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(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGcGPyxltaw)

You sought a world of light.

One filled with warmth and joy, where everyone can laugh without fear for tomorrow.

You sought a home for those you loved. A place where you could all belong. A place to protect, and a place to feel safe.

You are alone now, but that hasn’t changed.

Even when all there is left is cold and dark, your wish will stay the same.

A dream ends when you wake up, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone.
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288 KB JPG

Your hand slows, lingering for moments by the closed door before you turn away. The hall is long, and empty.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Libra’s steps echo with your own, a little more distant than usual. You feel their gaze on you.

What does the blue star think, you wonder. What does the blue star believe you should do.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

From around a corner the gray Shark glides into view. It looks at you with glistening black eyes.

You look back.

The Shark turns, sliding on the featureless marble, and begins leading you through the castle.

You are thankful. You feel like you would get lost easily here.

The bubbles glow with a slight green tinge, floating up lazily through the air.

> You feel unsettled, your thoughts pulled in many directions.
> What do you seek?

[ ] You wonder about the Ants. What are they doing here? How are they a part of all this?
[ ] You wonder about the fish. Are they as fleeting as the starlight they carry?
[ ] You wonder about the City. Where does her wish lie?
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235 KB JPG

Good morn’ folks.

Before: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=autistichornedgirls
After: https://twitter.com/boxofmithril

> In case anyone’s forgotten what’s happened recently:

You met Libra, the blue star.

You found some odd Teeth. One you banished with Libra’s help. The other appears vaguely like a rodent, and is currently stuffed in your bag. The orange-ball-turned-red-feathered bird is not fond of it.

You entered an Aquarium. Frozen, like everything else. There you met a Shark.

The Shark lead you through an underground sea, full of lost wonders.

You entered the City Under the Sea, and mingled with its strangeness on your way to the Castle at its center.

You found the dreamer, and observed her burning starlight.

Something in you wants to help, somehow, someway. Something in you wants to leave, when the parting may be less painful.

You feel unsettled, your thoughts pulled in many directions.
>[ ] You wonder about the fish. Are they as fleeting as the starlight they carry?
>[ ] You wonder about the Ants. What are they doing here? How are they a part of all this?
Rolled 2 (1d2)

(I don't think I can mix these, so: save me dice!)
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103 KB GIF
Soon you find yourself outside, the Shark waving its fin at you as you and Libra walk away from the Castle.

You don’t take any direction, or have any goal. You wander, looking for nothing in particular.

The gate clanks shut behind you as you leave the Castle grounds, and the sight of the working Ants greets you again. You keep out of the way of the ones carrying blocks of stone to and fro and watch Ants with various tools in hands (legs?) working away.

The air is filled with banging and scraping. A building is framed. A large stall is propped up. A shell-shaped decoration is carved. Blocks of stone are added, and new ones are carried in. All around you things are taking shape, but still the scenery around you looks incomplete.

The Ants keep working and working.

The loud noise wakes the bird. It pokes its beak out of your bag, chirping its complaint, then hops out and climbs onto your shoulder. You ignore it, continuing to meander through this central part of the City.

You wonder about their purpose. Why they work. What they seek.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Where are these blocks coming from? Outside? Follow the carrier Ants.
[ ] Is there an Ant boss of some sort? Look for an important-seeming Ant.
[ ] What is all this for? Find a high place to look over it all.
[ ] (Other?)
>[ ] Where are these blocks coming from? Outside? Follow the carrier Ants.
>[ ] Is there an Ant boss of some sort? Look for an important-seeming Ant.
Rolled 2 (1d2)


(Deja vu I've just been in this place before higher on the street)
File: crown.jpg (115 KB, 1001x512)
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115 KB JPG
You step out of the way of another Ant somehow managing to carry a block of stone larger than it in its mandibles. The stone is uneven, with some sides flat as if cut. From outside the City, you think.

The Ant sets down its block, turning as a yellow-striped fish appears swimming from above. The fish swims off and the Ant follows, heading back the way they came.

You consider following the pair, but something catches your eye.

A shiny, silver, circular object, a ‘Crown’, glints with the soft green glow of the bubbles all around. It’s worn by an Ant smaller than those around it, scuttling along on its four back legs straight towards you.

Does it want something from you?

The smaller Ant stops a few steps away and, after clicking its mandibles once, places its thin foreleg across its... chest? and bends its head down. A bow.

At your side Libra mimics the Ant’s movement without hesitation, wearing a small smile. You blink, then stiffly lower your head too.

Then for some reason you think you should have done a ‘Curtsey’, but you don’t know how. You ponder on Wisdom that isn’t yours.

You feel the bird’s ruffling feathers brush your cheek when you lift your head. The Ant looks between you and the blue star and clicks its mandibles - cordially, you somehow feel - then beckons with its foreleg.
File: manor.jpg (102 KB, 659x439)
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102 KB JPG
The Ant’s silver Crown is simple but eye-catching, decorated with sharp and flourishing designs that give off a feeling of elegance.

