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[Dark-fantasy], [Draw-Quest], [Semi-lewd], [Graphic Violence]
"A Dark Fantasy Quest" is a dark fantasy set in a OC universe and follows your story as you pilot the young rogue Kae. After living most, if not all, your life in the woods you are forced to rejoin society out of desperation. Join Kae as she navigates and learns about the world around her, makes new friends, and over comes (or doesn’t) what ever obstacles the unforgiving world throws at her.
"A Dark Fantasy Quest" offers a sandbox free roam experience, an organic world filled with characters, a dark ominous narrative, original illustrations, a complex and rewarding leveling /combat system, and a guarantee to see the quest to an organic end. As you explore the world remember that time moves with you, it is not at all advisable or possible to involve yourself in every plot line, character, and hook within a chapter. Lastly, remember to watch your back, as death may be closer to you then your shirt.

New? Read here...
>Old threads?
>The Series Abridged For Lazy Anons!

I update every 1-3 days, depending on how busy I am with school work/life/etc. On holidays I may update everyday, on exam crunch time I may not at all. This is not a quest that you have to show up on time for, drop in every day or two and you wont miss anything. And you never have to worry about someone backtracking your vote a day later. Lastly, I will use the same thread until page nine / ten so be sure to pin us!
>Thready Update Prognosis:
every 1 days

-Prompts that are more in depth have a better chance of succeeding. Example: you have a better chance of success if you provide an argument as to why the monster shouldn't eat you then if you simply say "convince him not to eat you".
-Prompts have to make sense in continuity to the story. Example: characters who are established pacifists wont start murdering randomly for exp.
-minimal meta/power gaming
-minimal backpedaling
-Im always in the /qtg/ so please put critiques there

”How can I reach you OP?”
or, alternatively:
File: 163.png (15 KB, 422x700)
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The crow taps and taps angrily at your window as if demanding entrance. You worry about getting closer to the window again but ultimately decide to open it. [Occult fascination] Your curiosity overflows, surely this bird must be a sign from from some elder entity! Unlocking the widow you swing it wide open! The cool nights air sweeps into your room and with it the scent of the hunt (+1 insight). The crow jumps into your room and hops around stopping every now and then to have a look around. You attempt speaking with the bird “Hello? Are you a messenger? Do you maybe know where Jackson is? But the bird just ignores you and continues hopping around. You wonder if perhaps you have made a mistake letting the sky rat into your room. How do you intent to get him out now that he is in here?

The bird eventually flaps its wings and finds a place to sit above your chamber door. The bird still managing to hold your curiosity as you push a chair to face it. Still not ready to accept that you had just let in a ordinary bird into the room you sit in the chair and watch the bird intently. Something will happen soon, aaaany minute now something will happen. Eventually your mind starts to drift, you think about your current predicament. Locked in this room and kept prisoner by Jeraldo you don’t have much personal freedom at the moment. You are eager to find your freedom but even if you escape you would simply be branded as a criminal. You wonder when you will see Jackson again. Right on cue the crow replies to your internal monologue... “CAAAAAAAWWW”. For a moment you had forgotten about the crow, of course it cant talk. Its a damn bird! What did you expect when you let the thing in..?

You think about Nathalie and hope that she may be the answer to your freedom. Remembering the maid who offered to carry a secret letter out to her, you sit down at the table and try writing to your friend. You’re not quite sure what to say, only three days ago you left her a vague letter apologizing for leaving so abruptly. You decide that asking for help may be too much and instead settle on simply asking for the two of you to meet again. As you write the letter you notice your new crow “friend” has landed on your desk and is looking over the document you are writing. “Rude” you think as you brush the crow away.
File: 164B.png (273 KB, 549x1000)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
His responsive is surprisingly aggressive as he take to flight and starts buffeting you with his wings, you try to defend yourself but the ungainly way your arms are locked together makes this difficult. Covering your face and head is all you can do to shelter yourself from the angry bird who dives you relentlessly as he loudly “caws” at you. Your troubles are far from over as several more crows, seemingly answering the call of their friend, seem to enter through your window and help him attack you. Eventually you curl up in a ball on the ground and surrender.

Having admitted defeat, the crows stop their attack and simply find a place to sit around your room. Seeing you as nothing more then furniture they have little problem sitting on top of you. You worry that any attempt to dissuade them from burrowing their clawed feet into you will cause another attempt on your life. So you instead you simply learn to live with them. You finish the letter even with all their little eyes peering all over your work. They are mindless creatures yet you feel awkward writing anything personal to Nathalie, and instead keep things simple. Everything seem to escalate as every new hour brings a murder of new crows into your room. Soon things start to feel pretty damn cramped.

Eventually a knock comes at your door, the maid has finally returned. She lets out a small scream and drops the basket she is holding when she sees the hundred or so small faces turn to look at her in unison. The two guards flanking her seem just as mystified at the sight as she is. With eyes wide open they slowly put their heads into the room and have a slow look around. You look on at them from your position on the bed, a hostage to the angry throng of birds.

>what do?
>Pet burbs, then go look around.
Tell them you've been sharing your food with the birds and apologize.
We need to come up with an excuse for them all being here or they will brand us a witch or something. I still remember the mentality of those people
>"help me"

Try to pet one of them.

If the maid gets in and takes our letter tell her we need the answer quickly.
After she leaves we start writing a letter to Jackson, asking where he is and that we need his help describing our situation, maybe its too much to ask but we reeeeeally wish, as in having a very big desire, that one of these crows could carry a letter to him

As a question to the qm, did Jeraldo say when he would talk to us or do something?
>we reeeeeally wish, as in having a very big desire
lol, cheeky

no petting the bird tho, I'm against that, they'll just peck the hell out of us
I don't support this post
>Tell them we couldnt shoo the the crows off, our hands are tied after all
Im liking this new artstyle
what happened to image 164A?
No, Jeraldo said he is putting you on ice until he figures out what happened to Jackson. He didn't inform you on anything else. Jeraldo is the type of character that doesn't explain his reasoning.

Also, we already wrote a letter to Jackson a few hours ago. It includes an apology, explanation of possible demonic possession, and a very lewd picture! I would prefer not to back track on the contents of the letter. Its up to you to figure out if you actually want to give it to him though.

just unused, didn't like it.
My vote is we don't give him the letter. There is no need for any of that
Maybe take the lewd pic out heh, the main part was calling for help and reeeeally wanting for one of those crows to take it to him, even if that sounds absurd right now....right?
Fuck sorry misquoted, I'm not this

I am>>3118378

Damn, what a mess
I still vote we keep the letter on us untill we have a good moment to give it. If hes angry and we sperg to much with our low charisma, the letter might come in handy to tell him how we feel
or if we die and the letter is our last message to him
>"You guys have a crow infestation"

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