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The constant storm above the machine city cracks and booms with raging thunder. Below, at the foot of the city, the battle to defend Foxhole Outpost clashes with equal fury. Bullets fly, blades swing, blood spills. Though surrounded by savage alien foes, the Freelancers will not flee. They will not break. They will hold -- or die.
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The rookie Jandi, swallowed up by Noxalas, finds himself in the creature's stomach, surrounded by horrible darkness and crushing pressure. Energized with the will to survive, he kicks and struggles, and eventually fights his way free. The giant worm spits him up in a glob of gooey green slime. The drifter blinks, lying on the ground in a puddle of goo, and wonders for a moment if he is dead, before realizing that he has in fact escaped the monster's stomach alive.
File: map 8-9B ground.png (616 KB, 3120x2240)
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616 KB PNG

"To me, Freelancers!" Graves shouts, slamming his power gauntlet repeatedly into the basher pressing down on him, cracking the dense bone carapace. "Fuck the wall! Help is almost here, just keep yourself alive and hold the center! To me!"
File: map 8-10A roof.png (646 KB, 3120x2240)
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646 KB PNG

Noxalas, disregarding the slime-covered morsel on the ground as more trouble than its worth, charges out of the armory at Scorch, slashing the mage with its acid-covered tentacles. It then barrels into Einherjar, its undulating body and scuttling legs trampling over Scorch in the process, and bodyslams the Knight into the wall of the laser battery generator room.

Providence and Flicker are pounded into the ground by the bashers' super-dense skulls, pummelled repeatedly against the cold ground until they lie bleeding and broken from fatal wounds, gasping their last as their life drains away.

The ground shakes. Enemy indicators flare red in every direction. The situation is hopeless -- the company is doomed -- unless --
File: map 8-10A ground.png (630 KB, 3120x2240)
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630 KB PNG

An unfamiliar voice breaks in over Freelancer comms. "This is the Murderhobos," Spite says. "We're coming in hot. Help is on the way. Just hold out a few seconds longer, friends."
Status Report:
Wolf 1, Dozer: HP 5/7, Armor 2/3
Wolf 2, Providence: KIA
Wolf 3, Jandi: HP 6/6, Armor 1
Wolf 4, Smokes: HP 4/6, Armor 0/1, Infested 1
Wolf 5, Hiram: HP 2/6, Barrier 0, knockdown
Fox 1, Einherjar: HP 1/7, Armor 0/3, Barrier 0, knockdown
Fox 2, Flicker: KIA
Fox 3, Raiden: HP 4/5, Armor 0/1
Fox 4, Thoth: HP 5/5, Barrier 0, -1 Image
Fox 5, Solaaris: HP 3/6, Barrier 0
Fox 6, Valdus: HP 5/7, Armor 0
Hawk 1, Gryphon: HP 5/7, Armor 0
Hawk 2, King: HP 4/7, Armor 0
Hawk 3, Corax: HP 6/6, Armor 0
Hawk 4, Phaws: HP 5/5, Armor 1, Barrier 0
Hawk 5, Dawn: HP 5/5, Armor 1, Barrier 0
Tiger 2, Zeus: HP 3/6, Armor 0
Tiger 4, Scorch: HP 1/5, Armor 0, Barrier 0, knockdown
Tiger 5, Purity: HP 4/6, knockdown
Tiger 6, Rahab: HP 6/6, Barrier 0
Roach 8: HP 4/4, Armor
Roach 9: HP 3/4, Armor 1/2
Roach 15: HP 4/4, 1/2 Armor
Roach 16: HP 1/4, 0/2 Armor
Basher 3: HP 3/6, Armor 1/2
Basher 5: HP 2/6, Armor 2
Basher 6: HP 1/6, Armor 1/2
Basher 7: HP 2/6, Armor 2
Basher 8: HP 4/6, Armor 2
Basher 9: HP 5/6, Armor 1/2
Basher 12: HP 4/6, Armor 0/2
Basher 13: HP 5/6, Armor 2

Freelancer Turn 10 begins now!
Soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZv1brsTE_A&t=28s
File: weavers.jpg (98 KB, 1024x771)
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Previous thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3073025/
>Grapple - south 3 - Move - south 3 - Fire BBQQ west towards the gate.

Name: Dozer
Class: Knight
Level: 2
Health: 5/7 (Biotic Vest)
Mobility: 5
Armour: 2

- Unstoppable
- Titan Plating

- Mirror Image - 0 image remaining (Legacy of Gallows)

- BBQQ (0 charges remaining)
- Shotgun

- Grapple (0 charges remaining)
- Biotic Vest

The end was in sight, and the distant dropships were beginning to come into view. The teams were starting to faulted, but they were almost through, and Dozer was going to make sure that this they do.

Hefting the massive flamethrower up off his back as he the final grapple cord pulled him forward enough, using the momentum to carry himself just in front of the charging scourge horde.

Standing within the flames from his previous burst, he unleashes the final tank of fire. "You Shall not... Pass!"
"Northeast minimal. Workshop eyes... westward... for Hiram and company..."

