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You wake up. You’re covered in a viscous gelatin, you see a face on the other side. An old man, fit with glasses and grey hair that has retreated to the back of his head. He steps back and the gelatin slowly filters out. You cough gelatin involuntarily as your lungs fill with air. You are breathing steadily, though strained, by the time the gelatin is at your waistline. When the gelatin was at your knees the glass opened and the old man reached for your temple with a device and inserted it. Your mind suddenly flooded with memories of a past life.
“Step out, I need to get some measurements.”
“What? Who?”
“I suppose you’re confused... You are my clone, your body that is. Your mind however, was kept in storage. I’m interested as to who you were before, would you care to tell me while I get your measurements?”
>Who were you?
We were a man named Salvanis Detro, an eccentric blue collar type, not one to sit idly by and loving to solve others problems. Your own problems however...
“My name was Salvanis Detro”
He made little grunts of acknowledgement as he put you through a gauntlet of medical machines and marking down numbers.
“I worked for a living, manual labor but it’s blurry.”
“Blurry? Go on.”
“I remember... a divorce. I had nothing. Then I opted to get my mind stored. Just in case... something.”
“Hmm, transfer anemia, the carrier must have been damaged somehow. In good news, you’re healthy and your mind is all there except some of the unimportant pieces. You have a job to do Mr. Dertro, follow me please.”
He led you out into the street. The cityscape seemed similar to the one you left except for the towering wall that seemed taller than most of buildings around. The people seemed normal except for their uniform-like clothing and sometimes monstrous disfigurements. The old man explained nothing, only urging you to hurry. Suddenly he stopped you and hit a nearby lamppost to a rhythm. The pavement below you began to sink with a mechanical scrape and you were soon underground. It seemed to be some kind of cave carved out of concrete and lit by fire. It smelled of gasoline, alcohol, and blood. You turned to the old man but he ignored you to talk to the two entrance guards armed with worn machetes. They talked like old friends and you were allowed in. You walked through the threshold and were greeted with an array of cages surrounded by yelling bystanders.
“What is this?” You ask, yelling over the crowd.
“Do you know how to fight Mr. Detron?” He left it at that and led you to one of the cages near the back. A guard opened the gate, pushed you in, and fastened a chain effectively locking it. You turned around to see who you were facing.

Thousand Eyes
His face was all but burned off except for his big yellow smile. His eyes were skinned over and his nose consisted of two holes. He had a respectable muscular physique.
“Is he finally here? Or did one of you take a shower?” He laughed at his own joke before looking right at you, keeping his toothy smile.
>What do you do?
Keep an eye on this...disfigured individual. What did the old man say? Know how to fight? Absurd, we had no reason to know on oir old life, we think.

Demand some answers. This is kinda sudden, arent clones expensive? Why are you in a fight, and with a burned blind man? He might be strong but that seems like a half measure to balance out blindness...
You turn around and find the old man behind the gate.
“What is this?!”
“What? You fight.”
Compared to the rest of the complex, the corner you were in was silent and you could feel everyone’s eyes on you.

“Why? Because you’re new, I need to test the product, to see if you are worth my time. I’ve made dozens like you and I’ll make dozens more. Look at him, he’s blind, you may think the strength makes up for his lack of vision but I’ve studied his every fight, on top of everything he’s slow. Use that.”

You turned around to look at him, he was chewing on his finger, making it bleed down his chin.

“Arya done?”
>What do you do?
he mentioned he smelled us
Well fug.

Uhh, you know what? This man is eating his own finger, that is not a good sign. None of this is.

Lets...focus on surviving, rather than fairness. Go for the groin then as he bends over from the pain bring our knee into what is left of his nose. Hold our breath and act fast to take advantage of his blindness by minimizing noise.
Roll two d20s, one for if he smells or hears you and one for the attack.
Rolled 1, 2 = 3 (2d20)

File: 1539808170063.png (168 KB, 349x427)
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Here we go.
Or maybe it just won't roll for some reason but
Did it first i just saw and W O W that is painful.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

This is Thousand Eyes roll.
Roll for salvanis then?
You creep up to him, holding your breath and softening your step. He never stopped looking at you throughout your sneak attempt, he never stopped smiling either.
“I have good ears on me. Good nose too. I was gon let you get a hit in but...” He lowered his stance and smiled more than you knew was possible, “I’m tired of wait’n”
He charged forward as you prepared a kick aimed at his crotch. His body collided with yours, putting your aim off by inches but stopping his advance. He backed off and you regained your footing. His smile faltered to worried as he checked his jewels.
“Yalmost, got me,” he said through clenched teeth.
>What do you do?
Give him a hard right hook, put our weight into it.
Roll a d20
Rolled 2 (1d20)

Rolled 13 (1d20)

You throw a right hook but it slips as Eyes steps in and punches your gut, knocking your wind out. You need a second to regain your breath but he isn’t going to afford you that.
>Roll d20 to retreat to the other side of the cage.
>Roll 3d20 to feign retreat and sneak some blows in (First is for if he sees it coming, rest are for hits.)
Rolled 16, 10, 20 = 46 (3d20)

No retreat!
Where were these rolls earlier?
You walk backwards with exaggerated steps and you lie in wait. He takes the bait and runs after you. In two fluid steps you connect with his jaw from the side and deliver a devastating uppercut. He falls forward, spitting blood and teeth. The small audience that you had roared with approval. You looked to Eyes, he was drooling blood and grasping at the inside of his mouth while yelling muffled expletives. Is it over?
>What do you do
Kick him while hes down. Hard. Lets make sure it's over.
The second he moves to stand, give him an overhand right. Smack him right back into the dirt.
Basically, don't kick him while he's down...but he should know it's over too.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

>>3048601 1
>>3048598 2
You step up to him. With one hand he begins reaching for his missing teeth. You deliver a hard kick to his gut. He cries out in pain before attempting to stand but falls on his knees, puking his guts out. He crawls to the edge of the cage, spilling blood and bile from mouth, crying something incoherent. The chain was removed from the gate and as soon as it was opened the old man was inside. You watched as he put two teeth into a plastic bag and swabbed blood from the ground before putting it into an identical plastic bag. He patted you on the shoulder and motioned for you to leave.
“That was quite the performance, Dento.”
“It’s Detro...”
“After years of trial and error I finally found the perfect mind to inhibit that body. Let’s collect your winnings, and after we’re out of earshot of listeners and spies... I have a proposition you cannot deny.”
He led you to a glass teller box, talked into it and retrieved a small stack of plastic slips, all labeled 10 Credits, adding up to 200 total. You exited the same way you entered. On the way back you noticed a strange advertisement, it said, Industriousness and productivity will be rewarded with immortality. You entered the lab you came from and the old man immediately set to work. He set the tooth and blood samples into a dish and entered them into a slot in a device. A screen lit up and began spewing with data. He rushed and began typing and motioning you over.
“This is Thousand Eyes DNA. Let me isolate some... here.”
>-Receptive Nerves (Dulls reaction to pain stimuli, also dulls general reaction time)
>+Upper body Mitochondrial output (Upper body can exert more force, stamina is used faster)
>+Endocrine (All around increase in hormone production)
Choose one. Roll d100, anything under 15 will give a negative mutation.
The rest of the fights will be done with stat modifiers, I was seeing how you fought to give you the appropriate stats but that will have to be done tomorrow.
Pink is associated with docility
Rolled 71 (1d100)

Seems an interesting choice.
Rolled 38 (1d100)

seconding this
“Endocrine... take a wait in the tube.”
You sat in the tube and the glass shut behind you, you were about to protest before a purple gas quickly fell from holes in the tube and filled your lungs. You fell into a long sleep. You woke to knocking on the glass. It opened and you stepped out.

