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“Your son was killed. If it helps, I got revenge.”
You dig in your pockets but couldn’t find any antler pieces. Veso looked like he took it well.
“The body? Where is it?”
“We lost it along with the rest of the crew, if they turn up he will too. I have to see the doctor now.”
At that you the shop and found Harry on the street.
“Did he take it well?”
“I suppose.”
“Maybe he’s just used to it, from what I heard the Veso family used to be extensive. The wasteland is a slow but ruthless clipper of family trees.”
You continued to the doctor’s lab. He was waiting for you,
“You brought a friend? Send him away, I have another job-“
Harry stepped forward,
“I’m with the WDI, I have some questions for you.”
“The WDI? I haven’t heard that name in a long time. I don’t answer to anyone, I’m afraid. I’ve made it a policy to not trust anyone but myself.”
“Answer to this then.”
Harry pulled out his sidearm and pointed it at the doctor. He didn’t change expressions, only sighed.
“What do you want to know?”
“Why is Salvanis the same as the system’s infiltration units?”
“Because I made the Infiltration Units. They’re my own flesh and blood with a few augmentations.”
“You work for the system?”
“Only in a supplementary role.”
The air was quiet at that,
“Is that it? I have business for my clone to take care of.”
>What do you say/do

Last Thread

"Whoa whoa whoa. Hold up. You work for the system? Like, the enemy? Thats, ok this is all fucked up, im not so sure im gonna blindly work for you anymore, hell i only was out of having no other option. Explain yourself, or Harry wont be your only issue."
“You don’t understand, you can’t comprehend how much I’ve done. My lifes work has gone into the gene thief project, making connections, sabotage from the inside. I built the foundation for the future. Only I could do it, not the defunct WDI, not the smugglers, and especially not you. The time is soon approaching that human beings will no longer be needed. If you won’t help me restore control then I’ll do it myself.”
Harry’s pistol faltered and dropped to his side.
“Do you trust him?”
>What do you say?
"Not sure. But even if hes only telling half truths, if he has even a minor connection to the system, then hes made himself invaluable, and probably on purpose. Old man, ill help you, but you gotta be more open. We need to actually know the plan here if were gonna work with ya, not just be pawns for you to discard, which ill not accept."
Harry nodded and looked to the old man.
“He’s right, be transparent or we walk.”
“Explaining myself is so tiresome. If you work for me will I expect you to perform a series of assassinations and sabotage operations all while enhancing your physical abilities in the fights. It will be dangerous but fruitful work. Everything you do will contribute towards the fall of the system. Even the few things you already have done are making waves.”
>What do you say/do?
"Fine. What do you need then?"
>>"Fine. What do you need then?"
“The director of strategic command needs to be killed. If at all possible, it should be made to look like a suicide or an execution carried out by the system. System executions tend to be done with blunt objects and the corpse left in a place visible to anyone working for the system. His death will put pressure on whoever replaces him, along with anyone who worked alongside him. His name is Robert Hurtz, here is his file.”
Hurtz was a serious looking man with a thick mustache hiding his upper lip. His age was listed as 112. He lived and worked in the strategic office headquarters in settlement 19. His most recent operation was in the reclamation of the ruins of [redacted] in which the detachment sent was completely destroyed by an unknown type of bomb.
After the doctor had seen you had skimmed through the document he began again.
“You will take the system monorail to settlement 19 under my name. There you will stake out his place of work. Everything else I leave to your discretion. The security checks along the way will catch all contraband, however,”
He lifted up a suitcase and showcased the inside which was covered in a dark substance.
“Anything placed in here will not be noted by the security machines. However it has limited space, choose the tools you will use to do the job.”
The suitcase can fit 10
>Handgun 2
>Industrial sized bomb 5
>Gernade 2
>Dart gun 2 (can shoot vials, vials do not need to be shot to be used)
>Vial of poison 1
>Vial of sleep 1
>Vial of delusion 1
>Vial of rage 1
>Vial of utility 1 (Subject will do anything the injector says for two minutes)
>Comm blocker 3 (blocks all electronic communications around you for two minutes)
>Firestarter 1
>Comm blocker
>Vial of rage
>Vial of sleep
>Vial of poison
You pack everything into the small bag given and were leaving before the doctor stopped you and placed a couple of plastic bags and swabs in your hands,
“If you see any special individuals, you should get a sample of their DNA. Blood is preferable to spit or hair.”
“Can Harry come with me?”
“No, without my identity you would not be able to travel.”
Harry looked to you,
“It’s alright Salvanis, I’ll look into Tessel while you’re away. Just get back alright.”
At that you left settlement 23 and boarded the monorail for settlement 19. On board were dozens of families who were apparently being transported to another settlement. A favorite topic of conversation was, “how bad did you fuck up to get transferred?”
A terminator marched through the seats searching every bag until it came to your own and it didn’t even look at you, only continued to the next seat. The cab was windowless but you knew it would traverse underground. Still, as it moved the only indication that anything had happened was the electric sign reading,
“Train has started.”
You were about to doze off before a voice whispered in your ear,