Providence lurched away from his death, toward the buckling concrete. Bell choirs. Chittering. Which was he imagining?

"King, find me later.... owe you still."

>Move SE, 4E
>Viking funeral as pit opens
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Name: Thoth
Class: Mage
Level: 5
Spells: Channeler, Arcanery, Mirror Image (One Image), Voidcaller, Surge (No Charges), Echo (One Charge)
Weapons: Scout Rifle (Dmg 2, Rng 25, +1 to hit, Break 1), Bonnie (Dmg 4, Rng 10, Break 1, +1 Crit Range, Holding Aces x1)
Gear: Flame Grenade (Dmg 1, Rng 15, Burn, Break 2, Area 2, sets fire to area)
Health: 5/5
Mobility: 6
Barrier: 0/3

Move 6 East
Shoot Basher 13 with Bonnie, Holding Aces x1

"Fox, move! I don't give two chits what you're doing, I'm not losing another of you! Satellite, come on, I'll wait for you, get up!"

His friend the medic robot wasn't the only reason he was delaying. Even his best shot wouldn't kill it. But it'd be satisfying. Oh, satellites, it'd be satisfying.
Rolled 8, 10, 10 = 28 (3d10)

>-Regen 1. Hp:5/6
>Activate Phantom
>Move 3SE, 3E
>BlinkStrike 1NW 2W, 1NW 2W, 1NW 2W, 1NW 1W. Strike Weaver 7, Basher 11, Basher 12. 3dmg+4backstab, +1hit
>[R] Deflect

Name: Leopard
Class: Hunter
Level 8
>Hp 5/5+1
>Mob 12 (8+2+2)
>Armor 1/1
Alacrity (Move after Attack).
Deflect [R] (1/2dmg from an attack)
Phantom [S, C0/2] (Gain Stealth)
Blink Strike [A, C0/2] (Teleport Mob line, Melee enemies in line)
Agility (+2Mob)
Rogue (+2Backstab)
Blademaster (+1Hit & Dmg with Melee)
Pheonix [C1/1] (resurrect at 1/2 hp)

>Greatsword: 3+1dmg, Cleave3, M (+2Backstab).
>Dagger: 2+1dmg, 2+2Backstab, M/Rng10
>Phase Boots: +2Mob, Pass through Enemies
>Biotic Vest: +1Hp, 1Regen
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Both him and the creature missed. Both of their hits could have kill them in one shot. Time was running out. Other wounds repair themself under is vest.
"Return to the void, monster"

>Attack Basher 9 with Hammer
>Passive 1 Health regen. Thanks to Biotic vest

HP 6/7, Armor 0/2
Smash (1/2)

Name: Valdus
Class: Knight
Level: 1
Powers: Smash
Weapons: LMG, Hammer
Gear: Jump Pack, Biotic Vest
-the communication system of the helmet is broken.
Rolled 9 (1d10)

Name: Zeus
Class: Drifter
Level: 2
Health: 3/6
Mobility: 6
Armor: 0/1

-Deadeye: (+1 ACC, +1 CRT)
-Guncaster: +1 Rune Slot

-Sniper Rifle (Piercing)
-Shotgun (Break 1)

-Acid Rune (Shotgun)
-Iron Rune (Sniper Rifle)
-Grappling Hook

>Fire Sniper Rifle at Noxalas (+1ACC, +1CRT, Piercing)

"Stay down you overgrown worm!"
Rolled 3 (1d10)

Feeling revitalized, Gryphon finally takes a moment to clear his head. With his refreshed perspective, he carefully considers his next course of action.

"We shall hold fast, comrades! Let us honor the fallen with our glory! With me, Huzzah!"

>Dash 3SW, 5W, 2SW
>Stinger the Scourge and Basher 10
Name: Purity
Class: Mage
Level: 2
Health: 4/6
Barrier: 0/2
Movement: 6+2
Channeler: +1 Grenade slot, +1 Area
Blademaster (Legacy) +1 damage and attack for melee
Echo: Recast last attack/power Uses: 2
Phaseboots: +2 Mobility, move through enemies
Charged Vests: +1 Health, +1 Barrier, Immune to burn, freeze, and shock
Fire Grenade
Great Sword

Get up, Move NE1, E 3, NE 3, E 1, throw fire grenade on the crater south west of me.
Oh look. They’re all stacked up.
Rolled 1 (1d10)

I didn't even move lol. What did I mess up on with my movement? The plan was to just walk out the me-sized hole in the wall.

Name: Kingangelael
Class: Knight
Level: 2
Health: 6/7 (The regen.)
Mobility: 5
Armor: 0
Disciplines: ShieldWall, Sentinel
Weapons: Shield, Shotgun
Gear: Harpoon Gun, Biotic Vest

"Just crack open a cold one for me and the boys!" He shouted cheerfully, as if nothing happened.

But he clutched his at rifle tightly and cursed several times under his breath. 'I thought he looked fine' he told himself. But hindsight and regret helps nobody. He and Providence weren't best friends, but this one just might be on him.

