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You've done it. Passed from the howling void and slunk between the shoal domains becoming a shimmering fireball streaking across the sky of your unsuspecting prey. A vast globe of terrains and weathers stretches out before your senses far removed from your homeland of howling dark emptiness and shattered lifeless spheres. The only eyes marking your arrival are those of simple mortal kind as a shooting star and the various arcane observers who will mistake you for the reasonably expected occurrence of sky-metal falling from the heavens as your disguise ablates away scattering its fragments across the land below.

Though valuable the sky-metal is ultimately expendable in ensuring your unmolested journey down to the surface. Your darkstone body that enshrining your Conquerors Labyrinth Core, from where you shall grow your vast daemonic armies, shivers in anticipation as you prepare to cast off your disguise. You monitor the ground as it rushes past crossing mostly vast quantities of water which might not be the most optimal site for starting out your new reign but you find four sites that fast approach that would do nicely. So you set yourself in preparation to pull this land kicking and screaming into the Parished Abyss as your throne of power and claim what is rightfully yours.

>Coastal marshland dense and full of life, but harsh to those who unprepared for its knotted and varied terrain.
>Plains dotted with small copses of trees, the grasses taking on oddly geometric shapes surrounding fortified hillocks.
>Mountains towering and craggy, as if some god displeased with his work tore away the offending land mass leaving a harsh jagged edge in its place
>A blasted white expanse, It reminds you a bit of home if it weren't for the searing eye of flame scouring the land instead of the howling void winds.
>secret, but really not secret, fifth option

<You the player are the mind of a static ever expanding daemon fueled by riches collected and blood spilled within your august personage. Region choice will decide the local intelligent race and certain terrain specialized options available as you build your labyrinth around yourself.>
>secret, but really not secret, fifth option
>Plains dotted with small copses of trees, the grasses taking on oddly geometric shapes surrounding fortified hillocks.
Nobody expects a labyrinth here!
>Coastal marshland dense and full of life, but harsh to those who unprepared for its knotted and varied terrain.
<Should I work with a vote cut off time? thirty minutes? an hour? I'm a fan of a faster pace but I've noticed /qst/ in modern times can have a variable pace to it.

Regardless I'm going to be running almost continuously until the weekend baring sleeping and eating due to a spontaneous planning void that opened up in my life. barring a magic fairy showing up or a coronary.>
< Lets break this tie, a vote hasn't counted this much since the Kentucky House of Representatives 13th district 2018>
>secret, but really not secret, fifth option
That is an extremely specific nerd knowledge op
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Flashing across the sky you look at the marshland and the plains and just cant seem to make up your mind on which one you would rather set up shop. The planes are wide open and marked by constructions which certainly means souls for the taking and backstabbing politics to bend the land to your will. On the other hand the marshland is so full of life that quantity might very well out way quality in such a place. It gets to the point where you start playing a little counting rime to make the decision.

"One Daemon grows a foot, the other grows a head. They both spin around and the other wi-" SPLASH!

Before you are ready for it the claustrophobic nature of a living realm catches up with you completely missing solid ground and crashing into the ocean on the far side of the continent. The sudden increase in drag tares at your body scouring away the last scraps of sky-metal and you slam into the soft ground seeding yourself to the land. Your outer shell shifts taking on a form to strike fear and and awe into the hearts of those lesser being to find themselves unfortunate enough to be trapped in your shadow. A massive blackstone Skull its jaws flung wide to allow your core to breath the local mana, however you are also immediately inundated with a deluge of briny water. You reach out with your senses touching the surrounding life force and to your surprise find that once the surrounding water settles there is an abundance of living things in your limited current reach. Now the work begins, you release the stored spell that will grant you local dominion over the area around your entrance.

Your core is vulnerable
Your mana reserves are low

>Drain nearby life of its energy, killing everthing but granting you the greatest mana gains
>Take control of the least life, Twist local plant life with daemonic energies into tainted dire forms
>Leave the land as it is, you will gain the least immediate benefit in exchange for the stealthier infiltration
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<Well I'm checking out going to go to the land of dreams. be back some time tomorrow.>
>>Drain nearby life of its energy, killing everthing but granting you the greatest mana gains
>Drain nearby life of its energy, killing everthing but granting you the greatest mana gains
We need to grow the rest of the body quickly.
>>Take control of the least life, Twist local plant life with daemonic energies into tainted dire forms
<I Return! and am almost done with the post. And as Im typing this a third vote has come in, So should I give a couple minutes to see if the tide turns or finish up and post the next post.>
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Reaching out with your senses you feel out the life and energies surrounding you in about one kilometer in every direction feeling the momentary touches of air at the surface. A forest of Slick green cords sway in the gentle current and swimming between them are schools of fish. Along and through the sandy ground you find a multitude of other low lying fish and burrowing creatures trying to find normalcy in their upturned world. Scattered about are reefs of bone and shell almost glowing with life Things peeking out between the crevasse clinging to the false safety they appear to provide. Oddly schools of small fish seem to sense your prodding and attempt to evade you. reacting it seams to slight changes in temperature and flow in the water as you make your will known. It matters not, with your dominion so freshly placed you reach out an rip away every drop of power available to you.

Gained 1000 mana

You feel the power flow into you and the many avenues to a Conquerors Labyrinth opening up.

By condensing the mana and imbuing it with your will you can generate cores to empower daemons of lesser value then yourself. The Lesser Daemon Slime and ever versatile Imp are valuable low cost work horses of your kind. Alternatively you could form Intermediate cores to employ warrior caste and other fiends. You could even expend all available mana at your disposal to generate a Greater Daemon core for a single powerful and unique defender with the only downside of its prodigious size, thus reducing its ability to move through your internal structure without sufficient extra space.