You find yourself wanting a Crown too, though perhaps your horns would get in the way.

With these thoughts drifting through your head you follow the small Ant, other Ants nearby moving out of the way of your group, snaking through the central City. It leads you to a place a little away from all the scaffolds and incomplete Attractions. It takes you along a road gently sloping up onto a hill somewhere close to the Castle grounds. A large house - a ‘Manor’ - stands behind a wall of pink and red corals.

You and Libra duck under an arched opening in the coral wall after the silver-crowned Ant, treading along a path of large flat stones and between rows of tall Seaweed lining the sides.

The door here is gray, made of neither stone or wood. Something similar to bone, you think. The silver-crowned Ant pushes it open, turning back to beckon you and the blue star again.
File: plant.jpg (60 KB, 512x340)
60 KB
The Manor interior is elaborately decorated, though not as much as the Castle. The hall you enter is wide but not too spacious. Small round lanterns are set into the walls, glowing with the same dim green-blue as the bubbles. In the closest corner is what can only be a ‘Coat-Rack’, from which cloaks of thick red cloth hang, and from plain vases on tables nearby grow interesting, colourful plants.

You feel comfortable here.

The silver-crowned Ant takes you to a wider room, one with open glass-less windows where several large chairs crowd a round table. There, you meet two more Ants.

One is very big; a bit taller than you while reared up on its back legs. It has a very large back section - Abdomen - and on top of its head is a very fancy-looking golden Crown.

You think you recognise this Ant, though it was smaller before. This is the same big Ant you saw the first time you found the Ants’ home. The one you had spent a Wand’s light on.

The Ant bows when you stop in front of it, and again you and Libra mimic the motion. Then it looks to its side, pulling at the second new Ant.

This Ant has a light blue ribbon tied into a bow on top of its head. It’s also the smallest here, made smaller by being half-hidden behind the gold-crowned Ant.

Eventually the bigger Ant pulls it away and pushes it forward. The small ribboned Ant, visibly nervous (how can you tell when an Ant is nervous?), bows similarly to the others before stepping back and attaching itself to the bigger Ant again.

... Mm.
The silver-crowned Ant appears pleased. The gold-crowned Ant clicks its mandibles, gesturing. The ribboned Ant peeks out at you and Libra, hiding whenever you look.

... What are you doing here?

It seemed rude to not follow the Ant’s beckoning. Is that your only reason?

What are you looking for?

What sort of answer do you want to find?

> What do you seek?

[ ] The Ants welcome you. Stay a while. Join them for tea.
[ ] The Manor atop a hill. You wonder what you can see from here.
[ ] You don’t want to stay long. End your greetings, and head off.
- [ ] See the outer City, and its fish, again.
- [ ] (Somewhere else?)
[ ] (Other?)
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(I need to food. Will update later today.)
>[ ] The Manor atop a hill. You wonder what you can see from here.
>[ ] The Manor atop a hill. You wonder what you can see from here.
>[ ] The Ants welcome you. Stay a while. Join them for tea.
>The Ants welcome you. Stay a while. Join them for tea.
I'm starting to get a very "Fallen London" theme from this setting.

Also need to actually play Sunless Seas/Skies sometime soon.

Breaking a tie it is!
>[X] The Ants welcome you. Stay a while. Join them for tea.
Scheibe! We do not speak ze Antz langu-age!
Hope we realize that sooner than later.
(Sorry for running off yesterday. I got very distracted.

Fallen London & Sunless Sea were pretty big inspirations for me when I started writing actually. I mean my early quests didn't have similar settings, but they made me value prose written with distinct character and flavour.

I didn't intend this quest to be any similar to Fallen London though. A happy coincidence?)
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266 KB JPG
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JFG_bKg5lE)

The silver-crowned Ant tugs at the hem of your shirt, clicking its mandibles. You and Libra follow it as it energetically shows you its abode.

The Manor is a house much like those on the surface. Objects and furniture for people rather than Ants, though somehow nothing feels out of place.

The Ant leads you behind the home to a large yard. Tufts and patches of seagrass, white porous rock formations and colourful corals. Plants and seaweed waving through the air, between which several varieties of small fish dance and dart.

The big gold-crowned Ant appears from the Manor’s back door, placing a teapot and a platter of breadstuff on a nearby coral-like round table (or round table-like coral?). The silver-crowned Ant cheerily pulls out chairs, and you and the blue star oblige.
File: nomnom.jpg (158 KB, 720x960)
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158 KB JPG
‘Scones’, from Wisdom that isn’t yours. The gold-crowned Ant pours tea into little white cups decorated with carved waves, then serves a ‘Scone’ on a small plate for both you and Libra before taking its own teacup in hand.

The silver-crowned Ant is already halfway through its Scone. Libra takes a tentative bite, and you reach for a white spoon to scoop some red ‘Jam’ from small bowls on the platter.

