated heights. He’d always preferred the cool stone underbelly of the castle in fact. Anything that was secure, dry, and close to the ground was okay by him.

1. Hop down and try to sneak behind her
2. Send Johnny down and follow after him (loud option)
3. *Try to negotiate*
4. *throw something down first* (write in optional)
5. (write in)
>Hop down and try to sneak behind her
Channel that small child sneakiness, also do what Henry taught you about muffling your footsteps and the like.
roll 1d100+15
Rolled 91 + 15 (1d100 + 15)

Charles dropped down into a box and found that it was full of feather pillows. As he climbed out he noticed that Ophelia hadn’t even stopped her rambling. From what he could tell she was worried about shadowy figures haunting her dreams and that she finally realized Henry was the cause. The woman was utterly terrified which was something that Charles hadn’t thought possible. The woman was usually so lackadaisical when it came to her own safety.

Charles nearly leapt out of his own skin when Johnny materialized behind him. The skeleton was able to move very easily without making all that much noise, even with his armored clothing on. He pointed silently to Ophelia then back to himself and then he pointed at Charles.

Charles nodded and noted the rope that Johnny had pulled out of his clothing. They’d only have one shot before Ophelia noticed. The woman wasn’t all there but Charles wasn’t about to assume she wouldn’t notice them. She’d probably try casting paralyze spells or maybe some sort of curse at them if she noticed them.

1. *subdue her and tie her up*
2. *look around to see what she’s trying to do* (will require more rolls)
3. (Write in)
>*look around to see what she’s trying to do* (will require more rolls)
She's clutching something. And what's that about shadowy figures haunting her?
roll 2d100
Rolled 41, 44 = 85 (2d100)

Rolled 10 (1d20)

secondary roll
Charles motioned for Johnny to wait and then crept closer. He wanted to see what Ophelia was holding in her hands before doing anything else. For all he knew she was clutching a bomb rune in a death grip. He wouldn’t put it past her. Or maybe it had something to do with the obvious hallucinations she was having.

Charles managed to get close enough to see without blowing his cover. He wasn’t surprised. The woman wasn’t even partially there. Ophelia was practically spacing out now, mumbling something about crystals and how she needed to keep it safe. She muttered a few more things that burned Charles’ ears. Charles quickly grabbed some cloth from a nearby container and placed it over his ears, whatever Ophelia had babbled had hurt. Not physically… he didn’t really know what had happened. He was a bit shaken from it regardless.

-15 sanity

He took a good look at what she was holding and discovered that it was a flash rune. It was sort of like a light rune but was far, far more intensive. Henry had gotten a bunch of the things shortly after they had moved, as an anti-vampire precaution. From what Henry had said they could blind a man and would emit a burst of very powerful sunlight for a few seconds before running out of power. Why the woman was clutching it was a mystery.

Charles took a look around and noticed that the entire loft was bathed in light. He hadn’t noticed it before since the sun was directly overhead, but there were barely any shadows up here at all. Perhaps she was afraid of the dark?

1. *tell johnny about the rune and make your move*
2. *preform further actions* (write in)
3. (write in)
>*tell johnny about the rune and make your move*
>*Walk up to Ophelia and hug her from behind.*
She talked about shadows, and there's light everywhere. Not hard for Charles to make sense of it all.
roll 1d100 + 15
Rolled 34 + 15 (1d100 + 15)

Rolled 1 (1d2)

flipping a coin to see if reroll is allowed
Rolled 61 + 15 (1d100 + 15)

Charles crept back to where Johnny was hiding and let him know what he’d seen, the flash rune and the woman’s worries about shadowy creatures. Johnny froze up for a moment before becoming thoughtful. Charles didn’t know what he was thinking but it would have to wait.

On cue Charles ran up to Ophelia and hugged her from behind. The woman froze up before screaming out in terror, flailing her arms around and saying that ‘she should’ve grown eyes in the back of her head.’

A moment later Johnny was pressing her against some crates and restraining her hands behind her back. A couple of lose bolts of electricity sailed into the ceiling but no real damage was done.

“Ophelia please calm yourself.” Johnny said.

“NO NO STAY AWAY FROM ME!” Ophelia said, ineffectually struggling and falling to the ground with a thud.


1. *slap her until she isn’t being stupid*
2. *Try to calm her down with words* (write in optional, good suggestions will afford bonus to roll)
3. *leave her for Henry to take care of*
4. (write in)
>*Try to calm her down with words*
>"Ophelia, we're here for you! Whatever is going on, you can talk to us about it! It doesn't matter how strange it might be, we're here for you! We've gone through worse, haven't we? Whatever this is, we'll get through it too! Just... cease your struggling and breathe! Calm yourself and talk to us!"
Gotta channel that passive prince influence bonus, even though he's technically not a real prince
roll 1d100 + 10
Rolled 7 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolled 59 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

“Cease the theatrics, Ophelia, you aren’t the first person Henry’s attempted to unsuccessfully take his rage out on, he’s calm now.” Johnny said. “Just please cease trying to cast spells and I will release you, so we can speak like civilized hum-“

“NO, YOU’RE NOT A HUMAN, NEITHER IS HE!” Ophelia said, terrified.

“Ophelia, stop being deluisional.” Johnny said.

He recoiled as Ophelia spit at him.

“Unbelievable.” Johnny muttered, half reaching for his sword before stepping away and wiping the spit off his face.

Seeing his companion utterly fail to calm Ophelia down, Charles stepped in.

“Ophelia, we’re here for you!” Charles said, hugging the woman. “Whatever is going on, you can talk to us about it! It doesn’t matter how strange it might be, we’re here for you!”

“W-who?” Ophelia asked, “C-Charles?”

“Yes, it’s me. Come on.” Charles said. “We’ve been through worse haven’t’ we? Whatever this is, we’ll get through it too. Just breath, calm down please!”

“Charles… what was I doing? Why did Henry try to kill me!”

1. “You let the bug go, Ophelia.”
2. “He’s not well.”
3. “You tried to kill us when we went to help you?”
4. “What’s with all of the light runes and the flash rune?”
5. “I can almost understand why.”
6. (write in)
>“He’s not well! You know this already, don't you? He's as worse in his own way as the rest of us!"
>Hug her tighter.
>“…You let the bug go, Ophelia. I don't know how or why but it got back up again, didn't it? What did it try to do to you?"
>"Just relax, alright? Calm down. Things will be fine. We'll make them fine, together!"
>“What’s with all of the light runes and the flash rune? Something about shadows, right? You can talk about it to us. We're here for you!"
Charles being based young prince
“He… he’s not well.” Charles said.

“Yes.” Johnny replied. “We all know this already.”

“We all have our issues don’t we?” Charles said. “I mean even you do Johnny.”


Charles hugged Ophelia tighter until the woman pushed him away, complaining that he was making it hard for her to breath.

“You let the bug go Ophelia. I don’t really understand but apparently there was some sort of massive bounty on the thing.”

“A lot of gold, it set the man off to learn he lost his chance to live comfortably.” Johnny said. “I don’t really get it, wanting to have a lot of wealth and power.”

“Look, just relax, alright? Everything’s going to be fine.” Charles said.

“Thanks.” Ophelia said, “Thank you both.”

“What is the point of all of these runes?” Johnny asked. “And the flash rune too, bit of a weird obsession.”

“I was scared of the shadows… could we talk about this downstairs, over tea maybe?”

“I could prepare some, let me undo your bindings, and Ophelia, don’t do anything rash, for everyone’s sake.”

“Thank you Johnny.” Ophelia said. “You’re a gentleman.”

“Is there anything we can do for you?” Charles asked.

“I want an apology.” Ophelia said. “And a promise he will never pull a weapon on me again…. And I don’t want to be too close to him. I just want to get my project done, I want to get Ticky Operational…. Would you be willing to help me Charles?” Ophelia asked.

