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Space: the uncharted frontier.
These are the away missions of the Alliance starship Quest.
Its five-thread mission:
To explore strange new worlds.
To seek out new life and new civilizations.
To dutifully wait for someone actually competent to finish the job.

But careers are made and broken by those willing to bend those rules and boldly go where no man has gone before!

This steadily updating quest l follows the exploits of an away team sent forth from a starship exploring beyond the borders of known space like a courageous mining canary.
Adventure awaits!
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The Quest is run by an elite crew of ensigns who have the misfortune of being led by a command crew of misfit officers:

A drunk and jaded cynic, Jack Hoskins is riding out his last shot. Burned out on the harsh realities of space exploration, he’s lost two commands due to his reliance on alcohol to get through the day. He called in every favor and debt he was owed, every chip he earned rising up has been cashed in just to keep any command at all.

>First Officer
Lt. Wilson Rhys is a skilled pilot and will be the first to tell you exactly how skilled. Unabashedly arrogant and greedy for praise, attention, and wealth. Constantly citing his own brilliance and speaking down to the crew, he has difficulty communicating to those under his command. As the 2nd Officer aboard his last assignment, he was reportedly the sole target of a planned, violent mutiny before being hurriedly promoted to the Quest.

>2nd Officer
Gunnery Sergeant Hugh Johnson is useful on the ships sensors and talented on weapons, but a relentless pervert. The bulk of his personnel file is thick with harassment complaints, to say nothing of the misadventures, infections, and conditions found in his medical file.

>3rd Officer
Doctor "Bill" Ouphsharc is uniquely talented as a healer and chief of medicine. The healing properties of the amorphous and gelatinous physiology of the Slimian race are very well regarded throughout the Alliance. However, Ouphesharc is terribly inexperienced and dangerously experimental, often overlooking established cures and procedures in favor of wild new ones. Despite Ouphesharc's clear possession of skills, the issue has been raised as to whether or not the doctor possesses any actual knowledge of Terran physiology.

The rest of the elite crew support their commanders and fill in other roles:
Ensign Lee, Acting Science Officer
Ensign Ballard, Acting Communications Officer
Ensign Maynard, Acting Chief of Engineering [Currently incapacitated]
Ensigns James and Kelly, Engineering Crew
Ensign Ace Hall, Pilot
Ensigns Fischer and Romano, Security Crew


>Previous Away Mission Logs:

The Quest recently discovered a derelict alien space station and the wreck of a Terran salvage vessel. They are investigating how a station simply appeared in this system and a number of other mysteries that have emerged.
Johnson is leading an away team with Doctor Ouphesharc and Ensigns James, Kelly, Fischer, and Romano.
After a brief encounter with a reptilian alien and finding several corpses, the team just secured the central hub of the station and activated the station's power while keeping it's systems offline manually.
File: IMG_20181230_231446.jpg (27 KB, 220x302)
27 KB




Sergeant Johnson nods solemnly as Ensign James waited for a reply. “...well sir?”
“Well, what ensign?”
Ensign James sighs. “How should we proceed?”
“Oh that. Can we get any of that data?”
“Unfortunately not, sir. It seems that the aliens physically removed the archive. I believe that's what is missing from that panel over there.”
“What about this one.” the Sergeant says as he jabbed a finger at the screen, indicating the “ACTIVE [1 FILE PENDING]
“No-sir, wai-”


“Oh. I didn't realize it was a touchscreen. Cool.”
“Yes, sir.” An image of one of the brown fur covered, scrunched faced aliens filled the display and began speaking an alien language. This one had weathered, yellowish markings around its eyes.
“I mean, you weren't touching it.”
“Yes sir. There are sensitivity issues.” James works furiously to make certain that on this recording was being played. “There doesn't seem to be anything besides this message, sir.”
“Can we translate it?”
“The translation device is working on it, but so far nothing.” The message reaches its end and starts over.
Ensign Kelly, who had been confirming that no data could be recovered from the hardware, pipes up “Wait! What was that at the end?” Everyone, including Ouphesharc, Fischer, and Romano, gathers close as the recording repeated. At the end of the alien's message, it stiffly says something with a different sound to it, as if by rote.
“üstün itaat edilecek”
The translation device responds “Superior obedience.”

