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File: THE CAST with text.png (23 KB, 1101x408)
23 KB
Previous parts can be found HERE: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=sburb%20quest

So uh. Been a while. Like, a year. I noticed a major plot hole that I thought was impossible to fix, and it discouraged me a lot from continuing. In retrospect however, it was actually *kinda* easy to work around it. So, here's hoping that literally anyone still cares about this quest, or even remembered it's existence!

Also, we have art of the characters now. Credit to the sburbsim dollmaker.

Also, a quick recap of things:

The only characters we have yet to be are RM and FM. Leslie and RM are connected to each other. The other connections are as follows:

Donald(CL) -> Tom(TB) -> FM -> Nicholas (WB) -> Abigail(TC) -> Donald(CL)
Also, FM was at one point referred to as a "he". That was a typo. I also said that abigail had brown hair. This has been retconned to black, because I'm lazy and don't want to redo her art.

So, starting right where we left off:

>Be FM

You are now FM!

And you think you're going to black out from the stress.
But then, you've been thinking that from the moment you got here.


...Shut up, it's still scary here! No, really! You swear!

Like, actually though. It sort of seemed like a wonderland at first. But then that imp showed up...

You think your a pretty sturdy sort of gal (4 GEL VISCOSITY). But honestly...
You arent that strong. (2 MANGRIT)
You aren't very smart (2 MIND)
And you aren't very lucky. (2 LUCK)

And so when you came across that imp- no, more of an OGRE really...


It made you realize just how, uh, dangerous this place is. You managed to beat it, sure. And you avoided breaking any bones! But you NEED a better weapon than this STEEL BASEBALL BAT. Donald has been working nonstop on a guide to this stupid game, so you have plenty of info on how alchemy works. You even have GristTorrent set up, so you have a bit to work with.

But what to combine it with?

Around the house, you have a large amount of ordinary stuff. Nothing all that special. Really, just suggest an ordinary household item.You have your clothing of course, including a CHARM BRACELET with charms representing all your friends on it! You have a FIRST AID KIT, that you are currently trying to use. You have a CELL PHONE, a bunch of BASEBALLS, literally EVERY WARRIOR CATS BOOK, a STEREO, a HUGE RACK OF MUSIC ALBUMS, POSTERS of your FAVORITE BANDS, a roll of TEMPORARY TATTOOS, an unused bottle of RED HAIR DYE, your GUITAR, and your MICROPHONE.

(Feel free to suggest multiple combinations. Just don't go nuts.)

Oh, and while your lost in thought, coming up with shit to alchemize... ya might want to pick a name?
Combine bat with warrior cat books or the band posters
Hope this picks up
Rearrange cds into a playlist inspired by the warrior cat books!
Whoops, sorry this took so long.


[Steel bat] && [Warriors: Into the Wild] = Rusty Bat
(Mangrit-based weapon. Uses D7.)

...Huh? It just rusted it? Why- oh. Wait. You get it.

Alright, it seems Sburb has a sense of humor then. You try it with a different book:

[Steel bat] && [Warriors: Omen of the stars box set] = CatBat
(Mangrit-based weapon. Uses D12.)

Now we're talkin! Okay, so it has eight claw-shaped protrusions that come out of it about halfway up the bat. When they near the top of the bat, they bend to the sides. So you can stab when you smash! The handle of it now has a soft fur padding, and the symbols of the four clans are engraved on each side of it.

[Steel bat] && [Imagine Dragons poster] = Bat'O Dragon
(Mangrit-based weapon. Uses D8. Deals bonus damage equal to your MIND, up to a maximum of 10. Only incurs half the normal penalty of being used in a mind-based attack.)

Woah. The CatBat is cool, but this is AWESOME. It looks like your normal steel bat, but the top of it has been shaped into the shape of a dragon's head.

You make it, give it a swing, and-


It... Breaths fire when you swing it.

This is the happiest day of your LIFE.

Just for the fun of it, you see what would happen if you combine both of them.