1. Yes
2. No
3. (write in)
>A very enthusiastic "yes" because even in medieval times and industrial revolution times, kids will love giant robots on their side
Charles smiled and nodded excitedly. “Yes of course!” He whispered.

If he could get Ticky running then Henry would have no choice but to acknowledge him as a true mage. He had grown tired with all of the various training and stupid tasks Henry and Rosa had set out for him. He could cast spells now, and he could certainly learn the rest on his own. He eyed Johnny carefully, the man couldn’t be informed, he’d snitch to Henry, certainly. It would ruin the surprise and Henry might’ve even tried to stop him

No this was something that Charles could do himself.

“Thank you Charles.” Ophelia said. “You’re a true friend.”

1. Make tea and hear Ophelia’s story
2. (write in)
>Make tea and hear Ophelia’s story
>Practice channeling mana more. More practice is always good.
Johnny untied Ophelia’s bindings and stepped away slowly. The woman didn’t say anything besides a quick thanks. None of her normal berating or annoyance. Johnny mumbled something about the mighty being humbled, a passage from one of the Church’s holy books no doubt.

Charles set off to the kitchen and made a nice batch of herbal tea, some for himself and some for Ophelia. He needed to get whatever information out of her that he could, and sides he was helping her too. He hoped he could mend things between the two of them. His family shouldn’t be fighting like this.

He practiced a bit more channeling while he waited for the kettle to boil. He managed the white mana easily enough, and the black mana came to him with a bit more effort. He only had one of each Henry had explained. Ophelia had tried to teach him that it was more complex than that but she was not a natural born tutor. Most of it had gone over Charles’ head.

Regardless, Charles had felt hints of something else during his channeling but hadn’t told anyone about it. He’d been incredibly envious of Henry’s third color, and even though Ophelia had tried to cheer him up by calling him a ‘show off’ it didn’t really work. Sides if he was going to have his revenge he needed all of the power he could get. He didn’t care what Henry, or even Johnny for that matter, had to say about it.

Charles nearly leapt out of his skin when the kettle began to make a racket, and returned to the lab with a couple of piping hot cups of tea. While they waited for them to seep Johnny started the questions.

“So what exactly is this all about Ophelia?” Johnny asked. “You’re normally energetic but this was a bit much.”

“Henry tried to kill me.” Ophelia said.

“Yes well, he wasn’t in his right mind.”

“I mean I was utterly terrified.” Ophelia continued. “I’ve never felt that scared in my life. I normally... I’m not good at talking about these sort of things… can you ask me specific questions?”
1. “Why did Henry scare you that much?”
2. “What was with all the light runes?”
3. “What did the bug try to do?”
4. “What are you trying to hide?!”
5. (write in)
>“What was with all the light runes?”
>“What did the bug try to do?”
>Keep practicing mana channeling. Eventually it'll come just as easy to you as it does to everyone else!
roll a concentration check
Rolled 21 (1d100)

Rolled 79 (1d100)

Charles decided that he’d practice channeling while he was talking. It was incredibly difficult to do both at the same time but if he could master it then it would give him another ability. Still, he could feel the strain beginning to take a toll.

“What was with the light runes?” Charles asked.

“I… I’ve been having nightmares.. more like night terrors, lately. I’ve been remembering the day of the accident, when my father died, and then I’m surrounded by shadows… its all rather silly when I talk about it.

“Can you describe the shadows?” Johnny asked.

“Like people, two legs, two arms, but they glide over the ground and walls like a shadow would. Not tethered to anyone, and they emit this awful aura. I… I felt something very similar to it coming off of Henry.” Ophelia said.

“Surely you just imagined it, Henry has his quirks but he is no monster.”

“I’m serious Johnny, I wouldn’t joke about anything like this and you know that, why don’t you trust me.”

Johnny clenched his jaw and tapped his foot impatiently. If Charles didn’t know better he’d think the skeleton was distressed.

“Look, we all need to have a talk with Henry about this, if he has something that’s latched onto him or-“

“And how do we know the bug hasn’t done something to you.” Johnny shot back suddenly.

“I am in complete control of my mind, thank you.” Ophelia replied. “Well… I am now…”
“Ophelia, if you want me to stand watch near you I would be willing to do so, I can assure you there are no shadows.”

“I’m fine now Johnny, and you will let me sleep by myself like I arranged.”

“What did the bug try to do to you?” Charles asked, quickly changing the subject to avoid a blow up.

“It tried to invade my mind and overpower my will. When that failed it tried to simply kill me. I drove it off easily enough. I’m quite surprised it gave anyone any trouble at all.”

“If I had my way we would’ve burned the corpse to ash.” Johnny said. “That would have avoided any of todays problems.”

“And we’d have lost that reward, and Henry would tried to kill you.” Ophelia snidely replied.

“Perhaps if you’d been a bit more… polite, there wouldn’t have been an issue?” Charles said, trying to help.


“Please don’t shout, there is no need.” Johnny said, unimpressed. “Also you’re hurting the poor boys ears.”

“Oh… sorry.” Ophelia said. “Can’t blame me if I get a tad excited.”

“Of course.” Charles said, uncovering his ears and breathing a sigh of relief. “So that was all it did, try to take you over?”

“Well I figured it wanted to take me somewhere, I got the general feeling that it was guiding me although I didn’t let the thoughts gather towards a purpose. It also said something about… well…”

>roll 1d100 for charisma (write in optional)
Rolled 82 (1d100)

>"Go on Ophelia, you can tell us. Anything would help us figure out what's going on in this city. Henry said the bug was Requin Del Mar, along with something about ley lines and a man named Ludwin Von Braun putting up a bounty." Shrug. "No idea what all that means. Maybe you might?"
very good, writing
“Go on Ophelia, you can tell us.” Charles said.

“If it’s that bad we’ll avoid telling the others.” Johnny continued. “You can trust us.”

“Henry said the bug was a mage named Requin Del Mar, along with something about ley lines and a man named Ludvig Von Braun putting up a massive bounty for the thing.” Charles said, shrugging. “Do you know anything about any of that?”

“I don’t know this Requin fellow… but I am acquainted with Ludvig, I met him when my father was still alive, I don’t remember the specifics very well I’ll admit. I think they were showing off inventions to one another.”

“So what did the bug say? I’m quite surprised it could even speak, generally such horrors lose their minds.”

“I didn’t hear most of it, but it pointed at my forehead and said something about a knowledge crystal… that might be what lodged into me during the accident… it’s also what might be behind my visions of other people’s inventions…” Ophelia said. “I don’t really know to be honest.”

1. “Thank you Ophelia, this is really helpful.”
2. “Why are you hiding things?!”
3. “I’m still kind of surprised you’re from a noble house Ophelia. You don’t act anything like it.”
4. “What was Ludvig like?”
5. “Do you have any idea why a mage would hold a grudge against the cult of progress? You don’t seem to fond of them either.”
6. (write in)
>“I’m still kind of surprised you’re from a noble house Ophelia. You don’t act anything like it.”
>“Do you have any idea why a mage would hold a grudge against the cult of progress? You don’t seem to fond of them either.”
>“Thank you Ophelia, this is really helpful.”
“I’m still kind of surprised you’re from a noble house Ophelia. You don’t act anything like it.”

“My father died when I was seven Charles… my mother died during my birth. I didn’t have anyone to teach me about being a noble, and I never really cared, I still don’t. It’s not important. People don’t care about things like names or status, they just pretend they do. They just care about what you do. That’s why my inventions are so important.”

“Henry is still unaware or he probably would have tried pressing you on it.” Johnny mused. “It’s a shame your family line ends with you though.”