File: IMG_20190104_015244.jpg (40 KB, 676x380)
40 KB

“Huh.” Sergeant Johnson sagely comments. “What about those security feeds?”
“Um, sorry sir without the data or any operating system we can't-”
“Actually, we can!” interrupts Kelly excitedly. “The power cells are bridging connections and I was able to access the feeds.”
“That… shouldn't be able to just happen.”
“I know! It's wild isn't it?”
“See, ensign!” interjects Johnson as he gives Kelly a congratulatory slap on the ass, letting his hand linger. “Another reason to keep a great set of tits around.” Not looking up at the screen, and giving her ass a firm but gentle squeeze, he asks “Can we see where those life signs were coming from?”
Ouphesharc adds “They remain stable and mostly nearby. Although, hmm…. It seems one from the nearby cluster is gone. The human lifesign is still present though.” Ouphesharc and James compare data to find the right camera while Kelly tries to diplomatically extract herself from Johnson's groping hands.

Kelly has a firm grip on each of Sergeant Johnson's wrists as he attempts to lean in closer to her with his body. Ensign James cleared his throat. “Sergeant Johnson. I have the screen ready.”
“Huh, what, oh, um, let's see it then.”
James opened up the Security-Dormitory option and moved through several cameras. “There about eight rooms like this one.” The room shows a medium sized room with eight canister shaped objects. Unlike the stasis pod they found earlier, these chambers more closely resemble the design of Terran stasis chambers and these also look far less durable. There are two distinct things about this room from the other cameras. One is the presence of a helmet like the ones the crew of the Cornflower wore, lying on the floor near one of the chambers. The other is a small bit of mist gently rising from the far left chamber, which is open.

“Wait, is that-”
Johnson is interrupted by the distinct sound of Door 2 being attempted to be opened. The sealed and locked door clicks and knocks, unmoving.
Doctor Ouphesharc raises his scanner and says in a burbling whisper “There are no life signs coming from the other side of the door.”

>Open Door 2 and investigate.
>Split up to send a team to investigate that Dormitory room.
>Abandon hub to investigate that Dormitory room.
>Stay in the hub and obsessively check cameras, waiting for clues.
>>Open Door 2 and investigate.
>Open Door 2 and investigate.
Rolled 21, 32 = 53 (2d50)

Rolling to see how many unsoiled suits will be needed.
File: IMG_20190106_010053.jpg (98 KB, 1192x670)
98 KB

Ensign James is quietly panicking and trying to chase away the ridiculous image of a terrifying undead Gormek on the other side of that door. He looks over at Ensign Kelly who seems as frightened as he is. Johnson is making hand gestures to Fischer and Romano, who seem to understand and each one flanks the door as Johnson moves towards it to open it. Doctor Ouphesharc appears to be curiously running more scans, seemingly unaffected by the impossibility of what is happening.
With a loud creak, Johnson unlocks the door and rips it open in one swift movement. Romano and Fischer move to aim their guns down the corridor behind Door 2. And aim at nothing. The corridor is empty without anything in sight besides the bare walls, ceiling, and floor, until the corridor rounds the curve out of sight.

“All right, group together!” says Johnson. “I'm not splitting us up. Fisher and Romano: take lead. Ouphesharc and James: watch the back. Kelly: here with me.
Somewhat reluctantly, James and Kelly join the group as they form a tight squad to proceed down the corridor, anxiously looking for whatever had made those sounds.
With some more hand gestures from Johnson, Romano and Fischer lead them to investigate the source of the sound. Fischer pauses to jam a wedge into the door way, clearly hoping to keep their passage back to the hub open. James shakes his head unconsciously, struggling to understand how they could possibly have not seen anything in the corridor when they opened the door. Whatever it was didn't have time leave the corridor unless it moved far faster than anything he had ever seen.

File: IMG_20190106_005248.jpg (51 KB, 544x720)
51 KB

As they step down the corridor,, Kelly lets out a sharp yelp. “Something just brushed past me but I couldn't see anything!” she insists.
“Oh, that was me.” Johnson says, removing his groping hand away from her ass.
“No, not that. There was something... I don't know, like a presence, or someone's breath as they walk by.”
Everyone remains still and quiet for a moment.
“Well,” says Fischer, breaking the silence, “They couldn't have gotten past us.”
“Yeah, I guess I must be imagining things.”
“Let's keep going forward.” says Romano. A few steps further down the path, after another bend or two in the corridor, they see another naked dead alien.
Fischer confirms that it’s dead before they proceed forward, where they quickly find a second one, and then a third, all in the same condition. The third alien, unlike the others, looks like it has been moved more recently and the area around it has been disturbed. It is curled up bent against the curve of the wall and floor.
Romano is kneeling down to investigate when suddenly, they all turn their heads as they heard a loud beep come from the central hub.
“Should, uh, we go back to see what that was?” asks James. There is no reply to his question though, because right then everyone hears a loud hiss come from just around the corner. Cautiously, the team moves forward around the corner and see the door to the next reinforced room open and inside is the reverse of the view from the security camera they saw earlier. The closest stasis chamber is open, that helmet still remains on the floor, and the chamber farthest away is open with mist wisping out of it, empty. There are six more such chambers lined in a row between the two open ones.