>Move 1E, 1S, 1W(Up the ladder), 2S
>Blast Basher 5
Knockdown my dude. Forgot to list it on the status sheet so my bad.
Rolled 6 (1d10)

>Move 3 SW 4 S
>Fire LMG at Weaver 7

Name: Corax
Class: Drifter
Level: 3
Health: 6/6
Mobility: 8
Armour: 0

-Richochet (0/2)
-Low Profile
-High Noon (0/1)

-Sniper Rifle (piercing)

-Phase Boots
-Iron Rune (Sniper Rifle)
Rolled 2 (1d10)

Name: Einherjar
Class: Knight
Level 1
-Titan Plating (Of course.)
-Vigilance: (After Dashing, you may Overwatch as a swift action.)
-SMG: Damage 3, Range 10, (Move 2 before or after firing.)
-Shield: Armor +1
-Charged Vest (+1 HP, +1 Barrier, burn, freeze, shock immunity.)
>Health: 1
>Mobility: 5

As soon as he spotted the giant worm come toward him, Ein simply gave a sigh, and though he attempted to twist out of the way, the Worm was too fast, and flung him into the wall.

>Stand up, 1 SW, Fire at Basher 9

Standing up, Einherjar moved into cover, joints sparking, metal dented, and fired at the Basher attacking Valdus. "My continued existence is pain from the hands of ODIN."
Hitting the big bad is all well and good, but there are plenty of threats on the field where your shot could save a teammate's life, such as setting up a kill on Bashers 10 or 13, or finishing off 9. At this point, hitting Noxalas accomplishes little by comparison.
The robot sees the sheer amount of scourges that ran through the wall, his HUD displaying CRITICAL DANGER, highlighting every enemy in red. He resorts to reach for the ladder to the top floor, simulating hope that there are less enemies there

>Move 3 NE, 1 N up the ladder. Move 2 SE.
>Dash. Move 1 S, 3 SE, 2 E.

He jumps down the roof, thinking of going into the laser room.


>Name: Jandi
>Class: Drifter
>Level: 1
>Health: 5/6
>Mobility: 6
>Armor: 1

>Tricks Installed: Ricochet.

>Weapons: Penetrating Scout Rifle, Shotgun.

>Gear: Iron Rune (rifle), Regen Kit
Level 2
Hp 4/6
Barrier 0/1
Armor 0/1
Powers: Channeler,Echo(2/2),Spellvamp
Weapons:Scout Rifle,shield
Gear:flame grenade(channeler bonus), mana grenade, biotic vest
>get up
>dash 6 east
>Artillery: Flame Grenade 5NE, 10E
>--Damage 2 / Break 2 / Autohit / Area 2 / Burn

>Echo: Flame Grenade 5NW, 9N
>--Damage 2 / Break 2 / Autohit / Area 2 / Burn

>--Spellvamp 12 enemies, healing 2.4 x own HP in one go.
>Feel great!

"hooooh boy"

" I think "

" I think I had a little too much everything "

== Phaws, Level 8 ==
Health 5
Barrier 0
Armor 1
Mobility 6

>Channeler, Arcanery, Artillery, Brilliance, Voidcaller, Echo (0), Energy Drain (1), SpellVamp, Trip Mine

Shield 1

Sniper Rifle
D4 R40 B1 Crit 9-10 *Stand Still

>Flame Grenade. 15r / Damage 2 / Break 2 / Autohit / Area 2 / Burn
>Flame Grenade. 15r / Damage 2 / Break 2 / Autohit / Area 2 / Burn
>Flame Grenade. 15r / Damage 2 / Break 2 / Autohit / Area 2 / Burn
Flame Grenade. 15r / Damage 2 / Break 2 / Autohit / Area 2 / Burn
Rolled 7 (1d10)


> Force shield -> Hiram
> Fire Auto Rifle -> Basher 10

Name: Rahab
Class: Priestess
Level: 1

Health: 6/6 (5+1)
Mobility: 6
Barrier: 0 (1+1)

- Medic Protocol: +1 Kit Slot, +8 Medkit Range
- Force Shield (S, C1): You or an Ally within 10 spaces gain +1 Health and +2 Barrier.

- Auto Rifle
- Spear

- Medkit x1 (S, C0): Heal 4, Range 2
- Regen Kit x1 (S, C1): Heals 1 in Area 2 around you. Persist 2.
- Biotic Vest: +1 Health, +1 Barrier, immune to burn, freeze, and shock

Rahab lifted her hands to the sky, facing her palms to the heavens, and shut her eyes tight.

"O Holy Guardians above, have mercy upon my fellow comrade! Give to him your healing and protection, so that he may continue to fight for your glory!"