[Bat'O Dragon] && [Catbat] = Cat'O FireScale
(Unbiased weapon. Uses D20. Deals bonus damage equal to your MIND, up to a maximum of 10.)

A big bat, made out of bright red scales. It pulses with heat every couple seconds, but the fur padding on the grip works like an oven mitt almost, protecting you from the worst of it. The top is on fire, and swinging it makes the flames shoot in the direction you swing. The symbols of the clan cats are etched into every scale, and glow with a mystical red light.

Man, this would SO be the best thing ever.

If you could afford it.

100 Tar.
100 Ruby.
200 Sulfur.
1000 Gold.

Not happening any time soon.


How have you not thought to do this before? Oh god, you could make a playlist for each book, and then re-read them with the songs playing and- actually-

[Blank CD] && [Warriors series one box set] && [MP3 player] = Warriors: The Soundtracks Begin, Album One.

Holy shit.
Wait, doesn't this have some bad implications about the future of your music career? Damn machines stealing our jobs!

Well, whatever. Point is, you REALLY want to listen to this. But you don't really have the time to read a book right now...

...But, you could still listen to music, right?

[Bat'O Dragon] && [MP3 player] = Bat'O Roarin'
(Mangrit-based weapon. Uses D8. Deals bonus damage equal to your MIND, up to a maximum of 10. Only incurs half the normal penalty of being used in a mind-based attack. Grants +1 mangrit to yourself and your allies.)

It looks mostly the same, but just under where the dragon head design starts, there are SPEAKERS.

You swing it, and-


You take it back, THIS is the best thing ever.

File: FM Strife.png (3 KB, 227x175)
3 KB
I've redone the combat system a bit. I'll be rolling, and will be using an off-site dice roller to speed things up. I'll handle the math, you guys just pick attacks. I also changed how health works- it's now Gel Viscosity X30. So you actually have 70/120 health right now.

Attacks now work like this: the weapon you use determines what die is rolled when using an attack, unless otherwise specified. Weapons are 'based' or 'biased' toward a stat. If the attack you use doesn't have the same bias, you deal half damage. If something is unbiased, it means that it can work just fine with whatever.

Oh, and if it wasn't clear, you are currently using the Bat'O Roarin.


Just as you are testing your weapon, an imp busts through your window!

It is... one of the simple ones. Thank god. It's got the butterfly wings, and a plastic monster mask. Besides that, not much to it.

>ABSCOND (A magenta attack, used for running away)
>ACCUSE (A yellow attack, used for taunting enemies. Accuse the enemy of something. Depending on what you say, they might be too stunned to fight for a bit, or suffer a stat penalty. Unlikely to work unless what you say really hits home.)
>AGGRIEVE (A green attack, used to deal basic damage. Unbiased. -2 Damage dealt when used.)
>AVERT (Blue, used for defensive moves. Roll a D10, subtract your gel viscosity plus your result from the amount of damage the enemy would usually cause this turn.)

2/2, you may now post. Select a move!
I don't get the rusty joke was the book terrible or the main cat named rusty
Aggrieve for now accuse if I could think of anything smart
The main cat was named Rusty in the beginning of the book, before he got a new name. I'm not spoiler-tagging this considering it's like the most basic fact about the book ever and one of the most known characters and it's the very beginning of the book, so yeah.
Accuse did a closet barf on you or something
>>AGGRIEVE (A green attack, used to deal basic damage. Unbiased. -2 Damage dealt when used.)
[SPOILER] Reading the archive right now [/spoiler]
>>AGGRIEVE (A green attack, used to deal basic damage. Unbiased. -2 Damage dealt when used.)
Got a new beatstick, let's test it.
Hey what are the colors supposed to mean?
>>>AGGRIEVE (A green attack, used to deal basic damage. Unbiased. -2 Damage dealt when used.)
File: batter up.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
Just a fun way of categorizing attacks. Homestuck did it, so I figured I may as well.
Uh, unless you were more asking for an explanation of all the colors? In that case:

Magenta, used for running away or otherwise ending the battle in an unsatisfactory way.
Yellow, used for taunting enemies, or otherwise fucking with them.
Dark Blue, used to end battles in a peaceful way, or otherwise not harm your enemy.
Green, used to deal basic damage.
Red, used to deal basic damage, but often has a way to deal extra, or lessened damage.
Blue, used for defensive moves.
Purple, used for special cases/practice fights/I dunno yet

"YOU! You're the one who threw up in my closet!"