<So sorry. I got distracted by oceanographic math because ocean play through was a last minute toss in option and I didn't prep enough. my bad

Then a friend wants me to move half way across the country but hey better late then never.

Options and conclusion in next post>
File: First Chamber.jpg (70 KB, 411x377)
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Your labyrinth itself consists of your surface aspects of your Core room And your entrance defenses. The latter being marginally less coefficient the worlds gravity to force invaders to face off against your defenders from bellow. Connecting those two aspects is your labyrinth proper, which you can spend mana expanding and reorienting its structure to better defend your core or to better lure in prey.

You currently have a single large chamber, with the drop down from the entrance at one end and a moderately defensible tower structure at the other leading up to your core.

Lastly with your power you could generate or eliminate large quantities of mundane matter to shift your darkstone edifice though the process is tedious and time consuming.

> Corrupt local wildlife into dire formsUnavailable
> Generate [n] Lesser daemon core(s) (250)
> Generate [n] Intermediate daemon core(s) (500)
> Generate [n] Greater daemon core(s) (1000)
> Add a chamber or passage (100 m/hex)
> Move a hex (25m)
> Raise/Lower ground (1+(current height/2) Round down mana per meter)
>Write in
> Generate 2 Intermediate daemon cores
File: 95965965.jpg (264 KB, 1044x1920)
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264 KB JPG
The energies you collected begin to swirl and coalesce into a pair of spheroid objects. Intermediate cores are the most versatile type of core you can make depending on what resources you have available. at this early stage you have but one option but that does not mean options do not lie nearby.

You knit together the body of a warrior fiend around the first core. An imasiated frame with a bug like chitin seemingly burned to its skeleton topped with an eyeless head, the core embedded into its chest.

But what to do with the second.

>A second warrior fiend
>Send your fiend out to collect materials for a different type of fiend (write in)
>>Send your fiend out to collect materials for a different type of fiend (write in)
gather more mana
>Send your fiend out to collect materials for a different type of fiend
Metal. Heavy metal
File: 2087u6--w23.jpg (294 KB, 1000x750)
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294 KB JPG
You send your fiend out to gather materials.

First for other sources of mana. Maybe you could design some sort of mana construct around the second core. You are sure that there are more practical and efficient uses for mana but none can defy the will of a Conquering Labyrinth. Secondly heavy metals would be a good find. The sky-metal you gathered to facilitate your trip here would be most useful, as would any other metals, mundane and mystical.

Emerging from your fortifications it is met with the desolation of your domain. The dead litter the sands the manner with which you tore free their life force did not leave them unharmed. Rent carapace and exposed bone of felled fauna, brown and withered flora and... graying stone? Somehow you killed the colorful stones that dot the landscape. Of course you did, for you are great and powerful.

Your fiend sets to work gathering materials but it is slow going. Its arms and claws designed for fast moving and rending of enemies and not manual labor. You begin to understand why Lesser daemons are so prevalent in the Parished Abyss beyond their affordability. The Fiend still begins to amass a substantial pile of aquatic corpses and spools of withered ocean plant matter.

<Roll 1d100 for scavenging loot Bo3 DC is pretty high for extra mana sources and metal seeing you are at the bottom of the ocean and you just killed everything nearby.>

As the day ends and the gloomy waters dim further you feel the pull of the abyss and with its breath fill your reserves slightly. It isn't enough to increase your fighting force but it is enough to modify your internal structure if you so desired. You could take this time to designate chambers to more efficiently direct your forces and preform specialized tasks.

Mana reserves at 100

>Add to the labyrinth
>Move a hex
>Other night time action(write in)

<For the base building aspect a passage is a one hex wide structure while a chamber is a four hex or larger space. You currently have two small chambers(Entrance and Barbican), one special large chamber(Core/Hoardroom), and one Grand chamber(The Labyrinth). I use Inkarnate for the labyrinth images.>
Rolled 57 (1d100)

<I will wait for a couple more rolls.>
Rolled 96 (1d100)

File: Spoiler Image (102 KB, 240x240)
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102 KB GIF
<Heyo there is another roll and its a decent one, I'll be on some time Friday I'll also start using twitter for when I'm going to be posting


everything is still open until return>
File: shipwreck.jpg (115 KB, 1900x1068)
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115 KB JPG
>DC for Metal met
>DC for Mana resource not met

Your Fiend scours your domain for usefull material looking expressly for metals of usable mana for your second intermediate core.

As dawn approaches you feel slightly disheartened at your piles of dead fish, spools of decaying sea plants and choice colorful porous stones that seem to retain a portion of their luster even after death. You pick through your assembled riches and can think of plenty of uses for the things, from foot soldiers to chamber decorations but are interrupted by your fiend reporting back that had stumbled across a structure made of wood.

Within the structure you find fouled crates filled with steel weapons, now useless as swords and shields due to long exposure to salt water. The metal could still be used to make some form of warrior cast daemon. Oddly, you find no remains of the structures former inhabitants beyond the shelled critters coating the walls, or much of anything else to be honest. As if it had been previously picked over and the ruined swords left in neat piles off to one side.

>Collect the ruined swords into your treasure hoard(negligible nightly mana bonus)
>Fashion an Iron shell for your Intermediate core
>Fashion a different form for your Intermediate core
>Add to the labyrinth
>Move a hex
>Other action(write in)

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