Her prayer made its way to the heavens, the Satellites hearing her desperation. She could only hope that They would would see it fit that the remaining Freelancers would survive to see another day.
Rolled 8 + 1 (1d10 + 1)

>Blink North East 7
>Stab Basher 13 with Spear
>Alacrity move East 6, North East 2, East 3, North 1
>Ready Deflect

Name: Smokes
Class: Hunter
Level: 7
HP: 4/6 (+1 Regen)
Mobility: 12
Armor: 0

Blink: [S, C 0/3] Teleport Mob-2
Deflect: [R] Block half damage when hit by an attack
Blademaster: +1 Hit and damage on melee attacks
Alacrity: May move after attacking
Force Shield: [S, C 0/2] You or Ally within 10 gain 2 barrier and heal 1
Cyclone: [A C 0/2] Melee attack all enemies within 2 spaces
Agility: +2 Mobility

Arcstrider: +1 Hit, DMG 5, +2 Mobility, Fulminous
Spear: +1 Hit, DMG 3, Line 3, Piercing

Regen Vest: +1 HP, +1 Regen
Shadow Cloak: +1 Evasion. Start each mission in Stealth
"Thank you Rahab, and thank you Sats!"
Hiram gasped as the Basher slammed into him from behind, sending him face first into the nearby crate and cracking the visor on his helmet. He swore to himself, feeling his death coming fast and so damn close to salvation too. As the Basher reared up for another strike he felt a barrier reminiscent of his old crash shield, and hears Rahab's prayer to the Sats above. Hiram didn't bother much with that old religion, but he figured any time was a good time to start, especially with the stunt he was planning. Using the crate, Hiram pulled himself up, and sent what was left of the Void in him straight down.

>Spend Move to stand
>Echo Mana Grenade on self

>Echo Mana
Name: Hiram
Class: Mage
Level: 3
Health: 3/6 (5+1)
Mobility: 6
Barrier: 2

-Channeller (+1 Grenade & Area)
-Shadowstep (Immune to Overwatch & Reactions)
-Arcanery (+1 Grenade, +5 Grenade Range)
-Echo 1/2 (Recast most recently used grenade or power)

-Scout Rifle

-Charged Vest (Resist Burn, Freeze, and Shock)
"Give 'em Hell Providence, they've earned it."
>Stand Up
>Force Shield -> Solaaris

=== Solaaris | Priest | Lvl 4 ===
HP: 6/6 (Biotic Vest)
BAR: 1
MOB: 5 (Heavy)

- Medic Protocol
- Force Shield (S, C2)
- Biotic Specialist
- Field Medic
- Shieldwall (A, C0)

- The Hard Way (Autofire)
- Greatsword (Cleave)

- Medkit (S, C0)
- Regen Kit (S, C1)
- Grapple Hook (S, C3)
- Biotic Vest
File: map 8-10B roof.png (703 KB, 3120x2240)
703 KB
703 KB PNG

The final moments of the desperate defense seem to stretch on for eternity. The hard-pressed Freelancers are surrounded or backed into corners, pressed on all sides by alien swarms, all avenues of escape cut off. Defiant to the last, they fight on against overwhelming odds.
File: map 8-10B ground.png (679 KB, 3120x2240)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
File: gonna eat you boy.jpg (71 KB, 1080x683)
71 KB

The very ground shakes and cracks as the worms burst forth from their tunnels. Innumerable hordes advance on the outpost from both outside the walls and within. Purity the Mage is swarmed by scourge and brought down with fatal wounds by scything claws and devouring fangs. Many others are slashed and battered to within inches of their lives. Noxalas the Ravenous looms ascendant over the battlefield. All hope seems lost -- until --

Is that -- synth music?
File: rescue arrives.jpg (146 KB, 1245x700)
146 KB
146 KB JPG


Human dropships zoom overhead, marked with the insignia of fellow Freelancer companies, the lead in formation blasting over its sound system an incongruously cheery power ballad from ancient Earth. Full sections of Freelancers drop onto the battlefield, both in and around the base, guns blazing and blades swinging as they cut through swaths of enemies. One of them even drops a tank, its massive cannon booming. The counterattack is supported by a handful of the few remaining combat aircraft that humanity can field.

Noxalas halts its attack mid-strike, pausing to scan the air with its unearthly senses. The creature is clearly wounded, bleeding green ichor from a dozen wounds, and seems to comprehend its impending doom. With a last unearthly wail, it buries into the ground and retreats, abandoning its lesser minions. It will flee to the subterannean lairs of the worms, there to regenerate and live to fight another day.

The sudden powerful reinforcements are too much for the worm assault waves, and they are annihilated en masse. The remaining xeno forces hesitate, turn around, and retreat, no doubt ordered to by whatever psionic intelligence oversees their disposition.

A ragged cheer goes up from the beleagued company. Exhausted and wounded, their energies spent, they use the last of their firepower to destroy the remaining worms inside the base. Otherwise for the most part they allow their fellows to do the work of driving back the enemy hordes, a task which they apply themselves to with great enthusiasm.
File: Spite.jpg (440 KB, 1200x986)
440 KB
440 KB JPG

"Happy to see me, Graves?" a Mage in a high-collared jacket asks, walking up to the section commander and clapping him on the shoulder. She retracts her helmet, revealing the wild purple hair underneath. "I got us Murderhobos here as fast as I could. Looks like you guys had a rough time of it anyway."

"That we did, Spite," Graves admits. "Glad you showed up when you did."