A pleasant time passes. A bite of a soft Scone with sweet berry Jam, a sip of floral scented tea carrying strong, contrasting flavour.

The gold-crowned Ant retreats into its home. The red-feathered bird sits on the table, stealing from Libra’s plate when she glances to the side. You enjoy the tranquil moment, pulling off small pieces of Scone to feed passing fish, absently watching glowing bubbles float through the yard of corals.

There is another table nearby, pushed against the wall of the Manor. On it, a circle of pebbles surrounds what you think is a ‘Sea Cucumber’. It has a tiny pink ribbon tied around it, similar to the smallest ribboned Ant peeking out from behind the Manor’s back door.

The silver-crowned Ant notices Libra looking at something leaning against that table. A sheathed sword - a ‘Rapier’. The Ant clicks its mandibles, hopping off its chair to grab the decorated weapon, gesturing excitedly. Libra smiles, standing from his seat.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Sip tea.
-[ ] Stick pinky out.
[ ] Look around the yard. Mingle with the fishes above.
[ ] Attempt to interact with ribboned Ant (how?)
[ ] (Other?)
>[ ] Sip tea.
>-[ ] Stick pinky out.
>[ ] Sip tea.
>-[ ] Stick pinky out.
>[ ] Sip tea.
>-[ ] Stick pinky out.
[ ] Look around the yard. Mingle with the fishes above.
File: tea.jpg (202 KB, 495x400)
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202 KB JPG
You stay at the table, pouring yourself more tea and leisurely taking a second scone from the platter. The blue star steps to the center of the yard, following the silver-crowned Ant’s frantic gestures.

Munch munch. Munch munch.

You don’t take long to finish the scone. You pick up your teacup and dish, looping a finger around its handle.


Libra has her horn in hand, holding it vertically in the Salute she likes to make. The silver-crowned Ant is by his side, mimicking the stance. They’re looking elsewhere.


The gold-crowned Ant is nowhere to be seen. The ribboned Ant is peeking from the back door, but for some reason its gaze is fixed onto the blue star.


With pinky extended, you lift your teacup to your lips, and take a sip.

Chirp chirp.

You set your teacup down on its dish with a clack. The red-feathered bird is on the coral-table, tilting its head at you.

... You gulp down the rest of your tea, bop the bird on its head, then stand from your seat.

You feel like looking around.
File: city.jpg (326 KB, 1440x900)
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326 KB JPG
There could be hundreds of bubbles floating through the air, blurry orbs of light close and far. Their glow seems softer than before, more gentle.

Fish find you as you approach the edges of the yard and climb atop one of the larger rock formations. They circle you playfully, some of them making ticklish pecks at your outstretched hands, and some of them swimming through your long gray hair, leaving it fluttering back in unseen currents.

From the Manor atop a hill, the City Under the Sea.

It isn’t too high here, and you mostly see the central section of the City. The Ants are making what you’d expect to find in an ‘Amusement Park’; so much is incomplete, but you recognise many Attractions and thrilling ‘Rides’ from Wisdom that isn’t yours.

You can see dozens and dozens of Ants from here, always working, always busy. Building towards a dream.

Further, through the sea of glowing lights, is the outer City.

Chaos, colour, life. Its bright, almost festive energy feels distant, yet welcoming. Something you could join, be a part of, by placing just one foot forward.

You turn around, hearing something. The gold-crowned Ant, now with a long red cloak draped around it, is clacking its mandibles by the Manor’s back door. The silver-crowned Ant clambers to its bigger relative, leaving its sheathed rapier back where it was.

Are they going somewhere, you wonder.

You drop down from the rock formation you’ve climbed, coming to Libra’s side.

[ ] These Ants interest you. Follow them to where they’re going.
[ ] Head to the outer city. Fraternise with the festive fish.
[ ] (Other?)
>[ ] These Ants interest you. Follow them to where they’re going.
File: lanling.png (386 KB, 512x724)
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386 KB PNG
(Some of these updates are taking me over an hour to write. I don't know if I can call these sessions anymore. Might just say updates come whenever they're done.

... Does that come as a surprise to anyone?

On a random note, if pic related existed a month ago I might've stolen that design for Libra instead.

What do you folks think of Libra anyway? Kind of a weird character to write for me, since they don't really have any initiative.)
>[ ] Head to the outer city. Fraternise with the festive fish.

I agree that Libra has no initiative, but its fun to push someone around when given the choice.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

(Part of me wants to wait for a tiebreaker... but it's been a while, and I'm here now so I oughta be writing
calling you and the search is a mystery)
File: lots of stuff.jpg (565 KB, 1024x728)
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565 KB JPG
You stay with the trio of the Ants as they leave their Manor, following them along the road down the hill. You’re interested in where they’re going, but when you reach the central City proper you decide to part ways.

You want to visit the outer City again. Just... to see.

Your group and the Ants wave to each other, and you leave all the construction work behind.