The imp is shocked by your brazen accusation! He misses his opportunity to attack, but is not stunned! You basically just stalled the battle.

Music aura: +1 mangrit
Aww yeah.

Rolled: 2
You put a lot of power behind that swing, but your aim was a bit off-

+ Mangrit: 3
Still, hits pretty hard.

+ bonus MIND damage: 2
And then the fire shoots out. Turns out: It is very hard to aim!

AGGRIEVE damage penalty: -2
Ah, the price you pay for having an unbiased attack...

= 5

IMP HP: 25/30

Imp used FLAPPING OF THE FLIGHTS, launching it into the air! You now need to roll higher than or equal to it on a LUCK roll to hit!

Rolled: 8
Total = 12

Take THAT, motherfucker!

Luck roll: 7
Luck: 2
Total luck = 9
Imp luck roll: 8
Imp luck: 1
Total luck: 9

You see it's weird bug muscles start to tense, it's wings halfway to flapping out of reach-
Just in time, you explode into motion, lunging forward and up, hitting as hard as you can! It's body lets out a crunch as you smash and burn through it.

IMP HP: 13/30


You nearly drop your bat in shock, what the fuck kinda noise is that thing making??? -1 Mangrit, -1 mind for two turns.

This goes on for a while. By the end of the battle, you have 63/120 HP.

You smash up your ECHELADDER until it raises you from BLOOD-IN-THE-WATER to PEEWEE PIRANHA. +1 LUCK +1 MANGRIT.

That went... Well? Better than things have been previously you guess.

But. If you take a hit in every fight, you'll eventually lose. This weapon is good, but you need to end battles faster...

While you ponder on that, the author ponders why his readers have yet to NAME THEMSELVES. Indeed, the author thinks that the readers refusal to do so is DOWNRIGHT UNCONSCIONABLE. A true violation of ALL THAT IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD. A child without an engraving on their PLACRONIM in no child of MINE! Do you not see the tortured soul of RM over here? How her eyes presumably glisten behind her radical shades? She deserves at the very least, something other than "flyingMoocow". A name she cursed herself with by impulse, not realising that her future self would see it as cringy. Save her from this nameless torture!
Milka Ivanovitch
Lisa Vernon

Your name is MILKA IVANOVITCH. You are in your ROOM in your HOUSE. Under ordinary circumstances, said house would be in VIRGINIA. But, ever since you activated your ENTRY ITEM, that is to say, ran across a strip of hot coals to reach an orb on a pedestal- things have been a little different. Your house is now on a giant cloud in the sky. In fact, your land seems to be mostly comprised of clouds. Unfortunately, there hasn't really been a way to get around easily. Oh sure, Tom built your house up to your first GATE, letting you warp to a different, much bigger cloud. But you keep seeing clouds drift by with all kinds of structures on them... you kinda want to explore them. Sadly, you are limited to two clouds right now.

On the cloud you warped to, you did see a village though. A bunch of wooden huts (where did they get wood...?). It was kinda far away, and then the ogre showed up and you had to run, but you think you saw your land's, um, consorts? You think that's what their called. According to Donald's guide, they give quests and items and stuff. You kinda want to go there, but you don't want to fight an ogre again. Honestly, you don't really know how you managed to beat that other one. Your new bat is better, sure, but still...


You have a few options.