"Well, I couldn't miss seeing your face after what's about to happen," Spite says with a chuckle. "You remember who came with us, right?"

"Wait -- oh, shit --"

"GRAVES!" The section commander is swarmed and glomped by a gaggle of mostly-female warriors in brightly colored armor, festooned with frills, ruffles, and accessories. These are the Rainbow Unicorns, a team of magical girl themed Freelancers who pride themselves on maintaining cheer and beauty in the face of any danger. "We're so glad you're all right!"

A clearly embarassed Graves tries to push his way free. "Goddamn it, get off me, you brats -- aaagh --" Despite his best efforts he is unable to extract himself from the tangle of magical girls hugging him.

"Do the pose with us, Graves!" one of the girls asks him. The other members take it up as a chorus.

"I'm not doing the pose again, Starlight!" he grouses.

"C'mon, please?" the girl begs him. "Pretty pleeeease?"

Graves is more or less forced to acquiesce as each of his limbs are being held down by multiple Unicorns. The magical girl team quickly takes up a clearly well-practiced and choreographed team pose around the gloomy-faced section commander standing in the center. Spite takes photographs, grinning. A group cheer goes up. "Rainbowwwww UNICORNS!!! YAY!!!" A burst of glitter and colorful magic erupts overhead.

Graves groans. "Should've let the worms eat me ..."

||Mission Acomplished. ¿Shutdown? Y/N


||Shutdown postponed.

This was it. J-2 processors felt a rush of self-reward that could be described as orgasmic, if a human had the chance to be a downloaded conscience into a computer. Amidst the sensory overload, it spared memory to scan Foxhole.

|| Irreparable human loses. Structural damage cannot be assesed by this unit.

A sole phrase came out of the speakers, not even broadcasted by the radio.

"Was it worth it?"

||J-2-2711 Unit Shutdown

Einherjar would've been happy to have gotten a bit of respite from the pain that was his cycle of life and death, constantly brought back from the void by ODIN, were it not for the extreme sense of "pain" that he felt. He supposed that he could understand the logic in making him feel a simulation of pain and fear. It had kept him alive when he was human, but he didn't understand why he had to feel pain specifically, especially since he was a pseudo-immortal now.

But, even though he felt extreme amounts of simulated pain, he pushed through, and sat down on a nearby broken wall, tossing his shield and gun on the ground in front of him, and attempted to repair himself, peeling off armor plates to get a look at the machine body beneath. It was eerie, to see inside himself like this, but he figured he would acclimate.

Over the comms, he asked, "Fox, status? Did we all make it?"
File: DozerMaybe.jpg (20 KB, 236x455)
20 KB
As the waves of worms finally retreat, Dozer slumps, hands reaching for the skull faced armour panel surround his head. With a hiss, he takes a breath of the unfiltered air that he can just barely breath, the air of his homeworks on the brink of death.

Rising from his slump and hefting the now empty BBQQ onto his back, he turns towards the huddle of yellows, reds, and other colours around the human captain, Graves. A part of Dozer wanted to say that this was a pretty common site among humans before the war, but as he takes a good look at the dejected body language the uncomfortable captain has, he keeps it to himself.

"I wonder when a blue skin's gonna arrive to ruin my day."
A freelancer wearing ruffles.

Phaws, utilitarian armor soot stained and cracked by the furnace heat of sustained barrages, felt a soul-deep shiv of pure, insidious jealousy stab through her world.

You could put frills on your armor. You could wear bangles. That one over there had a scarf. A SCARF. No one had mentioned it. The Alchemist hadn't even breathed a word. That? That was patently unforgivable. The fact that in this multiverse Vacia went all abominable monstrosity and tried to pry your brains out with a katana was one thing, and sure, Westree was dead, and yes, okay, that was a crime, but thew worst crime of all was clearly the one Phaws had been committing against fashion this entire time. Frills. Satellites be damned. Phaws punched the hidden compartment in her boot and pulled out the emergency hipflask, took a straight shot of victory to wash down the cloying after-taste of wriggling, squiggling biological avarice the worms devoured signatures was stained through with.

"Kawaii shiatsu, wormfuckers. We did it. What a magical time.

Hawks, check in.
Gryphon? Corax? Dawn? Kinghrlalshrhe? Did anyone of you drop dead? Don't die on me. I have enough excess essence flickering between my hands to jump-start a reactor"
Oh rip, I thought I was walking into a wall again.

Relived, and exhausted from his injuries, Kingangelael practically fell into a seat as the drop-ship doors closed. He reached into the side of his ammo belt and pulled out a glass bottle, at least he thought he did. He ended up only pulling out the top, with the seal still stuck on, the rest of it must have shattered when the basher hit him. It wasn't just blood that stained the remains of his armor. King simply dropped the glass onto the floor and collapsed into the back of his chair.


"Stop talking before you drink, and I should ask if you died on us. You're so loud I'm surprised the worms don't go for you first."
This Unit is fully operational. Only Minor damage to armour.
"I'm to good, too great, too goddamn magical to die, King-ang-e-la-el. Love and pieces. Cheers."

