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Summer Project: An Interesting Incident In Your Life

My entire life has been interesting incidents. It started sixteen years ago, maybe seventeen. I don't know. I'm sure, if you're reading this, you know what that means.

That was The Night. It's like they staged a concert with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, some weird indie thing from Japan, and ACDC. Except folklore instead of bands.

And they all played the same stage. At the same time.

As you know, it was a cacophony. Walpurgisnacht, Halloween, Ragnarok, The Apocalypse, and all that (all great band names), coming together in a vortex of horror... Things really haven't been the same since - or so everyone tells me.

I mean, I wasn't even born then.

I'm just doing this as a school project. You'll probably tell me to edit half of it. And, you know what? I'll probably be in a different school by the end of summer. So I'll just submit it there so I'm not behind the others.

The Night - when everything we feared, the things that went bump in the dark, went 'bump' in the light.

You know, Werewolves in London, King Arthur coming out, Japan plunging into a spiritual and religious crisis, seconded even by countries that had forgotten their gods like abusive lovers - come on, FUCK WITH ME! I WILL clock you!

(I guess I'll get some editing advice on this.)

But, well, I have to write this.

I'm not normal.

It's weird to look back at all the times I should have understood that, where I didn't.

It was a bit odd I only only had a mother, but no father. I asked my mother once, and she told me my father was a 'great man'. Well, nothing I could trot out - the guys would ask questions.

Questions I didn't have answers to.

The time I smelled one teacher on another and asked about it. I think that was first grade? (I got straight A's in Math from him that year.)

The time I smelled that arts teacher on the principal when I was hauled in front of him. He was livid, and called mom. She came to pick me up - then sniffed and gave him a glare that nearly flattened him to the floor, and said "own it!"

Then we skipped town.

That's why I don't think I'll be writing this for any English teacher I know. We just jump around.

My mother does whatever the hell she wants, and says it's in my best interests. She even made me redo the math homework from the guy who said I'd get straight A's until she said I'd got it right! ...Although she said she was proud of me for doing it to him.

I still hadn't put it together.
By the time I'd transferred into a high school, I'd learned to keep things under wraps. Then I realized that, perhaps, there was a use for this power.

One day, I walked up to the quarterback of our football team and told him the names of the other guys I smelled on his girlfriend. Or was it the head cheerleader I walked up to and told about her boyfriend?

I can't remember. It doesn't matter.

There was a very messy breakup, and a lot of screaming and tears. Other (and more incontrovertible) evidence surfaced after the accusation, and I was renowned as an oracle of sorts. Other students wanted me to sniff their paramours.

So I did.

...You can imagine that was a bit awkward. Some of them smelled really damn good. Look, I was a teenage boy! (And I still am...)

But they respected me. They looked up to me. It wasn't fun - I could ruin someone with a word. And I didn't reach out for that. There are a lot of ways to get someone's scent on you, but only one that smells like that. I only told the truth as I could sniff it.

I wasn't even sure how I could tell.

We left within months. I'm still not sure if that was my fault.

It definitely was in the next town. We'd lit out hours across America to some boomtown on the oil front.

I kinda liked the guys in the class, and I loved not having that 'cheating detector' stigma hanging over my head. Might even say they were a couple of girls in the class that smelled REALLY good, but there was still the sense I couldn't quite - didn't deserve to try to get close.

Then the guys decided to sneak into a strip club. I should have known from the half-suppressed giggles and phrases I was being had on, but I sneaked in with the rest of them.

It was a maelstrom of males looking to mate.

A woman strutting her stuff in front of them, each move calculated to arouse, but in a place where they couldn't anythi- I was thinking like an animal. Then the set ended, as my friends dragged me into a booth.

"Having fun?" one of them said, "dude, Ty slipped some to the bouncer and we're getting the best one for our table!"

"Holy shit," another one of them said, "The Fox?"

"She's dancing before coming to us," someone said - then starts laughing at your face.

Because you are 110% sure that's your mother dancing on the stage, fellating the pole, wrapping her tails just far around herself to cover everything that matters, then twitching them them just enough to tease, but not show anything.

And They're slavering.

>Beat the shit out of these fuckers
>That's my mom
>Did you plan this?
>I'm leaving
>Did you plan this?
and then
>That's my mom

The laughter implies that they totally knew, and that they're here not only to embarrass us, but our mother as well. What parent wants to see their child find out that they work at a strip club? What kid wants to find out their mom's a stripper?

They fucked with the wrong fox boy.

>Beat the shit out of these fuckers
>>I'm leaving
>Beat them up outside
That's probably a good idea. No point in ruining everyone else's good time, right? Also it'd probably get our mom in trouble if they found out their kid was the one beating up patrons.
Fair enough, I'll change my vote to this instead.
File: A necessary Picture.jpg (174 KB, 1333x2000)
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You try to keep your eyes off how your mother disports her tails to tease and play with the emotions and libido of every man in the bar.

Interesting incident in your life, huh?

I'll tell you what I did.

I asked my buddies "did you plan this?"

And they asked "is that your mom?"

Then I saw red.

And I stood up.