“I had two brothers and they’re still fine, I think.” Ophelia said. “Neither wanted anything to do with me of course, since I always caused trouble. Especially after the accident… when did this become telling my life’s story? To an old skeleton and some kid.

Charles didn’t respond to the comment like Henry might’ve, it was just how Ophelia was. Instead he asked another question.

“Do you have any idea why a mage would hold a grudge against the cult of progress? You don’t seem too fond of them either.”

“Because they steal inventions?!” Ophelia said. “They stole what they could from my father! They do as they please with their petty political connections, and they try to keep all inventing under one roof, and guide it as their upper leadership see fit!”

“Do you have any idea why a guild mage might hold a grudge?” Johnny asked.

“They’ve been liquidating guilds for a little while, well, all of the small ones. The big ones generally work with them in this city, maybe that’s what happened?” Ophelia said. “Or they stole his ideas, or maybe they hurt someone he cared about? I’m sure Henry could come up with more reasons for wanting to murder someone.”

Johnny made a couple awkward coughing noises turned away, obviously uncomfortable.

“Thanks Ophelia, this is really helpful.” Charles said.

“Finally some recognition.” Ophelia said.

“Ehem.” Johnny replied.

“Oh um… you’re welcome?” Ophelia added.

1. *pursue further actions*
2. *wait for Henry to return and practice your channeling*
3. *keep an eye out for the corpses that are supposed to be delivered today*
>"But if Requin Del Mar is against the Cult of Progress, why would he come straight here and attack you? Why not try asking us to join him?"
> *keep an eye out for the corpses that are supposed to be delivered today*
“But if Requin Del Mar is against the Cult of Progress, why would he come straight here and attack you? Why not try asking us to join him?”

“I think he was after whatever was buried in my head, I don’t know how he found me or how he even knew about it which has been bothering me. It not something I really wanted to investigate, I have more important matters to attend to.”

“I have a lot of things to say to both of you but I’m going to start with you Charles. Even though it can talk and might even be capable of rational thought, the thing is clearly a monster. It’s not a creature that can be trusted and its intelligence is abominable. We must make every attempt to eradicate it, and if possible destroy its corpse. I don’t really agree with turning the thing over to the cult of progress, no matter how much money they offer. If possible I’d like both of you to try to convince Henry of that. Secondly we’ve already traded blows and it was the one that launched the attack, after planning since it knew how many of us there were, our movements, and made attempts to distract us while going for you. It underestimated you Ophelia, I don’t think we can count on that continuing. This is incredibly troubling. It must have known you were here Ophelia, which means others might be able to find you too.”

“So I just kill them if they come for me right?” Ophelia asked. “What a bunch of trouble.”

“I don’t think you understand the severity of the situation Ophelia, regardless you’re still a wanted woman and we won’t be able to protect you if any hunter outfit comes in force. At the very least we need to figure out how this man is tracking you and how to stop it, and what he’s planning to do with whatever’s embedded in your forehead.”

“You make a good point, fine, I’ll devote some of my precious time to this matter, but Henry better thank me after this is all done.”

“He actually ordered us to grab some apples and honey after you’d calmed down.” Johnny said.

“He expects to bribe me?!” Ophelia said. “Well… I suppose I can allow it… I am in the mood for something sweet.”

“I’m going to keep an eye out for the corpse delivery.” Charles said, heading out through the door and leaving the two of them alone to discuss whatever they were discussing. Charles needed some time to think.

1. Move to Henry and Larry
2. Continue with Charles
>Continue with Charles
Charles wheeled a pallet out to the lighthouse and waited, letting the cool sea breeze hit his face. He didn’t have any other work to do for once… well he had a few things but he could afford to be a bit selfish once in a while.

A couple flights of angels patrolled overhead. Charles watched them with mage sight and was nearly blinded. One of them was an archangel for sure. He rubbed his eyes wearily and hoped none of them would land down here for any reason. It was a miracle the bug hadn’t attracted more of them… wait… yeah that was odd wasn’t it. The city was covered in angels, how could the thing move so freely? Wouldn’t the angels descend upon it if they noticed it?!

Charles was knocked out of his thoughts by a rapidly approaching skiff. The boat had a small cabin in its center and a bit of storage space in the back. Its lower half was a serene blue color. As it got even closer Charles stood up and waved a piece of green cloth at it, just as Henry had instructed earlier. One of the two people on the boat waved a piece of yellow cloth back, which meant they needed to move quickly, probably due to the angelic presence. Fortunately angels seldom cared about non animated corpses, from what Ophelia said, they shouldn’t even be able to see them unless they had direct visual contact. It was nice to talk to someone who enjoyed using such wonderful amounts of words. Charles had even learned a couple here and there.

The corpses, stored in a couple containers labeled ‘fresh apples’ were placed onto the pallet and Charles quickly brought them back inside, and wheeled them into the cold room… which was missing a door…


1. *get Ophelia and Johnny on the case, certaintly they can come up with a solution*
2. *try to shove the door back up over the hole, good enough right?*
3. (write in)
>*get Ophelia and Johnny on the case, certainly they can come up with a solution*
Damn bug-men at it again!
Charles walked over to Johnny and Ophelia, and asked both of them to help with the issue of the rotting corpses.

“Honestly I’d prefer giving them a good and proper burial, if they rot I think they’ll be far less desecrated than whatever Henry would do to them.” Johnny said. “Besides I’ve been given no orders to preserve them and I’m not really inclined to help Henry with necromancy, I apologize.”

How polite

“I’m not interested in wasting time with a couple of corpses, I’m willing to help you with the investigation but that’s all. I DO have things I want to do.” Ophelia said, after being asked.

Charles sighed, this would be harder than he thought.

1. *try to convince Johnny* (Write in optional)
2. *try to convince Ophelia* (write in optional)
3. *try something else* (write in required)
4. *give up*
5. (write in)
>*try something else*
The bodies just need to not rot before Henry gets here. For that, we need the cold room. Why not simply move a lot of things to block the doorway?
roll 1d100+25
Rolled 71 + 25 (1d100 + 25)

writing, nice roll
Charles carefully deposited the corpses in the cold room, then used the pallet to grab a couple crates the block the entrance. He realized he could quite reach up the whole way. He turned to Johnny and Ophelia, thinking that maybe they’d be willing to help. The two were busy crawling across the floor looking for something. Charles could help them find whatever object they’d lost later, for the time being he had to seal the cold room off.

He remembered that they’d thrown out a wooden door the other day, the thing had been damaged badly from the prior night’s attack, but it should work as a temporary solution. Charles wheeled the pallet out around back where the garbage dumpster was located, facing the ocean. A lot of the big cities had trash collection of this sort, the church believed that accumulated trash was a blight upon the city and led to disease and disaster. Charles didn’t’ really think a little trash hurt anyone and was happy to find that the collector hadn’t been around today. Unfortunately he could hear something rummaging around inside the bin.

He pulled out his dagger unconsciously and advanced towards the bin. Inside he found a half dozen dogs and a very dirty looking child, and the door. The kid was seemingly eating a moldy piece of bread that Charles himself had thrown out earlier. Even though Ophelia had wanted to study the mold… weird woman.

Emerging from his thoughts Charles jumped as the kid turned to face him. Filthy knatted hair and long claw like nails were the first things he noticed. Then he saw the kids face which was a mixture of fear and hostility. Charles guess the kid was around his age, maybe a bit younger. The dogs began to snarl and so did the kid. Charles backed up while brandishing his knife in the way that Johnny had taught him. The dogs immediately jumped down and formed a wall between Charles and the kid.