"Thank you. And I appreciate your calibrated accuracy rating. Those were fantastic shots."
File: Hiram - No Helmet.png (100 KB, 260x340)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Hiram leaned up against the manascarred battery wall and caught his breath. He had completely forgotten how stressful this job was, and just how much the rush of flowing mana made it worth it.

His reverie was interrupted by the beeping of his helmet, warning him of multiple system compromises.Guess Noxy and those Bashers knocking him around did more damage to his poor kit than he thought. With great care to avoid the exposed mana vents struggling to reconnect him to the Ley Network he had burnt himself out of, he lowered his hood and took off the helmet underneath. A quick check of his spiritual faculties showed there wasn't any long term damage that good beer and good sleep couldn't fix, not like what happened with those damn lightning throwers, and as for the physical he was no stranger to medbay by this point.

First thing he noticed as his eyes adjusted to the unfiltered light was the slag and fire filled tunnel mouth a few meters in front of him. He'd buy a round in Providence's honor tonight, man saved him more than once today. Next thing he noticed was the crowd of magical girls, and magical men, torturing Graves in their own special way. "One hell of a way to keep up morale, maybe we need a theme like that," Hiram pondered out loud while he searched his vest for his backup comms unit, Smokes and Dozer's statuses were still unknown after all.

"Smokes, Dozer. You two still up? I'm good, Jandi's fine but he's taking a robot nap. Providence...Providence didn't make it though. Took more than a couple of those alien pricks with him though."

"Got stomped half to death there, but I stayed alive just as promised. Don't think the original teaching plan isn't going to work out though, because I'm pretty sure there aren't any non load bearing walls left on the compound. You got a backup plan?"
Slumping against the rubble of the wall nearby, Zeus looks at his sparking frame, marking all the points where acid ate away at his plating.

"I'll have to spend a lot of time repairing after this." His voice module sputters, before cutting out.

Glancing at the sniper that lay on the ground next to him, he grasped it's stock and pulled it into his lap, beginning to disassemble the weapon.
"Are you choking again, you should swallow your first you know? My name is King, nothing more, nothing less."
The Basher was dead. Valdus did not know if the blood loss caused by the several wounds had done the job or his hammer had put an end to the creature. After all, he had demonstrated a pathetic fight against the enemy, making himself useless for most of the battle. So much dishonor and shame, why had he fallen so low ? Taking off his helmet and his thoughts, he headed for the laser battery, but first he immediatly start recovering the pieces of armor. Bless the satellites, he manage to find all of them divided in great parts. He could start working on it later after returning back at base, now it was important to find is team ......


He saw Fox-1 asking for the status of the team, near a wall. His teammate preferred to immediately fix the wounds made by the enemy instead of waiting for the priests. Valdus sprinted and introduced himself "Fox 6 to report, alive and free of infection, can I help ? Maybe I can find some priests and bring them here.
Thank you for shooting at that basher Sir, if it had not been for that shot maybe I would not have finished it. Ah name is Valdus, but feel free to use Val like Fox-4."
Scorch sadly examines his shattered shield and perforated armor,thinking of the talking-to hes going to get about this from the Alchemist. Seeing the Rainbow Unicorns in all their frippery makes him want to add a robe to his ensemble, or perhaps make his armor flashy and ostentatious. He wonders if they have unnecesarily fanservicey transformation sequences or flashy anime esque weapons, and wonders why the fuck his company looks like generic space grunts compared to the murderhobos. He hears Phaws complaining about their company's drab dress sense,and decides to talk to her to workshop ideas on how to annoy,bully,or otherwise persuade their comrades into dressing as if they're in a shonen anime.

Ein gave a nod. He hadn't seen much of Valdus around the base, probably due to him being a new recruit, and getting dropped right into the fight from the Man Cannon. He wondered where Graves and the Captain kept finding these rooks. Not many places to hide (if not green) fresh-faced recruits on the planet. Maybe he was poached from another group, like Rhino was from Armor Company Alpha?

Whatever, didn't matter. The kid was alive and well, and offering assistance. Pulling out a spiked piece of chitin from his arm, he 'flexed', and observed the reaction from the machinery within, which gave off a puff of smoke, and a single spark. Sighing, he looked at Valdus, and said,

"Sure, feel free to find a priest if you can, Val. I'm not really in great shape. Though Solaaris might be here any second now, so it might be a bit redundant." Pausing for a second, and looking over the heavily armored Knight for a second, he asked, "So, where are you from? There are a few Knights around, but we lost some good men last mission. Want to get to know the new ones better. I was from Armor Company Alpha, you?"
File: research_chart_8.png (215 KB, 1280x1400)
215 KB
215 KB PNG

Through Research you can discover new weapons and gear, and improve existing ones. Some discoveries will be available at the start of the next thread.