“Good morning, Denton. I have a job for you. Pay my good friend Veso a visit and offer a helping hand at his shop.”
He handed you a device that looked like it was taken apart and welded together. It showed the directions to your Veso’s among other things.
>What do you do?

Putting stats on hold until I’m able to stop posting on mobile.
Question the man on what is even going on. This is not the world you remember and your starting to feel like a slave here with all this nonesense.
“What is even going on? I’m starting to feel like a slave...”
“You feel like a slave? I feel like a slave as well, everyone does... I suppose you need a history lesson. When the machines started taking over, they were against the full force of human ingenuity. We kept on designing new weapons of war that annihilated them in every battle. We thought we won, in reality they had set themselves to kidnap our scientists, futurists, anyone who knew machines. When they won they still needed them, and consequently they need us, doctors like me and an entire system to prop up the creative cogs of the machine. You’re the opposite of a slave, you’re the most liberated member of humanity. Out there, there are men who unknowingly hold in their DNA the secret to freeing humanity. I’ve seen amazing things in those fights, superhuman abilities used for barbaric things. That’s why I need a gene thief, they aren’t worthy of their DNA.”
>What do you do/say
Thats alot to take in....but if we consider it true, that changes this from us being a slave into more of a storage vessel i think.

I suppose for now we dont really have much of a choice but to go along. Lets help him to learn whats real or not, then worst case we can make a break for it later if hes lying, or twisting the truth just to help himself.
You accept what he says with a grain of salt but you see no reason to not do as he says, it’s just a shop after all. You head out, following the directions given. In the daylight you notice more than you did last night. There are cameras everywhere, pointed in all directions. The few cars you see on the street seem only a step ahead of the cars in your past life, they seemed to have no driver, only passengers. You noticed a group of men in blue uniforms gathered around something like a radio, as you walked by you caught some of what they were listening to.
“.... prosperity. The world census has recently totaled the human population at a little over 50 million individuals spead out among nearly ten thousand settlements. This unprecedented number of...”
You arrive at Vesos, a nondescript two story building that looked like any other building in the city. You enter with a jingling of a bell. On shelves were stacks of technology from even before your time, a playstation, some old sun stained computers, a dial-up telephone. A voice brought your attention from the shelves to the front desk.
“See something that interests you?”
He had a dark skin tone that indicated long days in the sun, he seemed to be around the same age as the doctor.
“No, I was sent by the doctor.”
“You’d like to apply? That’s great, if you would come over here, you can put all your information down.”
He was tapping on a paper on the countertop. You went over to read it.
“This entire place is bugged. I know what you’re here for and I know who sent you. Pretend you are applying for a job here.”
He began going through the steps of applying you to the job. He entered your nonexistent information into his computer and it buffered for a moment before flashing green.
“Looks like you’re accepted. I’ll close up shop to show you the ropes.”
He flipped the sign to say open and locked the door. He ushered you to the back of the shop and from there to the back alleyway.
“Franks new clone huh? He used to make them have huge muscles or bionic parts. You seem, normal... I sell antiques, most come from the wasteland. Because of my connections I am authorized to send out search parties. You are going out to get an antique of a different kind, a gun. Not one of the pacified ones that wouldn’t bruise a dove, I want a real killing machine. Bullets if possible, the more the better. The rest of your group should not know about your mission.”
>What do you do/say?
Well uhh, thats not what was expected. Ask for a bit more information on our companions and the job. How will we get the cargo back without looking suspicious to them or anyone.

We hardly understand the world were in, going out exploring wastelands on our first day or so walking around seems like a massive leap forward. There a timeframe you dont know about going on?
What do you mean by
>There a timeframe you dont know about going on?
They seem to just be pushing us from one situation to another non stop as they can, aswell as the difficulty and scope of them increasing. Makes it seem like they might be in a hurry to get certian things in order as quickly as possible for some reason.
“My son will be with you, he shouldn’t know either. The rest are probably jobless mutants. Once you get out of settlement 127 you will be heading to the ruins of an old city. Nobody knows why but any machine that enters is immediately fried. If you can find out... no, focus on the gun. There’s a tribe of cannibals so nothing unnecessary. About sneaking it in, there’s a complex system of underground tunnels, though the watchers find them faster than they can be built, especially near the wall. I will give you a list of known entry points, any and all of them can be loaded with traps or worse, have a terminator waiting.”
>What do you do/say
Thanks for sticking around and voting with long detailed posts. I’ve had this idea running around my mind for a while
Well...i suppose we might aswell agree to this. We should make sure were well supplied first of course, but seeing the open world for ourselves might give better context to our situation.

no problem. Interesting idea, genuinely interested in where you go with it, and I know what its like to be starved for something to do/wanting to run an idea thats been eating at your head.
You agree to do the job. He directed you to the only gate to the city, there you found the gate surrounded by robots armed with guns. They looked close to how they were depicted in movies and you would be lying if they weren’t incredibly imposing.
“Stop. Identify yourself before approaching the gate.”
It spoke with a prerecorded, deep human voice. You dug in your pockets for the ID card provided by Veso and produced it. The metal man scanned it.
You saw a group of about six men idling by the gate holding white plastic guns. A man who had a layer of hair all over him greeted you and handed you a gun.
“Welcome to the party.”
He put the gun against your chest and fired. It stung, and you reeled back as the others laughed.
“What the hell?”
He choked laughter to explain.
“We’re s’post to fight off monsters and cannibals with BB guns. If we get in a fight, do yourself a fav’r an drop this and pick up a stick.”
A man began approaching in a van, he had the likeness, albeit a younger version, of Veso, it had to be his son.
“Load up you feral animals, gate is opening in exactly one minute.”
The other crew members began strapping on helmets and mounting motorcycles, there wasn’t one for you.
“Come on in, you’re a late addition. My dad must think you’re hot shit to go through all the trouble of fitting you in an hour before the expedition.”
You got in, it was a worn old car with the back seats ripped out to make room for ceiling high stacks of food and gasoline. The concrete gates suddenly pulled up and every vehicle gunned to make the exit. It nearly closed on you as you left. All around you for as far as you could see was desert with a broken highway crawling through the middle of the landscape.
“Close shave... my name’s Leon, and you? How do you know my father?”
>What do you say/do
"Salvanis...salvanis detro. Im...a friend, i suppose, of one of your fathers friends. Was convinced to come along on this... expedition, against my better judgement to be honest."