1. *fight*
2. *flee*
3. *try to reason with the kid*
4. *attempt to avoid the dogs and take the door*
5. *try a sneak attack from the other side of the wall*
>*try to reason with the kid*
>"Hey, calm down! If you want the food that's fine. I'm just here for the door." (point at the door, should be visible from there) "I need that back. If you can give it to me, I'll try to get you some food. Just don't attack me, okay?"
Should be something to spare back inside. Can't give too much or too little, just enough so he gets some decent grub and moves on with his dog pack.
Charles decided that his chances against a feral kid and his pack of feral dogs was fairly low, if he tried to run it might cause the dogs to chase, and he really didn’t want to murder some kid. At least out in the open like this. I mean if the kid attacked him and he had to defend himself, sure.

“Hey calm down! If you want the food that’s fine! I’m just here for the door!” Charles said, pointing to the damaged door that was sticking out of the dumpster. “I need the door back, if you can give it to me I can get you some food.”

“Food mine!” The kid said. “Not yours!”

“I want the door, not the food!” Charles said, trying to dumb down his speech even further.

“Food mine!” The kid said. “Pointy thing! Try to hurt!” He continued.

“My dagger? I thought you were attacking me!”

“You attacked me!” The kid said.

“Look, I want the door!” Charles said.

The kid turned around and grabbed the door while the dogs continued to snarl at Charles. Charles chanced peeking with mage sight and noticed there were strands of green mana connected the dogs to the kid, yet there were a couple of odd things too, the strands had odd spikes coming out of them, sort of like a rose’s stem. He didn’t know what to make of it.

“Door… this?” The kid asked, hauling the large door out with far less difficulty than he should have. Charles was completely surprised since he hadn’t seen any spells being cast. Could this kid have enchantments?! Who was he?

“Food?” The kid asked.

Charles sighed. “Wait here, stay.” He said, pointing at the ground.

“No stay long, fancy men come you die.”

Charles didn’t know what the hell that meant but he didn’t argue. He rushed back inside to find Ophelia circling a blue bloodstain on the ground with mage powder and giggling obsessively. Johnny stood and watched and occasionally asked her to tone it down. Charles figured she was going to do some sort of trace spell on the thing. Hopefully it would be effective.

Charles ran to the kitchen and looked at his options. They hadn’t shopped for food in a couple days so the selection wasn’t great.

1. *a quarter loaf of bread*
2. *a couple over ripened apples*
3. *a couple carrots*
4. *a pack of hard boiled eggs*
5. (write in)
>*a couple over ripened apples*
Kid needs the fruit with teeth like that.
Charles grabbed the last of the apples from the basket they were being kept in and began his trip back outside. The things were overripe due to being out so long, but were still safe enough to eat. They’d have to be thrown out the next day so Henry probably wouldn’t mind if they saw some use. The man had been complaining about food costs though… Charles had tried to not eat as much but Henry got really upset at that for some reason he couldn’t quite fathom. Honestly as it was he was eating far more food per day than he was used to, he could imagine how hungry the kid was.

“Are you quite alright Charles?” Johnny asked. “Do require assistance?”

“I need you to stay here Johnny, I need you here to help me uh… concentrate yes concentrate. Ophelia babbled

“I don’t understand how my presence would help with that.”

“CONCENTRATION!” Ophelia said, becoming a bit manic. “I need you here for me to uh… concentrate!”

Johnny sighed and resigned himself to his ‘post’.

Charles returned outside and found the kid kicking his legs over the side of the dumpster, still nibbling away and the hard, moldy bread he’d gotten. Tossing chunks of it to his dogs. Interestingly the creatures didn’t fight over it, beyond that he didn’t see any other odd behavior, the dogs acted like… dogs. Actually quite playful until Charles returned, then they became quite aggressive again.

“I brought food!” Charles said, laying the apples out on the ground and quickly stepping back.

Wordlessly, one of the dogs stepped forward and sniffed the apples, then took a small bite out of one of them. Immediately the kid leapt down, ran on all fours, grabbed the apples, and quickly jumped and climbed his way back up to the top of the dumpster. The kid proceeded to devour the apples, even choking at one point. Charles watched in amazement as tears crept down the kids face. He was so absorbed in his food that he didn’t even remember Charles was there. A couple of the dogs began to wag their tails as well although overall they remained on guard.

He’d probably never eaten anything that good before, Charles thought. In fact Charles had been quite lucky in all actuality; the servants he’d befriended had ensured he never starved to death, even if he was underfed according to Henry. Now he was living far better than he was used to, even if the scenery was far more drab than the palace had been. Funny in a way.
“Good food.” The kid said. He began chewing at the apples cores before tossing them to his dogs. He jumped down from the dumpster and hauled the door over to Charles. Charles gingerly grabbed the door from him and was nearly crushed as the thing tilted onto him. It was a good deal heavier than he’d been expecting. How had the kid managed to haul it out of the dumpster? Who was this kid? Charles finally managed to haul the door onto the pallet and sat down on top of it, already exhausted.

“More?” The kid.

Charles continued to sit on top of the cart nervously palming the hilt of his dagger. He’d done something stupid hadn’t he? Henry had specifically told him NOT to do anything that would bring attention to their base. But this was just some feral street urchin right? He could barely speak human at all, and had obviously never lived a civilized life. Honestly the thing slightly repulsed Charles though of course his charitable nature had won out.

“Not me… for dogs.” The kid said. Smiling, revealing sharpened teeth, like a beasts. Charles felt the hair on the back of his neck stiffen. He clutched at his ribs, remembering the godawful pain that had leapt through him when they’d been shattered back in New Haven by that werewolf’s kick. Johnny had explained later that he was lucky the man hadn’t simply transformed and killed them all from the start.

Charles watched as the dogs tore at the apple cores. The dogs were slightly emaciated and the kid was moderately emaciated which made his bizarre strength far scarier. How strong would he be if he wasn’t half starved?

1. “I can’t give you any more food, you can’t come back here.”
2. “I can probably spare a little more…”
3. “Fine, but you can’t come back do you understand.”
4. “Yes, of course.”
5. (write in)
>“Fine, but you can’t come back do you understand. I can't keep giving you food, you'll have to find more elsewhere.”
>(get those hardboiled eggs)
Dogs can enjoy eggs just fine like a human. Protein is protein.
Johnny watched as Charles once more ran into to grab food for something. He hoped the boy wasn’t feeding stay dogs; it would only result in them showing up for more food, which would probably ruin Henry’s already foul mood.

“So am I really required to be here?” Johnny asked absentmindedly. He tracked Charles’ progress back across the room to the door leading outside, carrying six hard boiled eggs between his arms. The child was certainly feeding strays.

“I wanted to talk to you about what I saw when Henry attacked me.” Ophelia said. “I’ve been thinking about it and well… it was weird, his soul was weird.”

“Ah, well now I’m the one with the egg on my face aren’t I. Here I thought this was yet another one of your odd quirks.”

“Why would having people watching me do magic make me perform better? That’s absurd.”

“Of course.” Johnny said blankly. “So what was odd with his soul?”

“It was far stronger than a normal human’s should be.” Ophelia said.

“Well that’s hardly surpising, he’s a mage and a very talented one at that.”

“I know, in fact I’d say he rivals me… but that… thing, wasn’t what a human should have. If he isn’t a demon than someone tampered with it I think, very, very powerful aura magic. It’s weird because I hadn’t noticed it before but, maybe his anger triggered it? I don’t really know what to make of it… well… I mean… of course I know what it is… Look it’s not supposed to be there. What happened to him Johnny?” Ophelia asked, showing the slightest hint of concern.

“I’m afraid I don’t know.” Johnny replied, cheerfully lying. Although in truth the news had thrown him into turmoil. Even he’d been unaware of this. He’d always found Henry’s anger issues to be unusual but had chalked it up to… other, more obvious reasons. Did they actually have a root cause? What had Abraxas done to him?”