“Can you help us?”
You turned around, it was a woman who had asked, next to her was a deathly skinny man who had his eyes plastered open and was alternately flexing his neck muscles while tapping his fingers and feet.
“Don’t bother him.” He wheezed half-menacingly. She ignored him,
“My husband was forced to take a drug that won’t allow him to sleep. If you have anything, anything at all that can help him...”
>What do you say/do?
"What did he do to have to take that?" Ask this first. If we're going to hand ouver our goods, it better be to a really good man. Otherwise we're risking exposure just by showing we have such things.
“Why did they make him take it?”
“He fell asleep during his job. When they interrogated him he couldn’t tell them about his night job. They forced him to swallow it so he wouldn’t sleep but then the system deported us.”
“Marie, it’s fine. The drug will stop eventually.”
He jittered at every pause.
“No, you need sleep. If you’re not well rested before you start your new job you might fall asleep again.”
You carefully pulled the vial from your bag and filled the cap with liquid. Despite the small amount that you poured, it looked to be nearly gone. 2/3 sleep doses left. You passed the cap back discreetly and despite the man’s previous protests he drank it down like an alcoholic at the bottom of a bottle. He blinked for longer and longer as the twitching calmed until he was asleep.
“Thank you so much. I don’t mean to bother you for much more but,”
She did a double take before leaning in closer and lowering her voice.
“Are you a smuggler? Don’t answer but, we need credits, just enough to keep our heads above water long enough to get transferred back.”
You thought it over, she was willing to do potentially illegal things for money that you only had a small amount of. You may be bringing her over her head and if you got her caught her life would be either ruined or ended. But another set of eyes, ears, and hands would be infinitely valuable.
>What do you say/do
Ask her where she and her husband are going to be working. Shes useless if she wont be anywhere near where we need to be.
“Where will you and your husband be working?”
“His new job will be delivering rations but the system didn’t assign me to anything because I’m pregnant. I won’t be a burden—. I knew people who worked underground.”
>What do you say/do?
"Worked underground you say? Explain."
“What do you mean worked underground?”
“Smugglers. Illegal thieves and traders. They maneuver through underground tunnels to evade the machines. I know how everything goes from the stories.”
>What do you say/do?
"I'll keep you in mind. What's your name and how will I be able to contact you?" After that just sit in silence until the train comes to a stop.
Ill support this
"I'll keep you in mind. What's your name and how will I be able to contact you?“
“It’s Marie and—“ She dug through her bag and brought out a document. She pointed to a clause that read, “New housing: Building 161, Room 74.”
You wrote down the information as you realized you were being stared at. You turned around and saw that the terminator was baring into you with its inhuman red eyes. You sat in silence wondering how much it had heard as it gradually began to watch the next small commotion. The ride was silent the rest of the way.
After some time the screen suddenly flashed red an said: train has stopped, exit quickly and orderly. Everyone stood and followed instructions, even the man who you had helped to sleep was groggily shuffling with the line. When you made it out you looked out upon a smog-ridden industrial sprawl. The smell of chemicals assaulted your nose as the clangs and slams of heavy machinery barraged your ears. There was a terminator stationed at every street corner that leered at you as cameras watched. Every once in a while a shipping crate was lifted into the sky into a floating black circle, once inside it disappeared. You moved quickly to the more residential part of the settlement where you found the hotel that was prepaid by the doctor. Once inside the chemical smell was overrun by the rank of a dead dog. At the counter sat a greasy old man who sat illuminated by a bright computer screen. You stepped up to the counter where you elicited a glance from him before his eyes dashed to the screen.
“Whatdoyouneed,” he grunted.
“I have a reservation.”
You showed him the doctor’s ID. He begrudgingly typed in the name into his computer.
“Room. One.”
You entered the given room. It had a single bed with hastily made sheets with unidentifiable stains scattered along it. There was a slightly cracked window that looked out to the street level, the only thing remotely pretty about the sight was the sun setting over the surrounding wall, you closed the blinds tight. As you opened the door to the bathroom the stench of decade old piss-salt clung to the inside of your nose. The toilet was stained like all of its previous users only flushed when they left. The small mirror over the sink was completely smashed. The relatively small shower didn’t look too bad, however the water only had two directions, cold and off. When you left the bathroom the bed looked inviting. You realized in your four or five days of living again, you had yet to sleep in a real bed. Ignoring the hard spots, constant muffled heavy machinery, and the occasional bug you rested well.
You had the dream again. The park and Elaine, this time men in black suits were chasing her. No, they were chasing her all along, you had just failed to notice. She whispered into your ear, nothing, she said nothing. You woke up confused. You thought over what you should do,
>Scope out the strategic office
>Contact Marie
>Explore the city
Last option is Write in abbreviated because it was exactly 3000 characters. Any thoughts/criticism? What would you do differently in your own quest?
>Scope out the strategic office

