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Welcome back to DB scientist quest ladies and gents, sorry for the long delay. Glad to be back and writing though, let me tell you.

In this quest you play the role of frieza soldier 2764, a warrior turned into a scientist due to a recently open spot. Our protagonist joined with high expectations before undergoing a case of insanity and a movie night. We pick up a week after you bribed the saiyan Raditz with a promise of the most delicious food you could scrape up.

>Very slow updates wil definitely be a thing
>I can veto some shit but for the most part go wild{except for smut. Keep it in your pants a little while longer yeah?}
>This is less of a fighting quest and more of a monster making quest... unless you just enhance yourself or make your selves the perfect body, but that'll come later.
>Waifus... yeaaah... im just gonna step back and let the war decide
You are Frieza soldier 2764, and boy can you make a fine meal if you do say so yourself. To convince the saiyan Raditz to get you a piece of Captain Zarbon's hair had taken all of your bartering skills, and you would do no less than deliver in full. So you had prepared a feast fit for a king, even testing it on several sagamen. They had dissolved it with their acid before burying itafter the first one tasted it, but they don't have tastebuds so you're pretty sure they were overreacting. Even then you had chosen to properly prepare the food and gain the monkey's favor. So you made the brilliant deduction that if a bit of spice went a long way, that all the spice must lead to heaven. Truly your friends were blessed to be around you. You churned the stew and broth, and minced the meat long and hard, until finally your food came out with a pungent scent and puple ooze that bled through the air.

Now you were just waiting for the saiyans to arrive with the hair and claim their rewards. Soon enough the fateful knock on your door rung true and you stood to greet the walking hair disater. Behind stood a behemoth of a man, with no small balding hair on his top, and a midget with hair spikey enough to cut steel. You recognized them as the saiyan general and prince respectiely and gave a polite bow. The prince walked in first, followed by Nappa and Raditz, giving your room a cursory glance about. His eyes returned to look you up and down before leaning back against your wall. Raditz addressed you, one hand opening to show the green strand of Science.

"I got you what you wanted. Now where's the prize?" His voice interrupted your constant gazing and wiping a bit of drool from the isde of your mouth you quickly gathered the eight course meal, parting with your creation to herald in the creation of the next. Shoving the saiyans out, you part with a, "Thanks for the hair, enjoy the food", before shutting the door. Grinning to your self, you clean your room's desktop and start to prep a DNA extractor. Now to begin

During the wait for the other DNA sample what do you do?
>Social (with who)
> Try to improve the zarbon-saibaman (can only be picked at certain times, note risk for lost of Dna sample)
>Try to deal with the monster in your closet
>Get a hobby
>kamehameha to ur face
>kimiwabakanahimeho to ur head
>kawanahanalaliveromeheho to ur hometown
>Social with bana
>kallalalachnichnipneckinnyor to ur flarfenjegen
>hellapellashellanutellafinnawinnachickendinna to ur dinner plate
>> Try to improve the zarbon-saibaman (can only be picked at certain times, note risk for lost of Dna sample)
> banishatotemispockettomonsutajokerubakuhatsudan to ur nostalgia
>Try to improve the zarbon-saibaman (can only be picked at certain times, note risk for lost of Dna sample)

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