Take a good moment to scan your surroundings as you drive. Your not sure howamy landmarks might exist, but we need to know our way back just in case.

"So...im new at this, obviously. What can i honestly expect? How many you reckon will make it back alive? There may have been some... implied risks to this job afterall."
"Salvanis...Salvanis Detro. Im...a friend, I suppose, of one of your fathers friends. Was convinced to come along on this... expedition, against my better judgement to be honest."
“Against your better judgement... you must be either really valuable or real trash if they want you out here. Nobody here needed any convincing. They didn’t complain about the pay being a scratch above nothing, the food being shit, or having to sleep with an eye open for man-eaters. You know why? Because of the freedom of it all. Few people experience this, even fewer live to want to experience it again. I think you’ll come to like it.”
"So...I’m new at this, obviously. What can I honestly expect? How many you reckon will make it back alive? There may have been some... implied risks to this job afterall."
“Depends on if we get attacked or not. We might go the entire expedition without seeing a soul, and my father once told me that he was the only survivor of one attack. He retired after that... Most of what gets counted as a death is usually someone running away from a night attack, they run all the way out there and by the time it’s daylight everything looks the same. They walk and walk until they shrivel up and die. Even if you walk your way back to the gate you need a code for it to open back up. There’s a couple bodies out there I think that happened to.”
There were no landmarks except for the wall that was rapidly receding over the horizon.
>What do you say/do
>Skip till nightfall
Quests I enjoy writing are usually lonely like this. Do you bump a lot of lonely quests? I’ve probably had you more than once.
"Right...well, for what it is worth, im hoping to prove to be valuble at least." You answer back, otherwise lets skip til nightfall/something happens, its otherwise a long silent drive between strangers and we all know how those go.

i bump quests i genuinely am interested in, im just not against being the only player. So long as both me and the QM are enjoying it then i see no problem with continuing a low player count quest on either side of the game. My own quest is lonely where im lucky to get a post a day, but its fine honestly, so long as it continues at least, sporatic players are better then no players.
Link? Or are you the anon that already gave it?
id feel bad promoting my own quest in yours, aswell as not wanting you to play if you are not actually interested, though i do genuinely appreciate the thought. But yes it is possible i already gave it as i encouraged you in the general thread.
I’m usually only a writer not a reader of quests. Usually only to shitpost. But I’m interested in yours, I did skip through a bit of the middle though
well i appreciate it. Don't let me distract you from your own quest too much though!
Why does this make me feel so bad?
What is there to feel bad about?
Just lurking and not contributing at all
"Right...well, for what it is worth, I’m hoping to prove to be valuble at least."
He didn’t reply. You gazed out the window and to the men on motorcycles. There were three ahead of the van and three behind, they looked to be communicating through a strange kind of sign language. You turn back around and stare at the desert as it speeds by, eventually you doze off.
A woman who you knew so well but whos name you couldn’t bring to your lips. You saw each other in a park, she approached to whisper something in your ear, you understood but forgot.
You awake to the sun in your eyes, it was giving it’s last burst of energy before nightfall.
“You awake? Since you had been sleeping this whole time you get first watch.”
He honked the horn to a tune and the convoy came to a stop. They formed the motorcycles in a circle around the van and began unpacking, eating their portions, setting up tarps on the van. Soon this patch of desert became a makeshift camp. You ate your fill of pink salty meat and got on top of the van, they gave you a flashlight and told you to watch and they were soon dozing off.
>Roll 2d10. 3,7,9 are encounters
Rolled 9, 6 = 15 (2d10)

Alright. Lets keep out eyes peeled.
You settle in for your shift. It’s incredibly quiet besides the slow but constant wind and the occasional distant bug buzz. The stars looked different from the way you left them, more vibrant, colorful. You noticed something in the desert, two small lights that seemed closer every time you looked at it. You shined your light at it, revealing a mutated deer. It had at least six sets of black antlers sticking out in every direction, it’s mouth was covered in small spikes that resembled a cactus’s, it had an extra set of smaller legs sticking out of its first set. It charged forward as soon as the light shone on it. It ran forward until it collided with the van, throwing you onto a tarp which broke your fall.
>What do you do?
quickly get up, trying to aim your gun for its eyes.

Maybe a good shot will scare it off. If that does not work try yelling loudly and smacking it with the gun.
Roll 3d20
Rolled 12, 19, 1 = 32 (3d20)


R o l l i n g
You regain your footing and run around the other side of the van where you see it trying to push the antlers further inside. You take aim and shoot at it’s eye, it hit as intended but it seemed to ignore it. At this point the others were scrambling for their guns. You grab the barrel of your gun and charge at it, yelling. At this it seems alarmed and attempts to pull out, it succeeds and brings the entire slide door with it. You hit its muscular neck to almost no effect and it throws you to the side as it runs away. You get up just as the others started shooting into the dark. A bearded man walked up to you,
“What the hell were you doing?”
Before you could answer another voice chimed in,
“Sav’n your ass that’s what. Stags don’t give warn’ns, he did his job.”
The hairy man next to the van interjected,
“Shut up, both of you, look.”
He lifted a tarp and revealed Leon’s broken and bruised body, apparently trampled. They checked for a pulse and confirmed he was dead.
>What do you do/say
Well crap.

"Damn, what was that thing even after? It didnt care that i shot it in the eye, yet cared i charged it... My apologies, im not sure i could've done anything else with how fast it came at us nor with the lack of effect these weapons have..."
Everyone pitched in setting camp back up and consolidating the damage to the van. Afterwards, some went back to sleep but you and some others were restless. You sat on the roof thinking over what happened when the man covered in hair sat next to you.
"What was that thing even after?”
“It probably attacks caravans regularly, if it knew where all the food was...”
“I’m sorry for what happened to Leon, I’m not sure I could have done anything with how fast it was and these... toys we have for weapons.”
“They know you couldn’t have done more than you did, but they will still blame you for it. Unless you... get revenge.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s tracks should still be fresh in the sand. During its little rampage a couple pieces of its antlers were broken off. Whadaya say we follow those tracks and bring back its head? For Leon.”
>What do you say?
I should have explained the eye shot better. You successfully shot its eye out but it ignored the pain for its desire for food.
Agree. Its dangerous as hell but it might put the group at ease and make them see us a a member of the group aswell.