nothing major. Liking the story so far, no complaints there. Only thing i can think of is we haven't done much gene stealing, and we still dont exactly know what our last one does for us, though i think that was in part because you were still working on the mechanics a bit.
I agree you’ll find some mutants down the line but I want it to be significant not like finding a freak in the street. I put down the endocrine option thinking I would have a complex skill system, it would have increased the rate of how strong you got, I’ll add an extra option next time we steal some genes.
This. Also can we get a stock of the things we have?

200 credits, everything in >>3074530 except the Vial of sleep which has 2/3 uses left.
[spoilers] I was out with friends today. I will update tomorrow. [/spoiler]
You dressed and left the hotel. The residential area was flanked by another wall that was shorter than the settlement encompassing one, you assumed the strategic office would be behind it. You approached the wall, guarding it was a line of terminators along with a giant gun bolted to the wall. A terminator broke formation and met you before you could make another step,
“State your business and provide identification.” It spoke with a toneless female voice.
>What do you do/say?
Give identification and simply explain you were a bit lost, not having been here in awhile, and then state we were on our way simply to find some food.

Dont pry or anything. Folks get lost all the time, so long as you dont make it a fuss, it shouldn't become one.
You showed the identification card to it and watched as its red eyes dashed quickly to analyze every detail of the card.
“I’m just lost, I haven’t been here in a while. I was just looking to find food.”
Its voice switched to a lighter toned male one,
“Occupation: High medicine, permission to enter is granted. See enclave map inside for directions to a dispensary.”
The terminator promptly returned to the formation and stared blankly forward. You hadn’t expected to be let in, but with the doctor’s credentials there were probably few places you couldn’t get in. You entered nervously watching to see if a terminator moved even slightly. Once inside you were surprised to see a circle of green grass with trees placed in even intervals across. The circle was split in half by a white walkway that seemed to bounce your step despite being solid. Beyond the tree line were two white buildings that hugged and curved into the wall. You continued down the given path until you were past the tree line and saw a sort of holographic map of the enclave. Outside of the leftmost building was a man in black uniform smoking something, he put it away and approached you, he had red hair and tired eyes.
“I haven’t seen you around, what are you looking for?”
>What do you say/do
"Food mostly, but im pretty new to the area more or less, so id be amiss to deny simple curiosity and maybe a dash of wanderlust to see whats about."