Doctor Ouphesharc cries “There they are!”, as the eager healer moves forward to one of the stasis chambers, fifth from the door they entered through. “The Terran live sign I was detecting, it's coming from this pod. I'm sure of it. Yes, she seems in fine condition…”
James notes that the helmet is line next to that pod and it looks to be cracked. A quick examination of the other chambers shows that three have naked, hairless aliens in them, one more is empty, and one has another orange suit with the helmet on, facing away from the chamber door so all that can be seen is the back of the helmet. The doctor says that there's no life signs of any sort coming from that chamber.

The stasis pod with the Terran life signs contains, predictably, a Terran. There's a brown haired woman wearing an orange suits but no helmet. She matches the description on file of the Cornflower crewman, “Jones”.

>Turn back and investigate what that beep was in the central hub.
>Turn back and investigate that disturbed body.
>Remain here and examine the stasis chambers.
>Open chamber with Jones in it.
>Write in
Sorry for the delayed update. I had a clogged pipe and a shift change throw my day to hell.
>Open chamber with Jones in it
It's totally going to be fine
Rolled 47, 23 = 70 (2d50)

Rolling to see how many alien larva Jones is impregnated with that Johnson will deny are his, simply out of habit.
File: IMG_20190106_225542.jpg (222 KB, 1200x803)
222 KB
222 KB JPG

“Well, let's open it up and get her outta there!” says Johnson.
“What about her helmet?” asks James.
“Oh, the station air is quite breathable, just terribly cold. She should be fine for a short time.” assures Doctor Ouphesharc as he works to open the stasis chamber. With a loud hiss and a burst of mist, the chamber door slides away and reveals the unconscious woman. She opens her eyes to see the translucent, gelatinous face of the doctor peering at her from within one of her crewmate's suits. “Greetings!” the Slimian cheerfully burbles.
She screams immediately.

Scrambling to escape the chamber, she slips and is caught by the ready Ensign Fischer and grasping Sergeant Johnson. Looking from person to person, she begins “What is going o-” Her question hangs in the cold air like her visible breath as she notices her surroundings. “Sweet suffering, no... No! We're still here! We have to get out of here! They get inside you! A ship! You had to have come from another ship! We have to go now! Before they come! Before-”
The panicked Terran is interrupted by the second furthest chamber opening and a burst of mist escaping.

Everyone is frozen in silence for a short time. “Uh, Doctor, what is…” Johnson trails off.
“Uncertain. Please give me a moment.” Ouphesharc responds, turning to make some scans.
With the silence broken, Jones returns to her desperate pleading. “Listen to me, forget about any of this and just leave. We have to leave before they-”
“Who?” interrupts Kelly, gripping Jones by the arms. “Who are you so afraid of? The Gormek?”
Jones wrinkles her brow in confusion. “Gor-? The ghosts! They're everywhere! They-”
The alien burst forth screaming.


The alien burst forth from the second furthest chamber screaming. The approaching Doctor Ouphesharc, wary from the last experience, flung to ground far off to the side. The naked alien charged the group, wildly slashing with clawed hands. It tears a bloody gash in the lower back of the nearest person. Jones screams out in pain, twisting and falling on her side.
Fischer swings his massive arm around, his elbow coming down on the creature's shoulder with an audible crack. The creature crumples to the floor, unmoving. “Jeez, I only meant to- I think it's dead!” says Fischer.