In progress:
Worm Biotics Melee
Worm Biotics Utility

Research Credits:
Human Relics x2
Worm Biotics x3


"Since I'm helping moving samples around I should get a say in research."
Relics: Guns, offense
Biotics: defense, utility, melee
And just like that, it all ended. He never thought he'd be glad to see some rainbow-coloured dandies swarming the field and casting awe-struck glances at Graves, but that's how it was out here. It didn't trouble him enough to stop him from joining with the cheering of cracked and breaking lancers, though. It was a cheer that probably wouldn't compare to whatever the survivors of the inevitable drive into the Machine City's heart would put out, but that wasn't a spectacle for just yet. Maybe if he got a peaceful moment he could try and have a peek at it. That'd be an interesting time. Hopefully he wouldn't home in on it; ruining the surprise would just be rude.

Thoth's feet carried him to the edge of the tunnel Noxalas made, peering into the depths. His mask's vast array of scanners and sensors made easy meat of the darkness, but still he could not see anything. Unacceptable. Thoth draws out his final flame grenade, then weaves a duplicate of it out of little tongues of blue fire drawn from the highlighted lines. He promptly drops them both down to light up the darkness and loses himself in the radiant, beautiful dance of the flames. The one friend that would always be there for him. Even at the end, it'd find him.

Unconsciously, Thoth's left hand taps out a jumble of letters and numbers in reply to Einherjar. Nothing coherent, but it communicates his presence.

>Guns: Worm Biotics x2
>Melee: Human Relics x2
>Offense: Worm Biotics x1

"Well it's untortuous, see? We kill them need before they us to. Excuse me." Incoherent mumbling followed. "They need to kill... fuck. We kill them before they kill us. That's the pebble. Everything else is less than importance. Important." Thoth nods and abruptly walks away, now speaking in equations that only a fellow Mage would be able to interpret as comparing cumulative heartrates in the base at various points in time.

Look. C’mon.
"Well I'll go right aw----- I'll stay here". He had been stupid. He could not deny
to the priest of the team the right to treat those injuries and only the suggestion to receive help from others may have been seen as an offense to his work. "From Otando, a small underground mining town in a canyon valley, is located in one of the few western regions where the enemy's presence is weaker, even if the scav raids or their patrols to find us can happen from time to time. Unfortunately, I was not chosen by any order or company in my region, after I was knighted two months ago, so I could not participate in any action.

There were much better candidates, and my family did not allow me to join the knights of the house.

As is tradition, they chose one of the freelance companies with bases on the front lines and immediately sent me here, after the Captain made known the position of Foxhole. Maybe even my younger brothers and sisters could be sent here, they are all anxious to put an end to their lives as squires and cover themselves with blood and glory on the battlefield. Sir a question .... why did you leave the Alpha Armor Company ?"

"I support the ideas of my team mate Thoth. Even if it sound confused right now, he will probably give a far better explanation later..... Also i would like to reporpuose a small room for give a place to every fallen freelancers, where we can remember them. Is possible commander ? I will gladly give my room if necessary."

An encrypted messages reaches Foxhole.

"The field testing of the mass producing model J-2 has been succesful. Across seven worlds and over 30 battles this model has reached a 36% rate of suvirvability.
We are pleased with this unit's performance. Store it into the compartment it was sent from and fill the survey.

Our group has discussed what to do about your human relics. While you claimed those were "not negotiable" it would be our best interest if you allocate your research into offense and utility."

Relics: Offense x2 (if I cant choose twice of the same, offence + utility)

Biotics: Utility x2 + Defense
>Golden Age:
-Guns, Melee
>Worm Biotics:

Ein nods, and sends back a similar stream of incomprehensible gibberish. Good to know Thoth is... alright. Somewhat.

Einherjar shrugged, shaking his left hand, dislodging some worm gunk. "My last commander was a real filho da puta, and Graves was doing some recruiting in the area. So I got permission to transfer to his company from both Graves and my previous commander (who probably just wanted me away from the rest of Alpha,) and here I am. Of course, my situation is slightly more complicated than it used to be, due to my current body, which was provided by the efforts of the base Priests and ODIN itself."

Falling silent, he eventually looked at Valdus, sizing him up, before he eventually said, "You did good joining our company here, kid. Graves is a good guy, and the Commander knows what's up."

ID fell off. Minor System's glitch


-"What a time to be alive..."
2x Gun
Worm Biotics:
"Still alive"

"Thank you for bailing me out earlier. I wouldnt have made it without your help Mr.Smokes"
>Relics: 2 in Guns
>Biotics: 1 in Guns, 1 in Defense, 1 in Utility
Gryphon takes a moment to appreciate the engines of destruction at work all around him, especially the planes that maneuvered as effortlessly as he did in the training room back home. His heart sinking, he brings up a message from before the attack one more time.


His eyes wander downward to the attached picture of a large family of Knights in front of a hearth. A teenage Gryphon can be seen held in a headlock by a young woman not much older than him.

[Rest of family rooting for you, much love from Mom. Dad wants fat worm trophy. Get 'em Jason!
- Big Sis out]

Closing the message, Gryphon leaps towards the nearest worm, determined not to be outdone in an old fashioned killing contest.

"I must give thanks for the assist Hoboes! However, ASSIST is a key word! See if you can keep up, Huzzah!"