"I'm going to wait outside," I said, "are you cowards?"

They weren't.

Then I beat the shit out of them in the parking lot. The bouncer looked on approvingly.

...Unfortunately that probably meant another move.

"If you ever need a job," he told me, "we'd be happy to have you. Isn't your ma working here?"

"So she is," I said, "I've got a problem with that."

"Ok," he says, bracing his legs, as his pupils narrowed, "don't. It's a respectable profession. Look - the world needs sex, and the world needs violence. At least she's on a pole, not on her back."

I was a bit gone. Wish I hadn't-

Then I jumped at his throat, and suddenly I was fighting a demon.

"I WASN'T JOKING!" he yelled, grabbing my throat and cramming my face into the tarmac, "look, you going to stay there, or cry for your momma?"

"Fuck you!" I yelled, and - well, back then I wasn't sure what I did. Now I know that's when I first did my first full fox transformation.

We wrestled like YWVH wrestled Jacob.

Then my mother grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and said "hope he didn't do anything to you."

"It's fine," the man? said, "Lord Superfly's commands are to help Deuce's offspring," and he narrows his eyes.

"And that's the only help I can give you," the demon said, "I hope you didn't kill those guys - that'd be Hell to clean up."

"I didn't take their livers," you mother says, then glares at you, "what possessed you to follow me here?"

>Some friends Shanghai'd me to a stip joint
>I was just passing by
>Tell me about my father
>Some 'friends' - I guess they knew what you were
>I'm a teenager, of course I'd sneak into a strip club!
>So is this how you've been paying for everything?
>Some friends Shanghai'd me to a stip joint
>Tell me about my father
>Some friends Shanghai'd me to a strip joint
>Some 'friends' - I guess they knew what you were

It's one thing to go out and have a good time, but it's another thing entirely when that good time comes at the expense of someone else. Too bad for them they picked the wrong guy to screw around with. Fuckers deserved every punch thrown their way.

There's probably a lot we'd like to ask our mom, but there are times where it's appropriate to be asking questions; this isn't one of them. That's for when we get home.
Some friends Shanghai'd me to a stip joint

Tell me about my father

Gee guse we ended up deing in that big world war of rats.
Lest aupwrfly is doing well for himself.
You okay, bruh? You need some sleep?
>>Some friends Shanghai'd me to a stip joint
>>Tell me about my father
wait who is this? Did Daddy shotgun have another woman?
Bad End future. This implies we, as in Deuce, went out for a war and never returned. The MC here is presumably his son, born after the end of that war.

I'll freely admit that I'm very much worried about the fates of our sister Melon and the other magical girls.
"Some friends," I began, then felt a - well, you're not going to believe this, but it was like wave crashing over me, like being tossed around in the surf. But I managed to stand.

"Those guys," I said, gesturing at the 'friends' biting the pavement, and holding up fairly well against the wave breaking over me, "well, we thought we'd sneak into the strip club. They kinda Shanghai'd me into it. I beat the shit out of them once they started remarking on you."

The bouncer started laughing, "everyone loves the fluffy tails," he said, "uh, you, ok, that's eight tails - you can do whatever you want - and there's a reward out for you."

"From Ellie, right?" my mother said.

"And everyone else who wants the Rat God on their side," the bouncer says, "I was wondering why a kitsune was dancin-AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!"

"We're blowing this town," Liska says, licking blood from her fingers, "your father was a great man, but you're nowhere like him."

"Then tell me about him!" I yelled in the parking lot of a cheap strip bar, "TELL ME ABOUT MY FATHER!"

"He's the only man I'd ever let sire on me," your mother says, then sighs, "well, look, are we really going to do this in a parking lot?"

"It seems appropriate," you say, every instinct in you screaming 'FIGHT OR DIE!' against her, "and why do we keep running? I had three demons in that last school!"

"He was a great man," Liska said, "he's the reason you can even hope to have a normal life."

"I'm fucking sorry," you tell her, "I'm not going to have one of those - my mother's a stripper, or a one-week-a-year mistress for some congressman."

Tense and person go by the board here. Yeah, the English teachers will give me shit for it.

"Then leave," my mother told me, "Live a future without either of us! God knows we've fucked it up. You'll have a better chance if you forget about us."

"Just tell me about my father, please!" I said.

Then she told me about my father, about my sister (who apparently hates her guts), my aunt and uncles, who either hate us or - well, are dead.

"We're moving out," she said, "somewhere they don't know us. Hopefully somewhere you aren't attracted to anyone."

And the barest breath of the wind seems to say "especially no one like me."


Happy April Fools!

Seriously, any son the MC had with Liska would be the protag/antag of an anime.
Sounds to me like Liska didn't get that litter she wanted. That, and about anything else she was hoping for on the flip side of throwing down with the Rat God.
Poor Liska....She will never find as American Dad as Daddy Shotgun
>Sounds to me like Liska didn't get that litter she wanted.
I'm saying this as canon outside the April Fools joke: Liska is dramatically less 'fertile' than she should be by rights. That's part of the reason Melon doesn't have any other siblings, despite Liska being ~700 years old.
The real tragedy in this particular bad end is that she can't just write for a living, since someone would find her.
wait I thought Melon love her mother not hate her guts. What happened? Mind control something?
I imagine there was a schism between the two in the wake of dear ol' Daddy Deuce's departure of this mortal coil. That, and Liska probably burned her bridges with everyone close to her and her husband after the war ended.
File: thumbs up, bitch.png (62 KB, 300x291)
62 KB
Thank you all for participating in the April Fools' FMMDaMGQ thread!