“Look, the reason I thought he was a demon… is because I met a demon, once… the cult of progress had captured one. It was in Ludvig’s collection. I saw it when me and my father visited. The thing was completely immobile, bound into a statue but somehow its soul was visable… but it scared me more than anything I’d ever seen until now.” Ophelia said, her usual snarky attitude replaced with a very strange sincerity.

Charles returned outside with the eggs and laid them on the ground and pack of six hungry dogs wolfed them down immediately. He sighed and turned to the kid who was practically beaming with joy, petting each of the dogs in turn.

Charles made a mental note to check himself for flees later, and to take a proper bath. The feral child reeked.

“Look, you can’t come back here, do you understand? It won’t be safe for you, I can’t keep giving you food, you’ll have to find more elsewhere.”

“Friend give food.” The boy said. “I try to get food… before? Fancy men get angry, try to stop me. Put me in cage… pretty woman say bad things about me, say I’m ‘bad’. They kill dogs….fine, I not return.”

Charles bit his lip and clenched his fists before walking away. He had no idea how Henry could make these sorts of decisions so easily, he had to become tougher. He couldn’t let people manipulate him like this, right?

The dog boy scurried off past Charles, his dogs following after him.


Henry took another big gulp of salt air and stretched his hands over his head. The Lumvine arch was close by, where the next leyline was. They’d been making good progress over the day, although they hadn’t actually found too much. Henry had been thinking of how a bunch of leylines along the coast could do anything harmful, he wasn’t having too much luck.

The streets were full of activity, merchants, peasants, Cathars, and even a couple of angels which choose to walk for some reason. Henry had given the last group a wide but unnoticeable berth. The streets very incredibly lively actually. The Long Day Festival was coming up shortly. Two days of continuous sunlight as the sun stood stuck in the sky, signaling the beginning of harvest season. The warm air of summer blew through the city streets. A massive shark had been hauled up into the market, apparently it had been caught by a team of expert fishermen. A set of wooden supports had been constructed just to keep the thing suspended in the air. A display piece more than anything else.

Larry was lagging behind, obviously not enjoying the walk too much.

1. *ignore him, you’re in too good a mood to ruin it*
2. *take in your surroundings* (roll 1d100)
3. *take a look at the shark*
>"Let's stop here for a bit. I don't want you tripping over something and falling on your sword." (jokingly)
>*take in your surroundings and that great sea air; things are starting to get better for once* (roll 1d100)
> *Take a look at the shark, as well as the supports for it from here. Remember the last time a display tried to kill you when you were cursed...*
Rolled 99 (1d100)

oh yeah, rollan that d100
well holy shit, prepare for some non-case related but incredibly important plot stuff... tomorrow
“Let’s stop here for a bit. I don’t want you tripping over something and falling on that sword of yours.” Henry said jokingly.

“Well scuse me, I just thought we be doing something interesting, all you’ve done is look at a bunch of magical shit. Where’s the action?”

“If I can figure out what the hell he was planning then I can guarantee action, a lot of it.” Henry said. “Sides ain’t no such thing as a free lunch ey?”

“Fair I suppose, just wish there was more problems to be fixed by just hitting em or slicing em open yeh?” Larry replied.

Henry took in his surroundings, and was alerted to several things, the shark itself was a magical creature of some sort, with a couple of glowing sacs inside its mouth that had a dull blue glow to them. The glow made sense of course, magical sea creatures tended to have blue mana affinity. The shark itself seemed extremely rare, Henry didn’t recognize the species and figured it must have come from fairly far out near the edge of the sea of eyes. Beyond that, he didn’t know enough about it, he’d never gone anywhere near that far out with his father. Ophelia would probably know more.

The market was abuzz with activity. Henry watched as a kid bumped into a rotund gentleman who cursed him out and threatened to have him strung up. The kid had already run into an alley at that point. Regardless the man wasn’t all that bright, but Henry could see he was now missing the fancy coin pouch he’d been brazenly wearing. Dumbass. A couple of nervous guards eyed each other but said nothing as they followed the man. Stupid and dangerous, a very fun combo.

Henry turned his eyes to the rooftops were a couple of angels were basking in the sunlight, occasionally speaking angelic to one another. He could see blue mana flowing through them, members of the Angel of Midnight’s flight, which made sense given the city they were in.

There were a couple cathar’s posting wanted posters up on a communal job board, beyond that Henry didn’t notice much else.
Larry sat down on a set of steps leading up to a house while Henry took a closer look at the beast. Remembering his prior encounter with displays of this nature, Henry kept a reasonable distance from it. There was a wooden plaque that had been erected detailing the ship and crew who’d caught the thing, its weight, its price, and who it had been sold to. Apparently the cult of progress had purchased the thing and were showing it off. Bit of an odd thing to do but perhaps they wanted to flaunt their abilities.

Henry took a look at the names on the plaque. He stopped and looked dumbfounded as a pounding headache set in. He recognized one of those names, there wasn’t any way … no no no.

The captain of the ship was Edgar Fisher, that was the name of his grandfather. Henry found a building to lean against and slid to the ground in shock. Larry eventually sauntered over and made a joke about how he needed to watch where he was walking or he might hurt himself.

1. “Shut the fuck up Larry.”
2. “I just saw a fucking gheist okay?”
3. “I think my grandfather is still alive.”
4. “I need a moment, jackass.”
5. *say nothing*
6. “Let’s get going…”
>“I just saw a fucking gheist okay?”
>“I think my grandfather is still alive.”
>(Try to stay calm)
>(Possibly fail to stay calm, but in an anxious hype way)
>("My grandfather is still alive!")
>("Oh shit, my grandfather is still alive...")
>(Come on, Fisher must be a common enough last name... There's no way, right?)
Rolled 16 (1d20)

rolling to stay calm
“I just saw a fucking gheist okay?”

“Good god alright.” Larry said throwing his hands up like he was blocking a punch. “What’s going on?”

“I think my grandfather is still alive.” Henry said.

“Good?” Larry asked.

“My family died when I was little Larry, I didn’t think I had any family left.”

“Well… I uh, jeeze.” Larry said, trying and failing to come up with a joke to lighten the mood.

Henry sighed and began to think, his shaking legs the only indication that he was in a slight panic. He didn’t know how to react to this, if his grandfather was still alive… he really could reconnect with his family… no no no no he couldn’t not after what he’d…. he couldn’t go back, he couldn’t face them. They probably thought he was dead… yeah.

“You didn’t have any cousins or uncles or anything?” Larry asked. “Nobody who’d take you in?!”

Henry could hear a tinge of anger in the man’s voice.

“Look Henry that ain’t feckin right, family’s gotta look out for each other, that’s not feckin right…”

“It’s complicated okay?!” Henry snapped.

Larry sighed and sat down on the ground next to Henry.

“Ain’t gonna pull a knife on me are ya?”

“No… no I’m not, I’m calm.” Henry said. “Fisher’s a common last name right? Maybe it’s someone else.”

“You know you could probably ask em. The guards near the display, they might not know but someone’s bound ta, you just gotta meet em right?”

Henry didn’t know what to do, he had broken out in a cold sweat and had instinctually turned to ask Johnny for help, but of course he’d left the damned skeleton back at the warehouse.

“Look, I get it, it’s hard for you, I guess thing ain’t great between you and yer folks but I can ask if you want.” Larry said, beginning to get up.

1. “NO!”
2. “No, no its fine, lets go.”
3. “Thank’s Larry.”
4. “I’d like to do… I need to do this myself.”
5. (write in)
>“I’d like to do… I need to do this myself.”
>"Thanks for offering though. I, uh... I appreciate it."
Time for answers and PLOT
Henry worked up more courage than he thought he had, and made his way over to the shark display and coughed politely until he got one of the guard’s attention. He asked about the captain and was directed into the dock masters office, so someone with a higher paygrade could deal with it. After that it was a simple matter, Henry simply lied about wanting to contract the captain and where he could find the man. He was given a dockyard directory and was told to speak with the captain himself, but that the man’s ship might already be out of port. The harbormaster explained the man always set sail back to Durkip Province as soon as he could. Probably back to the town he came from, Rally.