Be friendly, but not too much. If need be, make up some excuse about medical research if we really need an excuse to be here at all but this point.
"Food mostly, but I’m pretty new to the area more or less, so I would be amiss to deny simple curiosity and maybe a dash of wanderlust to see whats about."
“There’s really not much to see really. The right building is the regional strategic headquarters, left is just local production management. Meal dispensaries are on the first floor. What are your certifications? I can point you to where you need to be.”
“Medicinal research.”
“Right. They need you in production management, something about workers health, whatever that means.”
He formed an awkward smile and waited for it to be reciprocated.
>What do you do/say?
Give the man a smile and thanks, then head for food. Eating is something we actually need to do, and as far as i know our actual medical knowledge is lacking, so actually doing 'our job' may end very poorly.
You flashed a light smile and thanked him. Inside, the bottom floor looked like a sort of lounge room. There was one other person there who you could see slipping an empty tray into a slot in the wall, after a few seconds it was shoved out with food. You did the same, grabbing a tray and placing it inside. You tried looking inside but saw nothing but black before the tray pushed back towards you. There was a sort of meat that you didn’t recognize along with a strange looking fruit but corn and greens were the same as you left them. You finished the boring meal as you watched the man that was down there with you speak a few words to a screen picturing a woman’s face and then left up an elevator, from what you heard it was some kind of automated receptionist. It might give some useful information. You stepped up to it and it began speaking in a bubbly, joyful tone,
“Hi, how can I help you today?”
>I’m the medical researcher, where do I need to be? What can you tell me about what is needed of me?
>What can you tell me about a Robert Hurtz?
>What are you?
>Write in
>I’m the medical researcher, where do I need to be? What can you tell me about what is needed of me?
>What can you tell me about a Robert Hurtz?

If we can, ask both, but if we cant, the first one. The system is watching and all that.
“I’m the medical researcher. Where do I need to be and what do I need to do?”
“That would be room 10 on level 4. The researchers on that level required arbitration on an issue. Is that all?”
“No, what do you know about a Robert Hurtz?”
She looked confused at that and searched downwards beyond the screen.
“Let me ask my twin.”
The screen blanked for a few seconds until she reappeared with the same smile she started with,
“Robert Hurtz is the director of strategic controls, his many jobs include the direction, maintenance, and upgrades of the system’s automatic defense forces.”
>What do you say/do?
Contemplate what knowledge we might even have ro give on a medical issue. At this point the system might know we are here, so if we do not show up, it could cause issues.

I suppose go and see what it is, but be prepared to bullshit our way out.
You weigh your options. On one hand you aren’t in any way a doctor, on top of that what little you did know could be centuries outdated. On the other, you needed some way to get to Hurtz. You went in the elevator and lifted onto your desired level, you would see what was about, if any hard questions came up you would leave.
The elevator doors opened into a long hallway decorated with plants and paintings. Behind a door that was slightly ajar you could hear a light conversation being had, it was labeled 10. You stepped inside and the two occupants, a man and a woman, stared at you. The male one squinted at you through his glasses and smiled,
“Frank, it’s been a while. You scared me, I’ve been so used to seeing infiltrators that I didn’t remembered you.”
He stood and closed in for a handshake.
“Jeez, your nose is bruised like hell. You haven’t been ‘testing your abilities’ again have you?”
This man knew the doctor, you had better act casual or it could lead to an awkward situation.
“Heh, well you know me.”
The room was scattered with various instruments, a black and holed set of lungs was set up on a table, and a corpse lay under a bright light.
“Here’s our situation, a certain acid used in the curation of industrial metal kills our workers, that’s a fact. You probably smelled it, or felt it burn your nose when you came in.”
He moved over to the set of lungs.
“It’s fatal in about 10 to 15 years, depending on how good your lungs were before being sent here and how long you spend in the factories. This poor devil worked in the factories, smoked, the whole shebang. He had 3 years. You can see where the acid punctured the lung and expanded through farther into his other organs. He died coughing up blood as he slowly melted from the inside. I won’t linger on that, the question posed to us is does acid degeneration effect worker efficiency? We both came up with some conflicting answers. My case is, in the spectrum of industrial settlements, efficiency remains fairly constant when adjusting for input needs, there’s no need for a drastic change just because some people are dying. Sheila, you tell Frank your spiel.”
She spoke sort of bashfully, never making eye contact.
“Well um. Blood oxidation is typically correlated with brain functionality which is needed to find solutions to problems the system has no precedent for. Also the inefficiency of bringing in new workers every time one dies is incredibly wasteful.”
“What do you think Frank? In your professional opinion, should we keep things the way they are or change acids to something less potent?”
>What do you say?
Oh, this is an easy one.
Compare the cost of bringing in and training a new worker, next to the cost of both changing acids, and any drop in efficiency in time, quality, and amount of acid used.