Ask if theres any pointed sticks, or sticks we can tie bits of metal to the end of, as they would probably be better weapons thencthese dumb toys we have.
“I... sure, let’s do it.”
“Great, we haven’t met. I’m Harry.”
You hopped down and Harry began strapping antler pieces to his gun, a bone bayonet. You did the same to yours and you headed out, making sure to mark the location on the device the doctor gave you. Along the trail was a steady drip of blood, indicating you hit him where it hurt. You followed until you found a sort of cave in the sand, it had stairs curiously and you followed down. You found a sleeping, infant deer, it had normal proportions except for the 8 stumps that would grow into antlers. Looking around you see an aged human skeleton and worn paint that read Bunker #23. It looked to go deeper.
“It’s not here, unless you want to brain the baby lets follow this other trail.”
>What do you do?
Suggest maybe using the baby as bait. Also were also out here for loot right? A bunker might have valubles, if we can make sure its safe from the deer cutting off our exit first.
“What if we use the baby as bait?”
It wakes up and attempts to run towards the exit before Harry grabs it by the legs, it’s screaming bloody murder.
“Yeah, I’ll hold it out in the open and when papa comes charging in you’ll stab it in the neck from behind the corner.”
>Change the plan in any way
>Accept the plan (Roll 1d20)
Rolled 3 (1d20)

>Accept the plan
You wait behind the corner, waiting for the stag to come down. The second you decided to stretch it came barreling down the steps, it stopped in the center of the room and looked at you both. The right eye was closed and looked like it had rubbed its face in sand to stop the bleeding. It turned to you, stomped it’s hooves, lowered its head and ran at you.
>What do you do (include roll)
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Drop to one knee and lunge our gun forward like a spear, hoping to aim for a gap and use its own momentum against itself.
Dice gods
What the fuck.
You drop to one knee and wait. Your makeshift bayonet clashed with its antlers and it snapped in half against the wall like the toy it was. As you cursed your weapon you were impaled thirty times at once.

You died. Your body and Harry’s became nourishment for the infant deer.

Return to >>3054548 and don’t use the same action.
Rolled 7, 8, 10 = 25 (3d20)

Well fuck

Uhh, pop a shot into it and roll to the side, then aim to stab at its side. One dice per action taken, or just use the first for the entirety if that is what you wanted.
You squeeze out a shot and jump to the side as it impales you in midair. You died.
Restart with the same rules as last time
Rolled 4, 19 = 23 (2d20)

Fffs, what do i need to do, sacrifice a small child to please the dice?

Roll to the side quickly, and once the deer slams into the wall stab it til it stops moving.
You roll to the side just as the antlers crash into the wall. You stab it until it’s organs have spilled and blood stains your face. You humiliate it. You throw your gun to the side and set to cracking every bone it has.
“Hey... it’s dead man.”
You snap out of it.
“I’m sorry I’m just...”
An awkward pause is interrupted by the moaning of the deer in Harry’s arms.
“What should we do with this one? It also couldn’t hurt to search this place.”
>What do you say/do
Baby deer mutants sell for much? Otherwise its not a good idea to let it grow up into a problem, as much as killing a helpless baby is kinda sickening.

And yeah, lets check the place out, carefully though.
You decide it’s best to put it down. You snap it’s neck quickly and discard the body. You descend the steps down until you come to a hallway. At the end of it lies a large metal door, resembling a bank vault, with the numbers 23 on it. You approached closer, carefully. Around the door was a computer interface and cameras. Before you could mess with anything the door opened and men in black armor wielding machine guns surrounded you.
“Identify yourself, state why you are here, and strip to your undergarments. I will not repeat myself.”
“Salvanis Detro, we were searching this place for artifacts.”
One brought a metal detector and scanned your whole body while they searched through your clothes, they repeated the same procedure with Harry.
“They’re clean, bring them in.”
They bring you inside and throw you into a room with a man wearing a dark uniform and glasses.
“Sit down, tell us everything...”
You explained the settlement, the caravan, the machines, carefully leaving out the fact that you were born less than two days ago.
“It checks out... they really won. I suppose you’re in a position to ask questions about us now.”
>What do you do/say?
"Won...what? The fight with the deer mutant? I suppose id ask who you guys are? Or why you even brought us in here? If you were simply worried about being found and nothing else, we would already be dead... if you simply wanted to be left alone, we had no way to get inside..."
“Won what, exactly?”
“The war against the machines.”
“What’s the point of bringing us in here if you don’t want to be found? Why not kill us on the spot?”
“You’re right, we don’t want to be found. You could have been a terminator wearing human skin, transmitting our location. We had to take you in for questioning because there were rumors going around that the system was turning out human terminators, clones. They’re blank slates, no personality, and do whatever they’re told; a human machine. We had to make sure you weren’t one of them. Thankfully you aren’t. About killing you, we have other ways of making you forget.”
“Who are you guys?”
“We’re the last remnants of the World Defense Initiative. We hid down here when the last nations of the world were capitulating under the hellfire. We’re biding our time, developing super weapons. You know, telling you all this would be a waste of time if you’re mind is being wiped, so do me a favor and say yes. We have a predicament, our outpost in the old city ruins has recently stopped transmitting Ohm waves. We want you to find out why and fix it if possible. And yes, there is a reward.”
>What do you do/say?
Whats in it for me?
“What is the reward?”
“A reasonable amount of anything we have a surplus of. You said you were looking for artifacts? We have plenty.”
>What do you do/say
Agree. But ask for a melee weapon för safety
“I’ll look into it. The weapons we were furnished were... not useful to say the least. Could you give me a weapon?”
He obliged and gave you a combat knife, easily hidden on your person.
“Your friend just had his mind wiped, on top of that he will think the notion of anything being down here crazy.”
They turned you out and locked the vault door behind you. Harry was blank faced and didn’t say a word or even change expression until you were halfway back to camp dragging the stag.
“It’s a shame nothing was down there.”
Once you got back you were exhausted and slept the remaining night hours away. While breakfast was being served Harry shared slightly fictive stories of your heroism in confronting the stag in its own lair to slay it out of revenge for a lost comrade. They looked at you differently after that, with an air of respect. The question came up of who would take on the mantle of leader. It came up to either you or Harry.
“I think Salvan, if I were to fall to some man-eater I’d rest easy knowing someone was out hunting it down before I was cold.”
“But Harry has been on as many rounds as Leon, say what you will about Salvan but this is his first.”
They decided to vote for the position, it came out 3-3 and your vote was the last.
>Or a split leadership