Henry thought about that for a moment, the village he’d grown up was certainly too small to qualify as a town. Had it grown that much?

Henry needed a moment to rest as he read over the directory. The boat, The Morning Tide, was located on dock four about a mile down the road. He didn’t know if he could do it, honestly. Maybe he should just throw it away, and just… well…

“Look I don’t know if I have any right speaking about this but uh, I have something to say Henry.” Larry said.

“Yeah?” Henry asked.

“Look, I never got along good with my father, right? I mean he was never home, and was a bit of a drunk too. Well so was ma… look. Family’s important, alright? I didn’t realize that until you told me, and if I hadn’t been able to say goodbye…” Larry winced while biting his lip. After a few seconds he shook his head and continued. “Look I think you should do it, find out if you have any family left, Henry.” Larry said.

1. “Thanks bud.”
2. *Feel really bad about trying to manipulate the man so much*
3. *unable to say anything to that*
4. “I…. you’re right.”
5. (Write in)
>“I…. you’re right.”
>*Feel really bad about trying to manipulate the man so much*
>*Just fucking do it. No sense in moping around uselessly.*
“I… you’re right, you’re right.” Henry said. “Thanks.”

Henry looked at Larry, and then winced as the man slapped him on the back.


Henry nearly cried when he realized just how little he’d thought of Larry. This… this was what a friend was, right? Was he… did Larry think of him that highly? He… he needed to treat the man far better than he had. He needed to change, he needed to do this.

So, he got up and the two walked but said very little. There was nothing much to talk about, really.

“So what if it’s not him?” Larry finally asked.

“Well I guess we go find that fucking arch and the rest of these boring leylines.” Henry responded.

“Maybe we should see the actual bounty board?” Larry said. “In case… yknow, there are instructions. Like not knocking down a fuckin clocktower!”

Henry laughed hard at that, and Larry joined in. Yeah… he was probably going to go to hell for it, on top of everything else, but he really needed to laugh right now.

The two got to the boat and found that it was miraculously still in port. The thing was made of metal and had a fancy whale oil rune engine on the back, from what he could tell it was a fairly new ship, probably constructed by the cult of progress or maybe an independent shipwright. It looked to be a fairly large boat, all things considered. It wasn’t’ a Church Galleon or anything but it probably had a couple decks and was certainty bigger than Malory’s boat. There were a few people working on the top deck and one person sitting dockside seemingly playing with a piece of rope. Henry would talk to him first and work his way up.

1. Try to bribe your way on board
2. Ask to speak to the captain
3. Say you know the captain personally and would like to see him
4. *ask some questions to the man with the rope* (write in)
5. (write in)
>Ask to speak to the captain. Stick to the cover story: you're planning to contract him and were told to speak to him directly.
roll 1d100
Rolled 87 (1d100)

Henry walked up to the man and quietly informed him that he was looking to hire the captain and where he could find the man. The sailor pointed up to the top deck, then to the gangplank and explained that he could find the man in his quarters if he wasn’t out on deck. Henry thanked him and then took a deep breath.

“It’s gonna be fine mate.” Larry said, “Worst thing that happens is we get yelled at yeh? Or it ain’t the guy and you do some of yer bullshitten.” He whispered. “Tell em that we’ll think about it yeh?”

“I’m more worried that it will be him.” Henry said. “I don’t know what I’m going to say, really.”

“My Name is Henry Fisher, maybe?” Larry said.

Eventually the two found their way onto the deck and were directed towards the captain’s quarters by a fairly young looking midshipman after a couple questions, mainly to do with what a couple of drab looking dirtkissers were doing on board the ship. It took some explaining but Henry was eventually able to convince the guy that he was acting on behalf of someone else, and he really shouldn’t dismiss a person because they didn’t want to spend too much money on clothing. It was probably the kid’s first real position of authority. Heh, soon he’d be barking out orders, Henry thought.

Larry decided to wait outside while Henry cautiously walked into the captains quarters, there was a fairly nice looking office space with a set of windows on the far wall, pointed out towards the ocean. The captain was grizzled looking man in his early sixties who had a full head of gray hair and an even fuller gray beard, the man was busy with some paperwork and had barely noticed Henry’s entrance.

“Sit down I’ll be with you in a moment sir.” Edgar said.

Henry felt lightheaded, was this really happening? He didn’t know what to do and froze up for a moment.

1. “Edgar Fisher?”
2. *Do as your told*
3. “I… I believe you might know who I am.”
4. “I… I uh… hi.”
5. (write in)
>*Do as you're told*
will write tomorrow
Henry sat down on a nearby padded bench shakily. It was fortunate the thing was bolted to the floor or else Henry would’ve probably tipped it over and utterly embarrassed himself. He was having trouble keeping his composure and was an uncharacteristic bundle of nerves. Would the man even recognize him? What would he be like? He barely remembered his grandpa though he was certain this was him. He wondered if his grandmother was still alive, maybe? Did he have uncles? He thought about leaving but remembered Larry’s words of encouragement.

“So I dunno why the heck you’re in my office, you don’t look like an church official, you aren’t a representative of the Cult of Progress, and you don’t seem to be anyone too wealthy or like anyone working on a merchant’s behalf. So can you please explain why you’re on board my vessel? I’m already in a bad enough mood now that I might have to discipline the man on watch on the dock and everyone on the deck for lax security.”

Henry shivered slightly, he didn’t remember his grandfather very well but the man spoke with the authority befitting a captain. Then again, why the fuck was he so scared of this? He faced all sorts of stupid shit during his life but he felt like a small child again.

1. “I uh…”
2. “I came to speak about something that happened in Rally Hamlet about fifteen or so years ago… a small family disappeared without a trace…”
3. “I uh… I, my name’s Henry Fisher… I believe I might be your grandson.”
4. “Hello” (unable to say anything else)
5. (write in)
>“I came to speak about something that happened in Rally Hamlet about fifteen or so years ago… a small family disappeared without a trace…”
Let's get to it
Rolled 16 (1d20)

“I came to speak about something that happened in Rally Hamlet about fifteen or so years ago… a small family disappeared without a trace…” Henry said.

“Quit wasting my t-“ Edgar began. The man looked like he’d just been struck over the back of the head due to the shock his eyes portrayed. “…How do you even know about that, did the Skalitz finally come for my head?” Edgar asked.

Henry decided he’d ask why Edgar what relation he had a connection to to a vampiric house. But that would be for later.

“No… No I’m not working with any of them.” Henry said. “There was a family of four living there, a father, a mother, and two sons. Nobody knew what happened to them… you, the whole Fisher clan probably thought some monster had drug em off, never to be seen again, right?”

Edgar’s eyes lit up for a moment and the man’s hands shook as he laid his arms on his desk.

“Will?” Edgar asked…. “Henry? If this is some joke I will nail your fucking head to the mast do you understand me! MY FAMILY DIED FIFTEEN YEARS AGO, AND SOME GHIEST JUST WANDERS INTO MY… my office…”

1. “I’m… I’m Henry… it’s been a very long time Grandpa…”
2. “Maybe you don’t believe me… but I can tell you… I remember that old coat you used to wear, with that silly hat? You got made when I said it looked stupid on you when I was a boy… and that time when… when me and you and dad went fishing… the fog rolled in and we saw that lady Ghiest looking for her kids? Never seen you so scared for us before…”
3. “…”
4. *write in*
5. *run out of the office, you can’t do this.*
>2. “Maybe you don’t believe me… but I can tell you… I remember that old coat you used to wear, with that silly hat? You got made when I said it looked stupid on you when I was a boy… and that time when… when me and you and dad went fishing… the fog rolled in and we saw that lady Ghiest looking for her kids? Never seen you so scared for us before…”
>*try not to cry or break down*
>*cry and break down HARD*
>"And then that one time, when that crab grabbed Will's thumb and didn't let go until you pried it off yourself… Then it decided to grab MY thumb instead. Even Will couldn't stop laughing after that. Remember?"
“Maybe you don’t believe me… but I can tell you, I remember that old coat you used to wear, remember, with the silly hat? You became furious when I said it looked stupid on you when I was a boy… and then that time when… when me and you and dad went fishing. The fog rolled in and we saw that lady Ghiest looking for her kids? Never seen you so scared for us before….”