Jones is not so still. It is all Doctor Ouphesharc can do to steady and assess the damage. “The lacerations are not that deep, she should be fine in time but I should tend to her wounds.” the doctor chatters while injecting something that looks disturbingly similar to their own body gel into Jones’s wound site. “But this cold is not good for Terran physiology. For some unknown reason, perhaps stress, she is not adapting by growing body hair. Very curious.”
“Wait!” interjects James, “There's another suit in the central hub.”
“The hub is where it… Simmons tried to warn us… Ghosts! We have to leave! Wait, what suit?” Jones turns to James and asks. Unsure if he should inform the traumatized woman that her crew is dead, James opens his mouth…

File: IMG_20190106_230110.jpg (19 KB, 269x367)
19 KB

The third furthest stasis chamber opens, mist escapes, and a figure in an orange suit stumbles backwards out of it. Slumping sideways like a partially filled balloon, the figure turns around. The face of the helmet is darkened and the shoulders and upper chest of the suit marked by energy weapon damage. Romano and Fischer draw their weapons. It quickly drops to its knees, bending till the helmet clanks against the floor.
Fischer moves to examine it when the figure springs to its feet, the suit filled out by a six foot tall Terran man matching the crewmember “Drake”.
Drake stands in an undamaged suit and gives an awkward wave hello.
Jones screams immediately.
>Options (multiple, non-contradicting selections allowed)
>Speak with Drake
>Attack Drake
>Tend to Jones's wound here
>Move Jones to central hub
>Tell Jones about her crew
>Speak to Jones
>Sedate Jones
>Roofie Jones
>Investigate fallen alien
>Investigate disturbed alien body in corridor
>Investigate beep in central hub
>Investigate stasis chambers
>Investigate unopened door in stasis chamber room
>Scream immediately
>Calm down Jones, he is not my great-aunt Clarabelle. And you, mr "Drake" if that´s your real name, you better start explaining what is going on!

Johson puts his arm around ensign Kelly and pulls her t his chest, to "defend" her against any dangers this "Drake" might bring
Rolled 24, 24 = 48 (2d50)

Rolling to see how many credits of psychology Ensign James got at Alliance academy.
The crew can investigate while we interrogate Drake
>The crew can investigate while we interrogate Drake
Investigate what, exactly?
File: IMG_20190109_035232.jpg (179 KB, 568x729)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
Ensign James kneels in front of the fallen Jones, looking up at the bazaar site of Drake in front of him. He is suddenly reminded of when he was a child and his great-aunt Clarabelle had died. That night, when he had heard creaking throughout the house, he became convinced that it was the ghost of his great-aunt Clarabelle haunting in his house. His father had taken him aside and explained that old houses creak when when the wood cools at night. That event helped kindle James’s interest in science and engineering.
He was an engineer, damn it. He turned to Jones. She was an engineer too.
“Calm down, Jones.” he says sternly. “He is not my great-aunt Clarabelle.” Jones gives James a confused look, but quiets herself. “Give me the facts of what you know about this situation. Not guesses and fears. Scientific facts about what is going on. We can break this down like engineers- like the engineers that we both are.”

Jones takes a deep breath and nods before beginning. “We were salvaging and found the station empty aside from the things in the pods. Then our equipment started to activate by itself, things moved from where they were, and then-” Her voice caught and she paused, tears welling up in her eyes.
“Go on. The facts, remember?”
“Okay, well, um I didn't see it, but the Cap'n said Jacoby got killed and was just, gone. Then all hell broke loose, I mean, the doors opened after we had sealed them from the inside and no one was near the console. I actually saw the console activate by itself, I saw the actual keys move as systems were activated. Then, we were fired upon from outside the room.
“Although there was one person shooting,, and I'm pretty sure I saw Jacoby doing it, multiple energy blasts were hitting the room and it seemed like they were coming from several directions. I ducked for cover and the captain and Drake ran out into the corridors. When I came up, Simmons had just disappeared. She never left by any of the doors, I would have seen..."

File: f.jpg (196 KB, 450x649)
196 KB
196 KB JPG

“When I checked the corridors, the pod things were attacking. They weren't trying to stop us. They wanted us dead. The bald ones just clawed at me but the furry ones in silver had energy weapons and no matter how much I fought, there just seemed to be more. Then I found Jacoby and he looked like Drake does now, all stiff and weird. And he didn't say anything, he just tried to kill me too. Smashed my head against the corridor wall so hard that my helmet cracked. That's when I noticed the station was losing air pressure and heat, so I ran towards the Cornflower.
“It I felt like I ran forever in this damn maze. Then I felt the explosive decompression. I found a window and saw the Cornflower twisting in station wreckage. I ran back, looking for the others. Drake!”
She raises a shakey, accusing finger at the figure. “He found me and started shooting at me, screaming all sorts of foul things. I tried to slam a door into him and run.I had thought I lost him. I was so tired and cold. I knew the pod was the only chance I had.”
Out of words, she begins to silently sob.
The moment is punctuated by a click from the chamber she emerged from, the next in the sequence.