>Pester a friend. (Who should you talk to?)
>Keep alchemising stuff. (What items do you mix?)
>Go exploring. (This cloud, or the other, seemingly more dangerous one?)
>Be someone else. (Who do you wanna be?)
>>Go exploring. (This cloud, or the other, seemingly more dangerous one?)
This cloud.
I wanna do something with the temporary tattoos so let's mix them with different stuff
>>Keep alchemising stuff. (What items do you mix?)
Combine clothes with band posters and baseballs so we can be a baseball rockstar.
Accuse him of being rash and taking his anger out on you because he wants to feel like he has control over something rather than facing the realization the some things are out of his control and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches!
Combine temporary tattoos with phone!
That's a good idea. Slap one on your forearm and we (hopefully) wont lose it until it degrades to the point we gotta slap a new one on.
File: HOMERUN HABILIMENT.png (4 KB, 175x227)
4 KB
See, this would have been a really good idea. If the battle wasn't, you know, over already?


Mixing them with the band posters gets you what you would expect: Generic tattoos of the bands logo.


No. No way an idea that stupid could POSSIBLY work...


You take a few minutes to apply it...

You now have a temporary tattoo of a phone on your arm.

You press against the part that shows the pesterchum app.


The colors swirl, and reveal the opened app.

Okay. So. You have your phone on your arm now. Holy shit.



You throw in your charm bracelet as well, because why the fuck not.

[Clothing] && [baseball] && [Friendship Bracelet] = HOMERUN HABILIMENT



It's perfect. It's perfect, and you love everything about it, and your never going to take it off.

You try adding in band posters, but that just tacks on logos. Meh.


Alright. Time to go exploring.

You haven't really explored the starting cloud much. You mostly just spent time fighting imps in your house, and exploring the second one. So this is all new territory!

>Go North. You think you see some greenery off in the distance this way.
>Go South. The clouds around there turn pink. You kinda want to see if they're made of cotton candy.
>Go East. Nothing you can see this way. But if you walk long enough, you bet you'll find something!
>Go West. The clouds are darker this way.
>>Go North. You think you see some greenery off in the distance this way.
Greenery you say.
also find a bag a LOOT BAG
Anything wrong OP?
File: itsnotajetpack.png (239 KB, 1300x650)
239 KB
239 KB PNG

No, I'm just really slow to update sometimes. Sorry!


You walk north.

Out of the clouds grow a variety of strange trees. The leaves are green, but the trunks are comprised of clear tubes of some sort, filled with water. Near the top of the trees, large purple stones are trapped in the branches.

You walk a little closer to one of the trees. Huh... Weird. Your moving faster than usual-

Rolled 4...
Plus 2 mind...
= 6

You look down at your feet. It seems the clouds that comprise the ground are moving? Toward the tree, in fact-
You notice just a little too late that the clouds closest to the tree look less like the cartoonishly white, solid clouds you've been standing on. In fact, at the base of the tree, it seems they look like real, non-sburb clouds.

That is to say, normal water vapor.

As you plummet down, having fallen through the very much not solid cloud you were pulled toward, you see that under the cloud, the trees seem to be sucking the clouds in. Perhaps as a form of sustenance? Well, that explains why the clouds were moving, and why they were so thin around the tree...

Rolled 5...
Plus 2 mind...
= 7

You spend a bit of time plummeting down. Above you you see tons of clouds, below you, you can't see anything. Best case scenario you just fall to the other side of the planet or something. But if you are, in fact, falling towards land, you will... probably die.

Using a bit of quick thinking, you pull out your bat.

You swing it down, and shake vigorously.
Fire bursts out.

Rolled 5...
Plus 2 luck...
= 7

The flames, thankfully, blast out in such a way that you don't just fall into them and ignite. Though, it's somewhat close.

Rolled 4
plus 2 luck...
= 6

Unfortunately, the bat don't slow your fall as much as you had hoped.

Oh wait! You still have your other bat in your strife deck!

You pull out the Bat'O dragon, and try to use it in conjunction with the Bat'O Roarin'.