Henry tried not to cry, but he was having a hard time. In the back of his mind he noticed that Edgar had gotten up and was heading over to him.

“And that one time, when that crab grabbed Will’s thumb and didn’t let go until you pried it off yourself… Then it decided to grab my thumb instead? Even Will couldn’t stop laughing after that… remember.

Oh god, oh god oh god, stay strong, you can’t… you can’t…

Henry broke down sobbing as Edgar embraced him. Henry returned it while barely able to see. He had a grandfather, he had family. He felt the weight of the last fifteen years slowly shifting off his shoulders, even if a little bit.

“I thought… I thought you were…” Edgar said, overcome with emotion. “Oh Henry, Thank God.”

Henry bit his lip at that but said nothing in response. God had nothing to do with any of this.

After what seemed like hours, Edgar released his deathgrip on Henry and sat back down at his desk, motioning Henry to sit on a chair across from him, which was also bolted to the floor. Henry hadn’t really noticed before but all the furniture in this room was.

Edgar wordlessly produced a bottle of fine scotch from his side of the desk and poured out a couple of glasses and downed both of them before offering some to Henry.

Henry accepted without a moment’s hesitation.
“Your alive, oh this is a joyous day.” Edgar said, wiping tears from his eyes. “Ach, can’t let the men see this old foggy all ruined like this.”

Henry smiled awkwardly at that and waited for the big question.

Edgar said. “I... is Will with you… Neil and Erma… your parents?” Edgar said, still trembling slightly, though the alcohol was helping him. “I’ve prayed every day that you’d get home safe…”

1. “The rest are dead Grandpa…. It’s just me.”
2. “I don’t know.”
3. *silently cry*
4. *shake your head silently*
5. (write in)
>“The rest are dead Grandpa… It’s just me left.”
>"And if I tell you the truth about what happened that day, the years they kept me working for them... they'll kill you too, if they find out. They have ways of finding out..."
>*shake your head silently, holding back from sobbing*
>"You don't know, Grandpa. You don't know what I've had to live through since I escaped them 12 years ago, watching my back for them." (Rueful smile through your tears.) "But I haven't been surviving alone, and things are finally changing for the better."
>"I'm afraid it'll all come crashing down one of these days, though. Shit like this always does."
>(down your scotch, salty tears leaking into it)
>"...I'm glad I found you again."
“The rest are dead Grandpa… it’s just me left.”

“Right.” Edgar said, an unimaginable expression of anguish crossing his face. “Do… do you know this for a fact?” He asked.


“I… I suppose I’ll have to pay their tombstones a visit for the first time then.” Edgar replied. “So how did you survive?”

“I… I can’t tell you.”


“I’d put your life in danger.” Henry said. “Please believe me.”

“Henry… perhaps I could use my connections to-“

“Grandpa… if I tell you anything you will be hunted down and killed. Nowhere would be safe. They will know the instant I tell you.”

“Magic?” Edgar asked. “I won’t ask further for the time being.”

Henry choked back a sob and continued. “I… you don’t know grandpa. You don’t know what I’ve had to live through since I escaped twelve years ago.”

“No Henry, I can see it all over your face.” Edgar replied. “Have you been doing this yourself?”

“No, I haven’t been alone, and now things are changing for the better. I’m just afraid it’s all going to come crashing down, something always goes wrong.”

Henry drowned another glass of scotch, made salty from the tears leaking into it. “I’m glad I found you again.”

“Me too. Look, Henry… I can’t stay in port, I mean, I can’t keep the ship in port too much longer, we have a schedule to keep, you’re more than welcome to come with me.”

“I can’t, I have people to care for back here.” Henry said.

“A family?” Edgar said. “Children?”

1. “I… I’ve been courting a woman.”
2. “No family to speak of.”
3. “No blood relations but they’re my family.”
4. “Well I’ve fallen for a healer, believe it or not.”
5. (write in)
>“Well I’ve fallen for a healer, believe it or not.”
>"She's saved my life multiple times now, and even brought me back from the brink."
>"She has her own past problem haunting her too, but nowhere as bad as mine. Told me hers, I was fine with it, and now here we are." Laugh, let some of the tension out. "Maybe if things keep going this well, I might take the risk and tell her the truth. No guarantees, but it's the best I can let myself hope right now."
>"As for the others, they're not blood relations either but they're family. I even have an apprentice and everything."
>"...So how have you been all these years, Grandpa?"
might wanna proof that better
“Well I’ve fallen for a healer believe it or not.”

“That’s wonderful news! How’d you even end up in a relationship like that?” Edgar asked.

“Well, she’s saved my life multiple times now, and even brought me back from the brink.” Henry said, before realizing how bad that made him seem.

“Ah yes, a woman can have that effect on you.” Edgar replied, taking it like a joke.

“She has her own problems of course, nowhere near as bad as mine at least. She confided in me recently, and well, here we are now.” Henry said, laughing. “Bit late for me to try settling down but I’m happy I was able to.”

“Yes, well, better late than never.” Edgar said.

“Maybe if I am sure I can let her know what happened, maybe you too, if I get strong enough to protect you all.” Henry said.

“You seem like a mighty strong lad already, Henry.” Edgar said. “I just wish I could’ve seen you grow up. Can’t believe this is happening really. I’m still half expecting to roll outta me bed and have a very bad day.”

“Well I got a few other people that I work with, they’re not blood but they’re family all the same. Weird as it might sound. How have you been all these years Grandpa?”

“Getting by, though this assignment with the cult of progress has been a lifesaver for the family. I can’t really tell you too much about that for similar reasons.” Edgar said. “Signed some papers saying that I’d keep quiet about it, and well, that’s as good as an oath in my book. Beyond that, well, your two uncles still live in Rally, maybe you could come visit when you have time? We would be more than willing to welcome you back, Henry.”

“I…I don’t know.” Henry said. “I… I didn’t wake up today thinking I had any family left.”

“Alright, look Henry, I gotta get the ship out of port and back to Rally. Tell you what, if you ever need anything from me let me know.”

1. “Mind if I introduce you to a good friend of mine?”
2. “Yeah, thanks Grandpa…. I … I’ll meet you in Rally, soon as I’m able to go.”
3. (write in)
4. “I… I don’t know if I can go to Rally anytime soon but, well, I’m going to be staying in the city for a while, I bought a piece of land and you’re always welcome to visit.” (tell him the location of the warehouse and the lighthouse)
5. (write in)
>“Yeah, thanks Grandpa…. I … I’ll meet you in Rally, soon as I’m able to go.”
No time to introduce him to Larry. Best keep it at this.
Supporting this anon.

Due to timezones and irl commitments I cannot play usually but I just wanted to pop by and say that this was excellently done, between you anon capturing the essence of Henry and Lorekeeper for writing these great pieces... thank you guys!
thank you for the support and I hope you continue reading!

writing shortly
“Yeah, thanks Grandpa… I… I’ll meet you in Rally, soon as I’m able to go.”

“Well keep an eye out for me in port. I make weekly stops here to deliver goods made in Rally.” Edgar replied. “Then I can introduce you to your uncle’s and their families…. And you can pay your respects at Erma’s grave, and your fathers too of course.”