It’s no less vibrant and energetic than when you entered. Not that you expected change in such a short time. Sea creatures fill the space above your head again, swimming, darting, gliding, floating to wherever they intend to go.

With bird on your shoulder and blue star at your side, you wander. You observe.

Time creeps by, the green glow of bubbles becoming dimmer, dimmer. As if night has come. As if it wasn’t night before.

Your impression hasn’t changed.

There is no better word than ‘lively’. And you feel like that applies not just what you see, or how it feels to be here. You catch glimpses and fragments of it all.

Their daily routines, their relationships. Their likes and dislikes. Their desires, conflicts. The decisions they make. Their will.

Their ‘Life’.

Not the ephemeral dream it all is.
A gradual shift. A school of fish swimming by, a crab closing up its stall. More and more of the sea creatures start to move, all heading towards the center of the City.

The blue star is looking at something a short distance away.. There’s a small, green-shelled Turtle near the ground, waving and flapping its fins, swimming up and up frantically but not managing to rise any more than the height of your knee.

The fish above don’t seem to have noticed.

Libra glances at you briefly. You don’t find a desire in her eyes. Only a little curiosity.

> What do you seek?

[ ] Is it ‘right’ to want to help.
[ ] Is it unlike a star to want to help.
[ ] Does it have meaning in this dream.
[ ] You don’t know what kind of answer you’re looking for.
[ ] (Thoughts?)
(I won't have another update for today. I will update during the week though.

... I will try very hard to make that mean more than once.

Considering posting on twitter for weekday updates. Would that be convenient, or annoying?

Anyway. Night folks.)
>Is it ‘right’ to want to help.
>[ ] Does it have meaning in this dream.
>[ ] Is it ‘right’ to want to help.
>[x] Is it ‘right’ to want to help.
>[x] Does it have meaning in this dream

.>[x] (Thoughts?) Does this dream have meaning beyond creating a place of vibrant life? Is there a way to keep the life after the dream ends?
File: reach.jpg (21 KB, 500x380)
21 KB
You feel like you ‘should’ try to help. The Turtle, small enough to fit in your hands, looks distressed. It would be ‘right’ to help.

A certain thought sticks in your head. You could step forward and reach out, but would that have meaning in this dream?

Everything around you will disappear. The sea creatures that hold starlight, the buildings that form their home. When the dreamer wakes, it will all be gone.

And there’s nothing you can do to change that.

You could lend your starlight, but the ending will be the same.

A star doesn’t burn forever.

So, what meaning do your actions have?
File: turtle.jpg (42 KB, 500x500)
42 KB
You still end up with the little Turtle in your arms. It gives you a curious look when you sigh tiredly.

You’re guessing that the creature has lost its guardian, though you don’t have a way to confirm that. Neither you or Libra can converse in Turtle, so you end up just wandering around and pointing at different shelled sea creatures and watching the Turtle’s reaction. Occasionally you lift it above your head with your hands, turning about in hopes that it sees whoever or whatever it’s looking for.

In those moments you feel a powerful urge to make noises distinct to, from Wisdom that isn’t yours, an ‘Airplane’. You fight those urges down with difficulty.

You find fewer and fewer fish around you as time passes so you start heading to where they’re gathering, carrying the Turtle as you go. Soon you cross to the central City, following the crowds swimming through the air. There seem to be fewer Ants here now, and those you see aren’t working or carrying things like they were earlier.

The entire sea seems to be moving to the City’s heart. The dreamer’s Castle.

You continue on, swallowing your hesitation.
The crowds grow denser - a Dolphin’s fin brushes your shoulder, a Lobster carrying a Starfish passes by. You feel thankful that most are swimming above your head.

Looking up at all the moving colours makes you dizzy.

The crowd reaches the Castle, the grand structure’s entrance pulled wide open for the countless sea creatures to stuff themselves inside.

It’s here, by the huge double-doors, that you spot what you’re looking for. A large Turtle with many smaller ones clinging to its back is swimming against the crowd, craning its neck about. You hold up the little Turtle in your hands and wave it side to side, catching its guardian’s attention.

A teary reunion.

Now at its rightful place, the little Turtle waves its front flipper at you while its guardian bends its head down in a slow bow, and the shelled family moves on into the Castle with the crowd.

You wave back, your thoughts still absent. Libra watches you from the side, an indecipherable expression on her face.
File: shiny.jpg (1.46 MB, 1805x1373)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
You are curious about what’s happening here. Something very important to the City, to the dreamer? Somehow, you still feel hesitant.

But before you can think for long, a now thrice-familiar gray Shark appears sliding across the stone towards you. It zig-zags along the way, gliding two cheery circles around your feet when it reaches you, then-


The Shark, probably in what can be considered a friendly manner, tackles your feet from behind. You stumble forward, almost tripping, but the Shark doesn’t let you regain your balance. Ignoring Libra’s confused hand-waving protest, the Shark continues nudging and nudging you along, pushing you into the crowd.