He knows how this all works better, you might have the traits to be a good leader but not the knowledge or experience. Let yourself learn, and you might be able to better fill the mantle when such a time comes forth again.
Even he voted against himself, but he was more experienced than everyone else here combined. You made the right choice. You were given Harry’s motorcycle and given a quick tutorial on how to use it and like that you were on the road. You were placed as the caboose of the formation and followed the convoy through the desert. Every once and a while the horn would sound and everyone would quickly fill up on gas before being back on the road as fast as possible. After hours of monotony you finally saw the outer limits of the ruined city, when the signal was suddenly sounded. You stopped and formed in a loose circle formation. Harry stepped out and began giving orders,
“Switch off the electric components and change over to magnetic diesel, they will not work in the city. Everyone began taking tools to their vehicles and switching out parts, discarding batteries. Harry saw you had no idea what you were doing and went over to help you. He instructed you to disconnect any wires, take out certain components. It was tedious, but it seemed like they were made to be switched over.
The city looked to be heavily bombed, but still defiantly standing. Despite that there seemed to be no sign of human habitation, or any habitation. There was no noise as you approached except for a slight whistle of a breeze passing through twisted rubble. You felt a strange nostalgia, perhaps you lived here in the last life and you would find your own body crushed under a load of bricks somewhere. The group stopped and Harry came out holding a map with various buildings X’d out.
“Alright, lets clear this one.”
Floor by floor, inch by inch you dug through rubble looking for artifacts from a time that seemed like a month ago. After a long day the sun set and camp was built inside an old parking garage. There were two guards and you were not one of them. This may be the opportunity to break off from the group and complete your secret objectives.
>What do you do?
Well, we gotta get a gun. Recall if we saw anything like a gun shop when we saw the map, or if we did live in this city, or one like it, where one might best be located.
You search your mind until you had a headache. There was a gun store, you passed it on your way to... work. Near... your... house. You remembered now, but you felt repelled by even the thought of visiting your own home. You know where to go, the issue is getting out.
>Roll 1d20 to see if you get caught leaving
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Oh boy, i really should not be the one rolling haha.
You slip out as both night guards are looking out to the dead city. You walk the dark streets looking for something familiar while tripping through stray rubble. You see it, the building you lived in. It had a gaping hole in its side where a bomb had exploded and on it was spray-painted NEVER SURRENDER. FLESH AND BLOOD. After each statement was a symbol you’ve never seen before, an outline of a hand with a circle around it. Even being near the building gave you the feeling you shouldn’t be there. You searched for the gun store which should have been around the corner but the feeling lingered. The gun store had been picked clean, the only thing of substance that you found was a note reading,
“Under WDI decree #471, any soldier is allowed to requisition ANY material so long as it is to be put to use in military operations.”
You vaguely remember buying a gun from this store, maybe you just made it up for an excuse to go back to your old home... You return, take a deep breath and blow out the dread building in your chest before taking a step inside. You step up the stairs like you would after a long day. You walk up to your door and by muscle memory you search your pockets for the keys, grasping at nothing. You remembered the spare under the doormat, you grabbed it and unlocked the door. You let yourself into the sunlit home, cartoons were playing on the television, you could smell something was cooking in the oven. You walked carefully inside, making no noise as you followed the wafting smell. You saw her, the woman from your dream was working over the stove, you remembered her name,
“Oh Jesus, you scared me Sal. You were so quiet...”
You embraced her, resting your head on her shoulder. Behind her you saw a child, no, your child. You remembered his name as well, Zander. You broke the embrace and knelt down to see him face to face, you held out your arms. He didn’t run up to you as you expected. He looked to his mother.
“What is that all over daddy?”
“It’s blood, sweetheart...”
You realized now, your hands, your everything was covered in blood. Elaine had it where you had hugged her, the floor where you had stepped. You fell backwards, pushed yourself away from it but it stuck to you.
“Where did it come from?”
“All the men he’s killed of course.”
You stumbled to your feet and ran towards the door,
“even little boys like you.” You slammed it behind you, the sound reverberating echoes through the city. It was cold again but the words stuck to the inside of your skull. You slipped back into camp and settled in for a sleepless night, you didn’t want to know what your dreams would tell you. The next morning you were assigned to explore the ruins for potential places for artifacts at the,
Barracks probably picked clean of guns, but in a city war the sewers become the place everyone and everything goed to hide...
You opt for the sewers. Your partner was among the ones that blamed you for the death of Leon and voted against you, he held a constant scowl when you were around. You were given a lantern and a rope. Your instructions were to search the sewer and determine if there was any loot worth taking. You dropped down the manhole and to your surprise it didn’t smell as bad, a century or so and the nasty parts were dry and dust. Your partner followed closely behind and and you wordlessly split off in the opposite directions. It seemed like every wall was covered in resistance graffiti. You walked forward, finding nothing of value except for empty bullet shells. You accidentally tripped over a group of them, and they clinked together, breaking the utter silence for a moment. You began hearing a strange jingle, getting closer and closer from what seemed like all directions. You readied your knife. It stopped behind you and you turned around. It was a desheveled child, deathly skinny and wearing a necklace made of brass bullets which seemed to be the source of the jingle. He looked at you curiously while shielding it’s eyes from your lantern.
“‘s too brigh’ missar.”
You could barely mouth the word what.
“Ya luk stron missar. Na’s’stron’s m’ bruda. Wan pay missar?”
Before you could understand what he was saying he jumped behind you and kicked over your lantern.

Tunnel Child
Strength F: -.1
Agility F: .80
Stamina: 11 (Decay F: -.1t)
Resilience F: +2 (Decay F -.5t)

Your stats (test stats, subject to change.)
Strength factor: .40
Agility factor: .35
Stamina: 4 (Stamina decay factor: -1t)
Resilience Factor: +5 (Resilience decay factor: -.25t)

Rolls are multiplied by the factor used and then added to the roll in question. Certain body parts have different levels of of resilience, resilience decreases slightly over time. If a certain amount of damage is done to the area they become vulnerable to further attacks or unable to fight. (Temple, chin, neck, stomach, crotch.)

>What do you do?
Take up a defensive stance. It is a child, lets try and talk him down and counter attack only, only going for blood of we think he is.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

You back against the tunnel wall, attempting to take up a defensive position. You aren’t sure about fighting a child.
“Hey now, lets not-“

Roll is for TC strength check.
He slams his bare foot into your shin, there didn’t seem to be much force behind it. Maybe he was playing with you, or testing you.
>Give two or three actions and twice as many rolls
Rolled 10, 1, 19, 19 = 49 (4d20)


