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In a land far beyond time, there exists a seemingly infinite city named FoxTrot. It's a city separated into sections, based on a persons age and economic standing, going from Vermin to Beyond Gods. Vermin are monsters, rabid animals, and petty crooks that live in a never ending dungeon known as The Sewers (they're called that cause the first layer of the dungeon essentially acts like a sewer). Above Vermin is Students, which is a collective group of people who are of the age of 6 to 20. The students live on the ground floor of the city, where they will spend most of their time, well, doing school (while also being given enough break time to keep them happy. They're given 4 days off, but they have no breaks). The city itself has a young urban feel to it, similar to trends of the early 2000s in our world (Gen 6 - Early Gen 7, Punk outlook on life, denim, nu-metal/Limp Bizkit, Kingdom Hearts 2, basically any dumb 2000s trend you can think of), and as such the Students themselves have a similar attitude.

Although the life for Students is very safe and comfortable, they do have to worry about the Vermin, since there's always the chance a Student might be taken away by a hungry carnivore or a soulless criminal. In order to keep children from being killed, the Sewer Patrol was created to cull the number of Vermin that would be a threat to the Students. Sadly, you can only become a part of Sewer Patrol if you are either a miscreant, are failing school altogether, or have been drafted, so most of the Patrol is made up of delinquents, muscle men and morons (all of them are 18 or older,noo children are allowed to fight)

Your name is Punk, and you are a 20 year old Student who is about to graduate and become a full fledged Civilian (the class above Student), and you were:

A normal student, without any sort of flaws or features (No Bonuses)
An intelligent student, who spent all his time studying (Bonus to INT)
A rebellious student, spending most of his time bullying nerds (Bonus to STR)
A hobby student, spending his time working on a specific hobby (Bonus to RFX)
A jock, who spent his time working out and being a Chad (Bonus to CON)

You were born under:
The Star of Life (aligns you with Holy)
The Star of Death (Aligns you with Unholy)
The Star of Season (Aligns you with Fate)
The Star of Infinite (Aligns you with Void)

Your favorite subject was:

Finally, your favorite music genre is:

(next post will begin once enough people vote on all of these decisions)
Also side nte: Im both super drunk and a little high rn
>An intelligent student, who spent all his time studying (Bonus to INT)
>The Star of Death (Aligns you with Unholy)
>Punk (Its a family tradition and you're parents arn't the cleverest of people.)
Good luck writing while high, please don't mix and mach drugs. Also what are you on?
Can i choose the social student?
Either smooth talker or "handsome", bonus to CHA
If not:
>A hobby student, spending his time on a specific hobby (bonus to RFX)
>A hobby student, spending his time working on a specific hobby (Bonus to RFX)
>The Star of Infinite (Aligns you with Void)
And that good ol' country and not that new kind of trash.
Well I'm sober now, and it was just booze and some weed. Also I probably won't have a Charisma stat, cause it won't be too necessary for the scenarios you'll find yourself in.

So it looks as though we have a decision when it comes to student type and favorite subject (Hobby, Literature), but I still ned a more conclusive answer for the other two choices.
>>3121044 (OP)
>A hobby student, spending his time working on a specific hobby (Bonus to RFX)
>The Star of Infinite (Aligns you with Void)
We were a chad born under the star of infinite.

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