You take an uneven step into the Castle.

And then you’re mobbed by sea creatures.

A crab with a top hat, an octopus in a ‘Maidservant’s’ outfit, among others, sweep you off your feet.


You hear a yelp. The blue star has suffered a similar fate, flopping belly-first onto a moustached Dolphin.


Before your thoughts catch up, before your eyes adjust to the shining Chandelier lights zipping by above, the two of you are carted off through the Castle to destinations unknown.
File: some reason.jpg (174 KB, 1300x477)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
> For some reason, you must now choose a dress.

[ ] White/Black
[ ] Blues
[ ] Red/Gold
[ ] (Other? With pictures?)
File: stars.jpg (58 KB, 849x1200)
58 KB
> If you forgot what Aquarius looks like, her main traits are: slender, long ankle-length light gray hair, usually lazy expression, rigid angled horns

(Trying very hard isn't working! I won't be able to update again until the weekend.

Sorry folks, but I'm going to continue to be a bit busier until Christmas, so I don't think I can do any better than this slow pace.

Righto. G'night.)
Should go well with our gray hair
>[ ] White/Black
>[ ] White/Black
The greyscale pic has already convinced me.
>[ ] Blues
Rolled 1 (1d2)



(Since I should prepare at least a little standing on my feet it's so hard when I try to be me woah)
File: ballroom.jpg (357 KB, 1600x900)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Vigorous noise fills the Castle Ballroom as the Ants lift up their woven basket. It’s filled with off-white, oval-shaped objects, each perhaps the size of your head: Eggs, each holding what will become life.

The large Ant with the golden crown approaches, coming to stand behind the basket at the head of the hall. The cheering and applause, or rather the clacking of mandibles and claws and the waving and flapping of fins and tails, becomes louder, and with a wave of the Ant’s thin foreleg the celebration begins in earnest.

You can agree that new life, something you didn’t think you would ever see in this frozen world, is worth celebration, but... Well, thinking about what lead to this point makes everything feel so sudden.

You don’t know where Aquarius is; you were taken to the Ballroom only moments ago, and you haven’t seen the gray star yet.

You are in a navy-blue ‘Tuxedo’, from Wisdom that isn’t yours. Your normal attire is fairly formal, but there is something about how clean and smooth your current wear is that makes you feel out of place.

At least you still have your sword at your waist. A star shouldn’t be without their horn.
The middle of the ballroom is kept clear, and many pairs of Ants and sea creatures dance under the sparkling light of Chandeliers above. After taking a moment to decipher a clumsy invitation, you end up joining them for a while with the little Ant wearing a ribbon.

You see the ribboned Ant as ‘Cute’. If perhaps not in appearance, then in its shy gestures and clumsy steps. Though with the difference in height, you have to bend your knees to reach the ribboned Ant’s forelegs. It also takes a lot of concentration to figure out what ‘Dancing’ is from Wisdom that isn’t yours.

Still, you don’t consider it a negative experience. Something new. Something you would not have done before.

The music ends, the Octopus-conducted ‘Orchestra’ taking one corner of the ballroom shifting to their next piece. The ribboned Ant bows and you do the same, smiling as it hurries away to the silver-crowned Ant watching from the side.

Something you would not have done before, indeed. Something you doubt many stars would do.

Be able to do.

And want to do.

‘Want’. For your kind, your only purpose is your wish. That has always been true, for yourself, for every star you’ve met. Except Aquarius.

You don’t know what the gray star wishes for, but you can’t see her actions as seeking. She often takes other paths, driven by something else.

Detours. Choices that change nothing.

But you don’t know if you can call them meaningless.

You follow the gray star as her Knight. You don’t need anything else.

Is that still true?
File: aquarius.png (254 KB, 1218x1264)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-CU7SomBvo)

A sound echoes through the ballroom. A footstep, the clack of a heel on marble. Soft under all the noise, but distinct.

You lift your head to see your companion approach.

There is no fanfare. Some of the fish nearby swim around her, some of the Ants glance or clack their mandibles, but otherwise the crowd continues to cheer and celebrate, dance and frolic.

Yet somehow, that loud, overwhelming energy seems so distant.

Long, flowing, glossy silver hair frames her slender form wrapped in an elegant dress. Cloth thin enough to be transparent hangs from her wrists, elbows, shoulders, dyed in many shades of blue, trailing along through the air. With the circular patterns on her gown, in motion she looks like a ‘Mermaid’, a fantasy out of a glittering sea, every step a shimmering wave.

Granted, those steps are awkward. It sounds like she is wearing ‘Heels’. When she takes another step forward, her dress catches on the marble-


You jolt forward to catch the gray star when she loses her balance, falling to your chest, your hands holding her bare, thin shoulders. She looks up at you with a flustered expression, her cheeks crimsoned, her clear eyes glistening.

Aquarius pulls herself up and steps back, taking her gown in her hands and bending her knees in a ‘Curtsy’. You bow in return.