Take into account both time and resources/money too. If in the long run, not short run, the change would save us these things in a good amount, them make rhe change.

If they really need us to do their work for them, they can show us the data, otherwise they seem competent enough to find and let the hard satistical facts do the talking.
“You’re looking at the wrong statistics, compare the cost of transporting new workers next to the cost of switching acids and note any drop in efficiency, quality, and acid used. If the long run projects a net gain then make the switch.”
The friend of the doctor approved.
“Cold and calculating as usual. With how you looked I almost thought you were about to give a moral answer. We have all the data, we just needed a third set of eyes on it. How long are you in 19? We could catch up, maybe add some illegal fun into the mix.”
He offered a sly smirk.
>I have some business to take care of, sorry
>Sure, do you have in mind?
>Write in
>Sure, do you have in mind?
>Write in
"A moral answer only works with a moral person." We should joke with him a bit, get on his good side.
Do mention we weren't hoping to stay here longer then necessary, but we can squeeze him in. Wave it off as important but personal reasons, hint at 'system related top secret' shit if he pushes to hard, hopefully he will understand we cant talk if we cant talk.

If possible without getting caught, we should tell the girl doctor that 'if she wants to actually help people, she wont be able to do it in a place like this.' she sounds like she needs some harsh reality as some minor encouragement, and sounded like she was just trying to find an excuse to help folks, rather then following the actual science.
“A moral answer only works with a moral person.”
His grin widened at that, you continued.
“About the illegal fun, what do you have in mind? I’m here for a bit longer but I have some work that needs done.”
“I have some hallucinogens I’ve been saving up but I already know you want something more carnal. We’ll go gamble on some fights, maybe join in a couple. But you got me interested, what exactly are you doing in 19?”
“Err, if I told you I’d also have to kill you.”
He jumped from the table and walked slowly towards you.
“I don’t doubt that you could, but you know I love secrets. If you told me and killed me now I would die happy.”
“It’s system top secret, and I’m too tired to have to scrape you off the walls.”
He laughed and began scribbling something on a note. He shoved it in your hands. He left the room without another word. The note had an address listed. As you were imagining where the address was you realized the female doctor, Sheila, was looking at you. Without looking up you said,
“If you are trying to help people, this is the wrong place.”
She said nothing, only looked down.
“You’re on a tight leash here, if you keep on testing the limits they’ll put you down.”
“I-I know.”
Everything was quiet at that, she continued staring at her feet while saying nothing.
>What do you say/do?
"But that doesn't mean there is no place out there you can make a difference, if you weren't so unwilling to look for it someplace else." Say this then simply leave. Check the address out on a map from a terminal or something. We might be able to use our friend to our advantage and, if nothing else, we're curious what he has in store for us.