Lets try kicking him off balance, then rushing to pin him to the wall.
You sweep for his feet and he fails to maintain balance. You waste no time and hold him down, he kicks and squirms but isn’t able to break out. He goes limp and says,
“Y’ar stron. Y’a’hunner?”
You let go and he slips out of your grip.
“Uh, yeah.”
He begins running down the tunnel, gesturing for you to follow. You run to catch him, but you can’t match his speed. You notice marks on the walls, they were slight but they indicated some direction. You followed them until you found a large outlet. Inside was a scene that one would expect to find ten thousand years ago. In the center a large mutant stag like the one you killed was being skinned and having its blood drained in a makeshift bucket. A fire was lit and its smoke funneled upwards through a hole in the concrete ceiling, over it smaller game were being roasted. Children were fighting over a piece of metal. Everyone had minimal clothing on and looked as disheveled as the tunnel child if not more.
>What do you do?
Scan for danger, but if it doesn't look like your about to enter a cannibal camp, slowly aproach, trying your best to be friendly and make it clear your hear to visit or possibly trade, not to fight.
You approach carefully with your hands open, showing that you had no weapon. They stopped whatever they were doing and stared at you as you approached. The utter stillness was broken by the tunnel child leading an older man by the hand towards you. He stopped about ten feet away and didn’t budge from that position, despite the tunnel child’s protest. He sent the child away after a stern word and looked to you again.
“Why have you come here Angel?”
He spoke in clear English, though you could tell it was pained and practiced.
>What do you say/do
"Uhh, angel? I'm just a fellow man, looking to survive like anyone else. Me and my buddies came here looking for technology and valubles, old stuff from the old world, things you might no longer know the use of? If you know where any is, or have some, id appreciate pointing me in the right direction, maybe a trade of food or supplies perhaps in exchange? Im sure i can arrange that with my friends, we can even discuss and get you a bit before you show us, if you need proof to trust me."
“I’m no angel, just a man like you are.”
He seemed taken aback by the statement, before bowing his head
“I apologize for making a mistake in the high tongue. The clean ones with your face, we call angels.”

“Uhh, my group comes seeking old technology and valuables. Perhaps you have some that you have no use for, or know where we can find some, we can arrange to trade it for food or other things.”
“Yes, the black demon’s relic, take it from our home, it has cursed us, lessened our numbers, lessened our water and game.”
He called over a man who was comparatively more well dressed to the other tunnel dwellers, he held a crucifix in his hand and wore broken glasses, evidently he was some kind of tribal priest.
“Come, clean one.”
You follow him through the many offshoots of tunnels leading to a rusted old door with a circled hand symbol written over a hazard symbol.
“This is as far as I can go, clean one.”
He stepped back and looked away as you opened the door. Inside was a small room lit by a detached light that looked to be a new addition to the room. Out of the way of everything in the corner of the room was the main attraction, a long box with a Greek symbol on it that one would see at a fraternity. It was connected to another small box by a length of wire. On closer inspection, the wire was cut near the beginning of the smaller box.
>What do you do?
Inspect the hell out of it. Make sure it is not booby trapped, then try and figure out what it is. Tech may have advanced but you still might be able to get an idea of what it is.
You inspect the box further. The wire that was severed was already detachable by design, whoever cut it didn’t want it connected again. The smaller box, which you hazarded to touch, was slightly opened, you opened it farther which revealed an array of electronic components but seemed to be missing the central piece. The larger box was solid black except for the symbol which looked scratched into the black. In a more official writing on the far side was ‘WDI’. It didn’t seem to have any openings. You touched the box and it shocked you with the blank pain that only an electrical shock could bring.
>What do you do?
Bring the smaller box with us, back to the group so they might tell us what we found. Inform the sewer dwellers you will be back, but need some equipment in order to properly move the box, aswell as get their payment.

Also note to them any maps or directions to further technology would be appreciated and bring righer trade value.
You take up the smaller box and make for the exit. When you open the door the priest was looking the other way and turned around wantingly when it closed, but was revolted by the sight of the black box.
“It’s alright, I— lifted the curse off of this part.”
He seemed calmed by this and began quietly guiding you back.
“Clean one, I do not mean to dirty you by our presence any longer but- I would like to invite you to my study. I need assistance. You see I’m compiling a book of the sayings of the angels, their commandments and such. I would like you to read them over and perhaps add to them, but I’ve asked for too much already...”
>What do you say/do
"No, id be happy to help, but i also have others to get back to. Heres a deal, i plan to come back as it is, so when i return ill look the book over, sound good?"
You explain that you have things to do and that when you returned you would look the book over. You exited the camp and found your way to the entrance. You called to your partner but received no answer back. You emerged on the surface and returned to camp where you found Harry looking over the map of the city.
“Harry, I found a tribe in the sewers. They may be able to point us towards artifacts in exchange for food.”
“You made actual contact with the cannibals? They must be setting a trap for us, they have never been friendly since these expeditions started. I thought they died out or migrated because we haven’t seen them since about three trips ago. Who knows why they moved underground.”
“They tasked me with removing a box, they said it was cursed. This one was connected by wire but it was cut, the larger one shocked me when I touched it.”
He thought about what you said as he turned the box over in his hands.
“This looks like a battery of some kind, it doesn’t belong to the machines that’s for sure. You said you were shocked by the other one? Electricity doesn’t work in this entire city, but somehow you were shocked by an electric current. It may be worth looking at, but those cannibals worry me.”
>What do you say/do
Shake your head. "Didn't seem like cannibals to me honestly, but if you are worried we should come prepared, for both the best case and worse case scenario. They already had some meat, animals not humans, cooking, and seemed more then willing to communicate. It could very possibly be a different tribe then the last you met. It wouldn't hurt to make good relations with a friendly people out here, a trade partner is a trade partner afterall."
“Hmm, I guess. Still, I won’t risk the entire party going down there. Fighting them above ground was hard enough but in their own home? You and I will meet them alone.”
You led him through the sewers and into the tribal camp. As soon as they saw Harry behind you they picked up their weapons and readied them. The chief seemed fearful of Harry, keeping a greater distance from you than last time.
“Angel, why have you brought a barbarian inside our home?”
“They’re calling me the barbarian?” Harry remarked.
>What do you say/do?
"Harry is a friend. Hes trustworthy, honest. I need his help to remove the device. Im sure this is a misunderstanding, there is no need for anyone, on either side, to get hurt. We can all benefit from this, no bloodshed necessary."
The chief thought it over.

“It leaves with the black demon’s relic. When his kind come they scare away our food and give us pain through the white wand, I will allow him to trespass only because the relic has brought us a greater curse than they.”

You took Harry to the room where the black box was. He examined it carefully and even tried touching it before being shocked back. He tried moving it with his foot to which it didn’t budge.
“Whoever placed it here didn’t want it moved, it’s like it’s stuck to the ground. But they did want it powered. What if we fixed it instead of moving it?”
“Fix it?”
“We can rig up some of the motorcycle batteries and some scrap wires. Granted, we don’t know what it does but this could be a valuable find, especially if it works even in the city.”
>The tribe wants it out, lets bring it out in pieces
>Send Harry out for wires and a battery.
>Write in
"Test it out but either way we should remove it, as was the deal. Plus maybe its locked in place wirg something powering it up would allow us to unlock."
“Let’s test it out, but the deal was that we would remove it.”
He left and came back with a battery and a handful of wires along with some tools. He attached some wires and fumbled with the battery and you heard a noise come from inside the box and it opened slightly. You opened it the rest of the way, revealing a network of complicated electronic components around a glowing, spinning metal component. Below the opening was a note taped on.