That surprised you. That’s why your heart beats quickly.

Neither of you know how to dance. Though compared to her, you had some time to practice and figure out from Wisdom that isn’t yours. With her Heels, you feel like Aquarius will have her hands full trying not to trip.

Still, you extend your hand.

Even if you both end up being terrible at it, you don’t think this smile will fade from your face.
File: night.jpg (22 KB, 386x495)
22 KB
> As Aquarius

[ ] You had fun. Truly.
[ ] You had fun. But,
[ ] Your thoughts turned to the fading dream.
[ ] You felt distracted.
[ ] You wanted to run away.
>[ ] Your thoughts turned to the fading dream.
>[ ] You had fun. Truly.
Top cute, though I think one of her hands is missing
[ ] You had fun. Truly.
File: 42265652_p0.jpg (575 KB, 707x1000)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
(Sorry for the late update. Drawing still takes me forever.

Not sure what kind of pace I can manage today. Was thinking of taking a break until Christmas actually, but this ain't a good time story-wise.

Well, I'll see what I can do. Might have to wait a while for votes anyway.)
File: suffering.jpg (71 KB, 650x646)
71 KB
(A ha ha.

I swear drawing a hand takes as much time as the rest of the picture. Goddamn hands are hard.

I'll get it done one day. Someday. Maybe.)
File: balcony.jpg (59 KB, 500x667)
59 KB
The dream’s currents brush your long gray hair back, flowing with the trailing parts of your dress. You’re upstairs, on some room’s balcony. Out in the ‘night’, under the much-dimmed glow of the sea’s bubbles.

You had a lot of fun. What you did might not have qualified as ‘Dancing’ with how many times you tripped over, but you enjoyed yourself. Libra looked happy the entire time as well, and you couldn’t help but return her smile and laughter.

Yes. You had fun.

You hold up the horn in your hands. A curved dagger, as long as your forearm.

You had your flute with you, but the sea creatures had you leave the blade behind. You didn’t think much of it, but when your dance ended, when the ‘Orchestra’ moved from one piece to the next, you slipped away. Returning to take hold of this horn again.

Libra didn’t follow you, letting you find quiet for yourself. So you are here, some place high, looking over the City Under the Sea. Thinking about nothing.
File: far.png (76 KB, 500x500)
76 KB
You aren’t alone.

There is a form sitting on the metal railings to your side. A thin, humanoid shape. Bare feet hang off the railings, frail hands at rest. Long, long hair, deeper black than the dark.


Something comes from behind you. The fake-Squirrel, bounding across the floor. It reaches the void, climbing up to her hands.

A moment. She brushes the fake-Squirrel’s head. Gently, kindly,

And it disappears.

The form is still again. Both of you look out into the night.



The pain in losing something dear.

The dream draws closer to its end.


> What do you seek?

[ ] You’ll help the dreamer. In whatever way you can.
[ ] You’ll stay in the City. You’ll mingle with its life. You’ll smile, you’ll laugh. You’ll cry.
[ ] You’ll see this dream to its end.
[ ] You’ll step back, and watch.
[ ] This is all. You will turn away. There is nothing for you here.
>[ ] You’ll help the dreamer. In whatever way you can.
I mean, as long as we're not dying for it
>[ ] You’ll help the dreamer. In whatever way you can.
The sea brightens again.

The City is alive. The colours and chaos of the outer section, the endless work of the central.

You are in the latter with the Ants. At first you tried carrying stone blocks, but they turned out to be heavier than you can handle. The Ants are really strong, even though they’re smaller than you.

Another ‘thunk’ of your hammer and the block is aligned, completing this part of the wall. You look at your work, satisfied, then pick up your trowel and bucket of mortar and start climbing down the ladder leaning against the building’s scaffolding. Libra is back, trailing the red-feathered bird and a yellow-striped fish while carrying a block of stone in his arms. A few Ants surround her as he sets her cargo down, examining the block before carrying it off elsewhere.

The bird is chirping, flapping through the air energetically. Libra waves at you before accompanying it and the yellow fish out of the City again. You wave back.

Two Ants beckon to you while hoisting your ladder between the two of them. They’ve found something you can help with again, even if only in some small way. You follow, adjusting your grip on the hammer they gave you.

The dream marches on.


[ ] A ‘Tavern’. Food, drink, and cheer.
[ ] A ‘Play’. A story. Excitement.
[ ] The Ant’s Manor. A refined dinner. And tea.
[ ] The Castle. A visit to the dreamer.

(You can vote for more than one if you want. I don’t have a grasp of how quickly you guys want the story to move.)
>The Castle. A visit to the dreamer.
>A ‘Play’. A story. Excitement.
File: stage.jpg (149 KB, 800x701)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLsBeojSMzM)

A sharp sound rings out as their swords clash. The Penguin is pushed back, staggering under the strike, and the Sea Lion doesn’t miss the opening. Each raining blow is accompanied by the shrieking of a Violin, the Theatre’s Orchestra climbing a crescendo with each note.