But we have to actually know where we're going first to do anything at all.
"But that doesn't mean there is no place out there you can make a difference, if you weren't so unwilling to look for it someplace else."
You started out the door before she started talking.
“There’s nothing. Everything is controlled by the system, even the ‘resistance’. From the very start-”
You had no time for this, you broke off before she could finish and started down the hall. You sat in the lounge and looked over the address. Building 221, Room 19. In what you thought was a scribble left from testing his pen was written “tonight.” You remembered the device that the doctor gave to you. From what you could tell, it was a part of a block of homes separate from the rest of the residential area. You could guess it was the area system employees resided.
>Wait until night, then head to the address.
>Check out the address now
>Snoop around the strategic headquarters.
>Write in
>Check out the address now
More of a snooping action then anything. Dont want to go in blind.
>Check out the address now
You weren’t going to be lured into a trap. You leave the enclave, following the directions of the device to a fenced off block. It was extremely well guarded, a terminator scanned your ID before allowing you to get within throwing distance. They even pursued anyone that loitered remotely near the area.
You stood in front of the door labeled 19, the space between doors indicated it was small for a living space.
>Search for a key (Roll d20)
>Wait until night.
>Write in
>Wait until night.
We need to avoid suspicion a bit at least. We knock or break in and get caught and its the end of it, especially if we come back and get recognized, or leave our buddy hanging.
Sorry for not posting today and only once yesterday. I will make it up tomorrow.
hey man i worked a 10 hour day yesterday i understand how things go.
You wait until night. As the last rays of sunlight disappear over the wall you see the moon. It had changed, entire chunks were missing from it and blinking lights illuminated its dark side. As you examined the moon’s new intricacies a door opened into the hallway behind you. It was the doctor’s friend and he hadn’t noticed you. He took out an inhaler of some kind and took a deep breath of it while holding his neck as if to check his heartbeat. He held his breath for the better part of a minute and suddenly let out a wheezing cough. He turned and noticed you in the corner of his eye and turned to you.
“Shit, don’t scare me like that.”
“What was that?”
“Adrenaline, it keeps me warm. Are you ready? That’s a dumb question, lets go.”
He led you to a building that had a bright yellow, smiling sun that lit up the otherwise dark streets. Below it was a sign that read “THE SUN.” Inside was a bar filled with with patrons but you didn’t linger there, he brought you to the back of the building and into a janitor’s closet. After tapping a rhythm into a pipe the floor sunk into the ground. Once you were underground you saw a familiar sight, fighting matches of all kinds were playing out but the central cage seemed to gather the most watchers. He led you there where he pushed and shoved to the front. Two muscular men sat on opposite sides of the ring, one drinking water and the other talking to the waiting crowd. The doctor’s friend turned around,
“Who should I put my bets on? Quick, it’s about to start. Gimme your credits and I’ll place them with mine.”
“I don’t even know who these people are.”
“Oh, uh, the one near us that’s drinking water goes by Ulysses, that other one is called Break.”

Who and how much do you place?
Funds: 200 credits
You count out 50 credits and he hurried off with them. Soon after he left the fight began. Both fighters circle around the cage, waiting for the other to make the first move. The doctor’s friend fits in next to you and while catching his breath,
“What did I miss?”
They continued as it was for a half minute before an angry voice rang out through the crowd on the other side, quieting the other onlookers.
“Stop all this god damned pussyfooting around. Fight, you fucks, fight!”
The source was a large man whose lard spilled out of his chair, he had more chins than you could count. The fighters reluctantly closed in.
“The big man’s name is Winston, he’s a big shot above ground and below.”
The fighters were equally matched despite Break’s cockiness towards the beginning.
Roll 1d2
>1: Ulysses
>2: Break
Rolled 2 (1d2)

C'mon, i know my lucks terrible but don't fail me now!
No! My pride!
Er, i mean money!
The fighters were obviously very skilled. The fight could be divided into intense bouts broken by a few seconds of rest. Throughout the match Winston continually called out for blood, letting everyone know that he bet an extremely large sum on Break. You found yourself deeply invested in the fight, you had not only bet a good bit of money but also your pride.
Break’s movements begin to slow and his hits begin to soften, the same could be said about Ulysses, whose blood added the majority of the fresh stains to the concrete floor. Suddenly his energy began to falter and with one last punch to the stomach he crumpled and fell. Break rose his shaking fists to the ceiling and wiped blood and tears from his eyes so that he could see if Winston was satisfied. Evidently he was not, with a frown and a nod Break turned and reluctantly pummeled Ulysses while he was down.
“Shit. I thought for sure he would win.“
He ripped up his ticket and dropped it to the floor as the other onlookers peeled off to watch other fights.
“I’m gonna get a drink, I have better luck plastered.”
>What do you say/do
Funds: 150
Fetch a drink with your friend and look out for fights with unique individuals.
>>3100500 New bread

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