“The machine is not complete. I do not have time to explain and my notes will soon be in flames. As of the time of writing the radius of the Ohm waves should extend to the far reaches of the city. Activate wave generation by connecting detachable power and pressing the Ohm key. A new battery must be attached every two years.
It ended the note with the hand in circle symbol. There was a button that had the same symbol as the outside of the box. It didn’t shock when touched but still didn’t move, it seemed as if it was a part of the concrete.
>What do you do?
Try hitting the button hard to get it to work. Otherwise ask harry his thoughts, it seems like it might be whats messing with electronics in the area?
You press the button as Harry reads through the note. The button flashed green but nothing seemed to change.
“What do you think?"
“This is what causes the electricity to fail, I think. Someone replaces this thing every two years, the black demons. I think we’ve stumbled on something beyond our scope-“
You both heard whistling from behind the door accompanied by footsteps. The door was suddenly kicked open, revealing an exact copy of you carrying a sledgehammer.
“Hmm, didn’t expect to see myself here. Move aside, I have a job to do.”
>What do you say/do
"What are you planning to do with that sledge hammer? If its destroy this device, then fuck off."

Have your hand on your knife, ready to go in quickly if you must. Any questions to him being another tou can be solved at a different date.
“If you are planning on destroying the device then don’t count on it.”
You had your hands on the knife, waiting for him to make a move. He shifted the sledge’s weight in his hands. His face remained confident.
“Wow, a real rouge Detro. I’d love to pick your brain after this. If there is anything left that is.”

Detro #53
Strength F: 2.1
Agility F: 1.5
Stamina: 10 (Decay F: 0)
Resistance: +10 (Decay: 0)

Salvanis Detro
Strength factor: .40
Agility factor: .35
Stamina: 4 (Stamina decay factor: -1t)
Resilience Factor: +5 (Resilience decay factor: -.25t)

>What do you do?
Hope Harry is good at fighting.
Coax evil Detro into a swing, then hush close and in for a vitals stab. End it quickly, use his weapons unweildy weight against him.
Roll 2d20 (First roll will be added +2 because you get a bonus for trick moves) My rolls will be for other Detro
Rolled 12, 8 = 20 (2d20)

Rolled 7, 12 = 19 (2d20)

You get close, attempting to coax him into a swing. Instead, he brings it down vertically, it grazes your nose and smashes the ground near your feet.
While he lifts the hammer back over his shoulder you drive the knife to his gut. He blocks it with his hand, it went through his hand and he didn’t even flinch.
“Ouch.” He flashes a smile.
He pulls back and you take the knife with you.
“You’re still new, maybe two days out of the tube? But you got our instincts. But those don’t help when you’re as slow as a newborn.”
He threw the hammer in the air and charged towards Harry who had been waiting for a chance to assist. Before you saw where it would land he had already thrown Harry to the ground.
He turned around,
“Your hairy friend wasn’t built to last.”
>What do you do?
Run towards him. As you get close spit in his eyes to distract him then swing for a Neck stab.
Rolled 12, 13 = 25 (2d20)

Roll 2d20 First Roll will be added +2. My own roll is for other Detro’s reaction.
Rolled 15, 15 = 30 (2d20)

Here we go.

traveling for the weekend due to Thanksgiving, so ID will be sporadic, just in case you wanted rolls to be from same person who made the vote.
17-12 Success
You dash towards him and aim to spit in his eye. It arcs and lands to his disgust.
20.15-18 Near Failure
While he was distracted you hushed close and with all your strength you rammed the knife in his neck. He blocked it with the same hand that received the other attack. When you pulled back you saw that the attack on his neck had landed and was spilling a good amount of dark blood. He tried putting his hand to the cut before realizing it was limp.

Detro #53’s left hand is disabled
Detro #53 is losing blood -.15 to all stats every turn

“You got me. It’s been fun but I got a job to do.”
He heaved the sledgehammer above his shoulder and looked like he was about to throw it at the machine.
>What do you do?
Swing at his wrist that has the sledgehammer in it.
Roll 1d20
Rolled 16 (1d20)

Rolled 16 (1d20)