Frankly you have no idea what the play is about, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying it. You find yourself swept up in the crowd’s emotions, their breaths held as the battle rages on. The Penguin barely stands its ground, using its very body to guard the quivering Oyster hiding behind it.

The sword is knocked into the air - a loud clash! from the Orchestra’s ‘Cymbals’ - the Penguin falls back - the Oyster clamps itself shut as the Sea Lion raises its blade once more-



The strike is blocked, the Sea Lion is forced away with disbelief written across its face. The crowd is silent, a glint of silver drawing everyone’s gaze.

The Penguin moves to pick up its sword, drawing it out from its position stabbed into the Theatre’s floor, bringing it forward. Matching the second sword that it holds in its other fin.

No words, no sound is needed. The confidence in its expression says all:

‘Since when were you under the impression,
that I only wield one sword?’

Your head hurts for some reason. From the crowd’s really loud applause maybe.

Also Libra is crying her eyes out. Why?
File: bedroom.jpg (139 KB, 1024x768)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApDVBVvJTgE)

You sit by the bedside, playing your flute. A gentle tune hums through the air, accompanied by softly glowing bubbles endlessly floating out of the silver.

You don’t really think about it, but your music becomes a lullaby. You took a glance to see Libra nodding off in his chair, the red-feathered bird returning to the shape of a ball on her lap.

You’ve started spending the ‘nights’ in this room. To rest, to play your flute, and accompany the dreamer in her sleep. Sometimes the star shifts. Sometimes you pull her blanket closer, or brush her messy blonde hair away. But normally you just play, letting your song drift through the sea.

A calm, precious peace.

Tonight too, the dream marches on.
There are fewer stalls than before. Fewer colours swimming above your head.

You wander the outer section streets. The glow of the bubbles are dimmer than before, but still the City is bright.

The Ants had you and Libra stop working with them for now. They took away your hammer. Maybe they wanted you to take a break.

You were spending most of your time here with the Ants, but not all of it. You weren’t working that hard. A star doesn’t tire easily anyway.

Though you do feel like you haven’t seen much of the City. So here you are.

Libra hands you a skewer, holding a second one for himself. Probably of some sort of vegetables, though you don’t recognise them. You don’t know where they would find meat after all, and it would feel very weird to eat fish here.

Maybe you shouldn’t think too much about it. It’s tasty.

Crunch crunch.

The streets are calm. You don’t have to worry about running into any sea creatures, though there’s still a fair number above. You walk alongside Libra, going nowhere in particular.

Chirp chirp!

The bird on your head starts making noise. Your alertness heightens in case it attempts to pilfer your skewer, but that doesn’t seem to be its objective.

You’ve reached a Playground. There aren’t many sea creatures here - you wonder how fish would enjoy a Playground in the first place - but you do spot a familiar family of green-shelled creatures. A small horde of turtles are scampering around, through, and over the seaweed and corals, as well as climbing on the play equipment: you see a few on a ‘Slide’, one balancing dangerously on ‘Monkey Bars’, among others.

One is waving its flipper at you. It’s hard to tell, but you think that’s the small turtle you met some time ago.

[ ] Join them.
[ ] Join them for a short while.
[ ] Wave back and continue on.
[ ] (Other?)

[ ] You should have fun.
[ ] There’s more to be done for the Ants, the dream.
[ ] You want to stay with the dreamer.
File: red and orange.jpg (38 KB, 650x381)
38 KB
(Why do I feel like I've lost brain cells?

Last one for rest of the day. updates will start up again tomorrow, at similar time as today. So like 16 hours from now. Probably.

Good eve folks.)
>[ ] Join them for a short while.

>[ ] You want to stay with the dreamer.
>Join them for a short while.
>You should have fun.
>[ ] Wave back and continue on.

>You feel you need to move on
File: dusk.jpg (594 KB, 1196x716)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
The dozen or so turtles swarm you on your approach, all of them small enough to pick up, swimming through the air at about the height of your waist. Some of them just paddle around, some headbutt you for who knows what reason, and others snap at the skewer in your hands.

Libra steps closer to free you from their onslaught which causes all of them to pounce, flippers propelling them through the air. The blue star loses his balance, falling to the ground under a pile of turtle.

You finish eating your skewer. Crunch crunch.

You spend some time at the Playground, having fun chasing and being chased by the little green-shelled creatures. They seem to like Libra in particular, always finding opportunities to jump on and harass the easily-flustered blue star.

While you do earnestly enjoy yourself, there is somewhere else you want to be. So soon enough you are leaving the Playground behind, you, Libra, and the red-feathered bird waving back with hands and feathers at the half a dozen turtles still there. You wear a smile, knowing you won’t see them again.

You walkthrough still quieter streets, passing into the central City. Many Rides and Attractions are complete or close to complete, their stone shapes imbued with starlight to reveal metal surfaces, screws and bolts.

