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This the second chapter of the story.

Chapter 1



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I don't think running from the answer is no longer an option. Escaping from it for so long just allowed it to grow. no choice now other than to face the problem before it gets out of hand. It is time to conquer the fear.
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questions to ask ourself: is the ringing in our ear that sounds like tv static still happening, or is it gone for now? was the voice on the phone recognizable? and most importantly, were any injuries received after the fall?

"AHHH! um...uh...t...that's what I would want to know! R...Really, I...I'm just a simple janitor. one moment I'm doing janitorial work at a building minding my own business after being verbally abused"

"the next thing I know, I find myself running away from a maniac trying to kill me only for the floor below me to crumble and fall here! A...Am I trespassing? Where is the exit? please tell me and I'll leave you both alone immediately...plzdon'thurtme..."
"You can read my mind? Only asking because you finished my sentence"
I don't think they can read our mind, I think his "more importantly how did you manage to reach this place" is a continuation from the other guy saying "who are you?" not a response to what our character was thinking.
File: DOOR 34.jpg (3.75 MB, 2480x3431)
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"I thought my only mental problem was a certain phobia I had, but I guess you're right... it might have somehow grew into not knowing what is real or what is fake... but this happened so recently."

"to answer your question: it's weird, but I don't know. I feel everything that happened to me just recently from the monster chasing me and a dead person talking to me, to falling here and meeting you all should be a dream, something that should be impossible... yet it felt and feels so real and I cannot wake up."

"Overall, I'm not too sure, but I feel all this should not be real. It's not scientifically possible."
File: DOOR 35.jpg (1.85 MB, 2480x1758)
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"Huh? Recognized me at first?... well in any case, what I really wanted to know was how do I get back? I want to go home so I can get some treatments for my head to get a grip on reality and get rid of my fear..."

"...OH! and so I can eat my uncle's powdered doughnuts, of course. I was looking forward to doing that after this rough day."
File: DOOR 36.jpg (2.34 MB, 2480x2962)
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Before we leave, I think for now the only thing left to mention is about how you think you wern't the first target of this monster and that it might have claimed a victim before in your past and if they know anything about it. that is, if you are comfortable about talking about it...

afterwards, yes, lets visualize a portal and figure out what to do next.
I want to ask: "what should I call you people in case I meet again, and who is Pozidriv who foretold this prophecy"

Also, Try not to visualize a door as a portal...Try not to visualize a door as a portal...Try not to visualize a door as a portal...


Accidentally visualize a door as a portal
File: DOOR 37.jpg (3.62 MB, 3266x3841)
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Well, if we are going to have to get anywhere with conquering this fear of doors, we'll have to face it sooner or later. It won't be easy, as conquering fears are, but it has to be done.

First lets knock on the door just in case. If no one answers, go in, or is it go out?

Actually, it might be less scarier if we think of it as a door that leads outside rather than inside.
File: DOOR 38.jpg (2.2 MB, 3508x1612)
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Open the door
get on the floor
everybody walk the dinosaur

don't listen to the lies the door might whisper to you.
Hmmm... I don't know, what if someone dangerous is on the other side?

can we at least check what is out the window before we make a choicem We already knocked on the door, only fair we look out the window as well, right?
File: DOOR 39.jpg (1.9 MB, 2480x2045)
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Hum. Thinking it over, I was thinking we should choose door as it could help with conquering the fear of thinking the concepts of how doors dictate people and trap them. But I think it is best to take things one step at a time instead of going in headfirst as it could cause trauma. Knocking and listening into the door should be enough for now. Next time we'll take another step in treating this fear when we are forced to come across a door again.

Take the window for now, and hope we don't end up accidentally intruding into someone's home. That would suck if we have to come up with an excuse. Would pretending to be a window cleaner work in such a scenerio?
Also, make sure you keep hold of the window in case the window ends up leading you trying to drop you down from far up.

Note to self: don't make joke posts, characters will take it seriously for some reason.
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