Rolled 3...
Plus 2 mind...
= 5

Okay, this... kinda works? But you don't think your coordinated enough to shake both of these, aim them straight down so as to avoid burning yourself with them, not flip around through the sky, and not accidentally let go of them.

In the end, it seems like it may well be up to PURE LUCK as to if you can actually use these to slow your fall enough to avoid dying.

Well. You appear to be falling to your death. Fuck.

...Any brilliant ideas to get you out of this situation?
Well fuck.
Use phone to call for help I guess.
Also take a selfie.#learningtofly
I guess call someone for help?
Call TB
Flap your arms and hope to fly, pray to god
Turn off the bats, tie them together with your belt, get a good grip on them, then reactivate. When you get home, try combining two flaming bats and two belts and see what you get.
>Also, try combining these fire-jet items with either stiletto shoes if you have them, or army boots if you are that kind of girl. Rocket boots might not be practical, but they are badass.
Thing about the bats is we gotta wave them for the fire to come out. Tying them tight won't help.
Milka can tie them together, shove the handles up her coat, grip them with her thighs, and shake her ass 'til the flames come out, si? You can still flail with baseball bats if you tie two of them together.
File: image.jpg (129 KB, 800x563)
129 KB
129 KB JPG

---flyingMoocow(FM) began pestering crackingLucidity(CL) at ??:??---

FM: Hey broski, uh, got a little problem.

CL: What is it?

FM: I'm like, falling. To my death, probably?
FM: Can't like, even see the ground yo.

CL: What...? How? Why? What am I supposed to do about it?

FM: I uh, fell through a cloud yo.
FM: And you're the one who's done nothin other than sit around and write that guide yaknow?
FM: So I thought if anyone would know how to get me outta this mess, it'd be you!
FM: So...? Any ideas bro?

CL: Is your sprite nearby?

FM: Nah, don't see it anywhere.

CL: Has another player figured out how to get to your land?

FM: Nah.

CL: ...

FM: Come on bro, gimme somethin! Surely by now you've found some kinda cheat code or glitch or somthin...?

CL: I, uh...
CL: I'll get back to you when I find something!

--- crackingLucidity(CL) stopped pestering flyingMoocow(FM) at ??:?? ---

Fuck. So he's got nothing then.
Man, it was really hard to type all that while falling... Is this how you die? Having never met any of your friends in person... Man, and you were so looking forward to the looks on their faces when they realized you don't actually talk like that. Dang.

You guess you could talk to someone else?

Or if you just had some way of making the bats easier to use, like a rope to tie them together or a...



Oh yeah! This outfit, you're wearing a belt! You had forgotten...

This is hard though. You store your bats back in their card and undo your belt. Man, how are you going to tie them like this... You don't want to drop them...

Oh yeah, you have a sylladex!

You put the belt and your bats in your MUSICAL MODUS. You got this thing a while back, thinking it would play music when you stored or retrieved an item or something. No, actually what it turned out to be is that you have to sing. The more complicated the item, the more complicated the song.

Anyway, you store the items. You then MERGE the cards, causing the belt tie tie around the bats without any human input required!


Nah, you don't have to wave them specifically. So long as you just shake them around in general, they go off.

Honestly, you're shocked that being in freefall isn't setting them off...

Alright, now to get them out of the sylladex...

...Oh man. This is a long song. While your busy doing that, let's be someone else perhaps?

Alright, it didn't bump the thread when I posed that, so I guess it's time to archive it and make a new one.

Fair warning, not sure when the next one will be posted. And, I might actually move this over to tgchan or something? Because the word limits and fast pace of this site are really annoying, and I remember that site being more forgiving about it.

Not sure yet though. Anyway, bye for now.
Rolled 1 (1d6)


1Be CL
2Be TC
3Be TB
4Be WB
5Be RM
6Be DD
Shouldn't we try to do rm with the naming thing and time travel shenanigans
You do know people can also track it by last reply

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