While Jones had relayed the story, Doctor Ouphesharc had crept closer to the fallen alien and after looking it over, a slow shake of the head to the others communicated the alien was indeed dead.
Fischer and Romano, keeping their sidearms ready but not aimed, confirmed that the next chamber was empty and the two remaining ones after that had hairless aliens.

Johnson had put his arm around Ensign Kelly earlier and pulled her to his chest. She leaned back in token resistance as he, positioned the two to defend her against any dangers the Drake figure might pose.
After Jones had spoken, Johnson addressed “Drake”. “And you, Mr. "Drake", if that is your real name, you better start explaining what is going on!”

Showing no sign of being impressed by the sergeant's posturing, the Drake figure awkwardly pointed in the direction of his helmet, and a screeching belt of high-pitched comm noise droned.

James knew something was off. If it was a malfunctioning comm, Drake could just remove his helmet, but he didn't.
The empty chamber hissed as mist released and it opened. The Drake figure pointed at the two unopened chambers ominously.

>Options (multiple, non-contradicting selections allowed)
>Continue trying to speak with Drake
>Attack Drake
>Tend to Jones's wound here
>Move Jones to central hub
>Tell Jones about her crew
>Sedate Jones
>Roofie Jones
>Investigate disturbed alien body in corridor
>Investigate beep in central hub
>Investigate unopened door in stasis chamber room
Knock drake out. Investigate the chambers he pointed at
Rolled 3, 15 = 18 (2d50)

Rolling to see how far Johnson's hand gets before Drake goes down.
File: IMG_20190110_032132.jpg (28 KB, 236x233)
28 KB

Ensign Fischer glances back at Johnson, who gives an almost imperceptible nod and squeezes Kelly closer to himself. Ensign James is shocked by how fast such a muscled man moves, as Fischer thrusts a left-handed jab at Drake's chin. James starts as Fischer's arm passes right through the figure, he trips and stumbles forward. There's a quick metal scraping sound as Drake turns and runs toward the other door, which opens by itself. Romano is already hustling after Drake as Fischer scrambles to his feet. Romano darts past the door and swears. “This corridor splits in two directions. What should I do?” he asks.
“Fischer! What happened? Did you pass through him?” Johnson asks.
“I- I don't know! He was solid enough to trip over...”
“Get over here and watch these two chambers. James and Kelly, check them out.” Johnson orders, giving Kelly's ass a slap as he turns to join Romano.

“Sir?” Ouphesharc interjects “Miss Jones needs to be taken to either the shuttle or the hub right away. I need to get her warm and stable. She is growing neither hair nor adipose tissue.”

James focuses on the next chamber. It seems to function on similar principles as Alliance stasis chambers. There seems to be a signal sent from the hub that is activating them. James guesses that if he perhaps-

Mist obscures James's vision for a moment. He reflexively holds he breath. When it clears, he's staring at the scrunched face of the hairless alien, and its angry eyes.
It lunges forward snarling. Fischer is there in an instant holding the creature down pinning it with it's arms to its chest. It thrashes and snarls but seems safely immobilized.
“I got you this time! Nice and steady! Ho there! Not going to let you-”
Suddenly, the creature starts coughing up a brownish liquid, choking on it. “Oh, come ON! I didn't even- It broke it's damn ribs on my hands?”

A loud beep comes from the next stasis chamber and Ensign Kelly does a little hop. “I did it! I isolated this chamber from the hub signal. It shouldn't open until we want it to. We saved one of these guys… What now?”

>Options (multiple, non-contradicting selections allowed)
>Continue trying to chase Drake by going left.
>Continue trying to chase Drake by going right.
>Move Jones to central hub
>Move Jones to shuttle
>Investigate disturbed alien body in corridor
>Investigate beep in central hub
>Examine the living hairless alien in the stasis chamber
>>Move Jones to shuttle
>>Investigate disturbed alien body in corridor
Rolled 29, 16 = 45 (2d50)

Rolling to see how long until your Pac-Man power pellet wears off.
File: IMG_20190116_140038.jpg (41 KB, 488x420)
41 KB

“We're taking Jones back to the shuttle.” Johnson answers directly. “All right, Romano, you and Fischer take point. I'll carry Jones and…” Johnson trails off as Fischer already was picking up Jones, ignoring his last command.
“Okay, let's go.” Fischer says when he's secured Jones in his arms.