The Ants are still working. You pass, heading to the Castle to visit the dreamer again.

It’s a little early, but you’ve been wanting to stay with her longer.

Tonight too, the dream marches on.
File: colour.jpg (70 KB, 960x540)
70 KB
This part of the City has become colourful in its own way.

Painted metals and plastics, rows of Lightbulbs and glowing Signs. Each Attraction shines through the night, touting their own theme and flavour. The frightening Haunted House, the thrilling Roller Coaster, the challenging Shooting Range, all compete for your attention with their own ensemble of sights and sounds.

The bubbles no longer glow, but reflect the myriad of shades from the Attractions around them. Blurring orbs of colour float through the air, appearing from nowhere, disappearing where you can’t see.

You stand in front of a gate to the Castle grounds, among the Ants and sea creatures. You’ve gathered before a huge Ferris Wheel, watching the Ants finish their work.

An Ant with a silver crown and an Ant wearing a ribbon approach, each holding a blue crystal in their forelegs. They place the crystals by each end of the Ferris Wheel, far from each other, then move away to join the crowd.

Starlight fills the air, and the sea once again shines.

A loud jolting noise, and all the Ferris Wheel’s lights turn on.

A rush of wind, and Fireworks burst in the air.

Fanfare trumpets out, near drowning out the applause and cheer.

The crowd moves, partaking in one last festival.

You stare at the hypnotic colours, at the myriad of lights raining down.

The brilliance of a wish fulfilled.

Behind you, the gate to the Castle opens.

Ah. Your feet feel heavy.

> You feel

[ ] Trepidation. Pain.
[ ] Detachment.
[ ] Relief.
[ ] Joy.
>[ ] Relief.
>[ ] Relief.
>[ ] Joy.
File: pisces.png (1.39 MB, 850x1020)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
(Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN0NpxPB4pc)

A curtained window for a dark room. A Canopy Bed draped in silky cloth.

On a pillow, half-covered in blanket, a woman. Robes, almost ceremonial, creased from her shifting in her sleep. Eyes closed, quiet breath escaping between red lips.

You stand by the dreamer’s bedside, bending down, and reach out. You pull her long, messy blonde hair away from her eyes and mouth. Your fingers brush her cheeks.

Her light burns. Her dream soon comes to its end.

You feel joy. She found what she sought.

You feel relieved. Her light held until her wish was fulfilled.

And you feel...

You draw back to find your flute. Before you manage to, someone grabs your wrist.

You fall with a flomp! onto a mess of soft blankets and cloth. Without knowing which way is up, you’re pulled into a warm embrace.

The star smiles, pure and happy. Still dreaming, she rubs her cheek against your hair, hugging you close.

You can’t move. Your horns make it hard to turn your head.

Also you can’t breath. Your face is sinking into her chest. It’s hot. It’s overwhelming. Why does she have so much useless meat.

You know she is Pisces. She knows you are Aquarius.

You hear the distinctive noise of a flustered blue star. Libra touches your shoulder, but before he can do whatever she intends the dreamer swiftly captures the blue star as well.

There is no escape.

For one night, three stars rest together with warm hearts.
File: dream.jpg (332 KB, 612x868)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
A safe place. A place where I could belong.

A world of light, a castle of sand for myself.

Is this my wish?

I don’t know. I don’t know anymore.

Because, it’s lonely here.

I don’t want to be alone.

I want to show someone my dream. I want to find joy with someone, to share smiles and laughter with someone.

Is this my wish? It doesn’t matter.

I want someone close. Someone to stay by my side when it gets cold.

If that happened, surely I would have a pleasant dream.

Surely, I would be happy.
Somewhere deep under the earth, far from the gaze of the moon, is a wide cavern. Within that cavern is a great city of stone. Structures enclosed by a tall circular wall, roads that lead between buildings and homes.

In the inner section of this city is a wide, flat area, featureless and empty. Standing in the very center of that place, is a slender star with long gray hair.

The gray star’s hands hold a silver oil lamp. She brushes a finger along it, tracing the patterns carved into its surface.

Here, there is naught but silence.
File: river.jpg (150 KB, 750x760)
150 KB
150 KB JPG

That's the end of Long Lost Stars #5, and the end of Pisce's arc. What did you think?

Before: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=autistichornedgirls
After: https://twitter.com/boxofmithril

I thought I would be stretching it out a bit, but well, this sort of pace felt more right.

Though I've been pretty uncertain about my pacing lately. Ehhh...

Short as this session was, I hope you all... enjoyed it? Can I say 'enjoyed' if it was supposed to be a little painful?

Next weekend I intend on writing Long Lost Stars #6. I think I'll only do one day though. Once Christmas starts I'll most likely have a lot of free time so hopefully I'll be able to write more then.

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for running! Pacing was a bit too slow for me. I think it was depressing as fuck, but the ending was nice in a bittersweet way. Sad to think about how mortal the stars are.

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