Hopefully I'll run a real thread tomorrow. Runtimes should be on https://twitter.com/HaikuDeluge

Actually, if was really funny to ask "what if the MC died, but Liska was pregnant?" in the context of this quest.

This is an alternate (April Fools!) BAD END where the MC doesn't return from fighting the Rat God. Melon may have gone out (who knows how that fight went?), or she may just be blaming her mother's heritage for the fact that she wasn't able to go in with him. (Because she thinks she could have turned the tide, if she'd been able to go in too.)

It's not necessarily rational, but nobody ever is rational. Doubtless, if this guy's adventures became a series, trying to talk her down as a brother would be a major part of it.
Yeah, I think they'd have a huge falling out after everything that happened, particularly given - THAT
So, should we somehow end up on a BAD END route in the quest proper, clearly our role as the MC's Shounen Anime Protagonist son is to take our Dad's place as the resident builder of bridges between family and friends.

And possibly gain a harem in the process, since we're not bound by the same chains that our dad was as, well, a DAD and a married man.
>Imagine we have another lookalike of Melon group

Thread 7 will have a field day with that.
>Imagine we have another lookalike of Melon group
Only this time we'll talk things out AND punch'em in the face!
>>Imagine we have another lookalike of Melon group
Imagine he has to deal with Melon's group (and the other ones) 15-18 years down the road, all disillusioned and even more cynical.
All I'm hearing is people who need more face punching.
And then we get so angry that we traverse timelines and accidentally punch our dad in the face, knocking him out cold.
That leads me to wonder if they'd all remain magical girls, except under Goddess Mary, or they'd gone the way of Ellie, and turned into Demons? I feel like some of them would go one way, and some, or rather one in particular would go the other way.

I feel like Liska probably wasn't the only one to undergo a massive schism following Deuce's death in this timeline.
Ellie is hunting Liska probably to find her little bro child and raise it herself. Liska who doesn't want it as it is only the memories of her late husband decides to hop town every town hoping to live like normal which Liska cannot provide.

I would say at this point. Liska is already mentally damaged and all too paranoid. Mind broken beyond repair from the despair.

Melon goes to Ellie who she probably urge to come. Karen was close second. Sue probably committed suicide or come to Ellie as a berserker MG lost her own sanity as she bathes in demon blood and viscera, Harriet already "resetted" Mary is probably on hell or either now in pantheon of God's discarding her mortal memories or just disappear because no patron or worshippers unless Ellie uege to make a new religion which made Mary a corrupted goddess. Superfly is now head of NSA CIA and possibly Pentagon Secret Paranormal Officer. Kelly's daughter possibly gone to Ellie or go solo as an assassin same as her father. W is now currently in hell working with Sue also a berserking MG. The other MG group probably disband or stayed together as a devil may cry job. Jormundgandr is already cutting his losses on losing a great accountant and a special hoard. Our neighbor next door Fred is still......Fred who live a pretty normal life for the rest of his days. And Ellie who benefitted of this.......schisms.

Liska side are now also hostile to her thanks to the radiator effect. The blowback from Ellie hellscape became a massacre place. The shrine maiden and leader of youkai is possibly living icognito or died together. A major natural event happened on the land. Needless to say the land never saw it again and became a lost village.

So how Canon my bad end is?
I'm confused
Is this based in an existing setting of some kind? I'm missing the joke
April Fool version of Fuck Me, My Daughter's a Magical Girl! Quest(http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Shotgun)
For anyone wondering why Liska's stripping instead of just continuing to write, I've got a slew of reasons (pick the ones you like):

A. It's really hard to stay undercover while sending off manuscripts to a publishing house. She's still writing, but that's the main reason they change towns about once a year.

B. It's hard to live off just writers' advances.

C. She really likes the attention and the thrill of people desiring her. There was actually a time when I considered having her as a pole dancer in the 'supernatural-friendly' bar the MC met Sachio in during thread #3, but I decided to drop that. A good decision, I think.

D. She's just gathering material for her next novel.

E. It helps make the MC's son the most stereotypical shounen/YA novel protag possible.

>Is this based in an existing setting of some kind?
Yeah, It's supposedly a school-mandated writing assignment written by the son of the main character of http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Shotgun after a bad end where the MC died to the final boss.

The joke is that this guy just checks all the boxes for "shounen/YA novel protag" - dead/disappeared dad, mother working it at night to support the family, some crazy past his mother won't tell him about, a bit supernaturally abnormal, hunted by unknown forces, etc.

All he needs is the Call to Adventure and a Mentor, and he'll be off on Campbell's "Hero's Journey".

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