The away team files back out of the stasis chamber room and upon entering the corridor, they hear Ensign Ballard's voice over the comm. “-cuate immediately. I repeat there is a host-”. And then the comms went dead.
“Oh, right, crap.” Ensign James says. “The reinforced rooms cut out our comm signals to the ship. Shit.”
“Come in Quest. Can you say again? Can you repeat that?” Johnson tried repeatedly to message the ship but got no response. “Well we're in the corridor now, they should be able to hear us! Why aren't they answering?”
“I don't know sir,” Ensign James replies. “All I can say is that our signals are broadcasting fine.”
Well, let's get back to the shuttle.”
“Wait a second…” Romano kneels down next to the body they saw earlier and when he stands back up he's holding a strange alien device. “This was hidden underneath that body. It couldn't have been too long ago.”
Ensign James takes it and examines it briefly. “From the size and shape of it, I'm certain that that's the piece missing from the console in the hub. It's probably the data core.”

The away team hustles back into the hub and, as Romano is unsealing door one, Ensign James glances towards the console, weighing whether or not they have time for him to at least confirm it's the missing piece. Suddenly, blasts of energy, similar to an energy weapon, fly towards the group from out of thin air. Seeming to come from the general direction of the console, Ensign James ducks to avoid a blast and as he does so the blasts come closer and closer to him. He swears it's like they're targeting him specifically.
Romano has the door open now and is rushing everyone through while trying to provide cover by shooting back at the general direction of nothing the attack seems to be coming from. Johnson catches a blast to his right shoulder as he pushes Fischer and Jones through.

File: IMG_20190116_140057.jpg (295 KB, 704x889)
295 KB
295 KB JPG

Doctor Ouphesharc looks at Johnson's shoulder while Romano tries to seal the door behind them. “Don't worry, Doc. It just grazed me. Suit took most of the blast.”
With a quick nod, Romano says “That's got it for now. No idea how long it will hold though.” With that, the team races down the corridors, through the reinforced room with the “tub”, past the dead aliens, and, finally, past the corpse of Captain Harbatkin lying in front of the storage room where they found him. Everyone floods into the storage room where Romano nearly fires upon Ensign Ace.

“Whoa-whoa there!” Ensign Ace pleads. “Leon and I just came to get you! Captain's orders. There's a damn Gormek cruiser out there! It's jamming comms after spouting something about owning everything in the cosmos, and the Captain said he's not sure what they're going to do. What the hell has been going on over here?” Ace lowers his hands once its clear that Romano isn't planning on shooting.
“We should get Jones on the shuttle and tended to first.” Johnson insists.
“Which one?” Asks Ace. “Mine is docked with yours again and yours is pretty cramped with that stasis pod.”

Ensign James hands what he suspects is the data core to Ensign Kelly and asks her to secure it on a shuttle too.
Ouphesharc wastes no time and takes Jones with Fischer into the shuttle.
Ensign James is alarmed and many thoughts are pouring through his head:
Would it be safer to return to the ship or stay on the station?
Would the Gormeks fire on us? The Quest might be able to handle a Gormek cruiser, maybe, but a shuttle wouldn't last two hits,if that.
What about all the other unanswered questions about the station?
And there was something else….

>Options (multiple, non-contradicting selections allowed):
>Have the Doctor help Jones on Shuttle 1 (Ace's)
>Have the Doctor help Jones on Shuttle 2
>Have the Kelly store the data core on Shuttle 1
>Have the Kelly store the data core on Shuttle 2
>Have Shuttle 1 return to the ship (with who on board)
>Have both shuttles return to the ship (with who on board)
>Have someone continue to explore station (who)

...wait a minute.

“Wait a minute!” Ensign James interrupts as Ensign Fischer rejoins James, Romano, Johnson, and Ace in the storage room.
“Didn't you two store Captain Harbatkin's corpse on the shuttle for the doctor?”
“Yeah,” Romano begins, “We did. So wha-” A look of realization washes over all of their faces, save Ace who just looks confused.
“I don't get it.” Ace asks with concern “What's going on?”
The unsealed door to the corridor creaks open and Captain Harbatkin stands there with his arms reaching towards the crew. A high-pitched squeel emits over the comms. The Captain lunges into the room.

The Curse can go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. Neither me nor this quest is dead yet. Although, it did kill my update twice.
How many can a shuttle carry?
Each shuttle can comfortably seat eight, although the stasis pod makes some seating in shuttle 2 cramped.

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