Henry embraced the man one last time and left, wiping the tears from his eyes as Larry stood up and followed him back down the gangplank.

“So was it him?” Larry asked.


“How do you feel?” Larry asked.

“I can’t describe it.” Henry replied. “But it’s a good feeling, thank you Larry, truly.”

“So I guess we really are even now huh?” Larry said. “Fuck I didn’t think we ever would be.”

At that, Henry could only laugh.

“Shut up.” Henry finally replied, a bit of sarcasm dripping from the words.

“Oh alright!” Larry said, chuckling.

1. Head to the Lumvine arch
2. Head back home, you have a lot to think about and you need time to reflect
3. *head to another of the leyline locations* (will bring up list)
4. *head to the bounty board in the Cult of Progresses’ HQ, might as well take the time to look at the thing*
5. (write in)
>*head to another of the leyline locations* (will bring up list)
It's still early on, isn't it? There's time to check the rest. Every little bit helps.
1. Morningvale Lighthouse (-1.5 hours)
2. Whitechapel Asylum (-5 hours)
3. Order of Lanterns HQ (-1 hour)
4. Chapel of Midnight (-2 hours)
5. Gold Hands Mage Guild (-2.5 hours)
6. (write in)
>Whitechapel Asylum (-5 hours)
Do the ones that take longest first. Also AVOID Order of Lanterns HQ, since Henry knows one of the three goons at Del Mar's house was the OoL fuckboy from back at the Chateau months ago. And if they came across each other, he would recognize Henry because muh signature heroic red pimp cloak.
“I think we should head to Whitechapel Asylum. We need to find someone to sail us out but I can probably just ask Malory.” Henry said. “We can get the rest done tomorrow if necessary.”

“The fuck are we going to that cursed place for?” Larry asked, suddenly becoming nervous. “I hear it has a lot of very powerful gheists around.”

“Well we aren’t dumb enough to go during the night, so let’s get this done with. Let’s find Malory and get her to take us out there, yeah?” Henry said.

“Can we not?” Larry asked.

“Chicken?” Henry asked.

“Fuck you.” Larry said. “Let’s go.”


After an unreasonable amount of cursing and pleading, Henry managed to convince Malory to sail them out to Whitechapel. The entire asylum was on the sole island in the bay Avignon and Magica sat in. The place was often considered cursed by most peasants and poorfolk, but the entire thing had been established by a couple of mage guilds to try and figure out and cure causes of insanity. Henry had heard that the place had a fairly shady history as well but he’d never really paid it much mind. He expected to find a lot of blue robes there, and little else.

“So why are you doing this exactly?” Malory asked from behind the captains wheel. “Hard enough to pilot this ship with only three people, and I can’t be having you come to me on such short notice all the time. I don’t care if yer a friend of my fathers.”

1. “Bug hunting”
2. “Getting in good with the Cult.”
3. “None of yer feckin buisness.”
4. “Not really sure, hoping to find something.”
5. (write in)
>"Tracking down what some madman was planning to use, and why. If we figure this out, it could be big. 'Massive Cult of Progress bounty' big."
“Tracking down what some madman was planning to use, and why. If we figure this out it’s gonna be big. Massive Cult of Progress bounty big.”

Malory lit up at that. “So I don’t suppose I’ll be involved in that…”

The imposing island housing Whitechapel Asylum was rising up into view. Henry could see the bluff where the actual chapel was on the far eastern side of the island, closer to Magica. There were a set of docks and a pathway leading up to the asylum itself. He could also make out some sort of crane at the top, probably used for moving cargo. The asylum loomed large, made out of white polished granite and housing multiple different buildings each with their own wings.

This place was much bigger than he’d expected.

1. “Would you reconsider that offer to join my group?”
2. “Of course, you’ve been a massive help.”
3. “A bit, but no more than what you’ve done.”
4. (write in)
>“Of course, you’ve been a massive help.”
riting tomorrow
“Of course, you’ve been a massive help.” Henry said.

“Why thank-“

“Easy on the eyes too.” Larry added.


“Eh… looks like this is our stop, come on Larry!” Henry said. Leaping up from his seat and forcefully dragging Larry from the boat. It occurred to Henry that the woman might just leave them there, but that was a problem for later.

“Oy I’m not going to blow up like I did when I was younger!” Malory said. “And I don’t mind the compliments, just wish they came from a more attractive man.”

“fuck.” Larry muttered.

“Got you there ya ugly bastard.” Henry said.

“Fuck off.” Larry said, chuckling and rubbing his shoulder.

The two walked off of the dock and onto dry land. They found themselves in front of a set of stone buildings that had signs of wear and an overabundance of sea moss. There were ivy plants growing all over them to boot. One of them read ‘intake’ and the other read ‘supply’. Henry looked up the cliff and noticed the crane was positioned directly above the supply building.

“Come on Larry, doesn’t seem to be anyone down here.” Henry said, gesturing towards a path that ran its way up the side of the cliff, several switchbacks interspersed throughout.
“That’s a long way up.” Larry muttered.

“Plenty of time to talk about nothing at all.” Henry replied.

The walk was long, but the view was nice. The island was more of a plateau than a spec of dirt, in fact the island was fairly sizeable though it was mostly due to how far up the plateau was from ocean level. The angels seemed to love it for some reason, always circling around the place and landing to rest. Henry hadn’t realized it sat on top of a leyline though, that had been news to him. The founders must’ve thought it had healing properties, though that myth had long ago been debunked.

“So they say that the leylines could lead to a man’s rebirth.” Henry said. “If he throws away his life’s purpose, he can pick up a new one in one of these places. Bunch of horseshit obviously”

“The hell is the life’s purpose of a madman?” Larry asked. “That’s the only kinda person who’d come here.”

“What about the staff working here?” Henry asked.

“Yes?” Larry replied. “They’re all feckin mad, you can’t just… do magic on someone if they’ve truly cracked. You just gotta put em in the ground, yeh?”

“What?” Henry asked.

“Well if someone’s just a mad dog it ain’t worth the effort.” Larry said. “You don’t try to save a dog with rabies. You just put it down, so it doesn’t bite others.”

They wandered up the path, stopping to take in the sights, both of the bay and of the various flowerbeds and small fields that it contained. Henry noticed that Larry was hugging the walls a bit more than was justified. The black iron railings looked more than sturdy enough to hold his weight, hell it’d probably take a heck of a lot of force to budge them, the things were secured into the cliff itself. In addition, all along the path were a series of angelic runes of all sizes, and all in functional order from what Henry could surmise.

When they reached the top, Henry saw a massive administrative building made out of white marble stretching in from of them. Brilliant gothic architecture showplaced throughout and with a massive glass dome in the middle brought home how weird the place was, why build all of this just to house the insane?

Henry noticed something else, the entire thing was walled in, and most of the steep drops had very large chainlink fences, probably to protect people from falls. Further down Henry could see a small forest and the very top of the white chapel the place was known for. The island was very defensible, a single point of entry and multiple places to defend from. He took the time to notice massive angelic runes carved into the sides of naturally occurring rock formations. Far more freeform than he was used to seeing, but it probably saved on cost and effort. Regardless, this place wasn’t going to get shredded by the gheist tide or by stitched monstrosities that happened to was onto shore.

1. *Head through the front door, you just want to ask some questions after all… right?*
2. *Try to sneak inside*
3. *use mage sight and see if you can find anything* (roll 1d100)
4. *ask Larry a question* (Write in)
5. *leave, you’ve seen enough*
6. (write in)
>use mage sight and see if you can find anything* (roll 1d100)
> *Head through the front door, you just want to ask some questions after all… right?*
Rolled 41 (1d100)

Rolled 15 (1d100)


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