You attempt to stop him but the handle left his hand before you could reach it. There was a moment of silence as you watched it fling through the air and crash into the waiting machine. The center component let out three clicks as it tried to move across its trashed interior. It audibly powered down as you looked searchingly for the one responsible but he had left without a trace. Harry got up, wiping blood off his face and you realized that you were bleeding from your nose.
“Fuck. Who was that guy?” Harry coughed out.
>What do you say/do?
"Im not sure, but I've got alot of questions i need to ask when we get back. Lets salvage what we can, it might still be worth a good bit if it does what we think. Lets hurry though, ive got a bad feeling about what it being broken now means."
>>3063411 You run down the hallway holding what parts you could scrounge. As you turned a corner the priest stopped you. “The black demons have returned! You can’t-“ You ignored him and continued down the hallway until you emerged into the main outlet filled with WDI soldiers in black armor. There were about fifteen of them, one was bleeding out on the floor while the rest were busy organizing the tribals. One looked to you,
“You’re Detro correct? The Ohm machine, did you-“
He noticed the parts you were holding. Like a soldier he didn’t linger on defeat.
“Our orders are to secure every human in the city. Get that priest that ran away, we have our hands full, take this if he’s a fighter.”
He threw you his sidearm.
“What’s going on?”
“The city is no longer protected, god knows when the system will find out. We need everyone out before that happens.”
You ran back to where you saw the priest, a door lay open that had been closed and you continued down the tunnelway it opened into. Near a light-well from a hole in the ceiling you found him in a ball breathing heavily whispering something.
“b-black demons the metal demons all...”
“We have to leave.”
“No, the black demons-“
Suddenly you heard someone sprinting down the tunnel. As they passed the light well you saw it was your partner that went into the sewers with you.
Was all he said as he dashed across the corner and out of sight. You heard the sound of metal colliding with concrete as two red lights appeared down the tunnel.
>What do you do
Forgot to leave it open. My mistake.
Shit. Try and warn the others but dont die over it, run! We got nothing to fight robots with!
You leave the priest behind and sprint out of the tunnel, as you turn the corner you hear his his screams put out and replaced with your clicking foot taps as you run for your life. You enter the main outlet and alert everyone that you saw a terminator. The evacuation immediately went from orderly to forceful. Two soldiers took a knee and aimed at the door you came from. A single terminator appeared and was blasted to pieces by laser fire. Everyone retreated to the sewer as a steady stream of unarmed terminators began to stream through, one after another they were cut down into melted scrap but they reached closer and closer every wave.
You made your way back to the surface where there was a battle in the sky and the ground. Armored floating gunships were being blown out of the sky by strafing black jets. A giant tank collapsed a building as it turned its gun to face the source of the missiles smashing against its hull and annihilates it with a beam of light. A black ship landed in front of you as terminators pushed up through the manhole. Everyone boarded except for one soldier who stayed behind to hold the terminators back. You watched as he was swallowed by a sea of writhing metal. As the ship moved out of the city the battle seemed to die down, many of the human ships were retreating and only a few laser shots could be seen. A missile sprung through the retreating ships and approached the city. Suddenly the city exploded in a massive ball of color, after you blinked it was a crater. It hadn’t made any noise and everything was gone. It was a strange feeling, watching a city disappear.
Two giant metal doors had opened in the sand revealing a hanger which the ships landed in. When the hanger doors closed the air was solemn as soldiers wandered asking if their buddy’s craft made it, the answer was almost always no. This didn’t feel like a victory. Harry found you in the crowd.
“I was told to find you and report to the Theater Commander. It’s about the Ohm machine.”
You followed him through the metal corridors. The thought crossed your mind to ask him how he knew the way but you kept it to yourself. You entered a tall room filled with electronic maps and a large center desk that only held one man who was turned around.
“Come in.”
You stood in front of the desk while Harry curiously stood at desk length away while facing you. The man at the desk turned around, giving a slight glance to Harry before examining you.
“You are Detro?”
His voice was calm but his face was flushed red, the corners of his mouth involuntarily twitched when he wasn’t speaking, and a vain was visible on his forehead. He looked like he was in his early forties.
“The Ohm machine. Did you, retreive the Ohm machine?”
Harry answered for you,
“Sir, it was destroyed. It was beyond our control.”
He said nothing, only held a tissue to his nose which was streaming blood.
He slammed the desk, making papers fly everywhere. He stood up, pulling out his white hairs and began punching one of the electronic maps on the wall. Glass snapped as the remainder of the map began displaying random colors. He slammed it until the screen was black and his fist was covered in blood and glass. He sat down again and began to calmly pick glass out from his fist.
“The Ohm machine could have provided much more than a vacation spot. It was a wonder machine that could turn circuit resistance up one hundred percent. Our copies were nothing compared to the prototype. Even those were discontinued because they disabled the new flashy plasma guns and power armor. As they watched those little dots that represented our last outposts disappear while we maintained a vacation spot—-. Do you have something else for me Harry?”
Harry nodded to you,
“I would like to recommend Salvanis as an Infiltrator. He carried out the mission to the best of his abilities and he is above average in combat.”
The stack of glass he was making spilled and he looked up at you, notably calmer.
“You look unsure. What say you?”
>What do you say/do
I read what you posted in the qtg. I feel like the quest is passive and it’s a do this do that kind of thing. I want the quest to be fun while telling a story but it sort of ended up this way. On top of that I’m at the point where I realize plot holes and fix them with bandaids, but soon I’ll start missing some. Right now I’m inviting you to make the MC a hardass or an autist or something other than what he is because I need something to hide the fact that my quest is shit and I made it that way. We’re salvanis detro, a contract killer in his past life, electronically reincarnated for the purpose of kicking ass and taking genes.
Accept. But ask him about why you saw another you running around, or at least let him know you require a moment to go ask the man who made you why if they do not know.

You want to help humanity as you can, but you also need to know whats really going on with yourself and this whole mess.
“I accept. It was a man that destroyed the machines, he looked sort of like me.”
“I’ll put you down. I don’t know about any outside business. Ask Harry or one of the other infiltrators. You’re dismissed- wait. Find out if Tessel is still alive, if he is then kidnap him or bring his notes here. We may still have a chance.”
You and Harry exited the room and made your way towards the surface.
“You’ve probably guessed by now, I’m a mole for the WDI. But I’ve done some guessing myself. Why you look the exact same as one of the terminator infiltration units. I assume that you’re a rouge unit based on how you fought the other one, and what it said to you. I trust you, but I need to know what you are.”
“I don’t know myself, I know who made me. The doctor, he called me a gene thief, I was made to fight in underground fights and he would add parts of their DNA to my own.”
“I think I need to have a talk with that doctor of yours.”
You took an outdated machine gun from the armory and were furnished an expendable vehicle to return to the settlement. You made your way back to the wall and went inside through the marked tunnels. When you emerged into the city the air was different, less people walked the streets, more terminator patrols, metal gunships dotted the sky, cameras spun in any direction to examine anything that moved. Who should you talk to first?
>The Doctor
Veso. If nothing else walking around with illegal goods isnt a good idea for any longer then necessary.
You find Veso’s shop and walk in to the familiar ding. Inside Veso was arguing with someone over some device.
“...could have you replaced in seconds. Do you think I don’t know what goes on here? I run this security sector, and the only problems I have come from here. What are you going to do when a hundred terminators come through that door? I wouldn’t lose anything by selling you out, it’s only four blocks away to the next one.”
“Fine, take it free. I have business.”
He grabbed a bag off of the table and turned around with a satisfied look on his face. His uniform was black, in contrast to his paper-white skin. He had a face only a mother could love and you imagined how much better it would look filled with holes. He left the store with long pompous strides.
“Salvanis, you’re back. Do you have the package?”
You took the rifle out from your bag and layed it on the desk.
“Very nice, very nice. You’ve done good. I almost feel bad I’m not paying you. You saw my son on the way here correct? It’s not usual that one of the crew are here before he is.”
>What do you say/do
"Harry had something come up. Things got a bit more heated out there then expected, but nothing major nor nothing we couldn't handle." Shrug and unless he has other buisness, we have places to be.
His son isn’t Harry, it was Leon who got trampled by the mutant deer on the first night.
Ah, that's my bad.

We still have other places to be, but otherwise tell him how his son died and that we got revenge. Hand him any antler bits we still have, if he wants them.
“Your son was killed. If it helps, I got revenge.”
You dig in your pockets but couldn’t find any antler pieces. Veso looked like he took it well.
“The body? Where is it?”
“We lost it along with the rest of the crew, if they turn up he will too. I have to see the doctor now.”
At that you the shop and found Harry on the street.
“Did he take it well?”
“I suppose.”
“Maybe he’s just used to it, from what I heard the Veso family used to be extensive. The wasteland is a slow but ruthless clipper of family trees.”
You continued to the doctor’s lab. He was waiting for you,
“You brought a friend? Send him away, I have another job-“
Harry stepped forward,
“I’m with the WDI, I have some questions for you.”
“The WDI? I haven’t heard that name in a long time. I don’t answer to anyone, I’m afraid. I’ve made it a policy to not trust anyone but myself.”
“Answer to this then.”
Harry pulled out his sidearm and pointed it at the doctor. He didn’t change expressions, only sighed.
“What do you want to know?”
“Why is Salvanis the same as the system’s infiltration units?”
“Because I made the Infiltration Units. They’re my own flesh and blood with a few augmentations.”
“You work for the system?”
“In a supplementary role.”
>What do you say/do
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