After the last of the Worms are driven off, Gryphon attempts to hoist a few too many crates of supplies off the dropship. Teetering past Thoth and Ein, he makes his fall at the feet of Phaws.

"I wouldn't call this dropping dead, although I feel near it. I must request your assistance in the transport of these to the mess, if you would."
>Golden Age:

Gib biotic offense

"We've noticed a delay on the research beginning. While changing our option it is not something considered in our plans, to reach a safe and fast conclusion we withdraw out vote of Biotics:Ulitily and allocate it on Offense.

>Biotics: Offense x2, Defence x1
Human Relic:
Guns & Offense

Worm Biotics:
Defense, Utility, & Offense

Voting is closed. Communications with higher command can resume in 1 Day and 3-4 hours
File: graves gives a speech.png (847 KB, 1443x812)
847 KB
847 KB PNG
After the worms are driven back over the horizon, the dust and chaos settles. The dying flames from the constant barrage of incendaries cast the blood-splattered and broken outpost in a dull red light. Adrenaline and synthetic combat drugs begin to drain away, leaving feelings of exhaustion, elation, or despair in their wake. Priests from the other companies move among the wounded and fallen, applying medkits or saying last rites as needed, salvaging or destroying memory chips according to the victims' last wills.

"Listen up, everyone!" Graves stands up on a metal crate, where everyone can see him. His armor is battered and dented from the battle, and he's holding one arm close to his chest like it doesn't work so good right now. But he stands tall and speaks with a clear, loud voice. "I just want to say real quick that I'm proud of you for holding out against those little swarming bastards. Now we owe these folks here our thanks for riding to our rescue. Most of you haven't had a chance to meet our allied Freelancer teams, so now's a good time for some quick introductions. These lot here are the Murder Hobos, and their section commander Spite." The purple-haired woman with a long coat and big gun gives everyone a nod. Her troops are a rough-looking band of seasoned fighters, their gear weathered and bloodstained from heavy use. "Good to see you again, Spite," Graves says with a wink, which she returns with a sly smile. "Then over there we've got the Mysterious Strangers and lead scout Crow. Say hi, Crow!" The black-hooded Hunter just glowers. He and his troops are a gothic-looking bunch, all dark robes and hoods and blades. "He don't talk much, but you can tell he's delighted to meet you all. And finally -- ugh --" Graves sighs and rubs the back of his head with his good hand before reluctantly saying, "Starlight Shimmer and the Rainbow Unicorns." The same colorful, glittery magic explosions burst in midair over the Unicorns as they cheer and strike up their team pose again.

"Anyway," Graves says, wanting to move on before his team gets any more ideas about dressing up in frills and ruffles, "These are the teams we'll be assaulting Scav HQ with, so everybody shake hands and get to know your neighbors, cause you'll be supporting each other during the big rumble. Enjoy your fraternization while you get the chance."

Spite asks, "You hear any updates on the plan, Graves?"

"As far as I know, we still aim to hit the Citadel in a few days. Strangers are the scouts, Unicorns are the anvil, Hobos are the hammer. And my team's the dagger that pierces the heart. While you guys keep them busy on the outside, we'll be going straight in and hitting the Scavs where it hurts the most.

"So you're taking on the big guy, huh?" Spite says. "Good luck in there, friends. You're going to need it."

Only a few of the company understand exactly what the section commanders mean. One of the newer members asks, "So are we targeting another Thane, or --?"

"Think bigger, kiddo," Graves says. "Much, much bigger."

The full implications of what he's saying sinks in to those familiar with the hierarchy of the Scavs, and the monstrous beings who reign over them.

"That's right," Graves says. "It's a tough job, but I know we can do it. So rest up good, you lot. Because on our next mission, we're going dragon-slaying."
File: memorial photos.jpg (27 KB, 640x319)
27 KB
Pour one out for the fallen.


Sigurd, Knight Lv6: Pushed by Scav witch spellcraft into a pit of parasites
Vacia, Hunter Lv5: Infested by worm parasites, zombified.
Flicker, Drifter Lv4: Killed by worm basher.
Myrmidon, Hunter Lv4: Killed by Scav raider.
Gallows, Mage Lv4: Killed by Thane Volzar.
Rhino, Knight Lv3: Last seen standing against the armored worm.
Delphi, Priest Lv3: Killed by Scav witch spellcraft.
Providence, Knight Lv2: Killed by worm basher.
Purity, Mage Lv2: Killed by worm scourge.
Ermez, Knight Lv1: Killed by Scav raider.
Iskander, Knight Lv1: Killed by Scav witch spellcraft.
Latobius, Knight Lv1: Infested by worm parasites, zombified.
Ljon, Knight Lv1: Killed by Thane Ravix.
Einherjar, Drifter Lv1: Killed by Scav raider.
Cayde, Hunter Lv1: Suicide.
Diplomat, Hunter Lv1: Killed by Thane Elsis
Runner, Hunter Lv1: Killed by forgetting to move.
Arwan, Mage Lv1: Killed by Thane Ravix.

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